Covid – True and New Predictions

Astrology correctly predicted the virus a year before it happened, giving the dates of the first death in Wuhan and the WHO pandemic declaration. Astrology also predicted March 2023 would be critical. In that month, XBB 116 (Arcturus) arrived. Why is November 2023 to February 2024 such an issue? And what can you do?

Covid – True and New Predictions for 2023-2024

In this feature, I’ll go over recent true astrology predictions about Covid and give you new dates of concern for November 2023, December 2023, January and February 2024.

How Astrology Predicted a New Covid Crisis for March

Back on 9th November 2022 I published a prediction that March 2023 would begin a serious new Covid problem.

Four months ahead of time, the astrology was proven correct.  This was the Arcturus variant also known as Covid variant XBB.1.16 driving cases in India. Fortune carried the warning first on 31st March 2023. By 4th April, Time magazine announced the World Health Organisation (WHO) was monitoring XBB 1.1.16 in the USA.

Screen Shot 2023 11 24 at 11.57.06 - Covid - True and New Predictions

Screen Shot 2023 11 24 at 12.00.45 - Covid - True and New Predictions

Covid in Astrology in 2023

November, December 2023 and January 2024 

I predicted a virus twice on this website in 2019 using psychic astrology and gave dates, ending up on the front cover of the Daily Mail and on ITV This Morning in London.

It’s our job as astrologers and psychics to warn.

The key factor in a Covid crisis is Virgo.

Virgo rules public health. It also rules your health.

When we see several transits in the zodiac signs which are in opposition to Virgo, and square them, right on cue we have a new rise in cases and/or rise in deaths.

The Cycles in Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Gemini

This new crisis is happening as I write this on Friday 24th November 2023.

The Sun entered Sagittarius on Thursday 23rd November
The Full Moon will be in Gemini on Monday 27th November
Mercury entered Sagittarius on Saturday 11th November
Mars entered Sagittarius on Saturday 25th November
Ceres entered Sagittarius on Sunday 26th November
Saturn continues in Pisces
Neptune continues in Pisces

These are the news stories which chime with the timing. Chinese hospitals are overwhelmed with ‘mystery child pneumonia.’ And Australia is set for its third  Covid Christmas.

Screen Shot 2023 11 24 at 12.21.36 - Covid - True and New Predictions

Screen Shot 2023 11 24 at 12.19.50 - Covid - True and New Predictions

Watching January 2024 and Covid 

My problem with November 2023, December 2023, January 2024 is the ongoing Sagittarius transits, together with the Pisces transits.

One of them is Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. That is an indicator of travel chaos. We are going to see airline, airport, cruise and port crises.

You’re taking a huge risk if you fly during a pandemic anyway, but particularly in those months. Mercury is not out of Sagittarius until Sunday 14th January.

Venus is in Sagittarius until Tuesday 23rd January. Mars only leaves Sagittarius on Thursday 4th January. Ceres is in Sagittarius until Wednesday 7th February.

The Covid Full Moon in Virgo on 24th February 2024

Projecting into the future (I am writing this on 24th November 2023) after months of cancellations, rescheduling and delays to Thanksgiving, Christmas and Lunar New Year trips, there will be a major crossroads for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and also governments on Saturday 24th February. Why? Virgo Full Moon.

Why The Problem is Travel

Sagittarius rules travel. Uncontrolled travel is the problem. It always was and always will be. Until countries agree on the same uniform legislation on airports and ports (which they did after the 9/11 attacks) we will continue to be attacked by Covid.

Anyone who thought Covid was over in 2023 is not thinking.

The astrology is as clear to me now as it was in 2019, when I gave the date the first man died from the virus in Wuhan – which was January 10th 2020.

Covid Continues to 2026

From Sunday 12th January 2025 until Monday 27th July 2026 the North Node will be in Pisces and the South Node will be in Virgo.

That is a problem waiting to happen and it is being caused now, in November 2023, because there is no Clean Air Act. There is no proper control of  infected tourists and business travellers.

Happily, you can protect yourself and the people you care about by taking a DIY approach to Covid. Find out the facts and act.

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter/X is an excellent source if you don’t already follow him (below).

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year but be Covid aware even if other people around you are not.

Screen Shot 2023 11 24 at 12.35.20 - Covid - True and New Predictions

Main Image: The UN (United Nations) shows a logical and astrological approach to the pandemic. Clean hands and a New Moon overhead. And a reminder that Covid is airborne.




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90 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for persisting with this topic and continuing to sound the alert signals, Jessica. How I wish more people would heed you. Reason appears to have been abandoned in favour of convenience. Anyway, well done for trying so sincerely and thank you again for all you do for us; you are a tremendously patient teacher. Blessings, Julie

    1. Ah, thank you Julie. My godson has no father because of Covid. It killed my aunt. It killed an old friend. So I feel weirdly fated to be in the story, as a psychic astrologer but also as someone who’s been personally affected. You’re very kind. Merry Christmas.

  2. Hello Jessica-

    Thanks for the heads up. Our family is staying up to date on boosters here in the US and many family members still mask when out in Public. Do you think the latest wave will lead to more deaths? We LOVED Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, but are not fans of Twitter. Does he share the info elsewhere? Thank you.

    1. Dr. Ding has a Substack, which is great. They are calling the wave New Covid in Australia. Yes, more people will die. We are already at mortality rate highs in countries which are (even) rich and have vaccines. We are now at the point where ‘you do you’ with Covid and DIY your own safety.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Thankyou for the heads up. This is quite depressing. We have our long awaited religious pilgrimage leaving Syd 9 Jan 2024 and returning 23/01/ 24. I’m dreading to bring this up with my husband as we’ve rescheduled so many times (wasted time and money!) . Mars leaving Sagittarius 4/1/24 is this a good sign!?

    1. Lou, not much to be done here, other than tests and masks throughout. If you can possibly skip crowded indoors spaces then do that. You don’t way where the pilgrimage is, but if it’s in India, double that message.

  4. Hi Jessica, very worrying indeed. I will be masking up! I am about to fly on 30 Nov to see my mother on her birthday. I was born with Mercury in Sagittarius, Retrograde. Does this mean I may be less affected by the transits? thank you Jessica.

    1. Yes, these transits are not great. An N95 mask is no big deal. It’s very little trouble and a bit of expense, for 2.5 hours of protection even if you do have a Covid carrier next to you. For the most updated information on masks, though, see the epidemiologists on Twitter.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for this. I am just getting over my third case of Covid.

    First happened December 28 2019 – December 10 2020 (I know that sounds early but it’s feasible with the symptoms I had, and the fact that I had travelled through a major airport for Christmas holiday. Every doctor I’ve relayed this story to has said, yes, that was Covid).

    Second case was first two weeks of October 2022. Worse by far, I thought I might end up in the hospital. It was a solid couple months before I fully felt better.

    Third case, November 13th up until today. Managed to catch it in time to get the antiviral medication which I think has helped. Just missed getting the latest booster due to work drama.

    I was wondering if you can share if there will be severe fallout in the economy due to this latest stretch of covid. I recently completed a long-term contract gig (7/7/22 – 11/3/23) with a global company and now find myself, yet again, searching for work. At this stage in my life I need a some good solid years of work and income if I hope to be able to retire at any point in the future. Might I have something to look forward to here? Pluto in Cap all these years has worn me down to a nub. I am desperate for brighter days or a lucky break.

    Thanks very much Jessica and best holiday wishes to you!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have had Covid three times. Antiviral pills are probably the answer. Not those we have now, but the Japanese pills, which are yet to be improved further. You are looking for a job and will hear the last of the information you need to get one, by 29th December. The Full Moon in Cancer (next up) will show you an option which is not perfect – but it is still an option. The global economy has been protected by Jupiter in Taurus but after May 2024 we will go back to ‘Erratic, unpredictable, unprotected’ as Uranus in Taurus is by himself.

  6. Hi Jessica, thanks for this timely article!
    I see it first hand with hybrid work being issued in the states and people come into poorly ventilated work areas in the states with no mask and losing their job if they don’t comply. I’m literally seeing only one person wearing a mask in most places, which is very concerning. Do you think we could have another shutdown in the US? I think possibly due to business, money, politics and plan ole’ ignorance it will not happen again. But I’m truly hoping the US work spaces will be updated soon(due to more upticks in cases) with air purifiers with UV lights(which I learned from you) and proper ventilation. Take care and I hope you are well!

    1. It’s the same in Australia. No masks. Will America shut down again? She may do. That’s an annoying answer I know. But this cycle is about the shock of the unpredictable; the last thing anybody expected, happens. So that’s life until 2026, with shopping and retail (Uranus in Taurus) and it may be that the virus mutates again to the point where there are shutdowns in some towns or regions, rather than entire nations. This would fit the astrology; spot checks on smaller areas with full control around those areas.

  7. Hi Jessica does the vaccine protect against this new strain or will there be lockdowns again? Thanks

    1. None of the jabs work. People still get sick, some get Long Covid, everybody still infects their families – even after four needles. The only thing Pfizer and the rest can do, is keep you out of intensive care. So ‘vax and relax’ is dangerous. Will there be lockdowns again? Yes, in some parts of the world.

  8. Very informative post, as always. One small comment – there will be a full moon in Gemini on November 27 (not a new moon). Thank you for all you do!

  9. Many thanks Jessica for revisiting covid and for the updated information. I have only recently booked a 2 week trip to Bali 31/01/2024 after no travel for the past 3 years. So sadly I am now very concerned about my timing. I know that there is no vaccine but have carried on getting my booster ( another due next week) and have remained masked on public transport etc which I will continue to do to assist in remaining free of covid.

    I know what you are sharing with us is real as my elderly parents who had gone covid free all this time were both infected last week . Luckily due to antivirals, although both very unwell have come through it.

    My question is do I just cancel the holiday and take a loss on the airfare or risk travelling at what you are predicting is not an ideal time. I also appreciate that what you are saying is that airlines may cancel etc due to the virus. Thank you as always for this timely warning, worrying as it is.

    1. I’m pleased to hear your parents got through Covid. Please don’t cancel your holiday but do be aware that airports are not protected from the virus. Aeroplanes only switch on their HEPA filters when the engines are running so boarding and disembarking are risky. Take your N95 and use it. Test at both ends. You may exit with Covid from the baggage carousel, for example. You know the rest because you already lead a life that is Covid safe at home. Pfizer and the rest do not stop infection; do not stop illness; do not stop Long Covid.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    So we are seeing a big surge of a new dominate strain, HV 1, here in USA. Many doctor offices are requiring masks now and we are wearing them at work. They’ve even started giving out free home COVID testing kits again. I know of at least 5 people with this strain. Symptoms are slightly different and almost always involves very sore throat. Everyone I know now testing positive for COVID all have a very painful sore throat. I am not going anywhere! Can’t wait for this to be over.

    I agree with the consensus on air travel and air quality regulations across the board. One would not think that reasonable and rational adults are in charge of creating policies for the public. So we have to look out for ourselves.


    1. Yes. In Australia they are calling it New Covid. It’s the same virus, mutating again, which scientists have been telling politicians since 2020. You now have to look after yourself. It will cost you time and money. You will have to sacrifice some things. But you will also have the relief of knowing that when someone you know dies with Covid, you had nothing to do with being part of the chain. That’s a big relief.

  11. Oh wow Jessica – I am booked to fly on 1 Dec to Cape Town and return towards the end of December – after reading your blog I fear I should cancel my trip.

    1. You don’t need to cancel anything. Just test, go N95 mask, board, disembark, test and off you go. And of course you won’t be going into crowded indoor spaces; you don’t do that at home either. If you are Covid positive after going through the airport, you do need to have a place to isolate when you land, of course, to protect other people.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Speaking of travel! I keep getting ads about locational astrology. I was wondering if there was a luck place I could spend my birthday this year that would set the tone of the rest of the year. But, first, I don’t even know if that locational astrology is accurate and even how to calculate it for myself; second, I am of course leery of very far travel because of COVID.

    Would love to get your expertise on this aspect of astrology and its legitimacy, if any. If you do think its an actual applicable part of astrology how would I determine my lucky place?


    1. Location based astrology has never worked for me, I’m afraid. I’ve tested it with famous examples in history and it doesn’t work either, GV. There are a few isolated examples of hits (John F. Kennedy and Dallas, Texas) but there are loads of misses.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I’m anticipating quite a bit of travel next year both for work (interstate and across the ditch), as well as personally (friends wedding overseas in March/April).
    I understand the risks involved, but also hope this travel will be beneficial to me both personally and for my career?
    Thanks always for your insights 🙂

    1. For travel we look at Sagittarius and for Covid we look at Virgo. Apollo 16 Virgo is square Saturn at 16 Sagittarius in your chart, so you may want to test at departure and arrival; wear an N95 in the airport and before take-off and on landing when the engines are switched off on board. It’s really no big deal. Similarly, dining al fresco where possible and avoiding large, crowded indoor spaces which don’t have HEPA filters or UVC lighting (which is most of them.) If you think about this the way you think about smoking, HIV-AIDS and seat belts together, you’re close.

  14. Why is Covid still a threat if most people are vaccinated, and already had it once or twice? Why should we be scared so much and stop living normal life? Even the Spanish Flu is still around us, most probably Covid will stay the same way no matter what we do.

    1. The mortality statistics for nations which have offered multiple vaccination shows why. Statistics about testing and variants, cases or repeat infection can be absent or just plain inaccurate, but nobody can cover up the numbers of deaths which are at historic levels in (even) rich countries. It’s a tragedy.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful insights.
    I am one of those ultra careful people who has continued to wear a mask when indoors, has avoided crowds and group interactions, have been much less social overall (no ‘Covers’ thank you), but did cautiously take a couple domestic flights fully masked, and have been Covid free. Solitude has been necessary anyway after long family illness, setting boundaries with needy people, and working on a fiction series to launch next year. I seem to be more Diana-ish again, flying solo and have been fortunate to finally enjoy freedom to write. Yet with suddenly erratic rental income and unusually long vacancies this year I recently returned to supply teaching. Unfortunately, I caught a cold the very first week even though masked, with door ajar, and filter in the room. It wasn’t Covid (I tested), but scared me (lots of Virgo planets now coming under Saturn opposition), so stopped for now and have been applying to part-time remote jobs (no health risk) in education which is new for me. I frustrated myself by missing out on a home loan last year which would have helped tremendously with repairs, updates and preserving savings, but I was too slow, and was worried about any new mortgage, so that wouldn’t work yet with unstable income. I have received some Jupiter benefits and opportunities, yet finances have still been erratic and tight with Uranus and Pluto conjunction and opposition transits activating my chart. I have been doing the Scorpio and Sag Astro bookings, intuitively already began with Scorpio goals in mid-Sept and did receive some short-term benefits beginning 1st of October. Yet long-term things are uncertain, as your astrology predicted. I have been looking to widen my vision for opportunities to benefit from Jupiter. Aside from upending everything and downsizing (which would be an enormous task I’m not sure I’m up to at this point, for it would be easier done with gradual preparation and adjustments) what do you see with the upcoming aspects regarding remote work, new book series edit and release latter part of next year, improved income again? In my case, that 22 degree hotspot next spring will have both Jupiter and Uranus conjunct Ops, yet also opposite Psyche.
    I appreciate your contributions and feedback.

    1. This all sounds like a Virgo issue, being about your working life, but also your wellbeing, which you have done extremely well to protect throughout this pandemic. You also have financial realities to deal with. You are strongly Virgo, it turns out, with a stellium in the Sixth House. The reason this all feels like such a big ask is the transiting oppositions of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, at the other end of your chart. You have Uranus at 1 Virgo and Saturn has been at 1 Pisces, back and forth, for the first time in 29 years. Transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Uranus classically results in obstacles and obstructions to your natural independence as a working professional but also a working professional who is concerned about being healthy. This can and does get better once Saturn is off 1 Pisces, but ongoing, you would want to give yourself a plan for 2024, 2025 and 2026 which you can stick to. The reason for that is that you are yet to go through the transiting South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces, which once again brings you back round to the question of serving yourself as well as serving others. Fortunately there are enough people out there with similar Virgo patterns (many of them born in the Sixties) to give you solidarity and support should you wish to find like-minded people who do not want to get Covid through teaching. You are yet to see Pluto with all his empowerment go into your house of groups and friends and that will change a great deal from January 2024 for about 20 years into the future, actually. So rather than thinking that it’s just you – and you and the system – it’s really not. Once you all find each other changes will happen. Your book series edit and in fact all your publishing, media or web projects are given the best possible conditions from May 2024 and until June 2025. Longer-term new technology will revitalise an existing idea, so from 2026 onwards it’s a completely different world. The X factor in all this is money. You will have to put a price on health and there’s no way around it. Again other people are doing the same. What would you pay to avoid Long Covid or avoid giving Covid to somebody with cancer, who then passes with it? Huge huge questions about values (values, values, values) which are so typical of Uranus in Taurus, with us until 2026. Only you can answer that and only you will get it right.

  16. I read a few articles about COVID’s impact on T cells and the immune system — drawing parallels to HIV and aids. I find this really frightening because we don’t know the long term effects of COVID yet since the virus is still so new, (the medical community only realized that hiv caused aids when people with previous hiv infections started dying from curable diseases.) what do you think of this comparison?

    1. It’s the right comparison, because it’s a similar cycle. What is different about Covid is that it came along during Pluto (power) in Capricorn (big business and big government). So unlike HIV-AIDS it’s been made political. It’s been made profitable. Lots of people can’t wait to see Pluto out of Capricorn for another 248 years. Perhaps then, the virus will be about something other than sharemarkets. That would be nice.

  17. Hi Jessica, I’m suggesting that you mean a Full Moon in Gemini on 27th Nov rather than a new moon. cheers

  18. Thank you, Jessica. I am amazed at how indifferent some people are regarding COVID. I have just had my second weekend away since February 2020. The airports were jam-packed. My not ever having COVID is common sense and a little luck.

  19. Thank you Jessica. I got the new vaccine here and I’m keeping all my air filters going – just a new way of life.

    Also, could you help me with the weekly reading you gave for Cancers? I feel a little overwhelmed by it as my personal chart seemed all lit up with aspects you mentioned. Could you help me zero in on something specific for the weekly reading using my personal chart? Lately I’m just trying to hold it all together without losing myself. Work seems to be at a critical point this week. Love seems on the horizon but not sure… I’m trying to stay positive and use music to help relax and manage stress, but the claw of chaos seems forever around the corner. Any insight would be so appreciated! Many thanks to you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I’m staying with a friend who has HEPA filters in every room of the house. I’m impressed. Your chart is Virgo Taurus Gemini dominated though you are a Sun Cancer. You live in your head so need to find a technique that actually works to reduce anxiety. That may not be music; it may be something else. Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury so you are Mercurial; clever, fast, articulate – but you may be overdoing your head miles. You will know the final details of a love choice by January. You will love 2024 for the project which uses your way with words, images and ideas that skyrockets from May.

    1. In some countries, yes, there will be lockdowns again. Uranus (the shock) in Taurus (shopping and business) is with us in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and the last thing anybody expected will happen. This is why when people say ‘Covid is over’ or ‘the pandemic is over’ they are setting up this Uranus transit. We still have to get through the nodes in Virgo and Pisces. Nobody told the virus that it had stopped mutating; it goes on mutating at problematic levels for as long as go on having these transits hitting Virgo. That’s actually when it began.

  20. Thank you for your reply Jessica, it is helpful for focusing long term – Taurus values, values, values, and change (Uranus)!
    To confirm the astrology, I’m actually quite healthy, have been my whole life and had a holistic wellness business for over a decade, so true to my Virgo stellium. I’m accustomed to being self-employed (Uranus), and supply teaching only came later for a few years (prior to pandemic), during latter years of family caregiving (more Virgo!), which I completed with love until they passed to spirit (Neptune in Pisces).
    I actually did join another online group for writing goals this year which has been wonderful, inspiring and instructive, so began to benefit from Pluto’s initial ingress to Aquarius.
    I have a question regarding reading my chart aspects which I’m learning from your site. Teaching or other jobs, work, service, and health in 6th house/Virgo I clearly understand are impacted by the current Saturn opposition from Pisces. But the income from renting extra space downstairs in my home which is usually steady, was a surprise this year with a long vacancy and only a short term stay. Do you also attribute that partly to the Saturn opposition to Uranus (independence) in Virgo? I thought personal income was Taurus/2nd house and income connected to other people was Scorpio/8th house so would be affected by the Uranus transits…or else maybe Pluto or Neptune aspecting north node in 4th since it is my own home (not a separate property)?

    1. Thank you. If you are renting out your home that is Cancer (Fourth House, property) Taurus (Second House, personal income) or Scorpio (Eighth House, shared income). I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with a long vacancy. Uranus at 20 Taurus hovering around that 21/23 degree opposition in your chart is the issue. So it’s not showing up as Cancer/Fourth House. The good news is, when Jupiter goes to 21, 22, 23 in the year 2024 you can make up for lost income with all that you save or make if you take the opportunity.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    Ill informed skeptics did not believe your predictions about Covid-19.

    I did listen to the pink noise and woke up with two names.

    I cannot explain this.

    Those two names showed up in the news .

    ( I don’t know why I have had visions of Helsinki.)

    ( Also,you have one of the most dependable and informative websites, and in the era of ChatGpt, copy cats abound.)

    If your prediction is a repeat performance based on Sagittarius and Virgo, then Pfizer’s stock Will show some changes!

    Are readers allowed to host links to your work, books, reports and the like on their social media accounts and blogs ?

    No response to my Astrology delivery booking.
    Waiting and working on career and income.

    Very grateful to you for your wonderful advice.


    1. Thanks Allison. I have seen this a few times with the Pink Noise process. You and other readers are having psychic experiences, independently of the Tarot. This makes sense as Pink Noise is used in Extra-Sensory Perception tests (Ganzfeld Tests). Thanks also for the compliment about the website which I will pass on to Asporea. Allison, the first deadline for Astrology Delivery if you began in October is December 29th. So you have a month to go.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you’re well. Do you think this mystery outbreak in China is caused by a new COVID variant? I feel concerned because some people seem quite complacent about taking simple precautions like wearing a mask despite us being in the middle of the 8th COVID wave in Melbourne. Thanks.

    1. The truth is, we don’t know. Of course the Chinese would cover up Covid because it’s a sign of failure. We are now at a point with Covid where you have to make your own sacrifices to protect yourself, change your own lifestyle and make your own choices to protect yourself and the people you know who have cancer. Deaths are way up. Way, way up.

  23. Thanks for this post, Jessica. Despite the horrible situation in China with those poor children being so ill, my resolve to remain a Novid as a long as possible has been faltering recently, in part because limiting going into an office has really curtailed my career and negatively impacted my finances. The career and financial situation on their own are not great mentally, but combined with the isolation, my mental and physical health has deteriorated since 2021. I am urgently looking for a job, and was wondering if you had any insights on re timing in that regard, please. I started the astrology delivery on October 23, 2023, and pulled The World card. Thank you for all you do, and have a great Christmas.

    1. The sacrifices we have to make to avoid Covid (as you say, being a Novid) are really hard sometimes. I just had a reader give up an entire home because the people there were Slowvid. That’s slow to wake up to the risks. You want a job. As a Pisces you are in the perfect booking zone, ongoing, and your World card told you about a foreign person or organisation as the way through. You can and will get a job as these transits continue through Sagittarius. Socially you need to find people like you who prefer outdoor gatherings or HEPA filter gatherings. They are out there.

  24. Hi Jessica, we have been thankfully Covid free, we limit travel and still mask. I hope there is a Clean Air Act soon!

    In a recent daily horoscope for Aquarius you wrote about two big planets and being careful about making decisions as it relates to what you earn, own and owe.

    I am keen to get into the property market and want to time it right. Can you see when might be better timing or when these two planets are not an issue?

    Thanks kindly!

    1. If you want to get into the property market and are a Sun Aquarius, you will use April and May 2023 when there are multiple transits in Taurus which rules your Fourth House of land, apartments and homes. Jupiter is involved and he is a symbol of opportunity, growth and expansion. Also simple luck. Uranus is involved and he is a symbol of freedom and independence. Look at the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle to see what your ESP is telling you about those two months as that is your best answer; the one you choose yourself.

  25. Jessica,
    Just an offering, I had thought of sending this note last week, I was reading over some old newspapers graciously lent to me from November 22, 1963 and the days following, also June 6, 1968 and the days following, original news coverage from the papers here in Vancouver, Canada on the Kennedy assassinations … there was a small note that caught my eye in one of the ones from June 1968, it harkened back to your articles on Titanic, your hearing “Ivanhoe” … which in my own responses kept linking to trinity, and there I found that the settlement of Trinity is located just outside of Ivanhoe … this flooded in, memory from earlier in the year, as my eyes caught this small one-line news bite, as reported: “Pioneer Honored; Trinity, Nfld. — A monument was unveiled in the picturesque fishing village Saturday to Rev. John Clinch, the Anglican minister who administered the first injection of anti-smallpox vaccine here in 1800.” … I thought, well, that’s rather interesting to catch this reference in the piles of 10 old newspapers I had been loaned … I thought, hmm, I will let you know … might connect … but on what article … and then the next morning, you had posted this piece on Covid. And read your comment, about the profit imperatives being such a driving part of this, and I would add power too. I went to the web, with the intuitive guidance to search out whether Edward Jenner (originator of the small pox vaccine) profited or not, and some findings share that he made no money from his vaccine discovery, in any real terms, nor did he desire to (I’m paraphrasing, and only looked at the surface, so perhaps there is conflicting evidence or testimony elsewhere). Interesting too, as I saw his early writing, “On the Origin of the Vaccine Inoculation” … which he wrote in 1801, “My inquiry into the nature of Cowpox commenced upwards of twenty-five years ago” on the first page … which chimes with 1776 … the American Declaration of Independence … and smallpox played a key role in that famed Revolutionary War.
    I went to the Tarot, and asked for the card that might most represent how this reference back to Edward Jenner and the smallpox vaccine might connect, even the eradication of small pox May 8, 1980 was in Taurus season, Neptune was in Sagittarius … anyhow, it was the six of pentacles, so by your descriptions about power and money and justice and balance or imbalance in its distribution … which connects with the injustices and imbalances of how illness and pandemic plays out in worlds where power and wealth are so unevenly distributed … and also the question of the motives of those ‘benevolent’ leaders … power and money … and then I asked, alright, one more card to illumine this a bit … because the pharma companies have been disingenuous many and we have excess deaths from covid but also excess deaths from the vaccine also … best way to have nefarious power operating is to make two things true at once but keep that hidden, to keep people divided and more … anyhow, it is easy to be concerned those who might desire pandemics (and wars and crashes in the markets and more) for their own benefit or nefarious ends might seek to revisit smallpox, certainly there was whispers of monkey pox a little while back … anyhow, the card was the Ace of Cups, mentioning the Holy Grail, and more. Perhaps that’s a more hopeful note, the idea that we are moving from one consciousness to a greater one … as a collective, as humanity … quantum leaping … and somehow, these experiences will topple the old guard … and however painful, bring in the new.
    Anyhow, then yesterday, after reading your post, and realizing, ah, this is the one to write in this little note on the smallpox vaccination not far from Ivanhoe … I walked by the thrift store who had leant me the Kennedy papers in the first place, he had some books he was giving away outside, big piles, but I picked one up … ‘A Night to Remember’ … which is of course, about the sinking of Titanic. … Hmm, anyhow, not sure what this all adds up to … but perhaps a bit of intrigue but also hope regarding the path ahead.
    Thank you again so much for all you share with so many,
    I keep learning, and it is valuable and supporting,

    1. Thank you Cathleen, you have gone into really deep detail about this. There is also quite a lot of synchronicity taking place with Ivanhoe, Titanic and Covid. The virus itself is best managed independently by you (and anyone you know) separately, and with sole responsibility. Politicians and business people are not managing. So you have to manage. The excess death is at historic highs in rich countries with vaccine access so that tells you all you need to know.

  26. Hi Jessica, curious as to what you think about the odd cases of dogs having pneumonia like symptoms in the US that just came out – a bit like covid? Thanks

    1. Poor dogs. The issue with Covid is that it can win or lose elections so unfortunately the amount of hard facts on this ever-changing virus is hard to come by. When in doubt go to Twitter and find the epidemiologists.

  27. Hello Jessica,

    I am one of those cautious people who continued wearing a mask even when a doctor told me ‘you know you don’t have to wear a mask anymore’.

    To be honest, I have felt restricted due to a remote job for past few years now and was hoping to find something that will let me travel next year. I think I need that very soon in order to feel normal again.
    When can I travel this world again? I miss it so much

    1. If your doctor is too stupid to understand N95 masks, unfortunately he or she may be stupid about other issues affecting your health too. Doctors should have HEPA filters in every room. If they don’t understand clean air then…As for your question about overseas travel, you have to get past the South Node in Virgo cycle first. Until then you know all the precautions I’m sure.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    I really appreciate your work. I do have one question: Aren’t the nodes currently in Aries and Libra? Or are you using a different astrological system?
    I won’t lie, as a performer, it’s sad to think that this continues until 2026. My job requires unmasked face time. So that means every job I take, I’m taking an unnecessary risk. I wish more places would take air quality seriously. People are in such deep denial.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the nodes are in Aries and Libra. They move backwards into Pisces and Virgo later. When the South Node goes into Virgo (health) we have a repeat of the same old issues we had before, with the pandemic. You and your colleagues in performance can demand HEPA filters and/or UVC light in your contracts.

  29. Jessica,
    Thank you, I like the way you put it, about personal responsibility. And the expression, ‘that tells you all you need to know’ and the thought before it, it is an approachable way to express this point, so others can hear it, maybe take it in with less divisive tone. I may borrow it! One more thing I wonder about too, in terms of synchronicity, and ties to leaps in consciousness, maybe is the connection to the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, in the fall of 2019 … it is different in different regions, but many where I live, were sicker with flu than ever, in the fall of 2019 … and it was first called ‘corona’ virus back then … I tend to think we are moving away from the crowning of power to the crowning of the people … and the relic that was saved there in the fire, the crown of thorns, the humbling, even humiliating crown, out of which a risen or rising consciousness sprung. Maybe in other faiths, something else happened with a relic or landmark or place in the fall of 2019 … I wonder about the astrology of that fire, and how it connects to Titanic and coronavirus and more. I’m not baptized or part of any faith, but I believe outside the traditional walls of church and faith, is the spike protein a crown of thorns in a way, that the people will change into a crowning of their own divine spark … or whatever equivalent in other faiths … sure, empires are falling, and the people are being humbled, and will triumph in good new aquarian ways …
    Thank you again, and I would encourage people to try the Astrology Delivery … it is working, in seen and unseen but palpable ways,

    1. I am very sorry your vulnerable daughter with Down’s Syndrome is in the middle of this. You are not alone in becoming ill with Covid despite having had vaccination. Your daughter also became ill which must have been very hard for you to go through. The Swine Flu you mention is less of an issue. On the plus side you can and will continue to control both your Covid risk. You have the North Node in Virgo in the Sixth House of health so have had several lifetimes of dealing with plagues. You may have been here for the Spanish Flu, for example. You know what to do and what not to do. And you will do it.

  30. Dear Jessica, thank you for your amazing work especially in highlighting Covid and it’s continued dangers. Living in India, I’m afraid of your prediction of a worse Covid outbreak here – we already suffered terribly in the 2021 wave. How will this impact our elections for a new government/prime minister in February 2024? Will the current lot get voted out (I live in hope!).

    Also, I’ve had some strange or rather, different spiritual experiences over the past few months and this week’s horoscope for Cancer, really highlighted this. Can you please look at my chart and see if this will tie in with what’s happening around me? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. We are in this together as death rates go up and Long Covid remains. I know that India had a huge problem with its Covid variant in 2021. You want new leadership, which I understand. The last time I was in Delhi the pollution and rubbish problem was extreme. And that’s just one issue. You will be pleased to know that January 2024 starts a 20-year cycle when power (Pluto) goes away from a handful of elite males (Capricorn) at the top – and goes to the people (all of you) with no discrimination based on sex, age, class or skin colour. That may sound impossible now but it is coming. The spiritual experiences you talk about are based on your Chiron at 29 Pisces in the Twelfth House of dreams and psychic ability, being triggered by Pluto at 29 Capricorn in a sextile. It remains in 2024 on and off.

  31. Thanks Jessica! I didn’t mention it in my comment but yes, I know people with cancer. Was that a psychic insight? I did a double take and reread your message. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, I was told to write that note about cancer. I hope those you know come through successfully.

  32. My Goodness the thought of more lockdowns in the midst of trying to buy new property and move long distance to start over, having started and run a business (Covid free) since June 2020 seems almost too much to bear. I’m trying to sell the business that protected me from Covid all this time, so I can start over in the new location and improve my social life and proximity to family. The market has thwarted my purchase efforts to get ahead of the business sale thus far and it seem crazy to think about moving over the next 4 months in the midst of a pandemic? Am I ever going to get out of here?!!!
    I was just thinking today that I would not have been able to cope with the idea of lasting 3.5 years here when I first opened for reasons related to unexpected local racism and harassment, but to think this may continue until 2026 is too much. Really appreciate your insight on trying to close on selling the business this month so I can quickly move?
    Thanks Jessica

    1. The lockdowns may not occur in your country. People tend to think of themselves with Covid but we may see more regional lockdowns in China, for example, and in India. Overcrowded countries where Covid can spread like wildfire. I don’t know where you are based. You want to sell your business. You are a Gemini and should use Astrology Delivery right now to get what you want. Start on December 2nd if you can, otherwise skip to the next date. You will get some or all of what you want, and maybe more, if you follow the steps. Delivery is next year. See the features on Astrology Delivery on my website to see what incredible things are happening for other people and start booking!

  33. Thank you Jessica! You are truly gifted, and it is very generous of you to share your gifts with us. All the best for Christmas and 2024.

  34. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for this post. I imagine a lot of people are tired of hearing about Covid, but it’s still very much affecting people’s health. My husband, a Cancer, born 7/17/67, just came through Covid for the first time early in November. He ended up with two embolisms, as getting blood clots is very much a complication from the virus. He just got out of the hospital last night and is still recovering. He is an active person. He is vaccinated and took the antivirals but managed to get very ill regardless. You really never know how it will impact your health.
    I am not sure if you see anything in my chart that speaks to this, but any thoughts are welcome. Be well and careful out there

    1. I am so sorry about your husband’s Covid and embolisms. Vaccines and anti-virals failed. The failure is also shared by politicians and the travel industry whose fault this is, at the source. Let’s see how recovery goes for him with you. You have Pluto and the South Node in Virgo in the Sixth House of public health so have been here before, with the Spanish Flu or the Plague. This is past life stuff; he may have been your nurse or doctor the last time; now you must be there for him. Pluto is extremely powerful and this is your cue to find out what will give you back control over Covid, over his health and your health too. This is reclaiming your power rather than handing it over to doctors, who so far are failing so many people, even with the most basic measures (N95 masks in waiting rooms and surgeries for a start!) This feels like a reincarnation commitment; a promise made in your life between lives. You can help him but you will also be helping yourself.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    My daughter has been battling a Covid-like virus that ended with a hospital stay for pneumonia (she’s now on the mend). Same variant as reported in China. Tested negative for Covid but the similarities were extensive. A GP friend has seen a huge uptick in respiratory illness in the last month. I watch and read with curiosity as to how this will develop and love reading your analysis on this and all subjects.

    Separately you mention the possible return of a person from afar in the Virgo yearly horoscope. I’ve seen small signs this could manifest but it would be hard to fathom how in reality this could/would happen. It’s been a stressful year and work has suddenly dried up but my instincts and dream state tells me exciting things are on the horizon. Lost in fantasy or on track with this…what do you think?! TYx

    1. I am so sorry about your daughter’s pneumonia but glad she is on the mend. We wait for WHO and WHO waits for China to tell us the truth. It is common for people to have Covid and for tests to not show it. As far back as 2022 scientists were concerned about test failures. – The return of a person from afar is yet to happen so you’re early with this, but it will come to pass.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I see in the comments someone intends to be in Cape Town this month. A heads up, here in SA, nobody is wearing masks or taking precautions against Covid. It’s as if Covid is just like the flu and nobody is overly concerned. I got my first bout of Covid towards end of May which lasted a 2 weeks. I was able to work remotely so I didn’t take sick leave. Do you think I was just lucky getting it so mildly or do you think a stronger one is coming to South Africa any time soon?

    1. Covid-19 can be mild for some or kill others; it depends on your immune system. There is no rule. There is no ‘mild’ or ‘strong’ strain of it. Four people I know are dead. I don’t really see why N95 masks and HEPA filters and hand gel are such an ordeal for people. The virus will continue and many more will die and get Long Covid. Hopefully not you or your people.

  37. hi Jessica, the 3rd booster nearly killed me! I’m not looking forward yo getting another shot. bc I’m working in health I know ill need one. do you see me getting into mefical transport? please? thsnk you P

    1. The vaccines are still not fully explained or researched, on the level people want, are they? I can’t see a chart here; I suggest you use the Tarot on my website, which is free, to answer your question.

  38. hi Jessica, the 3rd booster nearly killed me! I’m not looking forward yo getting another shot. bc I’m working in health I know i will need one. do you see me getting into medical transport? please? thsnk you P

  39. Hi Jessica

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    Wishing you and yours a happy festive season.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

  40. Dear Jessica, thank you indeed for your predictions and warnings despite the popular opinion on Covid now. I’ve lost quite a few family members, one of which was my father… the last image I had was a nurse allowing us to speak to a screen . Which showed him on a ventilator… he died alone.. in an insolation unit, never had a proper send off and I never got to say a final goodbye… Found out after that his carer went partying without a mask … and brought Covid home to my father..:

    I’m at a crossroads now where it is time for a move, country and career…. Which means travel may play a huge role and with your latest predictions… it is worrying to say the least. The last few years have been brutal particularly with regards to lack of work (Covid was the nail in the coffin), getting into huge debts and lack of finances in general. Along with all the stressful things that come with that such as tax and legal troubles, threats and embarrassment to name but a few. Health and general relationships have / are taking quite the hit. A move without the family is not ideal especially if some places may see travel restrictions come back into play… immigration / visas for my spouse means that I will be the only breadwinner for almost a year and searching for a job at this age is tricky. There is also a tween who is not happy about all the instability and the separation that the family has had to endure due to finances and Covid which saw borders closed and families like ours caught totally off guard for many months. Don’t want a repeat of that ever again! To make a new move possible there is a sale of a property which is looking like it may finally close after many months of delays . During Mercury retrograde none the less… so I’m hoping as it was initiated earlier this year the closing is not hampered by Mercury retrograde.. ( fingers and toes crossed)
    There is also the matter of someone in business who is owed and ran out of patience… which has lead to constant personal threats to me and my family…it is a burden that I cannot wait to settle but need the help of someone…that can be trusted with money… got burnt before … not quite sure whom I could trust….

    Jessica, if your time permits, would you be so kind to give any insight on when and where would be the best for a move ? Especially with the dark cloud of Covid looming. Looking for a fresh start for 2024 that offers safety and stability but need to be realistic at the same time. Any insights for 2024 would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry that this is long)
    Thank you and your team for all your hard work which goes into your website / other content.

    Best wishes for Christmas and New Year!

    1. How absolutely heartbreaking about your father. And also enraging. I hope the person who infected him feels the full weight of what he or she did. You are not alone and this has happened to millions of people. He has passed to spirit now, will have been in the Summerland (or may still be there) and will be with other friends and family also in spirit. Meanwhile you are here on planet earth dealing with financial questions. You are a Sun Cancerian RAS, with stelliums in Cancer Virgo and Aquarius. The big decisions about business and property, income and banking will arrive in January when Pluto changes signs and enters your solar Second House for the first time in 248 years – to stay. You were born with Minerva at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, property, mortgage and inheritance. You are innately wise when it comes to those matters and are a trusted source of information about (say) marriage and shared budgets, or the importance of a will. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom usually shown with an owl. January is also crucial in your natal chart, then, because Pluto at 0 Aquarius will be square Minerva. So the decisions you have to make from that point onwards (Pluto goes back and forth across 0 Aquarius) are difficult to square with what is wise, but you must find a way to make the new life work. Pluto’s great challenge is always about self-control and willpower. If you can use them (like a muscle) then his great reward is true empowerment. You have what it takes to make this happen in 2024. Your father is always a thought away; a prayer away; a candle away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  41. Hello Jessica,

    You NAILED it again! I am on the east coast of USA right outside of Washington, DC. Enjoying a lovely Christmas break from the classroom. Just got two emails within the span of an hour from work that we must wear masks in our clinical settings, both clinicians and patients are required to wear masks because of the alarming rise of hospitalizations due to rampant COVID and other respiratory infections in our area. We are not required to wear them in the classroom as of yet, but you can bet I will have mine on. In fact, I’ve never stopped wearing it. I work with special needs children who are already fragile. I also care for my grandson and my elderly father. People make fun of me but I don’t care. I went to two big Christmas parties over the holidays and i was the ONLY one wearing a mask.

    You are right, people are traveling en masse between Thanksgiving and Christmas and its spreading again. Another issue we are having, at least here on the east coast of USA is that the past two winters have been very warm. We literally had no snow last year, not a flake, it has been roughly 720 days with no snow. A record for sure. This may be anectodal, but we’ve always believed that a good freeze kills the germs and when we get a good snow and everyone is snowed in for 4 or 5 days people have a chance to also get healthy. Its a double win, when it happens.

    I would say that I hope you are staying healthy, but I am sure you are, you are always forewarned and thus forearmed. Thank you for forearming those of us who will heed your advice!


    1. Covid goes on. Thank you for your message GV. I wish it was different but the astrology is pretty obvious. Virgo rules public health. We are not seeing any relief from the transiting squares and oppositions to Virgo, from cycles in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. And we are yet to get to the absolutely critical period when the lunar nodes go into Virgo and Pisces. One thing everybody has learned in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 – do your own health care. HEPA filter on, mask in the bag, no indoor crowds, we all know the drill.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Not sure if you’ve seen this article in the Daily Express ‘Scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ Covid-19 using UV light and clean public spaces’.
    It doesn’t mention if Far – UVC, nevertheless. Word is getting out – slowly….
    I wouldn’t know about if not for you. Thank you. I pass the word on regardless of the eye rolls 🙂

    1. Fantastic. Yes, the University of Southampton has just proven again what astrology suggested two years ago. Weirdly, the UV light we find in the Aquarius constellation, points us to the UV light that kills Covid. And Pluto is now in Aquarius for the first time in 248 years. Thank you, for your thank you. I no longer care if people don’t understand about UV light (safe Ultraviolet). I have four dead with Covid, you see.

  43. I’m very sorry for your loss Jessica.
    Now that I know what this virus does to the body, especially over the longer term, I go out of my way to protect myself and family: quality masks, HEPA, ventilation etc. Not rocket science is it?
    You probably don’t remember my telling you about my husband’s hospital acquired Covid which was some six months after he’d had a major heart op. I’ve spent the last twelve months on tenterhooks waiting to see if any other conditions arose – to date, thankfully not. How can healthcare workers not mask? How can they not test patients for Covid?
    I don’t understand why Govt., health authorities, CEO of UKHSA and suchlike downplay the dangers of Covid.It’s not as if they don’t know! I’m ranting- sorry.
    Stay safe – you really do a fab job

    1. I am so sorry about your husband. How awful for both of you. We are in the same cycle as smoking and AIDS. Public health crisis, which people actually encouraged. There is something very odd about human beings. When they overpopulate they start to self-destruct. Very few people smoke today or have sex without condoms. But both those behaviours ruled the world for a long time and killed millions. Covid is the same. People who are Covid Stupid are in the same category; unconscious death wish for themselves and others. We continue to refuse to participate!

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