The Aries Full Moon in September

The Full Moon in Aries falls on Friday 29th September 2023. How is your sign or birth chart affected?

The Full Moon in Aries for Every Sign

The Aries Full Moon on Friday 29th September at 9.57am UTC falls at 6 Aries in opposition to the Sun at 6 Libra. (UTC is Coordinated Universal Time.)

What a Full Moon Does in Astrology

The Moon is opposite the Sun so there is inner conflict and disagreement between people. 

Some people get less sleep in the week of a Full Moon for the obvious reason that it can shine through curtains and blinds. Perhaps that’s why some of us behave like lunatics. The word lunar is tied to lunacy. 

The University of Basel proved it: science lines up with the astrology. You do sleep less in the days before a Full Moon. 

It’s a good time to clear the decks, create time and space for yourself and cut other people some slack. 

Full Moon in Canada Picryl 300x225 - The Aries Full Moon in SeptemberThe Full Moon is Time For Reflection

A Full Moon is reflected in rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans. That’s a reminder that this September 29th Full Moon is time for reflection. 

Things come full circle on a Full Moon. It looks like a big, white, bright full stop in the sky. It’s time to pause and slow down. 

The Moon and Women

The 29.5 day lunar cycle aligns with menstruation. This is probably where astrology began. They call it correlation. When we talk about ‘that time of the month’ we are actually talking about ‘that time of the moonth.” From Moon and ‘month/moonth’ we also get ‘mood.’

The Full Moon and the Police

Extra police offers were employed in Brighton some years ago on every Full Moon as violent incidents were found to increase, as reported by the BBC.

Circadian Rhythms in Full Moon Week

In the days leading up to a full moon, people go to sleep later in the evening and sleep for shorter periods of time, according to research at the University of Washington and Yale University. 

Sleeping less and going to bed later in Full Moon week may be one of the reasons we feel less balanced now or notice that others are out of synch.

Full Moon Picryl 300x194 - The Aries Full Moon in SeptemberYour Personal Chart and the Full Moon

If you have anything at 6 degrees of any zodiac sign, then other people’s conflicts with each other, or their inner conflicts with themselves, will affect you at a distance.

If You Have Factors at 6 Aries

Your reputation, appearance and title are now fully obvious as the Moon in Aries is fully illuminated. Expect a spotlight on your name and face. Shadows vanish and everything about you is clear.

This is an opposition, though, so leave plenty of time and space as you may be dealing with people or situations against you, or be in two minds about matters affecting how you are seen. Relaunch another time. Full Moon chart for New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory, below, using Sydney for timing.


Full Moon Sydney 1024x788 - The Aries Full Moon in September

If You Have Factors at 6 Libra

Your duets or duels in life are in the spotlight. This may be your marriage or professional partnership. Any conflict or lawsuit. The Full Moon in Aries is in opposition, so you will find a classic clash taking place between ‘Me’ and ‘Us’.

There may also be an obvious example of ‘Me’ versus ‘You.’ Pick an easier time to date or separate. Find a different day/night to discuss the two of you – or a battle.

The Lunar Nodes and Full Moon Karma

This Full Moon in Aries against the Sun in Libra triggers the current nodal cycle, which is karmic.  It relates directly to your partnerships or conflicts some 18-19 years ago and depending on your age, could even trigger marriage or relationship soul debts and credits from the Eighties, Sixties or Fifties.

You may see a strong karmic connection between life now, near 29th September 2023, and what was taking place, years ago (below). If so, you owe, or you will be owed, and closure will be the end result. You can find out more about the nodal cycle here.

26th December 2004 to 22nd June 2006

6th April 1986 to 5th May 1986

8th May 1986 to 2nd December 1987

19th August 1967 to 19th April 1969

25th January 1949 to 26th July 1950

Basic Full Moon Handling

Common sense suggests now is not the time to take huge risks or go to extremes. If your inner voice tells you not to do something, listen to it. If you can see the polar opposites in a situation and feel yourself moving towards one or the other, you may want to think twice about acting on that. It’s a good time, to take peaceful time out.

Full Moon chart set for New York at 5.57am on Friday 29th September, below.

FULL MOON NEW YORK 1024x788 - The Aries Full Moon in September

Sign by Sign Full Moon Predictions


Oysters close on the Full Moon and so should you. Narrowing your shell, in terms of your image or profile, will help you now. You can open up on the New Moon in Aries, closer to your birthday in 2024. An issue about your title, reputation and appearance will come full circle now. The Sun in Libra is also in your sector of partners and opponents. Find another time to push or pull too dramatically in either direction, Aries.


This Full Moon in Aries, up against the Sun in Libra, is most obvious with your workload, wellbeing, daily routine, job, unpaid work, housework, academic career, health and fitness. When things are not aligned, you may prefer to take action later on, Taurus. The Full Moon itself is in your Twelfth House of hypnosis, therapy, Tarot, mediumship, religion and the inner life. You may prefer to start something new later on.


You will find friends and groups are clearly in the Full Moon zone now and everything will be obvious in greater detail than usual and demand more, too. Your relationship with dates, sexual partners, children and young adults is also in the zone. Make big changes another time. There may be a mixture of both, so your godchildren (whom your friends are parents to) could be at the heart of mixed feelings, for example.


The Full Moon in Aries is at odds with the Sun in Libra, in your zone of home, family, household, property, town and country. As this is so important to you, there are easier times to push one way or the other, no matter if the issue is a close relative or renovations. The Full Moon itself is in your sector of career, unpaid work and study and as you are ruled by the Moon this is where you will feel the greatest emotional split.


The Aries-Libra line in your horoscope is about foreign and local travel. You are unlikely to find things aligned in either department, Leo, as your chart is temporarily lopsided. You may prefer to be on the move another time or just be more mindful about journeys. Aries also rules publishing, academia, foreigners and foreign countries in your chart in combination so select another time for big moves in that department.


This is a financial Full Moon as both your own income, and any shared house, business, apartment (and so on) is on the lunar line. This suggests you could pick an easier time to make huge choices, like switching banks or buying a property. Give yourself space. The Full Moon in Aries is in your Eighth House of joint finance, property and possessions and if you have factors in Libra in your birth chart, think about timing.


The Sun in your own sign is against the Full Moon in Aries, which describes your duet or duel at the moment. You are ruled by the scales and as you depend on symmetry and harmony, you may have to work harder on that now. Finding a level playing field is crucial. The Sun in your First House is also about image, profile, reputation, appearance and title. Another time to act on this may be far less of a stretch for you.


The most obvious thing about this Full Moon for you will be unanswered questions about work, study or unpaid work. There may also be health matters to attend to, as the Moon in Aries falls in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. Can any big decision wait? The Sun in Libra is in your Twelfth House of inner life, the soul, spirit, psychology and psyche so choices here may seem like a big ask; can any of this wait?


If you know a Gemini then you will both be concerned with similar questions. This Full Moon is about your social life, social media and friendships; if you can delay dramatic decisions you may prefer to do so. Relationships, children and teenagers also need more time. The Full Moon in Aries is in your Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood; courtship and the bedroom. You may want to make choices later.


The Full Moon in Aries falls opposite your Tenth House of career, status, unpaid roles and academia. As this matters so much to you, it is where you must now make some wise choices about when to act, and when to wait. Perhaps some decisions can be left, Capricorn, with the Sun in Libra. The actual Full Moon itself is in your Fourth House of family, property, town and country. Again, this is a stretch; can it wait?


Your travel and relocation sectors, which also cover short-distance journeys and foreign involvements, suggest a classic cash of push-pull when it will be hard to reach agreement with yourself, or just more challenging to make things balance. Take your time now. The Full Moon in Aries also makes a brother, sister or cousin more of a big ask for you, emotionally, so you may prefer to make big decisions later.


Your finance, charity, business, shopping, valuables and charity sectors are brightly lit by this Full Moon and you may find yourself in two minds, or stretched by people or organisations which are pulling you in two different directions. Think about the timing. The Full Moon in your Second House is about your own values and your life budget. If others are not in alignment with that you may want to act at another time.

Using the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle

If you are familiar with using these by now, you will know how well they work in describing what is ahead. They have been designed to work in synch with each other, too.

Ask ‘How will the Full Moon in Aries in September most affect me, in the weeks ahead?’ Follow the steps. Your intuition will help you navigate. 

As always with the cards on my site, the answers will also tally with your own birth chart.

All images: Picryl.

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60 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I love seeing new posts on your website and especially the comments feature, being able to comment and ask you questions is really amazing!
    I’m feeling like this is a period of closure, will this full moon help me put some of the struggles with family and business behind me and move forward positively? JND x

    1. Thank you. Yes, Comments is the other half of the story (always) because any astrological prediction needs real-world examples and live updates. You have family and business struggles, not because of the Full Moon approaching, but for quite different reasons. Mars at 24 Cancer and Salacia at 29 Capricorn are the story here. You are experiencing a transiting T-Square from the lunar nodes to Mars. There may be emotional heat there; you want to take action, but are blocked. The transiting North Node at 24 Aries is square natal Mars. The transiting South Node at 24 Libra is square natal Mars as well. This is within orb now and becomes exact from September 27th until November 30th 2023. Find an outlet. You may need to do a lot of fast walking, competitive sport, yoga and so on as Mars natally needs to push and pull; better you do this physically in a contained way than feel the urge to act but be blocked. In any case this transit, which can only happen every 18-19 years, is over very soon. The other issue is transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Salacia in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and study. This is about your willpower and self-control making you stronger in the face of quite powerful and dominating people, organisations or situations. By pushing back you do mental and spiritual weight training and end up stronger. Again this situation has use-by date and for whatever reason is finished from 22nd January 2024. There may be a ‘slight return’ to quote Jimi Hendrix when Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn on 3rd September 2024, hanging around until November 19th, but by then you will well and truly be over the hump.

  2. Dear Jessica, thank you for the insightful article, I have north node in 5 degrees Aries and south node at 5 degrees of Libra, and I also have 6 degrees Panacea in cancer, 6 degrees Neptune in Capricorn, 6 degrees Venus in cancer, 6 degrees Juno in cancer, currently going through a divorce as well as many issues with my father, I’m at my wits end with everything, what could all those 6 degrees in those signs signify for me in terms of this full moon? The tarot card I pulled was Justice, which is all too fitting. Any insight you might have will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Justice is great. It shows you the scales in the card which of course is Libra. You are being told very clearly by the Tarot that the divorce and problems with your father will be resolved, fair and square. A higher power and higher authority will take charge. Your chart shows karma. You knew both men in a previous life, so this Full Moon may show you situations which feel uncannily familiar. You probably were in reversed positions in the last incarnation. When in doubt, ask your spirit guides, family and friends on the other side of life to help you reach a legal, fair, binding and supremely reasonable outcome. You are halfway there but sometimes it can be a sweeter verdict; spirit may be able to assist.

  3. Thanks for this article Jessica. I’m moving into my new home on the day of the full moon. I have Pluto in Libra and pulled the Queen of Wands, which I think represents me. The lions holding hands in the backdrop represent my two young kids who are delighted to have their own bedrooms for the first time. Your interpretation mentions Sun transits, and the Sun and South Node will be in Libra, which is my solar fourth house. I believe there’s a karnic element to the situation because I helped homeless people and met my ex-husband 18 years ago. He is being quite difficult above this change so that’d be the conflict with this full moon. Can you please share any insights you have about this situation? Thanks!

    1. The Queen of Wands is always Leo and the Fifth House and you are showing your children new bedrooms in a new home on the Full Moon. Your Descendant at 15 Leo is your former husband, the father of the children. The DC or Descendant is always the other half; the other side. He feels he is King here but you are actually Queen. You are reading your chart correctly when you feel you are owed (you are) and that your husband will be the source of the conflict (he is). This is why Full Moons are best avoided, but this too shall pass and the far bigger story is your plans for the children.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    Great article. Could I ask a question about this full moon? I did ask this on the new moon article but my question couldn’t b answered. I have 6degrees sagi sun. I found out on the blue moon i had failed a had module. I had to apply for mitigating circumstances. since summer time my phd journey has been like hitting my head against brick wall. I not sure what this 6 degrees moon will bring for me.


    1. Thanks Lilly. Your PhD is of course Sagittarius and the Ninth House of academia. Your stellium in Sagittarius at 0, 2, 2, 6, 23, 28 means it never rains but it pours; you either have a dream run as a student or tutor or fail. The reason for this is that you regularly have transits from the slow-moving outer planets which get stuck around 28, 29, 0, 1, 2 degrees and that is happening now. Pluto was just at 28 Capricorn and will go to 29, in December, then onto 0 and 1 Aquarius in January, February 2024. Whenever you get Pluto you get tests of willpower and self-control. You can feel dominated by other people, organisations or situations until you push back. Pushing back is like any muscular resistance; it makes you a great deal stronger. So will it be for you as you go into 2024. By then, of course, transiting Pluto will be sextile your natal Sagittarius factors so you will be empowered. Don’t worry so much about the Full Moon at 6 Sagittarius; it does pick up your Sun and so you will naturally duck and dive around academia; publishing; foreigners; foreign countries. However, the real story by far is Pluto on those degrees. This classically makes people feel they are hitting their head against a brick wall but then – amazingly – it all stops.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Can you see how this will affect me please.
    Life is pretty complicated right now. Will it get any easier any time soon?

    1. You were born with the South Node at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, the North Node at 27 Taurus in your Second House of personal income, property and possessions – and Hygiea at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and health. I am not surprised life is complicated because transiting Pluto is at 27 Capricorn and the transiting nodes just passed 27 Libra and 27 Aries. This is an unusual and quite extreme time in your life but it ends when Pluto gets off 27 degrees. So that’s 2nd November 2023. He never goes back there and this episode can be put behind you. The nodes are karmic so about 18-19 years before, you set up a situation with another/others where you now realise you owe, or you are owed. That is why things just became complicated. Spiritually you have a balance sheet and your horoscope just rolled it out. The other issue is how to find your power. Pluto transits show up as situations, people or organisations which dominate, control and need to be resisted. Rather like resistance training in yoga or the gym, you push back and become stronger. The push and pull of Pluto takes time and it can seem as if it will never improve or change, but it always does. You are really close now, you just need to find your willpower one more time; your self-control will put you in control and then you can wave goodbye to 2023. I should have thought Jupiter at 27 Taurus in May 2024 will do you a huge amount of favours which will help make up for it. Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with the natal North Node is good karma; you will save or make a good amount of money then.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I might be lucky enough this time to be read and get an answer from you!
    I have Chiron 6 Taurus, Juno 7 Aquarius and NN in Libra.
    I drew the Knight of Wands, Fortuna and the 1st house and “The Eligible Male” which made me laugh as it is so far from my current preoccupations.
    I’m looking for a better paid job and a different dance class (without a tyran as a teacher).
    Thank you very much for your advice.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your post is at the top of the screen this morning. The Tarot is being true to you and chatting to you about your North Node in Libra which rules eligible men. People tend to go in with what they want to happen, or need to happen, or wish to know – but the astrology and Tarot will sidestep that and tell you what is actually more important. The Knight of Wands is your eligible man. Now, he may be eligible for quite a different person, but Libra rules former, current and potential lovers and husbands. Fortuna in the First House is about your title, name, reputation and appearance and there are highs and lows here, connected to this man. Swings and roundabouts. He will show up at Full Moon or reappear then. A dance class is about ‘it takes two to tango’ and perhaps that is where he will appear.

  7. Thank you so much Jessica – I dont have anything in Aries but I do have Sagittarius at 6 Cupido but 2 signs at 5 which makes me wonder if this might be a bigger hit that usual?

    1. Yes, if you have factors at 5 degrees (just one degree out) and/or 6 degrees you will be strongly affected by people who are being pulled in two different directions. A classic case would be a friend who has big partnership and family decisions to make, involving a house or apartment – and money. Another classic case would be deciding on legal action (or not). Cupido or Cupid is an important asteroid and shows complicated relationships. His mother is Venus, the ruler of the complex heart.

  8. Doesn’t the full moon in Aries for Capricorn fall in the 4th house of home and family? Your blog says it is the tenth house…am I missing something?

    1. Quite right, the Full Moon in Aries does fall in Capricorn’s Fourth House of family, household, flatmates, houses, apartments, home town and homeland. It is opposite the Sun in Libra which is far more important to a Capricorn person, but I have tweaked this feature to include it. Thank you for the comment!

  9. Jessica thank you for this article. I am scared or should I be?! I have pluto in libra at 6 degrees!!! I asked the question and tarot disclosed the knight of pentacles. I was wondering what this interprets for me as I have some other 6 degree placements in my chart too…..thank you for answering if you can Jessica. Many thanks.

    1. No need to be scared of a Full Moon. You just duck and dive around it. Astrology is there to help you avoid pitfalls and they are usually pretty obvious when the Full Moon is there. You can see a situation coming from ten miles away and swerve to avoid it. The Knight of Pentacles is showing up because you also have the Sun at 6 Capricorn, never mind Pluto at 6 Libra. Capricorn rules ambition, goals, the long game, serious planning, professionalism and business-minded people. This is a man who has a reasonable budget to negotiate with you. He is in two minds about how to spend, save, wheel or deal and that is why he has shown up; the Full Moon is splitting him in two so he is taking his time to decide.

  10. Hi Jessica..Thank you for his blog,I have being waiting for this one..My Scorpio son has Hygeia 6, Bacchus 7 Sagittarius, Saturn 5 Pisces,Fortuna 6 leo..He has no planets in Aries and only Diana at 25 libra..He broke up with his Pisces girlfriend 2nd day of venus retrograde,and has gone backwards in life since, I’m
    worried about him. Although he did start a new health regime on the Virgo new moon,an online coach..You said about Scorpio that any one who restricts their freedom will be pushed to one side,That’s exactly what my son said about his relationship,She was smothering him.He also has Jupiter, Juno, Pluto, Sun,at 26,27,28,29 Scopio,and now has Pluto sextile those placements..When I asked how the full moon would affect me over the next few weeks,I got the Sun that would be about my son?..a nice card to get if I’m reading it right? We both have leo stellium..and he has 2, 6, 7 22, Appolo ,fortuna, Bacchus,and Minerva in Sagittarius..I’m not sure how to put the full moon and the Sun card together..does it mean full moon,(endings) and a new start or new brainwaves,Sun..or is the full moon against us over the next coupleof weeks..Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you for validating the astrology message I gave you about your son. The Sun card you drew is about your son and this is good news. A breakthrough. Please don’t worry about him, he is on a new health regime and it’s showing in the Tarot. A successful result. You’ll know about the Full Moon when you see it appear and not before; The Sun showed up because the Full Moon is opposite the Sun, so the Tarot actually announced itself. The Sun in Libra is opposed by the Full Moon in Aries, the sign of debuts, second debuts, launches and relaunches so this feels like a big re-entry for your son. The pun is in the card. Your actual son.

  11. Hi Jessica thanks for an interesting post. I got The Devil. It resonates with me. You have my husbands chart and mine. I worry about the children – you have their charts too. Wanting my power back! Any reading you can give me is most welcomed.

    1. The Devil in Tarot usually turns up when there are transits to your Seventh House (partnership) or Eighth House (sexual and financial relationships). You have Uranus at 23 Libra natally in the Seventh House so were born for duets which chop and change all the time. It’s also being well and truly set off in 2023. A Rejection Dance is one way to put it; people with Uranus at Libra either churn through the sexual partners or they end up in a marriage where ‘No’ is heard or said and thus, things have to change. Either way with Uranus in Libra you get freedom. If forever single you have constant liberty; if in a commitment the rejection gives separation for periods of time, or at least separateness, and that brings space and independence. None of this is usually there all the time, but when you have transits to 23 Libra it comes out. That is happening now as you have transiting Uranus at 23 Taurus (transiting Uranus quincunx natal Uranus) so it’s a double whammy. You will feel it most again in December, when the lunar nodes cross 23 Libra. The transiting South Node in conjunction with natal Uranus is karmic. The transiting North Node in opposition to natal Uranus is also heavily fated. Have a look at the long article I wrote about The Libra Weather some months ago as you will be affected. That is when The Devil may liberate either or both of you. Again, when you reach March 2025 and Uranus goes back to 23 Taurus, you could make a permanent break if either of you chose. You were only asking about this Full Moon but it is chatting to you about the end of the year. There are any number of ways you two could figure out a way to break the ties that bind or the chains that constrict. The children are not in the picture; that is a separate issue for which you will need a new Tarot reading.

  12. Hi Jessica.

    This article was brilliant and resonated on many levels with me. I got the 4 of Cups, which nearly made me fall out of my office chair when I read the interpretation. Earlier this week, I may have imploded one of the most important friendships I’ve had in my life with an emotional confession. It did not go as planned. Any insights you may have on this would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so, so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Smith-Waite Tarot can make people fall out of their chairs with its accuracy. I am sorry the friendship is troubled. There is hope and this can be resolved – later. You need to change and so does the person concerned and that takes time.

  13. Greetings Jessica. I got Minerva at 5*55′ in Libra. This has something to do with wise women and brilliance, which sounds great. There are a few in my life, I think. Overall, I am feeling massive pressure on the career, home, and marriage fronts and something has to give and soon. I drew the 2 of Wands.

    1. Yes, the marriage decision is shown by Minerva at 5 Libra as eventually the South Node will go to 5 Libra and you will have to decide to stay or go. The transiting South Node brings back life as it was 18-19 years ago, either with this person, or quite another and you will find the same themes return. This time there will be closure. You can find out more about the South Node in Libra cycle on Search. The Two of Wands, also known as the Two of Staves, is about the possibility of sending yourself and/or your qualifications, projects and ideas to another place. It is the card of export and possibly migration or travel. So you are speculating but not acting. Will you act? That’s your call. Another card can shed light on that for you. The pressure does not last; you are feeling it because you are approaching transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Saturn. You will however need more time out for relaxation; more sleep or rest. Saturn is a big stretch.

  14. Hi Jessica, using the current planetary positions feature on your website, I’ve noticed that I just had my Psyche return. Is there any significance when this occurs? Thank you.

    1. Yes, Psyche at 25 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, charity, property and business is returning to her original position in your chart and that is very important. Psyche is a symbol of who or what is eternal. This is your inheritance from others, or your inheritance, naming them. Psyche is also a symbol of tests and trials, successfully passed. So this may be a house you bought with an inheritance, which is now changing tenants (say) or perhaps you have decided to change your will and remove a charity you had previously named. Whatever is done on the Psyche Return lasts forever; it outlasts you.

  15. Hi Jessica: Could you give me some insights on how this affect my chart as well? I’m still in a custody battle, with a trial coming up in January. I’m hoping for a positive outcome for my children. Thank you!

    1. The power struggle (which is what this custody battle is) ends in January, either way. It’s impossible to read for just one person as you need both charts, and often the children’s charts as well. The issues about control have been with you for years as your ex has tried to take over. All you have been able to do is push back and although it is much, much better than it was, you are still stuck for a few more months before January finishes it, for whatever reason. Admitting that you have gained strength from all this mental and emotional weight training will help you feel better about it. The more you resist the stronger you become and actually, one nagging issue you had with yourself has vanished as a result of this person’s enforced training.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    When I learned the new Twitter privacy policy (or “X” as it’s now called) would go into effect on September 29, 2023, I was curious what the astrology looks like for that day, especially it being a full moon, and how it will affect Twitter. I know many of us on Twitter are wondering about what’s ahead.

    Going back to the day Twitter was founded, March 21, 2006, the Nodes were in Aries/Libra 4° and the Sun was in Aries 0°. This falls under the karmic dates you gave in your article. Here we are in 2023 with the Nodes again in those same signs. The September 29 Full Moon in Aries 6° opposing Sun in Libra 6° will square Elon Musk’s Sun in Cancer 6°.

    Also interesting at this full moon is Mars in Libra 21°. Elon Musk has his Mars in Aquarius 21°. Two weeks later on October 14, the Solar Eclipse is at 21° Libra. Twitter was founded on the 21st of the month.

    What do you think this could mean for Twitter? Will it be the end or a new beginning?

    On a personal level, I have Saturn in Gemini 6° on the Midheaven. The coming eclipse will exactly conjunct my natal Moon in Libra 21° in the 2nd house. I see how something important could come up in the next few weeks or months. Natal Uranus is also in my 2nd house, so whatever is ahead may take me by surprise. I drew 2 cards, one for the full moon, one for the eclipse, to see if I could get some clues. I drew the Four of Pentacles and the Death card. I feel a new chapter in my life will begin within the next year, even though I’m not sure what that will be.

    1. Given that Elon Musk makes so many decisions during rare astrological events, I assume he is either an amateur astrologer or he is paying an astrologer to advise him. In either case he has been getting it wrong for about two years now, always using awful timing for some reason! This may explain why he has been drawing so much criticism and losing money on Twitter. The astrology gallops on without him of course and as you’ve rightly pointed out, these transits are an ending or new beginning. Twitter itself (nobody has accepted X in general) goes on to bigger and better things from May 2024 and during the second half of the 2020’s is reinvented very successfully, probably with shares purchased by users. This is why nobody sensible is leaving; they can see the gains in staying on. It sounds as if you know your astrology which is useful, although you are using a house system that I don’t. So I can’t read using that house system, which is likely Placidus or Equal. Your Tarot cards are chatting to you about Taurus and Scorpio matters. You are not logged in, though, so I can’t see your chart!

  17. Hi Jessica – I was wondering if you were recieving my posts? For some reason they remain at awaiting moderation. I have checked that I am a paid up member.

    1. Thank you. There is no moderation (that is just a WordPress term for ‘long queue of questions’). I answer questions when I can, and today there are 19,238 of them. So I typically scroll through the first screen that happens to appear when I’m at my desk. There are about 20 comments on every screen and that’s the way it works. I am training psychic astrologers at the Sun Sign School so that one day I can hire a panel of advisors using my methods so that we can answer more questions, more often. I don’t know what your question was, but looking at your chart, you are an Aries with a big Taurus and Capricorn stellium who will see a work and financial wave of change, to your total benefit, once Jupiter turns the corner into the late degrees of Taurus next year. By May 2024 you will have been given opportunities to earn more or enjoy your career more, possibly with a new role, huge success, better position or project.

  18. Hi Jessica could I ask you about how some of this affects me as someone who has my moon in Aries but no angles at 6 degrees? fortuna at 7 degrees in Capricon. I have big questions over my lovelife and my chart that have been going on for a few years now. Im meeting up with someone on that day who I was dating, but it ended all too soon. I wonder if are there any insights about meeting a partner or moving towards commitment in my chart? Thanks for the great website and taking time to answer chart questions!

    1. Thank you. You’d like to get married, which is a Libra matter if it’s purely about an equal partnership and a Scorpio matter if your primary motive is financial or property-based. You have stelliums in Libra and Scorpio, in your Seventh House of balanced scales and Eighth House of sex and money, so are headed towards commitment as you move through 2024, 2025. Jupiter in Gemini from May 2024 will trine every factor in Libra that you have and then go into Cancer, where it will trine every factor in Scorpio that you have, so if you want to be in a duet and sing from the same hymn sheet, you will soon be in harmony.

  19. Hi Jessica. I don’t have any factors at 6 degrees, but quite a few at 7 degrees (Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Leo and Salacia in Aquarius). I also have Jupiter in Cancer at 5 degrees. I know you’ve mentioned that there can be a difference of one degree either way in terms of what the moon will trigger. Any insight on areas I should look into? When I pulled a tarot card asking what the full moon would mean for me, I pulled The Star. Thank you!

    1. The Star card you drew is a mirror of your Salacia in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups, circles and communities. This Full Moon in Aries will be sextile Salacia while the Sun will be trine Salacia. Salacia is a symbol of alternative worlds and other realities and you will be in a bubble with an important team, club, association, society, social network or collective. You have already read The Star interpretation but you can find out more in your flipbook, Pamela’s Tarot. She was herself surrounded by an enchanted circle as a member of The Golden Dawn and as a friend to the Suffragette movement.

  20. Hi Jessica
    Great article! Can I please ask re the 6 degrees? I have Sun in 6 degrees Aries, Uranus in 6 degrees Virgo, north Node 6 degrees Cancer, South Node 6 degrees Capricorn and Fortuna 5 degrees Gemini. There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment will it settle soon. What do I need to watch out for? I’ve started a new job and hoping for a promotion within the place.

    1. Thank you. New jobs are Capricorn and/or Virgo in the chart, so the Tenth House of career and Sixth House of work. You have the Moon at 29 Virgo and transiting Pluto has just gone to 29 Capricorn for the first time in about 248 years, so you are experiencing all the new power of transiting Pluto trine natal Moon. That is far more important than the Full Moon. If you are to be promoted it will be December 2023, January 2024 as the Sun also goes to 29 Capricorn and trines your Moon. The Moon in Virgo is associated with instinctive caretaking of others in a true sense of duty and service; your maternal instinct (be you male or female) is directed towards clients, customers, colleagues and you are a natural carer.

  21. Hi Jessica, I will try you one more time in the hope you see my message! I have my MC at 7 Libra, IC at 7 Aries, and Pluto at 7 Libra. I am having a difficult time with some things at the moment. Is this full moon bad for me? Can you give any advice?

    Thanks as always

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Cancer and Aries. You are one degree out from being caught by a Full Moon T-Square so give yourself more time and space for a couple of days rather than try to wade in and judge or act too dramatically. I can’t really give you any advice unless you tell me what your difficulties are. In general, if it’s work, it’s over from January 2024.

  22. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your reply, I wanted to let you know that as always it’s accurate and insightful. I’m ready to face whatever’s coming! JND x

  23. Hi Jessica, can you please let me know how this full moon will impact me? I have been struggling for a long time now in many ways. Health and fitness routine is really the only things that keeps me going at this time. Is this also a good time to start the new business (in October)? Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you have been struggling. Your chart shows the South Node at 29 Capricorn and North Node at 29 Cancer, and transiting Pluto has been at 29 Capricorn, back and forth, so I am not surprised to hear you are being stretched. Capricorn rules your career, academic career or unpaid work. Cancer rules your house, apartment, family or household. Pluto is notorious for demanding a huge amount of willpower and self-control as he passes through, because it is the only thing that works. You will be pleased to hear Pluto moves right off 29 Capricorn by January 2024 and next year will be a great deal more easy than 2023. You want to start a new business in October, a month when the whole world will be dealing with Taurus (income) and Scorpio (banking) oppositions so bear that in mind. As you don’t say what the business is, it’s impossible to say any more, but your Tarot reading will help you personalise this. The last thing to say is you were born with Mercury at 28 Libra so you have a T-Square in your chart between the North Node, South Node and Mercury. You are one of those people whose own mind is the key to so much, because Mercury is the planet of the mind, and you may find Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is useful. Reframing your thoughts. What you heard, what you were told, the way you developed your thinking patterns in the family – has a lot to do with how you feel. The lunar node axis is in Cancer which rules your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and so on. Have a look at that. Try this free Audible book to point you in the right direction. I hope it helps.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I have a 9 degrees Aries 55′ 42″ Moon. I have been struggling at my current role in sales lately and i feel that the environment i am in is not getting any better, especially with my manager. I did get an offer for a role to move internally and I did an interview yesterday. The hiring manager was impressed and he told the HR that he would like to consider me for the role. They are going to setup one more interview with the VP of the line of business. I spoke to a colleague in the same team that is looking to hire for the internal role and he mentioned to me to consider joining the team as it is a good role and has good leadership. I spoke to HR as well and they said they will fully support me as they are aware my current role and position is not doing me well. I wanted to request for your reading to see what the full moon has in store for me. Am i moving from the frying pan into the fire? I have just been low lately because of this situation.

    Thank you once again,

    1. I’m sorry you have been feeling low about your sales job. You’ve had an offer to find another role and completed an interview. The Full Moon isn’t really about work, unless it’s about a new title and role (Aries rules image). You do have your Moon there at 9 Aries but it’s too wide an orb to be affected by this timing. So the rest of the chart really has to tell the story and at 19-21 Capricorn and Taurus (career and salary) you have enough factors to enjoy growth, hope, help, opportunity and expansion on this Jupiter in Taurus cycle. This is long-term until May 2024 so you have plenty of time to enjoy a different (better) situation, either this time around or later. Either with this company or another, actually. Jupiter will trine your Capricorn factors and form a conjunction with your Taurus placements which can only happen every 12 years so by May 2024 at the very latest you’ll have completed a cycle that assists your ambitions as well as your bank balance.

  25. Hi Jessica, Does one degree of separation matter? I have nothing exactly at 6 degrees in my natal chart but I do have Hygeia 7 Libra, Bacchus 7 Pisces and Juno 7 Scorpio. I also have Chiron at 5 Aquarius. I drew the King of Pentacles from the tarot as well as Inspiration from the Garden Oracle and Vesta and Third House from The Astrology Oracle. I am currently drafting a query for my film script to a film producer. The genre is fantasy. Should I wait to send it until after the Full Moon?
    Thanks for your insights. Emma x

    1. A one-degree orb is enough to pick up Juno at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, property, business and assets. The King of Pentacles has shown up as validation. The issue with this Full Moon is your commitment (Juno) to him. It’s usually marriage with Juno but it can feel like being ‘wedded’ to someone or something. Vesta is of course one man, two or more females – be they daughters and wife, female employees and so on. The Third House is your film script and I would assume the producer is male, or the financier is male. Inspiration in the Garden Oracle tells you what the film is about. You may want to wait until after the Full Moon, yes – mainly because he is in two minds about everything and not exactly ready to shift position. Again, this may be the producer if he is a man or someone else who affects the project.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Getting excited about the full moon tomorrow (Sydney time) and can also confirm your comment above in regards to sleep being impacted on. This past week I have been having terrible sleep, waking up every two hours looking at the clock back to sleep repeat. Hoping that will end soon.
    As you often mention in your blogs to ask the tarot on your site which I did ” How will the Aries Full Moon tomorrow most affect me? I drew the Four of Pentacles , which I felt and hoped is a good omen. Wealth and Security, which is not something I have had a lot of in my life. I also note” the property market in the background” but that is something I definitely have not owned or possibly will.
    I would be happy with job security and consistent income, could this possible come with /after the full moon tomorrow?
    Many thanks as always for your generosity.

    1. The Full Moon commonly does coincide with less sleep. Astrology has always warned about a Full Moon because it stretches us so much and science confirms that the week of a Full Moon can disrupt sleep cycles. Saturday is a real turning point as not only is the Full Moon behind you (tomorrow) you also find Mercury Retrograde is over too. So there’s a feeling of ‘Waiting to Exhale’ at the moment but it comes on Saturday afternoon, along the East coast of Australia. The Four of Pentacles is a good, solid, reassuring card about money. This may be you or a person who matters to you. There is security here. I expect the Full Moon is picking up Taurus and/or Scorpio factors in your chart.

  27. dear Jessica,

    my question is not so much about this subject, but about Navalny..I just read that he will be brought to another prison, the worst in the country..
    it hits me, like for many persons and above all, for himself..

    is there hope for him?

    kind regards and all the best!


    1. Thank you Doenja. Navalny is a sympathetic figure in Russia and his popularity increases every time we hear about his treatment. He is certainly being moved into position for something better than prison, long-term. The key to Russia is Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto is power. Aquarius is the diverse group of men and women, old and young, rich and poor, black and white. Pluto has been in Capricorn (one white man at the top) since 2008 but that ends from January 2024. There was a glimpse of it in March-May 2023. Pluto will be in Aquarius for 20 years into the future, so if Navalny really is a man of the people, he will take his place in a new Kremlin. The key is women.

  28. Dear Jessica,

    Can you please look into my chart and advise what this full moon will enfold? I have quite a few factors at 6 and also within 1 deg orb.. I am really hoping for some advancement in my career. I feel stuck, even though there are opportunities for some reason there is no consideration.
    Furthermore, as you had mentioned previously, I am now in a position to invest in my apartment. I am planning for the transfer and paperwork to be done in mid-Oct. Would you be able to guide if the timing will be right.

    Many thanks for everything.


    1. Your job is a Virgo matter and with factors at 4, 5, 6 you are experiencing transiting Saturn in opposition, which can slow you down. this cycle only happens every 29 years. Saturn is currently at 1 Pisces and as he approaches 4, 5, 6 you will find that pushing or rushing doesn’t really work. You also have Minerva at 2 Capricorn, which is where your ambition and bigger career sits. Saturn is sextile Minerva so again the pace slows. Long-term this is excellent, though, as you will rise to a position of authority where your expertise and wisdom will be called upon by others. The owl is Minerva’s bird and that symbol may appear to guide you, long-term. Congratulations on your apartment investment. Mercury leaves the retrograde loop on Saturday 30th September so October is clear; just avoid the eclipse as you don’t need that blackout across your Taurus-Scorpio axis of property. There is another feature on that eclipse filed on the front page of this website.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I am so glad comments are still open on this post. I have been looking for a post all about the moon and how to use it in astrology but didn’t see anything. In particular, I am wondering how to use the new and full moons if they line up at critical degrees in my solar chart.

    do you have a book or a post on that? I’d love to have something to refer too so I can check each month during the moon phases and be prepared.

    I am really wanting to figure out how the Aug 2024 New moon at 12 degrees Leo will show up for me. I have so many 12 degree factors in my birth chart. In Leo I have my MC at 12 degrees with the IC at 12 Deg Aquarius; Minerva is at 12 Deg in my Virgo; Saturn at 12 Deg of Pisces and finally my moon is 12 degrees in Aries and a close degree is my Venus in Aquarius at 13 degrees. I feel like something must happen with all that going on!!!

    Then Nov and Dec 2024 each have new moons at the 9 degree mark with a second new moon Dec 30 (black moon) also at the 9 degree mark and My birthday is the 31st. My Sun is at 9 deg Cap. So I feel like that must mean something as well.

    If you have a book on these moon cycles please point me in the direction so I can purchase!



    1. Thank you. I’ve not written a book on moon cycles specifically, GV, but there is a large section on the Moon in Modern Astrology 2050. The New Moon is what you would expect; a conception. The Moon is mother and the Sun is father in astrology. When they come together, something or someone is created. The rest of the chart tells you if this a good thing (or not). The New Moon at 12 Leo on August 4th 2024 will result in a conception followed by pregnancy if your birth time is accurate. Your MC at 12 Leo describes your highest achievement is parenthood or substitute parenthood as an aunt, godparent and so on. So something or someone is born for you then. It also commonly describes a new courtship or new phase in bed, for a long-standing couple. Again your birth time needs to be accurate. The aspects to your natal Moon, which is a symbol of maternal instinct, do suggest a child or a partner/lover you can take care of, however.

  30. As always, Thank you Jessica. I actually do have a copy of your 2050 book and will go look at that now!


  31. Jessica, I’m so glad you reminded me of that book I’m reading it again and just getting so much very good information that I can use. One thing that caught my eye worse Taylor Swift, a Sagittarius, wrote a song called the archer. I’m gonna have to look into her chart now.


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