Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo Factors

Pluto's opposition in Aquarius, to the Leo factors in your birth chart, is worth taking seriously. This transit will change your life in the bedroom, but also in the ritual of courtship. It will change your world in regard to pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and the next generation. It also has historic implications for the Royal Family.

Pluto in Aquarius and Your Leo Factors

Leo in your natal chart rules the Fifth House. So – pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults. The Fifth House and Leo are also the rulers of courtship and the bedroom. Pluto in Aquarius will be in opposition to every factor you have in Leo, ranging from 0 degrees to 29 degrees, in slow stages.

The entire cycle runs until March 8th 2043. It reveals the children yet to be born; youngsters – and the babies past, who are now young adults, perhaps also considering their own future parenting.

Pluto in transit will typically trigger events for a whole year. Sometimes two years. What happens will be important and slow-paced. The events that come your way will be rare and move across your life for 12-24 months depending on your chart. (Images: Ellaby, Corbin Unsplash). 

daiga ellaby 7edWO30e32k unsplash 1024x683 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo Factors

What Pluto in Aquarius Means For You

The astronomy tells us about the astrology. This is a rare, historic period in your life (see dates below, for the first 9 degrees of Leo) when events that could only take place every 248 years come to pass. These events transform you. You also transform life for other people.

Pluto is a dwarf planet and was demoted by astronomers in 2006. This cycle is associated with people and organisations – and situations – which take over and dominate. They are cut down to size. In mythology, Pluto took over the planet, abducted Proserpina from her mother Ceres and raced her off to the underworld – and married her – but was then forced by Jupiter to accept a 50-50 compromise, where he would have his wife for half the year, in his underground kingdom Hades – and she would go to her mother for the other half.

Invisible Pluto 

Pluto is thus missing or invisible to us, in transit, apart from the one time he comes from nowhere to be the largest factor in your chart. You’ll see the word ‘frozen’ used twice in the astronomy diagram below. Pluto is quite cold about his need to have total power; total control. Individuals or entities where one is taken over, or taken, are Pluto.

On this Pluto opposition to your Leo factors you may meet people like this, or see a change in people you know, so that they become like this. Yet they are largely ‘never able to be seen’. For most of the time you will know they are there but what they are up to – and how they are feeling – you just won’t know.

Nitrogen (in Pluto’s crust) is colourless and odourless but it can make explosives. Pluto is virtually invisible but can also be emotionally or psychologically explosive. Methane, also in Pluto’s atmosphere, is likewise colourless and odourless. Even if you don’t finger a particular person for Pluto (or a group, or an organisation) it may be the atmosphere that seems coldly controlling, even if you can’t see or smell what’s behind it. Carbon Monoxide, also in Pluto’s planetary atmosphere is equally colourless and odourless. It can, however, be risky to have it in your home. A little like Pluto, the astrology symbol.

Pluto’s Moons in Astrology

Pluto’s Moons also tell you about this astrology factor, moving in opposition to your Leo factors in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and children. Styx is the river of the underworld where Pluto lives. You tend to feel undercurrents when Pluto is in transit. Charon is the ferryman who takes the souls of the departed to the underworld.

At this point, you need to know that Pluto is not a symbol of death, the dead or dying. More accurately, Pluto is about the ending that becomes the beginning. Pluto also reveals deep transition and of course, transformation.

Nix, the next moon, is the goddess of night. From this comes Pluto’s association with the dark and the colour black. Kerberos (Cerberus) is the multi-headed dog guarding the underworld (Hades) ruled by Pluto. Hydra is a water-snake-like monster with nine heads. The mythological association of Pluto’s moons, then, tells you about an astrology symbol which is dark and deep. Situations, nations, people or organisations which represent complete and total change are Pluto – like the evolution of a person, into pure spirit or pure soul – on the other side of life.

Pluto also comes with all that is heavily guarded. And yes, there is something quite confronting about Pluto in transit, particularly in opposition.


Pluto iStock 1024x1024 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo Factors

Power and Control Questions

What kind of events can you expect? Challenges. In astrology as in life, an opposition is about polar opposites; opposing forces. Pluto is always about power and control questions.  Given that Leo and the Fifth House affect you most as a parent, godparent, step-parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent – these will involve issues about who or what is in control. It’s also the same with courtship and the bedroom.

Pluto delivers people, organisations and situations which dominate. (Or try to). In a moment I’ll talk about King Henry VIII in the light of this. Pluto moves into Aquarius, where it is next, every 248 years or so. Henry ruled (and also completely ruled his six wives) when Pluto was there, in the 16th century, in Aquarius – right opposite Leo.

Pushing Back

Pushing back with Pluto is like psychological weight training. It’s like a spiritual gym. You become stronger. Much, much stronger. And by the end of the opposition, if you have used your willpower, you will also be far more potent and influential than you were before. You also need to make sure the stakes are manageable. Don’t go into a new situation where the stakes are too high. If you know that you are about to tackle Pluto, his multi-headed dog and hydra, his invisibility and all the rest – then why go there?

If Anne Boleyn had been privy to astrological advice she would never have married Henry VIII. She was arrested for adultery and beheaded for treason.

Know what you are getting into, be it a pregnancy; a marriage; your eldest daughter moving back home; an adoption process – and the rest. Is it all feeling a little bit Tudor? Then you know what to do.

Do You Have Factors in Leo?

If you have factors in Leo in the Fifth House at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then at some point between now (2024) and 2026, Pluto will be in opposition.

If you have Leo factors at 9-29 degrees you will be coming back to this website from 2028 onwards to check where Pluto is, by degree. That will tell you which year to expect him. For now, though, I’ll focus on the first wave of Pluto oppositions to early Leo placements.

Do You Have Leo Factors at 0-8 Degrees?

Pluto at 0 Aquarius will be in opposition to any planet, asteroid or other factor at 0 Leo.

Pluto moves to 0, 1, 2, Aquarius in opposition to any planet, asteroid or other factor at 0, 1, 2 Leo.

Pluto is at 1, 2, 3 Aquarius in opposition to any planet, asteroid or other factor at 1, 2, 3 Leo.

Pluto goes to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Aquarius in opposition to any planet, asteroid or other factor at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Leo.

This is an important year if you have factors in Leo. Jupiter also goes into Leo. So does the South Node. There may be the birth of a child, for example, or an adoption. A teenager may leave home.


Pluto goes to Aquarius 4, 5, 6, 7 in opposition to any planet, asteroid or other factor at 4, 5, 6, 7 Leo


Pluto goes to Aquarius 6, 7, 8 in opposition to any planet, asteroid or other factor at 6, 7, 8 Leo.

Leo Factors 9-29 Degrees

It will be four or five years before you need to think about any Tudor-like parenting or sexual issues (at least) and maybe almost two decades. I’ll see you back on this website then, no doubt.

images 1 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsWhat History Tells Us

As you’ve read, Pluto takes about 248 years to come back to Aquarius, in opposition to Leo, the sign ruling parents and children. Famous examples of parent-child issues from history give some idea of what to expect from Pluto in transit, in opposition to your Leo/Fifth House factors.

1532 to 1553 and Pluto in Aquarius Opposite Leo

Henry VIII ruled in this cycle from 1532 until 1547. He had an illegitimate child, Henry Fitzroy. Henry’s mother was Elizabeth Blount, lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon, Henry’s first wife.

Babies born from adultery are part of the Pluto opposition cycle. The wrong side of the blanket.  Back in the 16th century Pluto in Aquarius, opposite Leo, also saw Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn (Henry’s first two wives) have ten pregnancies between them. Of these, seven were miscarriages/neonatal deaths.  Crucially for the line of succession, there were no sons.

This is a classic Pluto opposition outcome. Not for a single moment does a Pluto clash mean miscarriage or death for a baby, though. It’s not about that. And this is the 16th century we’re talking about, not the medically advanced 21st.  Yet, it is accurate to say that if you have a child on a Pluto opposition to your Leo factors in the Fifth House of children, you need to do your research; take your time; ask the experts; be a realist about what is actually involved. Pluto has to show his hand somehow, in opposition. And the question for you will always be, ‘How much control do I have in the situation? How can I reclaim my power?’

Impotence and Pluto in Aquarius

Henry VIII’s impotence was raised by Anne Boleyn’s brother George. Self-control and control in bed are classic Pluto challenges. This is a good academic take on Henry VIII and his royal bedchamber, not to mention his failings as a lover. All of which brings us to another Pluto in Aquarius outcome – the husband and wife who don’t actually have intercourse.

Marriage Without Sex

In 1540, with Pluto still opposing Leo, Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves. They never had sex – consummated the marriage. Again, we are back to power and control questions in the bedroom. Still in this Pluto in Aquarius cycle, Henry VIII married Jane Seymour in May 1536. She died of complications following the birth of Edward VI on October 12th 1537.

The last two wives, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr, also failed to become pregnant by Henry. All of the above is typical of Pluto transits, in that any wife who could actually produce a son and heir to succeed King Henry VIII, became remarkably powerful in the eyes of the monarch and the people.

If she could only produce daughters (or not give birth at all) she lost power. Yet, by marrying Henry any of the six wives also acquired huge clout at court. This intense cycle shows you all aspects of Pluto in astrology. It is an intense game to play, if you want high stakes. These women did.

Miscarriage and Death in Infancy in the 16th Century – With Pluto

Astrology never predicts death. It should not and it cannot. What it does show though is the typical association between Pluto and critical crossroads. Pluto transforms. It does so, in transit, by bringing things to the point of no return. Every ending is a simultaneous beginning when Pluto opposes Leo factors. Turning back to Henry VIII in the medically backward 16th century, we find –

*Male reproductive failure
*Female infertility
*Male impotence
*Trying for a boy unsuccessfully
*Illegitimate children born from adultery
*Marriage without sex
*Death in infancy (28 days – neo natal death)
*Mother’s death in (or shortly after) childbirth

Stepchildren and Half-Brothers, Half-Sisters

King Henry VIII’s children during the Pluto in Aquarius cycle also reveal another classic outcome of the opposition transit in Leo: questions about power and the importance of stepmothers, stepfathers, stepchildren, half-brothers and half-sisters. No wonder, centuries later, a whole range of history magazines and biographies are still bestsellers. That long transit of Pluto produced real-life drama.

Children born to different mothers but the same father, for example, or to the same mother, by different fathers. This sets up family politics.

9781399095860 203x300 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsPluto is associated with politicians, powerbrokers and strategy. In Leo, it becomes applied to the most intimate, personal, private matters. Henry VIII was born with Mercury at 6 Leo in an exact opposition to Saturn at 6 Aquarius. The long Pluto transit at 6 Aquarius was a life-changing trigger for him as a father and lover.

The ‘what’ of the transit is always shown by the planet, asteroid or other factor in Leo that is being opposed. Mercury rules contracts, paperwork, binding agreements. In Leo it was about Henry’s marriage contracts but also the parchment surrounding the line of succession. He had to have a son and heir. Preferably an heir and a spare. The story of the Pluto-Mercury transiting opposition in Henry’s life, is the story of the birth of the Church of England. Henry invented it, on paper, in order to permit him to divorce.

Siblings and Power

We should also consider siblings in general here as well as cousins. Leo rules all the children in the dynasty. Given that Pluto oppositions are about total transformation, as a parent you may find this comes about through your children, plural, and their relationship with each other. Leo and the Fifth House are about the reality of sibling power issues, or control questions between brothers and sisters – as they affect the parents. Cousins are sometimes involved, depending on the politics in the ranks. Caroline Angus has written a very good book about Henry VIII’s children (pictured) which proves just how Pluto in opposition to Leo, operates.

Crowned at Nine, Dead at Fifteen

Henry VIII had a son, Edward VI, who ruled from 1547 to 1553, at the end of the Pluto in Aquarius cycle. He was crowned at nine and died, aged 15. A Regency Council had to rule, for him. He was too young to have power. In the end he did not even see his 16th birthday. Henry’s Pluto opposition to his Mercury in Leo, sent him into the most extreme possible outcomes.

He wanted a male heir but in the end it would be women who took over his old kingdom. When young Edward VI died, tragically young, only the girls Mary and Elizabeth were left. A total transformation in the balance of power in the United Kingdom was in motion – under Pluto.

Bloody Mary

Mary I or Bloody Mary also lived during Pluto in Aquarius, from 1516 to 1558. She was the only surviving child of Catherine of Aragon, Henry’s first wife. She got rid of her cousin Lady Jane Grey, her rival to the crown after Edward VI died. Pluto is associated with the ending that brings the beginning. Lady Jane Grey met her end through execution. For this and other reasons she was nicknamed Bloody Mary.

False Pregnancy

Bloody Mary gives us another example of Pluto in Aquarius opposition outcomes – she had a false pregnancy. She stopped menstruating and gained weight, and had morning sickness – but there was no baby. Mary had no children at all in the end. Her half-sister Elizabeth I became queen. These are still possible Pluto opposition scenarios to Leo factors that we could see today.

*False pregnancy
*Child-free marriage
*Deadly sibling relations in the context of the father or mother.

Anne Boleyn – Four Leo Factors

Of all the wives who suffered the most with Henry VIII and the classic Leo issues about the bedroom, as well as parenthood, it is Anne Boleyn who is best remembered. She was born with Psyche at 5 Leo, Ceres at 9 Leo, the Ascendant at 21 Leo and Saturn at 22 Leo. Pluto was in opposition to those placements throughout her time with King Henry VIII.

Leo constellation 3301770 1280 300x243 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsDo You Have a Leo Stellium?

If so, then the long opposition of Pluto will result in some years of challenges for you in relation to courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, children and young relatives. These oppositions are designed to make you stronger and in fact you will find the symbol for the opposition looks rather like dumbbells used in the gym.

Pluto transits opposing your Leo side will drive you deeply into the core of your Leo self. You are Queen or King to a younger court if you have factors here. If you have a stellium in Leo then depending on if you are male or female, you may play out some royal archetypes from history; perhaps Charles I or Charles II. Maybe, Queen Victoria. Our late Queen Elizabeth II ? Marie Antoinette? Diana, the late Princess of Wales?

The Leo archetype is the leader – leadership with the young – and also King or Queen with a royal bedchamber. The weight-training with the astrological dumbbell of the Pluto opposition will really test this, but potentially make it stronger.

Pluto in Aquarius 1777 to 1798

Moving on to the next Pluto in Aquarius transit, before our own, we find variations on the theme. This was the era of King George III (Mad King George) whose son had to take over the crown because his father very likely had bipolar depression. George III had 15 children with his wife Charlotte. Two sons died in childhood. Again, we are back to the idea of Leo describing the heirs and spares. There were illegitimate grandchildren too. In fact, Princess Charlotte, daughter of the Prince of Wales, was the only legitimate grandchild George III ever knew.

George III was born with the North Node at 23 Leo and the South Node at 23 Aquarius. When Pluto moved to 23 Aquarius it transformed him and transformed the monarchy – and the nation.

Don’t Call the Midwife

We see again the repeated theme of illegitimate children born outside marriage – and the death of siblings – just as we did with Henry VIII. At age 2 and 4, George III saw two of his vast family, Octavius and Alfred die from smallpox.

The 18th century is also the time that surgeons and midwives were in conflict as medical men began to claim that their modern techniques were better than traditional methods used by women. This is, again, a Pluto issue about power struggles and also disempowerment.

I hope you’re getting a sense of Pluto in Aquarius by opposition to Leo factors in the Fifth House. Royal families in general hold up a mirror to the times. These two monarchs, George III and Henry VIII are useful examples of what can happen when Pluto opposes Leo factors in the charts of a few people from history – reflecting wider trends of the time. And it’s quite true, in the 2020’s we might still expect to see some familiar stories from the 16th and 18th centuries too, as Pluto comes around.

Harry 199x300 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo Factors


The Modern Royals and the Pluto Cycle

The modern Royal Family is dominated by Leo placements. This hasn’t even started, though we had a preview in the first half of 2023 as Pluto first appeared in Aquarius at 0 degrees.

A really obvious issue over the next few years is the alleged use by Meghan and Harry of a surrogate mother (or surrogate mothers, plural). The notorious  sliding Moon Bump (a pretty weak piece of acting with something from the props department, according to some) started all kinds of rumours, worthy of the court of King Henry VIII or King George III.

It was of course a bit of game-playing intended to remind the world that Lady Colin Campbell has claimed the Queen Mother was actually the daughter of the family’s French cook. Well, it’s given Omid Scobie something to put on the shelves at Amazon.

Twenty Years into the Future

I am writing this on 30th January 2023 but for the next 20 years or so we will see a sweeping transformation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the Commonwealth.

It will come down to the line of succession and the children, as with the two previous Pluto in Aquarius transits.

It may well be that everything you thought you knew about this fascinating family in 2022, 2023 is rewritten in 2024, 2025, 2026 as the natal charts of key royals are triggered. Almost as soon as Pluto entered 0 Aquarius in January 2024, Charles III and the Princess of Wales were both admitted to hospital. This immediately raised questions about who would fill in for the former, when the latter’s husband had to put her first. Classic Tudor/Georgian line of succession issues, right on cue.

PRINCE ANDREW 300x184 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsPrince Harry

Prince Harry was born with Bacchus at 2 Leo and Apollo at 6 Leo, so there will be classic Pluto crossroads issues with/for his children but also his relationship with Prince William, ahead. This will be about power, pure and simple.

We have to remember Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I here. The siblings at the heart of a far bigger issue – the right of women to rule – and the Roman Catholic church, coupled with the Church of England. This is very close to the questions we have now in the 2020’s as the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches were in the spotlight at the apparent coronation.

I’ll talk more about that in a moment, but in 2024 the Church of England is absolutely on the line, with this family and the nation.

The United Kingdom Astrology Chart and the Royal Family

This Pluto transit in the 2020’s shows up in the 1801 United Kingdom chart too. This is a chart that works very well if you are asking about the royal family in Britain.

This version of the U.K. was founded with Jupiter at 1 Leo and Pluto will oppose that, just before Harry also finds Pluto opposing his Bacchus. So this is 2024 and 2025.

As this is published in January 2024, we are just turning the corner onto a very new road at Buckingham Palace. This is about the heirs and spares. It’s about William and Harry, but also George and the rest. We have never seen this in our lifetimes.

Pluto will oppose the United Kingdom’s Jupiter in Leo, in the Fifth House of children, teenagers, young adults and – the line of succession.

Prince Andrew

Andrew was born with Apollo at 2 Leo, in the same position as Harry’s Bacchus. This is the kind of ‘coincidence’ you find in astrology. It means the same story is told twice, at the same time, but from completely different angles.

This may be about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell; it may be about Andrew’s own daughters – and perhaps their children. Perhaps it’s about Virginia Giuffre (pictured here in a Twitter post from People magazine, which has covered the drama from the beginning.) An unplanned pregnancy?

The Church of England

A religion can have a chart too. The Church of England was born with the North Node of karma at 0 Leo opposite the South Node at 0 Aquarius on 3rd November 1534.

This is an historic and critical two-year period for the church as Pluto at 0 Aquarius is in conjunction with its South Node and in opposition to its North Node. It actually began near the 2023 coronation, which is why I told ABC and also the Daily Express I would be amazed if it even went ahead. Many astrologers before me have written that Charles III would not rule.

I believe his kingship will be proven invalid in the end. The coronation was theatre and empty theatre at that, on a cover-up eclipse and on Mercury Retrograde too.

It’s not unlike the wedding of Charles and Diana. The fairy story that wasn’t. Again, it was only proven to be a sham after some time had elapsed. Again, that took place near an eclipse.

In the Church of England chart, Leo and the Fifth House are very much about Anglican views on adultery, illegitimate children, invalidated weddings and so on. 2024 is a huge year for Anglican views on the same – including men who say they are women, of course.

I’ll say more about Archbishop Justin Welby in a moment. His natal chart also lines up with these Pluto patterns.

PRINCE WILLIAM Daily Express 300x178 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsHarry, William and their Children

As the monarch is the head of the Church of England this is also about Harry and William – and their children. The heirs and future heirs.

Archbishop Welby married Meghan and Harry twice. Once in a secret ceremony in their garden, then in front of the television cameras.

This is a peculiar thing to do, unless you also wanted to make a point about the Charles-Camilla ‘town hall’ wedding before a grander ceremony afterwards. I think it’s fair to say that nothing Meghan and Harry do is spontaneous. You’ll remember our late Queen refused to go to the Camilla-Charles wedding, in her capacity as head of the Church of England.

Prince William and His Leo Aspects

Prince William, the public face of Earthshot (shown here in the Daily Express, the leading royal paper) has an exact Leo conjunction of Hygiea and Proserpina at 14 Leo in the Fifth House of heirs and spares. Pluto will eventually move to 14 Aquarius and oppose that.

Years before this happens, though, in 2024 (now) the focus is firmly on the Church of England and Archbishop Welby.

Justin Welby was born on 6th January 1956. Even using a 12 noon chart we can safely say Uranus is at 0 Leo and so is Panacea.

The transit of Pluto in opposition to that Uranus-Panacea conjunction, from 0 Aquarius, is life-changing and church-changing. And it happens in 2024. That is a lot sooner than Prince William’s Pluto moment, but the crossroads is coming.

I wonder if will take a whistle-blower? Let’s see.

Charles and Camilla

It’s always interesting to look at clusters around the same degree and sign in family charts,  because they show a story coming to life, involving specific people – and in this case –  whole countries.

Camilla Charles 2005 229x300 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsJupiter in Leo in the Fifth House of the UK chart is about the princes and princesses. The heirs and spares.

I told the media Charles and Camilla would not rule and as an astrologer, nothing’s changed my mind. They appear to be ruling, but that was not a coronation.

It’s true that crowns went on heads, but either when Charles III dies, or a Freedom of Information request is finally successful, we will learn that his marriage to Camilla was neither legal nor constitutional, in documents sealed under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Invalidated Coronation

Is a retrospectively invalid coronation, part of the unfolding drama of the Pluto oppositions to the charts of Prince Harry and the kingdom itself? Perhaps.

Camilla was born with Proserpina at 2 Leo in an exact conjunction with Apollo at 2 Leo. Pluto will also oppose that pattern in her chart, again in the horoscope zone which rules her stepchildren William and Harry, as much as her own.

Andrew Parker Bowles and Camilla

This incoming Pluto opposition to Camilla’s Proserpina-Apollo conjunction, is a critical crossroads in 2024-2025 in her chart. We don’t know if this is about her own Catholic-raised children with Andrew Parker Bowles (there is no evidence that marriage was ever annulled by the Vatican) or her stepmother role with Harry and William.

Camilla is strongly Leo, quite clearly was driven to become Queen one day – and has seven factors there in that sign, including Pluto itself.

She will experience the Pluto-Pluto opposition when this planet reaches 12 Leo, and that really is an ending that produces the beginning. It’s some years away as I write this in 2024.

That Pluto-Pluto opposition transit will also line up with the position of Minerva at 12 Leo on the day Diana was unlawfully killed; 31st August 1997 at 12.25am in Paris. Strange but true. And so typical of astrology.

kate middleton third baby 232x300 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo Factors

The Princess of Wales

Catherine, affectionally named Kate, was born with Hygiea at 4 Leo, so the year 2026 is hugely important for her, as mother to the next monarch.

Charles III has his Ascendant at 5 Leo. Again, 2026 is the trigger year. All these royal birthdates and times are verified as A or AA data (thanks to my friend and colleague Natalie Delahaye for obtaining the birth time for the Princess of Wales). What happens to Charles, happens to her.

It’s common in families (not just royal families) for the same degree and zodiac sign to repeat among its members. Sometimes there is a degree or two difference, but it means – big stories unfold affecting everyone.

A Sun Sign School subscriber suggested that Charles III might abdicate if a Freedom of Information enquiry succeeded under a new Labour government in the United Kingdom.

If that secret, sealed document showed that the marriage to Camilla had never been constitutional or legal (and particularly if our late Queen knew) then  Charles might then have to give up the throne for the woman he loves.

And of course it’s happened before.

As with all Pluto oppositions, we won’t know how this dramatic ending and beginning will play out, until it unfolds.

It’s very clear this is going to be a highly political decade for this family, though. It’s as much about power as Henry VIII ever was. HELLO! magazine (pictured) can present this as a charming piece of entertainment but when Pluto opposes your Leo factors in transit, the intensity deepens. And it’s about who rules, and what rules – and who controls the game.

Pluto in Aquarius Issues 2024-2043

The avenue for this Pluto transit after 2024 may be entirely modern.

We’ve seen how it played out in the 16th and 18th centuries. Executions and smallpox are, thankfully, things of the past in Britain today. And yet, Pluto is already showing his hand with contemporary issues like this:

*The use of women as surrogate mothers for gay men.
*Fertility tourism; couples who go abroad to pay a woman to carry a child for them.
*Men who say they are women, also identifying as mothers and demanding the same rights in health care.
*The US political take on abortion, state by state.

God Pluto 2 252x300 - Pluto In Aquarius and Your Leo FactorsPluto In Opposition – the Road to Empowerment

Less dramatically, Pluto in opposition always produces a road to empowerment. You walk it using your willpower.

Pluto in opposition offers incredible control if you use your self-control. This can happen because you date a man who has an adult daughter from another relationship and her mother is omnipresent. That’s just one example. It makes you a more effective human being, because Pluto makes you push back and find your strength.

A Pluto opposition can can take place if you are trying I.V.F. for the first time.  That’s another classic example. And – Pluto can be there if you are now empty nesters, as young adults leave forever. The balance of power changes at home.

We are a long way from Bloody Mary here (thank goodness) but the symbolism of Pluto remains. It is very common to feel taken over and dominated by a very particular atmosphere.

Pushing back (resistance) is like resistance training with your body. It delivers muscles you did not know you had. If you have Leo factors then you will also find strong psychological, emotional or spiritual ‘muscles’ during the opposition.

As this wonderful miniature of Pluto with Cerberus shows, it’s like pulling back hard when your dog wants to take over. Doing so gives you stronger arm muscles. Pluto transits can feel like that; a push-pull experience that gives you more powerful ‘muscle’ in other ways.

The Pluto in Aquarius Rules

These are just common-sense, really. Astrology is about destiny being negotiable, as the Company of Astrologers puts it. You consciously work with the transit.

Avoid a Pluto crisis crossroads before it happens. Don’t walk into it.

Astrology is about avoidance when you are dealing with oppositions. You can usually see the issue a long time before you even have to choose how to respond to it. The trick is swerving around it.

  • Use reliable contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Always research and get second opinions for adoption.
  • Seek legal expertise before surrogacy.
  • Be aware of what a DNA test will do to a family.

Facing Facts With Pluto in Aquarius

You’ve not had Pluto in opposition to your Leo factors before. Nobody’s seen this transit since George III was on the throne.

It will take time and space to adjust and adapt, but knowing the astrology and the history can be useful. Update for modern life – and personalise for your own life.

Avoid what you can; that is what astrology is all about. If unavoidable challenges come, remember that self-control gives you control and willpower empowers you. Pluto is your resistance training and makes you stronger.

Further Reading

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Main image: Justin Tabari.




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  1. Dear Jessica
    This was absolutely fascinating. As one who is breathing a huge sigh of relief and taking baby steps as a result of Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius I have only one question- what sort of things could occur with a Jupiter return in Leo? Good or bad, depending on the rest of chart? Also with a regular transit of Pluto opposite Jupiter. I have Jupiter at 21 Leo, so have some time but am just curious. Which planet would rule? Also, a Pluto return at 26 degrees- what’s that like?
    I do hope Kate recovers from whatever it is and that she and the children will be just fine. I have to say, also, that I’m sure I’d not be in as good shape as I’m in right now, if I hadn’t found your website and learned what was going on with me astrologically. Thanks for getting me through Pluto in Capricorn.

    1. Thank you. And I appreciate your kind words too. Jupiter at 21 Leo in your Fifth House does make quite a few aspects in your chart so it’s important. You are the gift that goes on giving for children, teenagers, younger generations in your world. Pluto will oppose this in the very distant future and you will be blocked or stopped from your usual approach. You tend to want to give; to make life bigger and better – via younger people. Pluto will get in the way of that for about a year, but it is really a long way off. Your Jupiter Return in Leo will expand your sexual relationship (or relationships, plural) so that it may feel like going from black and white to technicolour. It’s not unusual for pregnancies to occur or for people to marry partners with existing children.

  2. Great read as always, Jessica!

    I have a few asteroids / planets falling within this category including Saturn, Appolo and my des. Could you please tell me what I can expect?

    Many thanks as always xx

    I am currently single and have no children.

    1. Saturn at 0 Leo is the first placement and the Pluto opposition will dominate 2024. In fact it has already begun. To be born with Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is to learn, over time, that there are no fast or easy answers with sexual relationships or with the world of children. It is not unusual to bypass parenthood. Your habitual way of dealing with intimacy and/or the children question is unlikely to stick in 2024 as the transiting Pluto opposition is here to challenge and change. Later on the Leo transits will encourage you to look at (say) becoming a step-parent. For now, focus on the immediate transit. Accept new people and situations in your life with a great deal of thought and research.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Wow. What an incredible article. There is so much to digest here.
    It will be fascinating to watch the Royals, with so much Leo and so much ancestral Leo/Pluto history to absorb.
    I only have 1 Leo placement – the Moon at 2 Leo. Being so close to the beginning of Plutos opposition to Leo, I hope its over relatively quickly for me. I’m still processing Pluto in Capricorn opposing my 6 Cancer placements for the past 20 years!
    Perhaps this might be an ‘adjacent’ issue for me – my sons are both Leo, and their Dad is an Aquarius. I wonder if they’re in for some interesting times.
    Again, fascinating reading, I’m sure an article that people will come back to over this cycle, and marvel at the predictions.
    DinP xx

    1. Thank you. Transiting Pluto in opposition to the natal Moon will definitely pick up your sons, when it comes around. You are the mother (the Queen Mother actually) and yet this role will be challenged by someone or something which seems quite dominating to you. It may be the boys’ father going through a Pluto phase; it may be a male teacher or relative, for example. Knowing what to expect is half the battle in astrology; awareness is all. Happy Lunar New Year, DinP and I appreciate your kind words.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    This article is amazing. A treasure trove of plutonium wisdom. Interesting just as the Royal Family are getting to grips with the ‘slimmed down’ model and I will be watching to see how the Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina mythology plays out.

    I’d be grateful for any thoughts on my chart. I’m single, still looking for a husband, someone to be the father of my future children. I froze eggs in 2022 and today I’ve just been asked to be a godmother to a friend’s baby boy; a moment so joyous I cried as I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure Saturn transiting Pisces is part of that but I’d be grateful on any thoughts on my chart with Apollo in the earlier degrees of Leo and my descendant at the final degree of Leo.
    Many thanks, Fishie

    1. Thank you. You’ve frozen your eggs and want a husband. Now you have been asked to become a godmother too. Apollo at 3 Leo heavily aspects your chart; you have a large number of other factors at 3 degrees too. The baby will be a little boy by the time the opposition comes around, with Pluto at 3 Aquarius. There is more to this child than first appears; you have accepted the role, but this looks like a future challenge for you. It’s up to you to decide what to do about the frozen eggs and the search for a husband. The Tarot may be able to help you.

  5. Dear Jessica, thank you for the insightful article. I have mars at 2 degrees in Leo and Fortuna at 3 degrees in Leo, am I correct to understand that Pluto will be in opposition to my mars, what kind of things can such a transit mean for me? I have always assumed mars is an aggressive planet that brings sudden events and changes and Pluto opposing it would indicate sudden drastic/dramatic unexpected events? but what type of events or in which area would it affect me? If I look at my transit chart the dates between February 13- February 15th look concerning with that opposition. Please advise, perhaps I am misinterpreting and not understanding this correctly.

    1. Thank you. Natal Mars in Leo in the Fifth House is about your tendency to leap into action (on the attack or defence) in sexual relationships, but also in the mating ritual generally. It’s the same with pregnancy, babies, children, younger generations. With Fortuna there too you can utterly change people’s destiny without even realising what you are doing. You would be blind to your own impact on others’ fate and fortune, no matter if these are lovers or schoolchildren. So that’s really a combination which suggests the need to slow down and turn up the awareness. Pluto at 2 Aquarius then 3 Aquarius will block or stop your usual approach; it will probably be via quite a controlling person or organisation. What you do after that is up to you, but Mars reaction/response can be too fast, too emotionally heated, sometimes too aggressive. None of that has to happen. Awareness is everything. But take on new people/situations during the opposition very cautiously.

  6. Hi Jessica! I have Hygeia in 0 Leo and wondered what Pluto being in Aquarius would mean and how long it will stay there for?
    Thank you!

    1. You have a lifelong pattern of ‘prevention is better than cure’ with your sexual relationships; pregnancy; children; young adults. Protecting and shielding and warding off all-case scenarios is your response. Along comes Pluto and pushes against that (it would be evident now) so you may feel as if something or someone quite overpowering is challenging your usual modus operandi. It’s up to you to manage this or even just steer clear altogether; you have choices.

  7. Thanks Jessica, for another fascinating article! In my birth chart, I have the Sun at 4 degrees Leo in my Fifth House (my Fifth House is at 21 degrees Cancer), my Venus is at 15 degrees Leo in that same Fifth House. My Sixth House is at 16 degrees Leo, with a stellium (Moon, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter) in Virgo in that Sixth House. It means that my Twelfth House is at 16 degrees Aquarius (opposite sign of Leo), where Pluto will also make a transit in the years to come. I am trying to make sense of all this, I wonder if you could help? I have recently been a ‘fairy godmother’ to my stepdaughter (I don’t have children of my own) in the form of a loan to repay her mortgage – the Neptune transits in 2022 resulted in a huge inheritance from my father, meaning that I don’t have to worry about money ever again.

    1. Thank you. You are using a different house system to me and I also don’t see a chart so I can’t comment on much more than your Sun at 4 Leo. Pluto will oppose this in 2026 so your identity as a godmother, stepmother is challenged then. It’s the challenge to change, basically. There may be a different child, or children (plural) who acts that challenge out for you. In general avoid complicating your life during the opposition to keep the stakes low. Unless of course, you really want to feel as if Henry VIII or George III are in charge.

  8. Thank you, Jessica, for another insightful and thought-provoking article. I’m wondering how to make best use of this Pluto transit given my chart and circumstances. Natally, I have Pluto R in the seventh house and my Leo moon in the sixth. I think of that moon as my sovereignty, and wonder whether my relationship is set to oppose it. My boyfriend and I have been together for years, while living apart. I’m now considering moving in with him. There are complexities. I met him at work, he was a manager there and can be managerial in the relationship. (I deal with this by ‘managing’ his managing, so to speak, but do I want to do that 24/7?) Also, he’s been married twice before (somewhat Tudor?); his first marriage ended acrimoniously and his adult daughter from that marriage is a difficult character (pleasant when she wants to be, otherwise passive aggressive, at best). I get the distinct impression she sees me a threat to her inheritance (my boyfriend/her dad has money). Thankfully she lives in another city so we see her only occasionally. Nonetheless, she is the ‘heir’ in this situation. What do I want out of all of this? A happy home of peace and love, and a balance between togetherness and solitude for my writing – none of which exactly the stuff of Pluto. I’d appreciate your view.

    1. Thank you. Your Leo Moon can’t be in the Sixth House unless you are using a different house system so I need to spin your chart. Your boyfriend is twice married (very Tudor, correct) and his adult daughter is passive aggressive. You’d like a happy, or happier, relationship with your man. You have your Moon at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of love, sex, pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren and young adults. Pluto will not oppose your Moon until 2042 so that’s rather too far into the future to talk about now. Your issue is actually Vesta and Pluto at 4 Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships and duels; the duet or the conflict. Vesta is always about one male having power over two or more females. Pluto is about the need to have control and dominate things. Avoid the daughter at all costs, or even talking about the daughter or permitting her to be in your partnership. It will be hard as your boyfriend is running the harem. Have a look at Vesta on this website and in your flipbooks. It will be more of an issue when the transiting South Node goes to 4 Libra, which is November, December 2024. Christmas! Well of course, it would be. Get rid of Vesta from your life if you possibly can. Often the way is to team up with the other female at the male’s expense and keep your sense of humour.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I need to save it for the future as I have Mars at 24 in Leo. What does Mars/Leo refer to in general. Given that I am a baby boomer, I think the 24 degrees is later on in life and I would appreciate your insight looking at my chart. Thank you!

    1. Another reader also has Mars in Leo in the Fifth House, and I will recap that answer – in love and sex, with pregnancy or children, one fights. Mars pushes, attacks or defends, and is redolent of the Elvis Costello song Indoor Fireworks, in Leo. Always reduce the speed and lower the heat with Mars in Leo. A male reader presented with this recently and had two unwanted pregnancies behind him. Pluto in opposition to Mars won’t happen until 2039 so it’s a long way off. As you approach 2040 just remember – ‘Indoor fireworks, can still burn your fingers.’ Steer clear of complication.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I looked up my chart and requested your insight on placement of Mars in Leo at 24. I also have charts for my family and one of my family members has a Leo stellium – Vesta at 1, Fortuna at 4, Hygeia at 13, Panacea at 18 and Mars in 19. Since Vesta and Fortuna are in the 0-9 degree factors, can you please let me know how this would affect her.

    26° Virgo 38′ 31″
    16° Virgo 31′ 57″
    21° Virgo 26′ 40″
    16° Virgo 05′ 00″
    19° Leo 02′ 30″
    22° Pisces 33′ 58″ R
    02° Taurus 35′ 55″ R
    09° Aquarius 09′ 03″ R
    29° Capricorn 30′
    46″ R
    05° Sagittarius 37′ 31″
    16° Scorpio 22′ 50″
    21° Libra 13′ 33″
    01° Leo 03′ 23″
    12° Gemini 09′ 07″
    13° Virgo 48′ 28″
    13° Pisces 48′ 28″
    00° Sagittarius 55′ 19″
    00° Gemini 55′ 19″
    02° Virgo 58′ 49″
    04° Leo 26′ 16″
    12° Libra 51′ 49″
    06° Scorpio 55′ 22″
    23° Cancer 48′ 54″
    01° Libra 07′ 00″
    13° Leo 30′ 47″
    18° Leo 04′ 52″
    03° Virgo 35′ 09″
    05° Pisces 58′ 23″ R
    29° Gemini 58′ 20″
    04° Virgo 54′ 01″
    26° Scorpio 59′ 57″
    23° Scorpio 58′ 56″
    01° Virgo 25′ 36″ R
    01° Pisces 25′ 36″ R

    1. Thank you. Vesta at 1 Leo is really about politics between men and women, and sometimes boys and girls. In the Fifth House Vesta produces a harem atmosphere. I have seen it when a baby boy is the only male in a family with a single mother, aunt and grandmother. Prince Andrew has a strong Vesta in his chart; he produced two daughters, has a former wife and of course has been part of the Epstein/Maxwell harem story. Richard Branson has a strong Vesta. As the head of Virgin he literally embodies Vestal Virgins. The Pluto opposition to Vesta in 2024 is best handled by avoidance. This is not the moment to get fully involved in a harem of any sort, even if it’s not sexual. It may be pilot and all-female flight attendant crew. Vesta men tend to be insecure and/or ego-driven and like to have two or more women dancing attendance. It can be painful and highly political and with Pluto against Vesta it is wise to steer clear.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Another fascinating read!
    I have nothing in Leo but have a massive stellium in Aquarius and am sun Aries. What does all the Pluto in Aquarius mean for me and my family? My husband (Libra) and I have one daughter (Taurus conceived between two eclipses in Aug 2017). 🙂
    Thank you

    1. An Aquarius stellium woman with Pluto transiting Aquarius is here to find out what people power is like in a group. You’ve not really had that privilege yet. It’s hard to say more without a chart, but in general, by the end of February 2024 you will have joined a network or rejoined a network (once more with feeling) and realised how potent and influential some friends and allies are, in the network. Together you will change a small corner of your world by 2025.

  12. Hello! I have Hygeia at 8 Leo and Prosperina at 2 Leo. What does this mean for me, a sun Sagittarius?

    1. Proserpina at 2 Leo in your Fifth House is the first Pluto opposition, evident in 2024. You are the go-between who bridges the gap between two powerful people or organisations, impacting sexual relationships and the world of children. So, for example, you may have a history of always being the person in the middle with a godchild or niece – or the woman who must divide her time and energy equally between an old lover and new lover. Pluto in opposition challenges you to change. The less you ‘Proserpina’ the easier life will be. They were in fact husband and wife in myth.

  13. thank you for this amazingly written article Jessica. I will continue to follow the news and your articles over time regarding the Royal Family. Quite strange indeed re Charles and Kate in the hospital at the same time. I was excited (and still am) at Pluto moving into Aquarius as it is where i have one of my stelliums. However I have leo rising at 0 degrees and other 0 degrees in my chart also. im single with a teenage daughter. I did ask tarot how will leo rising at 0 degrees affect me in 2024 with pluto in aquarius this year and got the Ace of Cups! Do you have an interpretation for me based on my chart Jessica and all the other 0 degree factors (will they get triggered also?)/.thank you for responding Jessica. have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. It is very odd that Charles III and his daughter-in-law both went off the scene in January. A cynic would say it was to test Princess Anne’s feelings about being a stand-in, or the public response. I find the secrecy of this particular family quite remarkable. Then again, a Scorpio runs it. I am glad you used the Tarot to see how Pluto in Aquarius would affect you. The Ace of Cups is the Christening font. You have a teenage daughter but I am sure you have explained the wonder of condoms to her (assuming she is an older teenager). This is more likely to be a friend’s new baby with yourself celebrating, or a group of people you feel emotionally connected to, though you are all spread out. Within or around this group there will be a Christening in 2024.

  14. Dear Jessica,thank you for the insightful article.I have the North Node 01 Leo,Apollo 5 Leo ,Venus 9 Leo etc and i do not know what to think.Pluto in Capricorn opposed my Cancer stellium(Sun also) and squared my Libra stellium .When i thought that all the overwhelming stuff was over ,Pluto strikes again opposing my Leo placements for nearly all the time.It seems that i am going to be a new person until the end of Pluto in Aquarius.Would you kindly give me any advice please?
    Many thanks!

    1. Thanks Dori. You are the third reader to have the nodes in Leo and Aquarius. You have the North Node at 1 Leo and South Node at 1 Aquarius. This is the first Pluto opposition and conjunction (actually) and it takes place this year, 2024. Your last past life involved a conflict between your love life, your children – and your friends in the group. As I’ve mentioned to the two other readers, it is very common to have been in the forces, conceived a child on leave, then felt the split between family and friends in the R.A.F. and so on. It is also common in King Arthur scenarios when you fall in love with the leader’s partner – or you are the leader and one of the group wants your lover. There are many different examples of Leo-Aquarius but this was your past life and is your soul contract in this lifetime. Pluto will come along to raise this for you. When it does so, remember that although the examples of Henry VIII and George III in this feature are historic, familiar themes and outcomes are likely as Pluto passes. So don’t make 2024 the year you dive into (say) Boleyn-Henry scenarios or George-Prinny scenarios!

  15. Hi Jessica, it’s so fascinating. Many thanks to your generosity Jessica. You always give us such a keen 360 lens. I am worried as I have Juno, NN, and bacchus all in Leo, but it looks like a have a little time to prepare. Do you see anything turning positive for my chart? It’s the end of January now and I feel the heavy weight/grim outlook for both love and career… but I wonder if the grim feeling is more my fear and less my intuition. Hard to know these days. Also hard to know which mindset is helpful. Wishful thinking vs hope. Realistic planning vs negative thoughts… any guidance would be most appreciated.

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. Feeling grim about life isn’t necessary with your chart. Your first Leo placement is Bacchus at 9 Leo and that’s not opposed by Pluto until 2029. Just make a mental note about St. Valentine’s Day 2029 and not to make life complicated for yourself. Your chart overall shows friends and groups are your key to happiness this year. Old friendships renewed, new friends made, old groups rebooted, new groups joined. You are Aquarian enough to be able to appreciate the new people power in a circle. And in your solar chart, the most splendid events and outcomes are in store for you in April, May 2024.

  16. Thank you for a really interesting read and perspective on how it could impact, as always. I have Vulcano at 0 Leo, I am married, I have adult step children but no children of my own (by choice). When this Pluto briefly transitted 0 Aquarius last year I suddenly became aware of the intense interest a much younger coach at my gym had in me, and promptly left (a. I’ve had so many problems with men in my work place while Pluto was in Capricorn I’m so tired of dealing with men issues, and b. I was embarrassed and felt stupid that I hadn’t noticed his interest had been there for some time ~ mostly due to a. and feeling fat and ugly). I’m really hoping to get back into my sport I miss it so much, and my old gym but need to find a new place to train. Fingers crossed Pluto out of my 6th house helps me, my mental and physical health really needs it (also thanks to Pluto’s heavy transit in y 6th house in the last few years)!

    1. Thank you. Pluto is in opposition to natal Vulcano at 0 Leo, from 0 Aquarius, this year. It will be obvious in February if it is not already. Vulcano is a symbol of steely self-control in the face of other people’s sexual infidelity. You know that Pluto was at 0 Aquarius briefly last year and lo and beyond, a younger gym coach desired you. You left the gym (wise woman). Just be aware that in 2024, Pluto is still there in opposition. So you may be required to deal with your own and other people’s feelings – emotional, sexual. Just keep the stakes low and the situations simple. And if you have to walk away again – well you already did that in 2023. On the plus side, 2024 is your breakthrough year with your body. Pluto has departed your Sixth House and the only way is up.

  17. Hi Jessica, I love your deep dive articles like this. Thanks for this one. I have Saturn at 2 Leo, and looking at a previous comment I understand that might explain why I seem to have a hard time with sexual relationships, making them stick etc (I’m a single Mum). Could an opposition by Pluto to my Saturn there actually help me to lighten that load over the next couple of years? Maybe allowing a relationship finally blossom (I know Jupiter in Gemini will hopefully be the major ticket there) but that Saturn in Leo opposition interests me too. My 13 year old son has Mars at 1 Leo. His father just had a second son with his new wife a couple of weeks ago so I wonder if Pluto might bring some struggle with that change into my son’s ability to do his own thing. Is that a correct reading of that? I’d love to know if you have any more thoughts on what Pluto at 1-2 Aquarius might bring for either of us. (I have a stellium in both Leo and Aquarius) Many thanks as always!

    1. Thank you. It began as a response to a reader’s question and ended up being a realisation about the current British monarchy. Saturn at 2 Leo in the Fifth House will of course be opposed by Pluto in December 2025 (Christmas) and January 2026. Christmas and New Year are always a stretch anyway for so many people but you may want to give yourself more time or space then. Transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Saturn is a big ask anyway. As a single parent you would know Christmas involves either or both families and we all know that’s also a stretch. Your son is 13 and he would be part of the story then. His father has another family. The golden rule is, keep all these Leo/Fifth House matters simple and small. Don’t make December, January the time that you get stuck into disputes about who goes where for Christmas, for example. And if a new date appears you may want to keep it very light until you are past the opposition. You want a happy partnership for the future and having learned a lot with Saturn in Leo, you have graduated. Jupiter in Leo is here in 2026, so only a couple of years away. That is a rare opportunity to get some or all of what you want from a sexual relationship, but also from a future stepfather for your son.

  18. Hi! I have Minerva at 20 Leo. This makes me concerned because I also have MC, IC and Vesta at 20. I would appreciate your insight if you have the time!

    1. Thank you. I have just sat down with a cup of tea in my new Moomin character mug, sent by a friend in Finland. So I do have time and the year you need to watch is 2036 when Pluto goes to 20 Aquarius in opposition to natal Minerva. That’s a long way off. As a parent, step-parent, godparent, aunt and so on – that is the year to consciously avoid complications involving offspring or other people’s offspring. Minerva in Leo is wise. You are a go-to source of knowledge about the young, or perhaps about love and sex. Leo is also about that. Vesta tied in suggests you know what to do when you come across male-female politics. This will again be there in 2036. So you wouldn’t want to make a play for the man who runs the local harem. Nor would you want to dive into enormously complex matters involving the local school and the boys’ football team. Avoidance is all. Yet you’ll experience Pluto one way or another; the trick is keeping the stakes low.

  19. Hi Jessica. How fascinating I have a few years yet before expecting Pluto. It will be opposing the south node. How do I interpret this in the context of my children grandchildren? I’m also looking forward to the Pisces birthday horoscope. Hopefully a much better year to come than last! Thank you and all your team I look forward everyday to checking in.
    All the very best Selina

    1. Thank you, Selina. You have the South Node at 5 Leo in opposition to the North Node at 5 Aquarius. As I’ve just mentioned to another reader with Leo-Aquarius nodes, the last past life involved a split between being loyal to your friends in the circle – and dealing with the realities of children and partners. It is very common in the charts of people who were in the armed forces in the last life, as so often they conceived a baby on leave and then had to return to their friends in the army, navy, air force and so on. You also get that classic King Arthur tale, whereby the circle is disrupted by an affair. Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur is Aquarius-Leo. However this plays out for you, the Pluto opposition and conjunction of 2026 is best handled by knowing what is coming and swerving to avoid it. Or lowering the stakes. You wouldn’t want to begin an affair with the team captain’s boyfriend, for example – or proceed with a complex child custody matter that also pulls in a godparent/friend. You get the picture. You have to ‘do’ Pluto on the nodes and it will be karmic in nature, but you don’t have to go the full Henry VIII or Anne Boleyn.

  20. Hello Jessica,

    Fascinating article as always. I also have 3 Leo factors in my birth chart, South Node at 2 degrees -(opposing years 2024-2026), my Jupiter at 11 degrees and I will also have the return of it in 2026 and Proserpina at 25. In 2026, I will also have my S/N nodes return. I don’t have children yet – I would like to have but in a family environment, more like a traditional path with marriage and children after, not married also. I have at this moment a partner but we are not at the phase in which we can discuss about this subject. Thus, do you have any insights for that year with all these 2 aspect returns in opposition with Pluto? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. The North Node at 2 Aquarius and South Node at 2 Leo are your past life soul contract. You are here to sort out what is unresolved from the last incarnation, about parenthood – but also your friends and any group commitments. This is quite a common nodal placement in people who fought and died in the last war. They conceived babies on leave, for example, and then had to return to the army. You have already seen some aspects of the nodal opposition as they would have been triggered repeatedly from your adolescence onwards. It is also very common to be a leader in terms of a group, but find it difficult to do that, because part of you just wants to be in the group itself, never mind wearing the crown. Leo-Aquarius also has that issue about a friend who becomes a lover, or a friend who is mistaken for a lover. Anyway, your first real challenge to change is the Pluto transit at 2 Aquarius which triggers the nodal opposition. The usual rules apply. In December 2025, January 2026 take your time getting into or out of situations. Your current partnership is the obvious example. It will be Christmas, too, so this may involve young relatives. Leo is as much about being an aunt, godmother or grandmother as it is about being a mother. Lower the stakes then. Yet there will be a Plutonian atmosphere – rather like the planet – then. As always with astrology, conscious avoidance of obvious elephant traps is a very good idea.

  21. Thank you Jessica! So much interesting information packed into your blog and I’ll be reading it over and over again. I have mars at 9 degrees of Leo. I’d be interested in your insights on this. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. Well, Mars in Leo in the Fifth House is a fighter. Indoor Fireworks is the Elvis Costello song that sums up particular relationships in bed. Mars wants to push, attack, be first, compete, defend – and this is really you, ignited by particular lovers or just as a parent. Thinking back to the last male reader with Mars in Leo, he managed to have not just one but two unplanned pregnancies in his life. The first ended in an abortion and the second in a shotgun relationship (if not a wedding) which then ended. A basic piece of advice for Mars in Leo is to slow down and cool down. Reduce the heat and the speed. This is even more important when Pluto goes to 9 Aquarius and opposes your Mars. You will experience this quite notably in December 2029, January 2030. Take your time getting into or out of situations then.

  22. Hi Jessica! This was a fascinating article, thank you! As a Sun Leo woman with Mars and Mercury also in Leo, I know this transit is going to be a struggle at times. I sure hope we don’t regress on infant mortality and women’s health during pregnancy. I have a few friends with the Sun in Cancer who have had a lot of difficulties with relationships during the Pluto in Capricorn cycle, especially with partners and spouses. Is that what Leos will have to expect as well? I’m happy about Pluto moving out of Aquarius, should be interesting times for those of us with a lot of fixed signs in our charts. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. You will have Pluto transiting your Seventh House of partnerships (professional or sexual) from this point forward. The clues were there in the first half of 2023. Now, in February, it’s game on. The New Moon in Aquarius on 9th February will show you. The issue is – how do we become a power couple, or an influential partnership, without falling into power plays against each other? Cancerians did in fact go through this. I suppose Prince William and the Princess of Wales are a good example. You also have Mars and Mercury in Leo in the Fifth House, as well as your Sun, but will not hit any oppositions until Pluto goes to 9 Aquarius, so around 2030. The 2030’s forward challenges you to change the way you approach babies, children and young adults. Also the bedroom. This article may be even more relevant then. We are not in the 16th or 18th centuries (thank goodness) but those highly political, complex situations around marriage, sex, parenthood and parent-child relations are similar now. In 2030 look very carefully at who or what you are letting yourself into as lover or mother.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    What an insightful article. My Leo placements are Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Hygeia. My Aquarius placements are Moon, Chiron and Psyche. In summary and based on my chart (premium member), what does this Pluto in Aquarius opposition to Leo mean for me?
    Thank you.

    1. Hygiea at 0 Leo is the first placement to be opposed by Pluto. It is the start of a long, rather intense reshaping of your life as a parent, step-parent, aunt, godmother and so on. Double that message if you work or volunteer around children and young people. Hygiea in Leo is protective, defensive and highly strategic with pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, young adults. Prevention is better than cure. This is a lifelong pattern with you but the Pluto opposition from 0 Aquarius in 2024 will challenge that and change it. You are divided between Leo and Aquarius in your chart so have the classic split between being King Arthur or a member of his round circle. Heavy is the head that wears the crown because you must deal with all the knights and ladies. Yet being in the circle can be challenging too, in relation to the leader. This dichotomy will be emphasised with the New Moon in Aquarius on 9th February. Figuring out how to balance it all, over many years into the future, is your task.

  24. Hi Jessica. This post about Pluto in Aquarius and Leo Factors struck me given that have have a Leo stellium and no other–with all 10 factors in the 5th House. Can you provide a bit of clarity on what this could mean for me? Thanks and I really appreciate your insight.

    1. That is a whopping stellium in Leo. You have Uranus at 2 Leo so are set to experience transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Uranus in February 2025, one year away. It is the beginning of a thorough reshaping of your relationship with the next generation. This can happen via a son or daughter, or stepchild. It can happen because you work with or for younger people. This is the start of a long, slow process of sweeping transformation for you as a parent, godparent, aunt, grandparent and so on. Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is very common with people who have unplanned pregnancies in their lives, so if this was the case for you, then you will be taken back to that relationship and that point in your history so a new decision can be made about your past. You don’t say if you have children or not, but you may be surprised by a grandchild, for example, at the opposition. As you are so heavily Leo you are Queen to a younger court and it’s very common to find people who become involved with children’s charities, say, or their need to be entertained. Teenagers too. If so, that role will be absolutely challenged and changed.

  25. Thanks Jessica for this very timely article. I am both nervous and excited at the same time. Looking at my chart I have quite a few of Leo factors. Is there anything in particular I should be aware of with us starting a family/having kids with so many Leo factors? Should we wait? I don’t believe I’ll have to worry about power struggles regarding the career with Pluto in Aquarius on my end, correct me if I’m wrong? As far as I can see, maybe a few minor irritants(if that)but nothing major. Thank you again!


    1. Thank you. The Moon and Diana both at 19 Leo suggest issues about freedom and independence for you as a parent, when Pluto goes to 19 Leo in opposition. The Moon is of course, motherhood. Diana is the rejection of motherhood in favour of liberty. This kind of transit is common when parents decide to redraw the rules on child care. It can show up when there is a decision to go for a vasectomy. It’s a very long way into the future but eventually decisions must be made. You may want to think twice about adding to the family when Pluto goes to 19 Leo in opposition. So that’s 2035. Any children you have shortly will of course be at Primary School then. So the challenge may be their education, say, and your own freedom.

  26. Jessica, thank you for another incredible article. I have some significant placements in Leo and my husband is a sun, mercury and south node in Aquarius. We have 3 daughters. I would say our marriage is hanging on. Any advice for me, is very appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 24 Libra and the Moon at 25 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage and divorce are the real story here. It will be some years before Pluto in transit aspects your Leo placements. In November 2023 for the first time in around 18-19 years, the South Node moved to 24 Libra and the North Node moved to 24 Aries, in opposition, so your need for control (Pluto) and your need to be needed (the Moon) in the marriage was severely challenged. There will be a way out and way through for you when Jupiter goes to 24 Gemini (transiting Jupiter trine natal Pluto and the Moon) so that’s May 2025. I understand three daughters as well is a challenge but it can work out, either through amicable separation or successful counselling. You might also want to look at what it means to have Pluto in the Seventh House, which you do, and the Moon in the Seventh House. If your husband is a Sun Aquarian then there are also answers coming up, as Jupiter goes into his Fifth House of fatherhood from May 26th 2024 and stays there until June 9th 2025. You are on the same timeline here. For the sake of the girls, he will be able to find solutions. This also extends to the bedroom. However the chips fall, you are in the best possible cycle for sorting things out.

  27. I appreciate your work so much! Both the personal as well as the political heads up you give us.I am finding myself in a real slump, a bit depressed, feeling some aches and pains that come with getting a bit older. Wondering what the Pluto on my South node is about. Also Pluto on my OPS placement. Could use a boost. Our grown son lives with us, was very ill in 2021-23, and is healing somewhat, he feels he will be well enough to retire out of the country on a year or so, this worries me. I have not made headway with any personal goals in a long time.Have been exhausted by being a caregiver for a few years.I feel I need a whole life makeover! My energies feel so low. Need a diet change? I meditate and pray a lot. Husband is busy— he never did retire, when I did, so at times,I’m lonely.Help! A few timely tips would boost my Spirits.thank you,as always. LOVE my premium membership.. just renewed!!!!!! I use the tarot often.

    1. Thank you. You mention depression and exhaustion. This is a Virgo matter in your Sixth House of mental and physical health. Your Descendant or DC is at 27 Virgo, so this is your husband. It’s too extreme to say your marriage is solely the reason you are tired and unhappy, but it is not helping. Pluto has been at 27 Capricorn trine that as recently as October 2023, triggering the matter. Neptune was at 27 Pisces in August 2023, in opposition. (Transiting Neptune in opposition to natal Descendant, in conjunction with natal Ascendant). We then go through 2024 with Neptune going back over 27 Pisces and towards Saturn at 27 Pisces in April and May 2025. So you need a long-term solution to your marriage but also your physical appearance/image which is your Ascendant. Meditation and prayer isn’t grounding enough. Neptune is best tackled by grounding activities which put your feet on the earth. Walking is extremely good and a proven aid with depression. Walking in a group is even better. Gardening, volunteering for the environment and so on also help. They also take your focus away from your husband and towards something completely different. This transit does not last but if it feels unusually difficult, that’s because it is. Neptune can only do this once in your life. Saturn, only once every 28 years. Your North Node is 3 Aquarius and South Node is 3 Leo so Pluto is a long way off. He won’t reach 3 Aquarius until March 2025. This is about your son and also your husband. Leo rules both. That looks like big decision time, but it is karmic in nature, and you knew both men in your last incarnation. You can ask your dreams to reveal who, what and why.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    The parallels with Henry VIII are immensely helpful. I am dating a man who is vasectomied from his first marriage. I would like to try IVF so this article has been very insightful & timely.
    Can you please share some insight about other Leo factors in my chart? Thanks as always.

    1. Thank you. Bacchus at 5 and Apollo at 6 Leo are in a conjunction in your Fifth House so this is where you enjoy Bacchanalian levels of pleasure and abandon but also take the lead. Pluto at 5, 6 will be in opposition starting in March 2026 culminating in December 2028 so if you are going to have a child, become a stepmother or adopt a child be aware that 2026, 2027, 2028 will be very challenging and you need to be absolutely sure of all the issues involved should you begin. The question of your boyfriend now is Venus at 19 Libra in your Seventh House of partnership, under the conjunction of the South Node at 19 Libra in January 2024. This owes a lot to life 18-19 years ago, as the relationship karma from that time is back with you, thanks to this vasectomied man.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this work. I have relied heavily on your interpretations over the last 3 years. This is my first post. I just went through a very tough 3 year cycle 2020-2022. A lot of loss in almost every aspect of my life. I am just starting to get back on my feet. I found myself nervous to an upcoming Pluto opposition any additional insight you might have would be deeply appreciated.

    1. Thank you. The loss in your life is shown by the Taurus-Scorpio and Cancer-Libra patterns in your life and was timed by Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is the radical change which liberates, though at the time we don’t find it liberating. It can feel like an electrical storm. Later on, though, when the storm has passed, it is possible to see that had you gone on in the same way, with the same people or situation, it would have prevented you from being free to do other things with your life. It takes insight to see that, but it is usually true. Pluto, the other planet involved, is not remotely liberating but the transit is empowering because you have to weight-train your psychological muscles just to get through it. It does make you tougher and more formidable because the alternative is to roll over and give in. The information about the Pluto oppositions is there to help you avoid complication you don’t need. Nobody really needs a Tudor or Georgian level of complexity and just knowing it helps you avoid who and what, in the future, would deliver that. You do in fact have Mercury in Leo, just like King Henry VIII and there will be contractual arrangements ahead, involving children, parenthood, lovers, partners – but not for some years. You can cross that bridge when you come to it in 2031. Always ask, with Pluto’s opposition to Mercury, ‘Does this give me absolute power? Does it give them absolute power over me?’ If so, you really have to question if you want to proceed. The other Leo placements won’t be opposed until well after the 2030 mark and the same thing applies; before you go into particular situations with a younger generation and particular lovers/partners, make sure it’s not just a little bit Tudor! Having lost stability in recent years you will love the expansion of your home life, the growth and improvement within the family or household and the improvements to your existing property (or a move to a bigger and better place) from the second half of 2025 and into 2026.

  30. Hi Jessica, If you have a chance, would you mind providing insight on how Pluto crossing Diana at 0 Aquarius in my chart may play out. (Incidentally, I am having one of those mornings when I am having chills at interesting moments, such as just now, so I do think the spirits are looking over my shoulder). Recently I returned to finance work, concerned about the long covid situation with my husband, and after a few weeks of conflict with and micromanagement by my female boss, I figured out yesterday as I drove home that it was possible that some financial misconduct had been going on (I was a forensic accountant in what seems a past life and have a bloodhound nose for it). Certainly it has been an unstable few years one way or another! Any general insights will be very much appreciated. V

    1. Diana in Aquarius in the Eleventh House describes your need to be free with friends, but also from friends. Similarly, the desire to be independent through a group, but also have independence from a group, too. Diana is the huntress, an alpha female who rejects motherhood and marriage. Symbolically, she represents feminism and room to roam. Placed in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of communities, clubs, teams and the rest she shows your inherent autonomy. Pluto in conjunction with Diana can feel like someone or something dominating and controlling. You suspect your very bossy female boss has been involved in corruption. Does it involve a group? Your own friends? If so, this is Pluto coming to bear on Diana. If not it may be a separate issue altogether. In general, in 2024, when you are invited to join a group or revive a friendship, or become far more involved with a group or friend than usual, you may want to look at what is actually involved. You have to meet Pluto one way or another but you can meet him on your terms.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I really do enjoy these articles and it can take a few days to digest them. I have a Leo stellium and am a single mother to young boys. I’m not maternal so it hasn’t been a particularly enjoyable journey and I work with mainly men (I have the nickname Queen). I’m hoping in I’ll be able to use some of the ‘muscles’ I’ve already developed over these years so the next few don’t completely exhaust me, or should I expect much more ‘training’?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have a Minerva and Bacchus conjunction at 1 and 2 degrees of Leo in the Fifth House. You are in fact Queen and the men at work call you that. You are also a single mother with two sons. Pluto at 1 and 2 Aquarius will challenge you to change the way you rule. It won’t be exhausting but it will be different. This may be because you date somebody new with children, for example. You also have plenty of free choice here which is why I wrote the feature. Knowing how complex life can be means you can sidestep the complication. You don’t actually have to tie up your life with arrangements where questions about power and control come into it, particularly with your boys or with younger people at work. On a completely different note you have the North Node in Gemini. If you have a sibling that is a past life connection and from May 2024 to June 2025 you will gain enormously from your brother or sister if you take the opportunity. Sometimes it’s a cousin.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I was reading this absolutely fascinated. I only have one Leo factor in my chart which is quite high, so hoping I’m safe for a while! I do have this weird fascination with the royal family though and deep worry for Harry, it’s like watching a car crash in a slow motion. I wonder if Meghan and Harry are reincarnations of Henry v111 and Ann Boleyn? I guess we’ll never know! I just have to have faith that it will all work as it supposed to! Hope you’re well! Gemma

    1. Gemma, reincarnation is entirely possible with Meghan and Harry – and in fact the House of Windsor as a whole may be partly recycled from the Tudors. Old soul debts between brothers are a marked feature of this generation. Harry and William. Charles and Andrew. We haven’t even begun to look at the unlawful killing of Diana in all this, too. Reincarnation is always shown by the North Node and South Node by sign and house, so it’s worth starting there for clues. Will there be karmic settlement? Yes, particularly with and for Diana.

  33. Hi Jessica. Love your work. I have Sun @ 19 Aqu, Saturn @ 4 Leo and Pluto @ 12 Leo. I’m guessing that with my advanced age, you haven’t seen too many Pluto opposite to itself configurations. can you give me a heads up on the Saturn and Pluto in opposition to itself? Fifth house confuses me. I am a widower with no children and the rest of the family is distant. Thanks for all the helpful wisdom you share.

    1. Thank you. You are heading towards transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Saturn in the Fifth House, then Pluto-Pluto, which of course we all experience when we are older. It is common for men with Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House to bypass parenthood, for whatever reason. I am sure you know Saturn is the ringed planet and the rings represent barriers which are hard to get past or obstacles which are insurmountable. It is also pretty common to experience distant relations with younger relations (like nephews or nieces) with those Saturnine multiple circular barriers. The Fifth House still has to function though, so there is often a professional or unpaid work involvement with the young; there are no heirs or spares, but there are pretenders to the throne. Coaching football or raising money for children in war zones is an example of that. Transits to Leo factors tend to trigger that, so the Pluto oppositions ahead will deliver events involving younger people one way or another. You may also begin a new relationship with another widower, say, who has children. This also shows up in your solar chart. As a Sun Aquarian man you are going into Jupiter in your Fifth House from May 2024 so by June 2025 you will have been offered a chance to expand your role with younger adults. And Uranus in the Fifth House from the mid 2020s will bring the last thing you expected with a younger generation. My bet would be on a new relationship and your partner’s offspring, and even her offspring’s offspring. One word – ‘Change.’

  34. Leo stellium and very much identify as a Leo – it’s hard to read things will get harder considering how hard it’s been already. I’ve struggled to find work and financially but also have not been in a serious relationship since 2000. Please Jessica, a bit of good news? Some happiness? Tell me how to change this situation and come into the light. Will there be financial help, a husband, children in this transit? Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Leo who has been offered more than one opportunity for an improved career, academic career or unpaid work role since 2023 and yet you are not working. There will be two more chances offered to you by May 2024 if you can take them and they will allow you to expand and upgrade, professionally, academically or in terms of your status and success. The financial stretch is temporary. You want to get married and have children and have not had a serious relationship for 24 years. You can do all that on a Pluto opposition to your Fifth House although it will take up as much time and energy as a job. I think the real issue underneath all this is your state of mind, actually. You were born with Saturn in the Third House. Saturn in Gemini in the Third House is one of those placements that benefits from cognitive behavioural therapy; meditation; professional help with depression or melancholy; hypnosis. Saturn in any chart is a symbol of challenge and the Third House is thought process. There is an exact trine to Juno at 18 Libra, from Saturn at 18 Gemini, so any time you try to get married (Juno in Libra in the Seventh House is about marriage) you have to deal with your own headspace. And every time you deal with your own headspace, you have to consider marriage. Do you have a sibling? It is possible that your brother or sister is tied into this. In any case the best opportunity in 12 years to feel happier and enjoy life more is on the way; Jupiter goes into Gemini from May 2024 and by June 2025 you will have been offered a new way to interpret life; a different way of thinking; a more positive way of organising your ideas. This more than anything else will make the difference rather than focussing on externals. And do take the opportunity for success which will be offered to you. If you let something go in 2023 it may come back in 2024; this time take it.

  35. Wondering what my Leo stellium bodes for my situation. Left abusive husband 2 years ago only to have him alienate my once close teenage sons from me. Now with lovely man I met 35 years ago, and hadn’t seen him for 30 years. He is going through same with his children.

    1. Your Leo factors are 12 through 29 so it will be many years before you experience the Pluto opposition. I am sorry your ex-husband has not only been abusive but tried to alienate your boys. By the time you experience the Pluto opposition they may well be thinking about having children of their own – or you may be stepmother to young adult children, via your new partner, and find the same issue as they contemplate pregnancy. So, from 2031 until 2043 your task is to keep life simple. Pluto oppositions show up as people who want to control, or situations where your own control is tested. You don’t actually have to go there. Astrology is about negotiating with destiny, so if you are offered an opportunity to become far more deeply involved with (say) your children, stepchildren or even grandchildren, look at what that might mean, realistically. Step back from it before you walk into it. Power and control issues are always, always lurking with Pluto and there is no rule that says you have to make your life more complex than you need it to be.

  36. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this insightful post. I have 4 placements in Leo and am a bit weary about what’s in store for me. I also saw once that I have the fixed star Regulus conjunct my MC in Leo and wonder what that means when Pluto in Aquarius will oppose it? I’m so tired of the constant problems my ex husband keeps bringing me (he’s fully Aquarius- sun, moon, mercury, mars) and has been trying desperately to undermine me ever since I initiated our divorce back in 2018. He won’t back off nor focus on the good for our two sons (he constantly tries to use them as a chess piece against me). Just hoping that my Libra stellium will counter balance any bad events this opposition to my Leo placements might bring. Thanks for any insight you may have.

    1. Thank you. I don’t use fixed stars. The issue with your former husband is a T-Square in your chart. The North Node at 27 Cancer, Sun at 27 Libra and South Node at 27 Capricorn. Transiting Pluto was at 27 Capricorn for quite a long time, triggering the T-Square. T stands for tense, tight and taut. So you know all about that, but Pluto is now well and truly off 27 degrees. What you are left with is karma from 18-19 years before, either with him or another partner/opponent at the time. This is because the transiting South Node is going across your Libra stellium, finishing on 12th January 2025. You owe, or are owed, from 18-19 years before, so there is a long process of settlement on a spiritual level, and your husband is carrying it out for you. The situation with your sons will reach a crossroads when Pluto opposes your Leo Moon in the Fifth House of parenthood. That’s mostly February 2025 with a few days either side in January and March, then July, August and December of that year. Then – a few days in January 2026 and you’re finished with transiting Pluto opposite natal Moon. The opposition will deepen and intensify your Leo side; so your need to lead, guide and mentor your boys and in fact – any other children and teenagers in your world. An opposition is like an opposition in football. At half-time the team sits down and reviews the game and plays to its strengths. It brings out its best players and most successful tactics and turns in a winning performance, or one of its best performances. So that is really what Pluto opposite the Moon will be about. It makes you more Leonine. Mars at 29 Leo is the last factor in your Fifth House and it will be years into the future before transiting Pluto is in opposition to that. You mention a chess game. It takes two to play. Do not play. You have a huge Libra stellium and could spend your entire life doing so, but it is more useful to quit the game. That is easy for me to say, but looking at your chart beyond 2030 you may want to look at alternatives with your ex-husband no matter how justified your feelings are. In fact it is the feelings which are keeping the chess game going. Did you know he could easily have more children or remarry and become a stepfather? That would be from 2026. If you need to find other ways of dealing with this thorn in your side do use the Tarot, the Garden Oracle and the Astrology Oracle and have a look at alternative, easier ways of having him in your world, with your boys.

  37. Thank you Jessica for this detailed article with its historical perspective. I have also gained some insight from your replies to other readers. I am a single Leo woman (no children) with 7 factors in Leo in my 5th house, ranging from Apollo at 4 degrees of Leo to the Sun at 29 degrees of Leo. My North Node is at 27 Leo and South Node at 27 Aquarius. I pulled the Strength card from the Tarot deck when asking what to anticipate from this Pluto in Aquarius transit. Any suggestions on how I can make the most positive use of this Pluto transit? Thank you for the time that you spend on your weekly podcast and working on your website to help people.

    1. Thank you. It’s a pleasure. That’s great that you drew Strength; Leo the lion is hidden in the card. (And not even hidden; blatantly obvious). Pluto in opposition will transform you through the healing impact of another person, or even a force of nature. You have Leo factors at 4 through 29 degrees and your North Node is there, in opposition to the South Node in Aquarius. Your past life is the reason you are single with no children. At least one of your former partners, if not more, knew you in a prior incarnation and you made a soul agreement about pregnancy, babies, infants and so on. You don’t say if you have godchildren or young relatives but they will be part of the story once Pluto moves to 4 Aquarius. A new relationship is also possible and the theme of heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne would be part of it, perhaps because the next lover has a child from a previous marriage. So this is 2026 and beyond. Strength shows Leo the lion, the Queen to a younger court, being successfully helped. I would speculate this is your next partner or perhaps a child/young adult. Take a deep breath because your entire life is about to transform once Pluto begins the transit. Of course when he goes to 27 Leo the karma and past life contracts with one or two souls will also utterly change, but that is a long way into the future.

  38. Great article, Jessica. Lots to digest. I have both a Leo stellium and an Aquarius. i’ve been going through lots of changes, the main one being my mother is close to passing (I’m sitting by her bedside as I write this). The other is that my longtime partner and I are getting married Feb. 22. I assume Pluto has his signature on these events, yes? My mother is an Aquarius, my partner Aries with Virgo rising. My mother’s imminent death is wholly destabilizing, and thankfully the marriage feels the opposite. But yow, so much change! I feel like I just need to hold on tight and trust the process. Do I need to do anything in particular to come through all this other than grounding, meditation, and working through the emotional release?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your mother is close to passing but you are by her side and so you are sharing that journey. Minerva is at 2 Scorpio in your Eighth House of legacies, wills and trust funds. Pluto is now at 0 Aquarius as you know and will square Minerva in February 2025 and dominate that year. So this is a very long way off, but the time to look at the paperwork is now. You are naturally quite wise and highly strategic about financial, property, business and other arrangements (valuables) which involve family or partners. Pluto square Minerva will challenge that. The marriage is another example. Get a second opinion on the paperwork, even this early. It’s not particularly romantic but it is sensible.

  39. Fascinating, as usual! I have Mars at 7 degrees Leo, and I am dating a man with Vesta at 0 degrees Leo, so this is hitting him right at this moment (and a bit of last year). Any insights about what I should look out for here? I know Vesta can mean harem or competing with other women. Thank you!

    1. A man with Vesta in Leo has a lifelong pattern of preferring women who compete with each other for his attention and favoritism. Along comes Pluto by conjunction (and you) and he is going to have to change. This may be because you have his chart and know his game, of course. Harem syndrom is very common with Vesta in Leo. It can also happen when a man has exclusively daughters and a wife, for example. It’s him and three females, all of whom see him as the central figure. Your own Mars in Leo won’t be under transit for some years. Yet, his pattern of having the female of the species dance around him will be seriously challenged this year. Watch for the ex-girlfriend or ex-wife here, but also for the mother. Watch for any daughters. And also, of course, for the female platonic friend. The great thing about Vesta is you know exactly what to do; it’s on this website and in your flipbooks.

  40. Hi Jessica, thank you, this is so interesting. I am just out of lord Pluto transiting my mercury in capricorn : not the easiest time of my life in the big corporate office where i work, and indeed all the power has shifted, as you predicted…and its not yet finished.
    As i am born with moon in aquarius at 1:50, and jupiter in leo at 3 (plus mars and sun at 5 and 7 aquarius), i wonder what could be the effect : i am single (and no longer enjoy it anymore), dont have kids (regret it, but i am very close to my godchildren and nephews).
    Many thanks, Ninon

    1. Thank you Ninon. You are over the worst with Pluto at work. Thank you for confirming the prediction. All he can do now is retrace his steps, but he has lost his power. Jupiter at 3 Leo in the Fifth House is a lifelong protector and help with the bedroom, courtship, children and young adults. The Pluto opposition to Jupiter can’t do very much except remind you how lucky you are with your godchildren and nephews. There may also be a new relationship at the opposition and perhaps the other person will have children from a previous partnership. By 2026 you will be well and truly aware of Jupiter’s fortunate reputation as genuine luck will provide. I would say a new relationship is very much on the cards.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Leo and am wondering how these Pluto oppositions will affect me. Some potential Leo issues… I have two adult stepsons but no children of my own and my husband just had two small heart attacks. He is doing well but we had no idea he had heart disease before this.

    I also work in a tech company where most of my colleages are in their 20s and 30s while I am going through late stage peri-menopause and my Chiron return making me truly feel my age for the first time.

    Any advice would be welcome!

    1. Apollo at 1 Leo and Chiron at 17 Aries are certainly under transit. Pluto’s opposition to natal Apollo will challenge your usual leadership with the stepsons and with your husband. Apollo is a symbol of multi-tasking people who are frequently imitated because they so obviously excel. This is a lifelong pattern which plays out with stepchildren but also children and young adults in general; it also plays out in the bedroom and in courtship. Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House is very much ‘Queen to a younger court’ yet in 2024 you will find this is tested, as is your relationship with your husband; quite obviously a man who has gone through two heart attacks needs to rethink things with you. Your Chiron Return is about your image, profile, appearance, reputation and title. You will see if you can get away with the so-called impossible or outrageous, here. It may be adopting a fake persona online. It may be dyeing your hair pink. So this is quite separate to the story with the stepsons and your husband. Chiron was found in 1977 when punk rock broke. You will see how you can squeeze past the usual boundaries regarding women your age and do it, too.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Fabulous article as always.
    Well, Pluto has sucker punched me already. And it may lead to issues with my brother, half brother and step mother.
    I had a call on Friday morning from my stepmother’s solicitor regarding probate on my late estranged father’s estate,
    I didn’t know he had passed. He died 11/12/2022.
    Needless to say it was a shock.
    My father’s cousin advised my stepmother to let me know but being at the height of her grief she refused and didn’t. My paternal uncle told my paternal cousin it was my father’s wish just before he passed that neither my brother and I nor his nephews and niece be told. Not very nice.
    So I guess I wonder what to do from here. I am expecting legal documents from the solicitor representing my stepmother. Will I need resolve or just be water – not easy for triple Fire?

    1. Thank you, but I am sorry (very sorry) about the shock of discovering your father had passed. You were estranged and he went to spirit way back in 2022. You have a complicated family situation and now the will is in the balance. Your father didn’t want you to know, according to his brother. Now there is paperwork and probate. This isn’t actually Pluto. It’s transiting Neptune at 25 Pisces trine natal Neptune at 25 Scorpio in the Eighth House of legacies. You were also born with Chiron at 25 Pisces in the Twelfth House so there is a story here about your religion, your psychic or your psychologist also unfolding. Perhaps some other hidden aspect of your private self – it would be far below the surface and an area of life where you see what you can get away with. Neptune is the absence of boundaries. It commonly produces confusion over everything and everybody being all over the place, all the time, everywhere. There is already a fair bit of muddle here and a suggestion of Chinese whispers. The key person is not here to confirm or deny what was said, or not said. The situation will clear up once transiting Neptune is off 25 Pisces. It will become less muddied. The next stage is Uranus at 25 Taurus which will also aspect your chart; a sextile to natal Chiron and an opposition (the big one) to natal Neptune at 25 Scorpio. So, that’s 2024. Transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Neptune is always the challenge to change – radically so. On a common sense level if you want to reduce the impact of that, you will minimise your involvement in, interest in and stake in your father’s will. You may not want to do that. It’s a personal choice, but Uranus opposite Neptune is rather like an electrical storm that comes from nowhere and very suddenly and unexpectedly turns the known world upside-down – like lightning striking the sea and everything hidden below there. So I need to let you know that.

  43. Wow!Wow!Wow!
    What a fascinating piece of work.
    You can definitely feel with the Royal Family there is lots to play out and some shockers in store. Thankyou so much Jessica.
    I only have (he says lol) ceres at 11 degrees in Leo, however Leo is my South Node so I am curious how that plays out?

    1. Your South Node at 0 Leo is the first factor to be opposed by Pluto. You were also born with the North Node at 0 Aquarius. Your past life involved a conflict between being the leader of a group and having to deal with the realities of those within the group. You may have been a unit leader in the forces, for example. This is the ‘King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’ opposition. Heavy lies the head that wears the crown; rather like Henry V. At the same time, it works the other way. So you know what it is like to be one of many in a band, club, team, political party, association, society and so on. Dealing with the leadership is all. In this lifetime, the nodal axis plays out in the world of courtship, the bedroom and a younger generation. It also plays out (in fact) with friends and groups. In 2024 the transiting conjunction of Pluto to your natal South Node and the opposition to your natal North Node will transform you and your life. You will find that the only way to master the situation is to find the self-control and willpower to own it and to push back. A very common outcome of a Fifth House/Eleventh House nodal opposition is the friend who asks you to be a godfather and then produces a child who is extremely challenging for you. Ceres in your Fifth House in Leo is another big clue, although the Pluto conjunction won’t happen for many years. Ceres is a symbol of compromise, time-sharing and power-sharing, and it always involves a child. Another example of Ceres in Leo in the Fifth House is the couple who split up and have a son between them; the son must go between both parents. It’s worth knowing about these things before you fall into a new relationship, say, or particular responsibilities.

  44. Every week your weekly horoscopes give me hope, you’re always talking about some aspects that are just the thing on my mind I love that. Not sure how the main part of my Leo horoscope will work out but looking forward to seeing how that unfolds and loving the Aquarius factors – so needed in my life right now and have already been planning on getting back to my new gym that I started for a couple of months back in June when I left my old one. Your words are always helping me to be more positive than nervous – thank you!

  45. Hi Jessica, I find your insights totally mind-boggling and the way you express them shows so much empathy. Thank you for all you do for your fan and society at large.
    I have a stellium in Aquarius and it definitely suits my personality and career – am a writer and speaker on the topic of AI and humanity. Just last week, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at an online global conference on AI and humanity. Seems timely. What can you tell me about the coming weeks as Aquarius is so powerfully represented.
    Warm wishes, Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma, that’s very kind of you to say. You are well and truly in Aquarius season in February and like-minded people will find you. Aesculapia at 4 and Chiron at 5 Aquarius are in a conjunction. You have what it takes to bring people or groups back from the point of no return. You are also suited to any humanitarian organisation which pulls vulnerable people back from the brink. Aesculapius in Ancient Rome was the miracle worker who inspired numerous temples (we would call them hospitals, today) where people came with their ailments or quite critical health conditions and were cured, often enough, to make the Romans think it was worth building these edifices all around the world. Chiron is a symbol of how you teach others that the so-called impossible is quite possible. That the apparently outrageous is not so outrageous. Again, this is with groups, allies and friends. The fusion of the two together in your chart is obvious in February, and what you set up will become powerful, transformative and also transformed in the years ahead when Pluto goes to 4, 5 Aquarius. So that’s 2026.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    I was born with Mercury, Saturn, Vesta, Diana and Panacea in Leo. What does Pluto in Aquarius brings in my child adoption process (as a single mother)? I am expecting this year to be the year I will be proposed a child. I have started the administrative process since September 2022 in the waiting list since February 2023. Thank you

    1. Well, I guess you’ve read the feature. Saturn at 16 Leo and Diana at 17 Leo are in a conjunction. That is quite hard work. Adopted children become older, don’t they, and at some point their parents may reappear (or other relatives). I am looking at 2033, 2034, 2035 here and the reality of situations which are a learning experience for you. Have a look at Saturn in the Fifth House and Diana in the Fifth House on this website and in your flipbooks. Be a total realist about the future here.

  47. Hi Jessica – Could my Uranus and Bacchus at 01 Leo relate to the harassment I am experiencing from a neighbour or is it related to something else? I appreciate any light your astrology can shed as it has become quite stressful. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you have a bad neighbour. Neighbours are Gemini/Third House ruled in astrology. You have Gemini factors at 12, 14, 21. The only recent square or opposition has been Neptune at 21 Pisces. The good news is, the worst is over. And a terrific solution will start to appear in May 2024 with a rapid decision possible in June. This can and does get better. We don’t know why yet. But by June 2025 you will look back. at 2023 as ancient history. Jupiter the problem-solver is moving into Gemini and your Third House of neighbours, from May 2024.

  48. Hi Jessica – how about 18 degrees MC leo and 2 degrees South Node Leo? Birthday is October 24 1990 birth time 8:32 am in Toronto Canada. Sending lots of love from Canada!

    1. The South Node at 2 Leo is the first thing you will notice. I’ve answered other readers who also have the nodes in Leo-Aquarius so you may also want to look at those replies. Your last incarnation involved a leader/group conundrum. You may have been the captain with a team. Or you may have been in a political party with a leader. In this life you have once again met someone you knew from that incarnation. Once Pluto moves to 2 Aquarius it will trigger your nodal axis. That’s not for some time, but when it happens, you will find a very old, familiar story emerges. You must figure out how to be King Arthur with his round table of knights. Or – Sir Lancelot dealing with King Arthur.

  49. Hi Jessica, what a fascinating read! Thank-you. I only have one factor in Leo – but it’s my MC at 3 degrees. Does an MC have more importance than other factors? (I do have 5 (adult) children, and 1 baby grandson!!)
    Will Pluto affect the MC? I am a Sun Pisces. Thanks so much again.

    1. Thank you. The MC or Midheaven depends on a strictly accurate birth time, when the umbilical cord was cut. If you know you have that, then it certainly is at 3 Leo. It shows the highest achievement – hitting the heights – in one’s life. It sounds right to me, as you have five children and a grandson. You are queen to a younger court – that has been your pinnacle. The Pluto opposition will challenge you in that role. It’s too early to say how, as Pluto is only at 0 degrees and moves very slowly. The challenge will be, to change the way that you are queen – why? Because the court changes. This is very likely an alteration in the way things are with/for one of your children, the existing grandson, or a child yet to be born. You will rise to the occasion as any Leo MC always does.

  50. Such interesting stuff. My North Node is 12 Leo opposed by natal Saturn at 11 Aquarius so I expect in several years something significant will happen. I will be in my 70s by then.

    Although he is not royal per se, Biden has had plenty of stress and sorrow from children, and recently an illegitimate grandchild became known.

  51. I have a stellium in Leo and I am wondering how
    these Pluto oppositions will affect me.

    I’m a really fixed sign person. In my chart, pluto is in Scorpio, and moon is in Taurus. They both in the square of my sun and venus in leo.

    Im really curious about pluto in Aquarius . Thank you, Jessica.

    1. Your Leo stellium is at 9 through 28 degrees so you are looking at long-term outcomes and it’s far too early to call any situation with lovers, partners or children yet. If you are strongly fixed, you will be required to ‘unfix the fixed’ and transform when the Pluto oppositions arrive. You may want to ensure any legally binding contracts or paperwork involving the same allows you wiggle room.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    Another wonderful article. I have the following in Leo, Sun 17, Juno 02, Vesta 03, Bacchus 26 and NN. I’m looking at moving in with my partner this year and possibly marriage next year. I would be grateful for your insight.
    Many thanks, best wishes x

    1. Thank you. Pluto will oppose Juno at 2 Leo, so although you want to get married, remember Juno is a symbol of marriage and Pluto is a symbol of who/what takes over. So your determination to become engaged will be thoroughly tested. That’s not such a bad thing; you were likely expecting it anyway. The issue will be one or more females in the picture, as Vesta is so close to Juno. This can be a mother; sister; daughters; former girlfriend. That’s pretty common.

  53. Can I ask what you mean by “tudor-like parenting or sexual issues” ?
    I have mostly late degree Leo factors but one earlyish degree Leo factor in Aesculapia. How might this manifest?

    Apollo 17° Leo 59’14”
    Aesculapia 09° Leo 06′ 29″
    Salacia 19° Aquarius 47′ 48″ R
    Vulcano 26° Leo 04′ 52″
    Psyche 22° Leo 07′ 30″
    North Node 21° Aries 04′ 32″ R

    thank you Jessica.

    1. You are years away from Pluto’s chart triggers, which begin at 9 degrees and culminate mostly at 21, 22 degrees. What do I mean by Tudor? Well, 1485 to 1603, which was all about the dynasty. So will your own transit be, but you don’t say if you have children or not; want them or not; have pretenders to your throne or not. I also don’t see a chart here so I’m afraid it’s difficult to comment further.

  54. Thank you so much. I have a young family member who has Pluto exactly opposite his Sun. Any words of guidance or advice on how to support a child with this kind of challenging transit?

    1. Thank you. Transiting Pluto in opposition to the natal Sun (presumably in Leo) is rather like an opposition in football or politics. It drives the individual to his or her strengths. Before a big game or election, there are strategies figured out. How can the opposition be best tackled? This involves predicting what the opponents will do. Well, in the case of Pluto, you can expect a person, situation or organisation to dominate. (Or it will try to dominate). Sometimes an event dominates – one feels taken over or controlled by a particular set of circumstances. The trick to Pluto is to use self-control to have control and to use willpower to find empowerment. The Sun in Leo in the Fifth House, takes the lead (rather like a monarch) in courtship; in the bedroom; with children; with younger relatives; with a younger generation. This may not be evident with a very young person, except (perhaps) because he or she guides a junior sibling, or has a role at school with younger children (like a school captain or prefect for example). The opposition from Pluto will drive your family member further into his or her Leo nature in order to resist Pluto. So one becomes more deeply Leonine and that shapes the character for life.

  55. Dear Jessica,
    Can you look into what is going on with Kate… Why there is no public appearance? Is she well? From all I really admire her… Do you think she is well… a lots of blessings to you…

    1. A lot of people admire the Princess of Wales. All I can say is, this goes way back to the coronation that really wasn’t. It took place on an eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. And this House of Windsor is looking as complex as the Tudors. Give it a year or two and taxpayers will want more transparency.

  56. Jessica, I appreciate the very informative post.

    I’m signed into my account/chart. Could you kindly share your thoughts on my 3 degree Leo/Fortuna placement?


    1. Fortuna at 3 Leo in the Fifth House suggests that you profoundly alter the destiny of your partners without knowing that you are doing it. It’s the same with any children you have; godchildren; stepchildren; young relatives. Fortuna is a symbol of the woman who spins the wheel of destiny up and down, high and low, for other people. She raises them up and then takes them down. It’s not unusual with women who put their lovers on a pedestal then leave them. It can also turn up with unplanned pregnancy, be it yours or somebody else’s. Pluto in opposition to Fortuna from 3 Aquarius is a few years away, but it will trigger this tendency; make you more aware of it; ask you to handle things differently with a lover or child in your life – or grown-up child.

  57. Hi Jessica, such a fascinating post as always and will take me some time to digest. I was wondering what birth year you were using for Queen Anne Boleyn? There is still debate around when she was born but I think most historians have settled on around 1500-1501 now. If only we knew exactly when she was born, that would be fascinating.
    I was wondering what potential changes you saw for me on my chart? I would love to be a mother, I haven’t found the man for me yet and am aware that my biological clock is ticking!
    Best wishes, S

    1. Boleyn’s chart is XX rated, which I wouldn’t normally use, but the Leo factors are persuasive. You’d like to get married and have a child. You have enough Libra and Leo in your chart to make Jupiter’s transit through Leo, and then Libra, the likeliest times. Jupiter brings opportunities and solutions. He’ll go through Leo and your Fifth House of the bedroom, pregnancy, step-parenting and adoption first (and sextile your Libra factors, which are about partnership). Then a couple of years later we find him in Libra, and again there is one open door after another regarding marriage or a de facto relationship. The sextile then goes back the other way to Leo, where we find the children – be they stepchildren, godchildren, young nieces and nephews or your own offspring. It’s not that far away; it begins 2026-2027. Nothing stops you dating before then, of course and it may be that a casual relationship now becomes more serious in 2026. You may also meet the right person, 2026-2027.

  58. Thank you! This is so profoundly helpful and reassuring. I have noticed more Leonine qualities in him coming out over the last year. It’s heartening as he’s had so much to deal with. Thanks again. You are a gem.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    Please can you interpret my Leo factors: 5 degrees in ASC and 26 degrees in Jupiter. I also have Aquarius factors, 5 degrees in DESC.
    Many Thanks,

    1. The ASC or Ascendant is based on an accurate birth time. Assuming you have it, you will transform your image in a few years’ time with a new look, new title and completely different public persona. The old you will be ancient history from that point, but you have time to prepare.

  60. Hi Jessica, your insights in the past have helped me tremendously. you mentioned in a previous comment that May 2023 would be big for career and it was, I got a new amazing career that has altered my life tremendously. in the past you have mentioned 2024 being an important year for me (especially financially) I was wondering if you could tell me to expect this year (good or bad) and how I can be prepared for it. thank you in advance

    1. Thank you for confirming the prediction and congratulations on your career move. You will make or save a lot of money after May 2024 with the first results in June 2024 and final results in May, June 2025.

  61. Dear Jessica, so very interesting. Turbulent and transformative times indeed. After reading this blog, may I ask, what does Aesculapia at 03 degrees in Leo, Pluto at 11 degrees in Virgo and Psyche at 13 degrees in Aquarius mean for me? Any glaring potholes to be aware of?
    Best wishes,

    1. Pluto moves very slowly so it will take many years for him to aspect natal Pluto. The first real change comes when he goes to 3 Aquarius in opposition to natal Aesculapia. This is about a sexual relationship, child or adult child/young relative coming back from the point of no return. Just when you think it’s virtually over, or ancient history, with a particular partner or aspect of parenting – or being an aunt or godmother – it comes back.

  62. Hello Jessica!
    I really enjoyed reading this post about the Pluto in Aquarius and my Leo factors are:
    Jupiter 4 Leo
    Juno 3 Leo
    Apollo 14 Leo
    ASC  22 Leo
    Panacea  28 Leo

    Diana 0 Aquarius
    Descendant 22 Aquarius

    My husband’s Leo Factors are:
    Ascendant 4 Leo
    Minerva 24 Leo 55

    Juno 2 deg Aquarius
    Descendant 4 Aquarius

    Just curious how this all will play out for us!?
    We do have a grandson on the way, end of May ,that we are really looking forward to!
    Thank you for all you do…

    1. Thank you. The grandson (but also small siblings or cousins for that grandson) suggests a complete reshape for both of you as grandparents when Pluto goes to 3, 4 Leo and opposes Jupiter and Juno in your Fifth House and opposes your husband’s Ascendant, also in the Fifth House in the Natural House System. It will also be in a conjunction with his Descendant, which is you. So this is an extremely powerful person, situation or organisation in the years to come, that will ask you to rethink the way you handle being a parent, but also a grandparent, because this is as much about your own children as it is about the baby to come.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating seeing how this astrology works in the royal charts and the history of Pluto’s last visit to Aquarius! Thank you for all of this.
    I am wondering if I will escape these Pluto challenges as I have nothing in Aquarius, only Juno in Leo and no partner…

    Best wishes x

    1. Thank you. Juno in Leo in the Fifth House is a marriage indicator; you also have Panacea there, which you missed. One wants commitment, the other is just looking for a solution to problems. Sometimes the solution is to avoid sex altogether. This is set to change, though, once Pluto eventually moves into opposition with Juno. That’s a few years away.

  64. Hi Jessica, would you kindly share your thoughts on my placements in Leo. I am single and would love to meet someone and have my own family.

    Is travelling or relocation on horizon for me this year as well? It was mentioned for libras on this website few times. Thank you

    1. You will meet or remeet a potential partner who can offer you a power couple relationship. There may be more than one contender too. The stage is set now and with Pluto in Aquarius in your solar Fifth House for many years, sooner or later you will be in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. A lover who gives you more control in your life is the usual outcome with Pluto transits; just be aware that this person will also be quite powerful, very much in control and may be controlling; you will need to push back. You could easily begin a family or become a stepmother. Travel or relocation will be offered to you after May with a quick set-up possible by June.

  65. DearJessica,
    I have a stellium in Leo and the last 5-6 years have been very challenging to say the least. How do you see the Pluto opposition affecting me especially when I have an empty 7th house? Any prospects for a soulmate? I would really like to have a good husband. How does my career look over this Pluto cycle? I am already witnessing power games and control issues and trying to step around gently. Thank you.

    1. You do have a huge stellium in Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and a younger generation. Your Seventh House of marriage is empty. Let’s stick to one question at a time and focus on your sexual relationships. There is no such thing as a soulmate in the sense that it is your perfect husband or wife, brought back to you to see future happiness. It is true for a number of people, but not for all of us. We can reincarnate with other souls to go through the most difficult challenges and in fact these partnerships can and do end in divorce, unfortunately. Your decisions about a husband (or not) are entirely about having children (or not) or becoming a stepmother. It’s not about the man as much as the next generation and if you do, or do not, pursue parenthood. All this comes to a head when Jupiter goes into Leo in 2026 when you have terrific chances of finding a personal life that suits you.

  66. Late to the party here, but have just studied this blog again in light of what’s going on astrologically now. I have Uranus at 10 degrees in Leo. I’m struggling with a my role as a parent/grandparent with my adult child who has a stellium in Leo (Mars 27,Fortuna 15, Mercury 11, Jupiter 16) It’s a stressful situation, and a communication minefield. Is there a way forward? I would love this to become a more understanding relationship for both of us. I have Venus, Bacchus and Chiron in Aquarius, my child has Saturn 04, and Salacia 27, and an 8 planet line up in Cancer. Any advice welcome, thank you.

    1. Thank you. You were born with Uranus at 10 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood and you also have a lot of other factors at 10 degrees too. Your grown-up child has Mercury at 11, which is close. When you say it’s a communication minefield, that is because your child has Mercury (listening, talking, hearing, understanding, replying, writing, reading) tied into that Uranus in Leo pattern in your chart. Any time you both get cycles passing 10 degrees of a sign, the whole pattern is triggered again. It will be years before Pluto goes to 10 Aquarius (the year 2030 when it is in opposition to Uranus in your chart). That will utterly transform the entire situation in quite an intense way. You need to have an easier life, faster, however. It will help to understand what it means to have Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House. You can read widely around that (Uranus in the Fifth House has been covered by many astrologers. Me too). There is a part of you that rejects your child and rejects your grandchildren. It was there even when you were pregnant, or had given birth. It was there when you were told you would become a grandparent. We all have Uranus somewhere in the chart. People who have it in Virgo and the Sixth House reject conventional medicine and the healthcare system. They reject big pharmaceutical companies and supermarket mass produced food. As a Uranus in Leo person you repeatedly push away motherhood, or at least the version of motherhood which has been served up to you. What happens is then ‘the rejection dance’ so you are in turn rejected by your child. Uranus was found in 1781 when the Americans rejected the British. They did this because the British were always rejecting the Americans! So what’s the point of this planet? It is to give you and your children/grandchildren independence. Space. Autonomy. Freedom is the key word for Uranus. It takes a lot of insight to see what is going on; a lot of honesty to admit that you are saying ‘No’ repeatedly, as much as you are hearing ‘No.’ The gift of this placement in your chart is that, if you are truthful about it, you have been liberated from having to fulfil a restrictive mothering role by this rather stressful state of play. It is not what you want to hear, but it is what the astrology shows. I don’t know what the rest of your life is like, but had you had a close mother-child bond from the start, it would have prevented you from pursuing other activities; other people; other big goals. So in a way, your child’s distancing or rebuff has given you room to choose/move.

      1. Thank you, Jessica. I had a bad feeling about that placement, and admit you are absolutely correct. I will do some more reading, perhaps it wll help. (Though I love my grandchildren to the point of it being overwhelming.). Thanks again for answering.

  67. Hello Jessica
    I am fascinated by this. I am a Scorpio with a Leo stellium, can you provide any guidance for me?
    Thank you!

    1. You have the South Node in Leo and Ceres as well; you have reincarnated to experience courtship, sexual relationships, motherhood and substitute parenthood in a new way. You have been here before with this issue and one or two faces have incarnated with you. Ceres is about time-share and power-share arrangements by mothers with children. It can show up after a divorce (custody) but also on a broader level with school authorities and parents. The Pluto oppositions are years away, but eventually the habits of a lifetime regarding all this must transform.

  68. I have seen the craziest of Aquarius. This past October our supervisor had to retire early due to a horrible health crisis. This created a power vacuum and the person who replaced them decided to take an another supervisor who was a micro manager to fill their roll. Sadly they went on to get rid of several of us. Giving us the lamest excuses to why we were getting fired. Even worse a new lead is coming in to replace these people later this summer. But the damage is done we will unemployed by June. Seems to be cover ups and no idea where I will go. This puts my entire family in hardships. I was born March 1st, 1978 at 5:36 am PT.

    1. I am sorry about the way you all lost your jobs. You have a family to support and are concerned about the future. Fortunately you have time on your side and there are also some good cycles coming in to help you. You don’t say what your job is, and I don’t have a chart, so I cannot be specific. However, from May 2024 you will find that your family itself; your house or apartment situation; your home town and homeland – is extremely fortunate for you. Before you get there, a brother, sister and/or cousin is also a great protector and helper – and that’s right now.

  69. Hi Jessica

    Pluto in Aquarius has arrived with a bang!

    Jessica I need your advice here – I have had my ex boyfriend come back again this week – once again promising this time it is real & serious & there won’t be other women. It’s committed.

    He has said that every time we have gotten back – I am not sure why it’s diff this time. He is a Capricorn born on 5jan 1981. I used to love him madly but now if I go back it’s cause of shared interests & security & familiarity. I feel not very much.

    I have a friend who has also confessed his love for me – I have always known in a way; he is now separated from his wife – & I know he will adore me forever but I simply can’t see myself with him. Sensible choice but I would rather be alone – I am that sure I will be unhappy.

    There is a married man who I am highly attracted to and there is a bond – we have slipped up a couple of times but stopped just in time – we are also in the Same industry & work together on some projects but are not colleagues.

    There has been a lot of acrimony recently & it’s all very muddled – personal professional have all intermingled – he is now messing around on the work front to hit back. He is a very nice guy – but Boundaries have been frayed. I intend to speak to him this week – I don’t even know what I want honestly – I don’t want to be the other woman – he won’t leave his wife but I feel better to have some passion & live than to let life pass by.

    The question is – Jessica what do you see ahead in my charts. The recent full moon was on my asc/desc axis.

    I am also financially not in the best place & I really would like to find a job – I am consulting presently & relocate – effectively I want a whole new life. The past few years since 2018 have really turned my life upside down. Survived unemployment, depression, back up and now again slipping I think.

    Any advice you have given me even if it did not make immediate sense was always an aha moment – incisive & very enlightening when I have been confused.

    Look forward to your revert

    Thank you as always for everything you do & love & blessing always

    1. Your ex-boyfriend is back and promises to be faithful. The issue here is fatherhood. Have you had the conversation about him wanting to be a parent (or not) – because that is at the heart of it all. I suspect not. He may pay lip service to having children, to please his family (for example) but being unfaithful is an excellent way of avoiding being a father. If you two are going to be together now through 2026 you will need to talk about the real issue; pregnancy (or not). Avoid the married man. The same question comes up, actually. Do you want to be a mother or not? Perhaps not. Again, adultery is a way of avoiding ever having to have children. If you want a proper job, look seriously in April and May when you could land a terrific new position.

  70. Thank you Jessica. This is a brilliant article. It’s fascinating to look at the long-ranging impact on leo stelliums when it comes to ‘larger’ players, families, structures and society more broadly. It’s great preparation for the likely issues that will surface in our own lives. Your assessment of my chart in May last year played out exactly as you forecast in my career, which has dynamically changed gears. I’ve been rocketed into a new orbit. I continue to maximise the astrological support on show until the end of May 2024 as you suggested. Hopefully it will continue on… ????
    This article refocused my attention to future relationships and partnerships. Last year you pointed to the possibility of a power couple dynamic. This could play out in business as I only work with men. I’m yet to meet another professional woman working at C-suite level in my niche at the intersection of blockchain, crypto and AI. I manage very forceful, enterprising and polarising male dynamics – with good humour. I don’t lose sleep over it. But I’ve def got a few viking scars. Could you please look at my chart again with this in mind, given I have a 5 leo stellium. eeeek ??? As a widow and with my kids now grown and responsible adults, I now could (and should) be looking for a life partner – but I have enough men to manage as it is !!!!!

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. I am glad the astrology prediction was accurate for you from May 2023. As a widow you are eligible for a new romantic partner but could also find a work partner. Jupiter at 28 Libra in your Seventh House of duets is waiting for you, though. You were born with it, and every so often, we find transits at 28 Libra which hand you an opportunity to double up. It’s very much about your goals, though. If you’re not that bothered, nothing will happen. If you do want to remarry or create a professional power couple partnership, though, the trine from Jupiter at 28 Gemini to natal Jupiter at 28 Libra is coming in 2025. You could actually develop something in slow stages sooner than that if you wished.

  71. thank you for this article Jessica. If you have a moment and could check my chart, my Scorpio Taurus axis must have been hammering me the last couple years, and I fear more as I have a Leo stellium but I’ve gone to hell and back in the last 3 years, 4 since March 2020 if counting my father’s leukemia cancer diagnosis, death by April 2021, amid my reeling grief (he was my closest parent, strained relationship with mother) I was preyed upon by so-called knight in shining armour and rushed into an engagement to an covert domestic abuser (would later find out) exploited and left me with $50,000 debt just 5 weeks after our wedding (wedding was October 8 2022) when I discovered a 6 month adulterous affair with his coworker, my gut told me first October 25, and by October 31 I found him at work sitting too close to said employee, and by November 8 he had physically assaulted me for exposing his affair and fled the state. I would have to pursue charges, to which he was charged January 26, 2023. Cut a deal with the prosecutor unbeknownst to me April 6, 2023, I only found out June 6 2023. All This, after I was in a horrific car crash hit by red light runners November 15, 2021. Again, around the eclipse. Everything seemed to line up with the eclipses, did I mention he started this new job where he met his affair partner May 8, 2022, right around the spring eclipses. There must be a story here …
    Any of your profound insight would be greatly appreciate as I’ve been suffering unable to move on for the last year, determined to obtain justice but biding my time under the restraint of institutions and feeling discouraged the longer this goes on without tangible change or results… thank you so very much.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry about your father’s leukemia and your loss, not that long ago. You then had a horrid engagement with a really vile man. You then had a car crash. That is a huge amount to survive in just a few years, so 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 have been tough. What has been going on? Saturn at 19 and Minerva at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of status and success were both crossed by Pluto for the first time in 248 years. You also have Venus in an exact conjunction with Diana at 28 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, but also disputes and differences. So, you were born with what they call a square from Minerva at 28 Capricorn to Diana and Venus at 28 Libra. Basically you have an inner conflict between your social status (being married, for example) and your need to be a free spirit. You tussle with yourself over being a seductress, which Venus is, and then walking right away from men unless you can be an independent alpha female. Have a look at the goddesses Minerva, Diana and Venus because they were all triggered. Your awful former fiancee was basically Pluto, at 28 Capricorn, triggering the whole pattern. It’s history now. I’m quite happy with Jupiter in Leo in your chart, there in the Fifth House, which rules courtship and the bedroom, but also the world of babies, children and younger adults. That will work very nicely for you from May 2024 until June 2025 and in quite a spectacular way when you have your Jupiter return in Leo, which starts in 2026 and is finished by 2027. It is very important that you figure out your conflicted needs/wants/desires regarding men. You can and will be fulfilled, which is what Jupiter offers, but try to sort out on what basis you want children in your life – as this will be at the heart of who comes along and what comes along. The rush to a wedding taught you an awful lesson, and it may be that marriage in its conventional form is not right for you. Venus is a player. Diana does not want to be tied down. Minerva values the status of marriage and sees the wisdom of it (probably financially) but there are other bits of you that disagree. Anyway, I think Jupiter in Leo will see you right over the long-term. The loss of your father is painful but you also need to know he goes on, in the spirit world, and is a thought away. A prayer or candle away. You have a question about eclipses and your car crash and the adultery of your ex-fiancee. It’s a basic rule of astrology to avoid judging or acting on them. You cannot see/do not know on an eclipse so skip them. Most of all, know that Pluto is right off 28 degrees of Capricorn where he caused you so much trouble. What you learned is that when you push back, you are powerful. When you own your own turf and territory, you are empowered. Using your self-control in this, put you in control. Nobody and nothing will take that away. You are stronger for it and will always have that strength.

  72. Hi Jessica, as a women with stelliums in Leo and Aquarius would love to get your advice. I lost my job this week, been single for many years, never married, no kids. I have been hoping for a turnaround on both personal and professional fronts. Does astrology shed any insight? How can I best navigate pluto in aquarius with my chart?
    I have wondered if returning to my birth country is part of the solution.
    Please guide me and thank you in advance!

    1. I am so sorry you just lost your job. You are wondering if you should go back to your own country. Let’s see what is going on. Transiting Saturn at 8 Pisces has just opposed your North Node at 8 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. That can only happen once in 28-29 years. At the same time, transiting Saturn at 8 Pisces made a conjunction with your South Node at 8 Pisces. You are a Sun Leo having transits in the Sixth House of both your solar and natal charts. So publicly and privately you must now slow down, get real about your health and wellbeing, as well as your workload and accept the realities of life, even though they can feel rather heavy. You’ve not mentioned your mental or physical health but it’s usual for a Saturn transit to your Sixth House to trigger those questions at the same time as work issues. When we go to your Leo chart we find Ceres transiting your Sixth House in Capricorn. The year 2024 is about compromises with employers as well as yourself. It’s also about making deals with yourself and the Universe regarding your health. So, for example, you may find yourself negotiating with organisations or individuals over hours, income, conditions and so on. Ceres is a symbol of powerful and life-changing bargaining. Ceres in the Sixth House can coincide with weight loss as the self-bargaining is over sugar (for example) or exercise. The rather burdensome feeling of Saturn aspecting the lunar nodes goes away soon. Ceres will be with you all year, though, and she will slowly but surely invite you to transform just about everything in your work style and lifestyle. You will have a fantastic professional, academic or unpaid career opportunity in April and May 2024. If it’s in your homeland, of course you must go back. However – if it’s where you are now, then you know what to do. You will have a new sexual partnership in your life with a person who empowers you. That’s on the way. The next few years may well find you one half of a power couple.

  73. Hi Jessica, Love your work and would so appreciate any pearls of wisdom from you on my chart/situation please? After a few years of intense misery in my marriage, we finally called it quits late last year (2023). One of my stelliums is in Leo (10 H): my North Node & asteroids Aesculapia, Ceres, Ops and Vulcano. I’m 42 with no children, striving to now support myself financially while creating/doing work that would honour my True Path! These Aquarius oppositions sound like powerful forces to contend with, and my nodal axis happens to sit right along here as well. Also been reading your posts on Uranus in Taurus opposing Scorpio for the years ahead… how timely I thought as my natal Mars is in Taurus 27deg (8 H) in EXACT opposition to natal Uranus in Scorpio! Truly am not sure what to expect, any words of advice or encouragement for me as we head into these heady times, Jessica? Please keep up the wonderful work you do! Many thanks, Francina

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini who ended your marriage with Pluto (transformation) in the Eighth House of marriage and mortgage. The financial change takes all of 2024 to complete as Ceres goes through the Eighth House and Pluto briefly returns there from September. Yet, Christmas is the end of it. Great and deep reshaping does take a long time, so this is what you are going through, not just with your former husband, but also with any potential new date. It will be about the bank account, the house and/or the apartment, the possessions – and not just a relationship – for a while yet. Francina, this shows up in your natal chart as well. It’s all about Uranus at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House, under transit. What is happening is a gradual understanding that genuine independence and true freedom must come from your bank account and the answer to new questions about husbands – or perhaps pre-nuptial agreements. This goes on for years into the future. Transiting Uranus at 27 Taurus will oppose natal Uranus. Pluto will eventually go to 27 Aquarius and square natal Uranus. So really get to know that part of your chart. Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House.

  74. Thank you so much for your insightful reply, Jessica! Once I re-oriented myself to the natural house system, everything fell into place! I will indeed focus on my 8th H Uranus in Scorpio going forward. Many thanks again!

  75. I have 9 factors in Leo in my natal chart. I know you prefer a natural house system although the Leo factors fall in the 7th house of a tropical placidus natal chart. The fact that I have my sun at 1, Uranus at 2, and Mercury at 5 has me wondering if a struggle in either the 5th or 7th house is coming my way soon. If 5th, is it related to the teenagers in my life or romance or other 5th house factors? Or can it be any of those?

    1. I sacked the Placidus house system years ago when I worked for Cosmopolitan magazine and all my single female readers were using it (he was a monk, of course) and wondered why they had no love life. You have a huge Leo stellium with Psyche at 0 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, children and young adults. A younger generation, in short. Pluto in opposition to Psyche is effective now, so a person, situation or organisation which is dominating, overpowering and intense, is having its effect. Resistance training is what Pluto transits offer. By pushing back you become more Leo, actually. So more commanding, confident, dignified, authoritative. It’s not easy, but as the first of a chain of Pluto oppositions, this will reshape how you are sexually (for example) and perhaps as a parent, step-parent, godparent and so on.

  76. I guess I will build some big Leo muscles while all of this passes. 5th and 7th house has always felt like all the same thing to me. I’m all about relationships but the ones with the young people in my life always dominate. Natural house fits.

  77. Hi Jessica, I’ve just read through this this today and i’m interested to know how Pluto in Aquarius will affect those of us with Node Node in Leo? The Leo-Aquarius opposition kind of feels like much of my life (I have stelliums in both) so i’m looking forward to seeing how the next few years play out.

    1. You were born with the North Node at 1 Leo and South Node at 1 Aquarius. The lunar nodes show your last past life. Leo and Aquarius together are associated with a previous lifetime spent dealing with leadership and groups. So you may have been a conductor with an orchestra, say, or an army captain with a unit. In this lifetime you have chosen to experiment with club, team, community, networked involvements but also leading roles. It’s never easy with the opposition as Leo naturally wants to command and demands loyalty. Aquarius cleaves towards the hive mind; peer group pressure; what friends and allies want. Pluto in a rare conjunction with your Aquarius South Node at 1 degree is a slow-moving, extremely challenging transit when you will experience a person, organisation or situation which takes over (or tries to). So, for example, your existing book group may find a new member comes on board who dominates, or there may be an attempt to shut it down from a rival group. Pushing back empowers you. Owning your own turf and territory, controlling your own life and self, makes you stronger. That is Pluto’s gift to you. The opposition to the North Node at 1 Leo will challenge you to change the way you lead, mentor, guide and ‘command’ with children; teenagers; young adults. So this may be your stepson or your own daughter. It may be your godson or a class that you teach. Once again, consciously resisting Pluto people, situations and organisations is like weight training at the gym. Resistance training. When you push back you find new muscles. They tend to last, even after the transit is over.

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