Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Astrology of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, passed to spirit at the age of 96 at 3.30am on Friday 9th September, 2022 in Hobart, where I live. The announcement from Buckingham Palace came on Thursday 8th September at 6.30pm.

Elizabeth Rainbow Portrait 300x249 - Vale Queen Elizabeth IIBBC Rainbow 300x265 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

Two Rainbows, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II

On Thursday 8th September 2022 – a double rainbow appeared at Buckingham Palace. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised; not only was she a devout Christian, she was also an honorary Druid mystic. In this astrological obituary for Her Majesty the Queen, I’ll look more at the phenomena surrounding her passing. It includes an earthquake in Australia and a meteor across the United Kingdom.

A second rainbow appeared on Sunday 18th September, the day before Her Majesty’s funeral, reported by the BBC’s Alex Doherty on Twitter.

This is where the mystery surrounding The Queen increases. The portrait shown above is ‘The Rainbow Portrait’ of Queen Elizabeth I. She holds the rainbow in her left hand. The Latin inscription reads ‘NON SINE SOLE IRIS’ which means ‘No rainbow without a sun.’

Time and the Passing of Time

Of all the many magazine covers now paying tribute to Her Majesty, my favourite is on Time, shown above.

I also really like this viral Twitter photograph of the BBC tribute, below. Look carefully and you will see Taurus the Bull with his horns in silhouette underneath Her Majesty’s face. The BBC guard is wearing Paddington Bear’s yellow raincoat.

The Queen was a monarch for the times and Time – no matter if she was accepting honorary Druid status in 1946;  leading post-war Britain through the 1950’s or taking tea with Paddington Bear in the 21st century.

There was and is something quite mystical about her though. That’s not usually discussed but we’re seeing it now.

Taurus bull BBC 1 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

How I Predicted July 20th-September 29th 2022 for Her Majesty

I’ve been asked if I predicted her death. Astrology cannot predict death. Of course not. And nor should it.

I did publish this during The Leo Weather event I ran on July 5th 2022, about the Leo cycle until September 29th 2022.

“A Leo preoccupation, for better or worse; is the heirs to the kingdom. The line of succession to the throne and any pretenders to the throne. 

For reasons we’ll discuss at The Leo Weather, this period, July 20th until September 29th, 2022, is of crucial important to Prince Andrew, Her Majesty the Queen, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge. The lions and the cubs.”

If you were there you will remember me talking about a coronation. If you are a Premium Member then you have access to the complete story and you can still read the forecast here.

HRH 228x300 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen in Astrology

The Astrology Chart For Elizabeth II

Her Majesty the Queen  has the South Node at 20 Capricorn in conjunction with her Ascendant at 21 Capricorn.

Her North Node at 20 Cancer is in conjunction with her Descendant at 20 Cancer.

We  find Salacia at 23 Scorpio in conjunction with Saturn at 24 Scorpio in The Queen’s chart.

These are the two big placements in her modern astrology chart, which describe who she was and what happened to her.

All those signs loom large in what happens next. Kate, the Princess of Wales, is a Capricorn. William, the Prince of Wales, is a Cancer. Camilla, Queen Consort, is a Cancer. Charles III is a Scorpio.

From this we can tell what happens next. The future of the monarchy. This is an homage to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, though, and this is a long period of mourning for all the Elizabethans. The future? That’s for another day.


unnamed 3 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II
Astrology Chart for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Astrogold).

Leo Weather and Leo Legacy

If you attended our special event in July, The Leo Weather, you would have heard me talking about why the period July 20th to September 29th, 2022 was so important for coronations. It now turns out the coronation will be for a new king. This is the  full July 5th 2022 feature for Premium Members, which accompanied the Zoom event. You can read it here. 

ER II - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

New Coronation – God Save the King

As I wrote back on 5th July (above) “You are always subject to a new coronation during Leo weather if you have Leo factors. A new title or role.”

Natural Phenomena and Her Majesty the Queen

Apart from the rainbows we saw – a heavenly hint about the two Elizabeths – there was other amazing natural phenomena during Her Majesty’s lying-in-state.

Meteor 300x162 - Vale Queen Elizabeth IIA fireball or meteor followed the path of the cortege from Scotland and Ireland to London and was filmed and photographed by many people. Maps of the meteor and images were viral across Twitter. This image (left) came from the excellent American Meteor Society.

Then, at Port Philip in Australia (note the name) an earthquake shook church services on Sunday 18th September, the day before the funeral.

The incredible thing about the meteor, which resembled a fireball with a long tail, is that it echoed 684AD and Halley’s Comet. An outbreak of the Black Death took place. When the comet reappeared in 1066 AD, Harold II, King of England, fought William I and died. William took the throne.

Strange But True – Earthquakes and Meteors

Sunday 18 Sep Earthquake Port Philip Australia - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

COMET 1066 CHART 1 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

PARENTS DRUIDS 300x203 - Vale Queen Elizabeth IICeres in Leo and Royal Druids

It is interesting to see Ceres at 14 Leo in The Queen’s natal chart. It forms a quincunx to Venus at 13 Pisces. That’s quite mystical so perhaps we should not be surprised at these portents.

I think that’s a strong statement about the late monarch’s reign as Honorary Ovate of the Gorsedd of Bards in Wales (welcomed by Archdruid Crwys Williams on 6th August 1946).  It was part of royal tradition. Her parents had been renamed Albert and Betsi (Royal Bards) when initiated into the Gorsedd. Her mother was also a Sun Leo.

This still is from a YouTube clip of the future King and Queen Mother’s day with the Druids. This photograph of His Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh is from a biography online at the BBC posted before he passed on. Her Majesty the Queen was honoured at a stone circle. This is all a long way from the Christian church but it’s important.

Screen Shot 2022 09 10 at 8.56.28 pm - Vale Queen Elizabeth II


STONE CIRCLE Jeff Morgan Alamy scaled - Vale Queen Elizabeth II
Jeff Morgan/ALAMY:  National Eisteddfod Gorsedd stone circle dating from 1905 in Dyffryn Wood at Mountain Ash South Wales , where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed an Honorary Ovate by the 1946 Archdruid.

The Stone Circle Where Princess Elizabeth Was Met by Druids

The stone circle you see here dates from 1905 and is in Dyffryn Wood Park, Glamorgan. This was the National Eisteddfod of 1946. The Queen’s parents, then the Duke and Duchess of York, had been honoured in a similar ceremony in 1926.

Here you see Princess Elizabeth, as she was then, showing both the Leo and Pisces aspects of her personal birth chart. Leo Queen. Pisces Mystic. She was foremost a Christian but from an astrologer’s point of view, an Ovate too. Twitter is the best place to go for these early 20th century viral photographs. This is probably a still from a 1946 news clip.

Twitter viral - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Druid Ovate – Elizabeth II

Modern Druids in the British Isles tell us that an Ovate is psychic; mystical. This is a highly unusual example of Venus in Pisces but it’s also just what we might expect, as astrologers looking at that chart. This definition of an Ovate is from the official Druid website in the United Kingdom.

WHAT IS AN OVATE - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen as a Phenomenon

We will not see her like again. She was the monarch when my grandfather Basil Adams received his O.B.E. at Buckingham Palace and Elizabeth II was also on the throne when my goddaughter Phoebe received her Duke of Edinburgh award. Her Majesty touched every family one way or another. She likely has affected yours too.

QUEEN CLOUD 300x223 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II I think that’s why we feel as if a stone circle of some kind has shifted in September 2022. Someone has moved the ancient Druid monument.

Our Queen was literally phenomenal. After she left us, British mother Leanne Bethell photographed this cloud formation in Telford, as The Independent reported. In rainbows or in clouds, in meteors or earthquakes, she’s left signs and portents all over the world.

The Queen was renamed Elizabeth O’Windsor when she placed her hands in those of Archdruid Crwys. She was known by many names. It was always the same rock that we leaned on, though. Vale Elizabeth II!

YouTube Clip/Unknown Sources/Twitter @Independent 

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80 Responses

  1. Very few people I actually weep for that I don’t know. I weep this tremendous loss and pray she can do even greater good from the highest throne she is on now!

    I have a nice letter from her that she wrote to my Great Aunt who passed away in 2015 at 101 years of age!

    The end of an era. What a generation that was from the Great Depression! They still life from transportation as horse and buggy, All the way to the computer age and everything in between. I find it hard to believe that no matter what we come up with in the future no generation will have seen such incredible change in their lifetimes.

    I pray that the Queens spirit is with the new Prime Minister!


  2. Thank you Jessica for writing this blog. I agree we will not see her like again. Only someone with such immense dedication to duty would carry on the way she did right to the very end despite suffering from bone cancer – brought on by the extreme stress she has experienced in the last 2 – 3 years. I am deeply saddened by her passing.

    1. I’m not sure we know how The Queen passed, in the end, but her dedication to duty was an inspiration – right to her third female Prime Minister. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this post. I appreciate that you are honoring a fine person. There was a feeling of stillness today that tugged at my heart.
    Best to all, Cecelia

  4. I couldn’t sleep last night. Tossed & turned. Perhaps it wasn’t my sore hip keeping me awake. The photo of the Queen taken earlier earlier in the week made me think she’s going away… Yesterday I saw the most gorgeous corgi – he had a fabulous tail – and the Queen immediately sprang to mind.
    Giving up on sleep I looked at the news at 3.40AM. Saddened but not surprised. Got up. Texted husband (on night shift). Rang my sister. We wept.
    My mum is a huge royalist. For her 80th we brought her a replica of the Queen’s 8 pointed diamond brooch. Mum was wearing it when I saw her on Sunday. Her generation will, I think, be hard hit.
    We will never see another like her.
    Thank you for posting this.

    1. We will keep these tributes to HM the Queen on this website, for many years into the future, I hope. And this is a terrific tribute to have, thank you.

  5. Thank you. Even the glare of constant public scrutiny could not dimish her dignity and grace. An imperfect human being, like us all, but I always sensed her love – for her corgis, her family and her country. No one could wear a hat like her. A queen in every sense of that word.

  6. Thank you so much for this Jessica. Writing this from the UK I have watched newscasters barely able to hold back tears. It feels like the end of an epoch, never mind an era. For so many of us she has been the only constant in our lives. My daughter was working today when she heard the news. She told her friend ‘my Mum will be sad. She doesn’t like the royals, but she loves the Queen’. Challenging times ahead.

  7. Thank you, Jessica. I, like so many other people in both the UK & around the world, am deeply saddened that HM The Queen has died. I have cried at the shock of her passing & hope that she is now at rest alongside her beloved Philip, having served the UK & the Commonwealth so devotedly for seventy years. I will be re-watching the 1992 documentary, Elizabeth R on YouTube, to remember the genuinely kind woman with a great sense of humour that she was, despite the heavy burdens of duty.

  8. Thank you, so surreal that the Queen has passed. Broke down into tears when I saw the news. What an amazing woman. I remember singing God Save the Queen at school many years ago. A woman who gave her life to service of humanity, her grace, her love of family, her faith, never be another like her…..she will be reunited with her beloved Phillip. Interesting about the rainbow and time in Hobart being 333 (the Christ Vibration of love at its highest bringing compassion). Also 8th September is Mother Mary feast day. ) and some say her birth). I see such a parallel with these two divine feminine strong women, the Mothers, there must be spiritual connections there. Today 9/9 power day, endings, love compassion, the world is feeing it.

  9. Home now in spirit. What a courageous life … to live in the spotlight for so long with every family drama commented on at length in the media takes true grit. When I think of her I think of resilience and endurance … two things we will all need as I feel us heading into even more tumultuous times. Rest in peace finest lady. You will be very missed and please stay with us in spirit and help us through.

  10. I cried here in New York, and it was so special to read your blog this afternoon (posted so quickly) which I thank you for again. I just read mention of this Full Moon in Pisces coming by the weekend – that it will feel like an ocean of tears we shed for a Queen, a woman loved by many people and across the world boundaries. Lots of love, C

  11. Like many others I was awake in the middle of the night here in Australia as she passed. I’m so very sad but so grateful for her life and legacy. What an incredible lifetime of service and a remarkable woman. May she travel safely home and enjoy her newfound freedom in spirit with all that went before her – loved ones, ponies and corgis. Thank you our Queen, and rest well.

  12. Dear Jessica
    My heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved queen. Though I am an American, she was the only British monarch of my lifetime and I am sixty six. More than anything else, I admired her for experiencing the Blitz and becoming a mechanic and truck driver during the Second World War. She was raised right. Her sense of duty was truly unparalleled and seeing the the big discolored blotch on her extended hand in the photograph with the new Prime Minister made me think her passing was very close. Incredible grit.
    I also just loved her broaches, especially on those colorful coats!
    I’m with those who think those rainbows were a message.

  13. Thankyou Jessica. The absolute dedication, stability and hard working ethic of Her Majesty must surely be unmatched. I was so sad last night to see the news coverage. Even now as I type I have goosebumps (have had all morning), surely my late mother who shared the 21 April birthdate, and with whom I shared constant conversations about the Royal Family. Although we were Baltic European, we had our own home celebrations alongside British Royal events (particularly the marriage of Diana). It is indeed the end of an era, and in sadness I celebrate the life of our Queen (who is no doubt currently surrounded by a mob of loving corgis). Veronica

  14. It was a very sad day for many. Thank you for writing about the Queen. It was interesting to see that our nodes were exact. Condolences to her family and all of those who loved her so much

  15. Thanks Jessica,
    I was awake most of the night. Not tossing and turning – just wired. A different energy. I messaged a friend first thing this morning, when I read the news “Now I understand why I couldn’t sleep last night”.
    I’m in Australia, but when I went to school, we sang God Save the Queen.
    Its very entrenched, even as far away as we are here. I could still play it on the recorder when my children learnt to play it (the recorder, sadly not the anthem).
    There will never be another like Queen Elizabeth II.


    1. My grandfather was Basil Adams OBE and he was awarded the Order of the British Empire after working on radar and at BBC radio and television. Thank you.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. This is so sad heart felt news of sadness and grief and sorrow as she was example of strength to me while I was and still am going though grief. When I see Queen Elizabeth photo where she is on the horse I felt strong together with her. Today I am devastated about the news as I need her to be alive longer, however human life is fragile and we are most sensitive when we are born and when we are old. What else do you see Jessica? Did she pass to Heaven peacefully? Do you have any insight?

  17. Like Miriam M’s daughter, I knew my mum would be upset too and she was. My mum is 72 and she’s felt the Queen as a remote mother figure as have lots of us. My mum said she feels nervous for the future.

    I told her I have faith in King Charles III to step up and say the kind of unifying and reassuring things we need to hear in Britain right now, a country so divided and dejected and depleted from the past five years of Brexit, Corinavirus and Cost of Living crisis. I note in your Liz Truss profile you mentioned a male leader with a great interest in agriculture and green issues. Could this be him?

    Thank you for your continued interesting articles and site

    1. It’s true, the green male leader may be King Charles III. Early days. I believe PM Truss will change her mind about the environment. The significance of what happened as Queen Elizabeth II anointed her as Prime Minister Elizabeth Truss can’t be lost on her. Sometimes it feels as though there is timing for everything. We had a ‘green Queen.’ And now her son. I agree with your mother; the late Queen was a mother figure for the nation, wasn’t she?

  18. Beautiful tribute Jessica. Let us hope the baton she passed onto another Liz will be used properly and consequentially. God save the King. Acta non verba.

  19. So sad to wake up to this ,she was the epitome of strength ,I remember my Virgo great aunt who adored her and one day around 3 years ago at the nursing home she resided at, a cheeky nurse was stirring her in a friendly manner saying ‘oh your such a Monarchist ‘
    ,she chuckled but explained its not that im a Monarchist but I grew up with her in a way ,she preceded to tell the nurse I was born in 1927 she was born in 1926 ,our days we didn’t have Facebook ,magazines tv ect and in WW2 we would go to the pictures they would show news reels quite often there would be footage of the queen and her mother sitting with the people in the bomb shelters ,that meant a great deal to us, and the fact that she thrown into this role but handled it with her stoic strength .She was in a way there Kardashian but as we know with alot more depth and substance , she represented so much it feels like everyone’s grandma has died again today , it gave you comfort that there was this strong grandma figure running the reign keeping it altogether now there’s a feeling of vulnerability. I dont know what it is with 2022 ,famous people have died before and whilst I feel sad I have never cried this year I shed a tear for Shane Warne the king of spin ,Olivia Newton John ,Australia’s princess and now the Queen …the strongest leader of all , I work in medical and today there where patients of ages all cultures who spoke of her and how sad they where to hear the news , it doesn’t matter if your a monarchist or not she was a great woman epitome of strength and grace who strongly believed and encouraged unity , lets hope that legacy carry’s on.
    RIP Queen Elizabeth

  20. Thank You for this Jessica XOO
    Waving my cup of Earl Grey tea and a tissue box to you across our wide brown land.. :'(
    Such an emotional 24 hours, I hope you are okay, too, being a dual British-Oz Elizabethan??
    You have provided such comfort through the vehicle of astrology, all through these years, and especially with this – thank you…
    As Her Majesty said “Grief is the price we pay for love.”
    Such an example for us all. Xoo

  21. We heard the sad news here in South Africa early Thursday evening and it came as a shock. I have cried intermittently the who day today as the news has steadily sunk in. The Queen was as much part of my life as my family and friends. I found her to be an absolute inspiration and you’re right Jessica, we will never see a woman like Queen Elizabeth again. Queen Elizabeth is an icon and I doubt she’ll be forgotten for many , many years. I’m glad she’s finally back with her beloved Phillip.

  22. Thank you my dearest Jessica for this wondrous tribute. As a Yank, I don’t have the same Royalist tradition, but Queen Elizabeth to all of us was always The QUEEN. It is not just the end of an era but the end of an epoch. And I loved her twinkle when she had to meet with Trump (he had the nerve to keep her waiting – ugh!) and she wore a brooch President Obama had gifted her in 2011. What a lovely, naughty gesture!

    1. That’s really a matter for MI6 isn’t it. I’ll be curious to see what happens when Vladimir Putin dies.

  23. I have always remembered as a primary school girl lining the street at Carrington in the early 70’s when she visited Newcastle NSW. She specifically travelled from the airport along the road so that she could wave at the school children. We all saw her wave and the crowd went wild (not Beatles wild). We also saw Charles and Dianna much later.
    The chart in your article has some unfamiliar symbols, what do they represent?

    1. One of the great things about Queen Elizabeth II was her determination to visit every town and city, no matter how small – she must be part of childhood memory for so many people, and you’ve not forgotten. The symbols you don’t recognise are probably asteroids; this is AstroGold software. You’ll also see them in your own chart if you are a Premium Member with an explanation.

    1. Thank you for passing this on; the condolences will live forever and I’m sure will be a huge source of comfort and interest to future generations in the Royal Family, as well as to our descendants.

  24. Such lovely tributes. I was distraught when I heard the sad news of the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth. Even though we probably all sensed it was coming, it was still a shock. My father and husband were in the Armed Forces so the Queen played a big part in our lives. I will miss this beautiful, amazing and inspiring lady ! x

  25. There are so many of us in America who are so very sad to see her go. Never mind what you may hear reported in the media. The sentiment toward her and the loss is there. Even I am tearing up. Condolences to our friends.

    1. Thank you so much. I really like the way we are sharing this huge loss around the world and share your tears, too.

  26. It is interesting that she died at the time of tremendous change around the globe. There was a poll question on CNN Smerconish this morning, “which has more chance of surviving, the British monarchy or US democracy?” That is quite a statement on what is going on in the world. There is such a need to chance 200 year old constitutions, whether it is the stupid rule of 2 senators per state in the US, whether they have a population of 500,000 in Wyoming or 40 million in CA. Or in Canada, having an unelected senate (a copy of the house of lords). Will the dissolution of the commonwealth have a dramatic change on many constitutions around the globe? Will white supremacist unrest (a relic of pre 21st century) die upon its sword in some civil upheavel? It should be interesting.

    1. Vladimir Putin is failing in Ukraine and Putin’s Russia is failing in its long strategy to break up The Special Relationship between America and Britain. I’m sure you realise that the long attack on the British monarchy and American democracy has been engineered by Putin. Both are sturdy and will not only survive but thrive. The constitutions which protect The Special Relationship will also be made sturdier; others which have permitted attacks on democracy will not last the distance. What we are seeing here is the end of Pluto in Capricorn and start of Pluto in Aquarius. The end of Putin and his puppet Trump, and his other puppet, who has done her best to fracture Anglo-American relations and been outsmarted. Looking forward to that. It begins, March 2023.

  27. Dear Jessica,

    When I heard the news and came online to refresh your tab, I gasped aloud upon seeing the image of Her Majesty dressed in jet. There was the Eight of Cups peering back at me with lovely, twinkling eyes! Could this image be our collective grief wearing her countenance; or is it “so long, farewell” from Her to those who she has reared and ruled?

    I tried to find out where the Psyche of HM is, but had no idea which glyph it would be–could you share where it is positioned in the chart? I am curious to see where she will never die. My boyfriend and I talked about how we both suspended our understanding of human lifespan in imagining that she would simply continue to go on, year by year.

    May Her legacy and your memories lessen the sting,

    1. Thank you Joy. Her Majesty the Queen was born with Psyche at 22 Gemini, exactly trine Jupiter at 22 Aquarius and sextile Neptune at 22 Leo. You asked the right question, there. Psyche is, as you say, what lives forever. She is a symbol of immortality and was the daughter-in-law of Venus. Gemini and the Third House describe siblings (Princess Margaret; the media and publishing – and short journeys – commuting. The relationship with Margaret is enshrined in series like The Crown and so many books and films. No need to explain the media or publishing world. Short journeys – very interesting – all that footage of corgis boarding the royal plane, en masse. It’s the perfect chart for an immortal (Psyche) media (Gemini) royal (Leo) and Aquarius has always ruled community, diversity, equality. For all that some very naive teenagers and Millennials have fallen for the Meghan ‘racist Royal family’ fiction – QEII was Head of the Commonwealth of Nations, active, involved and supportive, all her life.

  28. Jessica,

    I just want to say I read this again and every single word you’ve written here about her majesty is quite fascinating. What an amazing woman! I love the picture with the clouds and rainbows as well. I am sure you saw the all of the magnificent photos of the double rainbow over Buckingham Palace just after her death! What a powerful spirit/soul! Wow!


  29. Thank you, Jessica!
    I love the very first speech by King Charles III. He is the perfect King at the current time as he is a pioneer in climate change and he knows the importance of agriculture. I’m very much looking forward to reading your post regarding our new King. Does the sky allow us to have him as the King until we take back our healthy planet earth and our sanity as human?

    1. It is comforting to have a conservationist/environmentalist in the House of Windsor, and Charles takes after the Duke of Edinburgh in that respect. William carries the legacy and so the Climate Emergency seems one less step away. The coronation will be in question until September 29th, as the astrology predicted back in July. Ceres is a symbol of compromise over control and power; in Leo, the sign of all monarchies, it suggests nothing is final yet. The coronation of the future king is also taking place with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Libra and Mars Retrograde in Gemini. The initial signatures took place on a Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo. So you see. It’s complicated!

  30. Mercury retrograde, Mars in shadow period…

    Thank you for reply!

    I hope I can come back to membership before the end of the year.

    I’m glad you are getting more attention.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I find numerology a little fascinating, although I don’t claim to know much about it. I could not help but notice every aspect of the Queens death surrounded in 3, 6 and 9’s!
    Which can all be divided into 3…even 2022 the year being added up to 6, which can then be divided back into 3…‍♀️

    1. Yes, there are quite a few 3, 6, 9 patterns around the Queen’s passing. We saw one three played out with Camilla, Charles and William as he signed his accession documents. This itself suggests a further ‘three’ which was Diana, Camilla and Charles. Add them together and you have six. Then you have William and his three children, which makes nine. The timing for the signatures was not auspicious, unfortunately.

  32. Thank you for that tribute to Her Majesty. I knew I’d be upset but I’ve actually been quite distraught. Such a life devoted to service and duty, she has seen us through difficult times and always been a steadying, guiding influence. The final picture of her at Balmoral told me the end was near and I was shocked at how frail she looked but still had that wonderful smile and her ever present handbag over her arm!

    I’m so pleased she had the wonderful Platinum Jubilee celebrations and I remember her coming out onto the balcony and the thousands of people cheering and waving flags and knew we were saying goodbye to the most wonderful Monarch. We couldn’t have asked for more and I know she’s at peace now.

    I won’t go into my feelings at this point about certain people that have caused her such stress in the past couple of years but I hope you’re right that a day of reckoning is coming.

    1. The loss of Her Majesty the Queen has left so many people feeling distraught, as you are. It is a comfort to know she had the Platinum Jubilee and all its spectacular success; the London Olympics too. She lived long enough to see little George born too. Something about the Royal Family that people often forget is that they are part of the nation’s armed forces; they are on the front line. Foreign enemies can and do meddle. And they have done worse than that. Full credit to her and the firm for wisely managing the situation by refusing to play the game. Our admiration for her is boundless; she was a wise, wise ruler, right to the end.

  33. I knew this day would come. We all did. This year more likely than next. Some people made predictions or sensed it in some way but most, me included, knew it likely from common sense alone. She had become increasingly frail and small in the last six months and at 96 years of age, after the recent loss of her beloved Phillip and the mobility and health issues, we all knew it was coming.

    But I always felt the day was forever locked into the future, tomorrow maybe or the day after, maybe next week, next month but never now.
    Not today, not now. I’m not ready.

    Poems come to mind.
    “Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone” – WH Auden
    No, time didn’t stand still and the clocks kept ticking and the earth turned as was yesterday and so will be tomorrow but my internal clock had gotten stuck. Time stopped at just before 6pm as I waited for what was now an almost inevitable announcement.
    The hours passed, the sky darkened as day turned to night and then after a fitful night’s sleep, back again to day but no respite on waking as the realisation dawned that the day was just a continuation of yesterday, and no, I hadn’t dreamt it.
    The next few days seemed to merge into one. Existence felt a bit monochrome as colours became less and it felt like the brightness had been turned down. Even Google was greyed out.

    I never knew her, never met her in person so why feel this way? Am I being maudlin or soft-minded?
    Why mourn for someone you didn’t know – but that is missing the point.
    I did know her, she is on the coins and the notes, the stamps and the letterboxes.
    On the television, in newspapers and magazines.
    Her likeness all around, so normal I barely gave it a second thought. Seen all too fleetingly and all too familiar to register.
    She was a part of my psyche, my sense of nationality, culture, identity, Britishness and now she has passed and I feel the loss. A loss of part of me. Time will heal but things will have changed and never be the same.

    It is only now, Sunday afternoon that I am regaining my sense of time. The last few days I had to look on the computer or a newspaper to know even what the day of the week it was, never mind the date. I think the TV news coverage and the radio have helped as we forget that in mourning it is good to talk. It helps. All the recent reminiscences and anecdotes from people that knew her have helped. The accession of our King in the nations and the necessary ceremonies have reminded me that life does and must go on.

    Acceded to the throne age 25 years and gave over seventy years of service. Two days before she passed she appointed our new Prime Minister and the day before she approved the most recent Cabinet appointments. In her lifetime she met with thirteen US Presidents, fifteen UK Prime Ministers and met many Heads of State and World leaders.
    She also met many, many members of the public whether on Royal tours, Opening ceremonies, official visits and public walk-abouts. I read somewhere that she and Prince Phillip practically invented the walkabout. She had the common touch and lifted the hearts and spirits of those she met. She charmed people, she listened to people and she also made us laugh.

    She was many things, not just a hard working Monarch.
    She was a wife and mother.
    A fashion icon in her younger days. She rivalled many a Hollywood star in style and glamour.
    She was highly intelligent, spoke fluent French, was a good listener, was well informed and knowledgeable and had a remarkable memory which proved invaluable in her weekly meetings with her many Prime Ministers
    She was also an early feminist. During world war II she enlisted and trained as a mechanic and was able to strip down engines and drive many vehicles. I believe she was the only female member of the royal family to have ever served in the Military.

    She also had an amazing sense of humour which we saw more and more of towards the end of her reign. Who can forget the James Bond sketch at the London Olympics or meeting Paddington Bear during the Jubilee celebrations.
    During a photoshoot at the G7 summit in Cornwall she asked “Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?” and made everyone laugh.
    Cutting a cake with a ceremonial sword at the G7 summit. Queen cuts cake with sword at G7 event
    The occasion she met 2 American tourists in Scotland and they didn’t recognize her.
    And my favourite – the Zoom meeting with Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and school children during British Science week

    As one of your readers commented I too can imagine the Queen on passing being taken by the hand by her father, but a younger George VI. I imagine a green field with a gentle sun and soft breezes. In the field are all the Corgis, Dorgis, Horses and Ponies she has ever owned and loved. Standing a few yards away I see Prince Phillip, smiling and also younger and just behind him Princess Margaret. In the distance there are also other faces, maybe Churchill, Thatcher, Gorbachev, Mandela and many others. Before she passes over she turns back and gifts us a rainbow, many rainbows. Rainbows symbolically being a bridge between Heaven and Earth, the material and the spiritual and the rainbows bringing us both wonder and comfort.

    Goodbye and God bless your Majesty
    God save the King


    1. Thank you so much Caitlin. Do you know, I was watching the Zoom session with Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock this afternoon. Quite incredible. That is also my favourite memory of the Queen. She showed her Aquarian side then, which we didn’t always see. The fact that she was such a huge part of our childhood might explain the loss. Yet, she also had that Aquarian gift for feeding the world. She was also, as my friend Sarah Vine says, ‘a good egg.’ Sarah wrote an outstanding front-page tribute to HM the Queen in The Daily Mail last week. Tony Parsons wrote that Her Majesty never complained, never explained, never whined – unlike so many modern celebrities. She had all the values of that wartime generation and she is a role model and inspiration to copy. A beacon for the best of British and, luckily, one that will never change; her presence will remain.

  34. Hi Jessica. Thank you for a very interesting article. I was wondering where you obtained the TIME of The Queen’s death as it hasn’t been made public in the UK as yet? Thank you so much.

    1. The Governor-General of Australia claims he had a time slightly later than mine (first news to foreign countries). We heard at 3.33am in Hobart, Tasmania, and many people were awake in our street. The timing of HM the Queen’s death is strangely hidden. Every other monarch has had a timed death announcement in the past. Even a release to the media is not necessarily when she passed, but Down Under, this is when the sad news hit us.

  35. Oh Jessica

    Thank you so much for this.
    I had a feeling we would lose our beloved Queen this year, and I knew it would be the end of an era. Elizabeth II: “I am elevated to the highest, yet I serve”.

    What an example in discipline and adherence to a personal commitment to duty and personal service. Not once did she put a foot wrong.

    And now it feels we have an era of “look at me” and crass, fleeting, banal celeb culture. I worry.

    I will support King Charles fully. May God bless him in his work, health, duties, and in his being. I hope he will reign for as long as possible, he is a good man. Long live the King.

  36. Jessica, Very interesting. What a sad time about our Beloved Queen Elizabeth. She will be missed but I believe that King Charles will surprise everyone. His love for nature and the earth, environment. I believe he will make some changes to the monarchy, for future generations. I believe we will be surprised how modern he will be, through is leadership and through changes. With the retrograde, will that have effect on his Role as king and the full moon. Question, and I would appreciate if you can have a look at my chart. You talk about Liz and her chart. Do you see a time in my chart we’re i will shine. And big changes. My thoughts are with you while we share the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth Long life the KING
    This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    The coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide took place on Thursday, 8 September 1831, over fourteen months after he succeeded to the throne of the United Kingdom at the age of 64, the oldest person to assume the monarchy until King Charles III in 2022. Queen Elizabeth 2 passed away 8/09/22….. Looking at my chart do you see any positive changes, in September or October or any advice for September and October
    A man, who, later, they considered unworthy.

    “The people will force out the King of the Islands.

    “A man will replace him who never expected to be king.”
    “At the end of the war, the great powers change. Near the coast are born three beautiful children. They will ruin the town when they come of age. They will change the kingdom and they will not see it grow any more “, It can be read in the poem published in the text ‘Century 8 Quatrain 97’, by Nostradamus.

    Do you think, that King Charles will not be King, but William….that next year instead
    King Charles will have his ceremony it will be Prince William.

    What’s your thoughts

    1. This is a proper amount of time to mourn a great Queen, though I know it is very hard for loyal Elizabethans to go through. I will have a look at Nostradamus in a feature later; many astrologers have predicted Charles III would not proceed to a coronation. That began when he was one year old. He is easily the most admirable environmentalist in the United Kingdom apart from Sir David Attenborough. He puts his money where his mouth is. So let’s see. William has inherited his father and grandfather’s respect for the environment, which is a relief.

  37. I was near some trees today and an acorn fell on my head. I’ve never had that happen and thought I”d look it up. Turns out the name Druid comes from Acorns. The Druids were the first to eat acorns because they believed that there were prophetic properties contained within the fruit. As I read this I immediately thought of Queen Elizabeth and you post. The qualities of the Acorn were embodied by her, Good health, protection, wisdom, strength and power, eternal youth, and Preserverance & potential.

    I quickly checked to see if she may have had and acorn jewerly and could not find any online. However, I did find that Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton) not only has an oakleaf and acorns brooch >> she also wore diamond acorn earring at her wedding >>

    I hope this bode well for her time on the thrown with William! I think they make a lovely pair.

    1. Synchronicity! Jupiter was linked to acorns by the Romans (oak leaves of victory) and The Great Red Spot on Jupiter resembles an acorn. Some Welsh Druids later took away Her Majesty’s title, according to the Daily Mail, because she did not speak Welsh. The new Princess of Wales’ fondness for acorns is interesting. That’s luck, growth, expansion, as we know. So from Princess to Queen, yes. If astrologers going back to 1949 are correct then that will happen faster than we may expect.

  38. Hi Jessica
    I don’t know anything about the royal family but always have deep respect for the Queen as she dedicated her whole life to her people. I’m just wondering how is it possible for Meghan Markle to compare herself to Princess Diana and tried to disrespect the Queen and the Royal family and get away with it?

    1. Meghan is a very experienced actress. She arrived in the life of the Royal Family during the Trump-Russia presidency. She began dividing people at the wedding when she rejected her father to accompany her. The next rift came when she and Harry retained their royal titles but left the United Kingdom and their life as working royals. Another rift when they went to Canada to the home of a Russian oligarch and then quickly moved to Los Angeles. The biggest rift came when Meghan and Harry together with Oprah Winfrey accused the Royal Family of racism against their child. Is she getting away with it? Yes. The Special Relationship between the United States and United Kingdom which is so crucial to NATO and the UN is harmed when people take sides on the basis of race. It is the same with unity within the United Kingdom. Watch the funeral and its aftermath. I’m fairly sure there will be another piece of disruption. This is of course before Harry’s book. It’s rather like watching a B-Grade Hollywood television series, isn’t it!

  39. Thanks Jessica! Great to learn more about this, she treats her life with the royal family like a movie, or soap opera. This could be coming from her personal unconscious per Carl Jung since she was the youngest in her family and always needed the attention. Hope people see all the dramas she reaps as how they truly are, just dramas.

    1. Oh, I think it’s quite conscious. William is right to be so protective of his country. Time will tell all.

  40. Watching the funeral today I was really happy to be remembered that the Queen/King is Defensor of the Faith, i.e. the Christian Faith. This is crucial to the longevity of British monarchy, and I was so moved to see that the real Christianity now is in Great Britain, not Rome. The Pope we Catholics have is very bad indeed, he is the AntiPope, devoted to the destruction of Faith, whilst Mr Macron is the AntiChrist. And today we had the AntiChrist attending the funeral of a Defensor of the Faith, Queen Elizabeth II… Hopefully King Charles will do as his Mother taught him, defend, protect, cherish the Christian Faith. Pope Francis’ horoscope shows for 2023 bad transits, our french astrologers say is done in spring. I hope King Charles will protect Christians from all over the world… He has already done a step for peace, letting play the Russian Konakion at his Mother’s funeral in Windsor at a time when just the word Russia is censored online and on media mainstream.. His grandfather George V failed to give asylum to tsar Nicolas II, even if he was his cousin, maybe Charles will pay this karma debt in a positive way, letting peace reign on Europe, not nurturing war. God bless the King and stop the army of the AntiChrist, of UE devoted to form the 4th Reich. As George VI stopped the 3rd so will Charles III stop the 4th. From Paris with hope, one day in France too monarchy will return and it will be on a Christian basis, Catholic faith, as Nostradamus predicted “le grand Monarque”.

  41. You may hear a thunder clap tonight but it wont be thunder. Its a million resting Veterans coming to attention as the boss arrives.
    RIP Your Majesty, Our Majesty, Our Boss.

  42. Jessica
    Did you see online Nostradamus prediction that Queen Elizabeth will pass away in September 2022, Charles will abducted, and Harry will be king. Can you write article about this. Is this possible that Nostradamus is correct?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. An interview with me about Charles III will appear in The Daily Express and after that I will post a feature looking at all the astrology predictions (since 1949) that he will not proceed to a coronation. I’ll look at Nostradamus too, though the quatrain people are quoting was actually about Wallis Simpson.

  43. Oh Jessica I am so relieved to read you last post that the Nostradamus quatrain was about Wallis Simpson – King Charles has done brilliantly since his accession to the throne but I fear he is tired and does not have the stomach for all the Meghan and Harry drama. I have a stellium in Leo and it has been a very upsetting time the past two weeks – is there any light at the end of the rainbows which we’ve seen recently with the Queen’s passing?

    1. The Nostradamus quatrain was probably about Wallis Simpson; it mentions the monarch leaving the island; that’s very specific about the abdication (to France, away from Britain). Of course we are yet to see what Charles III decides to do, should there be no coronation, but it seems unlikely he would leave his country; he is so tied to the land and the history. Essentially, some of the world’s most famous and best-respected astrologers have predicted Charles would not take the crown since 1949. They include Charles Carter from The Astrological Lodge of London; author and academic Nicholas Campion (for whom Charles wrote a book foreword) and of course Penny Thornton (astrologer to Diana, Princess of Wales). Now that The Daily Express has published my prediction, I’ll follow up with an in-depth story about the various journals and books which have predicted a different fate for Charles III.

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