The Blue Moon in Astrology 2023

The Blue Moon in Pisces is unusually important in astrology on 31st August 2023. Here's why.

The 2023 Blue Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon set for Thursday 31st August (allow a day either side for world time zone differences) is a full stop in two areas of your life at the same time. It will bring things full circle for you.

The Sun is at 7 Virgo 25 in opposition to the Moon at 7 Pisces 25. Cycles in both these signs are currently quite important in your chart. In this feature I will look at how your Sun Sign horoscope is affected and also look at your natal chart. If you are a Premium Member, you can see this at a glance.

What a Full Moon Does in Astrology

When the Sun clashes with the Moon, inner conflict increases. So does conflict out there on the street. Thakur and Sharma found crime incidence increased on Full Moon days in a 1978-1982 study.

This is why professional astrologers will tell you to allow more time and space for others as well as yourself, on a Full Moon.

More babies are born (Matsumoto and Shirahashi) and a 1996-2007 study found night births on a Full Moon increased.

When Animals Bite More and Babies Arrive

Animals bite more (Bhattacharjee) and more ambulances are called to traffic incidents (Onozuka). A Blue Moon or second Full Moon in a month suggests you, or the people around you, are stretched more. August 2023, which began with a Full Moon on Tuesday 1st and ends with a Full Moon on Thursday 31st, needs special attention.

This Full Moon in Pisces – the August 2023 Blue Moon in Pisces – is shown below, at the second it becomes exact in London. Adjust for your city. (AstroGold Software). 

Is Your Birth Chart Triggered?

Do you have anything in your natal chart at 7 degrees? If so, the Full Moon at 7 Pisces, Sun at 7 Virgo and Juno at 7 Leo (you can see them all below) will pick up that factor in your horoscope.

So, for example, if you were born with Jupiter at 7 Taurus, in your Second House of money, that’s the issue. You can always find out the meaning of your birth chart (natal chart) factors on this website or in your flipbooks here.


Blue Moon Pisces 2023 - The Blue Moon in Astrology 2023

Your Sun Sign and the Blue Moon 

How are you affected by this Blue Moon? We have Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, alongside the Sun in Virgo, so that’s quite unusual. We also have Saturn, Aesculapia and Neptune in Pisces, alongside the Blue Moon in Pisces.

Aries Allow until September 30th for decisions about your lifestyle, workload and wellbeing to become final, as since 8th August, rescheduling and rethinking has been par for the course. Everything about your work-life balance will be very clear at the Blue Moon and a choice is hovering. Just allow about four weeks for it to settle. This cycle is commonly about food, drugs, doctors, drink, fitness, dentists and/or complementary therapy.

Blue Moon Picryl 2016 300x180 - The Blue Moon in Astrology 2023Taurus Courtship, the bedroom and parenthood is a work in progress and you may retrace your steps, or others may retrace theirs, by 30th September. What you feel is real and a decision has to come, but as Mercury (information, communication and planning) is out of phase, allow plenty of time for things to sort themselves out. Friends and groups are a key area now and boundaries are extremely important – Boundaries, capital B. (Blue Moon image: Picryl).

Gemini As your ruler Mercury is retrograde in the household, property, family, home town and homeland sector of your chart, make allowances for changes or even cancellations by 30th September. You will want to meet a crossroads choice, but have Plan B and C. Your career, academic career or unpaid work is also in the Blue Moon zone. The strategy you cobbled together after March 2023 needs a long look. Is your approach still working?

Cancer Your brother, sister and/or cousin is at the heart of this Blue Moon and you are also ruled by the Moon so it’s personal. It’s unlikely that the narrative since August 8th is going to stick so even though you feel you must make a decision, allow for a zig-zag path until 30th September. Foreigners and foreign countries, academia, publishing and/or the worldwide web also needs thought. How are you going to organise this in a better way?

Leo This Blue Moon is about your money, house, apartment, business, charity and/or valuables. Make allowances for the story to go backwards and forwards until 30th September, as what has been ‘in motion’ since August 8th was always going to put you on a loop. The original approach you had 1-3 weeks ago will need to alter. Out of this period will come a determination to set boundaries, or reinstate them, if lines have been crossed, Leo.

Virgo If you are one of those Virgos who also have Libra and/or Leo factors in your natal chart, then this Blue Moon is a milestone for your marriage; relationship with an ex; partnership. No matter what your birth chart looks like, there is a two-way street in your life which must be navigated very carefully at the Blue Moon. There are major questions here about your boundaries as well as hers, or his. Time to take a deep breath and sort it out.

Libra Your daily routine, lifestyle, workload, health, wellbeing and commitment to paid work, unpaid work or study is in the frame. Ever since March 2023 you have been dealing with situations which are hard to get out of, or just as challenging, situations which you find very hard to get into, or access. The Blue Moon in Pisces in your Sixth House of duty, service and wellness asks you to look at the balance (or lack of it) between these areas.

Scorpio Friends and groups are ruled by Virgo in your solar chart, so you can assume life until 30th September will be full of rescheduling, rethinking and requests to reconsider. Have Plan B and C if paperwork is involved as what was the case after 8th August will not be the case by the end of next month. Courtship, the bedroom and a younger generation also need more thought. How are these areas of your life to be restructured, Scorpio?

pisces 300x169 - The Blue Moon in Astrology 2023Sagittarius Of all the 12 signs of the zodiac, you are most stretched by this Pisces Blue Moon – along with Gemini. Both home and work, the cornerstones of your life, now ask you to reach a decision at the crossroads. Be kind to yourself and allow for changes and delays along the way, as it will not be until September 30th that your career, academic career or unpaid work is finalised in detail. At home, boundaries are required or must be put back in. (Image: Picryl).

Capricorn Your brother, sister and/or cousin will put you at a crossroads on this Blue Moon and it is time to look at what is confused or confusing, probably due to a lack of boundaries. At the other end of this Full Moon we have Virgo, which rules foreigners and foreign countries; academia; publishing; the worldwide web. Here, you can count on rescheduling and even cancellation by September 30th. A choice must be made, but with that in mind.

Aquarius Your overdue payments, health insurance, banking, accountant, tax position and the rest is now firmly under the light of the Blue Moon. Allow until 30th September for the final details or numbers to be fixed as Mercury Retrograde is with you. Despite this cycling backwards and forwards, you are still being nudged towards a timely decision as one situation that has only been with you since March needs a new look and new approach.

Pisces Your appearance, title and reputation are under the light of the Blue Moon in Pisces and if anything here is unclear, or has left you or others feeling all at sea, it is time to drop anchor and slowly begin to formulate a plan. You also appear to be involved in a duet or duel, with no clarity, as since August 8th the story has been stop-start, changed or even put you on hold today. This does sort itself out by September 30th but allow for a long circuit.

modern astrology 2050 cover SMALLER 199x300 - The Blue Moon in Astrology 2023

Are You Strongly Pisces or Virgo? If you have a stellium (four, five, six or more factors) in either Pisces or Virgo, then you will be more affected by this Blue Moon.

My book Modern Astrology 2050 can explain more about these stelliums, or unusually high clusters of factors in just one zodiac sign. Strongly Virgo people will find that the issue is their work-lifestyle balance with particular focus on their health and wellbeing, against the demands of their diary or schedule.

Strongly Pisces? The Blue Moon is Personal

The Blue Moon actually in Pisces goes through the Twelfth House of your natal chart, which is where you find your God (or rejection of God). It is where you seek self-help, counselling or therapy. Where you find Buddha (or not). It is also where you may be hypnotised, see a medium, use the Tarot or explore your need to meditate. It’s about the inner life.

You are being shown the need to approach this quite differently, on this Blue Moon. Things cannot go on as they have been, and this applies no matter if your issue is the Archbishop of Canterbury or your psychologist.

Princess Diana and the Blue Moon

Princess Diana was born with Bacchus at 7 Leo in her Fifth House of children and grandchildren. This Blue Moon will hit her chart, just as the world is remembering her unlawful killing, as August ends and September begins.

Princess Diana 4 - The Blue Moon in Astrology 2023The Sun in Virgo is semi-sextile Bacchus. The Blue Moon in Pisces is quincunx Bacchus. Juno in Leo is in an exact conjunction with Bacchus.

This is about Harry and/or William, but also their children. Diana was also a Sun Cancer woman and so, ruled by the Moon. It’s an emotional time.

Your Natal Chart and 7 Degree Placements

If you have anything at 7 degrees in your natal chart, as I’ve mentioned, you will find that this Blue Moon brings you to a crossroads, more than other people.

This may be because key people in your personal or work life are also at a crossroads, of course. The ‘what’ of the story depends on whatever you have at 7 degrees.

Juno is at 7 Leo 51 at the minute the Blue Moon becomes exact at 7 Pisces 25, opposite the Sun at 7 Virgo 25. That’s quite an unusual line-up and it will trigger the 7 degree planet, angle, asteroid and so on – in your chart.

A quick way into this, is to use the Smith-Waite Tarot on my website, to ask ‘How will this Blue Moon affect me?’ and then see how the card shows you the story in your chart.

The Blue Moon in Pisces in Summary

Two Full Moons in August 2023 is unusual. Once in a blue moon, as they say. Whenever the Sun is in opposition to the Moon, we find we are inwardly divided. We can’t make our minds up, or we feel pulled in two directions. We may also find that we are in polarised situations where two people, or two organisations, or two sides, are very much against each other.

You’ve seen how more babies are born on a Full Moon. Think of the mother pushing and the baby (and the midwife) also pushing and pulling, and you get a good idea of what this week will bring.

It’s push-pull and for some people around you, it will trigger quite a lot of factors in their birth charts. When in doubt, make allowances, be more tolerant, cut people some slack and give yourself a lot more time and space too.

Main Image: Picryl


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74 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Do you feel that degrees always have to be exact to a person’s natal chart for a planet/moon/sun to affect them? I know some astrologers think a variance of one degree plus or minus can make an impact. Just curious how you feel about this.

    I have quite a few planets at 8 degrees in my natal chart and really could use a change (unemployed, financially destitute, etc.)

    Thank you,

    1. One degree’s difference is allowed in modern astrology, when there are so many factors in a chart. Exact is better. You do have access to finance or cash in kind (affordable accommodation, for example, or shared transport) until May 2024 so I am not entirely sure how you have ended up financially destitute, though of course I am sorry you are going through it. The options are still there and more will come with Jupiter in Taurus. Sometimes the solutions are via the family or partners, when Jupiter goes through the solar Eighth House of joint finance, property, valuables, charity and business. I’m sorry you are between jobs. This is the classic Saturn cycle in your Sixth House of work and although it doesn’t last, while it is there, you have to rethink what you would classify as work. Sometimes it’s a hybrid of volunteering (free new job training) and part-time efforts. Sometimes it’s paid-for education with home-based income. You have a huge Scorpio, Leo and Virgo stellium pattern in your chart which suggests you could easily teach, tutor, mentor or guide younger people. So the Blue Moon as such isn’t really relevant. What you are experiencing is your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work, service, duty and lifestyle being well and truly triggered. Chris, the change is within. You’ll be shown alternative ways to earn, if you are open to them, by May 2024 at the very latest.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Great article like always! i do appreciate the insights you give us with every post. I was wondering how this full moon will play out for me? Im a Capricorn with a libra moon and gemini ascendant.

    Looking forward for your valuable insights.


    1. The Ascendant is the least important part of the chart, Reham. It’s just your image. You probably identify with Gemini because you have so many other factors there. The Blue Moon does not pick up your chart. Again, far more important is Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Gemini, up ahead. You will have a new role, project or course after May 2024 which allows you to master the art of communication in a different way which brings tremendous rewards by June 2025. Later on, from 2026, new technology allows you to continue this path and you realise that translation is now a matter for Artificial Intelligence, but also your own intelligence too. Leave some time and space for 2024 and its intriguing new plans.

  3. Hi Jessica, fascinating article as usual I have a Virgo Stellium and the last 6 months feel like one ongoing crossroad. I’ve been trying to embark on a new career in HR (people) it’s been constant rejection I’m wondering if this is the right path for me or stick to what I did before?

    1. Constant rejection is usually best taken seriously. If you are trying hard and getting nowhere, this is just wrong for you, I’m afraid. You should try playing with the idea of going back to your previous career (mentally) and see who and what appears as a result. If you are offered one or two options which are an obvious clue, take that seriously too. Your Virgo stellium is about service and duty, obligation, a strong work ethic, a sincere need to help and the meticulous attention to detail which makes the difference between a lifetime of success – or not. So you have what it takes, but you’ve chosen Human Resources and it’s not choosing you. Play with the idea of an even more alternative option as well. Sit with it mentally and see if the universe throws you an offer there. With the best will in the world, if you have tried hard and been knocked back, be a realist about things. Ask the Tarot for a bit of personal insight too.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    this is a very interesting article.
    In my natal chart I have Venus at 7° Taurus and Chiron at 7° Aries.
    I’ve used the Smith Waite-Tarot on your website to know something more about the effects this Blue Moon will have on me, and I drew the Page of Swords.
    What do you think I can expect?
    Thanks in advance for your availability.
    Mary 🙂

    1. Mary, Chiron at 7 Aries in your First House of reputation, appearance and title is being triggered by the Blue Moon and Juno too. This is the Knight of Swords (Chiron was a centaur) to the life. Expect life to speed up and also heat up. The knight’s armour and horse are important to his sense of self. These days, we say – wardrobe and car.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Extremely insightful, as usual. Thank you for sharing.
    I don’t have anything at 7 degrees, but several at 9 and 11 degrees. One of which causes me great concern, Uranus in Scorpio. I am still looking for work and money is tight. Please tell me things aren’t going to get worse.


    1. The Blue Moon will pass you by as your chart isn’t triggered. Work and money improve in stages. Job applications and interviews are smoother from September 30th when Mercury Retrograde is over. You will have an irresistible solution for the job situation more than once by May 2024 and what you are offered is a lifestyle plus too, so it may be with discount gym membership, for example, or the location may be near a pool, park or health food store. Money is tight in the most difficult cycle in 248 years but you will make decisions in November, December, January that allow you to sign off from a situation and 2024 will be much less demanding than 2023 ever was.

  6. Wow Jessica! As I work through this and also add the various Tarot and Oracle cards, I am a bit freaked out and the Full Blue Moon effect hasn’t really even taken shape yet. I have Hygeia at 7 Libra in the 7th House, Juno at 7 Scorpio in the 8th House and Bacchus at 7 Pisces in the 12th House. If I read this right, there is a situation about to come to a head in my romantic relationship (things to resolve – yes) complications with my finances (linked to the relationship – yes) and also some clouds linked to my inner life (karmic dues?) I drew the 5 of Cups from Pamela’s Tarot deck and followed it with another in an attempt to create more balance in the picture to help me navigate this transit but I drew the Knight of Swords! None of this is giving me a confident footing to move forward steadily. All compounded by the fact that I have both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer in my 4th House in my Natal Chart and both of these planets are currently transiting (retrograde) through Taurus. I also drew a card from the Astrology Oracle. It describes ‘The Price of Progress”, which makes sense given the above but seems like an ultimatum. To top off my day, I finished with a card from the Garden Oracle and drew Pluto in the 11th House. This looks like a story that I probably already know but don’t want to hear. I would appreciate any insights into how to handle the transit for the least collateral damage. Emma x

    1. You’ve read your chart correctly, Emma and can see the Blue Moon is already coming about. The Five of Cups is also telling you about your situation. Cups are water signs. Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. You have a Scorpio and Pisces trigger. This is about the sexual and financial relationship as you suspect. You have a bit of work to do with this person. Following the steps is important so I assume you asked exactly the same question with all the cards and gave the same timeline. If so, repeat the Garden Oracle as it does not fit the rest. This time you will get a clearer picture of what is in store, Emma.

  7. Hi Jessica: I am ever so grateful to be a premium member and for your writings. Such a gift! I am strongly piscean with stelliums in Pisces, Capricorn and Aquarius. I am very curious about this blue moon – how does it map onto my chart? I have Panacea at 6 Capricorn – will it get significantly triggered (assuming a 1-degree orb works)? I pulled knight of cups from the tarot. I am not sure as yet who the man in the tarot is. I am a female. How do I interpret this? I am sure in a few days the symbols will show up in / conjunct with my real world. I did receive an impromptu invite yesterday to meet someone coming to town from overseas first week of sept. I also read Pamela Tarot (flip book) for this card — the blurb on ‘parallel meaning’ at the end (young scientist, investigating past, present and future, metaphor of river, etc) seems attuned somewhat with my current creative work project. I am tempted to say the tarot is speaking to my work life but more often than not it bypasses to unaddressed and urgent questions (you have also mentioned it to a reader elsewhere). Might I also add that the tarot shows me more women cards (high priestess, nine of pentacles etc) but male cards less so. Is this something to be considered? Deep and heartfelt gratitude to you for any advise you could offer. -N

    1. Your Tarot card is already coming true. The Knight of Cups shows a man on a journey with much to give. You were just invited to meet someone from overseas, coming to town. This is him and your goals (Panacea at 6 Capricorn) are triggered. Yes, you can allow one degree’s difference.

  8. Hi Jessica
    I’m hoping this full moon is a turning point for me this year. My husband lost his job in march, although fortunately found other work but is finding it rather challenging and 3 weeks ago we lost our beloved dog Lester of 13 years. I note l have fortuna at 7 degrees. Can you see things changing for the better in the latter part of the year. Thank you for always taking the time to try and reply to the comments. Your valuable insight is always greatly appreciated.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Selina, I am sorry you lost your dog. They are companions, aren’t they – friends or family. The situation with your husband will be a lot easier after 30th September when you both know where you stand, with less questions and more answers. The path to fulfilment is via your brother, sister and/or cousin, by May 2024. In fact, it’s already there.

  9. Interesting as always Jessica. I got Virgo stellium but nothing at 7 degrees. I drew 6 of pentacles but I am struggling to understand how this card relates to me?
    How is this blue moon impacting libra sun with all retrograde dance and Aries/libra node at the moment? Thank you

    1. One look at your chart and I can see you have Uranus at 27 Scorpio in your finance zone. The Tarot has been honest with you and told you how Pluto at 27 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years is affecting you. This will be about how money is to be shared:

      This is a symbol of Taurus and the Second House and/or Scorpio and the Eighth House. It is also very much a symbol of Libra (the scales in the rich man’s hand). It’s Robin Hood, isn’t it? Or Mackenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, donating billions to people suffering in the 2020 Pandemic.

      When you give money away you create a power-based relationship. When you beg for money you also create chemistry based on powerful feelings. Beyond the simple truth that money will be given away here (or perhaps lent; this could arguably be a banker) there is a big question about what money does to the soul.

      There is a principle at stake with this card. Justice or fairness (the scales) and perhaps a legal ruling. Pamela Colman Smith quite deliberately put those meticulously balanced scales into the image. Libra rules the Seventh House of astrology, which describes former, current and potential partners. The partnerships can be personal (marriage) or professional (business). Who are the two recipients of generosity? Is there a partnership here and what does it count for?

      Beyond Libra and the association with former, current and potential partners, we find Venus, the ruler of Libra, and thus the scales, in the picture. Venus is about the cost of marriage and the price of adultery. It is also about the value of beauty and the ‘reckoning up’ or settlement that comes with issues about justice. Fair play. Sometimes, legal rulings.

      The gap between rich and poor here is extreme. What will the beggars do when they have their cash? Is begging a lifelong pattern? Would the rich man let go of his wealth if it meant the extreme gap between rich/poor was less so?

      I have seen this card turn up both when someone is in the wonderful position of being able to pay others, in a less fortunate position, or even donate to them, or lend them money. It also turns up when people are down on their luck and are about to enjoy the relief and release of someone helping them out, with a hand-out. The only issue, as I say, is the motivation of the giver. There is also the common-sense question – when people get back on their feet, as you hope they will, how can they sensibly repay the original benefactor? Will there ever be a repayment?

Here you have a neat picture of capitalism. The rich, who are excessively rich, because they are at the sharp, top, pointy end of the system – and the huddled masses down the bottom who have almost nothing. These are coins being handed out, not notes. And the poor are not being covered in coins, they are receiving just a few. Given that the millionaire, multi-millionaire or billionaire (perhaps multi-billionaire) in question has so much, one has to wonder why those in rags are being given just a little.

      There are more questions here to ask. Perhaps if those with nothing get too much (too much ‘something for nothing’) they will never know the value of money. As with all the Coins/Pentacles cards we are led back to Taurus, the sign which rules values. Your moral, ethical and philosophical value system is intensely personal and bound to be triggered by this card. Not everyone likes taking charity. Look at the expressions on the faces of the recipients. Then again, some people live on benefits and quite deliberately play the system, according to some.

      Look at the face of the donor. Look at the attitude and body language. There is a tremendous message in this card, behind the mere fact of giving or lending. As with all Pamela’s cards, you also need to see if you can add stage directions. How could you direct this scene, add or remove actors or props? How could you turn it to your satisfaction, if indeed you have issues with what is being shown? This is Live Aid and Band Aid, isn’t it? As always with this card, you also have to wonder – what happens next?

  10. Great explanation and we’re scheduled to fly from London to Toronto on 14th September with a connecting flight to Kelowna the next day. Fires are still raging up there and I’ve a had a feeling our trip could be cancelled even before the fires started meantime, I have Ops at 07 degrees in Sagittarius ♐️ any elaboration?

    1. You are seeing the Blue Moon aspect Ops in your house of foreigners and foreign travel, tourism and foreign countries. You will know by now if the trip has been cancelled because of the fires.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t have anything at 7 degrees to trigger but I pulled a card and got the Moon. I thought my duet / duel might be my sisters (one is a Scorpio, the other Libra, just like the card). The Scorpion lives with me but is looking for her own place so she can adopt a cat that the Libra had to unexpectedly rehome. The cat is currently with a foster family. This has been playing out since earlier this summer so I interpreted the card and Full Moon to be related to this.

    However I have been working on a big project at work and am the lead. The other day I realized a piece of it would take much longer than expected because of an underestimation on my part (I missed a big clue) and I have been very stressed as a result. A woman on the team called me yesterday and offered to help me get it done and when we worked together today she uncovered an error (data duplicated) in the file I had received from some else on the team. Once I fixed that it cut the workload to a 1/3 of what I expected, so the project is now back on track. I was stunned and while this was definitely Mercury Retrograde having its way and playing tricks, I would like to think this unplanned partnership was a Blue Moon gift as she saved me from wasting (many!) hours needlessly!

    Thanks, Jennifer

    1. The Tarot has literally shown you The Moon on The Blue Moon. Jennifer, you also have your sisters showing up in the card. So actually they will be affected by this lunar transit. They are at the crossroads. Scorpio is looking for her own home, which you can see in the card. It’s close now. The other matter at work is very much connected, though. You and a co-worker have formed a duet. She’s really helped you reduce your workload. The two of you are connected. It’s interesting – there is more to this than first appears. Perhaps you’ll find out why a bit later.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Reading your ailrticle, I realized that this blue moon significantly affect me. I have south node at 7 cancer and north node at 7 Cap somthing happened in these days. It is a complicated situation involving my own family siblings and bosses in career. I don’t want to react because of fear I think. Plus mercury retrograde it is not good for new project? It is too much for me. But I have to strong and face though, I know something I can’t control at all. My Tarot for blue moon is nine of cups, the solution for nine of cups is two of pentacles. Therefore I come here for your suggestion.

    1. This card is about your family circle. You can see a semi-circle of cups. This is your family. You can fix things by concentrating on people, one by one. This is the full interpretation. The solution is ‘two of you’ which says the same thing. Don’t just see everybody as the same, or in a group. See them as independent human beings and focus on one-on-one to start with:

      Given that all the cups cards are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (the emotional water signs) it may be that these signs are actually involved. There are many of them, and the cups all look the same. That’s a trap. If you regard people as a faceless mass, and make assumptions that they are backing you, sooner or later one of them may break apart from the group, and when he or she falls, the rest can topple sideways or off. Attention must be paid, to quote Arthur Miller. No matter how self-absorbed and self-congratulatory someone feels about ‘all this’ and ‘my people’ it really is time to get off the chair and pay singular, individual attention to each solid-gold person, behind. Treating people on a case-by-case basis, checking that they feel fulfilled, have all they need, are in a sturdy potion – averts what could be quite disastrous, at least at one end of the group, or the family.

      Let’s look at Pamela’s card from the outside looking in. A smug, rather fat man poses in front of his nine trophies. These are cups, which represent sexuality or emotions. Water signs, as I’ve mentioned.

      Look again at the cup in the right-hand corner which is about to fall off. This man is so wrapped up in his own achievement, he is not paying attention to the individual people who ‘have his back.’

      One of them does not! Like Ten Green Bottles, if one should accidentally fall, it means many of them might. The fabric can be pulled away and other cups, topple over. So much depends on just one person, but this one person is not even on the fat man’s radar!

      This card hints at Aquarius and the Eleventh House, with its emphasis on the group. This card reminds us of the phrase ‘He’s got your back’ or ‘She’s got your back’ or ‘They’ve got your back’ and is very much about being supported. The semi-circle reminds us of football supporters at a Chelsea game in the stands, with the rich Russian owner beaming for the television cameras. Sports teams do turn up with this card because there are so many players, substitutes or supporters and so often, the stands are circular or semi-circular. It’s the same with the theatre; if you think about the cast and crew, the seating and the director or star, you get a sense of this card.

      The key to success for the person at the front, who may be you or another, is to remember that such a wall of solid-gold support does not happen by itself.

      At some point you have to stop basking in the backing, and actually actively pursue each and every face as an individual. Put back into these people what they need. Try to enrich, expand and improve the separate relationships and people. Of course this may be a message for quite another person; not you! The ability to stop basking and start rolling the sleeves up, and pouring time, energy and attention into the individual is enough to turn this picture around. With care, with sensitivity, with time and effort, this impressive wall of support and backing can indeed become hard to topple.
The central character needs to remember that he or she is the first line of defence. The front line. “This far and no further” might be the message. Every group needs a leader, protector and defender. That is really the purpose of this person. Less smugness and more sharp awareness of this huge responsibility will also help turn the picture around. That wobbling cup on the far right-hand side of the picture can be stood upright again, and the whole, returned to completion.

Pamela and Arthur were in The Golden Dawn for long enough to see the membership fractured and divided. Pamela also worked with Dame Ellen Terry, and was familiar with Shakespeare. This card is not unlike Henry V, with its ‘few’ and band of brothers. It is an archetypal experience; how often have we seen Prime Ministers or Presidents get so lost in their own position and magnificence, that they forget about the individual? This is a great lesson for our times, as we go into Jupiter, Saturn and finally Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of group solidarity and the orchestra of community.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and knowledge. I have Venus at 7 degrees Capricorn and Ops at 7 degrees Aries. I also have Hygeia at 8 degrees Sagittarius and Salecia at 8 degrees Capricorn. I work at a university. Will this Blue Moon impact my reputation? I drew the 9 of swords, so is this a caution to take care of myself and not worry? Thanks for your insights.

    1. Thank you, it’s a pleasure. The Nine of Swords is talking about your solutions to the questions or concerns that keep you awake or affect your peace of mind. This makes perfect sense with your chart. You can see the person in the card has her head in her hands. Aries rules the head. Ops is always looking for answers. You are being told to remember it’s all in your head – whatever it happens to be. The techniques you learn and use now to banish imagination or even dreams you don’t find useful, will be with you for life and help you enjoy your life too. You can choose from meditation, hypnosis, mindfulness or C.B.T. if you like. Make a start with Paul McKenna on YouTube and his channel. I daresay this very bright Full Moon also affect your sleep.

      The person with insomnia or even illness is using the first position in Reiki. This Japanese healing discipline asks people to put their hands in one of a sequence of poses. This is the first. This card is a very good example of Pamela Colman Smith’s intuitive grasp of quantum mechanics. There is no single, objective reality. We find reality when we measure it. Every sword is in this person’s head. It is all a memory, construed in a particular way, or a fear of what is to come. Swords are painful, sharp, threatening. So can the imagination be, or the memory, but nothing is real. The whole point of Pamela’s cards, guided by Arthur E. Waite, was to empower people to take control.

      The bed is comfortable, even luxurious. It’s shabby chic. The bed itself (the wooden panel below the mattress) shows past conflict or a complicated relationship. That is what underlies everything. So, this is a case of ‘making one’s bed and lying it it’ and the figures in the decoration are at odds with each other. One has to face the past, to get on with the present and the future. There is no point in ‘sleeping on it’ if there is something troublesome in the past. It never really goes away and here, it is at the foundation of what keeps someone awake at night or gives them nightmares. Thus, this card suggests it might be useful to face what one has ‘laid to rest’ but is still very much there. Counselling can help, or a good friend or family member. Sometimes it helps to just pick up the phone and call The Samaritans.

      Look closely and you will see zodiac signs on the bedspread. Pamela Colman Smith was required to learn astrology as part of her Golden Dawn training. You can see the glyph for the Sun here, but also Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra, Gemini and more. Astrology here is a comfort; that is the suggestion. This is what Americans call a ‘comforter’ and elsewhere it is called a quilt. I find it interesting that the zodiac signs are so blatantly illustrated on what would normally be a piece of patchwork. How is astrology a comfort?

      The greatest comfort of astrology is this: the cycles of time have an end point. Even if you are worried about your past, present or possible future, the challenging cycles of Saturn, for example, can be timed with a clear end date. And it helps to have astrology’s wisdom and ancient knowledge, as a tool to handle life. Just knowing your chart, in the eyes of an astrologer, gives you protection and comfort. Like a good quilt.

      The swords are memories or perhaps imagined attacks, as has been mentioned. There may be psychic attack. It is worth considering that, particularly if you do work in the field of astrology, Tarot and so on.

      Nothing is real; it is all in the person’s mind. That is the key to this card. Turning grey with worry is not something anyone wants to do – this person has grey hair and perhaps stress is responsible as stem cells can be affected by anxiety . The solution is Reiki, which uses the palms-on-face pose you see here, as the First Position – that is an amazing synchronicity, unless Pamela drew it deliberately.

      We might also talk about spiritual healing, hypnosis (Paul McKenna has generously given his talents free on YouTube) or an appointment with the doctor (of course) or a relaxation technique to make sleep better. There are more options, of course, and everyone has her or his road to a good night’s rest. Without the floating imaginary swords this person would actually enjoy a good night’s sleep in what appears to be quite a cosy sanctuary. It is so important to understand that Pamela’s cards worked as a stage set, to be directed by you, the reader. Remove the floating, imaginary weapons, bring a candle into the room, a cup of herbal tea, perhaps a friendly cat or dog – and this is the very picture of domestic harmony and a good night’s sleep.

  14. Hi, Jessica,

    Thank you for the great article- I love your writing. I’m wondering how this Blue Moon might impact my Libra rising chart as it relates to work and boundaries. I also pulled the Emperor card after reading about the nodal axis moving into my natal nodes of Libra/Aries. Warmly, Missi

    1. Not so much your Libra Rising/Ascendant here, Missi, as other chart factors.
      This is a boss, senior official, corporate male or perhaps your father or husband. It may be you, if you have risen to the top of your profession and are senior (this is a grey or white-haired man). Capricorn and Aries are both shown here. Two masculine signs to be reckoned with. Capricorn the mountain goat climbs to the top and is a social mountaineer but also King of the Mountain (usually a skyscraper).

      Aries the ram decorates the throne. The red colour suggests Mars, the aggressive ruler of Aries. The mountains are pure Capricorn the mountain goat as we’ve seen, but Aries the ram butts heads and canb e a battering ram on the way to the top. This card is really telling you to look deeply into the soul, heart and mind of this man to figure him out and strike a deal. He is obviously receptive even though he is intimidating. And if this is you? Ask yourself if you want to stay at the top and why. And how you intend to do that.

      Some people think The Emperor is holding what might be a Christmas bauble in his hand which also suggests Christmas, thus the Sun in Capricorn.

      Other readers over the years have seen his golden helmet as a propeller head. Is this the C.E.O. or Manager in a high-tech company? Are we talking Steve Jobs here, or Bill Gates? The Emperor is on that level. A propeller-head is an old nickname for a geek, of course. Perhaps it takes that level of detachment and obsession to get to the top of a particular business, corporation or institution. If you’re the Dean of a university, you don’t get there by having picnics and going surfing.

      Intimidating, powerful, influential and forbidding, The Emperor is an older man who is quite alone. He’s made it to the top, but what can you do for him? What can he do for you? He seems uncomfortable in his position, so ready to give it or share it. Perhaps. If you strike the right chord or make the right approach. This card can turn up when you are seeking a promotion, or an extension on your exams. It can turn up when you have to talk to your father about a loan, or your girlfriend’s father about her hand in marriage. There is a suggestion of the job interview about this card.

In old China The Emperor was the supreme ruler and was surrounded by all kinds of walls, gates, doors and locks. All kinds of protection. There is something so foreboding about men represented by this card. They are inaccessible. And yet, here we have the old man at the top, who seems available to you, primarily because nobody else is there. The question is, do you have what it takes to get up to him – onto his level – to begin the conversation?

      This card is about classic male power, in that it can feel quite isolating to the man who has it, and in turn he can be very hard to reach – as inaccessible as the old Chinese emperors or only partly accessible, like an American CEO – to those in middle management.

      Whenever we talk about Capricorn types we are looking at some kind of system, structure, traditional pyramid-tiered hierarchy or towering organisation. It frequently occurs when the headquarters is multi-storey, because The Emperor makes it to the top and can often literally be found in the penthouse office.

      There is a great deal to be gained here by reading this man’s mind, as has been suggested. Put yourself in his shoes. Does absolute power, corrupt absolutely? Is it a long way to the top, as AC/DC thought? Is it lonely at the top?

      Of course this may be you! If so, you need to ask yourself what success means to you, what is has delivered and what it has denied you. What might success be like after this and what would it take to bring it to your door? Maybe you need another new mountain to climb or you’d rather like to retire or resign from this one, or delegate – or restructure, perhaps, so that authority is not so isolating.

The Mars/Aries and Saturn/Capricorn combination clearly seen in the symbolism of the mountain, but also the rams’ heads, and the blazing scarlet robes, suggests someone tough, determined, stoic, rather aggressive, fearless and persistent. This is a man to be reckoned with, but the reality of these kinds of structures or organisations is that there is always some young blood, pushing his or her way up from the ground floor, past middle management and on to the upper corridors of power. Perhaps this is what is so lonely about being The Emperor. You know that the system you have served for so long, and supported, and ascended – is the same system which encourages your replacement.

      This is an older man. A man nearing retirement, perhaps, or even with one foot in the grave, as the saying goes (and the television series). How does that feel and why does it affect you so much, too? You could have picked any of the 78 cards at all but something about you, your personality and your current situation has leaned towards this man. If The Emperor does happen to be you, then you have a great deal of deep thinking to do about next steps.

Here we have the very picture of a patriarch like Rupert Murdoch and his media and entertainment dynasty, or Prince Phillip. The mountain here has been built up over time. It is strong and sturdy, virtually concrete and as firm as Stonehenge. Even in stormy weather the mountain remains basically the same. It takes a great deal to want to be at the pinnacle. Understanding the psychology of power and ambition is part and parcel of understanding The Emperor.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for a great article. I would like to know how will this full moon impact me and my family. What should I expect in next 6 months to an year. My husband is now unemployed for over an year, I’m hoping this full moon would bring the good news we have been waiting for since last year. He’s so well qualified but unable to work. I would also like to know if I will find any resolution to my knee arthritis pain, I don’t want to get knee replacements done. I’m looking for doctors who can treat me without replacement. I miss going on long walks. Hope you can give me some good news.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Thank you. The Full Moon/Blue Moon is something that has to be read with the astrological chart and I don’t see one here, or for your husband. I am sorry about your knee pain Priya. Something to try, absolutely free, is the Paul McKenna hypnosis channel on YouTube. He is the most successful non-fiction author in the UK and his client list is usually among the rich and famous. Here he is giving audio sessions which are here to help you regain control of your health. So until you get the right treatment for your knee, do try regular hypnosis. McKenna is recommended by a lot of readers.

  16. Great article Jessica which seems very relevant to me personally. I’m a sun Pusces 8°, with MC 7° Leo, IC 7° Acquarius 7°, N Node Aries 7°, S Node Libra 7°. I pulled the Magician card. Your observations would be much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You are here to mentor, guide, tutor, teach or instruct with your MC in Leo. The Midheaven is actually what the Magician is pointing to. It also happens to be your highest achievement. You can do this as a parent or godparent. You can do this as an aunt. You can also do it with trainees in your field or one or two younger generations. This is a green light for you. The situation may be professional or personal but you are being told to do what comes naturally.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your article on this particular blue moon. My ex-husband, sadly died between these 2 full moons, on 15th August this year. He left behind our 12 year old daughter that he and I had shared custody of. His sudden death has been a shock to us all, but our daughter (who is very spiritual- Gemini) has been the epitome of grace in handling this loss.
    My concern is that my daughter’s inheritance might be denied to her, her dad never told her whether he had a Will, he never re-married, and he has no other children. His brother is very devious and has taken possession of his mobile phone which had all his emails and important financial information. Her dad had always said that everything he earned was for her, but it worries me about what his family might do, especially as his brother was talking about taking his things when it hadn’t even been a week since he’d passed away and in the presence of my daughter.
    Is there anything in my chart relating to this as I am now her sole guardian? Just as an aside, on the week of his death, so many of the factors in my chart were highlighted, not sure what it meant thought.
    Her dad was a Leo.

    Thanks for all you do.


    1. I have replied to you elsewhere. The brother sounds ghastly and yet you are also in the best possible cycle to gain the inheritance for his daughter. Proceed. It will all be a great deal easier once you are past October 7th 2023.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    If you have the time could you please comment? I have Panacea 7 Aquarius opp Vesta 7 Leo. Would Neptune 6 Scorpio also be significant here. When I asked the tarot how the blue moon would affect me I pulled the Nine of Pentacles.
    Hubby and I are trying to finish our home improvements in case we have to sell up as his health is not good so I wondered if that was o good omen for us.
    Thanks either way I love your work.

    1. The Nine of Pentacles is you, as you are a woman – the Blue Moon touched Neptune at 6 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and property. In fact the Blue Moon in Pisces was perfectly trine natal Neptune, with just one degree’s difference:

      This woman is abundant, with a rich vineyard, coins at her fingertips and a lush property in the background. Who or what is the falcon on her hand? This may have personal meaning for you. It can be interpreted as an eagle, the bird of Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is associated with opportunities, growth, optimism, expansion, generosity, blessings and largesse. There may be aspects to natal Jupiter when this card appears or transiting Jupiter may be making aspects, too. You might look to the Second House ruled by Taurus or the Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio.

      As I’ve mentioned, pace and timing really matter in this situation. Just look again at the slow-moving snail Pamela has popped into the foreground as well. This can be a slow market, or slow-growth investment. The snail tells us so much. It may represent a person or organisation you know. Patience is associated with the snail. Is there sloth or laziness there or just ‘slow and steady wins the race’? There may be snail mail here, or a snail’s pace. The point is, the lucky lady cannot see the snail or is ignoring it, yet God is in the details. This matters.

      Everything in this woman’s garden is lovely, but until she stops her reverie and comes back down to earth, nothing will grow. This is a symbol of the urgent need for investment, re-investment and thoughtful expansion and management.

      Without immediate care and attention, the grapes are going to wither on the vine. What a waste of a vintage year that could be. Grapes refer to Bacchus, the asteroid, in the astrology chart, too. Bacchus is a symbol of pure pleasure.

      Here we have a falcon as well, in his hood, which as mentioned, can be interpreted as the eagle of Jupiter, as this is the bird which sees the big picture. There is a suggestion here that the lucky woman needs to rise above her current good fortune to also see the bigger picture. To expand and explore beyond her own immediate domestic or business bliss. If she were to see her garden from a higher perspective, she might gain a different view of its potential. As the astrologer Patric Walker used to write, “Let distance lend enchantment to the view.” There may be a person or organisation who plays the eagle or falcon, here. A messenger, observer or middle person. An agent or go-between. Perhaps technology is symbolised by the falcon, which could provide the broad scope of research and enquiry required to sweep the worldwide web for possibilities. Yet, much depends on the lady.

      This card turns up when someone enquires about the financial potential of a project and is told ‘This is going to make a large amount of money.’ The grapes suggest Bacchus as a horoscope symbol and also Jupiter through the possible eagle in hand – and Bacchus was the son of Jupiter.

      This card also reminds us that you have to grow grapes to make wine, but you also have to sell wine to make money – then keep replanting the grapes. This card lends itself to active imagination. Perhaps a gardener or two could be brought in. The snail clearly needs a safe sanctuary among the leaves so there is no risk of being trodden on or swept up. Sometimes, over the years, I have seen chocolate in this card. I did in fact turn it up in a reading for a woman who had made her fortune from the chocolate industry.

      You can imagine a financial advisor could also be brought into the card, but there is also a great deal of monetary value placed on freedom, escapism, relaxation, bliss – nothing to do with bean-counting – by this woman. She clearly finds escaping from the number-crunching to be far more important than the calculator and profit margin.
There is also deep joy in her surroundings here, so this is literally ‘everything in the garden is lovely’. It may be a symbol for rainforests or wilderness, preserved from logging and deforestation, and that is quite priceless. Snails are obviously a delicacy in French restaurants, but it really depends on how you interpret the card; the meaning is much more likely to be slowness/delay/timing as an overlooked but important detail of the greater whole. A snail is part of a wider ecosystem and its presence shows the larger health (and thus great value) of a thriving property or farm.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the article. I have 7 degrees Leo in Mars and 7 degrees Taurus in Apollo.

    Lately, in regards to my career i have been struggling a little bit mentally trying to figure out what my next is and what i am supposed to be doing.

    I am also starting therapy sessions to help me figure out what exactly i want.

    What does the Full Moon have in store for me?


    1. The Full Moon/Blue Moon has now passed, but by now you should have seen a focus on the money, business income, any debt, charity, the house, banks, apartment and so on. Perhaps NFT’s or cryptocurrency. “There is no perfect” is the right answer but you have made a start. It’s a bit like tapestry. I just heard the word ‘tapestry’ for you, clairaudiently. Therapy sessions are not unusual when you have both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces transiting your Twelfth House; I hope they go well.

  20. I wanted to share something quite interesting that happened. Last night, I read a piece and promised myself to delve into my birth chart. Interestingly, just as I was contemplating this, I received a surprising call from my parents. They let me in on a secret: my 84-year-old dad is scheduled for a hip replacement on October 30th, 2023. The suddenness of this news took me by surprise; it felt like a “secret squirrel” situation!

    With this unexpected development on my mind, I turned to my birth charts to find some solace. What caught my attention were the alignments: there’s a notable presence of 6 Neptune in Sagittarius and 6 Cupido in Sagittarius. Given that my dad is a Sagittarius too, it struck me as quite remarkable, if not 7 degrees.

    I then decided to draw a Tarot card, and asked the question you left in the blog, and the Ten of Pentacles graced me. This card has always held a positive and appealing essence for me. In an intriguing turn of events, while revisiting its meaning, I stumbled upon a detail I had never noticed before. The card’s interpretation you have written says it can encompass the passing of a grandfather while his widow continues to remain a part of the narrative. This realisation served as a poignant reminder that we often interpret cards through the lens of our inclinations. Despite my numerous readings of this card over the years, this aspect had eluded my notice until now. I always seen the older father is present in the card in the town square, or courtyard etc.

    Considering the cosmic timing, the influence of the Blue Moon on these connections, particularly within the context of Sagittarius, adds another layer of intrigue. Here is me thinking it was going to be more Libra/ Aries nodes BS with my Aries ex, which is always exhausting. Waiting for that to eventually disappear when my child is an adult and there is zippo reason to engage. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom in these strange times that we live in. It’s a safe place to come and reflect and ponder and breathe. xxx

  21. Hi Jessica, you must have so many comments so I have posted this again. Having ceres at 7 Gemini and salacia at 7 aquarius as a sun pisces, I’m not sure how this marries up with my full moon experience today. Any thoughts would be welcomed.So ethical g about nurturing others through communication. Had an important online discussion today about someone’s care…

    1. Today I do in fact have 19,071 speech balloons showing at the top of the page, but your question has appeared on page one. The Blue Moon has now passed. You would have been shown a choice with pros and cons in an almost equal list. Maybe even two choices. There is never perfection with a Full Moon, but deciding later is useful. Deciding at the time can be too hard. So you were right to leave it.

  22. As I look at my phone the time is 6:09 and my battery is on 96 – this is the synchronicity of – Cancer the symbol which reminds me of the moon! And my opposite sign, this blue moon is in pieces and my moon at birth was in pieces. My parents are both pieces and our old home adress was 69! Sorry I’m ranting and rambling but having an epiphany moment! I remember you mentioned I will have Saturn in the 12th house this year and I have been experiencing panic attacks and anxiety like no other! I thought I was having a heart attack. This full moon has seen my entire lifestyle change- gym-clean eating/ health fixation! Not sure about the Brothers/ siblings episode I have going on, but any insight in my birth chart for this full blue moon Jessica? Much appreciated

    1. The Blue Moon has now passed and as you can see, readers are all dealing with different crossroads. I am sorry you have anxiety and panic attacks. I may have said this to you before, but readers end these, using the books of Dr. Claire Weekes, who has testimonials on Amazon, GoodReads and elsewhere. Her methods work and are worth trying; your local library may have a copy of Self-Help For Your Nerves. You have Virgo-Pisces oppositions in your chart which do in fact see triggers in 2023, 2024. These will lead you to solutions which will work for the rest of your life. You would benefit from hypnosis too. Try Paul McKenna on YouTube whose work is free. Again, the testimonials will tell you how successful hypnosis is for anxiety.

  23. Jessica,
    I am a new as Premium Member although not new to your site. I know the Blue Moon has passed but I am hoping beyond hope you will reply for it all started here, on your site. In mid-July I met a man under ordinary business circumstances. I traveled a short distance to see him, he is a Foreigner. While our initial meeting was not extraordinary, we had many phone conversations afterwards to finalize the deal. As we talked, something other worldly seeped into our conversations. On August 1, the date of our last call, I finally realized I was falling for this man. The rest of August I walked around in a dream state until I read your 2023 Virgo horoscope where everything I had experienced was explained. But since August 1 there has been no contact…I was hoping with the 2nd full moon the situation would come full circle, whatever that might be, but there is no word. I have reason to believe he is a Taurus…will I ever hear from him again?

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. The Blue Moon has passed and it would not have delivered a relationship anyway. You have a crush on someone who is unavailable, as he lives a distance from you and is also not interested (or he would be on the phone). What you have here is a classic Neptune Seventh House fantasy, which is very nice, but no more than that. The great thing about these romantic daydreams is that you generate endorphins which makes you feel fantastic, but you don’t have the actual hassle of a relationship! Will it change? It may do. I don’t have his chart so I can’t tell you. The Tarot can be useful on such occasions so follow the steps.

  24. Love that you pointed out the full moon can be a bit tense, knowing that makes it easier to deal with each time. How apt, the full moon triggers the aspects you have been helping me with under the ‘Read your Astrology chart in 5 minutes’ article recently. Pluto at 7 Libra, Ceres at 7 Gemini, MC at 7 Aquarius, IC at 7 Leo, Psyche at 7 Gemini, Fortuna at 8 Cancer and Aesculapia at 8 Leo. I drew the Two of cups, hopefully that’s a positive sign for my work 7th house relationship?

    1. Thank you. The Two of Cups is actually talking to you about the transiting South Node in Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships. Life as it was 18-19 years ago is coming back, karmically, as you are owed – or you owe. The situation in 2023, 2024 with the other person in your principal duet in life, is about closure regarding that time and a rather repetitive situation with him or her will make it necessary to change on the inside, while the karma completes. The South Node will ultimately go to 7 Libra and form a conjunction, while also aspecting your entire pattern around 7-8 degrees, so just before you sign off from the cycle in early 2025, you will realise a circle has closed, spiritually. The Blue Moon is now well and truly over and your card was not about that; it was leapfrogging to the South Node.

  25. Hi Jessica, Although I don’t have anything at 7 degrees, my stelliums are Leo (6), Capricon (5), Aquarius (5), Virgo (4) and Gemini (4) as a Cancer sun. I feel that work life balance is constantly under strain, and not sure how finances are going to play out over the next year for me. The Mercury retrograde feels like it’s also not going to bring much positive influence. Any guidance would be super helpful!

    1. From January 2024 you will see a change in the balance of power with your money, house, apartment, business, cryptocurrency and so on. By February it will be signed, and around February 9th you will realise this a completely fresh start for you. Perhaps you already have these dates in your calendar. Please get everything in writing and have a professional advise you. With care and willpower you will become financially powerful over a 20 year period but you need to start right.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Off Topic, or maybe not ?
    Just read in the news that Mohammed Al Fayed, passed away on the 30 August . Wasn’t it the anniversary of Diana and Dodi’ deaths on the 31 August?
    You mention Diana above , I just wondered about the synchronicity of his passing and the date? He always claimed they were murdered.
    Do you have any insight into these dates and is there something in the Astrology?

    Many thanks

    1. On topic, actually, as I predicted that Princess Diana’s chart would show emotional times for the children and grandchildren and now we know that Mr. Al Fayed has sadly passed. He did in fact leave us on the anniversary of the tragic and unlawful killing of Diana and with her, Dodi. Diana was killed on an eclipse and also Mercury Retrograde, so some facts will never be known. However, this is unfinished business, no matter how some would like to forget it and it will be back again. When Charles III dies the legality or otherwise of his marriage to Camilla and thus their status as King and Queen (or not) will be out in the open. PM Tony Blair signed off on that.

  27. I am really feeling this Blue moon , and the issues relating to Pisces and Taurus ,I have the strong urge to be a hermit for the next month ,I hope this will pass ,whilst I have been budgeting I have had 2 major household appliances issues that have need replacing and feet issues which involve ,medical bills and expensive orthopedic shoes ,some of my friends are going through hardships ,and whilst I am there for them ,one has been acting out , I have been compassionate but I have decided to just step away for a little while and keep my boundaries up ,but have hope it will pass

    1. Pisces does in fact rule the Twelfth House of solitude, religion, therapy, spirituality, mediumship, meditation, hypnosis and inner pursuits. You have a Pisces stellium and are well and truly triggered, as you also have Neptune in Pisces – and Saturn in Pisces too. I am sure you know this sign rules the feet. You want to be a hermit now and that’s a good idea.

  28. ĵessica, I saw the blue moon it was very bright and lit. but I felt despondent. do you know why? card I drew was the sun? what does this mean? m

    1. The Blue Moon was an opposition from the Sun to the Moon and you drew the Sun from the Tarot. It’s about pregnancy, children, teenagers and Millennials. That is your answer.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I previously asked about buying my first home during Mercury retrograde and you reassured me. I have stelliums in Cancer and Taurus, and I pulled the 4 pentacles this morning which I took as a good omen. I bought when there were lots of astrological connections including Juno and the MC at 8 Leo in my second house, and Jupiter in Taurus was conjunct my Mars and sextile my Juno. There were hiccups – another bidder dragged the auction out by talking slowly to someone on the phone and I was offered a settlement date which was a public holiday – but overall it’s been great. Perhaps something to do with coming soon after a blue (super) moon! Thanks again. Have a good evening.

    1. I’m glad the prediction worked out and you now have a new home. The slow phone call was typical Mercury Retrograde but you now have a settlement date on offer.

    1. I’m sorry but there are 19,083 comments in the queue this morning and the screens from 30th August are now rather a long way down the list. I don’t know what your question is, but I will look at your charts – public and private. You are a Sun Capricorn with Capricorn and Gemini stelliums. You have karma with your career, unpaid work or academic career in 2023, 2024 and it relates to what happened 18-19 years ago, no matter if you owed, or are owed. There will be slow closure about this. The reshuffles, power shifts and changes in the controls in your job, unpaid role or university will alter the landscape for the last time in December 2023, January 2024. As always, willpower empowers you. The most exciting options emerge in May 2024 and are there for around 12 months into 2025, with the internet, the media, education, academia and/or publishing. This does rather look like the outcome of all the changes in December, January and you will be given a stunning opportunity to use your way with words, ideas and images to succeed with very special projects, plans or courses then.

  30. Dear Jessica I am hoping you will see my comment and reply to help me understand what’s ahead.
    I have 07 degrees in my Sun Sign Leo and also in Mars.
    My daughter also a Leo is due to deliver next week and I am planning to spend time with her. She is a twin and is also expecting twins… our first grand children and a new generation. I had a difficult time bringing up my daughters as I was struggling with family and career issues. I do hope she will have an easier time.
    It’s a very new world … how does it look to you . Any advice would be extremely helpful.

    1. Congratulations to you and your daughter. You have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House and were born to be Queen to a younger court. This includes her and the new grandchildren. The thing about a Leo stellium is, you have to do one thing (lead) and do it really well. Good Queen Bess did not juggle a family outside her job as leader of a younger nation. She had too many wars on. Queen Elizabeth II tried to juggle family and role and unfortunately it landed her with Andrew, Charles and Camilla (and Harry). So there’s a case for strongly Leo women to be Queen to a younger court, and make that the focus rather than having to put time and energy into other things. If you are lucky enough to have that time and energy, you can be The Queen Mother here and thoroughly enjoy it, and also educate future generations. Leo education is broad; it can be as general as sharing skills and talents you enjoy (music, riding) or teaching children to read. Teaching them a second language. The important thing is that you recognise the Leo in you. Diana in Leo will temporarily raise issues about loss of freedom, personal space, independence, individuality – but these don’t last. 2024 is really the big year, as from May 2024 Jupiter goes to Gemini and will sextile all your Leo placements. Slay, Queen – as they say.

  31. Thank you for this post, this blue moon has been exceptionally intense in the days following. My boyfriend and I are both Piscean and have found we have both been extremely triggered in an otherwise very stable relationship.

    At the same time my workplace is very chaotic preparing for significant change and job losses.

    Any insights on weathering the storms will be appreciated, thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am hearing from a few Sun Pisces people about big questions for the marriage or partnership in their lives. You have a Libra stellium in your Seventh House of duets. In both your Pisces chart and personal chart, then, the Seventh House of balance and harmony between both ends of the scales, is being tilted. Life as it was 18-19 years ago has something to show you about your boyfriend now and in 2024. You are owed karmically from that time, or you owe. The South Node is coming back to the same cycle and there has to be closure which is why your otherwise stable relationship is being triggered. You can and will sort this out, as any strongly Libran person must, but give yourself time and space as this is a long cycle. It’s also going to be about money, quite clearly, and again this is 2023, 2024. This is for him as well as you; it’s financial in nature. As I don’t have his chart, I suggest you use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle to follow the steps and find a way through. The discussion will go back and forth, with stop-start, until 30th September 2023 so also allow for that. Basically try to take the pressure off by giving both of you as much time and space as possible for this to sort itself out for you.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Love this article.

    I have Jupiter at 8D in Aquarius I’m self-employed in property and would love to know if this means anything with my career/ financially.

    Much appreciated.

    1. You are a Sun Virgo woman with a Scorpio stellium which is common in the property business, as Virgo feels comfortable with regular hard work and Scorpio is about joint finance, houses and apartments. The Blue Moon has now been and gone and did, in fact, pick up your chart so you have now seen the pros and cons of a decision with lasting consequences. Further ahead, transits in Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer will always be useful for both career and finance and this begins in earnest in November 2023, feeding into December 2023, extending to January 2024, as you hit the Scorpio season then Capricorn season. Any stuck or stop-start situations now are down to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and end in weeks.

  33. I just wanted to say thank you so much Jessica for the very thoughtful and considerate reply to my question. I really appreciate your insights and suggestions. Take care

  34. Interesting perspective! I have Pluto at 7 degrees Virgo natal and had a job interview for a senior academic position at a medical school that day. I drew the Sun Tarot so maybe the interview will yield something terrific!

  35. Hi Jessica
    This blue moon kicked my behind out of nowhere- I experienced major issues at work, I was ready to resign the day of, got news from my mom that she needs a major eye surgery soon and I volunteered to help.

    Over the weekend, I updated my resume and have started to apply for new jobs. I am also seriously considering going independent.
    I can use some guidance- will I get a new job soon or should I consider going independent consultant.

    As always thank you so much!

    P.S. leo rising, Taurus Sun, sag moon with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius Stellium

    1. I am so sorry about your mother’s eye surgery and the work issues. Work is Virgo and/or Capricorn. I can see your birth chart here as all Premium Members have it on screen when I reply to a question. You start a completely new era in your career in January 2024. That doesn’t mean you won’t switch jobs before then; what it shows is a shift in the politics in your work place, where power walks in the room. From that point, as Pluto goes through Aquarius, you must choose the path of willpower if you want empowerment. This may in fact involve being a consultant. Whenever you get Pluto in your Tenth House (this is your solar chart) but also transits to your natal Tenth House too (birth chart) there is always a big question about who or what is in control of your success. Quite powerful people and organisations come along and challenge you on issues like your own power. You also have to learn how to share your power and not power-trip other people. This is a really long transit and it does suggest a new role for you from January or February 2024, either where you are, or in the wider world. Your question about working for the man, versus working for yourself, is one for you – it’s personal – do use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle here to help you consider.

  36. Hi Jessica. I am feeling so sad and so are my boys. Our beautiful 9-year old Goldie passed on suddenly at 4.15am on 6 Sept. I am travelling and did not get a chance to say my goodbyes. She’s healthy and hence we are all taking this so hard. Two weeks before I left for my travels, I took her to the vet and nothing was identified to be wrong. She had her usual heart med prescribed for heart worm. My son returned from Denmark to be with her 10 days ago while I am away. We are so shaken by this sudden loss. She was born on 17/1. Could I have anticipated this? Thank you and while this is probably not the right forum, I just had to let my heart out to you.

    1. I am sorry your dog passed while you were away. Sometimes animals choose their time to go, based on the fact you will not be there; they know it will be too upsetting for you to go through euthanasia, for example, or a sudden illness. So Goldie has gone to spirit and chosen her timing, but you are still left with the loss, for which I am very sorry. Animals are family. Family is ruled by Cancer and the Fourth House in your chart and right now, you are having a Diana transit of Cancer and the Fourth House. Diana is the goddess who runs with her dog – actually dogs plural. She is always seen with a greyhound. You can look at any painting online (search for goddess Diana) and you will see her. The Romans would say Diana has come to take Goldie into her care and protection. Could you have anticipated it? No. Something I was told a long time ago that may help; dogs have a code with each other that one passing, makes a space for a shelter dog to find a home. They pass the baton for each other.

  37. Dear Jessica. Thank you for the heart warming response. I believe Goldie is happy and looking on us, waiting till we reunite one day. When we are ready, we will welcome a shelter dog.

  38. Dear NS,
    So sorry for your loss. I don’t normally intrude on others comments but this really touched me and I’ve thought about it all day.
    This happened to me also – our Golden (my boy) passed earlier than expected from Lymphoma. He chose his moment well: a bank hol weekend – so no visits to the vet; no home visits as just after Lockdown (UK); two days of his fave walks, ones that he’d been unable to achieve for a while which left us surprised, and pathetically hopeful; I left the room for 10 mins after spending the night with him and he took his last breath surrounded by his feline brothers and my husband, at home. This was significant as I was ‘his human’.
    He showed us he was still around on many occasions, from dreams, toys mysteriously being found by neightbours, his name popping up on screen when typing – and many more. I could write a book. This is not about my darling boy, but you and your grief and your family. I only mention these events to give hope.

    Jessica, I love the code – he was our ‘resucue’ dog, but I think all dogs are ‘rescue’ dogs.

    Four months on we took home a new puppy who brought joy and healing to us, and to so many people we meet on walkies. It was summer 2021 and so many people either stopped their cars to admire him, or smiled at us, came to chat, neighbours coming to the house etc. He represented new life, and hope, in a dark time. He still does to us.

    Dear NS, if you are meant to derive any comfort from this then you’ll get to read it, otherwise, I did just remembering and writing this.

    Take care.

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