Free Zoom with Jessica Adams – February 24-25, 2024 – Year of the Dragon

Free Zoom with Jessica Adams – February 24-25, 2024 – Year of the Dragon

Premium Members and Sun Sign School subscribers are welcome to attend a free, exclusive Zoom event with Jessica Adams and Alicia Fulton, host of The Astrology Show on Twitter.

Come along to find out about your astrology and Tarot in Year of the Dragon on the weekend of Saturday, February 24th and Sunday February 25th, 2024.

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38 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I need guidance really. I’m teetering between a new online remote job that pays an average amount, but allows me the flexibility as a mum and the gentle nudges from my husband to do a job that pays my worth as a teacher so that we can finally set our sights on owning a home and having more income of course.

    The thing is that I’ve been completely burned out as a teacher of 11 years and have some PTSD of being in very challenging work places previously. I’m now in a new land and I know things can be different but the two years since I’ve moved to Australia have been healing for me.

    I’m caught between practicality and the finances and my own fears of being exploited in this line of work.

    I am good at what I did. I miss being around young people but I guess there’s so much uncertainty and fear within me. So much so that I haven’t even been able to complete my Ls.

    What exactly can I look forward to this year? I feel like change is on the horizon and yet, I can’t see it too clearly.

    1. You’re a qualified teacher who had a rotten time, by the sound of it – and it shows in your chart. You have factors at 16, 17 degrees of Capricorn and Virgo, the work signs, and Pluto and Saturn both crawled over 16, 17 Capricorn to trigger that. This is notoriously difficult but you got through it. You have patterns at 23, 24 degrees of Sagittarius-Gemini which will work nicely for you once Jupiter goes to 23, 24 Gemini in 2025. Start sooner than that, though. You were born to work online and also with foreign languages, translation, the cutting edge of new online media. You could easily teach a second language on Zoom for example, but further ahead from 2026 would be using even newer technology than that, if you wished.

  2. Hello Jessica and Thank you,

    I have been working so hard to establish my own business, however it feels like I’m not getting anywhere despite my following my passion in it. Do you see it being financially successful, or me coming into any money between now and when the Year of the Snake begins?

    Thank you Jessica, for everything you gift others with through your knowledge.


    1. Thanks Karina. You are a Sun Capricorn with Mars at 28 Capricorn so have only just got through the Pluto 28 Capricorn cycle. Transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Mars is extremely demanding and your natural ability to push and pull (Mars) in Capricorn (career) was seriously affected by people, organisations or situations which took over and dominated. That cycle is now over. You are in a position to make money over a 20 year period actually, with the next window opening at the end of 2024 and January, February 2025. You may want to schedule launches or big pushes as 2025 opens if you want to make or save money. You have Uranus at 28 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, exactly sextile Mars at 28 Capricorn, though. So every time you put your head down and power through professionally, you do attract unpredictable situations involving others. The Eighth House is about partners, family members, other people – tied to your business, possessions, property and so on. This is lifelong. So you are in a far more stable and certain position financially when you go it alone. Uranus in the Eighth House is a signal for regular upheaval, radical change with those tied to your accounting.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I’d love to get your take on a popular theory about ‘enemies’ in Chinese astrology. They say dogs will have a terrible year because it’s the year of the dragon. Is this just astrology phooey or is there something to it?

    Aqua dog here

    1. It’s stuff and nonsense, I’m afraid. Come along to the Zoom to find out more about Dogs in Year of the Dragon.

  4. I plan to attend the Zoom event this weekend. I’m hoping the 2024 Dragon horoscope for the Ox comes true (more than the Libra 2024 horoscope.)
    I know. I’m a PITA looking to you for hope once again. Feel free to ignore me. If I were in your shoes, I would!
    I used to be laid back, optimistic, independent, and a “live for the moment” guy. The past few years events have turned me into a needy, worried, “looking for any sign that gives me hope for the future” person. I’ve been unemployed for two years now, broke, almost homeless, and completely on my own. I’m in physical therapy for arm and leg nerve pain from a yoga injury. I’ve tried praying, going to church, hypnosis, tapping therapy, candles, meditation and Astrology Delivers. You answered me before with optimistic responses, but none of them have come to fruition. And yes, I look for work, but I hit dead end after dead end. I’m lost. Throw me a bone, please .. tell me that this will end soon. Since 2008, life has been one punch after another. I thought Pluto changing signs would help, but so far, nothing.
    Thank you for all you do. I find your predictions fascinating (specifically covid and politicians). I love your blogs.
    I am looking forward to the Zoom call. Thank you.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    Love your website for a few years now. I find your content timely and your ability to connect with your readers/followers quite impressive. Your podcast is lovely too!
    My question to you concerns my career and I have been very sad and disappointed for a long time. I have been searching for a new job within the same company for over a year. I’ve always been runner up with excellent feedback but never given the role. When will my time come to finally be recognized and be granted a position worthy of my talents and drive to succeed?

    Thanks !

    1. Thank you very much. I will pass that compliment about The Astrology Show podcast onto Shayne Brian, the producer. Saturn at 21 and Minerva at 27 Virgo are in your Sixth House of work. Saturn always shows what you can’t get into, or can’t get out of. (Rather like the heavy rings which surround the planet). So you are currently experiencing that, as you can’t get a new job within your company. Minerva is your wisdom. So, even though you are blocked and stopped with work, you also have quite a lot of the answers and would be a good go-to person for problem solving. Minerva is symbolised by an owl, by the way. When Jupiter goes to 27 Taurus and is trine Minerva at 27 Virgo you will have an opportunity to increase and expand that side of your nature, either in that work place you mention, or outside it. So that’s building in April 2024 and complete by May. One thing about Saturn in the Sixth House; you have to be patient. Saturn is a symbol of time passing and you frequently see him draped over the side of clocks for that reason. Have a look at Minerva, though, in art. That symbol in your chart is just as important.

  6. Hello Jessica. I have recenty become a premium member and have found your advise to other folk very helpful as some of it is similar to my situation. Like many others I have had a tough few years, especially financially. I eventually plucked up the courage to contact a local debt organisation for help in arranging an affordable repayment plan and my doctor for help with depression, which I reckon could be partially due to my financial situation. Do you see me ever being debt free and financially secure. Thanks for your patience and for all the information you provide. You are an amazing and kind person.
    Gemini – Horse

  7. Jessica, please can you give me some guidance. I’ve been signed off work with PTSD for 2 months and waiting for EMDR therapy, through the NHS.

    Work isn’t the reason for my poor mental health. I enjoyed working as aTeaching assistant with special needs children, plus the work pattern suited me as a parent of an autistic child at another school, i need to be available for him too.
    Before becoming ill I really enjoyed the work, there were some areas of the school that were clique, which I choose to ignore, as i feel uncomfortable with gang mentality. There were more positives than negatives to the job though. I saw myself returning to work when I’m better.

    I spoke to the office manager yesterday; she’s rather miffed I’m still poorly. She ‘suggested’ I leave the job and reapply when I’m well enough to work!
    I’m gobsmacked, hurt and totally lost by her response. (I will talk to my union but don’t have the emotional strength to fight right now.)

    I’m genuinely ill, actively seeking help, not sure what else I can do…
    Should I look for another job when I’m better & what areas would suit a knackered old Leo like me?

    Like many of your subscribers I honestly thought Pluto entering Aquarius would be like a VE day celebration. Its still tough out there though isn’t it? Any guidance on how to navigate the terrain & find my tribe when I’m well again is very much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you are poorly and that your office manager has made you think about your union – though as you say you are not ready to fight at the moment. Pluto in Aquarius really has nothing to do with your health or your job. What you are experiencing is the end of Pluto in Capricorn in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing, replaced by Ceres in Capricorn – all year. That’s your Leo chart and it shows that the habits of a lifetime, your body, your mental health, your son, your workload (everything) has to change in 2024 and will change, too. It can feel intense but it will ultimately correct situations which have built up over time. Your office manager was playing the role of Ceres. Very forceful, very strong and quite overwhelming. When we go to your natal chart we find the South Node at 22 Virgo and Pluto at 23 Virgo, again in your Sixth House of lifestyle, workload and wellbeing. You’ve had Neptune at 22, 23 Pisces opposing that and Uranus is moving up to a trine at 22, 23 Taurus. Basically you can do this, but it will take you all year. It will completely transform your life and very likely your body, but for the best. Rather than waiting for the NHS you may want to look at alternatives. You enjoy helping special needs children; you also have your own special needs child; there will be an alternative way to do that too. Once the transit is over, it’s over. So 2024 is sign-off year and yet while you are going through this cycle you have to be prepared to let go of, as I said, the habits of a lifetime. The Sixth House is an entwined area of work and health, together. That is housework, charity work, academia as well as paid work. The health is mental and physical. So something new is trying to break through here. The dead end you have met with your office manager is typical of a Ceres cycle in that you will hit the point of no return and be made to do something about it. That ‘something’ will need to be tailor-made for you, created by you and controlled by you. You have a great need for total control with your work, but also your daily routine. Pluto can do that. So part of the solution will be finding a way to earn a crust, and perhaps also volunteer or study, that makes you your own boss on every level.

  8. Hello Jessica, I recently lost my mum [Jan], her funeral was last Thursday. I forgot to sign in to the Year of the Dragon Zoom meet up because I was so tired. I am disappointed, as I did want to sign in to it. I have been trying to set up a therapy business for the past two years, but have felt thwarted by either health or life events, it really has not been ‘quite’ the time to set up yet. I am wondering when the right time will occur and also wondering if going further into writing creatively will be productive and allow me to earn a living through writing. Many thanks. Kind regards, C x

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. The funeral for your mum was only last week so you are still adjusting and adapting. You are also wondering about your business and creative writing. You have Uranus at 0 Virgo in the Sixth House of wellness and workload, and Pluto is at 0 Aquarius for the first time in 248 years, so transiting Pluto quincunx natal Uranus is your aspect. It’s big. Jupiter goes to 0 Gemini in May and transiting Jupiter will square natal Uranus. Again, this is quite rare. You are overdue for a revolution and it would not just be paid work (and unpaid work) it would also be your entire lifestyle, wellbeing, fitness, food, drink, sleep – the lot. This takes all of 2024 to complete. To be born with Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House is to invite these regular revolutions, but this time around it’s particularly powerful. Try to be open to change – meet change with change – it will be quite liberating. In fact you are likely to find total independence (from) or (through) something or someone utterly transforming, this year.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Your advice always feels intuitively so on-point. I have also been getting a lot of success with Astrology Delivery & Tarot. My overall topic was “new lovers” & I meditated on getting a certain divorced Libra man to ask me for a coffee date so I could get more details about his life. Even though the complexity surrounding his children makes it VERY hard, I needed this date to happen so I could decidedly keep looking.

    I am now continuing the Astrology Delivery for a new lover following the Capricorn dates you gave until December 2024. Next suitor is a 43 year old Aries man who’s tremendously established in his career but I find only somewhat attractive. Given my natal chart, please do share your thoughts. I value them SO MUCH.

    Waving at you from New Jersey, USA.

    1. Thank you. I am glad Astrology Delivery is working for you – and Tarot too. You have been using your Virgo booking windows for a new lover and an Aries has appeared. His big choices in love are all in 2024 and what happens between you reflects his karma from 18-19 years ago. I wonder if he can remember who he was with, then, or what happened? This may have been a partnership which became financial, or a pregnancy which was terminated, or perhaps a property which was bought. He is owed, or he owes, spiritually, from life as it was. This will strongly affect the way he sees you and how things proceed.

  10. Hi Jessica, thank you to both you and Alicia for yesterday’s zoom – it was so interesting! I’m really looking forward to the Pisces session coming up later this week.
    Can I just ask a quick question regarding my chart and the card I picked? I’m a Pisces Rooster, and I chose the Ace of Wands – which I’m thrilled with (I’ve received notice of a small inheritance later this year), also the river, house and landscape in a few of the Smith Waite cards always pops out. Perhaps a new lifestyle on the horizon? This last year has been probably the worst of my life with stress and health issues (meningitis last May and subsequent brain injury/inflammation that keeps flaring) for myself and my family. I have Vesta in Virgo at 0 degrees, and I have to say that every time there’s a big planetary movement through 0-1 degrees things go even more haywire. How can I really make good use of the Ace of Wands energy to move ahead? I’m a healer and intuitive but every time I start to gain traction in my studies or career, health waylays me and I grind to a halt in every aspect of life. It’s like I get in my own way! I feel like I need to live part time on a mountain top… this year in particular I’m even more introverted than usual. Anyway, thank you again for your time and energy and I’ll see you at the Pisces event 🙂

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia and we look forward to seeing you at the Pisces weather event this weekend. Your buried treasure is a striking idea which you need to place in the right location. It will be big, important and could produce great results for years, but you will need to act on it quickly this year. You are a healer who needs healing. Vesta in Virgo in the Sixth House is a symbol of power and control issues with doctors, nurses, patients, other healers, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, and so on. Sometimes the whole wellness industry. These matters are played out with majority females/minority males and it’s through that, that you learn how to deal with sexual politics. So it’s not really about the brain injury. It’s about the male-female politics in medicine. It’s through that, that you ultimately find your own power.

  11. Hi, Jessica- Rabbit/Virgo – I drew the Two of Wands for the buried treasure of 2024. How does this work with the card you drew for Rabbit? I would like a promotion this year, and I’m also considering studying for the CPA exam and sitting for the exam next year – I have 30 months to take four parts. I don’t plan to take that long, although the exam is difficult. I also would like to buy a house; not sure how this fits in with victory this year.

    1. Your buried treasure is a project, idea or concept you would like to take to a foreign country. At the very most to a neighbouring region. Don’t forget the second idea, though. It’s just as good.

  12. I am Scorpio Tiger and I worry about my health as I suddenly have inflammation in my pancreas left knee Any feedback are welcome as I need a healer

  13. Dear Jessica, thank you for the opportunity of being able to ask a question. I was in your latest Zoom, about the Dragon year, being a Dragon myself and enjoyed it so much. A comment of yours got me, it was about the year 1929, reincarnations and the crash. My father is British and born 1929, and his family financially affected. My mother is German. I am living most of my life in Germany, always with a big wish to go back to the UK. As I brought up my daughter single, I stayed in Germany, so that my daughter and father could see each other easier. About 13 years ago, my daughter left me to live with her father. Since then we have hardly any contact. Her father is better off and supporting her PHD and she is meanwhile in the UK.About that time a cycle, that repeats itself over and over again, intensified. I wanted to set up a Reiki and Kinesiology Practice next to my job, but again and again I loose my job and have to start all over again. This time quite fresh and financially dramatic. I feel stuck in the cycle and being nearly 60 I am running out of time and savings. This time loosing the job was quite unexpected and somehow not necessary. It is always about groups and control, but I loose. I felt very intense the fear of loosing my flat and being poor, but it was not only about me. So that is where I thought about 1929, because I often thought it has to do with my father, family cycle. Can you give me any hint? Grateful and kind regards also to Alicia

    1. Thank you. We were talking about reincarnation in the Zoom with one eye on prior incarnations during poverty or crashes. Your chart will show the last past life and you have the lunar nodes in Cancer-Capricorn. The lunar nodes (North Node and South Node) reveal the last incarnation and why you have come back for this one. Cancer is the family. Capricorn is success. Your father’s family suffered in the 1929 crash. Your challenge in this lifetime is to find a way to be with the family – to do what is right with the family – perhaps to put up with them (a problematic relative). Yet at the same time the family can never come first before your own success, career, unpaid ambitions, academic success and so on. It can be tricky to balance and take a lifetime to do so. The fear of losing your flat may be past life. Cancer rules property. That may have happened to you before. There is no reason it will happen again.

  14. Dear brilliant, lovely Jessica, I attended this Year of the Dragon zoom session over the weekend – it was illuminating as always. I would so appreciate your insight on the Tarot I pulled to help me identify “buried treasure” – which was The World. I’m seeking some focus, target here (as this card seem so, well, wide open). As you can see from my premium member birth chart, I am a Dog, Cap Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts so generously with The World!

    1. Well, thank you very much. Thanks also for being in the audience for our Zoom. Your buried treasure is in a foreign country and/or with a foreign person. This may be a case of another language or accent turning your head. You will actually be spoiled for choice. It’s rather like choosing between some exotic part of Asia/Asians or Europe/Europeans. It’s a nice place to be in, but ultimately by 2025 you will have selected a particular culture and place.

  15. Hi Jessica, I was zoom registered, but was unable to watch the zoom. Is there a recording of the event, thanks, cheers, Binty

    1. I will ask Alicia Fulton, who ran our Zoom event, to check if we have a broadcast quality recording to pass on. If so, I will post the link here. Thanks Binty.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have lots of Aquarius factors, so I’m really hoping the next year brings more progress and fulfilment than the last three. Feels like I am lost in a maze of my own making. Somewhere deep within me I know I have the answers and courage to turn things around, but I keep spinning my wheels. I’d love to hear your take on my chart for the months ahead. Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Aries with a large Aquarius stellium, and Pluto is now in your Eleventh House, in Aquarius, for 20 years. The power dynamic within a group you know quite well will change in 2024, 2025 and you need to perhaps look at the way you deal with teams, clubs, bands and so on – with new eyes. This more than anything else will stop you spinning your wheels. You were born to give groups what they need. You will never be embedded within these circles, as you will be on the outside, not the core inside. However you need these brotherhoods and sisterhoods – and they need you. What you can come up with together will change a corner of your world, forever.

  17. Hi Jessica!

    We have a total solar eclipse coming up on April 8th and it will cross Texas USA. Where I live. It will make several aspects to my planets. Please let me know what it means for me.
    Thank you kindly

    1. An eclipse conceals, it never reveals. There is always a cover-up and it takes months or years to become aware of what/who was hidden in plain sight. For that reason never judge or act on an eclipse. Wait for it to pass. It’s like choosing a fork in the road when you have no car headlights, Veri. Texas itself will be absolutely hoodwinked but it will take ages for us to realise what was missed.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed the zoom on Saturday. I pulled the Ace of Cups. Anyway, I just right now got a job offer! Finally. I will be going back to teaching older learners numeracy in the community. I’m absolutely over the moon. I’m Pig this year too! I just wanted to say your horoscopes and twiiter posts and blogs etc, have really kept me going over the last few years. I have held onto hope even when the beginning of last year was so tough and you have helped me with that and encouraged me to work with the tarot and connect to it more. Hopefully the only way is up now!!

    Thank you so much xxx

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. Congratulations on the job offer. The Ace of Cups shows your extended group of allies and a brotherhood and sisterhood of like minds and spirits. It’s a lovely Tarot card which shows ‘your cup running over’ but also this really wonderful network around you.

  19. Jessica – I finally had the opportunity to watch the zoom recording. Always appreciate your talent as I learn so much. As I indicated in the Pisces weather comments – I am actively seeking gainful employment. There are three opportunities that I am drawn to. One that I just received paper for and I am reviewing the contract (although I have declined the position twice). One that I applied for to work with a gentleman I have worked with before (his wife is now part of the mix and will probably make the decision). And a third that is very interesting but in a completely different town where I would have to commute or relocate – and applications were due by the 10 March. My tarot for Year of the Dragon is the 3 of Wands. My tarot for Pisces weather is Seven of Cups followed by the Queen of Pentacles. Is there any light you can shed? I am grateful.

    1. Thank you for joining us on the Year of the Dragon Zoom. The Three of Wands tells you that the important project or role is elsewhere. There is a boom, either in a neighbouring area or overseas. A gold rush. This sounds like your third job option, although it may of course be a job option where you can stay put, but take the plans to where the boom happens to be. This is a year long trend. Closer to March, you drew the Seven of Cups which shows you are projecting hopes, dreams, wishes – but also fear and loathing to some extent – onto a cloud of nothing. There is actually nothing real here. It’s all in your head. So in March the trick is to come back to yourself, know yourself better, get back in touch with yourself and realise that so much of what you are currently hypnotised by (and rather stuck by) is just a good film, projected by you, onto the blank screen of your life. March is a good month to use a journal or have a chat to yourself in the mirror and understand that your thoughts and inner imagery are so important to what you experience. Longer term, the Queen of Pentacles shows you with a considerable sum of money. Your chart backs up all these Tarot cards. You have a stellium in Taurus in your Second House of finance which will be transited by Jupiter with all his abundance, growth and gain – no later than May. You also have some factors in Gemini in the Third House of ideas and short journeys and Jupiter will be in Gemini, May 2024 through June 2025, so that looks like your ‘have plans, will send them’ role.

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