New Moon in Virgo 2023

The New Moon in Virgo can deliver on work and health in October if you use astrology's secret timing.

The New Moon in Virgo in September 2023

Dream bigger on this New Moon in Virgo on 15th September 2023.

Virgo rules your lifestyle, workload, health, fitness and wellbeing. In your birth chart, Virgo is in charge of the Sixth House of daily routine, your job, housework, unpaid work and study. The New Moon there signals a new beginning. In this feature I’ll show you how to make it deliver for you in October, using simple astrology.

Workload and Lifestyle Relaunch

The New Moon in Virgo falls with the Sun at 21 Virgo 58 in a conjunction with the Moon at 21 Virgo 58 on Friday 15th September 2023 at 2.39am BST in London. Adjust for your time zone.

If you have anything at 21 Virgo in your birth chart, this is rare and important. You are being offered a new lifestyle.


New Moon in Virgo 2023 - New Moon in Virgo 2023

Allow for Delays, Cancellations and Stop-Start

Allow for delays, cancellations and stop-start with the new beginning. The green light will appear on Thursday 14th, New Moon Spring Scattering Stars Edwin Blashfield 252x300 - New Moon in Virgo 2023Friday 15th, Saturday 16th September – depending on your time zone. Yet, it’s like a green light for a car that is going to reverse and also stop for a while.

The reason is Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. The planet of communication, information and transportation has been going backwards and forwards since Friday 4th August.

You will see the new crescent moon above your apartment or house appear from September 14th-16th and should absolutely set goals and move forward, but just be prepared for about a fortnight of green lights, amber lights and red lights. (Illustration: Edwin Blashfield/Picryl).

Do You Have Virgo Factors at 8-21 Degrees?

If you have anything in Virgo at 8 through 21 degrees you have been personally affected with your health, fitness, job, unpaid work, or course.

Put the ‘re’ prefix in front of everything connected with this and you have an explanation for August and September 2023 as you have been rescheduling, or rewriting or rethinking.

It ends on Saturday 30th September. So this New Moon in Virgo, is the new chapter for your wellbeing, daily life and career or course which is being rewritten, even as you start it. This lands in a great place in October, though. So persist.

If you have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House, so four, five, six or more factors in that sign – this New Moon will deliver a different way of working, doing the housework, gardening, exercising, eating, drinking and so on – if you wish.

Mercury by Hans Thoma Merkur 251x300 - New Moon in Virgo 2023The Rewards of October 2023

No matter if your priority is losing weight or moving to a new job, the Virgo New Moon is a good cue for goal-setting. Later on, once Mercury is back to normal, there are rewards.

Uranus will trine Mercury. Pluto will trine Mercury. In astrology, a trine is perfect flow. Uranus is liberating, exciting and can set you free. Pluto is empowering.

If you were using August and September as a rehearsal or first take then October delivers. A good example of this is a medical process which must go in stages, or a project at university or college which takes two or three attempts.

I really like this painting of Mercury, because he looks as if he means business. When he is finally out of his long retrograde loop on the last day of September 2023, you will be in an excellent position to reach agreement, release important paperwork, or finalise a plan. (Mercury by Hans Thoma/Picryl).

Using a Journal and Visualisation for New Moon Results

The Mercury turnaround will be rapid, so October 1st really will feel like the first day of the rest of your life. Use a journal and daydreaming to imagine what might be possible. Give yourself 2-3 weeks.

The Moon by Edward Mason Eggleston 237x300 - New Moon in Virgo 2023The New Moon in Virgo is about the birth of something new. The Sun and Moon come together and what is conceived then is rare; it can only happen once a year.

I would expect you to hear important news affecting your plans with your doctor, dentist, optician, therapist, audiologist, dietitian and so on, from September 14th-16th. With your eyes on October, after a couple of weeks of stop-start, see how life would feel if you fixed an issue or found an answer.

Virgo Rules Food, Drink and the Little Things

Virgo rules your food and drink, your medication, recreational drugs and the tiny details of daily life, from sleep cycles to your toothpaste and toothbrush. It’s about the impact of the very small, on very big things.

This extends to work, unpaid work and academia. Virgo is about the accumulative impact of ‘details every day’ which can deliver profound results. This painting by Edward Mason Eggleston shows Virgo the maiden reaching for the New Moon. That pair of trines from Uranus and Pluto to Mercury in Virgo, a couple of weeks later, should also have you reaching higher.

Medical Breakthroughs and Scientific Discoveries

On a global level there will be news about medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries in the final two weeks of September, with more to come in October. These may profoundly affect you so watch the news.

It will be important and groundbreaking, because we only get a New Moon in Virgo once a year. For example, the use of magic mushrooms to treat depression – or the arrival of a Covid-19 antiviral pill.

Using the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle

Finally, use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on my website (if you are a Premium Member) to give yourself a three-way reading about the New Moon in Virgo. Follow the steps and ask ‘What is my highest potential for this New Moon in Virgo?’ Make it happen.

Main Image: Luna by Leon-Francois Comerre (Picryl).

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186 Responses

    1. This is a close, if not exact, conjunction to natal Jupiter so your natural protection and good fortune will kick in, with work, unpaid work, study, health and wellbeing. Ever since childhood you have been blessed with opportunities to have more, more, more from these areas of your life, starting at school. Even when things have been at their most challenging with work, study or health you have been offered safety nets, and not just nets – really great solutions. At its very best this cycle can just take care of you, abundantly so, and you often find one or two guardian angel figures; people who are the gift that goes on giving to you. As a result, if you say yes, you are given huge benefits both with your wellbeing and your work as a whole. The New Moon will write another chapter in this for you with a satisfying outcome in October.

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your helpful and insightful features, as always.
    I have 7 Uranus Virgo, 12 Pluto Virgo, which I have felt. I also have 22 Apollo Virgo, and was wondering if this would apply as well, and to what extent, to the new moon at 21 degrees.
    Many thanks,

    1. You were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of doctors, food, fitness, drugs, healers and medication. Donna, this is generation as everybody who was born in the 1960’s has it, and to some extent your generation can’t escape the constant questions about what to eat, what to drink, how to exercise, how to medicate – because you grew up with The Pill apart from anything else. And big pharmaceutical companies who have given your generation everything from Viagra to Prozac. You are also in the gym and health food shop generation. This New Moon will form a close, if not exact, conjunction with Apollo in Virgo in your natal chart so your capacity for leadership (setting an example to others, inspiring imitators) is triggered. You will be offered the chance to lead the way with health or fitness; it will reward you later.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for another brilliant article… so helpful. I have Neptune 21 Scorpio and Uranus 22 Virgo. I also have a Virgo stellium. Not sure what all this means. Would you be able to explain it please? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You have factors at 2 through 24 Virgo in your Sixth House of health and workload. Among them is Uranus in Virgo so you chop and change your approach to food, fitness, drink, drugs, doctors, healing – all your life. The sextile from Uranus to Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, possessions and property suggests your budget is often a factor. So, an expensive procedure that you reject, or health insurance questions. It’s not there all the time, but it is triggered every so often. This New Moon will open up the question again – how can you be fitter and healthier on all levels in a way that works with your budget? There are other things you could be doing with your money. Or are you prepared to spend on specialists, for example, or a membership at the local pool?

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have had exceedingly bad luck with my health over the last couple of years. With my stellium in Virgo hoping that this means things are going to start turning around? I am ready for that. Is that the correct interpretation? Thank you.

    1. You do indeed have a whopping Virgo stellium at 5 through 29 degrees of the sign in your Sixth House of physical and mental health. In 2021-2023 you find both Saturn and Neptune in opposition from Pisces test you. So it’s not bad luck, it’s a couple of rare astrological cycles which are putting your usual approach to fitness, food, drugs, drink, doctors, healing – through an exam. You are correct in thinking at least one issue turns around. The New Moon is the new beginning. Despite twists and turns with that new beginning, in October, the two trines to Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) show you firm answers.

  4. Thank you for this post, Jessica! I do feel like my life is on a precipice. My birth chart does not have anything at 21 Virgo. My Tarot card when I asked about this time was Judgement. This felt heavy. Any insights you have would be helpful!

    1. Venus at 1 Virgo and Uranus at 1 Scorpio are tied, in your Eighth House of ancestors, relatives and the afterlife. Judgement is about the departed evolving to the next level, spiritually, and this happens because of something that you do or say – or because they are ready to move on, irregardless of you, but their soul’s progress also affects you here on earth.

  5. Hi I have a Virgo stellium, and am trying to improve my health, lifestyle and well being. I drew the chariot tarot card when I meditated on the new moon potential, number 24 planting ideas and 36 big idea(I drew again for clarity) but Vesta and the eleventh house in the astrology Oracle. Could you please help interpret these, especially Vesta in this scene? Grateful always

    1. The Chariot is about going between two cities or countries. You have 14, 15 degree patterns involving the mutable signs, both Virgo (work) and Gemini (short distances) and Sagittarius (long distances) so you will plant an idea abroad or across your region. It will involve a gender imbalance though so you need to watch the gender politics. What begins in September could deliver from October.

  6. Hi Jessica, the Virgo new moon sounds positive and uplifting! I have my IC at 22 Virgo, will this impact me? I’m finishing a masters degree and a coaching qualification in September. I will keeping my eyes open for new jobs (I need more family time), and I have plans to improve my fitness and get back on track physically, (now I don’t have to be chained to a computer writing a dissertation)! Hopefully, the end of a long slog. Take care x

    1. Your IC or Immum Coeli is your ancestry, heritage, culture and history. In Virgo, it describes a doctor, nurse or invalid in your family tree. Sometimes another health professional, like a dentist or acupuncturist. You have inherited high consciousness of being a patient or a healer, as a result, and for whatever reason, this will be brought to your attention again near the New Moon, with a decision by October which works for you. You want to improve your fitness and a really strong new pathway will be shown to you.

  7. Oh wow Jessica – life has been so challenging of late your blog gives me hope things might change as my moon is 15 Virgo and DESC is 21 Virgo – does this mean life will change?

    1. The Moon in Virgo describes your ‘need to be needed’ at work; with unpaid work; at university. Your maternal instinct is channelled by taking care of the housework (or taking care of the household, including any animals). You are very good at accommodating the needs of people you work for or with, or study alongside. You are the person who makes the cup of tea and attends to the tiny details that make the big difference. You tend to attract other halves in life – in all duet or partnership situations – who are similarly inclined. All of this is brought to your attention as the New Moon lands and you realise you are being offered a completely new set-up, regarding same. If your health has been an issue and prevented you from working, volunteering or studying, you will be shown a new path, completed in October.

  8. Hello Jessica!
    Just wondering how Saturn opposing my sun (1 degree Virgo) and my descendant opposing my ascendant (at 21 degrees Virgo) will affect me on the new moon in Virgo. I’d so love a new beginning. My nodes at 25 Capricorn and Cancer are presently in a grand cross with the north and south node. During this same grand cross in 2005, I was offered work abroad, and I’d so love for the same type of opportunity. I’ve not travelled since before COVID and feel my good Virgo practices can continue to keep me safe. Might my chart suggest a bit of an escape? For this new moon, I drew the 4 of Pentacles, which, I can assure you, does not reflect my present position of sessional instructor at a university.
    Thanks so much for establishing this community. I’ve loved being a part of it and wish the very best to all of the members who so bravely share their struggles and joys in the comments.

    1. Thank you for your kind words which I will pass on to Alicia, James, Jodi and Justin. You have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House, so this unusually high number of Virgo factors in the house of work and health, is being triggered for a new beginning. You also drew the Four of Pentacles so you are being told there is potential to earn or save money in your university job; with a replacement job; with an additional income source. The Saturn opposition you mention is one of a slow chain, so be aware of them all. Basically, you are being pushed back into your super Virgo self, in 2023 and 2024. This means working harder at being fit, well and healthy.

  9. Thank you for this, it is so hopeful and timely to read. I’m struggling with my mental health quite badly, although have started fantastic therapy. I’ve been struggling with weight I gained two years ago due to these mental health issues and desperately want to get my head well enough to leave my house so I can get back to my beloved sport of choice for mind and body and coomunity so reading this article is hopeful since I have a stellium in Virgo. I asked what the Virgo new moon would mean for me and drew the Star. I’ve drawn that before for Pluto in Aquarius period, and actually was speaking to a couple of the ladies in leading our women’s group at work for the first time in a while so it may be something to do with them?

    1. Thank you. Your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House is well and truly triggered, not just by the New Moon in Virgo which passed a few days ago, but also by Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and the continued transit of the Sun in Virgo, too. This is a very good time to rehearse and experiment with different ways of exercising and also eating, drinking, using alternative therapy and looking at doctors, dentists, therapists and health insurance. This is crucial for any strongly Virgo type as you tend to work very hard, offer a great deal in the name of unpaid work, volunteering or looking after other people – or animals, actually. Virgo can be the maid of all work sometimes. Thus, this is maintenance and repair time. The Star is a fantastic Tarot card which is just as you interpreted: your women’s group at work. There is also a second group where you pool resources which may actually involve swimming; beach walks; spas. That may also turn up on offer so watch out for it.

  10. Hi Jessica, I have my sun at 25 degrees Virgo in the 9th house would the coming new moon have any influence on me. I have been the sole carer for my disabled husband for the last 7 years without a break and am nearing breaking point. I am 87 years old with my own medical complaints and wonder how much longer I can carry on. I have Pluto at 28 degrees Cancer in my 7th house. Is there any respite for me. Thank you
    Cynthia Andrews

    1. The New Moon would have shown you some home truths about your health, wellbeing, mental health and so on, Cynthia. What you have been reminded of, is that your own very particular constitution and condition comes first. You have to put yourself first and if that means making strong decisions, then so be it. I am so sorry that you are sole carer for your disabled husband. Your Sun is at 25 Virgo and your Pluto is at 28 Cancer. Spinning your chart to read that with the Natural House system, your Sun is in the Sixth House of duty, service, health, unpaid work, paid work and daily routine. Pluto is in your Fourth House of family, household, house, apartment, town and country. The reason you feel so stretched is transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn, which I am sure you know about. This is transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Pluto. It is also slowly on the way out. In January Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn, so he’s well and truly off that degree, then he goes into Aquarius. That is the last time in your life you will ever have Pluto exactly opposite Pluto. You are really going to notice the change in 2024 as the other news is Jupiter at 25 Taurus trine your Sun at 25 Virgo. So there will be new opportunities to relaunch your health and reshape your lifestyle. The transits ahead are all pretty good, after a very difficult time. Eventually Jupiter goes to 28 Cancer so between 2025-2026 I would expect a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a bigger and better home life, likely through renovations or a move. Your family circle will also expand, or the household will, to your advantage at that time. You can use the Tarot free on my website to personalise this reading for yourself, Cynthia. Just follow the steps. And well done on getting through transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Pluto.

    1. The New Moon has gone now, but she paved the way for some Virgo work. The work will be done on your inner self; your psyche; your soul and spirit. You can only do that when you are alone. You will in fact be solitary for a while, as there is effort required to peer into whatever or whomever you think of as your guiding light in life; it may be God; it may be the mysterious quantum universe. It reflects on you, and you reflect it too.

  11. Hi Jessica! The only factor I have in Virgo is my Ascendant, which is at 23 Virgo. Does this still affect me in any way? Thanks very much for your work and appreciate any insight you might share.

    1. You are strongly Gemini and far more affected by Jupiter in Gemini from May 2024 until June 2025, with fantastic outcomes for you online, in the media and/or with publishing. You are born to connect people, places and ideas and are going to have lift-off quite rapidly with a very special role or project after the Sun also moves into Gemini from late May. Further ahead, Uranus goes into Gemini, so the core of what you discover and enjoy will then become grounds for something quite innovative, inventive and high-tech from the mid 2020’s. Back to your Ascendant. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign is the least important part of your chart, as it’s how you arrive. It’s rather like your car or bicycle, your taxi or limousine, your bus or horse. Not really a huge part of you. The Ascendant is marked by the time the cord is cut from the mother and you would be amazed at how many people get it wrong. So the Ascendant or Rising Sign is often wrong too. Yet, even if it is correct, all it ever does is show how you land. How you make an entrance. What sort of repeated debut you make on the stage of life. The rest of the chart is far more important; thus the Gemini stellium.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Being a super-Virgo with my stellium, this is my favorite time of the year 🙂 Thank you for this article.

    1) I am dating a Pisces man and considering moving 2000 kilometers to live together-yet-separately – separate houses in the same neighborhood as we both seem to need two bedrooms each. Our culture differences brings in differences in eating habits too – I am vegetarian, he is not. Our careers bring in a lot of time differences – I work like a “Virgo” – 8 hours of single-focus. He works 12 hours. We both have individual mortgages & the impending marriage conversation, too. As an astrologer, you’d have a field day with the gender politics at play in my life right now! Tarot gave me the King of Cups card when asking about this relationship. What can you tell me about the move and the partnership?

    2) Even in the midst of retrograde I am taking the New Moon opportunity to revamp my digital/online presence. I am desirous of a promotion later this year & hoping that Oct/Nov will bring results. I keep pulling Magician card repeatedly when querying about career. Help me interpret this in relation to personal branding for internet.

    Grateful as always. Your expertise seems inexhaustible!

    1. Thank you. Yes, we are in that Virgo season when strongly Virgo people have to put their physical health and mental health first, above all other things, including other people’s agendas. It’s also that time of year when Virgo stellium individuals realise ‘the work is the thing’ or ‘the study is the thing’ and can narrow their focus to do something really impressive. You are destined for great things which the Tarot is telling you; you just used the New Moon to revamp your online presence and your natal chart shows Jupiter at 3 Capricorn trine Juno at 3 Virgo so you will find that transiting Jupiter at 3 Gemini from mid-2024 onwards is irresistible in terms of the opportunities to educate and impress. You may do this informally as a mentor or guide figure to others or accept a position where you are tutoring or leading. Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House is the expansive, all-encompassing, all-embracing big-picture thinker who seems to have a direct line to a higher power. Juno in Virgo in the Sixth House is good with the details and that grasp of method, order and neatly organised resources and information completes the picture. Your Pisces man is a different challenge. He is your King of Cups and the fish show in the card. He is inaccessible, hard to get close to (and it is not just the map distance), removed from the real world and may have a key relationship with drugs, medication and/or alcohol. Alternatively he gave them up but it’s in his history. I am not sure if you know this about him. Your best bet is definitely to have him move – if he will do so. The King of Cups does better when he boards the ship you see in the distance, in the card. Then he can sail to be with you, or you can join him on the journey. He is drifting at the moment and somewhat detached. So if he will make the shift, your chances of proper intimacy are much better. You moving to him doesn’t suit the King of Cups so well; in his current position there is no room for a woman (or even a cat or dog) to get particularly close!

  13. Hi Jessica, thank you for your brilliant post. I have Apollo at 20 Virgo, how will this affect me? I have Saturn at 15 Taurus too and I just heard today my mortgage is to increase by £600 per month! I’m not sure how I’m going to afford this! Any insight would be really appreciated. With thanks, Alexia

    1. Alexia, I am sorry about your mortgage increase. You were born with Saturn at 15 Taurus in the Second House of money and property. Saturn restricts and confines, as you know. The good news is, Jupiter is at 15 Taurus so there is a way through, or a way out. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of Jupiter, so there is a relationship between the transit and your natal chart anyway. The New Moon on Apollo (one degree’s difference) suggests the answer is your work. You may be able to take on a side hustle or replace your existing job with a better paid one; you may ask for and get a pay rise. Most employers would understand as the properly market in Britain is so erratic.

  14. Hi Jessica, I have Pluto in Virgo at 22 in my 6th house, and I think, a stellium. My tarot is 2 of wands. Can you please help me decipher this? Many thanks.

    1. The Two of Wands is looking across her country or across the world, to plant a couple of ideas or applications. You have Mars at 2 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of export, relocation and travel. Saturn at 2 Pisces is currently square Mars. In addition to this, we have the New Moon approaching a conjunction to your natal Pluto at 22 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, study and unpaid work. The hesitation you have about sending your ideas or yourself somewhere else is quite normal. You are hanging on (too tightly) to one proposal, plan or letter. Saturn usually limits, restricts or confines and here – you are doing it to yourself. Find out why. And have a look at the second concept.

  15. Hello Jessica,
    Another great article as always ♥️ I have had a full year of change, which is still continuing, coupled with some tough work health and problems. I have a stellium in Virgo – is October a new start for me? Thank you for all you do x

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health, at 1 through 25 degrees. The tough work and health problems are not unusual when you have transiting Saturn and Neptune both in opposition to Virgo. Saturn is currently at 2 Pisces, going backwards and forwards and Neptune is at 26, doing the same. As in politics, or in sport, an opposition is a hard push against you. In football this necessitates the team and coach rethinking their tactics or returning to what they do best, but with more effort. You are at a point in your life where you need to rethink your tactics. It is not enough to make a half-promise to yourself that you will do something. You actually need to do it. This New Moon is stage one; Mercury resorting to normal motion is stage two, so this is a process in September, October. The relationship you have with your work, unpaid work, housework, any study – should be the first port of call. In astrology, health problems are a red flag for a need to rethink daily tasks, chores and labour as there is clearly some part of you which is resistant. Virgo is dutiful and will get on with things, without thinking too hard about them, but she needs to listen to herself and take herself seriously and act on it, too. That is the maiden within you now, who is asking for help. As much of this is unconscious you need to use the tools of Carl Jung to locate some breakthroughs here: Tarot and dreams.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have nothing in Virgo. Nothing. Like it is my empty house. Yet this seems like a pivotal time for me as the New Moon approaches. September 15 is a very important date for me. It is my dear grandmother’s anniversary. This is not nothing. There must be something. My natal Sun is Taurus 23 and Minerva 23 both in the 2nd house and Jupiter and Uranus both at 24 Cancer in my 4th house. Can you shed any light? I am making a big plan and need a light. Warm wishes Emma x

  17. I drew the Knight of Cups from the tarot when I asked about my inheritance of spirit from my wonderful grandmother. She was an entertainer, a pianist and performance artist. I am a writer, composer and performance artist. She died many years ago on September 15. What can I draw from her legacy to move me forward?

    1. You are strongly Aquarian and have a stellium in Aquarius. If you look closely you will see the wavy lines of the Aquarius logo hidden on the armour of the Knight of Cups. Aquarius rules groups, communities and circles. She is passing on the ability to be part of a team or club. In your case it would quite obviously be a band or orchestra. The first glimpse of the new beginning is January 2024 and the cycle lasts for years.

  18. hi Jessica. interesting article. I have pluto 24 degrees and diana 16 degrees. not quite 21 degrees but wonder what effect the new moon has on me. I am due back to work 2nd Oct after having 3mths leave to renovate house on the coast we bought. I need to work for financial reasons but am so dreading returning to work. hoping to go back part time. I drew the Six of Swords in tarot when asking how the new moon will affect me.

    Any advice or insights? Thanks!

    1. The Six of Swords is the departure from a difficult situation by moving or travelling away from it. You dread a return to work and want to go part-time. This will be possible. You are also heading for a relocation or journey, which makes sense – you have a house on the coast.

  19. Hello Jessica— I have so many near hits with my Virgo stellium, (moon 24, Venus 15 among other Virgo placements) and looking at this reading as a positive outcome? I surely hope so as I have been stuck much of the past few years with many challenges, in particular issues surrounding a recovery from a broken femur. Thank you tremendously for your input. I did resonate with the card chosen from the Garden Oracle, the Successful Man.
    Best to you,

    1. A broken femur is definitely a challenge, Vikki. You have a large Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work and health. Before you get to the New Moon, which is certainly a new direction, you need to understand your ‘extreme Virgo’ personality. This can apply even if you were born under a completely different sun sign. You are a Leo who has a double whammy going on. In your Leo chart you have Pluto going through your Sixth House of health anyway (he has been there since 2008) and as a strongly Virgo person, you have also had triggers to that part of your chart. The key to your femur and any other physical or mental health issue, is the relationship with work, unpaid work and housework. It is quite common for strongly Virgo women to be on autopilot and go through the motions of daily routine, tasks, chores and duties. That is what the maiden at home or parlourmaid/chambermaid used to do. One foot in front of the other. Sometimes the body talks, so you may gain some insights into your femur in particular. Being on autopilot is good for others, as the job is done on time, and reliably and often almost perfectly – sometimes actually perfectly. The issue with a lot of Virgo placements is unconscious rejection of, or resentment of, the job. This can be washing up, loading the dishwasher, cooking – as much as it is attending to work for a salary, or a course of study. A fearless and frank discussion with yourself about this could lead to some useful insights and some changes. And that New Moon is ideal.

  20. Hi Jessica. I have Bacchus at 21 Virgo and Vesta at 22 Virgo. Wonder what if this new moon brings to me?

    July and Aug is a bit difficult to me in terms of work and personal emotion, but I believe that is the effect of mercury and venus retrograde. Entering Sep I become more relaxed.

    1. Bacchus at 21 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, unpaid work and study suggests that you hugely enjoy what you do, even when you are serving others (or serving the dog or cat, come to that). You take pleasure and also offer pleasure in a job well done. Vesta in a conjunction at 22 Virgo suggests there will always be a lopsided gender balance. Typically, one male and two or more females. The New Moon will trigger the Bacchus-Vesta conjunction so you will find a new path doing what you love, and yet you will have to figure out the sexual politics too.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for going into the Virgo moon. Something tells me that this is what I needed to hear and read. My health has taken a setback several times since 2018, and now my mental health is also at stake. I have Diana 9 Virgo, Apollo 4, Vulcano 14 – but I’m not sure if these or something else will signal a change in my health. I’m also a healthcare professional, and being physically (and mentally) well is paramount for my livelihood.
    I’m meditating and journaling now and plan to pull out the Oracle and Tarot on the New Moon day. In the meantime, I’d be most grateful if you could share further insights.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The New Moon is wide of your Virgo stellium, but you will still see a new beginning offered for your health, mental health and also your job, as you work in the health industry. Diana needs freedom. She is the huntress who is an alpha female unbound by motherhood or marriage. Symbolically she represents the urge for independence and space. Diana in Virgo dislikes routine and rules. Apollo is her brother and is a symbol of great leadership and multi-tasking. He was multi-talented and widely admired. Vulcano is a symbol of the self-control that gives one influence, strength and potency. So you are quite the staff member to have! Yet you have health issues. This is typical of Virgo placements as any resistance to the job, will result in conditions which offer time out, or time off, or even resignation. Virgo is opposite Pisces in astrology and so the body responds to the unconscious. If you unconsciously don’t want to work, your body will generate anything that stops you from having to do that. It can be useful to be honest with yourself, about any job issues you are not facing. That can unlock answers. Your dreams can also help. Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, who won the Nobel Prize for his work in quantum physics, were both fans of dreams.

  22. I have Virgo stellium Sun at 2″.. Mercury retrograde at 8″ ..Venus at 21″ and IC at 28 “.. I became mum at 21 years old and had 4 kids..Been stay at home mum since..My eldest just turned 18 and I’m turning 40 next year..I seriously rethinking my life..I am seriously thinking and wanting a divorce also have huge regrets of not getting a proper degree in childcare teaching or nursing I wonder what will new moon in Virgo conjunct my Venus will bring for me

    1. Venus in Virgo in the Sixth House is often a housewife and can have four children. She is the goddess of complicated relationships and also close relationships – mother and son is typical. Venus had a son called Cupid as you probably know. You want a divorce and wish you’d become a teacher or nurse. It’s not too late but you need to deal with Venus. Find out more about her in your chart and specifically Venus in Virgo in the Sixth House. The New Moon by itself is not enough to change your life from full-time mother to new student, but it is the beginning of something. That beginning will later lead you to a real opportunity in 2024 as transiting Jupiter moves to 21 Taurus and is trine your Venus. Jupiter will finally trine your IC at 28 Virgo by May 2024 and that’s your big chance.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I have fortuna 22 Virgo. Does that mean anything? My supply teaching work has been stop/start so far. Can I expect things to change and improve soon?



    1. Thanks Gemma. You were born with Fortuna in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health. You strongly affect the destiny of others by spinning the wheel for them, but you don’t realise that you are doing it. For example, as a supply teacher, you ‘spin’ the lives of your pupils but do so quite unaware of the impact you are having. Fortuna is Jupiter’s daughter and is mentioned frequently in Shakespeare. Your stop-start work is typical of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in the Sixth House and will produce erratic scheduling until October. As the New Moon is in a conjunction with Fortuna, there will be a new beginning with either your work and/or your wellbeing, timed for later this week.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I have two huge things going on, completely separate from one another (and I’m not legally allowed to talk about either at the moment), but both huge opportunities relating to unpaid work I currently do and both opportunities are life changing if it all works out. Both opportunities have seemingly come into my life out of now where, completely unexpected and unpredictable and the timings appear to work perfectly with this article. So fascinating as always to see the astrology in sync with what is happening in my life.
    I only have 1 Virgo factor (fortuna at 13 Virgo), so this must be a truly profound event for those with stelliums!
    Thanks – amazing as always.
    Lesley x

    1. Thank you Lesley. You were born with Jupiter at 12 Capricorn in the Tenth House of success trine Fortuna at 13 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. There is only one degree’s difference with this perfect flow. In fact, Fortuna was Jupiter’s daughter. The big opportunities are typical of Jupiter, who always expands whatever he touches. You do in fact have transits at 12 degrees on this New Moon in Virgo, in Aquarius, so a friend (or friends, plural) and perhaps a group, community or circle is involved.

  25. Interesting read as always. I have Virgo at 8 degrees in Saturn and 11 degrees in the north node. I have been looking at a maybe starting a photography business. My course date changed during august. I’m wondering how it may pan out, is timing right?

    1. The photography course date change is typical of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which is still with us. So is the “maybe” with a photography business. You will know where you stand in October, once and for all, both with the course and your goal, as Mercury is back to normal. The messenger of the gods set out on a backward mission in August and he is still retracing his steps.

  26. I have Venus at 7°, MC at 14° and Mercury at 21° Virgo. I’m feeling this New Moon is going to set off great changes for me. I have been waiting to hear back on a career opportunity but with Mercury retrograde it’s been like pulling teeth to get clear information. Thank you for the post!

    1. Yes, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in your Sixth House of work will pull backwards on the messaging, as he always does. The New Moon at 21 Virgo is in a conjunction with your natal Mercury at 21 Virgo, however, so there will be a conception moment with your career, unpaid work or study as the New Moon arrives. Just be aware of the wheels turning back and forth for another two weeks or so. The conception is an ancient idea from alchemy; the Sun and Moon are together; they come together and create new life. A new arrival is on the way, work-wise.

  27. Hi Jessica – thank you for this post, the timing is perfect! I have Hygeia 22 Virgo – prevention is better than cure with daily routine and habits. I can sense a better way of doing life is on the horizon. I have not felt this type of hope in a long time, I am almost scared it wont last or I will get snagged back into old habits. I stopped smoking a few days ago and have had no desire to pick up a cigarette. I have been reading this book “Don’t believe everything you think” by Joseph Nguyen which is giving me a renewed perspective on my thoughts, emotions and the resulting lived experience. I am ready to let go of the trauma that has been stored up. I have asked for assistance from my higher self as well as from higher dimensions. I even gained the confidence recently to ask for a significant pay increase (an additional $40k/year) and was given it without having to negotiate. I finally see that money doesn’t buy happiness but perhaps more comfort. Asking and receiving gave me a sense of value and worth I had not felt in a long time . This feels like Jupiter, Taurus, Virgo, Uranus energy setting me up for a new dawn. If you could expand on my interpretation I would greatly appreciate your expertise and insight. I hope all is well in your part of the world! Thank you for all you do!

    1. Giving up smoking is a good idea on this New Moon in Virgo. It will liberate you. The New Moon falls in New York on Thursday 14th September at 9.39pm EDT with the Sun at 21 Virgo 58 and Moon at 21 Virgo 58. You were born with Hygiea at 22 Virgo 53 which is just one degree out from an exact conjunction. Meanwhile, Uranus is trine Hygiea at 22 Taurus 57, again with just one degree’s difference. Congratulations on getting your pay rise. Leaving cigarettes behind will set you free in surprising ways. There will also be a welcome change with work, unpaid work or study.

  28. In looking at my husband’s chart that I got from you, he has Uranus at 13 Virgo and Pluto at 15 Virgo. He just had a job offer come up this week from a former employer, which would be a lot less stress for the same pay. They contacted him directly and practically begged him to come back. This will affect our lives in a positive way. I love the RE: of going back. Astrology is fantastic!
    Thank you Jessica.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the post. I have Panacea at 21 Virgo. Any good news on the job front? I have had terrible bad luck recently with finding a job and my studies. Any hope on the horizon?

    1. You have Fortuna at 26 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and Pluto is on 27 Capricorn, so I am not surprised, though sorry, you have had trouble with finding a job and also your studies. This cycle can only take place once every 248 years. The good news is, the worst is over. Pluto always brings situations, organisations or people who take over. You can feel quite dominated or controlled and it takes massive willpower to push back. That sort of self-control gives you control, though, and makes you permanently stronger. Your natal Fortuna is a symbol of your own capacity to hire and fire, actually, or to set up random scenarios for others. Pluto won’t ever go back to 26 Capricorn so you are now slowly coming out of that cycle and 2024 will be very different. I would expect the spotlight to turn on possible new roles or courses for you from the final week of October and by the third week of November you’ll have had some interesting choices. There will be reshuffles all around you in December 2023, January 2024 and that will leave all sorts of gaps you can get into, no matter if you want a full-time career, a hybrid career of two or more roles or study. Your life will change for the next 20 years in slow stages from January 2024 as you are hugely Aquarian and Pluto moves into that sign, to stay and will deliver communities, circles, teams, clubs, bands, unions, associations (or deliver them for the second time) with a clear option for you to get involved and use your capacity for giving space, but also asking for it too. You can do this very easily and have a light, breezy, easy way of circulating with such circles that helps bring oxygen into the room and enables those around you to unite; the better to achieve their goals.

  30. Hi Jessica, I’ve never posted before so hoping I get lucky. I was wondering how this new moon will be hitting my chart? Stelliums in Virgo & Leo and I am a premium member. Sept 15th will be my 67th birthday. My mother passed away at age 67 & it’s a birthday that feels so very reflective. I also lost my 16 year old Papillon August 30th and I’m grieving his loss but so profoundly grateful that he went suddenly, unexpectedly & looked like painlessly. It’s such blessing. He was here one minute & completely gone the next instant. Thank you for all you do for others. Janet H

    1. Your Sun is at 22 Virgo, Janet so the New Moon falls on your Sun (transiting New Moon in conjunction with natal Sun). You will be reborn for your birthday, with a couple of weeks’ stop-start and ‘not sure’ but it will all end up in the right place for you in October. Your lifestyle, workload (presumably retirement workload is unpaid), wellbeing, health and companionship with cats or dogs (both ruled by Virgo) is in the change zone. It’s good change, too, as there are so many emerging trines from Capricorn and Taurus, the other earth signs. What comes through by October brings you grounding, which is priceless to somebody as strongly Virgo as yourself. Things feel…just right. On a more spiritual note, I am sure you know that your mother and your 16-year-old Papillon are both safely on the other side of life. At some point if you ever wanted to chat to a medium or attend a spiritualist church service, they may come through for you. Animal communication in my experience is obvious, not subtle, loud and clear. Rather like dogs actually. The message is demonstrated, and sometimes by other animals actually!

  31. Good morning Jessica – I really enjoy reading all of your posts however with a stellium in Virgo and a birthday on 16th with the Sun at 22 Virgo, your latest post feels particulary relevant for me! The idea of dreaming bigger, a new beginning and new lifestyle sound very appealing although other than perhaps spending more time on me and less running around after other people, I can’t think of anything obvious! Do you have any more of your wonderful insight to share? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You actually articulated what the New Moon in Virgo can deliver. “More time on me and less running around other people.” Even Jeeves had his own club, never mind The Drones. The classic Virgo stellium trap is to work for nothing. Your Sun at 22 Virgo 55 will be triggered exactly by the New Moon at 21 Virgo 58, just one degree away. Understanding what it means to be Virgo is to appreciate that you are owed the rewards that come from volunteering, or being online, or taking care of family members. If you are not rewarded, drop it. It’s really that simple. The true Virgo type is dutiful, responsible, very good with the details, a perfectionist, meticulous with the small things involved in her/his profession, an artisan at heart – a craftsman or craftswoman – no matter what the actual career is. Virgo types then go on to do more than they are paid for. That is actually part of the path, right down to walking the dog or feeding the cat, but every strongly Virgo woman has to draw a line and rethink her daily routine, weekends and the rest. This is that moment. It will take you a couple of weeks to sort it out in any final detail, but the first week of October should see you right. Write down some goals actually at New Moon and check back. People are often gobsmacked by what can happen.

  32. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the informative information. I think I’m Hitting the bulls eye this this moon! with a Virgo stellium and my moon in Virgo at 21degrees! Yippee!! But it must be the mercury retrograde as I feel all of my ideas are pipe dreams and I never seem to be able to get things off the ground. Like I’ve been walking in treacle for years! Is the fact that I’m not feeling the excitement because Mr Saturn is so close in Virgo at 20degrees and he is being a party pooper?

    1. Saturn can restrict and limit, it’s true. We all have Saturn in our chart somewhere and by sign and house he ring-fences everything with quite heavy barriers. (Rather like the planet; the Saturn story is always about being encircled, bound, unable to gain access – or unable to get out). You have a huge stellium in Virgo, though and he’s not the only planet in there. Saturn works best when you honour reality and respect rules. Virgo is work and health. So you see the gates, walls and fences and agree to operate inside them, or outside them. Maturity is Saturn’s watchword and it comes on the first Saturn Return and, again on the second. Rather than trying to escape Saturn, or ignore it, or minimise it you deal with it. Then you can actually create a lifestyle, working life and daily routine that feels right. So that is what this New Moon is all about for you. Give it a couple of weeks to kick in, as Mercury is still finishing his loop in Virgo.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    love the illustrations in this post. I drew Ace of Wands. About to embark on a mode change with my writing on Substack, and have also just joined a women’s shed where I will be working literally with bare wood in hand, to create, with emphasis on the details.
    Nothing ventured nothing gained!

    1. Fabulous. Substack is great and it protects the work of writers, unlike Twitter. Musk needs to cancel that decision to copy.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. I’m worried sick about my health–severe anxiety issues that have affected my physical wellbeing and been stuck in this loop since venus went retrograde. I’m a leo ascendant/virgo ascendant cusp (leo ascendant in 25 degrees; virgo in second house in 19/20 degrees) and I’m desperate for relief. Have my mars in the sixth house as well. Praying I can get out of this dark pit soon. It has been so distracting and I’m sick of living on constant fight/flight. I’m trying to do the astrology on my own but i can’t figure out if this new moon/end of mercury retrograde will fix this issue once and for all, or what is even causing the pressure astrologically. I just want it to end so soon. Any guidance/information is so appreciated.

    1. I am very sorry you are worried sick – quite literally. You have anxiety syndrome. Please know that Venus Retrograde in Leo is not the issue. It never was. Leo has nothing to do with health and Venus even less so. It sounds to me as if you are actually having a classic Mercury Retrograde in Virgo transit. It’s nearly over. I would expect that if you got your chart done, you would have other factors in Virgo beyond the Ascendant. Okay, so what works for anxiety syndrome? I have had a lot of readers over the years recommend different free online help. Using the New Moon in Virgo timing, please jot down your intentions, goals and wishes. You want to be free of anxiety and lead a calm and relaxed life. This is exactly what can come your way. The New Moon is the first step. The second step is the end of Mercury Retrograde by 1st October. That sounds like a long way off, but actually, what I am talking about is step by step progress. Don’t be concerned if you take one step forward and two steps back. Soon enough you’ll be ahead again and gradually get into a new rhythm. The hands-down winner in anxiety treatment is Dr. Claire Weekes. Please see her testimonials on YouTube; GoodReads; Amazon. She passed away some years ago but her audio recordings and above all, books, have cured people of anxiety. I am sure you have already seen your doctor and been prescribed medication. If that is not working for you, and it sounds as if it’s not, then Dr. Weekes has alternatives which do not involve any drugs whatsoever. You can also borrow her books from the library, of course and I’m fairly sure some of the audio on YouTube is free to listen to. If you are even slightly Virgo, then your mind controls your body, and your body influences your mind. What you will find explained in books like Self-Help For Your Nerves is a simple explanation of how you get your parasympathetic nervous system out of balance. By using simple and easy techniques for your mind, you get your body’s system back to normal. And of course when you feel normal, you no longer worry. The loop ends and the circuit stops. You say you have been praying to get out of a dark pit. Your spirit family and friends are ready and willing to help you but spiritual etiquette requires that you ask. So have a word with your extended family on the other side, or friends who are over, and see what they can do. If you have a candle then light that too as it’s a nice focus and a traditional way of praying. The odds are on your side so please go ahead.

  35. Hi Jessica, I’m excited for this New Moon. Thank you for sharing your post about it. For 8-21 degree Virgo placements, I have Saturn 7 Virgo, Cupido 15 Virgo, and Vulcano 15 Virgo, (as well as North Node 26 Virgo making up a Virgo stellium). Currently I’m transitioning my professional life from working for a number of clients to working with a more diverse client group (including younger people, as I’m keen to explore this, relating to my Leo placements). The Tarot card I drew is Queen of Cups. The call to take action feels right. I’m feeling quite tired off the back of a very busy period, and looking forward to more energy to gain momentum and outcomes. Does that all seem to align from what you see in my chart and the Tarot? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Queen of Cups is puzzling over a unique and complicated relationship. In her past are babies who were, or were not, born to her. So, this New Moon at 21 Virgo must be picking up one of the parenting or intimacy patterns in your chart. By itself, it has nothing to say to you about work, despite being in Virgo. Your Tarot is telling you, it’s triggering questions about closeness. Sure enough you have Juno, the goddess of relationship commitments, at 23 Capricorn and Vesta, a symbol of imbalance between the sexes, at 23 Sagittarius. The New Moon falls at 21 Virgo 58, so it’s about one degree off exactitude. Juno was the goddess represented by a peacock, reminding us that marrying Mr. Big is often about letting him show off, while the woman is in the background. Peacock and pea hen. Juno is also about the price and reward of commitment. She married Jupiter and got the good life but also had to put up with his philandering. Vesta is really about two or more women, and the politics with just one man. Dealing with female competition for male approval, or even dealing with a full harem atmosphere. This is all reflected in your Queen of Cups tarot card. Only you can say what you must answer and how you are going to deal with it.

  36. Hi Jessica

    i am in a new job for last 3 months and in a new city and new home
    with my ASC in Virgo at 14, how this new moon impact me


    1. Thank you HS. You also have Hygiea in Virgo in the Sixth House which is extremely important to your whole life path. The Ascendant is just your image; it’s not the real you. It is also entirely dependent on an accurate birth time and it’s not always correct, unfortunately. Yet, Hygiea will serve you from Virgo. She is the goddess of prevention, protection and pre-emptive health management. Her father was Aesculapius who was the god in charge of Roman temples of healing. Her sister was Panacea who was responsible for cures. In fact the entire family was cited in the Hippocratic Oath. She is usually seen with a snake and bowl, symbolising both homeopathy but also kundalini and the chakra system, depending on your culture. I mention this because at some point in your life she will show up literally and you will be doing some healing, if you’ve not already set off down that path. Basically, what happens at New Moon is an open door to better health and fitness. It will be delivered in October, not September, but treat September as the beta test. A few signs will guide you; it may be anything from a friend who wants to go on dawn jogging sessions with you, to a market which sells fresh fish.

  37. Thanks Jessica for the great article
    i have stellium in Virgo , can you please shed some light how it is going to impact me

    1. You have a stellium in Virgo including the North Node of past lives, so your prior incarnation was spent in the army, navy, air force or in domestic service; you were a proud member of the working class. Now you are back, to see how you can work differently, and better, in this new life. This New Moon may even remind you of that prior incarnation; write down your dreams. What you are about to do is get real about your profession. Perhaps you have been ignoring competitors or trying to look the other way at particular organisations which strongly affect your job. Not seeing or avoiding is pretty typical, then along comes the New Moon in Virgo (she is on her way now) and you have a huge wake-up call about what to do, how to do it – and what not to do. Allow a couple of weeks for things to go back and forth as Mercury Retrograde is also in Virgo and having a backward pull on your job, unpaid work or degree. Yet set intentions too and one way or another by the time you land in October you will have a really good blueprint for future success, based on your seeing what you have been, quite frankly, missing all along.

  38. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the great post
    I have Virgo stellium in my birth chart and recently I lost my job and for last 2 months struggling to get a new job
    Can you please look at my chart and see if this new moon will help in getting a new job


    1. I am so sorry you lost your job. You have been struggling to find a new one on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. A notorious cycle for non-reply from employers, or paper trails and so on. Everything is beta testing and first attempt on this cycle. Fortunately it’s nearly over and we also have a New Moon for you to use. You have stelliums in Virgo and Capricorn so are committed to work, as it serves others, and have a huge sense of duty. This was ingrained in you at school, as you learned how to do the right thing (and do your homework on time). Yet, you are also ambitious and will never be content to stay on the average or bottom rungs of your profession. You want to be at the top and you will be, YS. All these things take time as you also know. Write down your wish list at the New Moon. Allow for September to be stop-start. Wait for October and follow the signs. There is no such thing as manifesting or the Law of Attraction. It’s a complete load of rubbish, but – what does work really well is flowing with astrological time. It’s like surfing. You want to work. There will be people who want someone, who knows how to work, and is happy to climb the ladder and help the whole organisation. This New Moon will help you both/all meet in the middle. You may even get one good job, then get promoted, or get one great position and find one that is even superior comes to you by May 2024.

  39. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this, and feels so timely for me as well. I have been trying to lose weight, and just be in a better health with more exercise and so on. I keep going backwards on anything I’ve started – for example, starting a 10 day cleanse program but falling back to old habits straight after or wanting to really go to this yoga studio, only to find out that the studio is now permanently shut. I am about to work with another naturopath on a 8 week journey, and I am scared of how that will go. Any tips you can give me? I am interested in that visualisation that you wrote in the post – but unsure how it works. I also note that I have 21 Virgo placement in Mars – so what could that mean for me?

    Thank you again.


    1. I am not surprised you can’t lose weight as you have been trying to do it on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. You won’t even get the same information from the internet, about weight, kilojoules, numbers – twice. No wonder the yoga studio shut; how annoying. Don’t be scared of the naturopath, but do be aware that until Mercury corrects his motion from around 1st October, you’ll be back and forth for a bit. Okay, I am going to give you some astrology secrets for super timing. Get a notebook and jot down what you want from your weight loss. What exact jean size? Some women prefer size 11 to size 10, for example, and some want size 13 rather than size 12. You obviously want to lose weight safely and in a healthy way. You also are sick of waiting for results so want the fastest, best results possible. The New Moon itself is not until 9.39pm in New York on Thursday night, but there is a kickstart secret a bit earlier. At 8.27am same day, there is a perfect trine from Jupiter with all his opportunities, to the Moon as she goes through Virgo. The final secret of all this is October! It will not be until October that what is now a beta test, first attempt repays you. From October it all falls into place. Allow for September to be sideways, stuck and stop-start, but with potential. You can actually use the Moon in Virgo to time your weight loss, which will happen if you set the intentions and follow the steps. So, on October 11th 2023 in New York at 11.07am we have another perfect Jupiter trine to the Moon in Virgo at 13 Taurus 23. You could have lost a bit of fat by then and be quite happy with the way it’s all going. A final tip: ask the Tarot why you are overweight. The answer is not sticky buns; the answer is more complicated than that, because your head wants to do a ten-day cleanse, but the rest of you wants to eat the wrong thing, or eat to excess. Why? The Tarot can be really useful and it’s on this site for you to use, Shaolee.

  40. Hi Jessica…

    Thank you for all and everything… and asking for thoughts… I have: a Stellium in Virgo:

    Venus in Virgo 21 degrees
    Pluto in Virgo 15 degrees
    Uranus in Virgo 13 degrees
    Cupido in Virgo 20 degrees
    Prosperina in Virgo 26 degrees

    What am I looking at here?

    Thank you!! <3

    1. Venus at 21 Virgo is about to receive a conjunction from the New Moon at 21 Virgo, so a complicated work relationship will go through a rewrite. This may also apply to unpaid work (in the non-profit sector) or to academia. Venus has been with you in Virgo all your life so you are quite used to the games that get played out in your job, or on your courses. There is a part of you which relishes the complication because here, you are a seductress. You also have Cupido in Virgo and he was the son of Venus. So you have crushes and infatuations, and sometimes they even become full-blown relationships. You also have husband and wife, Pluto and Proserpina, in Virgo. I find it quite interesting that you have used a keyboard stroke that looks like, quite frankly, cleavage. Venus is usually shown bare-breasted. Whatever is going on in your relationships, it’s about to enter a new phase, and yet Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is also with you, so don’t necessarily trust this to be the final outcome until October. Any work relationship for you flatters your vanity; allows you to play one person against another; sings all the love songs for you. And sometimes the work is housework or staff, so you fall in love with your butler!

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I have Pluto at 23, IC at 12 and Diana at 8 Virgo. I was expecting a huge payout at my job, but in the last 24 hours learned that they were hiding some crucial information which might get lead to reduction in payout by at least 5-7 times. Still not sure how to deal with that. What does my chart say?
    Much appreciate your insights!

    1. How deeply annoying for you. Virgo is not money, it is work and health. Money is Taurus and Scorpio but let’s see what is going on in your chart. You were born with Cupido at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, property, business and valuables. Right now, you have Panacea at 3 Taurus, the ‘my money’ sign, in an exact opposition. So your passion for money, if not shopping, is being blocked by a temporary remedy or fix, which is Panacea. I am sure you know that Panacea is an astrological symbol for cures or answers which are unethical or unprincipled, and yet we accept them, because they work. (Or we do not accept them, which is a different kettle of fish). So the choice is yours. Do you go with what is a grey area, morally (your employers are being duplicitous) or do you take what you can get while it’s there? The Tarot can guide you. But yes, you are being blocked.

  42. Hi Jessica! Thank you for this article. Wondering what this new moon in Virgo might bring for me…I’m a Virgo with a Virgo stellium with 7 things in Virgo including Mercury….seems like it will be significant! Very curious how, and what I might do to bring a new career and money my way. I’ve been feeling stuck in my work/financial life, though I have had huge transformation in my emotional/spiritual/inner life lately to the extent I’m like a new person. Curious what you might see.

    1. A new career is Virgo territory. Your Ascendant is 21 Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition and mission, so if your birth time is accurate, you present as an ambitious and patient, rather stoic person who is prepared to slowly get to the top, either in terms of your social status or your profession. The New Moon kicks in at 21 Virgo making a perfect trine, and again if your birth time is accurate, the New Moon will also form a sextile to your Descendant at 21 Cancer, which may bring in your partner, if you have one. As your priority is a job, the sensible thing to do would be to look at your profile, appearance, C.V. and reputation. You are being shown your profile in a new light, as the Sun and Moon together are very bright indeed, and flow perfectly from the earth sign Virgo to your earth sign Ascendant. Sell yourself and show yourself.

  43. Hi Jessica, what does it mean if you have nothing in Virgo? Is there a way that I can use this new moon in Virgo or is there something specific I should be focussing on given that Virgo doesn’t appear at all in my chart?

    1. Good question. An empty house and absent sign means, you are not defined by your health and wellbeing. It does not say who you are. Nor does your workload, housework, study, unpaid work – define your personality. Yet here we are with a New Moon and you will feel it. The New Moon is in Virgo, the sign of public health, and the most obvious news is that there is a variant of COVID-19 which has triggered the development of a new vaccine, just approved in the US. So on the most basic level, that is going to have an impact on your health and your daily routine, largely thanks to the others around you. Astrology called this last year, with the timing – and here it is – and here you are.

  44. Hi Jessica, I’m lookin forward to this new moon! While I don’t have anything at 21 Virgo, I do have Ops at 12 Virgo, Panacea at 15 Virgo and Apollo at 4 Virgo. I have Diana at 21 Libra. When I went to the Tarot, I drew the Two of Cups. Any insight about what this new moon might mean for me? Thank you as always — I’ve been a premium subscriber for a year and the subscription has been well worth it!

    1. Thank you so much for your subscription, I will pass that compliment on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. The Two of Cups is about a close relationship, with a question (will you and the other person draw closer?) but it can also show a moment of truth if two people need to separate, or just fix the gaps between them. Thus, it is your Diana at 21 Libra, the sign of duets, couples and pairs which is being aspected here. The New Moon is very close at 21 Virgo, in a semi-sextile. Diana is an interesting asteroid. She is Jupiter’s daughter. The Greeks knew her as Artemis. She is always shown with her greyhounds or spaniels, usually hunting, or back from a hunt – with a stag or two. She also took rabbits. She implored her father to release her from marriage and motherhood, so benevolent Jupiter liberated her from that, and made her the goddess of the hunt. She is often seen bathing semi-naked with the nymphs, so is sometimes seen as bisexual. She did in fact have a male lover called Endymion, whom she visited at night while he slumbered. Not exactly an active and equal partner, but quite a useful one for an independent alpha female like Diana. So, this New Moon will wake up Diana. And that may bring all sorts of questions about how you are to exist in a world of families and married couples, when there is a big part of you which wants to be your own person in your own way.

  45. Hi Jessica, will try my luck again.
    Saturn 20 Virgo. I pulled queen of cups Tarot. Any insight given my birth chart?
    Thanks a lot

    1. I just sat down at my desk with a cup of tea, and am looking at your chart. The Queen of Cups is talking to you about relationships and also your past, in terms of the babies you had, or did not have. So this New Moon in Virgo is clearly aspecting other factors in the signs of parenthood, courtship, the bedroom, and prospective romance. It kicks in at 21 Virgo 58, which is awfully close to your Cupid (Cupido) at 22 Aquarius, so this is about a friendship, possibly within a group – maybe just online – perhaps a real social circle. Aquarius rules friends and clubs, teams, bands, societies and so on. Cupido is the son of Venus and needs no introduction as the cherub with the bow and arrow who brings short-term longing. I suspect you have a puzzling, unique, unfathomable friendship here which you don’t know how to handle. The New Moon, yet to come, will trigger that. The trick is to do something sensible with it. It doesn’t fit with you, as you are now, and it won’t fit into your life until you actually shift your position and find a space for it. The New Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign, so it is grounding. It reminds you that if you feel all at sea with somebody’s interest in you, or yours in them, that it’s time to put your feet on the ground, roll your sleeves up and do something proactive.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    I have nothing in Virgo – the only empty place in my chart. Today in a few hours today I have an interview for a job which on the surface looks like a 12-month underpaid role going nowhere, but it’s connected with the profession I left 25 years ago, where I was professionally successful and happy. And where I would like to be able to use my best skills in the future – advocacy. (Just to add to the mix, I’ve just had a cancer scare, have been losing my voice for the last few months. This week was told it’s not sinister, it’s a stress reaction – my fraught domestic situation continues, ex and his new wife are still in my face. Not surprising can’t speak!)
    I drew my card for the day – 9 of Pentacles which is definitely me, my house and garden, and working part time away from home, back in London. Then re job interview: 8 of Cups and Page of Wands.
    Am I on the right track in trying to move into this area of work even though I can’t see yet how things will develop?
    So many thanks for your constant kindness which I hold close.

    1. Annie, the trick with Tarot (though it’s not a trick) is the one card reading. People often draw a second card if the first one isn’t what they want, or they don’t understand it. Actually that is the time to make a cup of tea and come back later. The Tarot was not answering your question about the job interview. Far, far more important is of course your cancer scare and lost voice, your anxiety and your ex-partner and his new wife. Relax, slow down and find the self-hypnosis audio that works for you. Your body is chatting to you and telling you to take a break from worrying, Tarot reading and the rest. The New Moon is ideal. You urgently need to give your very busy mind a rest from churning. Mercury at 17 Aquarius is sextile Fortuna at 17 Aries in your natal chart. Mercury is the mind and the voice. Cue health scare. You also probably want to tell your former partner and his new wife to naff off, as Princess Anne would say, but of course you can’t do that. Mercury is the planet of communication and as much as your inner Anne would like to tell his lordship what to do, it could mean he calls the rozzers, so it can’t be done. Aries is upfront, me first, in your face, the warrior woman in the front line. Fortuna here is exactly aligned to Mercury so your mental process is pretty combative anyway. I’m not a psychologist, I’m an astrologer, but you need to find a way to speak for the community, or lobby for the community, or edit their newsletter (Mercury in Aquarius) that also gives you your head, in terms of being the front person. And – allows you to wave your sword around. You were an advocate. You will be again. In fact an exceptionally powerful group is in your future. For now, switch off Mercury and stop using your mind for everything. There is a body below the neck. Go back to the Tarot, follow the steps and use just one card. You will be given a firm choice about the job but once again you are accepting what you don’t honestly believe in, so a deeper self-discussion is coming.

  47. Jessica you yet again amaze me with your energy to respond to so many of your readers. Thank you. I have nothing in virgo but I do have the moon at 21 degree in Aquarius. I feel the retrogrades so much as my job tutoring has come to a sudden stop two weeks ago because of management or “mismanagement”. My health is thanking me….I am feeling lighter in myself since I stopped. I feel as if I am being guided as something else (better?) is on its way for me. I got the sun/9th house in the astrology oracle and judgement (which i know is my ancestors) in tarot. I was wondering if you can guide me Jessica, if you have time, on my work life as a well paid job with flexibility that I will love (something we all want!!!!!!!!) is what I am hoping for. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I enjoy my job as an astrologer, which helps. It’s a pleasure to be able to show you the way your horoscope works for you. You are going through Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in your Sixth House of work, and your tutoring has stopped, because of poor managers. You feel better for it. This is a good example of the weird way in which Mercury Retrograde can operate. It’s not negative. It’s just stop-start. And sometimes it hooks up to better, bigger patterns in the chart, which is what just happened to you. You have better health and feel lighter even though your job ceased. You have ancestors in the spirit world, on either your mother or father’s side, who need to see you progress with your work in life, in order that they can progress too. One or two of them were in exactly your position. They were teachers, or worked freelance and part-time or were mismanaged. Have a look at the family tree. On the New Moon in Virgo state clearly what you wish for and need, what you can offer, what your deadline is and anything else related to rewarding work and excellent health. Nothing is impossible. Ask your family in spirit to help and ask if there is anything you can do, which would help them evolve and go to the next level, on that side of life. By October you’ll know.

  48. Plans have been completely stuck in trying to sell a house since April, work has been slow and I’ve had difficulty being properly motivated .. I would really welcome a change ; hopefully positive .. I have Saturn at 21 degrees though!

    1. You are Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus dominant which is more important than your Saturn placement. This all works out for you by May 2024 at the absolute latest. The delay in selling your house, lack of motivation and slow work is down to retrogrades. Retrograde planets appear to move backwards and get stuck. You have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn in your career zone right now. He has been doing that since May. Jupiter in Taurus in your cash and property zone is also retrograde. These two players, Pluto and Jupiter, change direction and move forward with a rather satisfying grand finale next year. Use this New Moon in Virgo to write down what you want from work, say it aloud to the mirror and if you are inclined, ask your family in spirit to help you. Give it until October.

  49. Thank you so much for reply Jessica. My husband is Sun Aquarius, Chiron Aries & Jupiter Pisces. ALL at 22 degrees. And I am lost when trying to connect the dots.
    I am very concern about my Saturn conjucts very close to the new moon.

    On different topic, can I make a suggestion if your IT team could work out in to combined chart for families. like it would be so awesome if you could see for example mine & my husband chart. I think many would love that.
    Greeting From Denmark

    1. Thank you. Raising my tea to you in Denmark. I can see a great need for family charts and family questions so I will ask Asporea if this is possible for 2024. Saturn is at 20 Virgo 51 in your chart and the New Moon is within orb, so this is a new start for you with work or health. You have a history of dealing with restrictions and limitations with your health, right from childhood or adolescence. This may have been a childhood accident which affected your ability to play sport, for example, or anxiety, which can affect teenagers too. If you ever kept a diary have a look. So many of the adult patterns were set up at school. Even if you didn’t, this New Moon will remind you of your walls, bridges and barriers with health and fitness. The trick to Saturn is acceptance. Accepting you can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t go there or have that – is half the battle. There are ways to deal with Saturn’s rules. Some of these may be quite unavoidable. You may be from a diabetic family for example and have diabetes. Half the time with Saturn, it’s the genetic codes on your mother’s side or father’s side that shoehorn you into particular situations with your health. The New Moon in Virgo is also the time to look at the conditions you know your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on had – chronically. You don’t always inherit physically in your DNA, but you can inherit the mindset, as everything you hear or are shown, and told, as a child sinks in. So this New Moon is the time to remember that and question it, too. A New Moon is astrology’s renewal. Above all, Virgo is the sign of practical common-sense. It is grounded, down-to-earth and no-nonsense. So perhaps it is time to get real and play real, as they say. October will reward you for even trying.

  50. Every insightful article Thank you. While nothing at exactly 21, I seem to have drawn an Uber Stellium in Virgo. Lots going on at 2, 6, 8, 15, 20, 25 and 26 Virgo. Please share your thoughts on what I might be looking at if you can. Much appreciated. Cheers!

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have a 2-26 degree Virgo stellium, including the node. In your last life you were in the army, navy, air force or domestic service. You may have been deeply in the working class and felt yourself to be a wage slave. In this life you enjoy the difference; you can work hard, systematically and methodically and serve others (very much so) but you enjoy what you do and make proper money from it. That’s your destiny if not already delivered. You can become a skilled expert at what you produce or give and be rewarded for it with huge job satisfaction and/or financial reward. This focus on work is very important on the New Moon in Virgo as you need to accept your last past life. A dream could tell you what it was. Maybe you even feel half ‘there’ as you are drawn to a particular period in history and/or place in history. You need to examine what work means to you, how much unpaid work you are doing, how it feels to delegate, employ or job-share. These are big questions but this is the time to find answers and act on them, for a better 12 months. The other great trademark of a Virgo node person is past life memory of only being allowed time off, when ill. This sets up a dynamic between being sick and getting out of work or study. That’s not healthy for obvious reasons. A key question now is, how can you actually remove yourself from work properly? Switch off? Are you actually doing this or do you check your phone after hours? All good Virgo questions on the New Moon especially as your last incarnation was all about this.

  51. Jessica, This new moon is music to my ears. I’ve been stressed out my mind for months and finally it all came to a head this week. I had a wonderful shiatsu treatment on Tuesday which flooded me with insight and guidance into my current predicaments. The new moon conjoins my natal Mercury and trines Saturn exactly. Hopefully it’s a sign that inspiration will manifest? I need a breakthrough in my work and routine, I feel it’s not bringing out the best in me and I have more to offer xx

    1. I am glad the Shiatsu treatment showed you answers. New Moon in Virgo – good timing. You are quite right that you are not at your best with your workload and daily routine at the moment. It is temporary but will sort itself out in October. You have a Virgo stellium from 2 to 27 degrees so are supposed to be changing. You have already made a couple of basic shifts, which has helped a lot, but there can and will be more. I say October, because Pluto at 27 Capricorn will trine natal Pluto (transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto) and this only happens once in your life. It’s happened before but never fully and completely, in terms of the transformation you had to make. This may be proper weight loss, for example, or proper success. Now Pluto retrograde comes back to 27 and we also have Mercury at 27 Virgo, finally out of retrograde. So October is the first month of the change. Make your intentions now as the New Moon is falling into place. Write them down, say them aloud to the mirror and if inspired, ask your family and friends in spirit to help you. Be careful what you wish for though as this is powerful stuff.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are well.

    Thank you as always for your Work.

    Just need some advices concerning my birth chart and this amazing new Moon please.

    Thank You

    1. Thank you. You were born with a huge Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of duty, service, daily routine, lifestyle, chores, tasks, paid work, unpaid work and study. This is also where we find your fitness, food, drink, doctor, drugs, healing and complementary medicine as well as therapy and counselling. Ever since you were a child, one has influenced the other. So you may have found that headaches stopped you playing football, for example, or that a condition like autism made you excel at some classes and fail at others. Whatever you live with today, in terms of your mind or body, is an extension of what first began to show itself when you were a child or teenager. It can and does affect what you do, in terms of exercise or sport, and what you can and cannot do, in terms of work or study. The New Moon in Virgo is your chance to figure it out, in a way that helps you for the next 12 months. Once you figure it out, you can act on it, and actually make a huge difference to how you feel about life and how fit you are, too.

  53. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article. I have a Virgo stellium (6) in my chart and I pulled the following: Temperance (Tarot), Giving (Garden) and North Node/8th House (Oracle). Can you please let me know how this period will affect me. Thank you.

    1. Perfect. The New Moon is offering you a healthy new lifestyle and in fact Temperance in 1909, when this card was created, was about giving up alcohol. The Temperance Society. Today it can mean that, but it can also show balance with the body and mind, and the water in the card suggests drinking more water, but also swimming, of course. Giving and the North Node in the Eighth House complete the story. You are about to be given to, or you will give. This may be financial, with property, business assets or valuables. The Temperance card shows ‘pooled resources’ and abundance in the flow. This is cash flow. Something important is coming, economically, along with better health.

  54. Dear Jessica
    This new moon is exciting! I have Apollo at 21 Virgo, what does that mean? The current planetary aspect also has Apollo in 21 Cancer. I also have the Moon at 26 Virgo.

    I have quite a few places at 20 or 22, are they also affected by the Moon in 21 Virgo? They are Uranus 20 Libra, Juno 22 Sagittarius, Vesta 20 Gemini, Aesculapia 22 Pisces and Psyche 20 Scorpio.

    I’ve read your helpful responses to other people and set my intentions for weight loss at the time you recommended. This has been an ongoing mystery for a few years, putting on weight and feeling worse and worse despite trying to eat/exercise/sleep etc. Put it down to hormones but HRT hasn’t made a difference. So I turned to the Tarot asking why I haven’t lost weight on your website and drew the 5 of Swords. This resonated as I find it hard to let go of being hurt. I know I’m holding onto it to protect myself but actually it would make sense to put down the sword and stop carrying the hurt and anger. Maybe I’m both the person walking away wounded and the figure holding the sword? Does this sound likely? Maybe this could release something and body won’t feel the need to hang onto the fat!

    Thank you for your wisdom, you’ve helped me alot in every aspect of life over the last year. I’m loving Substack too, on your recommendation!

    Love Becky xx
    Ps I’m logged into your website but for some reason this post won’t log me in. I’ll try again later but hope I’ve given enough info.

    1. I am sorry about the website, we had the usual Mercury Retrograde malarkey yesterday. Apollo in Virgo is leadership with health and work. Other people copy you. So you may have a rival in work or business who imitates you, or once did so, in a big way – and became an ongoing career presence. You get people trying to ‘do you’ or ‘be you’ all the time professionally or academically, because you are a brilliant multi-tasker. Other people are eager to follow your advice on mental or physical health and you are qualified to give it. Now to the Five of Swords, Becky. You drew this Tarot card to tell you why you are fat. Congratulations on interpreting the card correctly. You have made a cracking start on what is basically a psychological problem. Everybody who is fat knows how to lose weight. It’s not rocket science. The Five of Swords shows three people. One is hurt. The other has wounded him or her. The third person is trying to make it all better by removing the swords; getting rid of any future conflicts. The biggest person is the peacemaker. The other two don’t look particularly overweight. So I think you are the piggy in the middle, so to speak, who has habitually tried to make things better for (say) divorcing or warring couples, or feuding friends, or professional rivals. You have to be a big character to do that. You have to be strong. You have to have presence. Nobody ever talks about this, but fatter people (to a certain degree of size, anyway) do command authority. We could be nice and say bulky or well-padded, but in any case, here we have a hefty person taking charge. Were your parents divorced? Do you have to sort out warring factions at work? Are your children feuding? It’s really on that level. I am giving you something to work with here. Your dreams will tell you the rest as they are the gateway to your unconscious mind and you are unconsciously holding on to being fat, for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s even more complicated. If there is a couple at war in your world and you know the man could have an affair with you, you may hang on to being bigger to put him off. It can get very interesting with this card, but only you know the truth. The New Moon in Virgo is the time to find out what on earth is going on with your unconscious mind, Becky.

  55. Hi again, Jessica, and thank you for your insights! Hoping the second time is the charm for my question. I have a stellium in Virgo (including Pluto at 10 Virgo) and am contemplating a relocation with my husband to his home country (in S. America) next year, as well as a career change and/or new business ventures. I feel we’re free to do these things for the first time in years, since our children are grown and doing well. I’m also working through health issues and have been trying (with limited success, but I keep at it) to lose weight. The weight hasn’t come off, but I am getting stronger, thankfully. I’ve been encouraged by your answers to others. Do you see anything relevant in my chart? Thank you so much!

    1. I have 19,203 questions in the queue today and yours has turned up on the front page, though I’ve not seen the first question as it’s several screens back, I’m afraid. You want to emigrate to South America, where your husband comes from. You also want to lose weight. You are a Sun Cancer woman with Juno and Ceres in an exact conjunction in Virgo in the Sixth House of the body. You will emigrate by February 2026 at the absolute latest, if you’re going to do it, but plan well ahead and be aware of the restrictions that come with your new country, as there will be a few new rules. The answer to the weight issue is your marriage and family. It’s psychological and emotional; nothing to do with the actual food, drink or exercise. Anybody can lose weight if she puts her mind to it, so why haven’t you? Ceres is the goddess of wheat and corn so start with bread, biscuits, cake and so on. Are you gluten intolerant or do you crave carbohydrates? If you look at any of the old paintings of Ceres she always has bundles of wheat and corn in her arms. Ceres is also a symbol of daughter-mother issues and issues between son-in-law and mother-in-law. She is a symbol of extreme emotion over the same and that can come out in particular eating patterns, or the bedroom. This takes us to Juno. Juno is tied to Ceres which is unusual. She is Jupiter’s wife. She is symbolised by the peacock. Jupiter was the peacock, she was the pea hen. Juno had wealth, position and prestige from the marriage but also had to put up with her husband, which was not always easy. Again, the old paintings of Juno and Jupiter together may show you the myth better than I can articulate it. The answer to being thinner is in your Tarot, meditation or dreams. It is in your subconscious mind. You are unconsciously programming yourself to be fat. You have very, very good reasons for this but you may not have ever had a conversation with yourself which reveals what they are. This New Moon in Virgo is the time. Write down your dreams. Ask your unconscious to tell you, or show you, what the issues are – and how to lose weight – in your dreams. The mythology I have mentioned in your chart may start something.

  56. Hi Jessica

    I have a large stellium of 7 factors in Virgo including Venus at 22 degree which the new moon will conjunct and also trine by Jupiter in cancer also at 22 degree.

    Waiting to hear on a job a company was to create for me; also on 3 consulting assignment contracts.

    Do you see a steady income job or increased funds from free lancing in my future. I need the money so hoping this new moon is an omen of good things to come ! Please do provide guidance, hoping you see my comment and respond.

    Thanks as always & sending you lots of love & light on this new moon

    1. Thank you. You want more money. That is Taurus or Scorpio, not Virgo. You have factors at 18, 19 Taurus and Scorpio and a whopping stellium in Virgo. Along comes Jupiter in Taurus just at the right time. You will ultimately see your fortunes turn around with finance and work, as Jupiter is now at 15, 14 Taurus and will do a loop, going to 13, 12, 11 and then backwards, even further, with all his opportunities and growth on rewind, before moving direct on New Year’s Eve. So 2024 will be the calendar start of a new contract or role for you, and you will have huge expansion in your life professionally and on a business level as Jupiter moves up to a conjunction and opposition at 18, 19 in April 2024. If people mention Easter on a deadline you know that’s it. All this depends on an accurate birth time of course.

  57. Hi Jessica
    I got a lot of Virgo …
    Uranus 7
    Pluto 12
    MC 15
    Apollo 25
    Ops 0

    Anything good in there ?



    1. The Moon is already passing through Virgo as you read this, so you are halfway to a new routine, involving your fitness (like running with a friend) or health (changing your food) right now. We are a few hours away from exactitude so write down what you want from health and work, academia and fitness, unpaid work, lifestyle and then say it aloud. Up the stakes by telling the mirror. Up the stakes again by asking your friends, family and helpers in spirit to assist you. Your potential for a life-changing 12 months is very high as you were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House. You are the catalyst for revolution and the centre of liberation but also the centre of real power, when it comes to your health and your work. Your MC is also there, if your birth time is accurate, so this is your mission in life. Apollo is of course your leadership and Ops is your ability to solve problems. So this is huge potential, no matter if you are fed up with COVID-19 threats or just want to lose weight. No matter if you are bored by some or all of your work, or are seeking a very different way to feel better, mentally.

  58. Dear Jessica, I am hoping for a turning point with the new moon. Although my birth time is between 2-2:30am, I still do have my Desc in Virgo, between 14-23 degrees. I have a stellium in Taurus, pieces and gemini. COVID have affected both me and my family, husband ( 1972/01/27), Daughter ( 2012/04/18). The career have been an uphill battle and still is and I am not sure where I am heading anymore. That and then I also have the responsibility for our family income. Feels like one step forward and 3 steps back. I drew the tarot The Sun when asking about my potential in the new moon in Virgo. Would love to hear your insights in what is to come with the new moon and future work. Thank you so much for all you do, it is very much appreciated it.

    1. If you don’t know your birth time, you don’t know the angles, so the Descendant, Ascendant, Midheaven and Immum Coeli will be out. Best to ignore them. And 2.00am to 2.30am sounds like it may be guessed anyway as parents often round up times when they don’t know (or midwives do). The Tarot is great though as it works without a known time. The Sun is about your daughter. She is going to reward you with bright and brilliant progress at school or with her weekend talents and skills, like sport or music. You will be thrilled with her second debut, or first debut actually, and everyone will be watching her with much pride on your part. She is a vindication of all you do, working so hard to pay the bills. The New Moon is at 21 Virgo 58 and you were born with Minerva at 20 Leo 17 so there is a semi-sextile here, almost exact. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. She was born fully formed from her father Jupiter’s brain and is often seen with an owl. In Leo, you present as the teacher, tutor, guide, advisor, expert – in all matters regarding pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and young adults. To your daughter you are a source of great information and deep knowledge, and always will be. I have been chatting about her, but if you wanted to go further, you could set goals involving (say) a class of pupils; your godchildren; a younger target market or demographic; a legacy to leave to those younger than you for the future. This is quite specifically about this New Moon, though. Your other questions regarding career and money are best answered with other cycles.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    I just submitted a big proposal that I would love to get accepted! The new moon is about to happen, but I have nothing at Virgo 21, and only Leo 21 as an aspect. Is there still a chance at some luck?


    1. Well, you submitted on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Alexandria, so the planet of communication and information is going backwards in your sector of work. The process may take a while or also go back and forth. You will know where you stand in October, once and for all. You have a huge Aries stellium and are on this planet to self-promote, push yourself forward, use your title, appearance and reputation to do the work for you. In fact it is your advance guard. You don’t even have to try if your image is right. This works out best for you in 2024, as Jupiter in Gemini will steadily sextile your Aries stellium, starting on May 26th and lasting until June 9th 2025. If your proposal uses your face and name as the brand it will do even better. You could gain far more prominence online, possibly media exposure and develop your name into a brand if you have the urge.

  60. Dear Jessica,

    Though I don’t have nothing in 21 deg, I have some “players” in 22deg and 23deg. Do you think that this New Moon in Virgo can have influence on the later conjuctions as for example Uranus with the South node in Taurus?
    In which way I can experience this?

    Thank you

    1. With your Libra and Gemini stellium and Aquarius pattern, you are airy, so circulate; intellectualise; carry ideas. You are better off planning for Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius from May 2024, actually. In fact, Jupiter in Gemini will trine your Libra stellium; form a conjunction with your Gemini stellium; trine your Aquarius patterns. It’s a tremendous year for partnerships of all kinds, friendships, group involvement, the internet, the media, education, academia and publishing. Twin these together and start using astrology from May 26th 2024 when Jupiter makes the ingress until June 9th 2025. A classic example would be a digital collective with a shared goal to enjoy making money together, say.

  61. Thank you for your time and your insight!
    I just love how you communicate with the stars….
    And that keystroke was meant to be a heart but it didn’t translate (fitting)… though cleavage is close enough… ha!
    Thank you, again…

  62. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for another insightful reading.
    May I ask, I realise I have no factors in Virgo. How may this New Moon effect me? I have been feeling rather anxious about my health but also in regards to my residency as I am not sure if this is the right place for me or whether to return to my family home. I am feeling a bit lost in seeking my purpose recently and any insight would be much appreciated.
    Take care, Kindest regards, Bea x

    1. You actually have the Descendant at 2 Virgo, Bea. So your DC or Descendant is in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health. Saturn is currently in opposition to that, sitting at 2 Pisces for the first time in around three decades. The DC or Descendant is the mirror opposite of the AC or Ascendant in astrology and of course, while Saturn opposes the former, it is in a conjunction with the latter. This too shall pass. Saturn is about the wisdom we obtain when being made to wait with restrictions. Classically it is impossible to get into something, or impossible to get out of it. This is the front door of the family home or the front door of the residency. Saturn can’t be rushed as there are no shortcuts. Everyone has this transit in their life some time and you are having it now, so the solution is to let time pass but also learn from what is going on. Your purpose is a different question. To find your purpose go to the stelliums. You are Pisces, Leo, Gemini. That combination is associated with teaching, guiding, mentoring or influencing younger generations. Gemini finds the words and Leo offers the leadership to the young. Pisces rules meditation, hypnosis, Tarot, religion, therapy, counselling, dreams. Put all that together and your purpose is to show people young enough to be your own son or daughter, a useful path, by articulating it for them on Zoom; talking in person; talking and listening (counselling); reading to them. You will find Jupiter in Gemini in 2023, 2024 and then Uranus in Gemini from 2026, opens the gates to that, if you want it. That’s your astrological purpose.

  63. Hello dear Jessica! Pluto and Uranus in my natal chart both at 15 degrees Virgo. Fun times! (Dry humor.) I’ve read many of the comments here, and your replies. Can relate to many. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been “singled out” for all manner of health crises for the past two to three years. Saturn and Neptune, eh? Using your divination cards online over time, I’ve concluded it is cyclical and “this, too, shall pass,” I’m hoping. My immediate concern is career-related. In addition to my editing, I work a grocery store job to make ends meet. But I’m convinced the Reynaud’s Syndrome I’ve picked up the past three years can’t take working the cold/wet grocery work any longer. I’m really hoping the New Moon in Virgo, coupled with Mercury’s going direct and double-trine action to Uranus and Pluto will help me find my new path at the end of this month. I’m stymied. I followed your directions in the article, and the cards I drew were Ops in the 11th and The Emperor. Interestingly, when I’ve asked on two separate occasions in the past week, I’ve drawn the Three of Swords with respect to “new job.” I also drew The Emperor last week, as well. Dying to see if you may have any insight, here. My best wishes to you.

    1. You have Reynaud’s Syndrome and also edit and work in a grocery store. Something has to go. The Emperor card you have drawn is of course your employer or superior, either at the store, the publishing house – or perhaps another organisation where you could be hired. Over the last three years you have developed a condition which makes the grocery store impossible. Your body is yelling at you here; drop it. Mercury will be retrograde until October, so you have a couple of weeks to try different possibilities, do some research and allow for false starts, or stop-start, in your ideas. Ops in the Eleventh House is obviously a solution through a group or a friend. The Three of Swords really depends on your question and I don’t know how you framed it or what your timeline was. You may want to follow the steps, exactly, with Tarot and also use a journal. That’s the way it serves you.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I hope all is going well with you. I have stelliums in Taurus (7), Aries (5), Leo (4), and Virgo (4). I am going through some challenges and need to take action soon (working on it) for sanity and protection of myself and my child but am very worried about emotional and financial consequences/outcomes. A few days ago when I pulled tarot cards from the Smith-Waite deck, I got two of pentacles (present), ten of cups (future) and eight of swords (past). Past and present tarots are eerily accurate, which make me hopeful for the future (I am not looking for a partner, just want happiness and ease for me and my child). Any insights you have with the current snd upcoming astrology would be very helpful. Thank you

    1. You can trust the Tarot. Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E.Waite developed a deck for the ages and it has seen people through two world wars. They were also trained astrologers, which helps. The Two of Pentacles shows up in your chart as well. You are juggling money because your national and world economy is all over the place. It’s not your fault. You are getting the trickle-down effect. However you also need to stop juggling and come up with a budget which will accommodate the uncertainty and rather erratic nature of earning, saving and paying bills at the moment. The Ten of Cups is a fantastic card which shows the offer of a home and happiness – your child being very much in the picture. You have Jupiter in Taurus and then eventually Jupiter in Cancer to usher in that chance. It can be delivered in a myriad of ways but the Tarot has spoken.

  65. Hi Jessica, I wrote my job intentions and read them aloud as you mentioned at the time you mentioned today on X (Twitter). Given I’ve just read in your reply to another question that Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn which is one’s career zone. Could you help me understand if this is impacting me too? Given I have a moon in Virgo, I drew the Emperess when asking the Tarot what I could expect from this Moon within with next 12 months. I used the exact question framing that you wrote in the blog ” What’s my highest potential for this New Moon in Virgo on the date and time, and how will it manifest in the next 12 months”. Obviously, job, finances and stability is always my primary focus, as a sole parent. Hope you have had a lovely morning setting your own intentions. Thank you for all you give x

    1. The Empress is great. The New Moon has shown you the potential for a luxurious lifestyle in a beautiful setting, and in fact your astrological chart shows the same. The Empress is also a reminder that a long-gone relationship is evergreen, no matter how you let it grow again. This may be the father of your child or another man. The South Node in Libra in your Seventh House of former partnerships is here for the first time in 19 years.

  66. Dear Jessica,
    thank you for an interesting read. I also listened to your weekly horoscopes and drew the card Strength as the answer to the question How will the New Moon in Virgo affect me this week and ongoing? I do need to go see a dentist hah, and even more interesting, my husband said one of his his teeth just started hurting today. I have Ops at 21 Virgo and he has Uranus. Can I bother you for any advice as how to interpret the New Moon influence? I will take Ops as an optimistic new beginning into a healthier lifestyle. I keep complaining because of our hectic lifestyle I cannot get into a routine daily exercise and healthy eating regimen but I will take this New Moon as a chance for another try. Thank you jessica, all the best to you and your team.

    1. Strength is a great card to draw on a New Moon in Virgo and the healing process will be profound. The dentist will do more than just sort out your teeth; it will have a greater impact on you, psychologically and emotionally, than you might assume. The Tarot talked to you loud and clear, there. You also have Ops in Virgo in the Sixth House. She has been woken up by this New Moon. She was Saturn’s wife and Jupiter’s mother and is very important in astrology as a symbol of optimistic can-do thinking and positive hands-on problem solving. Mrs Thatcher came into power when she was discovered and took on the task of fixing The Sick Man of Europe which is what rather snide commentators used to call the United Kingdom in the 1970s. I hope you are getting a feeling for your Ops. She is your inner Thatcher. So, set this feminine yet powerful side of yourself to work on exercise and food. It will take you a couple of weeks as Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is also with us and people don’t return emails or text messages; they change plans; postmen don’t deliver, they run away – and all the rest. This aside, though, you should still follow the zig-zag path with goals.

  67. Hi Jessica, if it’s not too late – I had read the new moon was Friday instead of Thursday night, eek – and you have time, I would appreciate your insights on my chart please especially re finances, career, and health. Am currently looking for a job and submitted a few applications this week, including one today for a position at a company I have always wanted to work at, a remote posting since they could not find anyone local to fill it after two (2) months. I pulled the Nine of Pentacles, the ASC and 12th house, and the Rich Fantasies, Present, and Future cards. Thank you!

    1. The New Moon is now on her merry way, but you will know what the choices are by now. If you sit down and analyse what happened (or is still happening) Friday 15th, Saturday 16th September you will see there is a lot more to your job situation than meets the eye. Writing it down can sometimes reveal lots more. The Nine of Pentacles is of course about money and Rich Fantasises matches it. This is typical of a good reading as the Tarot and Garden Oracle will line up together. So this New Moon at 21 Virgo was sextile your own Moon at 20 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, business, property and charity. The cards reflect the chart. Your caring instincts are expressed through money, companies, corporations, banking, houses, apartments and philanthropy. It’s how you play mother. This is now well and truly triggered by a fresh start with work and the remote posting sounds like a candidate. Just be aware Mercury Retrograde is with you so wheels turn backwards and forwards until October and life is stop-start.

  68. Hi Jessica, thank you for the reading on the cards I pulled. With Temperance, balance of body and mind, drinking water and swimming are right up my path rather than alcohol as I gave it up for health reasons many years ago. Your insights are so right on I am speechless. Giving and North Node in the 8th House – Given as part of an inheritance & economic impact as we settle the estate. OMG! What can I say….Giving and Given both in tandem as in return, I am helping others in need too.

    Looking at my daughter’s chart which I got on ur site, she has 9 factors in Virgo.
    Sun at 26, Venus at 16, Diana at 2, Moon at 16, Mercury at 21, MC at 13, Ops at 3, Cupido at 4, and North Node at 1.
    Can you please review this chart and let me know how this affects her chart. DOB: 9.19.98 born 12:13 p.m. US PT

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. Speechless is good. That is how we know the astrology is working! Your daughter will have to figure out if she wants motherhood or not, as she has that odd combination of Diana and the Moon in Virgo. Diana rejected marriage and motherhood to be free. The Moon is instinctively drawn towards having children. So, there is a clash there. The North Node suggests your daughter has been through this before. In one or many past lives she had the same crossroads; pregnancy or not. You don’t say if she is already a parent or planning that. Yet, the Moon at 16 Virgo will receive a trine from Jupiter at 16 Taurus (it is quite close now) and that is an opportunity to fulfil a maternal instinct. She just has to figure out Diana. Sometimes women compromise and find a husband who provides childcare or pay a nanny. Sometimes they skip babies and have dogs!

  69. Hi Jessica: Thank you for another informative and uplifting post. I needed some hope for the future. I have been off work due to health issues and have had one surgery (lumbar fusion) so far and am waiting to hear a date for a hip repair surgery. I also suffer from long Covid and some other health issues. I don’t see any hope of returning to work any time soon due to health issues. I am fighting for benefits while off work and am really hoping that this new moon bring some solutions for my health and would like to work in a role that doesn’t aggravate my health and cause further damage. I have Vulcano at 20 Virgo, Uranus 14th Virgo, IC 28 Virgo, Mars 18th Virgo, Proseiperia at 03 Virgo, Pluto at 16th Virgo. Is there any positive news on the horizon related to my health, career and dispute with my long term benefit carrier who has yet to approve wage replacement benefits.
    Thanks again for all that you do. I love being a premium member.

    1. I am sorry your lumbar fusion and hip repair are making work so hard. You also have insurance issues as do many readers. That profession needs to take a good, hard look at itself sometimes. The Virgo story is usually about the body getting in the way of the conscious plans to work or study as in astrology, Pisces (the unconscious mind) is always in opposition to Virgo (the need for a job or course). You are being told, well and truly, not to return to your job as you also have Long Covid. For the first time in 28-29 years, Saturn in Pisces is in a long and slow opposition to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Your system will be tested throughout; the way you have put together your food, drink, drugs, medication, doctors, fitness and the rest. You also have Neptune in Pisces in opposition and he is currently at 26 Pisces heading for an opposition to your IC at 28 Virgo. The IC or Immum Coeli is your family tree and ancestry; some of what you are experiencing was also experienced by a relative, probably passed, though sometimes it can be a living parent, for example. Your back, hip or viral infection may nod to a family member’s experiences, or perhaps the fight to get health insurance refunds for work cover! Oppositions do what it sounds like. They put you into opposition, rather like being England versus Germany in football, or the Republicans versus the Democrats in Washington. These cycles can and do end. They have limits on them, but while they are there, you have to have a strategy (like a good football coach) and management (again, as in football) and tactics (think about politicians). In other words, you are going to have to give this a couple of years of your time. Saturn moves very slowly and is a symbol of long-haul commitment and you don’t even need your astrological chart, to know that lumbar fusion, hip repair and Long Covid are long-term challenges. You can and will succeed, of course, because of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House. You also have Vulcano, Mars and Proserpina there, so were made for these times. You will enjoy testing and trialling different approaches, no matter if it is self hypnosis or meditation; particular remedies or pills and potions. Again, an ancestor or relative is the key to this, as he or she was a nurse, doctor, herbalist or had a condition where he/she had to become a self-carer. You are here to use your willpower to find the power and you are formidably powerful as a self-healer. You are also here to find freedom through quite radical changes to the way you look after your wellbeing. How you find that freedom is up to you, but it will come. You are also quite a game-changing employee and are so much more than just another staff member. You deserve a role (or roles, plural) which can give you a chance to turn projects or organisations around and that will come by May 2024 at the absolute latest, if you take the opportunity. You are quite fortunate in having Jupiter trine your Virgo factors. He is now at 15 Taurus and will move steadily across your chart giving you opportunities, hope and useful people and organisations to assist you in the big lifestyle reshape.

  70. Hi Jessica, hope you are well! Thanks for the article, it gives me so much hope!

    I have Hygiea at 11 Virgo and Psyche at 6 Virgo.

    I have recently left Australia and moved to London, after 3 years of living separately from my husband due to the pandemic. We might have to move to Edinburgh next year due to the high rental cost in London. My goal is to have my online teaching business (teaching about complementary medicine for everyday life) grow to a point that can replace my income (also in healthcare) in Australia. However, I also have a health issue that requires me to go back to Australia every 6 months or so for checkups because medical system here in London is just quite hard! And this new moon seems like a perfect fit for the issues above. I would love to hear your advice and tips on how to make full use of this new moon.

    Thanks so much, always, for your continuing guidance!

    1. You are really living your Hygiea and Psyche in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health. The New Moon is a turning point on the path you laid out for yourself in August but nothing will really be sorted out finally until October and you have Mercury Retrograde out of the way. You want to teach health online but also have a health issue yourself and obviously the NHS is collapsing in Britain. The New Moon isn’t enough to give you all the answers as it doesn’t fall at 6 or 11, but it will have felt (by now) like switching a light on and seeing what is there. Wishful thinking is not enough and neither is hopeful guessing. You will now be updated on what’s what. This will help you with some new choices but with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo allow for stop-start over the next couple of weeks. You are moving to Scotland but still have to go to Australia to get your health seen to. That’s Aesculapia at 29 Sagittarius. The symbol of crucial health care in the Ninth House of foreign countries and foreigners. You have Pluto at 28 Capricorn now and he will move to 29 Capricorn together with the Sun at 29 Capricorn in December 2023, January 2024 so this is a year-end decision and it’s too early now. Sagittarius rules academia as well as emigration and long-haul travel so your idea about teaching fits the natal placement and the transit. Aesculapia was the Roman symbol of healing and had two daughters, Panacea and Hygiea, who were responsible for cures, remedies and preventative medicine. He is often seen with the famous Rod of Aesculapius in painting and sculpture and in fact that symbol can be found right throughout the health industry worldwide. You also have Chiron at 29 Aries making a perfect trine. I am sure you know Chiron was a master of herbal medicine. A lot of astrologers make the mistake of calling him a wounded healer but he was only responsible for picking the herbs. The really dramatic healing was done by Aesculapius, yet these two are in perfect harmony in your chart. Pluto at 29 Capricorn is setting the pattern off, and some if it concerns your title, appearance and reputation (presumably you have to brand yourself online and may also be a walking advertisement for what you teach) and the rest is very much about emigrating and perhaps studying as well as teaching, as Sagittarius rules both. It is also about foreign students, for obvious reasons. Any time you get transits at 29 degrees it sets the whole pattern off, and Pluto will revisit 29 Capricorn as he retrogrades slowly out of that sign next year. Then the really big changes are over. You can use the Tarot to personalise this timing. So this isn’t really about the New Moon it’s about a symbol of deep transformation and a shift in the balance of power (Pluto) triggering what you were born to do, and in fact – are.

  71. Wow Jessica you are spot on! You are just amazing! Re Apollo in Virgo, I am able to multi-task well and often find myself with someone copying or competing with me (at work but also often in friendships) when there is no need to compete. I don’t engage as find it draining and believe there is always room for everyone. Incidentally my job (until I gave it up recently) was an Occupational Therapist which is a health profession that tries to help a person holistically including mental and physical health! So you’re right again…to the letter!

    In terms of the 5 of Swords and being piggy in the middle, again…this is exactly what happens. I find it easy to see the big picture and am the person (in my big loving family) who is always offloaded onto. I care so deeply about my loved ones and take it all in, giving them a perspective that sometimes helps, but then thinking and worrying about them nonstop! Our teenage son has been going through some trials with a manipulative “friend” so we have talked it over and over which has overall strengthened his confidence in himself and been a valuable lesson. However my mind then doesn’t stop, and I feel his anguish deeply which kicks in the protective instinct and ends up with me going over it in my mind when I’m trying to sleep! Also I’m often a go-between between my husband and our children to get him to communicate with them rather than react. It all adds up to responsibility that no one has put on me other than myself!

    Also last thing…I actually can’t believe again how correct you were when you mentioned about not wanting to attract attention. I come across as a friendly and happy person but this has on 2 occasions in the past inadvertently made male friends want more even though I’m married, and I have had to walk away completely. It made me very uneasy, made me question my marriage, and I found it hugely stressful not wanting to hurt their feelings but also really cross with them for thinking they had a chance and cross with me, questioning myself and how I am perceived. Weirdly it has actually occurred to me before now (it’s like you read my deep deep mind), that I wondered if this is a part of why my body is holding on to the fat as maybe I’m keeping attention away (mission achieved by the way – I’m a matronly figure now, invisible to most )!

    So…all in all thank you so so much for your wisdom, you’ve given me a lot to think about and I’m excited to really work on myself and particularly listen to any dreams that arise. Sending you so much love and happiness xxxx

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is talking to you. The chart usually works even if the astrologer and client (or reader) are complete strangers. I am glad you have seen the Tarot working too. I hope this has unlocked some answers for you and you will find your dreams do the rest.

  72. I understand that with my current planetary placements, it’s been difficult to make progress on finding a 2024 summer internship (law), but can you see when opportunities will come for me. Also, while I attend law school in NY state, I’m trying to get to Dallas, TX to follow my serious boyfriend – do the planets support that?

    1. You are a Sun Gemini who is here to connect and communicate and the law needs women like you to translate, too. You will begin a new road in academia from January 2024 and have figured out which path on the road, in February 2024. This will involve quite a powerful person or institution. You have been trying to find an internship during Mercury Retrograde which is not ideal; it ends by the time October begins. Long-term, in fact over the next 20 years, you could find one college or university transforms your whole existence. This may be your current law school or quite another; if you wanted to teach or tutor, for example, that would be open to you in the years ahead – or you could climb the academic ladder with qualifications. The decisions about moving with your boyfriend and sharing the costs will come in December 2023, January 2024. The Tarot can give you more guidance on that as you need two charts for two-way decisions and I only have yours.

  73. Jessica, thanks for yet another great insight into the coming weeks/month. I have been struggling with my health/energy levels and mood for the last couple of months – bit of an extreme change really. Actually have felt like all of a sudden I was no longer in control as I am normally, got dropped off in mud and told to swim. Any further insight would be very much appreciated! I have a stellium in Virgo so your info gave me a jolt of hope that some of this will begin to clear up with continued effort.
    As always thank you for your time!

    1. Thank you. You have multiple factors in your Sixth House at 0 to 13 Virgo including the North Node and Saturn. August and September have been dominated by Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, so life has gone backwards even as it was apparently going forwards. The cycle ends shortly and so will the stop-start nature of what used to be a regular routine. Transiting Saturn is in opposition and will eventually be opposite natal Saturn, so you are at the start of a cycle which will test the systems you have in place, from your food, drink, drugs, medication to your fitness, doctor, dentist, healer and so on. At 0 Pisces, Saturn was in opposition to your MC or Midheaven quite recently, and that can only happen every 28 years or so. No wonder it feels like an extreme change. Now, but also later, you will find that the structure you have set in place with work and wellbeing is overdue for maintenance. If it’s not a set-up that functions as it used to, then you will need to alter it, but give yourself plenty of time and space to do that, as Saturn transits are a slow process. The Greeks called him Kronos and from that you have chronology, so things must happen in chronological order. Questioning is normal. So is commitment to the long view and long road. The transit doesn’t last forever of course; this is just a phase you are going through. The more immediate issues with Mercury Retrograde will be over by October, MB.

  74. Hi Jessica, please could you tell me what to expect from this new moon in Virgo. I have a large Stellium in Virgo. thanks in advance for all you do xx

    1. Well, the New Moon is on her way out of Virgo now, so you have seen the turning point with fitness, your drink, food, doctor, dentist, drugs and the rest. It may have been something as basic as making a new rule on alcohol to making a new commitment to walking distances – or going back to a solution your dentist gave you, which you never used. You are going through Mercury Retrograde in Virgo as well as the New Moon in Virgo so you can see a rethink of what you assumed would be a new routine back in August, or the replay of answers you were given even months before but never followed through with. The stellium in Virgo tells you what you already know; physical or mental health challenges which have been there since childhood or adolescence still need a second or third look, even today. It may have been autism at school, for example – or depression as a teenager. Virgo transits are lifelong and you were born with Pluto at 0 Virgo right at the start of the sign. You are set to experience transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius quincunx natal Pluto, from January 2024, so this is the ‘transformation of the controls’ and the transit is about the most powerful change, altering the way you manage your health and wellbeing, no matter what the issues actually are. It can only happen once in your adult life. There is a nod to that now, but the transit won’t happen until you are into January and it may be the Sun at 0 Aquarius, around the end of the third week, that actually ushers the new lifestyle in.

  75. I understand that with my current planetary placements, it’s been difficult to make progress on finding a 2024 summer internship (law), but can you see when opportunities will come for me. Also, while I attend law school in NY state, I’m trying to get to Dallas, TX to follow my serious boyfriend – do the planets support that?

  76. Hi Jessica,

    I am Sun Scorpio with Proserpina and Vesta in Virgo. I was hoping this New Moon would bring me a new job opportunity, I did have an interview but it was not what I had hoped for. Can you please look at my chart and tell me when my chances of landing a better job will me? I am wanting to switch fields in health care and have been trying for the past year with no luck, thanks

    1. I am sorry the job interview didn’t work out this time. You have to remember that despite the New Moon in Virgo, you also have Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, so the Sixth House of your chart (the jobs zone) is not running as usual, in astrology. Mercury is a symbol of communication, information, negotiation and transportation. When he is moving forwards and backwards, so does life. You have been trying to switch fields in health care and health is also ruled by Virgo. You were born with Vesta at 18 and Proserpina at 19 Virgo and you currently have transiting Chiron at 18 Aries. So, Chiron is quincunx Vesta and will soon be quincunx Proserpina. You want to see what you can get away with in terms of your title and appearance. Around 27th and 28th September Mercury will be at 18 and 19 Virgo so you will have more information about your job situation and it will update you properly so you can make new plans. You are a natural go-between at work who is suited to being the middle person between powerful people or organisations. You are adept at dividing your time, energy and commitment to two influential individuals or groups. You also tend to fall into job situations where one male and two or more females set up the politics. This is something you should be used to handling by now. If not, look at Vesta in more detail and Proserpina too. When Jupiter moves to 18, 19 Taurus and is trine these two, you will be given an opportunity to expand the role of go-between in a work setting, presumably still within the health system. So, from 5th April 2024. You can of course land a new role before then, but April would enhance and expand it, or give you a step up, or a step across, if you wanted it. That’s the astrology. Look at the Tarot to confirm this timing.

  77. Hi Jessica,
    I love reading your blogs and all the other comments to better understand. I am currently going through a breast cancer diagnosis , I have had chemo and a lumpectomy and am about to find out what’s next. Do you have any other advice you can offer me ? I have a stellium in Virgo and others and I feel like this is a massive period of change , many thanks, Vickie

    1. You are taking your breast cancer treatment in steps and doing well, Vickie. You have rare oppositions to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of health, which you will not be surprised to hear. You were born with Ops with all her optimism, practicality and stoicism at 24 Virgo and of course have been going through the opposition of transiting Neptune at 24 Pisces. You were also born with Saturn at 0 Virgo and you have been going through transiting Saturn at 0 Pisces. The Saturn-Saturn opposition is notorious for testing your defences. So this is about your immune system being put to the test and you are now rallying. Saturn himself will slowly but surely move through Pisces (he is now at 2 degrees and will eventually land at 29) and along the way, oppose your other Virgo factors. An opposition is like an opposite side in football. I’ve said this to other people doing the transiting oppositions, but you have to play to your strengths. Use your best. Take time out and revise then go back in. If you need to get a new coach, get a new coach. It’s the same with a manager! It’s also very much like politics. To win an election you become a strategist and an activist. Make no mistake this is about pushing back over the long haul; you will need to pace yourself. It’s rather like being in the first round of the World Cup. You can and will win, as you know very well Vickie, but you will need to set aside 2023, 2024 and part of 2025 to rebuild your health on every level, so mind, body and spirit. It takes time, as Saturn is associated with egg-timers and clocks, which is why you always seem him holding them in old paintings of him. This is the wisdom transit. It takes a long time, because learning lessons about your body takes a long time. In Virgo, those factors in your chart remind you this is about your mind too. And it’s very much about your work, unpaid work, study, housework and daily routine. Addressing what needs to change there (and I expect it’s a lot) is also half the battle. Discovering more about your Virgo side can be really useful so dig into your library on here and find out what this is all about. As I said, it’s a couple of rare transits – Neptune and Saturn – in opposition.

  78. Hi Jessica. Going off the topic. I just heard that Hugh Jackman has separated from his wife. I remember a couple of months back when you predicted there would well-know splits because of the Libra/Aries Nodes. Well done for another accurate prediction! 🙂

    1. The South Node in Libra comes to us all, even people married for such a very long time, who have done such fantastic things for the world. I was actually a week out; the original prediction from last January suggested next weekend. Perhaps that is when there will be some official media.

  79. Thanks for your response Jessica. Much appreciated. Love the work that you and your team produce. Your horoscopes are right on. I always listen to your audio weekly dates. They are fantastic.
    Kindest Regards,

  80. Good afternoon Jessica, you already have so many posts on this topic so I fear I have missed out. I read in your blogs that this is the time for change and even karma, and yet I’m forever working harder and not getting any further. To add further injustice, I have an ex who is so slippery he has managed to escape every single way of being responsible for any of his children so their entire well-being comes down to me. Growing up and studying for close to a decade at uni I had never imagined that I would have been a mother, let alone a single parent, and yet here I am, despising almost every minute of it and I have so very many more years of it left. I feel like the life I was supposed to have has been completely ripped away from me. I have found tarot to elude me as I’m so angry most of the time and it clouds and biases my thoughts. Can you please see in my charts if this finally comes around in my favour? Thank you so much in advance.

    1. The New Moon in Virgo feature was popular, with nearly 250 comments, but your question is at the top of the page as I sit down with a cup of tea to have a look at your chart. I am sorry the father of your children is not raising them, but you are. You’re a single parent and feel angry. I don’t blame you. I’d be angry too. Okay, so let’s look at Leo for a start, as it rules the Fifth House of children. Sure enough you have Mars the god of war at 17 Leo in your Fifth House. You also have Venus at 23 Leo, Fortuna at 19 Leo, Bacchus at 2 Leo, Minerva at 1 Leo as well. You’ll go through phases of being proud to be Queen to a younger court, with that terrific Minerva-Bacchus conjunction. Bacchus is about sheer fun. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. You are a born teacher, actually. Unfortunately your ex knows how brilliant you are at being the hand that guides and the Queen that rules. You are strongly Leo, a born leader and perhaps he knows deep down he could never compete. Still, here you are with the classic ‘clouds’ of Neptune which get in the way of your Tarot. Neptune can also be slippery like fish in the ocean he rules. Often people articulate the issue in their question. You have transiting Neptune at 26 Pisces square Neptune at 26 Sagittarius. So there is a fair bit of unreality and non-reality here too. It can leave you feeling all at sea. The life you were meant to have is waiting for you. It may be hard to see now but once Jupiter moves to Gemini in May 2024, followed by Uranus in Gemini for many years, your whole chart lights up. You will be using the written and spoken word in liberating new ways across old and new media, if you take the whopping chance offered to you by June 2024. At that point you will realise neighbours or locals are your new best friends, especially with the children, as many of you are in the same boat. Your life with your own and other people’s children, teenagers, young adults expands and improves by June 2025 and from the mid 2020’s you begin to finally understand the rewards of being Queen. For now, find something that grounds you and anchors you, as this Neptune transit is very ungrounding.

  81. Hi Jessica,
    I am planning on taking on a new health regime and use the support from this new moon- but on holiday from 23rd for a week so it will hard to continue till after that finishes but will try my best. But I am also starting a new job role on the 2nd oct which I’m really excited about it as it’s took a while for this to materialise after much trying.
    I feel the astrology is supportive and pushing me forward in a new direction. Do you think this new Virgo moon will help ?

    1. The Virgo New Moon is actually part of the new job on the 2nd of October. Just remember Mercury Retrograde in Virgo too (it is still cycling around in the sign of work) so you may want to give yourself a couple of weeks for the usual stop-start or rewriting of the initial discussions or paperwork. Congratulations on the new role; you have the MC or Midheaven at 15 Taurus which shows your peak achievements in life and of course lucky Jupiter is heading for 15 Taurus, as you read this.

  82. I have a stellium in Virgo and was wondering what is in store for me the rest of this year. I know the last couple of years have been the most financially difficult. This year I took a new job and love it, but also took a 50% pay cut and really struggling. Plus stressed about back taxes owed. I am hoping it works out and my financial situation starts to improve

    1. Saturn Taurus 15 and Mars Scorpio 15 in your chart is the whole story here. You were born with natal Saturn in opposition to Mars from the Second House of income and to the Eighth House of taxation. You are slowly coming out of a very difficult cycle not possible in your lifetime as Uranus went to 15 Taurus, the North Node went to 15 Taurus and the South Node went to 15 Scorpio. So you have done well to find a job you love, even though your pay is halved. You also have back taxes are not alone; people are doing what they must, to pay the bills, in an economy that is still in shock. The worst is over. You could easily get a promotion with better pay; a better-paid new job; a side-gig – thanks to Jupiter with all his abundant opportunity and sweeping solutions, moving to 29 Taurus in May 2024, where he will aspect Diana and Salacia at 29 Capricorn and Pluto at 29 Virgo. That is what they call a Grand Trine and it will put you nicely on track. You don’t have to wait around for 2024, though. The word ‘stressed’ is very important and strongly Virgo women tend to live in their heads, are vulnerable to anxiety and find they end up in a loop, where their thoughts influence their feelings – and their feelings influence their actions – which can end up generating more thoughts they don’t want. There are various ways through this. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or C.B.T. is one. Meditation is another. Walking is a third (proven by many academic and medical studies). Self-hypnosis is a fourth. Through the wonders of YouTube all this is available to try free. Enjoy yourself fishing around for what and who you prefer and use this Virgo season to recreate your lifestyle with a luxurious focus on at least one hour a day for it.

  83. Hello Jessica. Thanks again for all your articles and the podcast which I really enjoy. This is a comment really about happenings in this new moon week for my daughter in the US, a Pisces. She had applied for a new job, change of career. She made it through to the training session stage on the Wednesday before the new moon but the company got the date and place wrong. She was given a date for a follow up Zoom meeting on the day of the new moon. That too was a mix up, again on the company’s side and was invited to another possible Zoom event today Saturday but with no firm time as such. This seemed quite bizarre to me and at a time when career starts looked favourable begins to look more like a warning than a welcome. Is this also a trait of a new moon or is the shadow of Mercury up to its old tricks? Strange indeed.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much Isobel. Your daughter has been affected by Mercury Retrograde which will not end for another couple of weeks. The wrong date and place is common. Zoom cancellation is also not unusual. I am sorry she is being given the runaround, as they say in Australia. It’s not the New Moon in Virgo. That was actually the job interview. The runaround is Mercury but it is over when September ends. She is now in the ‘wait and see, test and try’ phase of it all, but she will know where she stands shortly.

  84. Not only a great article once again but really helpful reading the comments and your replies as well. I didn’t understand how to do the three card spread until I read someone else’s comment (thank you Cap30). I drew three cards but it was 12 hours after the new moon and I don’t have anything at Virgo 21 so I’m not sure it is relevant but it was fun to have a go and I asked what does this new moon in Virgo mean for me, thinking right the way into October and I drew – The Sun/6th house, Garden Oracle: Education and The Hanged Man. The sun and 6th house seems positive, I gave my boss and overview of some work I’ve been involved in on Friday and he wasn’t aware of how much work was involved and was impressed, I’ve also been talking more openly about my mental health and education seems relevant as I have been thinking about doing a course to help me with a hobby that is fun but has been really helpful for my mental health, although I’m not sure what the hanged man is about, although also I feel at a loss about my job as a very senior leader left our business this week abruptly on Thursday, and she had my back and made me feel safe. Really timely hopeful article, thanks.

    1. Your boss is the Hanged Man here. He is dangling (suspended in his decisions) because your senior leader resigned. Virgo is of course work so your Tarot card is chatting to you about your job situation. He will probably take action when Mercury corrects its motion. Not too long to wait. Education is also a Virgo matter and informal learning is open to you as well as any recognised study. The Sun in the Sixth House simply told you where it was. There was in fact a transit of the Sun in your Sixth House and there still is. By now you should have your first post-New Moon push forward with matters of health, work, schedule, food, drink, drugs, doctors, fitness and so on. Fate may even have shown her hand.

  85. This is so interesting! Thank you. In September, I joined a goal setting group here in Bali. We’re reading an incredible goal-setting book, and I set my goals on September 14th, 15th, and 16th, of all days. Anyway, I have a huge Kickstarter book launch starting mid-October and I’m extremely nervous. I’m glad I came here to read this article, because I didn’t know if October would be a good month to launch this experiment with my books on Kickstarter. Turns out, it is. Yes! Thank you.

  86. Hi Jessica,

    I have been working on getting my health under control over the last few months. I was wondering how the new moon in Virgo will affect me. I have a stellium in Virgo with 22 Juno, 2 Uranus, 21 Cres, 17 Mars, 10 Pluto and 26 MC.

    1. The New Moon has now passed but you will still be uncovering new lifestyle, workload, wellbeing and daily routine possibilities, not just now – but for 2024. This is really a test and trial period for what you enjoy – and what works. You have that classic Uranus and Pluto in Virgo combination which everybody born in the 1960s also has. You are also strongly Virgo as a whole. You suit an extremely flexible way of working where you are your own boss. Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House tends to produce freedom and independence anyway, sometimes because you have to leave jobs; sometimes because you leave. By now you should be in a position in life where you can be extremely flexible about hours, for example, or the conditions under which you serve other people. Virgo is very much about doing your duty and doing it in great detail, too. Pluto is about the need to run things; thus the reputation of Uranus and Pluto for self-employment or freelance side-gigs, where even if the regular job is ‘working for the man’, the extra work is completely self-run. With that combination in your chart, health reflects the relationship with work, paid work, housework and study. When you say ‘getting my health under control’ you are talking about Pluto in Virgo, which wants to control wellbeing, food, diet, drink, drugs, doctors, fitness – as much as the job itself. The issue with Pluto is that you can never have total control. Pluto is a symbol of enforced compromise so what tends to work is a 50-50 deal with yourself and a 50-50 deal with the universe. Sometimes it can be about the first half of life and the second half of life, rather like taking The Pill for the first half and nixing it for the second half.

  87. Dear Jessica, on September 12th I have handed in my resignation. I’ve been in this workplace for nearly 8 years and I don’t have a backup plan. I am wondering if there is anything in my chart showing whether I will be able to find another job which I would actually enjoy… Thank you so much!

    1. Well, you really went with the Virgo New Moon as you resigned your job. You also did this on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, so nothing is really fixed, firm, final or finished here. You have two stelliums. Scorpio and Leo. Stelliums show what you are here to do; unless you dedicate yourself to pursuing matters ruled by those signs, you will not be completely fulfilled. Scorpio is sex, death and money (to put it bluntly). This is where we find men who marry wives who partner with them in business or philanthropy. It is also where we find women who become heavily involved in finance, property, valuables – but with strong ties to family members. People sometimes end up in the actuarial business because it covers life insurance; others can take an interest in legacies. We also find people who work in fields which have nothing to do with sex, death and money but have complex personal lives which fulfil the Scorpio mission. They can marry money, for example, or divorce in a costly way, or have issues with their children, who inherit. Leo is rather similar in that it is about the leadership of a younger generation and some people fulfil their role by being not only father, but teacher. Not only mother, but informal educator. More commonly we find heavily Leo people involved in mentoring, tutoring or guiding younger generations; people young enough to be their own children, as they grow older. Heavily Leo types also end up entertaining children and teenagers in some way, which is also very common.

  88. Thank you so much for both your replies. I have also been invited to speak on a podcast to talk about my role as a women in tech and my work in the women’s group. She reached out to me on July 20th and again last week to say she is still keen. I have never spoken on a podcast although I suspect she found me after my company did a story on my work as a women in tech in June. As a techie that doesn’t particularly like putting myself in front of people I don’t like the idea I’m also aware that despite doing this for years there are still so few women in this area it could be of benefit to share my story and talk about how interesting the work and demystify it a bit. I couldn’t entertain it until we’re out of the retrograde weather as I am very very tired and my brain is too foggy as a result but maybe when the sun is my 3rd house would be better to consider it anyway? They have a reach of 1500 subscribers with 300 to 400 listening in the first 7 days of each podcast which seems huge to me but not too huge to be daunting? I guess I could also leave it until next year when Pluto is back in Aquarius and not in Capricorn kicking my butt.

    1. It’s a pleasure. The Third House is certainly where podcasting belongs and in fact this may be the gateway to more podcasts from May 2024.

  89. hello Jessica, thank you for all your hard work. I wondered if you could give me some indication of what is going on for me? i cant seem to focus and unhappy on all fronts. work and family. I just want to run away except of course there is nowhere to run when the problem is me. I thought about getting a divorce, but i dont think I would do well alone either. thank you in advance for any insights Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry you are so unhappy. Salacia is at 29 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. She is a symbol of alternatives to the real world and you have a history of doing well with professional, academic or unpaid work options which are an escape from reality; a holiday from what most people would call ‘regular’ employment or study. At the moment Pluto is going back and forth across 29 Capricorn and for the first time in 248 years, this cycle is really hitting home. You are articulating Salacia (who is Neptune’s wife, goddess of the ocean) when you say “I can’t seem to focus” as she swims in salt water and you know how hard it is to see. When you say “I just want to run away” that is also Salacia as she is about the holiday from the gritty real world. In short, you are being Plutoed. Pluto comes along and acts on a natural part of you; the part that is really best suited to the strange and mysterious world of extremely ‘other’ projects, roles, tasks and goals. Pluto tends to show up as situations, organisations or individuals who try to take over and often do. You can feel overpowered, often and have to push back very hard with willpower and self-control in order to pull things back your way. Fortunately this cycle is over by January 2024. There may be an echo of 2023 next year, but not for along. For the most part your work situation will end or ease, for whatever reason, as next year begins. Now, your family and marriage…I am sure you won’t be surprised to hear that a lot of cycles are all happening at once. You were born with Ceres at 21 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood and the bedroom. Ceres is a symbol of tremendous compromise and enforced sharing – you can find out all about this in your library of flipbooks here or just on Search. You have Fortuna at 20 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, just one degree away. This is where you find life has a random, spinning quality; highs and lows follow each other. Hygiea at 21 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage is tied to both. You believe in preventative measures with your marriage, are cautious about all the scenarios, tend to screen and shield both yourself and the partnership. So there’s a basic personality pattern here, in terms of how you habitually respond to these things, and it’s worked so far, but right now you have transits over these areas of your chart which mean you can’t just do, what you always did. It doesn’t work any more. Furthermore, I can see Pluto at 1 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, and transiting Pluto is set to move to 1 Aquarius next year, which will mean Pluto trine Pluto is here and that is always huge transformation. You know you need to change anyway, but how to do it? You are quite right. You would not do well alone either and would always need a relationship with your ex-husband, with this kind of chart. You probably have lots of scenarios in your head that may not come to pass, by the way. Hygiea in Libra is a brilliant strategist but ‘Cheer up, it may never happen’ also has to be suggested. In astrology and mythology she is a symbol of prevention not cure. You know the career situation doesn’t last. The marriage and family situation is something you can find more answers with. These are intensely personal to you, so I suggest you use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on my website. The more regular your relationship with divination, the more accurate and trustworthy it becomes. Follow the steps. You are asking about paths out of the unhappiness. Different options. But 2024 is it.

  90. Thank you, Jessica, for the reply about my proposal! I hadn’t seen it until now. I look back on your answers. What you wrote a while back about my getting involved with the younger generation this year has kept coming true, this month in an unexpected way. Late August, a college sought me out to teach a course on photography because their professor had an illness–so I’m learning modern teaching tools like Canvas unexpectedly and have a class of young people (and two adult students). I’m in the mood for good surprises so…

  91. Hello Jessica, thank you very much for all your posts and for responding to so many readers’ comments. I look forward to and read your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes without fail. The past several years, since perhaps 2017, have been challenging and several aspects of my life seem to have been in a downward spiral.
    I returned back to my country of birth after 18 years in the US (2002 – 2020) to be with family. My professional life has been challenging since then, perhaps due to my inability to effectively deal with the change and a long period of sustained stress.
    While I am grateful for my blessings, there has been an overwhelming sense of loneliness, very low self confidence, loss of focus and mental fatigue lately. Will there be some light at the end of the tunnel?

    1. Thank you. If you have been lonely and in a downward spiral since 2017, that’s too long and I am sorry you are going through it. This sounds like depression and assuming you have seen a doctor, you’ve not been helped. You have gone back to your homeland and family but it’s not worked out. Let’s see what is going on in your birth chart. Saturn at 17 Cancer is in your Fourth House of family, house, apartment, home town and homeland. You were actually born with the ‘structure, build, organise’ planet there, so it would not matter if you were in the US or in your homeland; you would still find your family and home are where the work has to be done. This can be tiring so you need to give yourself more time out, and time off, to balance the effort. The effort is worth it, long-term, as you end up with something quite formidable and impressive, but while you put in the patience, you need to compensate yourself with (say) meditation or hypnosis. One of the most reliable treatments for depression is C.B.T. or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It involves reframing your thoughts so that your feelings and. your actions help you, not keep you in a spiral. If you’ve not heard of it, you can be forgiven, but it is proven in practice. You can try a free Audible audiobook on the same, at this link:

      You have a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of mental and physical health and Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of the mind. The way you think has a marked effect on how your whole system works, actually, so starting with your thoughts is a good idea. Your Sun is at 29 Virgo and for the first time in 248 years, transiting Pluto has been at 29 Capricorn. Transiting Pluto trine natal Sun is a slow transformation of your identity and a powerful change in the way you are seen, particularly at work. This requires effort and again, it is a good idea to build in time out, or time off, into your daily routine. Whatever it takes to switch off will help you, no matter if it is walking to music in your headphones (which produces dopamine, a useful brain chemical) or any of the hypnosis on YouTube offered by Paul McKenna, Michael Sealey or Glenn Harrold, who are all recommended by readers. Life will be a great deal easier from January 2024 when Pluto leaves 29 Capricorn. From 2025 you can put a great deal behind you, particularly in terms of your career. For whatever reason, January 2024 and February 2024 bring relief. In the meantime, there are some things you can put in place to help you feel less lonely. I strongly recommend you don’t go to family members every time to try and remedy that; you will find far more to sustain you in a group, team, club, association, charity, band and so on. In fact, one is waiting for you to join or even rejoin from February 2024 and it will change your life. Cricket will do, as well as anything else.

  92. Hello Jessica, Thanks a lot for your immediate and thoughtful response. I will definitely use the resources you have directed me to, including meditation, hypnosis and CBT, to see if they can help me get through this difficult phase.
    I do hope things get easier after Pluto moves past the trine aspect to my natal sun. I hope I can also effectively navigate Neptune and Saturn opposite my Virgo and Libra stellia over the coming years. Thank you very much! I hope to receive more guidance from you over the coming months and years. My best wishes to you.

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