New Moon in Cancer – July 2024

How does the New Moon in Cancer in July 2024 affect your astrology chart?

The New Moon in Cancer – July 2024

The New Moon falls on Saturday 6th of July at around 9.00am in Sydney and Melbourne. In London, that’s Saturday 6th of July around Midnight. In Paris, Saturday 1.00am. In New York, Friday 5th of July at 7.00pm and in Los Angeles, at 4.00pm, same day. In Singapore? Saturday 6th of July at 7.00am in time for breakfast. (Main Image: Rawpixel).

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What Your Sun Sign Chart Shows

Before I look at your birth chart (natal chart) for specifics, what does the general weather show? We are now in Cancer season. What does that mean for your sign?

There are two stories here. One is in the horoscope sector ruled by Cancer in your solar chart. The other is the horoscope sector ruled by Aquarius.

That’s because the Sun and Moon at 14 Cancer are exactly aspected by Ops at 14 Aquarius as this New Moon unfolds. Most astrologers don’t use Ops so you won’t hear about her, but she is an important asteroid.

She is Saturn’s wife and Jupiter’s mother. So what does this rare pattern show?

Aries – The new beginning with your house, apartment, family, household, home town and/or homeland is here.

This weekend will see a lot of property transactions begin and many real-estate deals will start or finish. There may be reshuffles with tenants, flatmates, live-in partners, relatives. At the same time there is a solid solution involving friends or groups.

A really practical, firm, sweeping answer to what is an issue with (or for) your social life, clubs, teams, networks and circles.

Taurus – Basically, this is a fresh start with siblings, cousins and neighbours. A brother or sister may write a new chapter with you this weekend of Saturday 6th July. This is also about the internet, the media and your way with words, images and ideas.

The quite unusual aspect to the success zone of your chart suggests that you will be shown a reliable and non-negotiable answer for a matter that needs solving with your career, academic career or unpaid work. These stories may be connected.

Taurus Book Shutterstock 300x250 - New Moon in Cancer - July 2024

Gemini – This is a new beginning with business, finance, property, charity and/or valuables.

The New Moon in Cancer precedes the lucrative Jupiter in Cancer transit which begins on June 10th 2025, so if your plans involve ‘a year from now’ that’s on the money.

Literally, as you will save or make a small fortune from June 10th 2025 until June 30th 2026.

Even if you are not thinking that far ahead, there is a green light now. Also – a big solution for/through/with foreigners and foreign countries.

Cancer – A relaunch works in stages now, so you may begin weight loss with a view to a new wardrobe from June 10th 2025, or start pursuing a project with your name attached (like a book or website) which would relaunch you near your birthday in 2025.

That’s because Jupiter will follow this New Moon in Cancer, June 10th next year until June 30th 2026. Cosmetic surgery which takes about a year to really show, would be similar, or surgery which needs booking ahead. The aspect to the finance, business, property and banking zone of your chart also suggests a twist with your career here.

Leo – This New Moon falls in your zone of religion, Tarot, therapy, spirituality, hypnosis, self-help, counselling, mediumship and the inner life, including dreams. Nobody will see or know what is going on with your fresh start unless they are a confidante.

The quincunx to Ops suggests a duet or duel is either directly involved, or a side story. Your partnership, pair, couple can be professional or sexual. The conflict can be professional or personal. Ops is the problem-solver. She fixed Saturn and basically created Jupiter. Ops aligned to the New Moon is showing you the mother of all grand solutions.

Virgo Book Shutterstock  300x250 - New Moon in Cancer - July 2024

Virgo – New friends, new versions of the old friends, new groups and new versions of the old groups are here. Does it augur well? Yes. Long-term, Virgo, who or what begins now, socially, will vindicate your trust in people power in 2025 and 2026.

In fact, people power will take you a very long way, as you will collectively achieve what you could never do alone or even in a couple.

The aspect to Ops in Aquarius in your sector of health, wellbeing, fitness, mental health, work, unpaid work and study suggests a really thumping solution here. So, for example, you may join a running club to get fit then find out you win a marathon together. The story may be quite separate, too.

Libra – Here we have the kind of New Moon that anticipates promotion, a big hit, a prestigious new title, a very successful project, acceptance into a sought-after college or university, a good degree and so on. When? Next year and also 2026 .What you start now has a good end point.

Of course you can just play this New Moon short-term, but as it falls in your sector of success, ambition, position, status and mission why not use it for something bigger? There is also an angle to your sector of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. There is a serious answer here. And a good one. The two stories may be separated (you work with your daughter on a film due out next year) or quite separate.

Scorpio Shutterstock Book 300x250 - New Moon in Cancer - July 2024

Scorpio – This New Moon is in your sector of foreigners and foreign countries. This often involves academia, publishing and naturally, the worldwide web. Here you have a green light like no other in recent memory. Why? Because it leads you to something bigger and better from the second half of 2025 until the first half of 2026. It foreshadows Jupiter in Cancer. So you may apply to emigrate now and succeed next year, landing the year after. It’s on that level.

The angle to Ops in Aquarius is exact and I’ve spoken about emigrating because it involves your sector of property, home town, homeland and family. Of course not every Scorpio is going to up sticks, but there is a really encouraging solution here with your house, apartment, relatives and sense of place. It’s not just an attempt at an answer. It’s an answer that is going to delivery in a full, satisfying way. Thinking laterally, you could open up Air BnB in your spare room to foreign visitors.

Sagittarius – Cancer rules joint finance, possessions and property in your chart so you may inherit, marry a richer person or reach the start of a separation where you can gain financially by selling the house, for example. You may also hear of the change in a will naming you, or reach some other optimistic fresh start. This is the Eighth House of your solar chart and it’s about sex, death and money to put it crudely. There would be a vast pay-off in 2025, 2026 thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. I suspect this will be about a house, apartment, real-estate investment, land and perhaps a relative.

The angle to Aquarius does indeed suggest a brother, sister, cousin, neighbour is in the story. This is where you will see Ops at work. She is indefatigable. There is a solid long-term solution shaping up.

Capricorn – This New Moon is about your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife. It is the green light ahead of a new journey. That journey will take you to bigger and better places in 2025, 2026. Do not underestimate a date this weekend. If you are unhappy with a partnership then a separation or divorce is in the air now. Perhaps, successful counselling. It depends on your natal chart.

This Seventh House New Moon is also about professional partners or platonic partners. So the person you share credits with on a project or a friend you share a house with, but don’t sleep with. Again, expect a green light. Later on you will realise how right you were, to take it.

The angle to Aquarius is about solutions for money, possessions, houses, apartments, business and charity. This rather suggests a moment whose time has come.

Aquarius – The New Moon in Cancer falls in your Sixth House of wellbeing, mental health, fitness, food, drink, doctors, surgeons, alternative medicine, housework, the daily routine, dogs and cats, unpaid work, paid work and your sense of duty to others. Many Aquarians will apply for a new job this weekend or begin membership of (say) a gym or swimming pool. It’s personal to you.

The angle to Ops in Aquarius in your own sign does suggest your reputation, appearance is offering up quite incredible solutions. So you may kill three birds with one stone; take a new job with discounted health centre membership and reshape your body. It’s on that level.

Pisces – The New Moon falls in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. Your daughter may announce she is pregnant. You may have a one-night stand. You could decide to end a relationship and put yourself out there online as single.

This outcome is intensely personal and so depends on your natal chart, but what you begin now with dating, mating, relating and particularly the world of children and young adults (even en masse, as a teacher) is important. It leads you to next year and the year after, with huge opportunities.

Ops in Aquarius is one sign behind you and proves to you how much will be fixed, and on what a grand scale, with religion, Tarot, mediums, spirituality, self-help, therapy, counselling and the like. This may be connected to the first matter or quite separate from it.

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Your Personal Birth Chart

How does this New Moon chime with your natal chart? It falls with the Sun at 14 Cancer 23 and Moon at 14 Cancer 23. If you have anything at 14 degrees (the minutes don’t matter) then you will find a new beginning made by other people, strongly affects you.

The ‘what’ of the matter depends on what you have at 14 degrees and I am happy to take comments on that. I can’t answer every question (there are 15,756 on the list today) but I will do my best.

You can also DIY astrology by using your library as a Premium Member.

Asking the Tarot

You can also ask the Tarot on my website, ‘How will this New Moon affect me most, in 2024?’ Big question but the Tarot will tell you.

If You Have a Cancer Stellium

If you have a Cancer stellium (four, five, six or more factors in Cancer) then you could easily sell your apartment; buy a home; begin extensive renovations; rent out your home for Air BnB.

Cancer rules more than the bricks and mortar though. It also rules your extended family. The nuclear family you were born into, but also the sense of kinship with your godparents’ clan, for example, or your own godchildren. Here too there will be a new beginning if you have a Cancer stellium.

Your home town and homeland also calls strongly with a Cancer stellium. What happens on this New Moon is a green light for the future. You may emigrate back, relocate homeward or just spend a long trip to your birthplace in 2025, 2026 as a result of this New Moon.


NEW MOON JULY 5 2024 1024x788 - New Moon in Cancer - July 2024

Global Predictions in July 2024

What we will see happen near July 5th 2024 is the beginning of a building and property boom in 2025 and 2026. This New Moon in Cancer foreshadows Jupiter in Cancer, which rules real estate. Jupiter is always a boom. In fact he is always pictured with a thunderbolt in Rome, where modern astrology comes from.

You will also see the future boom in patriotism, history, heritage, ancestors and culture begin near July 5th 2024. Cancer rules your home town and homeland.

There is another big trend here which suggests a push back against immigration, worldwide. That is the quite radical Uranus in Gemini transit which begins next year. Uranus is a revolution. Gemini is neighbours. There will be a revolution with the neighbours in Europe in particular and ultimately the end of the Schengen Area with borders radically changed.

This is likely to pull in even countries which have escaped the EU, like Great Britain, as her neighbour is France.

Cancer rules ‘My country, myself’ and Gemini rules ‘My neighbours’ so this is basic astrology 101. Watch what happens near that New Moon. America and Canada too.


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127 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are doing well. It’s quite interesting to notice here in Europe, especially in Spain, more and more people are protesting against the mass tourism & Airb&b right now. The consequences of this mass tourism in a lot of cities are that there no longer is affordable houses as people prefer to rent out their houses to tourists and also expats. I find you can often start noticing new major transits a few months before they are happening. Like a pre-shadow of sorts. As for myself I have my natal Saturn at 13 degrees Cancer and it’s a planet I always fear a bit. How will I be affected with this particular planet? Many thanks and have a great day!

    1. Mass tourism and the Air BnB takeover of the property market is a worldwide issue; the generations born with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Sagittarius (foreign tourism) are driving it, and the transit of Pluto in Sagittarius (it only ended in 2008) permanently transformed the worldwide travel landscape. Now, you will see Jupiter in Gemini oppose those generations/that set-up so there will be a beneficial new focus on local people and their needs. From next year it becomes a revolution as Uranus goes into Gemini and then firmly established in the late 2020’s and beyond 2030. Governments are changing; politicians are changing; expect a long revolution ahead.

  2. Hi Jessica, many thanks for another great post! If you can see my comments, I would love to hear your thoughts. I have my MC @ 14 degrees Cancer. I have just been informed that my corporate landlord is going to drastically increase my rent and change some conditions of my lease as of 1 January 2025 hence I need to find a new place. I won’t be able to look before September as I will be staying at my dad’s in another city this summer. Also I am going to start learning about healing (i.e. reiki etc…) in July for a plan to change career. Many thanks. Greetings from France!

    1. Bonjour. The New Moon will be in a conjunction with your MC or Midheaven in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, home town, homeland and property. This goes beyond staying in another city this summer, or seeing France go to the polls (though both are a part of what is going on). It’s also about a new phase in your relationship with your father. The Reiki course isn’t related at all, but your peak achievements in life (MC) are very much about where you come from and where you live and your family tree. That is now about to show itself with a fresh chapter, in days.

  3. Good day Jessica. Feeling excited about this new moon. I am planning to start a property search however concerned about home prices and interest rates. I have Fortuna Saturn and Uranus at 14 degrees with Pluto at 15. Could you tell me when my timing would be right to move forward? Or would this new moon have an impact in other areas? Thank you Jessica!

    1. The New Moon is a nod to the second half of next year.That’s when Jupiter goes into Cancer. The New Moon in Cancer, of itself, is not going to do much in terms of your desire to buy a home There is nothing in Taurus (your money) Cancer (the housing market) or Scorpio (joint finance) being triggered now. What the New Moon will do is trine Uranus at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House of daily routine, health, mental health, fitness, housework, all unpaid work, your job, any academic work. There is a part of you which rejects aspects of this on a regular basis; whenever you do that, sudden and quite unexpected events come from nowhere and there is a brand new beginning, usually with a ton more freedom for you and others. You will have had trines to Uranus all your life so are probably familiar with the process.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Great article as always, I have Minerva at 14 Cancer and Fortuna at 14 Capricorn, would you mind to tell me what is the matter brought by this new moon? is it related with my apartment already listed out for rental, but nothing happened though. Waiting for your insight with fully thanks.


    1. Thank you. Yes, the New Moon brings a new chapter with your apartment, Maia. Minerva in Cancer is your wisdom regarding real estate; Minerva is a symbol of deep feminine insight and knowledge. She is usually seen with an owl. The opposition to Fortuna in Capricorn won’t be triggered by this particular New Moon. You are fortunate in having Jupiter with all his reputation for luck in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, in Scorpio.

  5. Hi Jessica; Happy July!

    The only thing I have at 14 degrees is Chiron in Pisces, but I also have several factors at 13 and 15 degrees, including Ops at 13 Cancer. I also have a Cancer stellium. I am making long-term plans to improve my health and appearance, start a professional project that may take about a year to complete, and paint and side our home. Longer-term, my husband and I, who live in the UnitStates, are discussing changing our lifestyle so that we spend part of the year in a South American country that we have visited frequently, love, and have some relatives (he is a dual citizen). We are trying to decide if it would be better to rent or buy there. Despite anxiety surrounding the election, I am excited about making a fresh start! Does anything particular stand out for the future when you look at my chart? Thank you!

    1. You are lucky to have your Cancer stellium as this New Moon will be just one degree away from a conjunction with Ops. You are a problem solver when it comes to your real-estate, family, home town and homeland and have a lifetime pattern of being able to fix anything, with your optimism, no matter how challenging. You are painting your home which is typical. You want to live part of the year in South America and spend time with his family. Do you rent or buy? Your chances are actually much higher later as Jupiter with all his growth, expansion, opportunity and sweeping solutions enters Cancer in the second half of 2025 and will be there in the first half of 2026. This is purely on the level of real-estate and family. As a Cancerian with 11-29 degree factors in Cancer this looks irresistible and the financial decisions seem set to come in December, January and February next year. Your own card reading with the Smith Waite Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle can help you make more personal choices about renting or buying but I dare say your husband’s family will be immensely helpful next year.

  6. Thanks for this blog Jessica! I’m a Sun Cancer woman with Juno at 14 Cancer in the first house and Mars at 14 Taurus my 11th house. I also have Bacchus at 13 Aquarius and my AC at 15 Aquarius in my 8th house, and Panacea at 15 Aries in my 10th house. On top of this I have Cancer, Taurus, Aquarius and Aries stelliums plus Ops at 15 Scorpio. I’m ready for a career change and have been waiting for a job I’m interested in to be advertised. (There have been delays.) I feel there’ll be momentous changes shortly so gave myself a three way reading. I got AC in the 10th house, strategies v speed, and the 8 swords. I think I need to bide my time in my current (frustrating) role and then this positive career change will happen when the time is right. Can you please share your insights? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The AC or Ascendant in the Tenth House talks about your photograph, any YouTube clips, your Linked In portrait (for example) and all packaging matters relating to your career, unpaid work or academic career. Strategies versus Speed suggests slowing down with this and coming up with a game plan. The Eight of Swords is you, as you are a woman, temporarily tied up and unable to move. The cards are all in agreement that you need to plot and plan a way out of your current job. When we go to your solar chart you are a Sun Cancer woman who indeed has Chiron and the North Node both going through her Tenth House of professional life. They are both transiting in Aries. In your natal chart, you have the Moon at 18 Capricorn, again in your Tenth House of position and mission. Your desire to get to the top, be with the top people, and go higher is shown in the Tarot as you can see your next work place is perched on top of a mountain. Capricorn the goat climbs. Yet you cannot put a foot wrong, so this is where the strategy comes in. The New Moon in Cancer itself is not really your timing here; transits to your natal Moon at 18 Capricorn are the key and both Jupiter at 18 Gemini and Saturn at 18 Pisces pass in August 2024.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Another fascinating article! I typically read them multiple times as I’m learning and pick up something new each time.
    I have a Capricorn stellium, Cancer factors as well as Mercury at 14 Aquarius.
    MC @ 21 Capricorn
    IC @ 21 Cancer
    Proserpina @ 23 Cancer
    Sun @ 25 Capricorn
    Ops @ 28 Capricorn
    Ceres @ 4 Capricorn
    Psyche @ 5 Capricorn
    Salacia @ 26 Capricorn
    Mercury @ 14 Aquarius
    How is my birth chart affected by the upcoming new moon in Cancer and Capricorn full moon?
    Many, many thanks!

    1. The most important aspects are always exact and you have Mercury at 14 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. You are the go-to person online with your old and new friends, as well as informal circles (like Substack or X-Twitter) and more formal networks (clubs, teams, bands and so on). The New Moon will be quincunx your natal Mercury and in a few weeks, transiting Jupiter at 14 Gemini will be trine natal Mercury. In September and October transiting Saturn will be at 14 Pisces, semi-sextile natal Mercury. There are opportunities and also new restrictions here, which typically occurs when someone accepts a new role with a group of allies and pals, be it secretary for the local political party or a drummer in a band. You are also a Sun Capricorn who will experience Scorpio Season in her Eleventh House (same thing) as you go into September, October 2024 so that is your timing. You were probably aware of Mercury in Aquarius as a child and were Snoopy typing on top of the kennel while the gang played around you – or just had a lot of speech balloons with your Lucy, Charlie Brown and so on. Well it’s back…a school reunion where you volunteer to help is another classic example.

  8. Hello Jessica, Sun Cancer here! Thank you so much for this cheerful news for Cancerians after such long hard years with Saturn and Pluto. I really appreciated the link to your 2021 Cancer Factors article too, it’s also been helpful and enlightening in equal measures.

    I have a stellium in Cancer and quite a few “hits” around 14 degrees: Jupiter 14° Cancer, Juno 12°59 Gemini, Vesta 14° Leo conj. DSC, Minerva 15 Virgo, ASC 13 Aquarius.

    I would love to hear your suggestions re. how I can make the best of Jupiter and Ops’ luck. I’m not really interested in changing my appearance, but I have been redefining my understanding of my “self” for some time – is that also a 1st house issue? My long term goal is to have a successful business and be able to afford my own home with garden again. At the moment I am still very far from this but remaining confident that I will get there eventually.

    With heartfelt thanks for your generous help 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the previous features were useful. This New Moon will pick up your home (Jupiter in Cancer) and its future, no matter if you renovate or decide to end the lease/sell and go somewhere bigger and better in the second half of 2025, first half of 2026. This tallies with Juno in Gemini (neighbouring places, neighbours, commitment to the same) and also Minerva in Virgo (lifestyle). Watch for clues and leads near the New Moon as you could easily find what you are looking for – the right direction to take – with what looks like relocation later next year or in early 2026.

  9. Hi Jessica
    I’m curious how this new moon will affect me. I am a sun Cancer with 14 degree factors in Libra and Leo in my birthchart.
    Thank you so much!

    1. New light will be shed on your partner or ex partner, with a big focus on your children, or the children which never came to pass. Sometimes it’s stepchildren. Expect a green light.

  10. Hi, I’m sure you’re snowed under due to how popular you are but I’d love a bit of guidance as to whether we stay in New Zealand or emigrate to Australia.

    My Aquarian eldest son, who has two adorable young children, is considering (really considering) divorcing his Gemini wife. I’ve been following your blogs and have discovered this is spot on! He has a successful career but this will mean staying in NZ. He’ll no doubt require support from us.

    However, my youngest son has already moved to Australia and has really embraced the experience. His Cancer Sun, Moon and Venus means he’s moving into his new home on July 5th! Wonderful confirmation he’s on track.

    My Pisces middle son, is planning on selling the 3 businesses we co-own, that got hammered in Covid lockdowns and moving across the ditch, too!

    I’d love a bit of insight if you have time to consider as my Libra Sun is torn but feel my Cancer partner (and their Dad), will make the final decision.

    Cheers x

    1. Thank you. Your Aquarian son wants a divorce in New Zealand and there are children. Your Cancer son is in Australia. Your Pisces son wants to move to Australia as well. So do you stay or go? Start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Libra woman who is in the best possible position in 12 years to emigrate as Jupiter (opportunities, growth, optimism, solutions, expansion) is in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries until June 2025. We also find Pluto with his huge transformation going through your Fifth House of children and grandchildren, then back to your Fourth House of property and family, then again back into your Fifth House in 2025 and beyond, for about 20 years. In the mid 2020’s Uranus with all his radical changes goes into Gemini and again, your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries so this looks like quite revolutionary new directions with travel and emigration, far beyond 2030. In your natal chart, Ceres and Ops at 2 and 12 Cancer and a huge Leo stellium show your Fourth House and Fifth House of home, family, property, children and grandchildren are set to expand in the same time-frame, as Jupiter goes into Cancer in the second half of 2025 and then into Leo from 2026. So you could stay in New Zealand and experience all this with regular trips backwards and forwards or take the plunge and head for Australia. Whichever you do works out for you and it does rather look as if another grandchild, or grandchildren plural is on the way – perhaps even stepgrandchildren if your Aquarian son finds a new partner.

  11. Hi Jessica.
    I have IC at 14 in Taurus and MC at 14 in Scorpio.
    Not quite sure how to interpret IC and MC.
    I would appreciate your insights. Thank you!

    1. The IC or Immum Coeli and MC or Midheaven are both dependent on an accurate birth time, so when the umbilical cord is cut. If you have that, then the New Moon will be sextile your IC and trine your MC. Your IC is where you come from; your roots, heritage, history, ancestors and home town, homeland and family tree. It’s what grounds you and holds you. The sign of the IC always tells you what/where you come from, thematically. In Taurus, there is a pattern here about money, property, charity, possessions and business showing up with one or more generations, so your grandfather may have volunteered for The Red Cross, say, or your people have always been married to the business. The MC is about your highest achievements and peak accomplishments and ambitions in life. In Scorpio, this is about financial and sexual relationships (typically marriage and mortgage) and family agreements about property, valuables, business, charity, money. So there’s a bit of a loop here. You often see Taurus-Scorpio angles (the IC and MC are angles) when someone has quite a big family story about inheritance; the death of a spouse; a family business – and it can be on either or both sides of the tree. What this New Moon will do is remind you about where you come from and where you are headed.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    This is a bit of a desperate plea – I know this is about the new moon, but the full moon in Capricorn lights up the 29 degree of Mars in my chart and I am terrified as June had me stretched to the max spiritually and I am going through a difficult separation while cohabitating and coparenting alongside a scorpio-unpredictable person.

    July sounds so cryptic and I know whatever is meant to happen will happen – but is there anything in my chart to mitigate that 29 degree of Mars squaring Pluto on that full moon. Thank you for being so compassionate in the monthly horoscope, I felt deeply the kindness of your words, there is so much depth in your writing – and as I type this, I am thinking of a meditation you once taught in one of your gatherings where you said to feel green (something) coming through our feet. I am going to practice that right now indeed.

    Thank you and beyond.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. You are breaking up with a Scorpio and have a child. Uranus at 28 Scorpio and Mars at 29 Capricorn are both under transit from the Full Moon at 29 Capricorn and eventually, Pluto at 29 Capricorn. No need to be terrified. You are quite naturally drawn to financial and sexual relationships (Scorpio) which often involve an apartment or house (Eighth House) and regular upheaval (Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House). Whenever radical change occurs it sets you and everybody else free (Uranus) and independence alters everything. You also find your ability to attack and defend (Mars) is triggered at the same time, usually at work (Capricorn) but sometimes with issues about your status (Mars in Capricorn in the Tenth House). Again this has happened all your life at recurring intervals. The Full Moon will emphasise the differences in the situation to you. It is possible the other person/your child also has factors at 29 degrees. Ask the Smith Waite Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on my website to describe the most important issues about that Full Moon, as within all three cards there will be answers and advice. Moving on to Pluto at 29 Capricorn in September-November and Ceres at 29 Capricorn in the first week of December, you can expect the usual issues about power and control and how the reins are to be managed, in terms of your career, status, academic career, unpaid work – and your finances. This is the last time in 248 years you ever have to sort this out and you will. Pluto was at 29 Capricorn in December 2023, January 2024 so you’ve already experienced this. It happened near Christmas and Thanksgiving. As you were born with a Mars-Uranus sextile it is important to have an outlet for your considerable energy, particularly as you go past the Full Moon and this Pluto and Ceres transit. Some people use sport, others head for the great outdoors, some for the yoga mat or the gym. Mars is about action. It may also be useful for you to chat to a professional about the legal terms of the separation and how to manage an independent future. The great gift of Uranus, under transit, is to offer you room to move; space; all possibilities and you will see this financially, with your possessions and any house or apartment. Have a look at the cards and follow the steps.

  13. Hello Jessica-
    My chart also has numerous 14 placements; Mercury 14 Leo, Diana 14 Libra , Juno 14 Aquarius , and have Cancer stellium, and other very close placements to 14:
    Saturn, Ops , as mentioned Uranus 16, Venus , Aesculapia and Minerva of which I wonder if those close degrees play a role also right now?? I am feeling so much energy and a bit freaked out as I chose the Death card yesterday and the Sun today, of which I could resonate with both. I need so much more training , but everything you’ve advised has been right on. I need focus on where to put my energy as I think it is spiritual of some nature. I know you have thousands of questions, and thank you for all your hard work to respond to so many.
    Best to you,

    1. Vikki, not sure why you are choosing Tarot cards ‘just for the day’ with no question. Follow the steps; you will need to ensure you are reading the present correctly, then look at the future – with a deadline date and specific question. Ground and focus then proceed.

  14. Hi Jessica! I really love your analysis and predictions and look forward to reading everything you write! I have my ascendant at 14 degrees Cancer and my Uranus in Sag opposing it at 14 degrees. Any thoughts on what’s to come? Thanks in advance!

    1. The ascendant is often wrong as the birth time has to be accurate, so I tend to skip that, especially if I can’t see a chart. If you were born with Uranus at 14 Sagittarius then the New Moon will be quincunx Uranus. This is a new beginning for other people/countries/large organisations regarding their nationality, citizenship, patriotism, housing market, heritage, culture and history. It will affect your plans to travel or emigrate, deal with foreigners, engage fully with the worldwide web abroad – and there will be passing upheaval.

  15. Hi Jessica, thanks for the article. My sun is 14 Aries – how will I be affected by the new moon? I pulled a tarot card, as per your instructions above, and got the Tower! ‘Yikes!’ was my immediate reaction. I am still house hunting and was wondering how Jupiter in Cancer will affect my search. Unfortunately, I live in a city in New Zealand where landslides and earthquakes are frequent due to climate change and fault lines respectively. This makes finding a suitable property very difficult. Furthermore, rampant inequality and the cost of living here has made me ponder moving overseas. Should I consider this? Thanks for your help.

    1. The Tower shows the choice to walk away and start again, or go back and rebuild. You asked how the New Moon would affect you and the Tarot has mirrored your birth chart. Cupido at 14 Capricorn is square your Sun at 14 Aries. The New Moon at 14 Cancer creates what is known as a T-Square, from your sector of career (Capricorn) to your sector of identity and image (Aries) to your sector of home and property (Cancer). A T-square is usually the tension before the decision, so ongoing, you will have to sort out if you think your old life is worth shoring up, restoring and hanging onto – or if you want to start with a blank canvas. Only you know the answer to that one. You are already pondering moving abroad. The second half of 2025 and first half of 2026 is fantastic if you want to emigrate – Jupiter with all his opportunities, growth, solution and expansion is then in your sector of home and property.

  16. Hello Jessica, I asked the Tarot how the new moon will affect me the most in 2024 and drew Justice.
    I am in the midst of a messy situation with a husband who cheated, which led me to asking for a divorce a couple of months ago. My husband wants to stay married and now that I am over the worst of the emotional shock, I am no longer sure if we can afford to or even should split up straightaway. With a child and very steep house prices it may make more sense to wait a couple of years until the chick has flown the nest and decisions are made with less emotion, so I am keeping an open mind and hope that we can both find a compromise for our situation to help us through the coming years. In the long term, however, I am struggling with the idea of rebuilding and recommitting fully to the relationship. I feel the ratio of giving and taking is out of kilter and cannot be rebalanced.
    I am also getting itchy feet. As a foreigner, I can see myself moving back home to my family in Europe or even a more sunny location. My in-laws, who I like a lot, are upset and worried about the current situation. Over the new moon, my sister-in-law will visit and she hopes to mediate a reconciliation. Overall, I am amazed how much your writing on the new moon chimes with my situation and my cancer stellium. The Justice card obviously refers to my current marital situation and the imbalance, but could it possibly speak to 11 Pluto in Libra and 11 Saturn in Leo in my natal chart? Any thoughts on this and beyond? Many, many thanks!

    1. The Tarot has spoken and you drew Justice as your card for this New Moon in Cancer. You are divorcing an adulterer. You are also wondering if you should live with him and your child for two more years. These are big questions. Your sister-in-law wants you two to get back together. The Justice card does in fact talk to you about Pluto at 11 Libra in your chart, sextile Saturn at 11 Leo. Libra of course is the scales of justice and rules your Seventh House of divorce and reconciliation. Meanwhile the New Moon in Cancer is landing in your Fourth House of property, family and household. You have Vesta there. She turns up when one man manipulates two or more women so be careful with your sister-in-law in case your husband is playing you off against each other. She may not be a Vesta problem at all (though clearly the cheating woman was) – however it’s important to mention it. On the most basic level, see a lawyer if you’ve not already done so. Consult divorce and adultery websites where people have done the legal process. Your card and your chart are telling you that fair is fair. He did the wrong thing. You married and he completely betrayed the legal contract. This is a financial issue for him and you are in the right. So go to the law. The law is the key here.

  17. Hi Jessica ,

    Hope you are well.
    It has been a long time since my last comment , but I really need your help.
    For the past few years , I was hoping for a change in my finances and my relationship status .
    It seems like I am stuck in the same place for no reason with the same people.
    Do you have any advice, please?
    Thank you .

    1. You want more money and a better relationship. You are a Sun Aries so have unpredictable finances in 2024, 2025. Creating a life budget which can take the sudden changes is a good idea. If you are stuck, it is because you are still trying to run your personal economy as if it’s 2017 and earlier. In fact since 2018 you have been in the most erratic, uncertain money cycle of your adult life. You have a stuck cycle with partners, be they former or current. This ends in January 2025. Until then you have karma from 18-19 years ago to sort out, as you owe or are owed, spiritually. Not long to go before the circuit ends. In your natal chart, there are patterns also suggesting January 2025 as sign-off. Minerva in Libra will be crossed by the South Node in Libra for the first time in 19 years. So you will know exactly what to do about the other person.

  18. Hello Jessica,

    I sadly lost my dad and my job in the last month. I am an expat trying to find a new job in the city that is far from my home.

    I have applied for new position here how do you see this new moon working out for me?


    1. I’m so sorry, Kane. That is far too many losses in a short space of time and you are also a long way from home. I hope you are getting through this. You are a Sun Libra so I’ll look at your solar chart first. You have your family and home sector both transited by Ceres Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in 2024. This does end on 7th December but you do have decisions to make about your other relatives, your household, your home town, homeland and property between September and November. 2025 sees the pressure off. Your career chart as a Libran shows Saturn and Neptune both transiting the Sixth House of work this year. What you will find is that you end up with a job where it’s a holiday from reality for half the time, but a heavy set of restrictions and barriers, the rest of the time. It’s rather like working on a cruise ship back in the good old days, when you could take a vacation from the everyday but also have to get to work and look after the passengers. That kind of position! In your natal chart, you are actually having your Ceres Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. So it’s the same thing. A role where you have to compromise and either time-share, job-share or just share your life, until December, figuring out what’s yours, and what is other people’s.

  19. Dear Jessica

    I am so ecstatic. I pulled the ten of cups. I am optimistic and have been feeling the change. Thank you!

  20. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you so much for all your articles.
    I have a stellium in Cancer as well as Uranus 14° Scorpio, Pluto 14° Libra and Apollo 14° Leo.
    I’m currently feeling very anxious about the results of the Legislative Elections in France on July 7th.
    In an article, you wrote that Macron will eventually have to go… But he said he wouldn’t quit until the end of his mandate (2027) whatever the results… Hum.
    Meanwhile, I fear that Jordan Bardella will have full majority. It would be the first time since WWII that the extreme right obtains full power…. I can’t stand this idea. Macron has been totally irresponsible jeopardizing our institutions… And right before the Olympic Games! How bright.
    I drew The Chariot on your website when I asked about the results… The driver looks like Bardella, young and preppy, a dangerous mascarade going nowhere… (The horses are going left and right at the same time).
    What do you think about the elections’ results in France ? Many
    Also I haven’t been able to get rid of a constant pain in my left ear since last March despite many
    health efforts, do you think it could be linked to Saturn and Pluto transits?
    Thank you very much.
    Take care
    Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ?

    1. Thank you. What you are dealing with here is Jupiter in Gemini, followed by Uranus in Gemini, so it’s the beginning of the end of the Schengen Area. Jupiter is solutions, Gemini is neighbours. Jupiter is sweeping, vast problem solving and Gemini is the country next door, or the state next door. Uranus follows next year – same issues – and shows revolution, radical change, freedom and in fact liberty, too. So this isn’t just about France it’s about Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy. You could also count Great Britain as she is France’s neighbour via Eurostar. Uranus in Gemini is here for a long time, just as he was at the end of the last war, and there will be completely new borders and a new wave of transport. Your Tarot card, the Chariot, shows the transport. I had a look at Jordan Bardella to see what his policy was, regarding local travel, neighbouring and regional travel. There’s nothing there but he does want to restrict Schengen space to EU citizens. So your chariot here is really about Bardella in control of the means of transport/travel through the region. If your question was, will he become Prime Minister, then the card says – yes – though I don’t know if you meant 2024 or later in his career. He’s very young. Finally, your ears are a Gemini matter. All communication is Gemini and the issue with pain here is your Moon at 28 Gemini which has been under transit from Neptune at 28 Pisces (transiting Neptune square Moon) and Pluto goes back just one degree away to 29 Capricorn in September, October, November. It’s a fading matter but it’s related to your life as a good listener, as a translator, as a communicator. You need to be needed her. It’s how you care for people. It’s how you mother them, actually. So there is some inner conflict about that and it’s showing up as a painful ear. I am sorry you are going through it but it’s temporary. Are you a baby sitter for someone, young or old? That can sometimes produce quite mixed feelings. Always in astrology you go to the message behind the symptom.

  21. Hi Jessica, What a great post! I have Pluto at 14 Scorpio and Aesculapia at 14 Aquarius. I also have Chiron at 16 Cancer. I am very much thinking about whether staying in North America or returning to Europe as I finish a long degree. Any insights on how to finds solutions within me and the universe would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. This all sounds like the Ninth House, which is foreigners, foreign countries and academia. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with (sure enough) the New Moon in your Ninth House. Going to your natal chart we find Venus at 22 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. There’s really no perfect in the situation, as you’ll have oppositions from Jupiter, trines from Chiron and squares from Saturn in 2024 and 2025. So it is to the Tarot you must turn for your answer as your priorities are private here and go beyond the actual degree…

  22. Dear Jessica,

    I would love some insights from you. I have been following you for years and you have got so much right more times than I can count. I have never asked a question of you so far but I have had an awful time in the last 18 months health wise with 3 stints in hospital, scary diagnosis that hopefully has been cured and have had a really rough road in the last 4 years career wise that has made me question a career over 3 decades long. Any hope around the corner? I have Panacea at 14 Gemini, ASC at 14 Capricorn, DESC at 14 Cancer and Proserpina at 14 Libra.

    1. Thank you very much. I am so sorry you have been in hospital three times. For four years your career has also been an issue even though you’ve been in the game for three decades. This all sounds like a Virgo issue to me as Virgo rules the Sixth House of health and also jobs. Sure enough you have a whopping 7 factors in Virgo. You are by nature dedicated to your chores and tasks; see your job as your duty to others; committed to making the wheels go around for other people. Through sheer repetition you have become a meticulous craftswoman if you like, on top of every detail and an indispensable part of the greater whole for so many people. This never changes. What does change, however, is the astrological weather. Your Virgo and Sixth House placements have been under opposition (or challenged) by Neptune and Saturn in Pisces. So although this New Moon at 14 Cancer is important, because it picks up your chart, it’s not the biggest story here. What is actually going on is the bridge from old to new. The new is terrific and begins in June 2025, lasting until June 2026. This is when Jupiter with all his solutions, growth, hope, optimism and expansion begins to move through Cancer and form a sextile with every one of your Virgo factors. So the biggest and best lifestyle possibilities in 12 years are coming, courtesy of larger trends around you. The trickle-down effect of what happens with the economy, employment, housing and so on (the bigger picture) benefits you in terms of your working life and your wellbeing. You will be given an opportunity to make things so much better.

  23. Hi. Do you still think Trump will fall from grace or do you now think he will win in November? Both candidates performed poorly at the debate. It is hard to debate a liar. Trump lied over 30 times. Thanks.

    1. Donald has been in freefall for some years now with one defeat after another, be it impeachment or Stormy Daniels. He is the living embodiment of Pluto in Capricorn; the dominating, controlling, mysterious figure who seeks to take – and take over. Pluto is all that. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the system – the system being patriarchy. Right now we are seeing Pluto go backwards and forwards, from Capricorn to Aquarius (the latter being powerfully feminist). Trump will not last. Women will rise.

  24. Hi Jessica

    I have mercury at 14 cancer and ASC at 14 cancer. Other than that I do factors at 13 and 15 along with a cancer stellium.

    Could you please tell me how the new moon will affect me?

    Thank you

    1. Mercury at 14 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, property, household, town, country and heritage will be triggered by the New Moon. This is a new beginning for you with these areas of your life and paperwork, an important telephone call, a key meeting or news item will be involved.

  25. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your thorough answer and your explanations.
    Yes, it’s not just about France but also about Europe and you are right about Bardella’s policy. I actually asked about 2024… Ouch! Au secours!
    Finally, you are absolutely spot on regarding my ear problem; thank you so much for giving me such insights, it’s really precious and is going to help me a lot emotionally.
    Un très grand merci. xxx

  26. Thanks for the info, interesting as always.
    I would love to use this to start an ambitious project for new career, but wondered how the fact that it lands on my descendant at Ops 14 aquarius might affect the mix.
    My Aries partner also has 14 ops descendant. We have been through a rocky period.

    1. The Descendant depends on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have that, bear in mind it does not describe career. It describes your other half or the other side. Usually your partner or adversary. So unless you work with your partner, this New Moon is not about your job.

  27. hello jessica,
    how will the new moon affect me,?
    today is my birthday and i have several 14 degree placements, asc in libra 14, decendant in aries 14, urunas in cancer 14, a cancer stellium sun 12+ urunus14+ venus15+ mc 19, neptune 18+ libra.JUPITER IN TAURUS 14.
    it all feels very fated?
    thankyou, Noreen

    1. Happy Birthday Noreen. Your chart is picked up nicely by the New Moon at 14 Cancer, sextile Jupiter at 14 Taurus in your Second House of net worth, banking, property investment, savings and gains. This suggests that other people’s new beginnings with real estate, the housing market, the family, the maternal line and national security have a direct impact on your ability to have so much more, financially. A classic example is the government deciding on mortgage interest rates, which triggers your bank into a decision which directly affects the value of your home and also the repayments there – to your advantage. There are many more examples.

  28. Jessica,

    Could you kindly look at my chart and elaborate on what the meaning of having 14 degrees of Scorpio in the second house means for me at this July 5th new moon?


    1. The New Moon is one degree off aspecting many factors at once in your chart. This suggests that broader decisions by politicians, say, as well as people in your world, affect you. These decisions will be about borders, the housing market, patriotism, the family and all other matters ruled by Cancer – the status of women as mothers, for example. So the trickle-down effect on you is personal even though the wider new beginnings are national or perhaps global. You can and will be affected.

  29. Hi Jessica
    Having my descendant in Cancer 23 along with 14 Saturn, I’m guessing that this new moon has to do with my ex. He is a Scorpio living with another lady (nothing romantic) after he left me. I think he may find somewhere else to live but I’m curious if you could see how the astrology matches up with the Saturn and Descendant?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, Saturn at 14 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, property, household, town and country is precisely hit by the New Moon at 14 Cancer. This is very likely to be your former partner. To be born with Saturn in Cancer is to have inbuilt situations with your own parents and any siblings, or other relatives, which were there since childhood. Inescapable and unavoidable circumstances encircled you from the start, meaning you could never access X or Y. It’s often the same with the town, country, house or apartment too. Later on in life you find this repeats itself in all sorts of ways. In fact it’s evident now. Saturn asks you to accept what you cannot change and get on with ‘living with it’ and the new beginning indicated here, may well be your own acceptance of your ex’s new life.

  30. HI Jessica
    As always great article and insights

    I have a lot going on in the professional work area. I am planning to change city and move nearby office next year
    I have Mars 14 degree in Sagittarius and Salacia 14 in Aquarius and moon is in cancer and north node in cancer

    Can you please look into my chart and share your thoughts


    1. Thank you. Yes HS your plan to move and relocate is showing up with this New Moon, which will be quincunx Mars in your sector of emigration, foreigners, travel and foreign countries. It’s also very much about a new house or apartment. All this is hinted at now. Salacia in Aquarius suggests new friends and allies when you go; perhaps you will join a union, for example, or a social darts team. It’s a little early for this to all land now but you will be given the key to open the door.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    Congratulations on the video launch on Substack. Before signing up, I just wanted to make sure that the substack subscription doesn’t overlap with the content on your web page. Will you only talk about new and full moons over there from now on? Are the meetups you’re proposing virtual? I would love to attend your meet–ups but I live in France.
    Regarding Ops, do you think it will effect me at this Cancer new moon ? I’m currently writing my New Moon goals (relationships & partnerships) for the next 6 mos until the Cancer full moon.
    Update: my Gemini delivery session was successful in the area of work routines AND for those pesky neighbours too. In fact, I worded it that I needed peace and quiet to work from home.. I found out last week my noisy neighbour is moving to a bigger flat far away next fall, and the one hogging the parking places is building a house (soon to leave too).
    Will the Cancer new moon goals I’m doing now roll right into the next Cancer season Delivery session ?
    Take care

    1. Thank you. This is a good question. The Substack video service for subscribers offers two recordings every month about the New Moon and Full Moon which do not appear elsewhere. These videos contain 36 Tarot card predictions for every sign decan. They also contain some Tarot card replies to questions from subscribers. Finally, the New Moon video will always feature Astrology Delivery dates. The in-person meetups are always in Australia and separate from the Substack. I hope to one day return to Paris and have an event there; Shakespeare and Company are selling my new book, so perhaps that’s the place! I’m really happy your Astrology Delivery gave you waht you wanted. In fact, may I anonymously quote you on that? I’m thrilled your bad neighbours are moving out. This New Moon is actually good for Capricorn partnerships in future. If you wanted a new partner or a better partnership, you would begin booking now and have a view to outcomes in June 2025. So, quite big goals suit this; Jupiter going into your solar Seventh House is the reason. If you were attracted to someone and he felt the same (say) you would be wishing for a long and happy marriage, next year.

  32. Just read the news about US started 120 flights for the deportation of illegal immigrants, cool !

  33. Hi Jessica, I have several factors at 13 to 15 degrees in my chart. Could you kindly let me know how I will be impacted overall? Many thanks and best regards.

    1. Essentially the new beginning for others is likely to have personal impact on you, through a domino effect. When we consider that the new beginning is national and also international, and concerns housing, residency, patriotism, families, mothers (all Cancerian concerns) you should see why you’ll be affected. Others’ new beginning also makes it necessary for you to have one too. So, for example, property prices may hit record highs in your city, making it necessary to negotiate a lower rental with a man who might also become your boyfriend. It’s on that level.

  34. Hi Jessica, thank you as always, for your time , insight, and wisdom. I was wondering how this new moon would affect me as I have 14 degrees: Mercury and Pisces, Chiron and Pisces, and Hygeia in Taurus; and my MC and North Node in Cancer. The tarot card I picked was the three of pentacles. My first reaction was I was the monk, my Aquarian partner the short worker And The jester a symbol of our combined unrealistic or quixotic tendencies at times when it comes to money or future prepping. We are both getting older , and we both now no longer have the stamina that we used to for physical work. We have repairs and renovations that need to be done to our house, but money has been out of reach . My situation income situation is improving but his isn’t. He is and architect that is used to doing the physical labor himself, but we both can’t do what we used to. I feel the Hygeia in Taurus kicking in! Wondering how the Mercury and Chiron in Pisces fit in. Thank you again for any insight

    1. Thank you Donna, that’s very kind of you to say. Your Three of Pentacles card is the search for money and you identified who the three people are. This is of course Hygiea in Taurus in your chart being picked up by the New Moon. (Taurus rules money). You also have the classic New Moon in Cancer concern with home renovations and repairs. Your partner is not the same handyman he was. The plan or paperwork in the card is likely on his notepad or on his computer as he is the architect here. The card is suggesting that you delegate the search to those qualified. The monk in the card is represented by the Pisces aspects in your chart; the two fishes are of course the symbol of Christianity and long associated with monasteries. So that’s you; spiritual rather than practical and material, perhaps.

  35. hi Jessica you’re so insightful and knowledgeable. Like a beacon of light with your precise accounts on the development of local and world events. have an agonizing question here: been unemployed for over 1 year, despite experience and good education. Gemini June 8 1973 here. i have an interview on Tuesday, it’s the follow-up as i have interviewed before and it went well. i was prepared and really want this job. what does next Tuesday July 9th look like? thank you for your guidance and light!

    1. Thank you, that’s most flattering and uncalled for. Unemployment is not uncommon with Saturn and Neptune transiting your Tenth House of career and you are a Sun Gemini who has been living with this, since 2023. I am sorry you have been put through it. There is light at the end of the tunnel as this transit does not last. What you have in your favour is your presentation, packaging and profile. Your external qualities are not superficial on Jupiter in Gemini; they do the heavy lifting for you. So trust in how you are projecting because it serves you very well in 2024, 2025. You will acquire a prestigious and flattering new title by this time next year. You have plenty of time so pace yourself here and take this second interview in your stride.

  36. Hi Jessica. I love your podcast and listen every Saturday morning. I don’t have anything at 14 degrees but I do have my sun at 15 degrees Libra. I have my business on the market. There was lots of interest but this seems to be tailing off. Again, there were a couple of promising looking buyers but now everything has stalled and I feel quite frustrated. I really need to sell for financial reasons and my sanity. Might this new moon kick start things? I pulled the Queen of Sword from the Tarot but I’m not sure what that means?

    1. Thank you. The New Moon is square your Sun in Libra. Your answer, wholly, is the British election result which will have an immediate impact on your business. The buyers have been stalling because nobody has been clear about (for example) taxation with the incoming Labour government. So the New Moon in Cancer is a huge new start for Britain, regarding property (Cancer) and will give you a new direction with the sale of your company. The Queen of Swords is you, setting firm boundaries about negotiations. It is also Angela Rayner, the new Deputy PM (same hair colour) and you’re being told that it is actually the Labour government restart which will have the most impact on what you decide to do about your business. Watch this space.

  37. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great article. I have Diana 14 Aries, Vulcano 14 Leo and Juno 14 Virgo . Would you be able to explain what this means please. I’m married with two young adult children with various changes going on at home .. and with family , some challenging, some ok. Thank you so much .

    1. Any exact line-up is a lifelong recurring pattern. You have always been fiercely independent (Diana) regarding your image, reputation, appearance and title (Aries) and every time you go into a sexual relationship (Leo) or take on a parenting role (also Leo) this surfaces. Vulcano is about your considerable self-control and willpower regarding your adult children, but also the game of love, as you know how to push back your feelings and emerge stronger for it. Juno in Virgo is about the commitment to housework; marrying parenthood as a routine; pledging your troth to the labour involved in working at home, but also working … at work. What will happen on this New Moon is a restart with this. The familiar pattern comes up but this time you can handle it differently.

  38. Hi Jessica, with Ops 15 and Ceres 13 degrees Cancer, I’m interested to see what transpires for me! I have a stellium in Cancer and we’re definitely looking to move locally (acreage hopefully) in the next 18 months, before my son starts Kindergarten in 2026. He has a chronic disease and some additional needs so finding the right fit is important for him and his older sister, and most schools are strictly zoned. Is there a good window to move, preferably in the next 12 months? We’re waiting on the outcome of my Taurus husband’s business sale to finance these changes (it has been going on and on for around 10 months now!). He has Vulcano at 14 Gemini, Venus at 15 Gemini and Juno at 13 Sagittarius. I’m also feeling the 12th house at the moment, it’s been quite a difficult year of reckoning with spirit, trust in the universe, mediumship and my own soul 🙂 Any advice is much appreciated!

    1. Ops in Cancer in your Fourth House, coupled with Ceres, describes your life with the extended family circle. You are the problem solver here, but also the powerhouse. You are also regularly challenged when there are difficult transits to these two in your chart. Your son has a chronic disease. You want to move and need your husband’s business to sell, to finance this. There will be a new beginning for you with the family as the New Moon in Cancer takes hold. A first step on a path with so much fantastic potential, likely delivering in June, July next year. You will be given so many solutions and opportunities with property and family between now and June 2025, too. Your husband should be hopeful of solid answers with his finances as well. The future does look bright. Did you know that Ops and Ceres were both mothers?

  39. Good morning Jessica. Thank you for your time and I so much enjoy your website. I have a few aspects in Cancer and Aquarius. DESC 20 cancer, prosperina16 in cancer and Ops 18 Aquarius, mercury 4 Aquarius. I also have 14 degrees Aries hygeia and 15 degrees Venus in aries. I lost my Dad a week ago today, it has been an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks and I am pondering my work/life situation in the upcoming weeks. We are also trying to sell an investment property with not much luck so hoping you can shed some light. Thank you.

    1. I am very sorry your father has passed to spirit and I am sure losing him only a week ago has been really tough. Hygiea and Venus are both at 14 Aries, or within one degree and you also have Panacea at 13 Capricorn. The New Moon creates what is known as a T Square in Cancer, and T stands for tight, tense and testing. Your work situation will be most important here. The new beginning is the family without your father – a fresh start for a very different family circle. What it has picked up is Capricorn and Aries patterns, connected to your profession and your title. There will be reshuffles in roles, rights and responsibilities between now and December rather like a game of musical chairs. From 2025, though, you will find that the questions are answered and you know where you stand. For information about your investment property use the Tarot here and follow the steps.

  40. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for the clarification on the tarot instruction .
    With my mercury at 14 Mercury in Leo , can this help my efforts now to promote democracy in a lasting way here in America, a rapidly important personal matter to me at this time. Asking this question I chose the 9 of pentacles, and the snail appears important.

    1. Thank you. How can you promote democracy in America? By donating your money to the cause. You are the wealthy woman here. The snail indicates slow progress.

  41. Hi Jessica!
    I have Bacchus in 14 Capricorn, Salacia in 14 Aquarius and also have Vulcano at 13 Saggitarius and Mercury in 15 Aquarius.
    Would love to know this new moon will mean for me. Thank you!

    1. The New Moon will pick up Salacia and Mercury in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, which is also where we find Ops. All of them form a quincunx with the New Moon in Cancer in your Fourth House of home town, lease, homeland, property ownership, the household, the extended family. By now you will see the link. It’s chapter one, with the climax written in June next year. So, for example, you may pursue a local project, dedicated to the history of your city, with an old friend. It’s on that level.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly, thank you for all you do with the insights and spiritual wisdom you share with all of your members and loyal readers. As a Sun Capricorn woman, Capricorn South Node, Cancer North Node, Gemini Moon, Sagittarius ASC, Leo MC, your website/ articles have provided me with a great deal of knowledge and hope over the years.

    I returned to my home country last year after being an expat for close to a decade. After experiencing a very upsetting pregnancy loss during the pandemic, together with a very toxic/ nasty male dominant work culture, it was naturally time to finally come home.

    Although at times Pluto in Capricorn has seemed to boost my career and provide opportunities, along the journey I have also encountered dictator like bosses. Especially in my last role. In a nut shell, Men that behind the scenes continually gaslit, silenced and tried to screw women over, yet at the same time they falsely pretended on public platforms that they were champions of women/equality.

    I have been trying to move forward and have been proactively applying for many new roles over the last six months with unfortunately limited progress or traction. Is there any chance that myself and my Sun Cancer husband (Sagittarius ASC, Capricorn Moon), will secure quality new professional roles in our home market before Pluto exits Capricorn in Dec this year?

    We are naturally both starting to question where we belong, and whether we should consider going back o/s as things are yet to progress on the work front at home.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for taking out Premium Membership; I hope you are getting the most from it. I am sorry you have had such a rotten time with men in your profession. You and your Cancerian husband both want new jobs and are wondering about relocating or emigrating. You are a Capricorn woman with a very welcome turning point in January 2025, as the South Node with all its repetition will leave Libra and your Tenth House of career. It’s similar for your husband; the North Node, again with a reputation for circularity and repetition, leaves his Tenth House of career too. January, February 2025 also ring the changes for him financially. For you, it’s a chance to take full advantage of the Jupiter in Gemini cycle in your Sixth House of lifestyle and workload without any more stuck situations. Looking at your natal chart, the timing is similar. Pluto goes from Capricorn and your Tenth House of career in November; Ceres departs there in December. Both go backwards (retrograde) so this feeling of being stuck in a loop or unable to make proper progress is echoed here. Yet, the turning point comes as 2024 ends and 2025 really will feel very new indeed. Your issue with men trying to control women in the workplace will vanish as the year ends. In fact from 2025 you can turn your back on the last few years. ‘That was then, this is now.’

  43. Hi Jessica, a new era in the uk today which will hopefully help the housing situation. My question is about my mum, I have without much luck struggled to get help for her with her home. She is a pensioner and it’s in a bad state of repair. This morning ironically I stumbled across a benevolent fund where she fits the criteria. She is a Virgo, moon and mars in cancer. Could this be a green light at last?

    1. I am sorry your mother is living under these conditions. Yes, the benevolent fund is the ‘start of the start’ and you and she are on the first step on the right path now. The New Moon in Cancer has landed on her own Moon and Mars in Cancer in the Fourth House of property.

  44. Hi Jessica
    Very interesting information about the new moon in Cancer thank you. I have the IC at 14 degrees Cancer and the MC at 14 degrees Capricorn. I also have a stellium in Capricorn and not sure this is relevant at this time. Would be grateful for your thoughts regarding this. So much still to learn!

    1. The IC and MC depend on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have that, then the New Moon in a conjunction with your Immum Coeli (IC) suggests a new beginning with/for your culture, heritage, ancestry, extended family tree, town and/or country.

  45. Hello Jessica – thank you for this post…I was especially interested to see that Canada and America were mentioned at the very end as I have often wondered about that relationship and the current political climate. However, I was more surprised to draw the Knight of Cups. I could think of four completely different men – a Taurus who is retiring (in the US); a Leo who is very intelligent & accomplished whom I’ve corresponded with (for eight years) but never met (in the US); a Virgo who I’ve been bantering with online (local) and the last an Aries – a former employer whom I might consider working with again. Although I have nothing at 14 degrees, I wonder how this new moon will unfold for me. As always, your insight and wisdom are greatly appreciated by me.

    1. Yes, Canada and America (the neighbours) seem likely to change their border from next year, in stop-start stages beyond 2030 as Uranus in Gemini takes hold. You drew the Knight of Cups to show how the New Moon in Cancer would affect you most. You are a Taurus woman who has this in her Third House of neighbours and this man is arriving from a neighbouring township, county or country. It really depends on where you live, and where any of these four men live, but one of them is on the way to see you.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    I am living a nightmare .
    I am renovating my home with
    Ceres in Capricorn & Saturn, Neptune in Pisces .
    I just got insulted very bad by a builder just because he wanted cash but he didn’t turn up to collect cash so I transferred to his bank account.
    That was all.
    Now my children and I feel scared and very unsafe.

    We are living in a house without door , without kitchen & without bathroom.
    Because 3 different trades took the money & did defects renovating job & left .
    I ran out of cash. It’s hard to believe it will get better from here .
    I have no one to rely on to .
    Any work needs cash – if I lucky enough to find the right people to work.

    If you could give me some lights and hope to keep me going, please.
    I’m very drained financially, physically and mentally .

    Thank you so much for your time Jessica.
    Wish you are having a beautiful weekend.
    Any response would be much needed and appreciated.

    1. I am very sorry you are going through this situation with a bad builder and bad tradesmen in general. In Australia, the building industry has been the subject of complaints and enquiries for quite some time. So you are not the only one. You have spent a lot of money and still don’t have a door, kitchen and bathroom. You do have transits in your natal chart and solar chart which suggest ‘lesson learned’ and you’ve learned it. In future you will organise renovations on a contract and probably have to pay more including tax, but at least you will have insurance coverage. Do you have insurance now? I assume you’ve ticked that box. Depending on the insurance you took out you may be covered for defective building work. This cycle does end. In 2025 the oppositions from Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn, to Cancer (the home) are gone for another 248 years. Saturn and Neptune in Pisces remain for a while longer but you have learned about boundaries now – literally, in the case of a missing door and the behaviour of builders and tradesmen. Once you learn, you don’t need to repeat the lesson. Can you ask the children’s father to help you? That is another obvious option that your chart is showing; the same would apply to any former boyfriend, even if he was not the father. You say you have nobody to rely on, but there will be a former partner who can assist. Depending on your state, you can go to the relevant building authority as you can be sure that your bad builder will have been reported before. You do have hope and this does get better. Deep breath and onwards.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog post.

    Everytime I come here, I always ask you a question of my career and you’ve been wonderful to answer them and the predictions are always true.

    Today, I kindly want to request for your reading on my marriage. You must be the first astrologer that I have asked about my marriage because I usually don’t like asking anything about it. I have been married to a wonderful man, truly I couldn’t get any better than this. He loves me a lot and everything is fine. However, lately his temper has just been going off about random things and also I feel that from my side the “spark” is not there, though I love him to bits and honestly I can’t do without him. We haven’t been intimate for months/years now and we have been married for close to 8 years. He feels sad about it and so do I but still we don’t have that intimacy anymore and we do want kids as well hopefully very soon (but can’t happen without the intimacy for sure).

    I have ordered his birthvchart (not sure if you are able to access it) but my question is do you see us getting kids in our marriage and no divorce/separation? I really love him and he loves me and we want to make this work. Or any predictions you feel I need to know and it is important?

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I am glad astrology is helpful for you. You’ve been married for eight years and don’t have sex. You also want children. Sex in the chart is shown either through Cancer and the Fourth House (it’s a means to an end, the end being a family and home); Leo and the Fifth House (sex and pregnancy or step-parenting issues); Libra and the Seventh House (sexual equality) and Scorpio and the Eighth House (the legal, property and financial realities of sex inside and outside marriage). You have stelliums in Cancer and Leo, so in your Fourth House and Fifth House. From the second half of 2025, Jupiter with all his solutions, opportunities, hope, optimism, expansion, growth and sweeping answers will go through first Cancer, then Leo, so well into 2026 and 2027 you’re in an excellent cycle for figuring out how to make it work, both in terms of your love life and also the part that younger people are going to play. This New Moon in Cancer has just helped restart a conversation with yourself that you needed to have, about what home and family means to you. Home town and homeland, too. It’s an emotional matter. Cancer is a water sign, vested in the world of feelings.

  48. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for writing such a insightful post on the New Moon in Cancer. I was just wanting to reach out to you to ask for some guidance in regards to my chart if possible. I am currently being asked to decide on places to live after being discharged from hospital. I have been given three options to decide from but feel anxious in making the right decision. I was just curious to ask, I’m not sure if I feel ready to try one place that is to be located a bit further from my family home or not – would this New Moon in Cancer suggest waiting for next year? Would it be favourable to return to the house that I had been to before going to hospital as it is to be familiar to me? I also believe to have draw a tarot card for this new moon in Cancer as The Moon card.
    I am feeling a bit stuck in paving a path forwards at the moment and was just wondering if there is to be anything in my chart that would be helpful to work with? I find being in social situations quite challenging, is there anything that would suggest that I am to be happy being in solitude places at all or am I meant to be trying to place myself into these situations? Does anything show in my chart that I am to spend time doing a writing project at all?
    Sorry for all of my questions but I would be much appreciated to receive any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer.
    Take care, kindest regards, Bea x

    1. Thank you Bea. Home choices are common on a New Moon in Cancer as you know – and you are now moving. The Moon in the Tarot shows you and a person just like you, but so different, both trying to decide where to live. You also have social anxiety which you need to take care of – and you want to finish some writing. You will know who the other person is. Much depends on him or her. You will find things are clearer once the New Moon is out of the way, so next week is the time. Think laterally on where you want to be and on what basis as there are more options than first appear. This is your year to write, and it’s the same next year. You have some stunning opportunities here to be published or heard in a bigger and better way. Onwards with the first draft. Or second draft!

  49. Hi,

    I have Apollo at 14 degrees cancer in my 4th and Minerva at 14 Libra in my 7th any insights on this please?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Apollo in your natal chart is a symbol of your leadership qualities. Others copy you here, in reference to your house, apartment and/or garden. Imitation is a sincerely form of flattery, of course. The New Moon picks this up. It’s not just the bricks and mortar, either, it’s your home town, homeland, family and household. You show the way here (always have, always will). This is now unfolding again, Lynn, as the New Moon triggers Apollo. There is always a situation you cannot square that comes with the territory, though. It classically involves a partner or someone against you. So, for example, you may want to renovate the kitchen with recycled materials but your husband disagrees. In any case, what is circulating in your mind now regarding homeland, home town, roots, heritage, culture, history will delivery very nicely from June next year. It’s the same with property, household or family.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mars and Diana at 14 degree, and a Cancer Stellium. Can you look at my chart and tell me what this might mean for me please? We are renovating and looking to buy a bigger house, I have also been offered a permanent contract in my job which should come through in the Autumn. Fingers crossed.

    1. You will successfully buy your bigger house from this time next year, or buy in 2024 and either hugely improve the residence next year and in early 2026 – or even sell one more time to upgrade. Opportunities with Jupiter in Cancer are hard to ignore. This is a small start. There is a ripple effect out there which is a wave to surf on later.

  51. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your message about New moon in Cancer. I have not many factors in Cancer but I have Aesculpia at 14 Libra. And Pluto at 13 Leo. My separated work partner has IC at 14 Pisces and MC at 14 Virgo. With these aspects coming,I hope we can reconnect soon and work together. I believe in Ops. May I get your insight forecast. Thank you.

    1. You may want to think about alternatives here. Ask yourself what you want. Is it a better work situation? Is it just that you want this person back in your life? Is it just a professional partnership because you prefer a duet? There is nothing in your chart to suggest a permanent reconciliation I’m afraid. Yet, you can get what you want in other ways, once you isolate the reasons. In fact you could be in a fantastic professional situation from June 2025 to June 2026, vastly improved in terms of your lifestyle and wellbeing, daily routine and job satisfaction – but you need to start now.

  52. Thank you so much for your response Jessica. That means a lots to us ( my children know about you too, a very well known Astrologer )

    Yes I definitely have learned my expensive painful lesson.
    It cost me all of my money ( after I sold the house in December 2023 )
    Nearly 300 thousands dollars to wrong builders and trades.
    I got verbally abused by 3 of them .
    I stayed in silent & endured ( because I don’t want to get myself to their level and for safety )

    As a solo Mum I simply just wish to build a home for my children to live.
    Sadly most men come here did a bad job, rip me off and insulted me.

    I know Australia have a lots of bad trades ( skill & characters )
    then I was too naive to think
    “ How bad can they be? If I treat them kindly & pay them fairly, what reason do they have to hurt me & my children ?? ”

    It has been almost 6 months we are sleeping on the floor in winter with wind blow through the house
    ( no doors )
    Shower outdoor in the backyard.
    Now I have a little to no money to finish renovating.
    No insurance unfortunately.
    My physical & mental health are in a bad place. I go to sleep & wake up panicking everyday.

    With SouthNode in Libra recently at 12 degrees . I have a good friend sent her Uncle to help for only 10 days before he goes away soon ( with pay of course )

    Besides that I don’t have anyone can physically be here. No father nor ex partner. My children & I have no contact with them.
    Although I do have a minimal financial support from a person ( far way ) ,
    just enough for essential.

    Could you please confirm the 2025 in your sentence below was meant to be 2024 ??

    “In 2025 the oppositions from Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn, to Cancer (the home) are gone for another 248 years”

    Should I be concerned and prepared for when Ceres move to Cancer next year 2025 ?

    I cannot imagine this nightmare goes into 2025, Jessica !!
    2024 has turned to a biggest nightmare real fast.

    We just moved to Gold Coast from Brisbane since February this year.
    The builder insulted me yesterday is local Gold Coast .
    We feel unsafe with him and some people here.
    He Acted very nice the whole time, then suddenly he flipped when he didn’t get the cash but bank transfer instead ( already took some cash before this though )
    I’m not sure if this have anything to do with Pluto in Aquarius (?!)

    Thank you so much again Jessica.
    We greatly appreciate your time and kindness.

    1. You are not alone with your bad builders in Queensland. There is a public Facebook group (anyone can see, even if they are not on Facebook) here – Exposing Dodgy Builders. If you have not already gone to the QBCC then do that next. This is the link. Your children’s father does not have to be physically there to help. I realise you have no contact but as your family is living without an indoor shower and in winter conditions (without a door) he needs to know. You also need to check the names of your bad builders against this list from the Queensland Government who are well aware of the problem and can help you The reason I am supplying all this non-astrological information is actually because your astrology chart tells me you need to start putting in boundaries. You are in a cycle where there are no boundaries at all. You literally have no doors and you have given various builders an inch and they’ve taken a mile. You had no insurance. You also chose cash in hand builders. To remedy this, do all you can to be proactive. You also owe it to other single mothers with children who are about to be ripped off by these men. There is strength in numbers and you may even find you are one of a long list of people on the Gold Coast who have a good case for a class action lawsuit. For the moment, though, you urgently need your living conditions fixed. Ask neighbours for help. Definitely ask the children’s father for help as no matter how acrimonious the break-up was, he has a right to know. By 2026 you will be in a much, much better situation with your home and also the family, actually, but right now you need emergency measures. This is in fact a child welfare matter and you should call Good Shepherd for immediate help as they exist, to assist. The astrology is very clear that you have learned the lesson. Get builders through the proper channels and get insurance. The next lesson is that your local area, your neighbourhood, your local community, is powerful and that it’s time to use this awful situation as an excuse to ask for help, but also get involved. You can bet your bottom dollar that others in your suburb will have been treated exactly the same. Your children also deserve the right to have their father involved unless there are legal reasons stopping this. Even if you don’t have a reply, or have a negative reply, that is also part of this process (a transit in the Fourth House of your natal chart and solar chart). Long-term your children will be fine. For now, this is an emergency. It’s winter. Get on the phones, get on email and do not let this latest rip-off merchant get away with it. He should be reported and if you need to stay anonymous, you can do that. You will be in the kind of financial and property cycle from June 2025 to July 2026 when life will be kind to you and more than compensate you for what you have lost. Just how good that future is, depends on what you do now. Take a deep breath and start ticking off your list.

  53. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all of your work. Sometimes things you write about hit my chart but I don’t see anything happening or changing in a conspicuous way. On the home front in my condo bldg the condo board rep is a stubborn hot head who should be voted out. Aside from that my new doctor has me on Ozempic and another med to improve my blood sugar. I am adjusting to this and have had a few bouts of crazy side effects. Is there anything you can tell me?


    1. With Virgo factors at 2 through 26 in your Sixth House of health, you are going through the transit of Saturn in slow opposition. It’s always a test of patience as an opposition is the test and Saturn rules time. In fact the Greeks called him Kronos as you know and chronic conditions (diabetes) but also the idea of chronological order belongs to Saturn. Ozempic and other medication will have its own timing right through this cycle, particularly as in January 2025, the South Node also moves into Virgo and the North Node will be in Pisces, again in opposition to your Virgo factors. Things have to happen in the right order and it will be slow.

  54. Hello Jessica,
    I hope you can help me please. Went through a divorce in October 2020. Tried to save the marriage, husband had no interest and moved on quickly. He was just married a few weeks ago. I wish him well, however it hurts a little!
    Meanwhile, I have tried for the last 2 years to meet and find a partner. It’s like an invisible wall is there to stop me!
    I drew the Psyche card and 2 card when I asked the oracle.
    Are smother times ahead for me as far as a potential partner?
    Thank you for all of your hard work and writing! Much appreciated.

    I have tried very hard to meet and find a partner over the last 3 years and it’s like an invisible brick wall is there to stop me.

    1. Your natal chart will show the lack of success with finding a boyfriend and also the answer, which is Psyche in the Second House (in your Astrology Oracle reading). You actually have Psyche in the Eighth House, which is related. Both govern the house, apartment, valuables, bank account, business and valuables. So your next partner will be tied to you financially and particularly with an inheritance (his or yours). Psyche rules what lives forever. A legacy passed on down the generations is typical. I don’t know what your question was, or what your time frame and deadline was, but this looks like transits to natal Psyche at 8 Scorpio are going to trigger the relationship. You have a few of these ahead, with Jupiter in Cancer trine Psyche and the North Node in Pisces trine Psyche. Her symbol is the butterfly. She was the partner of Cupid. She was put on trial with a variety of tests and tasks by Venus but survived them all, to be made immortal with Cupid by the Gods. My only other question would be the last will and testament made to your husband by you, and from him to you. These things have spiritual ties and you may have been corded by him, or have corded him. In this case the cords remain and that is why you cannot be open to a new partner. Paul Fenton-Smith is very good on this subject. In fact he is giving a talk on this for us at the end of July. The podcast will be available online through The Astrology Show on Substack.

  55. Hello Jessica,
    I hope you can help me please. Went through a divorce in October 2020. Tried to save the marriage, husband had no interest and moved on quickly. He was just married a few weeks ago. I wish him well, however it hurts a little!
    Meanwhile, I have tried for the last 2 years to meet and find a partner. It’s like an invisible wall is there to stop me!
    I drew the Psyche card and 2 card when I asked the oracle.
    Are smother times ahead for me as far as a potential partner?
    Thank you for all of your hard work and writing! Much appreciated.

    1. I am sorry your husband has remarried after moving on quickly, which would absolutely hurt. You’ve not found a boyfriend, which doesn’t help. Psyche and Two together, in The Astrology Oracle, are about money, a house, a flat, a business and valuables. You have posted twice, and I can see your chart elsewhere, so I will expand on that, further.

  56. Thanks. I thought with Chiron in Aries this would be okay. I like my new doctor and feel we are on the same page. She actually listens. I will work with my doctor for the best outcome. Thank you.

  57. Hello Jessica, please can you provide any insights into what this may mean when it comes to my family? It has been a hellish 15 months as the family has slowly been disintegrating, my Leo brother and his Gemini wife separating, taking my young Saggitarius nephew, my Taurus brother and his Leo wife struggling financially and in/between themselves, my Pisces mother trying to bear the weight of it all as there was a massive house rebuild intended for a joint family, now jeopardised with the events above as all communication is fraught and finances are precarious. I live in another city, being pulled back into it all frequently, unable to let go but also desperately wanting to extricate myself from the chaos and focus on my own wellbeing and happiness, as last year this all led to physical and mental health issues for me, which I’m still working through with a therapist. Will I ever find a way to live life on my own terms, as much as I love then, as I feel my life is on hold until they can resolve their own pain and massive issues somehow, but my energy and hope is dwindling?

    1. You have a family in crisis and it’s driven you to see a therapist. Your entire problem is Ceres Retrograde in Capricorn. She is in opposition, backwards and forwards, to your Cancer factors in the Fourth House of family, which are placed at 11, 18, 19 and 22. Ceres has been (and is) clashing with these at 11, 18, 19, 22. This does end. Ceres moves right off 22 degrees of Capricorn on 17th November. You actually have transiting Ceres at 19 Capricorn in opposition to natal Ceres at 19 Cancer so it’s worth finding out about this dwarf planet. She is the mother of Proserpina, the enemy of her son-in-law Pluto and the frustrated relative of Jupiter. What happens with Ceres? Compromise. Endless deal making and often time-share agreements. Child custody is typical, so is access to power or control in a property arrangement. That is exactly what will happen and the pressure will be off. One of the reasons 2024 has been so difficult is that you have also had the lunar nodes going across 19, 18, 11 Aries and Libra in the first half of the year. They created a T-Square with your natal Ceres in the family zone. The worst is actually over. These transits can only happen (in the case of the lunar nodes) every 19 years. Get to know your Ceres. Find out how to work with this side of your nature but also understand that the only way is up; this transit is over as the year ends.

  58. Thank you Jessica for your response. It helped. I’d not considered the impact of the election. Within 3 days of the new moon I’ve had 5 new enquiries about my business and feel a bit more optimistic! Maybe there is a buyer out there.

  59. hello Jessica fascinating as ever.
    i am sun cancer 29 deg. moon in Taurus. asc Scorpio.
    in the middle of buying my retirement home bang in merc retro .offered and accepted in May 3rd post shadow and looks like will complete in July retro.
    I’ve heard all the horror of not doing it during merc retro but have been looking for 2 yrs. the house came on last Yr and was taken off so it is 2nd time for sellers. I know its in 2nd house of finances so what does that mean a big loss massive expense poor deal. not sure how to navigate.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Mercury Retrograde in Leo will be in your solar Second House of money, business, charity, valuables and property. From July 17th until September 9th, the discussion, paperwork or emails will go backwards and forwards. Does that mean you should not buy a home? No, not unless your natal chart as a whole rings bells. There’s no chart here so I can’t comment on that, but in general, have Plan B and C with the negotiations or correspondence. There’s no horror with Mercury Retrograde but there are always reversals. Sometimes it can be paperwork going across the internet which reverses into your spam folder.

  60. Hello Jessica. I was a bit late in checking my chart after reading this very interesting post. I know you are deluged with comments but I thought I would post my findings anyway. My daughter(Pisces, US) and I are looking at property – rent to buy as a way of building a business primarily for her and think this might be a pointer.
    I have 14 degrees in Moon/Aquarius, Vesta/Sagittarius, Fortuna/Leo and Stelliums in Cancer, Aquarius, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.
    Keep well and continue enlightening us

    1. Isobel, your daughter is in the luckiest property cycle in 12 years. It ends in June 2025. You are headed the same way from June 2025 until June 2026 when Jupiter goes over your Cancer stellium in the real estate sector of your chart. You will either find your dream home then, renovate successfully, redecorate and raise the value of the space or negotiate some other good result with property.

  61. Dear Jessica,

    Dear Jessica.

    As a Member for some time now I appreciate your involvement and dedication when it comes to replaying loads of comments.
    I have sun Cancer and all the details with the Moon in Cancer connect with me deeply.
    Since a few months I have had some ups and downs in my relationship, I am feeling unhappy and sad with how it is rolling. I am also a little stuck in my professional endeavors and losing hope I will be finished and fruitful.
    Please light me some lights what I can expect.
    Lots of love

    1. Thank you very much. Your relationship will no longer bother you after December 2024, either because it is fixed, or because it is replaced with something better in 2025, 2026. You will be given the chance to have a new job, a new project, a new role in March, April 2025 which will involve pulling off something that seems particularly audacious if not downright subversive to others.

  62. Thank you Jessica
    you are so correct re the mercury retrograde the buyers pulled out at the 11th hour we were due to complete in the next few days.
    I am hoping its a blessing ( it was a beautiful house and garden but assume it wasnt right ) lets hope something better and more suitable comes along . thank you

    1. I’m sorry about the buyers. Mercury Retrograde leads us all a merry dance but part of your issue is the new government and uncertainty about employment and tax, as well as the housing market as a whole. This settles down shortly.

  63. Jessica,
    In looking at my personal birth chart, 14 appears twice and I am looking for your interpretation of what that means for me. I have been out of work for some time but doing volunteer and helping with a family business behind the scenes in hopes something can lift me up with a new direction:
    Mercury 14 Libra 47′ 19″
    Apollo 14 Virgo 28′ 00″

    Many thanks!

    1. Elicia, as a Sun Libra woman you are going through Saturn (waiting games) in Pisces in your Sixth House (work). Neptune is also there too. We always begin with the Sun Sign chart as it is most important. This cycle ends on February 14th 2026. That does not mean you go without work until then. It just means that your volunteering, family business tasks and all other jobs or unpaid roles, will also test your patience. Neptune is also out of the same cycle on February 14th 2026 so the start of that year looks like a huge shift for you professionally, with a new job very likely; a promotion; even a completely different career path. Everything you are doing now will help that. Going to your natal chart, we find Uranus at 16 Virgo and Pluto at 16 Virgo. Virgo rules your Sixth House of work. Same thing. Your issue, again, is Saturn transiting at 16 Pisces, backwards and forwards. So you have transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto and Uranus. Congratulations on getting through it, as it is one of the most demanding cycles for work, housework, lifestyle, daily routine you can possibly meet. In both chart systems I use for you, you are being told that this is about a test of your stoicism and staying power. It does not last. You will past the test. Please make your health and wellbeing your number one priority during this period too. Virgo and the Sixth House also rules the link between mind, body, spirit and workload, Elicia.

  64. I am taking your references regarding my health and spirit, as my top priority. Given the last 7 years, I have been sorely tested and have often thought, “why” and “what does this mean?” It’s a reminder for me that life circumstances can build resilience, and as you write above, “staying power.” Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much.

  65. Jessica, because of this article I made notes. Postscript: New moon I was with family – Cancer. Sister made a connection and we visited a private garden. By Monday I had poison ivy on the tip of my nose and in my ear and going down from there. Transiting Jupiter on the New Moon day was conjunct my natal Hygiea. Hello. Appreciate your work!! Best, Cecelia

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