Capricorn Full Moon June 2024

How will the Capricorn Full Moon of 22nd June 2024 affect your sign? What about any patterns at 1 degree in your natal chart? Why are the Capricorn transits of 2024 so important to you? What if you have Cancer, Capricorn and/or Aquarius horoscope factors?

The Full Moon in Capricorn, June 22nd 2024

This Full Moon takes place with the Moon at 01 Capricorn 07 in opposition to the Sun at 01 Cancer 07, on Saturday 22nd June at 2.08am BST in London. Always allow the day before and the day after, to fit all global sleep cycles and time zones.

How the Full Moon Hits One Degree

This Full Moon is important because it aspects Pluto at 1 Aquarius 33, which is almost exact. Do you have anything in your natal chart at 1 degree? Whatever is there, by sign and house, will be triggered by complicated situations on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd June around the world.

In this feature I will look at that for you, and also look at the 12 zodiac signs and the impact of this Capricorn Full Moon. It’s important, because whatever your sign is, you have Ceres and Pluto, also in Capricorn, in 2024 and this is the big sign-off from the most demanding, intense cycle in 248 years – in just one area of your life.

FULL MOON 22 JUNE 2024 1024x788 - Capricorn Full Moon June 2024


How Your Sun Sign Is Affected by the Capricorn Full Moon

There is one area of your life where (since 2008) you have experienced deeper transformation than any other. Your solar chart or Sun Sign chart shows you where the headlines have been. This Full Moon is really important because it shows you what still does not add up. Who or what is still not a complete picture for you. Where you may want to try harder (later) but also give yourself a lot of space on 21st, 22nd, 23rd June as the Full Moon kicks in, around the world.

Aries – Career, success, status, ambition, position, mission, unpaid vocation, academia, goals, roles, social mountaineering, the system, the hierarchy, the establishment, corporations, institutions.
Taurus – Foreigners, foreign countries, multiculturalism, academia, lecture circuits, publishing, the worldwide web, study, teaching, languages, cultural differences, travel, emigration, migrants.
Gemini – Finance, property, business, charity, valuables, mortgages, joint bank accounts, divorce settlements, child maintenance payments, inheritance, wills, legacies, bequests , banks, shares.
Cancer – Husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, professional partners, separation, divorce, de facto relationships, feuds, disputes, lawsuits, judges, conflicts, battles, wars, differences.
Leo – Health, wellbeing, daily routine, dogs and cats, food and drink, doctors and nurses, housework, study, paid work, unpaid work, service, duty statements, chores.
Virgo – Courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, abortion, adoption, fostering, IVF, schoolchildren, teenagers, young adults, godchildren, stepchildren, generation gaps, younger people.
Libra – House, apartment, garden, family, household, town, country, ancestors, culture, heritage, history, roots, belonging, real estate, property, renovations, redecoration.
Scorpio – Brothers, sisters, cousins, transport, travel, commuting, cars, short journeys, communication, the internet, public speaking, the media, speech and eyesight, hearing and sign language.
Sagittarius – Valuables, collectors’ items, banks, business, profit, loss, credit cards, shares, NFTs, cryptocurrency, charity, debts, charity, donations, loans, mortgages, sales, purchases.
Capricorn – Appearance, reputation, title, brand, name, face, shape, style, profile, image, the internet, social media profiles, photographs, portraits, film and television capture, identity.
Aquarius – Psychics, Tarot, mediums, rabbis, priests, nuns, monks, Buddhism, therapy, counselling, self-help, hypnosis, dream interpretation, meditation, psychologists, psychiatrists.
Pisces – Friends, groups, allies, societies, teams, clubs, trade unions, bands, groups, people power, political parties, grassroots organisations, charities, circles and social media networks.

The Capricorn Cycles of 2008-2024

Well, it all began for you on 27th January 2008 as Pluto entered Capricorn. Since then, just one area of your existence has been changed beyond all recognition. 2024 is sign-off year. This area of your life becomes less demanding in stages, as Pluto has gone until September 3rd, when he returns for a long flashback until November 19th. You also see a sign-off in stages with Ceres in Capricorn. She is in flashback mode too, so you will find progress is stop-start and go-slow. She went into this same zone of your chart on February 8th 2024 and will depart on December 7th , This really is the long goodbye for these Capricorn cycles, but you will find the classic gift of empowerment, if you use your willpower. You will be given control if you use self-control.

Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn in Your Chart

Going to your natal chart or birth chart, all this takes place in your Tenth House of ambition and position, mission and goals. Roles and aspiration. This is your highest potential peak of success, no matter if you work, study or engage in unpaid work. If you have anything at 29 Capricorn then this is personal.

You will have a direct confrontation with the most dominating, controlling, obsessive, powerful people and organisations. From this you learn to push back, own your controls and hold your own reins. By firmly becoming ‘the boss of you’ as they say, you find empowerment.

Do You Have Capricorn 0-21 Factors?

If you have anything at Capricorn 0-21 then the whole year is about recycling, reviewing, returning – professionally. It’s the same with academia or unpaid work.

This is because Ceres goes 0-21 back and forth. Yet it ends on November 12th and from December 7th, this important dwarf planet (Pluto’s equal) has also gone.

Your Tenth House is empty of Pluto and Ceres then. It will likely feel strange at first, but it will be the New Moon in Capricorn on Monday 30th December 2024 that lets you know, this really is a new, new, new year. Welcome to 2025. This will be the first full year you have ever experienced without constant issues about power, or lack of power.

All About Ceres and Pluto

Ceres is the mother-in-law of Pluto. He is married to her daughter Proserpina. She is the go-between. They are equally powerful and locked in a power struggle. It can only be resolved by a new deal. A compromise. A new world. Sometimes astrology is literal. Your issue may be your son-in-law and your daughter. Your mother and your husband. Your mother-in-law and your wife. This is more likely if you were born under the sign of Libra. However, if you have zodiac sign Cancer placements in your chart you may also find the Ceres and Pluto transit is literal.

Pluto Is About Changing Power

You will notice the biggest Pluto and Ceres impact in the world of business, the professions and High Society. Even if you are not affected by either family dramas or career stories, those around you will be.

The change in the balance of power that comes with Pluto is deep and permanent. It’s atomic level. For example – he was at 2 Leo trine the Moon at 2 Aries at the start of the last war.

When that war ended and the power transformed again, Pluto was at 7 Leo and Saturn was at 7 Cancer. Pluto is about massive reshuffle. If you think about the relative positions of the USA and Germany at the start and end of the war (when America used the atomic bomb) you have some idea of just how huge these shifts in real power, really are.

Watching Ceres

The arrival of Ceres in a very long retrograde in exactly the same sign, same area of your life and same house as Pluto is important. She is about the empowerment of people or organisations who had no power. Through and intense and complex process, Ceres transits give firm control, real influence and great weight to people or groups who never had it. Ceres is also there when there is a deal, a bargain, a time-sharing or power-sharing agreement. For example, she turns up when your work schedules are reshuffled and you are told someone else will be doing your job, for half the time. If you are a Libra woman, for example, Ceres is in your zone of real estate, property, the family and your stake in that.

Child Custody and Ceres

Another example of Ceres at work is child custody agreements. In divorce or separation, the father takes the son for the school holidays (for example) or the mother has the lad on alternative weekends.

card ceres 213x300 - Capricorn Full Moon June 2024

Ceres and Four Seasons

Ceres rules the four seasons. In summer and spring she is happy and the earth laughs in flowers.

In winter and autumn she is not, and it rains. In 2024 the big message for you on this Full Moon in Capricorn, in the same chart zone as Ceres in Capricorn, is to understand there will be seasons.

No consistency. For example, if you are an Aries, this will be in your career, as there may be a massive departure in the organisation which means most of 2024 is spent going back and forth with reshuffled power.

Understanding how to deal with four seasons in your life, back and forth, all year, is part of Ceres’ demands of you in 2024. By Christmas 2024 you will realise that you have a new life, a new deal, a new arrangement. Your power and control in that situation will be a result of whatever willpower and self-control you’ve found.

This Full Moon in Capricorn in June 2022, then, requires a lot of time, space and thought because it sets up the future.

What a Full Moon Is In Astrology

A Full Moon is a tug of war between the Sun and Moon in opposite signs. They are in opposition, like two political parties, or two football teams. You will experience inner conflict, depending on your birth chart, or be dealing with others who are at odds with you, or those around you. It’s a complicated, challenging time when the zodiac signs involved show the differences. Capricorn is ambitious. Capricorn wants to be at the top of High Society or big business – or in its field.

The Cancer and Capricorn Split

Cancer values home more. Comfort and belonging. Capricorn leaves the farm to go and make it in the big city. Cancer stays at home, or goes back home. What you will see on that Full Moon on 22nd June 2024 is a lot of front-page news about those themes.

Capricorn is about leaving a small town in order to emigrate to New York or London to be a big shot. Cancer is about putting a house, garden, apartment, family circle, sense of belonging – before hitting the heights. This is all pretty familiar isn’t it? Cancer and Capricorn are ancient archetypes, always opposite.

The Full Moon will make this stand out as if it was spotlit, in your life and in the news.

Capricorn is about successful women who have made it. They have been to university and become leaders in their field. Cancer is about mums who become single parents and work in a store to pay the rent. Capricorn is about prestige, perhaps fame, certainly kudos and clout. Cancer is about ‘my children come first’.

Pluto in Aquarius and the Full Moon

This date is also about Pluto (power) in Aquarius (with the group of friends). So this is a real moment for shifting controls, thanks to the potency of allies in a diverse circle of people. Black, white, old, young, rich, poor, male or female and so on.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is semi-sextile Pluto in Aquarius. The Sun, at 1 Cancer, is quincunx Pluto in Aquarius.

What happens in politics near that 22nd June Full Moon is important as Pluto tells us that the White House and 10 Downing Street, in 2025 and following, belong to a circle of men and women who know how to holds the reins together, horizontally.

When Pluto was in Capricorn, power was held from the top down, by just one man, or maybe a tiny number of men. That’s virtually over.

FULL MOON STARS Rawpixel 300x200 - Capricorn Full Moon June 2024

Do You Have Cancer Factors?

Avoid the Full Moon as it’s a tug of war from the Moon (which rules Cancer anyway) against the Sun in Cancer in your Fourth House of family, real estate, home town, homeland, household and belonging.

There are easier times to discuss, sign, accept signatures, negotiate the relationships and so on.

Wait for the Full Moon to go out of Capricorn and the Moon to pass into Aquarius.

Then all you have to think about is the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer and so the stage is set for far easier agreements about it all.

Do You Have Capricorn Factors?

Again, avoid the Full Moon for an easy life. The emotional Moon in Capricorn is being pushed against by the Sun, coming the other way. You have Ceres there in Capricorn anyway so there are a ton of issues which are irrational, based on feelings (strong feelings) and particularly female-led thinking.

This will squarely be about your career, unpaid work or academic career. Decisions can and will come out of this, later on, but the actual Full Moon itself is a big full stop in the sky. A big white full stop. That’s your cue to pause.

Do You Have Aquarius Factors?

Pluto in Aquarius only recently landed in your Eleventh House of friends, allies, groups, circles, clubs, societies and teams. This is also where we find bands and charities.

The power is there for all to see. It is with you, them, he or she. There are major questions here about who and what is in control.

This Full Moon will aspect Pluto in a way that means the jigsaw pieces do not fit. So you may want to choose quite another time to try and focus on your friends or groups.

Main Image: Dreamstime. Images: Rawpixel/Dreamstime/Justin Tabari

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237 Responses

  1. Hi, Jessica. I feel like this post totally speaks to me having bunch of Cancer, Capricorn, and Aquarius factors. This year has been stressful at work, at home, and financially. I want to make some good changes (I have a Jupiter return), but nothing is happening. Will you share your wisdom about my horoscope?

    1. Your gridlock ends in two stages. December 7th 2024 then January 11th 2025. You are heavily Cardinal and so can become gridlocked when there are Cardinal transits. It’s the Cancer/Capricorn/Aries/Libra combination of natal chart factors and transits which is challenging you. You are over the halfway mark and 2025 will be completely different. In fact you can draw a line under many years of family, house, apartment and household obstacles. All gone.

  2. Great Golly Gumboots Jessica! Thank you for yet another informative, insightful timely article! I am a Cancer Sun 29 degrees indeed with Capricorn rising ! I also have my Nodes at 26 degrees on this axis! 26degrees Cap NN – Cancer SN. Jupiter is at 0 degrees for me in Capricorn and Neptune at 2 degrees Sag… ( so Im thinking that the 1 degree orb applies and all of this makes it a particularly significant time ?)
    Curious to see how this plays out for me, as always I would be super grateful for any insights. Ps I have finally signed up for the Sun Sign school , total value for money and absolutely love the Learning opportunities. Of course given that Ive followed you for quite a while now and have been lucky enough to reap the benefits of both your guidance and wisdom through some mega uncertain and bleak moments .. I kinda knew this would be a goldmine! You never fail to shine such a bright light, in a sea of wanna be , inauthentic and opportunistic energy , I do feel so blessed to have acess to you!

    Oh and btw Modi has been downsized… true to your predictions he has been forced to share power , which will obviously greatly impact law, policymaking and overall governance in India. There has indeed been a transfer of power from one male to many! And I am keeping a close eye on upcoming female leaders who have recently been voted into power !

    Thank you for all that you are and all that you do! Signing off from rainy, sunny India xo!

    1. Thanks Kimberley. Waving to you in India. Thank you also for signing up for The Sun Sign School. The best way to learn astrology and Tarot is by using your own chart. You have Salacia at 1 Aquarius which will be caught by the Full Moon at 1 Capricorn in a semi-sextile. By nature you operate in two different worlds, with friends and groups. Neither of them are particularly real. Salacia was Neptune’s wife and functioned in the ocean and on the beach. Salacia in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of social life, social media, clubs, teams, communities is common in the charts of women who take a holiday from reality, by joining (say) a ballet class or drinking a lot of wine (for example) in a wine-tasting club. The Sun Sign School has a social side, as you know, and that would qualify. The Full Moon suggests other people have an inner conflict, or there is a split situation around you, which very much affects the friendships or the group. You do have Jupiter at 0 Capricorn, just one degree away from the Full Moon, so your lifelong ability to land on your feet, with your career, unpaid work or academic career, is on the line on the Full Moon. By nature you tend to be optimistic about your chances, particularly professionally, and have a history of being downright lucky (though you use your luck extremely well). This now comes into play.

  3. Hi Jessica. First a big heartfelt thank you for your posts! Always super interesting, informative and an invaluable resource navigating choppy waters in recent years. The podcasts are wonderful, too.
    Asking for help as this one hits up close. I am Sun Sagittarius with North Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Psyche In Aquarius, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Cancer, MC in Cancer, IC in Capricorn, Chiron in Capricorn, Salacia in Capricorn, Ceres in Sagittarius, and Panacea at 1 degree Taurus. Mix with a highly triggered Capricorn partner and a dental malpractice suit being planned. Can happily hide in the studio weekend of the full moon but this feels serious. Any suggestions appreciated. Enjoy your weekend and thanks again. LTC

    1. Thank you LTC. I can see your chart on the screen, as all Premium Members’ personal horoscopes appear when I answer your question. You were born with Panacea at 1 Taurus. The Full Moon falls at 1 Capricorn opposite the Sun at 1 Cancer. So this is about your finances, possessions, business, charity and property. It is about your natural ability to fix things, repair situations and find remedies. This may in fact be your dental malpractice suit. Panacea is a symbol of moral and ethical questions which surround any solution. The solution is never in doubt but there are always grey areas. If something works, but some see it as morally dubious, is that an issue? I would expect the Full Moon to give you a bridge to cross regarding the same. It may not be the lawsuit at all. It may be a tax dodge, for example. It’s legal but is it ethical? It’s on that level.

  4. Hello, Jessica another informative post.
    I am reaching out as I am curious more so because my husband has Ceres in Capricorn 1 degree, Proserpina in Virgo 1 degree.
    I have cancer stellium and my husbands chart is heavily Aquarius. You have both our charts. In 2008 our first child was born…. We left the UK in 2017 and moved to Munich- we are still here…. the house / home resonates with me …. Im unsure where we will retire here bc we still have a UK property. In laws also an issue I guess for both of us…. more for me and his parents ( his sister) than with my mum for him (have little to no contact from my side of the family) I would love to know your interpretations.
    Thank you

    1. How much will this Capricorn Full Moon affect you and your husband? It’s about his career, unpaid work or academic career. It’s about his status, ambition, mission and position. This is a bridge to cross for him. If you have a Cancer stellium you are in luck as from the second half of 2025 to the first half of 2026 you have your best transits in 12 years for renovation, moving, property investment, or an increase in the value of your home. The family will also expand at this time. It is very common for there to be a child born, or for a relative to marry.

  5. Hi, I am a Sun Virgo with my North node @ 2 Pisces, Jupiter @ 2 Scorpio and Midheaven @ 29 Taurus. How does this interprete?
    Thank you.

    1. Years of issues about power and control with courtship, the bedroom, any children, pregnancy, younger people – slowly fade in 2024. The Full Moon in Capricorn on 22nd June brings feelings to a head, about this. You then spend the rest of the year deal-making with others, culminating with the end of Ceres in Capricorn on December 7th. That’s a huge sign-off. It’s not quite over, but it’s nearly over. And if you use your willpower you will become empowered.

  6. Thank you so much for the amazing and thorough work you do Jessica. I have my vertex at 1 degree of 6th house Virgo (but other charts say 7th house Libra – this confuses me). Sun sign Cancer. How might you interpret this, and do you place much importance on the vertex?

    1. Thank you. Actually you have a vertex and anti-vertex. I never use them. They are fictional points in the chart. You will see astrologers across the web giving you different takes on where your vertex actually is, based on the house system they use. There are over 30 house systems. For the record, I use the Natural House System which puts Aries 0 on the cusp of the First House and uses whole-sign houses.

  7. I have mercury at 1 capricorn and about 6 other big placements at 1 degree how will this effect me, feeling pretty nervous. I just got divorced and moving to my new purchased apartment in July will also be splitting custody with my ex and started seeing someone new recently.

    1. Your huge Libra stellium in the Seventh House of marriage, divorce and partnership is the story here. You are going through the South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries transit, not seen in 18-19 years. It ends in January 2025 and so does the karma with your ex, as well as any karma with the new man. That can happen too.

    1. Yes, the Princess of Wales has Bacchus at 1 Capricorn in the Tenth House of position, ambition and mission (Bacchus is enjoyment). That Full Moon falls there as she makes her first public appearance in months.

  8. Yikes! That’s falling on my birthday at 0 Cancer and I have IC, Ceres, and Moon in Capricorn, plus North/South Nodes at 1 Libra / Aries.

    1. The classic Cancer-Capricorn conflict will be underlined by the Full Moon, but it’s just a bridge to cross and nothing more. Capricorn is your ambition to have a certain position and it is very much about a strong sense of mission. The top is where you intend to be and usually are, either socially or professionally. What the Cancer side of your chart does, is pull you towards major family or household questions and that is a significant stretch. It can also pose questions about your town and country. You can never have it all on a Full Moon and so a trade-off or compromise is usually the way.

  9. Goodness Jessica – you’ve been publishing articles all month that really speak to me and I’m glad to have signed on to the Sun School to be able to appreciate them better – please can you provide me with insight on this period in particular as I feel big changes are coming or may in fact be already here . All the best Eli

    1. Thank you for subscribing to The Sun Sign School, Eli – I hope you can become your own best astrologer and psychic with the tutorials there. You are quite right about big changes as 2024 is the last year you will ever have to be so concerned with how you appear, how you look, and how your exterior functions. This is sign-off year for the North Node in Aries in your First House of profile and image. In your solar chart it’s sign off year for Pluto and Ceres in your First House of profile and image. This can be about your marriage (you don’t say if you are single or married) as much as your profession or role. It can be about your position as a mother (you don’t say if you have children) as much as it can be about unpaid positions; rather like being patron of a charity or honorary secretary of a club. Ever since Pluto changed signs in 2008 you have been on a long, long course of total transformation where your public self is concerned. You have been shown what it feels like to find real power through that, but also been shown that some things about yourself just cannot be controlled. All you have is your self-control. There will be a bit of deal-making with yourself and other people near this Full Moon again, but you will sign off from the transit on 7th December and in fact, Christmas and New Year will mark the end of an era.

  10. Thanks so much for another insightful post, Jessica – so interesting! As I’m new to astrology, it’s a bit overwhelming trying to piece everything together. I preordered your book and I’m looking forward to its arrival in October! My MC is 21 Capricorn and IC 21 Cancer, as well as Ceres 4 Capricorn and Psyche 5 Capricorn. How do I interpret these factors and should I be considering anything else in my chart? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Capricorn with a number of factors there. The Full Moon is about your image, profile, appearance and the message you send through photographs and clips of yourself. It’s also about what you don’t say, as much as what you do say. There are a number of relaunches in 2024. You have now had two, positioning yourself differently with the world. A Full Moon is always a big ask, or a significant stretch. It’s not easy, but the reshaping of your public image will be over on 7th December and in fact from 2025 you will no longer have to think about how you are seen and how you appear.

  11. Hello Jessica, hope you are doing well. I have been having an awful May and June. Jupiter in Gemini has done nothing for me except break up professional and romantic partnerships when it was meant to be the opposite. In May, a company I had joined after months of being unemployed dismissed me after a week with no explanation although I have fairly good reason to believe it was due to internal matters rather than myself. In early June, just when Jupiter connected with Pluto, my boyfriend decided to abandon me suddenly with no explanation. We had dated before and got back together again this year. I had mentioned him to you before and you had mentioned he is a past life connection which was very true as we have synastry of Saturn conjunct his South Node and also his Pluto conjuncts my sun and my ascendant. You also mentioned that I should avoid sharing the rent with him considering my placements so even though he wanted us to move in together, I avoided doing so. I am quite distressed with the back to back loss of job and partner. Would you be able to take a look at my chart and kindly advise if I may secure work soon and if my boyfriend might come back to me, please? Many thanks, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Gemini can in fact break up a partnership if your boyfriend is not offering you expansion, growth and fulfilment. He left in June near the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. I am sorry he’s gone – but you had broken up before too. Jupiter transits of the solar Seventh House are always good and you have this one until June 2025. So it’s possible this second break-up is part of a larger pattern of change, when you actually get what you want from him. Or, just as likely, he is being removed so that a superior man can come in. I advised not splitting the rent with him, because in both charts I use for you, there were issues about power and control and there is always a risk of a break-up with Eighth House factors like that. In fact, he suddenly abandoned you without explanation. Take a deep breath and know that he will either change (after this second break-up) or exit completely, leaving a space for a better replacement by the end of the transit in June 2025. Your job is not a partnership issue. You were hired by a company who then let you go, for which I am sorry. You did not need it, along with the departure of your boyfriend at the same time. The next job will give you freedom and independence so may be part-time, job-share or in an organisation which gives you greater room to move, in terms of your daily routine, schedule and time off. In fact, the more you think outside the box, the better. Enjoy the freedom while it’s there as from August you could easily go into another job, or jobs, plural. Have a look at courses too (paid courses in particular) as you are a natural lifelong student and will always do well from increasing your skills.

  12. Hi Jessica

    I have Hygeia at 1 Capricorn. I am an expat and the last 6 months have been a struggle. I lost my father Plus my new job has been a constant struggle.

    How do you see this full moon affecting me with Hygeia at 1%


    1. I am so sorry you lost your father. You have also been dealing with life away from your own country and a really difficult job. The situation with the family, the loss and your sense of home will end in two stages; firstly in November when Pluto changes signs and then in December, when Ceres does the same. The Full Moon to come will just underline how much you need to plan for the end of the year so you can start making things feel a bit better for yourself. The decisions are yours then but the relief will come anyway as you have been in a rare Pluto and Ceres cycle of your Fourth House of belonging, roots, heritage, history, property and the family tree. 2025 will look and feel very different to you. You will have the biggest and best career opportunities in 12 years in the second half of next year and by the first half of 2026 may have been promoted, had a hit result, been accepted into a prestigious university; moved to a far better job. Never be afraid to have a word with your father in spirit; light a candle and ask your guides to send a message.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    As a Capricorn with many Capricorn factors, I’d really love to hear what you might say about how this affects my chart, especially in the realm of work and income and finding my place in the world in terms or career…or whatever area stands out. I know this will be a significant moon for me…I can feel things changing, and would love to hear your take. Thank you!

    1. A Full Moon is a big stretch; usually about inner conflict for you or somebody else. Thus, best avoided for job applications. You want to make it financially and professionally, though, so what does your chart say? You are a Sun Capricorn woman with a Capricorn stellium. You will find getting on/getting ahead so much easier after December 7th. The change will happen in two stages, with one bump in November as Pluto departs Capricorn and the second in the lead-up to Christmas as Ceres departs Capricorn too. The year 2025 is different altogether from the ongoing questions about power which have been with you for so many years. In January 2025 you also end a stuck career loop in your solar chart too, so in both horoscope systems I use for you, November, December, January are the shift. You will be thrilled by the lifestyle that comes with a promotion, special project or new job by June 2025. It’s all about the day-to-day and you’ll so appreciate it.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Wow…..your latest articles are all resonating with me. Phew. So, I have a few planets in Capricorn, ceres being one of them. Also have an aries stellium. I have been feeling ‘stuck’ the last few months – my mum & sister came to visit me here in Perth from the Uk earlier this year & since they’ve left, I have felt very unsettled. Half of me wants to return to Uk, but I think that’s because my mum was 90 in March (pisces) and I want to spend as much time with her as possible. I know should she need to be cared for, my sister (pisces) & I have agreed that I will go back to do that. Don’t quite know how to put into words how I’m feeling.
    Anyway, my main concern is regarding my capricorn , (sun 9, venus 22, cupido 29, salacia 23) husband. He also has Jupiter at 1 Leo, Ops 7 Cancer. He is very much wanting to move on workwise (very unhappy there) and I was wondering if you could see any career changes for him. He took a week off work ‘sick’ which I have never known him to do & he has been emotionally more distant/subdued lately.
    Thanks very much, warm regards

    1. Thank you. As an Aquarius woman you are in the most unpredictable family cycle of your life and it pulls in your town and country as well. The reason for this is Uranus in Taurus, moving through your Fourth House of relatives, home and home town/homeland. In fact it’s been doing this since 2018. Staying light on your feet is a good idea; whatever happens with the family as a whole is likely to do so quite suddenly and require some flexibility. It would be very much the same for your sister as she has Uranus in her Third House of siblings, which of course is you. This transit doesn’t last forever but while it is here, meet change with change. Your Capricorn husband is having a rotten time at work, for which I am sorry – but it ends. It takes him to December, with two stages of release – the first is November when issues about control stop. The second is December when all the chopping and changing, and compromising also stops. He could easily resign then, or accept a new role. 2025 will look and feel completely different for him with no more people politics.

  15. Thanks so much for this, Jessica! I have a question about the Cancer/Capricorn split you described. You can see my chart, of course, and I have a stellium in Capricorn, yet I was BORN in the “big city” (New York City) and I’ve enjoyed living here my whole life. Living here also feels very “Cancer” to me, because the big city is my “home, sweet home”. And now I’m older & fully retired from paid work. May I ask you if I should just “sit tight” for the Capricorn full moon, or are there actions I should be taking based on that (or on other things you see in my chart for that time)? Thank you very much!

    1. The Full Moon is best avoided for important decisions or action plans, as even in retirement, Capricorn is about status and position in the world. Others are being pushed and pulled emotionally at that time and this may affect you. Full Moons in general aren’t great for anything major as the Sun and Moon are clashing and so many people’s charts pick that up. You have a Capricorn stellium and so have the ambition, and mission of that sign. Mary Tyler Moore was strongly Capricorn and of course on television, conquered a big city. You have done the same in New York. Yet, ever since 2008 questions of rank and standing have drawn big questions about how much power you have; how much control you have. This ends in two stages, signing off in November, then in December. That’s a huge shift in your life. We don’t know why it happens, but nearer Christmas you will really start to see how different 2025 is going to be.

  16. Hi Jessica , thank you for another great article. I have 1 Fortuna in Gemini and a couple of others at 2 degrees.. not sure if they are affected too. Does Gemini affect sibling issues.. I have had those ongoing? Would you be able to explain what this means please? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have Fortuna and Cupido in Gemini in the Third House of siblings. You put siblings up on a pedestal, taking them high, then you send them crashing down. Then they go up again, and then down again. So it goes. You have no perception or awareness of what you are doing. Fortuna is blindfolded and spins the Wheel of Fortune high and low quite unconsciously. Yet it has the most dramatic effect, obviously, on how your siblings feel – probably quite insecure and uncertain. How do you fix that? Ask the Tarot. Cupido in Gemini is about a sibling relationship which can inspire great, short-term passions. Then it wears off. So it’s quite similar. The Full Moon will aspect Fortuna so you will find outside circumstances or other people trigger the usual spinning wheel with one sibling. Being aware of what you are up to (even though you can never see it) is half the battle. Pluto is hovering around 1 Aquarius (Pluto trine Fortuna) which can transform the situation. Are you the little sister? If so it’s common for Fortuna in Gemini women to have looked up to the elder sibling when young and then … not at all.

  17. What an interesting article, thank you.
    I have 2 Capricorn sons and a Capricorn ex husband. I’ve just found out that I’m going to be a Nanna in December. I’m hoping all is positive ahead.
    The World needs some positive things to happen.

    1. Congratulations that’s wonderful news. Remember to get the time the umbilical cord is cut, as that is the baby’s very precious time of birth and you can then find the whole natal horoscope. It looks as though your grandchild will inherit some of the Capricorn that runs in your family tree.

  18. As always, Jessica, I read your blogs without fail and I know you give very good advice. I am once again, calling on you to tell me what would be best for me I have Ceres at 1 degree in Gemini. Capricorn in MC and Salacia. I am hoping to emigrate within the next 2 or 3 years, hopefully to Europe. Will this be a better choice for me rather than remaining in my home country of South Africa? Warmest wishes.

    1. Thank you. We start with your solar chart which is most important. You are a Sun Aries woman who is in a fantastic position to emigrate to Europe from South Africa, or even stay where are but find a superior home, home town or property in S.A. The timing on that is Jupiter in Cancer in your solar Fourth House of real estate, belonging and security and that’s the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. That timing also works natally, though the actual outcome will be in the first half of 2026.The IC or Immum Coeli which rules your base/foundations and your Moon in the migration sign Sagittarius, are almost exactly in aspect and Jupiter will come along to give you the opportunity. And more. You can use the Tarot on my website to finish the prediction.

  19. Fascinating blog as always, thank you Jessica.
    Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts on how the full moon at 1 Capricorn in June and 29 Capricorn in July of this year are likely to affect me given the following placements in my birth chart please:
    Descendant at 29 Capricorn
    Ascendant at 29 Cancer
    Venus at 29 Libra
    Mercury at 01 Sagittarius
    Minerva at 02 Aquarius
    Much obliged for your guidance.

    1. Thank you M-A. Venus at 29 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels is most important here. That Full Moon creates a T-Square which is pretty unusual. You have also had Pluto at 29 Capricorn square Venus at 29 Libra, on and off, since 2023. If your birth time is minute-accurate then your Descendant at 29 Capricorn is right there and is about similar things – a duet or duel. So skip the Full Moon for major decisions or actions about the same as you will have enough to unpick with the T-Square. Venus is about complicated relationships with many layers, often mother-son; sometimes man-wife, or two lovers. It can also be female in-laws. In the Seventh House it is about two together, or one against one and with Pluto omnipresent it has been hard to ‘square’ that. So the Full Moon will lay things on the line and then when Pluto transits 29 Capricorn at the end of the year you well and truly finish this episode.

  20. Hi Jessica, I tried to reply to your last response but it doesn’t let me do this on my mobile. Therefore, thanks so much for your previous response to my comments.
    I am really enjoying all your articles currently and trying to learn more about the Roman gods and mythology as a result- it really helps for context.
    I have Ops at 1 in Pisces in the 12th house (and Sun and prosepina also there) and wondered how these difficult situations in groups, organisations and friends would be triggered by the full moon. I was thinking about ops as saturn’s wife, and here her ‘optimistic’ resolution to these situations. I can think of one in my family and one at work. Am hopeful of this, especially where in my family the ‘tricky’ person is strongly Capricorn.
    Thanks for all you do Jessica. Your insight pervades lots of things, which when they pop up, I can cast my mind back to your predictions.

    1. Thank you. Both comments are on the screen as I sit down at my desk on Monday morning, and I can see your chart. To be born with Ops in Pisces in the Twelfth House is to be the problem-solver of your own life, as regards religion, therapy, self-help, Buddhism, Tarot, mediumship, spirituality, psychics and psychology. You are strongly Piscean and live a big part of your life in solitude, either by choice or circumstance. This is necessary to pursue the inner life and inner world which is its own universe. A Private Universe to quote Crowded House. The Full Moon will aspect Ops and so common sense says, avoid it for the church, counselling or counsellors, clairvoyance or clairaudience, hypnosis, dream interpretation and the inner world. Why? It’s too hard. This has nothing to do with your family which is a separate issue. Pluto circling 1 Aquarius is also aspecting Ops and so this asteroid in your chart is central. Ops was the wife of Saturn and mother of Jupiter. She was the can-do practical woman who fixed horrendous problems with her husband and set her son free to redeem her and actually, forgive his father. Ops was found in the year Margaret Thatcher became PM of the United Kingdom. Yes, her name is hidden in ‘optimistic’ and so this is a hugely important year for your soul, spirit and psyche. Nobody else is involved.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I forgot to mention in my comment that i went back to my libra ex back in September 2023 however he died this year in March which was devastating. any insight would really be appreciated

    1. I am sorry you lost your partner. You are a Sun Capricorn who is living with Uranus (the shock, the radical change, the revolution) in Taurus, in your Fifth House of bedroom, courtship and parenthood. Uranus has been there since 2018. It is very common for there to be a break with the past on this cycle, which is about intimate relationships, possible or actual parenthood and matters of the heart. Yours was particularly painful. In your natal chart, Uranus at 27 Libra and the IC at 28 Leo tell you a similar story. Again, this is the Fifth House, but it’s also tied to the Seventh House of marriage and de facto relationships. You have been going through Pluto at 27, 28 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years, aspecting this same chart pattern. You also had the South Node going over 27 Libra for the first time in 18 years (another historically rare cycle) so now you have an explanation. The South Node conjunction to Uranus in the Seventh House is karmic in nature and as Uranus is a symbol of the wholly unexpected severance with what was – or who was – it can take a long time to adjust and absorb. You do in fact still need shock absorbers this year. Long, long term you will be given the chance to marry and be amazed at how equal the new partnership is.

  22. Hi Jessica, this resonates heavily with me. The wife asked to separate/divorce right on the day of my birthday last week (June 8 1973). My kids are not happy, I’m a good dad and it’s a unilateral decision. I’m also unemployed as the job market in the US right now is horrendous. I have an interview for a very good opportunity on Tuesdy, and am preparing for it. Any light you could shed on this would be great. But so far, you have been on point. Here’s to better days ahead!

    1. I am very sorry your wife has asked for a separation/divorce right on your birthday. You are a Sun Gemini man and also need a job. Let’s start with your family. This is a cycle you only see every 248 years. It’s Pluto in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships and marriage/mortgage is typical. It always involves a house or apartment; your will; any legacy where you name the children but also a legacy from others (like parents) naming you. This is the last stretch and it’s over in November. Of course not every Gemini breaks up on this transit but it’s also really common. You’ve had it since 2008. Sir Paul McCartney is a Gemini and actually divorced when the cycle began, back in 2008. The Full Moon in Capricorn is in the same chart zone; the Eighth House. So this will be the line in the sand. The bridge to cross in your own mind and heart. Keep your eyes on the horizon as 2025 will be quite free of these endless questions about who has the upper hand; who has the power; who has the control. There will be a lot of stop-start bargaining and negotiation until 7th December so put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put the children first, as you will, and have Christmas in mind. From January 2025 you will realise you can close this chapter and write a new book of your life. You do have karmic obligations to your wife and children, going back 18-19 years to a situation you were in then, either with the same faces or quite a different one. So that karma has to complete, as you are owed, or you owe, spiritually. This happens as 2025 begins. You will in fact relaunch in the same period with a new image, very successfully so. Put time and energy into your C.V. and online photographs, any clips, make sure your Google searches are all good ones and use Jupiter in Gemini, the fantastic profile cycle, to push that. Any job where you are upfront, front and centre and representing the firm is ideal on this transit. It can be as basic as wearing a uniform or badge or more complex than that. The luck is there. You may also want to emphasise any letters after your name, or study so you acquire them. You had a rotten birthday, for which I am very sorry, but this can and does lift. Years into the future you will find yourself given an opportunity to be very proud of your children and yourself as a father. You will also be given a chance to become a father again, or stepfather. But for now, get through this. You will.

  23. Jessica thank you for this article and giving us all the heads up! I feel like this moon is definitely resonating something for me. I have about 6 0 degree factors in my chart, two of my stelliums are in capricorn and aquarius as well as ceres in capricorn. I cant seem to get the jobs I am applying for. Im also single. It feels like im walking through treacle. I also want to make some money this year. Any help or advice with what you see is so helpful. Many many thanks.

    1. Women who can’t find a lover or a job are either blocking themselves (for whatever reason) or being blocked by unhelpful transits. So what is happening in your chart? You are a Sun Capricorn so start there. Your entire issue is having children, or not having them. This is the case until 2025. You don’t say if you already have them, want them or don’t want them. Uranus in Taurus in your Fifth House of motherhood is about independence, freedom and liberty. Your decisions to have sex/not have sex are based on that and it is extremely common for people to have this transit (you had it since 2018) and not fall in love at all, or fall in love with unavailable men, because it’s contraception. In other words you unconsciously stop yourself from being with a man because a huge part of you does not want a pram in the hall. The cycle ends in stages, from 2025. In fact you will be given the best opportunity in 12 years to marry, from the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. This also pans out in your birth chart. If not marriage, then sharing a home, as Jupiter goes through Cancer and your domestic zone then, at the same time going through your ‘duets’ zone in your solar chart. The job situation is a stuck South Node cycle that is on the way out, but you will find professional opportunities now through June 2025 with the focus on a better lifestyle. These jobs, part-time or full-time are not ambitious career moves, but solid chances to serve – and they come with a definite improvement in your daily routine, with chances for far better health and wellbeing. One is hovering now; did you take it?

  24. I have to say, this is a very uplifting post from my perspective as I do have Capricorn factors and I’m sooo ready for Pluto to shift from it! I have recently gone all in my reading business for Human Design and it has been a slow progression but leaving my corporate job made me really happy and I’m thoroughly enjoying this journey.

    Could you tell me what this full moon means for me? I do have Aquarius in the 1st degree as well as Cap factors and since my focus is my new business I want to make sure I’m not trying to move the needle when I should really rest.

    1. Thank you. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top, slowly and carefully. The original goat upon which the symbol was based was the Ibex, an ancient breed which defied gravity by scaling impossible heights. Not putting a foot wrong is part of the Capricorn symbolism. The genus of the Ibex is Capra and the very old male goats are solitary. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitation and restriction, Capricorn types can only climb so far before they are stopped or blocked. Then they cautiously move on again. A corporate job is typical. The Full Moon is a bridge to cross here. Or, if you prefer, a rock in your way as you climb. The peak is the thing. And you have to believe in the journey or you may go back the way you came, or daringly leap across to a different mountain. You did this. What is happening in 2024 is the final trek. You will go back and forth as the Capricorn transits are retrograde, or going backwards. Yet there will be a huge shift in November when Pluto leaves Capricorn for the last time and then again in December as Ceres quits the sign. You are picking this up by using the phrase ‘moving the needle’ as life is a stuck record this year. Yet there is a new soundtrack after 7th December and 2025 will look and feel totally different.

  25. Hi Jessica, hope you are doing well !! And thanks for a wonderful piece! Last few days and weeks have been aweful for me. I lost my well paid job and there were hardly any signs that it was coming. However , I am keeping my cool and putting my act together so that i can find similar or better role in next few weeks. As you can see from my chart, I am a Sun Aries with Gemini Ascendant
    Uranus at 1degree in Libra
    Psyche at 1degree in Aquarius
    Ceres at 0 degree in Aquarius
    Juno at 12 degree in Capricorn
    Salacia and Panacea at 25 and 28 degree in Capricorn
    Prosper is at 18 degree Cancer
    Can you please guide me when are the stars aligned to enable get my next equal or better job? As an Aries woman, I refuse to give up.
    Thank you so much!

    1. I am sorry you lost your job so suddenly, Sunita. Capricorn and the Tenth House rule career. So we start with your solar chart or Sun Sign as it matters most. As an Aries woman you are in a year of deals, compromises and bargaining over your career, thanks to Ceres Retrograde in Capricorn in your Tenth House of professional life – and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn who comes back September-November 2024. Ceres rules the process of give and take and the redistribution of power. Pluto is similar – he rules the need for total control and the reality of having to share the controls. So this is what you do for the rest of the year. When we go to your birth chart Panacea Salacia and Juno are in Capricorn. This is the same message. This is going to take a year of negotiation, stop start and ‘press repeat’ either in the next job, or with part-time jobs. You can sign off two weeks before Christmas. 2025 will be completely different and the endless people politics you have had with work since 2008 stops. Your main issue has been Pluto circling Salacia at 28 Capricorn. This can only happen every 248 years but from November you can put it behind you.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing these insights! I feel the intensity of these days, likely proven out in my chart with Venus at 0 Aquarius and smack amid a never-ending 2nd Saturn return. After several start-up pivots, we’re on the 1-yard line of launching a female healthcare company in mid-July. How might this full moon and assorted cycles support/complicate this initiative? My Taurean persistence remains, but it would be lovely if the boulders I’m pushing weren’t so large and numerous! Onward! And thank you!

    1. Full Moons are not a great time to start anything. A New Moon is what you want. A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and Moon. They clash. A New Moon is a conjunction between them. They meet perfectly. You’d want a New Moon in Virgo for female health care. Astroseek has the best guide to lunar cycles.
      Try 3rd September 2024.

  27. Hi Jessica

    As excellent an analysis as ever – I have Mercury at 25 degrees Cancer, Jupiter at 8 degrees Aquarius and Cupido at 12 degrees Capricorn. I have the south node in Cancer too.

    I have been considering moving abroad or at least spending time abroad. Is this a good time to consider such a move?

    1. Thank you. If you wanted to find your home away from home, you’d plan it for Jupiter (expansion, growth, solutions) going over Cancer in your Fourth House of accommodation and home search. Especially when he goes over Mercury the traveller. So that’s the second half of 2025 for planning and the first half of 2026 for the commitment.

  28. Hello Jessica,

    I have a stellium of Capricorn factors between 1-21 factors and Minerva at 29 factor being a Scorpio sun. I am a little nervous about what is happening on my job department/project as seems that the upper management will be changed and I am not quite sure if this will have an impact on me or not. I love my job being also responsible to lead some team members, however in the last 6 months a lot has changed and the directions received were and are still very unclear. If you can provide me some insights, it will be really helpful. Thank you for all the wonderful articles that you share with us.

  29. Hi Jessica your insights are so useful, thank you. I seem to have quite a few things at 1 degree, Pluto in Libra, Panacea in Libra, Salacia in Aquarius. I also have quite a few things at 0 and 2 degrees, don’t know if they are affected. I’ve started writing a book based on some intense spiritual experiences I had earlier this year, I’m waiting to hear from a mortgage application to help me finish some major house renovations, and am on the cusp of a career change with starting a new MA in the autumn. Please could you cast your expert eye on my chart regarding the impact of this full moon? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You were born with a Grand Cross in the fixed signs; Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. Although the Full Moon counts, it’s Pluto’s transit in Aquarius, triggering the Grand Cross, which is most important now and in 2025. So that’s the group, your friends, courtship, the bedroom, the world of children and younger people; property and personal relationships; income and budget. Your new MA will tally with this time-frame. As a general rule expect all these areas of your life to transform simultaneously. There will be questions about who or what is in control; who or what has the power. Pay attention to paperwork and make sure no agreements lock you into those situations. Pluto will square and oppose three factors in your chart and ‘unfixing what is fixed’ is pretty usual. January, February 2025 are key months for this transit when you’ll make the main choices.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    What a write up on this full moon! Absolutely insightful.
    I have a job interview coming up this week and I have a stellium in Capricorn. But it’s the first glimmer of hope I have had of getting a job, in the last 2 years. I read that you said, to take pause. I feel like I can’t, if this job is offered to me.


    1. Thank you. Of course, go to the interview, but be aware of the fact that this is a Full Moon so your interviewer/s may be dealing with a lot of stretching and juggling. Give them time and space and yourself too.

  31. Thank you Jessica, the timing of your post is very helpful with respect to a situation I am dealing with in my career.

    The company I work for is struggling financially yet they just hired someone into a new, highly paid role despite forcing headcount and other expense reductions on all teams this year, not giving raises or bonuses or otherwise recognizing everyone’s hard work under difficult conditions. Yet they are willing to throw (a lot of) money at an outsider which ticks me off to no end.

    This impacts me in a number of ways. Aside from being assigned to work for this person, I will have to be the person who meets with everyone in the coming weeks to ask them to cut their budgets further when they are already at bare bones. I can’t in good conscience do this knowing we’ve blown money foolishly, not to mention I am frustrated with my own compensation and false promises that were made to me. So I immediately quit, without another job lined up. My notice period is two-weeks, standard in the US.

    They are begging me to stay or at least give them a couple of months to replace me. A part of me really wants to move on even though I’m doing so without a safety net and with significant risk to my personal finances but a part of me wants to make them see the unfairness of the disparity and make them pay. I told them **if** I were to negotiate an extension I would be negotiating not just compensation for me but for the whole team.

    If I submit a proposal it will be tomorrow and we’ll be negotiating up to the full moon. I’d love your thoughts if you have time.


    1. Thank you. You are having your Mars Return in Taurus, in your Second House of values, life budget and income. June 10th through July 20th turns up the heat and speed here. Your company is triggering you and I don’t blame you. This sounds like an unfair decision to say the least. You are being told to cut budgets but the new arrival is being highly paid. You quit (absolutely textbook Mars in Taurus – the principles matter more than the pay). They want you to stay. You have said yes, on the condition that you protect and help your team. See those Aquarius placements at 1, 2, 3 degrees? They show your capacity to supply a group and empower them. In turn you are yourself empowered. For the first time in 248 years Pluto is going over 1, 2, 4, Aquarius. So that’s also going on. Your instincts are correct. Put your friends and allies first and share the power with them. Naturally you’ll be consulting with individual people in the wider group. Is a union involved? That would double the power. The Full Moon will indeed be the tipping point but it is transiting Pluto in Aquarius in the Eleventh House which is the story here. Have a look at the Tarot too.

  32. Hi Jessica – what an interesting insight.
    I have Capricorn Sun 24 Cancer Moon 9
    Cancer Saturn 29 Pisces Rising 16 Jupiter Aries 16 It has been really interesting past few weeks I finally after working years of rent & unpaid finally started my own business – family disagreed what I was trying to create. I was considering not to go to a family gathering this weekend because of the full moon. There may be a family clash ?? Anyway the positive now is I’m happy that my business has started to take off

    1. Thank you. Yes, Cancer-Capricorn is associated with the conflict between one’s ambitions to do well; going up the social ladder; achieving in one’s profession – and the family; the origins; the home town; the clan. It’s very common for there to be an almighty clash, which our late Queen had, being strongly Cancer-Capricorn. She wanted to maintain her regal position, meanwhile her children kept embarassing her. Anyway, you have seen for yourself how this pans out. Skip the Full Moon if you can. If you can’t just be aware of the potential for an argument and avoid it.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I wrote to you a few months back about an air bnb destroying our peace at home, so much so that we want to sell and move….it’s gotten worse since then. We now have a two story house being built behind us which directly looks over our back garden with floor to ceiling windows that will not be frosted and a balcony meters from the fence line.
    It is an eyesore which deeply invades our sense of privacy and security. My husband and I are at a loss of what to do as we are always in our backyard, blinds at the back of our house are always down because they can see into our home. We made a lovely Guinea Pig garden for our girls and their 14 pigs which they refuse to use now because of the lack of privacy…..we are house bound.

    Is there any hope of being able to sell our current property and move to acreage and privacy next year? I know you said I had ceres is asking me to share….some of the time. But I feel like this is just selfish, rude, and inconsiderate all of the time. Is December the 7th a sign off to this ghastly living situation for me?

    Best wishes,


    1. It must be driving you bonkers, but I don’t see a chart here. I can tell you that the Full Moon will bring things to a head. This will help a terrific decision about your home in June 2025, so in about a year. The intrusive neighbours are making you wonder if you can sell. Yes, you can. Assuming you and your husband have Cancer factors in your charts in the Fourth House of property and something useful like Taurus and/or Scorpio factors as well, in the houses of money, you are in pole position to do very nicely from a sale and new purchase or rental from June 2025 until June 2026. In the meantime use the Tarot and ask ‘How can I…?’ and ‘What is the best way to…?’ and follow the steps. Set a time-frame.

  34. Jessica! I love astrology and your horoscopes/articles are the most informative and nourishing. Thank you! I’m a Capricorn sun, Gemini moon, ascendant in Capricorn. Since 2008 I have undergone massive transformation in identity/ image/ emotional self. Can’t wait for post Pluto life in 2025 as at times it’s been a depleting and lonely journey to the other side. 2023 was huge for career (in entertainment) and then I was laid off. 2024 has been such a slow burn with work; Like I’m almost invisible. The lesson is willpower/ death of ego until November and December?

    1. Thank you. Capricorn men have been profoundly affected by Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024 and it does not stop until December, when Ceres takes over from Pluto and ultimately leaves Capricorn too. You have seen it all with your personal appearance, portrait online, photographs and YouTube clips, reputation, profile, title and public face. Pluto tends to bestow quite a lot of clout and influence (real power) but then you have the usual challenges about having to use your willpower, just to get through the challenges. Not long to go now. 2025 will be quite different. It will start to feel dramatically different, in November-December.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    What might be coming up for me work wise? The company I’ve been with for 17 years is trying to decide if they will keep me as full time or make me redundant. This has been going on since 20th May but no decision has been made as yet as everyone keeps getting sick. It’s not easy for me at the moment not knowing what they will decide for me. I feel I should start looking for a new job. Any thoughts from you regarding what to expect for the rest of this year would be much appreciated!

    1. I am sorry you are going through this. For all the government cover-up about Covid, it continues and you are seeing it in your company. Jen, this entire situation seems like a huge ask on your patience, but the good news is, this cannot and does not go on forever. You are a Capricorn woman with a Capricorn stellium. You also have a Cancer stellium, which is a good thing. I’ll start with Capricorn first. Will they make you full-time or make you redundant? If full-time, you will see major politics in the stop-start reshuffling from now until December. So you have to really want to stay. There will be takeovers, promotions, mergers, compromise bargaining agreements, departures and demotions. These become more life-changing in September-November. If they let you go, then a new job would also involve the same level of change, so you need to bear that in mind; you would be going into a new position where there will also be departures and arrivals and quite a lot of politics. However, 2025 would be smooth sailing in either case. No more change. Ceres and Pluto have gone from Capricorn. Your house or apartment, garden and/or land is a huge benefit to you in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026 when you will renovate, redecorate, see a leap in value – or move to a superior place. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your home life and for all that you are ambitious and know how to honour a company structure, you really do belong at home too.

  36. Hi Jessica, I have quite a few factors in Capricorn in my chart. How will this upcoming full moon affect me? I’m still at a standstill with potential new work opportunities and also romantic relationship.

    1. Ignore the Full Moon and also the second one on July 21st (again in Capricorn) as there are easier times to make decisions about your career. Your chosen field this year will see takeovers, mergers, demotions, promotions and departures either in larger numbers than usual, or with people who powerfully affect what you decide to do. This is the case until December, and September-November will be particularly dramatic. No more standstills, as you will need to react and respond to what others are doing – and begin a completely new year in 2025.

  37. Hi Jessica, with a Cap stellium, Pisces stellium and only Cancer Fortuna 11, this looks like a lot going on! Job/career questions top of mind plus living arrangements – will this improve? Thanks!

    1. Capricorn stellium people are really feeling this Full Moon and in fact we have a second one, also in Capricorn, on 21st July. I will chat more about that at The Astrology Show on Substack.
      You live in your Tenth House of ambition, striving, success, achievement, status, rank and all the top people – as well as life at the top of the game. Doing that has made life since 2008 quite intense, as you have repeatedly been put through mergers, demotions, promotions and reshuffles in your field. Now, you are in the final year of reshuffling. Don’t do anything on the Full Moon nor make up your mind as you will be doing so in unusually difficult circumstances. It’s the same on that second Full Moon in July. Yet, people around you will certainly be reacting and you will see departures and arrivals all over the place, particularly in September-November when Pluto returns to Capricorn. In 2025 the politics will be a memory and the complications will be history. You can look forward to a nice clear year in 2025 with the focus solely on your talents, skills and abilities and the machinations and politics gone. You are in the best position in 12 years to find living arrangements you want, in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026.

  38. Hi Jessica, thank-you once again for this very interesting and informative article! The Capricorn/Cancer pull definitely resonates in my life – I am in a very happy 12-year relationship (after a 22 year marriage that produced 5 now-adult children and a baby grandson), and as we approach retirement age it is very apparent that we have different ideas of what that looks like. We rent, having been smashed in our respective family law cases, and I will never be in a position of owning my own home – something that has caused (and still does) me great grief and anxiety. Whilst we MAY be able to purchase something very modest, he is wanting to leave our home town, whereas I want to stay, purchase a home if possible, retain my roots, and have somewhere for the children to visit and stay. I feel that whilst the status quo may remain whilst we are both working, crunch time will be in about 3 years – or a trigger may be if we have to leave our rental. Everything you say about the Cancer/Capricorn pull struck a nerve. I have a stellium in Capricorn, and Vesta in Cancer.
    In addition to this, I have Mars at 1degree in Aries, and I also have my IC in Aquarius along with Venus and Vulcano. All factors that you have mentioned above. To top it all off – I am currently experiencing my Saturn return!
    Are you able to tell me anything about how all of this fits together – either with the coming full moon, or in the coming months/years in general?
    Thank-you so much for all you do x

    1. Thank you. You have classic Cancer/Fourth House questions as your home town, a house purchase and the family is in your sights. Avoid talking about it or even making up your mind on the Full Moon. It’s too hard and you won’t get a proper picture of what is possible. Timing is all and Jupiter with all his solutions, good fortune and expansion goes into Cancer in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. This is trine your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property, so it’s useful. More depends on your husband. If he has Cancer factors then his luck is personally in with real estate in that time-frame. He wants to move and may find a choice in 2025-2026 that is so compelling you come up with an answer that suits you both.

  39. Sorry Jessica…I thought I was signed in when I asked my last question. I brought my husband’s chart from here a while back and these are his placements in the signs you mentioned:

    Asc 7 cancer
    North node 15 cancer
    Proserpina 25 cancer
    Hygeia 28 cancer
    Sun 4 Taurus
    Moon 21 Taurus
    Mercury 18 Taurus
    Chiron 21 Taurus
    Aesculapia 2 Scorpio
    Jupiter 5 Scorpio
    Ceres 22 Scorpio
    Apollo 6 Scorpio

    I have the nodes in Taurus/Scorpio and a stellium in Scorpio but only Proserpina in cancer. When I asked the tarot, “how can we buy a farm?” The sun card flipped out. So funny, because each summer I grow as many giant sunflowers as I can fit in our backyard. And my oldest daughter likes to ride horses.

    1. The chart and Tarot agree, as your husband will have a fantastic year for property, land, real estate and gardening as Jupiter goes across Cancer and his Fourth House of sanctuary, extended family and home. So that’s the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, solutions, win-win outcomes, growth, hope and expansion will also trine your Scorpio stellium which is the Eighth House of sex, death and money. Typically marriage and mortgage, big-ticket items in a legacy, de facto relationships and shared banking, the will which covers the property naming you, or that which you name for others. The Tarot has told you the truth. How can you buy a farm? Apart from the literal showing of your daughter and your sunflowers, look at what the patterns behind mean to you. I see a wall of books and magazines, newspapers and journals. Research. You would be amazed at how often the best leads in farming come from local papers or industry publications.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another interesting articulate article. I am a Sun 0° Gemini, with Neptune 0° Capricorn – Diana 0° Aries – Ops 0° Cancer – Pluto 29° Libra and Panacea 02° Scorpio. My little 8 year old Step Daughter is a Sun 09° Aries. My Husband is a Sun 13° Libra, with Panacea 01° Capricorn – Ceres 01° Pisces. The themes outlined ring very true as he is seeking full custody. I would love some insight please.
    Thank you once again x

  41. Hi Jessica, I’m a Premium Member but for some reason, this article won’t allow me to log in to post my comment. So I’ll just provide my birth details again: Nov 19, 1983 and Aries rising.

    I’m waiting on a decision regarding a matter that has to do with my academic career. The accept/reject decision was supposed to take 6 weeks but it has now been 8 weeks and I have not heard back. I was going to follow up but stopped when I read this article, as I now don’t want the decision coming in too close to the Capricorn full moon.

    Could you please take a look at my chart and let me know if anything indicates an adverse outcome for me (i.e. a ‘reject’ decision)?

    BTW, I also asked the tarot on your website and received the Justice card. I can’t determine what the card is indicating in this particular case, so your additional guidance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

    1. I can see your comment now. I am sorry about the log-in issues. You are waiting on feedback about your academic career. The Tarot told you Justice. Unless you are in the law faculty or the issue is legality/illegality it’s not something I can judge from the outside and you’ve not given me any details. Looking at your chart, you have a Sagittarius stellium from 7 through 27 degrees which dominates your chart. You will study and teach all your life, no matter if it’s formally labelled that way or not. You will also be heavily involved with one or more foreigners and foreign countries, either because of your quest for knowledge exchange, or for different reasons. You can and should follow up with the people in charge. Don’t do it on the Full Moon though, as we are all heavily stretched at such times. You are repeatedly in a good position with academia, thanks to trines (flowing aspects) from the North Node, South Node and Chiron. This takes you into 2025. Your biggest and best is yet to come though, many years into the future, as this Sagittarius side of your nature and destiny will take off far beyond 2030. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Find out why they are taking their time, what the answer is, then go from there. Long-term you may in fact be lecturing at quite a high level and/or writing some important papers.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    This is a wonderful blog post. Thank you so much for this. I do wanted to ask you how this full moon affects me as per my chart, my birth chart factors are as below:

    I have Capricorn Factors:
    Uranus 12 degrees Capricorn 51′ 24″ R
    Neptune 16 degrees Capricorn 09′ 20″ R
    North Node 19 degrees Capricorn 24′ 24″ R

    I have Cancer Factors:
    Chiron 25 degrees Cancer 11′ 22″
    Vesta 03 degrees Cancer 03′ 05″
    Ops 12 degrees Cancer 35′ 00″
    Psyche 13 degrees Cancer 55′ 28″
    South Node 19 degrees Cancer 24′ 34″ R

    I have been having a challenge specifically with my career for a few years now. I am in a space where I have been looking for a career change for a long time – being in sales (for 12 years). I was also put on a coaching/performance improvement program by my old manager (she was so bad – you had predicted “she had nothing on me and people see her for who she is”, and she was forced to leave the company) and trying to convince my new manager to get me off of it – he said he will try & see what to do (no promises). Your blog really gives me a lot of hope amongst many other readings that you have done for me on other posts.

    In your blog, you mentioned the cancer & capricorn split – and this is my north node & south node, literally.

    I would really appreciate your reading and if you are able to see if there will be successes in my career and also move away from my sales career and more into something else? My biggest worry in my life since childhood has always been around money and career as we faced a very tough childhood with no money and my parents really worked hard to support us in every way that they could. This has left a big trauma in my life.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere, thank you for confirming my prediction about your manager who was forced to leave the company.

  43. Hello Jessica,

    I have a stellium of Capricorn factors between 1-21 and Minerva at 29 factor being a Scorpio sun. I am a little nervous about what is happening and not know on what to expect on my job as seems that the upper management will be changed and I am not quite sure if this will have an impact on me or not. I love my job being also responsible to lead some team members, however in the last 6 months a lot has changed and the directions received were and are still very unclear. If you can provide me some insights, it will be really helpful. Thank yo for all the wonderful articles that you share with us.

    1. Upper management changing is typical of this Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn cycle and you are profoundly affected as you are so strongly Capricorn. Avoid acting or judging on the Full Moon and in fact we have another, also in Capricorn, on 21st July. What you will find is that both these transits make you figure out decisions to stay, go, move sideways, move up or down – or out – at the end of the year. There will be more changes in the politics in your whole field actually, September-November. Then there will be a period of more reshuffling which ends on 7th December. After that you are free to begin a very, very new year in 2025. If you love your job then you will be able to pursue what matters most next year – what you are good at – without the people politics. This applies no. matter if you stay where you are or take another position.

  44. Hi Jessica

    Career wise has been very stop start over the last few years, does this mean I can finally progress? Thank you xx

    1. Yes. The Full Moon itself is a big stretch, a tug-of-war and a bridge to cross. However, it is the impetus for a sign-off for yourself or others (staff, employers, colleagues, lecturers, classmates) in two stages. First, September-November when the balance of power changes for the last time in your field. Then, December, when Ceres departs and a reshuffle of roles, rights and responsibilities is over.

  45. Dear Jessica,
    Your posts are always on point, but this one is aimed at my heart and situation extremely precisely (again). I am going through a divorce, and although we settled child custody questions for our son (10 yrs), the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, in the second half of the year. We are still living together until our house is sold, but this situation is tough, and I count down the days until I will be free literally and figuratively.
    What you said about Ceres-Pluto, and child custody arrangements are extremely punctual for me. Although I have a very big Virgo stellium, my heart almost stopped when I read in the Aries cycle article, that Uranus in Aries caused the rejection game in my marriage from 2011-2019, and my divorce in fact dates from these years. I never knew why I felt the way I felt, but I have Libra rising, (which was confirmed 20 yrs ago), and the actual happenings in my life proved from time to time, that Libra and Virgo set the tone for me parallel. (Besides my Taurus stellium, but that’s another topic.) So I always felt I needed to fight a two-front war, and now the most burning question is when can we sell our house finally? Last year was the bottom of the pit, but now I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, at least my career shifted in a promising way. It is under construction still, of course, but I feel good times are coming. My intuition and spiritual senses came back with a boom in spring, and I enjoy the messages and instructions that I get, but please, can you help me with what you see for me in the summer, and until the end of the year? Many thanks! D

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are going through a divorce. I bet you are counting the days. You need to sell your house too. Fortunately you have settled child custody for your little ten-year-old. Your natal chart shows Uranus at 17 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money (as they say). This is classically marriage and mortgage; the will you make out to your husband and child; divorce and child maintenance, as well as the break-up of property. You had Uranus in opposition at 17 Taurus in 2022 which typically is the challenge to change (transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Uranus). The North Node was at 17 Aries in January and February 2024 while the South Node stood at 17 Libra, at the same time. When you look at your chart you will see a stack of factors at 17 degrees of the signs. So, your whole life has obviously been affected by this quite radical change. You need Ceres and Saturn to move off 17 to call this finally, firmly over. So that’s in two stages. Ceres goes off 17 Capricorn in October 2024. Saturn pushes off 17 Pisces in February 2025. You will find life expands, improves, opens up for you in the biggest way when Jupiter goes to 17 Cancer so that’s August and September 2025. Not long to go.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another interesting articulate article. I am a Sun 0° Gemini, with Neptune 0° Capricorn – Diana 0° Aries – Ops 0° Cancer – Pluto 29° Libra and Panacea 02° Scorpio. My little 8 year old Step Daughter is a Sun 09° Aries. My Husband is a Sun 13° Libra, with Panacea 01° Capricorn – Ceres 01° Pisces. The themes outlined ring very true as he is seeking full custody. I would love some insight please. Thank you once again x

    1. You have karma with your stepchild and husband going back to matters from 18-19 years ago, very likely with a different partner or a pregnancy. The karma has to be closed and it takes you until January 2025 to do that. Until then life will be quite repetitive, as nothing will change, so you have to change on the inside. Yet from January you sign off from the matter, for whatever reason. It’s the same with your husband. It’s the North Node and South Node cycle. You will both close a door on 2024 and this issue and move forward.

  47. Hi Jessica, how will this transit affect me? I have 03° Capricorn in Jupiter and a few Aquarius factors.
    Is it about my work and business? Thanks

    1. There is no direct hit on your natal chart, so your solar chart tells the story. Your lifestyle, workload, daily routine, food, drink, fitness, doctors, healers, employers, staff, colleagues, lecturers, classmates (choose a few which apply) now presents you with a difficult moment of truth. The Full Moon is not the time to do anything new or make any big decisions. It’s a time of inner conflict about a matter, or polar opposites. Yet from this will come a huge sign-off decision in December. From September to November you slowly see the end of an era with (say) work or your weight (for example). In December you can turn your back on the challenges and changes of the last year and start 2025 in a totally different place. Until then, work and health questions (both paid and unpaid work) will ask you to put your head down and solve as much as you can.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    Since 2008, work/career and romance have been an Achilles heel of mine. Just constant drama and situations imploding. I’ve had so much fear around love and putting myself into more of a public role regarding my spiritual gifts but in a lot of ways I feel like things are calming but still unpredictable (especially with money). Is there any advice on how I should use this full moon to stabilize or release myself into calmer waters?

    Thank you

    1. A Full Moon is a bridge to cross, not anything to stabilise or calm down. It’s a crossroads and it’s a big stretch. So that’s not your answer. However you want to marry and be successful, by the sounds of it. You are a Sun Cancer woman with Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio stelliums. The best is yet to come as in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026 you will be offered an opportunity to establish yourself with a household or extended family circle, in a house or apartment you feel is right. You will either renovate what you have or move. Once you pass 2025/2026 you are out of the most difficult financial cycle in years and long-term, beyond the 2030’s will find a paid job, unpaid job or academic career which is a holiday from reality.

  49. I am a little late to this post but it really resonates with me. I don’t have anything in Cancer but have a ton of Capricorn factors within the range you’ve given in this post.

    it’s really interesting too that I’ve taken to an investment course recently and am looking at making some passive income for myself, just as I am about to come into some money from selling my home.

    lots of decisions to make about owning a home or moving (again!) or disrupting the kids’ lifestyles or going back into full time work. looks like I should be taking my time this month before making any plunge.

    1. Yes, you may want to let the Full Moon pass before you take the plunge, as decisions made about work and home, when the Sun and Moon are in a tight squeeze, tend to be made from necessity not from actual choice. There are easier times to figure out moving, home ownership, the children, full-time jobs and so on. Apollo at 16 Virgo and Cupido at 16 Capricorn are in a perfect trine in your chart from the Sixth House of daily routine, workload, lifestyle and wellbeing – and the Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. Jupiter is at 16 Pisces, tied into this trine, in your Twelfth House of religion, spirituality, self-help, Tarot, spiritualism, counselling and solitary gains. You’re about to come into some money which will help with lifestyle choices, but what will help the most astrologically, with timing, is transiting Jupiter going to 16 Gemini in August. This hugely expands your choices about how to work, when to work and why – and this may be investment or something quite different.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well. I know people, myself included, tend to reach out to you when things are going bad.

    Want to answer a happy question for a change?

    Since 2008, I’ve been laid off twice, both my parents and my closet friend passed away, I became financially destitute twice, had a heart attack.

    Jupiter in Taurus was a financial disaster, even though it should have been good for me.

    After two years of no work, at age 62, this week I landed a great job. It involves being my own boss in real estate. I got the job because of people from my past knew how dedicated I was to taking care of my sick parents. The money isn’t great, but the quality of the job is worth it.

    Next stop: my own home (Astrology Delivers!)

    I hope anyone reading this who might be discouraged will hang in there. You never know when things can change for the better.

    I’m just curious … was it Jupiter’s shift to Gemini, or was the upcoming Capricorn full moon that finally came through for me (I start my job on Monday 6/24.)

    And thank you for putting up with my endless questions over the past two years.


    1. Thanks Chris. Other readers will appreciate your comment. You spent two years without a paying job, which I do remember your asking me about and now have a fantastic real estate role, being your own boss. This is a real turning point given that you have been through a heart attack, the loss of your parents and friend – and financial crisis. At 62 your life is beginning again. You are curious to know what it was in your chart that helped. Minerva at 27 Virgo and Jupiter at 27 Capricorn are in a perfect trine from your Sixth House of daily routine, service, duty, wellbeing and lifestyle – and your Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. You were born with that and in fact it will protect you all your life. Even when you were being a full-time unpaid carer for your parents, you were living that out and in fact your new business partners recognised that dedication. In May (last month) transiting Jupiter went to 27 Taurus and delivered what they call a Grand Trine. So you were given a strong trigger in your chart not possible in 12 years. Enjoy the change as you clearly deserve it. Not so much the Full Moon, as the fact that life in May set you up for this opportunity.

  51. Hey Jessica- sorry to add to this- but in addition to career and love, home has been quite a challenge of sorts. I left NYC during Covid and the start of separation from my soon ex husband for the less busy or advanced Delaware. Since I’ve been here, I feel like money is even more complicated and though I like what it offers my young son and the home I bought,, I feel like I’m not thriving or ever will here. Independently (spiritual business) or even with employment as a nurse. I’m so confused lol

    Sorry again and thank you so much for reading and shedding light

    1. No need to apologise; I am sorry you are separating and also dealing with financial issues, being a single parent and of course the demands of being a nurse. I can’t see a chart here, unfortunately, so you may not be logged in or even a member. The Tarot is extremely good for these kinds of issues, so go to the Divination section of the website and follow the steps. You need to find out if Delaware is suitable for you and your son long-term and may also gain from finding out what the cards tell you about your job. If you do happen to be a member but are simply not logged in, you can at least also access The Garden Oracle for a second opinion, which is highly accurate.

  52. hi Jessica, I have had a much better 10 months with a new job than the last couple years and wondered if this will continue?My job is a new career path and in something new and I have much to learn which is great for me as love learning. I do have new personal projects to start and wondered if this full moon would be a good time to start something as sometimes its like one step forward two back then 3 forward. I have a Capricorn stellium and a Capricorn husband. Creativity has been lacking and I feel like I have lost my mojo with it.

    1. You are a Capricorn Sun woman who has the Sagittarius stellium of the perpetual student; it falls in your Ninth House of knowledge exchange. The new job allows you to go on learning which is ideal. The Full Moon is not the time to commence anything, though, be it course or project. If anything it is time to deal with the marriage and your husband and anything which does not add up there. You will likely pursue a new qualification or special plan online once Jupiter is trine the Sagittarius stellium from Leo and you see the end of limiting Saturn in Pisces, so you’re looking at the really big changes from 2026-2027 possibly with a degree, qualification, new career or business venture. Foreigners and foreign countries would be involved. For now, wait for the Full Moon to pass before you consider anything short-term, but it would still fulfil you, nonetheless.

  53. Hi Jessica this full moon is calling to me more than others, I have Ceres in Capricorn at 29 degrees which I believe is a difficult degree, I also have Juno In Capricorn at 0 degrees. I’ve a few cancer placement including Venus. Could you please use your amazing astrological knowledge to give me some insight of what all this means. I am a single mum for the 2nd time and have 5 children.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Kathy x

    1. Kathy, you have the Sun at 29 Leo and Ceres at 29 Capricorn, so Sun quincunx Ceres. Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn in September, October, November and in your solar sector of workload, daily routine, service, duty and unpaid work – also health and wellbeing. In your natal chart Pluto transits your solar sector of professional life, ambition, mission and position. As you have five children and no husband, presumably your role as mother is a big part of that – in both cases. What the Capricorn Full Moon does, is lay a few things on the line for you. Later on, you will accept a total transformation, as although 29 degrees is not necessarily difficult (not sure where you read that) it is quite true that you only have Pluto in transit at 29 Capricorn, once every 248 years. So this is a rare and historic bridge to cross; very much about your lifestyle and wellbeing, your sense of service and duty to the children and also to any employer/employers. Pluto gives you empowerment if you use your willpower and it hands you control if you use self-control. So this Full Moon is a nod to that, September-November. I suspect this is about the change in government coming in Britain and no doubt there will be an alteration in (say) taxation, benefits, work rules and so on – or with the N.H.S.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Capricorn moon and my life did change a lot from 2008 to now — marriage, moving, new career, two children, divorce. I’m totally ready for the next chapter now… been single for too long (for my tastes) and have been divorced for six years. What might be ahead for me? Thank you!

    1. You will find that the freedom and independence of post-divorce and single life does not last forever and from 2025/2026 (it happens in stages) the space gradually disappears. So does the heavy lifting you have been doing with the children and the paradoxical sense of limitation and restriction – at the same time that you have this freedom. This does rather suggest a new partner and the North Node entering Pisces and your solar Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and motherhood in 2025, going into 2026 seals the deal. What happens then is karma from 18-19 years prior, either with one of the children, or a relationship question which appeared then.

  55. Hi Jessica, my contract with my favourite pharmaceutical client is ending 28th Jun. They’re going through major restructuring and aren’t able to renew my contract but have given me glowing review. I suspect this is what the full moon in Capricorn is about for me (I have Moon at 3° Capricorn and Panacea at 5° Capricorn). I wonder if there’s any way that this Client calls me back soon? They’re not just great scientists but are also by far the most collaborative Client I ever had and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Thank you.

    1. You have Aesculapia at 2 Taurus in your Second House of income and he is in fact the healer who brings people back from the brink. Taurus rules business too, of course. So the Full Moon does in fact land in your Tenth House of career, but it also picks up this placement too. This is your favourite pharmaceutical client so it’s a shame about the contract. You will find that when Jupiter goes to 2 Cancer in mid 2025 either the client returns, or a similar contract appears. The symbol for this asteroid is the Rod of Aesculapia which many pharmacies have on their windows or bags.

  56. Hi Jessica… I sent a comment days ago and it’s still pending in for moderation… this happened with another prior comment I tried to post on another thread awhile ago. I noticed that comments posted under my comment were answered. ???

    1. I have 15,852 comments today and answer the first screen I see, when I sit down at my desk. The way answers appear does not reflect what I see on the computer. However, here you are again, but I cannot see your old questions. I will just look at your chart and tell you what the astrology tells me. You have Aquarius factors at 1 through 19 in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Friends and clubs, teams, societies, associations and the rest are as important to you as family; sometimes more so. Pluto is now in Aquarius for the first time in 248 years and will be here for a further 20 years. Transformation is slow on this transit but it is also deep and powerfully affecting. It is time to pace yourself with your social life, social media, any group involvements and both old and new friends. Expect tremendous change next January and February which marks the end of a phase and the start of a new one. Giving yourself time and space is important as Pluto transits require quite a lot of processing. If you make a new friend or join a new group from this point forward, read the fine print on any paperwork (lending a friend money for example) so that you are aware of the politics or the dynamics. People power can alter you and your world for the better on this transit. It is the sort of cycle when people join Greenpeace or the National Trust; Save the Children or War Child. From this comes real potency. This may not have been the question you asked, but your chart says groups and friends are about to matter more, long-term, than anything else in the world. I include bands in that.

  57. Hi Jessica, I have left to other replies and wondering why they still show as being approved. I know this is not your expertise but thought you may direct me as to how to remedy. Maybe it’s on my end?
    I have been looking for a new venue to move my practice. It’s been 1 1/2 yrs. and nothing yet. I believe Cancer transits cover this. What if I don’t have any Cancer placements? Wondering how my stellium in Capricorn and this Cap full moon can help or hinder?
    Thanks for your insight

    1. Comments on WordPress, which runs this website, can sometimes run into the tens of thousands and I answer them, only when I can. I am at my desk now and there are 15,853 of them. Yours just happened to turn up on the screen. So that’s how it works. I am training psychic astrologers at The Sun Sign School whom I hope will share the work with me when they are ready, as they will use the same techniques. Until then, it’s just not possible to reply to everybody, unfortunately. You are correct. Cancer transits will help you move your practice and you’ve waited a long time. You have the North Node at 25 Virgo in the Sixth House of lifestyle, workload and daily routine. Ideally you would wait for Jupiter to go to 25 Cancer, to gain from transiting Jupiter sextile natal North Node. However, you would be waiting until at least the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. The Full Moon will have absolutely no impact at all on your need to relocate. What you are actually after, here, are transits to 25 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo itself, Scorpio and/or Capricorn. In late June, early July and November you will be set free by Uranus at 25 Taurus, which fits the bill. Uranus in transit delivers out of the blue. It is liberating and invites quite radical change. So transiting Uranus trine natal North Node and sextile natal South Node, suggests quite a sudden and exhilarating shift, affecting your Sixth House in particular, as Virgo rules this and is a symbol of service and duty, the daily details, the meticulous delivery of regular tasks – but also a sharp awareness of your own health and fitness, on all levels, as you must be fit for duty. What or who comes along will be the last thing you expected but this may even go beyond moving your practice into something else you’d never countenanced. And Uranus will be back at 25 Taurus again in April 2025, in case you don’t make a move, in 2024.

  58. Thanks Jessica!

    I am a cancer sun, with a cancer, Taurus and Scorpio stellium. I’m going to use tarot and the garden astrology (which I really love) to gain some insight.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like The Garden Oracle. I used it myself the other day and was stunned by its accuracy. I will pass that compliment on to Justin at Asporea, who created the cards. Regarding duets or duels in your life, you will sign off from the most intense and challenging phase with that person/those people on 7th December. Willpower will make you powerful in the end.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    I always look forward to your posts and seeing how things unfold and how you get it so right.
    I’m wondering how this will affect me as I have Capricorn, Aries and Virgo stelliums?

    1. Thank you. The Capricorn stellium in your Tenth House is the most important factor here. Avoid the Full Moon for decisions about your vocation, career, position, mission and ambition. Choices made against a Full Moon are usually reflective of the pressure at the time and are not helpful long-term. Of course sometimes you can’t avoid having to respond when life challenges you, but if at all possible, avoid the Full Moon for (say) starting a project. Long-term you will sign off from the most demanding cycle in 248 years, for your professional life, industry, business and chosen field. This started way back in 2008 and you have seen it all, with Pluto in Capricorn. Takeovers and mergers. Departures and resignations. Promotions and power plays. Pluto is a symbol of any person or organisation which seeks to dominate and compromise is not an option – until things reach a crisis – then backing down, stepping down or even disappearing are on the cards. You have seen this more than once in 2008-2024. The more others tried to take over, the harder they fell (or are still falling now). You sign off from this after an echo from the past in September, October, November 2024. Then in December 2024 a reshuffle is done with, or a reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities. This leaves you free to look forward to 2025 and beyond. During this time you have really earned your power and influence by using sheer willpower with your work, or unpaid work – perhaps your study. This is the sort of cycle when people use quite remarkable self-control to take the reins and then hold them, over many years. At the end, they retire, or make other changes to their career, which settle the influence and power, quite permanently.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another interesting articulate article. I am a Sun 0° Gemini, with Neptune 0° Capricorn – Diana 0° Aries – Ops 0° Cancer – Pluto 29° Libra and Panacea 02° Scorpio. My little 8 year old Step Daughter is a Sun 09° Aries. My Husband is a Sun 13° Libra, with Panacea 01° Capricorn – Ceres 01° Pisces. The themes outlined ring very true as he is seeking full custody. I would love some insight please. Thank you once again x

    1. Thank you. The Full Moon itself is best avoided for discussions about your stepchild and/or your husband. He wants full custody so of course you want to know the outcome. Skip the Full Moon if you can; it’s far too much of a stretch. You will find January 2025 firmly ends the story with him. You are owed, or you owe, karmically – from life as it was 18 or 19 years ago. It’s the same for him. You may have been with completely different people, but the spiritual debts or credits are back which is why only January (when the lunar nodes change signs and leave Aries and Libra) will give you both absolute closure.

  61. Thanks for this article Jessica. I have my Moon at 18 Capricorn, and stelliums in Cancer and Aquarius. I see symbols of these signs in the King of Cups card which I drew when I asked what I needed to know about this Full Moon. (I was also born on a Full Moon.) I think it represents my on/off ex who has his Moon in Cancer and is hard work. We love each other but there’s a lot of baggage. Do you have any psychic insights about this situation? Thanks

    1. Thank you. The King of Cups is showing you a man at home or work (perhaps both) who is escaping from the realities of the family, the house or apartment, the town or country – by living in another world. If his career is the issue, not his sense of belonging, then he has been dealing with it by drifting further and further away from people. If this sounds like your on-off ex-boyfriend then it is probably in the context of having shared a flat or house with him, or still sharing the bedroom (at least). Unless you worked together, what the Tarot is picking up, is him as a non-starter in terms of actually settling with you, domestically. As you will read in the interpretation, the only hope for him rejoining the real world is to join a group, club, team, community or circle. His mother is the issue here; he was raised with some really unhelpful ideas about what it means to look after someone and his view of women (and especially women as mothers) has been affected as a result. The group therapy of making an effort to join a collective would help him enormously, but he may not do it. As you only asked about the Full Moon, though, the card and the message are purely tied to this date. The Tarot may show you a different side of him and his destiny, were you to enquire about a later time-frame.

  62. Hi Jessica, the impact of Pluto in Cap really speaks to me – a power struggle in my relationship regarding homeland/career. i want so much for this pressure to end! I don’t have much cap but am very Cancerian. Would appreciate your wisdom on my chart. xx

    1. With Cancer factors at 9 through 24 degrees in your Fourth House of home, real estate, extended family, town and country you have been put through the most difficult cycle in 248 years as ever since 2018 the stage was set for big forces pushing against that. This may have been particular people, groups or situations – it may have felt like heavy weather going against you. Anyone who has a Cancer stellium has been through it as not only Pluto in Capricorn, but also Saturn in Capricorn too, moved across 0-29 degrees of that sign in opposition to Cancer (and in fact Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn as you’ve read in the article). The power and control issues stop on 7th December 2024. Every reader has experienced it differently. Some have seen their apartments swamped by property developers all around. Others have seen illegal migrants take over their towns. Some have hired builders who take over and retard the progress of renovations. Others have seen old age take over their parents, or the government take over a family inheritance with delayed probate. Even the natural world has had a go; heavily Cancerian readers have reported severe storms and insurance claims with their house. In astrology this is all represented by the long, slow oppositions of Capricorn cycles, but with Ceres gone from the sign on 7th December, and Pluto gone from the sign slightly earlier in November, 2025 is going to be ‘That was then, this is now.’

  63. Hi Jessica, thank you for your very informative article. I am a Sagittarius with my moon in Capricorn trying to learn how to best apply this information as I am home caring and helping my husband heal, Libra (9/29/46). In addition, I need to schedule home repair projects such as a much needed deck renovation, but I feel stuck at moving forward and making a decision. During Covid my work position was eliminated in April 2922 when working remote was no longer a possibility. The bright news during this time is being blessed with our third grandchild in February. I am an optimistic person however these past months have been very overwhelming at times. Reading my birth chart I see I have stelliums in Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio. I have not heard of that before and have always identified with being a Sagittarius. I am trying to understand it all. How can I best use all of the information you write about to move forward? In appreciation, Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. What you are experiencing with your husband (in recovery) and your deck renovation is typical of the double Neptune and Saturn cycle in your family, household and home sector. Play a long game here. If you pace yourself then you will do better, with January and February 2026 being the end of the stop-start progress you have seen with your husband, children, grandchildren and house. If you think ‘two steps forward, one step back’ you are absolutely right. Most of the really big steps forward with your clan and your abode will arrive from mid 2025 to mid 2026, as lucky Jupiter with all his hope, expansion and solutions goes into Cancer. You have a stellium or unusually high number of factors in Cancer, the sign of property, real-estate, house and garden, the extended family (including godchildren) and town/country. You are certainly a Sagittarian but you are far more like a Cancerian. Scorpio rules the financial side of the marriage and the family. Capricorn rules your job or calling. You are slowly coming out of the most intense cycle of transformation in 248 years having lost your job with Covid and now becoming your husband’s carer – unpaid calling. Again, this is stop-start so give yourself until December 2024 to really see that particularly story though as there are issues about who or what is in control of your role there, which won’t disappear until just before Christmas. Then life will feel very different for you.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    Since this April, I have been in touch with my ex- husband (met in 2010 and divorced 2017) due to his father passing away on the day of the eclipse. We are talking about giving us another chance…please help me understand the energies at play here.

    Thank you as always!

    1. Remarriage shows up as a Libra/Seventh House matter and sometimes a Scorpio/Eighth House matter. Libra is the marriage and divorce; Scorpio is the sex and the money, to put it in the most basic way. You have a stellium at 0-19 Scorpio and would be getting back together with Pluto at 0-19 Aquarius for some years, in a square. So, you could obviously do this (the house, apartment and shared bank account would be a prime factor) but it would create some stress. There is a reason why you divorced, beyond his father passing away. Transiting Pluto square natal chart factors is – who or what is hard to square. It can feel like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don’t totally fit. So I have to be honest with you. Ask the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle for a more private answer.

  65. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this post. It looks like my first comment from the 15th is pending approval so I’ll post again in case it got lost in the internet ether. I have a lot of Capricorn features and if I understand correctly it appears I can expect changes in public image etc. I am a singer in a band and trying hard to breakout into entertainment as a solo artist. Also hoping my luck with change in romance as I’ve been single for a very long time. Any specific insights you could give to my chart? Thank you much!

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter at 20 Aries in your natal chart in the First House of self-promotion, appearance and profile. This mirrors what is happening in your solar chart as you have Capricorn transits in your First House of the same. Your luck in life is tied to your look. Also to your name. This never changes and you can use it on stage, on YouTube or in a totally different job where it’s all about your exterior. This transforms in September-November as Pluto goes back to your solar First House. By 7th December you sign off from the changes, which will give you far more power and control over how you are presented; how you sound; how you look. This may be your musical career or another choice. Love is set to take off for you in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. You could easily foster, adopt, become a stepmother or (tick other) as you were born in 1988. In both your personal chart and solar chart late 2025, 2026 into early 2027 suggest a new partner who is the biggest and best, compared to what you’ve had before. If there are any issues in the way sort them out; don’t waste this opportunity.

  66. Thank you Jessica. Having never considered being more Cancer than Sagittarius, I will have to read about Cancer people. It was never on my radar. Taking slow steps moving forward is how I am operating now. Given the situation here, I hope that I will welcome any changes in life that occur before Christmas. Thank you for your quick response.

  67. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the post!

    I have had quite the time in the last few years, personally and professionally. My family situation has been a source of ire since I was a teen. I have been through two divorces since 2008 (first married in 2007 – divorced by 2010, married again in 2012, divorced by 2014), and I have been back and forth to the same workplace – and am looking to go back again full time now that there has been a shuffling of management and leadership after 16 years of a terrible boss.

    I have Capricorn factors, specifically Vulcano at 29 degrees and my south node is also in capricorn.

    My partner and I have been living together for one year as of the Solstice, and we have been in renovation mode since! Mostly concentrating on the gardens but we are starting to concentrate on the insides of this old house of ours.

    I am trying to get into school for my masters, to start in fall 2025. I am a nurse, and I was rejected last year so I am trying to boost my application.

    I am wondering if you can tell me anything about these transits for me? I am having a hard time deciphering the role of Vulcano in relation to these transits, but being at 29 – i believe it is personal 🙂

    Thank you

    1. Family problems and divorce usually suggests issues with Cancer/Fourth House patterns. Cancer rules household, home, property and the relatives as well as husbands and any children. You have the North Node at 7 Cancer in opposition to the South Node at 7 Capricorn. This is past life karma with one or both former husbands and certainly with your parents. Ceres at 7 Sagittarius is quincunx the North Node and semi-sextile the South Node. Every time you hit a decision about your relatives or partners, Ceres brings in questions about foreign places and foreigners; academia; publishing or the worldwide web. It’s the same with houses and apartments. Every time you choose a crossroads there, Ceres will come in with issues about other cultures, languages, nationalities, local customs. So you can marry a foreigner and emigrate and not stay, or you can marry a local but move to a place with a heavy foreign population. Every person is different. Your MA is a different issue and is about Vulcano at 29 Capricorn, which raises the issue of the Full Moon in Capricorn. Skip the Full Moon for your ambitions, it’s too hard. Yet you will make a life-changing decision about the MA (for which you are applying again) when Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn, September-November, and Ceres signs off from Capricorn in December. You are iron-willed, have great self-control, can master your emotions and benefit from this steely resolve as a nurse, or with any other role (academia) as Vulcano clamps down on his or her feelings and gets the upper hand as a result. This is under huge pressure from the most powerful people or organisations in September-November but if you push back you will gain in strength and may get what you want: an MA.

  68. Thank you very much Jessica! You’re spot on. I no longer live with him, and his conservative, stay at home Mum influenced his unhelpful attitudes about women, especially working mothers. It was part of the reason I originally left him and I’ve encouraged him to seek professional help.

    1. Thank you for confirming the astrology was right. The Moon in a man’s chart shows how he wants to mother you, or mother any children he produces. He learns how to mother from his own mum/mom. If she did a bad job, then that shows in his chart and he will bring that into any sexual relationship or marriage. So the Moon tells us a lot. I am sorry he’s not fixed himself and hope your suggestion helps him.

  69. Hi Jessica, as a Capricorn – I did yr brilliant ‘astrology delivery’ with a wish for a new job that gave me work life balance and fresh air. An if my vibe is correct – I am about to have a choice of not one but TWO new jobs to choose from. I asked the tarot which one would work for me best and drew The Chariot. The job I am leaning towards would require me to split my time between regional Victoria and Canberra… so guessing that is The Chariot. (If I do take the job – I will need to buy a car for the first time in 25 years).

    How do you see the Full Moon impacting me?

    Thanks as always.

    1. Sounds good. The Chariot is telling you that it’s the job between Victoria and Canberra. And yes, you will have to buy a car. I am pleased Astrology Delivery gave you some or all of what you want. The Full Moon is about your title, appearance and profile with your new role. Mixed feelings. Quite common if there is a dress code or business card which doesn’t completely please you. Not a huge deal, though.

  70. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your fascinating article as always.
    I have Ceres at 8 in Capricorn, Sun at 8 in Scorpio, Bacchus at 8 in Libra and Aquarius stellium.
    I am experiencing a power strugle with two siblings (both Taurus) about selling our last family property in Colombia. They are going ahead with the deal and it makes me sad because it feels as if we are disconnecting from our country of birth. They say it is mainly because of the unstable political situation, high expenses and the long journey to get there from Spain.
    Also, regarding my job, I am about to finish a temporary job after 15 months in a few days and would love to get back to work asap. Any suggestions?
    I would love to have your thoughts.
    Thank you

    1. Rosario, the issue is Gemini and its rulership of the Third House (siblings) and I don’t see a chart here. I’m afraid it’s impossible to say more without that information, but the Tarot is free to use on my website.

  71. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for this article.
    I’m reposting my comment because it must have gotten lost.
    Considering that I have Hygeia 01°Capricorn and Vulcano 01°Cancer (and Ceres 23°Capricorn), what influences will the Full Moon in Capricorn may have in my life?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you. No comments are lost, but I have 15,854 of them and answer them, one screen page at a time. The Full Moon at 1 Capricorn 07 falls across the Cancer-Capricorn opposition in your chart, with the Sun at 1 Cancer 07. A classic conundrum about real-estate, your home town, homeland, house and apartment choices, your garden, extended family or household presents itself. This does work out rather nicely in the end, with the best possible solutions and sweeping answers in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026, but for now, it’s a bridge to cross. At the other end is your career, unpaid work or academic career. Your status and position, your ambitions, rank and place in the system. This is rather more difficult but it does have an end point. The bridge to cross now suggests a different path altogether in November, when Pluto signs off, and then from December, when Ceres goes. This is very likely to be year-end resignations, retirement and other reshuffles – for example, hirings and firings, appointments and mergers. What you glimpse now is bigger later and of course these areas of life are where you are extremely mindful of the future (Hygiea) and extremely self-controlled (Vulcano).

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Virgo with a stellium from 3 to 26 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, service, duty, lifestyle, health, mental health, wellbeing, routine and unpaid work. That is the real story here, as Saturn, Neptune and the North Node (from next year) all circle this in your chart. You will already have experienced this, trying to constantly find your feet with working and living, over a long period of time. Oppositions to Virgo come from Pisces transits. Oppositions are rather like football games. At half-time the manager urges the players to return to what they do best. To remember who they are and what they can do. This is where you are now and also where you will be in 2025. Strongly Virgo people find that the basics of a daily routine can affect everything else. Finances. Sexual relationships. Career. Even though these oppositions from Pisces transits, ongoing, are challenging, they will also help you pull out your Virgo best, in terms of being on the field. That requires remembering who you were, as a teenager, in particular. Settling into a pattern or returning to a rhythm (the tiniest details count) will help you come back to yourself. It will take effort, long-term, but it will also give you what you need in life, for just about everything else.

  72. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are keeping well, thank you for the article.
    I am a sun Capricorn with stelliums in Cancer and Aquarius.
    What do these transits indicate?

    My home, work, finance and love life have all been battle areas for quite a few years now and I feel exhausted!!

    I have been desperately wanting to move home after living with parents due to a relationship break down and the housing market.
    I made a terrible career move 2yrs ago for which I also took a financial hit and that was a mistake, so I am now trying to maneuver into other roles for which I am getting interviews but not quite able to crack.

    To boot, after a few years of peace my destructive narcissist ex (Sagittarius) has been causing quite some upset for me which has triggered a lot of past issues at a time I was doing well in myself and with my mental health.
    (I wish karma would catch up with him!)

    I was looking forward to moving on in love and life, but this has set me back once again.
    I don’t wish to be a negative nelly and rely on fitness to stay positive, but it gets heavy after what feels like 8yrs of madness!!
    Is there anything in the astrology for a worn out Capricorn?

    Many thanks as always for your time and insight, always appreciate your work.
    Best regards

    1. Thank you. You want to move and you also want a new job. You have had years of issues. You also wonder if your Sagittarian ex-boyfriend or ex-husband will get his just deserts, which comes from the French ‘deservir’, to ‘deserve’. If he is married or in an new relationship from 2025 onwards, he won’t know a moment’s peace, so perhaps you will be content with that. In fact, he will be rejected by his new partner/s as often as he rejects them. Your whole chart shows a large Aquarius stellium, the sign of groups and friends, so your focus should be on that. From friends and groups will come a new home and a new job. That should not be the reason you find your tribe, though, or even return to your tribe. It probably won’t be as you genuinely believe in people power and alliance for its own sake. You’re not venal about it. Aquarius is the least corrupt sign of the zodiac and you (since childhood) have found out that you can supply chums with what they need, or supply a group. For around the next 20 years this is the story of your life. You are a Capricorn but you may as well be an Aquarian. And those communities, circles and networks are powerful, life-changing and transformative if you put time and energy into them.

  73. Thanks for this article Jessica, it resonated hugely – clearly im not alone! How lovely! Look at what you did, you astounding woman! Yay!
    Jan 2008 was indeed the start of an epic slog – aggressively hostile ex and his feud – still ongoing – poor him – kids’ genetic disorder began revealing itself in a big way, (ehlers danlos), housing issues of the most scary sort…now finally looks to be starting to reach a pathway to serious negotiation now that i have legal back up of sorts.. I just found a union to back us up – again (though im a muddlehead with this astrology business as i have no pc so its all on my phone – much squinty eye-ness!) but the pc is almost ready to be set up – huzzah)
    Its clouded by further (major) issues affecting me with regards to earlier activism within the social and environmental justice campaigns that ive had no time to connect with because of the demands created by the (finally) diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome…we go round in circles so much eh..
    Incredible stuff and im looking forward to having a normal size screen so i can try to learn more about this. Ive been a tarot reader for 35 years – my fairly recent discovery of the adjacent study of natural astrology looks like itll be what keeps me out of mischief over the coming years ahead :-))
    When im rich, think ill be signing up to the school. Have a lovely solstice Jessica.

    1. Thank you. The Tarot has been your friend for 35 years and now you can combine it with astrology, which I promise you can be like finding a new power point in the house. You don’t have to be rich to subscribe to The Sun Sign School and in fact a couple of people have made their money back, by doing so well that they’ve been hired to write and podcast. That’s for another day, though. The huge stellium you have in Libra will be the story until January 2025 as the South Node transits Libra and life as it was 18-19 years ago influences a professional or sexual partnership. Sometimes the partnership is neither, but still important – though platonic. I dare say the Libra weather of September, October 2024 will emphasise this for you, but January 2025 is the sign-off in terms of karmic closure.

      1. OMG!! Haha!! Just getting off the floor here!
        That’s my ex; he has been incredibly difficult but ive gradually gained distance. One policewoman described him as “a thoroughly unpleasant individual”.
        Ive been reflecting on whether to take him to court for money – never had a penny, nor asked. He’s hidden his Zooplas (house purchases)- so i guess he’s worried. It would be castrating for him though; I dont want to be responsible for that level of pain in anyone though. But im not afraid of him any more.
        Even less so now. Thanks.
        Your words – sending you much solstice love.

        1. Thank you. My friend and colleague Paul Fenton-Smith (a tutor at The Sun Sign School) has a lot to say about cords with old boyfriends and former husbands. These are the energetic ties that bind. He has good advice on cutting them. One way to do it is to drop any thought of legal revenge. I’m sure he owes you. At the end of the day, though, ask yourself what price, peace of mind. Continued aggravation with a bad man can take years and cost not only money, legally, but also your time and energy. The Tarot can be a guide here. You want to castrate him. That’s rage and it does cost you, even in terms of the strain on your system. Have a look at His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the subject of anger. The Tibetans have a better reason than most to feel angry but they studiously avoid it. Clever.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the wonderful blog post.

    I wanted to check with you how the full moon affects me as per my chart, my birth chart factors are:

    Capricorn Factors in Uranus, Neptune, & North Node
    Cancer Factors in Chiron, Vesta, Ops, Psyche & South Node

    I have been having a few challenges specifically with my career for a few years now. I am in a space where I have been looking for a career change for a long time – being in sales for over 12 years. I was put on a performance improvement program (maliciously) by my old manager (she was so bad – you had predicted she “she has nothing on me and people see her for who she is – she was forced to leave the organisation) and trying to convince my new manager to get me off the program.

    your blog really gives me hope amongst many other readings that you have done for me and the predictions have come true. In your blog post, you mentioned the cancer & capricorn split – and this is my north node & south node, literally.

    I would really appreciate your reading and if you are able to see if there will be any successes in my career and also move away from my sales career and into something else?

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Pluto has been in your career sector, the Tenth House (ruled by Capricorn) since 2008 so a long-term cycle has had an impact on you. Working in sales put you in a difficult situation with a bad manager. The astrology told you it would not last and in fact she was forced out. Thank you for confirming the prediction. Now you want a better career. It is coming. Avoid the Full Moon, though, as the clash between the Sun and Moon in your work zone is not useful. What you are waiting for is the end of 2024, as with it comes the end of Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn. It takes a long time. They are both retrograde or going backwards and forwards. However, there will be a sign-off phase in September-December with people all around you in your profession making deals, resigning, accepting new positions, pursuing mergers, retiring, taking redundancies, taking promotions. This rearranges things for you and from 2025 onwards you will never again have the politics you have seen over the last few years. That’s over. It may in fact result in you leaving sales, but that choice is up to you.

  75. Hi Jessica: thank you for your timely insights! I asked the tarot what do I need to know about the full moon — and drew the eight of swords. Spot on! Esp with the mental traps and blind folded-ness it is speaking about. In one of the weekly forecasts you spoke about how June and July are about rush and push like The Smiths’ song. Im in that, so get that. I have four factors in Capricorn 1-21 (Uranus, Neptune, panacea and Minerva) and cancer too incl Jupiter. I’m a premium member so you can see my chart. What additional insights would you recommend for me as the full moon arrives? Much gratitude — N

    1. The Full Moon is indeed shown by the Eight of Swords. That is you, blindfolded and tied up, surrounded by some old threats which have not gone away. The Full Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of ambition to get to the top. The Sun in opposition to the Full Moon is in Cancer, the sign that rules home for you – but also houses, apartments, and particular towns, regions or countries. You are living with a Cancer-Capricorn chart so I am sure you can see what the issues are. As the Tarot reveals, there is both a home in the distance, and also a mountain to climb, in terms of status and success. You can’t get there because you can’t see what you are doing. Pluto in Capricorn has delivered past threats or even real attacks – anything from difficult people, to specific organisations. Even wider circumstances like the pandemic. Now, the Full Moon is here to lay it all on the line. In order to take your blindfold off, so you can begin the long journey to a new home, or a new home for your work, you have to use who or what surrounds you, to break free. I have seen this card come up for a reader who was betrayed by a friend. She used that to motivate herself to move to a different home and begin a new life. She used the swords, in other words, that her friend had thrown, to cut loose, see straight and make the journey.

  76. Hi Jessica, as a natal Taurus, I have to admit that I have been underwhelmed by the lack of any significant opportunity or solutions for me over the 2023/2024 Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus transits. I have both Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer – and both at 24 degrees! Last year, you said that I should have ’opportunities and solutions galore’ over that year but nothing significant turned up no matter how hard I tried to spot them and act upon them. I put in a tremendous effort – an even greater effort than I had been making over the past 10 years – when due to a fraud by my accountant, I lost a huge amount of money and had to sell most of my assets. I have reached out to my network to advertise my business. I get thousands of views on LinkedIn, but no one actually takes contact. I have approached some powerful individuals who know me and what I can deliver but they all seem to have disappeared into the ether. No response. I am beginning to wonder if I exist at all. I seem to be invisible. I am hanging on to hope, but in all honesty, I’m a bit burned out… I pulled a Tarot card on this topic: the 9 of cups. It tells me to pay attention to individuals rather than relying on a group to have my back. I am indeed reaching out to individuals – and groups. I have even co-opted the dead – those who have left my life and circle. There must be a turnaround soon, right? Thanks for any light you can shed on this perplexing situation.
    Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma. You had thousands of views on Linked In, which is a typical outcome of Jupiter and Uranus transiting your First House of self-promotion. It sounds as if you wanted something quite different to a successful relaunch of your name and face. You wanted business, money, a new job and so on. That is not what this astrology was all about. The First House is about positioning yourself online. In fact it has shown you Linked In, which is the group behind you. And yes, one or two people may be about to leave Linked In. To actually address your career (not your image which is quite different) have a look at Capricorn and the Tenth House. You were born with Ceres at 25 Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. Pluto went over 25 Capricorn and you no doubt had a professional challenge, or series of them, lasting around 12 months. That is always an historic bridge to cross as it can only happen every 248 years. Now, transiting Ceres herself is in Capricorn too, so you are having your Ceres Return. She did in fact feel invisible. She was powerful, passionate and productive, but then Pluto took over. In the end she got what she wanted by compromising and accepting a deal, or bargain. So that’s your answer with career in 2024. It’s about negotiating with other people and the world itself. Have a look at Ceres in your chart. The end of this cycle happens in two stages. September to November (Pluto’s last gasp in Capricorn) and then on 7th December (Ceres quits Capricorn). Common sense suggests the final quarter is a time of resignations, retirements, redundancies, promotions, mergers and new appointments. Within this, you will find a gap to get into.

  77. Hi Jessica
    Please look in my chart and tell me if the capricorn full moon brings me a “release”. 18, 19 years ago was a turning point where I was alone against a group and since then I haven’t had the full freedom I wanted. I’m waiting for a change for the better.
    Thank you

    1. With factors at 5 through 19 degrees of Aquarius, the sign of groups, any transit in Aquarius tends to bring issues about the community, circle or collective. So the North Node cycle 18-19 years ago (which was not in Aquarius, but Aries) is not behind what happened to you in 2005-2006. Neptune in Aquarius very much was. Now, Pluto is back in Aquarius, so can there be change for the better? Yes. This will take some years, as Pluto moves so slowly, but that confused and confusing episode in your past will be replaced by a new power and control. It will take willpower and self-control but Pluto’s reward is clout and influence. You will see why in January, February 2025.

  78. Hi Jessica,
    In regards to your substack article relating to the Euros I believe the tarot card is referring to German captain İlkay Gündoğan. He even looks like the soldier in the card including the uniform is similar to the colours of the soldiers armour. Gündoğan has had success at club level with Borussia Dortmund and especially Manchester City during the treble period so he knows how to win. Also he is of Turkish background so he is a man from an ethnic background who grew up in working class Germany which was what the card suggested as someone from a foreign background. So I think Germany will win this one.

  79. Dear Jessica, help… please ;-). I am confused in my continuous difficulty loup. Is it correct that I have Pluto at 1° in my natal chart. And if so, complications and difficulties continue, the next months? In generall I gather that it will become easier for me pisces to build friendships, perhaps a relationship, up here in the North of Germany (where I am since a couple of years, because I am still quite isolated). This would also mean it becomes easier for me to connect with colleagues in a new organisation/ job, and secure myself better ? (If a new job turns up now). Which would also mean that I can navigate my 7° in Nodes and slow moving planets better? And aim at, not being pushed out of a job or appartement again and again? And as I am still struggling to find this new job (although I had this exceptionally positive May – where I was not successful) which was messed up for some reason. Good news is that Next week I will perhaps have feedback from 2 last applications, and I am afraid that with this difficult outlook, even if I get a job works that out, difficulties could start all over again (due to controlling, dominate, abusive CEO`s etc., me being an Assistant). With one of the appliations I have exact the feeling in my research, as the Head of Board will be starting in July and is new to the company, my call seems to take place next week, if he gives green lights, and we will talk via Zoom/ or in person.I like the company but I am not sure with the new Head. – slowly but surely, it is one of my last chances in my agegroup. I have another company who will give their feedback, but even if I get that job and it seems fine, it would be good to be prepared and perhaps be aware from beginning onwards. By the way would be a first time woman boss 🙂 juggling with Job/ family as you once hinted. All in all it seems to me that next year my personal circumstances apart from job/ income seem to become better. But a job is so important. Last but not least, next possible chance I will sign up for your sun school, because I have the feeling I am piling an unsorted question heap on your desk, and want to understand more before I ask. Thank you so much for some hints I can check, or trust in and many, many regards

    1. You have Pluto at 12 Virgo in your natal chart, not 1 Virgo. He is transiting at 1 Aquarius, which is different. Your natal Pluto is a fixed spot in your birth chart. Yours is at 12 Virgo in the Sixth House of food, drink, fitness, doctors, dentists, healers, workload, work ethic, service and duty to others (even the dog). These things powerfully affect you all your life and in turn, you find power through them, when you can also find the willpower. Transiting or travelling Pluto is about the weather passing through, as he will trigger your horoscope on the way. You need a new job. You are also evicted a lot as a tenant. Don’t worry about signing up for The Sun Sign School until you get a job and a lasting home. You would be very welcome when you do, but put that to one side for the moment. You have Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo patterns in your chart which are about leases, career and workload (in that order). You are ending the toughest cycle in 248 years, with a way out in November, and then again in December. So if you’ve not found a job by then, you soon will. You will be offered a good lease or even more than that in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. When Jupiter goes into Cancer in the second half of next year, remaining until the first half of 2026, a huge amount of issues you have now will be solved, as he triggers your chart in all the right places. You know how to put other people first and make them feel at home. That will stand you in good stead all your life, both at work and in your personal life. Trust what comes naturally and show it.

    1. Thank you. It’s a pleasure. The comments which accompany every feature extend the article and are an important part of it, so I appreciate your feedback.

  80. Hi Jessica,

    Not sure how relevant this is to my chart. I just lost a very old dear friend to cancer. We actually met at uni in 2005/6. She was a cancer and actually I had my oldest son on her birthday. I’ve got a ton of Capricorn and Aquarius factors and I’m a cancer rising. I’m heartbroken at the moment emotionally, but I do have a nice new job and some stability finally. I feel like my marriage is coming back online as well after years of raising our kids and I realise how much I love him. You are right 2008 to now has been financially challenging, even though happy in other ways. I suppose I’m asking if things will improve further in 2025 for me and my family. My husband is a cancer too. I feel like when one part of my life hues well, another part always goes downhill. Losing my friend has been such a shock, I can’t really process it.

    Thanks for the article


    1. Gemma, your friend’s loss is shown by the stellium at 3 through 24 Aquarius in your chart. Aquarius rules friendship. For the first time in 248 years, Pluto is now in Aquarius and in fact he appeared in 2023 which is when your friend may have received her cancer diagnosis. It’s a tragedy for you and unfortunately Pluto can accompany that sort of transformation. Pluto does not equal death, but he does equal a change in the balance of power so this is not just about your Cancerian friend, it is also about the impact on your whole social circle surrounding her, as this means all change. You have your husband to help you and your chart shows it will bring you closer together, for the rest of 2024 and first half of 2025.

  81. HI Jessica

    I am having dental surgery on the afternoon of June 24th and I am very nervous. Any insights you could share would be helpful.

    1. There is nothing in your chart showing issues with your dentist or your health. We all get nervous going into the dentist, but these people are so highly professional and experienced that it’s their business to make sure we sail through as smoothly as possible. In fact you are doing yourself a favour; had you left this until 2025 or 2026 it would be far more of an issue for you.

  82. Message to BostonLibra, thank you for sharing. Your message is so encouraging, wishing you all the best for your start on 24th!!

  83. Hi Jessica, I am always take a step back and watch don’t act at the full moon but I’ve just noticed Jupiter is aspecting conjunct my natal Ceres in Gemini at 6°. I was wondering and hoping that is good isn’t it?

    1. The Full Moon is only relevant for Cancer-Capricorn chart sectors and that’s not Gemini and your Third House. In fact your timing is great with brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbours, the internet, the media, commuting and short journeys. You have natural power here and even though you always have to compromise over that power, you do end up with a lot of control and clout, every year that you’re here on the planet. A rare opportunity to make so much more of this will appear as Jupiter is in a conjunction with Ceres. It will be a deal with others or yourself and it will be hugely rewarding.

  84. Hi Jessica, thank you for another really helpful article.
    It is very accurate for me, as as soon as pluto went into capricorn, I settled down and had children, whereas I travelled extensively for my work during the whole pluto in sag period.
    I find myself craving a home of my own, even though I live with my partner and kids in my partners old home. I am always checking out cottages in the woods on the internet. I feel the need to escape and have my own space. Is this part of the astrology, and how do you think I could best improve my finances in order to get there. Thank you x

    1. Thank you. You have Diana in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, so marriage and mortgage is typical, but also de facto relationships where you both rent. Diana refused both marriage and motherhood, and is a symbol of feminism, freedom, space and independence in your chart. In Scorpio, she shows that part of you which wants to separate yourself from the family and find your own space, preferably in nature. Your chances of doing this skyrocket when Jupiter goes into Cancer, so the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026, as Jupiter will trine Diana. They were actually father and daughter in Ancient Roman mythology.

  85. Hi Jessica. The cusp of my sixth house is at 2 deg Cap, so this Full Moon is technically in my 5th, am I right? I have a stellium in Capricorn (Ura – 5º, Vesta – 8º, Nep – 12º, Sat – 13º) and another stellium in Taurus (Sun – 0º, Diana – 2º, Venus and Ceres – 4º). Chiron is at 2º Cancer, so yes, I’m trying to figure out how this Full Moon could manifest. Any suggestion on how could it impact me? There are so many things happening in my life now regarding entrepreneurship, insurances, paperwork, and whatnot.

    1. Using the Natural House System, your Sixth House is ruled by Virgo, not Capricorn. I don’t use any of the other 30+ house systems as I’ve not found them accurate enough for prediction. The Tarot is free to use on this website if you need to find an answer to your question. There’s no chart I can see here.

  86. Hi Jessica l’m a natal Aries with moon in Capricorn. What does the new moon mean for me.

    Many thanks x

    1. It’s basically about your social position, professional life, any unpaid work you do, and academia, if you are a student. It calls in so many issues from 2008-2023 and nods to the future as well, because there will be a sweeping reshuffle of people politics and power, timed for Pluto’s return to Capricorn in September. By December it’s all over but you will be affected and so this Full Moon is a moment of truth. The bridge to necessary change. You may prefer to skip the actual Full Moon for decisions, though. You don’t have all the information yet and it’s going to be a stretch. 2025 may well see you with a career which is altered or even replaced if you feel like it. It will certainly have an impact on your standing and position; you do have some choices to make, over the next few months.

  87. I have volcano in 29 cancer and salacia in 29 Capricorn. My husband is a Capricorn – not sure degree at the moment. I struggle a bit understanding the asteroids and I am wondering how this new moon interacts with my chart.

    1. The Full Moon is always a tug of war between the Sun and Moon. It brings issues to a head. People feel inwardly divided on a Full Moon or there is conflict between two sides. The sign of the Full Moon on the day, and the sun’s sign right opposite tell you where the clash is. Capricorn is ambition, social climbing, success, achievement, top ranking and life from the middle classes up to the aristocracy and the monarchy. It’s about the mountain goat who scales the heights and does not put a foot wrong. Cancer is about home, family, history, heritage, the house, the land, the garden, the apartment – home town and homeland. It’s about where you come from, in terms of class, and your mother’s side of the family tree as well as your father’s. A classic split is needing to emigrate in order to be successful in your career. Without your husband’s chart I can’t tell you more, but in general, you two have enough Cancer-Capricorn in your horoscopes to feel the division between home and ambition. Skip that day.

  88. Hi Jessica, I am going to try for the third time with a hope that I get lucky to get a response from you….I have North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn at 29 degrees. Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio stelliums too. I would appreciate how this period will affect my chart. Thank you!

    1. I’ve just sat down at my desk and seen your question now. I recognise your chart so have replied to you before and no doubt raised your Capricorn stellium and the lunar nodes at 29 Capricorn-Cancer as it’s the whole story of 2024. Skip this Full Moon and the second Full Moon in Capricorn as well (21st July) for decisions or actions about work or home; unpaid work or family; academia or your household. It’s too difficult. In fact it won’t be until December 7th that you can farewell months of stop-start developments with your role and goals. It may be that you decide to retire, for example, then don’t actually do it until 2025 is around the corner. Or you take on a new project only to change it, because of issues with your staff or colleagues. The Cancer node is nodding to next year and 2026 as well. What you are deciding to do about your larger goals will affect choices about your house, apartment, town and country later on.

  89. This is interesting. When I was 19, I got married on February 8, 2008. We have since divorced, but this year on February 8, 2024, his house was raided bc he had been downloading images he shouldn’t have been. Everyone was shocked bc he was such a sweet guy and was so good to my kids. This happened on what would have been our 16th anniversary.

    1. I am sorry you have been put through this but glad your ex-husband has been brought to justice.

  90. Dear Jessica, thank you for your time and effort that you put into the blog it is always so informative and interesting. I’m a Cancer with Aquarius and Virgo factors not sure how I’ll be affected here. Please if you can give some insight that would be most appreciated. Still no movement on the career front and the issues with finance and stability lingers. Made the life changing decision to come back to my home country after many years overseas ( with family in tow). For a fresh start in 2024 and to support my mum in her grand age only to lose her mere weeks before I arrived so it’s been a rollercoaster of sorts. Any insight on what is on the horizon is always welcomed Jessica.
    Many thanks!

    1. You are strongly Cancer-Virgo and need to be back at home. I am sorry your mother passed shortly before you arrived. Yet you are in the right place and in fact will gain from property in the second half of next year (and family too) with ongoing benefits in the first half of 2026. This is the Jupiter transit of Cancer which will also give you a huge boost with your working life. So the fresh start does work out eventually; it just takes time. Financially you do have major decisions to make next December, January, February and will need to negotiate.

  91. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for the article! I kind of feeling unsettled, came in and saw this article. Really resonate with me! I’m an Aries & Pisces stellium. Just in the past few days, we’re in Edinburgh, looking for apartments as considering moving here from London and there are some minor visa issue in the UK. Also, in my heart, I wish to spend more times with my aging parents in Malaysia. So, feel really pulled in different directios. And there is also the career issue feeling stuck (run online educational and health business, where should I base for better environment (Malaysia seems better as it is cheaper for everything, less stressed financially but might be harder for my husband’s career). In fact, we have to make decision and sign a lease in Scotland right now! Love to hear your advices and what to look out for in the next few months . Thanks so much Jessica!

    1. You are being pulled between Malaysia and Scotland and are now in London. And of course your career will fare better/worse in one place or another. You actually have two Full Moon in Capricorn phases coming; this one and a second one on 21st July. So the family and home town/homeland question will take time to sort out – but you must sign a lease now. The issue is of course your husband because you are not acting alone and he has different career needs to you. There is no perfect solution because of your timing. However in the second half of next year you will be given an opportunity to sort out your home and your family which truly suits you. It’s just a bit early now. Next year your career will also be far less pressured than it’s been for a very long time.

  92. Hi Jessica. I was staggered at how accurate your answer was to an earlier post about those with Cancer stelliums having had a hard time. I have had long running battles with my close family and my husband is making my life difficult over where to move house. The stress caused by these battles is doing my head in.

    I have a Cancer stellium and was relieved to see that the problems and stuck feeling I have had for a long time now will come to an end after 7th December this year. I can’t wait!

    I drew the Eight of Cups when I asked the Tarot how to navigate this Capricorn full moon. Can you tell me how you see the answer that this card provides, please?

    Thanks as ever for all that you do.

    1. Thank you. Yes, heavily Cancerian people have had so many issues about/with their families during these years of Pluto oppositions. The more factors you have in your Cancer stellium, the more you have been hit with distinct episodes, so you’ve had battles with relatives and your husband is making life difficult regarding a house move. Ceres leaving Capricorn on 7th December is the last major transit opposite Cancer for a long time. The Eight of Cups in your Tarot reading shows the moon itself, so it is literal. That is you, or perhaps your husband, taking a trip away, solo. This is because the people all around are not emotionally fulfilling and life feels empty. Upon your or his return, things will look brighter and lighter.

  93. Hi Jessica, thank you for prepping us for this, with all your insights. I have had members of my family attack me unfairly recently, out of the blue just prior to and following my father’s passing a month ago (Which has prevented me from grieving my father). It was my mother and a brother, who has been stirring up ill feeling toward me, plus a younger brother. I had a difficult relationship with the former two in my youth but more recent times were better. The intensity and circumstances of this recent attack has had a really crippling effect which I’m struggling with since. I don’t know if this is a Pluto thing or not? My mother is Gemini and brother a Leo. My family is important to me but they have made it impossible for me as the other members will all fall in line with my mother.
    I’m wondering with this full moon where to focus to set myself up for the future. Is it about career, family or self/image etc?
    Thank you again and best wishes.

    1. Family problems usually show up as Cancer and/or Scorpio. Cancer rules the actual relatives; Scorpio rules the relatives plus the money, house or apartment. You have a stellium in Cancer and the South Node in Scorpio. This is karmic in nature; you all knew each other before and reincarnated to try and gain closure on the very familiar themes of bereavement, loss, loyalty and disloyalty. You will in fact gain closure in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026 if you try. A book of karma will close. The Tarot can tell you what the karmic contract actually was in your last past life. The Full Moon is best avoided. Skip it. Skip the second one too on 21st July. Yet next year you will begin to see a way through sibling and family issues, starting with your brother or sister, by June 2025.

  94. Hi Jessica,
    This is a very insightful post, yet again. Since 2008, I have been struggling with everything dating, courtship, marriage, all bedchamber companions. Frankly, I am tired of people games. And, yes I am depressed and I sit cross-armed like the figure in Four of Cups which I pulled when I asked the question “what, where, who is my exit or gateway out of these power games?” The abuse and misuse of power in relationships make me depressed and disappointed in relationships ALTOGETHER. Help me see some positive in this card’s interpretation, please.

    1. You sound as if you may be in India or a nearby Asian country. The home of yoga. Your answer is yoga. It will help your depression as you are physically, mentally and emotionally stuck. Yoga will help you; in fact it is proven by science and academia to assist depression too.

  95. That’s so interesting you say that because takeover, demotions and departures have already happened at work [not to me, but others] in January, March and April. So, if I were to find a new opportunity between now and the next full moon, you think I shouldn’t be changing workplaces? Really hoping and crossing my fingers I hear some good news from a place I interviewed with. I’ve applied to so many places in the last few months and only heard back from one and this one place is taking forever with the process.

    1. The astrology is true for you. The ‘should I’ question belongs to you, not me, so it is to the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle you go, to follow the steps and find out the possibilities. I am sorry your work situation is dragging, but you are not alone as so many other people are going through the Capricorn transit of Ceres and Pluto as well. As I said, it’s over on 7th December.

  96. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for the wonderful article as always.

    May I ask you how this full moon will impact us – we are based in Uk last 20 years …

    We are in the middle large refurbishment project. Just find out my husband ( income earner ) is going to loose his contract in the end of August. …

    We all feel a bit down ….any hope … thank you in advance x

    1. I am sorry your husband is losing his contract. And right in the middle of renovations. Pace yourselves and allow until 7th December for the financial, banking, business and property situation for the pair of you, to sort itself out. It will go backwards and forwards and you will be bargaining with each other, as well as (from his point of view) bargaining with his employers; insurance companies; future employers and so on. Just knowing it stops in December is a help. Set aside September-November to do all the sums and figure it all out and you will start 2025 with no more of it. In fact you will save or make a small fortune from the second half of 2025 until the first half of 2026 which will help make up for the current uncertainty. Deep breath.

  97. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article and your answers to the questions, it is very reassuring to read your responses. I have Salacia at 1 Aquarius and Fortuna at 1 Sagittarius and nothing but Cupido at 26 Capricorn. I have been without a job since early May this year when the company shut down. I just got a part time job with only few hours a week while I need a full time one to survive financially. In the meantime my ex husband is helping me money wise which is embarrassing for me to take but I have no choice. When will I be able to land a full time, well paying job? I did draw the Ace of wands when I asked this question with Tarot. Thanks

    1. You asked the Tarot ‘When?’ which it has told you truthfully. You will get a full time, well-paying job when a striking, very sudden, very large-scale idea is successfully planted in the right place. Your ex-husband is part of karma from 18-19 years ago. You have three factors in Libra in the Seventh House of divorce and these are being crossed by the South Node in Libra. He owes you and you owe him, which is why this is happening. It stops in January 2025. The Ace of Wands in terms of timing suggests Jupiter in Gemini (the massive internet or media linked concept) and that holds good to June next year. Try following the steps with the Tarot properly as it doesn’t really do ‘When’ but it does just about everything else.

  98. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this article! I am facing a situation at work where my role has been downgraded however they are not positioning it as such. They indicated that nothing will change, however it will be perceived by all as a demotion. This is part ego, however I have a very strategic role within the Canadian organization, but the US organization does not see it the same. I am a seasoned professional and spent many years in a corporate environment. I am now faced with a situation where my role is not deemed as important as it should be. I am hugely Capricorn and given this transit is affecting my first house, I am wondering how this will affect me. Is that some action that I should be taking. Do I just go with the flow? Will things change for me? Should I quit? So many things are going through my mind. Thank you, Jessica for your advice and intuitive insights.

    1. I have answered you elsewhere and you will ultimately see some or all of these American people have their karma. But see the other reply.

  99. Hi Jessica, thank you for your article! I have just been informed that there will be a structural change at work and all though my role is “not changing” and I will continue to do what I always have been doing. it has been reclassified a lesser role or a demotion. It will most definitely be perceived as such throughout the organization. I am a seasoned professional in a senior role which has now been positioned as a support role. This is definitely part ego, given I am over 60 and dedicated many years of my life to building my career and supporting corporate organizations. Given the current full moon transit, how will this affect me? Is there something I should be doing, or do I go with the flow, do I resign? You advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Welcome to the Full Moon in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. I am sorry this is a lesser role for you. They are an ungrateful lot as you have served for years. The good news is, this is the last year you will ever have to put up with the politics. Should you resign or accept the demotion? You were born with Mercury at 29 Capricorn so ‘speak’ corporate. What is happening to you can only happen every 248 years, as Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn and this is always an historic bridge to cross. Pluto brings dominating, controlling people and organisations which seek for absolute control. They always get their comeuppance and so will these people. Pushing back and owning your space, your work, your life and your very self will make you stronger and that can never be taken away from you. I suspect they will go (some or all of these people) from September-December. However you are free to go in the same time-frame and 2025 and beyond will allow you to retire; study; take a part-time role; take several part-time roles; switch careers. You are over 60 but that does not mean you have to step back. You will feel a great deal better once September-November is behind you and the reshuffling in your work place or actually within your profession ends on 7th December. Have a look at the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle here to help sort your thoughts.

  100. Good morning Jessica and fellow commenters. Not sure what to say now I am here. I pulled a tarot card and asked about this full moon and its meaning for me. It was the Page of Pentacles referencing my current natal Jupiter trine Jupiter. One hopes the message is true.

    Last year when the Libra/Aries shift occurred, you spoke of karma owed and karma owing. My heart sank. Knowing it is owing. And owe I do it seems.

    The period you speak of from January 2008 has been all that you have said here. In 2006 my partner, in the midst of emotional turmoil between us, accidently went too far. Shocking all including himself I would say. Whilst some people had already less then savoury opinions of me, this sealed the deal so to speak. (It was around this time I read one of your fiction books.)

    By mid 2007, I thought I had signed off on a long term rental after some considerable effort, ensuring stability to restart life afresh. No. It heralded the beginning of an era of housing instability, and being completley out of my comfort zone. I did get lucky a few times by my own resourcefulness and the good angels above it should be noted however.

    My nodes are in Capricorn and Cancer at 6 degrees. I am born with Saturn at 1 degree in Cancer. Mars at 1 degree in Taurus. Pluto in Libra at 2 degrees. My Jupiter is at 5 in Aquarius. I have asteroids like Ceres and others at 5 also.

    At the other end of the tail, Chiron, Uranus, my Leo Sun all hang out at around 19 to 23, and then Pisces Moon and Venus in Virgo ( yes hello Neptune transit) at 27 and some asteroids there too. I wish I had worked out the patterns a long time ago.

    In this entire period, I have had someone tightly in my orb who is an Aquarius. Probably created more drama then all the other factors combined in this time period. Our charts are basically in full opposition with each other on most counts.

    So this year, big health battles (you did pre-warn), finance issues, and dealing with a demanding individual. ( I am being kind.) Beginning in Feb, I got the shock announcement that the place I live in, has been sold. I am now on limited time, with neither a clue or the resources on what to do next, and other issues still unresolved and standing.

    I know this is lengthy, and I have no particular question to ask and I hope this hasn’t all sounded negative. Or even if it is apt to the discussion at hand. But in a weird way, I am almost looking forward to the destruction now. Though I dont know how I will feel a month or two down come August? I just hope I am interpreting the tarot the correct way and not reading it how I want it to be. Wish me luck all and thanks for the insight and words Jessica.

  101. Good morning Jessica and fellow commenters. Not sure what to say now I am here. I pulled a tarot card and asked about this full moon and its meaning for me. It was the Page of Pentacles referencing my current natal Jupiter trine Jupiter. One hopes the message is true.

    Last year when the Libra/Aries shift occurred, you spoke of karma owed and karma owing. My heart sank. Knowing it is owing. And owe I do it seems.

    The period you speak of from January 2008 has been all that you have said here. In 2006 my partner, in the midst of emotional turmoil between us, accidently went too far. Shocking all including himself I would say. Whilst some people had already less then savoury opinions of me, this sealed the deal so to speak. (It was around this time I read one of your fiction books.)

    By mid 2007, I thought I had signed off on a long term rental after some considerable effort, ensuring stability to restart life afresh. No. It heralded the beginning of an era of housing instability, and being completley out of my comfort zone. I did get lucky a few times by my own resourcefulness and the good angels above it should be noted however.

    My nodes are in Capricorn and Cancer at 6 degrees. I am born with Saturn at 1 degree in Cancer. Mars at 1 degree in Taurus. Pluto in Libra at 2 degrees. My Jupiter is at 5 in Aquarius. I have asteroids like Ceres and others at 5 also.

    At the other end of the tail, Chiron, Uranus, my Leo Sun all hang out at around 19 to 23, and then Pisces Moon and Venus in Virgo ( yes hello Neptune transit) at 27 and some asteroids there too. I wish I had worked out the patterns a long time ago.

    In this entire period, I have had someone tightly in my orb who is an Aquarius. Probably created more drama then all the other factors combined in this time period. Our charts are basically in full opposition with each other on most counts.

    So this year, big health battles (you did pre-warn), finance issues, and dealing with a demanding individual. ( I am being kind.) Beginning in Feb, I got the shock announcement that the place I live in, has been sold. I am now on limited time, with neither a clue or the resources on what to do next, and other issues still unresolved and standing.

    I know this is lengthy, and I have no particular question to ask and I hope this hasn’t all sounded negative. Or even if it is apt to the discussion at hand. But in a weird way, I am almost looking forward to the destruction now. Though I dont know how I will feel a month or two along come August? I just hope I am interpreting the tarot the correct way and not reading it how I want it to be. Wish me luck all and thanks for the insight and words Jessica.

    1. To begin at the end, there is no destruction. You have drawn the Page of Pentacles which is a clear reference to financial negotiation. Your home is being sold. So this is the bargaining over the next place as you relinquish the bond with the former. I don’t know what time frame you used for the card. That deadline will show up in your chart, though, as aspects to Taurus, Cancer and/or Scorpio natal placements, which of course you know best. I can’t see a chart here so I will leave it to you, to time this. It’s promising but it takes work.

  102. Hah!

    Your comment about me being in India or Asian country made me chuckle. I live in USA but I am of Indian origin and Yoga has been one of the answers – so thank you for that reminder. In general, are you suggesting that with the four of cups, I look inward for the gateways out of these power plays?

    Thanks again.
    This is the *only* membership that I purchase & have kept long term. It always pays multiple times over to ask you for clarification about Tarot. Your expertise in this field is commendable.

    1. Thank you. And yes, yoga is a firm answer. Do look inward, as the Four of Cups in the Tarot is about the person, not the other people. You are unfulfilled by who and what is on offer. Yet there is nothing inherently wrong with these people. The issue is your own depression. In addition to yoga, the other answer is your family tree. Go back to your mother’s side or father’s side to find grounding, backing and support. And I appreciate your compliment, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin.

  103. Dear Jessica, Thank you for such an insightful and wise article.
    I’ve been focusing on my health issues as you advised earlier and have been making slow but steady progress.
    The best thing which has happened is that I joined an online support group and finally got down to writing my book which I had planned for a very long time.
    I feel the next year or so is critical for me to develop this further and find my space in an intellectual community. There are still some family issues but I feel much stronger and in control now than before.
    How does it look to you as you see my chart? Anything you say will be so very helpful.
    And you were so right about India and Modi.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the astrology was proven right again about India and Modi. The Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius patterns in your chart are all nicely aspected by Jupiter in Gemini, now through June 2025. Aries is your image. Leo is the world of courtship, the bedroom and younger people. Libra is partnership of all kinds. Aquarius is friends and groups. So I am not surprised to hear that your online support group is serving you. The book itself is in fact Jupiter in Gemini in your Third House of writing. The intellectual community will be a story for the next 20 years with Pluto transiting Aquarius too. The biggest ongoing challenge is your health and wellbeing as you have a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House and Saturn is obviously in slow opposition to that. Then from January 2025 the North Node in Pisces will also slowly oppose this. Oppositions in astrology are like oppositions in parliament or sport. You play to your strengths and push back using proven strategies and skills. So, in many ways, you are about to become more obviously Virgo in 2025, 2026. The South Node will also be in Virgo at this time. Even if this means you concentrate on your wellbeing to the exclusion of other things, that’s the way it has to be sometimes. Strongly Virgo people have methodical and detailed daily routines, as you know, no matter if it’s a particular way of eating, or a specific daily walk. And yet, it’s the little things…

  104. oh wow, I just read Mari – I’ve had pretty much the same thing happen to me: my role has been changed but not, and to me it looks like a much lesser role, even though I keep getting told I’m one of the two most important people on site. I’ve told them time and time again that I want a more technical role and yet I’ve been completely ignored. I’m so angry, but because of the full moon I’m trying to bite my tongue and ride it out. Looking at my profile, Jessica, do you think that’s the right thing to do? It was nice having at least my work life working out for me while my ex gets away with not contributing to his children in any way which in turn interferes with my ability to get ahead in a career.
    I know you’ve got lots of comments to go through, so I enjoy reading everyone’s responses anyway. Happy Sunday to you 🙂

    1. This Capricorn Full Moon is having a huge impact. It is showing up either as career or status issues (Capricorn) or questions about home or family (Cancer). You are experiencing it on the career side of your life. Your employers ignore you and you are quite rightly angry. You also have the pressure of being the protector of your children as your ex does not contribute. We always start with the Sun Sign or solar chart as it’s tops, in telling what is going on. You are a Virgo woman so this year is about the duet and the duel. You have it with your former partner (the duel) but also at work, because you are not being treated correctly by the other side. You will be pleased to know you are over the halfway mark of this cycle. You are also in the biggest and best problem-solving cycle for your career in 12 years and will be able to fix it with a more technical role where you are, or find a superior job elsewhere. This last cycle is Jupiter in Gemini and it is with you until June 9th 2025 so you have plenty of time to get what you want. The situation with the children ends in two stages. Firstly from September 3rd to November 19th (the denouement for all you have been through these last few years) and then on December 7th when the pre-Christmas negotiations, deal-making and bargaining about the children/for them/with them also ends. You are about to sign off from a very long 2008-2024 cycle about parenthood, at that point. 2025 will look and feel completely different. The actual Full Moon we’ve just seen at 1 Capricorn, against the Sun at 1 Cancer, hit your Cupido at 1 Capricorn, in your Tenth House of career, and also your Minerva at 1 Leo, in the Fifth House of children. So I am not surprised you really felt it. The good news is, things can only get better. I do think the closing months of 2024 and opening months of 2025 will see some changes though. Big sign off.

  105. Hi Jessica

    Please help. I read this too late and have had a massive fight with my tenant who had damaged the house and also my husband who disagreed with terminating the lease. My temper got the better of me and now I’m fighting people on all fronts and feeling hopeless and stupid. My husband and I are talking divorce after 43 years because of this situation.

    Maybe this is what meant to happen? I feel so disrespected.

    Thanks. Baroona

    Maybe what I have done is meant to

  106. Hi Jessica
    Please help. I am a Capricorn stellium that includes Ceres. I read this article a little after the facts and unfortunately lost my temper at both husband and my tenant.
    The tenant has damage our property ( pulled up the carpet ) and an important heirloom that was in the house, . He was being rude and I gave him notice but my husband disagreed and we have been fighting over it .

    My temper got the better of me and now I am questioning myself. I have been made to feel like I’m the problem and unreasonable. This has now lead to discussions about divorce.

    My husband has recently had a cancer diagnosis after fighting bowel cancer 2 years ago. feel very unsupported and unsure of myself.

    Any advice would be gratefully received.

    Thank you


    1. Baroona, you have the Ascendant at 25 Capricorn and Descendant at 25 Cancer. The Ascendant rules your image (including your married status and married name). In Capricorn it shows your concern with status and position. You have your Descendant, which rules your husband, at 25 Cancer, in the Fourth House of family, household, real-estate and property. Along comes Uranus to 25 Taurus and you’ve had the shock of your tenant damaging your property, but also a fight with your husband and even talk of divorce. Uranus is notorious for producing events out of the blue that very suddenly lead to freedom and independence. So in the blink of an eye, you have gone from your tenant pulling up the carpet, damaging an heirloom – to talking about breaking up and going it alone. This all happened on a Full Moon in Capricorn, too, opposite the Sun in Cancer. That took place at 1 Capricorn and 1 Cancer and you were born with Vesta at 1 Sagittarius. You often find a Full Moon is the catalyst for another transit so although Uranus has been at 25 Taurus since 17th June, it was this Full Moon (which probably hit your husband’s chart and the tenant’s as well) which has put things on the line. No doubt you stood by your husband the first time he had a cancer diagnosis, and now he has been diagnosed again, so you have the very heavy ask, of being with him through another crisis and perhaps even having to face his loss – it is a risk. Your Descendant is most certainly your marriage to him and although Uranus leaves 25 Taurus on 7th July, it’s back on 30th October. Transiting Uranus trine your Ascendant urges you to liberate yourself from your old image. Transiting Uranus sextile your Descendant urges you to free up the marriage or even leave it, to find freedom. These kinds of things are so personal, only you can decide if you want a completely new life or not. The three decks on this site will help you there. Uranus rules lightning and electrical storms. The cracks let the light in. So now you and your husband can see a bit more clearly, about the marriage, about his cancer and also about the agreements you have made about money. Your tenant literally pulled the rug. I don’t blame you for losing your temper, but in astrology, we also say, Uranus ‘pulls the rug’. So that is what is going on. While this stormy astrological weather continues, try to ground yourself and fall back on walking, cooking, gardening and anything else that puts you back on firm soil. You need earthing or a circuit breaker. One thing I can reassure you of, is that Uranus transits are rare (only once in your adult life, in this particular way) and they always deliver some level of independence. How you both get there is up to you, but there is nothing wrong with being set free, again, at whatever level you both want. This transit can be a shock but I have never known people to regret going after more personal liberty and liberation when it happens, however they get it.

  107. Thank you so much for the quick reply. My heart is heavy.

    Thank you for all you do for so many people


  108. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for a wonderful blog as always. I also love your article about Stonehenge on Substack. I went to Stonehenge for summer solstice and it was magical but I have been also overwhelmed by mixed emotions since and I would love to ask for your insight please as I am having some medical problems coming back and I may need a small surgery and I am just not sure if it’s in my favour at the moment as it’s not urgent. I would also like to ask if there is a good time for me to purchase property or whenever I should just travel for a bit and but that comes with risk of loosing the place I am renting. I just know I have to do something different. I have a Cancer and Capricorn at anaretic degree and it’s a bit worrying me as everything seems to be struggle for years. I would love to have my own home but being on my own it’s a struggle to buy something at the moment. I have been also experiencing issue with letting agents and at the moment I am also dealing with issues with my own tenant. I wonder if this is the sign of selling my property now but if I am right by looking at my chart, I think I can gain more later? Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. By itself anything at 29 degrees – the anaretic degree – is not an issue. Anyone with a 29 degree placement is just finding 2024 more challenging because Pluto is on 29 Capricorn. You’re up for surgery. You want to buy property or travel. You rent and have a tenant. Libra, Virgo and Cancer stelliums dominate your chart. You are also a Sun Libra woman. You may prefer not to buy in 2024 when Ceres Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde are both in your solar Fourth House of real estate. From 7th December, both cycles have well and truly ended, however, and you no longer have negotiations and compromises (backwards) with Ceres and ongoing questions about who/what has control (Pluto). You are lucky to have a Cancer stellium as from June 2025, Jupiter with all his opportunities, growth, hope and expansion goes into Cancer for the first time in 12 years. He remains there until mid 2026. I am sure you know Cancer is the sign which rules houses, land, apartments, home town and homeland. Along the way Jupiter will be sextile your Virgo stellium, which rules your lifestyle, daily routine and wellbeing. You can personalise this astrology forecast by using the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on my website to ask the pertinent questions. Is this a foreign travel year? Yes, it absolutely is, with Jupiter now in Gemini in your solar Ninth House of holidays abroad. Yet you should be able to do that next year as well, as the planet which is best and greatest transits your zone of foreign countries – and no longer have that very demanding dual transit of Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn.

  109. I couldn’t respond to your response but I must ask you….is my sun at 22 degrees cancer in the 6th house and moon on Leo in the 7th (mutual reception?) why I’m experiencing tragedies with my relationships (ex husband downloading illegal images and other ex ending his own life in may 2012)?

    1. I don’t use mutual reception. I am sorry your ex-husband downloaded what I assume is child pornography, or worse. Another ex took his own life. Turning to your birth chart, you have Salacia at 23 Aquarius in opposition to Panacea at 23 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules sexual relationships. You are a fix-it person in the bedroom, in love, as a mother (if you choose that), as a godmother or stepmother. Panacea was the answer, remedy or cure. However – the opposition from Salacia suggests that every time you try to fix people or situations, you are sent all over the place, everywhere, all the time. Salacia is like a tidal wave or tsunami. So a very simple way through is to avoid ‘making men better’ or ‘making sex better’. When you don’t put on your surgeon’s, doctor’s or nurse’s outfit in a relationship, there’s no real issue. Panacea is also about the rights and wrongs of helping and healing. So, for example, just by being kind to a man who has real issues with pornography, you can enable him. Just by being sympathetic and supportive to a suicidal boyfriend, you can prop up a pattern that neither of you benefit from. This is pretty harsh, I know, but sometimes you need to realise what the astrology is telling you. Have a look at Panacea in Leo in the Fifth House, and Salacia in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. Astrology is pretty basic common sense. To avoid issues in future, don’t ‘do’ your Panacea with men.

  110. I was born 3rd April 1975 (in sydney) and I have capricorn as my moon and Capricorn in my 9th house at 9 degrees. Over the last 10 years i have been made redundant 3 times – the latest one just this week. In every single role a real plutocrat boss has been involved – the sort where its their way or the highway. Is this really almost the end – is there really light at the tunnel – its been an exhausting period (like wading through sticky jelly) and I’ve started to lose hope and faith that things will get better.

    1. It does get better. Two kinds of people have had the toughest time since 2008 with their careers. Aries is one and anyone with Capricorn factors is another. I am very sorry you have been made redundant. Plutocrats in charge are common when Pluto goes through Capricorn, the sign of work. They take over. As you said, it’s their way or the highway. Yes, there is a big light at the end of the tunnel. Pluto leaves Capricorn for another 248 years in November. In December, Ceres also leaves Capricorn so the endless reshuffling in your chosen field is over and so is the politics. 2025 is completely different. The late Twenties are far more simple and straightforward for you. In fact, you will be amazed at how little you have to think about your job. One particularly toxic man will retire, resign, or be sacked – I would expect as 2024 ends and 2025 begins. Noxious weeds will be pulled up or fall over.

  111. Dear Jessica, thanks for this post. I noticed your comment that the two kinds of people who have had the toughest times with their careers are Aries and anyone with Capricorn factors. I was wondering if that also applies to those with Aries factors/stelliums as well, and if you had any insights from my chart in terms of an almost year long job hunt, please? I am very discouraged at the moment. Thank you.

    1. Juno at 6 Virgo and Aesculapia at 18 Virgo, both in your Sixth House of work, provide some clues. So that’s nothing to do with Capricorn and Aries. You are a Sun Pisces woman who has the big financial ‘stuck loop’ of the North Node in your Second House of salary and the South Node in your Eighth House of joint finance. This ends in January. A year is a long time to look for work and you must be fed up with it. However, you are also owed from 18-19 years ago and probably paid taxes then, and are now entitled to gratefully receive unemployment benefits. That’s part of the cycle which is fast ending. The natal chart placements in Virgo (pure work) give us two choices, but the obvious issue is Aesculapia at 18 Virgo, opposed by transiting Saturn at 18 Pisces for the first time in 29 years. He would also have opposed Juno at 6 Virgo a few months ago. So this is not your imagination. You have been pushing really hard against a major obstacle. Saturn will move on, leave 18 Pisces behind and you will be free to commit (Juno) to work and a skill, talent or even a position you had written off as being almost over, will come back to you. 2025 is a completely different year. You also have what it takes to reboot, resurrect and revive a job; a project; a client; a product; a workplace. Find out more about your Virgo placements.

      1. Dear Jessica – many thanks for your quick response! Your assessment was correct, as usual. It looks like Saturn left 18 Pisces today and shortly after, I got asked for an interview tomorrow regarding a job application I had given up on! I will look more into my Virgo placements.Thank you again!

  112. Hi Jessica, thanks for the post, as always! I was wondering if you might be able to answer my comment above. I also noticed that you mention in the latest substack that Libras are going to into their luckiest time in a while for career. Any thoughts are always appreciated.

    1. It’s in the way of WordPress that I can’t see your comment as the counter has just gone up to 15,879. It’s not on my screen. However I can answer your questions about Libra, luck and career. I can look at that for you, and also at your natal chart, so you have two horoscopes to line up. Basically, on June 10th 2025, Jupiter, that symbol of growth and opportunity for great success, enters your solar Tenth House of ambition, achievement and rank. He remains there until June 30th 2026. At 7, 21, 25 and 26 degrees of Virgo, the sign of work, in your Sixth House of jobs, you have four promising patterns ahead, as Jupiter will go to 7, 21, 25 and 26 Cancer and be sextile that Virgo stellium. If you want a better job, a big hit, a promotion or prestige in other forms, it’s on offer.

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