England V Spain in Astrology and Tarot

What does astrology and Tarot say about England versus Spain in the Women's World Cup 2023? What can you see?

England V Spain in the Women’s World Cup 2023

The world’s media (pictured) have gone mad for the Women’s World Cup 2023. From The Age and Sydney Morning Herald in Australia to the Mirror in England, these female teams have gripped us.

What does the combined astrology and Tarot say about the final between England and Spain? Football fans may be interested to know that Leo the lion does in fact show up in the ‘birth’ chart for the Lionesses, below.

download - England V Spain in Astrology and Tarot

The Lionesses Astrology Chart

They were founded at their first game on 7th May 1881 at 3.00pm in Edinburgh. The women’s England team was created with Cupido at 4 Leo. There is a trine to Minerva the goddess of wisdom at 3 Aries; an exact square to Saturn at 4 Taurus; a square to Mercury at 5 Taurus.

Transiting Saturn goes across this 3, 4, 5 degree pattern in August and September 2023, which shows how difficult and serious this cup is. Obstacle after obstacle for England. Heavy.

How Do You Read the Tarot for England?

You don’t even need a chart for Spain. You can just judge the England chart. But what does the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck say? You can read the cards below and leave your verdict. The Tarot often talks quite obviously once you can see the symbolism. The cards will often echo the astrological chart, too.

Just one look at these Lionesses and you can see they are fixed, grounded, stubborn and very much about the money. Just look at that Taurus stellium. The zodiac sign of the bull. There is betting here. A great deal of betting. This is a gamblers’ team.


F3o6mk8a0AEDg Y - England V Spain in Astrology and Tarot

One Card to Describe the Final

Which card describes the overall game at the final? Is this going to be a tense penalty shoot-out in extra time? A game for a heroic goalkeeper?

The card I’ve drawn from the Smith-Waite Tarot used on my website is Temperance. This is a clear Aquarius signal. The angel is a water-bearer transferring water in a wavy Aquarius symbol illustration, from one cup to another. The Women’s World Cup.

This will be a beautiful game and Aquarian in nature. Team spirit. Profoundly healing. Is this old karma about the Spanish Armada being settled? Historic Spain-England sea battles?

small Tarot Deck   Temperance - England V Spain in Astrology and Tarot

Triangle Formation?

Some other clues in the card; a triangle is on the angel’s heart. Is this a triangular formation at the goal that is behind a victorious kick?

Who Wins England V Spain?

Now this is really interesting. The Hanged Man has appeared. The strip is red and blue, if that’s a clue. This is a man not a woman and he’s stuck. Suspended. Dangling.

small Tarot Deck   The Hanged Man - England V Spain in Astrology and Tarot


One More Time. England or Spain?

There is clearly a problem with this final, despite the lovely Aquarian atmosphere of feminism, tolerance, space and all the rest of it. This just has to be a male official, doesn’t it?

I’m going to ask one more time so you can read these cards in the context of the chart above, or just as a straight Tarot call. Who wins, England or Spain?

Ten Against One

Oh dear. Ten of Swords (bottom of screen).  This is one player out, or even one official (manager, referee?) down. You don’t need to be a Tarot professional to see that this is ten of the usual eleven players on a team. Which team? England or Spain? Ten are united and the eleventh is cancelled by the rest. So that’s your clue. The colours in the Tarot can sometimes line up with the colours of a flag or team strip. Let’s check back as the game progresses and see how your predictions and mine are faring.

The Spanish football federation confirmed 15 players had submitted emails saying they would not play for manager Jorge Vilda unless “significant” concerns over their “emotional state” and “health” were addressed. So is that Jorge Vilda on the ground, or a player who is down for the count?

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the Leo England Lionesses’ Captain.

HELLO lionnesses t 300x288 - England V Spain in Astrology and TarotMillie Bright, Super Leo

Astrology can be quite literal sometimes. Leo is ruled by the Sun and this is Millie Bright, England Captain. She was born on Saturday 21st August 1993 with the Sun in Leo, Mercury in Leo and Chiron in Leo.

The Mini, that British symbol of 1966 World Cup glory, was born on 26th August 1959 and has Mercury in Leo, just like Millie Bright – and Uranus in Leo too.

If football’s coming home in 2023 with the England team then it has to be coming home, thanks to these transits on Sunday 20th August 2023. Unusually, they include the Sun in Leo and Venus Retrograde in Leo as well. This amazing photo shoot in HELLO even makes Millie look quite feline in that long-legged suit.

England Is All About the Money

One thing about this England team; they are all about the money. Sponsorship, funding for the game and prize money. With Jupiter in Taurus going across the Lionesses’ Taurus stellium there will be a huge amount of financial gain for them between kick-off and the last day of the cycle in May 2024. This is the world cup that goes on giving, for them.


Tarot Deck Ten of Swords 300x200 - England V Spain in Astrology and Tarot



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46 Responses

  1. Thanks Jessica. Do you think Australia will beat Sweden? I’m not usually a sports fan but am delighted at the Matildas’ effort during this World Cup. They are great role models.

    1. Well, it’s the day after and Sweden were the better team. Did you watch the game? I was disappointed in the Matildas. Then again, coming fourth in the World Cup is no mean feat for such a small population country with far less football history. I thought France was the dazzling game. That really converted a nation of people into proper fans of the game and the team.

  2. Goodness, what a reading! Thanks for doing this blogpost, Jessica. And, what a tremendous and most uplifting tournament it has been for international women’s football and sport in general! It must have been such an exciting time for everyone in Australia and NZ. I’ve been getting up at godawful times here in Montreal to watch the games back home down under, and it’s been well worth the lost sleep. Looking at the tarot cards you’ve pulled, the harmony within the English team balanced by a longstanding and successful legacy of women coaches very much speaks to the Temperance Aquarian card energy. That energy can be found in the hosting nations also with both Australia and New Zealand being Aquarian countries. The central presence of white and blue as depicted by the angel with one foot in and one foot beside water also speaks to the English team colours. I love the healing imagery of flowing water between the two cups that this card evokes. The world of football is becoming balanced with the women’s world cup rightfully receiving as much as the men’s world cup. I’ve loved seeing all the men and boys get behind their women’s teams along with all the female fans this tournament.

    Moving onto quite a different energy in the last two cards, I immediately think of Spain’s coach, Jorge Vilda, as the Hanged Man with his upright hairstyle with the Spanish strip after having created so much discord within the Spanish women’s team. Honestly, he’s been such a letdown to so many great players in the Spanish women’s football squad with the team barely hanging in there after key players were not selected to play in this tournament. The Spanish team have worked miracles despite this on-going discord but it’s always hard to keep winning when a team lacks unity, so I see him as a particular sticking point across this tournament. The Spanish strip does seem to be found in these last two cards with the prominence of red and blue also. We could well be down with 10 players as you say, with a red card or injury of a key player, or perhaps an eleven goal penalty shootout with the last shot being the devastating/elevating decider. Spain’s top scoring midfielder, Jennifer Hermoso wears the number 10 jersey. We have another midfielder wearing the number 10 jersey for England, Ella Toone. Two players to watch out for perhaps?

    Yes, I expect that there will be quite a lot of betting on the English team – what an impressive Taurus stellium. The women’s teams are making the pay disparity issue in football quite glaring, aren’t they? Well done, women’s football, is all I can say. Going from strength to strength. Game On!

    1. Aha. Another reader picked up on Vilda but spelled it Vidal. I immediately thought of the hairdresser Vidal Sassoon and the fact that The Hanged Man’s hair was so prominent. Thanks for pointing out that Jennifer Hermoso wears at 10 jersey. She’s a top scorer. This Ten of Swords card suggests a mutiny to me by the women against a coach or manager; the isolation of a player among her own team (unusual) or most obviously, perhaps, a team will nobble a striker on the opposition, perhaps following the removal of one of their own stars. As you say, England is about to make a ton of money, whatever happens.

    1. Thank you. The best thing is, that China chart works. Literally to the final day of the prediction. I might use the Tarot to look at this over on Substack.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Completely random question but I’m now a teacher aide and can’t find regular work. It’s insanely stressful financially and I was thinking about early childhood teaching as well. This would require more study.
    I can’t seem to get anything right and tarot is not being clear at all.
    How do you see my career in child support panning out over the coming months?
    It doesn’t help that I’m insanely lonely with nobody to talk to and bounce things off with! ‍♀️
    Thank you x

    1. Do you live in Melbourne? We are launching planet walks every Friday evening in October and November. If you are not in Melbourne and want people to chat to, head straight for volunteering in your city. You are doing head miles about the same old things and not adding new people to your world. Child support, children, child education are obvious places to begin. But you have quite a different interest and get free training on the job which would put you into another job category as well as get you around new potential friends and…who knows. I doubt money will be an issue by May 2024.

  4. The key to the Temperance card for me is the two cups at the centre of the card, with water flowing between them. The two cups are the Women’s World Cup and the Men’s World Cup: we’re seeing attention, interest and money flowing out of the Men’s game into the Women’s game. It’s a rebalancing, a fairer distribution.

    In terms of play, Spain will be fast and range over the pitch a lot (the red wings of the angel) whereas England will be solid and stable, passing straight, clean and precise (the white body of the angel with the straight parallel lines of the cloth). As you say, it’s about team spirit, healing, friendship and joy. It bring people together and inspires them.

    The Hanged Man – I think the hanged man both is, and is not, a man. I turned the card upside down for a closer look and see a very androgynous figure. S/he has a pretty, feminine face and a youthful, athletic posture: their hands are on their hips and a pointed, balletic foot. It suggests to me a woman playing a man’s game, or doing a man’s job, who has been waiting for something. I see the blonde hair of Sarina Wiegman and many of the England players. I see the blue England kit, as well as Spain’s red and yellow. Who wins? They all do, because the real winner here is women’s football. They’ve been hanging around waiting for the women’s game to be taken seriously for decades, and it’s finally happening.

    I also see two equal, balanced branches on either side of a central trunk – these are the Men’s and Women’s games. The Hanged Man is also a male entity, which is the FA/FIFA, rather than a specific person. Whoever wins, England’s success and means they will find it increasingly difficult to justify anything other than equity in investment, pay and conditions for male and female players and managers. The man chairing the FA will find himself twisting, uncomfortable, suspended and awkward until that’s resolved in favour of female players.

    Ten of Swords – England win, decisively. The body on the ground is dark haired, wearing red – that’s Spain. However, England finish the game with ten of their key eleven players. One of them has to go off during the match but it’s because of a serious injury, not a red card, and/or a sub comes on for England (possibly the previously banned Lauren James?) who delivers the decisive goal in the last few minutes.

    Good luck to both teams and what a terrific tournament it’s been 🙂

    1. This is a beautiful interpretation. You must be a very experienced Tarot professional. The Two of Cups can be about the male and female cups, as you say, as much as it is about Spain and England. I think your last comment on England’s win after ten of the key eleven players are left, is so precise. Let’s see.

  5. The hanged man? The Spanish coach Jorge Vilda who had a player revolt prior to the world cup and is starting to have another revolt with his players now. The players after their win against Sweden, Vidal was totally ignored by his player’s and out of all player celebrations. He also started his football career at Barcelona. The colours of the man in the card Red and Blue, like Barca.

    1. Vidal. Now that’s interesting as The Hanged Man is all about his hair (Vidal Sassoon clue). He may in fact be the person stabbed in the back by the group in the swords card. Hopefully not literally. Though the victim always rises to live another day.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this blog post. I love articles like this.

    I remember the Men’s world cup. It was an amazing game. Hopefully the world cup tomorrow will also be an amazing game. I am biased so I just look for signs that England will win. I can’t detach enough to make any worthwhile interpretation of the cards as to the outcome.

    Often with the divination tools on your website I have found that the answer I received was not to the question I actually asked but to the question I should have asked and I wonder if that might be happening here.
    Maybe which team actually wins the cup is not the most important thing about this match but perhaps the events surrounding it and I wonder if that is what the cards are speaking of.
    The Temperance card shows water being poured from one cup to another – perhaps this is the money invested in the men’s world cup being poured into the women’s world cup making it less unequal.
    You mentioned the England team chart really big Taurus stellium – 9 factors! Maybe this shows up as more sponsorship money. It would be great if this women’s world cup attracted more interest, viewing figures and investment.

    As for the last card – oh my goodness the ten of swords, so not my favourite card, give me the Tower anytime over this card. I do hope this does not come to pass as it looks a bit like someone gets badly injured or there is a really bad foul and the red card is blood red. I wonder if the person is a goal keeper as the hand does look gloved.
    I did see another interpretation which I much prefer and that is that the figure presents the decision to give the Men’s world cup to Qatar. The black in the sky makes me think of oil. The black gold that blocks out the sun seeping through the yellow below, the desert sands. In a barren empty landscape. If someone or some people abuse their position and power ( Pluto in Capricorn) they need to watch their backs.

    Thanks again for your work and this website
    Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully it will be a great game whatever the outcome


    1. Thank you Cait. Yes, the Tarot can take over on my website, so that you want to ask about money (say) and it talks to you about love. Or you ask about career and it starts talking to you about friends, instead. The winner is a simple two-choice outcome and anybody could do it with a coin toss. So the Tarot is more intelligent than that and you’ll get the kind of complex cards you have here. Let’s see if the mens’ cup goes to Qatar. The Ten of Swords is significant though as the team is 11-player strong. So this looks like somebody is stretchered off (we hope not) or there is a variation on a theme; one team is a player down and turns on someone they think is at fault. England have been done for tactical fouls so as an England supporter I really hope this is not them.

  7. Why Lauren James is placed as a substitute? She has some unique quality among the Lionesses and she should not be in the bench! You can see how hard England to beat the Matildas in semi-final. Big mistake!

    1. It’s amazing how the different sun signs of the players can affect the chemistry of the team, by leaving them out, or bringing them in. Lauren James is a good example.

  8. Yeah Spain! Well done to these beautiful women.
    Hi Jessica
    Thanks for your blog above. I had noticed earlier before the game you had posted this football World cup passage.
    I did not read it until now, post game.
    I feel so happy and glad for these Spainish women.
    I predicted their rise and win.
    When I read your title to the blog this afternoon I immediately connected it to an article you wrote a while ago about English Karma coming back over these years. Yes, I felt, this is where it happens, a rise of Spainish culture. A balance of power and love.
    The triangle you spoke of here must be that beautiful formation the Spainish girls shared on the field. Passing and moving the ball in Aquarius unified, but spacious solidarity and friendship/teamship. The Hangman denotes red-Spains uniform on the rising over blues-England and the 10 of wands- well, maybe the English Swords related to ancient myths were thrown tonight by the team members(blue stripe on top), but alas, they only brought one down. That Aquarius spirit rose in the Spainish girls- United they Won.
    Congratulations to all women of this world cup. Thanks for Uniting our Females in Healing Hope and Happiness.

    1. Thank you Tara. The triangle was there twice. Once with Hermoso and Abelleira creating their formations and again the Rachel Daly love triangle being reported. I agree, congratulations to all the women in this cup. You are another reader who has seen Temperance in the Tarot as a good thing.

  9. The Temperance Card. The Angel is pouring from one cup to the other. Both sides have won one men’s World Cup, now the cup’s water (victory) is pouring into the other (men’s to women’s cup).
    Jorge Vilda. Spain coach. Hated by his own players. Hanged Man. In Blue and Red like the club that started his career, Barcelona.
    The Ten against one card. 10 players stab Vilda who is on the ground. Whose sword is missing? The Spain captain, Olga Carmona. She was too busy scoring the winner to stab the coach.

    1. Yes, Vilda and Infantino could both be said to be the Hanged Man. During the medal ceremony both men were booed around the stadium. Vilda is dangling, isn’t he? You have also picked Vilda up in the swords with the captain missing. Thank you.

  10. Ah well – I guess the prediction about the England win was wishful thinking! Never mind. Always next time…

    1. The Tarot did not speak clearly about an England win at all (when it could have done so; plenty of lion and St. George Cross symbols in the Smith-Waite deck). England women’s football has now definitely arrived though, at last.

  11. For me when I see the ten of swords I think of being one player down and ten to get the job done.
    I also see homesickness amongst the team when I look at the ten of swords.
    The temperance card I interpret as a fair game overall and I visualise a clock looking at it today – tick tock – and I feel it will be extra time and/or penalty kick that will decide the faith of the game.

    1. It’s really interesting seeing your thoughts after the game. We did in fact see Alex Greenwood for England treated for head injury. And the game went 13 minutes into injury time, which England could not turn around against a brilliant performance by Spain.

  12. Hello Jessica,
    An additional interpretation of the triangle on the angel’s heart is the logo of the Spanish team sponsor Adidas on the jersey.
    The sloping three-stripe triangular mountain logo is used on tech or sports-focused products & conveys the idea of overcoming challenges & pursuing your goals no matter what, to quote Google.
    The team certainly seemed to have a mountain of challenges to overcome.
    At one point one of the players, (Bonmati?) was running & lifted her outer jersey to point to the middle of her chest. She was quite likely pointing to her heart, but the logo was there.
    Thank you for expanding the picture on the importance & effect of the Cup.
    Janie Bee

    1. Well done, Janie Bee. The triangle is of course the Adidas symbol. And I remember seeing it on the shirt quite clearly after the winning (only) goal. Thank you.

    1. Oh thank you. Yes, this looks like the man on the ground may also be the Spanish FA President. The team of women have lined up to attack him. He crossed a line didn’t he.

  13. Does the hanged man also mean sacrifice? Carmona lost her father two days before the match. The news was ‘suspended’ for her until after she’d won.

    1. It’s complicated, isn’t it. I saw the news and couldn’t believe that this had happened – what an intense, extreme time in this young woman’s life. I don’t think the cards were talking about her situation there, as the question was really about the game itself.

  14. I am coming here way after all the excitement has long finished. But you know, hindsight. It was my first time reading this piece and of course we know the results. Could it interpreted this way? Keeping in mind I am an absolute novice.

    The first card read was in the question perhaps? It said ‘who will win the overall final’ as opposed to the semi? The temperance card has a lot of gold and blue in it like the colours of Sweden. Could that of been the clue or is tarot more direct? The trine suggesting a postive and best outcome? Or three teams with Sweden victorious?

    My other thought was, when it was suggested about the Aquarian attributes in the card, and Temperance, was that Aquarius energy opposes Leo energy? Therefore ‘tempering’ the Lionesses’ or maybe that is just me and my world and way off?! The Lionesses’ did beat the Matildas and as someone pointed out, Aus and Nz are Aquarian in energy so perhaps nay.

    The second asked on the outcome of Spain vs England. Would the red and blue upside hanged man suggest upset? As you said, so much money on England, the upset of the hanged man. A game turned upside down? And maybe not astologically speaking but I tend to think of Spain as being a ‘sun’ country, perhaps not by chart, not sure.

    Ten of swords? Colours of Sweden on the horizon, the man in red, England, over and out and defeated?

    It is cheating to do it after it all of course but sometimes I learn backwards and I did very much enjoy others interpretations. It was all food for thought. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. As you say, learning backwards is a good way to fathom the Tarot. You were quite right about Temperance and Aquarius being opposite to Leo, the symbol of the Lionesses. It was in fact an opposition and it turned out to be successful opposition, too. The colours are certainly one way to use the Tarot to judge football as well.

  15. I came to edit at the end my last comment. Not ‘man in red, England being defeated’ but as you say, ten swords represent a team so I should of said the man represents the team being defeated.

  16. Aha. So it comes to light that Rubiales is the hanged man. The very first news I read this morning. This whole exercise has been very enlightening. Thanks everyone.

  17. Hi again, Jessica. You really did tune into the collective consciousness with this tarot reading regarding the women’s world cup final. Number 10 Jenni Hormoso playing for Spain turning up in the ten of swords indicated far less about her missing that penalty shot so beautifully saved by Mary Earps, and intuited far more about the fallout with Rubiales and the old boys’ club dominating the Spanish women’s team. Unenlightened men, Vilda and Rubiales, and more in the rank and file of the FA, all stuck as portrayed in the hanged man tarot card. Now the Spanish women’s team are refusing to play again until Rubiales leaves, and so he shall, bringing down the machista house of cards with him. Effing right on is all I can say! What a revelation here with your selected cards. So many learning points for women’s sport.

    1. The Tarot is older and wiser than us, isn’t it? The cards weren’t really interested in anything as basic as a binary question about winner and loser. They went straight to Aquarius and feminism (Temperance) which has now shown itself as the two rival teams are in agreement about the misogyny in the game. The Old Boys’ Club, as you say. The Hanged Man was quite literally ‘the dangling man’ with an uncertain fate. And the swords were all the women lining up to backstab the male chauvinist pig, to coin an old phrase. Thank you for your message, it’s much appreciated.

  18. Happy birthday for yesterday Jessica. The age article today on the players refusing to play until that creepy guy goes gave me tingles about the hang man card you drew. The winner, ten on one, feminism. Incredible. You are a constant in my life – thank you for sharing your gift and taking the role (whether you like it or not) of church for so many of us 🙂 I met you at an Abbotsford convent just before covid really came to town. It was my birthday -Jan 25. I was so nervous and happy. Thank you again and I hope you had a great day.

    1. Thanks so much and I’m glad we had a chance to meet at Abbotsford Convent. I will be back there with Stephanie Johnson in a few weeks. The Tarot was quite uncanny with the Spain-England game. I think it shows the power of the Smith-Waite deck, even though it’s over 100 years old. The Hanged Man and also the Ten of Swords never pointed to the women. They pointed to a couple of men. And of course this has now escalated. The feminism is also correct as England are now siding with their Spanish sisters. Tingles are a sign your spirit guide has drawn closer to confirm with you.

  19. Kinda a random question. I live in the states and I am sure everybody is watching Trump. Does Trump and other Congress get convicted? Jail time? Will Trump be allowed on the ballot? I know whatever happens with Trump will effect the World… Thank you for your time

    1. I filed predictions about Donald Trump many years ago that saw his decline and fall (to quote Evelyn Waugh). The fall is shown in the American chart, as he has provided two completely different birthdates to the authorities so no accurate AA chart exists. The American chart does not distinguish between jail, disabling illness or death (and nor should it). However, Pluto is at work here and both he and his wife Melania are falling.

  20. Hi Jessica, This is after the World Cup event so maybe I am okay to be off-topic:)
    I am about to launch a creative project that would involve reaching out to members of my extended family. I believe it would make a difference to them – especially financially, which they could do with. It would showcase their originality and talent and definitely enhance the project for me. I feel positive energy around them and am so excited to take it to them. I drew the Four of Wands on this from the Tarot. Timing-wise, I have just moved closer to my family. A big deal for me after many summers away. I have never physically met these relatives but we have been in contact and they have been happy to have my help previously when they were launching a new career effort.
    As regards the current transits, I have the Sun at 23 Taurus in the 2nd House, as well as Minerva 23 Taurus and Diana 10 Taurus. Any insights would be so appreciated, as always. Warmest, Emma x

    1. You were born with Jupiter and Uranus both at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, Emma, and that is unpredictable but also very lucky. Jupiter is about solutions, breakthroughs, and win-win outcomes. Uranus is about the last thing you expected. So the Tarot is telling you that the extended family circle is waiting for you with all kinds of potential rewards. The gateway will be yourself and another person who are a two-way communication connection. Uranus within the chart in Cancer is about property as much as it is about actual family and you can see in the card that there is a house, apartment or other premises which is just asking to be explored. The transits of Jupiter across 24 Taurus will create a sextile to natal Jupiter and Uranus so that’s May 2024. Is that the month you were thinking of?

  21. Wiscounsin Republican Legislatures want to impeach a new Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, that has not even tried a case yet. From my understanding, they are afraid she will end the gerrymandering. I don’t want to say to much to steer your answer. Do they end up impeaching her?

    1. This is so far off topic from the England v Spain football final that I’m most amused. This is the fierce Republican v Democrat war of 2023, isn’t it. I will have a look for her chart and see if she has AA data. If so, yes, it is possible to see if she’ll be impeached. In general, do Republicans get what they want? No. They are the manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn and in 2024 it’s a Pluto in Aquarius world. Patriarchy is dying and its replacement is diversity and that includes women of colour.

  22. So Jorge Vilda the Spanish women’s football team coach was fired on the 5th of September. Luis Rubiales, the Spanish FA President is still fighting to keep his position after inappropriately kissing the Women’s Captain on the lips on the world’s stage after their World Cup win. Great reading, it was all in the cards!

    1. Thank you. The Tarot took us further than just ‘Who wins’ and went straight to the most memorable aspects of the final; the sexual politics.

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