Using Tarot to Fix Mercury Retrograde 2023

Come along to a Zoom on Friday 4th August to discuss using Tarot to fix Mercury Retrograde in August, September - in the sign of Virgo.

How To Use Tarot To Fix Mercury Retrograde 2023

Draw two cards from my website or your own Smith-Waite deck for this. The first card tells you what to expect from the full Mercury Retrograde in Virgo cycle, August 8th to September 30th. The second card tells you what you can actively change, direct and work with – to get the best results. If you came along to the Zoom session with the Tarot Guild of Australia on Friday 4th August, you’ll already have drawn two cards at the event.

Tarot Deck The Hanged Man 300x200 - Using Tarot to Fix Mercury Retrograde 2023

About Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in 2023

If Mercury is communication, information and transportation (and Virgo is work and wellbeing) what can we expect from August, September 2023?

As always with retrogrades, we use the ‘re’ prefix. So this will be a time of rescheduling. You can also expect product recall and retracted statements.

Having Plan B and also Plan C is smart. Yet, as you’ll see in this session, the Tarot can also help you personalise your forecast so you can drill down into the details.

The Hanged Man (above, image by Justin Tabari) is a good symbol of Mercury, suspended. Yet you can see how enlightened he becomes, just by dangling and waiting. In the Zoom we talked about so many cards showing the character with one foot in, and one foot out (like Temperance).

This is also Mercury Retrograde, who would normally be running or riding, but on the retrograde, is turning back, or actually reversing – rather than hesitating. Here is Temperance which many of you drew at the Zoom session. “Just putting my toe in the water” but not yet ready for the full experience of health, healing, lifestyle change and the rest. Typical Mercury Retrograde in Virgo.

Tarot Deck Temperance 300x200 - Using Tarot to Fix Mercury Retrograde 2023

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What’s Good About Mercury Retrograde?

Mistakes in the creative process can turn into a masterpiece if those concerned are talented enough. What doesn’t work, can help bring about something better. If your work is creative (or your course, or unpaid work) then this is possible.

August, September is very good for rehearsal. For beta-testing. If you have the time to try second and third attempts at something, in order to perfect it, then you can sign off successfully in October.

MERCURY RX 2018 300x225 - Using Tarot to Fix Mercury Retrograde 2023
Mercury Retrograde

Virgo Factors In Your Chart

If you have Virgo factors in your chart, then Mercury comes to ‘live’ in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing for a couple of months.

Imagine a house guest who arrives with a mail sack on his back; a clipboard for you to sign; a cellphone in his hand, a microphone headset – but walking backwards.

The gear will malfunction. The car he’s parked outside will only drive in reverse and sometimes come to a stop, for days. That is who you are living with. Imagine someone whose winged sandals are on the wrong feet for two months. Somebody operating forwards, then backwards. We saw this in The Fool card in the Zoom session too. He is leaping off the cliff but one foot is turning in the other direction. Not ready to fly.

MY SITE JODI PLUG 300x300 - Using Tarot to Fix Mercury Retrograde 2023Watching the World

Covid hospital cases are up dramatically in New York and London. Virgo of course rules Covid. This is a good time to remember what to do/what not to do – and do it. As I said at the event, this is the most likely reason for the usual worldwide delay: Covid outbreaks affecting the usual chain of events from Heathrow Airport, out.

Heathrow Airport was actually founded on Mercury Retrograde. Virgo is an indicator of virus so with Mercury going backwards in this sign, global scheduling is hit.

How are you going to navigate the backward path of August, September 2023? The phrase ‘Going back over’ is Mercury Retrograde. So is the idea of repetition. Technical failure is sometimes the reason.

People do swear more on Mercury Retrograde, but on the other hand, cancellation can be lucky. On the Titanic, which sank on this cycle, people who didn’t make the voyage because of illness or other rescheduling were fortunate indeed. As with all these cycles, the context matters. Your personal chart is Queen or King and how the usual computer problems or other X factors affect you, is personal too.

August 4th until 28th, 2023
Mercury at Virgo 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
August 28th until September 19th
Mercury at Virgo 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8
September 19th until 30th
Mercury at Virgo 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

The Virgo Weather of 2023

If health or work have moved to the top of your list, you likely have Virgo factors in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. The weather is rolling: the Sun in Virgo is with you from August 24th to September 23rd. We have a Full Moon against the Sun in Virgo on August 31st. Mercury in his full cycle is there from July 29th until October 5th, and going backwards as above. Mars has been in Virgo since 11th July and will be there until 27th August.




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78 Responses

  1. Hello, Jessica!

    This is off topic, but I wanted to share the news that the motor yacht Cujo, which was used by Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed on their final summer holiday in the South of France, before they died in August 1997, has sunk.

    Nobody died, I was just wondering if there could be any synchronicities or interesting astrology about this accident.

    Thanks for your brilliant work! I look forward to your insights.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. I do take that seriously, symbolically. I’ll put this on my list for next week. Thanks so much for picking it up and passing it onto me. I recently chatted to The Daily Telegraph in Sydney about Diana, Charles and Camilla so that interview may even run next week. Sometimes things like to happen together.

  2. Thanks for this Jessica.
    Just before Mercury turned retro I quit my job due to toxic culture. Now I am being offered an interview in the same company but different division and I am sceptical. Can you elaborate more on how this retro affects Sagittarius please?
    Thank you

    1. Okay, so the entire Mercury Retrograde is in Virgo, which is in your Tenth House of career. No surprise to find an interview on offer. August 8th to September 30th sees delay, stop-start or even a reversed decision. Your Tarot can tell you more about that. You quit your job and presumably have seen other vacancies. Widen your net and ask yourself ‘Who or what would let me be free and independent?’ With Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus in your work and lifestyle zone until May 2024, that’s a good question to ask.

  3. Hi Jessica, I missed your zoom! however, I did read all ‘Fix of Mercury Retrograde’, as a premium member, I did use the Tarot cards ask 2 questions. First question ‘most cautious with’ card was Strength, second question ‘gain the most’ card was Six of Wands. Thanks x

    1. Strength is the healing process with you as the healer (or the healed). Be careful with that. Virgo rules healing and Mercury is retrograde in Virgo. Find out more before you begin; do a bit of research before you commit. This is true no matter if you are nurse, doctor, dentist or therapist – or seeing a GP or surgeon. You’ll gain from a huge victory, full stop. This is probably professional or academic. It may be unpaid. There is a moment of triumph coming and it shows up in your chart too.

  4. Hi Jessica, I was born with mercury retrograde and seem to get some lucky breaks when mercury is in retrograde. EG I came into some cash today and also found something missing for weeks. Does mercury retrograde work better for you if your natal mercury is in retrograde?

    1. Good question. You were born with Mercury at 1 Capricorn semi-sextile lucky Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius. There’s only one degree’s difference. So you were quite literally born lucky.

  5. Hello Jessica!!! Thank-you so much for your wonderful Mercury Retrograde illuminations 🙂 I always love your Zooms 🙂 🙂 🙂 I drew the eight of wands this evening followed by the knight of pentacles – I know the latter card is about getting organized financially and focussing on the details. Do you have any insights about the combination of these two cards? I had been thinking about going OS in September with a dear friend for a much needed rest – is this still a good idea?? Xxx

    1. Thanks so much for coming along, it was great to see you there. That combination of Tarot cards is really about Aquarius in your chart (the group landing in a heap) and Taurus/Scorpio (the man with the money). Sure enough we find two separate stories in your chart. The first is really about ensuring you draw closer to someone in the group and communicate with them, as the two of you could actually pull the community together so the circle isn’t broken. You will need to start again though. The negotiation required with the man in question who wants to buy, sell, trade or deal will take a bit of time and energy. The cards are not talking to you about travel; they are talking to you about a financial period of bargaining or business talk.

  6. Hello again Jessica, thank you so much for a wonderful zoom event. I enjoy them so much, every time I learn something new! This Mercury retrograde might be a bit personal for me and my husband. We both have stelliums in Virgo, he is a Sun Virgo too, our factors in Virgo are spread from 20 to 29 degrees. I drew 9 of swards and then Queen of swards during the zoom session. I feel 9 of swards is about the stress at work and getting myself into knots about something that is not real. Cutting though the fog and having clarity and strength to say no to people and stand my ground might help me deal with the imaginary problems.

    Also we decided to sell our rental property, and it looks like we will be able to advertise it up for sale at the end of September, just in time for the Trickster to get out of the shadow phase. Hopefully the next 2 months won’t be too stressful, and from that time forward we should be in a clear to proceed and have a quick and smooth sale.

    1. Thanks for coming along to the Zoom hosted by The Tarot Guild of Australia. You are reading the cards correctly. Selling the property is very likely the source of the gains ahead; you have the Moon in Taurus and Jupiter will cross there, along with Uranus, in the first quarter of 2024. So, very probably because of your property moves, you end up with all of Jupiter’s benefits and also the freedom of Uranus.

  7. You are welcome.

    Since October 2018 I have linked Diana & Dodi’s tragic deaths with Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination in Constantinople. Dodi and Jamal were first cousins. What a terrible fate they both had! Sometimes I wonder if Diana’s unlawful killing had something to do with the fact that she was basically getting into the Khashoggi family as well. Another uncle of both Dodi & Jamal’s, Adnan Khashoggi, was a well-known arms dealer. I guess only Time can lift The Veil…

    I’ll definitely be checking for your updates next week then.

    Kind regards from Greece!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another great zoom event tonight!I drew Temperance this evening followed by The knight of swords. I have been considering for some time if I can continue to work in my part time teaching job, I put a lot of effort into my work (too much!) . I began with positive and encouraging co-workers back in 2020 and then all this changed. They left or were moved and I ended up working with someone who either criticises or talks in rules and directives to me. (No positives!) I haven’t managed to develop a good rapport with this person and at times it has stressed me considerably. I manage it now by distancing myself however this makes me feel isolated and unsupported.
    I would like to feel empowered and creative in my work not diminished.
    Does the second card show the possibility cutting through and leaving this situation/job behind?

    Thanks x

    1. Thanks for coming along to the Zoom. Temperance is the healing of Virgo, but not fully involved. The healer (you, or your doctor/therapist/dentist/surgeon) has one foot in, and one foot out. ‘Just getting my feet wet’ in a situation for the two months this retrograde holds. So it’s worth pursuing, absolutely, but this therapeutic process ahead will be not quite fully involved. The card isn’t chatting to you about teaching, it’s talking to you about wellness. The Knight of Swords again isn’t chatting to you about work. It’s about the family tree and some branches being reshaped, quite possibly by a younger male in the family. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, for you, is not about teaching at all or the critical person who creates so much anxiety for you. He or she can be fixed. Go back and follow the steps with the Tarot and try some targetted spreads. You can find those on my website or across the web. I am sorry you are going through it; it does show in your chart, but it doesn’t last. In the grand scheme of your life it’s not actually important at all. There is a project, role or goal that may be a side hustle or the whole story, by May 2024, which involves new aspects of the web and a great chance to expand and experiment. This should more than compensate for this person. In the meantime try Paul McKenna’s hypnosis on YouTube to feel better about the situation. The cards will tell you the truth about other matters, but if your whole concern was teaching, you need to address that and give a timeline of, say, by the end of 2023, or ‘within 12 months.’

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Im wondering if you could help me decipher my tarot cards. I have my own deck of tarot cards and while I was shuffling the cards to gain insight into the mercury retrograde, the Tower card popped out. In the past week I’ve continually got the Tower card (with my own deck and the cards on your website) and typically after the Tower card the World card comes out. However, today when I asked a question about what I should be cautious with during the Mercury retrograde, the Hanged Man came out, and what will I gain the most in Mercury retrograde I drew Three of Cups. Would you be able to offer any insight into these cards?
    I live in Canada (I’ve stayed here) and my husband and two kids are currently visiting my husband’s family in the UK. Could tower card be about my family? Thanks, Kim

    1. The question is the thing, Kim. So you need to go back to what you are asking. What is the question and what is the time-frame? The Tower is always the sudden ending of a structure in your life; it may be work or home. From this ending, comes a choice – go back and rebuild – or walk away and start again. The Mercury Retrograde in Virgo cycle is a different matter. You should be cautious about dangling or being suspended too long; procrastinating or being paralysed with inaction for too long. A little bit of dangling is enlightening but you can get stuck. Mercury is motion and action – retrograde it is suspended. What you can potentially gain is bonding with friends in a group effort that looks pretty productive.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Eris is the name for the new variant of Covid. Numbers are up in Britain and America and I’m afraid nothing has really changed with the astrology. This is long-haul challenge and so looking after yourself with N95 masks, lifestyle change and travel avoidance is still the smartest thing to do. I’m looking at the astrology here and still seeing a chain of Pisces oppositions to the Virgo placements of billions, and that’s the health of billions too. I wish it was different.

  10. Hi Jessica my son born 10/14/1993 8:07 pm detroit, michigan, just started a new job Aug. 7th., he interviewed for the job july 26th heard that he got it on July 31st. Do you see this working out? He feels this job is a good career opportunity. Would the mercury going retrograde affect this? He’s been having a hard time the last few months, dealing with depression, lost a job that he wasn’t really interested in. Do you see him getting his life in order? finances love mental health? Thank you for any insight.

    1. Your son is a Sun Libra man who just won a job after depression. I am sorry he has been going through this illness, but pleased for you and he, that he’s just been hired again. He is currently going through transiting Saturn in the Sixth House of work and health on all levels, and that is notorious for challenges with both. It’s a slow cycle. Neptune is there too, so this cycle is also about medication and all kinds of substances including alcohol. Figuring out how he can escape from the real world (his job) after hours and on the weekends will really help him. He needs a total escape, actually – a vacation from the everyday. Achieving this in ways which are a healthy release is a smart idea. So, swimming, hypnosis, surfing, meditation, martial arts – whatever works for him. But he does need to get right away from work when he knocks off. And – he should update himself regularly on the reality of any drugs or alcohol in his life as it will have a larger effect on him in this Sixth House cycle than at any other time.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    First of all thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
    I started my new job on July 10th and was hoping to start fresh with less toxicity compared to me previous company. But this work environment is even worse, it’s nothing like what I expected.
    Now I’m not sure what to do next, I’m questioning – is it the job or is it me

    I drew ‘Queen of swords’ tarot card this morning when I asked for guidance.

    Would love your insight on this as well.

    I am Leo rising, Taurus Sun, Sag moon

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you. Work is Virgo and Capricorn in your chart; the Sixth House of jobs and the Tenth House of success. You have Neptune at 0 Capricorn and Pluto is transiting 0 Aquarius, backwards and forwards, into 2024. It’s a cycle not seen in 248 years. So your usual lack of boundaries in your career (Neptune) where everybody is everywhere all the time and everything is all over the place – has to stop. Thus the Queen of Swords. This is your female boss or colleague drawing the line. And/or it is you, as a woman, saying “This far and no further.” The Queen of Swords is tough on boundaries. This suits the transit, which is about respecting power in yourself and others. It will all become so much easier for you professionally when Jupiter goes to 0 Gemini in May 2024. Until then you can gain from more structured work situations where there are rules, probably for a very good reason. You have Mercury at 0 Taurus and Pluto at 0 Scorpio, in an opposition, tied into the pattern. So you were born with Neptune at 0 Capricorn trine Mercury at 0 Taurus; Neptune at 0 Capricorn sextile Pluto at 0 Scorpio; Mercury at 0 Taurus in opposition to Pluto at 0 Scorpio – and the whole pattern is being set off by transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius, very close by at the moment, having been there since March – and back into the sign next January. Whenever you get Pluto you get the challenge to use willpower to become empowered and the chance for self-control to help give control. It’s weight training for the soul and can make you stronger but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

  12. Hi Jessica
    I am firmly in my thoughts and my feelings say that I will move on to another accommodation within 6 months to 2 years. Why do I think this way you might ask? I have recently invested in a new home. Within a few years I will retire and will then receive a much smaller income. This makes me want to sell again in the near future and rent a place instead. That way, I get a safe budget for my old age and less expenses. I want to prioritize my health and therefore I have started planning to make another move. I’m a libra with a virgo, scorpio and sagittarius stellium and a premium member. I am hoping to get some advice so I can stop feeling these feelings. It’s nice where I live, but I don’t really feel at home.
    Grateful for help

    1. The home situation will be settled by January 2024 at the latest as Pluto finally moves out of Capricorn and your Fourth House of property (Solar Chart) after so much transformation. Your health is about finding the boundaries on a daily level, looking for the rules and regulations and the details too. Again, just using your solar chart as a Sun Libra woman, you have Saturn and Neptune transiting the Sixth House of wellbeing, so years of no boundaries is well and truly over (it changed in March when Saturn entered Pisces) and you are now in a new space where you can construct strategies. This also shows in your natal chart as you are strongly Virgo and ‘live’ in your Sixth House for much of the time. Jupiter will slowly complete a trine to Virgo by May 2024 so reshaping your lifestyle is timely.

  13. Hi Jessica, and thank you. I am genuinely baffled about the significance of using tarot with astrology, I never really took tarot seriously, and yet I see you merge the two very strongly. What is their relationship? I pulled the 10 pentacles for the first Q and the Lovers for the second. Thank you kindly.

    1. Not all Tarot decks align with astrology but the Smith-Waite deck certainly does as it was created by two trained astrologers in The Golden Dawn; Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite. Jung’s rule of synchronicity explains the rest. The Lovers is a Major Arcana card and more important than the Ten of Pentacles. You have a Libra stellium in the Seventh House of past, present and potential lovers and the South Node is now passing through Libra for the first time in 19 years so you have milestone choices ahead of you.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article! You always seem to place the exact article up that helps in a situation that I’m facing 🙂
    My wife (Cancer sign )and I (and my other business partner is a cancer too ironically enough) run a business together and we accepted an opportunity to join a program we were recruited for that can help us but it’s in the midst of a few major life transitions like moving this month as well as Mercury Retrograde. It sounds like it would be more beneficial to see if we can join the program after Mercury Retrograde so maybe around mid October 2023? I have Jupiter in Libra and Taurus at 21 or 22. And you said if we have Taurus factors we need to take every opportunity we get between now and when the Taurus period ends next year I think? And that we have an opportunity to hit a . As it’s an auspicious period for business. So astrologically would October be a better time to join a business incubation program based on my chart? Or are the stars better aligned for me now to continue forward in the program. It started in early August. Best!

    1. Thank you, I am glad this website is useful for you. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is with us and it’s in your Sixth House of work. You have a stellium there and so you will already be seeing rescheduling of your daily routine and may be retracing decisions about work or health made even days before. Changing your mind is common on this cycle. So is unexpected diary change. This goes on, so treating August, September as beta testing and first draft is wise and can even enhance final outcomes. Nothing like a well rehearsed ultimate outcome. Chiron at 22 Taurus in your chart is about getting away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable with business. Money or charity too. You would know that about yourself. So yes, Jupiter crossing 22 Taurus next year will give you an opportunity to expand and benefit. Uranus also crosses 22 Taurus so the last thing you expected will be the first thing that happens. Liberating, too. Have a look at your Tarot to personalise timing.

  15. Do you think it’s OK to use a random number generator to pick a card from the tarot deck? When I look at the cards, I tend to want to pick the ones in the middle.

    1. There’s no difference between a random card generator commissioned by me, and myself as a Tarot professional (also a random card generator, with a deck in my hand). So choose away. And pick anywhere you fancy.

  16. Hi Jessica, thanks for an interesting perspective on Mercury retrogrades-most guidance is limited to only things we shouldn’t be doing in this phase so some advice on what we should focus and work on is most welcome-I used the Tarot and pulled 2 cards Knight of cups and Judgement
    I have 3 major situations impacting me currently
    I am going thru a very acrimonious divorce for the past 5 years , we were married 19 years ago ..this is situation has been 2 steps forward, 5 steps back for the longest time – he isn’t a bad person and I do miss him and our relationship but we just couldn’t make it work , mostly pride as ego and immaturity on both sides
    We lost our son in the time that we have been separated and he blames me so that creates even more emotional trauma for both of us and our older son
    And I am ready and wanting to grow in my role at work , but don’t feel I’m being recognised sufficiently for the effort I put in ..I’m contemplating moving on from this role and or company, even tho I’m not unhappy with the work I do and team I work with , I just don’t feel validated sufficiently for promotion
    So when I review the card meanings , I fully resonate with the Judgement card and feel that it could relate to my son whom I missed terribly and I constantly ask for guidance on how to ease his journey on the other side , I constantly pray that his soul has found peace and I’m constantly worried that he hasn’t..I guess a mothers love and worry for her child transcends death-how can I help him, if this is what I should be focusing on during this period -how?What should I be doing or focusing on?9 September is the anniversary of his passing
    The Knight of cups -I’m no where near meeting anyone else romantically as much as I’m open to this and I am at a loss as to whom this symbolises -unless my interpretation is incorrect
    Any guidance you able to share is appreciated, thank you

    1. Thank you. You pulled three Tarot cards so have muddled the reading unfortunately. Go back and follow the steps to get a clear result. You’re divorced and very sadly lost your son, which I am sorry to hear. So that’s one issue. Another is that you dislike your job. You need to go to the Tarot and address each issue separately. Just the loss of your son alone is enormous. Ask “How can the Tarot best comfort me and inform me about my son?” The picture will speak to you and may explain some things to you; so will the interpretation.

  17. Hi Jessica, I asked tarot what I would take from Mercury retrograde and drew 7 pentacles, I then asked when we would move from our rental property and again got the seven of pentacles. Can you please tell me what this means. Thanks

    1. It’s unusual to see the same Tarot card twice. All the Tarot meanings are here

      And of course they are in Pamela’s Tarot, which is free to you as a member. The Seven of Pentacles is about waiting for money. You are both saving and waiting. It takes time and hard work but it happens. You are also asking the wrong question of the Tarot, which is very common. Don’t ask “When will we…” ask “How can we”.

  18. Hi Jessica, I plan to start my own consulting company within HR services for companies. I have read that companies have their own horoscopes. I wonder when is a good time for me to start my consulting company? After retrograde? I want to get the best possible start for my business. Thank you for your reply.

    1. After retrograde would be wise. We are in the usual Mercury Retrograde in Virgo cycle which means work (Virgo) goes backwards (Retrograde). To start a company you need a chart. I don’t see a chart here unfortunately, Christine. Perhaps you have forgotten to log in.

  19. Hi Jessica
    For the first card I drew Eight of Swords and for the second The chariot.
    I’m a dark haired woman in a bad professional situation. I yearn to relocate to an apartment of my own and while this aspect turns up in all tarot readings I’ve done as well as Astrology Oracle the bottom line is that I lack the money to buy my own place. I’m unable to find the solution to that. Am I missing something in the way the reading is to be done?
    I’ve analysed that my work is necessary to help in relocating.
    Please advise I’m very confused about the ‘how’ of relocation?
    Thank you

    1. Use who or what has attacked you, threatened you, pierced you to the core, surrounded you, encircled you – to break free. You are the woman in the Eight of Swords. You feel vulnerable and trapped but in fact, if you took your blindfold off, you would see that there is nothing there any more. You would see there is nobody threatening you whatsoever. You are free to move to a different work place and a different home. You could move somewhere cheaper to rent. You could leave for a job that pays better. As you can see in the card, the tide will come in anyway. The swords in the mud will fall over in the slush. The woman can walk free and take her blindfold off. And see the building in the distance. The distance represents time passing and effort made. This won’t be overnight, to a new job and/or home. It will be a trek. Go back to the swords. If the woman rubbed the ties that bind her against the swords, the friction would cut them off her. She could then remove the blindfold and see exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. If you think about other people who have been trapped or imprisoned, they have used the oppressor to break free. So use yours.

  20. Hi Jessica — this is off topic but I noticed what feels like a very rare transit pattern. My natal Mars at 19 Gemini is trine current position of Chiron at 19 Aries. And the my natal Chiron at 21 cancer is trine the current position Mars at 21 Virgo. I don’t know how to interpret that other than that just seems neat! What would you make of that?

    1. One day I’ll write a book about transiting aspects, but they are big monsters; Robert Hand’s Planets In Transit is so vast a volume you could use it as a doorstop. Transiting Chiron is sextile natal Mars. So, a temporary situation involving an unorthodox teacher figure (Chiron) who shows you how to get away with the so-called impossible (Chiron again) is asking you to look at the internet, the media, siblings and short journeys (Gemini) with a view to quick action (Mars). You also have transiting Mars sextile natal Chiron. So, a fleeting circumstance involving your own ability to get away with what is outrageous, apparently unthinkable, beyond the pale – regarding the family, household, house, apartment, town or country (Cancer) is here. To find out more look at Chiron and Mars in your online library or on Search.

  21. Hi Jessica, I’m now logged in so I hope you can see my birth chart 🙂 Today I resigned from my employment and it feels very good. I plan to start my own consulting company in HR/recruitment and I have read that companies have their own horoscopes. I wonder when
    is it a good period for me to register my business? After the retrograde and from what date? I want to start up with the best possible start with the best outcome.
    Best regards,

    1. You have Jupiter at 9 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships – and also family and property relationships. Jupiter is always your luck in life and your protection. If you wanted your husband to support you if your business went through a fallow period, you would use Jupiter in astrology to launch a company. If you wanted your parents’ inheritance to you to help your company grow you would also do the same. You’d also want to use your Jupiter to create a business which would do so well it would benefit those who inherit your legacy after you die, so it all adds up to the search for a good transit to Jupiter at 9 Scorpio. February 2024 looks useful; Jupiter at 9 Taurus is in opposition and even Jupiter opposite Jupiter is beneficial. Saturn at 9 Pisces trines natal Jupiter so steadies that. The Sun is at 9 Pisces trine Jupiter on 29th February. Ask the Tarot for confirmation about February 2024.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this info on the Merc retrograde, I completey forgot about it and hadn’t checked in for a while, but its interesting to see where your focus goes whilst unaware of astrological weather, and mine has gone to deciding I no longer want to work with my husband in his business. Instead I have set myself a challenge of practicing writing on Medium. I need to express myself creatively.
    This sounds quite apt to me for Merc retrograde in Virgo.
    I pulled two cards as you suggested, knight of swords and king of pentacles…..I have Mars in the 6th house, and my partner has an Aries stellium. At first I wondered why he turned up in this reading, but I presume because I need to say no to getting involved in his business so I can move on.
    Do you get anything else from these cards? Thank you

    1. Your husband is also your business connection, and that is usually Scorpio and Eighth House. You have a stellium in Scorpio from 10 to 27 degrees and sure enough, transiting Pluto is at 27 Capricorn. It is time to either reshape the agreement or leave it. The Knight of Swords is about another man involved, who may be your son, or a staff member, or client. He is a motivator for any change. The King of Pentacles is of course your husband who needs to reorganise and rethink his position, but he is rather fixed and stuck. It would be very hard work to persuade him to take a new approach and if you were to try and be hands-on about it, he may even resist. So departing is a sensible option. Keep going with the Tarot and follow the steps. You are experiencing transiting Pluto at 27 Capricorn sextile natal Neptune at 27 Scorpio. Neptune shows the total lack of boundaries with him. There is no line in the sand between the bedroom (say) and the bank. Pluto comes along for the first time in 248 years and triggers that, and you quite rightly want new boundaries, or just want out. It would help to have an impartial third party advise you that you both agree on. Do you have that? The younger man in a hurry also needs to slow down and calm down, if you can possibly encourage that.

  23. Thank you so much Jessica, you are so right about my scorpio stellium. Me and my husband just sold our joint company and he will be financially involved in the new company. I got the Ace of cups on the question of Feb.2024, exciting. I need to start the consulting company relatively immediately, can I register the company now or during September or should I wait until after the retrograde and start in October?

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I am deeply worried about my eldest son, he is a Leo, born August 12, 1994, 6:29PM AEST. After facing struggle after struggle in his life, he finally managed to make it into a job that interested him, only to be dismissed a short time later as his supervisor took an instant disliking to him because of his familiarity with certain ‘unfriendly’ nations. This was a government job, and the particular field he trained in is specific to this particular department, which makes it very difficult for him to find employment elsewhere. He has been fighting this legally since April, but he is extremely worried as he’s spent a lifetime working to get here, but no other career path interests him or ‘clicks’ with him. He feels extremely stuck and doesn’t know what to do or where to go next. Do you see things ever turning around for him?

    Kind thanks,

    1. Maria, I am sorry your son is in legal battles and has a career challenge like this. I am sorry he had a rotten supervisor too. he is actually in the most fortunate, liberating career cycle of his life with both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in his Tenth House of professional goals, academia and also unpaid work. Being rejected is unfortunately part of Uranus in Taurus, but the rejection always leads to something new, different and much more liberating. Jupiter is with him until May 2024 so he will be given a chain of solutions and opportunities, either in the field he is trained for, or others. It is very important to open up to ‘others’ with Jupiter. I have drawn the Four of Cups for your son. You can find this card on Google Images. Search Four of Cups, Smith-Waite Tarot. A defensive, unhappy man sits under a tree and is rejecting the people around him. I had a hunch the family tree would be the solution and he need to go back to his roots. His grandfather or great-grandfather may be able to help in spirit or he could find a clue about their own calling in life. The problem is not what he has, or what is being offered, it is his depression. Has he been diagnosed and seen a doctor? He is also ungrounded. Off balance. If he was a reader I would tell him to physically move his body and start walking, running and think about yoga, even on YouTube. He’s physically and mentally in the wrong place but action or sport would start things going again and walking alone is scientifically proven to help with mild depression. He’s saying ‘No not interested’ as you can see in the card, but every person there is solid gold and that would include you, as well as potential employers, friends and other family. I know you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. But find the card and show him what I’ve said and show him the picture. He may get it, instantly. There is great potential for him but he may have to find it by travelling/commuting or even moving. He’s wearing green in the card. He’s green. Young. He’s also half blue in the card. He has the blues. All this can be changed but he has to be the one to do it. I hope he can.

  25. Dear Jessica Adams,

    After the Tsunami disaster, The Japanese-US Embassy took several ads in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal urging American
    to donate to Japan.

    American responded. They donated over $730,000,000 to the wealthy Japan!!!!

    E Pluribus Unum !!!!

    America needs this kind of leadership for Maui now. Who will step up ?

    Thank you

    1. I agree. For all that America is the rich uncle of the world, the world owes it to Americans to give to Maui. There will be lots of small efforts made by different groups, increasing in number once the US has also dealt with the California issue – and these will add up. I’ve been asked to give to an author auction, for example. We can all do something. Maui needs to know. The US, too.

  26. Jessica, thank you so much for your insight. You are spot on about his depression and rejecting everything around him which makes it all the more difficult to deal with. He already does walk, quite a bit, but he can’t get out of his own head. He just keeps asking why? Over and over again. It’s like he doesn’t want to deal with life or people, period.
    Thank you for taking the time to write to me I really do appreciate it.

    1. It’s good he is walking. The obsessive questioning (ruminating is the medical term for it) is part of depression. It is a characteristic symptom. Light a candle and ask his family and yours for help, in spirit. Ask for guidance on the path to help him and if possible, a thorough rescue. The sprit world is always willing and able to assist but spiritual etiquette requires we ask. You could also pop into church or find a picture of the Buddha, say. That also helps.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I have been worrying a lot about financial security and work security lately. My work contract ends early next year and I really wanted to have a break before looking for another position. ( As its been 3 years without a break/holiday due to me wanting to avoid catching covid so unwilling to fly).
    I cannot believe the card I just picked on your web site when I asked “will I be financially okay over the next 12 months.
    I drew the Nine of Pentacles, that’s got to be good., Lady Bountiful, wealthiest women and abundance.
    Problem is I am not sure where it will all come from. Is there any further insight you could add?
    Thank you as always for your generosity to assist

    1. Mary, the Nine of Pentacles is your answer. You will end up in a good position, but it will take time (the snail) and I suspect another woman will be involved. She is rich. She can pay you, or give you something for nothing. But – your card has spoken. I don’t see a chart here so you’ll just have to go with your Tarot. Don’t read again please with the same question; stick with this.

  28. Greetings from Spain Jessica. Congratulations Jessica on your magnificent website. Although my question is not related to your post. but after the success of your post about the men’s soccer world cup, how do you see the women’s final on Sunday SPAIN – ENGLAND?

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin at Asporea. The football is always interesting for astrologers. I am wondering if I shouldn’t post a feature on this actually and turn it over to the hive mind. People did very well with the men’s World Cup. I’ll sort it out in a moment and it should appear on the front page of the website.

  29. Hi Jessica, I pulled Page of cups, twice. Waiting for financial heritage closure, and job related decision closure. Both seems to take longer time I had imagined. Thank you, Jaana

    1. The Page of Cups is bypassing your question to talk to you about a much younger man, boy or teenager. He has a strong feminine side and would dress in a unique way. He is not grounded. He has valuable assets that could go further – gifts, profitable talents, actual valuables, the family funds perhaps – but he’s doing nothing about it. Do you know who this is? He matters. He’s turned up twice, Jaana.

  30. Hello Jessica,
    First, Thank you for your kindness and for always being ready to offer an advice and interpretation. Please know I appreciate it very much! My health is not good and I will be starting a difficult therapy on September 6 during Mercury retrograde as my Doctors want to start ASAP based on my latest scans and the beginning falls on Mercury retrograde which makes me very nervous.I know I need to be positive and is there any light in the tunnel for me in the future in reference to my health? I have the North node in Virgo conjunct Pluto in Virgo and South Node in Pisces- will there be a change for the better ever?
    I Thank you for your time and assistance.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your health is a challenge at the moment. You start therapy on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on 6th September. On that date Mercury is at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House of doctors. He then repeats himself on 25th September having already been there on August 10th. So this is a three-part story when things stop, start or change each time. I don’t know where you live so allow a day either side of those dates; August 10th, September 6th; September 25th. This isn’t actually the main story at all with your health as you’ve nothing at 14 Virgo. This is much more likely to be changes in the details; email or paperwork and so on. I can see you were born with Pluto at 8 Virgo in a conjunction with the North Node at 8 Virgo, in opposition to the South Node at 8 Pisces. You have been through this before in a prior incarnation and have come back to improve on last time. Saturn has been very close by at 7 Pisces and goes back to 7, 8 Pisces in February 2024. Jupiter with his solutions is there at 8 Taurus, same month. In fact, on February 15th both Jupiter and Saturn are at 8 Taurus and Pisces respectively, transiting your Pluto-Node pattern. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It can help to understand what it means to have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House. You have to use self-control to have control. You also have to use willpower to find your power. These are not empty words, though they are easy for me to type and hard for you to do. Pluto can make you stronger on every level; formidable to yourself and others. That is his gift. In exchange you have to accept the intensity of the situation. I wish it was different for you, but your soul has chosen to incarnate with this aspect in your chart. The Pisces-Virgo nodal axis is about the unconscious mind’s direction of the physical and mental health of the person. The unconscious has its reasons; it’s your job to find out how you are driving your own bus, even when you do not consciously see your hands on the wheel. Dreams can be excellent ways to find out. The actual Mercury Retrograde is not a particularly big deal, then, but it’s quite clear that this is a long-term challenge, looking at your chart, with positive answers. Once you are past February 2024, Saturn moves right off the 8 degree spot in your chart, never to return (well not for 29 years anyway). The Tarot can also give you more personal insights into how your Pluto conjunction and opposition expresses itself in yourself and your life. From that more answers may come. I wish you the very, very best.

  31. Many thanks Jessica for responding and your insight in to my question. Thank you for confirming that ” my card has spoken” and I look forward to meeting this” other woman”.
    Have a lovely week

  32. Hi Jessica, I am having some anxiety, work is very slowww and I am self employed and work paycheck to paycheck. Anything in my chart that this retrograde will help/hurt me?

    Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry you have a bit of worry. It tends to feed on itself, so if you are doing head miles, it affects you physically, and the body then puts you on a circuit. Try Paul McKenna on YouTube for circuit-breaker hypnosis, which is free, to get you through this little bit of time. Dr. Claire Weekes also has excellent techniques for anxiety. Your chart shows you are a Sun Sagittarius woman with the South Node at 21 Taurus in your Second House of income. I am not surprised you are living between paychecks as for the first time in your life, Uranus has been going over your nodal axis at 21 Taurus and 21 Scorpio. This started July and returns in October. Uranus bring upheaval which sets us free. It can be useful to stand back from the situation and ask ‘What or whom am I being liberated from?’ Uranus moves off 21 Taurus in April 2024 just as Jupiter with all his huge solutions and opportunities reaches 21 Taurus. Your astrology chart shows April 2024 is the answer to many of your financial questions. I wouldn’t be surprised if you took a job, actually, or found yourself with a completely different way to save or make money that you had never expected. You will also see marked improvements in January 2024, so four months earlier. In the short-term, any hassles from Mercury Retrograde with your work will vanish once he corrects his motion on 30th September. Ask the Tarot, ‘How could I work differently/better?’ Even if the answer is radical, do look.

  33. Thanks for this article Jessica. I must vacate my long-term rental property by 1 October and my workplace is going through a restructure. I need to compete against colleagues for a position at work but feel relatively “safe” given my work achievements over the last couple of years. I feel more concerned about my housing situation. I have scrimped and saved for years and am in a position to buy our first home for my young kids and I…if I don’t get outbid again by investors and couples! I have stelliums in Cancer and Taurus, and I pulled the Queen of Pentacles about buying a house which is a good omen. I know it’s not ideal to consider signing a contract when Mercury is retrograde, though it’ll be moving forward by settlement. I would be very grateful if you could please share any psychic and astrological insights you have about my situation. Thanks!

    1. The Queen of Pentacles is mirroring your Cancer-Taurus patterns as Jupiter goes through Taurus. He is there until May 2024 so you have a lot of time. It’s not ideal to sign on Mercury Retrograde but it’s not disastrous either. For a disaster like Titanic you need other factors; always read the transit in context with the chart. There is nothing in your chart to suggest a real estate Titanic. Far from it; you have a pile-up at 28, 29 in the signs of material wealth and of course Jupiter goes to 28, 29 in the first quarter of next year. You are probably too early if anything but you could go for it now and see what happens.

  34. Good Morning Jessica,
    Hope you are well ?
    Re reading your article after looking at date I started my job 3rd Sept 2019 and the day is a nude Virgo Stellium of which I have Pluto / Uranus in Virgo my natal chart.
    I am over worked and have spoken to them about offloading and I have had radio silence. I will be taking that up again in writing next week.
    To be honest I really didn’t want to be there, I am unsure what I want to do… I thought I could hang in for a few years until early retirement.
    On reading the comments which are always helpful I asked how could I work differently / better and drew the 10 of cups.. I don’t see any relationship to my question.. I am widowed not in a relationship and have one son who is off my hands.
    I want change in all aspects if my life… do you see any changes occurring for the better coming for me.
    In guidance appreciated.

    1. Good morning. Overwork is common with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House and your employers are not responding to your request. You drew the Ten of Cups to find out how you could work differently/better. The full interpretation is below. The answer is to work for this family. You don’t say what you do. Could you help a family and work part-time from home, for example? The other quite radical answer here is that you will remarry and not have to work. You do actually have a ‘family and children’ chart with all that Leo and the nice aspects with Cancer (the home) and Scorpio (joint finance and property). Are you a real estate agent? Is this selling property to a family? It’s hard to say more as you drew the card, not me and I have no idea what your profession is. The Tarot is reflecting your chart, though. The answer lies with this picture. And with Jupiter in Taurus making the right aspects by May 2024, there is a big, big window of opportunity and reward here.

      One Minute Interpretation
The absolute best outcome, with two parents and two children, the rainbow and the pot of gold, the beautiful surroundings and the family home. It seems too good to be true, but it happens every day. I’ve drawn it once, for a reader, who had divorced a drug addict husband. She went on to marry a real-estate agent. She’s a mum.

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.

      Cups are sex or emotion and here we have ten, forming a rainbow (‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and ‘The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow’). A rainbow is a peculiar thing; a beautiful illusion. Walk to the apparent end and it vanishes out of your grasp. There is a nice message here from Pamela, who created this vision (even though she never married, nor had children). Basically, keep it real. The rainbow is too much. At the end of the day, the children need to be fed and have their laundry put in the washing-machine. Husband and wife will grow older and have to deal with the realities of long-term marriage. Houses need repairs and rivers flood. And yet…

      The couple are close, the children are happy. The house looks like a dream British 1909 cosy cottage. There is celebration here. The couple throw their hands in the air, the children are dancing happily.

      This is a classic card for family and property joy. I have drawn it very rarely in readings for clients, but every time, the woman concerned has gone on to marry, have children and establish a happy home and garden. As I mentioned at the start, I read for a woman who had divorced a drug addict and she went on to meet the man of her domesticated dreams, settle down, enjoy a stunning house and in fact had three children, not two. The rest of the story is private and hers to tell, but remember a rainbow is an illusion. The rest is real.

      In astrology we associate this card with the Fourth House of property and clan. Thus ‘My people and my place.’ You might also find the Fifth House here (children), the Seventh House (partnership and marriage) or the Eighth House (property as family legacy). Perhaps you, the other person or the children are going through transits to all these houses.

Cancer is the crab who carries the home on her back. Taurus is the valuable real estate. Leo is the children. Scorpio is ‘Until death do us part.’

This card is fascinating because it’s all about the space. The environment, rented or owned, lent or mortgaged, is part of the family. You cannot separate husband and wife, or children, from the garden, the local area and/or the home. It’s a part of them. It has an emotional presence. So, we’d have to say that the zodiac sign of Cancer and the Fourth House really matters. This goes beyond falling in love with a husband or wife, or giving birth to sons and daughters. The ecstatic response of the couple to the home, and the joyous children, suggests the material world is a really big part of the relationships between all four of them. You cannot do this without taking into account Mother Nature but also priceless (or expensive) security and beauty.

      This card is ‘beginning’ and not midway or end. It is the very start of moving in together, buying a property, inheriting a property, or finding a dream space to rent. The rest comes later and is ongoing. The children will become teenagers and young adults. The couple who are so tied to being parents, will find different roles in 20 years or so, and that could mean massive shifts in the marriage, as the whole point and purpose of them coming together in the first place was a son, daughter, or ‘two to start’ and then more.

Let us not be cynics, though, and say that all good things come to an end, but that does not mean life becomes less than it was; it just becomes different. The celebration, radiance and joy of the very start of married life is here. The rest is a journey, to be sure, but ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is not just Judy Garland in full flight. Eventually it becomes the memory of something so precious, rare and unforgettable that it helps create the bedrock on which the future emotional life of this couple rests. Into old age, with a little luck, they will never forget the start.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I am very grateful for your guidance and the words of wisdom, having you reaffirm the future does help a lot to create a positive outlook to move forward. Yes, you said it very well- it is a long term health challenge. It is my third battle and your precious words gave me so much hope and I will keep them always with me through my therapy.
    Thank you for the generosity of your time and knowledge, you are very special Jessica! Appreciate you!

    1. Thank you. You can also use the Tarot on my website together with The Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle to give yourself a three-way reading about your health. Onwards.

  36. Hi Jessica, I hope you’re well. I was astounded by your answer to my last question; your accuracy is amazing. I would add that my recent daily horoscopes are so accurate that it feels as if you wrote them specifically for me! I would like to ask you about planning to sell our house and move somewhere quieter and less expensive (due to go on the market next week), which is causing husband and me a lot of stress. I have pulled some very good cards on it (Queen of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles) so I am hopeful that it will work out ok, but you know us Virgos and worry!! Many thanks.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad the daily horoscope is accurate for you in particular. You will do extremely well with your plan to sell and save money by keeping the change, when you move. You have that 23, 24, 25 pattern in Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio – the signs of your money, the house and your combined money. Don’t expect fast results, especially during Mercury Retrograde, but this does end very nicely for you in 2024 when Jupiter goes to 23, 24, 25 Taurus. This is by May 2024 at the absolute latest but the Tarot is confirming for you: quids in.

  37. Hi Jessica!!

    I am having such a time finding the blog which mentioned the great future of language and travel. I can’t find it so I am commenting here.

    You mentioned that travel will not look the same from I think 2026?? Can’t remember. But I came across this article and had to share. Its about NASA developing super sonic flights.


  38. Ugh, I feel my whole life is a Mercury Retrograde. Could that be true? Everytime I get close to somebody like a best friend, they leave me? I never got married, no kids … What is it about me that pushes others away? I am also watching Demcracy sliping away here in the United States. We keep electing Democrats and then they switch parties. One being Tricia Cotham. her switch now gives the Republicans power over the Governor. They are taking away women’s rights, redistricting making it harder for Democrats to lose elections… Does my life and or Democracy make a turn for the better?

    1. You have Leo-Aquarius oppositions in your chart which are common with women who avoid marriage and children. You can do this consciously by skipping eligible partners or staying on contraception. You can also do it unconsciously by falling in love with men who are incapable of marriage or parenthood. You don’t push other people away. However you need to know yourself better as it is possible that you are better suited to friendships within a group, than marriage and motherhood, or step-parenting. Ask the Tarot who you are and what makes you happiest (or whom). Your life will change from January 2024 for years into the future as Pluto enters Aquarius and you will likely become involved in the Democrats or a powerful community group, club, team or association. I filed a feature on the US election if you want to find that on Search.

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