The Cancer Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024

Happy Birthday Cancer!

Your forecast takes you from June 21st, 2023, until July 22nd, 2024, the last day of your sign.

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46 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I was wondering if you could please advise on what to expect for the next 6/12 months (love and career). I missed my sun sign session on 15 June to ask my question.
    Since the end of September 2022 (cancer diagnosis for my mum), my life has been really difficult. In a nutshell, my mom passed away exactly one month ago due to an agressive cancer. My world has collapsed. I am currenty staying with my dad to help him and also to focus on my mental health. I have been on stress leave. My boss has not been supportive at all as I mentioned in a previous message, bullying me so I return to the London office permanently (instead of remote working). I missed the timeframe you outlined (i.e. until May 2023) to find a new job as I was caring for my mum. Many thanks. Greetings from France.

    1. I am so sorry you have been through this situation with your mother and I bet you have been through a very tough time for mind, body and spirit. Don’t worry at all about missing the session on 15th June. You’ve not had long to process the shock of the cancer – not even a year – and you also have your dad to look after. You’ve had a bully for a boss (shame on them) and are going back to the London office rather than remote working. You are a Sun Cancer woman with Cancer, Libra and Virgo stelliums. This is actually about the financial and property side of your mother’s legacy; your duty of care to your father; the reality of the next 20 years with your house, apartment, bank account and so on. It is very important that you find the right professional to help you with this, if you’ve not already done so, and if you want a second opinion, go there too. This is the next 20 years, not just now, but it will come up in January, February 2024. You are of course in a powerful position with your father now so have to adjust to that. Long-term you should be getting yourself into a powerful position for other reasons; shoring yourself up financially or with a house/apartment. Anxiety is helped enormously with audio at home, so if you have not already tried the free YouTube sessions with Glenn Harrold or Dr. Paul McKenna, my readers recommend them. Whatever or whomever works for you, make it a daily ritual for yourself. If you like the voices, then you can subscribe to either/both for actual self-healing. Keep looking for the right blend of lifestyle, self-care and work; you have Jupiter trine your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of jobs and wellbeing at 20, 22 degrees in April 2024 and that’s rare and extremely helpful. Another useful thing to know is of course that your mum goes on in spirit and although the loss is obviously huge for you, when the time is right, she will find a way to make sure you know she has passed over smoothly and she will connect.

  2. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. Thanks so much for this post, fascinating as ever, it feels like there is a lot of serious stuff ahead.
    I noticed in one of your replies to a question in a previous post that it’s unusual for a couple to both have stelliums in Taurus, my husband (21st April 1970 01.20) and I both have Taurus stelliums and both have Saturn in Taurus. I feel like we’re very fortunate in many ways but we’d very much like to move to a new house and be in a position where we’re not always worrying about money. With Saturn in Taurus is this ever possible? Thanks so much x

    1. You and your husband with a shared Saturn in Taurus/Second House position will always find yourselves dealing with restrictions with the bank or limitations with the property. It is unusual to share that, but the good news is, Jupiter going through Taurus for both of you at the same time, gives you an opportunity to resolve issues, and it’s the best in 12 years. Jupiter is with you until May 2024. You have a huge stellium in Cancer and the Fourth House, which rules your house, apartment or other residence. Jupiter will sextile this in sequence, also until May 2024, so you will have an abundance of good choices about where to live and how to live. I’ve seen this before and people are offered low rent on empty homes belonging to friends, for example. The big stretching that you and your husband have been doing within the actual marriage, with the lunar nodes across Taurus-Scorpio, ends in mid July. The loop stops.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I found myself in a situation where I have to sue someone from another culture (sunsign Leo) for medical malpractice. Could you shed some light on my prospects in this from the astrological perspective? Thanks a lot in advance!

    Best regards,

    1. I am sorry you are in this situation C.S. but Jupiter at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, insurance, business, property is trine Pluto at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of health and wellbeing, so you are always protected your whole life, not just this time. Lawsuits can’t be judged without the other chart. The Tarot can help you best, on this website. In general, when transiting Jupiter goes to 26, 27 Taurus in May 2024 you will have a Jupiter-Jupiter opposition in your finance sectors and an empowering trine to potent, influential Pluto in your sector of work, lifestyle and health so you’re in a rare and very, very strong position that month.

  4. Thank you Jessica – always excited for my favorite time of year the solstice and my solar return month. Wondering about the karma with the nodes, when they were last in Aries/Libra I first made left home (Australia) to travel and ended up in the place I now call home. With a Libra moon will this time be related to the same type of life transition?

    1. Many happy solar returns. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini and Aquarius. You need a home, home town and homeland more than other people, no matter if you go back to where you came from, or adopt somewhere. You will in fact be taken back 18-19 years to what you are owed, or what you owe, in regard to the house, apartment, town, country, household and/or family theme from that time. This does show up in your finance chart too. In fact for the next 20 years, with Pluto in Aquarius in your solar Eighth House of joint finance, property and legacies, but also square your natal Scorpio stellium, also in the Eighth House, there are really big decisions ahead about what is yours, and what is ours/theirs. From the get-go, make sure it’s all in writing and a professional looks over the agreements. You could become quite powerful with your investments or ownership, over a long period, so you may as well start it right.

  5. Thank you very much Jessica! Your words are very comforting and indeed empowering. But there is something I forgot to tell you. I live in a foreign country and that is where this lawsuit will be happening. I hope I am wrong, but Saturn transiting in my ninth house seems to be quite unfavorable for having a lawsuit in a foreign country against a foreigner, right? Thanks a lot and terribly sorry for having not given you all the info at one go.

    1. Saturn in the Ninth House alongside Neptune (solar chart) is restriction, limitation, difficulty, waiting games, obstacles – yes. And the Ninth House is foreigners and foreign countries, correct. You may want to use the Tarot for this as it’s so personal. Just follow the steps.

  6. Thank you so much Jessica! I am so glad that you mentioned that my mum will contact me as I had asked her to visit me in my dreams just before she transitioned.

  7. Thank you for this Jessica. it’s my birthday tomorrow and I feel a bit at sea. I’ve been trying to change my job for a while now and have got nowhere. I’m beginning to think that this is fate / higher power playing a role here and trying to keep me where I am! My boss (who I have worked for for 18 years) is semi retiring next year so I’m now wondering if I should, indeed, sit tight. My Grandma died March 2006 and there was nothing left for me in her will. It seemingly all went to my Aunt (my mother died in 1997). This upset me hugely at the time. I was wondering if this was the family karma you refer to?!! I look forward to finding out! Thank you.

    1. Happy Birthday. Your boss retires on your North Node in Aries cycle, which begins on 18th July and does in fact take you back 18-19 years, which is when you began. You may want to wait for this to pan out with your boss. It’s only a few weeks away. You are owed from that time, or you owe, and any reshuffle may in fact show up as karma regarding that. Yes, the family karma I was talking about in your Cancer prediction is about your grandmother’s will. I am sorry it worked out like that for you, but the next couple of years will balance a great deal for you.

  8. Dear Jessica, thank you for the birthday forecast- I always look forward to it. I’d be so grateful if you would look at my chart and let me know whether finally I’ll sell my late father’s house which he’d left to me. I’ve been feeling unsettled for a while now and having taken your advice on taking care of my physical and mental health with professionals, I now know that there issues regarding my two sons (a Libra and a Leo), – thanks to you I realise that’s part of my Cancerian personality – always clucking around them despite them being 23 and 20 respectively! I would love to expand my professional life – I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller but haven’t had the self belief required.

    Could you kindly take a look at my chart and see if that’s something I could/should do? And any other advice that comes to mind? Happy July to you! Thank you!!

    1. You will sort out the house by Christmas. Have you looked at your 2023 predictions again? Very good news is ahead with the extended family but also a particular property. The South Node in Libra goes into your Fourth House of family and property in just a few days bringing good karma from 18-19 years before. You have Cancer natal factors in your Fourth House of property and family too, so Jupiter will sextile those. Same story told twice.

  9. Hi Jessica – it’s my birthday tomorrow and I wonder if you can look at my chart and tell me anything specific I need to look out for/ focus on for the year ahead. I have had lots of transformation in my career and home over the last two years. I now am settled in my new house and my new career but I wonder what’s next? In 2019/2020 I already went though a massive upheaval regarding death inheritance family karma etc. I had a falling out with a friend in Oct 2020 surrounding my pregnancy and her pregnancy loss earlier that year. I still feel there are a lot of loose ends with these situations. I would appreciate any guidance you have to offer. Thank you

    1. Happy Birthday. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus and Leo. The most obvious change is financial. You have Pluto with all his slow transformation going back into Aquarius and your Eighth House of joint finance and property, in January 2024. He’s around for about another 20 years. That’s your solar chart. In your natal chart, it’s a two-step. The stuck, circular, karmic, repetitive situation with finance or property ends around July 18th as the lunar nodes move off your Taurus-Scorpio chart axis. You are then left with just Jupiter and Uranus together in Taurus in your Second House until May 2024, so what we see in one chart, we see in the other. This is the end of an old way of banking, budgeting, but most importantly – life budgeting. Rethinking who and what is so precious to you that it is priceless and changing your ideas about what or whom you will sell out for. This is about your house, apartment, family and/or household. Once again we see this in your solar chart (the South Node goes into your Fourth House in Libra) but also in your natal chart (major transits to your Cancer stellium, again in the Fourth House). So the loose ends with the inheritance and the aftermath and repercussions about that are the most important thing. You can repair the friendship if you want; it would fall into place easily by May 2024. Alternatively you will make a replacement friend.

  10. Hi Jessica, Thanks for another great birthday horoscope! I am turning 51 July 10th and will leave a second job in just over a year in July. In both previous companies, a dominating senior male manager had a big influence on my decision to leave. I also experienced emotional/mood symptoms probably related to the menopause (anxiety, low mood, low motivation, brain fog) which hampered my ability to perform in the most recent job. I am wondering if I will find the right role this year, or even determine what type of role is right for me at this point in my life? At the same time my husband and I are discussing my buying half of our home with my life savings. We had a pre-nuptial agreement, instigated by me, which meant that I did not automatically become half owner when we married since I had my own apartment at the time and he has now-adult children.


    1. It sounds as if you have really had (and I mean had) Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. You’ve had two jobs in 12 months and always a dominating man as manager. You had anxiety and low mood. I am very sorry you have been put through it C. You are also talking about buying half your home, with your husband. The work side of things will show up as Capricorn and Virgo in your chart.The North Node at 25 Capricorn will do it, so will a stellium in Virgo with Pluto himself at 29 Capricorn. So, you have been going through ‘transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal North Node’ and also ‘transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto.’ You also have that Virgo stellium to think about in general. You are here to serve others and usually do an outstanding job, but if you are not serving yourself, your health blocks you. You’ve had a malaise during the male manager issues. In some ways you can thank your mind, body and spirit for cutting out like that, even though it’s no doubt been very tough to go through. You have an excuse for quitting and you have done it twice. The astrology says this was very wise. Give yourself plenty of time and space to choose your next move as Pluto is hanging around 29 Capricorn until January 2024. He has mostly gone by then but your challenge is to find your willpower and self-control, to push back against people or organisations which seek to overpower you. Pluto trine Pluto. You may need to think laterally about different ways to do that. Your health comes first. No quibbling. 2024 will be so much easier than 2023 and 2025 makes all this look like ancient history to you. With a terrific Jupiter trine to natal Pluto in the first quarter of 2024, you will have an opportunity to take the reins with your work but also your wellbeing. The house purchase is about your husband’s chart too and I don’t have that, but I recommend you get a relationship going with the Tarot on this website so you can use your natural E.S.P. to figure out next steps.

  11. Hallo Jessica,

    Hoping this message goes through. My comment has been in moderation since June 25 and 27.. lazy to retype the earlier message now. But was hoping you could share a message with me regarding finances and business.

    1. Not so much moderated as just in the queue, I’m afraid, but today I am at my desk and your question has appeared. Finance is Taurus and/or Scorpio in the chart. A big stretch and stuck situation ends on July 18th when the nodes leave those signs in your horoscope. Wheels turn after going backwards. Later on in January 2024 you will realise a new deal, or a new version of an old deal (bank, business, charity, house, valuables, apartment, money) is pending. You also see how you could save or make money by May 2024. Go into the new deal or new version of the old deal with expert advice.

  12. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I was wondering if you could provide some insights for the next 12 months in terms of career, property and love. Since 2018 I have been experiencing challenges at (a previous) work, suffering gaslighting and other forms of manipulation, and all my work efforts and output were used by others without given the recognition. It was a male dominated environment that i was in (academia) and even my formal complaints were not recognised as a serious matter. That led to a beginning of depression, health deterioration and further isolation due to covid. I was stagnant in that limbo when nothing new was coming into my life for a couple of years. In the mean time I finally made the decision to walk away from it all, trying to accept that I won’t ever have any acknowledgement of what happened and that these people would never change. I’m finally, slowly feeling like myself again. I’ve decided to move to a new suburb (spent my birthday moving!) and I’m in a new job/career with good people since 2022. However I’m not 100% fulfilled in what I do (not academia anymore) since I feel I had to start almost from scratch again. My love life has also been empty since the last few years. I was hoping to find out if things are finally going to change in a good way for me in career, love and property (as I’d like to get my own place and create roots). Thank you!

    1. I am sorry you have been through the mill. Gaslighting is rather like the film which gave us the term – insidious, slow, deceit of others. So well done that one questions one’s own common sense. Neptune in Pisces is not a friend of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and as these are the ‘information, communication and knowledge’ signs, as we’ve seen transits for years in Pisces, everything has become vulnerable to gaslighting. Whole countries, actually. And you have personally found yourself going through it, questioning yourself. Men in academia can be a right bunch of Smug Simons can’t they. Then you hit Covid. I am glad you walked away. You have spirit with you. Friends or family in spirit who look after you. I have someone now on my left side so they are reading your question. You have an Aquarius and Taurus stellium. From January 2024 your life slowly begins to change for the next 20 years actually. You will plug into groups, communities, clubs, circles and find together you are all powerful. Together you can change things. Finding your power here will also transform you. You will also save or make quite a lot of money by May 2024 if you take the opportunities. Friendship will be as important as a marriage to you, in the years ahead. If you don’t know your Aquarius side yet, have a look at the flipbooks here.

  13. As always, thanks again for your insights shared here. I read you website and Twitter posts on a daily basis.

    My date of birth is July 14, 1975 at 2.01 a.m. I have been following your posts closely. According to astrology, there would be chances for my career till May 2023. However, I have not experienced this myself. Each time it was trial and error. If things went well, then the next curveball came along. I follow education in which I experienced a lot of resistance in myself and which did not go well. I actually experience a lot of slowing down due to external disruptions in my working life. How about growth in my career ;-)? Of course, your astrological predictions are generally for Cancer. Can you help me further what may happen in my career and education for the future? Should I make different decisions? Thanks so much for your insights Jessica!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer woman who had Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) in Aries in her Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia in 2023, ending in May. You mention errors and curveballs, resistance, slowing down and external disruptions. That’s really peculiar. I can’t explain what happened to you, as you are in charge of your success. I can only point to other Sun Cancer readers who have been promoted, won new contracts and so on. There is no ‘general’ with Sun Sign predictions. They are as accurate as weather forecasts, but of course I can’t make people pack a brolly or a picnic basket, depending on the climate. That’s their call.

  14. Hi Jessica
    I started a new job on 03 July at a very prestigious British organisation in India. 18-19 years ago I was studying in Britain.
    I resigned from the job on 09 August without another job offer in hand. My manager was toxic. You had predicted that in my new role the organisation would be dominating. You also predicted that if one can manage through this difficult phase it will be the making of oneself and one’s status but while I really tried I couldn’t handle the daily stress.
    I’m very upset yet very relieved.
    I understand a difficult period with foreigners is expected until January 2025.
    Based on this experience and my personal chart how would you describe handling the experience. I need to work to keep the money incoming yet I cannot deal with a similar situation until the next 1 year.
    Please advise.

    1. I am sorry you had to quit your job with a toxic manager. You need to keep working, of course. You were born with Vulcano at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. For the first time in 248 years you have Pluto going across 28 Capricorn. It will never be as difficult for you again. Pluto is now going backwards and will be out of Capricorn in January 2024. Yes, foreigners will be hard work for you. No, the power and control (and self-control) issues will never be as intense as they were. The logical answer is to get hired by Indians and avoid a foreign British company! Rather than be mysterious about the transits, let’s be clear. You have transiting Saturn in Pisces along with Neptune in Pisces in your solar Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries in 2023, 2024. That’s your solar chart. In your natal chart you have transiting Pluto only recently in a conjunction with natal Vulcano in the Tenth House. Yet that transit is already disappearing. You can of course take another job with a foreign (British) organisation and accept it will be tough. That can happen too. But – it won’t be tough forever.

  15. Also can I add to my comment above that you’ve advised to start new contracts/jobs after 07 October but what if a job offer comes along that has to be accepted before? Any things that can be done to avoid disadvantages or problems later?

    1. Mercury Retrograde never stops anybody from doing anything. Just have Plan B and C. Get everything in writing and read the fine print; get a second opinion. The most common outcome of taking a job on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is a delay with the paperwork; a missing email; the employer glossing over important details about (say) bonuses.

  16. BS”D Hello I am a cancer rising, libra sun, cancer moon. I am going through a divorce now that is very complicated. I was wondering if cancer risings can look forward to new love soon? I do not want to be alone but left an abusive marriage.
    I have stellium in libra (6), cancer (6) Capricorn (6) and scorpio (5) Aquarius (4). Please look at my chart and let me know.
    My north node is in Aquarius in my 8th house and Pluto will move into the 8th house I believe.

    1. I am sorry your divorce is complicated. Divorce is usually Libra and/or Scorpio. Nothing to do with your rising sign. I am even more sorry your marriage was abusive. You have a stellium in Libra and Scorpio, and have been going through the South Node in Scorpio, and now have the South Node in Libra. This is a rare cycle which only happens every 18-19 years and it is about karma. So, the person you were with (or the people) in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 have set up karmic debts and credits with you. You are owed, spiritually, or you owe. This divorce is part of that karmic settlement and you have to see it through. It is too early to be thinking about another marriage. Have a look at the North Node, South Node, Nodes on Search and in your flipbooks on this website. These are known as Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail in astrology. In India they are called Rahu and Ketu. You have to complete the loop and be repaid, spiritually, for the abusive marriage, or perhaps settle some kind of soul debt from 18-19 years before, via your ex-partner. This does get better so please don’t worry. The Libra South Node cycle finishes on January 11th 2025. Jupiter is then in Gemini making a terrific trine to your Libra factors and Pluto is also in Aquarius, making a trine. These are long, slow-moving transits and you will be in the right place and time, for many years into the future, to find a suitably equal second marriage. You may even decide you don’t want to marry again at all. But you will have many more choices from 2025, ongoing.

  17. Hi Jessica
    I’ve lost 3 jobs this year – due to US recession, due to a toxic manager so I resigned and due to company not being able to pay salaries.
    Request you to foresee whether and when I’ll get a job that is sustainable.
    Thank you

    1. I am so sorry about this situation. This sounds like it would be a Capricorn or a Virgo issue in your chart. Capricorn rules career and Virgo rules work. Sure enough you have Vulcano at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. For the first time in 248 years, transiting Pluto has gone to 28 Capricorn, so your toxic manager showed up as Pluto in human form. Took over, dominated, controlled and all the usual disempowering stuff. Well done for quitting. You owned your power and took it back. The good news is, this cycle is almost over. Pluto is out of Capricorn in January 2024. He goes into Aquarius, the next sign. When we go to your solar chart (as well as your natal chart) for you as a Cancerian, we find the transiting North Node and Chiron in Aries, in your Tenth House of career. So this is showing up in your public and private chart. Your prospects look so much brighter once you are past January 21st, so about four weeks away. You could be in a job by April and get promoted, offered an even better position, or achieve a lot with a successful project. April would be the month. If you are still between jobs by April, your chances rise in April, May with something/someone you actually want, on offer. Long-term you will relaunch with a new title and role, and probably a new look, from June 2025, but first, let’s get January out of the way.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Do you see from my chart whether I’ll be relocating in 2024.
    If yes, when?
    Also, I have limited finances and no legal knowledge of buying/ leasing homes so how would that happen?
    Will I be relocating to Mumbai (a city in India) or elsewhere?
    Quite perturbed by this aspect as it’s been a long time desire.
    Thank you

  19. Hi Jessica From my natal chart what do you see as my future?
    I’m confused and very perturbed as I live with my 76 year old father since my divorce and have to manage the house entirely according to his wish including the time I wake up. For my career you predicted a job in April- may 2024 as I’ve been out of work almost entirely last year. Will I ever be able to buy my own apartment? I lack the money and I’ll be 42 in July. Please provide some insight as life gets really heavy at times. Thank you. God Bless

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with karma involving your father and in fact other family members too, which ends in early 2025. In 2024 you have to fulfil the karma and it relates to life as it was 18-19 years before. I am sorry he dominates your life. If you try, you can obtain new work in April or May, when you have transits in your Tenth House of career. Massive financial change is coming in January, February 2025 and you will eventually find empowerment through your money. This is over a period of many years, with Pluto giving you the controls. You are only 42 and your forties and fifties will change everything. Just make sure when you enter into your next sexual and financial partnership that you have top legal advice and read the fine print. You must do what you have to do, regarding your father; the South Node is asking you to sit this out until you achieve karmic closure. Not too long.

  20. Jessica, I am in a bad situation with many chapters and massive amount of money spent on legal fees, which is unsustainable. I invested in foreign properties about 10 years ago over the years my significant other partner coerced forced the properties into his control therefore me losing control of my assets. He passed over one year ago, there are now 2 probates in process, one in the USA and one in a country where the foreign assets are located. The adult children heirs maintain a position of control similar to their father. Mediation has failed, they want to leave probates with all the properties and pay me some other year continuing the control their father had, the risk would be tremendous, most likely not getting paid anything from such an outrageous demand as properties will deteriorate, not happen, etc. never get paid, I am in two lawsuits now. I don’t think there’s a way out due to the foreign countries, manipulations, etc., Your birthday, weekly, monthly and daily horoscopes are so spot on and have helped to get me through because they very much align with what’s happening. Family karma or duets duels etc, foreign countries Saturn etc… But Is there anything in my natal chart that suggest what the end holds? Do I give up, take a loss? How do I sustain this? I really need some insight because financially, I don’t think I can continue.

    1. This sounds like a truly awful thing to go through and as this is about property, assets and finances we know it’s going to show up as transits in Taurus, to natal factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio. It is also going to show up in your solar chart too. Vulcano opposite Fortuna at 15/16 degrees on the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart is the culprit. You are also a Sun Cancer woman so of course you’ve had Pluto going through your Eighth House of sex, death and money. Taking this step by step, you were born with an opposition, or internal conflict, about money, property, charity and business. Even valuables. Whenever you get a very slow moving cycle at 15, 16 degrees, especially if it also happens to actually be in Taurus and Scorpio, you find yourself pulled in two directions. Uranus at 15, 16 Taurus did that for the first and last time in your adult life. In April 2024 we find Saturn at 15, 16 Pisces so things have slowed down again. Vulcano is your self-control which empowers you. You know how to steel yourself to put up with situations and it makes you stronger. So that’s the pay-off. Fortuna is the way you affect the fate and fortune of other people, without any idea at all that you are doing it. So with your partner (now passed) and the children, you are symbolically blindfolded to the impact you have on their destiny. The push and pull between Vulcano and Fortuna is being stretched quite tightly which is why this feels so hard to go through. The family karma shows up in your natal and solar chart. It ends in January 2025. It’s done. The foreign country issues also end – this does not go on forever. So don’t assume this is going to go on and on. For whatever reason, it’s not going to hang around for you. In June 2025, both Saturn and Neptune finally leave your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. So next year will be really different to 2024. Should you take a loss? I suggest you use the Tarot, the Astrology Oracle and the Garden Oracle together and follow the instructions to find out your options, using your own intuition. The thing is, you can and will become financially powerful over the next 20 years. The emotional impact of your partner’s actions, his loss, and his children will be part of the motivation. Do think very long-term about this; you can and will get quite astonishing control in the world of business, property, charity, shares, finance over a couple of decades. You have a huge Leo stellium in your Fifth House of children, stepchildren and so on. Heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. There is hope, also long-term, for a new, better relationship with this man’s offspring, even though it might seem hard to believe now. If you are open to the idea that your partner can communicate with you in spirit, light a candle and have a quiet word to him and also to your guides. Ask for help in navigating this and watch for clear and obvious signs to follow. But…this can and does end. And long-term you will slowly and patiently build a tremendous amount of economic power.

  21. Hi Jessica
    In the 2022 birthday horoscope you’d mentioned that -“If you have factors in Gemini in your birth chart, as many Cancer people do, it will be local and regional travel that becomes your new way of life, beginning on May 26th, 2024”
    I have a Gemini stellium.
    Could you please look at my chart and advise how the travelling would affect me and my life
    Thank you

    1. You have a stellium in Gemini including the Moon so you were born to zip around neighbouring and regional places. When young it is usually on a bicycle; when older it can be on public transport and eventually you find yourself flying here and there. Gemini is a mobile sign. An air sign, light on its feet and here we have Jupiter with all his luck and expansion, growth and hope for the future, going into Gemini as May ends. The reason this is so important is that from 2026 Uranus in Gemini will be with you for years, bringing a complete change with adjacent towns or regions, even neighbouring countries. So put one foot in front of the other from late May, because this place or the means of reaching it, will show up with a decision taken in June.

  22. Just adding to the above, It’s no longer just about the financial inability to continue as such, It’s really the emotional abuse and trauma. Is a time I remove myself to save my health but at the cost of financial ruin?

    1. Sure. See the reply connected to this question. I am sorry you are going through it.

  23. Hi Jessica
    The last 15 years when Pluto was in Capricorn I lost my most valuable relationship. I also lost things and experiences as that I was continuously dominated with the faces changing with time.

    I’m scared that September-November there will be a re entry of Pluto in Capricorn.

    Could you please tell me from my chart what will happen and how I can prevent or mitigate it?
    I’ve used your approach of self control and will power to make myself feel better.

    Thank you

    1. As a Cancerian, have indeed had Pluto in Capricorn transiting your Seventh House of marriage, de facto relationships, partnerships, duets – but also duels and disputes – since 2008. It’s true Pluto comes back September-November 2024 but it’s a replay or rewind. He is going back over his old position. Self-control and willpower always works with Pluto as you know. So play it again. But this is an end to a matter. The final farewell or grand finale.

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