Astrology Predicts the 2025 US President

What does the US astrology chart say about the 2024 election? Who is the next president and why?

The 2025 US President in Astrology

It’s always fun to look into the future US President of 2025, well before time.

It’s Monday 4th September 2023 and in response to questions about America and her astrology, this is the horoscope. It is set for 12.00 noon at the official moment of inauguration on Monday 20th January 2025.

The US 2024 Election Horoscope

As always with these things, exact aspects matter most, in signs which relate to American power. So that’s Capricorn (the top job) and Aquarius (political parties, be they Republican or Democrat).

We also look at Taurus (personal income) and Scorpio (Wall Street). Employment is Virgo. The President who arrives at the birth of the new America will show up in these patterns. So, two years ahead, what is in store? The US 2024 election horoscope has its end point here. And this is the start of a new era.


US Election 2025 Inauguration - Astrology Predicts the 2025 US President

The Next US President in Astrology

I’m not really interested in names, here, because verified data for so many candidates is missing. Nor am I interested in a Democrat or Republican victory because you can toss a coin and have a 50% chance of being right.

Far more interesting are the issues and the personal stories being played out. That will tell you who wins, closer to the time anyway. I should have thought that by November 2024, the themes we see here, will make a victor obvious.

Money, Money, Money

This is about the economy, plain and simple. The Ascendant (As) is at 14 Taurus in opposition to the Descendant (Ds) at 14 Scorpio, so that’s the first clue. Is anything else at 14 degrees? Yes, Cupid is at 14 Gemini, which rules the internet. It also rules neighbours – so that’s Canada. It also rules the car industry and public transport.

There’s a great love for all that, from this President. And the internet, Canada, the car industry and public transport will love this President back.

What the Tarot Says

The Smith-Waite Tarot backs this up. In response to the question “Who is the US President at the 2025 Inauguration?” the cards gave one reply: The Knight of Coins. This is the man with the money, or the masculine side of a woman with the money. This is an investor in building projects for the future, but also an investor in agriculture.

This shows Taurus and Scorpio. The Gemini part of that exact pattern at 14 degrees is in the iPad behind the knight’s back, resting near the saddle.

Scorpio or Sagittarius?

The nice thing about Pamela Colman Smith’s cards is the detail. If you look long and close at this card you will see more clues about the next President and the political party and policies which win. What can you pick up?

You may see straight through this image to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, for example – the archer on horseback. Perhaps you are seeing Pluto and Scorpio, because Pluto is represented by black horses and it rules Scorpio.

President Inaugurated in 2025 - Astrology Predicts the 2025 US President

Where is Donald Trump In All This?

Nowhere. I predicted the slow decline and fall of Donald Trump many years ago (using the American chart) and we’ve seen some of those predictions come to pass – impeachment and replacement by Biden among them. This is the horoscope set for the US which will show us more detail.

Going back to the economy, as this 2025 president is elected on finance, we check Taurus and Scorpio again. America was born with Venus at 24 Scorpio and on Inauguration Day 2025 we find Juno at 25 Scorpio. Close. This is a financial relationship and economic marriage. It’s a commitment. If you look at Venus again in the American chart, she is sextile Pluto at 25 Capricorn. Powerful. (Software: AstroGold).


USA Chart - Astrology Predicts the 2025 US President

Juno and Venus in the Astrology of the 2024 Election

Juno is of course Jupiter’s wife and a symbol of rich commitment.  I am beginning to wonder if the winning president and party of November 2024, is pursuing a business marriage with Canada. Of course the US already has close ties, but this chart looks like ‘Until death do us part’ with her neighbour.

Art is a good psychic trigger. Many of you are professional Tarot readers, mediums or astrologers – I know. What does the art, showing up in the charts, reveal?

Juno in Scorpio in the American Horoscope at Inauguration

This is Juno, below, painted by Joseph Paelinck in 1832. The patient bride and committed wife who gives up her freedom in order to have wealth and security. (Picryl Images). This looks like a ‘deal’ election, very similar to the New Deal approach of the 20th century. Who and what America gets into bed with, economically, is the whole of the story. I’ll be interested to hear your predictions in Comments. Main Image: Unsplash.

Juno by Joseph Paelinck 1832 - Astrology Predicts the 2025 US President


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87 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Perhaps I asked my last question under the wrong post.could this apply to Michelle Obama being a surprise nominee and President for the U.S.?



    1. Very true. There is nothing in the Tarot or the astrology to suggest this is a man, necessarily, Kara. I’ll see if we have any better data for Michelle Obama as it was previously questionable. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jessica, There’s also talk that an election may not happen. Could that be a case? How might that show up? How about voter fraud? Thank you! Keep well….

    1. There’s nothing there to indicate a non-election. Voter fraud should dissipate with the Kremlin’s controls, which are all but gone from January 2024.

  3. The description of “money, money, money” makes me think of Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, a Leo with a Moon in Taurus. Forbes estimated Ramaswamy’s net worth at more than $950 million; his wealth comes from biotech and financial businesses. His wife is a doctor, and they are from Ohio.

  4. Very interesting! Trudeau has an election year in Oct 2025 but could call it earlier. This sounds like a Biden/Trudeau tie up. They are both old time politicians (esp Trudeau’s political upbringing) and very familiar faces and very comfortable with each other.

    1. Thank you. Have to say, Canada was the last thing on my mind, but one look at the chart and it was all about the neighbours…

    1. Jupiter in Gemini is big – huge – in astronomy he is a gas giant; in astrology he is about vast expansion. Mexico does not measure up compared to Canada, which is far greater in its impact and size worldwide. I’ll have a look at the Mexico chart, though, because of course one has neighbours on both sides of the fence with Gemini and this may be so big it actually embraces both. Good call.

  5. Jessica, thank you for this….when I look at the artwork and the peacock I see rejuvenation symbolically. The American flag colours and the Canadian flag colours are there within the peacock’s blue, the lady’s pureness in white and the red scarf/scarves as there are technically two pieces of cloth painted. They drape and flow around the white body which I see as a representative of North America. To the lower right of the painting displays land not too far away. The neighbour’s land. Peacocks in buddhism apparently represent openness and purity – that brings it back to the white pure skin. Peacocks are also in every continent around the world so a symbol of globalism. I could keep writing on all that I see in this painting but it is also a beautiful calm painting with the dark background and clouds is part of the past. The lady and the peacock are together, not apart. I am a novice student of astrology and learn from you Jessica. On one of your zoom sessions we learned about Chiron in Aries and as I look at that in the chart I think of a new face/brand emerging. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your interpretation of this asteroid goddess Juno. The new face/brand emerging is very interesting; I believe you are right there.

  6. It’s RFK Jr. He is a rumoured Taurus rising, and actually strongly exudes the agriculture and environment themes. If that is true then his rising could reflect or even be conjunct the Taurus rising chart of the moment. His Jupiter is in Gemini. The moon on the day of inauguration will be in Libra reflecting the mood of the people as balanced and middle ground, which further supports that it’s RFK Jr. as his message appeals to both sides of the political spectrum.

    1. Interesting theory. I agree the Knight of Pentacles is about agriculture (the ploughed field) and the environment (that is arguably lettuce decorating both horse and rider; vegetarians both). We also have the trees in the distance. Is this a regeneration program? A radical new farming policy? This next presidency will in fact come in, on the back of Uranus in Taurus which is usually quite revolutionary when it comes to land and food. The issue with naming people is that we lack data. We need AA data across the board to fairly compare candidates including RFK Junior.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have enjoyed reading your astrological insights. They have helped curb my anxieties. I hope you continue to have success and astrology will again be taken seriously as a Science, as it was in the past.

  8. Juno sitting on a cloud, with a pea cock under one arm and Lilies in the other hand pointing upwards. Lilies are symbols of funerals -death. her intimate parts covered in red cloth. Pea cock and red party funeral.

  9. Will it be the Canadian people? I read this “ Kennedy, who provided financial support to the protesting Canadian truckers in early 2022, said his bitcoin moment came during the final days of the protests when the Emergencies Act was invoked for the first time in Canada’s history. The Act gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government additional powers to help quash the demonstrations – including the authority to freeze the bank accounts of protest leaders and supporters.
    “They did something that was, to me, unimaginable,” Kennedy explained. “They used facial recognition, license plate identification and a number of other technologies to determine the identities of the truckers, and then they froze their bank accounts and their credit cards.” in an article and wasn’t he the founder of the WaterKeeper Alliance and brought it to Lake Ontario? Idk if it is meaningful but something to consider, maybe?

    1. Gemini is neighbours; Jupiter in Gemini, followed by Uranus in Gemini, suggests a sizeable neighbour (Jupiter is a gas giant) rather than a small one. Canada fits the bill. By the time we go to this transit from May 2024 the pre-election campaigning will be well and truly on, so let’s see where Trudeau is in the picture. I believe this is Canada because Gemini also rules short journeys and Uranus is of course new inventions. This does suggest a radically different travel and transport, export, migration and tourism set-up between the two countries. It’s very interesting that Gemini is the heavenly twins and the US and Canada resemble that. I’ll check back on other points in history with Gemini transits to see how the US and Canada fared.

  10. Hi Jessica – there’s been a lot of talk about a third candidate coming in given the age of Biden and total lack of viability with Trump, and the name in NY circles that keeps coming up is Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan. He’s all about the money… Interestingly in light of your article I googled his link with Canada and this recent meeting with Trudeau came up
    There’s also some photos on the internet of him riding on the back of a horse like the knight of pentacles in Business Insider!!
    There’s also an FT article from a few years back referring to ‘Jamie Dimon’s gift horse’.
    The horoscope I found on the internet has his sun at 23 Pisces & Jupiter 23 Leo. Compatible with 24 Scorpio inauguration?
    He’s denied that he’s going to run but that’s par for the course for now if he’s waiting to judge conditions.
    I’m a fan of Biden but he is old. I’m curious why you refer to the new era for the US. Is that in the sense that any election beckons in a new era, or is 2024 special? Maybe because of the end of the 2 party system which seems to be in a spiraling endgame?
    Warmly, FF

    1. This is great, thank you. Jamie Dimon is indeed riding like the Knight of Pentacles. He’s denied he’s running. FF, the new era in the US is really down to Pluto in Aquarius, from 2025 inauguration – fully. No more reversing into Capricorn. So power goes to the collective of individual minority groups, who will share the territory with the establishment. That’s not, at present, happening. It suggests a change in many things, including taxation. If you go back to the Tarot clue card, you can also see a sense of fresh start – new beginning. The field is ready to be planted in front of the knight. I’ll see how sturdy the data is for Dimon.

    1. Thank you. Given that Pluto is also leaving Capricorn (the elite billionaires at the top) and going into Aquarius (all the people) we would expect the new US presidency (or repeat presidency) to lean green. I’ll follow this up.

  11. Dear Jessica
    Thought I’d throw in, just for the heck of it. I asked the tarot on your website to tell me about the winner of the 2024 U.s. presidential election. I got 4 swords. Someone not being considered at present? A sleeper, perhaps? Or maybe, we wake up on November 6th to the first U.S. President who is a mom? It’s certainly about time, but I can’t connect her to the knight of pentacles, unless he is a representative of an advocate for funding for the environment, and programs for agriculture and for nutrition for children, which could be either sex. At least it won’t be Trump, or Vivek, who seems to be running for Trump’s V.P.
    RFK scares me.
    I do think we may be in for a surprise. Hope it’s a good one.
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you. The Four of Swords is an unusual card for your question. It shows a person in transition from one phase of life to another. There have been attacks (the swords) and now this soul is resting and recovering. The stained glass window shows a mother and child. At a really big stretch you would say this was John F.Kennedy waiting to be reborn in an RFK presidency; the mother and child are RFK as a little boy and that’s his mom. It really is a huge stretch, though. As this wasn’t my card, I will leave it to you to interpret.

  12. Right now we are having a heat wave in the US. If climate change and water becomes more important, then the relationship with Canada and partnership on their joint ownership of 20% of the fresh water in the world becomes more critical. A lack of water would impact agriculture and how both those countries deal with water resources to help agriculture could be the partnership.
    Robert Kennedy Jr is turning out to be a conspriacy nut and Vivek is showing himself to a puffer fish spewing whatever works in the moment. Jamie Dimon probably would be a great president, very practical. Do not see him even getting near a political campaign. He has power, he has money, why run for president? I could see him taking an appointment to oversee how banks deal with cryptos and global payments, since emerging economies are implementing digital. What does that mean for global payments? Regional partnerships could be more and more important for resources, like food, water.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Another brilliant blog. I looked at the inauguration chart and saw a huge stellium in Pisces. I immediately thought of Oprah and Marianne Williamson as both are highly evolved brilliant women. Quickly looked at Oprah’s natal chart and in the money axis, she has Aesculapia at 11 Scorpio – opposite Aesculapia at 11 Taurus in the inauguration chart. Could be Oprah’s time to bring about an economic marriage revival. The old world structures are crumbling and are no longer fit for purpose. We’re now becoming more and more spiritually awakened and want a new world where we create our own reality in fifth dimension. Oprah was born with a stellium in Aquarius and could bring her spirit and an economic marriage election deal. Hope she does.

    Thanks for all that you do to help us in such challenging times. It’s much appreciated.


    1. Thanks Julie. Oprah Winfrey does play a part in what is to come; and more than a part. That’s so interesting about the Aesculapius opposition. Just when you think it’s over, financially, it comes back from the brink. He was the god the Romans appealed to when all hope was nearly lost; he is a symbol of resurrection and revival, and here we find him on the money axis as a new White House comes in. I’m starting to get itchy fingers about this American election!

  14. Hello,

    Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Governor Whitmer has a record to run on, she has what it takes from all my observations.
    Please check out her chart if possible. There are some formidable women politicians in Michigan, saved abortion rights and are accomplishing other important issues.

    The hard right had comprehensive plan to kidnap and murder her. Jamie Dimon’s bank just paid a 192 million dollar settlement for Epstein involvement and human trafficking. Serious allegations. Governor Whitmer’s birthday is August 23, 1971.

    Thanks in advance

  15. For those who don’t subscribe to Insider, you can directly check for the official notice on the meeting. This website doesn’t allow me to paste the link to the website – don’t know why

  16. Fascinating as always. Kamala Harris spent some years growing up in Montreal. This also pings her chart. My eye is in the April eclipse. Thanks for all you do. X

    1. I didn’t know that about Kamala Harris. She’s Canada-familiar. Thank you. And unlike so many other possible presidents, we do have a verified AA chart for her. I published about Kamala and broadcast about her some years ago, so have left that standing.

  17. Re transportation: During Joe Biden’s many decades as a senator he commuted between his home in Delaware and Washington DC via Amtrak. He’s been a longtime advocate of funding and expanding the US commuter rail system. So much so he’s been nicknamed “Amtrak Joe.”

  18. for all of you thinking Vivek is the next POTUS I have a question – what is his qualifications beyond money? He is another Putin “play” that meant to divide US population in case if and when Trump flames out and ends his political “charade” of a campaign. Trump will have his day in court sooner than later.

  19. The card to me looks like the California landscape with a sun setting behind a man facing due east holding the symbol of money. Gavin Newsom has done a lot of damage to California yet remains supported by very wealthy interests.

  20. hi Jessica. I have been going through the current charts for JFK Jr, Trump Vasawamy, DeSantis, Williamson & Haley. Vasawamy is very clever and will be one to watch. I do like JFK Jr and what he stands for. His chart suggests he wants to right the wrongs of the past Kennedy’s. However I do not dismiss Trump.
    Unless someone else runs, I see one of these 3 as President.
    I am a Tassie astrologer also. We are everywhere.

    1. How can you go through the Trump chart, when Donald gave the authorities two completely different birth dates? See other comments here, but that’s not AA data. Fancy you living in Tasmania. I’m there for about half the year now.

  21. I think it’s hard to ignore the fact that on Election Day, Jupiter will conjunct tRump’s NN and Sun in Gemini that rules his 11th house.
    I think tRump will pick Nikki Haley as his running mate. Something will happen with tRump and she will take over. Nikki is late Capricorn 29/Early Aquarius 0 depending on charts. She is also a Taurus rising with her Natal NN in Aquarius.

    Also, Haley’s parents moved from India to Canada after her father received a scholarship offer from the University of British Columbia according to Wikipedia.

    1. We don’t have reliable birth data for Donald Trump. He gave the authorities two different birth dates. He’s also been impeached and arraigned and has a history of deception as well as delusion. I really question why Astrodienst still hands out his data and chart as if it was AA verified. It’s really not. So I’m afraid we can’t say if he has Jupiter on anything at all. We don’t even know if he’s a Gemini.

  22. Also Haley said she would pardon tRump! Which would explain Jupiter retro crossing his natal Uranus in his 10th house again after Election Day. Kushner family gave her money for her 2024 run and according to ex CIA director Mike Pompey’s book Jared/Ivanka tried to replace Pence with Haley in 2019.

    She has a degree in accounting, South Carolina has a tree on the state flag, and lilies are part of the state’s tourism.

    I wonder what India’s chart looks like as it might come down to Harris/Haley showdown? Both of Indian decent.

    I bet the pardon is a big part of how she wins/gets money. She is a skilled politician as she says what is needed to get elected but does the opposite. As she says climate change is caused by humans but then on her first week she pulls us out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

    My fear is it’s Haley…. Wolf in Sheep Skin Heels

  23. I wonder in the past, i recall you wrote there could be some sort of american and canadian union setup.

    1. Yes, I published a Substack that suggested a new Canada-America partnership. Now Mexico may have a woman as its leader, we may be seeing a triple neighbour agreement on trade by 2025, or other factors. Abortion is the obvious one.

    1. We’re at that very, very early stage of American politics when there are quite a few names being tossed around. I’d love to see some accurate data for the astrology charts but we just don’t have it. Very broadly, with Pluto in Aquarius here for 20 years, we don’t get the same old thing. We don’t get another white male power base – and we don’t get another Kennedy. Whatever and whomever is set up in 2025 nods to a female President, now or next time. Or, a heavily stacked female and non-white power base.

  24. Hi! I just read that Mexico is guaranteed to elect a female president next year because both parties have a female candidate. Both Canada and Mexico have elections next year so perhaps it’s a story of three new leaders working together. Anyway, glad to see Pluto in Aquarius doing its thing in Mexico, which also just decriminalized abortion (in line with your other post about Diana’s activities).

    1. Thank you so much. This prediction took a fascinating and fated turn with that Mexican decision. The Three Amigos. Have to say, if President Joe Biden keeps on being reckless about COVID-19 (mask-free Joe) then at his age he is seriously risking replacement anyway. Long Covid is real. Multiple Covid infections are real. I’m thinking aloud here, but Jill Biden’s recent infection is a red flag.

  25. At this moment, based on Reuters news, it looks like Mexico resonates more with your predictions.
    “Mexico’s ruling party named former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum its candidate for next year’s presidential election on Wednesday, putting her in pole position to win the June 2 vote and become the country’s first woman president.”

    Mexico City chart for 31 January 1917 4:00 pm shows Sun, Mars and Uranus in Aquarius, where Pluto will be starting next year.

    1. Thank you so much. I’d not seen this. Another reader raised Mexico yesterday when I was talking about America’s neighbours (see Comments) and this is the second ‘honk’ alert. Unless something untoward happens, Claudia will be the Mexican President and this means an essentially feminist neighbour for America, who may well find the White House can now be reshaped along new lines. So even though Canada is the obvious neighbour I can see looming large in the 2025 White House, literally because she’s bigger – Mexico is the other neighbour who is just as important.

  26. Dear Jessica

    I represent my colleagues and unfortunately I see neither success nor perspective. Should I quit this job and do something else? Change careers?


    1. Paul you were born with the instinctive, caring Moon at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, trine Uranus with all his independence stories, at 28 Virgo, in the Sixth House of work. Along comes Pluto at 27, 28 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years and you are at a crossroads. I expect you will make up your mind when you go into the Capricorn transits of late 2023, early 2024, as the Sun will make its way to 27, 28 Capricorn as you also enter that phase of the year when people resign, are made redundant, accept promotions, are hired, accepted into universities and so on. To personalise this use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on my website, which will give you a three-way reading. I am sorry you are going through this, Paul, but it’s historic, as you’ve seen, so quite rare. Whenever you get a Pluto transit the trick is to use willpower to become empowered and the issue is always, always finding the controls when others try to control you.

  27. I immediately see Biden in the Knight of Pentacles with the dark horse of Pluto (Scorpio) and the horse-mounted archer (Sagittarius). He was born November 20th on the Scorpio-Sagitarius cusp of revolution, so this card seems fitting for the one who bides (stays, remains, continues – it’s all in the name Biden really) to see in the revolution of Pluto in Aquarius. Another thing that jumps out at me is the coin that the Knight of Pentacles is holding, which matches the symbol of Fortuna at 00 degrees in Taurus conjunct the Sun at 00 degrees in Aquarius at the time of the 2025 Presidential inauguration as shown in the astrological chart you have provided. Ushering in a green and a tech revolution with Pluto in Aqua where the tables will be turned and the fortunes will be shared among the masses. That’s my two pence for starters anyhow. I’m sure we’ll all have more to say here as things evolve with the presidential campaign 🙂

    1. Yes, the Knight of Pentacles is a good candidate for a Joe Biden presidency, even though many think he is too old for another term. Biden is a Sun Scorpio man and Pluto rules his Sun. Pluto rides black horses, but the entire card looks like Sagittarius, the mounted archer, and that’s also the Biden chart, with its Sagittarius ascendant (if we accept the birth time; it’s only an A-rated chart). The figure in the card is indeed biding his time, which is a nice psychic interpretation you have made. Unlike other knights in Pamela’s Tarot, he’s not in motion. He’s perfectly still. You have also picked up the green revolution potential in the card. Both rider and horse are decorated with greenery. Is that unploughed field ripe for organic farming, or a radically new kind of agriculture? This fits with the astrology you’ve mentioned. We’d also have to expect the 2025 presidency to chime with Uranus in Taurus, which is obviously the food revolution. Thanks very much for your interpretation.

  28. Hi Jessica

    Further to my previous comment and your reply – thank you. Bill Gates. The largest landowner in the US owning 270,000 acres (according to Google) and has a fortune of US$111.4 billion. Bill Gates’ (A rated) natal chart, has Juno at 28 Scorpio – that’s conjunct Apollo (leadership) at 28 Scorpio in the inauguration chart. Another financial marriage bringing land?

    Many thanks.


    1. Thanks Julie. The President of 2025 will need Gates in his back pocket, which may be a nod to the laptop in the saddle. I had no idea Gates was the biggest landowner in America; that is a further nod to that huge expanse of unploughed field in the card. The astrology is really shouting with that Scorpio conjunction, as you say; more land and money in the picture. The black horse is a final nod to the sign Scorpio (which is also Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden) just because Pluto traditionally rode black horses and of course is the ruler of that sign.

  29. While other readers are noting USA’s northern and southern neighbours I see the business alliances of trans-Atlantic neighbourliness is the warmest and tightest it’s been since WW2. And the Knight of coins is in military regalia. NATO related deals?

    1. The definition of ‘neighbours’ in the Third House, ruled by Gemini, is traditionally short-distance travel. These ideas in astrology are ancient and go back to the Romans. Mercury ruled Gemini and the Third House and was the messenger of the gods; he was about rapid connections. Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, was about sprawling international travel and foreign messaging – opposite Gemini – and the Ninth House is really the one to watch for NATO and America. I agree that the Knight of Coins is in military regalia, but he is very much the local or regional traveller here, which brings us back to Canada and Mexico. Pamela’s cards are interesting; they frequently show travel over water, which points to all things foreign, but this card keeps the knight on dry land. This does rather feel like a groundbreaking new trade agreement with Canada and/or Mexico. Let’s see where we are in 2025.

  30. Hi Jessica
    I sense Anthony Blinken will be on the Democratic ticket.

    He has been a good and proactive Secretary of State, is a young, safe candidate and is a seasoned political operator having been in Washington for years. He was also in the room – the Situation Room – when the Osama bin Laden Seal team operation was happening, so he has some experience that will be valued/play well with both sides on that alone.

    He is visible in China, Israel and Ukraine… I just sense he will be annointed/appointed nearer to the time because he has a decent political pedigree. What do you think?

    1. We don’t have an AA chart for Antony Blinken unfortunately. An AA chart is a Rodden Rating on the accuracy of the time, place and date of birth (invented by the late Lois Rodden) so unfortunately there is no point in looking at his horoscope. It will be interesting to come back to this feature in 2025 as inauguration unfolds to see your original prediction though. Many thanks.

  31. Thanks for this thought provoking

    thread, and all you do Jessica. Interestingly, Hilary Clinton is a Scorpio with Aquarius MC, Asc (trine Neptune in Libra) and Uranus in Gemini, Pluto and Mars conjunct at 14 Leo. Interesting. She’s not exactly new on the scene, but someone to consider. has her info as 26 Oct, 1947, 6:45 pm, Chicago, Illinois. Interesting… Not sure about the rating.

    1. Thank you. Hillary Clinton has an AA rated chart at Astrodienst. She is a Sun Scorpio woman with a Scorpio stellium. The zodiac sign which rules sex, death and money. Typically, ‘Until death do us part’ in the marriage vow and ‘Forsaking all others.’ So that’s the Clinton marriage, along with ‘For richer, for poorer.’ The Scorpio stellium in her Eighth House of joint finance and property is most subject to change in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 as every four weeks, she goes through the opposition of Uranus in Taurus, to the passing Moon in Scorpio. On a regular basis this can slowly but surely reshape finances, but also the attitude towards money. This obviously has repercussions in politics too. In fact, what Clinton goes through personally, has repercussions politically and it may be a factor in what we see in 2025, no matter if she is advising the Democrats or actually leading them.

  32. I have seen Nikki Haley’s name mentioned in earlier posts. Her parents are Indian, by way of Canada, and she was born 20/01/1972 in Bamberg, South Carolina. Of course, it may be another Democrat for President (please, not Biden!) but if it is to be a Republican, then she looks nearest to the centre ground. She is also firmly on record as being pro-Ukraine; not necessarily a stance that will win her too many votes in certain parts of the US electorate.

  33. Hi, You say this election is about the economy plain and simple. While not an expert my decades of observation tell me that when a presidential election is about the economy then the economy really isn’t doing well at all. Not prosperous times. Usually the party of the existing president loses in these cases. I wonder if you see the USA economic situation as doing poorly during this election year? If so that could be a factor to consider also.

    1. The economy was always going to be erratic in the US with Uranus (the unpredictable revolution) in Taurus (trade, currency and the banks). What comes out of this for inauguration is a leader who may not have a huge surplus to work with, but has big plans for the cash in hand. Those big plans are what will stir voters. Uranus in Taurus is about unusual alternatives and I believe this will be about food and agriculture. This is a ‘lean green’ presidency, if you look at the greenery decorating the rider and horse in the Tarot card. So let’s see.

  34. Robert F Kennedy Jr. does not have a public time for Jan. 17 1954 in Washington DC. If Noon is used- he has a Taurus ascendant.

    1. As I’ve written here, when there is no verified time for a possible president, we don’t use the chart. Astrology charts without an AA Rodden Rating come with four big problems – the MC, AC, IC and DC will probably be wrong. Those angles describe peak achievement, partnership, opposition and home. All big signals for any future president on inauguration. Donald Trump has two sets of data so is null and void (he supplied both to authorities). Robert F. Kennedy Junior has no time. Again, best avoided.

  35. the moon is void as a write this so i’m not sure if this will amount to anything, or if i’m subconsciously writing this when the moon is void intentionally because i fear being heard as much as i crave it. i’m a low level employee at a major technology company and i can’t help but feel i’m meant for something else — advocacy work (i have profound hearing loss) or art/writing — but i just can’t seem to figure out how to introduce myself to the world. writing this publically freaks me out.

    i find the fact that so many politicians north chart info is unavailable to be fascinating. on the one hand “what are they hiding”? on the other hand, they’re people like everyone else and is this a wide spread problem that prevents people from knowing their true selves? my own birth time is approximated as my father remembers noticing that is was noon shortly after i was born and i resonate strongly with what i’ve read about the scorpio rising. i just don’t know my exact angles and feel a bit locked out of myself.

    thanks for listening

    1. Hearing loss and fear of publicly writing are both ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. You have Mercury at 15 Leo and Saturn is at 15 Virgo making an exact semi-sextile. When you say you “feel a bit locked out of myself” you are articulating Mercury-Saturn. It never really matters what the aspect is, there is restriction with speech, hearing or writing. The birth time would also be irrelevant as you would still have the semi-sextile, as Saturn moves so slowly. Astrology is knowledge and knowledge is empowering. Have a look at natal Mercury-Saturn aspects on this website and in your favourite astrology books; have a look at Mercury in the Fifth House and Saturn in the Sixth House. The best way to deal with Saturn (which we all have in our chart somewhere) is to acknowledge the rules, boundaries, walls and gates. When you accept the limitations you learn to work with the realities; many successful people with a Mercury-Saturn aspect have done just that. You have a huge Aquarius stellium and will find new power with a group from January 2024. It will be the first of a chain of groups for the next 20 years when you will realise how influential and game-changing a community of people can be. You will play an important part in that.

  36. Vote fraud has been significant in every US election since 1864, and certainly isn’t going away…Indeed, speaking as a Constitutional lawyer and historian, it reached new levels in the last two elections…My opinion is that it will depend on the candidates astrology, and there may be 3 candidates with RFK going 3d party due to the blatant rigging of the DNC process, and many thinking that the decrepit Biden will be replaced…In other words, we don’t know who the candidates are yet….Pluto in Capricorn, finally leaving in 2024 for Aquarius, suggests that the American Empire is going down the drain, and that suggests huge instability…I think that Trump won’t be inaugurated because of his Gemini sun, because Geminis don’t win two Presidential elections…

    1. If only Donald Trump was actually a verified Sun Gemini, but he has supplied two different birthdays to the authorities over the years. So we don’t even have proof that he’s a Sun Gemini or Sun Cancer, despite the arrival of what looks like a birth certificate. He may actually have been born in July, which he told New York election officials. I agree with you that the end of Pluto in Capricorn is the end of empire, hierarchy and the structure America knew. Pluto in Aquarius is the empowerment and transformation of Generation Aquarius, who are about to vote for the first or second time, and certainly become candidates for the first time. We have 20 years. Power from the top down, in the hands of the elite, goes.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are well.
    It was an announced today that the Republicans will open an impeachment trial on President Biden.. The Guardian goes on to say that it will be ” a Republican led hearing intended to convince Americans that Joe profited from his son’s business dealing”.
    From what I have read and understand there is actually no evidence to support any of this.
    What do you make of it, if anything?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. President Biden is a Scorpio who has both Neptune and Saturn in his Fifth House of parenthood. It does end, but not quite soon enough for this extremely demanding election in 2024. Hard to be a father at the best of times, let alone with this. The actual impeachment has been started on Mercury Retrograde which should reassure anyone who is concerned about it. Nothing ever sticks on that cycle. It gets changed or cancelled. I would expect more evidence to come to light by 1st October which discredits the accusers or makes us question the accusation.

  38. hi Jessica. I’m not an astrologer but most Presidents and politicians get reelected. Biden has been underestimated day 1. I think he’ll win a surprising landslide and maybe Kamala Harris will take over in a few years.

  39. I wouldn’t discount Mexico. Its history is longer than the US and a lot of American land was formerly Mexico. Both of our neighbors have amazingly rich lands (especially Mexico as we rely on both Canada and Mexico for a lot of our food). We Yanks can learn a lot from them. Hopefully we can have something that benefits more people than the former NAFTA deal.

    1. Mexico is well worth a closer look in 2024 as the ‘neighbours’ transit of Jupiter in Gemini draws closer in May. So yes, I will check back and next time, with the Canada and Mexico charts. Thank you.

  40. There must be a State certified birth certificate for Trump, this isn’t the 19th century….and that’s the only one that’s relevant…

    1. Unfortunately, the Trump birth certificate saga has been going on before his election. He problematically supplied two different birth dates to the US authorities. There is a certificate online but it was produced only after some difficulty. So there is no AA chart. The only chart that’s relevant? Absolutely not.

  41. There is literally tons of evidence, much of it on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and also testimony from Ukrainian officials…But neither party actually wants to impeach Biden because they are making too much money on this ongoing disaster in the Ukraine…

  42. Well I am American and I am just so tired of our politics and presidents. If there will be a woman, and I am a woman, I’d rather it be a real woman.. not Oprah. She is not genuine. The whole thing has just become a farce. Political office used to be a true public service and now its simply self service for those who hold those positions. I don’t care for a single on of them at this point. The lies, the crimes, the mudslinging. I just keep out of it all.

    I can’t help but think of one the final lines of one of my favorite songs by Greg Lake; “Hallelujah, Noel be it heaven or hell
    The Christmas we get we deserve”, or in this case, the leaders. We all need to get together as a society and take our power back. Get a government that is truly FOR the people BY the people. But until we unite.. it’s just gonna be the same old same old.

    May we find peace and harmony with in ourselves and eacother!


  43. Jessica, I apologize for being off topic, but in regards to predictions that we are collectively moving away from big governments and multinational corporations toward empowerment of smaller, more local groups, I found this article interesting and hope you will too.

    Thank you.

  44. Despite 91 indictments against him, Trump continues to have such a lead in the pre-presidential race, he doesn’t actually have to campaign or debate. Unless something ‘Uranus’ this way comes, he’s got it in the bag – which is astonishing to those of us that have any tether to reality. How someone like this ends up with so much power – half our country is living in a mental delusion.

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