Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutions

Anyone wondering why Pluto in Aquarius hasn't shown up yet, has been missing the incredible news about 'Aquarius light.' So that's Ultraviolet light which costs around $500 and scrubs the air of Covid, cold and flu for about 100 square feet around you. It's the break your social life has been looking for.

Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutions Are Here

Pluto has now landed in Aquarius for around 20 years. Aquarius the constellation also happens to hold UV light, which is the proven answer to Covid. Saturn also has UV light (pictured) but Pluto has the power.

unnamed copy 300x204 - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid SolutionsThis UV light, which can show a cool turquoise, is hidden inside the Philips HEPA filters we use for astrology events in Melbourne.

I recently rolled them out (they fit into suitcases or just move on castors) into a gig with 300 people. Plug in and go.

There’s no actual violet or purple light, despite this photograph of me with a Philips professional HEPA-UV unit. These objects look like normal air-conditioners, and the only difference you will notice is slightly cooler, much fresher air in the room.

Typical of Astrology

It’s so typical of astrology that the Covid solution scientists and academics are backing in 2024, also happens to chime with Pluto in Aquarius.

The Helix Nebula, or Eye of God, inside the Aquarius constellation shows its stunning UV or ultraviolet patterns. You may have also seen this in NASA photographs (Wikimedia Commons). 

Next to it, is a schoolgirl who is using the handy, portable Far UV light which clears around 100 square feet of the air, around her train seat, after she’s charged it at home. (Image: Mark Ralston).

You can buy it here. 

HELIX NEBULA Eye of god - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutions


UVC Mark Ralston i 300x225 - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutions

World Health Organization – We Are Still In A Pandemic

The WHO ended the Covid emergency in May 2023. Maria Van Kerkhove says the virus is circulating indefinitely, however. And this is still a pandemic. “It’s evolving. It’s killing. It’s causing post-COVID conditions,” she said, on 6th February 2024.

This is also in line with the astrology. Virgo, ruling public health, is still a zodiac sign under pressure. It will actually increase when the South Node enters Virgo on January 12th 2025.

The good news? Pluto in Aquarius is bringing proper solutions. Not the failed ‘vax and relax’ strategy.


Screen Shot 2024 02 10 at 7.25.02 am - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutions

Why the WHO Backs Far UV Light

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that Far UV lighting safely provides more air changes per hour than anything else. It’s being installed on a grand scale in large buildings, as well as showing up as a hand-held device, around the size of a phone, that you can take on the train – on the plane – or to work.

The Krypton-MVP is something I bought for myself to try it. It is an air scrubber or air disinfectant that charges into a wall socket, then runs for about 6 hours.

On the Plane and In a Bar

The Krypton light switches off automatically if you get too close (or the dog does) but in any case, it is safe for your skin and eyes.

This model was US $499.99 before shipping costs to Australia. (Heads up, I was given a discount to make up for the $150 flat rate international postage).

The plus factor for me as an astrologer who has to travel is – nobody sitting next to you on a plane will likely even notice it’s plugged in. And the Krypton can then go to the airport bar with you. Seriously.

Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 7.59.42 pm - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid SolutionsTravel2 223x300 1 - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutionsunnamed 225x300 - Pluto in Aquarius and Covid Solutions


What’s So Aquarian About Far UV Light for Covid?

Well, it’s social, for a start. If you have been shut out of socialising in 2020-2023 then 2024 has answers for you. Aquarius is the zodiac sign we associate with friendship. Friends have been kept apart by the virus for a long time, but this can safely transport you to their side – and also discreetly scrub the air over a drink.

The Pluto in Aquarius Device For Your Social Life

I asked Mark Ralston (a long-time baseball industry professional) who now works on the Krypton-MVP about it. He passed on this message. “To date we are unaware of any bacteria, viruses or funghi that Far UV light has not been able to successfully kill.”

Nice to know if you don’t want to get a cold or flu, either.

For me, the Krypton price tag was justified because I could lend it to anyone I knew going into hospital. Around 100 square feet of scrubbed air is priceless on a ward.

They Call It Smart Air

They call it Smart Air, this Ultraviolet light. Incredibly, upper-room germicidal light (same thing) has been with us for 80 years. The first UV lights were used to beat measles in 1930’s Philadelphia schools.

On that very Aquarian level of people power, these UV lights are now in Boston nightclubs (a Harvard professor paid for the installation) but also inside a Boston homeless shelter.

The Cambridge Hospital Experiment – Air Filters Work

When you combine HEPA air filters and UV light, you up your protection against Covid again. As long ago as 2021, Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and academics at the University of Cambridge, proved that air filters on Covid wards removed almost all of the airborne virus.

So why hasn’t Britain had a Clean Air act since 2021 and funded air filters and/or UV light in every hospital? You tell me.

Do It Yourself Covid Protection

One look at the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and you will also see – even your local doctor or dentist won’t pay for a filter/light in the waiting room. Not unless you’re lucky enough to have one who actually cares – and knows about the Cambridge University proof.

But – we are now firmly into the ‘Do it yourself’ phase of Covid protection. And at last you can be proactive.

This is really typical of Pluto changing signs. It shows where the power and control has gone to. And it’s now out of Capricorn, so away from Prime Ministers, Premiers and Presidents, clueless or cheap doctors and health professionals – and back to us. The people.

Time Magazine and UV Light

The U.S. military also has smart air. Some medical professionals and academics are also switching on.

Krypton lights went to a global seminar on influenza held by CEIRR (Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Response).

This is a good TIME magazine feature on the new UV light.

The other day on Twitter, a Millennial astrologer complained she didn’t see any difference, with Pluto in Aquarius since the end of January 2024, when it landed.

I hope she’s beginning to see the light. I’m thrilled that the astrology is lining up with the science, because this is the new people power. Time to plug in?

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15 Responses

  1. This is literally saving lives Jessica! Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Wish I’d had the portable version a year ago when poor hubby went into NHS hospital and came out with covid, then gave it to me 🙁
    This is exactly what I need to travel safely and when / if I have to work in an office environment. Can even go out for meals again and not have to hope for dry weather as we always sit outside. Again, many thanks x

    1. The Krypton is ideal for plugging into a hospital bedside table isn’t it. It’s an absolute disgrace that people are actually infected with Covid in hospital and I am so sorry your husband became ill with the virus in the NHS system and then passed it to you. I’m glad this information is useful; it’s amazing how Pluto (empowerment) goes into Aquarius (where UV light is beamed out) and this should happen.

  2. Hi Jessica, I’m thrilled to hear about the Krypton. I bought the phillips UVC hepa filter after you tweeted about it for home and we pop it on if anyone comes over. We have so far been covid free.

    I’m an Aquarian and since 2020 have barely left the house. I work from Home and we mask to run errands but otherwise we have pretty much been isolated.

    I had a baby in 2021 and have put on weight and lost my confidence. I am desperate to get back out in the world, but need to kick the extra Covid / baby kgs! I’m doing. The Astro delivery for image this month, but looking at my chart can you see when I might be able to be back in ‘circulation?’

    I’m excited that by Pluto in Aquarius and hoping that this will make people sit up and listen about the long term effects of covid and reinfections.

    I’m starting to ‘see the light!’


    1. Thank you. I’m thrilled you are Covid free. Now you want to lose weight and be sociable again. (You also need to start walking or swimming, obviously). Your MC is 0 Virgo so your highest achievements in this lifetime are about health and wellbeing, for yourself and other people. Pluto is now at 0 Aquarius for the first time in 248 years and Jupiter goes to 0 Gemini in May, so this is the year you will in fact fulfil your astrological promise. How you lose the weight is up to you, but the Krypton will make it easier.

  3. Jessica, this makes me so happy to read this. I actually choked up some. I’ve been giving serious consideration to buying the Krypton MVP for a while now. I believe in the technology, and I am a native of Kansas City area so this purchase would support a local company. This blog post might be the thing that has me finally parting with the cash for it. They are pricy but I think the benefits will far outweigh the cost in what this little machine can give back to me after the past few years. My marriage has been wrecked by Covid differences with my husband. I found out on the date of the lunar eclipse in October that he had been lying to me about masking for a long time. Basically he was flying for business trips and said he had been masking when he hadn’t, nor had he been elsewhere. Then 2 weeks later got his first case of Covid. I was at my wit’s end with him over it and in survival mode trying not to get it myself. I haven’t lived with him in about 2 1/2 months due to my anger, lack of trust, and fear with the situation. I didn’t catch it thankfully due to my own mitigations but it was so taxing- mentally, physically, and emotionally. This device might be the catalyst to repairing my marriage, feeling a bit more comfortable with dining out again (in non-crowded places of course!), or even flying. My birthday was yesterday and maybe this is Pluto in my sun sign starting to do its work. We’ve been talking things through and even though we are still far apart on Covid, I’m still considering going back so we can work on things, and he never wanted me to leave in the first place. I’m thinking Far UV, me still masking in public, and having him take Metrix tests regularly after being in risky situations are pieces of the answer. I pulled the Death card this morning in my daily reading, then saw your blog post shortly after. Thank you so much for this.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry your husband had been lying about wearing an N95 mask. He became infected with Covid when travelling and you’ve been living apart. Happy Birthday, by the way – perhaps this is a present you could give yourself. If you are curious about Far UV, you could ring this local company in Kansas City with your questions. But – when a Harvard professor puts these lights in his favourite club – that’s endorsement.

  4. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for posting this information. I have ordered one immediately and am so happy knowing how much this will re-expand my life….and that I can recharge using the USB port in my campervan:) You do an amazing job of guiding us through this ongoing pandemic, and no doubt future ones, providing perspective, practical suggestions and hope.
    Love your work:)
    Cheers, Val

  5. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this update. I also purchased the Philips filter and use it in the house at regular intervals but I am excited about the travel model as we travel long distance through 3 airports about 3 times a year and I always feel very nervous. This makes so much sense.
    With regard to someone not noticing any changes I see so much happening- the French Farmers , the Spanish Farmers now the Dutch Fishermen joining in, the backlash and successful Court cases against the gender self ID, in Scotland continued rise in support of Independence in spite of the exposure of bad policies. People power as you predicted.
    Power to the People

    1. Thank you Isobel. It looks as if the mood which is powering the farmers’ DIY activism is also behind the mood regarding Covid. People have had enough of being at the mercy of politicians and businessmen and are taking matters into their own hands, regarding protection. This is a good article in Vox three weeks ago. “Ultraviolet light can kill almost all viruses in a room. Why isn’t it everywhere?’ Well, it can be now. It’s in our hands, quite literally. My astrology prediction is that when politicians and big business realise there is more cash in UV lightbulbs than there is in their failing vaccines, the world will miraculously get rid of Covid. Let’s see. In the meantime, DIY.

  6. I bought the Philips one in US, will consider this one as well. I have been out of job since Aug, can you take a look at my chart and advise, there are couple of opportunities coming up where I can open my own consulting vs working in a job. Please advise.

  7. Great read Jessica. I bought one over year ago after reading your blog and now I also have a portable air purifier I always use when I travel and when I am at the gym. I have a huge virgo stellium and moon at virgo 5 degrees and with this upcoming full moon, I am trying to work out how exactly with other planets dance in a sky at the moment, this full moon at 5 degrees virgo can impact me. Your insight would be very appreciated. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. HEPA filters are great, but the new Ultraviolet hand-held air scrubbers are really exciting. This is NASA backed technology. The Full Moon won’t do much to you other than give you a day or two of mixed feelings or a fleeting challenge as others can’t meet in the middle. In Virgo, it is of course going to be about work and/or health. You have Ops and Ceres both at 27 Virgo in a conjunction in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. That suggests a fantastic turning point for your lifestyle and your career/academic career/unpaid work in April, May 2024 as Jupiter moves up to 27 Taurus and makes a trine. You may want to use that period for launches, beginnings, outcomes.

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