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Your Aquarius Side and Friendships to 2023

If you have a stellium in Aquarius (more than three factors in that zodiac sign) then your Eleventh House of friendships and groups is unusually packed. What happens to those friendships when Saturn, Jupiter and then Pluto all pass through Aquarius? Have friends been lost, or has the friendship changed? That's typical of this long cycle.

Friends, Aquarius Planets and the 2021-2023 Cycle

If you were born with a stellium in Aquarius (more than three factors) then you are unusually Aquarian, no matter what your Sun Sign happens to be. You are most affected by the tests of old friendships which have been taking place since The Great Conjunction in Aquarius last Christmas, 2020.

Even if you only have up to three Aquarius factors, the chances are still high that either Jupiter or Saturn has hit your house of old and new friends, groups, clubs, teams and communities.

Losing Friends With Saturn in Aquarius

It is not unusual to give friends up, or be parted from them, or have them give you up – when Saturn is in Aquarius in your Eleventh House. This is the chart sector that rules allies, amigos and sisterhood and brotherhood. It is really about the community – usually local – but it can be online. Saturn is an ancient symbol of self-sabotage and it is common to see even the oldest friends get in their own way (or wipe out their own chances as your friend) when Saturn passes through.

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162 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m delighted by the timing of this article, as recently I have felt very unsettled regarding two issues.

    The first is that I do not have any friendships. None. Even acquaintanceships become troublesome. I am the person that others do not warm to at first. But then will say, some time later, “You know you’re really nice/ polite/ friendly/ well mannered (etc)”. But those same people, in time, will be rude to me, put me down in front of others, be jealous of x, y, z in my life etc. It really, really hurts.

    The second issue is that a now former friend (born 5th February 1971 in Nairobi, Kenya) shouted on the phone to me, over a trivial matter (yet again) on 30th May 2021. I ‘walked’ away. She did this in April 2016 regarding Brexit & we didn’t speak until NYE 2019.

    Obviously I am the common denominator in every acquaintanceship/ friendship, breakdown/ dissolution. I will accept reasonable blame for some, but I would like to be able to trust people long term. I have Salacia 06, Bacchus 12 & Prosperpina 21 in Aquarius. Can you please shed some astrological light on why this keeps happening. Thank you.

    *In a previous answer to a posted comment, you said, that you saw my future as being more green. I don’t understand what you meant by that. Could you clarify that, please. I would really like to know!

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you have had rotten experiences with people. You’ve found others to be rude or critical, or jealous. You also lost a friend in an argument over Brexit. Bacchus, Salacia and Proserpina in Aquarius are all in your Eleventh House of social life, social media, groups and friends so let’s take that apart. Of course you can and should trust people long-term. I think your issue is Proserpina. She is a symbol of people politics and power plays. Not you, by the way, but other friends, or those in the group. You will frequently find yourself being the go-between with two sides, or two faces, or two groups. That can be very hard work and there is sometimes resentment about you playing favourites or playing politics even if your only intention was to keep everybody happy. You can and will embrace a group but it has nothing to do with the real world. It is an escape. It is an alternative. It is hedonistic – it is about pure enjoyment. No politics. This sort of group is often purely physical or sensual, so it can be a cooking class, or an aromatherapy education circle and so on. A meditation circle. You need something you can lose yourself in and you will find it. It’s not highly charged, complicated, emotional friendship. It feels quite different. You’ll enjoy it.

      PS – Your green future was about ecological or environmental issues.

  2. I’ve wondered for a long time why my friends are no longer friends with me. While we may be “friendly” on social, we don’t get together and there are some who live here in my city. Friends from school with birthdates 4/4/63, 6/12/63, 4/2/63, 7/25/64 and later 5/12/60. I miss them all. My 40th HS reunion is happening at the end of October in our hometown and was postponed from this summer due to pandemic . I need support now that I’m on my own with just my son. I feel that my ex Aquarius destroyed many of my friendships because of jealousy and envy. My Saturn is at 17 Aquarius Uranus at 6 Virgo Pluto 12 Virgo.

    1. It sounds as if you are going through a classic Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius cycle, and it began with that Great Conjunction near Christmas 2020. The pandemic has got in the way and of course your reunion was postponed. You have Saturn in Aquarius so are actually going through your Saturn Return. There is a really basic rule with Saturn and that is to work harder at rules about the area of life, ruled by the sign. So friendship and group involvement is like a second job for you. If you want to go there, you will have to work it – reading the self-help books, doing the thinking, putting in the effort. You may also decide to minimise friends and groups in your life so you no longer have to slog away. You have a son to look after and need backing. Friends who got married and had children of their own are also struggling in a pandemic so there are practical reasons why they cannot be what you want. Time and money, other people’s needs, get in the way – and then there is the basic question of what you have in common together. Your Aquarian ex sounds as if he had some other zodiac signs prominent in his chart and I am sorry he took your friendships from you. You will fix things with him, or be released from the emotions, starting at Christmas, going into 2022. It is entirely possible that the Christmas spirit and your son will help you settle the score and level the feelings with him. There is also a potential date for you by this time next year. That would be nice, right?

  3. Hi Jessica, interesting article. I have 5 Aquarius factors in my chart. I haven’t seen my friends so much this last 18 months because of obvious pandemic reasons. I have been friends with my best friend for over twenty years and we’ve always been very close, but I had a big falling out with her sister around two years ago and it’s definitely caused some awkwardness and it’s been difficult to see her as much lately although we text every day. I do feel like I need some new friends though myself in the next few years as I love meeting new people. I miss the connection of having a best friend I’m inseparable with, but I know as an adult it’s hard to recreate to time when we were young and had time and no responsibilities. I think my question is I’d never want to lose her, but I don’t think we’re as close as we once were and how do we go back to that? Thanks x

    1. You hit the nail on the head when you said, “As an adult it’s hard to recreate a time when we were young and had time and no responsibilities.” You will never lose your friend so please don’t worry. Can you ever go back since you fell out with her sister? No. Because it would involve her turning her back on her sister, to some extent, and towards you. What has actually happened here is not about true Aquarian style friendship (which you are very good at – some distance and shared goals). Actually you strayed into family territory, and although her chart is not here, she and/or her sister probably have Cancer chart factors so they have been taken through the obstacle course known as Pluto and Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn, right opposite, over the last few years. Capricorn is opposite Cancer so people with those placements tend to get hit. You got caught up in something that was not about you – it was about them and their family politics. Take a deep breath. You will get the friendship with her back onto an Aquarian footing – light, breezy, easy, people please-y. If you two ever get a common cause then you will really do incredible things with it, but she is not the person you knew as a child. I think you realise that deep down but these things are hard to admit to when you’ve seen a friend as family. You will be asked to get involved with a very special group by Christmas and find it a breath of fresh air.

  4. I only have descendant in Aquarius @24 but mars in Leo @28 and am Virgo sun. how will Aquarius weather impact me?

    1. Your DC in Aquarius describes the other person in a duet, double-act, partnership or pair. It can be love or work. He or she is in a group, perhaps more than one group – like a band. He or she has friends who are absolutely central to their lives. You may in fact be introduced through a group situation or by a mutual friend. This pattern is there all your life.

  5. Hi,
    I hope you are doing well, thank you for another interesting post, I always look forward to your new insights. I have a Stellium in Aquarius with 3 factors @12 Ceres, Panacea, and MC, as well as Mars @23 and Psyche @18. The friendship thing has always been super challenging, I have not really ever done well with groups if anything most of my friends are not really connected with each other. Now as my business is growing I am finding that friends and connections are extremely important so I can get new clients. I honestly thought that things were looking up for me, my business started to grow and then almost standing still since this January this year. I was feeling hopeful for once and now it seems like with the Uranus – Saturn Squares and the Saturn squares to my Aquarius factors I am going to be once again stuck and things are going to be challenging again. I am so tired of this, I don’t know if I can continue to be positive where my business is concerned especially since it is so dependent on people and my connections. This coming October there is a possibility of a series of new clients in another state through the help of a friend, it would really boost my business, do I need to worry?. I would love and appreciate some insight into the squares and how they are going to affect me and help navigate this cycle, I feel like good things are headed my way but just don’t know if I can believe it given the upcoming planetary transits. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Ah, thank you. The friendships you describe have been put through the Saturn wringer. You have also never been too comfortable with groups, which makes sense as you have Ceres and Mars in Aquarius, and they are both about inner conflict and conflicted politics in a circle of people. Now you realise that networking (awful word) is necessary for client growth. This is not actually the problem with your business standing still now. That is a separate issue. I am sure you do feel tired of it, and wonder how much longer you can show up and keep smiling. You are a total professional and have tremendous strength, according to your chart. You have been doing all the right things and could probably go on doing that, for a time, but you are wondering if October is the moment to just attempt new clients in another state. Don’t worry so much about the squares. Put the feelers out interstate now and also with your friend. You will be amazed at how much headway you can make in July and August, September too. You will meet obstacles but you can do that. You absolutely need to branch out and spread your wings. You also need to see what the competition is doing. That should be your first port of call. Do as much as you can before October, actually, and if the deadline moves forward, use it.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    What happens in 20 years when Pluto passes over my MC?

    Also what about this friend born June 14, 1959 in New York City?

    Thank you,


    1. Twenty years into the future is a very long time, but there will be a transformation of your life goals and people who are powerful will draw you closer, so that you also become powerful. Big business and politics typically become central to the new role and goal. The friend born in 1959 in NYC has a history, shall we say, with unfulfilled pregnancies that never came to term, or unstable relationships that foundered on the question of parenthood. That was a very, very long time ago but there is some healing to be done from the past from May 2022. Perhaps a child was born and grew up and things now come full circle. Maybe you have someone who never ever did have children but now wants to play a helpful role in the lives of the young.

  7. Hi Jessica
    I had limited contact with a long time friend after she became quite passive aggressive after the birth of my children. She wanted children but never ended up having any so I understood where it was coming from but she was unwilling to talk when I tried to speak with her about the impact of her cutting remarks. I checked she’s was OK when I heard her mum had cancer (my mum died of cancer) and that broke the ice. She’s a Pisces. She’s a part of a broader friendship group that spend a lot of time on social media. I have chosen not to spend my time this way so have less contact with them than before the pandemic – and I’m OK about that. I have another girlfriend who is a Cancerian like me but if we catch up she’ll literally talk about herself for an hour and a half without me really being able to get a word in edge-wise so I find it draining rather than a reciprocal friendship. I also see her less than before and am fine with that. It’s interesting that I feel like I have a good balance with two other girlfriends (Aries and Libra) as we check in with and support each other without being too demanding. I have an Aquarian stellium. Can you please look at my chart and share any of your insights? Thanks

    1. Passive aggression is a nasty thing to come across and it has spoiled many friendships. Thank goodness you saw through it and then broke the ice. As a Pisces your friend has been dealing with power/disempowerment/control/loss of control issues through friends, since 2008. You saw it one way and she saw it, another. Your children likely made her feel powerless. I suspect your Cancerian friend has Leo planets – that is quite common. If the Leo planets are in tricky placements you end up with a narcissist who will in fact talk about herself without realising your life has been absent from the discussion. You have your Aries and Libra mates and that works for you. Your chart shows a huge, long, ongoing examination of what friendship should be, and who deserves your friendship. You’ve already chosen to avoid social media (which can frequently be anti-social media) and instead you are on your own path. You are doing something very simple – finding out what a good friend is, by being a good friend. That is the test. Unfortunately Saturn in Aquarius can be really hard work and seem quite unfair, but stick to your rule. Continue to be generous, sympathetic, tolerant, kind, compassionate, thoughtful and continue to reject anyone who cannot be the friend that you are. This does pass and from 2023 you will look back and realise some things just had to change, because you were changing and needed more.

  8. Hi Jessica
    Can you tell me something about Chiron in Aquarius please? I have always felt felt out by friends and often find myself Linley even though I try hard to be a good friend; interested available and willing to help out.
    I’m often drawn to flawed people as I find them more interesting.
    Any solutions to improve friendships and belong.

    1. Yes, Chiron in Aquarius is the original punk rock placement, Baroona. Chiron was found and named in 1977 when punk was adopted by the music business and Aquarius rules groups and bands, so here we have a classic case of you being an outsider, yet also involved with flawed people. You are an excellent friend according to your chart. Belonging is always tricky, though, and you don’t have to put pressure on yourself to do that. You may never quite fit in completely, because you prefer social circles or groups where there is a lot of space to be yourself. You can be integral to a group (and in fact you will be, after 2023, for many years) without blending in and becoming just like everyone else. If you really want to give back, you would volunteer to be a telephone counsellor for The Samaritans or similar. That would also be a good use of your chart. It might not be your cup of tea. Sometimes you need the detachment with Chiron in Aquarius so you are never too involved. You feel for people and you have a good radar for public or common sentiment, but you do not really want to go into people’s lives too much as you have your own path. Baroona, there is a solution there by Christmas.

  9. Dear Jessica – firstly thank you so much for all the wonderful articles that you post. They give everyone hope that we are all going to get through this difficult and really challenging time as a planet. I have told so many people about your articles – you have such a gift and I so appreciate you sharing it! I have Saturn at 22 in Aquarius (also a stellium) and also stelliums in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and have been having a really difficult time. For whatever reason about 6 months ago, one of my neighbours stopped speaking to me and have now started bullying me with emails regarding a upgrade to the complex that we live in and for which I am working on. Worse still, my other neighbours who I have been very close friends with not supporting me and in fact told me that they had seen a couple of emails that they did not consider bullying. It is dividing friends and neighbours and has become really unpleasant. I am so upset and cannot fathom for the life of me what is going on. I am struggling to manage this on my own as I am currently living through the lockdown in Sydney. Clearly there is a lesson here for me to learn but any light that you can shed on why is this happening and is there any light at the end of the tunnel? I am at the stage of thinking about selling up and moving away despite the fact that I am currently renovating my home and loving where I live. Thank you in advance for possibly responding to my comment. With very best wishes to you Toni

    1. Thank you Toni. You are too kind. I am so sorry to hear about your neighbour trouble. You are renovating and now there is email bullying. You are in Sydney where property often divides people. You are even driven to think about moving. One neighbour is behind this but another neighbour supports them. I am sorry you are being affected when you have to stay at home on your own anyway, as it is so intense. Are you prepared to compromise and negotiate? Are you happy to bend? You will need to do that, both in order to break the silence and be first to speak, and secondly to give people some or all of what they want. If you are in an apartment and it is a shared complex, then you will find it is about a difference in life budgets. As a Sun Taurus you strongly identify with your own life budget. You know what X costs and what Y is worth and what price you will pay for Z. Here you have a classic case of a neighbour (more than one perhaps) who has a totally different life budget. Maybe you believe in spending money on upgrading a complex to increase the resale value – but it is noisy work – and someone else puts a higher price on peace and quiet at home and would rather forget about upgrades to avoid the noise. It’s on that level. You can be absolutely sure the neighbour in question has priced something which you have not. If you are prepared to try and find out, the second neighbour may be your intermediary, Toni.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Honestly, I am interested to hear your thoughts on what you see in my chart. As you will read, I have a stellium of six factors in Aquarius.

    Stay healthy and safe!


    1. Thank you. The strongly Aquarian person is really obvious from childhood, as she joins groups and has a gang of friends. She lives the Peanuts lifestyle. Yet, the true Aquarian type is always an outsider. She goes in and out of the groups and also hops in and out of the friendships so they are never too close or complicated. You long ago realised that if a group of people is to achieve anything together, they have to set aside money, status, ambition, sex and the rest. Otherwise life just gets in the way. The Aquarian ideal is pure. A tribe of people from all walks of life, who come together for a common cause. They ignore everything else to achieve the goal and sacrifice their (very) human needs and frailties to make sure the collective functions. This is how the Olympics works, at its best. Then when the Olympics falls into corruption and self-interest, you see it at its worst. Your life is really about the Olympic spirit, no matter if you are interested in sport or not, because of the symbol. The intersecting circles. You have circles upon circles. Some friends intersect in the mutual space as they have two interests or two connections which put them in both groups. Now, you have to make some hefty decisions about which circles you are going to stick with. You cannot be all things to all people and you only have so much time. You also need to look after yourself and not everyone has a lifestyle compatible with yours in a pandemic. This is back on your agenda in a major way from August with some slow and steady, serious choices in 2022.

  11. Thanks, Jessica, for your interesting explanation of what we should expect in the next few years. It’s fascinating to see how astrology maps out the future, and whether you believe that the virus was an intentional or accidental event, there is no question that it exists and has changed our world!
    On the one hand, I feel that perhaps I didn’t appreciate the good things about our old world enough… but on the other for the sake of the planet and humanity, I appreciate that we couldn’t go on as we were, and I know it often takes pain to create change.
    Can you clarify whether you see a positive resolution of this situation, where we genuinely work together with friends of our choosing to resolve global issues, or is this new world community one of being segregated into groups depending on our personal choices or location? I ask because I do feel there is a certain amount of manipulation of the current situation by those with political and financial agendas and to ‘separate and divide’ seems to be to their benefit. Is this what you were referring to regarding the UN and WHO?

    1. The virus, according to several psychics, is an act of bioterrorism. It either occurred naturally then was co-opted by interest groups, all with an agenda – or it was deliberately manufactured and then sold for a price. Do I agree with that? Yes. Right from the very start, in January 2020, my radar was on, because the astrology had clearly predicted a virus and China crisis on January 10th – a year before it happened. That was obviously when the first Wuhan man died. My radar picked up the year 1999 as the start of the problem. Once you realise who was coming to power then, it all makes sense. Pluto in Aquarius will force the world to behave like a community. A brotherhood and sisterhood. Unless there is global co-operation the virus will mutate and continue to escape vaccines. That was also predicted by astrology – in fact I told the Daily Mail there was no vaccine in October last year. We have Pfizer and AstraZeneca, but their best performance is the reduction of risk for hospitalisation. Beyond that, we have ample proof now that they fall down against some variants, by as much as 40%. Anyway I am sure I am not telling you anything you don’t know. The answer is global co-operation on international border control, testing, quarantine and of course the financing needed to have enough vaccination in poor countries that the hospital systems do not collapse. By the way, the NHS will collapse in the United Kingdom. Anyone who is not seeing the connection between that and COVID-19 is missing a few tricks.

  12. Hi Jessica. It was so interesting to read this article as I started yesterday, before you have even published this post, to disconnect from my old friendships. I barely have any Aquarius factors in my chart but ever since I became Australian Citizen and changed my first and last name few months ago, I had the urge to leave social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as I do not feel connected anymore to high school friends or old connections. I feel like they do not belong in my new future and do not serve the purpose as a contact anymore. I have found more meaningful connections here in my local community in Sydney. Also I strongly agree with you that COVID and geographic distance played a big role in this decision as I am so far away from Europe where I used to live.

    1. Thank you. Even average Aquarian factors (three and less) will resonate as your Eleventh House has two tenants, Jupiter and Saturn, and then Pluto. That is a Crowded House, just like the band, for quite a few years. You changed your name and left Facebook and Instagram. That is a pretty common reaction to these Aquarius cycles as what happens when Saturn and Jupiter both move in, is the reality check about the hard facts of particular friendships. You are not at High School any more. That ship has sailed. In turn Jupiter has shown you substitutes. Given the cycle they may turn out to be better for you. If you are honest about some friends, as you may have been, the truth is – they have changed. And so have you.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for these insights! This article brings up something I’ve always wondered- I have one Aquarius factor in my chart (no Pisces at all!). I usually focus on the stelliums, sun, moon, rising etc. Is my chart/life even affected that much with just a single factor? When I read this article my instinct is yes, because I’m predicting a big move in the next few months (my partners job likely to change) and I’ll have to make new friends. I’m also very picky about who I let into my life. And my lifelong friends / most genuine friendships are still in the place I grew up. Also, a newer friend has recently presented a job opportunity that is possibly transformative. With a singular aspect in Aquarius is it still possible to experience all these things in your article or is something else at play? I’d love any insight. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Even one factor in Aquarius is centre stage in 2021 and then again from the year 2023. Salacia at 7 Aquarius is a symbol of friendships and a social life which successfully exists in two different worlds. There is nothing particularly regular, ordinary or normal about the people or the groups, as they tend to pull you into an alternative universe. Salacia lived in the sea and also on the seashore. She was never on dry land with the rest of the population and inhabited her own space, which had an other-worldly quality. Sometimes Salacia in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is the hallmark of people who are in scuba diving groups, or poetry groups, or bands where there are plenty of drugs around. It’s about departure and escape, not normality. Having Saturn go over 7 Aquarius was a tough wake-up call. You also had Jupiter go over 7 Aquarius so that was your friend giving you an opportunity. When Pluto goes to 7 Aquarius, slowly approaching from the year 2023 onwards, your friends and groups will empower you in a way not possible in over 240 years.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for writing a detailed and insightful post!
    Having changed jobs recently AND having bought a new home, I am dealing with a “all change” situation. Being the sun Virgo everything comes down to body and mind.
    I have recently re-joined the Badminton group which used to be my favorite social circle pre-COVID. All new people now…we are playing in a new Badminton court..all new budding friendships. What can you say about what this will lead to?

    1. Thank you. You have a new home and job and potential new friends in your Badminton group. It’s a very air sign sport. It relies on shuttlecocks which are as light as a feather and resemble birds as they fly through the currents. It’s hard to play on a windy day, but the air signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are so similar, as they circulate freely, in a light and easy way, and give each other a great deal of space. They can be blown about, too. Within your group and the other teams you play, you will find Gemini, Libra and Aquarius people who remind you to keep moving and never get too close. That is an air sign request. In return you tend to get easy, breezy, light and easy gatherings which may be just what you need.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Waving from NJ. Hope you are well.

    Thanks for this!

    I do have a stellium in Aquarius, Moon at 24 and Ceres and Descendant at at 25. Make total sense with the work that I do.

    A new friend has popped up. Actually first met them at a Winter Solstice celebration, a fire spinner and artist, but our paths have crossed within the last six weeks with some creative opportunities, some community, some with me following up finally after that first meeting. I was invited to stop by their studio in the winter. I knew these community opportunities were coming, so I was being proactive in seeing potential collaborations outside of the community. These one on one collaborations are focused on creative opportunities in transforming their community.

    I don’t know anything about their chart yet, now reading this, some perspective about this bolt of Uranus is in place. The opportunities in their community are nature related,

    Sp, thank you for this. Now to get some chart info!


    1. An Aquarius stellium is usually seen in childhood or adolescence as this is how boys learn the art of friendship. Aquarian friendship is there for its own sake. There is no ulterior motive. The only real motive that can ever be seen is the desire to find common ground with people power so that a mutual goal can be achieved for the common good. Scorpio friendship is about sex or money; quite different! Libra friendship is always about partnership or the pursuit of the duet – Libra prefers ‘two’ to groups. Leo friendship is about being courted and having people ‘pay court.’ Yet Aquarius friendship is altruistic and idealistic and quite sincere. It also has a remote, distant quality and never has the emotional complications you see with other signs as it is never really that intimate or complex. The new friend who arrived on the Winter Solstice did so with classic timing, if we are talking about Winter 2020, as the Jupiter and Saturn ingress in Aquarius was moving into your Eleventh House. What you two share this year and perhaps later will be classically Aquarian in nature, Jeff.

  16. Hi Jess
    Hope you are well ? I have no Aquarius stelliums in my chart but since covid I have taken redundancy from my previous job and even tho there is still contact with Some of my old work friends it’s not often and after nine years together I do miss them . In saying that the old team is mostly gone now anyway. I don’t have many friends and tend to think of people as extended family almost after a while .. I had made the decision that I needed to make more time to meet new people and then covid hit . I am part of your astrology group as well as a few more but zoom isn’t quite the same is it ? Anyway I guess my question is , will I manage to find some people I can connect with soon ? I have tried but something feels like it’s missing . Thanks for your time and see you hopefully on the Leo Weather catch up. . I work from 830 am so may not be able to stay long .is there a chance of doing it at different times in the future ..l know your trying to cater to many time zones .take care …

    1. Thank you. Zoom isn’t as great as in-person gatherings, but hybrid events can work well, and I have one in Melbourne and Auckland, but also with you on Zoom and YouTube if you want to come by. This will help you find people you have something in common with. I always suggest that viewers then go to Twitter and follow me and The Astrology Show, as our two hubs are good places to slowly connect and communicate with others. Twitter friendships, depending on geography, can then move into the real world. The Leo Weather event is at an odd time, I know, but we had to fit in three countries. I still hope that in the Twitter after-discussion (and the usual Twitter follower exchanges) you can find at least one potential new friend.

  17. Morning Jessica, Hope you are well. In the past, I used to read less closely articles such as this on Aquarius, not feeling particularly Aquarian. But I am learning the interconnectedness of life. And on reading the article, I then drew the Queen of Wands card for the first time, which affected me deeply. The ginger cat, my childhood cat that I had to leave at home when I started adulting at 18. The black cat being the cat of my single life, which I had to leave behind when I married, and will always represent leaving some of my self behind. So I knew the Aquarian article was important. And I had spoken yesterday with a dear childhood friend (10/3/66 – birth time unknown), who has forever led an unorthodox, single woman, natural healing and earth spiritual life. While separated by distance for decades, we have always connected as friends and leading parallel lives the recent years, supporting one another thru care implications for ageing parents and dealing with estates. We are both moving towards more self sufficient lifestyles, not quite off the grid, but certainly lifestyles with less friction with the earth. And my friend spoke of no longer selling agricultural equipment that had belonged to her late father, but keeping them to share amongst the local community (quite Aquarian in philosophy). I hope that for my Piscean friend, who is still going thru care issues and angst for multiple parents (adoptive and natural), that she has some periods in which to feel calm and quietness again.

    1. Yes, the Queen of Wands in Tarot is a symbol of the single woman. Classically, the single woman with a cat. You married and left all that behind. Yet she has come back to you again, in the cards, and lo and behold you have a dear childhood friend who has just popped up again. She has had an alternative existence, and although she is separated by distance, you feel a kinship there. She is living out the Aquarian philosophy by sharing her late father’s farming equipment with the community. A classically Eleventh House pursuit.

  18. Hello Thankyou for this interesting article, hoped this topic would come up. Is there other things you suggest to counteract Sun Taurus, Moon Aquarius square 23, other than charity work? – could’ve died from abuse & overwork. Yrs self help groups, long/short courses, activities etc; groups just not me. Want close best friend, can pour heart out to each other & go on outings with. Don’t do social media, nor have own internet – online groups/zoom not for me.
    People just use me for info re the course etc how met them, then when their use for me is over, so too is the friendship. I want real friends!

    Also Chiron 22 Aries – don’t wear make-up, blow dry hair, do nails etc. People project societal myths & norms onto me (don’t realise low income & think I’ve emotional support), guess that’s how that comes to life.

    What astrology factors are good for making new friends?
    Do you use astrology to manage your friendships? Thankyou

    1. The Taurus-Aquarius square is usually about ‘time is money’ with friends and groups, and of course being a social animal can cost, once you add up taxis, a round of drinks and the rest. Some friends are expensive to keep up with. There may also be the issue of friends, or potential friends, lacking your same values. They may be socialists and you may be a capitalist at heart. Taurus-Aquarius also shows up as friends who can be stubborn (Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs) about their life budgets. Splitting the bill at a group restaurant outing is an example of that. It’s hard to say more without a chart in front of me. If you want new friends, use the free internet at the library to find other people like you, who dislike the internet. Or – the library notice board. Gemini/Sagittarius rules communication and libraries both, and with the Nodes there until January 2022, every month with trines to the Aquarius Moon, which rules friends, you have two chances of about a day each time, to meet new people.

  19. Hi Jessica! Thank you for another insightful post.

    I have no planets in Aquarius but it falls in my second house. I know it won’t be until 2023 or 2024 (?) before Pluto enters Aquarius but I am mentally and financially preparing it already as it will oppose my Sun, Moon, all conjunct Jupiter in Leo. I currently feel lost and directionless and my business is stagnant at the moment but I’m curious if Pluto in Aquarius will my boost my finances, or if it will manifest as losing it all.

    1. A Leo stellium under opposition from transits in Aquarius is really about children. This may be a godson. It may be sons or daughters, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Sometimes Millennials or young adults are the story, because you teach them (say) or entertain them, or have unpaid/paid work involving that generation. So this will be about that – your Fifth House. The Leo-Aquarius axis is not about business, nor is it about money per se, but it is important to know about the impact on your Fifth House. You can see Sun Leo J.K.Rowling going through this now, as Saturn in Aquarius has been slowly on the road to opposition to her Sun, since December 2020. Her very particular situation involves the young Harry Potter cast and her Potter fans, who have broken with her over the issue of men wanting access to women’s change-rooms, and public lavatories, as they identify as women. (As far as I can tell on Twitter anyway, that seems to have been a central reason for the split). I am not sure if your business interests involve teenagers or Millennials, but if they do, then just like J.K. Rowling you will have to figure out a way forward, with or without, those younger faces.

  20. Hi Jessica
    I found that my friends that function in a group do not belong in my life anymore, as i dont agree with their “group thinking” . I am very free person and dont like to be around possessiveness which has created trouble with friendships. I am curious if the Age of Aquarius will be more free spirit friendship as my character or do I need to reevaluate how much effort i put in friendships? Thank u

    1. You will actually find the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transits of Aquarius ask you to completely rethink friendship. You have a long past with certain friends, because you went through a really long transit (or they did) with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius years ago. Now, you may need to reduce the circle. Lose some people completely or mostly. Find friends who are in line with your views, values and beliefs these days – which are dramatically different to those you had some years ago. You have found out who you are and need to be with people who are in tune with that. Change can sometimes be uncomfortable and I don’t think Saturn in your Eleventh House is helping the comfort, but at the same time, you must do – what you must do. Only you can decide who/what is worth your time and tolerance levels and how much to overlook. In some cases you will have lines you cannot cross so those people will have to slide away (or if you are Enya, sail away!)

  21. Hello Jessica,

    I am pisces however I have an Aquarius stelium (Mars, Venus, Saturn and lilith asteroid) – I can relate with everything you said.

    So many of my friends look different and even having different groups (astrology group, university friends, neighbourhood friends etc) I feel the change in all of them! Some definitely appear to be here to stay however some others have changed completely and distanced themselves..

    Thank you for this amazing article! All the best for you and all the readers, looking forward for a new and a better future!


    1. Barbara, your Aquarius stellium is driving the bus at the moment. (I am not sure why you are using Lilith, though, she is not part of the astrological family tree). The Aquarius journey in August-December will help you pick up new friends who get on the bus – and they are so worth your time. Thank you for your kind words.

  22. Thanks for your very quick response Jessica. It’s much appreciated. And regarding the NHS – I will definitely be watching what happens there with interest!!

  23. This is uncanny Jessica. Two former close friends got back in touch after some years during the period Nov 2020 Mar 2021. Seeing the degrees there were then, the node at 20 degrees which matched my Aesculpia in Aqua at 20 degrees in Nov and in March 21 , Saturn was at about 8 Aquarius near natal Salacia at 10 Aquarius and natal 10 deg Minerva in Taurus.
    I really am not a group person or much friends groups person and have Salacia (10), Fortuna (12) and Aesculpia (20) in Aquarius. I just couldn’t and still can’t get back to them. Times have changed, I have changed, I feel I can no longer connect with them..

    1. Astrology is working when it is uncanny. You have walked the Aquarius path and it has lined up exactly with your chart. The classic statement of an Aquarius type is just as you say – times change, you change, you can no longer connect. The ‘times change’ part of the equation is crucial here, as we are in such an intense phase on this planet. It’s not unlike the Second World War, in terms of its massive impact on lives, jobs, relationships, money. And it is life or death for many. Out of this comes a big wake-up call about values. Friendships now are decided upon values. That takes us into ethics, morals and ideas about right and wrong. The Uranus squares to your Aquarius factors are all about that. Who remains in your life? Those who match your values.

  24. Hi Jessica, I was excited to see you shared insights on this topic, as the timing of my experience with my former boyfriend seems to very much match with times you mentioned above. My ex, however, is a Sagittarius/Capricorn signature, and only has Juno and Salacia in Aquarius. So does it mean that it is me as an Aquarian who have influenced the sudden split between us?
    I also am curious about your sharing about Jupiter in Aquarius for a chance to work on improvements between Aug – Dec this year, but those stars in Aquarius indicated “letting go”. Should we treat the split of friendship during this time as a time to work on, or a time to heal and let go would you suggest please? Thank you.

    1. Love and sex are not really about Aquarius, but you have had a sudden split which you are obviously affected by, so need answers. You will get them in July, August this year as there is a puzzle about this person, or perhaps a former lover before him, which is still missing a few pieces. You will know more over the next five or six weeks. You can either have a talk/email and be given some information or it will reach you through other means. The Sun in Leo from around July 23rd, depending on your time zone, will illuminate, highlight and expose who he is – how you were together – how things are to be in future. With friendship in general, you can use Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House to let go of people who you no longer like so much, and replace them with new friends who are more in tune with you. Just be aware that 2022 will really test out those friendships you either kept or made, and from 2023 they once again become far more complex and powerful in your life. So, you really have to handpick people because you are on a marathon journey with them.

  25. Wow @Jessica this is fascinating. I have Mars, Juno, Vulcano and North Node in Aquarius. Recently a Cancerian friend has cut me due to sour grapes in me getting a job she clearly hoped she’d get. It’s been upsetting to lose her friendship after 10 years. I have embraced technology during the pandemic and loved working from home even though I was someone who previously loved going into the office but I am finding it hard to meet new social friends – will that change?

  26. Wow @Jessica this is fascinating. I have Mars, Juno, Vulcano and North Node in Aquarius. Recently a Cancerian friend has cut me due to sour grapes in me getting a job she clearly hoped she’d get. It’s been upsetting to lose her friendship after 10 years. I have embraced technology during the pandemic and loved working from home even though I was someone who previously loved going into the office but I am finding it hard to meet new social friends – will that change?

    1. Thank you. I’m afraid you are feeling the full weight of Saturn in Aquarius, as you have a stellium in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendship. As Saturn passes through, you will feel the usual reality check – and it’s not always easy. A jealous Cancerian friend has cut you, after ten years, because you have what she wants. You will replace her or she will apologise and make good. That’s a given. It’s not personal, as you realise. She is trying to break free, psychologically and emotionally, and cutting out friends from the past is one way she is doing it. You are not the only one. Do all you can to use August-December to make new friends. If a friend introduces you to someone, follow up. Jupiter, back in Aquarius for a short time, is a gateway and a path that can only turn up every 12 years. So try not to be upset about someone who has her own unknowable reasons for her own bad behaviour. That is not your circus and those are not your ponies. It’s so hard to let go but you need to find someone else. If she does the right thing and apologises and makes good, that’s wonderful. Yes, it can happen on a Jupiter transit, but if it doesn’t – there will be a new face.

  27. Hello Jessica!
    In addition to raising my own children, im babysitting now but it’s not as frequent work as I need to leave my unhealthy relationship.
    My younger children are happy for me to leave their father as they can see how sad I am, however I don’t want to burden them with my need for emotional support!
    Do you see any people coming into my life for emotional or physical support to help me navigate this time with more ease and less stress? Thank you x

    1. You have some issues with time and energy which I may have written about before. Friends can indeed get you through divorce and single parenthood, but there are 24 hours in a day and you need to reallocate them, if you are to be the friend – who has friendship offered in return. In other words, friendship is like a bank. Not that anyone is counting, but you do have to put in, to withdraw. A bad marriage and children as well, to take care of, takes up your hours, days, weeks and also your emotional and physical power. So, on the most basic level, everything starts with a new routine and lifestyle (best adopted from late August through September) which enables you to work, earn money and be a friend – or be part of a group which can help. This is Virgo and Sixth House territory.

  28. Hi Jessica, thank your for this insightful article. Looking at my chart, I have the Moon, Saturn, Apollo and Dina in Aquarius. Friendships and acquaintances have been a shift over the last several years in my life. First, my best friend’s husband was asshXXle trying to touch my 15 year old daughter back in 2015 and we had to get away from that relationship for both my family and hers even though we did not let her know what happened and it made it worse and tough as we we very, very close. Secondly, being married to my job, I was connected closely with my work team that I had built over 10 years and when I retired, I felt the disconnect esp when the team had issues with new management and I had to stay at an arms length for all to grow and hurt from the absence of seeing the team that I had built. Then the pandemic cut off my connection with the people I consult at now which I am slowly reviving and feeling good about it. During the pandemic, the friends we had when our children were toddles, got together and now have become travel buddies and enjoy the relationship. My friends and family in India have been now from a distance as I cannot travel to India anytime soon. I long to make new contacts and friends as I miss that part of my life which has experienced a huge void since 2017 – painful and sometimes wrong acquaintances that I had to let go of because of extenuating circumstances. I am a people person. I would be so obliged if you can view my chart and see how the Aquarius and other factors like Scorpio affect me during the next few years. Thank you as always.

    1. You have an Aquarius stellium in the Eleventh House of friendship and Saturn is in there too, which is always hard work. Your best friend’s husband tried to sexually molest your young teenage daughter and sadly, that friendship has suffered, as you kindly protected her from the truth but had to get away. That is very tough. You then had to lose friends from work because of politics with management. After that, the pandemic isolated you from friends – India being a case in point. You now want to start again. You can and will, and actually July-December is the time. Do whatever you need to do, while Jupiter is in Aquarius, as this is a symbol of vast repair work, opportunities, benefits and expansion in astrology. No matter how dire a situation has been, it can come good. Next year, when only Saturn is in Aquarius, you will have more tests with friends and groups. A marathon and an obstacle course combined, like a long Olympics event. You can and will take this on, as you have that sort of chart. The only caveat is, make sure each friend is handpicked and worth it. This may be an old friendship, revived, or a new person in your world. In 2022 in particular you need to absolutely weigh the value of a friend because you will have to work hard and be patient. From 2023 the situation eases up and you then realise that one friendship feels more like a marriage or a work relationship. In fact it may become more important than either. For now, though, use July-December if you can.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    What an amazing article…
    I’m sun Aries but have 7 factors in Aquarius (5° Salecia, 6° Psyche, 6° Fortuna, 14° Bacchus, 15° Vulcano, 25° Juno, and 28° Ceres).
    Over past couple of years I’ve eliminated numerous people from my circle….
    I became a mother in 2018 at 43 and instead of rooting me, motherhood made me braver to look at myself and the people I I associate with and I made a startling discovery-since childhood I was repetedly associating myself with people that would use my kindness and generosity for their gain, eg financial, offloading of their problems, social when they were lonely, etc. Once they got what they wanted, they would either just drop me or would turn nasty towards me and then drop me. So, I eliminated many associates and am looking for new friends, once that will cherish and support me as well. What are my chances?
    In 2018 I even discovered my brothers (IB born 12 Nov 1971; PB born 12 Dec 1972) stole my inheritance and when I asked for it back, they turned nasty and we no longer speak. Am I likely to ever see that inheritance back and use it for what it was intended: buy a property in Zagreb (Croatia)? It would fulfill my mother’s last wish for me and set my heart at rest…
    Some of my close female friends from school have also distanced themselves from me since then. I suspect my brothers have spread stories about me but tbh I haven’t even askedthem. I have no love left for my brother though.
    I’ve also been dropped by some long term professional acquaintances and I still don’t know why. So, set up a business of my own in pharmaceuticals and it’s booming and I would like at least some business relations to last or even become greater. Any chance of it?
    My daughter is a bright little girl (born 27 Apr 2018 at 19:20) is doing okeish at her kindergarten but we’re hoping to put her to local private school for better and wider education. Any idea if we’ll succeed?
    My husband (born 25 Sep 1961) who’s been a tower of strength for me for over 25 years is about to leave his permanent job (scientific manufacturing) as it’s draining the life out of him and look for a post in Scientific research. What are his chances? I’d love to see him happy at work again.
    Thanks you.

    1. Thank you! You have an Aquarius stellium and have been dealing with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius since Christmas 2020, eliminating people from your circle. You were tired of being used, either by people who wanted your money, or just wanted you to provide free therapy or counselling. You were dropped or even insulted and criticised afterwards. No wonder you have had enough of certain faces in your social life. You wonder if friends have believed stories about you, spread by your brothers, who took your inheritance. You do have rather a lot of questions, so I will restrict them to friendship. (Family and work are different matters and have nothing to do with these Aquarius cycles). Basically you are now being shown what friendship is, and what it is not. You are also being shown that it can be as serious and as important as a marriage, all by itself. Friends are not a rung below husbands or even parents. They have their own rightful space. So, friendship has to be examined and explored in 2021, 2022 and particularly after 2023 when you begin to see friends making massive decisions about their lives. You are now in a cycle when less is more. We live in an age when we can have hundreds or even thousands of friendly acquaintances on Twitter. People we have never met, but who like us, and whom we like. We may never in fact ever meet at all! Along comes a Jupiter and Saturn transit in Aquarius, the sign of friendship, to show you that it is far better to have a handful of people around you than more than you can count on both hands. This is the new world. And the usual Aquarian rules apply. Do unto others. Give space and insist on space, too. Mutual respect and tolerance. Never too close. Never crossing the line of communal friendship into (say) sex, or money, or politics, or power, or any other game-playing. Aquarius rather resists games. The key to friendship is to reject anyone who treats you in a way that you would never yourself try. So, for example, if a friend says something vicious – which you would never yourself say to her – you really need to set limits. There is a good old-fashioned rule about three strikes. Three strikes and you are out. On a Saturn and Jupiter cycle in the sign of friendship perhaps you need to set a few boundaries in your life. Why should you have friends around you who do not behave like friends? Well, exactly.

  30. Dear Jessica,

    friends and groups were always one of the most difficult and harmfull fields of my life.

    Ceres 15 and Chiron 27 in Aquarius
    Uranus 24 in conjuction with Moon 27 and Fortuna 27 in Leo.

    And a new friend/date born on 28th/1/1969 has been landed in the end of 2020/beginning 2021 in my life.

    What will be the perspective in general with friends and specifically with him? Shall I let him go? or keep going believing in miracles?


    1. Vivi, you have been challenged by friends and groups for your whole life and found quite harmful situations. You also wonder if you should persist with a new friend. Your chart shows some Leo-Aquarius issues so let’s look at them in more detail. The reality is that Leo is the Queen of the court and sometimes you will make friends with people who also want to be Queen (or King). You suit a leading role but others may also feel that throne is theirs, so you can run into ego, pride and sometimes outright narcissism. Given the polarity of Leo-Aquarius this means you have to look in the mirror too, to see if you are too firmly entrenched in Leo behaviour yourself. Leo the lion, and lioness, can dominate like Madonna – or growl like J.K. Rowling. I am sure you know about this zodiac sign. Some people are very happy to pay court, and some are not. Aquarius rules the knights at the round table. Leo is King Arthur. The lion can attract jealousy, disloyalty and also rivalry; others seek to dislodge the King or take his Queen. These myths can be quite useful in understanding Aquarius-Leo. The perfect outcome is a circle of people who respect, value and trust their Queen or King – who in turn courageously and heroically leads them – and is generous to them. It is worth any amount of time, trouble and patience to acquire that, Vivi. And you can be monarch or courtier – try both roles with different people. The 1969 Aquarian is worth questioning and investigating in July, August. There are no miracles, as you say, but at least you will find out where you stand and what is going on. Now is the time as there is no better period in 2021 to get to the truth – whatever that might be. You need to know, don’t you?

  31. Me: 9 Oct 1986, 8:13am Tamworth, NSW and former friend: 5 May 1967, time unknown, Moree, NSW. I’ve been hoping for years the former can be dropped and we can become friends again?

    1. There are some issues here that you do not know about, involving your former friend, from the long eclipse cycle of 2017, 2018, 2019. You have been left in the dark and unfortunately may never know the full story about her – or with her. You could try to contact her, in July and August. See what happens but don’t hold your breath. It is possible that there are reasons you just don’t know about, which got in the way of the friendship. If nothing comes, let it go – but there’s a chance.

  32. As always, thank you for putting out so many intriguing and thoughtful articles 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about the topic of friendships quite a lot over the past year or so because there have been some strange out-of-the-blue incidents that have prompted me to rethink my connection with various people.

    After I lost my mother in August 2017, I could count on one hand the amount of people who reached out to me afterwards.. I know people find that aspect awkward, but still. One nice woman sent me a break-up text three months after my mother died, because *I* hadn’t called *her* after the funeral. I don’t miss that person particularly, but that was so incredibly vile and low. (Never use a Cancerian’s mother for a nasty purpose).

    I had a long-lost college friend contact me a few weeks ago accusing me of libel and who threatened to contact my workplace to say I was doing XYZ. I pushed back hard on that and she disappeared; never followed through on that threat. Again, this was someone I used to be close to, but she left town after a break-up in 2007, unfriended everyone on social media, and I never heard from her again until recently. I would have loved to talk to someone from the uni group about it, but I realised I don’t fully trust any of them with this information.

    At the same time, I can feel myself say “screw ’em all” (some Leo pride across from my Salacia in Aquarius, I guess) but I mourn what we had, and I manage my expectations accordingly. I still feel a bit bummed out about it all the same.

    1. Thank you very much. Losing your mother showed you who your friends were (and who you no longer wanted in your life). It sounds as if you have been running the gauntlet, firstly with a narcissist who could not deal with the fact that you had not telephoned her after your mother’s funeral, and now with a college friend who, since university, has been behaving oddly. This sounds like a mental health issue, doesn’t it? She is acting out Saturn. Saturn in the Eleventh House of your chart, in the sector of friendships and social media, arrived with a bang last Christmas and is with you for quite some time. Saturn is often paranoid. I should explain: when you have a transit, it is sometimes the case that the planetary archetype arrives as a person. All we have known about Saturn for 2000 years, is that he is a symbol of paranoia and self-sabotage, at his most extreme. So when he arrives in your Eleventh House of old and new friends, it can be like having a really unwelcome guest who affects the atmosphere and the unity between people. She cut off friends on social media in a sweeping way so something is up. I am sure you can see an echo of paranoia in the friend who broke things off with you, because you’d not called her. She was insecure about that. Saturn is awfully insecure. Something that will really help you is educating yourself about friendship and people in general. The best way through a transit of Saturn is always to read. To learn. To seek advice. Sometimes to seek professional help. Saturn is associated with education. He was taught – and then taught others. Some astrologers call him a teacher, still. So rather than muddle through and feel either angry or mournful about these people, it would benefit you to borrow a library book or have a quick look at YouTube to find a psychologist to walk you through these situations. This is the right time. Jupiter goes back into Aquarius as July ends and until December you will have opportunities to hugely improve things. Just be cautious about letting friends or groups into your life, or back into your life, unless you are absolutely sure of what is coming. The Tarot can help you with that. For example, it may be better to let these two people slide, rather than persist. It’s up to you, of course, but unfortunately Saturn shows us reality, and the reality is – friends can change. Yes, they can develop mental health issues. Yes, that will show up as odd behaviour or bad behaviour. Saturn is very much associated with depression and anxiety, both, and you may not want that in your space.

  33. Once again Jessica your words bring us all the exact things we need know and hear. Thank you so much.
    I feel you just wrote my story, and I am certain you can fill in some blanks. I have three family members two who are brothers, and the other is a sis-in law. My political thoughts and opinions don’t agree with theirs.
    Oh, we can’t dismiss the ex Aquarian boyfriend that
    has a way of showing up that is not acceptable. The letting go really resonated with me.
    I suppose some experiences are just that !
    I was wanting to retire and work part time as I am an infant massage educator. My infant massage organization has gone through many changes, as you can well imagine.
    Could you offer any thoughts or insights that may help me navigate these challenging yet liberating times ? Thank you again and be well.

    1. Thank you very much for this kind feedback. You are thinking about letting go of people and probably unsure, but there is no rush. Saturn takes a long time to transit your Eleventh House of friendship. You also have family issues so for that, we look to your solar chart. As a Sun Aquarius you have Uranus, the planet of radical change, taking an even longer time to move around your horoscope. Uranus entered your family zone in May 2018 and remains until the year 2026. Your brothers, sister-in-law and even a former boyfriend (once part of the family) are challenging you to change. Uranus actually rules Aquarius as you probably know. The typical Uranus transit is full of sudden upheaval and unexpected freedom, as well as a fair amount of shock. The classic example of this is the stop-start nature of the pandemic with Uranus in Taurus an its impact on shopping (Taurus rules supermarkets and retail). Once minute we are out and about; the next we are inside. In your solar chart, you have this lightning bolt effect with the family instead. So, ongoing, you can expect the family tree to blow in the wind, shake and maybe lose a few leaves or even branches. You will do extremely well with your part-time infant massage education. As you say, liberating times: you will use the new technology as well as inventions we don’t even know about yet, to help your business.

  34. Hi Jess
    I have a couple of planets in Aquarius, Venus & Mercury. My life over the past few years has changed dramatically regarding friendships! I cannot believe I’m the same person! I used to thrive on interaction with others…now I am sooo content being by myself I actually prefer it! Any insights as I’ve found during this past year I’ve really wanted to be by myself more and more. Thankyou Nikki

    1. Nikki, you are experiencing Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, which can feel like having a new tenant in a house, too. Houses in astrology are rather like houses in the real world. Once a planet enters or makes an ingress, he moves in for the duration. So, into your house of friends and groups, comes a tenant who is pessimistic about the future, cautious, methodical, rather fearful (with good reason) and very keen on defence and protection rituals. This does rather sound like COVID-19 doesn’t it? However, there is more to your new solo lifestyle than just this. You also have another tenant, Neptune, in your Twelfth House of self-discovery, religion, self-help, spirituality, psychology, the psychic world, mediumship, dream interpretation, hypnosis and therapy. He is a tenant who thrives on escapism and departure from the real world. When he arrives, the atmosphere changes dramatically so that your Twelfth House becomes a place of alternative realities. I suspect you are going between the houses, given your astrological chart. Wanting to be alone and feeling sensitive to others’ presence and personality is a sure sign of Saturn-Neptune. Sometimes the sensitivity makes it necessary to excuse yourself. That’s another reason.

  35. Hello Jessica!

    Thank you for another wonderful article! I have recently been speaking more frequently with my best friend (31-Mar-1962, Saturn, Moon, SN in Aquarius) by telephone (life circumstances pulled us apart geographically in 1999/2000); we are very psychically/energetically connected, but neither of us really understands why or how, just very grateful our friendship has endured through time and distance. Neither one of us has been particularly fond of conversing any other way but in person, and until Covid, I had gone home for a visit once a year, and we made up for lost time best as we could. I have goosebumps at the timing of my conversation today with my friend about worldly and astrological things, and then finding this article today … syncronicity!

    On another note (no pun intended!), if I may also ask, I am in a band and, with things opening up where I am, we have a gig booked for August 20 (we had several booked last and early this year, all cancelled). This group/music has been an important part of my life but I am conflicted about our/my future. I would love to hear your thoughts about this and my *sudden* need/desire to chat weekly with my friend — is it all just Covid circumstances or something more? I have Ceres in Aquarius … hmmmm. Weirdly, the song “Torn Between Two Lovers” just popped into my head … I think your musical references are rubbing off! ;). For added curiosity, the name of the establishment is “Buster’s” 🙂

    I have so many other questions, but perhaps your Leo weather event will shed more light! Thank you so much for your time! Be well!


    1. Thank you, S. There is synchronicity at work here, as you say. Your best friend has been talking to you about astrology and you have just found this story on friendship and Aquarius factors. You are in a band, which is classically Aquarian and you are playing on 20th August after a long time away from music. We are in Aquarian weather, now, as much as Leo weather as we have Jupiter back in Aquarius and Saturn there, for the long-term. We also have a Full Moon in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo, on the horizon. If you have Ceres in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups, then you know all about sharing the power, influence and control on stage. Bands usually have to sort this out, don’t they? Queen split all royalties evenly between them, even if the media did tend to interview Freddie Mercury and spend less time on Roger Taylor. Ceres is a symbol of enforced compromise and (usually) the sharing of turf or territory. I suspect the outcome of your August plans will be a new deal within your group, spoken or unspoken, to share differently. It may even literally be the space on the stage.

  36. Dear Jessica,

    Hope you are hanging in there with the resurgence in Australia. Even if you don’t get past this sentence or respond to this post, I wanted to say many thanks for your work. Your posts have really helped a lot of people during COVID. Also, regarding COVID being a bioweapon – there is increasing evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 is likely a lab escape gain of function experiment.

    This post is timely as I had a recent falling out with an elderly across the hall neighbour, who is vaccinated with AstraZeneca and had told me about a month ago that she regrets her vaccine choice. TL;DR – I mentioned in passing that so far, not all the vaccines are equally efficacious against the more contagious variants, so prudence in reopening society is advised. As a former scientist, I didn’t see this as controversial topic, as I deal in fact to mitigate risk. She then accused me of saying that people with the AstraZeneca vaccine are second class citizens! Talk about gaslighting. Now this neighbour isn’t talking to me except in a group chat with our other down the hall neighbour – who is an epidemiologist and has been really limiting her in person interactions in part because of her elderly parents, in part because she sees the pandemic’s dangers and that a return to normal is not safe – and when that same epidemiologist neighbour is around in the lobby. TBH, at this point, I only want a “make the polite noises” relationship with the across the hall neighbour. But I do want to stay friends with the other neighbour – she is a good, good person. I also want peace, as we all live on the same floor in an apartment building, but I am the newcomer to the group, so the odds may not be on my side. I wanted to see if you foresaw any strife at home in my chart?

    The other friendship point is that I’m looking to change jobs shortly, in part because of a toxic work environment. Our boss is also now pressuring those at risk for severe COVID (including myself and a pregnant staffer) to return to the office in September, when we can and have been doing our jobs remotely for the past year. I had a stress-related health scare last week that I had to disclose some details to my boss about, and am concerned because of a confidential job posting that she is now looking to replace me once I pushed back on the volume of work, which is the reason I had the health scare to begin with. I work in a field where everyone knows everyone else, and am concerned that my boss may try to badmouth me to make it difficult to find another job. Ironically, the job posting was forwarded to me by a close friend who’ve I’ve been romantically involved with. He has my back.

    Any insights you can provide, I would really appreciate them. My Aquarius placements are below. In any event, as always, Jessica, many thanks for your time and insights. Stay safe.

    DESC 11° Aquarius 27′ 10″
    Salacia 07° Aquarius 41′ 39″

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate them as I get back to work this afternoon. You are experiencing Saturn in Aquarius as he makes a rare conjunction with Salacia in Aquarius, and then your Descendant. Saturn can only do this every 29 years and it can feel very heavy. Saturn rules lead, as you probably know. So a weighty, leaden feeling to the atmosphere with friends, or the group, is typical. This is now taking place with neighbours. You are all on the same floor and you are new to the building. This also strays into Gemini (neighbours) and Cancer (your apartment) so you will not be surprised to hear that you are in cycles which trigger both those signs as well. This does end. You are all under pressure, is the short answer. This pandemic is making people over-react to matters which loom large, when normally they would be far smaller. So it’s not your fault, and perhaps it is not theirs either. Purely from a home point of view, this ends in January. For whatever reason the actual block/apartment/floor situation itself is no longer an issue for you whatsoever. So that’s not too far away. You have other neighbours and in fact more faces in your neighbourhood who deserve your time and energy, and you deserve theirs. You will find they come into your life, or re-emerge, in surprising and sudden, unique and unusual ways. You may actually connect online though you are streets or doors away and it will be a relief for you. At work, you are also dealing with the pandemic. Your boss wants you back at work. You feel vulnerable. You are worried about your boss badmouthing you. By the third week of August you will have done all your homework, research and talking about this matter. Not just the work but also your health situation. It will take a bit of fancy footwork but you can achieve what you need to. Your boss has to be pulled back to your health condition and likewise, the pregnant colleague. Later on, once you are past this flurry of activity, you can look forward to your whole career situation lifting and no longer bothering you – again in January. I am not sure why January matters, but it looks like a combination of both home and work matters vanishing for you. They either go, or you just no longer care any more – that can happen too.

  37. Thank you so much for your insightful and detailed readings. My south node is in Aquarius. I’ve found that most of my friendships have been illusions – never quite belonging to any group. Wondering what the celestial weather means for me.

    1. The South Node shows karma from previous lives and so you have known people before in this lifetime, who were part of a group with you. Aquarian groups tend to be for the good of the community, or the society, so it may have been a charity or political party. The South Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is automatically opposite the North Node in Leo in the Fifth House, so there are frequently issues about children, drawing in friends. Friends who make you a godparent, for example, and the choices you must make about the friendship itself, over the course of time, as well as the connection to the child.

  38. Hi Jessica, great article and thank you again for all your generosity in answering your many readers’ questions! I’ve got lots of Aquarius factors and am wondering how you see the Aquarius astrology affecting me? Blessings

    1. Thank you very much. Well, you are about to see (or are already seeing) the great truth of the Aquarius Saturn and Jupiter cycle, which is that the greater good of the group has to come before the individual’s issues with a friend. You see this all the time with Aquarius types and perhaps you are already aware that you cannot afford to engage in a potential conflict with a friend (very likely a friend who is becoming hard work) because to do so would put a bigger community or circle in a very tricky position. If this has not already come your way it will do so by August. You have a decision to make. Usually, the strongly Aquarian type will take a deep breath, pull back, and ‘act’ his or her way through a performance to ensure that everybody is okay and that the higher, shared goal remains intact. Long-term this will work. There is a second more radical option and that is to decide that principles, ethics and ‘truth’ is far more important and that it is time to end the friendship and/or the group as it stood, or the group project and goal. That can happen too. We see a fair bit of this in politics when one member of the party finds another is difficult – has perhaps changed personality – and a massive decision must be made for the good of the wider whole.

  39. Hi Jessica

    Your article has hit the mark about changes to how we meet and zoom. Our regular meetups of drinks and dinner are now replaced by Zoom catch ups during these changing circumstances.
    Also connecting with like minded people to discuss topics of interest and moving away from the decisive topics touted by media is appearing to resonate with the article and how my life is shifting.
    My adult Aquarius sons are reconnecting with each other again and it’s interesting watching the dynamic of their relationship now.

    Thanks for another insightful article. I have my descendent, Jupiter RX, and Aesculapia in Aquarius. How’s it looking?
    Many Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Linda. Yes, Zoom (the human zoo) has replaced normal contact, so we see each other in boxes, and usually only our heads and shoulders. We are not in the wild, as we normally are, and we are not our usual selves, as we are being stared at. It’s too funny that ‘zoo’ is hidden in Zoom because it often feels as if we are a little caged or trapped, which of course we are – normally being kept indoors by government regulations. At the same time, Zoom protects us. We are not out in the world at risk. So we are a protected species, and zoos do a good job of preserving species too! You are strongly Aquarius, Linda, with Jupiter in that sign, so you gain from groups, teams, clubs, networks, communities. You also give back there, quite generously, pouring in time, energy or more. Your Descendant describes your partners in love or work and they have been (or will be) similar – often, in groups which matter to them – or you meet within a group situation. Aesculapia suggests friendships never die. They may come back from the brink. So, just when you think you have lost touch with a friend in old age, the friend returns to you. Your Aquarian sons are interesting. One of them will be so typical of the sign.

  40. Hello, Jessica

    Very interesting timing to read the article. I, like 80% of Japanese people, against the opening of Tokyo Olympic Games this week. I have a friend rather elder (25th May, 1947) who is one of a torchbearer as a celebrity. Some celebrities resigned from the torchbearer as they concerned the impact the whole game may have on healthcare system and ordinary people who won’t be able to have treatment at hospitals as it’s already overwhelmed by the pandemic. As infection numbers are dramatically increasing every day (note that there’s not much PCR testing in Japan so don’t trust the number, please), I hoped my friend would cancel to run. However I found that my friend is very happy to run for 2nd time in his life time, and is so happy to be watching the game from stadiums as a spectator, working to report the game. Their generation admire the game but my generation is not as its lost its spirit. And I was just thinking that I am not going to see the friend anymore. I want my friend to know that I am disappointed even knowing that I dont have much impact on the person. And read this article…
    Could you please read my chart? I’m ok to be disconnected with the friend but would like to meet new people in the entertainment industry. I will loose the luxury to meet interesting people but if I have to do it again, I have to do it again by myself.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you. I don’t know anybody who supports the Tokyo Olympics either. From an astrologer’s point of view, it’s madness. Saturn is in Aquarius. The tough reality check of Saturn, in the sign that rules the Olympics itself. Yes, hospitals are already overwhelmed. You are having really mixed feelings about your friend because you disagree on principle. Now, this article turns up, and you can see how the astrology is working. You are thinking about replacing your friend with somebody else and that will happen. In fact, you will have the opportunity to make a new friend who opens doors for you, between August and December. The celebrity/torch-bearer friend of yours will find others disapprove. You are not the only one. He or she has a lot of thinking to do!

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Aquarius: Venus @5, Proserpina @15, Saladin @17, Mercury @23 and Aesculapia @28. I also have Minerva @8 in Leo. Right now I am in a dilemma of two/three job options. And I do have lost a couple of friends over the past two years. How will the Aquarius weather impact me? Any suggestions on my choice of work? Thank you.

    1. The loss of friends is an unfortunate outcome of Saturn in Aquarius and this cycle can only take place every 29 years, with the conjunction of transiting Saturn to your Venus already under your belt. You have also had Saturn oppose your Minerva, which is very tough. You are still being asked to jump through hoops with the friends you have left, and perhaps with those you lost. July and August are obstacle courses, really, when you need to take a deep breath and step back from it all and get some perspective. It is easy to feel pressured by this pandemic and to get caught up in feelings and emotions of just a couple of years, rather than get perspective on the whole history of a friendship. If you still feel you need to leave things where they are, that’s fine, but by August you will at least have had the chance to make some astute judgements about these people. The three job options are not related to the Aquarius weather. You will make up your mind by the time of the Leo New Moon, though, so by the end of August you will know for sure. Your final choice will be based partly on lifestyle – so your wellbeing, health, relaxation time, daily routine. You may choose a place with discounted health insurance, for example, or a subsidised gym. Or you may choose a place where you can work a four-day week or job share. It’s on that level.

  42. Hi Jessica, Would love to know how my Aquarius stellium will be affected by this Aquarius weather and any insights about a friendship with someone who has North Node 22 and Salacia 1 in Aquarius. Is their 22 degrees related to my chart by any chance? Thanks!

    1. Yes, your chart connects at 22 degrees, so the two of you go through a story together, which changes you both as well – in different ways and for different reasons. It’s more powerful when you also have cycles at 22 degrees and you may notice that, when you check the daily planetary positions. One of your placements is Saturn at 22 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels. If this person also has the North Node and South Node at 22 degrees, that is karmic. So you have something to learn from them (Saturn) and they are karmically tied to you (the Nodes).

  43. Hi Jessica
    I have some Aquarius favors and have a child support hearing tomorrow. My child is of the age where support stops but my ex is lying now and claiming he has a mental disability (which is not true) and he cannot work (which he does). I cannot afford a lawyer and she has one. I have supported my children without fail and have paid kore than I was ordered to and am feeling manipulated and angry. She had even told My child to lie. Any insight you can give on this situation?

    1. I am very sorry you are being put through this, as child support is ending but you are not seeing justice done. I am sure you are very angry. This is not really about Aquarius, but it is about Leo, the opposite sign, and you are in Leo weather now. In fact, you should have a look at the Leo Weather feature, upcoming YouTube Premiere and Zoom as it is all about children. You, yourself, are strongly Leo. You have a stellium or unusually high number of Leo factors in the Fifth House of your chart, which rules parenthood. Can I say something? Try not to add to the drama. You could have an epic on your hands by August 2021 but it would not end the matter. It would be there again in 2022, and from 2023 it may take over your life. If you possibly can, step back from this and take a deep breath. I appreciate you must be extremely upset and I completely understand why. Yet – think about the future. Where do you think it will take you, and your child, if you engage with all guns blazing now? Your ex says your child has a mental disability and cannot work and she has paid a lawyer. You say she’s also told your child to lie. It all comes down to money in the end. Can you possibly come back to the child and look at this from the child’s point of view, and ask yourself where your son will end up, should he be pulled into a saga that goes for years? The astrology is really clear about this. You do not see the back of this in August 2021. It goes into 2022 and beyond. I would ask the Tarot about this too, if I were you, on this website, but also Your Oracle and the Astrology Oracle for three other opinions, which you generate. However, if there is anything at all you can do to nip this in the bud now, even if it pains you to do so, you may be very glad you did long-term. If you do have to pay, ask yourself what you would pay to get rid of an issue now and to avoid a potential, larger issue, later on when the child is older. What would that cost you to write something off and cut your losses? That is a radical view and not one you probably want to hear, but I have to tell you what I can see see in the astrology. Children caught up in adult war grow into people who frequently have problems and that can sometimes end up badly. So I am looking beyond 2030 here. What will reduce the potential for drama? Some people want drama. You do not have to walk on stage, or act it out. Take a second look.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is Jan. 28, 1954 at 11:04 p.m., born in Paterson NJ. I have a stellium of six planets and asteroids in Aquarius (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Diana, Minerva and Prosperina). I also have stelliums in Capricorn, Scorpio and Libra. This may seem odd to you, but I’ve never been a big group person, though I’m pretty sure I’ve felt like a global citizen since my first breath. I’ve been in corporate PR, co-managed a rock band, been a journalist, written screenplays and am now a therapist and energy healer. I’ve wished I could just fuel my passions into one thing, but not in this life time 🙂 My friendships have turned upside down. My best friend of 41 years feels more distant (a Scorpio), many friends no longer seem interesting to me, I don’t have a significant other and wonder what the future will bring. Also, the U.S. has never felt like my country, I wonder if I’ll leave, though my fabulous Sag metal band front man son is in NYC and I’m 20 minutes away. I love working with teens and young adults and feel they’ll save us from the current delusional catastrophe but yikes, what if they can’t and we slide into autocracy? The rest of my life feels like a question mark.

    1. Strongly Aquarian people are not big on groups but are around them. You co-managed a rock band, so are true to your stellium. The best example of a famous living Aquarian is Yoko Ono, who has her Sun there (John Lennon had his Moon there). Influencing The Beatles, plugging into The Beatles but always sitting in a chair at the edge of the room. Your energy healing work would show you that you can supply a group but not be inside it. You are now going through Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House and this is a test for you, extending to 2022. Your best friend is testing you. Your old friends don’t interest you, so that is another test. Your son, who is also in a band, is the clue here. He is acting out Aquarius for you, at the same time that you realise you love working with Millennials and teenagers. Make the most of July-December with this generation. They cannot do it alone and they lack money and resources, contacts and help. Aquarius is a fixed sign and you are quite fixed, for all that you have had numerous jobs. Now, you have to unfix friendship. That can feel very difficult, but you are a different person in 2021 and it is only now that you may be waking up to just how hugely you have changed in recent years. You need to keep new company. That’s not a betrayal of old friends, or even your own past. That is progress. From the year 2023 you will be heavily involved with an extremely powerful group, and come to see that 2021, 2022 were the necessary bridge to that. That group will change your life and you will supply it, as surely as Yoko supplied The Beatles.

  45. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for another great article.

    I have a very unique, interesting and profound relationship with a dear friend going back decades. They were born on October 20, 1964 at 7:30 am in Calcutta, India.

    Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Madco. The friendship/relationship in question is fated in your life, as both astrological charts chime together. You know that anyway, but it is common for people who go the distance, to share patterns in their charts. If your friend still lives in India, then the path for them in 2021, 2022 and part of 2023 is health, healing, wellness, fitness, wellbeing. They may do this for themselves or for others. I would say this even if they were not Indian (and that country is obviously in a COVID-19 crisis). Their quest now is to find empowerment through self-control and mastery of their own body, mind and spirit. You will gain from their discoveries as their new knowledge will be passed on. It is possible that there will be a major lifestyle shift for your friend, by 2023 so that they – for example – take up yoga or drop meat. It’s on that level. It may be even more profound, depending on their profession. You gain from their insights.

  46. Kia ora Jessica – I do only have DESC in Aquarius but nevertheless do feel that my friendships do change / have changed a lot in the last months. Close friends have become very distant, but on the other hand also loose or quite new friendships have become much closer… (which is nice). Is this the typical Aquarius weather or are mainly all the other changes in my life (job, move etc) to blame for these changes? Could you tell me more about me and my friend born on 10.07.1971 in Liverpool? Your comment will be very appreciated, thanks a lot.

    1. Kia ora. A Descendant in Aquarius is quite enough to feel Saturn and Jupiter in your life. The DC or Descendant describes the duets or duels, the double-acts, pairs, couples or disputes which reflect upon you. They describe your image, profile, name, reputation, appearance. So, in Aquarius, you tend to fall into both duets and duels with friends, and those in groups. A classic example is the woman who dates a man in a rock band – but also has to deal with his jealous former girlfriend. Your situation will be your own, but that is what an Aquarius Descendant is all about. Your friend born in 1971 in Liverpool is actually not after friendship at all. This person wants a relationship or marriage, in order to learn about power and control. So, you can try to keep it at friendship, but they will either want more, or by 2023 reduce time with you, to pursue an intense new partnership. This is how they find out what they are capable of. Your own friendships and the groups you belong to, will be sorted out by Christmas as you finally get the time, space and energy you have been craving to figure out where to put your priorities. You’ll be offered a new friendship, too – just right for both of you.

  47. Hi, Jessica.
    Thank you for being my beacon.
    I am a Sun Leo, Leo ascendant, Aquarius descendant. 081968
    I lost a couple of close friends recently.
    And actually, I’ve been letting go of a lot of things for the last 8 years: countries, houses, jobs, lovers…
    Now I’m in a new country, beginning a new life, and I would like to know how this Aquarius Side And Friendships To 2023 is gonna affect me.
    Grateful. Kind regards. C

    1. I am very flattered to be a beacon, thank you. You are starting again, C and you know that. Your chart shows a decline in one or two friendships, so that things are not the same. You have also been separated from friends. You have been letting go and releasing the past, which is very tough. You are allowed to feel all the emotions that go with that, but what will really help you is a routine. This is the Sixth House of your chart, which is about doing the same (good) things for yourself every day. It may be a walk in the park, or a tomato juice. The whole pattern of your day needs to be finalised, actually, as it’s still a jigsaw puzzle. Put the pieces in place now through September as you begin to have useful transits in your Sixth House. Long-term, your daily routine and lifestyle will sustain you, so that you have a solid platform from which to construct the new life. You are not the only one in your town/city who has uprooted and lost so much, and together you will find each other between now and Christmas.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Aquarius and if you have time to take a look at my chart and how the Aquarius weather may affect me. I have noticed significant changes in my friendships since the pandemic and since my marriage in 2018 really…are there more significant changes on the horizon do you think? Thank you, F

    1. Saturn’s tests of old friendships will continue in 2022. There is a very complicated story going on here with one or more friends, which began last Christmas and will still be there, this Christmas. Saturn tends to thwart or hinder friendship’s natural progress. The most obvious example of this is COVID-19. Flights are cancelled. The usual plans are scrapped. Apart from anything else, the usual contact with friends is cut back. We have landed ourselves in a pandemic with an airborne virus which thrives in crowds, indoors. That is our collective social life, isn’t it. What your new task is, F, is to identify friendships which are worth the work and effort. You will be helped a great deal by Christmas, but in 2022 you are going to need to view some friendships as virtually an Olympic event. Stamina, self-discipline, staying power and stoicism are the four S words to associate with Saturn. That is really why you have a good six months, now, to identify who is worth it and who is not. Proper friendship takes up time and energy and that is finite so you will go for quality, not quantity, in the end. Your reward is really that one friendship in particular will begin to feel as good, as a great relationship or marriage. It will become richer, deeper and more rewarding.

  49. Hello Jessica, thank you for this interesting article! I had a very puzzling and unexpected fallout with a friend, who has a very strong Aquarius stellium (mine are just Desc and Salacia). It felt like my friend took a situation, which in my opinion was just a misunderstanding, yet hurt her ego, to enormous proportions and just cut me off. This left me shocked and I just retreated from this situation and her. Given the cycle this friend is going through, should I just leave it at that and let her go through this journey by herself?

    1. Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House can end friendships forever. This can happen if the friendship served a purpose for a time, but that purpose is no longer there. Whatever you two gave to each other, is no longer the story. A different story has replaced it and it may not be particularly healthy or useful. You have that Leo-Aquarius polarity in your chart. Ascendant and Descendant. You mention ego. That is Leo. You also mention being cut off. That is Aquarius (ruled by Uranus, who was literally cut off by his own son). The Aquarius-Leo story is often about the individual finding her independence and truth by rejecting a person who led, while she followed. The story can also result in the person who was always the leader, guide, mentor or authority figure wanting the support of friendship, or needing it, then finding that game does not work for the other person. She wants nothing to do with it. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are here to change the games you play with others, or have played. You also mention shock. Again, that is Aquarius – Uranus, the ruler of that sign, is associated with sudden upheaval and also electrical shock. You have both been set free from something which restricted one or both of you. In my experience as an astrologer it is impossible to go back. Yet a new world of friendship will come for you, by Christmas.

  50. hello Jessica,
    I have recently discovered your wonderful site and am enjoying reading your articles, having been drawn to astrology all my life. I am contemplating studying it! Looks like I have Aquarius in my chart and with regards to friendships I do have a number of friends but struggle with finding and keeping that one close friendship. My sister is closest to this (Taurus). I tend to make my friends through work and then once they move on it is harder to keep the friendship going. Lots of friends I make seem to through their own circumstances then move away so seeing them is more difficult. I caught Covid last year at the start of the pandemic and been working from home ever since and whilst I am now nervous about having to return to the office in September I am missing the social connection with work colleagues. It’s taken me over a year to feel well again on top of another health problem I had before Covid so I am anxious about keeping myself safe over the coming months with return to office. I am in Uk and the opening up today seems a huge mistake to me!

    1. Thank you – I am very lucky to work with outstanding people on this website, I have to say. Studying astrology is useful for life, once you make the start. Astrology is also full of Aquarian types who have planets or other horoscope factors there, as it is about the group. I am really sorry that you have been ill with COVID-19 and missed the socialising with colleagues so much. You are also nervous about going back to work in September. I am assuming you have been double vaccinated with AstraZeneca or Pfizer? If so, your body has been trained (again) to fight back against any possible return of the virus. Your chances of being seriously ill are tiny. You also have time at home (until September) to focus on immunity. That is the thing very few people ever talk about, but the fact is, it is your immune system which does the work. Update yourself on the latest research on strong immunity. Sometimes it can sound like very boring advice – plenty of raw fruit and vegetables, good quality sleep – but it works. You are in a fantastic position to use August to get yourself up to speed. Pluto and the South Node in Virgo in your chart, at the very least, suggest you are on the planet, to master your body. Your body in astrology is inseparable from your spirit, and subconscious mind. So use your experience and this time, to lean on your Virgo side. In fact, August is the start of Virgo season and September carries you through. Have a look at your Virgo factors in your chart. Virgo also rules work, service and duty and there is nothing stopping you from exploring new work options for the future (particularly as Pluto goes to trine natal Pluto) where you have control over the hours and location. You can negotiate what you want. You may decide you want to work from home again – well, this cycle is about feeling empowered to find what you want, or ask for it. The United Kingdom is opening up now against all advice, for political reasons. That’s the truth, according to the astrology. Within that, you can find the willpower (Pluto) to run your own world.

  51. Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this article. What do you see for me. What do you think why I don’t have at list one best friend for life other than my family?

    My brother that passed away last year and his girlfriend is Aquarius I think.

    I am parted from coworkers friends as company I work for is closing and as they go is like they never existed as just a few give me personal number to keep in touch. I can’t believe it and just yesterday Friday July 17, 2021 there are 30 people going away.

    I am not on list yet however I will be on the end off the month. I am interviewing as of January but I have been rejected a lot. What is going on in the stars for me? What is this Jessica???

    What are the chances that new friends will come to my life or at list one I can share life experience?

    Will Jupiter do repair work because I am keep on keeping loosing people I know job I know. I have sister in Canada however I am in USA. Will I have opportunity to live closer to my sister.

    Do you see new job is coming for me next six months as I have multiple interviews coming and I have applied for many jobs and I am continuing with applications.

    I have these below factors in Aquarius and stellium of four factors.
    DESC 14° Aquarius 38′ 16″
    Fortuna 14° Aquarius 24′ 04″
    Salacia 03° Aquarius 19′ 01″
    Psyche 09° Aquarius 38′ 36″

    1. You are strongly Aquarian and your role in life is to help a group. It may be any sort of group, from a charity to a book club. You will never be heavily involved with the group – always a little outside. You give the group what it needs, and can stimulate, inspire and stir the group in some way – a useful influence. However, for whatever reason you will be your own person and separate. Rather than dive in to ‘make friends’ the person with an Aquarius stellium, like you, has to let things unfold organically and naturally. Between now and Christmas you will find yourself in the right place, at the right time, to give a group what it needs. When that happens, offer what comes easily to you. Over time, this connection will make you invaluable to people and through that, you will make friends. This will also help you professionally. They call it networking, which is a hideous word, but strongly Aquarian people don’t do that – they just play their part with a community – from that, they find work. So that is where you are headed.

  52. Hi Jessica
    Hope you are still answering on this blog. I only have one Aquarius factor and that is Saturn 21. I feel like I have years of unrelenting stressful situations. Do you see this easing up at all and having a somewhat calmer life? Thank you.

    1. Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is a long-term challenge with friends, about friends and through friends – usually as part of a larger group. The group may be formal, like a charity swimming team, or casual, like a loose circle of friends and allies. Saturn is something we all have to live with, somewhere in the chart, and the answer is always – rules. Rules exist for a reason, and they are undoubtedly dull and even quite boring, but they work very well with friendship and social media, social situations, your social life and formal organisations. So hit the books. A tremendous amount of self-help is now available online, free, but there are also some classics out there in the field of psychology which can help you with particular friendship or group issues. Look at peer group pressure and try to understand how it works. Update yourself on how Facebook uses psychology to extract profits from the very human need to belong; to socialise; to be popular. Saturn works best in a chart when you become an expert in the areas of life where you feel vulnerable, exposed, and most cautious or even downright fearful. This is very old astrological advice, but with Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, you roll up your sleeves and do what is required. It is usually common-sense and it is usually the sort of approach that has been recommended, over and over again, over a long period of time. Saturn is a teacher. He is a rather old and heavily experienced teacher, but he knows. As you are going through your Saturn Return, now is the time.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    If you could look at my chart I would be so grateful – and do you see a new women’s liberation movement putting sex-based rights back at the heart of law and policy making in the UK?
    Also dying for you to revisit Scottish independence, and in particular the chart of Joanna Cherry!
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Female leadership will come back to Britain and part of its success in politics will come from the women in the Royal Family. This is a very different kind of trend – far more feminist in nature – not so much about being a wife and mother. We will likely see the third female PM in the United Kingdom at about the same time as a younger female royal comes into her own. Scotland is still set for independence and I’m not changing that old prediction now – she has a very old horoscope! Your chart shows a very therapeutic year ahead, as just after Christmas you begin to see January 2022 as a chance to be reborn, accepting a new direction with therapy, counselling, healing, meditation, spirituality, religion, dreams, Tarot, astrology or any other inner pursuit. You will escape within as escaping out there in the real world is nigh impossible, unless you can find the right space/place as a sanctuary. You may actually find that quietly closing the door at home and vanishing into your own self is what your soul craves and some fantastic breakthroughs will be made by mid-2022. It really is a new beginning.

  54. Thank you for reply.

    As you may see, I have the moon and 3 other asteroids in Aquarius.
    Which one do you think is related to this friendship problem if you could tell the story? I think I found this problem on 17th Sunday, this month.

    Do you think there will be other friends issues ahead?

    The prediction is the strange thing. If I’m continuously reading your prediction, nothing seems happening but when I’m not chasing your prediction for a while, then, there’s really something going on in my life.

    Thank you.

    1. Your Moon in Aquarius in the Eleventh House tells the main story. You mother your friends and care for them like a parent. Your maternal instinct goes on groups, clubs, teams, societies, associations – where you may quite literally feed people (you supply the food) – or feed them psychologically and emotionally. This is fine as far as it goes and it gives your friendships a depth that is a gift – friends are more like family. However, ever since Saturn and Jupiter both took up residence in your Eleventh House in December 2020, you have had a drama taking place. That drama is about facing tests and trials of friendship in colder, harder, more difficult times. There are solutions and opportunities which help, but you must take them up no later than December 2021.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the reply to my question, thank you for confirming the astrology of why I have issues in the friend department. I do have one question though that I am hoping you can clarify and expand upon. You mentioned that “This is not actually the problem with your business standing still now. That is a separate issue.” Any insight or guidance would be amazing as this is something so weighing heavily on me, I love my career and my small business and want it to thrive. Sending you many thanks.

    1. Sure, JF, the question about business is related to Taurus and the Second House of your chart, and Scorpio and the Eighth House of your chart. Taurus/Second House is your own money; Scorpio/Eighth House is other people’s money. With factors at 2-29 degrees along the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart, you are in the current unpredictable Uranus in Taurus cycle for the long haul. Uranus is a symbol of revolution, freedom, independence and radical change. It has been in Taurus, the global economy and currency sign, since May 2018 and will be there for about five more years. This is personal for you, as it is rather like having a volatile newcomer set up a room in your bank. All Uranus wants is a new world. All business usually wants is the old world! It really depends on what your business is, which you don’t say, and also how flexible you are. Any business which is not light on its feet and ready to twist and turn, at a moment’s notice, is going to have trouble on this long cycle. The best comparison I can give you is the last war. Uranus in Taurus dominated then, too. Supply shortages came out of nowhere; the old economic model of men working and women being housewives and mothers collapsed; those who did well financially from the war were fast on their feet. What you are going to see with your business, and with cash flow generally, will be shown clearly every May (Taurus weather) and every November (Scorpio weather) for about another five years. In fact if you want to learn how to proceed, go back to 2018, 2019, 2020 and look at what happened to your business from the final week of April to the third week of May, and the final week of October to the third week of November. That will give you a few clues about how to proceed.

  56. Thank you so much Jessica for your reply. The Aquarius/DC influence feels exactly how you describe it
    What you say about my friend is very interesting. At the moment it is more vice versa – I would be happy to have more, to have a relationship but he is not available (married). He tries to stay away from me but I can feel that it is hard for him, that he would want more. It is like a fight between his subconscious mind, (his heart) and the facts of the real daily life. It feels like he his trapped and can‘t find a way out of his old life (which stresses him and makes him sick; I even fear the worst, a heart attack is not far…)

    1. Oh, he’s married. That is a completely different kettle of fish! I thought you were friends, which is an Eleventh House matter, but married men are Seventh House, because that sector of the chart rules the wife, who is the third party. Best leave alone.

  57. Thank you so much for the explanation, it makes sense, it is a bit of a blow though . I am a photographer and artist and just relaunched my brand April of this year. I appreciate your insights and am determined to make my business a success, I will try and work with the astrology to the best of my understanding. Once again thank you so very much.

    1. No need for any blows in astrology. If your brand is an April ‘baby’ then it will help to have a chart for the time, date and place you launched. We are talking an Aries or Taurus entity. If Aries, your luck is in from May 2022 when the stage is set for a hugely successful relaunch, good by 2023.

  58. Grateful, Jessica.

    I am from Caracas, Venezuela. Lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Miami, and now landing in Madrid.
    Yes, you’ve been my beacon and compass.

    Sending you kisses and all my appreciation.
    I am a writer, editor, and translator.
    I would love to translate your work to Spanish on a daily basis. Your web and books.
    If you are ever interested, it will be a dream come true.
    There is a huge Spanish-speaking audience that will love to have your guidance.



    1. Thank you so much Carla, you are too kind. I’d love a Spanish translator. Would you mind contacting Support please, as they will pass the message on. I miss Barcelona. You can also find me on Twitter @jessicacadams and send me a DM.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    I am thrilled to learn that there could be some new and revived friendships up ahead. Could you tell me more by looking at my chart factors please ?
    All best

    1. Claire, you will make new friends and reboot old friendships between now and the end of July. If you have been involved in one or more groups, clubs, teams, circles but not really seen the wheels go around as they should – that will happen now. People realise how much effort you have put in and want to help you. It is very important to ask, between now and the end of August, as so often people do want to help, but won’t know unless you state it. Your circles are set to widen, through other circles – if you wish it. The New Moon you see up in the sky in August is a mere sliver but it shows a big chunk of possibility for you socially.

  60. Hi Jessica. I hope you are well. This is a really interesting article, thank you for shining a light. I have a heavily Aquarius chart and have really struggled to make friends over my life; school was horrendous until about year 10 and I’ve managed to find and accidentally piss off the bullies all the way through to now! I have made a few good friends over the years through hobbies, woo and work but they have drifted and I hate being the only one making an effort. Others have just disappeared… reason, season and all that? My best friend of 25 years really let me down and completely disengaged when I needed her most in the last few years and things haven’t been the same since. It’s kind of surface level now. I do have one great Aquarian buddy who is very eclectic and it’s a very easy vibe between us.
    I have no friends where I have lived for the past nearly 4 years (v small country town). Acquaintances yes, friends no. Very sad really, especially as I have young kids. It’s a very closed off community- especially the women (some of whom are quite bitchy) – everyone seems to know each other and nobody has tried to engage with us socially at all. I tried hard the first 2 years, plenty of suggestions of coffee or a pram walk but decided I was better off focusing on other things the last 2 years. We’re leaving anyway and I couldn’t be happier about it – will things improve on the friends front? I’m surrounded by people yet quite lonely. I feel like my kids miss out too because we don’t get invited to play dates or birthdays. I know I am a little weird… an acquired taste maybe, but I am fun and very kind and caring. Thank you for your time xx I’m really disappointed that I won’t be seeing you on Sunday In Melbourne – I was so looking forward to it, and to meeting you. Hopefully another session when the lockdowns are over … Thanks again Jessica.

    1. Thank you so much. Strongly Aquarius people born in the early 80s had to go through the Uranus and Neptune transits during their education, so you basically had your Eleventh House of groups and friends, under transit from two of the most destabilising cycles in astrology. It only happens once in your life and it happened to you when you were vulnerable to peer group pressure, bullies, cliques, sports teams and so on. I am very sorry your best friend of 25 years has taken you to surface level, after she let you down. You are also in the wrong place for new friends (a country town). Again it sounds a bit like school and you have tried really hard, perhaps because of that, but not found who or what you want. Now you are on the move and so are the children, and you are wondering what is next. Any remaining issues are over from 2023, with friends and groups. The worst is also over. You have been used as a way for other people to figure out how powerful they are, or how much clout they have, or how much control they have. Their karma will come back to them. It is also true that you were always meant to change, evolve and progress – and so some so-called friends could never have gone with you. You are essentially like a Dr. Who at the moment, peeling off old layers and regenerating. I am sure you know that. The move is part of that and so is the children’s next move, too. So, this does get better. A great deal better. Christmas and New Year will be busy and buzzy for you, and an old friend will either come rocketing back into your life then, or you will make one or more new friends who are well-connected, successful and influential. They will help lift you up where you belong. I know it’s hard given the horrendous time you have had with your social life, but try to turn your back on the past. You are also profoundly psychic, extremely sensitive and need to learn how to close your chakras and seal your aura as you pick things up and need to be a bit better protected. You are not a little weird, but you are very Piscean and you need to find your own kind. Even online – then later on – hopefully in the real world.

  61. Hi Jessica
    What an article! I am currently in the middle of my Saturn return. A couple of years ago I had a nasty bust up with a friend – my husband was involved- it was basically a question of boundaries. But it shook me to my very foundations. I still have some old friends- have joined some new groups – and a moving interstate for a couple of years. With Pluto moving into Aquarius it looks like my friend ships will continue to be a move able feast. I have a cancer ascendant and this upsets me a bit. Do you have any advice as to how to ploughing through this. Thanks always x

    1. Thank you. Your Saturn Return in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups is one of those things, isn’t it. A classic Saturn lesson about boundaries took place and it upset you. I’m not surprised. Saturn in the natal chart is usually an indicator of the deepest, deepest challenges and you don’t forget. Saturn tends to turn up in situations where things are wide open, exposed, vulnerable (or you are) and there is no wall or moat for protection. When that happens, the boundaries do have to come in and yet it can so difficult. Now, you are having a return moment and you wonder what you should do about what happened. You are also wondering about Pluto in Aquarius in the future. Well, the good thing about astrology is, you can see Pluto coming and sidestep the transit. You know it is about power and control, so just keep an eye on arrangements which come to pass in 2022/2023 which could be an issue, if you were to ever feel manipulated (say) or be in a position where you had too much power over a friend, to feel good about it. Sometimes these things go in writing and so you’d want to move away from the paperwork before your name touched it. Closer to home, Jupiter in your Eleventh House until Christmas is here to help. Jupiter always beats Saturn. Even a Saturn Return. Classically, you will find that what at first sight appears to be an issue with/for a friend, ends up being a solution for you. It takes great insight to see it. You have to lose some old attitudes and preconceptions, just see what comes and then recognise it for the blessing it is. The whole friendship is not going to be easy but it will be so rewarding.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    I enjoy all of your horoscopes and articles you write. They are very interesting and insightful.
    I have 4 placements in LEO, 3 in AQUARIUS, 6 in SCORPIO and 2 in TAURUS all fixed signs. Can you summarize for me how potent this is in this Aquarius Age of relationships (of all kinds) affects me personally.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. You are very fixed, with that combination, and as you have transits in Aquarius and Taurus for many years, the focus is on money and friendship. Houses, apartments and friendships. Groups – all kinds of groups – and financing. Beyond that, values. Your personal code of ethics and values. There is no perfect solution here. That does not mean it is impossible but you should try and keep the stakes pretty low. If you are paying the way of friends, or casual acquaintances, with a group project, or for/around groups – get your money’s worth. If you are involved with a charity, say, and that charity also involves friendships, be really mindful of the hard financial realities of it. Aquarius-Taurus is on that level and you need to make sure you’re not going to be too stretched, pushed and pulled in the years ahead.

  63. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the interesting article.

    Know you are really busy – can you please have a look at my chart?

    I have a stellium in Aquarius – Aesculapia at 8, Salacia at 9, Mercury at 11, Sun at 23 and Venus at 28. For the past year, my income and future career prospects have all involved my friends – working for them or working with them. It’s a new world for me. I never worked with good friends before and it feels odd. Can you provide some insights on how this will all turn out?

    Thank you!

    1. I am sitting down at my desk with a cup of tea and very happy to look at your chart. You are in a cycle which has not happened for 29 years, involving your friends, and now you are working for them, or working with them. You are being reminded that friendship succeeds when there is a lot of space and freedom, extended to everybody else. You also need (all) reminding of the mutual goal. Your chart suggests you are really good at giving people room to move, and also getting it yourself. Your friendship style is light, breezy, open, tolerant, inclusive. You realise we are all hugely different from one another, but that together we can achieve miracles that would be off limits to us, otherwise. It’s rather like having a local community fund a swimming pool. Individually you cannot afford your own spa and pool, but collectively you can all share in it. What you are doing now is really quite demanding in terms of patience, time, energy and stamina. Yet, you must do all you can to get things right by December. Pull out all the stops, prevent issues before they get there, capitalise on advantages and focus really hard on the group. Next year is tough. Help yourself now. Factor in 2023, 2024 as well because if you all stay the course, you will become really powerful together in those years and one group vision could become really potent and life-changing by 2030. This brings us back to the group vision. If you do not already understand the manifesto and goal, together, then spell it out. Think about the swimming pool analogy.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    I have 5 stellium in Aquarius –
    Pisces 26/02/1975
    Kidderminster, Worcestershire
    I did exactly what you described- moved back to my home country after 17 years away in May 2020. have definitely found it hard to readjust. I have had to compartmentalize memories to keep moving forward as miss our friends from overseas so much but we made the choice for our kids & on the flip side, feel quite alienated to be back so it’s been hard with old friends on our return. We’ve all changed so much.
    Any insights?

    1. This does get better. You will look back from 2023 and realise that this was just the classic outcome of moving back. Your children had to come first but now you feel alienated. That is quite normal on a Saturn transit of Aquarius in your Eleventh House. One characteristic of Saturn is that people who are self-sabotaging in some way (their own worst enemy) drift in and out of your social life. So you may find that potential friends get in their own way and you lose interest – because they are not being friendly enough, basically! Ignore this if you can as it will vanish when Saturn vanishes, too. You have other good things going on in your chart. From 2023 your social life begins to look and feel completely different and that is when a group will become central to you. Until then the focus is on your own inner world. Religion, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis, meditation, Tarot, mediumship, therapy, counselling, self-help. You will gain hugely from going inward.

  65. Hi Jessica,

    I am feeling at a bit of a crossroads with my advocacy work. This has been the most important thing in my life for almost 10 years and suddenly we are on pause. At the end of last year we figured out the manager has been cooking the books, and then shortly after that my colleague’s child passed away from this illness we raise awareness for. My colleague’s spouse wants him to step back from this work since they lost their kid. Meanwhile he and another Board member are doing a forensic financial/banking investigation to see the extent of the embezzlement before they decide what next steps to take about the manager.

    I am disappointed in all of the above and feel without my colleague of 10 years I can’t do the work I want to continue to do.

    I am not interested in starting my own non-profit, having learned how much fraud goes on.

    I have an opportunity to write for various media sites but that is not the same thing to me as the other media/communications stuff we were doing. I had wanted to make some educational videos and with all this stuff on hold we can’t do anything.

    How do you see this working out?


    1. Well CG, you can see this in both your charts. In your solar chart as a Sun Scorpio, you had eclipses (cover-ups) in Leo (the Tenth House of career) in recent years and embezzlement was concealed. Now in Leo weather it all comes out – mostly. In your natal or birth chart, you have Pluto transiting Capricorn, and your Tenth House of career – following a very heavy period in which Saturn and the South Node were also in Capricorn, in the Tenth House of career. On the plus side, the worst is over. One thing about the forensic investigation, though – it is very unlikely you will ever get to the bottom of this. Eclipses are enduring mysteries. Now you want to make educational videos. You can and will, with powerful outcomes, by 2023. Don’t let this hold you back.

  66. Hello Jessica,
    My chart shows I have Saturn in Aquarius. I would be very grateful if you could check my chart and advise me as to the best course of action? ( Just a sentence)

    1. You have Saturn at 21 Aquarius in exact conjunction with your MC at 21 Aquarius, which is highly unusual. Your greatest hard work in life is friendship and group situations. It is also your calling in life. Saturn is now moving back to 21 Aquarius, so you are on track for your Saturn Return. Clear the decks, as Robert Hand would say. Minimise the situations with friends and groups and reduce the stakes. Don’t, for example, borrow money from friends to invest in a crowdsourced community. You get my drift.

  67. I recent lost a great friend over a misunderstanding with his wife. He and I were such good friends, but it all fell away when I had a minor disagreement with his wife. I was calm and honest, however she blew up like a ferocious volcano. From that moment on she completely removed both of them from all the parts of life where we crossed paths. The loss of her from my life doesn’t really concern me, as I was never particularly close with her and she’s an exceptionally negative human who seems unable to take constructive feedback. But as a result (and what I suspect was a mixture of loyalty to her and her demands of him to have no contact with me) I lost him. And I am left heartbroken over it. I wonder if he and I will ever cross paths again and be friends, or if it is lost for good? Will we be able to rekindle our friendship without the animosity of his wife looming over it, or should I just let it go with a smile for the good times and accept that we were not meant to be long term friends?

    As a premium member you have my chart- and he is 2/7/78

    Thank you

    1. It sounds like a Vesta issue, at first glance, and you have Vesta in Aquarius, hooked into a number of factors around 14/15 degrees. Vesta in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is a symbol of a group of women or girls, in a harem situation (even if sex is not involved) with one man or boy, controlling the game. Because Vesta in your chart is connected to other horoscope factors, its impact on you covers two, three departments of your life outside the actual group or friendship. Vesta was the goddess who presided over the Temple of the Vestales in Ancient Rome. The Vestales, or Vestal Virgins, were women of noble family, who were required to live together, as virgins, and keep the sacred flame of Rome burning. The Pontifex Maximus or leading Roman authority, was their presiding ruler. If they were caught having sex, they were buried alive and the man in question was flayed alive. So you see – Vesta can be painful in the chart. The only solution with Vesta is for the women to gang up together against the man, funnily enough. This can be done with a sense of humour. When women have sisterly solidarity at a man’s expense, the pain disappears. They can even make the system work, so a husband and wife, and his female friend, can actually function in a group of three. It is extremely unusual, though! Most of the time Vesta pops up, we see women in competition with each other, or at war with each other, with an apparently innocent man at the centre. Nine times out of ten, though, the man is encouraging the feud, or manipulating (even unconsciously manipulating) the situation so that he is given the ego boost of being Top Cat. Short answer? Side with her against him and do so with a sense of humour, or pull right out. I know he is your friend, and she has lost her temper (and she has been negative) but you don’t know what has gone on, at home, between them. You will not win this. She will not win this. He will win whatever he gets from having two women compete for his approval or attention. Given your chart, I strongly recommend you withdraw. You only have Saturn go over Vesta once every 29 years and it is happening to you now and it hurts. You will have other platonic friendships with men, but just be aware of the Vesta trap. Have a look at paintings of the Vestales. That’s you. Or her!

  68. Hi Jessica,

    I have 16° sun in Aquarius, 00° Mercury in Aquarius, 26° Salacia in Aquarius and 22° Panacea Aquarius

    Lately I’ve been feeling the desire to make new friends and leave behind old ones. Sometimes it seems like old friends don’t provide as much perspective as new ones. Is this my own restlessness and desire for distraction? Feeling a bit stuck on where I can find new friends and also I have trust issues. Another layer of complication is that I work in the arts where I have to juggling friendships, collaborators and work. Of late, the companies i’ve been linked to are going through structural changes and leaving me in limbo regarding where I can turn to for work. Would a new group of friends lead me to a new field? Thank you so much in advance for your insights.

    1. You’re having a classic Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius transit. Old friends don’t seem right any more. You will make new friends by Christmas and join new groups, or be asked to contribute to groups in a new way – perhaps through work. Be a realist about group situations and friendships and if it comes down to paperwork get it checked by lawyers or similar as Saturn goes over your late degree Aquarius placements eventually, at the very end of the cycle and then Pluto will arrive in Aquarius from 2023, crossing your Mercury first. In plain English, yes, you will make new friends and they will change your life. Yet you need to be careful about what you enter into, and what you agree to, with these people. If you think about all those bands like The Stone Roses and The Sex Pistols getting into legal tangles with each other – that’s useful to remember. On the plus side, there are any number of templates, existing working models and volumes of advice on how to make groups work, and so you only have to reach for that, preferably in 2021, rather than 2022 or beyond. Do it now.

  69. Hi Jessica.
    I Am reading your article on Aquarius side with interest. You mention if you have a stellium in Aquarius I.e more than 3 planets in the 11th House in birth chart you may be more Aquarius than your birth sign. Its just in my birth chart in sagittarius I also have six planetary influences and born a Capricorn. I am pretty new to this but maybe you could shed some light on this. Good friendships that have passed the test of time have been pretty rare. Lots of acquaintances but I do tend to cut and run if if friendship isn’t working both ways.

    1. Yes, you are a strongly Aquarian Capricorn, so you ‘live’ in your Eleventh House a lot of the time. You are well-known for being ambitious, striving, patient, stoic (as all Sun Capricorn people are) but you are essentially all about groups and friends, for better or worse. The Eleventh House is classically about societies, teams, clubs, communities, groups which require you to supply them with what they need to function. This can either be a very successful and fulfilling part of your life, or very hard work. It depends on the cycles at the time. Yet, without you, particular alliances, friendships and circles would not operate as they do, so even though you are always ‘standing on the outside looking in’ to quote the Cold Chisel song, you are integral. This is rather a good analogy, actually. Bands often have lead singers, songwriters, keyboard players, drummers who never really feel part of the group, or even part of the fan base – they are always on the outside – yet without them the whole thing would not work. The Beatles had Brian Epstein, their manager, and Sir George Martin, their producer – in this capacity. I hope you are getting a feel for Aquarius/the Eleventh House. From the year 2023, for years into the future, one circle of people, among whom there are friends or potential friends, becomes the heart and soul of your new existence.

  70. Hi Jessica, the new website is fab!!
    Thank you for this article.
    I am getting very intimated by pluto! Once it is in Aquarius it will oppose my sun at 1 leo having also opposed mars and DC at 29 cancer.. I know I’m due for a tough year with marriage problems to face and children to guide through that, but I was hoping it would look better by 2023.. does pluto opposite sun ever create positive things??
    Many thanks! HT

    1. Thank you so much. Transiting Pluto in opposition to your natal Sun is one of those cycles which astrologers have had ample chance to study, and after about 100 years of this, we know it lasts for about 6 months, when your public face or profile is challenged by a temporary situation which requires you to use your self-control and willpower to push back. The signs tell you the ‘what’ of the story. Your Sun in Leo is about your children. You are the monarch and they are the heirs to your throne. If your marriage is on the rocks then this is clearly the end of the marriage or the child custody arrangement. As I said, it is temporary. Pluto tends to manifest as people or organisations which try to take over. Which try to dominate. Which try to control. Pluto himself was the husband of a woman who was in a dual custody arrangement with her mother, and her spouse. So that may in fact be the issue: how to divide time and energy, finance and entitlement, where the children are concerned. The solution to Pluto is to run your own self and life very tightly. Other people (or the world) can do whatever it likes, but you are the boss of yourself and your own kingdom. Sheer self-discipline will get you through, and more than that, you will draw on that strength and achievement for years. Do not overlook Jupiter at 1 Aries trine your Sun; you have that to look forward to as well.

  71. Hello Jessica. Thanks for your interesting article. My ascendant is Scorpio, with Aquarius stellium in fourth house – and yes, I feel the Saturn transit and a little worried about the Pluto transit on Saturn’s heels. Additionally, I emigrated from UK to Australia in 2007 and have struggled to feel ‘at home’ but have made a life for myself and my children. My major issue since 2010 is a lack of stability due to low income, single parent and housing instability (privately renting with all the usual downsides & 40% of income and becoming increasingly unaffordable). I know I am not alone in this. In your future predictions do you see any opportunities for myself and people on low incomes to be able to secure stable housing? Do you have any timelines?

    1. You are a single parent in an expensive country and arrived in 2007 so were never on the property ladder in Australia. You will save or make money after Jupiter changes signs in December and will find an escape path by April 2022. This may or may not be tied to a home, depending on your priorities. Do all you can to capitalise on this cycle in the first six months of next year. Property is an interesting question because the handling of COVID-19 in New South Wales by Premier Gladys Berejklian, for example, will drive down apartment prices in Sydney. I don’t know which state you live in, but you can trust that the future is very much about property prices on a state-by-state basis. The regions too – rural Australia. This brings us back to your job and I don’t know what your line of work is. One interesting option for you from 2023 and into the years ahead is communal housing with crowdsourced shared commitment. This sounds quite radical now but will be normal by 2030.

  72. Jessica! This is a brilliant blog imho. Just great. You seem to put the inner world in perspective… when our known mode of living has been put on hold and nothing yet to take its place.

    Btw I ‘only’ have Jupiter in Aquarius.

    Saturn self sabotage in terms of turning away from dear friends makes sense. It wasn’t conscious. More an intuitive will to move location and a new life.

    Throwing all my balls in the air with no solid plan. I still connect with my besties digitally but I did wonder if I made a huge mistake.

    However now you’ve shed some hope with Jupiter between now and December. Perhaps I will indeed be able to realise my intuition and find a new home and community here – rather than feeling like I’m in a Saturn return or worse, the Bardo. But as you say letting go will help.

    I’m reassured in what you say about a future community minded world seems to be both personally and globally progressive. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you so much. Digital friendship is only temporary and is global, actually, for the obvious reason that we have an obstructive pandemic, but also because Saturn in Aquarius tends to accompany any long, drawn-out, difficult situation for our social lives, groups and social circles. Astrologers typically had no idea why 2021-2022 in particular would be so demanding for friendships, but now we do. You caught that wave and turned away from people and are now largely on a computer or telephone – and feeling the change. What you will notice now that Jupiter is back in Aquarius, alongside Saturn, is that for every problem there is a solution. I just had a reader who had been distanced from a childhood friend. In fact, she had been sidelined by him and more or less rejected. Some of this was down to their radically different views on vaccination. Almost as soon as Jupiter went back into Aquarius at the end of July, this reader found a third friend happy to play the go-between on a plan that brought them all together – and involved no vaccine politics. So, for you also, there will be some kind of answer.

  73. Hi –
    I have three placements in Aquarian Moon 9 Saturn in Aqua 19 and Aquarian Midheaven 21 I’ve had some really painful loses from a few people I thought would really stick around especially earlier this year. Anything you can tell me that would be supportive or insightful I would truly value.
    Elizabeth ; )
    FYI I did post this but I believe it was right before your old site went down so not being pushy just wanting to make sure this is actually seen. Many thanks – love your new website!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. You are in a 29 year Saturn cycle which is very hard to handle, and so it is no surprise at all to hear that you have lost people you assumed would be there forever, in the same way. Saturn moving across your Aquarius Moon, towards your Saturn Return in Aquarius, and then across your Midheaven, all takes place in the Eleventh House of friendship and group involvement. There is a solution for you with all this and it’s just appeared, in respect of one or two of the people mentioned. It would require a lot of effort but if you were able to sign off on this by December, then walk away, you would have resolved some issues. Try not to create anything new and demanding with friends or groups for 2022 as it will be a huge ask. You can double check that with the Tarot. Unfortunately the reality of friendship is that people change. You change. The pandemic has changed the planet. On this Saturn cycle you will find some people fade out, and others fade in. A Moon in Aquarius person is emotionally involved with friends, tends to mother them, and thus feels really affected when particular friends are disappointing or distant. You also have to remember that the whole planet is having a Saturn in Aquarius transit, Elizabeth, so there are obstacles to friendship around the world. Masks. Closed clubs and pubs and restaurants. You will be pleased to know the cycle is more or less over for good in 2023 and as Pluto enters Aquarius that year, you will find 2023 is a massive transition into the new friendship circles.

  74. Thank you so much for your reply Jessica! Reading that has made me feel a little braver- wish I could just get it over and done with- but I suppose that’s slow moving pluto for you. I am going to try my best and pray the damage is limited. But you’re right may be I’ll focus on that Jupiter trine for a while. Thank you so much for giving me a way through. All the best to you and I hope Tasmania manages to keep covid out. Take care, HT

  75. Thanks, Jessica. this post resonates with my feelings. Although I sometimes felt disappointed, I enjoy being alone and making friends online now–learning at an unbelievable level. How would this Aquarius Side And Friendships To 2023 affect me, if you kindly check my chart in detail? I am also wondering about the difference or meaning in the degrees of the fixed factors in my chart. Could you shed some light on these?

    Thanks again for your light and love. Happy birthday in Leo month and every day!

    1. Thank you. And I did have a very happy birthday this year, on top of kunanyi in Hobart (our highest, snow-topped mountain). Looking at your chart, you are not quite as ‘fixed’ as you suppose and in fact, are quite flexible compared to some other people. You will relaunch yourself in 2022, 2023 with a new look. This may be your hair, the shape of your body, your wardrobe, cosmetic surgery, glasses, dentistry or similar. You will also pick up a new role, title or qualification by 2023 which enhances your image and reputation.

  76. Great to know that you had a very happy birthday, and the mountain sounds charming. Yes, I used to consider that I am very flexible, but when it comes to relationships, for example, with family members, I tended to be fixed and hardly let old beliefs go. I am looking forward to my 2022 and 2023, as I haven’t imagined a relaunch with a new look. I am wondering about the new role, title, or qualification by 2023 which enhances my image and reputation because I am not sure whether I would insist on my current career path. Thanks for your nice inspirations.
    Love and peace.

    1. Thank you. You will find the future visits you, exactly when you are ready for the relaunch, rebirth or renaissance to unfold – and then you will remember the astrology prediction!

  77. Hi Jessica
    I lost my greatest friends, my mother in 2017 and my father in 2020. Then Coronavirus stopped me participating in my choir and ended my volunteer role at the local Cathedral. My greatest friends now are my work colleagues who are in different parts of the country and whom I communicate with by phone, Zoom and email while working from home. I had to clear and sell my family home after my father’s death and I’m now trying to put that past behind me with the purchase of a new home in the Autumn for my future retirement and a new garden to plan and create. I can’t see the Coronavirus situation improving much in the UK over Autumn and Winter so I can’t see anything changing much regarding meeting with friends, groups or colleagues in the near future.
    How do things look for me in 2022 and 23? I actually have Saturn in Aquarius at 22 degrees and also Cupid at 2 degrees.
    best wishes to you

    1. Pauline you have been through massive change and your astrological chart shows that. You are buying a home to retire in and look forward to a new garden as well. You will come to know a different nationality or culture so much better in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. From 2023 this very different place, or its people, will have a powerful impact on you. Yes, even during a pandemic. Despite COVID-19 or perhaps because of it, your destiny in terms of another country, its accent, language differences and so on is quite striking. Do all you can by Christmas to travel in the mind, in terms of this location or its locals – some of course may have moved to your own region – if they are not on the other end of a Zoom call. You will make new friends and join a new group, or see an old group (like your choir or the Cathedral volunteers) rebooted in a fantastic way from May 2022. That month is very special and you will feel an incredible sense of shared vision, friendship and harmony with those people. In terms of your success, achievements and ambitions, you will be offered a new role, or a better version of the old role, by January 2022 and if you run with this will be very happy indeed as you go into the European Spring of 2022.

  78. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for your nice website and info.

    Can you please see what is coming in the next years 2022/ 2023 with friendships? I am loosing all my friends, my best friend died a view years ago, then another good friend last year and this year I am loosing 2 friends because they abandon me because they can not dominate/manipulate me anymore. I really feel so alone sometimes..feeling that nobody understands me, although I have al good intentions and am always helpful to other people and am a honest person. (high sensitive).
    I have only cupido at 12 Aquarius.

    wish you a happy time with your new doggy child..
    kind regards, Doenja

    1. I am terribly sorry about your friendships and the losses. You feel alone, Doenja, and wonder why and when things will get better. Cupido in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups suggests that you fall in love with friends, actually, or get same-sex crushes on them. They do the same with you. Cupido (Cupid) is the son of Venus. A cherub in some art work, and an adolescent boy with the boy and arrow in others. The emotions run high with this, and so does – sometimes – the physical desire. So a friend may discover he or she wants sex with you, for example, or just craves you romantically. It can work the other way, from you to them. Cupido is about short-term longing, for about as a long as an arrow wound takes to heal. So, two or three months. It can hurt like an arrow wound too. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius have triggered that and this would be the astrological explanation for the change in behaviour by friends. The death of your friend occurred before this cycle so is a different matter. You can and will make new friends by Christmas, within a group of like-minded people. This is not easy or fast (it will be hard work) but if you are prepared to learn about psychology, human nature and stretch yourself you will be on solid ground by Christmas. In fact, if you stay the course with the group and the friend in 2022, you will find it empowers you from 2023 and the network or circle actually gives you considerable influence, control, clout and a really solid foothold in life.

  79. Generally speaking, is there a good time to try for new friends – like say when the Sun is in Aquarius? New moon in Aquarius? When something is at the same degree as birth chart Sun and Moon perhaps?

    1. In general, Aquarius weather suits new friendships, but 2022 is very hard work because Saturn is solely in Aquarius. You may want to try right now, until Christmas, as at least Jupiter will be there too. So the new friendships are serious, and heavy, and hard work – but also good for you, horizon-expanding and made at the best time in 12 years.

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