Diana in Your Astrology Chart in 2023

Diana 1 300x219 - Diana in Your Astrology Chart in 2023Diana is the goddess of the hunt. She is an asteroid in your astrology chart who roams free through all the zodiac signs, bringing a push for independence.

Commonly seen with her dog and her nymphs, Diana usually shows up as a single woman with girlfriends and maybe a passive male partner.

Diana had a lover named Endymion who was always asleep when they made love. You will often find a Diana cycle brings back a woman (or introduces one) who is an alpha female who very much keeps her husband or boyfriend on the side. She may also be bisexual.

In fact, Diana’s brother Apollo was bisexual and the frequency with which she is painted naked, with equally naked female companions, is a bit of a clue.

You tend to notice Diana more when she is aspected by the Sun, which picks her out like a spotlight.

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83 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your post.
    I have Diana in Leo at 2 degree in my birth chart, and it seems like Diana also transits to Leo this October. I’m curious to see how things would be for me this upcoming months 🙂

    1. Diana Return! I’ve not mentioned this, but you are one of those people who have a Diana Return coming, just the way you also have a Jupiter Return or Saturn Return. Diana is a symbol of new space, freedom and choice. You will enjoy a great deal more choice with courtship; the bedroom; any children; the world of children or teenagers. If you have been in a restrictive or confined situation that will end, in relation to the above. So, for example, if you were stuck in a town where there was nobody to go to bed with, Diana will land in your Fifth House and show you new faces in new spaces or places.

  2. Hello from California, Jessica. I so enjoy your posts and your blog, in particular. My twin sister is coming tomorrow from her home on the East Coast. I moved in with my 101 year old father (5/18/1922) in October 2020, after his wife died. My twin is planning to move in with us to help care-take my father, who is physically well but mentally going downhill. So I assume she is to be my new “flat mate” per this blog. Do you see much change for us in the next 6 months?

    And thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with all of us readers.

    1. Thank you so much. I miss California but will come back one day. Did you know Diana had a brother called Apollo? The siblings learned to give each other space. This is your sister, not a brother, but the issues are the same. Over the next six months one or both of you will have to figure out how to look after your father, and be with each other, but also maintain your independence and space. You are strongly Cancerian and feel huge obligation to the family but you and your twin must also find out how to rearrange things with Diana passing over your Cancer factors.

    1. It really depends on your being single or married. If you are single you will be more interested in relationships which allow you to keep your independence and child-free life, enjoying the space. You may be offered a relationship with a single-parent family for example but not want the obligation. If married and particularly with children, you will need to figure out a new way to be with your partner/the family that allows you to go off by yourself and be your own person – if only for now.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this lovely article about Diana. She is one of my favourite Asteroids. Although I only have 1 Pisces factor, I feel a very strong connection to Diana. I can’t say I have lived my life like her, I have many ‘tethers’, but the stories about her and her unshakeable self-belief are quite aspirational for me.
    I will be curious to see how things play out as she makes her way through Cancer 🙂 Interesting times indeed.
    I did a quick reading from my Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, asking “how will Diana’s influence play out for me over the coming months” and I pulled Seven of Pentacles. I’m not sure what to make of that – but I definitely am putting my shoulder to wheel at the moment.
    Thanks again Jessica,
    DinP xx

    1. DinP, Diana aspects your Taurus (personal income) and Scorpio (banking) factors as she passes through. The person in the card is you. Her aspects from the sign of Leo in particular will emphasise your bank account.

      This is a Taurus and Second House card, because of the waiting game. Taurus the bull moves slowly – his field is in the background. It’s about what you plant, what you nurture and cultivate, that turns into financial reward. The potential here is vast but it’s really about being clever, aware and careful. Thinking long-term. This card is a challenge to anyone who is financially or business-minded but it also raises questions about ‘Now or later?’ as a little can be accessed immediately, or perhaps the whole lot – but at what cost to the glittering hypothetical wealth of ‘later’?

      This is about money growing on trees – if you do the work. Nothing in Pamela Colman Smith’s work is accidental or randomly placed. The gardening tools are just that: tools in a kit, for productive hard work. You reap what you sow. You rake in profits, with a rake. You dig for victory (Pamela’s cards carried many Tarot readers through the last war) and you dig for buried treasure, too. 

So, this is not easy money, but it is certainly money. Yet there is also a detail at the base of the card worth paying attention to. The coin or pentacle, not seen. There is something valuable right at this person’s feet, but he is so dazed from hard work, or daydreaming so much about future wealth, he is missing the point. He cannot see the wood, for the trees.

      There is Neptune in this card too, perhaps, as Neptune rules blindness and distorted vision. Eclipses also rule blind spots or things hidden in plain sight. The person here cannot see the money at his feet and so he is missing the point and missing profits. He is too busy daydreaming about what might grow for him as we’ve seen, or perhaps he has perspiration in his eyes, after a sweaty day of dedicated gardening. There is a useful message in this card to look twice, three times and look again – until you or someone else realises what potential abundance or value is being missed.

      Should this character just take the lot? Take the money and run? Common sense says, if the conditions are right (the climate) it is far better to put some work in here, reap the rewards and reinvest.

      It is harvest time, and time to put back into the company, for example – not time to grab and go, or even less productively, fantasise. Doing, not dreaming, is really required here. Cultivating assets is tiring, and farmers do it tough, but you cannot lean on your spade forever and escape from the real world. Sooner or later, if you want to protect your assets or do a lot, with a little, you have to get back to hard work. This raises another question about the value of financial reward versus the cost of effort and labour. What is the point of making money if you spend all your time making it, and none enjoying it?

      This is a card which reminds us that money does not grow on trees, but it does grow over a long period of time. So much depends on that alchemy between the right economic or business climate; the right professional setting – and the effort applied.
      This card can appear when someone has worked hard and is waiting for the projects or tasks to pay off. It is very important that the coin underfoot is recognised and put to good use, as I’ve mentioned.

      I have seen this turn up when people have forgotten, or do not realise, that a bestselling book could be repurposed as an audiobook and made to make more money. It has also turned up, oddly enough, when a client has been asking about how to lose weight. As only vegetables, nuts and fruit grow on bushes, the answer was to lose meat, fish and dairy! (The jury was out on sugar, which is also a plant).

You can personalise this card to suit yourself, just as much as Pamela Colman Smith’s other cards, lend themselves to highly individual interpretation. Analogies involving farmers (‘Selling the farm’) and gardening (‘I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden’) and fruit (‘The fruits of labour’) are all useful with this Tarot illustration. You can also add people, props and other elements to this stage set using the technique of active imagination.

  4. Hi Jessica
    I do have a few of those degrees being touched. Would you be so kind as to take a look and advise. I am married and currently not working. Taking care of a new puppy and holding down the home front while my husband works. I have been irritated lately and not sure why…..husband Leo 22/08/73 12:33pm same birthplace as me. Thank you…

    1. Unemployment, dog care and housework, as well as irritability, are all ruled by Virgo. Did you know? You have a large stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of daily routine. This is currently being triggered. Virgo can be so habitual you don’t even know what you are doing. Step back from the house or apartment and look at the chores and tiny tasks. Rethink how you have set things up. Sometimes space clearing can help. Virgo is about the small details that add up to big irritations. You have focussed on your husband but actually that’s not the primary concern. It’s really the housework and the dog. Dogs are really tough! Nobody tells us that. There is a strongly Virgo part of you that needs your pup to be perfectly well behaved and that’s not going to happen without professional expertise. Something as basic as The Dogfather’s advice on Dogs Behaving Badly (YouTube) can make a difference. I am sure you know the biggest answer of all, though, and that is the fact that you need a gig, paid or unpaid, outside the home. Something important.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I left a comment on the blue moon article, but in light of what I’m asking, it may be more fitting here as I have more factors triggered by this astrological configuration.
    I commented about my ex-husband (Leo) passing away suddenly on 15th August this year and leaving behind our 12 year old daughter (Gemini) that we both had shared custody of.
    My worry related to our daughter being denied her inheritance as his only sibling is devious and greedy, has possession of his phone on which he kept all documents, and me being uncertain as to whether there is a Will.
    Brief summary is that my daughter’s dad never legally re-married and has been separated from his ex for over 1 year, he has no other children and is survived by both his parents and sibling.
    Can you see whether I’ll have a battle on my hands to secure my daughter’s inheritance (her dad always said that everything he worked for was hers)? Sorry to jam up your already full inbox by commenting twice.

    Thanks you once again


    1. I am so sorry you are being put through this, along with your former husband in spirit and your 12-year-old daughter. Will you get his inheritance, for her, or will the sibling get away with it? You are in the most fortunate cycle in 12 years to do this, so pursue it and don’t stop. The window is until May 2024 at the very latest. You should also light a candle and let your former husband know what you feel and where things are, with this girl, his sibling, and the money. Ask for help. This is complicated but it is in her interests that you proceed. Venus is retrograde in Leo in your Fifth House of stepchildren, which is half your issue. A complicated relationship stuck and going backwards. Venus will finish her loop on 7th October 2023 which will help a lot. You should also make a list of what you will do for her with the money. So – education – for example.

  6. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks for the new article. I actually have the mentioned degrees and signs in my chart (see below) and especially the exact 27 degree Chiron in Cancer involving the difference between home and work. Not exactly sure how to interpret this in my case, but I will have to move and furniture a new house in the next 2 months that I bought alone and maybe it refers to the fact that I have to handle by myself all of the renovation, installation in a period in which I also work a lot and sometimes is difficult to split the time between work, this movement process and personal life. Any insights will be highly appreciated. Have a lovely day.
    Cancer : 11 MC , 27 Chiron , 7 Fortuna 7
    Leo: 11 Jupiter , 2 SN , 25 Proserpina

    1. Yes, renovating by yourself and moving is an accurate reflection of transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Chiron in Cancer in the Fourth House. Diana in Cancer in your Fourth House will encourage you to find the space, emotionally and also literally; you may decide on less ‘stuff’ and more room to move, for example. Diana will then go over Jupiter; her father in Roman mythology. Interesting!

    1. By 2026 you will have reshaped your finances so that you are independent of people or organisations which have largely controlled things to date. You are already on that path actually, finding alternative ways to earn money or save it. This extends to banks, which can be very controlling, but also to revenue raising. Diana in Taurus needs to be free.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    wow….I am so looking forward for a few good things to happen regarding my love life and maybe Diana will help me. I have a stellium in Libra and Leo so I am not losing hope, even if today is my b-day and I am 60 years old. I will be moving to Florida at the end of October but I will share an apartment for a few months with my ex (separated). So dating won’t be easy…
    Thank you for everything you are doing for us.

    1. You will always have lovers (or a lover, single) Alina because of the way your chart is set up. You are sharing an apartment with your former boyfriend who has separated from his wife. Most interesting. Were you together 18 or 19 years ago? If so you both need closure and this will sort it out. If not, then the person who was in your life then, created karma with you. You are owed by him, or you owe him from the past, but the flat-share situation in 2023 will help you repay a karmic debt from that time, or gratefully receive karmic credit.

  8. Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, I do need a gig but finding that idea difficult with a very attached Coton de tulear and no job prospects in the middle of nowhere. Funny what you say about having the dog being perfectly behaved. I am trying to train her as a service dog. She is very smart and even so, dogs are tough (but so rewarding!). She is very good but yes, I most likely will need professional
    Involvement. I will check out the dog father. Thank you!

  9. Hello Jessica, I have Diana at 0° in Capricorn – everything to do with relationships has already been rocky for the second part of the year – could you share what to expect in the months to come? Thank you so much.

    1. You are a Leo with a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House of relationships. The issue is power and control (or the lack of it) with the other person. January, February 2024 will bring things to a head, when you can either fix the issues or part company. If you do part, then make sure the balance of power is fair on departure and there is nothing there (say, financially) which would create issue. If you stay together then you will both need to share the controls very differently as whatever happened after March showed you how very different life was going to be in terms of ‘hand’ (as George Costanza would say in Seinfeld) and the upper hand. You do have karma to sort out from 18-19 years before, in 2023 and 2024. If not with your current partner, it would have been with a different person, but the themes are returning. You are karmically owed, or you owe, from that time and it will come full circle in 2023, 2024.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I have Diana conjunct my MC – I am single at 45 have a dog I am madly in love with and wish to have a partner unlike Diana !

    Do you forsee this happening or given my Diana conjunct Mc ( i addition to sun square Uranus which I understand is not good for partnerships) – I am destined to remain single? Appreciate your guidance

    Thanks as always

    1. Thank you. You are a true Diana but that does not mean you will be single past 45. The issue for you in the past has been partly about money, houses, possessions or apartments – with another person. Your Diana/MC/IC oppositions are in Taurus (my money) and Scorpio (your money). Marriage, mortgage and children with a joint bank account is not your cup of tea. A dog does not want to split the bills. If you want a partner you need to be a realist. Partner or lover? Full-time lover or part-time lover? Clear your signal. The Tarot can be quite useful if you want to sort out who you want, why you want (whatever it is) and when – and for how long. You don’t have Sun Square Uranus, the orb is far too wide. You do have a Diana issue with sharing a home or splitting the money. As I said, clear your signal.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    This article is very serendipitous as I was precisely looking for information about having Diana at 29 degrees Aries on your website – you have mentioned in the past that I should keep an eye on this aspect and while looking for it stumbled upon this very recent article.

    Would you share why is this aspect important – I imagine that being in Aries (first house) it has to do with a relaunch for which I seem to have no vigor or stamina. I feel quite exhausted from life/circumstances and don’t know how to piece my creative ideas together to ground them in reality (as you say).

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    1. Diana in Aries in the First House natally is about a life of freedom where your presentation and packaging are concerned. Diana lets you choose. You are not a uniform person and anyone telling you how you should dress, or what kind of body size/weight you should have, will be given short shrift. You are a free spirit when it comes to your image. So, nothing to do with relaunches per se. I told you to watch Diana because at 29 Aries, she is square Pluto at 29 Capricorn in 2023, 2024 and that can only happen every 248 years. You are dealing with people, organisations or situations which control your profile, title, reputation and/or appearance (temporarily) and pushing back can be tiring. Yet, exhaustion is about more than that. You also have Mars at 29 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. Pluto at 29 Capricorn is in a conjunction with Mars so your natural vigor, fight, stamina, strength and adrenaline reponse to life is being stood over. I would suspect a boss, though staff can sometimes do that. And sometimes it’s just the industry. This can and does get better and January 2024 ends the cycle. Until then ask the Tarot ‘What can I do to stop the exhaustion?’ and give a time-frame. You can also use the Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle to give yourself second and third opinions. But – your problem is Pluto.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    I have Leo stellium and Saturn in 0 Deg Leo . I have no kids. I have more insights from you that with the Leo stellium my purpose should be work with younger generation . Till now nothing obvious in this area is happened or maybe there’s something that I am not aware of.
    Can you tell me please in which way this Diana in Leo could present herself in my life?
    thank you.

    1. You are strongly Leo and need to be Queen to a younger court. This commonly happens because you have children whom you guide. If you are child-free you will be offered one chance after another to fulfil the same role. For example, by dating a man who is involved in a children’s charity, or by becoming so rich (and single) that friends ask you to be a godmother to their own children. You can find a career or unpaid work role where people young enough to be your daughters or sons learn from you. It is different for every heavily Leo person. J.K. Rowling is a parent and author for a younger market but also a moral and ethical compass for teenagers. She is strongly Leo. Diana in Leo will remind you why you are child-free; this can happen because married female friends have troubles with their own children which make you relieved you opted out. That is a very common outcome with a Diana transit. You can also, more positively, be invited to pursue interests with Diana types who want to hike, go walking, swimming or pursue professional quarry together.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I have a Leo stellium and wondering how this transit affects me. I also asked Pamela’s tarot deck and got the ten of swords. This has got be feeling dejected since I’ve been single for so long and have really been wanting to find a partner.

    1. Diana in Leo is showing up as a group situation that requires careful handling, which is true to your chart. Leo is opposite to Aquarius, the group sign, and Diana will be in opposition for a while. So the Tarot has been honest with you, ducked your question about a new partner and gone straight to the question of this circle of people. If you have been single for years and want a partner, go to the fact that you are a Leo and have a stellium in Leo too. The answer is children. Do you want them, or not want them? Do you want heirs or spares to your throne, or is that an uncrossable line? Being very clear about that will help you strengthen your signal and other single people need the signal. You also need to look at the sort of lover you want. Do you want a King-Queen partnership, or would you accept suitors courting you or knights galloping off on your behalf? Leo is the King or Queen, always. Heavily Leo people need to again, be honest, about what they want. You will have opportunities to become a step-parent or parent, perhaps a co-godparent, when Jupiter goes into Leo in 2026 in a serious way. You can of course have relationships before then but clear your signal by knowing yourself better.

  14. Hi Jessica, my Diana in Scorpio at 23degrees in my birth chart. My business was doing amazing and then I lost my contract because of the jealousy of female administrator. Can you please guide me how this transit will work for me?

    1. I am sorry you lost a contract. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with a stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, business, property, valuables and charity. At the moment, and in fact until 2026, anybody or anything that stops you being free will leave your life. I know this woman’s jealousy is hard to take, but step back from the situation and be a realist about the contract. Whatever this involved would have tied you down. Diana has to be free. You are also going through the long, slow opposition of Uranus in Taurus to your Scorpio factors, and this is another freedom flag. Scorpio is a fixed sign and you find adapting and changing unnatural, but try to get yourself into a position where you can always do that, as until 2026 any person, organisation or situation that would severely curtail your independence will have to go. Long-term you will find 2025-2026 makes up for what happened in 2023 and you will more than gain anything you lost.

  15. Hi Jessica!
    Interesting article on Diana who I know is a fan favorite. Looks like I’m having my Diana return with my natal Diana at 8 Cancer……..what does that mean? Also when Diana cruises through Leo and Libra she will make a conjunction with my natal north node, Jupiter, Saturn, & Pluto. Any ideas on how Diana will play out for me? Interesting about Diana after Venus being retrograde in Leo for so long! Thank you and I appreciate your gift so much!

    1. Thank you. Diana is in the house, as they say. You may find women friends go through Diana questions about their marriages. Being their own person, independent of their husbands, or even considering separation. Diana is also there, when exercise or the great outdoors is the answer. The synchronicity with the asteroid goddesses is powerful. Single women and dogs can also turn up…a great deal. Your Diana Return will offer you choices about being your own woman, within the family and also being far more freed up with choices, regarding your house, apartment, garden, home town and/or homeland. When she is in Leo and Libra, the relationship signs, you’ll see her showing you the pros and cons of feminism via your own life, or those of your female friends. The Tarot can personalise that reading for you on this website.

  16. Hi Jessica, Very interesting read on Diana. In my natal Chart, Diana is at 10 Taurus in the 2nd house. I admit that I am very
    ”Diana” in my behavior. My husband says he has never met anyone so independent-minded as me and he’s not the only one. I am not self-centered though – just very careful with boundaries, while I always reach out to help those I feel deserve support such as my artist friends and (some) family members. I have just relocated to where my family lives and my elder sister is becoming a problem as she has decided to run my life and sends me a daily suggestion sheet and a schedule for cultural activities although I explain to her as gently as I can that I am super busy with work and will have to take my culture ”on the go” for the foreseeable future. How does the Diana weather play out for me given the above? Emma x

    1. Emma, I have replied to you elsewhere about your sister. In mythology, Diana had a brother called Apollo (not a sister) but the sibling relationship was complicated. Diana also had many female companions who swam with her and hunted with her. Have a look at the many paintings of Diana, with or without Apollo, and you may have some quite personal inspiration on the situation, in addition to the reply I have given.

  17. Hi Jessica, I forgot to mention that I drew the Wheel of Fortune when I asked the tarot about how the Diana weather would play our for me given that I have just relocated to where my close family lives and my elder sister is being a problem, issuing me with daily suggestion sheets for how to live my life and also scheduling cultural events for which I am supposed to drop everything and show up. I have explained that I am super busy with work right now (I am) but she won’t give up. Any insights to help me navigate this without actually confronting her – as my husband recommends – would be super helpful. Other family members warned me about this before I moved here. My sister doesn’t hear what she doesn’t want to hear so gentle explanations do not work. I have Diana at 10 Taurus in my chart and am fiercely independent-minded so being micro-managed by my sister is very irritating. She is a Sun Capricorn. Thanks for your wisdom! Emma x

    1. Sisters show up as Gemini in the chart and you have a huge stellium there at 1 through 26 including the node. She is a past life connection and you two may have been married (say) or brother (perhaps) before. It happens. This gets better of its own accord from May 2024 when Jupiter goes into Gemini, but you may not want to wait that long. She’s bossy and stubborn and the rest of the family warned you. Can you move contact with her purely to text messages or emails? You should do that anyway as work is keeping you busy. Gemini rules writing. She can write down whatever she wants to and you can then park it, until you have time and space to deal with it, in a way that suits you. If she is doing this anyway, then that’s even easier, as you can move all correspondence to a time and place that suits you, to quickly handle it. As I said, it’s past life, which may explain a few things. And it does hugely improve next year, anyway.

  18. Big Hugs, Jessica. I now have a strategy for dealing with my sister.:) Past lives. Wow. How important is it to know that. Emma x

  19. Oh my goodness, Jessica – Thank you! I am going to frame your response about Diana – that has been my life with appearances in general and my siblings just don’t get it.

    The Pluto cycle has been about a controlling relationship which is still ongoing. Your explanation about how the dynamic between Mars and Pluto is playing out describes exactly how I feel, and makes total sense. Thank you for your response. I needed this one, and very much look forward to January 2024.

    1. Thank you. That’s the first time anyone has offered to frame a response. I’m very flattered. Diana is a potent goddess. Have a look at all the sculpture and paintings; she speaks through them.

  20. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this article. Looking at my chart, I have Diana at 21 in Aquarius. Can you please read my chart and let me know how it will affect this period. THank you!

    1. You are drawn to female company which allows you to be free and in fact have feminists as friends, full stop, who do not relate to marriage and children at all and far prefer to be independent. Men who also understand feminist ideas are also around these circles. Diana in opposition to Diana will put somebody front-and-centre who is either looking for a break from her husband and children or who is already apart from them. Complicated!

  21. Thankyou for such an interesting post Jessica. I’m curious to know how Diana in Leo will affect me: I’ve got Venus, Minerva and Cupido in Leo. Diana at 5 Pisces. I’m single and have been for a long time, no children and cannot have them now after cancer treatment, I haven’t wanted to date because of the physical challenges and changes but am feeling like I could start to mingle and be open to a future that might have some love in it!

    1. You have Leo patterns in the Fifth House which conflict you about being a mother and in fact your body has prevented you from having children in the conventional sense. You will eventually sort out how to have younger people in your life in whatever capacity feels right for you; this is some time in the future but you will come into your own as Queen to a younger court. Diana going across your Leo stellium will show you an unconventional relationship if you want it. It may not even be sexual, although it could be.

  22. Hi Jessica, I’ve been going through your posts on the asteroids lately, and they’re fascinating, thank you for writing them. I do find them all a bit confusing to read in my own charts though. I have Diana, along with the moon, apollo, saturn and mars, and pluto in libra(my 10th house). Diana is at 19 degrees, apollo at 21 (same as my ascendant in sagittarius), and im wondering if you could help me interpret this please? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in Libra in your Seventh House of dating, marriage, divorce, partnership and separation. Diana is in there too, so you have issues about being a mother or wife. You can have children and a husband and still be conflicted. As the South Node goes through Libra in 2023, 2024 you will face a repeat of a situation from 18-19 years prior which brings karma. You are owed, from that time, or you owe. Closure will happen slowly and by 2025 it will be done. During that time you will need to look at useful ways to accommodate Diana. It is very common for Diana types to fall in love with men who are passive, ‘asleep’, inactive, reluctant to act and so on. Just being aware of Diana can sometimes help the issue.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Great article and just read the monthly horoscope as well. Wow that one is incredibly on point for me! I have Saturn at 12 Cancer and apart from the work and health issues as mentioned in the monthly horoscope I also have new neighbours again that are causing me a lot of stress. Would you perhaps share your take on the Diana/Saturn conjunction and later in October my Fortuna in Aries squaring Diana in Cancer and Pluto and Capricorn at 27 degrees? Thanks so much

    1. I am sorry about the neighbours. Neighbours are ruled by Gemini and the Third House. You have the South Node in Gemini so have karma with these people and they with you. You may have been neighbours in your last life, or been family – but they now turn up next door. Diana is not going to do much in Cancer, even though it rules property. Jupiter in Gemini from May 2024 will fix your problems if any remain and in fact neighbours will turn out to be a blessing from that point until June 2025. Ask the Tarot ‘How can I best solve the neighbour problem?’ and follow the steps.

  24. Great article, thank you. I am fascinated by Diana since learning about her on your website. She makes so much sense at 0 Pisces, in my 12th house, after years of wondering why I always viewed marriage as a ball and chain and never wanted to have children, and why having a sense of freedom always felt way more important. (I am now married and love my husband very much). I assume she also impacts why I hate the idea of leading, despite being a Leo, because that too requires commitment. I will be interested to see how Diana triggers my stelliums in Cancer and Leo and in opposition to Pluto. I can see I trigger the dates you mention with my Apollo at 13 Cancer, later Saturn at 26 Cancer and then Juno at 27 Cancer and then later Vulcano at 0 Leo impacts me over the coming months. I also today drew a tarot asking ‘How will Diana affect me over the coming months?’ and drew the High Priestess.

    1. Thank you. Diana is powerful and has turned up as the High Priestess. The crescent New Moon at the bottom of your Tarot card is your clue. Diana is often shown with a crescent New Moon on your head. You will study and graduate, or learn and publish (online or in print) once this transit has begun to take hold. If you are already a mentor, guide, teacher or tutor you will go to the next level. Leo is of course the female authority (the Queen) who guides a younger court.

  25. Hi Jessica. Good lost as always. I have Diana in Gemini believe. Currently, I have a sibling visiting for whom I have had to cover financial expenses. Likewise with another sibling I am tired and want to be free of all these support burdened and just focus on my own family. When with all this end?

    1. Thank you. Good post, I think you mean. You have Diana and your IC in Gemini. Your relatives or ancestors also had sibling issues. You have inherited that in the family tree; brothers and sisters were always going to be your challenge. Diana had a brother called Apollo and their sibling relationship was also a challenge. You will sort this out once and for all from May 2024 without having to try very much. Luck will be on your side. You can make decisions sooner, though. You need to put a price tag on your own wellbeing, peace of mind and happiness and then look at the budget, in terms of paying for other people. But – this does end – and in fact from 2026 for many different reasons you will be liberated from the sibling situation.

  26. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for this amazing article. My Diana is in Scorpio at 27 degrees aspecting my SN and NN at 28 degree. Psyche is also at 28 degrees. If you have time to answer I would be grateful on what does this mean for me. As well as the fact I have a libra stellium as does my child, whose Diana is also in Libra. PS Im having a party on 21 October, with all of these aspects is this a good time? The moon will be at 6 degree capricorn ironically. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. To start at the end, the party on 21st October is around the time of a Jupiter-Moon trine so feelings (the Moon) are expansive (Jupiter) and the mood (Moon) is beneficial to all (Jupiter). The pattern with Diana, Psyche, South North and North Node suggests a past life where being born female meant you had to grapple with issues about being a mother (or not) and marrying a man (or not). Scorpio rules sex and money, but also inheritance, so I suspect your last life involved a will, legacy or similar with your husband or potential husband. Psyche is also about intensely feminine issues; daughter-in-law and mother-in-law conflicts are common as are questions about being attractive (or not). So all this comes back to you in this lifetime. You may already recognise that.

  27. Hi Jessica, Diana is in Pisces for me, and I have stelliums in both Pisces and Leo. I am single and have been for a long time, which suits me nicely! So partners and children not such an issue for me. I asked the tarot what the influence of Diana would be for me over the next 4 months and I got the 2 of swords! Not sure what to make of this, I do have some issues with the negative influences my mother sometimes chooses to have on our lives. This is currently being played out in her refusing or begrudging paying our builder for his work and making a fuss every time she has to use some of her own (not small) money pot. Please could you take a look at what may lie ahead for me? Thank you

    1. Diana is showing up as you and herself with the Two of Swords. Diana is a symbol of strength, independence, self-reliance and potency. Remember, she turned Actaeon into a stag and was the goddess of the hunt. Your mother is a problem. This shows up as Diana goes through Cancer, the sign ruling mothers, home and family. You have to choose how to protect and defend yourself and your freedom and space. Is it a permanent ‘on guard’ position from you? Or will you have tactics which enable you to take control and completely change the way you handle this? I would say your builder is on the left side of the card, out of sight, and your mother is on the right side.

  28. Hi Jessica! I relate to Diana at a soul level though outwardly I have kept my head down and plodded on with all my worldly responsibilities. Diana will be trining my node and Natal Diana early next year. I am filled with restlessness and itching to travel the world. I have already started taking small trips to places within the country with my son. While meditating on whether a round the world trip is too fantastic an idea and the sheer amount of research that would go into such a plan, I drew the high priestess! Will I be cutting all ties and starting a new period in life soon? Thank you for all your love ❤️

    1. The High Priestess is you, teaching, or you – being taught. She’s not travelling. I need to check you are aware of COVID-19 in the UK which has just produced a big spike in deaths. There is a new variant. Having checked that, and knowing that you understand travel has always spread the virus, let’s go back to your High Priestess card and look at your Ninth House of academia. You have a Sagittarius stellium there so will learn all your life – you are a student of life – no matter if it is seminars, Zoom, webinars or a proper academic path. As we have Jupiter going into Gemini from May 2024 opposing that, you are being shown a rare opportunity to gain qualifications. So, nothing to do with Diana, as much as your Sagittarius stellium. This transit only happens once in 12 years.

  29. hello jessica, just checked my chart and diana is in aries, also pulled the strength card for the transit…interested to understand what the transit will highlight for me? thanks so much 🙂

    1. Diana in Aries in the First House of reputation, appearances and title is a statement about your independence. The transit of Diana to Diana is square and then trine from Leo. The Strength card clearly shows Leo the lion so the deck is talking to you about a profoundly healing experience for you in connection with pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young adults. This is not unusual to see when women have terminated pregnancies in the past and need some kind of psychological or spiritual repair work. It can also happen years after a miscarriage. I have no idea if you are a man or a woman. Men can suffer through abortions too, or course, and miscarriages. Diana is not a healer in astrology but she is in the Jupiter family tree, which is profoundly helpful. Strength shows Diana (here as the woman in white) wrestling with an injured lion. Leo also rules older children so if there are issues about (say) a difficult godson or a disappointing daughter, then this is also something the Diana transit can help with. Diana herself had a mother who suffered greatly in childbirth and was profoundly affected by her mother’s distress, so when she was of age, she begged her father Jupiter to release her from motherhood and of course marriage, too. Jupiter was as good as his word and Diana was released to become the alpha female hunter that the Greeks knew as Artemis, before the Romans took her and developed her into the formidable Diana.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    My birthday is on Oct 10th with my ascendant sitting at 27 Cancer. Not far off from my Chiron as well. What might I expect under this transit? I guess I should add Diana to my solar return..

    1. Happy Birthday for 10th October. Diana in transit commonly appears as a feminist or fiercely independent woman. This can of course be a man who is effeminate in a Diana-esque way; he may reject parenthood and children, for example. It is far more usual for Diana to show up as a fully liberated female and in Cancer, within the family circle, the household, as a house guest or even a real-estate agent. Cancer rules your house or apartment, garden or property investment quite as much as it rules relatives. So this is the woman who appears to paint the kitchen, or the aunt who has something to show you about a mother-daughter relationship. Diana’s great lesson is that you don’t have to fit conventional expectations. In fact, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, if it restricts your freedom. If you are prepared to look after yourself and do your own thing, you can have a happy existence (even a happier existence than those around you) so it is often worth striking out to be your own person on your own terms. Germaine Greer is a good example of a Diana type, though we don’t expect her to stay with you or paint your kitchen!

  31. Hi Jessica. Been a while – hope you are well. I have had yet another surgery (bummed out because it had been more than a year since last surgery!) last week, right around this moon.
    I do have 7deg Saturn in Sagittarius. I hope this is not further issue with my health. I don’t think I can handle anymore (8 surgeries in 3 years!) and don’t really want an ostomy but I have a feeling that’s where I’m headed.
    I’m also sorrounded by ridiculous ‘neighbors’ who are pushing their way into my circle. I have not handled this well either so some of that blame is on myself.
    My work and house front looks ok but everything else is crap. What do you see for me this rest of the year? My dad (Indian astrologer) mentioned that I might see some respite in my health in 2025 but tough luck till then. Any hope for better days will keep me going. Thank you!

    1. Surgery is Virgo and Sixth House so always look there. You have Ceres at 5 Virgo and Diana at 13 Virgo. The relationship with your father who is an Indian (Vedic) astrologer is important in terms of your health. Both Ceres and Diana are female goddess symbols. Ceres had power and control issues with Pluto, a male god who ruled over the underworld. Diana asked her father Jupiter to release her from motherhood and marriage. Your father has told you that your health is ‘tough luck’ until 2025 which is rather like the voice of male authority challenging you to contradict him. The first thing to say about Virgo and the Sixth House is that the relationship between work and health is tight. This is also true for unpaid work or academia. If there are health issues, even multiple surgeries, which make it difficult or even impossible to work, volunteer or study then in Western astrology we look to the unconscious which is driving the tram (rather like having an invisible automatic driver). What, unconsciously, are you resisting or rejecting about your day-to-day tasks and labours? It is not uncommon than when you will not consciously admit and act upon dislike of your daily routine or job, you find yourself with ailments which get you out of it. Dreams are a gateway to the unconscious so the time has come to use your dreams to show you who or what you are turning against, in terms of work, unpaid work or study. Going back to the chart to see if there are any aspects to Ceres and Diana, Apollo and Chiron in Gemini and Juno in Sagittarius form a T-Square to Diana. So this is your issue. A T-Square describes an inner challenge across Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo so there is even more evidence here for some mental roadblock about the computer (Gemini) or study (Sagittarius) up against your sense of duty and service (Virgo). The Blue Moon fell in Virgo and Pisces and so would have triggered this. Along with dreams, the Tarot can be useful in showing you what or whom the issue is – why your body is not carrying you as it should. By the way, neighbours are ruled by Gemini too, so you are also dealing with a T-Square there. The unconscious often reveals itself in language, so when you say ‘bummed out’ you are talking about your bottom. You are also talking about your hands, when you say ‘handle’. You are also talking about your head when you say ‘headed.’ You mention ‘crap’ which is the bottom again. So there’s a lot going on here! I will leave it to you to decode but do not accept ‘tough luck’ as a health prediction because from a Western astrology point of view, that’s untrue. There are many things you can do about that T-Square and one of them is to understand Diana in Virgo in your chart. She wants to be free; rejects motherhood and marriage; prefers the company of females to males; is a liberated alpha female. Diana is conflicted in your chart so you need to find a way to listen to her and give her some space. Multiple surgeries is drastic and you need to find out how you got here. Astrology and Tarot can help.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I would love to get your thoughts on my chart pls, I have Diana at 4D in Leo & started dating a male Cancer at the end of May He’s the same age as me, does this mean anything specific about new relationships?

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere about another of your questions which you posted in a different feature.

  33. Hi Jessica, thanks once again for a great piece – love learning about the asteroids and their namesakes!
    I was born with Diana at 19 Capricorn, which I THINK is sextile in my chart with Saturn at 19 Pisces, and square with Ceres at 19 Aries. Am I correct? (I’ve only just started reading about aspects!) So how does Diana play out in my chart?
    Thanks so much x

    1. Perfectly correct; you were born with Diana at 19 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, academic career and unpaid work, square Ceres at 19 Aries in the First House of title, appearance and reputation and also sextile Saturn at 19 Pisces in your Twelfth House of the inner self. Your urge to be free, uncompromising and an alpha female professionally or academically is hard to square with the deals you have to make over (say) your job title or business card; your uniform or workplace hair regulations. There are some inner obstacles relating to your religion, Tarot, therapist, hypnotist, dreams, mediumship and inner life which are part of the story and tend to slow it down. If you went to a Roman Catholic school it would all show.

  34. Hi Jessica, I truly appreciate how many messages you get and how much of your time you give to responding but I’m baffled as to why my questions seem to get passed over (I was the first one to post a question on this particular blog) and are always ‘awaiting moderation’. I’m asking similar queries to other people (and I read your responses to see if I can apply them to me) but I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the system or just bad luck. I’ve been a premium member for several years. Thanks for all that you do and sorry to moan!

    1. Thank you. I’ve not seen any of your questions, because I have 19,078 comments and only ever see the first screen on my computer, which has aound 20 questions. So unfortunately, because there is only one of me (although I am trying to train psychic astrologers) it’s just not possible to even see most of the queries about birth charts. You’re not being passed over at all. And obviously I can see your message now; it just happens to be at the top of today’s screen of 20 comments. There is no ‘awaiting moderation’ as I’m not moderating anything at all..most of the time I’m just busy with page one! Okay so I will just look at your charts, both public and private, and tell you the most important transits. You are a Sun Cancer woman, with stelliums in Cancer, Gemini, Leo and Virgo. You are all about the family tree, your home town and homeland, your house, apartment (or property investment) and your culture, heritage and history. In fact you have the South Node there so your last past life was heavily related to where you come from; where you were born; the family itself. At least one relative and perhaps both parents and a sibling have past life karma with you and promises were made between lives, to come back again and get closure with each other. This is going to happen in 2023, 2024 and early 2025 as the South Node in Libra (same thing) shows up in your solar chart, so you will be required to collect, if you are owed, or repay, if you owe. This isn’t financial, although it can be. It is usually emotional, psychological and most definitely spiritual. It’s also not just about the last incarnation, whenever in history that was, it is also very much about life as it was with particular relative/s 18 or 19 years prior, and 18 or 19 years before that too. So you will have a tremendous sense of ‘I owe’ or ‘I am owed’ and see events with family members now and through 2024 that show you this sort of balancing. Okay, so that is the Cancerian side of your personality and fate. It’s quite true to say that your past life may also have involved a foreign country taking you very far from home. So you may have been a migrant to America from Portsmouth, say, or you may have been in the US army and sent to France to fight. This is partly where your quite complicated relationship with your own country, heritage, passport, citizenship, identity today comes from. The Gemini side of your nature is most definitely about a brother and/or sister. Perhaps a cousin. This is in line with the family theme, but it specifically points to a sibling relationship being hugely important in shaping who you are today. Looking further ahead, you will find that a sibling (past or present) in your life is the gateway to overdue improvements, breakthroughs and big answers from May 2024. From that month forward you will also become far more involved in the internet and/or media perhaps through education, academia, publishing or just via your basic interest in a particular website, like YouTube or Twitter. What grows by June next year is a going concern for quite some time and if you stick with it, you will be thrilled with the outcomes by June 2025 at the very latest. Later on, this becomes a springboard for an exciting new phase in your life from 2026 when you either develop what you began in 2024 or find it was stage one in a revolution, which will involve your way with words, ideas or images. These are easily the most important cycles going forward. Have a look at your Cancer and Gemini side, using the online library here, as having been dormant for quite a few years, it’s all about to wake up – and you with it.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I have Diana at 27 Capricorn.

    It’s conjunct my Cupido at 27 Capricorn and Aesculapia at 28 Capricorn.

    It’s also sextile my Sun at 26 Scorpio and (I think) semi-sextile my Neptune at 27 Sagittarius.

    Lastly, (I think) it forms a quincunx with my Vesta at 26 Gemini.

    Could you kindly let me know what all this means for my chart? Because there are so many aspects, I can’t quite see the full picture of my Diana.

    Many thanks, Jessica. And happy spring 2023 to you and your readers down under

    1. Capricorn rules your Tenth House of ambition, status, social climbing, achievement, professional kudos, academic success and unpaid roles with clout. The mountain goat who ascends to the peak of a system is Capricorn. You have a complex pattern there. You want freedom; you also love your titles and roles. You also revive them even when it looks as if they are done with. This has an impact financially and often involves foreigners and foreign countries too. Quite naturally the internet is involved and there is a gender imbalance there. So Diana is just one symbol in a field of them, but essentially, as you know well, you have been going through a rare transformation of the matters I mention, as Pluto has gone across 26, 27, 28 Capricorn and you are slowly emerging from a phase of reshuffles.

  36. Hi Jessica, thank you for this this article about Diana. I have Diana 14 Aries, and Juno 14 Virgo and also Vulcano 14 Leo. I also have Venus 13 Virgo and Panacea 13 Virgo. As I have quite a few of the other aspects you mentioned coming up… Im not sure what all this means.. would you be able to explain this please. Tarot card I picked was Ace of cups. Been having a lot of relationship issues with in-laws and siblings .. hopefully this all points to resolutions . Thank you so much .

    1. Thank you. You have a whopping Leo stellium in your Fifth House of babies and along comes Diana in Leo, transiting your chart, where she will in fact be in conjunction with Vulcano. The Ace of Cups is often a Christening font or representative of a birth. Are any of your in-laws or siblings likely to become pregnant? Diana is very much associated with childbirth and the New Moon on her head is a traditional symbol of new motherhood. Maybe you will have a baby.

  37. Hi Jessica, I hope all is well with you and thank you for all your generous insights. I am in a new relationship with a Pisces man (4 months). It’s become quite serious in terms of feelings, but the situation is far from ideal. He currently lives with his ex-wife (they are divorced) as they try to sell the house. They’ve had offers that have fallen through at the last minute. We’re all being very grown up about it but – deep down this is not leaving me feeling very happy. He is serious about wanting us to live together and we are talking about future plans but I feel not quite on solid ground in this situation. Part of me wants to stick with it, part of me wants to run screaming for the hills. Interestingly I drew the Page of Cups when asking about Diana in Cancer. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Page of Cups is an immature man who is strongly Pisces. This is your boyfriend of four months. You can see the Pisces fish in the Tarot card. He lives with his old wife and they can’t sell the house. You feel all at sea with him and he likely has more than just the Sun in Pisces. As the Tarot is clearly speaking to you, go back and follow the steps for a more detailed reading about him. Set a deadline. Use The Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle to give yourself second and third opinions. He has karma with her, financially, and you as well – in terms of renting or getting a mortgage – and the karma goes back to his life 18 or 19 years prior. It will reveal itself in 2023, 2024 and he is owed, or must repay, spiritually. I don’t know how long he was married for, but if it’s not her 18 or 19 years ago, it will have been quite a different person and this saga with the house offers falling through is part of the bigger karmic picture. On a more practical note, if you sell your house with your old wife and you’re a Pisces with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, good luck fella! The cycle ends once he’s into October and I suspect the issue is her, actually, going back on her word about the price she would accept, for example.

  38. hi J
    I have diana 0 deg in 9th house scorpio alongside neptune. what dies this mean and how does Diana help me?

  39. Hi Jessica, I’m heavily Libra with Diana in Sagittarius. Does this impact partnerships and relationships, I’m guessing, from abroad?
    Thank you.

    1. Correct. Diana was so affected by her mother’s difficult childbirth that she begged Jupiter to release her from motherhood too. Found in 1863 she is Artemis in earlier Greek form and a symbol of all those old-fashioned corsets (the ties that bind) against the feminism to come (burn your bra, by the Seventies). In Sagittarius she roams far and wide, across the world, both online and with her luggage. You need partnerships to feel whole. The Libra stellium suggests duets and double-acts satisfy your need to be with one other human being, on whatever basis, so you can be ‘different but equal’ which is the point of Libra and compensate each other’s shortcomings as well as complement each other’s advantages and assets. There is a very different part of you, though, which will bolt to a foreign place or person just as soon as she can.

  40. Thanks Jessica. That feels very accurate. Amazing how an asteroid can have such an impact on someone’s life. I’ve happily moved to the other side of the world a few times, very quickly, when offered an interesting work opportunity.

  41. Is my interpretation of Saturn transit conjunct my asteroid Diana in my natal chart here correct? Saturn transit of Pisces in my birth chart is 12th house trying to keep me out or lock me into religion, spirituality, counselling or therapy and Diana conjunct that wants freedom from that restriction? However in my public chart Saturn is transiting my 8th house locking me in (or keeping me out) with regards to money, mortgage, inheritance and marriage and Diana conjunct this wants freedom from this restriction. The last time this conjunction happened I was at the very end of high school, and pursued and dated my high school teacher for 4 years which was very shortly after leaving a very restrictive religion that had been listed as a cult. The relationship was intense and he wanted to get married (I didn’t I knew I was too young). I feel the Saturn Diana conjunction would explain a lot.

    1. Your interpretation of Saturn on Diana is correct in terms of your birth chart. Don’t mix it up with your solar chart, though. Four years ago you left a religious cult to date your teacher. That’s an exact delivery of this transit. Now you are being shown the same story but it will be in a new way.

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