Year of the Dragon on Zoom

Premium Members and Sun Sign School subscribers are invited to ask Jessica questions about Year of the Dragon based on their Asian sign.

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Premium Members and Sun Sign School subscribers are invited to ask questions in Comments about Year of the Dragon. The Zoom event took place on the final weekend of February 2024. Jessica Adams read your Asian sign Tarot and you also chose your own Tarot for a live reading.

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17 Responses

  1. Jessica, 2024 is my year. I am a Dragon and I feel so deeply that this year is going to be the most pivotal year for me–one that will chart my course for years to follow. You have written that April and May are big months for me (Libra Sun/Libra Stellium), given my chart and the astrology. I am a Dragon in the year of the Dragon. What is your wise guidance that you might give me to be able to affect the changes I need to make,in such a powerful year? You have my birth chart and I have written in the past about love, even a possible re-location from the U.S. to Europe. This year, a move like that just might happen as a result of an offer of work. I just feel strongly that this year will set the new foundation in love, in work, in travel. In everything, really. I haven’t felt this way about any year before…. I think this is the year to manifest miracles in every area. It’s that kind of year. Thank you. Anya Ushakova. California, USA

    1. You want to emigrate to Europe and get married, Anya. You will have the chance to leave California for Europe from May 2024 and if you take it, there would be a quick result in June. Long-term you may move one more time from 2026, if you go. So you may go from America to Germany, for example, and then Germany to Switzerland. It’s your free choice. Also from 2026, a new partnership which is a holiday from reality. Just keep it real enough so that you get a lawyer to oversee any agreements between you about money or property.

  2. Thank you, dear Jessica, for your reply to me. I am a European at heart and so were I to move as a result of an inspired offer so tempting that I simply could not refuse it, I will send a message to you. There is so much more I’d like to share with you, really. On the subject of love, too, actually. Having spent so many years in California, I do have a life here, entanglements of course. Like anyone else who planted herself in a place a long time ago. Though I am taking inspiration for 2024, my year of the Dragon, from a quote I have long loved, written by the late Celtic poet, John O’Donahue:

    “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” Indeed. Happy New Year, Jessica!

  3. Dear Jessica – Thank you for this opportunity, just signed up to join you from Aarhus, Denmark!
    Leo/snake here – and I am currently in a place where all things work and finances are up in the air. Not in a bad way – feels like I have been offered the opportunity to start fresh and mold things in a way that truly makes sense to me and the people I will be working for this time. I am job hunting – should I like so many others have my eyes fixed on April/May? Considering working two jobs – one out and one from home. Would that mane sense according to my chart? Any insights would be very much appreciated.
    I was told by a clairvoyant (he helped me after my divorce two years ago) that I am a light worker in this world/in this incarnation. Is that something which would show in a chart?..

    Thank you, Jessica – all the best!

    1. Thanks Pia. You want a new job and yes, April and May are good months to do that. As a Sun Leo you have Jupiter (opportunity) and Uranus (freedom) both in your solar Tenth House of career, academia and also unpaid work. Jupiter is only there once every 12 years and the rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus in April will suddenly and quite unexpectedly reshape your path. Uranus is all that is unique, unconventional, unexpected and very much a u-turn (all the U words). Working two jobs would fit. You also have Hygiea at 29 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, wellbeing and lifestyle and in May Jupiter moves to 29 Taurus, so there is an exact trine. Hygeia is about prevention, not cure, and reveals how you protect yourself and others by pre-empting issues. This all does rather lean towards the wellness industry if you are interested in that. Are you a light worker? Spirituality is shown by Pisces factors in the Twelfth House of religion, Buddhism, faith, angels and so on. You don’t actually have any Pisces at all. But you may be drawn towards healers and healing with that Hygiea placement in Virgo.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I just registered for the zoom and really looking forward to all your guidance. I am being offered to a leadership role, can also negotiate a better compensation, however, somehow feeling jittery. Can you please help look up my chart and guide me that if I change my job, it will all work out. I guess it’s the fear of unknown. Best regards,SM

    1. You are in the change cycle for career so doing the right thing at the right time. There will be challenges all year about sharing the control, dividing up the turf between you both/all and coming to compromises over who or what has the power. That is perfectly fine and you can rise to the occasion. It won’t always be easy but if you are ambitious, you will make it work. Best to get things clear from the start with others. Communicate. Find out how the pecking order works and what the roles, rights and responsibilities are for all or both of you (not just yourself). Approach others and ask/check. That will make this new Ceres cycle in Capricorn, which triggers your chart, easier to cope with.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for all your work.

    I have been stretched too thin in too many directions, and lately have been focused on consolidating my energies and focus. I’m working on transitioning into a new, more aligned career and the completion of creative projects related to that, and am working part-time to have the time to do this, which has created a huge financial strain but seems necessary – working paycheck to paycheck seems less wise in the long run than building something that will generate greater income. I’m concerned about my timing and prospects. I’m getting certified as a coach, writing a book, building a website, developing a body of work, and getting back in shape, while doing the admin for an office on the side. My husband (who does not earn much right now and needs to return to school to earn more) and I have a lot of dreams for this year that require money we don’t have, and it’s been discouraging. In recent years we have had to overcome many personal obstacles and have done so. Our financial situation has been a huge limit, and we are working hard to change that, but it feels like things don’t change for us financially, although we we put a lot of energy into our inner worlds and are completely transformed as people – core wounds healed, etc. The only area of our life that seems not to be working right now is financial. This situation has been going on for years. I’m wondering if there is any hope or encouragement or insight into this that you can offer. Thank you!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I attended your Year of the Dragon event and found it very informative. I’m a goat with Jupiter in Virgo, and you drew 8 of swords for goats in 2024. You said this signified a new place for me to live and work this year. At the break, I drew 3 of pentacles. The interpretation on the tarot section didn’t resonate for me, so I later listened to pink noise and then studied the card. Looking at it upright, the arch looks like an arrow pointing upward. The person with an apron looks like a skilled laborer. Is he holding a bell? In modern times, I’d say he was holding a flashlight (torch) to better illuminate the document. I can’t really tell what the document is, but I assume building plans. The two figures to the right are a monk, identified by his tonsure, and a woman. She and the laborer are the only ones wearing brightly colored garments. I’m not sure what the gold and orange tones mean. Money? Creativity? Again, in modern times, I’d say the woman might be from the Middle East, judging by her garment. I’d appreciate your views on what the 3 of pentacles represents for my gateway this year. Thank you so much, as always.

    1. Thanks Karen. The Tarot card is about the future not the present, so if the meaning did not resonate with you, that’s not particularly important. Later on, it will be true for you. Your buried treasure is literally, buried treasure. There will be a search for money or valuables. You will need to get the right people. A classic case is insurance claim – but also a legacy from a relative. When the time comes seek expertise to help you not amateurs.

  7. thank you for this delicious session. I feel like another layer of deep understanding with tarot and astrology.

    I am Horse…and a bunch of sagg>>>I love knowing you can see my chart Jessica.
    along with the Ace you pulled…I further pulled the five of Pentacles… eeek …resisting the urge to pull another…I felt into being separated from the abundance (over there, inside the church and on the 2024 Horse card)….is this my self loathing and ‘not good enoughness’ being triggered and tested?…and keeping me away from abundance?
    Is this me being sidetracked through my relationship (we are currently feeling into attachment styles and our codependent habits…playfully and lovingly (at best), to shift, change, update and grow alongside each other)

    I have said yes to an exhibition in a local artist run space, the same space I had a locally successful exhibition last year.
    I feel a little crazy, as this time frame (less than 8 weeks) demands I trust and move fast….I do feel alive among the risk.
    I work in the arts in a supportive service role, activating others creativity…so there is possibly some ‘money where my mouth is’…leading ..being brave….at play here.
    the time frame is tight…the show will open on the 19th of April…lining up with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction…
    I pulled cards after your session for this creative project- the 8 of cups and Ace of wands for clarification…this feels like I need to journey away from what I know, in the flow, alone..trusting only what I can know… and then, in the exhibition…land the new ideas…and land them now!!….trusting trusting…

    any further seeing is welcome with gratitude and love for your gifts.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I’m so glad you could come along to our Zoom. You will do well financially from this exhibition, or to further opportunities which your exhibition inspires. So you may have one sizeable sale, for example, or discover a way to use money from another source, to fund your work. The Ace of Wands, or Staves, shows you the big idea coming up in 2024. The trick is acting on it.

  8. Hi Jessica, are we really going to see the rise of the right wing in the US and the UK? I’m feeling so despondent at the moment with Trump careering back to power, and the Reform Party here being able to stoke hatred wherever they want to. It feels like the world is in such a precarious place, with dictators at every turn.

    1. I’m not sure Trump is back in power. He’s in a decline. He just keeps on losing (the civil fraud case being the latest example) and Pluto in Aquarius tells us, this is a slow Decline and Fall. I keep quoting the title of that book by Waugh because it’s so apt. The Reform Party won’t dictate anything to anybody. They’re not big enough. However, their presence in the final results of the UK election will force Proportional Representation through. Again that is Pluto in Aquarius. Power goes to the (extremely) diverse group, so not just Reform, but eventually, Greens and far-left independents too, as much as the far right.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    I know this is slightly late. But I just realised that I am a dragon with Jupiter in Taurus at 23 degrees.
    I don’t know how this year will pan out as I have been looking for a job for almost 2 years now. Not a single reply from hundreds of applications.
    I hope the year of the dragon and the Jupiter Taurus conjunction gives me something to cheer about.

    Regards SC

    1. Two years is a long time to be without work SC so your birth chart may provide clues. Capricorn and the Tenth House rule career. You were born with Venus at 28 Capricorn. Ceres is at 29 Virgo in your Sixth House of work ethic, just one degree away, so they are trine. Chiron at 27 Aries and Vulcano at 27 Sagittarius complete the pattern. Any time you have slow-moving cycles at 27, 28, 29 degrees the entire professional loop in your chart is triggered. The worst is over as Pluto has finished his transit of Capricorn at 27, 28, 29 degrees and you will get a job, or train to get the skills required, to gain work. One of the issues with this pattern is image, profile, name, brand, qualifications, photographs. That’s Aries in your First House. The other is foreign people and foreign places. Who or what is foreign to you, when you apply for a job? That is half your issue. Anyway, the worst is over, as Pluto will retrograde to 29 Capricorn in September, October, November 2024 – but that’s it. Apart from that he is in his new sign of Aquarius and the very difficult challenges of the last two years are finished. You will have an opportunity to make or save quite a lot of money by May 2024 as you have your Jupiter Return in Taurus in the Second House of cash flow. This may in fact be a new salary or a grant to study with. Do look at your actual applications though. The name you use. The online material about yourself – your reputation. Your chart suggests it’s in the upfront packaging.

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