Conscious Café – Change Your Luck

We are shortly going into a lucky new cycle in astrology from May 14th, 2021 until December 20th, 2022, not seen since the year 1856.

Change Your Luck in 2021-2022

Starting on May 14th, 2021, we will be entering a new cycle in Astrology until December 20th, 2022. Jupiter, the planet of luck, moves into a brand new sign (Pisces) and joins Neptune – the planet which rules holidays from reality.

One area of your life will open up, improve, and give you one solution, breakthrough, opportunity and escape after another.

In this feature, I will explain how it affects your usual horoscope, but also your personal birth chart. This follows on from my Conscious Café event held on Tuesday the 30th of March 2021 from 11.00am to 12.30pm in London. I will also answer questions from that event. Over 300 of you bought tickets, I know, but I will try to supply as many answers as I can, here.

Jupiter the Planet of Luck

Jupiter, the planet of luck, moves into the same zodiac sign (Pisces) as Neptune, the planet of escapism. That means one area of your life, is about to become so much bigger – and so much better. I’m talking about your personal birth chart here, but if you have anything in Pisces in your Twelfth House of ‘inner life’ then your inner world is going to expand. Skyrocket in April 2022.

When we put these two planets together we get ‘big dreams’ but also ‘fortunate escapism.’ Pisces rules your interior life. Dreams. Tarot. Sleep. Reiki. Meditation. Therapy. Religion. Spirituality. Hypnosis. So if you have factors in Pisces anything on this list will get bigger and better. 

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in Your Chart

When we see Jupiter with all his expansion, hope and growth – meet with Neptune and all his other worlds – we can expect to see a mainstream boom for the interior life, but in your own existence, massive breakthroughs (on the inside). We are going to see the usually sceptical mainstream masses (who call Tarot ‘woo-woo’ and do not believe in life after death) be converted. 

If you are already halfway there, as a meditator, or untrained psychic, you will go to the next level if you want to.

You may find yourself developing more powerful clairvoyance for example, or transforming your sleep patterns. You may find God. It may be healing that speaks to you. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are about the invisible world, expanding. Sleep science is set to boom. So is the psychic world. Mediumship.

The last time we saw this cycle in the mid-1850’s cholera took lives, en masse. In 2021-2022 Covid-19 has taken millions of lives and will continue to do so. This is one reason for the boom in mediumship to come.

Questions and Answers

In this special feature, I will also answer questions beyond the Conscious Café event. If you are a Premium Member, your personal birth chart appears on the screen, so I can look at your full horoscope.

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First, though, let’s look at your Sun Sign and Solar Chart, which is an excellent general forecast to what May 14th, 2021 to December 20th, 2022 brings. 


This new May 14th, 2021 until December 20th, 2022 cycle is about your personal appearance, first impressions, image, self-promotion and presentation. Your Curriculum Vitae or professional resume – today a LinkedIn profile – is about showcasing and pushing oneself forward. Weight, body language and posture. Your ‘vital’ first impressions.

So, for example, letters after your name – academic qualifications. Titles, too. Your overall vitality, posture, body type and so on and the online or oil painting portrait of you.


This could be a lucrative period for you, Aquarius as you stand to gain or save, with finance, property, possessions, business from May 14th, 2021 until December 20th, 2022. This period will be about benefits, good timings, solutions and breakthroughs – with all that you consider precious to the point of being priceless. The share markets or bullion (gold or silver bars) perhaps. Bitcoin? We find you at the lucky dip of life in this cycle. This is about lucky, lucrative business but perhaps – filthy lucre – or perhaps just clean gains, but associated with greed, so you need to be careful.

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What is May 14th, 2021 until December 20th, 2022 about for you? Well, fraternity (brotherhood) and sisterhood, but also fraternising with cousins as well as siblings, brings you all sorts of breakthroughs. This goes beyond brothers, sisters and cousins into all sorts of other connections with people, online, which feel brotherly or sisterly. In the United States, a fraternity is a society of male university or college students. When we look at similar words – frater (monastery), fraternity (literary association of students) – we begin to think about Zoom; academia; education; YouTube; Meetups; the media; publishing; communication and so on. This cycle is also associated with local travel. So, pilgrimages or short journeys on horseback, bicycle or foot; sometimes by ferry or barge. Your pilgrimage in April 2022 may be timed for the change in seasons.


This cycle is important for you, Sagittarius, as it involves your ruler Jupiter. What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022?

Well, it’s about family gains or solutions. Perhaps you are part of the gentry or landed gentry who inherit their wealth from their parents. Yet, even if your family is not in Debrett’s, you still stand to gain from (say) a sister during this cycle. A parent, aunt, uncle, niece, brother, cousin nephew, grandparent. Perhaps your extended family or ancestors. The gene pool and gender are really about the family tree, roots, heritage, background – going back thousands of years. When the family tree is researched it is of course genealogy. All these ideas show where you might benefit.

The cycle is about real estate and property as a result of opportunities, solutions, and great escapes. You don’t have to be an experienced astrologer to see that Jupiter (bigger, better) and Neptune (water) in Pisces (floating) in your Fourth House of apartments, gardens, houses, hometown and homeland will bring you anything from a new local swimming pool to a wonderful new fishpond or bathroom renovation by Christmas 2022.

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What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022?

Well, it’s about gains, benefits, opportunities and solutions for/through babies and children. Teenagers and Millennials. Godchildren, stepchildren and adopted children are associated with this cycle. Activities which tie parents or grandparents to their heirs are tied to this cycle. Thus: “He/she is a born pianist/athlete/painter/writer.” This suggests inherited skills when one is born into a family of particular achievers, and perhaps that is what this cycle is about for you. Your son develops his abilities as an environmentalist (like you). Perhaps, the Millennials in your charity join you in appreciating art, on this cycle. This period is about the legacy one leaves to the young, even if you are not the natural parent. That legacy can result in a ‘born’ cricketer or linguist for example, which is why those of you who are teachers, mentors, guides, instructors and coaches will have a stunning couple of years. Entertainment which brings the generations together, from making pasta to playing baseball, can open so many doors. On the most basic level, your son may have a new baby on this cycle, or your daughter may adopt.


What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022?

Well, this may be about conventional medicine, or the local apothecary (in charge of herbal medicine – or just the chemist in charge of all those pharmaceuticals) – or a doctor. This cycle is about the body and all you gain from breakthroughs, solutions, remedies, and new discoveries. It is about benefits involving your daily workload, service and duty. We also associate it with pretty much every aspect of the body, fitness, food, drugs, drink, healers, doctors, dentists and surgeons. In modern astrology there is a connection between how fit or well one feels (fit to work) and how the spirit feels about the job, the housework, the course, the unpaid work and so on. You will make some fantastic breakthroughs. It’s almost certain that swimming or float tanks, hypnosis or meditation, surfing or diving is on the list, as Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are so watery.

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This cycle is about all you stand to gain from a duet or a duel. You may benefit from both during this time. What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022? Well, it’s about one-on-one or one-against-one. But it’s very much about the two of you, and the opportunities are amazing.

It may seem odd that the cycle can describe a partner, as well as an opponent, but it makes sense when we think about what a duel actually involved – right up until 1833. Duels can be found in The Three Musketeers, War and Peace, Vanity Fair, Hamlet, James Bond, Popeye and Star Trek. When husband and wife divorce, they often duel in court, so this cycle is about quarrels as it is about weddings, but you either gain from them, or break free from them. As plenty of astrologers will be telling you, Virgo, if you are single and want a new relationship, now is the time to look. If you are unhappily married and want a solution, it’s close.


What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022? Well, this cycle is about all you stand to gain or save, with your house, apartment, tax return, business, charity, shares, valuables and the rest.

The 1789 Book of Common Prayer carries the wedding promise ‘until death do us part.’ This gives us the link between sex and money, property and family, legacy and inheritance, death and marriage that this cycle is renowned for. So, you may receive the benefits of being named in a will on this cycle, but you could equally marry someone who merges his/her assets with your own, so that you end up with a hugely improved lifestyle. You can divorce well on this cycle, too.

An Introduction to Astrology by William Lilly, which was first published in 1647, lays out some of the matters ruled by this cycle. “The estate of men deceased; death, its quality and nature; the wills, legacies and testaments of men deceased; dowry of the wife; portion of the maid.”

Of course, Leo, you can make so much money on this cycle that you are in a position to leave a very generous bequest to family or friends.

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What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022?

William Lilly, in his Introduction to Astrology, associates Jupiter with “fair dealing, desiring to benefit all men; doing glorious actions; honourable and religious.” Jupiter is associated with judges, senators, counsellors, bishops, priests, ministers, scholars, students and lawyers by Lilly – and his places are near church altars. From this jumble of ideas from 1647 a picture emerges. This is the cycle of knowledge, Cancer. Books and libraries. Universities and – the university of life. Today we associate the Ninth House with the Worldwide Web. It is also traditionally linked to travel, relocation and emigration (travel broadens the mind) and particularly education and academia (travel in the mind). Take your pick in 2021-2022, Cancer. You are going to see obstacles removed and doors open. Many of you will permanently leave the country and start new life in a new place.


When considering personal success, achievement and ambition, this cycle is always so important, Gemini, as it is always at the top of the horoscope circle – the highest point of the wheel. What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022? Well, elevation, promotion, an award, a fantastic new job, a big hit – are likely, if you try.

The phrase Regnans in Excelsis (reigning on high) was used in 1570 by Pope Pius V to describe Queen Elizabeth I of England. Regnum is the Latin word meaning kingdom or dominion. The idea about ‘crowning achievements’ belongs to this cycle. The word regal is related to ‘regnants’ and also regent, regime and regency – along with regulate and regulations. When you are in charge of the rules and regulations, you reign. If you respect the rules and regulations of the system or the establishment, you slowly rise through the ranks.

This cycle is associated with climbing, ladders, pyramid structures, peaks and promotion. It lends itself to going up and up, in the class system, or in terms of High Society.

Solid structures need sustained effort. The Tenth House is about those kinds of towering institutions and, in modern life, the Tenth House is associated with the men in suits at the top of the skyscraper: female Gemini people in particular will smash through the glass ceiling if they try, by 2022.

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What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022?

This cycle is about gaining solutions, opportunities and breakthroughs, thanks to someone who does well by supporting you, or the cause/goal you both value. This is the helpful acquaintance or friend of today’s Pozible crowdfunding, or that sociable person on Twitter. This cycle is about the benefits of friends and groups, Taurus. Guilds have historically been associated with this cycle, but we might also include any sort of brotherhood or sisterhood, from a trade union to Mumsnet. The guild’s equivalent in Ancient Rome was the collegium – meaning ‘joined together.’ Today we associate the Eleventh House with good causes, charities, social change movements and networks. This may be the year you raise a fortune for charity with the Freemasons or hit #1 with a rock band.


What can you expect between May 14th, 2021 and December 20th, 2022?

You gain benefits, opportunities and breakthroughs from the invisible world of the soul or spirit. The Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces and Neptune in astrology. Pisces the zodiac sign is symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Fish are a Christian symbol. They appear in the miracle of multiplication by Christ.

Of course, it may be Buddhism or even Quantum Mechanics which appeals to you, more than the church. The gods (or God) which you believe in – or the goddess – is the key. This cycle is certainly about angels and about the spirits associated with a place. Ghosts, perhaps. That clear sky – the upper regions of air beyond the clouds – heaven, angels and God. Or just your personal ideas about religion, Buddha, or Christ are central in 2021-2022. How you feel about mediums, angels or ghosts. Astrology, too.

Einstein became famous for his equation E=mc2, where E stands for Energy, m for mass and c for the speed of light (squared). Thus, he also had an interest in the ‘upper air’ of this cycle. Whatever your soul or spirit needs, be it science or the psychic world, 2021-2022 can deliver.

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Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces in Astrology

The master astrologer Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol. S published The Modern Textbook of Astrology in 1951. Seventy years ago. I mentioned this at The Conscious Cafe. It’s a fantastic astrology classic and it has great information on our new cycle, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces 2021-2022.

The book has never been out of print and is as accurate now, as it was in 1951.

This is what Hone had to say about Pisces: Boats. Escape. Mazes. The Mystical. Psychics. The Sea. Sleep. Spirituality. Art. Mediums. Poetry. Wine.

On Jupiter: Expansion. Opportunity. Growth. Fortunate. Generous. Optimistic.

And about Neptune: Spirituality. Mysticism. Art. Trance. Hypnosis. Psychics. Art. Dreams. Imagination.

The New Boom in Mind, Body and Spirit

This combination of good fortune and a holiday from reality, will bring a boom in yoga, meditation, psychics, mediumship, new science, dreams, hypnosis, Tarot, crystals and spirituality that you can only experience once in your life.

This new boom in Mind, Body and Spirit will help you psychologically and emotionally. We are going to see what used to be called ‘woo woo’ go mainstream, as I said. Yet, thinking about Margaret Hone, we also have to talk about a boom in Virtual Reality headsets which take you through a maze. Or meditation with surround sound, which takes you to the bottom of the sea. Expensive cruises which only have open-window, open-door accommodation on the upper deck and a tiny number of passengers. That’s where this is going in April 2022.

Covid-19 Is Going Nowhere

The thing is, Covid-19 is going nowhere, according to astrology. There are an awful lot of people with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius (foreign travel, emigration) who fantasise that a magic jab will enable them to go globetrotting, the way they used to. The astrology says they are hopelessly out of touch with reality. The virus has already mutated several times. It will go on mutating. If you want to see what’s really going on this minute, look at the live YouTube Covid-19 global update. 

Life Indoors and Life Inside

People who fly internationally in 2021-2022 may also carry the virus with them and bring it back. The worst-affected nations like the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India (all in the unfortunate Covid Top Ten as we publish this on April 2nd 2021) have not shut borders. Epidemiologists are worried.

So – we are living with Covid. There is no ‘vaccine’ in the way that people fantasise. There are dozens of attempts at a vaccine, all of them tied up with the share markets, and the quest will continue. There may not even be treasure at the other end!

Time at Home

Do expect more time at home. More life indoors, and life inside.  Perhaps more outdoor-indoor living if you have a garden. This is a repeat of the ‘cholera’ cycle the last time we saw Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. What we saw then was a complete rethink of home design. Big city architecture.

In 2021-2022 being indoors in your own space, working or studying from home, will become a normal part of life, according to the astrology. Not the odd experience it was in 2020.

It sounds gloomy or limiting, perhaps, until you realise it has wonderful advantages. Then (in 1856) as now we are going to see a fascinating expansion of interest in the mythological. The creative. The spiritual. The religious. Why? We are living in our heads because we are indoors.


Trines to Scorpio Factors

The Jupiter in Pisces patterns ahead from May 2021 to December 2022, also form perfect trines with any Scorpio or Cancer factors in your personal birth horoscope. A trine is perfect flow. If you are a Premium Member you can check your chart now. Do you have factors in Scorpio in the Eighth House? And/or factors in Cancer in the Fourth House? You’re blessed.

Scorpio rules sexuality. The last time we saw this amazing Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces cycle in the late 1850’s, the world’s first reliable condom appeared. It had vulcanised rubber. Sex became as safe as it was possible to be. Sexuality and erotica blossomed. You can see it in the paintings from that time. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood channelled sensuality into their art, through their beautiful models.

Do you have Scorpio factors? Perhaps you are about to gain from the latest and greatest in condom manufacturing! Maybe, in a more general way, it is time for a new lover, or a new approach to sexuality. As Jupiter slowly trines your Scorpio factors, commencing in May 2021, going into 2022, you will experience a fantastic new angle on sex and money. Romance, relationships, houses and apartments. But there is something spiritual about it. This goes beyond a mere deal between lovers.

Trines to Cancer Factors

Do you have Cancer factors? You stand to gain from your house, apartment, garden, hometown or homeland, which will see big improvements from May 2021 to December 2022.

Jupiter will trine your Cancer factors on the way through, May 2021, into 2022. If you have anything at Cancer 22, 23, 24 you will renovate, redecorate, relocate or sell property successfully in April 2022. A stunning line-up in Taurus and Scorpio at 23 degrees (finance) and Pisces at 23 degrees (rivers, the beach, fountains, ponds, spas, swimming pools in and around the home) will land in your chart. In astrology this translates as, perhaps, a luxury yacht doubling as an office.

The local council creating new swimming pools in the river. The council renovating beach lidos. We are going to see rooftop bars, cafes and restaurants with water features literally – go through the roof. You gain.

Paris in 1859 on the Jupiter-Neptune Pisces Cycle

The year 1859, the last time we saw Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, was an amazing year for architecture. Paris was completely rebuilt to become more spacious and greener, thanks to the new boulevards designed by Haussmann. The old overcrowded slums of Paris were removed, and replaced with the lighter, brighter, airier city of 1859 that survives today.

William Morris experimented with new building techniques – also in 1859 – that merged the house with the garden in his famous Red House. He called them ‘garden rooms.’ The mid 1800’s had a particular look and feel that lasts today. We will see ‘the new beautiful’ in 2021-2022 as money that would have been spent on international travel, or restaurants, or the cinema, or the theatre, is taken from the middle and upper classes and poured into immediate surroundings. You gain. The new living is outdoors – not inside – and technology will adapt so it is year-round. 

The Jupiter and Neptune Trine to Cancer Factors

Here is something else that may affect you, if you have Cancer factors. The stunning trines from Jupiter, which pick up anything in your chart at 0-29 Cancer, and the historic trigger at 23 degrees (which will pick up your chart if you have anything at Cancer 22, 23, 24) is about going home.

You may go back to where you came from. Every person’s chart and situation is different, but we are going to see a massive worldwide wave of one-way return flights. Even if you stay put, millions will pack up and leave – to go back to their original home town or home country. That is a classic outcome of a Cancer trine, or even a Cancer grand trine, pattern and it is exact in April 2022.

Do You Have Taurus Factors?

Do you have Taurus factors? As Jupiter in Pisces forms sextiles to any/all of your Taurus horoscope factors, at any point in the 2021-2022 cycle, you will have opportunities to save or make money, or benefit from the world of property or possessions. This will be on a massive scale if natal Jupiter is involved. Transiting or travelling Jupiter (all that is large) is in Pisces and will form sextiles or trines to anything you have in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn. That’s money, property, work. 

If you happen to have Jupiter himself involved in those patterns in those signs, then transiting Jupiter makes it a double whammy. You could make or save a fortune. For example the price of your apartment may treble. You may gain a high-income job or project.

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True Conscious Café 2020 Predictions

On November 24th, 2020 Gina Lazenby hosted a Conscious Café event with me about the astrology of 2021. So many of those predictions have come true, thanks to the accuracy of the world horoscope. So before I give you any more predictions, I want you to know that the psychic astrology methods I use, work. Here is the proof from validated forecasts, five months ago:

You can see the YouTube event here.

  • January 24th-27th, 2021 – Airline, Cruise Collapse – I predicted that airlines and cruise companies would be hit on January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th 2021. Well, on the 21st of January, Bloomberg reported a government bail-out of Norwegian Air here. At the same time: Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises cancelled all sailings. The Royal Caribbean Group sold up. Princess Cruises sold up its assets too.
  • Camping and Caravans – Local Not Global! This prediction is already coming to pass, as the UK Summer 2021 Staycation Boom is official.
  • The UK Breaks into Four or Five Nations – Well, we’ve seen Wales open Airbnb for Easter but not for the English – and there are calls for a Welsh independence referendum. A March 2021 poll found 53% of Scots want to break up the UK and vote for independence. Wales and Scotland are on the way out. Even former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has declared Northern Ireland will exit the United Kingdom. He says Northern Ireland is becoming part of a United Ireland. Watch this space.
  • There Is No Vaccine – Much as we’d all love a Silver Bullet vaccine (one simple solution for a complicated problem) we still don’t have it. Germany, Italy, Spain and France stopped Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines after reports of blood clots in March 2021. Oxford AstraZeneca is also shown to fail against the South African virus strain. South Africa has stopped the roll-out. The Pfizer vaccine is also less effective against the South African variant of COVID-19 according to this article. Source: The Spectator, March 25th, 2021. That’s just a few days ago, as I publish this.

New Predictions: Jupiter Changes Your Luck

Jupiter is the lucky planet. But why? And why is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces so rare?

Astrology reveals good things ahead, and particularly if you have anything in the water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) or Taurus, as I’ve said. But how did Jupiter come by his reputation? The Silk Road. The old trade route brought together astrologers from Europe, Asia and India. They were all watching Jupiter. The Europeans called him Jupiter, Optimus Maximus. The biggest and best. From that, we get the idea of optimism and maximisation. 

The Indians called Jupiter, Brihaspati. Today they also call him Guru. The Chinese and other Asian astrologers knew him as the Year Star. In fact the Asian zodiac is based on Jupiter and his twelve-year cycles.

On the Silk Road they learned that Jupiter brought luck, natural good timing, a useful twist of fate, a happy chance!

What it means for you:

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio Factors?

Jupiter will form conjunctions or trines to your Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio factors as he slowly makes his way through Pisces May 2021-December 2022. You stand to gain from the psychic or spiritual side of your life (Pisces), property (Cancer) or your sexuality (Scorpio). If you have factors in all the water signs it will be a whole pattern. If you are a Premium Member you can use the three-way method of Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website to ask specific questions.

Jupiter at 23 Aquarius and 23 Pisces

What is even more unusual about May 14th, 2021 until December 20th, 2022, is the fact that Jupiter also moves to 23 Aquarius, as well as 23 Pisces. He does this in September, November 2021.

What it means for you: If you have anything at 23 degrees in your personal birth chart, or close by (at 22 or 24 degrees) you stand to gain twice from Jupiter, the lucky planet, moving to 23 degrees. Saturn also moves to 23 degrees. This is serious. It is is life-changing. If you have factors at 23 degrees then April 2022 will completely change your life for the better.

The Jupiter-Neptune-Node Line-Up

On Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th, 2022, we find the North Node at 23 Taurus. The South Node at 23 Scorpio. Jupiter at 23 Pisces. Neptune at 23 Pisces. The Moon at 23 Cancer. Even Saturn is very close by at 22 Aquarius.

This pattern has never happened in your lifetime and will never happen again. Your own personal birth chart, and whatever you have at 22, 23, 24 degrees reveals how you benefit. Jupiter is ‘the greater benefit’ in old astrology. He benefits you.

Financial Boom

The ‘weather’ out there on 9th, 10th April 2022 is great financially, wonderful for property, and terrific on a personal level (friendships or relationships). How this affects you directly or indirectly depends on what you have at 22, 23 or 24 degrees. By sign and house, and the nature of the planet, point, angle or asteroid concerned – you’ll get the full story.

It will help us all in different ways. If you are in debt you may be let off that debt. If you bought your own flat or house you may see it go up in value. If you were a millionaire you may become a multi-millionaire.

It sounds ridiculous to say we can have a boom in a pandemic, but April 2022 will prove it. The Taurus-Scorpio-Pisces line-up in the sky, triggers the Earth-Water patterns in the horoscopes of billions. That’s security. The share market. Wealth.

Mark your calendar for April 9th-10th 2022. What is going to take off in April 2022? Home spa bathroom renovations. Health farm spa retreats in your local area. Converted churches, sold and reshaped into wellness, yoga, meditation centres. Virtual Reality headsets, not for teenage boys, but for older people who want to escape into oceanic dives – in their own heads.

Expect ‘the new Buddhism’ perhaps because of changes with Tibet and China, or Tibetan leaders.

The Big New Spirituality and Religion

We are going to see everyone from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to The Pope, take us on a big, new wave of spirituality and religion in April 2022. Yet, it doesn’t come from nowhere. The build-up will be there in 2021. As I’ve said, a very good reason for that is the sheer numbers of deaths. It happened the last time on this cycle with cholera. The search for meaning begins. Why him/her and not me? Why me? What does it all mean? It’s particularly relevant in Roman Catholic Italy.

Sue Tompkins on Jupiter, Neptune, Pisces

51BiBfPMxoL. SX331 BO1204203200  - Conscious Café – Change Your Luck

Sue Tompkins published The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook in 2006. This is what she had to say about Pisces:

One can usually hear the strong presence of Pisces in a horoscope when the individual uses words like ‘soul’, ‘bliss’ or ‘blessing’. It has often been observed that the qualities and life areas connected with Pisces are very similar to those associated with Christianity. Christians, seeing themselves as “fishers of men” even use the fish as their symbol.

Sue’s book, Aspects in Astrology, was published in 1989. This is what she had to say about Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune: “Big dreams, grandiose fantasies. The mystical experience. The Great Escape. Spiritual pride. Explorers at sea.”

She continued, “There can be a very strong religious and mystical yearning; the individual with these planets strong and aspecting each other yearns to merge with God or at least with something that transcends the ordinary crass reality of living in the mundane, workaday world.”

“Contacts between these planets are common in nuns and monks, those whose life could be described as escaping from the world or transcending it, depending on one’s viewpoint.”

Our Time at Home in 2021-2022

I am sure you can see why we might all feel a little like nuns or monks in 2021-2022. We are spending time at home, cloistered away, far from the office, and out of the big, noisy shopping centres and supermarkets. Every single professional medium I know, and psychic, agrees with me. We will go back indoors, again and again. 

With more time to go within, we gain from a more spiritual, inward-looking phase of our lives. Let’s face it. We are living with COVID-19 in 2021 and 2022. Time inside, is time well spent, according to the astrology. We’ll grow on the inside.

The Saturn-Neptune Line-Up

Did you find anything at 22, 23, 24 degrees in your chart? Amazingly, we have another alignment at 23 degrees from January 7th until January 15th, 2023. This is a real hotspot in your horoscope, so hit Search and use your guidebooks (if you are a Premium Member) and really research whatever you have at 22, 23, 24. Take it apart. 

Saturn will be at 23 Aquarius and Neptune will be at 23 Pisces for the last time in a very long time, ahead.

So, we can date this now – The fantastic new chapter in your life you begin writing on Saturday the 9th of April and Sunday the 10th of April 2022, has its final outcome from January 7th until January 15th, 2023. Use a journal or notebook to plan.

What it means for you: go back to the nature of the planet, asteroid, angle or point you have at 22, 23 or 24 degrees. Look at the sign and what it means. The house it is in. Take notes on what is possible to achieve. Use Pinterest. Make sketches.

A quick look at Search or a flick through the guides that come with Premium Membership can help you if you’re unsure, but the whole point of astrology is hands-on. See what you could potentially achieve and go for it.  An example? You have the Moon at 22 Taurus. You take care of people using money, charity, business, property. Along comes the line-up at 23 Pisces/Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius in 2022. Using your journal, the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle on this website (if you are a member) you can set goals to make or save a fortune. And do it. In April 2022. That is your deadline.

What Does Neptune Mean at 23 Degrees?

If you have anything in your birth chart at 22, 23, 24 degrees you will experience Neptune alone at 23 Pisces in June, July 2021. What it means for you: a new wave with psychology, dreams, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, psychics, astrology, quantum science, mysticism, astral travel and related areas like Reiki healing, benefits you. It may be in quite another area of your life, but you gain. So as early as June, July, you will see a global boom in ‘the invisible world’. We used to call it The New Age.

Example: You have Mercury at 24 Gemini in the Third House of websites, media and social media – and you are offered an advertising deal for your YouTube channel, by a yoga mat company, experiencing a sales boom.

What you have at 22, 23 or 24 degrees tells you the story. The horoscope factor, its zodiac sign and house, reveals the heart of the matter. So again, using Gemini as an example:

If you had Venus at 23 Gemini in the Third House of publishing, media, education and the worldwide web, this ‘weather’ with Jupiter and Neptune at 23 degrees of Pisces would be about your partnership, double-act or duet (ruled by Venus) online, or with a book, a course or media outlet. And again, you would gain.

You and your husband might find yourselves and your meditation centre in the local newspaper because of a new lift-out feature about wellness, in April 2022. Personalise this. The whole point of astrology is to use the predictions, the calendar and also the free Tarot and Oracle guides that come with membership, to own the future and make it happen. On time.

How 2021-2022 repeats 1856

The last time we saw a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces was March 17th to 20th, 1856. In astrology, history repeats. We learn from what happened last time. So, the year 1856 is back.

Mediumship (Spiritualism)

The Book of Spirits by Allan Kardec was released in 1856. As 2.73 million people have died from COVID-19 we now have many millions of people looking for reassurance that those who have passed to spirit, are at peace, or have a message of survival for them.

We are going to see a huge boom in mediumship and Spiritualist churches in 2021-2022. It will go mainstream, on television, but we will also see millions of us realise we have the ability to hear, see or sense the spirit world.

Linked to this will be new discoveries about the nature of reality, by scientists. We already know that there are many realities, not just one, thanks to Quantum Mechanics, but in 2021-2022 science will take another great leap forward.

ixqtqc f6ji 600x400 - Conscious Café – Change Your Luck

Big Ben

Did you know that clocks rule reality? Yet clocks tell us that nothing, especially time, is truly ‘real’ as it’s all man-made.

Big Ben was completed in 1859 during the last appearance of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and is a good symbol of ‘dual reality’ as it is supposed to keep perfect time for London and never has.

When is New Year, not New Year? When we rely on Big Ben to tell us! It never keeps time.

It might be snow, repairs, war (the bells are silenced/the clock face is not illuminated), bombing. It might even be birds. In 1949 starlings perched on the minute hand of Big Ben and the time slowed by four-and-a-half-minutes.

The bells were silenced at Churchill’s funeral and Thatcher’s. Big Ben stopped of its own accord at the 1997 election. Hot weather has stopped it, too. It ran seven seconds fast in 2015. More recently, the chimes have been silent since 2017.

Londoners who live an appropriate distance from the tower and Big Ben can, by means of listening to the chimes both live and on analogue radio, hear the bell strike thirteen times.

This is possible because the electronically transmitted chimes arrive virtually instantaneously, while the “live” sound is delayed travelling through the air since the speed of sound is relatively slow.

If you want a good example of what 2021-2022 is all about, remember Big Ben. We’re going to find that the nature of ‘true time’ and reality is a talking point. In fact, Big Ben itself may make front-page news by December 2022, as it experiences its Jupiter and Neptune Return.

Condoms, Sex and Scorpio

What else happened in 1859? Well, this. Just to recap – the successful vulcanization of rubber provided women with reliable condoms for the first time. This would make sense as in 1859 Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces made perfect trines to Scorpio, the sign ruling sexuality. In astrology, this means tremendous flow and progress in your sex life. We will see the next great leap forward in our emotional, sexual lives. This may be new laws. It may be the end of bad pornography. It may be new contraception discoveries. 

Red House 600x361 - Conscious Café – Change Your Luck

Red House – The New Gardens

1856 was a big year for architecture. The Red House in England is one example. Built in 1859 for William Morris, by Phillip Webb, so that the garden looked like part of the house, it changed the way people thought about house and plants. The Red House famously had garden rooms. This inspired the Arts and Crafts Garden movement of the 1890s. This makes sense too. In the year 1859, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces made perfect trines to the zodiac sign Cancer, which rules homes, property, architecture, building, gardens and real estate. In 2021-2022 we are also going to see a sweeping rethink of gardens, partly because we are all at home so much. 

The New Paris

In 1859 the city architect Haussmann radically renovated Paris and demolished overcrowded, unhealthy medieval neighbourhoods and built wide boulevards, avenues, parks, squares, sewers, fountains and aqueducts. In 2021-2022, the new Paris is also on the way. In fact. the Mayor of Paris has shown new green designs ahead of the 2024 Olympics. This is a global change. In fact I predicted this at the Conscious Cafe in 2020.

High-rise office buildings and apartments will be converted into greenhouses by 2026. We are going to see the end of globalisation and the start of ‘The New Local.’ Your town and capital city will transform over five years.

Why? The pandemic goes on. There is no magic wand vaccine. Covid mutates. It has come along on mutable sign cycles (Gemini-Pisces-Sagittarius-Virgo) affecting billions of people born with factors in Sagittarius (travel) and Virgo (health). It’s a perfect storm. Just as with HIV-AIDS, the last crisis affecting both generations, COVID-19 is with us for decades.

By 2026 we will be celebrating the new Paris, the new New York, the new London and the rest. Yet what you are going to see in April 2022 is the capital of France, ahead of every other place – blossoming, transforming, blooming. Just as she did with cholera on the last time we saw this cycle.

The Rebirth of Holden

The Australian car brand Holden was born in 1856 and closed business in 2020 but according to astrology, Holden will be back. Electric cars? Bikes? Boats? Let’s see what happens. Holden will experience its Jupiter and Neptune Return in a very fortunate 12-month period, by Christmas 2022.

Mormon Migration

In 1856, Mormons left Iowa for Utah on a pilgrimage. The same cycle is back in 2021-2022 – so will see another Mormon mass migration? We are very likely to see religions adopt their own extreme policy on the pandemic. Communities, gated, with their own rules. God will guide them to Zero Covid and so on. 

facfpjvomjs 600x400 - Conscious Café – Change Your Luck

The New Shoes, Slippers and Socks

Pisces rules the feet. Jupiter rules expansion – room to move, room for growth. Neptune rules fluid.

What happens when we are all at home, no longer wearing our work shoes, and our feet expand?

Welcome to the new shoes, slippers and socks. What amazing new designs will fashion bring us?

Bubble Bath and Home Spa

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces suggest a home revolution, from new kinds of bubble bath to home spa innovations. How will your bathroom become your own private sanctuary by December 2022? We are going to see affordable, supermarket-priced crazes which transform the humble shower or bath into an experience. 

Mauve, Violet, Purple

PurpleCloth 481x600 - Conscious Café – Change Your LuckThe colour purple is the hot new colour for May 2021 to December 2022.

Mauveine dye was discovered in 1856 on the last Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces cycle. Chemist William Perkin as trying to synthesise quinine to treat malaria.

He accidentally created a residue or dye which he called mauve. It became the fashion must-have of 1859-1861. The craze was called Mauveine Measles.

Psychic Third Eye Colours

The mauve, violet or purple chakra is the third eye chakra of psychic ability. Jupiter rules violet or purple. Neptune is also associated with this colour, through its rulership of the sea. This all connects with astrology. Our collective violet third eye is about to expand, right around the world. 

Fashion Revolution

The crinoline was redesigned in 1856 to allow more relaxed movement for women. Multiple petticoats were a thing of the past. Women were set free. This tallies with the paintings around that time showing seductive, sensual Pre-Raphaelite heroines.

Partly because women are at home more in 2021-2022, we are going to see a fashion revolution. New bra/no bra dressing is already here. Leisure and lounge wear by Christmas 2022 will reflect that in the Paris collections. This is sexy home wear.

Watch Burberry, founded in 1856. We’ll be outdoors more in 2021-2022 so perhaps Burberry will give us new waterproofs. Isn’t it amazing that the most famous trench coat/raincoat in the world comes from a company founded with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces? Don’t be surprised if Burberry branches into tents. Or Holden explores campervans.

Opium John Halpern - Conscious Café – Change Your Luck

Opium, Morphine, Heroine

Opium boomed in 1856 and in 2021-2022 there are calls for the laws on morphine to be relaxed as morphine is used to treat COVID-19 patients in hospitals and care homes.

We get heroin from morphine, and morphine from the opium poppy. We are going to see a completely new angle on morphine by December 2022. We are also going to see a cannabis boom.

The Reinvention of Sleep

In 1856, in Melbourne, new rules on sleep were proposed by Dr. Thomas Embling for workers. Eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours sleep, was the motto. Now that this ‘sleep boom’ cycle is back again, we’ll find ourselves looking at how often we sleep, how well we sleep, and new discoveries in the science of sleep, too. The science of sleep will be high on the agenda. Sleep may be split into 2/3 sessions.

Chemistry and Flow in April 2022

The unusual flow of trines and sextiles between Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and South Node in April 2022 will create flow between people who have Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio in their charts, as I have mentioned. 

Check your charts to see if you have anything at 22, 23, 24 of Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio. Compatibility and connection between people who link at 22, 23, 24 of these water and earth signs will be high in April 2022.

It builds for several weeks beforehand, so if you are all working towards a common goal, and you know the charts of the others involved, you can time it right with astrology. This is group thinking. What takes off now? Group swimming sessions in privately hired pools or lidos, river pools and so on. Distanced and spaced. What else takes off? The cleaning of waterways.

Tracking Your 23 Degree Transits

As I’ve said, you can allow one degree’s difference, so if you have factors at 22 or 24 degrees then roughly near these dates, you’ll see important choices and events which help you build to a big finish. If you actually have 23-degree factors, what develops on the day, or 24 hours either side, is helpful. You can coast, cruise or ‘holiday from reality’ on the back of the boom in architecture, bathrooms, town planning. We would also add – the boom in ‘the new sex’ – and of course, the Pisces-led blossoming of spirituality, religion, psychics, mediums, dreams, hypnosis, healing.

What Do You Have at 22, 23, 24 Degrees? Key Dates

The ‘what’ of the outcome depends on what you have at 22, 23, 24 degrees – by sign and house (life department).

January 29th, 2022
Apollo 23 Taurus and Vulcano 23 Cancer

March 18th, 2022
North Node 23 Taurus Ops 23 Taurus

March 20th, 2022
South Node 23 Scorpio Ops 23 Taurus

March 23rd, 2022
Mercury 23 Pisces Neptune 23 Pisces
Mercury 23 Pisces North Node 23 Taurus
Mercury 23 Pisces South Node 23 Scorpio

March 29th, 2022
Neptune 23 Pisces North Node 23 Taurus
Neptune 23 Pisces South Node 23 Scorpio

April 1st, 2022
North Node 23 Taurus square Juno 23 Aquarius
South Node 23 Scorpio square Juno 23 Aquarius
Bacchus 23 Capricorn Neptune 23 Pisces

April 5th, 2022
Neptune 23 Pisces Vulcano 23 Cancer
Neptune 23 Pisces Apollo 23 Gemini

April 8th, 2022
Jupiter 23 Pisces North Node 23 Taurus
Jupiter 23 Pisces South Node 23 Scorpio

April 12th, 2022
Moon 23 Leo Neptune 23 Pisces
Jupiter 23 Pisces Neptune 23 Pisces

April 13th, 2022
Sun 23 Aries Saturn 23 Aquarius

Your Questions About the New Cycle

If you need to know more about how the new cycle affects you, please leave your questions in Comments. In the next section I will look at questions from all of you at The Conscious Cafe, edited for space.

Anna Couling: I have Uranus at 23 Cancer. Having finished one project with ponds and water features, my husband and I are looking forward to the next one. This seems like perfect timing.
You have Neptune trine Uranus at first, in 2021, then both Jupiter and Neptune trine Uranus. This will go beyond the house or garden and extend into your local area. You will become involved in radical reform of – parks, rivers, green space, waterways.

Cheryl: What about the pandemic and when will Boris Johnson and crew held accountable and resign?
PM Boris Johnson will either manage a four-nation split (to close airports and ports and re-open with a Zero Covid policy) or be replaced by a Prime Minister who will. The United Kingdom will copy Australia and New Zealand.

Lena: What about Cyprus?
The European Union will eventually finish. Greece will leave first with Italy. Cyprus will realise she can do very well from a local economy and force tourists to cover three-week hotel quarantine costs, and testing. The army will be used to guard hotels.

Caroline: Will drug and alcohol use/abuse increase?
Yes. On both counts. You will see a repeat of the Opium Wars cycle of the last Jupiter-Neptune Pisces transits of the 1850’s as the demand skyrockets, because morphine is so in demand to treat COVID-19 patients. At the same time, people denied pubs and bars, will retreat to drug use at home. Sleep disorders result in huge sleeping pill prescriptions. Your hunch is correct. We will see an increase in heroin admissions. On the plus side, medical marijuana will save the day for millions as it is legalised.

Angela: What about Hong Kong please?
Hong Kong will be returned to the United Kingdom eventually. Made in China is over by 2026 and so are the old rules.

Temza: What happens if we cannot rely on vaccines?
I am in Tasmania which had no vaccine at all in 2020. Yet in 2020 we eliminated Covid. A friend of mine, a professor, who has her MA in epidemiology, said the basic truth. If every country went home for 28 days, shut down all travel, the virus would run its course. If every country then re-opened (at Zero Covid) with testing, quarantine, travel restrictions – this would be virtually over. You have to wonder what is going on with WHO and the UN don’t you? As I predicted last year at The Conscious Cafe, people will get sick of their governments, go local, cleave to the council or local/regional politics and focus on Zero Covid policy in their town/city/village/area. Watch Scotland. Watch Wales. Watch Ireland.

Rhoda: I want to buy a house in the UK and get the timing right, please.
You don’t say if you want to sell a flat/house at a profit for new purchase, or not. Or are you a new purchaser? In general, in countries/regions which cannot shut borders, enforce quarantine and widely test – you will have a Covid price decline. Bad city/big city pandemics force prices down so you could pick up a rock-bottom bargain flat. In places which are Zero Covid property prices go through the roof. This just happened in Sydney.

Suzanne Gee: Will you address travel/emigration for Leo?
Leo has Chiron in Aries in the Ninth House for some years. I assume you mean in 2021? Chiron is a symbol of ‘getting away with the impossible/outrageous’ and if Leo wants to do that, he/she can. April is actually the month. Later on, when Jupiter goes into Aries, after 2022 – we see a fantastic opportunity for Leo to uproot or even go back to where he/she came from. In reply to your other question about New Zealand borders – families have been separated globally which is so tough – but you and your family are alive, thanks to Jacinda Ardern.

New Zealand will pioneer a new program for travel/residency in 2022-2023 and Ardern will triumph. It will be a combination of paid and enforced quarantine in purpose-built centres; affordable and easy home-testing; highly-taxed and handpicked emigration; vaccines (last) as an add-on help. It will take time and it will be expensive but travel will return. The length of stay will be written into the contract; only people from other Zero-Covid nations can stay less than one month.

This is what I am seeing on a psychic level. My original prediction about New Zealand and a virus was made back in 2019.

Thanks to all who attended this event. Bring your cat or dog into the next Conscious Cafe please as we will be reading palms and paws and looking at the astrology of animal friends – and you.



Images Courtesy of and Pinterest.

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137 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this and all of your posts and information!
    Although I am Pisces and have a lot of Scorpio placements the only thing I can see that stands out in relation to this for me is Pluto 22 in Virgo. I work in “mainstream” healthcare but am interested in the mind body connection and natural approaches/interventions. It would be great to see more of nature, music, meditation etc introduced into our hospitals although this has started in places. If you have any thoughts about my birth horoscope I would appreciate it! And thanks for all your work!

    1. You just spoke your own chart, as they say. Pluto at 22 Virgo will be at the heart of an opposition from Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces in April 2022. Pluto will also be aspected by the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. That month or close to it, you will take control of your job in health care but also your own lifestyle, by obeying your passion (it may feel like an obsession) and taking the mind, body, spirit connection to the next level. It will undoubtedly be a challenge but it will also be very good for you and produce superb results. It will change your life.

  2. Hi there Jessica. Thank you for your Conscious Cafe event. I have Chiron at 21 degrees Pisces and Hygeia at 22 degrees Leo. How will these factors work out for me with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces? I actually do not have a relationship nor any potential relationship on the horizon at this time, although I would be open to having one. Thanks so much!

    1. Hygiea at 22 Leo is about children and teenagers, Millennials and younger adults. You will experience aspects to that in April 2022 which benefit you. You may find you have students in a new class for example or adopt a child. Your son may do well at university or your new boyfriend may have two children from a previous marriage. Hygiea protects the future. In Leo in the Fifth House she often volunteers for/with children or teenagers to secure their tomorrows. Hygiea wakes up in April 2022 and gets to work, to your advantage. More important by far is Chiron at 21 Pisces. You will experience Jupiter on your Chiron having just had Neptune there. You will be able to get away with the so-called impossible or outrageous, with religion, mediumship, dreams, hypnosis, therapy, Tarot, astrology, meditation, Reiki and other pursuits. It is very important that you are grounded and avoid the usual pitfalls of a transit in Pisces, which include unwanted experiences with the lower astral or difficult experiences with dodgy psychics! Yet in general you would expect Jupiter on your Chiron to change your life by Christmas 2022 with a new fascination with/profession in – the world of the psyche, soul or spirit.

  3. So much to learn here. I have all of the below placements at those degrees:
    22° Sagittarius 45′ 19″
    23° Libra 21′ 06″
    24° Capricorn 08′ 06″
    24° Cancer 08′ 06″
    23° Aquarius 22′ 51″ R
    24° Scorpio 16′ 52″
    22° Aquarius 54′ 35″ R
    22° Leo 54′ 35″ R

    Any insights on how these placements will be affected is greatly appreciated, Jessica! Thanks a lot!

    1. April 2022 brings many parts of your life together at once in a brand new story you gain from. It will involve foreign or regional differences. You either travel or are heavily involved with foreigners or people far away, online. You may relocate or emigrate if your birth time is accurate. Your former, current or potential partner is involved. The partnership is usually sexual but sometimes the duet can be platonic (two friends sharing a house). Your friends will be involved and also a group – team, club, society or similar. Finance is very much involved, and once again there is the potential to move, or move someone in. Leo rules children and pregnancy. One possible outcome in April 2022 is that you fall in love with a foreigner you meet through friends, and get pregnant and leave the country. I am sure you can see many paths for yourself in April 2022.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    I was so disappointed I forgot about this event (remembered at the start time) – so happy you have posted about it here though, thank you !
    These are all interesting and exciting times to look forward to, I’m not sure if my 24º, 25º patterns are affected?
    The past year has been difficult with health issues, escalating this year and a minor surgery required sometime near June if not before. All related to digestion. Net effect means loss of a lot of weight, which affects how people see me and hopefully means it is easier to put myself out there to get back into paid work/new career/relaunch. So I’m wondering if this may be this influence on my Pisces Asc?
    I have spent so much time over the past decade soul searching I’m really not looking forward to this effect on Aries sun, just want to get on with it and move forward finally!
    Would love to hear your insights if you have time, thanks

    1. Thank you. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces in April 2022 will trine your Neptune at 23 Scorpio in the Eight House of finance, property, business, valuables, charity. Neptune is the escape from reality. You will be in a rare position to borrow to your total advantage, or to insulate yourself against the economic realities and find a bubble. This may be tax avoidance (legal) or the ongoing pandemic may bring you the property bargain of a lifetime. For more, look up Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House by taking the three pieces of information apart. Neptune is just what you assume. It is surfing, floating, diving, cruising, operating in a different reality. Scorpio is ‘until death do us part’ in the marriage vow. It is the dowry or the inheritance; the legacy you leave or are left. For example if you ever marry late in life, or marry more than once, you and your new partner change your wills. The Eighth House is ruled by Pluto and is literally about the goods of the departed – we tend to change our will if we move in with someone or marry them, or of course if we divorce or separate. This is really where the story is in April 2022. Others will go through tough economic times but you are very much enjoying a holiday from reality that month, because of the money, or the property, and so on.

  5. Hi Jessica, many thanks for this intriguing post. I am curious to as how this may all play out, and was wondering if you could please look at my chart and provide some insights if you have a chance. My relevant placements are below. Thank you, and enjoy your COVID Zero freedom in Australia!

    Sun 29° Pisces
    Mercury 17° Pisces
    Mercury 17° Pisces
    Venus 05° Pisces
    Ops 09° Pisces

    Moon 20° Scorpio
    Uranus 06° Scorpio
    NorthNode 13° Scorpio

    Mars 00° Cancer
    Saturn 26° Cancer
    Apollo 23° Cancer

    SouthNode 13° Taurus

    1. You are strongly watery; emotional. Sensitive, ruled by feelings. People can tell you what makes sense but you will ignore it and do what your heart tells you. You are psychic, and this will expand from May 2021 until December 2022. You operate in two worlds. One is real and the other is the spirit world. Your spirit or soul can go into the future and retrieve information and come back. You do this when you dream but you can also do it using Tarot. You will feel far more at home in the world from May as you align with other people who are watery by nature, and find yourself immersed in religion, dreams, divination, hypnosis, spirituality, therapy or another inner inroad. You stay inside and within for months but will ultimately use it for practical purposes; as a business, to help change your life or change the lives of other people. April 2022 looks like a life reshape with the house, apartment, household, family, home town and/or homeland.

  6. This may be way off base, but the CIA disclosure for UFOs is supposed to happen before June 1st of this year. There were a couple of posts on tiktok of ufos spotted in canada May 30ths (@classified)… what does astrology say about aliens and ufos?

    1. Unidentified Flying Objects are ruled by Sagittarius and the Ninth House, and we tend to see more reports or greater public interest in the U.F.O. world under Sagittarius transits. In 2021 we have the South Node in Sagittarius, so it is coming around again, and the CIA must disclose information. This makes sense as in another 19 years, the South Node will be in Sagittarius again, and another 19 years after that and so on, stretching out beyond the year 2100. We are visiting ourselves from the future. We have developed the technology to come back. We have also found a way to not disrupt the timeline, which is interesting!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    These transits feel very exciting and I hope good luck will follow. I am a Virgo sun and have Vulcano @ 24 Taurus, Juno @ 22 Scorpio & Saturn at 23 Leo. I have been working hard on a poetry book that I am close to being able to self publish, building a new house, and started a new course for a new career in coaching. My business partner and I are finally working together to wind up a defunct business but have been facing some legal issues with a particular individual. (Virgo – duets and duels indeed!) It appears that there will be a Saturn – Saturn opposition for me. Would you clarify what this might mean? I am married but have no children and am not wanting to have any (I do enjoy my nieces and nephews and friend’s children). My family has always called me the Queen (in a wise and guiding eldest sister who loves the finer things in life way).

    Thanks for all your insights and how you use astrology to make the uncertainty of the world more manageable.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, we’ve not seen a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces in our lifetime, and certainly not in sextile to the North Node at 23 Taurus and trine the South Node at 23 Scorpio. April 2022 is a milestone. In your own birth chart the key is a Leo-Scorpio-Taurus pattern which is very close to 23 degrees, and this suggests family or partnership finance, and a younger generation. So, perhaps, nieces and nephews. Leo is your role as Queen to a younger court; Scorpio is always the house, apartment, savings or valuables named in a legacy or will; Taurus is your own money. So, April 2022 is about big picture assets like property or jewellery, art or shares – not the small stuff. You gain and others gain. You want to know what a Saturn-Saturn opposition does; Saturn at 23 Aquarius will oppose natal Saturn at 23 Leo, so we are back to the next generation. You were born with Saturn in the Fifth House so pregnancy has been a challenge, as has the world of parenthood. Classically on the Saturn Return, so between the age of 28 and 30. As a lifelong pattern Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is about the need to create systems, methods and structures which make you feel safe in situations where you regularly feel vulnerable. You don’t want children and that makes sense; we tend to avoid our Saturn house. This is more than just what you would expect (temporary challenges to the systems and methods you’ve set up to protect your interests and protect yourself). You also have Neptune and Jupiter aspecting Saturn. So April 2022 looks like both a challenge and a reward. You may be made a godmother, for example, or your niece or nephew may come centre-stage and really demand a lot in your life. Look up the Fifth House and Saturn to understand more about this side of yourself and your life. April 2022 will be a rewarding obstacle course.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    This post gives hope. I have factors at 23 degrees and I have several factors in Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer. Would love to get your take.


    1. What you are going to see evolve slowly from May 2021, peaking in April 2022, is a worldwide wave of new mediumship, sleep science, dream interpretation, religious organisation, spiritual education, meditation practise, hypnosis technology, psychological counselling, Tarot development, astrology commitment and so on. The inner world becomes more important to society than anything else – for a time. You gain from that. You either make money from it (Taurus/Scorpio is about business and income) or you decide to bring it home, or explore it at home (Cancer is your house or apartment).

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thank You very much for all the guidance, I have logged in , please check and kindly guide me please, I have Moon
    23° Capricorn 21′ 00″ , Cupido 23° Libra 27′ 29″ R, also Pluto 22° Virgo 35′ 27″ R.

    1. You have a trine from Pluto at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and study to your Moon at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, status, achievement and ambition. Occasionally a duet, pair or double-act will be involved in that (Cupido in Libra) so having a relationship with a colleague, for example, or falling in love with the boss. The earthy trine is grounded, settled, sensible, stable so no matter how far you wander off track in your life, you will always be able to roll up your sleeves and get back to work. The highly unusual pattern at 23 Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces in April 2022 will align perfectly with your chart so you will be promoted, given a prestigious job offer, or hit the heights with a project. Transiting Jupiter and Neptune will sextile your Moon, in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, and oppose your Pluto, which is hard work but extremely motivating. Neptune opposite Pluto is usually disorienting by itself but Jupiter is ‘the greater benefic’ in astrology and even in opposition to Pluto, helps reshape and redirect your life to your advantage. The Moon in Capricorn needs to be needed by successful, powerful, influential people and you are rather good at social mountaineering. You know how to look after the top people. That natural trine to Pluto also suggests you could marry up, or marry well. So this isn’t just about work. Yet, I think April 2022 will be very much about your course (if you study), part-time or full-time position, or general upward trajectory in your chosen field. This feels like a massive turning point for you, as you have a Grand Trine in April 2022 on the way. You can look that up in a feature I wrote on Sacred Geometry a few years ago.

  10. HI Jessica.. I’d love to know how this new cycle will impact my life pls. As a scorpio I get it is related to Babies, stepchildren etc.. i had a love story with a Cap Man (14/01/1978) which ended May last year because of his situation with kids and living different countries. I have a daughter too. Does it relate to this? i very badly want my second child at this point in my life.. the hardest part is that it wont be with the person I love (still) very much. Looking forward to your insight. thank you x

    1. You’re in a cycle until 2026 when love, sex and marriage are not going to be predictable, or particularly settled, and so the less you can try to dictate terms or control outcomes, the easier it will be. You are strongly Libra/Scorpio and this is associated with obsessive longing and desire and sole focus on marriage and children. Ever since 2018 when Uranus (the unpredictable) moved into Taurus, your entire chart has altered, so the new road to 2026 is going to be quite hard to direct and pin down. It can be hard to see at the time, if you have broken up with someone you love, but you are being liberated from who/what would hold you back, tie you down and limit your life choices. That is what Uranus in transit does. Your head, heart and soul say you must be with your former partner, must marry him, must have a second child with him, and that is the only way to be happy. Your astrological chart says, this too shall pass and in years to come you will be grateful that you were whisked away from that path. Why? Because you would have been denied the most tremendous freedom. You can and will have opportunities with babies, children, teenagers from May 2021 until the end of 2022, thanks to Jupiter and Neptune, but try to be open to who and what comes your way. Rather than lock it into ‘second child with Mr. Capricorn’ have a look at what the Fifth House of your chart is actually about and see how many ways it can deliver for you.

  11. Hi Jessica, really enjoyed the Zoom on Tuesday – I have a question please and it is that I don’t really understand the reading of my chart.

    I have purchased my 2021 Astrological Report and have spent some time on my Birth Chart but am still a bit confused.

    When I look at my chart I see that My 6th house Virgo and my 2nd house Taurus has nothing in it and then Cancer and Leo are chock a block – and then my head just melts!!!

    I don’t really understand when I compare my chart with the current planetary positions – for example I just checked today and I have Pluto 26 Leo and the current planets are Pluto 26 Capricorn – then I look up Pluto which is a change in the balance of power etc – then Leo is Children babies etc and Capricorn is Ambition etc. I just dont know how to apply that to me!

    Any light shone on these would be much appreciated – Thank you! Deirdrexx

    1. Thank you, Deirdre. You have Pluto at 26 Leo in the Fifth House of children and young people. So just start with that. Look up Pluto, Leo and Fifth House in the guides that come with membership, as well as your report. You need to control (Pluto) your own and other people’s children (Leo) through parenting or substitute parenting (like teaching) which is the Fifth House. You also need to control pregnancy and birth, full stop (your generation is the Pill generation) and have strong views on what teenagers and young adults should and should not do. Sometimes it’s about your views on a godson. Sometimes it’s your attitude towards abortion. It’s intensely personal and Pluto in Leo takes a whole lifetime to develop and show itself. It really depends on the choices you have made, especially in your twenties and thirties. When transiting (moving or travelling) Pluto moves to 26 Capricorn, you have ‘transiting Pluto quincunx natal Pluto’ and so there are new questions about dominating and controlling younger faces. Perhaps, adult children, or their own children. Sometimes, just a younger generation at work. Pluto is best handled by understanding that everything has to be a compromise and there is often time-share or the reins are distributed among more than one pair of hands. I just had a reader whose adult son had married a very controlling woman who had insisted that their family move in with her mother. So, his grandchildren were taken away from him. This set up the potential for a power struggle but in the end he wisely realised that he could waste his entire life on said struggle, so he decided to let them get on with it and resign himself to seeing the children, whenever he could. He put his energy into his other son and his wife and their children, instead – and into a teenage charity he got more satisfaction from!

  12. Hi Jessica, thanks for the conscious cafe event, it was great to hear your take on this conjunction. I have a question about my chiron (in Taurus 23deg) and Midheaven (not too far off at 26 deg Scorpio). I’m a Pisces, and I’d love to know how having Chiron in this placement natally will affect earnings/career direction for me. Thanks so much!

    1. Chiron at 23 Taurus in the Second House is about a lifetime of experiments with money, houses, charities, business, valuables and apartments. You are able to get away with what others would call outrageous or ‘impossible’ outcomes. Chiron was a music teacher in Ancient Rome who should not have existed, but did. He was a centaur who was also skilled in herbal medicine as well as music, and archery. He challenged people’s perceptions just by being half-man, half-horse. In astrology Chiron shows where you confront other people but also succeed in breaking past conventions and traditions. In Taurus in the Second House this is an indicator of regular rule-bending and rule-breaking. As Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will sextile your Chiron in April 2022, and you will have the conjunction from the North Node at 23 Taurus and opposition from the South Node at 23 Scorpio, it is pretty clear that you’ll be making a milestone choice to buy or sell, invest or borrow, inherit or create an inheritance, in April 2022. Chiron was discovered by Charlie Kowal, not an astronomer but a staffer who did what qualified astronomers would have given anything to do – he discovered a new heavenly body in 1977. He should not have done it, but he did. That year, a test tube baby was also in the works; it should not have happened according to many religious critics, but it did. Punk rock also happened. Nobody who could barely play a guitar should be number one in the chart should have made it, but Sid Vicious did. That gives you an indicator of what Chiron is all about. It is extremely important that you get professional financial advice in April 2022 when you make your decision. We often see Chiron in Taurus when people experiment with cryptocurrency, for example, or they pull off amazing tax schemes.

    1. If you have nothing in Pisces in your Twelfth House, you need to look at your Fourth House, ruled by Cancer, and Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Amazing article!!! Could you, please take a look at my chart to see if I am going to meet someone new this year? I moved for work in San Francisco and I am hoping to find the love of my life. I know it’s not easy when you are 57 years old…..

    Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you Alina. Love is Libra and Seventh House (marriage) and Leo and Fifth House (sexual relationships that bring in pregnancy or step-parenting). Astrology is not about age so it’s irrelevant if you are 57 or 27, it’s really about the cycles of time. You have a huge stellium in Libra in the Seventh House so will always be in duets of all kinds, from romantic duets, to professional double-acts or other sorts of pairs. You have a small pattern in Leo in the Fifth House too, but it is really your Libra cluster which matters. If you want to save time, look for your next duet when the Moon is in Libra (you can check every month here or at a range of websites) as in 2021 you will have useful Jupiter trines to the Moon in your Seventh House of pairs, every four weeks, when the Moon is in the sign of the scales. I am sure San Francisco is full of Meetups and dating websites despite Covid restrictions. More importantly, the Sun into Libra from the final week of September to the third week of October (of any year) sheds light on potential new dates and helps you sort out former partners. Even if you don’t find the love of your life, you get to experience some interesting diversions this year. Further on, you really want the trines from Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini to your Libra stellium to help you resurrect old partnerships or find new duets, and that happens from 2023, but with more intensity from 2026.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    What a great talk again at the Conscious Cafe and the blog. So much to take in!
    I looked at my chart and was surprised to find that I have 7 factors at either 22, 23 and 24 degrees. They are as follows:
    Jupiter 24 degrees of Cancer, Uranus 24 degrees at Cancer, Pluto at 24 degrees Leo, Cupido 23 degrees at Leo, MC 24 degrees at Pisces and Fortuna at 23 degrees Aquarius.
    How will this affect me I wonder?!
    Looking forward to your comments (as always!),
    Marianne Nauta

    1. Thank you Marianne. You have a lifetime advantage with houses, apartments, the family and domestic life – particular households – and will always be protected and helped, even when times are hard, and at best, will do exceptionally well with property, and relatives. This goes together with regular upheavals and radical changes with homes, households, your home town, homeland and particular people in the family tree. That is an exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer in the Fourth House of roots, belonging, and a roof over your head. It always brings in children, teenagers or younger members of the extended family, whenever it happens, as your Leo/Fifth House comes into play. Another such episode will develop in 2021 and peak near April 2022 as you experience a rare trine from transiting Jupiter to natal Jupiter, as part of a spectacular pattern designed to get you moving, renovating, redecorating and/or reshaping the family circle.

  15. Q: Can the moon sign affect the period May 21-April 22? I have sun in virgo, moon in pisces… unknown birth time, so I don’t know my rising sign … Strange though, it feels like a number of your signs’ predictions are already resonating with me for this period. Is that unusual? Thanks

    1. Your Moon at 11 Pisces won’t be affected by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces at 23 degrees in April 2022, however, Jupiter will form a transiting conjunction to your Moon after he changes signs in May 2021 so by 2022 you will have seen a wonderful expansion of your involvement with religion, Tarot, astrology, therapy, dreams, hypnosis, or spirituality. It can only happen once every 12 years and will take you to the next level or into new areas.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I was very happy to lsten to your awesome talk for Consious Café évent on March 30th.
    I have Saturn at 22 Gemini, Vertex at 23 Taurus, Fortuna at 22 Libra, Cupido at 22 Capricorn, and Mars at 20 PIsecs MC at 20 Cancer Moon at 24 Leo.
    I’m seeking for an apartment (for my futur nest) in Geneva and would wish to get a mortgage. But property prices in Geneva are rising that it seems a little scary.
    I am wondering how this cycle Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will affect me.
    I would very much appreciate your insight!
    Thank you. Happy Easter to you!

    1. Happy Easter. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You want an apartment in Geneva. You do have factors at 22 (Saturn, Fortuna, Cupido) and the Moon at 24. None of them are about buying property, but all of them are about projects online or with media, publishing or education – hard work but worth it – and success, ambition and achievement. There is also a relationship angle with your former, current or potential partner and the world of children or young people. This takes off in a really satisfying way for you in early 2022. Have a look at apartments and mortgages when the Sun goes into Virgo, final week of August to the third week of September when you will see exactly what you need to know about Geneva and other markets.

  17. Dear Jessica
    with Sun 22° Libra 33′ 54″, Venus 22° Scorpio 56′ 23″, Uranus 24° Leo 50′ 37″, Juno 23° Sagittarius 06′ 41″ and
    Ops 23° Virgo 57′ 55″what/who shall I wait for from May 2021?
    And according to the above I can not estimate where/which house I should focus in?
    Your reply it will be a great help for me.

    I thank you

    1. Well Vivi, your whole chart is triggered, so it is about former, current or potential duets (Libra) and the finance connected to partners or relatives (Scorpio) but also children or younger people in your life (Leo) and foreign or regional involvements (Sagittarius) and your lifestyle and workload, health and wellbeing (Virgo). There is a big story there. In 2021 it may feel rather confused and confusing to start with, as Neptune at 23 Pisces is here, but when Jupiter slowly starts to approach 23 Pisces as well, you are moving towards a really useful life reshape for April 2022 with what looks like a reboot of an existing partnership or a new one. Neptune and Jupiter at 23 Pisces are just one degree off a perfect trine to your Venus at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House of financial, business, property relationships so April 2022 looks like a complicated relationship over the bank account, house or apartment which can be made to work well for you.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    So many questions about the upcoming Jupiter cycle I can’t get them all down, so would love some insight how this will affect me both personally (family) and my business. I have Mars @23 in Aquarius and Juno @24 Capricorn. I have had to go back a re-read your post a few times because there is so much information to digest. I am not great at reading and interpreting my chart as I get a bit confused with all the numbers/angles but sometimes do have a bit of intuitive insight, I just don’t trust it most of the time. I am taking your advice from a previous question and relaunching my website on April 17/18 and wanted to thank you for that advice. As always, thank you for what you do.


    1. Thank you. Mars 23 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups is a lifetime indicator of drive, assertiveness, competitiveness – with/against friends and circles of all kinds, from clubs to teams. It is common in sport. Juno at 24 Capricorn in your Tenth House is a lifetime indicator of career commitments which feel more like marriages than mere jobs. They are connected through a semi-sextile pattern, so every time you have transits to one, the other one comes into play. A classic example would be a serious new employment contract which appears at the same time that a trade union wants you to join. Okay, so you are set to experience Jupiter and Neptune both at 23 Pisces in April 2022 which will ‘ping’ your Eleventh House of friends and groups and Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition. This is a new role or goal for you, if you want it.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I was glad to be a part of Conscious Café session this week, it was great! I’m interested in purchasing a new house this year and pursuing a intuitive business and creative projects. How do these factors impact my plans?

    Thank you!

    22° Scorpio
    23° Scorpio
    18° Capricorn
    15° Aries
    16° Aries
    23° Aries

    1. Property is Cancer and you have nothing there at all, but business is Scorpio and career is Capricorn. The pattern is at 23 degrees which pulls in Minerva, Bacchus and Chiron. This is about self-promotion, your appearance, your name, brand, face, shape and style – getting away with the impossible. It is also about your money, house, apartment, charity, valuables. In June, July 2021 you take off and in April 2022 you have your happy landing. This Scorpio pattern is about family or partnership finance, usually, or the contents of the will you make, as well as the will which benefits you. Aries is the ‘me’ in social media. The rest is yours.

  20. Hi jessica, thank you for this and the conscious cafe talk which I managed to hear most of live. I have volcano at 22degrees picses and Juno at 24 degrees Scorpio.
    As a cap I’m interested in you saying that this is about siblings and fraternities… I have had a troubled relationship with my brother who has his moon at 23 degrees cancer he is a Taurus. We haven’t spoken for years. His wife is largely to do with this as he does not or is not able to conduct a relationship with me beyond her.

    At least this is how it feels. I was wondering if this is the cycle where this dynamic changes?

    1. Thank you for coming to the Conscious Cafe. I am sorry you have not spoken to your brother for years, because of his wife’s behaviour. You are in a long, complex family cycle but things will massively improve when Jupiter goes into Aries, from May 11th 2022 until October 28th 2022. He then returns in Aries December 21st 2022 until May 16th 2023. You will either resume communication with your brother or find for other reasons you no longer care about the situation! In general expect a fantastic period for property and family then.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating reading! I have 23 at Pisces and 22 at Taurus.. I’ve just taken a new job but am also studying for a different career as well which has the potential to do well but I’ve never done it before! Do you think the new career path will take off? Also I have always been to see psychics and been intrigued thinking I would like to try to do it myself but have no idea where to start an also a bit scared by the potential “dark side” to it all.. is it best left alone?! Thanks

    1. Thank you. There is no dark side to psychic work, just people who are unpleasant and unhelpful. I always suggest looking at the C.V. or life achievements of any medium or clairvoyant. If they don’t use their real name or are trying to sell you Bitcoin, run a mile. Great astrologers, psychics and mediums also have good lives and are good people. So there you go. You have Proserpina at 23 Pisces in the Twelfth House of mediumship, healing, Tarot, religion, Buddhism, hypnosis and therapy. We also include dreams and astral travel. You have the ability to go between two powerful people or organisations, as a go-between. So you may end up working as a receptionist for a New Age bookshop connecting customers and psychics. Or you could actually go between worlds. You can inhabit this world as a spiritualist church medium, say, and relay messages to people in the congregation. This will take off hugely in June, July 2021 and peak in April 2022. Look up Proserpina, Pisces, Twelfth House to see the potential.

  22. Hey Jessica – this was quite a lot to read, but also very interesting. And – I would need your help as I’m still a newbie….
    I got a lot of factors in Scorpio (Venus , IC, Ceres, Neptun, Juno, Panacea), in Taurus (MC, Minerva, Aesculapia) plus Proserpina in Cancer. Does that mean it’s all about sexuality and property for me?
    And then I also have Pluto at 23 (in virgo) and Jupiter at 24 (in virgo). It seems that there is a lot going on in my life – this is exactly how I feel and I would love to hear from you what I have to expect….
    A reply would be very appreciated because I’m a bit helpless at the moment and don’t know where my life is going to. Thank you so much !

    1. Pluto at 23 Virgo is the key to your chart. This is a total lifestyle reshape with a new focus on your body, mind and spirit as a connected organism. You will learn a lot about how your unconscious mind programs your health or mental health and gain hugely from new ideas, useful people or organisations, and inspiration. It begins in June, July at the Neptune opposition to Pluto, and gathers speed in April next year, as Jupiter is also in opposition and there are trines from the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. So, this is about money, and also your house or apartment. It is about your lifestyle and budget, but also about your ideas about serving others or doing your duty. Your staff if you have them or your role fulfilling your job description, or your unpaid work description. What happens can only take place on in your life and will involve a major reassessment of what it means to make the wheels go around for other people, at the same time that your own physical and mental wellbeing has to come first. And it will. A new lifestyle is very likely after some important decisions.

  23. Dear Jessica, another great article, enjoyed reading it and will go back to study it more using my chart. What would be your advice, what to pay attention to, how to use this period wisely? I also liked when you said single Virgos should look for love from mid May. Ok with me 🙂 I am an optimist despite the pandemic chaos all around. Stay safe and in good health!

    1. Oh yes, single Virgo people are in a wonderful position to find a new lover from May 2021 and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in April 2022 suggests a duet which is not quite real, to many people’s eyes, and yet also real enough to be satisfying and gratifying. A relationship which is largely online would be typical. You were born with Jupiter at 23 Aries in your First House of appearance, self-promotion, name, title, brand, publicity and image. This always works for you, your whole life, but it will do so in an exceptional way, during your relaunch in June, July 2021 or April next year. This triggers much of your chart so it is beyond an improvement with your name, face, shape, style, title or online clout. It pulls in money too. And relationships. Enjoy the transit.

  24. Hi Jessica- This is so encouraging, thank you so much for this long and thoughtful exploration of what’s to come! I know you have a ton of questions about this, but I’d love your take on how my chart will be affected if you have the time. I will be having a Jupiter return (Jupiter 22 Pisces) with an opposition from Venus 22 Virgo, and North Node 24 Aries/South Node 24 Libra. I’m imagining this will be a slowly unfolding opportunity that feels karmic, regarding my spiritual/creative side (I am a writer, artist, and starting to do some teaching.) I appreciate any insights you have! Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You know your chart, which is good. Even in opposition Jupiter benefits you. This is a clear sweep of your spirituality, psychic powers and inner self (Pisces) involving your paid or unpaid work, or studies (Virgo). It pulls in your image, reputation, name or brand (Aries) and also the relationship you have with a former, current or potential partner (Libra). The partnership can be marriage or work, or just two people in a platonic friendship; a duet. You gain enormously in June, July and again in April next year. You come into your own with astrology, dreams, hypnosis, counselling, Tarot, religion, Buddhism and so on. You may find taht your innate mediumship develops enormously from May 2021.

  25. Thank you and kindly Jessica, how do these patterns work to this April 22 conjunction please. (Am Sun 0 deg Aries)
    Psyche 23.25 Scorpio
    Mars 24.13 Cancer
    Saturn 24.43 Leo
    Proserpina 22.50 Leo
    Ascendant is at 25 Pisces but it is far off I feel as you mention a one degree orb always.

    These are many at that degree orb. What does this indicate please. Thank you.

    1. This is about the money (Scorpio) the house or apartment (Cancer) and younger members of the family (Leo) or your godchildren. It works to your total advantage and will involve the legacy you leave them, or the legacy left to you by others. June, July bring the first chapters and April 2022 seals the deal. I am sure with Saturn in Leo and Proserpina also in Leo, that the world of pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers, younger generations – has never been easy. Yet, you can always make progress and you will do just that. There will be a pay off with the property and the family.

  26. Hi Jessica, wonderful event and incredible news about what’s to come (woohoo for all!) … it’s definitely given me a spark that I haven’t felt since pre 2018. I’ve got Neptune 24 Sagittarius, NN 22 Cancer, SN 22 Capricorn, a few planets/asteroids in Scorpio and my AC in Pisces. I’m thinking this is mostly going to be about location (relocation, perhaps) and investments for me… but I’d love to know your thoughts if possible please? Too, my partner has Minerva 24 Virgo R, Aesculapia 22 Capricorn, Salacia 23 Aquarius – is there anything I can pass along to him by chance please? Many thanks and hope you’re doing well.

    1. Thank you for coming along to the Conscious Cafe. That is a great compliment. You and your partner are obviously both involved in the big next step. It is about daily routine, lifestyle and work for him, and for you it is about home and work. So you two are clearly going to consider moving, or be offered career changes which mean you can spend more time and money on your home or garden, if you have one. Neptune will pick up your Nodes (home and work) as early as June-July 2021 and the peak outcomes are really in and around April 2022.

  27. Hi Jessica — thank you for such a substantive and exciting article! My ascendant is in Pisces but no other planets. It looks like Jupiter will at least trine Ceres in Scorpio – I think that means some sort of sharing of power. I don’t think my placements in Cancer will be influenced because they’re outside the 22-24 degree placements. I also have Venus at 23 in Leo, which I think is about babies and younger generations.

    I was looking to see if this indicates anything for my career, salary, or promotion, but using your guides I think this means most of the influence will be in my personal life.

    How do you think this combination will impact me in 2021-2022?

    1. You want a promotion or pay rise, or a new job, which is Virgo or Capricorn. The Sun at 9 Virgo and South Node at 11 Capricorn tick the boxes. So this is not about Neptune-Jupiter. It is about transiting Uranus going 9, 10, 11 Taurus forming trines to both your Sun in the Sixth House of work and the South Node in your Tenth House of promotion, ambition and success. A trine is perfect flow. Uranus is radical change. It happens to. you from 1st April 2021 (Uranus 9 Taurus) until 24th May (Uranus reaches 11 Taurus). Start your engine.

  28. Hi Jessica thanks for amazing zooom event … could you please look at my stars … sun 23 pisces , Venus 23 aries, jupiter 24 cancer, uranys 22 virgo, neptune 24 scorpio, MC 23 virgo, IC 23 pisces , ASC 24 scorpio, DESC 24 Taurus , vulcano 23 Taurus best regards Lote

    1. Thank you. You shine in a church, meditation circle, Reiki healing group, Tarot class, spiritualist church, Buddhist temple or hypnosis project. You will dazzle in June, July 2021 and March 2022. You also stand to gain from buying, selling, renovating, renting or leasing property by the first quarter of 2022. It’s pure luck. Do use it.

  29. Hi Jessica! I have Sun at 23 Aquarius, Jupiter at 24 Aquarius, Mars at 22 Taurus and my moon and rising are in Scorpio. A new lover would be great! Having transit where Pluto conjuncts my natal Venus just makes it all more exciting. Interestingly, I’m not sure what degree was involved but I solved a big health issue I had for the past 10 pls years in March and taking steps to fix it. Turned out I’m prediabetic (type 2) and that’s why I felt so tired and sluggish and gained weight in the past. Doctors in the US want you sick, it seems like it, because they were waiting till I get full blown diabetes to help me. Thankfully, I found a doctor who gave me a medication that controls insulin, so I’m feeling much better already and hopefully will lose some weight. I’m also scheduled for August 2 for cosmetic surgery. It sounds about right that next year many things will happen because right now I can’t even put myself out there.

    1. You have conquered diabetes and are having cosmetic surgery. You will be ready for a new life in June, July 2021 (when Neptune is at 23 Pisces) and again in April 2022 (when we see Jupiter and Neptune both at 23 Pisces, and Saturn at 23 Aquarius, along with the Nodes at 23 Taurus-Scorpio). You will make a serious commitment to a group, club, team or other circle of people, which allows you to shine as the supplier of the group. Rather as Dave Davies supplied The Kinks and their fan base with all they needed (but remained an outsider) you will join or reboot a group in June, July, and again in April, which changes your life. It will involve charity, finance, business or property. Having worked on yourself, you now work for/with the community. It repays you in a dazzling way. I am also reminded of John Lydon and Malcom McLaren, two more Aquarians, who supplied the Sex Pistols and Punk but were always outside it.

  30. Last year you predicted rightly that my work situation will change for better in Dec and it happened. Your message was what have me hope to kee my spirits high through more than a year without income. Thanks a lot.

    I think a lot going on in my life at the moment. New line of work which means more efforts than normal to ensure I can deliver, planning to start a family which I postponed from last year because of the work situation and the pandemic. And I am thinking when I should go back to my country of origin to spend time with and assist my ageing parents.. Guidance on these issues based on my chart will be of great help. Thanks

    1. I am glad the astrology was right and your work situation improved in December. You have a lot of choices. I would advise you not to have children, in a pandemic, and to go back to your own country and help your parents. However you are not me and you have to make your own choices. Please use the Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle, which you can access as a Premium Member, to give yourself a three-way reading. Set dates and follow the rules. You are your own best guide.

  31. Hi Jessica. I really enjoyed the event thank you. In February I was successful for a teaching interview. I am waiting to do a kind of teaching apprenticeship where I get paid to teach and train in a school. They still haven’t found me a place in a school yet, and I’m stressing myself out I think wondering is this right for me, am I right to leave my current job which is boring but secure. Is it the best thing for my family. I’m classed as vulnerable and I have been shielding for a year. Due my second vaccine 22nd April, but my fear is, is it safe for me to even be in a school. I’m so ready to move forward, this year has just about broken me. I love children and teaching and it’s where my heart lies, but I also have my own children to worry about. I just want a better life for us all.

    I’m a Sagittarius.

    22 fortuna Virgo
    Ceres 24 Aquarius
    22 vesta Gemini
    Juno 24 Aries

    Thanks x

    1. Thank you for coming along, I enjoyed it too. Congratulations on your success in securing a teaching role. I understand your fears even after the second vaccination. You love children and teaching but are right to be worried. Today The Guardian reports Covid-19 variants escaping Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. Your Fortuna in Virgo in the Sixth House of health is the key. You are vulnerable and have been shielding. You now have a clear choice to teach online, on Zoom or similar, in 2021 and 2022. Very close to April 12th you will see the way forward. You do not have to accept the first thing you are given. There is also a radical career path until 2026 if you want it, when you would be free of the system, teaching independently, and experimenting with hybrid education, so some in-person, and mostly online or even by telephone tutoring too. You are being held up because you are not being radical enough, actually. You’re in a boring and secure job, want change, but are not changing (enough). I realise all this can be daunting but open yourself up to everything, everybody, everywhere – mentally. See what comes your way. You can and will educate children and younger people but the old way is not the way to 2026, for you.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I have Hygeia at 22 Cancer, MC at 23 Pieces, IC at 23 Virgo, Bacchus at 22 Scopio and Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius. How will this new cycle affecr me.


    1. Geraldine, it’s about property and money, so in June, July 2021 you begin a process of change that peaks in March, April, May 2022 as you buy or sell a home, rent a home, invest in real estate, renovate, see a property’s value increase, add to its value with extensions or improvements, home exchange, rent out a room on Air BnB, acquire a tenant, are offered free accommodation, access to family property – and so on.

  33. Hi jessica having ops and moon 23 Scorpio
    South node ,juno 22 sagittarius
    North node,minerva 22 Gemini, Apollo 24 Gemini any insights on how this placements will be affected .Thank you jessica

    1. You will be offered the chance to learn a language or communicate in translation, online or in the world of books, journals, media. You will be connected to a different audience or readership and share the experience in education, academia, publishing or on a more personal level. It will be unforgettable, peak very close to April 2022 and be a part of your life from 2026.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Happy Astrological New year!
    Wow, such magical alignments are ahead of us. I have many factors in Scorpio, taurus, and cancer, not sure which will dominate or they all work in collaboration in different directions. Also, i have Diana, Hygeia at 24 degrees and apollo at 22 degree. As always i really appreciate your guidance and insights. I m looking forward to meeting you at the Aries weather event.

    Thank you,


    1. Aylin, I also look forward to seeing you at the Aries weather event. Your Leo-Aries-Libra patterns are about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, and any children. So typically a husband and daughter, or a boyfriend and his godchild, who may become your responsibility if you marry. Leo is children, teenager and Millennials. Often, pregnancy. Aries is yourself and your identity. Libra is the duet in your life, or the duel, with your ex, current or possible sexual/romantic other half. The patterns which begin with Neptune close by at 23 Pisces in June and July 2021 will stir those issues for you and you have choices to make. The outcome will be April 2022 or just before/after as your transits are one degree wide.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    It was a great zoom event! I really enjoyed it.

    Wondering if you could take a look at my chart. I have 23° Scorpio in Uranus, 24° Cancer in Ops, and 26° Virgo in Jupiter. How would this new cycle affect me? My husband and I are planning to move to the UK this year, we’ve both never been there, not sure what to expect. Would love to hear your insights. 🙂 Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you very much. You are a Sun Libra with Uranus at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, property and marriage, legacies, wills and inheritance. In June, July 2021 and March-May 2022 you will find you achieve freedom through your bank account, house or apartment in a way you had simply never expected. Your world will turn upside down, in a way that benefits you, and it is very much about the marriage, as much as it is about a place to call home. The karma from about 19 years ago will come home to roost in March-May 2022 and life as it was then, in terms of you earning good karma points, or perhaps owing others, will be really obvious to you just before Easter next year. Karmic settlement is coming. The house or apartment, the local area or town, is so much more than a place to live. It becomes quite spiritually symbolic to you.

  36. How wonderful. Fingers crossed that my career (and home) takes off in a new direction! I was recently presented with an opportunity to study at a university here in my local city – it’s an invite only 6 month course in a totally different sector to that I’m currently in (but fool proof given where the world is right now/heading). It will be incredibly intense and it comes at a huge cost (for the creditation – or lack there of). To which I’m told that global conglomerates have been known to scout students before course end. It’s a big decision because of the career change and also whether I will over commit my time right now (and enjoy it, of course). Or whether it will overwhelm/burden me. Anyway, I’m being pulled in different directions with it all – mostly because in the recent past when I’ve committed myself blindly/boldly to my future career, I’ve really struggled to see tangible results. It’s also something that I’m sure I’ll never look back from – in the sense that life will be drastically different – and I may find myself isolated due to the nature of it. I’m currently sitting still at the moment, awaiting the universal response (inserts crickets) but it starts in May. So I wonder if you might have some further insight, perhaps, please?
    Can I please also ask how the Pluto Capricorn transit might be showing up for me right now? Given that my natal Pluto is Libra 26 … I’ve been reading some interesting stuff about it and it’s definitely peaked my interest. Perhaps it’s connected to…?
    Thank you for all your advice and assistance in the last few months, too. Here, and on Twitter. Your predictions have eased much anxiety for me – which has had a lovely ripple effect to which I’m eternally appreciative! Happy happy Easter to you/yours and your team. X

    1. Thank you, I am glad the predictions have eased your anxiety. You have been offered the chance to study from May 2021 but are unsure. Study is Sagittarius, Ninth House so we look to your chart for clues. You have a huge stellium in Sagittarius and at the moment the South Node (karma) is also in Sagittarius. If the course finishes by 2026 (you would hope it would) then you are in a very good position to begin this year, or perhaps when Jupiter moves into Aries and trines your Sagittarius stellium from May 2022 until May 2023. I would expect you to gain letters after your name by May 2023. For more insight onto this specific May 2021 course ask The Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle for a personal three-way confirmation.

  37. Dear Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 23 Scorpio, Minerva 22 Taurus (but my financial didn’t work) and Juno 22 Libra.
    I am struggling at work for some years now and I have the feeling I’m at the wrong place ( Hamburg) but where shall I go to.
    Last year, 30.06.2020, Venus at 22 Libra, was a reunion with a Leo man, Moon 22 Libra, Jupiter 24 Sagittarius ( Londoner but American passport) I was deeply in love with 1984. We dated about a year, had lots of fun, little communication.
    Now it’s different, we are able to talk, he still makes me laugh all the time and we are wishing to live together. This is difficult, due to Corona, no traveling and where? He wants to leave UK.
    He’s a single dad of 3 grown up boys, has a big family, USA and Ibiza, I don’t have any relatives besides my son, 31, refusing to talk with me for years due to my ex husband.
    With my planets I can see that there could be a happy ending but I just don’t get it how to reach.
    Do you have some insight for me?

    Kind regards

    1. Christiane, you are struggling at work in Hamburg and your Leo lover in London wants to leave Britain. He has three adult children and you have a son, with whom you are not on speaking terms. There is a lot going on here. There is karma with your son, actually, and also with your boyfriend’s children. You owe, or are owed, and this will keep things stuck until the karma is repaid, by January 2022. Until then you may feel you are going over old ground in terms of questions about children or stepchildren, but you must fulfil your karmic obligations and also have them fulfilled to you. Perhaps by your ex-husband. This does work out for you in March, April 2022 with a situation set up in June, July 2021 – financially. You are very lucky to have Jupiter at 23 Scorpio. The planet of luck in the sign of sex and money. You have Minerva at 22 Taurus in opposition, in the sign of banking. Juno, the symbol of marriage, is at 22 Libra, in the house of commitment. This entire situation feels like a karmic loop completing with your son and former husband. You will be in a fantastic position to join forces, likely with your London Leo, with a house or apartment and bank account. Just remember to get everything in writing and get an expert outside opinion as there will be challenges for you and him (or whatever man you end up with) in 2022, 2023 and beyond. There will come a point in Britain where people are paid to leave, or encouraged to go, and that will speed things up. I suspect it will be June, July this year that puts wheels in motion and March, April 2022 will give you what you want and need, probably from the Leo, although I don’t have his chart. If not him, another. You gain.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I listened to your Conscious Cafe session with huge hope as I would dearly love to think my luck could change soon – both with career and with my relationship. I am hoping the children’s picture books I’m now writing (something I thought of doing many years ago, but didn’t) might lead to some success where my adult fiction writing hasn’t, and that I might see more commitment from my partner, who is very self-involved and totally against marriage! Can you give me any guidance on what to expect or how to make the most of this cycle, and whether it is possible I might see some positive moves forward in both career and relationship? Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. You have a commitment-phobic and self-involved boyfriend who does not want to marry and hope your children’s books will succeed in a competitive market. Okay, so the former is ruled by Leo or Libra in your chart, and the latter, very much by Leo. Not unusually, you have a stellium (large cluster) in Leo in the Fifth House of your chart. Leo 4, 6, 13, 18 patterns are all being opposed by Saturn (slow, stuck, serious) as he goes across 4, 6, 13, 18 Aquarius, with the last obstacle finished with both your boyfriend and the children’s book market in November 2022. Until then you take a deep dive, as they say, into what you want from love and sex, and what you want from the world of children’s entertainment and publishing. Oppositions from Saturn are not exactly a walk in the park, as they happen every 28-29 years and slow everything down. Being at home so much in 2020, 2021 is part of that. Yet, the wheel turns, and this obstacle course now will benefit you later, as you realise what you really, really want (to quote the Spice Girls) and what you need (to quote INXS). This puts you on the right path. In fact, a stunning trine from Jupiter in Aries to your Leo stellium in December 2022, January-May 2023 will sort a great deal out. You can help yourself using The Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle on this website to get on the easiest path around the obstacles – one which actually satisfies and fulfils you.

  39. Hi Jess,

    I would like to know if you could provide some insight into my chart. I have a planetary pile-up of things at 22,23,24 degrees. In particular, MC 24 Virgo. I am trying to read this myself, and I can see Ceres 23 Taurus. I understand Ceres is about compromise and sharing, and it is trine Salacia 23 Capricorn. They both seem to be about splitting in two, but I can’t figure out what. The planets in Pisces will be sextiling both, and opposing My Virgo MC. Meanwhile, the Piscean planets will square my Mercury 24 Gemini which is okay, as I like a verbal tussle! If you could provide some clarification of my chart, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Ceres at 23 Taurus in your Second House is very important, here, as you have the North Node at 23 Taurus in conjunction with Ceres in March and April 2022 and the South Node at 23 Scorpio in opposition. As you know, Ceres is about compromise and sharing; Taurus rules your salary, bank account, mortgage, investments, settlements, tax return and so on. This pattern can only happen every 19 years and we also have a sextile from Jupiter (opportunity) and Neptune (escape). Much depends on your karma from 19 years ago, and 19 years before that. The Nodes are worth looking up on Search because they are at work here. Yes, this will involve your career, studies or unpaid role (Salacia in Capricorn, MC in Virgo). A very common example would be a pay rise, bonus, redundancy or time-out payment, new position with a different salary, bonus and so on. As I said, it’s karmic in nature. Basically what you gave or did without any expectation of reward, the last time the Nodes were in Taurus-Scorpio now returns. There will be a change in the balance of power with the house, money, business, charity or apartment March-April 2022 and it will be set up in a small way in June, July 2021. Find your chair in the new game of musical chairs then. Line the chair up for yourself and the music.

  40. Apologies, I think the reply button isn’t working so this I think comes in as a separate comment.

    Thank you Jessica for your reply. Yes, you are right about Saturn in Leo in that I don’t want kids , marriage, never have since my teens as i know it’s a huge responsibility. I have my absolute loves my two little nieces. Previously with a tyrant of a father, I don’t have a talky talky relation with my sis but my nieces are my happiness now in that we are family coming together now. Her husband is bad but that’s another thing I am leaving, for now.
    Perhaps Saturn from your lessons as an old Man, and a not good one to the family, is perhaps the father as well. He has passed and now the family is coming together.

    I am just desperate to leave this country – which is my main matter now my life and career – and leave this country and place permanently and last week I was telling mother we don’t need this house which causes immense stress and for the first time she agreed , which very much surprised me. I felt so free and less burdened. But my main matter is me, I have to move. I would love to move soon far far away permanently to the country I’m focused on. Merci for your reply Jessica.Hope all things positive come from now on.

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House can be very hard work. We all have Saturn somewhere and that is usually where some of the most difficult learning experiences (not caused by us) come from. Saturn in the Twelfth House brings necessary counselling or therapy to people, and difficult lessons about psychic attack. Saturn in the Fifth House in Leo, is really about sex, pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, younger adults – as a whole – and you decided when you were a teenager yourself, to avoid parenthood. Avoidance is very common with Saturn anywhere in a sign. You want to leave the country, in the meantime. Yes, you can do that. You will need to ‘marry’ the new place the way you might have married a human. It’s a lifetime commitment because it may be expensive, time-consuming or even downright impossible sometimes, to go back. There is no rush, but it will help to jot down hopes, dreams, wishes and goals and also make sketches. Perhaps, create a Pinterest board. Make sure your ancestors and guides in spirit can see and know what you are pursuing and ask them to meet you halfway with a solution that benefits everybody. When the signs appear and they will – act on them!

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I was gutted to miss out in the Conscious Cafe e-meet, as I have a lot of factors between 22˚- 24˚ as below:
    ASC 22° Cancer, DESC 22° Capricorn, Mercury 23° Aries, Saturn 24° Leo, MC 22° Pisces , IC 22° Virgo , Bacchus 24° Taurus, Proserpina 22° Leo, Cupido 23° Gemini, Psyche 23° Scorpio.
    My Jupiter is at 27˚ Gemini and Neptune at 18˚ Sagittarius.
    I have no idea how this new cycle will affect me, but have a feeling it will be pretty big – please can you give me an overview about what I can expect?

    Many thanks for your guidance.


    1. I am sorry you missed us at the Conscious Cafe, Harminder. Make sure you join Meetups (Astrology and Tarot in America, Australia, Britain) as I have an event in just a few days’ time, which is free. You will experience aspects to areas of your life which are financial or revolve around your business, property, charity, valuables. You were born with Bacchus at 24 Taurus in the Second House of all that is owned, earned or owed. Bacchus is a symbol of giving and receiving pleasure. We see this placement in the charts of collectors, shopaholics, charity fundraiser event queens and vintage wine retailers. This is in opposition to Psyche at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House of your chart which rules family money, marriage and. mortgage, sex and banking. It’s the intensely personal side of money and it usually brings in legacies, wills and inheritances which you make, or which are made out to you. This opposition will be crossed by the Nodes of karma peaking around April 2022, in alignment with Jupiter and Neptune making a trine and sextile. March-May 2022 is thus going to be a lucrative and profitable milestone for you when you potentially make or save a fortune, depending on your karma from around 19 years before, and 19 years before that. The best professional advice you can afford is a smart move. This pulls in your identity, reputation, name, image and appearance (Aries) and your children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, any potential stepchildren or births (Leo). It can also bring in younger people as a whole; so for example a children’s charity or teenage-aimed business. It will quite naturally involve education, the web or the media (Gemini). The rest is up to you.

  42. Dear Jessica
    Wishing you a happy astrological year and thank you for another wonderful article that helps your readers plan ahead
    Grateful for your thoughts on my chart Sun in Cap 22, Mars in Sagittarius and Diana in Capricorn at 23
    With best wishes Eli

    1. You were born with an almost exact conjunction of the Sun and Diana at 22 and 23 degrees, in the Tenth House of achievement, ambition, status, success, prestige and the climb to the top of High Society or particular fields, professions or industries. You shine brilliantly when you get it right. Yet, you do not want to lose your freedom or space as you do this, and are never really going to be a traditionalist within a system or hierarchy. You want your freedom and independence. So you are not so much climbing slowly to the top, as racing wherever you like, zig-zagging around. You get there anyway. This is very important astrologically as you are experiencing stunning patterns, peaking in April 2022, which will offer you a new role, promotion or big hit. Sometimes the new role is marrying up a class. Diana rejected marriage, though, so this is more likely to be ‘A State of Independence’ wedded to a big leap forward. You can nurture the path in June, July.

  43. Hi Jessica
    Thanks very much for your amazing insights in your article and detailed responses to the comments above. I’m excited that we all individually have something to look forward to in some aspects of our lives.

    I am a Virgo and feel the duet/duel may be to related to a sibling whom I share a mortgage on a place we have a deep connection with however they are longing to become more independent and free (it’s only natural at that age), which is made difficult by the family obligations. I have four factors in Scorpio, two in Taurus and one in Cancer. Specific factors with 22-24 degrees are 24 deg Virgo (Sun); 23 deg Leo (Ops); 22 deg Libra (Vulcano). One area of my concern is the mental and financial impact on myself, as I too have my own ambitions but have always put the needs of others before myself. I’d really appreciate your insights on how to tap into these lucky cycles and opportunities in light of this! A big thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Virgo and your sibling has a mortgage with you, but wants to break free. You always put other people first (which Virgo does) but understandably want to realise your own goals too. There is karma here with your sibling and/or the family and that is why 2021 (until January 18th 2022) is taking you back to familiar themes, challenges, rewards – from the last time you saw the South Node in Sagittarius, which was 2001-2002 and even further back, karmically, as history makes us – 1983 and 1984. You two have either had a mirrored issue with each other in those years, or you personally had a story which was thematically very similar in 2001-2002 and 1983-1984 with a house, apartment, family or household member. You will make your own choices and decisions about your sibling and the mortgage and the loop will be over on January 18th next year. What you decide to do is very important, as you are ‘owed’ by the universe and also ‘owe’ on some level. As this is intensely personal you may want to use the Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website to achieve more. Set a time-frame when you read for yourself.

  44. Hi Jessica! Just thought I’d try again (3rd time lucky?!) with my questions so hope you don’t mind! Thanks for your talk on Conscious cafe – was fascinating and have enjoyed learning how history ties in with understanding astrology. I have a lot of factors in water signs in my birth chart (Pisces and Scorpio stelliums) and specifically a lot of planetary bodies at 22 degrees (Saturn in libra, Juno in Sagittarius, Ops in Scorpio, Proserpina in Cancer, and the North & South Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn). Also have Cupido in 23 Virgo and 21 Pisces. Would you be able to help me understand what this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and this year will mean for me?
    I’m interested in someone with a Pisces stellium, North Node in 22 Aquarius and South Node in 22 Leo, Cupido in 24 Taurus, Apollo in 24 Leo and wondered if this Jupiter-Neptune transit could mean anything between us? Thanks so much!

    1. All questions are welcome and I am now back at my desk on Tuesday morning with a large cup of coffee. Thank you for your patience. I am really glad you enjoyed the Conscious Cafe event. Your whole chart is tied to this pattern at 23 degrees of Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio – you are looking at your former, current or potential partner, for a start. Also, foreign people and places, finances, home and property, career. So this sounds like a life reshape, as Neptune and Jupiter circle 21, 22, 23 degrees of your chart. The life reshape would happen, indirectly, because of a new expansion of religion, spirituality, psychology, sleep science, psychiatry, Tarot, astrology, meditation, mediumship, yoga – in the world around you. So through six degrees of separation from a wider trend or event, you find yourself approaching your former, current or potential partner in quite a different way. More evolved, better educated, more experienced. You also find yourself thinking about travel, and travel in the mind, in a more committed way. Local travel is the new foreign in 2021-2022 (or once you shift countries, you shift forever; there is no going back) and there is a boom in education online. The Virgo, Pisces factors close by are also very much about lifestyle reshape. The other person is part of the same pattern, but Saturn in Libra can be hard work as you need to confront your fears and also past learning experiences about ‘what not to do’ too. The Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn suggest a possible outcome by April 2022 – moving to make it. Relocating for a particular job or course, for example. You can also see the reverse; relocating because ‘home’ is no longer tenable. You have a ton of choices in June, July 2021 and April 2022 but this works out well for you as the Jupiter-Neptune 23 Pisces aspects, and Node 23 Scorpio-Taurus aspects, are benign.

  45. Thanks a lot Jessica for your answer. It is true, I’m on a journey and spiritual things are an important part at the moment. You say it’s also about my house/appartment… I’m kind of stuck in NZ (since lockdown last year) – I arrived as a tourist in January 20 and am now trying to get a work visa because I would love to stay. Do you think I’ll make it or will I have to go back to Europe (where my “normal” life is/was)?
    And will there be a relationship which could help me with the whole process? I’m tired of doing everything on my own, without the help of a partner… Thanks a lot !!!

    1. There is karma there with New Zealand, actually, and it ends in January 2022. You will find out which country you belong in, and which nationality/culture to adopt (or return to) by 2023 at the very latest and if you want to make New Zealand your new home, for the rest of your life, you will need the willpower and self-discipline, self-control to stay the course of visa application but also permanent settlement. You have some choices to make about a former, current or potential partner in April 2021 and eventually will have not just one sexual/romantic partnership but also a work partnership, or volunteering partnership as well.

  46. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    The divorce from my ex husband was in 2000 but in 2002 I tried to get back my money as I act as a guarantor at the bank with my house (inherited from my parents, both died in 1990). I got back very little and sold my house as paying the installment was very difficult for me. My son moved to my ex in 2002 and when they recognized that I sold my house, my son stopped talking with me.
    Some years ago I started with Yoga and Pranayama. I opened my heart chakra wide, stopped hating my ex and stopped hoping for my son contacting me. I accepted.
    Life is very difficult for some years but thanks to your insight I can hope for better times!

    Best regards

    I guess your reply button doesn’t work

    1. This sounds like karma with the North Node and South Node, going back even further than 2002, as the Nodes obviously rotate in time at 19 year intervals, forever. Yoga has helped you sort things out emotionally and spiritually which may have been part of the soul agreement (the lives, between lives, between you all). Beyond the transits of the Nodes which repeat through time, you also have Hygiea at 1 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood and Saturn at 0 Capricorn right at the start of the Tenth House of success, status, ambition, position, mission. So, challenging as the situation is with your son or the world of pregnancy, children or younger people in general (Saturn) it automatically makes you work so much harder to achieve your mountain top. Just looking at that quincunx from Hygiea in Leo in the Fifth House and Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House could be useful.

  47. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much again for your your insight. I googled the meaning of quincunx and the hard work and maybe even so not reaching the top but I could change my perspective, prioritize other things.
    For my understanding the relationship with my Leo man with Cancer ascendant (born at June 30 1960 in New York) is karmic as well. We first met in Hamburg March 84, he was a guitarist and we dated for about a year in London. I loved him deeply. We where not able to communicate, I always tried to be cool but I remembered him all my life as being nice with me. We had no contact all this years but kept his letters and telegrams for 36 years. Last summer at his 60th birthday I sent a PM on Insta to one of his band members asking him to forward my birthday wishes, back came his phone number. 2 days after my 61st birthday I was on my way to London. The separation with his ex wife was in January 2002, she fell in love with one of his friends. Since then he was single dad of 3 boys, had years of depression.
    We where no strangers to each other, very close from the beginning. Able to talk, always makes me smile. We love each other very much.
    At Christmas he came to Hamburg for 2,5 month, we “tested” if we are able to live together and it was great!
    Now we’re trying to figure out how and where. I hope for happy ending!

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Christiane. Amazing that you both go back to 1984 and of course we are now in a cycle which returns us to the early Eighties, as the Nodes move backwards through the signs. I am so pleased for you that you were able to live together successfully. Long-term he has some serious decisions to make about you, and also about the ex-wife, particularly in 2022, and from 2023 just dealing with questions about former and current partners, transforms his personality. You might say, she is his teacher, as much as you are. So much as we’d love to focus on him and dismiss her, as an educational presence in his life, she remains there long-term, for whatever reason – that will be revealed to him 2023-2030. I wish you every piece of luck with this, it sounds so romantic. And he deserves happiness.

  48. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I missed the event but would love your take on my affected placements. I have Neptune at 24 Sag, Bacchus at 24 Aquarius and Pluto at 23 Libra in the zone but also quite a few Cancer and Scorpio placements. If you have some time I would appreciate your insights. I’m really hoping for a big time of change for the better (it’s happening already and I have to say a big thank you for your well-timed tidbits – particularly in regards to healing!). Thank you and have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am very happy to hear about the healing. You will find that friendships and duets of all kinds (marriages or other pairs in your life) take off in the most amazing way, as the 23 degree patterns unfold. Even 24 is close enough and 2021-2022 are really about finding empowerment with another person in some kind of two-way street, but also enjoying the pure pleasure of the right group, and the right friends. This does feel as if it will involve other cultures or nationalities.

  49. Hello Jessica!

    I’m so glad I was able to watch your presentation on Change on YouTube because I missed the Zoom I signed up for. Fascinating and exciting information.

    I’m a Pisces with Pisces Asc at 22 degrees, Virgo Desc at 22 degrees, Venus at 22 degrees in Aries, and Minerva at 24 degrees Gemini.

    I’m going to buy Margaret Hone’s book to further my learning in Astrology, and I feel that I will be exploring my psychic abilities and Buddhism in the coming years. Does that make sense given my chart? I’m also very interested in Transcendental Meditation, and possibly teaching it. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Are there particularly auspicious days to begin new classes or a website?

    Thank you for everything, and many Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Yes, you have that great Gemini-Pisces combination which we associate with the education (Gemini) of the spiritual (Pisces). If you were to do this in 2021 it would use past life memories and also trade on good career karma from about 19 years ago. You will find that studying and also teaching, online, radically changes your life and sets you free, and by 2026 will be using inventions which are yet to appear, to help you do that. Transcendental Meditation and Buddhism, psychic ability and astrology are all indicated in your chart, along with medicinal herbs.

  50. Thank you for this fantastic article Jessica! I only have one factor in Pisces but I’ve 6 in Cancer, 3 in Scorpio and 5 in Taurus so I’m looking forward to this lucky period. I also have Jupiter at 23 Aries, Saturn at 23 Cancer and Proserpina at 24 Aquarius so I think Jupiter at 23 Aquarius will help me too. It looks like my love life may improve given it’s in the 8th house. Can you please provide your insight about these conjunctions/connections? Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you tick all the boxes around 23 degrees. Aries is image. Cancer is home. Aquarius is friends. Not so much your love life, but certainly your appearance and profile, your old and new friendships, the groups you belong to, or are involved with – and life with the house or apartment. This jigsaw is yours to put together but it will work very nicely for you in April 2022.

  51. Thanks again for your reply – you say karma with New Zealand will end in January 22. Does that mean that NZ only “wants” me until then? Or is it more if I can’t make it until then, I’ll never make it?
    The choices I have to make about a potential partner – to me it feels like it’s more up to him (born 10.07.71 in Liverpool) to make a choice/move… We met 3.5 years ago and it was like we knew each other for ever. Since then we spent maybe 24 hours together, the rest was chatting online or calling. But we are so close, it’s almost scary (not so much for me but for him – he is still married with a lot of kids). Is the crazy April and the universe helping me to make the impossible possible?
    All your tips are very appreciated, nga mihi nui !!!

    1. Thank you. The karma with New Zealand is complicated. Sometimes people have karma with NZ because in a previous life they were a Maori, and invaded, or they were a British settler (invading, or perhaps colonising in a beneficial way). You may also have karma with NZ because you fought for/against New Zealand in either war. Those are quite common examples but you will have your own. Unfinished business with New Zealand, finishes in January 2022, though. The Cancerian will not figure out where he stands with his wife and children until 2023 and by that stage a decision will have been made by him, or her. I am not sure you want to be involved with that, any more than you already are, but it is your choice.

  52. Thank you Jessica for a great article. I have Neptune and Juno at 24° Sagittarius and Pluto at 24° Libra, Ceres at 22° Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio. Can you tell me what to expect for this coming year career wise and house wise, I am looking to buy (first time). Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. If you are owed good karma from around 19 years ago, it will come back to you no later than January 2022, in the shape of an apartment, house or other residence that comes your way. You’re in a karmic loop cycle, so whatever you did unconditionally for others, particularly in terms of a family, household or property about 19 years ago, now comes back.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are doing well. I am going through a tough time with regards to a long term complicated relationship and want to heal through this and understand the bigger picture as to why this is happening! Your insights would be highly appreciated!
    I have

    22° Sagittarius 14′ 15″

    22° Taurus 39′ 52″ R

    22° Aries 15′ 11″

    21° Scorpio 35′ 26″

    24° Libra 11′ 18″

    23 degree Sagittarius

    Thank you for your guidance!!

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter and Saturn both at 9 Libra and you are a Capricorn. So, you have an exact Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, divorce, common-law marriage, separation and – the duet, and the duel. Libra is the scales. You on one side, he/she on the other. Jupiter is the solution and Saturn is the problem, so as a lifetime pattern, whenever you have transits to 9 Libra from the slow-moving outer planets or nodes, you tend to see the same kind of thing. The obstacle course and the champagne on the other side. You have Pluto in Libra too, also in the Seventh House, so you want to control marriage or partnership, possibly dominate the other person. You can be obsessive and take over. Have a look at the paintings from the Renaissance of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn because all three characters are living in your Seventh House of duets and duels. It is very, very hard work for you to have a partner at all, or even just a former partner, because you find yourself feeling most optimistic there; most hopeful; most inclined to pull out your biggest and best efforts. Yet, experience has taught you this is where you are extremely vulnerable and exposed, so you tend to set up defences to make yourself feel safe – the fear comes from the past and it may revolve around being left by someone; someone dying; you falling out of love and having to leave. Those are common outcomes. To avoid that, you have systems and methods which you hope will protect you next time around, and it does get easier with time and age, but it’s still never simple! There is also the question of not being able to control any sort of relationship or duet for very long before a forced compromise must be made. The years and years of Aries weather has been in opposition to this cluster in Libra, and the Aries weather does continue for years to come, so it’s a good time to really get to know your chart, the Libra and Seventh House stellium, what it means and how to play it. You can also use The Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle and The Tarot on this website to help you. Spot your own patterns and find out what you are doing, that delivers a particular result. Then go back a step and find out what or who you are trying to keep out of your life. Long-term until 2026 the issue for you will be pregnancy; babies; children; teenagers; adult children. Yours or the other person’s, or perhaps the prospect of them. It is important that all concerned understand that freedom is a priority and it is also really crucial that pregnancy is planned and invited. This cycle can deliver unwanted babies, unfortunately. Anyway – you have your own life and I have no idea if children are already involved, but with Uranus in the Solar Fifth House until 2026 there will be one upheaval after another, designed to get you to change, quite radically, and pursue independence for yourself and others.

  54. Hi Jessica

    Thank you so much for this article. I have Jupiter at 20° in Pisces and Ops at 5°, so I am wondering how this will affect me.

    Mars is the only planet in Capricorn I have at 23°. In Scorpion, I have Pluto 4°, Desc 6°, Bacchus 20°, and Cupido 16°. In Cancer, I have Venus 18°, Proserpine 18°, and Psyche 13°. I also have my Moon at 16° and ASC at 6° in Taurus.

    All this makes me excited about how things will turn for me and how my life will unfold. I have recently found out I have what we call in South Africa as spiritual gifts or psych abilities and daily I am seeing my gifts come to the surface. So I am guessing big developments will take place in that department.

    1. Mars at 23 Capricorn is important. Mars is in Capricorn – a symbol of drive, energy, assertiveness, push, thrust – in Capricorn, the sign of patience, ambition, social mountaineering, aspiration and the slow climb to the top of a hierarchy or pyramid structure. Capricorn rules the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and social status. You make runs at the mountain, in short bursts, then realise you have to slow down, as the system demands that you respect those above you and ahead of you. Having been through the worst with your job, unpaid role, studies or social position in recent years, you will gain hugely from opportunities and advantages coming your way in 2021 and 2022 with a possible number one hit, new role, promotion in April 2022.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    I watched both of your recent YouTube videos on the Jupiter/ Neptune conjunction and Aries weather.
    I know you are incredibly busy at the moment but if you have the time could you look at my personal birth chart and tell me what that means
    I have moon Leo 23, M/C Libra 23, A/C Aries 23, Bacchus Taurus 23, Minerva Pisces 23 and Saturn Aquarius 22. I am a sun Cancer and have Ops cancer 3 and Apollo Cancer 19
    In addition Jupiter Aries 16, Fortuna Aries19,
    Diana Aries 25 and Chiron Pisces.
    Even though I watched and listened to your videos I am still confused how this affects my personal chart.
    If you have the time any insight would be appreciated

    1. Thank you Julie. Not so busy I can’t sit down with a cup of tea, and have a look at your question. The Moon at 23 Leo in the Fifth House of pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults is important. It is almost exactly in opposition to Saturn at 22 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. That is unusual. It pulls in your MC and AC, so your relationships and your image, but also your money – Taurus. That is the key to the 2021, 2022 cycle as Jupiter and Neptune approach 23 Pisces. They will trigger an episode of psychic, spiritual or religious development which changes your life, and changes you. It will make it so very much easier to deal with the central challenge of your existence, which is your relationship with the world of babies, children, teenagers or younger people. The Moon wants to mother, but Saturn in opposition can make motherhood an obstacle course. What happens to you with dreams, the Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, dream interpretation, religion, Buddhism, counselling (the inner world) in April 2022 will help you dissolve some of your biggest fears or most difficult memories. So, for example, if you had an abortion or miscarriage some years ago, or have had a tough time as a parent, a great deal will shift, positively so.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    I’m confused, if you have a chart with a lot of 23 degree factors Is one more dominant than the other? How do they interact together to create your story?
    Pluto 23° Virgo
    Juno 23° Scorpio
    Diana 23° Leo
    Fortuna 23° Virgo
    Apollo 22° Leo
    ASC 23° Libra
    DESC 23° Aries

    If you get a chance to answer this I’d greatly appreciate it.

    1. That is a good question. As a rule, you look towards repeated signs and houses. So, you have Pluto and Fortuna in Virgo, and Diana and Apollo in Leo. Those matter more, because you have a double dose of them in your chart. How do they work together? Well, Virgo is about paid work, unpaid work and study. Leo is about the next generation; your godchildren, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, stepchildren – and younger people you might set an example to, lead and influence (like a class). Put that together and we have a clear picture of massive potential in 2021, 2022 with that generation coming up behind you. Sometimes people give birth. Sometimes they are invited to become a godparent, or to take on an intern. The tie-in with Scorpio suggests a financial angle, or perhaps a house, apartment or business. The Libra-Aries axis is really about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Thus, we seem to be talking about your children, or if you date someone, their children from another marriage. It’s on that level. You will see fantastic benefits, breakthroughs and solutions – particularly in April next year.

  57. Thankyou for your articles & interesting information.
    Born on May 14! Sun 23 Taurus, Moon 23 Acq, Uranus 24 Libra. Jupiter 13 Pisces, NN 19 Sag. Diana 21 Sag, Apollo 20 Can, Ops 25 Can.

    Written to you before re family (Dad passed 2015, Mum 2016), since then, basically worked full time – problems they left re house. Likely go on for another 2 yrs. If sell, doesn’t cover costs; large financial loss. No inheritance. Not eligible for loan, can’t afford rent/sharehouse, live with abusive sister (Pisces sun, Scorpio moon). Due to all this, and medical treatment for Leukemia (only Virgo factor MC 26), returning to work (can only be 2-3 days per wk) few years away (would also need couple years to catch up on yrs of own life lost due to all this).

    Ill treated every group been in – strongly 1:1 person, told off for trying to get 1:1 & only wanting 100% deep & meaningful convos really enjoy. Wish had close best friend.

    Previously, you said would get help from the universe to leave living situation with sister. When? How?
    Am I paying off karmic debt re family and lack of money?

    Do regular exercise, breathing, meditation etc. Am not mentally ill; do not have depression (medically proven). Hypnotherapy does not work for me.
    Thankyou so much for reading and thinking about my situation.
    ps I’ve many problems with teeth. Taurus thing? (My dentist so nice to me; very greatful to have him, think it’s meant to be).

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your sister is still a problem, and of course you have also had medical treatment, which is a massive challenge. There is no karmic debt with family or money – your past lives were spent as a student and teacher. There is karma there, but it will reward you by January 2022, as you come back to study again, whether it is informal or more structured. The subject will be very familiar to you. The financial loop you are stuck in will be over, also by January 2022. Until then you change your attitude towards finances and shifting on the inside makes you happier anyway; you will develop your own point of view on money and become more philosophical. So, January 2022 is a turning point. I don’t have your sister’s chart and lack your chart as well so can’t comment further on that. In general you were born to study and perhaps teach, mentor, tutor or guide. You dislike restrictions, rules and regulations so will have to go your own way with that and do your own thing; yet 2021 is your year for it.

  58. Thank you Jessica, your answer gives me lots of thoughts.
    And yes, he deserves happiness.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    I always read your posts and try to understand my horoscope.
    Like Maria Callas, I have Sun in Sagittarius and ascendant in Scorpio. I think we have bad karma in common although in different ways. I lost my husband to depression six years ago and lost a job two years ago. My shining star is my son (Aries/Cancer) but am wondering if I have paid my dues to the bad karma and is there any better life, professional life if anything else for me?
    I am on crossroads at the moment and have to decide whether to repair our house or move. I would be grateful if you could see if my karma is ever going to change for the better?
    I’d really appreciate your view on the stars in my chart at the moment.

    1. Thank you. I have also answered you in another comment. You need to know if you should repair the home or move, and your son is centre-stage. You have had a really tough time, losing your husband to depression, and then a job. There was never any bad karma. Karma in your horoscope is about agreeing to balance the books spiritually with people. If you are owed by them, you cannot keep on giving, until the well runs dry. They have to give back. If they cannot give back but keep drawing from your well, at a certain point you have to pull the bucket up. That is one example of it. Another example is having given so much in the past, and now you find yourself rewarded by the universe. The universe just keeps on sending you blessings – you feel unusually lucky, fortunate or blessed in some way, and that is really the universe helping you out, as you gave unconditionally many years before. I wonder why you never repaired the house in the first place. Only you can answer that, and then decide if you want to repair it and stay, or offer it at a cheaper price to a buyer, and move on. Big decisions for you and your son, but yes, this is the year to move on!

  60. just to add that I was born in Serbia and have been living in the uk for the past 22 years. Also in the year when I lost my husband, our house was flooded. I managed to repair it partially but now I would eother have to push and finalise it or sell it. Is my karma to fix the house so that I can move on?

    1. I think the two are connected – you lost your husband and your house flooded. You were no doubt flooded with emotion, when he passed, and the house reflected that. You learned, back then, that you cannot afford to wallow. You have to wait for time to pass, sure, but you have to get on with it and make changes. The karma you have now is from that time. You have to make your own decisions, and I suggest you use Your Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and The Tarot on this website to give yourself a three-way confirmation reading. Thank you.

  61. Hi Jessica! I was wondering if you offer anything on your website that offers an explanation from you about personal birth charts? I’d love to have you explain mine to me and I can’t find anything on your website with that option. I try to interpret it myself but it’s so confusing and I have no idea what I’m doing!

  62. Hi Jessica, l have recently joined the group. I and trying to find my away around your site and all the information that is on there. My head appears to be all over the place at the moment. Covid lockdown, a recent family bereavement and a family member very unwell, is talking it’s toll. I am really enjoying your predictions etc for the future and would love to able to read and understand my birth chart. I am thinking of retraining to enable me to do a job l enjoy. I have two projects in mind and cannot decide which one would be successful. The one l have some prior knowledge the other is a leap in the dark. Can you see which would be best for me.? I have Mars 23 Capricorn, Jupiter 21 Leo, Diana 22 Cancer, Hygeia 22 Capricorn, Panacea 22 Cancer, Ops 21 Taurus. Also whilst writing can l check. You suggested we visit site to generate a free horoscope to find Jupiter’s women. When l did this my birth chart is showing different Ascending and Descendent from the birth chart from your site. I am not sure l am reading it correctly but it shows Leo Ascendant and Descendant Aquarius. On your chart it has Can you please clarify this for me. Many thanks for your help.

    1. I am sorry you are under so much strain from the pandemic and you are allowed to feel temporarily confused or lost. You want to retrain for a job you like. You also have two projects to choose from. Ignore the old message to visit for Jupiter’s female asteroids, please – I am sorry about that, we have our own software here, purchased from, to show your chart and also any other charts you want to check. So stick with the chart you have here. To clarify what is going on – you have one very good budding project you have firmly in hand, that I can see. You are ignoring the other two. (Yes, you have two). They could all work but you are going to have to schedule and maybe delegate. You only have 2021 to do that as these things don’t last forever. There is also a caravan trail, gold rush, emigration, export drive or similar in the picture. Others are on the move with Uranus in Taurus, towards something or someone better (they hope). Grass is greener. You need to make up your own mind about ignoring or joining. Again, you have to do that fairly quickly – preferably by the first half of May to avoid Mercury Retrograde – or alternatively, much later in the year.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    You very kindly answered me earlier (back on the 5th April) but may I still ask something supplementary? You referred to a stunning trine from Jupiter in Aries to my Leo stellium in December 2022, January-May 2023 which would sort a great deal out with my books and my partner. Does that mean I can hope to get “what I really, really want” (as you put it) on both scores then – i.e. marriage and publishing success – or will it merely enable me to accept defeat with both, and to find another path? I am trying to look past the obstacles and see what I should be learning from them but more often than not, since I’ve been struggling with similar issues for the last few years, I do feel quite demoralised and exhausted currently, so a light at the end of the tunnel, even if 18 months to 2 years away would be something wonderful to hold onto! I am also currently experiencing complete alienation from my older daughter – with no explanation why to me or any of my family – which is really upsetting and worrying and I’m hoping that trine might also means things heal or rebuild with her then too.

    Thank you so much if you can give me some extra guidance.

    1. Yes, Jupiter in Aries is your friend. Leo rules books for children, and the babies, stepchildren or adopted children that can come from marriage. You have an older daughter, meanwhile, you don’t speak to. I am sure you are looking for a way out, and a way through. Your question is, do you get a book deal and husband, and what is the solution with your daughter? (And ‘when’ for all of this). Okay, books first. There is a reshuffle, replacement, resignation either with your own job, or within publishing – so, for example, Penguin Random House (who are currently in trouble for keeping their furlough money despite making a profit) and perhaps other publishers or media. The changing of the guard. You stand to gain if you can see who scattered and where they went. Of course this may be a literary agency, too. Get into the industry/business side of publishing and see what is opening up. There is a teenage male market to be met, but your chances are highest now through January 2022, no later. There may be a younger male agent or commissioning editor. This feels like a woman behind the reshuffle or replacement. Further afield, if you want to get married, you need to look across the region and the nation actually. Go over the hills and far away. The angles in your chart connect to Gemini and Sagittarius which is travel. Your daughter has depression – are you aware of that? She vanishes or disappears, prefers to be hidden, and I’m not sure you should take it personally. Christmas gives you a decent chance to change that.

  64. Thank you for your further guidance, Jessica. It’s really appreciated!

    Just one thing I’m confused by though – when you say if I want to get married I need to look across the region and the nation; travel, in fact, do you mean look beyond my partner for someone else, or look to travel/ move elsewhere (change the current horizon, I suppose?) WITH my partner?

    Several people have suggested my daughter has depression and I will have to wait for her to heal herself, so thank you for confirming that, and that next Christmas might provide an opportunity to restart communication. That gives me hope. 🙂

    1. Yes, your daughter has depression but you are right to have high hopes. If your partner still won’t marry you, then yes, you will need to look across the region, or internationally for your husband.

  65. Hi Jessica l wrote to you on 14th April and you very kindly replied. There a few projects that l could turn into a business. The budding product l believe you referred to deals with animals and has stalled because of technology. The other projects are to do with helping people. Do you see a better outcome with animals or humans ? I am not sure about caravan trail, gold rush, emigration etc where that would come into my life. Also someone on the move Uranus in Taurus ~ is this a family member? Thank you for your help.

  66. Thankyou for your response. Me: 14/5/74, 8.40pm. Sister: 8/03/69, 12.38pm.
    Due to life circumstances, no time for study, nor do I want to (got 4 qual’s, came to nothing – people don’t want to be around person lifelong difficult & unusual life, no matter how positive & uplifting I am. Suggested to me not to tell people, find this helps. Don’t want to teach/tutor/guide.
    Constant projection of societal myths & norms onto me unbelievable – everyone thinks will get inheritance (won’t), they don’t know how I survive in poverty, have to constantly state: simply don’t have time for any work/study for few yrs yet due to my life. As well, medical treatment likely rest of life, time consuming & costly. Not eligible for any special government funding/housing. No super. Tried everything can think of for decades to try to improve circumstances & get own home. Thankyou

    1. You have a semi-sextile from Mercury (siblings) at 3 Gemini (siblings, again) to Saturn (tests and trials) at 2 Cancer (family). That can be very hard work but a diary will help you. So will writing in general. You are looking up Mercury in aspect to Saturn in the natal chart (online or in astrology books). You might also just want to look up Mercury-Saturn. Work with your astrology chart to find a way through. Because it all begins with your mind; your state of mind. Sue Tompkins has quite a lot to say about Mercury-Saturn in her books.

  67. Hi Jessica

    Regarding my post 16.4.2021. I am not sure l am picking up the information from my birth chart circle correctly. Could you please confirm that Aries is my Asc as shown by the birth chart or Leo Asc. Many thanks for your help

    1. You’re an Aries born at noon with a Leo Ascendant. Very few babies emerge at 12 noon on the dot, so the birth time may be wrong, which does affect your Ascendant degree and sometimes the sign. However Google Maps is not loading correctly so I can’t see your birth place, which is the key factor. Would you mind checking with Support? Thank you.

  68. Hello Jessica. I am born 1 March and have factors at 23 Cancer. You talk about the mass movement back to homelands in April 2022. I’m in my homeland and cannot wait to move away. I’m due to be moving to the USA and hopefully my visa is ready around 2022. ( By the way you mention pisces completing Karma with daily, homeland etc by 2022 and this has definitely been the case for me. I really feel I had to come back here to heal my trauma with my family but can’t wait to get off now.). So question is…the mass kind of exodus I’m hoping it works in the opposite direction? i.e. moving away as opposed to moving back? Many thanks. Debs

    1. Debs you are hoping to emigrate to America in 2022 with a new Visa now that you have sorted out problems with the family. This fits with the astrology. The karma is complete, once and for all, in January 2022. Just watch the shifting rules on emigration, residency, quarantine and so on in the USA this year as what was in place last year, may change this year. You won’t actually have the full and final story until January 2022, with the details, rules and regulations as we are in mutable sign weather with the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius (foreign people and places) fluctuating until you reach January next year.

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