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Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant

It would be surprising if Nostradamus had not predicted the Corona Virus, COVID-19.

The film Nostradamus (1994) gives a powerful picture of the medical man, who became an astrologer, during the 16th century plague. He was so popular that he has never been out of print. This prediction about the Lambda, Kappa and Theta variants of COVID-19 (below) ran in a 1697 edition. Centuries later, it has come to pass. Nostradamus Prophecies (left) and Medtech Pharma Intelligence news item (right). Nostradamus was seeing these headlines about COVID-19 variants centuries ago.


1697 Lambda 300x232 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron VariantMedtech.pharmaintelligence.information - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant

Nostradamus, Omicron and COVID-19

Nostradamus published his book of prophecies in 1555, so he was peering almost 500 years into 2021 when he named Kappa (India variant) Theta (Philippines variant) and Lambda (Peru variant) in a prediction. 

Amazingly, he referenced the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, and the Delta variant too.

Two stars in the constellation of Pisces are called Delta and Omicron. (Illustration: John Flamsteed, 1776, Wikimedia).

Les Poissons 1776 John Flamsteed Wikimedia Commons 300x244 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant

David Ovason – Nostradamus Expert

This is Nostradamus expert David Ovason’s translation of Quatrain XCII in Centurie VIII.

It can be found in his book, The Secrets of Nostradamus (Penguin, 2012).

“The two shining ones to meet in the fishes?”

He takes the  Nostradamus prediction “Les deux brassiers en Pisces rencontrees” to mean – The two shining ones to meet in Pisces, the fishes. As Ovason comments in his book, it’s clearly an astrology clue. But there’s more. The mystery is hidden in this 1776 illustration of Pisces by John Flamsteed. You can’t see the 20 stars in the two fish. If you could, however, you would spot COVID-19 variations. They have the same Greek alphabet names. Omicron and Delta are here.

The Original Nostradamus Covid Prediction

Nostradamus Pisces 300x210 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant

Every translator of Nostradamus since 1555 has put her/his own touch on the original predictions. This comes from my 1685 copy of The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus, printed by John Salisbury in Cornhill.  It was translated and commented on, by Dr. Theophilus de Garencieres, who got it quite wrong. It would take another 300 years or so, before the prediction would come to pass.

The Pisces Stars and COVID-19

The following stars in the zodiac sign Pisces constellation take their names from the Greek alphabet used by the World Health Organization to name COVID-19 variants.


Omicron Piscium – the COVID-19 Variant in the Pisces Constellation

This illustration is from one of the most useful astronomy websites you’ll find, What Nostradamus saw in 1555 can still be seen today. Pisces contains 20 stars and depending on the time of year, you can spot Omicron near the Moon, Uranus and Mars.

2019 feb 9 10 uranus mars pisces 300x300 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant

Pisces the Mutable Constellation

From the BBC – Omicron is “incredibly heavily mutated. Professor Tulio de Oliveira, the director of the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation in South Africa, said there was an “unusual constellation of mutations.”

Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius Cycles

This is literally true in astrology. Pisces is an unusual constellation and it is also a mutable sign. Nostradamus would have easily known this in 1555 when his book appeared.

What Astrologers Know About Pisces Patterns

Professional astrologers can decode Nostradamus. This is my original date-stamped prediction about a virus, made because of Full Moon opposite the Sun in that mutable constellation of Pisces.

As you may have seen on this website, my virus prediction (one of two about 2020) was published on November 11th, 2019.

“Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March, 2020?
“You can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses, and regular traffic, air traffic and shipping affected by wave after wave of rain/flooding. The Full Moon falls on Monday 9th March at 5.47pm UT with the Sun at 19 Pisces…”

The W.H.O. officially declared the Corona Virus as a pandemic on 11th March, so I was two days out.

The Secrets of Nostradamus David Ovason Penguin 2012 197x300 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant

How Nostradamus Used Astrology

Nostradamus probably wrote the quatrain about the two Pisces stars, Delta and Omicron, after his prediction about Kappa, Theta and Lambda. The predictions in Nostradamus’s Prophecies have never been in chronological order. We have to put them in their correct order to see what he was seeing, almost 500 years ago.

Some authors claim Nostradamus did this to evade the Holy Inquisition, who could have persecuted him for what looked like witchcraft. Another very good reason is that Nostradamus avoids a prediction paradox –  by using coded astrology references. They often don’t make sense until the event arrives.

Why Nostradamus Was So Mysterious 

If the W.H.O. knew that two of the stars in Pisces were Delta and Omicron, as seen by the master astrologer, they may have found other names. So the prediction would never have come true, and that would have posed a prediction paradox for the master astrologer and psychic, Nostradamus. That’s one of the reasons he’s so mysterious. Classically, we only know exactly what he was talking about, when it comes to pass. This has just happened with the arrival of Omicron Covid.

Plagues in Pisces Cycles

We always have plagues in mutable sign cycles (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) and in 2021 we find Neptune in Pisces, the South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini. Patterns in Pisces, at the same time as patterns in Gemini and Sagittarius (which rule travel) are a problem. Nostradamus’ timing for his prediction about the two Pisces stars, Delta and Omicron, is remarkable.

The constellation Pisces, the fishes, which holds the stars Delta and Omicron is visible in October, November and December in the Northern Hemisphere. Omicron arrived right on time. Those two stars are staring us in the face.

Africa and Omicron as Seen by Nostradamus

The key to the original prediction about COVID-19 variants, beyond its ‘two shining ones to meet in Pisces’  (the stars Delta and Omicron) is the phrase, ‘the fields of Rhodanes.’ This is clearly Rhodesia.

Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and Zambia

The Republic of Rhodesia was the equivalent of Zimbabwe and Zambia, today. As the BBC reports, Zimbabwe is now on the USA travel ban list for COVID-19 along with South Africa. 

In addition, the Guardian reports Zambia is now on the UK travel red list.

The Fields of Rhodes

In the 16th century, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe were unknown to any French person, including Nostradamus, but ‘the fields of Rhodes’ is an astonishing hit, in the quatrain about two Pisces stars. Cecil Rhodes and his British South Africa Company founded Rhodesia in 1895. He bought up diamond fields in the region. Thus, “The fields of Rhodes.” (Les Propheties de M. Michael Nostradamus, 1555, Wikimedia Commons).

Les Propheties 1555 Wikimedia Commons 190x300 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant
Nostradamus, Omicron, Covid and the Future

So is there hope for the future? What did Nostradamus see, beyond our modern plague? Basically, a smaller world. The end of globalisation. In fact, I saw patterns involving that sign too (perhaps it features in your own astrological birth chart) back on 7th October 2019.

To quote that prediction on my website – Nostradamus  and astrology are correct. It’s a shrinking world. This is what you read at the end of 2019, before anyone had heard of the Corona Virus in China. At the time, I had no idea that within four months, a Corona Virus would be found in Wuhan, China and that this would turn into a worldwide pandemic by March 2020. You can read the original prediction about The New Travel, Trade and Immigration Rules, below.

What I Saw Using Nostradamus’ Methods on 7th October 2019

“The New Travel, Trade and Immigration Rules. The world is set to change its border control, trade and immigration rules in a radical way between 2020-2022…new passport and visa schemes are coming…sweeping in its global impact…We’re looking beyond smart passports here into a whole new world of travelling and working – studying and travelling. New border controls. New-style customs and immigration processing at airports.” Read the full prediction here.

COVID-19, anybody? The genius Nostradamus, of course, actually named the variants which have shut down borders, before his famous vision of ‘the shrinking world.’ I believe that quatrain was originally intended to come after the virus variant calls.

Diminue Le Monde – The Shrinking World

Fotolia 163685651 Subscription Monthly XXL 300x200 - Nostradamus, Covid and the Omicron Variant
The world (le monde) decreases in size – reduces, dwindles, subsides – in the future, according to Nostradamus. This is the famous quatrain:

Les fleurs passes diminue le monde
Long temps la paix terres inhabitees
Suer marchera par ciel, serre, mer et onde
Puis de nouveau les guerres suscitees

The Plague Scars Gone
Ned Halley translated this way back in 1999 in his terrific book, The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus (Wordsworth Reference). “With the plague scars gone, the earth becomes smaller. Peace will reign for a long time. People will travel by land, sea and air, before war once again takes over.” (Image: Fotolia).

Different Travel, Different World

The challenge, then, once the scars of COVID-19 have gone, and globalisation ends, thanks to the end of open borders – is to enjoy a different kind of travel – and to make sure any wars are minimal and over quickly. Nostradamus reminds us that prediction is about reducing impact, even if we can’t stop an outcome.



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71 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    This is all so incredible! My family and I are booked to fly to NZ from Melbourne on Jan 19 2022. I noticed Jupiter is in Pisces by then. Do you see NZ shutting its borders to Australia due to this new variant? I remember you saying that the nodes change on 19 Jan (I think) and Uranus also turns direct that day. Will this new variant cause grief to us at that time?

    Thanks so much!

    1. You are booked to fly into New Zealand on the day the lunar nodes go into Taurus and Scorpio, from Gemini and Sagittarius. It’s hard to say more without all the family charts together, but you will probably find this is less about a holiday and more about the family as a whole – how things are with family members – and also Melbourne, actually, as this cycle is about the home, home town and the relatives who are in the household. There is a definite switch on 19th January but of course you would be the only person who really knows why. A stuck situation changes then. As for travel – the astrology has been clear about that for years. It’s not what it was and will never be the same. Omicron is in Sydney. It’s here.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for everything that you do.
    In the UK the country is very divided between those that aren’t bothered by covid19 and live life as if there is no virus and those like myself that are very concerned and are as careful as can be and avoid busy places. However, my husband and daughter both work in schools where they could pick up this new variant.
    With the new variant emerging Boris has currently made face masks mandatory in shops and public transport but not in social settings. He is also saying that Christmas will be normal.
    My question is how to you see the worrying winter months ahead regarding the virus, lockdowns, social distancing, bubbles etc?
    Many thanks

    1. My friends and family in Britain are the same – seeing people who are high Covid-risk (busy places, no masks) and Covid-safe (as safe as you can be, given schools and the current rules). If you have all had two injections of Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna then your risk of hospitalisation obviously goes way down. If you avoid crowded places and any public loo, the risk goes down again. You will find the individual schools (and particularly the teachers) set the mask agenda so you need to get on board with any push for mandatory masks (or start it). This is really the Sagittarius-Gemini pattern (linked to education) which doesn’t wind down until 19th January 2022. I am not sure when you break for the Christmas holidays, but that will also give you all a break from potential risk. As a Pisces you have this Gemini-Sagittarius pattern in your solar Fourth House of family, home, home town, homeland, so if you feel stuck at the moment, I completely understand why. Yet this cycle (the lunar nodes) also breaks on 19th January. Social distancing and bubbles will stay in 2022, with the Saturn (rules) in Aquarius (groups) cycle still taking place. The good news for you about 2022 is that you relaunch yourself successfully next year (nothing to do with Covid) and you also make or save money after May 2022, until October. That should give you more wiggle room.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you once again for an interesting post, I have always been interested in Nostradamus. I have Saturn in Aquarius my fourth house and wonder how this will affect me next year, especially with this new variant.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You only have the Descendant in Cancer in your natal Fourth House, so there’s no real match between your solar chart, which shows the public weather, and your natal chart, which shows the intensely personal story. So, although 2022 is hard work in terms of your Fourth House as a Sun Scorpio (your apartment, home, family, home town, homeland) it’s not really showing up hugely in your natal chart. The caveat here is if you share your home with friends, or are in a group situation with flatmates/roommates in which case, more bells ring. If so, then Saturn in Aquarius shows up in your natal Eleventh House of networks and circles, and Pluto follows him from 2023, so this is a very big deal indeed. Your flipbooks, Tarot and Oracles on this website can help you in 2022 if so.

  4. Hi Jessica, I‘m a geotechnical consultant in northern Canada (British Columbia), and I’m concerned that the new variant will close down (or delay) my projects which will result in me being laid off. Also, I’ve read that Nostradamus has predicted a recession in the US in 2022. Do you think this will also affect Canada? I‘m wondering if I would be better off returning to the UK, but I love the Canadian lifestyle, so I’m hesitant to do that. Any insight would be much appreciated!

    1. Thank you. Canada is part of the prophecy – the ‘deluge’ – as obviously British Columbia is having floods right now. Yes, the Omicron variant is impacting Canada as well. The future is about negotiating your work space and work hours, or figuring out a different role in the same professional field. As a Sun Capricorn you are naturally concerned with your career, Kim. A stuck cycle with that, involving the North Node in Gemini in your solar Sixth House of work, duty and service (and also health, it must be said, and health safeguarding) ends on January 19th 2022. In the years 2022 and 2023 we return to a very old cycle from the 1350s when we had The Little Ice Age, which you probably know, and also, of course, bubonic plague. The comfort of astrology is we’ve seen it all before. The people who survived and thrived in the 1350s have taught us that the key is to demand change from those above. Use the conditions, the economic and literal climate, to negotiate what you need. There will be gaps in the market in Canada and beyond in 2022, 2023. You can do the same.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I remember in your earlier articles about COVID-19, you had said that the astrology of this virus matches HIV/AIDS. It appears that the Omicron variant might have developed in an untreated HIV patient. It looks like too much of a coincidence in astrological sense.

    Eager to know your thoughts on this and how this might play out until we have the next variant of concern.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the reality is that everyone born in the 1960s has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, the sign which rules viruses and epidemics, pandemics and public health. This means many millions more people than usual, have a big Virgo/Sixth House health signature and it’s life-changing. The first time this generation saw any major transits, was the late Eighties and Nineties, when the astrological weather set it off. Now, for the second time in their lives, this generation (now in their fifties, typically) have COVID-19 triggering their Virgo factors again. The other big, big factor in this connection between HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 is Scorpio. Scorpio rules sex and death, as I am sure you probably know. Again, same cycles – when we went through AIDS, we had Pluto in Scorpio. In 2022 and 2023, the South Node will be in Scorpio. The missing piece in the jigsaw of COVID-19 is that it is a sexually transmitted disease. That’s the first issue. The second issue is, yes, it may be that people who are untreated for HIV are the carriers of more than one new variant of concern, in the future – not just Omicron now. Thank you for the link.

  6. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for such an interesting article, and also for always sharing your knowledge, it’s wonderful! Please, could you give us your predictions for Spain? Do you think Omicron is going to impact Spain as well? Do you think new vaccines laboratories are working on, will work better against the virus? The situation is so strange, we seem to be fighting against an unknown enemy which has many faces…
    Thanks a million for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts with us. I wish you all the best for the New Year 2022, we are nearly there!!

    1. Thank you. Omicron is already in Spain – and in fact it is everywhere. My favourite epidemiologist Dr. Eric Ding is concerned about how rapidly this variant of COVID-19 spreads. In Africa, he points out the transmission has been really high, really quickly. The comfort of astrology is that we’ve seen it all before. These cycles are rare, but they always end in a new world – and a better world. So don’t worry too much about the injections that Pfizer et al keep producing. The reality is, the combination of Climate Emergency and COVID-19 is similar to the 1350’s when we had Climate Emergency (too cold, not too hot) and Bubonic Plague. The latter resulted in higher wages for workers and women’s rights in inheritance. And so much more. I have to be honest with you and say that this cycle has not even started yet, and it will dominate 2022 and 2023. Whatever it takes to get humanity to the new world, and it will probably be a succession of very challenging mutations – it will happen. I’ll talk more about this at the Conscious Cafe event but we should be optimistic and look for quite radical change from our politicians and our fellow voters.

  7. We’re getting SO frustrated with Boris Johnson and the lies/embarrassing moments! Can you see him being moved on Jessica? If so, who would take his place. Did Nostradamus see anything changing in the UK?
    Many thanks x

    1. The fate and fortune of PM Johnson is tied to the end of the NHS as we know it – and the replacement. It’s really about the NHS and in fact, it has been all along. I could say more, but I won’t.

  8. Hi Jessica, Is Omicron going to be more dangerous than Delta and other mutants of Covid-19? Most stories say it will take weeks for us to even tell like with Delta. If it is, then we are going to see more lockdowns and potential recession in 2022. Do you expect this possible outcome?

    Also, when do you expect the next dangerous strain after Omicron? In in 2022 or 2023 or later?


    1. The comfort of astrology is – we have seen these dual cycles of Climate Change and Pandemic – before. They are rare, fortunately, and people always survive, then thrive. They bring about radical changes to the economy and to society. To give you some idea of what we are going through in 2022 and 2023, the oldest record we have of this astrological phenomenon known as the North Node in Taurus/Uranus in Taurus cycle was the 1350’s. Back then the temperature dropped, The Little Ice Age began and people were visited by the bubonic plague, also known as The Black Death. The outcome of that raised the wages of workers and gave women inheritance rights (before only men had them). So, 2022 and 2023 will show us the challenges, and the solutions are to end globalisation, stop over-consumption, tax the 1% and give people the right to work from home, and work part-time. It’s not even a discussion about the mutants/variations of COVID-19 any more, because scientists tell us they will keep coming. It’s about a completely different way of working, living and earning. And it goes beyond 2023. And it will work.

  9. You are a Sun Capricorn going through Uranus in Taurus in the Fifth House of your solar chart. That’s your child, and you know this cycle is the most unpredictable, changeable of them all – and it runs to 2026. Just today you will see that the arrival of Omicron has shut borders worldwide. So that is a really good example of how Uranus in Taurus can work. Yesterday you were thinking about flying to Britain, today it all looks very different. Try not to do any head miles about this, because it is out of all your hands. The father of the child, your offspring and yourself. It is bigger than all of you and I hope this experience encourages you to let go. Let’s also look at the other cycles which might be relevant in your solar chart, before I look at your natal chart. The economics of 2022 are a stretch. You do not want to risk being out of pocket and with Saturn in your solar Second House all year, that is a definite possibility. Interestingly, short trips look great. (Jupiter in Pisces in your solar Third House, from the end of December 2021 until May 2022, in the first instance). So a holiday within your region could maybe help your two-person family feel happier. Jupiter tends to give you a fantastic opportunity and the conjunction with Neptune in April 2022 suggests something of an incredible escape (local). The nicest thing of all is Jupiter then going into the family zone, and home zone, from May 2022, until October (in the first instance) then back for the first 5 months of 2023. So it does feel as if your three-person family can become a reality for a time – however that pans out. He may come to you, or you may then be able to go to him. I don’t have his chart, or your child’s, so it’s hard to say which. If you can wait until we release The Garden Oracle on December 1st, which is your Christmas present this year, you can use the cards and book online, to give yourself a reading, to validate these dates and explain more about what is possible. Combine this with the Tarot and The Astrology Oracle to give yourself a three-way, very detailed forecast. This is the method I use for myself. It should help clarify things for you.

  10. Hi Jessica, Thanks! If this is like the Black Death from late 1340’s to early 1350’s, then we need to look at the big picture, rather than week to week or month to month regarding Covid-19. I think you previously mention that Uranus in Taurus cycle lasts until 2026. So, then means we haven’t even hit the half way mark on Covid-19 and Climate Change.

    Thanks again

    1. Yes, that’s correct. This is of many years duration. We have the Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026, which is stop-start shopping and stop-start spending. That is a typical outcome of high street closures during outbreaks of COVID-19. We last saw it during the war, when of course there were other reasons for supply shortages and rations. I’ll talk more about The Black Death and the 1350s at the two events coming up; the Mayo School of Astrology and the Conscious Cafe. We saw the same cycle in other global temperature drops and pandemics; it’s rare. Nostradamus predicted the end of globalisation (the shrinking world) and that will help solve the problem. That’s a given from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini and blocks, opposes and stops the Sagittarius (globalisation) placements of billions of people. That happens beyond 2030. Different planet!

  11. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for another very interesting article. May I pick up on several of your comments to other readers where you mention a repeat of the Little Ice Age cycle. You mention social changes that happened, but do you think it will create further extreme weather patterns/ conditions for Europe again, as it did before – I mean, more extreme than we have seen in our life time? I have been looking in to it, and it’s a bit of an eye opener. Will you be writing a further blog about this, and how we can prepare or protect ourselves?

    Also may I ask about a matter linked to my sun horoscope (cancer), which has been hinted at several times and is very meaningful to me. I am a ‘seeker’ in the spiritual sense, and have been for years. This thing you mention about foreigners makes sense, because I have been watching and learning from You Tube videos created by people in other countries – it’s actually 3 people: 2 Indians, one European and concerns meditation (so in a sense, travelling in the mind). You mention ‘taking Jupiter’ along with Neptune, but I am not clear how I would do this or what it means. I’m hoping there will be some protection there, as I am wary of scammers – that includes in the astral planes. So part of me yearns for the development, the other part is cautious.

    On a different point, I had been wanting to mention something in relation to a comment you made in another article, about revolutionary changes in travel in the future, the like of which we can hardly contemplate now. I was reminded of reading Edgar Cayce’s vision of himself returning in the future (though there is no time) and as a young boy on board a type of space craft vehicle that moved above the earth and water surface, and he was telling the adult “operator” of the vehicle about his former life as Edgar Cayce – or something like that.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. I’m talking more about the North Node and Uranus in Taurus cycles at our Conscious Cafe event, and also the Mayo School of Astrology event, which you will find on under my name. Yes, this cycle has always seen the climate change (The Little Ice Age happened every time) and it has always triggered epidemics and pandemics. The bigger picture is, it always transforms wages, agriculture and society – especially for women. It’s coming again in 2022 and 2023 as we’re seeing. What we experienced in 2020 and 2021 is the tip of the iceberg, literally. In your own chart the focus is on escaping from the real world through foreign cultures so you are already heading in that direction. Once again this hasn’t really started, but it will do so after Boxing Day when Jupiter enters Pisces and your solar Ninth House along with Neptune, already there. Jupiter is expansion, opportunity, growth, progress. So you’ll travel in the mind, at a higher level. As it’s very unlikely anyone in the world will be travelling (or should be) you’d suspect that foreigners in your local world will play their part in your growth. Thank you.

  12. Hello Jessica, absolutely fascinating stuff with Nostradamus. I look forward to reading these articles you post and I do think you are right, in particular about the end of the NHS. I hope we see the end of Boris as PM in the UK soon! Like others I have been very frustrated with the decisions that he has made. The NHS is being pushed to its limits constantly at the moment, people waiting 10+ hours for an ambulance, etc. With this new variant I can imagine it won’t take much for it all to break. My health has not been the best over the last 3 years and am still feeling a few effects from having had Covid at the start of the pandemic. I am masked up, distanced and working from home half the week. I hope it is enough to keep me safe from omicron. You talk about a stuck loop ending on January 19th next year when the nodes change sign, is this going to be the improvement in my health where I can get back to normal again? I agree also that the end of globalisation is the solution but just can’t imagine a time when it will happen with everyone so ready to protest against it all.

    1. Thank you. The NHS astrology chart showed its end and replacement in the first quarter of 2022, so a quick search on ‘NHS’ here will show you the original prediction, which was made a few months ago, now. I’m fairly sure it was date-stamped from memory, because of the way the NHS astrology lined up. I am sorry that you have been put through COVID-19 in 2020 and glad you are able to work from home for half the week. Yes, the North Node in Gemini leaves your solar Sixth House of health on 19th January. No more stuck loop. That’s your Capricorn chart we’re talking about; in your natal chart the Sixth House is ruled by Virgo and here we find Pluto at 27 Virgo. For the first time in about 248 years, you are experiencing transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto. That is a transformation of your work and health which empowers you when you use your willpower and gives you control when you use your self-control. Pluto trine Pluto can only happen once in your life. Pluto at 27 Capricorn is as much about your employers as it is about your health, and rethinking your body, mind and spirit in a wholistic way – along with your feelings about service and duty to others – is the key. You can also hit Search and look up Virgo, Sixth House, Pluto in Virgo which relates directly to you. As for the end of globalisation – it’s part of life from 2026. Local is the new global, then.

  13. Hi Jessica. I am just wondering what will happen with the vaccines into the future. Will everybody have to continue to take booster shots every 6 months for years or will new vaccines be created? When will vaccines fade out and we focus more on quarantines, testing, masks etc. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you. I posted a feature on vaccines a long time ago – have a look on search. What the big pharmaceutical companies call ‘vaccines’ are injections with limited powers, as we know. They keep us out of hospital (see Singapore statistics) but Omicron has infected people in Israel who have been vaccinated, and so already there are promises from Pfizer that they will update the vaccine and we’ll go for a third injection. The astrology says that when Saturn (hard realities) goes into Pisces (after 2022 is out of the way) we will see very tough questions about Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and the rest. At that point, finally, the World Health Organisation may admit that Western Australia and Tasmania, Queensland and other states of Australia had it right all along and managed to go Zero Covid by strictly regulating travel (and have healthy economies, natch). So we have to be hopeful. But the truth is, transiting Saturn in opposition to Virgo factors in the Sixth House (health) of billions of people, especially those born in the Sixties, is a very difficult call. The Sixth House is about work as well as health, so from that point you would expect the final stages of a revolution in work hours and locations, for the billions. Instead of endless injections the focus will rapidly switch to a safer existence away from high-rise and mass public transport. I’ll talk more about this at the two events coming up at the Mayo Astrology School and Conscious Cafe online.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Enjoying reading your information and insights, I will be watching the Nostradamus film, sounds good.

    I have have written a children’s book. It’s been “finished” for over a year so I should really be biting the bullet and trying to find an agent or publisher.
    However, I worry that if people’s needs and budgets will be for such limited things, essentials only, over the next few years that this is a silly path to pursue. People won’t be spending out on new books, they’ll be budgeting for food.
    Do you think that’s a legitimate concern.

    1. Charlotte, children need entertaining and educating when they are sent home (as they are, continually) so it is to the radio, the podcast world and YouTube parents turn, as well as books. From 2026 we will see radical new technology for the printed and spoken word, as Uranus goes into Gemini. So keep on nurturing ideas, and don’t strike books off your list. Do know that freeconomics is the new economics, though. People want free entertainment before they pay for premium aspects of it. Like this website, in fact! Merry Christmas. I hope your book goes well with a new agent.

  15. Hi Jessica, Are we likely to see another big market crash(s) as we did last year in March 2020 in 2022 to 2026 during this period you discuss? If globalization is ending, that means large corporations are going to suffer globally, while smaller local companies may thrive. Hard to believe that 2020 to 2026 period, would have only one big market crash, especially if the worst may be yet to come.


    1. Yes, there will be crashes on the sharemarkets until 2026 as we go through the unpredictable cycle of Uranus (sudden shocks to the system) in Taurus (banking and currency). On a deeper level, Taurus rules values – what is valuable or not – in a rapidly changing world. Nostradamus sees a shrinking world so you would expect airline and cruise, hotel and Air BnB shares to veer wildly, which they have of course been doing.

  16. Jessica, following up on the discussion of the return of the Little Ice Age cycle–is this a literal prediction of cooling, or a general prediction regarding upcoming extreme weather, or possibly both? In other words, might we experience a beneficial cooling period that would slow down, or even reverse, some aspects of Global Warming, and if so, would the effects only be felt in Europe (as in the last Little Ice Age), or would the Western and Southern hemispheres experience these changes as well? Also, if globalization is slowing down or ending (presumably associated with fewer travel-related carbon emissions), do you foresee environmental restoration as a side-effect? (I certainly hope so.) Thanks.

    1. The Little Ice Age of the 1350’s (same cycle as 2022, 2023 – North Node in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus) is really about economy, climate emergency and society. So it’s not really about the actual temperature – you can go colder, as they did, or hotter, as we are. The cycle is about what happens to the financial structure of society, globally. What happened back then was the Black Death wiping out so many villages and farms, that forests grew up in their place. The huge amount of trees sent the temperature down; more people kept dying in freezing conditions. This resulted in a shortage of labourers, a shortage of men to work, so their price went up. What happens to us over the next couple of years will be similar; politicians will have to halt globalisation or it will halt itself (airlines collapse, for example). I’ll talk more about this at The Conscious Cafe event, and the Mayo School of Astrology event.

  17. Thank you Jessica for reminding us about Nostradamus – reading this and going back to your earlier blog on karma, I was wondering about the following: the main reason why countries like India, China etc are polluted is that manufacturing was shifted out of countries in the West. In fact even the huge amount of waste their societies create, are shipped to countries in Asia and Africa to their landfills. My question is this – with the end of globalization that you predict, where will countries who outsource manufacturing, get their cars, car parts, computer chips, computers, etc from? Will they restart their manufacturing industries? And will they start managing their waste better?

    Going to the karma aspect, will countries who were ex-colonies and then sources of cheap labour, see their environmental damage reversed? Will a country like India hold its government accountable for polluting industries? I’m thinking of the prediction you had made of India being quite happy doing business domestically and not looking outwards by 2026. One of the biggest oil refining companies in the world which is based in India , is shifting to carbon zero business by 2035.

    The reason I’m asking these questions is because you have consistently been warning of how this and other future pandemics, combined with global warming, would not only end economies as we know them but also restore balance.

    Also, your prediction of India’s population falling is already coming true – even before legislation you had predicted.

    Amazing how many of your predictions are coming true!

    Thank you!

    1. Really good questions, thank you. As Uranus is always a flip, a revolution, a shock, a turnaround – we can expect it to affect shopping and retail, in the sign of Taurus. So shopping is over. Or radically different. This is by 2026 and we are four years into the cycle, which began in 2018. We would expect the rich West to stop buying, partly because the supply chain stops. Uranus ends whatever used to be; Made In China is already history. Computers, cars and the rest will have to be created differently – massive reality check for the wealthy nations. I’ll chat more about this at the two events coming up in December; The Mayo School of Astrology and The Conscious Cafe are both hosting. And yes, India’s birth rate will continue to fall. This is another reason why we will wake up to a very, very different world by 2026.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    In one of your replies to someone else, you said that COVID is a sexually transmitted disease. Can you please expand on that? Indeed, how come are the elderly so affected then? Surely, ladies and gentlemen in their 80s and 90s – and living in retirement homes – are no longer having sex with anyone!

    The way(s) the virus spreads is something I’ve been obsessed with since the beginning. On the one hand, I see some people living their life as we were still in 2019, and they don’t catch the disease. On the other hand, those who are super careful and mindful of mask wearing and hand washing, get contaminated. How can astrology explain that?

    Thank you for your great article, as always!

    1. Thank you. COVID-19 is sexually transmitted, as was (and is) HIV-AIDS, because they share the same mutable sign cycles. The mutable signs are Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces and although they illustrate infected travellers spreading the virus, the kicker is the Scorpio (sex) cycles that ran alongside those other cycles – and are about to do so again. It’s astrological vocabulary, really. Sagittarius is foreign tourists, Gemini is local travel, Virgo is pandemic. (Pisces is the wild card nobody likes to talk about – religion – and mass religious gatherings which are super spreader events). Once you add Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, death and money, you can see why 2022, 2023 with the South Node in Scorpio, are so dangerous – and why we need to remember how well the old Safe Sex campaigns of the Eighties/Nineties worked. I know older people are vulnerable; it is the sexually active, frequently promiscuous younger generation who infect them. Again, remember this can be passed from children to parents, and then parents onto the rest. COVID-19 is airborne; seek epidemiologists like Dr. Ding on Twitter to tell you the facts.

  19. Jessica, I’m curious about the land of the free- the USA. I read through the comments and you mentioned that at some point when Saturn goes into Pisces, it will be a reality check and we’ll see that the vaccines weren’t the solution and that other country models of zero covid was the way. However, the US citizens aren’t “zero-covid” like and I certainly don’t see them going back in and following rules. There’s a bit of a rebellion going on already and I don’t think they’ll take too kindly to being told what to do. So what does COVID mean for the USA once these facts come out about other country models? Also, I know we’re basically in our Pluto return (depending on the chart you use).

    I’m also curious about me. I’m a Pisces and the Saturn in Pisces shift would surely affect me. In what way during this time?

    Btw, looks like the Biden struggle prediction came to pass and also the beginning hint of the financial issue story with the recent unexpected stock dip that got everyone’s attention the other day.


    1. These are good questions to ask about America, as the red-voting, Republican states have more COVID-19 cases, according to the U.S. media. There will be a split between the states and some will choose to copy the Australian (state) model where individual portions of the country have gone Zero Covid. For example, Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania have virtually eliminated the virus. Using the January chart for America, we can see a split between neighbouring states from 2026, so presumably some want to eliminate, and others do not – probably those states bankrolled in tourism and business travel. Saturn in Pisces precedes this, and the opposition to the Virgo placements (health) of millions rather suggests a crossroads choice. You are a Sun Pisces who will experience Saturn in her First House of appearance, image, name, reputation, profile so have some hard work to do at that point. You can find out more about that by using The Garden Oracle, which is your Christmas present – arrived four days ago.

  20. Hi Jessica, I am really concerned about mandatory vaccines. Austria and Germany are proceeding along this route and it seems other countries may follow and are ramping up the pressure. So far this hasn’t happened here in UK, although unvaccinated care home workers have been sacked and NHS workers have until March to get vaccinated, otherwise they will also lose their jobs.

    1. A lot of readers here share your concern about mandatory injections of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and the rest (and it really is injections, plural, as ‘fully vaccinated’ now means three shots of Pfizer in some countries. The reality is, every nation presenting data of hospitalisation and death from COVID-19, represented at the John Hopkins website, cited by epidemiologists, reveals the same truth: it is overwhelmingly people who have not had the shots, who are seriously ill and who pass away. Those are the facts at December 2021.

  21. Hi Jessica, please have a look at centurie II vers 10. It is the only vers where Nostradamus mentioned masks, perhaps the masks we use in these days.

  22. Jessica I’m going to ask again, Fourth time now, if you don’t reply then I know you really are not concerned with helping people.
    How does one go about getting your members only secret information to help make the right decisions if they cannot pay for it?
    even the garden oracle ….cant use it. thank you for the smallest crumb of info then leaving us wondering

  23. Hello Jessica how will all this Omicron effect Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon and push for independence? Will it even happen you said before Boris Johnson him gone all hinges on NHS gone or changed what will happen to the NHS in Scotland?

    1. The Scotland astrology chart and the NHS astrology chart suggest the same timeline. It looks like the NHS will be replaced in 2022 and independence for Scotland from England is also on the way.

  24. Hi, Jessica,
    Should we be concerned about mandatory vaccination? We see many countries announcing fines if people refuse to get the jab, people losing their jobs because they don’t want to get vaccinated…
    Thanks a lot!

    1. I don’t see this becoming any easier, because transiting Saturn will oppose the Virgo (Sixth House/health/medical) placements of billions when he changes signs to Pisces in 2023. He will also be there in 2024 and early 2025. Saturn tends to turn up as long waiting games and challenging obstacles, so the choices then, particularly about employment (Virgo rules work) as well as health, seem difficult. The reality of COVID-19, of course, is that many places in the world blocked it without any injections of Pfizer, or AstraZeneca, just by tightly controlling who came into the airports – army-supervised two-week quarantine – and so on. As much as people keep feeling trapped or restricted by mandatory vaccine threats and the like, there is plenty of evidence that if you rigidly restrict foreign tourists and business travellers, you can live without masks or even needles. Watch Japan. That’s the next real-life experiment!

  25. Thanks Jessica, another great piece.
    Any advice, I live in New York but recently purchased an apartment in Ireland. Very happy with my investment. My heart says go to a Ireland for at least a year but concerns with employment/inflation/Covid. Feeling stuck, any advice welcome.

    1. Ireland does grab the heart, doesn’t it. You are a Sun Cancer person, who has financial challenges in 2022 because Saturn in your solar Eighth House is rather hard going; he is in Aquarius and your solar Eighth House of finance, property, banking until March 7th 2023. In your natal chart, in 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, we find you have Saturn at 19 Taurus natally in your Second House of finance. The same story told twice. In July 2022 we find the North Node at 19 Taurus for the first time in about two decades; quite hard work financially. We then find transiting Saturn at 19 Aquarius square natal Saturn at 19 Taurus, in September 2022. You can’t really wriggle out of this transit, as Saturn is an ancient symbol of delay, obstacles and tests of patience. It always ends up well enough, but as you have the same story going on in your solar and natal chart, you are going to have to make your decisions about Ireland and New York based on your own price tags. Your life budget (who and what is precious or priceless to you; who or what you won’t budge on price for) will be the deciding factor. More cheerfully, eventually Jupiter (expansion, solutions, growth) goes to 19 Taurus in April 2024. A friend or a group will play a huge role in what happens then, with money, business or property and you’ll be thrilled with what comes to pass.

  26. Dear Jessica, can you tell me something about Poland? Are there any changes in political power taking place in the near future? We have witnessed so many scandals related to our politicians and ruling party when about 500 people die every day. I”m going to study medicine, preparing hard for the exams in May but now I have some doubts if it is a right course for me because of the way the governments treat all medics. And what about the tension between Ukraine and Russia? Inwould be grateful for your reply.

    1. There are four charts for Poland so we need to find the right one. We’re looking for a Polish ‘birth’ chart that clearly shows the start of the war, 3rd September 1939. The 11th November 1918 chart set for Warsaw at 12.00 EET is correct (Source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion). She was born with Mars at 0 Capricorn and on the day Britain declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland, we find Saturn at 0 Taurus and the North Node at 0 Scorpio and South Node at 0 Taurus. That is a rare, historic line-up and a war signature. Your entire problem with politicians, Vladimir Putin among them, is transiting Pluto in Capricorn for the first time in about 248 years. Pluto rules plutocrats who take over. Capricorn rules the top 1% who climb to the peak of the system. We currently have Pluto at 24 Capricorn; Poland has Uranus at 23 Aquarius. That’s unhelpful for activists, causes, political parties based on community, diversity and equality. It’s unhelpful for trade unions, grass roots organisations and so on. It passes pretty quickly. Pluto has to go over 27 Capricorn where he will quincunx Poland’s Saturn at 27 Leo (teenagers, Millennials in the country) and then he’s out of Capricorn on March 24th 2023, for the. most part. He quickly goes to 0 Aquarius and that’s a Poland hotspot, so I am wondering if you have an election in March 2023 or if that’s some other significant month: perhaps the announcement of an election. Pluto at 0 Aquarius can only happen once every quarter-century or so. Pluto will semi-sextile Mars and sextile Mercury at 3 Sagittarius (foreigners, foreign countries) shortly after that, so this feels like a departure from the European Union or, less radically, a renegotiation of the old EU contract. The second bump in the story comes when Pluto goes back to 0 Aquarius on January 22nd, 2024, and the third bump is the final retrograde to 0 Aquarius on November 20th, 2024. This feels like a change in leadership to me, across an election period. As for Vladimir Putin – Nostradamus had a vision for him. I hope there’s a Russian translation on the Putin shelf.

  27. Dear Jessica, thanks a lot. At least there is some light at the end of that long, long dark tunnel. And yes, you are right that Poland was born so many a time 🙂 The national elections are supposed to be in 2023 as well as the elections to local authorities so this is going to be an eventful year 2023. But there are rumours the voring for the MP can take place sooner, in 2022. Time will tell ….

    1. I’m amazed at 2023-2024 showing up in so many countries as a time of quite radical progress. Even if you had a vote in 2022 the faces would change again in 2023/2024, which is of course American election time. This is starting to feel like a global shift with a change in power and strategy in many nations at the same time, including your own Poland. Things can and do get better.

  28. Can you please write an article about Pluto returns to USA please…
    Can you also write about aspects in April 30 and during the 2022…
    Is this April 30 2022 is going to be with same aspects as 2020 when we had lock down and my Bro passed to Heaven…
    Jessica please write more openly on what is coming and please help humanity with your writing as you doing constantly so mighty well. I am in USA and I am frightened what may possibly come, what kind of dark hour…
    Thank you

    1. I use an American chart set for the time ‘the United States of America’ was first used in official correspondence – not the 4th of July 1776 so my angle on America is different to that of many astrologers there. The year 2022 in the United States is really about the return of former President Barack Obama to the White House. I don’t mean as President, obviously, but as an ideas man. In fact, black thinking in the formerly all-white, White House, could be tremendously good news for America, as 2022 goes on. Not only growth, but green growth – a way to deal with the environment, conservation, nature and agriculture that could make the future so great.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    This new Garden oracle is amazing, spot on every time. Thank you very much!
    Now can I be cheeky and make my own predictions?
    1.Indeed we will have a repeat of the Little Ice Age in temperatures and the countries that have abandoned old conventional energy sources will realise who is the fool. I can’t see my solar panels sustaining me through a winter of minus 20.
    2. The scarecrow Omicron will give millions nothing more than a sniffle, supplant Delta and put more or less an end to Covid by April 2022 so the powers that be will have to become ever more creative to find reasons to keep us at home, at the end they will run out of options and will be forced to release another bug in 2023

    Let’s see if I will be correct!

    1. That’s a great testimonial for The Garden Oracle, thank you. That is so interesting that you foresee another Little Ice Age. Wouldn’t that be the shock, to end all shocks, with Uranus in Taurus? We may go from fearing a rise in temperature, to facing a drop. It would be peculiar if it took place, but stranger things have happened. In the 1350’s when we saw Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, the Black Death actually caused the temperature drop – too many trees (the trees having replaced people). You are also playing a wild card when you predict Delta disappears and we are left with the new variant (Nostradamus saw two, though, remember). The great man chose his words carefully and as it’s ‘deux’ stars in Pisces, not ‘une’ he must be talking about the pair of them, at the same time, but you are interpreting his 16th century quatrain to mean a replacement. You seem convinced COVID-19 is man-made and has been weaponised. That’s interesting too.

  30. Loved your article on Nostrodamus. Jessica, I am wondering why Melbourne is still having high numbers of covid without changing on a daily basis, despite lockdowns and vaccinations. I cannot see why there is no change. Over a thousand a day. Thanks.

    1. Melbourne was Zero Covid at one point recently, wasn’t it! The vaccinations are easily answered; two injections is not enough for Omicron – it now has to be three injections. The astrology did predict this a long time ago. What we call vaccination is not the answer; there is no silver bullet vaccine. Being sent inside all the time and closing the shops is not an answer either. At best it keeps most people out of hospital. The answer to COVID-19 is to stop and then tightly control travel. It’s really simple. The astrology is exactly the same now as it was during the Black Death, the Great Plague, Spanish Flu and HIV-AIDS. Every single time the problem is Sagittarius/Gemini (foreign travel and local travel). If we did what they had done in the 1600s and imposed forty-day quarantine (literally in translation, a forty day restriction) then arguably neither Delta nor Omicron would have been flown into Melbourne. That’s basic astrology 101. Plagues always come on mutable sign weather, and affect mutable sign generations. The mutable signs are Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and two of those signs are about airlines.

  31. Hello Jessica,
    This is veenu from NSW. Thanks for your insights into the new variant. I am from NSW. Is it a likely situation that the new variant (Omnicron) could be the end of Covid-19. It was raised in one of the press conference by Scott Morrison. I am into the business of Immigration. With the new variants coming in and shrinking world, does this mean that we should change our line of business.

    1. Hello there – the lovely dream that we have somehow attracted a new variant of COVID-19 that does not take lives, or give people Long Covid illness, is just that; a daydream. Unfortunately Nostradamus is usually right and he warns us about ‘deux’ or two stars in Pisces. Epidemiologists, not astrologers, are already talking about Delta and Omicron as a pair. Have a look at that; Dr. Eric Ding is an excellent source of information on Twitter. You have to remember that Scott Morrison, the current Prime Minister of Australia, worked in tourism and was given favours by Qantas and Virgin – VIP lounge membership for example. If you are involved in the immigration business in New South Wales you should absolutely consider another line of work. The astrology is really clear that in 2022 we are going to see a long period of opposition to international travel, as Mars in Gemini is retrograde and will oppose the Sagittarius placements (travel, emigration) of billions for an unusually long time. Here’s a tip – think local. Local is the new global, especially after 2026.

  32. Thank you for your insights!
    As always, this is a deep article and I can only imagine the years of research and studying.

    Looking at my chart, do you see possibilities of marriage in 2022? The idea of marriage changes so much with COVID too. For instance, my parents live half the planet away. So for us to even have a “small” ceremony few people need to take long flights. This worries me so much. If there is marriage in 2022, where should I look – meaning – marriage alliance with someone from other culture, with someone from my sports teams, a personal-and-business partnership?

    1. You are in the best space for marriage in 12 years, starting on December 30th, until May 2022, then again from October until Christmas 2022. Use your Tarot and Oracles, and the guides, to figure out the details for yourself.

  33. Thank you. I must sat that my reliance on astrology, tarot & divination has increased in the recent years. In addition to finding you, learning more in-depth and witnessing my Tarot readings coming true there have been several contributing factors. Its hard to explain but my *faith* and confidence in using these has gone from 20% to 70% – this quantification isn’t very apt but it’s really hard to explain this deep sense of *okay-ness* and acceptance of things. Thanks again.

    1. This is really good to hear, thank you for letting me know. Tarot is a relationship over many years and Pamela and Arthur’s deck truly serves. Merry Christmas.

  34. Jessica, can you elaborate more about the war that is coming after many years of peace? Thank you!!

    1. Nostradamus used to see centuries into the future, so I would hazard a guess he is talking about Neptune in Aries, or Pluto in Aries. In any case you don’t need to worry about it much before 2026 and even then, Neptune in Aries suggests cyber warfare. An escape from reality – an aggressive arena that may be entirely virtual. I would need to go back to my history books to check what happened last time, but Neptune in Aries is very likely what Nostradamus saw, before Pluto finally comes in.

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