The Astrology of Prince Harry

Predictions About Harry From 2017

Way back on 17th July 2017, I published some predictions about the Royal Family and Prince Harry. If you missed the original astrology forecast about Harry and William, you can find it here. 

 True Royal Predictions, New Royal Predictions

Some of this has come to pass: “A complete split is possible between the male heirs in the United Kingdom.”   You have to remember Harry and Meghan did not even become engaged until November 2017. Here are those four extracts from the original 2017 astrology prediction about the Royal Family. Hindsight is interesting, five years later.

Screen Shot 2023 01 07 at 9.38.34 am 1024x265 - The Astrology of Prince Harry Screen Shot 2023 01 07 at 9.40.00 am 1024x213 - The Astrology of Prince Harry Screen Shot 2023 01 07 at 9.43.07 am 1024x198 - The Astrology of Prince Harry Screen Shot 2023 01 07 at 9.37.26 am 1024x209 - The Astrology of Prince Harry

More True Predictions About Harry and Meghan

What you read on this website on 16th December 2017

“Meghan’s horoscope shows a fantastic new role involving children in 2019. This is also the year that a special child will come into her life.” (Two years after this forecast, Meghan became a mother). 

This prediction also appeared here on July 17th, 2017.

“This is a random, fortunate, fated carve-up of the Royal Family’s line of succession to the throne. It can also happen, at best, every 12 years. So it’s historic. Again, we have to ponder – another baby for Kate? A marriage for Harry? Another kind of shift?”

(Well both, actually). And another prediction, which is interesting as it precedes Megxit: Ceres enters Leo on Sunday 24th September 2017 and stays there until Thursday 28th June 2018. This is going to be a tremendous territorial divide of world leadership, particularly in respect of those leaders’ children, successors or dynasties. It will take around nine months to complete. 

Buckingham Palace Astrology Predictions

On 8th January 2020, we saw Megxit; the end of Harry and Meghan in Britain. How far ahead did astrology see it? Find the original forecast about Buckingham Palace here. (The White House was also rocked in the date given; impeachment proceedings began against Donald Trump).

The prediction was made in 2017, three years before it came to pass.

Screen Shot 2023 01 11 at 8.26.10 pm - The Astrology of Prince Harry

Harry and Meghan Wedding Predictions

This was published on 9th May 2018, days before the wedding.  “This is beginning to look like ‘batten down the hatches’ and also ‘umbrellas up’ for the younger Royals… The Royal family manage their inheritance because they produce the ‘heirs and spares’ who rule Britain and the Commonwealth. Uranus in Taurus is the storm that nobody really expected to see.” Harry published Spare five years later, having quit his role.

This ran in the Daily Mail, quite possibly one of Harry’s least favourite newspapers on the planet, on 19th October 2020. “There will be no reunion for Prince William and Prince Harry.” You can listen to a Daily Mail podcast with me here, recorded in the first half of January 2023, about Harry, Meghan and the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Predictions

Living in Sussex at the time, I felt I was entitled to make a prediction about titles!  Meghan Markle will lose the title, Duchess of Sussex. They will be offered the same status as Princess Anne’s title-free son, Peter Phillips.” 

The Astrology Chart of Prince Harry

What does the horoscope say about Diana’s younger son? He arrived on 15th September 1984 at 4.20pm in London with stelliums in Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. The astrology of Prince Harry shows someone who would be a philanthropist and businessman, were he not born into royalty.

The chart also shows Meghan, to Harry, is part of a ‘foreign affair’ which ends in 2026, as the most enthralling, liberating, peculiar overseas people and places sweep him away. Sagittarius and the Ninth House are about foreign cultures (multiculturalism) as much as foreign countries.

Racism and Mixed Races

For Harry this cycle, which began in 2018, is about racism and mixed races, as well as different races. It is also (just as importantly) about Russian America. And American Russia. It’s a cycle full of shocks, disruption and excitement too – but ultimately it will end in 2026, after the last rug is pulled.

Prince Harry’s astrological chart chimes with some key dates in the ongoing narrative about race in the United Kingdom. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the BBC reported on May 8th 2018, had been listening to Stormzy, the grime superstar, before the wedding of Harry and Meghan.

Justin Welby and Stormzy

More recently, Stormzy ‘rowed with staff’ at Heathrow Airport over a passport issue which apparently stopped him boarding a flight to the World Cup. Harry’s astrology chart chimed. Again, when Prince William’s godmother Lady Susan Hussey resigned after a (strangely recorded) conversation with the head of Sistah Space (Hackney), Harry’s chart resonated.

Ten days before Harry and Meghan’s wedding, I made a prediction that we were in for storms and they would not stop. You can see it here. 

Uranus, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius line up exactly with charts for the USA, Ukraine and Russia too. I’ll talk more about that in a moment. (Natal chart for Prince Harry: AstroGold software).

For astrologers, many of whom are joining the discussion, you’re watching transits to Uranus at 9 Sagittarius in the Ninth House in opposition to Chiron at 8 Gemini.



Harold Harry Henry Astrology Chart 1024x788 - The Astrology of Prince Harry
Prince Harry Natal Chart


Leo Eclipses, Heirs and Spares

The famous Leo eclipses at the height of Donald Trump’s presidency, happened in the sign we associate with the bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. Eclipses are always cover-ups.

And so to another Leo eclipse in the series: near January 14th 2019 in Birkenhead. This is when these two photographs (below) were taken. Meghan and Harry were visiting the Tomorrow’s Women Wirral Charity and Hamilton Square.

Photographs of a Pregnancy

This day, January 14th 2019,  was when Meghan showed the world’s press pack she was expecting the baby who would be born as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6th 2019, so four months later. This is the famous ‘Now you see, now you don’t’ sequence of photographs. And we’re not talking about the handbag.

Was this a Moonbump? My friend Sarah Vine at the Daily Mail thinks so. Or was this trick photography? (Both images come from different photographers, licensed from different agencies). If so, why play tricks, implying Meghan has a Moonbump? This leads me to a discussion about ‘manufactured warfare’ which I’ll touch on briefly in Harry’s chart in a moment.

Karwai Tang Getty Images Meghan in Birkenhead - The Astrology of Prince Harry
Karwai Tang/Getty
RC5AF6 Meghan Alamy 202x300 - The Astrology of Prince Harry









The Leo Eclipses and Leo Meghan

The Eclipse fell at 0 Leo shortly after these peculiar photographs were taken – and was exactly square Harry’s Pluto at 0 Scorpio. The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on January 21st 2019, happened a week later. Harry makes no mention of this series of photographs in Spare. 

The Drama of March 2023

And so to the future .Close to March 24th, 2023, Pluto will move to 0 Aquarius for the first time in around 248 years. Pluto will immediately square Harry’s own Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Again, we are back to his inheritance from Diana; his inheritance from his father and The Queen; his own will, made out to Archie in particular, who was the bump we saw a week before the eclipse – and Lilibet. We don’t know the terms of the late Queen’s will.

We’ve not seen this astrology in the skies, since Henry VIII. Since Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Since George III and the Prince Regent who replaced him. It is always about extreme system change for royalty. I’ve predicted several times now that Charles and Camilla will not rule.

This will be a real power struggle, with Harry, with that Pluto-Pluto square, both within the family, and within Harry himself, as Pluto square Pluto transits are about control. This will replace what I see as ‘manufactured warfare’ which is being artfully constructed online by an army of trolls and selected media, to split the United Kingdom and United States Special Relationship, but also unity within the United Kingdom itself. Now, let’s talk about Scorpio.

Scorpio in Harry’s Chart

Harry has five placements in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money. Charles is a Sun Scorpio. On page 88 of Spare (Penguin Random House 2023) Harry recalls stargazing. “See that bright one next to the moon? That’s Venus. And over there, that’s Scorpius – best place to see it is the Southern Hemisphere.” Scorpio rules inheritance. It is the sign we associate, more than any other, with wills, mortgage and marriage, but also divorce and. pre-nuptials.  As I said, sex, death and money.

Prince Harry, Fate, the USA and Russia

Kaiser Harry 1024x640 - The Astrology of Prince Harry

The website Russia Beyond is good to know about if you want to update yourself on the fated role this country plays in Harry’s life. In fact, it ran a feature (above) questioning his choice of wedding garb. The controversial beard, much discussed in Spare, is also discussed here.

The Romanov Bloodline and Harry

Harry’s chart lines up with both historic astrology charts for the United States and Russia, which is interesting given that he wore a near-replica of Tsar Nicholas II’s distinctive frock coat (and beard) when he married Meghan. Just a touch of the Romanov dynasty, here, for his big day – the Romanovs’ modern bloodline is carried by Harry. For her part, Meghan and her mother spent the night before the wedding at Cliveden. Once home to Christine Keeler and a Russian spy scandal. Fate.

Meghan and the Russian Tiara

Writing in Spare, the only Royal autobiography to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, Prince Harry states that Meghan was set to wear Diana’s tiara, lent by his aunts, Diana’s sisters. She accepted. Shortly before the wedding, the Queen then offered Meghan a choice from her own tiara collection. Present was Angela Kelly, the Queen’s advisor and one of the few authors given Her Majesty’s approval.

Harry writes, “One was all emeralds.” So was it the Vladimir Tiara, which the Royal Collection Trust shows, is certainly ‘all’ emeralds? It was owned by one of the most important figures in the Romanov dynasty – Grand Duchess Vladimir. Town and Country magazine seem to think so, saying the Vladimir Tiara was “a piece that was the subject of some speculation around the royal wedding.”

Or, was the ‘all emeralds’ tiara the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara? It’s not Russian, it’s French, but it’s made in the kokoshnik style, favoured by the Russian Imperial Court.

The way Harry tells it in Spare, “One of the five stood out. Everyone agreed.” Harry then says Angela Kelly became obstructive. The chosen tiara was then handed over, much later.

Russian Americans and American Russians

A CBC investigation on 14th April 2022 traced the ownership of Mille Fleurs, the Vancouver Island mansion where Harry and Meghan escaped to after leaving the United Kingdom – to a Russian billionaire.

Harry Russia 225x300 - The Astrology of Prince HarryYuri Milner and Sergey Grishin

This Russian friend of US entertainment king David Foster (who has been described as an American father figure to Harry) is  Yuri Milner, once linked by The New York Times in 2017 to the Kremlin.

David Foster has also known Donald Trump for years and was invited by Trump to provide the entertainment for his inauguration, which he declined. Yuri Milner invested in a company co-owned by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

Having left Canada, Meghan and Harry bought their America home from another Russian, Sergey Grishin.  For astrologers, the key degrees in Harry’s natal chart which line up with historic charts for the USA and Russia are Sagittarius 9, 16 and 28.

The clincher is Ukraine. The couple obviously married while war on Ukraine was just a dream for Vladimir Putin, but the Ukraine chart also lines up with Harry’s. Both he and Meghan joined the condemnation of the Ukraine invasion. I find it fascinating that Spare makes no reference at all to the huge Russian-American story that the astrology chart shows.

Two of the book’s publishers were once my own publishers at what is now Penguin Random House and I can vouch for their meticulous editors. Yet, for whatever reason, the above details missed the edit. The omissions in Spare, which goes into great detail about perfume, cologne and cosmetics – but not about the details of the new American life – are interesting. 

Prince Harry and the Sagittarius Stellium

What we have here is a man who is strongly Sagittarian, with Uranus, Mars and Neptune in that sign – a stellium. Triggered by the transit of the South Node in Sagittarius from May 6th 2020 until January 18th 2022, Harry created Spare.

The best book ever written on the meaning of the signs is The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills (American Federation of Astrologers, Arizona, 1971). It is an outstanding ‘bible’ which should be on every astrologer’s bookshelf. Years into the future, Rex Bills produced key words for planets, signs and houses which proves its truth, time after time.

Remembering Rex Bills published it, years 13 years before Harry was born, he associates Sagittarius with: –

Archery and archers (the synchronicity here is with Archie, Archewell and the Archbishop of Canterbury. There is also synchronicity with the archers in the Bayeux Tapestry, now a popular internet meme, showing ‘Harold’ and William).
Army barracks
Churchmen (again, the Archbishop of Canterbury)
Foreign countries
Military drills
Spain (the leaked first edition of Spare appeared in Spain)
Foreign affairs
Foreign politics
Foreign agents
Nottingham (Nottingham Cottage, or Nott Cott, as Harry calls their old home)
Foreign politics
Publicity and Public Relations
Radio and television
The United States

(The Rulership Book, Rex E. Bills, American Federation of Astrologers Inc, Tempe, Arizona, 1971).

The Joy of Family for Harry in 2023

2023 brings a tremendous feeling of freedom, space, liberation and excitement for Harry and his partner, and his two children. This is the renovation for a dream home, or a relocation to a new home. This happens in a year when, historically, the line of succession in the Royal Family will be disrupted. It’s a spot of pure happiness.

For the first time in 248 years Pluto is in Aquarius, where he stood when Henry VIII gave way to Mary and Elizabeth – and Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette met the guillotine. This was also the year George III, suffering from what is believed to be bipolar disorder, was replaced by his son, George IV, the Prince Regent.

I’ve had so many comments about this piece, which I have updated on 14th January 2023 (post publication of Spare) that I have decided to expand the feature by replying to your questions and thoughts. Thank you for providing them, as one day this website will be a tiny part of astrological history – given what we are about to see in March 2023.

One Last Thing

I published this astrological profile of Prince Harry before he announced his first public event since the release of Spare. He will be appearing at an Uplift conference on Nob Hill, in San Francisco.  I am updating the prediction on 2nd February 2023.

The conference is set for 7th March 2023.

Transiting Saturn at 0 Pisces will trine his natal Pluto at 0 Scorpio for the first time in 29 years. That is not auspicious. When we go to the rest of the chart, we find the Sun at 16 Pisces square his natal Mars at 16 Sagittarius. Again, that’s a red flag. Natal Uranus at 9 Sagittarius is square Mercury at 8 Pisces.

Astrologers reading this will see many more difficult patterns in the Prince Harry chart on opening day at the conference. The stand-out for me is transiting Diana at 17 Aries in opposition to the natal MC (Midheaven) at 17 Scorpio.


Prince Harry 7th March 1024x788 - The Astrology of Prince Harry

Sources and Links

Updated on 18th January 2023:

Season Five, Episode Six of The Crown, Ipatiev House, focuses on the British royal family and the Romanovs.
Town and Country magazine, November 14th 2022.

The Duke of Sussex gave Russian hoaxers his email and phone number and even rang them back on his mobile, it has been claimed. Prince Harry responded to an email sent by Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, who told the Sun that none of his advisers checked if they were genuine.
The Guardian, 12th March 2020.

A CBC investigation traces the ownership of Mille Fleurs, a lavish Vancouver Island mansion where Meghan and Prince Harry wintered in 2020, revealing ties to Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and murky laws that experts say make Canada a target for money laundering.
CBC April 14th 2022


Harry and Meghan bought California home from billionaire Russian oligarch. The previous owner of the Chateau of River Rock was Sergey Grishin. He sold the seven-acre site to the Sussexes for a heavy discount of £11million.

The Daily Mail, August 14th 2020.

Cliveden was the five-star setting for the Profumo affair, one of the greatest scandals of the Cold War. At a poolside party in 1961 the married war minister John Profumo was seduced by Christine Keeler — and history was made. It emerged that Keeler had also enjoyed a relationship with Yevgeny Ivanov, a Russian naval attaché who was actually a Soviet spy.

The Evening Standard, 17th May 2018

Harry’s uniform at the wedding is a standard frock coat of the Blues and Royals, which looks almost identical to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards uniform worn by Nicholas II.
Russia Beyond  May 29th 2018

The Russian Astrology Chart

Meghan and Russian Tiaragate: The most thorough account of numerous media reports and books detailing the Queen’s alleged obstruction of Meghan’s Russian tiara preference is in The Court Jeweller, 21st August 2020.




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  1. Hi Jessica, A daily mail columnist wrote today that she she was contacted by researchers for Harry’s book about Diana’s death and the possibility that it was not an accident. This reminded me of a video from the queen’s funeral whereby it sounds like you can hear Diana’s voice and someone (possibly you?) suggested that it might have been her last words before she died. Apologies if I’m misremembering who said it…do you think there will be any further revelations via Harry’s book about what happened if it was more than just an terrible accident? Could this have anything to do with Charles’ problems come March do you think?

    1. The verdict on Diana was ‘an unlawful killing’ in the end. Diana’s voice did appear as an E.V.P. on footage of the Queen’s funeral. Diana is the trump card (or the Trump card, if you believe in the Trump-Russia operation, ongoing). Given the fact that the Harry-Andrew saga has been run like a Netflix serial to date, you would have to expect that Diana is the plot twist. If you were writing this, what would you dream up? My pick would be a confidante of Diana, or an insider at MI6, who ‘reaches out to Harry after his book’ with new evidence about the conspiracy to murder her. That’s just a random example, but what is unfolding here, in March, is enough to see history repeat itself from the 18th century and a monarch topple.

  2. Wow! Jessica, a fascinating reveal and questioning from you about Archie!! Your blog keeps on producing many things to think about and stayed tuned for!! Thank you. Best, Cecelia

  3. Another fascinating article. According to Vedic astrology (I used astrosage), Harry was indeed head over heels for Meghan when he first met her. however, when I looked at her chart for the same period, I did not see the same in her chart. When I look to the future, it shows that she will fall head over heels in love this July/August. Will this be with Harry or someone new? I personally do not see them lasting long, and I feel that he will be the one who will suffer the most….only time will tell. Keep up the amazing work, Jessica and Happy New Year xx

  4. Why is this the first time I have read about these rumours! I’m struggling to believe the levels of deception required to get away with this but remembering back it could make sense, neither child looks remotely like Meghan though – surely they would have chosen a surrogate with an ethnic background like Meghan’s?

  5. Oh wow that’s pretty interesting. Why would she fake being pregnant though? Because the royal family would not accept the child? Do you think she was pregnant the second time? I am sorry I don’t really understand. But April sounds pretty positive for him! I have some factors at that degree too. Will that be good for me, as well? Currently feeling strangled and need a break….thank you Jessica. Really fascinating stuff!

    1. Nobody understands those photographs or why Meghan was once again aping Diana, but someone knows exactly what they are doing. I’m annoyed that we are just supposed to swallow this rubbish. Fortunately the eclipse days later tells me that the photo shoot, the angles of the lensmen involved, the fallout online (easily manufactured) and so on, had a purpose. Was it to set Meghan up for a manufactured story about a faked pregnancy (with no basis in reality) or was this actually a classic eclipse cover-up by Meghan? That’s the thing about eclipses, we will never know.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the interesting article. Would you be so kind to take a look at my chart and tell me there will be some relief in this unhappiness and hopelessness I feel? Things have just been so damn hard for so long. Don’t know how much more I can take….thank you so much.

    1. Okey dokey. You sound as if you have depression. There may also be very good reasons why you are fed up. You are a Sun Leo man with stelliums in Leo, Libra, Cancer and Aquarius. One very good reason to be unhappy is that you have had Saturn in Aquarius in your life since December 2020, opposing everything you have in Leo in the Fifth House of the bedroom, courtship, children and young people. As this is a key part of who you are, you have been blocked, stopped and delayed. At the same time, Saturn has been in Aquarius in a conjunction with everything you have in that sign in the Eleventh House of friends, your social life and social media. Again, you have been barricaded, barred, blocked and thwarted. It doesn’t take much to realise Covid is to blame, even if it is indirectly to blame. The good news is, Saturn leaves Aquarius on March 8th 2023. The sense of other people being difficult, or life being impossible, goes. In March 2023, very close to the 24th, you will realise that there is a friend or group of people which could help make you so much stronger. He, she or they would be quite powerful, rather dominating and let’s just say, the gauntlet will be thrown down. As a general pattern in your life, until the year 2044, you will realise that you are being drawn to circles of people who can move mountains together. Take your time choosing as there will be more than one. You will have important choices to make about a sexual partner or professional partner in 2023, 2024 and these will also reshape your world, so take your time. The depression aspect of this is separate. It is very hard to deal with the transits in Aquarius, without also having this illness. I am sure you have called your doctor or counsellor, but if not, go to it. I have readers who have become very much better by using alternatives like walking (especially walking in a group), meditation, yoga and particularly hypnosis. A symptom of depression is a total lack of motivation or extreme tiredness, so one of the easiest things to do is try free hypnosis from Glenn Harrold or Dr. Paul McKenna online and just fall asleep to it. This can and does get better but it is very important that you do something about ‘the common cold of mental health’ which is what we call depression. Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue online are also excellent websites. I hope things improve quickly. You will have a terrific opportunity for success from May 2023 to May 2024 and should take it.

  7. Good luck to them. I am astounded and horrified at the nastiness in the ( especially British) media – Jeremy Clarkson /Piers Morgan etc shown to Meghan Markle and that people can be so critical of someone they have never met. Are there any transits to show that the negative media about this couple will fade away?

    1. If you wanted to break down the special relationship between the United States of America and the United Kingdom, one of the reasons that Nazi Germany was defeated in the last war, how would you do it? If you wanted to alienate large sections of the American population against the British, what is the fastest, cheapest, best-proven way to do that? Leave it with you.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Harry is definitely motivated by money and he will do and say ANYTHING to get it. It has been amazing to watch him throw his family under the bus in the media, as he admonishes the media for doing the same thing to him and Meghan. I think that’s called a hypocrite! He knows too well that his father and particularly his brother can’t release their own book refuting the claims so we are left with one side of a story which at best is subjective.
    I wasn’t expecting the coverup regarding Meghan’s pregnancy. Food for thought!
    What concerns me with Harry is he says he wants a relationship with his brother and father and yet his behaviour says otherwise. He seems to be so sure of his relationship with Meghan that he is happily burning bridges with friends and family in her defence. He sees them almost as a danger to his relationship with Meghan. I think Harry has been trying to replace his mother in his life and in Meghan he feels he has found that replacement. Don’t misunderstand me I am not saying that Meghan is like Princess Diana (not even close) but in Harry’s eyes she is almost her reincarnation. As a young boy he could protect his mother but he will protect Meghan against anyone. Unfortunately not everyone see Meghan as Harry does. A lot of people can see that she is not Diana and never will be. I think that maybe she has moulded herself on Diana knowing that would attract Harry, but it’s like she is playing a role and it’s not real, she’s not real.
    I just hope that relationship with Meghan lasts because it will be the only one he will have left.
    You didn’t mention what astrology says about there relationship. Do you think it will last? Do you think the relationship with his family will be repaired (I can’t see it, maybe with his father but not with his brother) but what does astrology say?

    1. Well, Julie, he has been well and truly snookered with two children to support – so they have him in a corner, financially. One way to see through this (and astrology is very good at that) is to treat the whole Harry and Andrew saga like a mystery. Who gains? Republicans in Britain gain. Polls show popularity falling for the Royal Family. The independence movement in Scotland gains. Most of all, Russia gains because Vladimir Putin is so threatened by NATO and the unity of the allies. The Democrats took Meghan’s side because Oprah accepted a race card played by the pair (without evidence to show the public, which is shameful). Someone has done an awful lot of data mining online and found how to divide us, haven’t they?

  9. I always wondered why does Harry hate Will so much since he got together with Megan. Ever since he ‘publishes’ something nasty or attention seeking on Kate’s birthday. This year it’s the book. I think he hates Will nuts and best way to get to him and hurt him is by taking it out on Kate. And I think it must be because Harry thinks they are hurting his Megan so he is taking it out on Kate. I also think there is done so much damage that there is no way back in that relationship..

    1. See my comments about Netflix and manufactured drama. I’d rather watch re-runs of Upstairs, Downstairs!

  10. Are Harry’s latest ‘revelations’ (i) the beginning of the end of the Royal Family as we know it, and (ii) will he ever learn to take accountability for his decision making?

    I’ve heard other psychics and tarot card readers mentioning the ‘moon bump’ as well as questioning Meghan’s ability to squat and lie down whilst heavily pregnant. Her very close relationship with Marcus Anderson has also been questioned.

    Lady Colin Campbell has addressed the surrogacy questions numerous times on her youtube channel e.g. SURROGACY hint in Lilibet birth announcements/Harry & Meghan disrespect Queen/violate privacy – It is surprising what one gleans from the comments underneath as well.

    I sincerely hope that the content of Harry’s book won’t have a nasty adverse effect on the mental well-being of his niece and nephews as well as their parents.

    1. I think Harry and Andrew both walked into a drama designed to disrupt and partially destroy Britain’s relationship with America and the British unity within. It’s really interesting to see who hasn’t disrupted or destroyed. Charles. Anne. Edward. Kate and William. What do they all have in common? None of them were single men during the risky Leo eclipse years. And single men have always been the preferred target of foreign intelligence. I have no evidence at all for this allegation, except a ton of Leo eclipses. And yet the Leo eclipses predicted (check the original article) aspects of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s really useful to stand well, well back from what has happened to the House of Windsor and see it from a distance.

  11. Another very intriguing analysis, as usual, Jessica. It’s hard not to see this as a full on assault on the BRF with an aim to destabilize capitalist economies – it feels like a cross between a Jerry Springer episode and a Greek tragedy, and like every other sibling fight over over power and money there has ever been.

    1. Thank you I am glad you are seeing through it. It is important to step back and see the BRF as a taxpayer-funded military organisation. During the last war, it was all Britain had, together with Churchill. The army, navy and air force, the intelligence services and the rest are entwined with royal fortunes. I’ve just commented to another reader that single men are good targets for the enemy. Taking the line of succession as a whole, the sitting ducks were Andrew and Harry. Disruption has been the result of Andrew and Harry, again and again. Repeated disruption and destruction. Why?

  12. Jessica – This was a good read. These are my thoughts. I believe that these are Harry’s children – no question. I also believe that Meghan was pregnant with both. Could this have been an IVF birth – that’s possible? Could Meghan have used donated eggs – also possible? However, I believe she was pregnant and she did give birth – both times. The only thing that has me somewhat confused is the statement that he will be surprised at the Queen’s will – based on the reading it sounds like he does not inherit much or anything at all – which would shock me.

    1. The issue with eclipses is, we never know – all we ever know is what we never knew, and it can take years! Charles, Camilla and Diana are a good example of that. The taxpayers were fooled by a dazzling wedding where the real star of the show was hidden in the congregation under a hat. The terms of the late Queen’s will may include specific mention of caveats or conditions which relate to news coming in March.

  13. I am fascinated by this “moonbump” question. I sometimes looked at a Twitter site – Toronto Paper 1 which was very anti-Meghan but hinted heavily at surrogacy and a Canadian clinic. Following what was said above about photos I had a look on the net. There is a photo on the Liverpool Echo on Dec 16 2022 which refers to Harry and Meghan’s visit to Birkenhead in 2019. If the photo is accurate and the date accurate – there is no hint of a baby bump. If the couple used surrogacy it would explain bolting to Canada if that was where the clinic was. It did seem odd at the time that they didn’t go to the States. I wonder if their charts overlaid for Canada at the time would give any clues?

    1. Eclipses have always surrounded the monarchy. Diana married Charles between two of them. Camilla was hidden in plain sight in the congregation at the wedding. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. Diana died near an eclipse. Questions remain about why she was found without a seat belt when dozens of photographs show her habitually wearing one. And so to Meghan, Harry, and the eclipse timing of this photo shoot. I’ve just commented to another reader that it is quite possibly Meghan who was fooled by a photographer shooting from the wrong angle. Two clever photographers can produce two different photographs of the same pregnant woman in profile. All you need to is then pay trolls to whip up controversy online and you have the Moonbump story. It would be a good new plot line in a manufactured drama series. Even now trolls are paid to stir up the war between William and Harry; white and black; monarchists and anti-monarchists. There are genuine voices online and my readers (most of them) are sincere but there is also a very busy cohort of Facebook and other contributors whipping up the instability. I suppose someone wants a long-term political pay-off. You know what would fix so much of this? The end of anonymity on Twitter and Facebook. Especially if it comes from a St. Petersburg IP address, where the farms are.

  14. Hi Jessica, thank you again for another fascinating article on the royal family! I had just turned 13 when Charles and Diana married. My sister (also a Cancer) was 17. We had always followed the bits and pieces floated in the American press about the royal family. We also have and still do share our love of astrology so naturally (only having their sun signs to follow) we believed that this was a match made in heaven. At age 50, when Harry and Meghan were to be married I knew to look for much more. My thoughts were only time will tell if this lasts as there was and is so much karma and chemistry there between them.

    As a person of color, I am drawn to the public display of the chaos that has been their life. I am a woman of color (mixed per DNA as both my parents are of African American and UK ancestry) who is married to a Caucasian man and we have both experienced the racist remarks and microaggression from dating and marrying outside our race. I see no end to it when humans simply can’t learn to accept and appreciate our differences as much as our commonality. I find it insulting and ignorant when people refer to which parent the children look like and if Meghan and Harry used a surrogate or not. Looking at my own family lineage as I’ve been studying the family tree for 10 years now; we are the rainbow in spectrum if one must look at the evolution of skin color. Within my immediate family we are split with my brother being as dark (even darker) as my father and my sister and I being as light (with me being the lightest) as my mother.

    My thoughts are that people should stop speculating on matters in which they do not fully understand when it comes to understanding the dynamics of mixed races. They, Harry and Meghan appear on the surface to me and to the outside world to be people who want children and want to be loving parents who cares if they are by birth or by donation. It simply should not matter and yet rumors persist. I am hopeful by the astrology you have presented regarding how we as humans (no matter who we are) will evolve and move forward as a better soul community and things like cycle of perniciousness gossip that pervades our society will be dissolved. One can only hope!

    1. It’s interesting you are a woman of color and you married a Caucasian man. You say you have experienced racist remarks. That’s pretty bad in 2023. The issue with the eclipse has nothing to do with racism though. It is about Meghan and the photo shoot of her baby bump, a week before the eclipse. An eclipse is always a cover-up. So was she deceived by a photographer paid to shoot from an angle which deliberately flattened or heightened her stomach? Trick photography. Was she then deceived by paid trolls on Twitter and Facebook who began a whisper campaign that she was using a Moonbump to fake her pregnancy, because she was adopting or hiring a surrogate? Astrology does not take sides. It just does what it does. An eclipse is historically what or who is obscured, concealed and hidden in plain sight. So it is only fair to ask if we were hoodwinked by a former actress using one of the tools of the trade, or if Meghan was hoodwinked by a clever photographer paid to shoot from a particular angle and an army of professional trolls, typing away online, to add to a manufactured war between Harry and William. The manufactured war part is very important. Ask yourself who wants to factory-produce division, anti-monarchy sentiment and so on. What’s the bigger game here?

  15. There’s something so off about Meghan…I have felt that for a long time. I feel the same way about Harry now. This book is so toxic and his behaviour is just so entitled and narcissistic. I don’t wish them harm but I wish they would just shut up! How any relationship could begin to heal with the amount of mud being flung (and a complete denial of guilt on their part) is beyond me. I don’t think that’s what they want anyway. Is there any blowback for them? Will they continue to make money recycling the same stories?

  16. Wow Jessica, I log on this morning and you are spoiling us with so many fantastic new pieces of analysis! Thank you so much. Re: Harry, there is some person in Australia claiming to be the secret child of Charles and Camilla … do you think that Harry’s ace card in all this and his way of destroying William’s future is to do a DNA test and if this person is his half brother, wouldn’t they be next in line to the throne after Charles? A major cover up. Do you see anything like this coming to light? Dear me, it is so tragic watching any family go through this turmoil. Very sad.

    1. Thank you. It’s an action-packed time of year isn’t it! Not only the usual 2023 predictions but also so many questions for me about Harry. I would be amazed if he had not had a DNA test. Many people order them without questions about their genes or paternity and Harry had a mother who was pushed to adultery by her own husband and his mistress. If you want to push sales on a book, you don’t just have a pre-campaign with lots of surprises (the so-called Spanish ‘surprise’ editions) you also have further bombshells to re-ignite demand for a second print run. I dare say a DNA revelation would be part of it. Paperback edition, never-before-seen colour photographs, new front page story.

  17. Thank you for a fascinating read. Two things strike me. The first, her outfit when showing the baby bump. Her Choices seem very calculated, and these colours are the exact ones the Queen’s jockey’s wear. It is saying I am carrying a future royal.
    My second thought is that the Netflix doc referenced her miscarriage in detail – and the associated blame – and the Oprah interview sensationalised the question of skin colour. Both these revelations seem to shout too loudly and feel like it’s trying to validate her physically carrying a child. It’s taking the heat away from any rumour that she’s not actually having this baby(s) herself.

    After today’s leaked stories, I can’t see how things go right for Harry. Some of it is excruciating. Why would he monetise all this private stuff? Maybe he gets freedom from burning his bridges, but it’s sad if so. I see him as a troubled soul who is stuck at age 12 and blames everyone and everything. I hope for his children’s sake he can find resolution one way or another.

    Roll on March, can’t wait to be out of this slump!
    Thank you.

    1. The photographs, by different lensmen, from different distances (but on the same side of Meghan’s profile) are a good example of what an eclipse does. The Harry-Meghan saga was surrounded by eclipses, in Leo, ruling royalty. Most peculiar. We’ll never know.

  18. Goodness! So many of the revelations from his book do not leave Harry exactly wreathed in glory. The astonishing boast of how many people he killed in combat.
    A physical set to with his brother, where Harry’s necklace was broken. Quickly followed by a speed dial call to his therapist (around the same time his wife claimed she was dissuaded from reaching out for mental help).
    Harry revealing the intimate details of not only his loss of innocence but the state of his most private anatomy.
    Charles shared deeply personal accounts of being bullied at school and Harry then choosing to tell the world that.
    Harry reveals that at Prince Philip’s funeral, King Charles privately begged William and Harry not to make his ‘final years a misery’.
    He seems to be burning bridge after bridge.

    We still have three tv interviews before us. All taking place during the Mercury retrograde, which should be cautionary tale for us all.

    I worry for the poor guy’s mental health. Can he really have thought that this was the best way to go?

    1. Yes. What on earth was going on in America, in the years that Andrew was a target and then Meghan appeared (meeting story details may vary). Oh hang on. Trump was President.

    2. Yes, Harry’s chart shows a stellium in Virgo and we know he suffers from anxiety, so has seen a therapist experienced in dealing with trauma. The opposition of Saturn to his Virgo stellium in 2023-2026 is really hard work and if you knew your astrology, you’d make 2022-2023 the years you piled the least stress on yourself. Not the most. It bothers me that he has been isolated from family and friends. I quite agree with you about the chapter he wrote about the people he killed in combat. Having just finally read Spare I have to say, why?

  19. Hi Jessica

    I feel worried for Harry and the repercussions of this book on his life and the Royal family. you mentioned this is all a distraction, the problem is that people’s lives are at stake. If its a plot to destroy the Royal family and Britain do you think someone will see sense soon and intervene before its too late? I did watch their documentary and I felt compassion for them both. I don’t know if Harry has found something out or been told something but he does seem to have turned on his family.


    1. The Taliban reference has left the door open for fake terrorist attacks and another storyline. I remember Penguin editors sending my manuscripts back and forth with the most meticulous legal and ‘pure editorial’ checking. Why did PH insist the paragraph about the Taliban went in?

  20. Jessica, I find this all so fascinating. I too think it is plausible that other countries have used this tactic to discredit powerful individuals and destabilise the UK. The Alex Salmond / Nicola Sturgeon issues by way of another example. It looks like Andrew, Harry, some people in the SNP are being played. No need for actual invasions just yet…

    1. Yes, astrology does cut through the noise and clearly shows me that Andrew and Harry are part of the same general attack on the Royal Family as the Queen grew older and her rock, Prince Philip, more frail. I don’t buy the message that Harry and Meghan (particularly the latter) are being attacked to divert from Andrew. Nope. Actually, Andrew and Harry are part of the same eclipse pattern; they were both left in the dark. We have also been hoodwinked for a lot of this. That’s why people are intuitively so annoyed; they know.

  21. Jessica, Happy New Year to you. There is an article swirling around today, 6.1.23, that Harry will have to take a DNA test before he gets his inheritance from Her Majesty the Queen. This could be the March bombshell astrology predicts!

    1. Thank you. The two big bombs that Harry and Meghan (and those behind them) can explode are the identity of his father, and the death of his mother. There may be another bomb, involving one of the two children. I’ve just been asked by the Daily Express to look at Harry’s chart, so I won’t spill the beans about the rest of the chart here. If true, the story about the Queen’s will is fascinating, and it would make sense in the context of Spare and all Harry has put in print about Charles, joking about his paternity.

  22. Wow Jessica. Your perception and insight is amazing. We are being played. The fact that it was the Guardian who first got hold of the ‘leaked’ book is very telling isn’t it! Not The Mail or The Sun. Harry’s ‘revelations’ (or should that be what he is prepared to ‘reveal’ rather than ‘conceal’ are dominating every headline and pushing Ukraine, the NHS, COVID, cost of living crisis, industrial action etc off the front pages. You are so right about WW2 and the Royal Familys importance at that time. What a sharp contrast that tight fit family of 4 is to what we have now. Hitler called Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) the most dangerous woman in Europe. It is widely agreed that had he invaded Britain he would have re instated Edward VIII as King along with Wallis. I note Harry’s remark that he had met his Father and Brother near the graves of these two. We are being played Thank you for publishing this. When I tell people what I think is really happening with the royals I get accused of being a conspiracy theorist. Maybe it’s my Gemini stellum..

    1. Yes, The Guardian were given Spare. The newspaper which has published more features arguing against the monarchy than any other. Thank you for reminding me of that Hitler quote about the Queen Mother. And that Harry had raised Wallis Simpson. I find it really interesting that as soon as I began posting questions about Meghan, anonymous readers with invented names began attacking me as racist. That is part of the game. The race card is being used repeatedly in this saga even when there is no racism whatsoever. It is the fastest, easiest way to divide people isn’t it? I have so many questions about Harry and Meghan, as well as Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, just based on those Leo eclipses. I’d like to know why Harry and Meghan stated they were moving to Canada, lived in a Russian oligarch’s house, then changed their minds and went to Los Angeles. I’d also like to know more about the man Harry claims is like a father to him – who organised the Russian oligarch’s house. He’s been a long time Trump supporter. I am also curious about the purchase of the latest splendid home, again from Russian connections.

  23. I think this drama is driven by Meghan, and that she has brainwashed Harry. Their main purpose is to take down Will and Kate and become American royalty. It is a competitive game to them.

    1. And yet Meghan and Harry could have chosen to behave properly, fit in with the family and become William’s chosen substitutes in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. The American wing of the US-UK Special Relationship. The BBC say, quite concisely, that Harry and Meghan left Britain because of the media (well, it’s part of the job) and because they could not get their way with ‘Sussex’ branding. That’s it. No Sussex socks, so off we trot. It all feels so manufactured, like a storyboard for The Crown. I don’t get it. Then I look at the astrology chart – and I get it. Not good.

  24. Thank you Jessica, your thorough views are so interesting to read. I feel sorry for Harry because he’s been under such gruesome scrutiny all of his life – largely enough to drive any human being insane – feeding the obscene and hypocrite media like the goose that lays the golden eggs, especially after the tragic death of his mother. (I remember Diana’s death vividly). He must feel so much anger and sadness. It never completely disappears. In a way one can understand why he subconsciously and/or consciously needs to use the media to stop being reified and (to try?) to restore his identity and truth and earn some money in the process … And I don’t think Meghan faked feeling harassed and depressed while living in England. Maybe their encounter was calculated but she may also have genuinely fell in love with him… The tragic story of it all is that – as you imply – Harry is actually the one used by secret forces.
    Change of subject, do you give private reading by any chance? One astrologist told me once that she had never seen a chart like mine… Unfortunately I wasn’t able to know why… I do feel quite unusual and it’s getting worse as I get older…
    Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and insights with the world!

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. I was thinking about the astrology of March 2023 and Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius (usually the end of a royal system) and thinking about how much easier all our lives would be, in the Commonwealth, if The Firm actually operated like a professional multinational organisation and appointed its CEO and other leadership, based on merit and interest, not gender and place in the family. Harry is setting up a constitutional crisis and he knows it. He is William’s spare. That is for military reasons. In fact, the spare rescued Britain during the war. If this sprawling firm is to avoid disasters like Andrew and Harry (and particularly Meghan) then perhaps it’s time it was run along more businesslike lines. The fact is, they make millions, maybe billions, for charities and good causes through their patronage and support. This is far too precious for the current shenanigans. The rules on primogeniture were changed (too late for Anne) but perhaps they can and will go further.

  25. So much to think about in this article Jessica. Thank you

    A few days ago, whilst in that half state between dreaming and waking, I inwardly ‘heard’ the loud screech of a hawk (the Hawk of Quraish – a symbol found on a number of emblems, coats of arms and flags of several states of the Arab League?). I was reminded of the time shortly before Diana died when I was in that same half state and inwardly ‘saw’ Arabs plotting – but whether to stop Diana and Dodi’s escape from the Paris hotel or to facilitate it, I really couldn’t say.

    Now I can’t help but believe that The Arab League is somehow involved in the events you write about. There are many links between members of the Royal Family and Arab leaders, particularly Andrew’s role as trade ambassador, but the main controversy at the moment is the refusal/reluctance of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to join with the EU and US in condemning the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. In fact the United Arab Emirates is currently a place of sanctuary for wealthy Russian individuals and professionals.

    Western (EU and US) security forces must be very concerned about the relationship between the UK Royal Family, Russia (and Trump), China and the Arab states. The balance of power is shifting. I feel dizzy just writing about it.

    A happy and peaceful New Year to you and your team

    1. That is an interesting dream. Is The Arab League involved in the Andrew and Harry story? (You have to pair them together as this is about the Leo eclipses). By their nature, eclipses conceal, they never reveal, so we may find out some of the truth later, but it will continue to beg questions. You are quite right about Andrew’s relationship with the Arab world. You are also right – the balance of power is shifting. What we see in March has not happened since the time of Henry VIII, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Jumping forward a few centuries, it has not happened since Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were guillotined and the monarchy abolished in France. So it’s big. The reason we are feeling it in January 2023 is the Aquarius ‘weather’ which precedes Pluto in Aquarius, up ahead at the end of March.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Wow!!! I have been reading all your comments in this blog. I think I have been living under a rock for the past few years. I tend to take things at face value and don’t look deeper. All I can say is WOW!
    I do agree that Russia was involved in Hillary Clinton’s loss and Trumps victory and I do think they had a roll to play in the insurrection that occurred in Washington but I didn’t connect the Royal Family.
    I have like many others thought for a long time that Meghan was just playing a role and had no intention of working as a senior Royal since before her marriage to Harry, but I thought her role was more self serving as see doesn’t like to share the spotlight and she is obsessed with money and fame. So I thought that she may be sabotaging herself in order to make Harry leave. He thinks it was “the firm” planting stories but what if it was Meghan who was leaking the stories. She is know for manipulating the press for her own gain.
    Well from what I have read of Harry’s book in the tabloids it seems interesting but not earth shattering. In fact it seems to do more damage to Harry than the Royal family in my opinion. Maybe that’s Meghan’s plan. As for the children for me the jury is still out, but nothing really surprises me with Harry and Meghan anymore.
    This has been a fascinating read and very eye opening. I think I will view these stories now through a different lens. March is going to be fascinating. I am out from under my rock.
    One last question do you think Russia will succeed in destabilising the British and American governments? What does astrology say?

    1. If you were a television actress in Los Angeles, not particularly making it big, and you were offered the chance to become the Duchess of Sussex, one day become the future King and Queen’s substitute when (say) abroad or indisposed – wouldn’t you do your job in The Firm? Would you not accept the rules of the position and enjoy your life in Britain? Even taking on unofficial roles as US ambassadors? It’s not particularly difficult. And yet…here we are. But why are we here? The other huge mistake people are making, from an astrologer’s point of view, is to separate Harry from Andrew. Non. The Leo eclipses suggest both single men were eclipsed at the same time.

  27. Wow – I gasped when I read this that you wrote- “But I agree with you. Something is off about Meghan, the former actress. As to the end game, I am afraid there is something very dark here. I am very sorry for Harry.”

    Can you please elaborate? If you cannot at this time – I understand. Thanks.

    1. Prince Harry suffers from anxiety and is vulnerable to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in the army as a Captain – and also childhood trauma of course, from the death of his mother. He has a mental health issue, which makes him vulnerable. I know Spare has become the fastest-selling non-fiction title in British history, and the paperback edition will make Harry a huge amount of money in royalties – but, but, but.

  28. Years ago, my son and I read your website every day and followed his horoscope to guide him as he went through a difficult time. I am writing to ask a specific favor. My other son was born July 15 2005 at 8:48 AM in Albany, NY USA.

    If you could take a quick look at his chart and let me know your thoughts on what college(s) he gets into/attend – I would greatly appreciate it. Please also let me know the cost – you don’t have to publish this thanks – but I don’t mind if published.

    If you are not able to help – I understand – you do wonderful work and I know you must be busy – you help so many people – Thanks.


    1. You are in luck as your son is a Sun Cancer teenager with Jupiter (luck, expansion, improvement, growth, solutions) in Aries in his Tenth House of academic success until May. He’ll get to where he needs to be, Elaine, if he tries and I would expect late March through late April to be important.

  29. Dear Jessica, reading your comments it’s become a little clearer to me as to why Harry and Meghan are attacking the British monarchy so avidly, despite using their titles and clinging on to the Royal Family’s coattails.

    My question is will the Andrew/Harry saga spoil the long standing relations between the two countries (UK and the USA)? Does the astrology predict that? And will it result in the diminishing of the role of the Royal Family in the UK?

    Or will the plot be exposed and UK-US ties get back on even keel along with the position of the monarchy in Britain? What does the astrology say?

    Thank you for your fascinating insights into world affairs – you have a truly awesome grip on these subjects.

    1. Astrology can help cut through the noise, as I always say, and it is very clear that you can’t look at Prince Harry by himself; he is one of two targets attacked at much the same time, Prince Andrew being the other. They were both under assault when Donald Trump was President, and of course this was the era of Trump Russia at the top. When you look at the damage done by Andrew and Harry, particularly with the latter’s outrageous assertion about the Taliban, you realise this has serious implications. The fall-out by 2044 will probably be a change in the UK constitution which frees up the line of succession. That would fit Pluto in opposition to the Leo factors in so many royal charts. They already changed the sexism in the succession, but it may be time to look at a completely different way of deciding who leads. It’s never boring is it? And thank you for the compliment.

  30. Hi Jessica
    There was one thing that confused me about an excerpt from Harry’s book.

    In it he details an argument with William (news flash sibling argue) that became physical. After William left Harry immediately rang his therapist. Knowing about Harry’s PTSD I can maybe see why.

    However I am confused because when Meghan had suicidal thoughts she said she contacted the firms HR department to talk about it. Why didn’t Harry ring his therapist. He obviously has him or her on speed dial.

    That whole story was disclosed to Oprah to make the Royal Family look heartless and yet now as more information has come to light about Harry’s therapist, it seems that it is either not true or Harry didn’t think to ring his therapist to help a woman that he proclaims to love and wants to protect.

    I have personally suffered with depression for 20 years so I don’t take anyones mental health crisis lightly. If that was my partner I wouldn’t be able to get them to a therapist fast enough.

    Sometimes I find that their “stories” don’t make sense or change over time or don’t hold up to scrutiny or logic. Which makes me question their veracity.

    Interestingly Meghan’s mental health crisis happened according to them on the 16th January 2019 right around the time of the 21st Jan 2019 ( Leo eclipse).
    So what is the coverup and what is the truth?

    1. Yes, a few people have raised this anomaly. If we step back from what has actually happened (never mind the endless cascade of words, clips and photographs) we have seen the brother of the heir to the throne (the necessary spare in times of war) remove himself from that position. He has driven a wedge between America and Britain, normally close allies in times of war. Dangerous.

  31. Sorry, just wanted to add to my earlier question – the comments made by Prince Harry on how the people he killed in Afghanistan as being viewed not as people but ‘chess pieces’ – was shockingly insensitive.

    He and his wife claim to be all about sensitivity, equality etc.But dehumanizing those he killed, runs contrary to their supposed stance. No one who’s fought bravely in the armed forces of their countries talks like this.

    You’ve spoken about how karma is coming for all of us in this astrological cycle – I wonder how this hypocrisy will be dealt with? Any thoughts or insights? Thank you!

    1. Having been a Penguin Random House/Transworld author myself, actually with the two publishers Harry thanks – editors and copy editors tend to go over the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb, so the Taliban paragraph must have been raised more than once. The fact that it got through is really important. This all feels so much bigger than a mere shock book. This is what all the psychics are picking up. This isn’t just Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton. It’s being played out in the internet age with an awful lot of red flags suggesting nothing here is by the two of them, just for the two of them. There’s something else.

  32. Hi Jessica
    I am basing this on your previous comment, ” The fall-out by 2044 will probably be a change in the UK constitution which frees up the line of succession” Does that mean a Monarch would be chosen based on more than order of birth? for example little Charlotte, instead of George, could be the Heir? If the Monarchy survives this. There are many predictions that William will be the last King of England. Thank you for your article, I still feel sad for Harry though, and Meghan if she is a victim of propaganda

    thanks in advance

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Aquarius tends to hit royalty more than any other transit, going back to Henry VIII and then Louis XVI so I don’t think the House of Windsor is going to escape this transit. The arrival of Pluto in Aquarius in March 2023 is a show-stopper. As members of the Commonwealth and/or UK taxpayers, if we step back from everything and look at it dispassionately, it would appear that the problem of (say) Andrew or Harry is best solved by The Firm acting like a firm, and not an ancient institution based on birth order. Will William be the last King of England? No. Pluto in Aquarius may change the firm but it won’t destroy it.

  33. Does Prince George feature in this saga?

    I ask because just before Pluto goes into Aquarius it makes aspects to George’s sun and moon. He has Moon at 28Cap17 and Sun at 29Can59. His Sun and Moon are square Harry’s Pluto at 0 Scorpio.

    Also transiting Mars will be opposite transiting Pluto in May – again making aspects to George’s sun and moon. Feels ominous.

    1. Yes, Prince George does have these historic transits by Pluto leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. This is about the line of succession and the structure of the family. We’ve not seen these transits since Henry VIII and Mary I or (if you prefer) Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Pluto in conjunction with the Moon in Capricorn in young George’s chart is about the monarchy itself, and someone or something taking that over. The structure, hierarchy and line of succession is dominated by a person, organisation or situation which transforms it. Pluto opposite his Sun in Cancer is of course about his family – just as family. March is big.

  34. Thank you so much for this thoughtful commentary, Jessica. I always love reading your posts. This one is particularly helpful as I have had some difficulty tearing myself away from this soap opera. Since seeing the engagement interview with Harry and Meghan, I have had a sense that things are not as they appear. The so-called twists and turns are pretty boring, like these two folks are quite boring and not particularly talented. In trying to understand why I’ve kept paying attention to people I find dull, I thought maybe it was experience with narcissists in my family and how the reality they present is so often at odds with what’s really going on. And Meghan with Pluto going over her descendent would have certainly been through some things (I think this was in 2019). So plenty to puzzle over and yet no answer is remotely satisfying.

    A long way to say…through this lens you present (there’s more than meets the eye and it’s a global operation), it makes sense why I’ve been unsatisfied with the surface story; so this post is very liberating. With the latest revelations, my jaw dropped because someone (or many) in this publishing process have done Harry wrong, starting from allowing the admission that his brother’s baldness was alarming. I have a hard time seeing how any editor, writer, or agent would would let pettiness like that go unchecked. Wouldn’t a careful editor or writer be thinking about ways to keep the reader on the author’s side? Instead we have him riffing about King Charles’ teddy bears. And then the military disclosures? Just absurd. Something is hiding in plain sight. Random thought: Meghan’s relationship with Gloria Steinem.

    Also, Pluto is nearing conjunction to my Mercury and an opposition to my moon and Uranus will be coming into conjunction with my SN. By this point, you’d think I could pinpoint how that might manifest but I’m too close. Any thoughts?

    Thank you kindly.

    1. This is such a terrific comment on Meghan and Harry (the reality TV show). You find them dull and so do I. Yet we are fixated. Our buttons are pushed. This all feels quite artful and deliberate to me. Anger is a terrific ‘fix’ and of course Meghan and Harry have both offered up endless reasons to be angry – especially if we live in the United Kingdom and pay taxes, or are in the Commonwealth, where the British monarchy has power over our Prime Minister. My line was crossed when this pair told Oprah Winfrey a member of the family had made a racist remark about their child. No evidence. The interview could have gone out any time. But no – it had to appear when Prince Philip was critically ill.

      I’ve been asked by The Daily Express to answer some questions about Harry and I will begin with Russia. If Pluto is nearing a conjunction with your natal Mercury at 28 Capricorn, and an opposition to your natal Moon at 28 and Saturn at 27 Cancer, use astrology to sidestep career, home, academic career, family issues. You will be dominated by a person, situation or organisation which can only be handled by using willpower and self-control. Push back. Pushing back will require tremendous self-mastery and hard work but it will also be the making of you. Do not walk into a Pluto problem, even though it would be short-lived (Pluto is obviously gone from Capricorn in March and can only retrograde). So, for example, you would not take a job with a control freak boss who wanted to see all your emails. You would not buy a home with a council you know is bullying in nature, or move into an apartment with a flatmate who feels like a Plutocrat. The Tarot can help with guidance on this Cancer-Capricorn axis transit.

  35. Thank you for all your help and comments. You are so objective and unselfish in all you do. Years ago I met someone and I remember telling my husband after meeting her, that I felt angels are among us. I feel the same when I read your site – there is no hidden agenda with what you do, you are just trying to help as much as you can. Thank you.


    1. Ah, thank you so much Elaine, you are far too kind, but I appreciate it. Happy New Year.

  36. She is maybe along Diana because perhaps she wants to be seen in the same light. The Royal Family was “the villain” in the story and Diana “the victim” and the story they maintain is that Harry left to protect his family which I think most people can understand when they think of the story of Diana and what the outcome was. Thank you, Jessica.

    1. The more I stand back from the imagery used by Harry and Meghan and their vast team, the more I am struck by the deliberate use of cultural memes which are about race difference in marriage (the copying of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono photo shoot) and American-British marriage (Meghan’s copying of a Wallis Simpson outfit). Is there anything spontaneous and natural about any of this? Why the subliminal messaging?

  37. Eyes are the windows to the soul. I only have to look at Putin’s, Trump’s and Markle’s eyes to experience a dreadful sick feeling of evil. They are ruthless manipulators and are more than happy to destroy absolutely anyone except themselves to get total power. My view is that Markle sees herself as US President. Harry’s eyes are sad and desperate but not bad … my heart breaks for him as he is a victim of something so sinister I feel like I want to be sick when I think about it. Please God that he will somehow survive this and build a new life where he is in control. I think he has a good heart but is very vulnerable and very lost. As for Putin, Trump and Markle, karma can’t come fast enough in my view. Jessica, you have brought me enormous relief predicting the demise of Putin and Trump. I also have no doubt that Markle will get what she deserves eventually. Jessica, do you think that Harry will survive the coming years and come out the end ok? I worry for him as he is an extremely sensitive soul. I worry that when everything falls apart around him and he realises he has been exploited massively, that he will harm himself.

    1. I am also very sorry for Harry. He is hugely Virgo and this is the sign we associate with anxiety and depression risk. I remember seeing him on television years ago (back in the days when I still watched TV) and he was so charismatic, so compassionate, so impressive, so articulate. I worry that he has been a target of Russia, using all its American power. I have no evidence at all for that beyond astrology and most people do not believe astrology. And yet it so often proves correct.

  38. I also believe this about bringing down the Monarchy Jessica and I have always seen through Meghan. From day one. I just didn’t buy into the persona she projects. Interestingly I have noticed on online forums their biggest and most vociferous defenders are Republicans who want to do away with the RF altogether. They see no wrong in what they do. I’m intrigued about the DNA thing though as I believe Harry is Charles’ son. Our late Queen’s will is interesting as there may well be caveats and conditions attached regarding Harry.

    Ultimately, do you see Harry ever returning or coming to any harm? His family, although angry, must be worried for him.

    Love reading your blogs.

    Warm wishes

    1. Thank you. My friend Penny Thornton, who was one of Diana’s three astrologers, has predicted Harry and William will reconcile one day. I hope so. The Firm has been pushed into the 21st century and like any business, may want to reconsider the flawed idea of handing the reins over based on birth order and gender. The Firm’s brief is to represent the Church of England and the people – including the Commonwealth. That is huge ask and it should not be left to these ancient ideas. It is only by a quirk of timing that Charles could not step back and make Anne the Regent.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    I can see that there is possibly more going on than meets the eye. That there maybe a broader plan here to destabilise the British/ American relationship. But there is also the personal story. Prince William is a Sun Cancer. As a Sun Cancer myself I know that in life family brings the greatest joy but also can bring the deepest emotional pain. On a personal level I feel for him and the absolute betrayal he must be feeling. Harry says that a “women with powers” told him he is living the life that his mother would have wanted for him. She would not have wanted Harry to betray his brother like this. This whole situation would have bought her sadness.
    And as for Meghan she is a Leo with a Libra stellum. She loves a duel. The fact that it’s her and Harry against the British Royal family is typically Libra. She would love the fight. The fight would make their relationship stronger. It’s sad. She could have chose to duet with the Royal family and do absolutely amazing things, but she chose duel instead. It’s all really quiet sad.
    This will be my last post on the subject of Harry. I am feeling quiet exhausted. I can only imagine how the Royal family is feeling.

    1. Harry’s medium gave good survival evidence: a Christmas tree decoration (of HM the Queen) broke and Archie picked it up. So the medium was authentic. I hope Diana was able to communicate through the medium. Way beyond Russian meddling, that’s the important thing. Thanks Julie.

  40. Twitter is full of people questioning how a Pulitzer prize winning ghost writer could write such “childish drivel”, theorising that he was fired but unable to say so because of an NDA, and suggesting that Meghan/Harry took over the writing themselves. This may be so, but another option is that the ghost writer is not contracted to display his own intellect and beliefs, but to portray those of his subject, using his language, his emphases and distorted perceptions, and his intentions. Whilst we have only yet seen extracts from the text, JR Moehringer may well have represented Harry’s “voice” with outstanding accuracy, including confusion, memory lapses, dysregulated emotions etc.

    Prince Harry has been very open about experiencing flashbacks from cameras linked to his mother’s death etc which most people understand to be linked to PTSD. Moehringer has however exposed many other features of complex trauma, so much so that ex-British military officers are stating Harry appears to have military related PTSD, and even Taliban leaders tweeting their anger and objections to his crass “kill count” are concluding and stating he needs medical attention.

    Reliving his experiences for composing the book and now engaging with the media circus will be very triggering for him and likely compounding his trauma. I am also seeing calls for Harry to be removed from leading the Invictus Games, and from any charities involving children and teens, which will most likely humiliate and devastate him. I imagine his father, King Charles III, is very concerned about Harry’s mental health and risk for self-harm.

    I anticipate more will become clear with the release of the full text on Tuesday, although I do wish someone, anyone, would initiate legal action to prevent distribution, given the rising threats to British soldiers and the Royal family as a result of his insensitive Taliban related comments.

    Jessica, I noticed that you have mentioned more money coming to him in 2024, which hopefully is a positive sign. Do you see a way forward for him in terms of reputation, mental health, and re-connection with at least some family members?

    1. The astrology chart for Harry supports what you say. He has a Virgo stellium and this is the sign we associate with mental health. Anyone with that kind of horoscope needs the best possible support, care and help to deal with the risk of depression and anxiety. There must be so many counsellors, psychologists and therapists questioning the advice that has led him to pursue the media and publishing in this way. As a Penguin author myself I question why the Taliban paragraph went in. There is something so deeply wrong about the whole thing.

  41. Hello, Thankyou for this fascinating discussion.
    – I recall Harry making a passing comment to the media that he’d like to marry an American, an actress, someone already famous so they’re used to being in the spotlight, like what being a part of the RF brings. Think Meghan was already a candidate/already chosen; he was softening the public up to the idea.
    – Read a comment once, someone said their wedding & timing, was a plan by the RF to divert attention from Andrew. I agree.
    – In case you didn’t know, there’s photo’s of Meghan pre Harry on boats owned/connected to a certain baddie that is connected to Andrew. However, Andrew & Meghan could just be small fish players in a big pond. Perhaps that’s how they found her.
    – re your theory re US-UK relationship, do Meghan & Harry actually know they’re part of that? I’m not up with politics, but wouldn’t they just each be for their country?
    – re the clothes and photo copying, is someone actually telling them to do that? Like for eg the grey men Diana talked about, as some PR thing?
    – was them leaving for US already planned, as part of Charles’ plan to reduce the size of the firm – which they’d have to do anyway as there’s now so many of them?
    – with how Meghan was chosen to play the role of Duchess, is she then being paid by some other organisation to further America type thing and the RF don’t know? Or did she just sort of happen to be there type thing b/c say the RF wanted to further US relations by having her there?
    – it’s amazing in this day and age the RF still exists. Like I know they represent the country & provide stability, but my goodness the privilege! (think that’s my Aquarius factors talking).

    The whole thing is a bit scary; seems to be higher up goings on. I’m just a Taurus pleb; those big scary organisations won’t be coming across me! Dealing with difficult family circumstances, including abusive sister can’t escape from due to lack of resources. At least it’s a little break & everyone has problems.

    Thankyou for the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

    1. The annoying answer to much of this is that we don’t know. Eclipses always hide the facts from the public and this was an epic string of eclipses in Leo, the royal sign (and a sign which dominates the charts of the whole family – Meghan herself being a Leo). You mention sister issues. It is very likely you have Gemini factors in your Third House of siblings, and/or your sister does. We have had Mars Retrograde in Gemini since September 2022 and it ends in March 2023. If that is the case it will end your issues. Mars will resume correct motion and then leave Gemini. Harry and William, Castor and Pollux, have been acting out the retrograde for all the world. March is shaping up to be quite the month.

  42. Jessica, thanks, very interesting. Have you looked at the Chinese map? I recently came across an article that M is a project of the Chinese special services, it was a retelling of an interview with a retired employee. What do you think of it?

    1. I’ve not looked at the China astrology chart in terms of Andrew and Harry (astrologically, we pair them together, as both were drawn into the Leo eclipse cover-ups at the height of Trump Russia). You can find Donald Trump looming large in both these stories. Firstly with Epstein and secondly with his friendship with the man the media have identified as Harry’s American father figure. Most interesting, grasshopper.

  43. Hi Jessica
    Your articles and replies are so interesting thank you. Reading about Prince Harry I’ve just realised very belatedly that we share a birthday (I’m 15.9.56 at 11.35pm in Cardiff, UK). All this trauma and revelation for him but my life is (I’m very grateful to say) pretty calm. We’re obviously both Virgos which perhaps emphasises that a horoscope is very generalised but it has made me wonder with a bit of dread that perhaps it means that Virgos will all have some sort of trauma coming their way this year?
    Thank you Jessica

    1. It’s a fair question, Cath. You are a Sun Virgo and so is Prince Harry. Are you both experiencing the same astrological cycles? Yes. You stand to save a lot of money, or make it, if you take all the opportunities offered to you by May 2023. Harry has just received payment for the publication of his autobiography. You have karma with a brother or sister, which ends in July 2023. He has karma with Prince William. I don’t know what is going on with life for you in the bedroom, with courtship, your children and young relatives – but Virgo has a cycle (ending in March) when that comes with deep questions about control and power. We all have choices. You’ve chosen to handle the cycles your way; he has chosen an extremely difficult way!

  44. Hi Jessica,
    When Harry reportedly told the Queen “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” it was over the Grenville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara Meghan wanted to wear for the wedding. That tiara is known as the Russian emerald headdress.

    1. Now that’s really interesting. I note that in the ITV interview Prince Harry was not asked about the two homes. The difficulty with eclipses (and those eclipses predicted the brothers’ rift) is that it can take years to find out, what you never knew at the time.

  45. Thank you so much, Jessica. I agree the Oprah interview timing was terrible and deliberate. The lack of acknowledgement re: Phillip’s condition (on their part) was so extremely insensitive and counter to the values of “compassion” that it had to be intentional. Hope Harry finds his way home to himself above all. I’ll look out for your commentary on Harry and Russia. Also thank you for your thoughts on the Pluto transits. Funny, I did just go toe-to-toe with a client (with a March date involved) and while no one asked to see my emails, you’re spot on the level of micromanaging. I stood my ground for mutually fair terms and that has worked OK so far. Something tells me there’s more to come with other Pluto types and so I will continue to heed this guidance. Thank you and have a wonderful eve.

    1. The Oprah Winfrey ‘racism’ interview could have gone out at any time at all. The three of them decided to release it when his grandfather was dying. March 2023 will resolve a great deal for this family and for those of us who are in the Commonwealth, as their subjects. It’s interesting March 2023 has already come up for you in a meeting. You’ve sensed Pluto in the distance. That’s really useful!

  46. “ The more I stand back from the imagery used by Harry and Meghan and their vast team, the more I am struck by the deliberate use of cultural memes which are about race difference in marriage (the copying of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono photo shoot) and American-British marriage (Meghan’s copying of a Wallis Simpson outfit). Is there anything spontaneous and natural about any of this? Why the subliminal messaging? I am looking forward to reading Spare to find out if Harry or his ghostwriter answers these questions.”
    Yes. It’s pretty interesting when you look at all of that. It does not seem natural at all. It is the same idea of what people do on social media by curating a perfect life with an agenda (monetizing their “perfect” life) But, why would they answer that question in the book when it is probably just more of the same and part of the “image” although I do believe you will be able to cut thru what’s being concealed. Honestly, he always looks so sad to me and a bit unsure of where he is going. I was once married to a man that had problems with his family and I always encouraged unity and forgiveness even when his mother was horrible to me. I never wanted to be the cause that separated him from his family.

    1. You were married to a man who had family problems and kept pushing for unity. What has happened to Prince Harry is so different. He seems wholly dependent on Meghan and her circle/colleagues for money. He has been taken away from his own family and friends. He has become part of an American anti-racism movement which has little to do with his own country. He cuts an isolated figure. He is in a world of extremely charismatic actors and television presenters – stars – with a lot of power. I’d like to know what Diana thinks.

  47. Wow. I just reread all of the posts after I posted my second comment and I never imagined the tie with Russia and destabilizing the relationship between US/UK!! Do you think Harry knows what is going on and is knowingly involved? And why would he want to do this to his family? Ugh!

    1. Prince Harry has been removed from his family and friends, had ‘therapy’ which may have been more than that, and has been a target, just as his uncle Prince Andrew was a target. How much does he know? The horoscope can only go so far, but March 2023 will help inform his subjects in Sussex (!)

  48. Jessica this fascinating reading.
    Are you able to comment on Megan’s charts at all, what can be read about her and any possible outcomes re her marriage to Harry and attacks on members of the RF?
    Keep up your amazing work:))

    1. Whatever happens in March 2023 will permanently transform the marriage to Harry: it will never be the same again, no matter what shape it takes. This historic shift of Saturn out of Aquarius and into Pisces; Pluto out of Capricorn and into Aquarius – affects the whole Royal Family.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I watched the UK interview last night with Harry and Tom Bradby and to be honest, Harry came across to me as someone with MH issues and was quite incoherent. I know Bradby’s a friend but even he looked puzzled by some of Harry’s statements. It was hard to follow. I have a son with MH issues brought on by cannabis use and he can talk for ages without actually saying much that makes sense. Word Salad I think they call it. Harry’s rambling put me very much in mind of my son in that respect.

    Harry contradicted so much of what’s been said before and appears to have no self awareness. Apparently the US interview was far more critical of the RF and Camilla. I wonder why he felt it necessary to ramp it up for the American audience…..?

    1. Your son has mental health issues brought on by cannabis use and you recognise some of that in Harry’s rambling interview. I can’t comment on that, but having finally read Spare, it’s a vague autobiography. Where there should be names (there could easily be names, because we know who they are) there are anonymous figures. The Oprah Winfrey interview is not properly explained or accounted for, nor the timing of it, when Prince Philip was in the final weeks of his life, in hospital. So are we seeing deliberate obfuscation or is this just dope?

  50. Excellent and very insightful blog. Jessica I knew there were chances coming but I never saw this. Someone is differently behind or is it karma…
    I remember in one of Diana’s interviews she was saying Prince William May look like me but he is more like his father but Prince Harry will be a better king, he will be a people’s king. I would never forget those words.

    The fact that Nostradamus said the one that never was supposed to be king… that’s the thing that I question because we all except Prince William to be king one day.
    We all know something will happen to King Charles and he is going to give the crown to someone else but who…

    The name spare… spare to what the crown… I don’t think the people would welcome Prince Harry back as part of the royals family with Megan, separate yes but not together.

    In the interview with Cooper on 60 minutes there was a photo with a plague with Princess Diana but with the number 16 on it. Now I am not a physic nor any knowledge of astrology or the tarot but isn’t many planets changing this year at 16deg and the tower is that card 16 in tarot.

    Is Diana giving a clue… changes to come…
    I also believe someone will be murdered or someone life is at risk in the royal family. May that be Prince William that’s why Nostradamus saying the one no ones except to be king.
    Or is Prince Edward going to step up, as per requested from William.
    It’s all so confusing.
    Love to hear your feed back.
    But Prince Harry child Archie, I also felt he be going back to the uk, when is is older, but his sister will be an artist and to art, and with many rumours but Archie is the one who going to reunite with Prince George,

    Any advice on my chart, for the month of January.
    Stay safe,

    1. Thank you. That’s interesting about Diana’s quotes on William and Harry. I must find those. I have a bee in my bonnet about this now, but I also have a deadline to meet for the Daily Express. I’ll look for the photograph of Diana in the 60 Minutes interview too. I agree with you that a life is at risk in the Royal Family. This has been carefully set up with the Taliban statement in Spare. This is ‘duh’ level of how to make yourself and your family sitting ducks for terrorist threats. It’s also very convenient for anyone who wants to fake a terrorist threat! January is an odd month, and so the advice on your chart is to rehearse, retry, replay, reschedule, rethink and let the wheels spin backwards and forwards as nothing is really fixed, firm, finished or final. Later on, from the second week of February it gels.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Brilliant article, as always! I saw the Arab Leaugue being mentioned in a few of the comments. I remember that in July 1997, many years ago, Princess Diana was all over the front pages with her new boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed. Also in July 1997 a colleague at work showed me an e-mail from a friend. This friend was (and is) a well known psychic in the Netherlands (the psychic is Jan C. van der Heide). The psychic elaborated in the e-mail on a vision he had: he saw a black Mercedes driving at high speed through a tunnel and then crashing into one of the pillars. He saw that Princess Diana and her boyfriend were in the car. He then saw Arab-looking men discussing things like ‘the deed has been done’ and ‘mission accomplished’… July 1997, more than a month before it actually happened!

    1. Your psychic friend is interesting on the subject of Diana. Every psychic and medium I know believes she was unlawfully killed (which the court agreed) but not as we’ve been told. Was the Arab League involved? To this day, we have dozens of photographs of Diana wearing a seat belt. Why did she not put her seat belt on during a car chase, even if she had never done so on leaving the Ritz? One very good answer is that a gun was pulled from another car and she was told to get into the well of the Mercedes with Dodi. Belt off. I recall being at a children’s birthday party when the awful news broke in Sydney that she had passed. A guest at the party worked for ASIO, the Australian equivalent of MI5 and said ‘They got her.’ Instantly. He just knew. It is still dreadfully upsetting and my heart goes out to Harry and William for having to relive it all again with the book.

  52. Makes perfect sense Jessica. Have always wondered what the end game is in all this madness. Part of me does wonder if part of this is karmic revenge by the Russians for George V refusing Tsar Nicholas 2 and his family asylum in the UK during WW1 which then resulted in the Romanovs being killed by the Bolsheviks.

    1. Thank you. I need to find out the truth about the emerald tiara that Meghan allegedly asked to borrow from Her Majesty for the wedding. It was Russian. The Queen said no. If not for astrology I would not even be going here, but Harry’s chart clearly shows some very odd things. He was born with Uranus at 9 Sagittarius. Ukraine has the Sun at 9 Sagittarius. He has Mars at 16 Sagittarius. Russia has the Sun at 16 Sagittarius in her independence chart. The revolution chart for Russia has the Ascendant at 28 Sagittarius. Harry has Neptune at 28 Sagittarius. Both Harry and Meghan have condemned Russia’s war on Ukraine. So they should. But why the Russia crush at the wedding? We’ve not seen that before in the Harry story.

  53. Like some other comments on here, I struggle to understand why I get so bothered by this drama when there is so many more important issues going on in the world. May be I need the distraction and this taps into my anger. Your balanced approach and view is refreshing as many commentators are quite polarised. As you have said, there is much that is hidden and no one knows what has really happened. On the surface we have only heard one narrative that seems to change with each telling. The nagging feeling that we’re being hoodwinked or spun a story that suits another’s endgame is something I haven’t been able to shake and is probably part of the reason why this constant drama winds me up. I’m no royalist and have republican leanings. I certainly feel this around the Andrew saga. I keep asking why no others have been held accountable for their actions. I do hope that HArry finds what he is looking for and there is some reconcilation eventually. He does appear to be very isolated an dthat is never good for anyone who struggles with their mental health. Looking forward to March to see what transpires.

    1. This has been a really popular point of discussion. I had no interest in Harry or Meghan, until they married. I watched the wedding and felt what I call ‘medium’s rage’ which is irrational, inexplicable anger. I switched off the television and went for a walk. It was not even about what happened to Thomas Markle – who must feel dreadful every time he thinks of it – it was something I could not even name. It has taken me until 2023 to finally realise we are being played. Maybe that is also why we feel angry. This is classic Pluto in Capricorn stuff. The rich and powerful elite and the rest of us. As John Lennon sang, Gimme Some Truth. There’s also that classic self-indulgence and clueless Marie Antoinette mentality that you see as Pluto in Capricorn subsides, to be replaced by Pluto in Aquarius. You can see it in the comments on here. People are fed up with them all.

  54. Thanks so much for all the spectacular content as always. I am consistently drawn for some time now, to the image of Cleopatra being rolled out of a rug, and concur that there is something very wrong here, and it goes way back. I’m not saying Cleo’s time exactly, but the deception is very real, and there are other parts of the story that likely resonate. And we know how well that went. I still think as we discussed, the brothers will likely reconcile when the smoke clears these transits, but that is still a bit off into the future. Happy New Year! x

    1. I am always pleased when psychics join the conversation. Cleopatra contains the word ‘leo’ as does Cleo so perhaps you are picking up on Meghan’s Sun sign. We are part of the desired outcome, just by discussing her, but it has to be done. For the short term anyway. The desired outcome is a manufactured artificial conflict between Team Meghan and Team Kate. Or America and Britain.

  55. Just to add Jessica that I had a look on Mumsnet tonight and ALL the Royal threads have disappeared. Members are puzzled and Mumsnet HQ have posted that they have their tech team working on it and they haven’t removed them!! Apparently there was a lot of criticism and hilarious memes about Harry.

    Russian interference??

    1. That’s interesting. I have been doing some research on Harry, Meghan, Russia and the astrological charts, ahead of a podcast with Sarah Vine at the Daily Mail and an interview in the Daily Express. I have no idea if the Mumsnet royal threads have vanished because of Russian interference (they do love meddling on the internet, don’t they) or something else. I do keep coming back to Harry’s Sagittarius (foreign) stellium, though. Uranus, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, all triggered when Meghan Markle appeared. We only see that transit, the South Node in Sagittarius, once every 19 years. And there it was. This entire cycle ends in 2026. The excitement of Russian America, or American Russia, ends. There will be some shocks along the way.

  56. Hi Jessica, David Foster’s 4th wife was Yolanda Hadid. Wasn’t she accused by a Dutch investigative journo of hiding Ghislaine Maxwell when the FBI was looking for her … Hadid has denied the claims. Foster and Hadid divorced in 2017. Not too far down the track Foster was marrying Meghan’s old school friend. Have we ever been clear on how Harry met Meghan? Wasn’t it someone they wanted to keep anonymous? It is such a small world isn’t it? Take care Jessica. You are amazing.

    1. Thank you. I have no idea at all about Foster’s background; he’s really appeared as a name in a long list of Russian connections which only occurred in Harry’s life after he met Meghan Markle. If Ghislaine Maxwell is in the story that is really interesting. As for the Harry and Meghan meeting story, yes it changed. Why?

  57. Hello Jessica. I watched the Tom Bradby interview too. I feel very sorry for Harry. Apparently he has seen a therapist for years. I wonder the credentials and political persuasion of that therapist? He doesn’t seem to understand the effect of all his disclosures – especially stating that he killed 25 enemy soldiers. He just doesn’t understand how he is putting American culture against the British culture. For his wife Meghan, who has a degree in International Relations, you would think she would know better and give Harry advice about how destructive it is putting one country against the other country. For this reason, I agree with you that they are deliberately trying to weaken the relations between Britain and America. Maybe they want to get rid of the Monarchy with all their Woke friends and associates. One peculiar thing regarding Prince Andrew, in all of this, is how the Harry and Meghan fans are all saying that the negative press against them is all about diverting attention away from Andrew who is the real villain. But really the Palace has done all they possibly can do to punish Andrew by banishing him from public life, removing his HRH and kicking him out of Buckingham Palace. What more can they do to publicly humiliate him? About the racism claims – for the the first part of the Netflix series Meghan said that before meeting Harry she never thought about race issues and never had a problem with it. The series states that it was her mother Doria who convinced Meghan that it was all about race when her relationship with Harry was made public and when the negative press started. So I wonder where Doria fits into all of this? Perhaps there was a little racism in the beginning, but once Meghan got engaged to Harry, they had really positive coverage. I was born in the 60s and still remember the negative press coverage against Fergie, Duchess of York. It was shocking and was more brutal than what Meghan got. The headlines were like “fat frumpy Fergie, the Duchess of Pork, she has the body of a Jurassic Park monster.” They were personal and shocking and had nothing to do with racism. Fleet Street has always been tough on the wives of the Monarch’s second sons, probably to make the wives of the heirs look good as in the case of Diana and Catherine. Again nothing to do with racism. In the Netflix episode they went to great lengths making out that Meghan and Harry’s meeting was random. Why would they go through all that trouble unless they had something to hide? I agree the versions of the meeting has changed. For the engagement interview Harry stated that he learned about Meghan when one of his friends arranged the blind date and that he had never heard of her and that his friend had to brief him about her. Now he says he spotted her on Instagram and that he did the chasing. Very odd. A psychic that I follow named Christian Dion was right onto her from late 2016. He said that she was all about the “Win”. He later disclosed that Meghan went to a psychic several years ago and that the psychic said she would marry a red head in the public eye. Apparently she positioned herself to meet Harry, started doing charity work to make herself look more appealing to him and even wore Diana’s favorite perfume on their first date. It was also very interesting how once Suits became popular around 2012, and was picked up for more seasons, that she dropped her first husband in a flash and even startled him with the wedding ring in the mail. Harry was obviously the big goal around then. Once the relationship was made public, she tweeted ‘”My cup runneth over. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.” That tweet made me suspicious back then, and made me think Harry was like winning the lottery to her. You are on the money about Harry and Andrew being targets. I really hope that respected writer and investigator Anthony Summers does something on this deliberate Britain and American destabilization. He wrote Honeytrap about that British 1960’s affair – you know the Mandy Rice Davies and Christine Keeler British Government scandal. He was also the first author to expose J Edgar Hoover’s misdemeanors, and of course, exposed the Marilyn Monroe/Kennedy affairs. I could write forever on this Harry/Meghan saga. You are right – it is Henry the 8th and the Wallis/Edward scandal rolled into one. This is all so intriguing and fascinating for someone who has read royal biographies. Thanks for this insight.

    1. Thank you. I would not normally keep a conversation on my website going this long, but this is astrological history in the making as we will see in March 2023. The idea that the criticism of Meghan is a diversion from Andrew is nonsense. Actually Andrew and Harry are part of the same story in astrology; you don’t separate them. I’m not aware of the psychic Christian Dion, but will take a look. With so much static around the whole saga, it is good to just look at the cycles. We are now heading for Pluto in Aquarius, replacing Pluto in Capricorn. This is the same as Henry VIII and then the arrival of Mary and Elizabeth because the line of succession was disrupted. And again in revolutionary France on a later cycle, the whole monarchy was replaced. In Britain, again the line of succession was disrupted when George III stepped down to allow George IV to become Prince Regent. Britain and NATO have just stumbled into a danger zone. What happens if the spare is removed from family and friends by his wife and emigrates, vowing never to return? Should the heir meet an untimely death or become ill and unable to perform duties, there is no spare at all. There is a constitutional crisis. There is a power vacuum. Fortunately you read royal biographies so you know your history.

  58. Also Jessica, there is a dob for David Foster online, 1/11/49, so if that’s accurate, his sun is in Scorpio and all that means and in natural astrology his sun would fall in the eighth house of people incl Harry and Meghan impacting their joint finances. Cheers.

    1. Oh, I wonder if the data is accurate? I find the Russia connection in Harry’s chart incredible – not to mention Ukraine. That kind of exact line-up is pretty rare. And he’s in that sort of cycle. Former captain in the British forces – if he was still in service today he may have been involved in Ukraine.

  59. Wow. Leo, ha! I totally missed that—spot on. And as usual, you’re spot on about all it, and about it circling back to those Leo eclipses as you’ve said…I’m remembering the sculpture of Cleo’s twins with Mark Antony that is said to symbolize a solar eclipse.:-) And then there’s “Total Eclipse of The Heart,” [Cleopatra], perhaps a prescient lyric. Thanks so much for your insight and reply—I know you’ve probably got a big queue on this one. x

    1. Your Cleopatra line of thought is very much about that. Eclipses are relevant here because the eclipses I used to predict the split between Harry and William are what this is all about. You often get the public being hoodwinked on eclipses. They do not see, cannot know and do nor understand the truth. People who are blind to the fact that Harry’s grandfather was dying in hospital when Oprah Winfrey joined he and Meghan in a public attack on his own family. No evidence. Just an attack. That single fact should be enough to make people question what is going on. But no. Eclipse blind spots.

  60. Hi Jessica,
    This morning I read an article in the Daily Mail. In the article an Army Colonel Philip Imgrim discusses his own experience with PTSD. He suggested that Harry is exhibiting self destructive behaviours common with those who have suffered with PSTD including himself. He also believed that Harry is “on a spiral“ which may not end well. Often the last person to see that their behaviour is not right is usually the person suffering PTSD themselves according to the Colonel.
    A therapist would strongly discourage a patient from doing anything that would make their mental health worst. So then begs the question why can’t his ‘therapist’ see that his behaviour is troublesome (or maybe they can and it’s all part of the plan) and who recommended this ‘therapist’. Maybe his American father figure?(who has connections to Russia)
    Something doesn’t add up unless this was the plan along.

    1. That’s interesting. It would be good if more army veterans approached Harry, even through an open letter in the newspaper. Former soldiers are notorious for depression and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and other problems. I completely agree with you about Harry’s therapist – why would you encourage a man who suffers with anxiety to put himself through the pressure of this global book release and media controversy? Maybe the therapist did and was ignored. Alarm bells ringing all over the place with this one, but most specifically about the Taliban claim which makes the family targets.

  61. Epstein always struck me as someone who would play the honey trap. Though the question remains for which government! I was always personally sceptical about Trump and wondered why nobody looked into previous wife Ivana. I am also not sure about Jeremy Hunt either. The idea of him being Chancellor of the Exchequer and the way he and others manipulated Liz Truss to her downfall. Is there anybody in MI5 or MI6 actually doing their job?

    So the question is was Meghan manipulated or recruited? By the way the Queen will have left everything to King Charles. I presume she would have left him instructions as what she wanted with regard to bequests. But he can do what he likes. This is where Lilibet’s DNA comes into play, and possibly her parent’s DNA as well.

    1. Honey traps are a long part of Soviet strategy and usually happen in Moscow bars, don’t they! There is no evidence at all that Meghan Markle was tapped on the shoulder by a Russian-corrupted part of Trump’s FBI. It may be just as fictional as some of the fiction we read in the press about the couple. As for the will, we will never know; these things being kept private (apart from the rather peculiar detail that Her Maj had left the corgis to Andrew and Sarah). Looking at Harry’s chart again, if has been the victim of entrapment by Trump-Russia, then MI6 got it totally wrong; this is around the era of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew and her tentacles inside the palace. If I was Ian or Peter Fleming and this was the Fifties, I’d be writing this whole scenario up. I heard the word ‘suffocating’ then from my spirit guide. I wonder what it means? I’ve learned from experience to always record these things, so I’ll leave it in. Thank you.

  62. Hi Jessica
    Happy New Year 🙂
    I’m a bit late with a comment re this post but am fascinated by the astrological connection to Henry VIII. I recently watched a YouTube video posted by a UK tarot reader – Claire Thackray – re the publication of Harry’s book. She indicated that what we are seeing play out right now is tied into the past life of Henry VIII (and karma clearing)!
    Very interesting.
    Thanks for another great post – love them all.

    1. Oh that’s interesting, Emma. A Tarot reader finds Henry VIII in the story of the other Henry/Harry. It is the same astrological cycle. Pluto leaving Capricorn to enter Aquarius. When this happened in the era of Henry VIII women rose to power through a twist of birth order, following a period of patriarchy, as Henry disposed of wives who would not give him a male heir. As Pluto repeats his ancient cycle in March 2023 it would follow that the current line of succession is null and void. Thank you for your kind words.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for such an intriguing post. The H M situation with TRF feels like a confession of an economic hitman by John Perkins. Someone is having the time of their life writing telenovela plots such as family feuds, jealous woman trying to destroy everyone;s life, unexpected plot twists and turns to possibly distract from the situation in the Ukraine and attempt to destabilise UK/Europe and TRF The misinformation that H & M are now peddling is a manipulative tactic to obsure the truth. I don’t feel H is aware he is being played but I feel M is a plant. I feel there is something far more sinister at play. Also believe The Queen was aware as well..
    Interested in your thoughts.

    1. Many people agree with you that Meghan is a plant. Thousands of Daily Mail readers, in fact, who all liked the same comment. We have no evidence at all for that. We do have evidence that the photographs and clips which appear seem to be deliberately constructed from history. Meghan dresses exactly as Diana did, or Wallis Simpson did. The pair produce images which mimic the clothes and body language of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Even the use of the name ‘Harold’ in Spare and the fight mimics The Bayeux Tapestry – Harold and William at war. I think you may be right: someone is having the time of her life, or his life, writing telenovella plots. It’s like a bad episode of Dynasty, right?

  64. Jessica

    I am happy you are keeping this going and I am trying to put as much together as possible about March, 2023. This is what I have: (1) Charles will not be king (2) by default Camilla will not be queen and will get her karma (3) Harry and Meghan’s marriage goes through an irreversible position – which may include 2 “houses” – not sure if this meant a split? (4) It seems that Prince George figures prominently here in March? (5) I wasn’t sure what happened to WIlliam, Kate, Charlotte or Louis?

    Can you elaborate on my thoughts above – it is okay if you cannot – we will have to wait until March. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Elaine. Charles and Camilla will not become King and Queen. Camilla does in fact have karma going back to the years Diana was still with us and she must repay that, according to the astrology – but also be repaid – if she is owed, spiritually. Harry and Meghan are already seeing one prediction come true. I predicted a renovated or new home and the floods and evacuation where they live now make this likely. George is part of a major restructure of the family in March 2023, yes. The history and astrology is clear that every time Pluto leaves Capricorn to enter Aquarius we see a change in the line of succession. You might say, it is written.

  65. There are currently ‘historic’ floods in Montecito and all residents have been evacuated. I don’t even think the worst weather has hit yet, I wonder if this is what relates to their new home situation in March/April?

    1. Yes, Harry’s chart shows a new or renovated home so the floods have in fact shown us the prediction coming true. Thanks for reminding me about Mother Nature’s actions in America this week!

  66. Good Morning Jessica, This morning, I was spending some time reading through the many comments by your readers and yourself re the current astrology on Prince Harry. I then drew my daily tarot, and was quite struck to see Ace of Swords. I know it was re Prince Harry, somehow, and not my own personal life. (unless there is a synchronicity yet to reveal.). Significant more so, because I then glanced at the TV that was running in the background, and there was a still of Princess Diana. Wonder what it all means, but I know it was a meaningful moment.

    1. Oh, the Ace of Swords is a crown spinning on top of a sword, it having taken it off one head, ready for another. The synchronicity around Diana may have been that she predicted Charles would never be king.

  67. Hi Jessica,

    Me again! I noticed you said the word ‘suffocate’ was supplied by your guide. Last night Tom Bower, author of Revenge, was interviewed and he used that word. He said Charles needs to suffocate this.

  68. Hi Jessica

    This is an amazing thread. I don’t necessarily expect you to respond to this on comments but I wanted to share some visions I’ve had on this awful matter.

    I’m psychic too and don’t do enough with it but Spirit are calling me back to doing light work again. I’ve seen a couple of really clear visions on this. I totally resonate with the degree of anger you referred to other psychics having around the time of the wedding. I’ve increasingly felt it these last years. It’s deeply dark at the moment.

    I have seen some of the clips from interviews and I’m horrified by what I see psychically when I see H’s face. Some people have said he looks sincere but I see real darkness in him and around him, it’s deeply sinister.

    Two visions that come to mind:

    – before the Queen died (God rest her soul) I saw William as King, not Charles, I couldn’t see Charles at all. I heard mention of a stroke sadly. William was really strong and tall in the images, there is huge light around him. I saw the family respond positively to him. I saw M and H really diminished and tied to a radiator. Stone cold, which I think is a symbolic reference, but I clearly saw handcuffs and them handcuffed and kept quiet. Something happens to them both.

    – again when the Queen was alive I saw a huge family gathering. This was just before the Duke died (God rest his soul too). It looked like a family summit. But there were other things going on. I saw a picture of a US golf tournament and a veil being lifted. It put me in mind of the US Open or the PGA Masters. The latter is in Georgia but this was a very warm climate near the coast. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Florida. I don’t want to speculate/jump to conclusions, but we know where a former President lives. Whatever it means, it meant to me some sort of US connection. What was also incredibly clear was an image of a woman looking over the family. She’s on this side, she’s an intelligence agent and this was definitely London. She’s significantly involved. She was standing in a busy Operations centre, headset on and orchestrating activities. There were other people in there coordinating various things. She did not feel like a threat, rather she was watching over the family trying to keep them safe. I saw chase scenes in London – they are on to targets in London. I think the woman is British. There is a wise, experienced man involved here too.

    I so appreciate everything you are sharing on this. This is deeply sinister and I think your analysis is incredible.

    Institutions need to evolve, of course they do, but this awful situation is part of a hidden global scheme and hopefully light workers will prevail. I’m sure these light workers also exist in various agencies. I also agree with you re Andrew. He’s a foolish, arrogant, flawed man but I’ve always had the view that he was being targeted by Epstein, but of course he was stupid enough to be snared.

    Thanks again for everything you do. Sending you love, light and blessings.


    1. Thank you. I also just heard from my colleague Kyra Oser who is one of the most respected psychics and mediums in the world, based in Canada. We are picking up the same signals on different television antennae, around the world. You saw William as King, not Charles. You also saw a light around him. I agree that MI6 are protecting the family. I would like to know who booked Cliveden for Meghan Markle (as she was then) and her mother. Christine Keeler swam here, mistress of a suspected Russian Spy. Odd choice for a bride’s wedding night. I have now finished reading Spare and it omits details about the Canadian home, then the American home, but manages to be specific (brand, name and address) of Soho House, London, for some reason. And more than once. It’s all very peculiar.

    Just thought I’d share a link towards a video by a French medium, Claire Thomas about some of Diana’s past lives.
    Frances/Margrete Fredkulla/Isabelle de Valois /Jeanne Grey/Lucille Ricksen etc.
    Pretty interesting.
    At 1:08 she speaks about the numerology regarding the date of her death. Among other incredible information, she also says that it wasn’t an accident, in fact a white car projected the Mercedes towards the pillar. She was killed because she was going to marry Dodi and because he was of a different religion, it didn’t please the RF at all. She was 2 months pregnant and she knew it. She didn’t die in the car, and a doctor gave her first care but she was stuck in the car (she had her seat belt on) and had to wait for an ambulance; then it took about 1h30 to get her to a hospital, much too long. And “comme par hasard”, none of the 14 cameras inside the tunnel worked that day…
    Diana had a bad feeling that day in the restaurant, she sensed something was wrong, the driver etc. Actually, one of her medium had told her before that she saw Dodi having a car crash but Diana didn’t take it very seriously… And she didn’t think she would be in the car accident with him anyway… Claire mentioned another man whom she was in love with (Khan), but it didn’t work out; with Dodi, on the contrary, they had eventually find a kind of balance and she was happy. They had actually known each other in another life in an Arabic country. Diana was very attracted to “exotic” countries.
    Ultimately, Diana’s message is that she was extremely grateful for the people who gave her so much love and she sends a wave (see – mer in French /mother) of love, light and joy to everyone (in short).
    Claire is a sincere medium , now that’s HER reading. I suggest people to watch all the video and make their own opinion.

    1. Mediums and psychics are useful when we, the poor old taxpayers and subjects (monarchy is powerful) are part of a huge cloud of question marks. I’ve not heard of Claire Thomas but I will take a look. I agree the death was an unlawful killing, as did the courts, but I do not believe the standard explanation. I agree she was pregnant. I worked with a high-profile magazine and television stylist at the time, who was used to women’s bodies. She took one look at the diving-board photo shoot and said ‘She’s pregnant.’ Every psychic and astrology has a theory. Mine is that she was killed on the pretext of her landmine activism and, in a botched rush job, because she teased the press she had a secret to reveal. The theory that makes most sense is that a gun was pulled, or she was told a gun had been pulled, thus the seat belts came off and she and Dodi ducked into the well of the car. It remains a dreadful tragedy but I think it is also true that Diana does a huge amount in spirit for the things she believed in, while alive. Vale.

  70. Jessica

    Wow. I cannot wait until March to see what happens. Fascinating…….. I always thought Diana writing the book with Andrew Morton was a turning point and I personally felt that it should not have been published – written yes – to help with her therapy – but published – no. A turning point (in a bad way) for Diana. I feel the same way about Harry’s current book.

    One question – were the stars similarly aligned – when Diana’s book was published and when Harry’s book was published? Thanks.


    1. Elaine, Diana and Harry did have the same transits during the media and publishing world cyclones around them. Uranus in the Ninth House, both times. So you are quite right. Uranus liberates and sets free, but it also shocks. There will be more shocks when the paperback edition, updated, with new photographs is published.

  71. Dear Jessica, I have to share something with you. It has been bothering me for some time now. On 26th July 2018, my husband and I went to visit the estate of Althorpe, where Diana is buried. It is not far from where we live but it is out of the way somewhat. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. We walked to the area where her grave is, near the lake. On the right of the pathway is a memorial bench like structure to her, where people leave flowers. It is all very poignant, peaceful and beautiful. The path around the lake is surrounded by large trees. We walked around it and my husband stepped away from me towards the lake to look at something. I stood on the path. From my vantage point I could only see the shrubs around Diana’s grave. Very, very suddenly, the weather changed to a squall. About a metre away from me the wind picked up the dust and leaves and whirled them into a spiral. The trees bent right over and the sky darkened. The noise was eerie; it was as if an angry spirit was near me. Big drops of rain started falling and it got cold very quickly. This all lasted less than a minute. My husband was oblivious to it. He did not see the violently swirling leaves, they had settled by then. The weather returned to normal but with a light drizzle. My husband looked at my face, which must have gone pale because I was so shocked at this phenomenon. The only words I could say to him was: “she’s not happy. Diana is not happy”. This was one of the most unusual things to have ever happened in my presence. I had a very strong sense, not a feeling, but a sense of connectedness with her, but it was dark, and I knew she was angry. Being a largely science based person, I cannot explain this. Can you help, and if so, thank you.

    1. The change in the weather at Diana’s grave should be taken seriously – along with your feeling she was angry. Harry just had Diana’s ‘life after life’ validated by a medium who gave him survival evidence; his mother had seen a decoration of The Queen on the Christmas tree fall. (For all we know the spirit world was moving it). Quantum theory has explanations for the mystical. Spirit people have a choice to remain close to us if they need to and many do. They do not want to let go, and cannot – there is too much unfinished business. Diana is one of these spirit people and has found a way to use E.V.P. which, notably, ITV has failed to explain.

  72. Hi Jessica
    About a week ago now Dale “Kanga” Tryon (nee Harper) came into my mind very clearly. I had no reason to recall her image. She wasn’t an acquaintance and not my vintage (I’m a similar age to you). Her image has stayed in my mind rolling about fairly consistently which I thought meant something. Sometimes I get strong feelings or images about something or someone and experience has taught me to pay attention. Then the other day I was reading snippets that had been leaked from Harry’s book where he calls Camilla dangerous and says that her road to redemption in the public’s eyes is littered with bodies. At that very point I saw Kanga again very clearly and experienced an icy cold wave that swept over me followed by an overwhelming sense of fear.
    Kanga had been a long time girlfriend and acquaintance of the then Prince Charles. She died on 15/11/1997 only a few months after Diana. It was rumoured she was pushed out of a window. The official statement since was that she had become addicted to painkillers after treatment for cancer and then suffered a mental breakdown. In the years leading up to her death she had been desperate to reconnect with Charles who only a few years before “dumped” her for being too “needy”. (sounds like his coldness to Diana doesn’t it?) In 1997 before she died she turned up in a wheelchair to see Charles play polo hoping to speak with him. From all reports he ignored her. It was well known in social circles that Camilla saw her as a threat, Charles having described Kanga as “the only woman who ever truly understood me”.
    I bring this up because I can’t help feeling there was a cover up there as well. It seems beyond a coincidence that Diana and Kanga both died within only a few months of each other. If Harry has been privy to information of underhanded dealings I fear for him much and all as I consider his behaviour since decamping to Montecito to be pretty disgraceful . Maybe retribution by the Taliban for his comments about his service in Afghanistan is the least of his worries. I am not in any position to point the finger and I’m not putting myself out there by doing so either, just very intrigued by it all. There appears to be a deliberate orchestration of events in order to achieve an outcome. I don’t want to say more on the subject but I think you know where I’m heading on this. Would love to hear your thoughts as I get the feeling this is all connected somehow.

    1. Thank you for reminding me about Dale ‘Kanga’ Tryon. I had completely forgotten about her. I need to go and look at the charts. I agree with you – there has been a deliberate orchestration of events in order to achieve an outcome. Intuitive or psychic people sense that and that is why everybody is so concerned. For most of the time celebrity culture passes us by but now and then something is so wrong that it just does not let up in our consciousness. I am really grateful for Harry’s astrology chart which tells us, partly, what is going on.

  73. Hi Jessica
    This post on your blog has been fascinating. I have not only read the article but also every post as well, in an attempt to try and understand what is going on behind the scenes.
    One thing confuses me though if Harry’s marriage was a way of removing him from the Royal Family ( which I think it was) and Andrews plight was to discredit him, how does that destabilise the Monarchy.
    Sure Harry book maybe embarrassing and likewise with Andrew but I don’t think it’s bad enough to bring the Monarchy down. Although stranger things have happened. I never thought the USSR would be carved up and no longer exist.
    Say King Charles for one reason or another doesn’t get coronated in May ( like you I believe this is possible) or worse he abdicates or becomes seriously I’ll then the crown would pass to William.
    In order for this plan to work something then would have to happen to William so that he could not rule. I did find it interesting and perhaps prudent that King Charles added Anne and Edward to his Counsellors of State.
    You know more about how the Monarchy works than I do. If something did happen to both Charles and William can Kate become Princess Regent for George until he is old enough to rein in his own right.
    Still trying to work out the end game.

    1. Julie, the United Kingdom already has a Scottish independence movement pursuing a second referendum and Australia in the Commonwealth just had its second crisis with a Governor-General, representing the late Queen – so again, a republic has been raised. Opinion polls and social media drive elections and referendums and unpopularity is the driver. So from Andrew, Harry and Meghan come – the polls. Power drips away. Another separate issue is the US-UK Special Relationship which is being fractured thanks to this bizarre artificial war manufactured online. Again, it’s popularity and polls, but eventually things have consequences.

  74. Jessica,

    Thanks for your previous response. Honey traps can and do occur anywhere. With regards to David Foster, he is certainly chummy with Yuri Milner, who is well worth the research.

  75. Hi Jessica
    Got it! So by demoralising the Royal Family they loose their popularity… that leads to more countries in the Commonwealth leaving … therefore reducing/weakening the commonwealth.
    That could also change the allies of USA/Britain especially with small or poorer countries which maybe strategically of use in a military confrontation. Look at Samoa and China. And the US /Britain relationship is the powerful centre of those allies. That makes sense. I know you talk a bout Russia but I also worry about China.
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Russia has been a longtime enemy of USA and Britain. So who does China befriend Russia. Or was it the other way around. Was it Russia befriending China as USA’s enemy? I don’t know but I don’t trust China anymore than I trust Russia.
    This whole thread has been quiet educational. Thank you for posting and allowing the comments to continue.

    1. Thanks Julie. I always go to the astrology for the truth. Fact is, Harry has this whopping Sagittarius (foreign affairs) statement in his chart. It lines up exactly with charts for America, Russia and Ukraine. It was triggered by the South Node in Sagittarius when most of this global culture war was being manufactured. And it really is manufactured, all the better to ‘divide and conquer’ which is a really old, old military tactic.

  76. Hi Jessica – the message that has come through to me is that Harry is ‘poking the bear’ and that he is completely aware of what he is doing. There is something here about seeing the bigger picture not just the 3D drama we are witnessing through the media. I’m not sure if anything in astrology supports this message and it does seem strange but I wonder if the eclipses are linked to this episode in some way rather than when they occurred – could it be we are all looking at this pantomime on a surface level while it is really all about more meaningful and global issues being sorted out?
    Is Harry the honey trap to somehow catch the bigger and more threatening fish? I also get the impression that he is being guided either by Diana in spirit, or by intelligence sources operating in secret. Interested to hear what other think.

    1. Having just read Spare I am amazed at the product placement of good old Soho House on Dean Street, even offering its street number – and the total absence of any detail at all about so much else that actually matters. I was also published by Transworld/Penguin Random House, by the two same men, and given the nitpicking, fact-checking editorial standards, it’s really interesting to see so much fail to appear. He may be poking the bear. At least we all know we are being presented with an artificial narrative now, right down to the costume department. Don’t you miss real romance?

  77. Hi Jessica,

    I know you have thousands of comments but I just have to tell my psychic view of it tough it’s been bothering me for a couple of days. I feelt the medium rage as well the day of the wedding and turned of the TV, the feeling I had was that it didn’t feel authentic. The whole drama playing out just leaves me uncomfortably due to the total lack of integrity H and M are showing.
    Harry is not doing well. I was saw him sitting with is head in his hands trying to stop the noises in his head. I got the same off feeling from him that I get when I do a reading of someone that is one antidepressives or have a drug habit. The energy is off and clouded. He feels disoriented.
    I agree with everyone that we are being played and I keep hearing – who is directing it ?and who is the producer of this shakespearen drama in front of us?
    The part in book about the 25 killings was planted ,and I keep hearing the word sinister when thinking about it.
    My guides have been telling me for months that something big is coming. They keep on repeating the sentences
    – empty streeets ,oh how the mighty shall fall.
    I don’t know if it is related to whatever is coming in March.
    From the day Trump won the election in 2016 and I heard a strong voice saying Russia it has been clear to me that the cold war never stopped. Ukraine is fighting it at the ground, but we are all in the war that takes place mostly on the internet with the massive desinformation and conspiracy theories that are being planted and is tearing society apart. Brasil being the latest exemple.
    I have no doubt that the royal drama is one act of it. As you say divide and conquer is well known and used strategy in war. What makes me sad is that beyond all the anger, resentment and actually fear between the royal brothers I also sense a strong love and a bond that only comes from sharing something tragic like losing your mother at young age.
    And Harry isn’t healing, instead he creates more trauma and hurt for everyone involved. And that is my professionell view of working with criminals suffering from severe ptsd and drug abuse as a social worker.

    1. Another person who had to turn off the television when Meghan wed Harry. You give readings, as a medium, and find his energy clouded, which happens with clients you have with drug habits or anti-depressant medication. Thank you for articulating this so well: “We are being played, but who is directing it? Who is the producer of the Shakespearean drama in front of us?” It is clear to you that the cold war never stopped. You see a massive disinformation campaign online tearing society apart. I agree. I just commented to another reader that the Andrew-Harry-Meghan saga resembles a Zersetzung campaign favoured by the Stasi. Disruption. You might also call it Mind Games, like the Lennon song.

  78. Hi Jessica
    You mentioned in your article that Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio will square Pluto in Aquarius in March 2023. This Pluto-Pluto square will happen more than once over the next 18 months won’t it as Pluto moves in and out of Capricorn and Aquarius.
    If so March 2023 is the beginning but not the end of difficulty for Harry with wills, inheritance, marriage, mortgages, divorce etc.
    Thank you for the updated article, just read it again.
    This really is a evolving story!

    1. Yes, the Pluto-Pluto square will repeat, so this will be a sustained control and power struggle about the money and property, the business, charity and possessions (Scorpio) involving Meghan but also the family (Eighth House) against a very new, quite powerful group. We don’t know who the group is, Julie.

  79. An interesting fact is that the current Lord Chamberlain is Lord Parker, who was Director of MI5 until 1st April 2021. Surely one of his first assignments was to sort out the Harry-Meghan-Andrew mess?

    1. Something has gone wrong, hasn’t it. I think mess is the right word. Now, how to set it to rights?

  80. Hi Jessica, what an absolutely fascinating blog post and comments section! I’m another person who has been irritated by the pull this story has had on me over the last few weeks. I’ve always been a bit meh about Prince William (not the least because as a little girl I felt rather aggrieved that he’d had the audacity to be born on my birthday) but I feel terribly sorry for him now and admire the lack of public response. What an awful situation for a family to be in, and the publicity must be unbearable. I’d be furious in the same situation- but also extremely worried.

    People have noted the similarities between Prince Harry and Henry VIII (has someone mentioned yet that Henry VIII also lost his much-loved mother at a similar age?), but to me, his older brother feels like he’s linked to the English Crown even further back than that….that probably sounds really weird (I mean, they are both obviously descended from them…) and I can’t articulate the feeling much more, except that I recall watching him on TV during the London Olympics and having the intense feeling that this person was not a King of the Commonwealth, or the old Empire, but a quite specifically, an English King. Those early kings I mentioned had lots of sibling issues too, but surprisingly there were also some very close and loving siblings who supported one another when the chips were absolutely down- The Empress Matilda and her brother Robert of Gloucester immediately come to mind. I tried pulling a tarot card for both Prince William and Prince Harry and I got the Knight of Cups, so I’m hoping that means that perhaps one of them will make the journey to rescue the other?

    1. Thank you. I’ve just come away from a Daily Mail podcast with Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones about Harry. Sarah and I both read Spare and felt the same way about it. You are quite right about the early kings having sibling issues. It’s interesting you drew the Knight of Cups for both William and Harry. It does indeed show a journey. Given Harry’s chart, it looks like him making the journey. Alone. No wife or children. The Knight of Cups is sincere, upright, steadfast and has a great deal to give, emotionally. It may end up being one of the most important journeys of Harry’s life.

  81. This article is mesmerising, yet chilling. To know that a foreign entity would go to such lengths to bring down the Monarch, which we all so dearly love, gave me goosebumps. I never got a positive vibe about Meghan, and I still believe that she will leave him and try and take him to the cleaners. Harry, as a result will eventually come back to the UK and live a very solitary life. I feel that she does not genuinely love him, and that this will all end in tears. Vedic astrology (I use Astrosage) is really good to look at, the next few month for Harry (up until the end of May) do not look good for him. Your articles are the best out there, Jessica. You truly stand out from all the other astrologers. Thank you xx

    1. Thank you. Goosebumps are usually a sign that your spirit guide has drawn closer and confirmed something. That’s interesting about the Vedic astrology outlook for Meghan and Harry. If not for the astrology, I would never have focussed on foreigners and foreign countries in his life; once it was clear this was the main story of 2018-2026 it didn’t take long to find America-Russia. Having read Spare and seen the interviews, I believe we are seeing Zersetzung (German for disruption) a Stasi psychological warfare technique. It seeks to undermine. What has happened to Prince Andrew and now, the family as a whole, does not feel accidental or random. Putin and Russia, of course, are big fans of psychological warfare. It is very interesting to stand back from all the words and look at the actions. The wedding was a disruption. The bridesmaids’ dresses did not fit. The bride’s father did not accompany her so Charles was made to do so. Thank you for the compliment.

  82. Hello today, Jessica. Thank you for updating this blog and for reposting the Leo Weather 2017 for a re-read. My mind is snagged by your line that Leo is about bloodlines. Can you look at my chart, please? Because reading your pages this week is bringing up something. My IC is the anaretic degree of Leo and my father willed the grandchildren money on the same level of his children, yet not all his children had kids, plus he paid for their schooling, yet other families (in our family) without kids were not also given money to use as they pleased: so his cash was not evenly distributed….is this about BLOODLINES in Leo? Thank you. Best, Cecelia.

    1. Thank you. Leo is always about heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. It is about the bedroom and courtship. Bloodlines are part of that. Your IC is at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of ‘line of succession’ and ‘romantic love.’ Pluto is hovering around 29 Capricorn, back and forth, in 2023. If your birth time is strictly accurate, the IC refers to your ancestor/s. Your roots, heritage, culture, ancestry, is up for a deeper dig and closer look this year. Perhaps the family tree needs to be tended or amended; pruned or helped to rejuvenate. Cecelia, this will pan out as the year goes on.

  83. Gosh, thank you Jessica for this forum to discuss this. I have been glued to this thread, and my kitchen is still waiting for it’s promised deep clean today!

    I felt compelled to cross reference the comment re the medium Claire Thomas. The commentor ‘Hello’ said that re Diana’s death: “ wasn’t an accident, in fact a white car projected the Mercedes towards the pillar..” I immediately remembered what I’d read in Penny Thornton’s book With Love from Diana. The whole section of which I think is relevant, I have typed out below. And then, I’m afraid I got carried away and kept finding more interesting sections. Here are excerpts from Penny’s book that I hope I have copied faithfully.

    “In ..1989, I had what Jung might have termed two ‘big dreams’. In the first, I was in the front row of an audience watching a play. The curtain went up and on the stage, sitting at a large desk, was HM the Queen. She was delivering a somber speech, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hear what she was saying. I knew only that it concerned the future of the monarchy. My eyes were then drawn to Charles and Diana, who were just behind her. They were posing for photographs and were seated – Charles behind Diana – on a child’s rocking horse. Diana was laughing and Charles was urging her to be more responsible and look serious for the cameras. There was a flash and a large explosion. All that was left on the stage was an empty car seat on a raised dais.
    In the second dream, which I will recount in the present tense since that is how I recorded it in my diary, I am sitting in a sand dune having a picnic. Diana comes towards me, dressed in white with a black cloak around her. She sits down beside me. I feel awkward and unprepared for her sudden and unannounced arrival. She is telling me about someone called Peter who has been fired because of her. Apparently he is going to France and will be undergoing plastic surgery to conceal his identity. She goes on to talk to be about William, and while she does this, she holds up a large figure 3. She then begins to cry, and I comfort her, urging her not to give up on the marriage. She recovers her composure and I take up the topic of Peter, referring to him as a past relationship. “It’s not over. It’s very much on,” she says.
    The scene changes to my then home, Bramshott Court. Diana comes into the sitting room with a large gift-wrapped present, which she hands to me. When I open it, I find a strange-looking object about three feet in size – the only thing this object vaguely resembles is the ornate hand of a large clock. I am embarrassed at the enormity of the gift and refuse it, saying Prince Charles might be cross if she gave it away. I escort her out to her car, and when I return, William is seated in the same chair. He is much older and sporting a beard. He says to me, “They don’t tell me everything, you know. For a few minutes we lost complete radio contact with them…” As he was saying this to me, I saw an event from an aerial point of view. Two police motorcycles and a white car streaming ahead, leaving a black, car on its own. Two vans approach from either side and prevent the black car from moving forward. The dream ends in chaos and I hear my own voice saying, “Isn’t anyone going to do anything…?”

    During our December ’89 conversation, the topic of reincarnation had come up. Diana confided that she was becoming more and more deeply involved in a spiritual path that she not only believed was her role in this life but something she had done in a past existence. Given that “Peter” was a key figure in the second dream and that we were by the sea, I wondered if there was an echo of the time of Christ here. “Oh, yes…” She said emphatically, “I was a martyr.”

    Re the Squidgy-gate situation, she (PT) observed:

    “We are witnessing a silent revolution- a revolution whose most alarming volley of shots was fired in 1992.
    I can’t be the only person to consider that the scandalous events that dogged the royal family in 1992 were not mere accidents of fate- that it was more than a colossal coincidence that the photographs of John Bryan and the Duchess of York just happened to be taken and released worldwide a matter of days before the Squidgy Tapes hit the headlines. It is almost common knowledge, and certainly well known with the newspaper industry, that the tapes of the telephone calls between the Prince and Princess of Wales and their respective lovers had been given to the Sun in early 1990- almost two years before they became public. And, of course, there were other tapes and other photographs mentioned in previous known to have ben in the safekeeping of the police since the mid-1980s.

    The taped conversation that spawned Camillagate was kept secretly by an un-named member of the public for almost three years before being handed over to Harry Arnold of the Daily Mirror in November of 1992. It was made public almost immediately.

    According to Chris Hutchins and Peter Thompson in their book, Diana’s Nightmare, Kelvin MacKenzie, editor of the Sun noted:
    “it is a very curious thing when three tapes of the royal family are produced within thirteen days. You must think there is probably a plot.”

    But could republican groups be responsible for stage-managing the downfall of the monarchy? (This leads the author PT to recount this next bit):
    “I had a dream….
    In my dream I arrive at Buckingham Palace. There are several cars parking in the forecourt, and there is one – a black sports car – that I know belongs to a great friend of mine, C.D. (Claude, un assumed name, is a high-powered French businessman I am close to in real life and with whom I have had many extraordinary and revealing conversations of both a mystical and future-orientated nature.) I decide to look Claude and enter the building. I can see no one, but I can hear voices in the distance. The interior of the building is not like BP as I know it, but more like a temple. There are flags, pillars, shields, and hieroglyphs etched on panels on the walls. Eventually I come to a double door that is slightly ajar. It is opened for me by my friend Claude, who, though surprised to see me, welcomes me in and signals me to stand behind him.
    From my vantage point I can see I am in a huge a hall, so large that its walls Peter out into infinity. At first all I can see are men: some in modern-day suits and others in Jacobean dress.
    There is a large table or desk at which I can see the Queen. She is flanked by a member of the clergy in full archbishop like regalia and a King who resembles George V but in eighteenth-century dress. I try desperately to hear what is being said but cannot decipher anything. But somehow a painting portraying the Declaration of Independence of America on July 4, 1776, comes to mind. The Queen is being shown an ancient piece of parchment. In fact, she is handed the scroll by one frock-coated individual and shown a key by another. A pen is placed in her hand, but she appears unwilling to sign. At that point, the walls of the hall peel back and the whole “set” travels through space at an incredible speed. Images of gargoyles, devils, and biblical scenes involving figures such as Moses and Joh the Baptist flash past and there are sounds of chanting. (Steven Spielberg couldn’t have done it better, indeed the Arc of the Covenant kept coming to mind as I both watched the scene and was moved along with it.) Eventually the tableau comes to rest. We are now on the top of a mountain. The pen is yet again handed to the Queen, who shakes her head. As she does so, everyone disappears and she is left balancing on the pinpoint of the triangular mountain while a giant eagle circles menacingly above her head. I awoke instantly.

    The eagle is a fascinating image. In Vedic tradition, as in Christianity, the eagle is representative of a messenger from heaven-other schools of thought see the eagle as a symbol of divine majesty. However, the eagle is also a symbol of the United States. Could the eagle circling around the Queen mean that she must bow to a higher power, whether that implies a preordained, God-created plan or the power that rests in America? And the triangular mountain itself – not dissimilar to the one of the front of th American dollar bill….
    Certainly the links with America throughout the dream are strong, as is the association of ideas: The Declaration of Indepence and the Queen being removed to some isolated position – exiled, if you like – indicate to my mind that by not agreeing to the contract drafted some centuries previously, the monarchy would be vulnerable to falling off its pedestal – indeed, it would stand no chance at all of remaining in place and intact.”
    Penny Thornton continues:
    “To my mind, any stage management of the monarchy’s demise is not so much the result of a few isolated but nonetheless powerful groups of republicans, but the unfoldment of a global plan. And this plan fulfils the interests not only of those who believe it is the only way forward for humanity, but those who believe it satisfies an ancient promise.”

    “Now, it may be that the axe will finally fall on the monarchy and England will become a republic in 2008 when Pluto enters Capricorn, the sign of the Establishment, and both Saturn and Uranus will pick all-important degree areas on the 1649 execution chart. But in retrospect, 1992, with its chapter of royal scandal, growing doubts over Charles’s ability to become the Third, and the great fire of Windsor, will be seen as the beginning of the end of the monarchy. The astrological signposts of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn cannot be misinterpreted. They pointed in the direction of revolution, albeit with no exception and no gunfire.
    Also, intriguingly, in 1820 when Uranus and Neptune were previously in conjunction – and in the sign of Capricorn – another Prince of Wales very nearly brought down the monarchy. George IV was crowned in Westminster Abbey on July 19, 1821 – but without his “Queen” who made a valiant attempt to break down the doors of WA in order to be crowned with him.

    In late 1993 there had been a flurry of interest in another strange occurrence involving the RF. Horoscope magazine, drawing from an article that had appeared some years previously in an astrological publication, The Quarterly, reported that at the time of William’s christening, a sudden draft almost blew out the candle being held aloft by Charles. The author, mystic and Jungian, Laurens Van Der Post, who was one of William’s godfathers and present at the christening, took this to be a sign that there would be a conflict between the Church and the monarchy and that, although the monarchy would survive (because the candle did not go out), there would be a diminution of its significance – its light.
    However, when asked to comment further, VDP strongly denied the candle episode, and threatened to sue anyone who suggested any such event had taken place.

    While compiling this chapter, I asked Nick Campion (Author of Born to Reign) his views on whether he thought Britain would become a republic. He said that until recently, he doubted it, but an incident that took place in Feb of 1994 put a rather different complexion on the issue. While being interviewed by Andrew Morton for a forthcoming program for Granada TV on the royals, Nick was asked in he considered Britain would become a republic. A the moment Andrew uttered the question, all the lights in the studio went out.
    Given that Nick’s experience had put the republic issue in a different light for him, I asked when he thought this momentous event would take place. Of three potential years, Nick favours 2017. “This year is shown astrologically to be a time of great instability for Britain.”
    Nick believes that William will be the monarch to inherit Elizabeth’s crown, and this could well happen in late 2007 or 2008. In Dec 2007, both Jupiter and Pluto will be crossing William’s Ascendant and expressing the theme of death and rebirth.”
    In Nick’s view, any change in the monarchy’s status will take the form of a compromise whereby Britain will retain the trappings of a monarch – but nonetheless become a republic. Charles will not become King. William will inherit the throne – albeit in a somewhat revamped and less privileged form.

    1. Thank you so much for typing this out from Penny’s book. You have added so much to this ongoing story and there will be a lot of readers who are very grateful to you. I was on a Zoom with Penny Thornton at the end of last year and we discussed her dreams about Diana and the future of the monarchy. I also know Nick Campion, another quite legendary British astrologer; now an academic – and friendly with Charles. Having just gone over this historic royal crisis with another expert (psychic Kyra Oser) I am drawn to this part of your comment. “Laurens Van Der Post, who was one of William’s godfathers and present at the christening, took this to be a sign that there would be a conflict between the Church and the monarchy and that, although the monarchy would survive (because the candle did not go out), there would be a diminution of its significance – its light.” This is in line with the astrology of March-June 2023, when the Church of England chart shows the end of an era, in relation to the British monarchy. The Archbishop of Canterbury secretly wed Harry and Meghan three days before the official church ceremony. If he now declines to proceed to the coronation for (whatever reason is yet to appear – grave in nature and serious in consequence) then this is what Laurens Van Der Post saw. Runcie apparently foresaw a constitutional crisis too, for church and state. I think we’ll be in this discussion for months, don’t you?

  84. Thank you Jessica.
    Yes we are all looking for some truths…
    I forgot to say that Claire Thomas also mentioned that Harry wasn’t Charles’s son. Are you able to you see in Harry’s chart that Charles isn’t his real father? It seems to me that Harry knows (which must be quite disturbing …) but prefers to be evasive while half unveiling a secret; either to protect his mother or to protect himself and his children… At the same time, he embarrasses Charles and the RF. “Divide and rule”, Shakespeare was actually inspired by ‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli for the character of Bollingbroke in Richard II…
    You wrote that you’ve read “Spare”: does Harry really casually mentions the “25 Talibans”? I find that tactless recounting absolutely appalling … Has he been trapped by the editors?

    Now a more personal question if you don’t mind (you don’t have to answer because I know you’re very busy): What can of influence Pluto in Aquarius is going to have on the little Taurus that I am? I’m sorry I don’t know how to write this in English : Sun 19°36′ Taurus 11th House/ Uranus 14°9’r Scorpio 5th H / Saturn 23°50′ Leo 2nd H / Pluto 14°24’r Libra 4th H. You mentioned “foreigners” in your blog for Taurus … I do have a project – currently blocked, linked to “something foreign” and I haven’t been able to find the right support in France so far… which drives me slightly crazy… I also procrastinate at length and the whole “Harry saga” gives me the perfect excuse for it (!)
    Many thanks and gratitude.

    1. The question of Harry’s paternity is something he raises in Spare and the usual line is, about one of Diana’s known lovers, and the unsuitability of the timing. She met the lover who slightly resembles Harry, years away from the pregnancy. What about the rest? Once we are past March and the crisis for the Church of England and Charles, I will look at Diana’s chart again. The chapter in Spare about Harry’s life in the army and those he killed, will speak to men who have also served, killed and had issues with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and so on. You are wondering about France in your life as you have read your Taurus horoscope. You will find France and any other foreign country or nationality ceases to be such an issue from March 2023. Some 2022 questions will be rewound later in 2023, 2024, but they have lost their power to control or dominate. You will have moved on.

  85. Hi Jessica,

    I know you’re getting a lot of comments regarding this feature, it never is boring when it comes to the Royal Family, is it. You’re an outstanding psychic astrologer and tarot reader, I’ve always said that. It’s breathtaking to watch how your mind works in all your features – you do a thorough research every time, consider all points, summarize them, and then engage the readers with their responses. Very effective, and thank you for working so diligently day in day out.

    We’ll talk later, take care, keep safe.

    1. Thanks Caroline. I’ve been talking to my colleagues in astrology and Tarot and we all seem to be picking up on the same message since Spare was published. There is a great need to cut through the spin and noise and bring the discussion back to where it should be – among the people. Thank you very much for your compliment.

  86. According to Tom Bowers book, Revenge, Soho House was where they first met on that blind date on 1st July 2016.

    1. Thank you. Spare repeatedly namechecks Soho House and gives the Dean Street address. Product placement? Well, Harry does have that finance-driven chart. Let’s see.

  87. Hello Jessica, this has been an illuminating thread. I noticed that quite high up on the thread someone asked you what would become of Prince George, his parents and his siblings. You indicated that George would be fine but was silent on Prince William, Catherine, Charlotte and Louis. Would you please explain why? I worry about this family. I also recall that the Queen was insistent that Prince William and Prince George should cease to travel together. I believe that William will be a great King but will he be given the chance? Thank you.

    1. The silence on William’s family was really because it takes five charts to give a proper answer! No ominous reason. I just did not have time to analyse five natal charts on the day, as the Comments section on my website can be so busy. HM the Queen was quite right about William in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. He’d be better at home in the United Kingdom, for all sorts of reasons. That’s certainly showing up in his chart.

  88. Hi Jessica
    I have noticed in the posts that a few people have turned to the tarot for answers regarding the Royal Family. I must admit I have never used the tarot on your website before but thought I would just give it a go.
    I asked a really broad, simple question for each person. “What will 2023 bring for each person.
    For Prince Harry I drew the Three of Swords. Interesting!
    For William I drew Nine of Wands. Also interesting!
    And finally for Meghan I drew Five of Swords.
    I must admit I know very little about tarot so not even sure what that means but I did think it was interesting that I drew Sword cards for both Harry and Meghan.
    I am not sure what that means but it was interesting. Love the tarot on your website by the way.

    1. The Tarot is a good guide. The Three of Swords is the painful triangle (one heart; the Queen of Hearts, Diana, and ‘There were three of us in this marriage.’ The adultery is not going away. The swords for Harry and Meghan are conflict; this is war. William is all about communication, communication, communication and if he can promote himself as part of a diverse group to whom he listens hard – he’ll come through this unscathed.

  89. Hello Jessica. Thank you for your articles which I love reading.

    So Harry wrote a memoir, which was his right to do. In the process he just confirmed that the BRF are only flawed humans, just like the rest of us, albeit privileged beyond words.

    I read your 2023 forecast for Virgo Harry and it all sounded very positive to me, though he’ll probably feel like he’s been through the ringer emotionally in his private moments with the generational Pluto/Pluto square.

    Anyway, I think that there is some hope that he will be welcomed back into the fold, if/when Meghan gives him the shove. Surely his brother and father will lead by example and forgive him, acting like the Kings and Heads of the Church of England they were born to be. 🙂

    1. The only issue here is the Church of England astrology chart which shows a huge constitutional crisis in March-June 2023 with the Archbishop of Canterbury leading the controversy. Having secretly married Meghan and Harry before their church service, three days prior, what will his next move be?

  90. Professional photographer here. There’s nothing off about either of those photos. A slight angle change and different lens can distort size quite a bit. Photographer spend hours editing to get the best angle that they caught that portrays frailty best because sometimes it’s so hard to get a pic to portray what was really there. Take a picture of a sunset and see if it comes out as you see it. It rarely does.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    I very much agree that the tragedy playing out in front of us and upon (behind) us seems very Shakespearean. The quote from King Lear springs to my mind-“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child”.
    My question is, will the scales fall from Harry’s eyes, resulting in him successfully getting away from Meghan Markle before she discards him, the final stage in the narcissist’s playbook? I seem to recall that you said that the marriage would end in 2025, apologies if I am wrong. After the initial love bombing, she seems deep in the slow but steady devaluation stage. Narcissists are over-confident people with massive but fragile egos, thinking that they are smarter than everyone else, and that they are duping them (duper’s delight). For this reason, I think that she is the ideal honey trap, not aware that she is performing that function.
    I have been amazed that some people still seem to find their behaviour acceptable, until I considered that unless a person has experienced narcissistic abuse, or studied it, they have no frame of reference for it. To a non-narcissist, their behaviour is unfathomable, in my view.
    I think this is a positive side to the drama, highlighting narcissism to the world, as happened with the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, which many people were transfixed by. From their comments, it seemed that they were helped to understand (although not necessarily to heal from) their own narcissistic abuse, particularly as children, as was experienced by Johnny Depp from his mother.
    I do wonder about Meghan’s friend, the shadowy figure Markus Anderson, apparently Chief Membership Officer of Soho House. An
    interesting little titbit about her close friend (allegedly), American actress Abigail Spencer, also in Suits, is that, according to the internet, she was born on the same day, in the same year as MM.
    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Yes, this is Shakespeare. For all I know there is a team of writers employed on the Meghan-Harry reality show, with a storyboard, upon which they have pinned: The Bayeux Tapestry, Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana. To this they may have added Macbeth and King Lear. Meghan is an actress and playing the role of narcissist very well. Is she really a narcissist? Perhaps. For the record I never predicted their marriage would end. No astrologer can predict a divorce. You can predict strain. The strain is there from March 2023, for both of them. This is something very new. Thank you for the information about Soho House. The product placement of Soho House on Dean Street in Spare is striking. It’s an odd book, have you read it? Some sections are superb, brilliantly ghostwritten and moving. I’ll be giving it away, though. I bought it for work!

  92. Dear Jessica,

    Another quick question about this issue which I really can’t stay away from however much I want to. (I wish it were 24 March already so we’d know what happens but, equally I’m quite fearful of who of the loyal RF members might be hurt in this unfolding).

    You mention the view that the Archbishop of Canterbury did in fact marry them three days early… so their statement was true and his apparent denial wasn’t….

    Thank you once again for keeping this thread going – and updating the initial post.

    1. Thank you. I was talking to an old friend of Princess Diana’s last night and we agreed that it is the people who are missing from all this. And a monarchy is nothing without its people. At the moment we are seeing this play out with Pluto in Capricorn so, it is being run by a tiny number of extremely rich and powerful people, from the top down. This changes on 24th March when Pluto goes into Aquarius and power returns to all of us, not as ‘subjects’ subjected to whatever agenda Meghan and Harry want to run, or Charles and Camilla, but as participants. The loyal faithful within the Church of England are part of that. I have posted the astrological chart for the Church of England on the prediction about Charles, elsewhere, but it clearly shows an historic crisis, in the first instance between March and June 2023. You’d expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to be in the eye of the storm, as he has already clearly shown his loyalty to Meghan and Harry, far ahead of the people (the people again – us) by doing what he did. Hiding a secret ceremony. Just pursuing that was an affront to plenty of Anglicans, I’ll wager.

  93. Really interesting article Jessica, My heart goes out to Harry , (I feel a kinship with him because my mother died in childbirth when I was 2 and subsequent stepmother told me herself many years later that she never saw me as part of the family.) I had hoped that he would find the family life that William seems to have achieved – but that seems to be escaping him – I think he has a lot of heartache ahead but I really hope that his next relationship will be the one to bring him home – in every way.

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere, but on the subject of mothers and stepmothers, family ties and so on, you have a stellium in Cancer, which rules mothers of course, and are only now just starting to come out of the long Pluto in Capricorn opposition to Cancer, which began in 2008. It ends in March 2023. You have had transiting Pluto opposite the transiting Moon in Cancer in your Fourth House of mothers (and stepmothers) once every 28 days, for the last 15 years and that means regular, quite emotional days. This actually happens to Prince William too. He bears it stoically and quietly because he is set to be king. Harry is free to write a book about it. I hope he has good, wise, loyal old friends and family to catch him, later on.

  94. Really interesting article Jessica as always. My heart goes out to Harry , (I feel a kinship with him because my mother died in childbirth when I was 2 and subsequent stepmother told me herself many years later that she never saw me as part of the family.) I had hoped that he would find the family life that William seems to have achieved – but that seems to be escaping him – I think he has a lot of heartache ahead but I really hope that his next relationship will be the one to bring him home – in every way.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Spare pushes buttons for those who have stepmother issues, doesn’t it. I would like to see Prince Harry return to the United Kingdom too. His astrological chart suggests the thrill of Russian America, and American Russia, disappears in 2026. It is no longer the liberating experience it once was. From that point, he takes on a new role. An exciting one. Perhaps it will lead him home.

  95. Jessica, you have talked in the past about May 2031 being of significance with regard to Princess Charlotte being close to Archie and Lillibet. Do you see Charlotte ever becoming Queen?

    While that might be a reconciliation between William and his brother, which would make sense if he was being crowned, letting bygones be bygones. That would mean ( if you take account of the Nostradamus quattrain that mentions that this will be the last king. Also that the man who becomes regent won’t be expecting it.) This of course could refer to Charlotte not being a man. But that means something happens to Prince George to take him out of the running.

    Of course an underage monarch doesn’t need a regent. William Marshal ruled England for 9 year old Henry iii. He was the son of King John, the one who was forced to accept Magna Carta and lost the jewels in the wash.

    The post of Earl Marshal has been held by the Dukes of Norfolk since 1672. Though nowadays it is more concerned with state funerals, coronations and matters of heraldry. And as I understand it, a high ranking theologian, a retired high ranking judge or or a former minister could do this as well. It doesn’t require a Royal to do it. I would be interested on the possibility of any of this happening. Thanks for your efforts!

    1. Thank you. Charlotte could easily reign. Nostradamus is open to interpretation and the ‘last king’ prediction is something I disagree with, having read the 16th century edition. The House of Windsor is tied to the last war and to the defence of the realm, and it has a spiritual value to British people which is powerful and everlasting, it being shored up and protected by those in spirit; the Queen Mother, for example, and Her Majesty the Queen. What we are seeing in the astrology is a necessary examination of the Church of England and family members. For as much as this is a military family tied to defence, it is also a religious family. What we have been seeing is really a crisis waiting to happen – it will happen in March. From this will come the new leadership. The country desperately needs William and Kate, and their team, because they are so perfectly aligned with those wartime values. In future it may be that George (say) can choose to opt out and do other things with his life, yet Charlotte (for example) would be delighted to lead. The old system of age/gender is pretty creaky and this is a firm which seems likely to transform itself with professional rules.

  96. Hi Jessica
    There is talk that Diana was having an affair with the late Henry Herbert 17th Earl of Pembroke before Harry was born and that he is Harry’s father. He would of been around 45 years of age when Harry was conceived. If this is true it seems a bit of a coincidence that Harry was given the name “Henry” when he was born. Henry Herbert is no longer with us neither is Barry Mannakee (Diana’s former bodyguard) who rumour has it was another of Diana’s lovers. That both men had a relationship with Diana and both died fairly young gives one a lot to think about. Makes you wonder if there was foul play involved and these two men were permanently taken out of the picture. Maybe a look at the natal chart of Henry Herbert and how it fits with Harry would be an interesting exercise. I too do not believe Charles to be Harry’s father. Diana herself said that at the moment Harry was born Charles closed himself off from her. At the time he remarked ungraciously that Harry was a boy ( Charles must of been wanting a girl) followed by a disparaging comment about Harry being born with red hair. Maybe he worked out that Harry couldn’t of been his child but for appearance sake kept up the pretence that he was. The plot thickens. Harry himself may have suspicions that Charles is not his father but I doubt he has dug deep enough to find the answer himself. Besides, finding out that Charles isn’t his Dad may be a little inconvenient for the ambitions of his wife Meghan. If Harry does eventually find the truth of his paternity I fear it will be after he and meghan call it a day and go their separate ways.

    1. I’ve heard that rumour about Diana and Henry Herbert too. The astrology surrounding the family begins with the Leo eclipses and Leo North Node which dominated the Andrew-Epstein timeline and the Meghan-Harry timeline. If Harry did take a DNA test it may have been then and he concealed it. On a practical note, the paperback mass-market edition of Spare will benefit from a front-page story, so it is likely to be about Harry’s paternity, or the unlawful killing of Diana. The fact is, there is now a lot of money to pay out to anyone who will come forward with evidence about either. Harry is making a small fortune and there are at least two Russian billionaires in his address book. There are others in the Diana camp who may have an open chequebook. Enough time has passed. People are older. Things have changed. It may well be the lure of payment that gives Harry’s publicists what they need from a member of the public, or a royal insider, to crash the front pages and sell the paperback.

  97. Thank you, Jessica, for your response which points me – to be – in the year 2023, this Leo weather of my chart in this year, and the coming Pluto in Capricorn last degrees affecting my chart. Honestly, when I wrote you I was in the past, thinking of the 2007 realizations of my father’s will which closed years later in 2018. I adore reading the content provided on your site, thanks always! And it can leave me pondering but in prior cycles, in history behind us. I love your research plus the information from your viewers. So – on to the present-day, and staying aware of the coming cycle you mention in your answer to me. Big thanks for your generous astrology answers. Best, Cecelia

  98. Thank you for all of your work on this and for keeping the conversation going, it’s truly fascinating!

    I think one of the changes that is going to come from this is choice – meaning those in the line of succession will be able to choose their own path. William and Catherine appear to be loving parents, the kind who value family and realize its importance especially in circles as small as theirs. There are few people whom they can truly trust thus bond and unity within the family is critical (else a lonely existence). As such, they are not going to want to see this kind of sibling rivalry and drama play out amongst their own children. So I think in order to preserve their family George, Charlotte and Louis will be given a choice as to whether or not they want to be in the line of succession.

    And I think it’s going to Charlotte who chooses to do so and ascends the throne.

    She demonstrates strong leadership qualities and an affinity for royal protocol despite her young age. And what’s more there was a moment during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral that struck me as particularly poignant. Everyone had their heads down reading the program except Charlotte. I assumed it was because she was too young to be able to read the words but then I saw her look upon the coffin with this expression and I could not help but feel she was thinking “Don’t worry Gan-Gan, I got this”.

    Time will tell but my gut tells me she will rule one day.

    1. Thank you. It would suit the astrology if Queen Charlotte chooses the role. We are entering Pluto in Aquarius, so a cycle when Boudicca and Elizabeth I led Merrie England. It is with us until 2044 so there is time. I love the fact that you noticed her looking at Her Majesty lying in state at the service. A moment.

  99. As a Royalist, I’ve been really shocked by Harry’s behaviour these past few years and public tittle-tattling which is hugely embarrassing for the Royal Family/his father and brother. When I started reading your Harry blog I could hardly believe that there could possibly be sinister manoeuvrings behind H & M. Over the last few days, every now and then, I have been pondering or found things coming into my head. Google research shows some common connections:
    1. Soho House, a place where the establishment, younger royals and the wealthy hang out (also a good place for the spooks to hang out I would have thought) and where H met M.
    2. America/UK: Robert/Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Trump, Soho House, Marcus Anderson, parties, wannabees, Meghan … and a yacht …
    Perhaps Maxwell’s future memoir will bring some things into the light?
    I have no intention of buying Harry’s ‘Spare’ but wonder if he may have had his therapy sessions recorded to ‘write’ the book – as Diana recorded secret tapes for Andrew Morton’s book. Which may explain why the book has an odd vibe.
    Sadly, Harry seems intent on avenging his mother’s death and Meghan possibly creating her own version of ‘The Crown’. If there is anything sinister going on at a higher level I sincerely hope that H & M haven’t put the royals in danger.
    Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts and our comments. Astrology is fascinating! Michele

    1. Thank you Michele. We now have over 200 comments in this conversation. I don’t always have time to research, so it is really helpful to have readers update me on the curious tale of Harry and Meghan. I will go back to Spare when I have time and count the number of times Soho House, Dean Street is promoted. I’ve been there many times and fabulous though it is, I find it odd that Harry considers it so central. It’s interesting that you say Harry may have recorded his counselling sessions with his therapist, to use for the book. My friend Imogen Edwards-Jones said (in Sarah Vine’s Daily Mail podcast) she thought the book had a number of writers. I agree. It reads that way. When you say Meghan is possibly creating her own version of The Crown you are picking up on what appears to be a storyline drama; a constructed piece of entertainment. I do not know what her motives are, but as I’ve said before, I am struck by the sense of a storyboard. Cultural references that trigger memories; familiar archetypes, themes and stories. The Bayeux Tapestry must have been on a pinboard. Above all, I think if you look at this huge selection of comments, you will see that people feel they are being taken for mugs. They feel Meghan and Harry are taking the mickey. The wedding was a shambles, possibly because the creators of this reality show just got it wrong. Or maybe MI5 got there first!

  100. Hi J,
    Mesmerised… unsure why…. What a soap opera!
    I haven’t seen or heard anything of Meg?
    Thoughts on this?

    1. Oh, Meghan’s absence will be part of the marketing plan. And maybe other plans too. When you say you are mesmerised and don’t know why, that’s really interesting. Why should we care? I’d say there is a team of people whose entire job it is, to manipulate our attention so that we find we do end up caring, very much so. The wedding seemed to be an operation of sorts; disruption aplenty. Allowing for a genuine heart attack in the case of Thomas Markle – which we should, for the poor fellow – it still does not explain the sneaky double ceremony with the head of the Church of England, days before. And it certainly does not explain why the celebrated house of Givenchy delivered a bridesmaid dress to Princess Charlotte, that did not fit. At this point I think the team behind the disruption rather over-reached themselves. Charlotte was an excited little girl, a potential future Queen and she was treated like that. If this happened in our own families, well…

  101. Thank you for your reply Jessica. As Fate, or more properly Google would have it, immediately after posting my comment, a video came up on my YouTube feed posing the question “So if Meghan Markle’s not a narcissist, then what is she?”. The YouTuber seems to be an ordinary person, but checked the criteria in the DSM 5 & the Merck Manual used by pharmacists and came up with the answer of Histrionic Personality Disorder as she seemed to fit the criteria very well. Amber Heard was diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder (and Borderline Personality Disorder) by forensic psychologist Dr Shannon Curry, who spent 12 hours with her in relation to the trial. Her findings were presented live during the trial. Narcissism has co-morbidities with HPD. Tara the Tarot Buff Buffington seemed to imply that she was afraid for Harry’s personal safety with Meghan, again apologies if I have misinterpreted that, but that is what I took from her reading. Malignant narcissists are prone to violence. According to this video, one of the main reasons for a diagnosis of HPD rather than Narcissism is that HPD is established by early adulthood, whereas narcissism develops as an adult. It may still, I suppose.
    In relation to the question of Harry’s paternity, if “Photos of Prince Harry compared to Prince Philip” is Googled, photos of a bearded Prince Philip in a white uniform (naval presumably), apparently in 1957 at about the same age as Harry, come up alongside a bearded Prince Harry and they look remarkably similar, in my view, right down to the teeth. Pinterest has more comparison photos. This line of thought leads me to the person who claims to be the son of Charles, Simon Charles Dorante-Day, living in Australia. He has sympathised with Harry in the press, so one wonders if they may compare DNA. Similarities have been pointed out in photos of Simon’s daughter and Princess Charlotte and also Simon’s son and Queen Elizabeth. On a purely personal level, I think it would be lovely for Charles and Camilla to have had a child, but I realise there are huge ramifications if that is proved to be so. By the same token, there were no obvious ramifications when genealogists traced the true royal lineage to an English migrant to Australia as the rightful heir to the English throne, Michael Hastings of Jerilderie, since deceased, but with descendants here. This was detailed in a very good documentary hosted by Sir Tony Robinson (Baldrick) which is available on YouTube. Michael Hastings seemed to have no interest in any claims to the throne and it was all so long ago, but perhaps karma has been activated, in some way, in regard to current events. Just my musings.
    I have not read Harry’s book, from early excerpts online much of it seemed to be molehills made into mountains, so I thought I may not be able to keep awake in it! I defer to your assessment of sections being superb, with brilliant ghostwriting by Pulitzer Prizewinner JR Moehringer. He is in the press today defending inaccuracies in the book. I wonder how much input there was from MM e.g., as pointed out by others, most men do not refer to their necklaces, rather calling them chains or leather straps. Trivia, perhaps.
    I have hesitated to mention the following, as I realise it is not evidence, but possibly it is grist to your psychic mill. There is a YouTube video by a Queen Gurty, entitled Moonbump Compilation, where, alongside more photos of MM’s bump appearing to go up and down, there is a video of the purported moonbump appearing to sway. Also another photo of the red and purple coat appearance shown in your article above where the bump seems to fall at least to MM’s knees, allegedly (but not alleged in this video) causing Harry to laugh.
    At 2.27 of the video there is an apparent snapshot of a Tweet from Kensington Palace tweeted at 3.02 am on May 6th 2019, but quickly taken down, allegedly, advising that a surrogate was used. I do not know how easy or difficult it is to post a false Tweet, and the photoshoppers may have been very busy little beavers. It is all curiouser & curiouser.
    My comment may not make it through, but equally I would understand if it does not get posted. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you for adding to this ongoing conversation, which I expect will not end this month! I guess the feeling of United Kingdom and Commonwealth subjects in particular, is like the John Lennon song: Gimme Some Truth. These people are, at the very top of things, powerful enough to be able to dispose of an Australian Prime Minister, or give another Australian Prime Minister permission to give himself secret ministries. Back in Britain, Royal Assent is powerful too. I realise The Firm has to hide things just as much as any other company, but its wayward branches (Harry and Meghan) seem so deliberately obtuse and downright deceitful. The secret wedding ceremony conducted without public knowledge before the Anglican service is a good case in point. And so it is to YouTube we turn for video of Meghan, pregnant, dressing like Diana, sporting a stomach with a mind of its own. None of us like being mucked around, do we? There is no direct, straightforward communication with us – the people. Such a lot of game-playing, evasion, omission and so on. There is precious little trust there judging by the polls. We are owed trust.

  102. Following on from your reply about the archbishop of Canterbury’s alignment with Harry and Meghan, this information from the biographical entry on him is tantalizing:

    “ In April 2016 Welby announced that a DNA test had confirmed that his biological father was not Gavin Welby but Anthony Montague Browne, Churchill’s last private secretary.”

    1. Oh, so the Archbishop of Canterbury had a secret father. It took a DNA test to reveal it, too. That is very interesting, given Harry’s chapter about Charles and paternity in Spare. Harry has named his therapist but I wonder if Welby has also been counselling him?

  103. hi Jessica, I haven’t read Spare yet or even seen Harry’s Interviews but I am also a professional astrologer and psychic and I admire your work. Intuitively I have always known that Princess Diana was murdered by the Royals. How those poor boys lived with that I have no idea- obviously, they are both severely PTSD and Prince William is trained for his role and luckily Harry as the Spare gets to be loose change. Harry has always wanted out of the Royal Family. I also predicted Harry meeting a foreigner and falling head over heels in love that would be the One in 2017. I have never seen Charles reigning as King. Harry’s book is supposed to be about lambasting the corrupt UK news and why he would care about that now that he’s left the country? That is the revenge against the press for mercilessly badgering his mother. They apparently caused her death but that’s just a silly excuse. Not that they arent corrupt like all other MSM. Harry and Meghan will indeed lose their titles shortly. Harry mentioned they would have given them up when they were negotiating their 1/2 time Royals shtick but this is one more Scorpio manipulation and revenge game Harry is playing on his father. He won’t voluntarily give up his and Meghan’s titles when it is obvious if you don’t live and work in UK why would you continue to be the Duke and Duchess? It puts Charles in a bad light. Harry is apparently hated in UK now seen as a traitor, but the monarchy is set to go down anyways because of ancient eclipse cycles when it was born. I believe Meghan was pregnant with both children. its not unusual for women to get pregnant naturally and deliver well into their 30’s and 40’s. The drama is Harry works for the WEF and he is just another tool and distraction. Harry currently has Neptune opposite his Sun and he is very delusional and confused and creating karmic endings right now. He is not being totally clear and contradicts himself. You did call the War of the Roses. I wouldn’t give Harry that much power to take down the monarchy. The Brits still identify with this antiquated institution but once Pluto enters Aquarius the revolution begins in earnest. I will revisit what I wrote about Harry and update too. Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on predicting that Harry would meet and fall in love with a foreigner in 2017. I agree with you, that Charles won’t reign as king. I came to that conclusion with the astrology, as did Charles Carter back in the 1940’s, but as a professional psychic you are picking up on the future clairvoyantly. You also feel the pair will lose their titles. The astrology predicted this too. You believe Meghan was pregnant with both children – I am not sure. Please let us know when you have updated your original website predictions as there is a lot of interest in validated psychics, as the information coming from Harry and Meghan is so unreliable.

  104. Dear Jessica thank you for such a detailed and intricate analysis, and the myriad of comments are fascinating.
    It prompted me to go back to your Harry Meghan charts and wedding chart and I looked more closely at the possible marriage 3 days earlier. If that did happen it would have been Wednesday 16th May 2018 and that is the exact day that Uranus entered Taurus 0 – and your chart for Queen Elizabeth II shows her Sun Taurus 0 also, the Sun just having entered Taurus hours before. Do you think they may have acted on astrologers advice here as it seems a massive coincidence otherwise ? It also makes one wonder if they expected some disruption on the offical wedding day or even prevention which is why they jumped the gun (if its true). This is in keeping with the problems with the dresses, her father and Prince Charles stepping in to give her away, the press coverage issues etc. Could the psychic feelings about the wedding described have been about danger signalled by Diana, or maybe just that the wedding was “wrong” because it had already taken place, a Uranus in Taurus event shaking the world.
    thank you again

    1. Thank you. I am glad you went back to the old astrology prediction about the Harry-Meghan wedding. Thank you so much for pointing out that the secret vow exchange with the Archbishop of Canterbury took place with Uranus entering 0 Taurus, of course triggering the natal chart of the late Queen. It is possible that Meghan and/or Harry are using astrology. If so they are using it as part of a disruption strategy. I have no evidence whatsoever for this. They wed on one of the most chaotic weeks of that year. Spare has been released on Mercury Retrograde, thus the complaints about mistakes in the book, which create more disruption. This may actually be ‘just astrology’ of course which works even when you don’t believe in it. The inexplicable anger that I felt at the wedding, together with a television medium I know, and lots of you naturally psychic readers, was likely coming from a signal being sent by Diana. She’s rather good at global alerts. For all that it’s good that Harry will remind the public about her unlawful killing – perhaps new evidence will emerge – Diana is mother to his brother too, and grandmother to William and Kate’s children. Over the years I have spoken to both Diana’s mediums, on the phone, and I am friends with two of her astrologers. She is very much present.

  105. Jessica,
    You are uncanny as usual – the links with H (&M) to Henry VIII. Red headed 2nd son – they were married over H8s tomb at Windsor and on anniversary (May 19 1536) Anne Boleyn was beheaded. Coincidences pile up.
    I am confused about the conversation re Justin Welby and the “real” H&M wedding.
    Welby told Italian paper La Repubblica (re-printed in The Guardian) that H&M were ONLY legally married at the official wedding, stating certificate is a legal doc and so would have been illegal for him to sign it if they’d previously secretly wed. Also you need 5 people present in England for legal marriage not 3.
    So which is it? Has Welby gone back on that? Oddly wasn’t there some secrecy and controversy at the time about H8 and Anne Boleyn’s nuptials?
    Have to agree with other posts that watching H&M wedding got strange feeling something was “off”. All very odd. Guests she didn’t know, but no other family members from Doria’s side. None at all from Thomas’s. People being deliberately inserted into and others erased from the narrative? Smoke and mirrors? And staying at Clivedon with its connotations. Was Markus Anderson at wedding. Pix on internet of H&M with him and Eugenia and Jack at Halloween party 2016. Was Anderson connected to Epstein??
    ( Randomly, Welby’s latest comment is CofE donating £100 million to address effects on communities of TransAtlantic slave trade – from which Cof E benefitted financially at that time. ) Don’t know why that thought has inserted itself!

    1. Aha. I didn’t know Harry and Meghan were married over the tomb of Henry VIII so that is fascinating, given we are about to be tipped into the same astrology cycle (Pluto in Aquarius) that saw off Henry VIII and brought in Mary and Elizabeth. This feels like a looming crisis, doesn’t it? The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, no doubt trusted Meghan and Harry to keep the first ceremony secret, but then Meghan inevitably told Oprah Winfrey in her interview. So then Welby had to explain himself and state the first exchange of vows was not legal. You ask a very good question about Epstein. I had a friend of Diana’s ask me about the guest list for the wedding, which is definitely worth perusing. You also ask a good question about the £100 million Welby has promised for slave trade reparation by the Church of England. The Anglican faithful are protesting that their church needs properly paid employees, church repairs and so on, before Welby does this. I also need to look at Stormzy, who was part of a ‘storm’ prediction I published about the wedding, days before it took place. Stormzy was back in the news recently in a narrative that would have suited the ongoing storyline. Something fun to do, on this thread, which I hope eagle-eyed readers like you will take part in, is to pre-empt the next plot twist. As it’s always about money, behind everything else, you’d anticipate a Soho House share investment or a new Soho House opening in California, drum roll.

  106. Great read, thanks for that; I always look forward to reading your predictions. I’ve been reading your blog ever since you accurately predicted Covid. It’s pretty fascinating that a lot of your predictions have come true and it’s hard to understand why more people don’t believe in astrology based on that alone.

    I’m curious, what do you think of the prediction that Prince George will become king at a very young age? I read this a few years ago (from the late astrologer David Roell of AstroAmerica). He accurately predicted Prince George’s birth and birth date years prior so that’s why this prediction stood out to me.

    He wrote that QEII had mars closely conjunct jupiter so that’s why she became queen at a young age as it didn’t take long for jupiter to progress to exact conjunction with mars. Prince George’s mars is at an even closer conjunction to jupiter than QEII’s so he predicted he will ascend at an even younger age than QEII did.

    Prince William does not have mars conjunct jupiter and in fact jupiter has to pass saturn and pluto in order to progress to conjunct mars. So Roell predicted that he will not become king.

    King Charles has mars conjunct jupiter but it’s a very wide conjunction so he predicted he would ascend to the throne much later than his mother did.

    Another thing he wrote about was all the planets Prince George has in his 8th house, especially mars which he said signifies a lot of tragedy. Overall, he predicted a lot of tragedy for the House of Windsor. Anyway, I’m really interested in your opinion on all this because you have been the most accurate with your predictions than any other astrologer I’ve read about so far.

    1. Thank you. Astrology is usually ignored by the establishment (publicly) but very much used privately. It tells the truth and that is quite threatening. The chart speaks. I can pick up a book written in 1971 and it will tell me about Prince Harry in 2023. His time, place and date of birth were recorded, accurately, according to convention. That chart cuts through a lot of static for we, the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth (and he has a position of power over us, as Australians in particular can tell you). Call it democracy, but astrology sees straight through and then astrologers can deliver to you, to make up your own mind. I had no idea David Roell of AstroAmerica predicted Prince George’s birthday. How astonishing. This must be in a book or journal, or on a website, so I will go and find out. Roell predicts Prince George will become king at a young age – not William. That’s interesting too. I will go and check the charts Roell has been using and have a look at the technique too, if he has been using progressions. Cheers.

  107. Thank you Jessica and the ‘commentators’.
    I agree that it’s about time that the truth about Diana and Dodi’s death should be revealed and I hope that Harry’s book will eventually trigger a healthy motivation regarding that ‘mystery’.
    There have been so many gross manipulations: Trevor Rees Jones who recovers memory but not about the accident. He works for
    Astrazeneca now apparently… The supposedly drunk driver… The old car Etc.

    I’ve realized that in fact 3 magnificent human beings died in the spring – summer 1997: Diana, Jeff Buckley and Mother Teresa. I’m not talking about a plot here at all and I don’t mean to compare their lives and deaths either, I’m only amazed at the kind of ‘kinship’ of soul these three unordinary human beings shared in terms of their massive ‘spiritual’ and ‘creative’ legacy. And the world has definetely felt more fake and violent without them…

    As for royalty, I think no human being should be the ‘subject’ of another… I can’t get it… Royalty seems so archaic to me… Bloodlines, privileges by birth, power over people… It must be my French revolutionary side kicking in (!) … But I’m aware that our president pretty much ‘presides’ like a monarch… Seems we can’t really get rid of them (just joking).
    Nevertheless I had a huge empathy towards Harry until I’ve realized he is also a very good showman (‘Late show’) and that, like the rest of the members of his family – small or big – he is a performer. And learned to be one of course.
    Well, hope nobody looses their souls.
    Lots of love.

    1. We did lose three amazing people in 1997; a very sad year. America ejected King George III a long time ago, so American interest in the British monarchy is distant at best. The team behind Meghan and Harry have found the one thing Americans do care about, though – race. I agree, I hope nobody loses their soul over this, but unfortunately, when you read Spare, you realise soul trading has indeed been taking place in earnest. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  108. Soho – just a comma or a space bar away from an unfortunate slur. H&M’s team ought to have given that product placement a bit more thought, if that’s what it is.
    Just wondering, Jessica, when is your daily express article due out?
    It’ll be really interesting to see what happens re: Charles and the CoE or even the sovereign full stop and the CoE. I’ve just read about a French court ordering the removal of a statue of Our Lady from a town off the west coast of France – citing separation of church and state.

    1. I don’t think any writer (and I’m a Penguin Random House author too) namechecks ‘Soho House at 76 Dean Street’ (page 270 of Spare) without a motive. We hear Soho House was Meghan Markle’s ‘headquarters whenever she came to London.’ We hear about Meghan’s friend Vanessa, who worked for Soho House on page 285 and ‘the bowels of Soho House’ on page 286, and on page 287, ‘two large Soho House bags’ just in case you missed it the first time. Soho House is part of Membership Collective Group Incorporated. The Global Membership Director, Markus Anderson, was a guest at Meghan’s baby shower. As for the Daily Express, a cone of silence has descended since I filed information about the uncanny matches between Harry’s chart and the chart for Russia. Too funny. Maybe they’re just behind on deadline. It’s Mercury Retrograde after all. I’ve just had five more questions in the last five minutes so I will continue to update this feature. Thanks very much for pointing out the French separation of church and state.

  109. I have read all post s and comments.
    If I put it in a simple way.
    Grow up, Harry!!!
    He will meet his Nemesis,for sure
    Can see him in a Bar, Downunder
    Lost everything.
    Dont forget the Mercury R.
    Only my opinion.See it clearly.

  110. Hi Jessica,
    I know you have read Spare not out of interest but more for research. I haven’t and don’t intend to I can find better things to do with $60. Was there anything earth shattering in the book?
    From what I have read in the press it all seems to be filled with either information that was basically already known and just confirmed (King Charles wasn’t the best father) or petty details (the lip gloss incident with Kate). Like who cares if she doesn’t want to share her lip gloss with someone else.
    Okay the incident with Prince William isn’t the best look, but when you don’t have the full story you don’t know what pushed him to this point.
    This whole book and the Netflix series are an attempt to “set the story straight”. But where to now. The only interest the world has in H&M is there connection to the Royal family and the insider knowledge that they have. That knowledge will now be cut off. No one in the Royal family will trust them again.So what now! Is this the peak of H&Ms success? Please say yes!
    I also find it interesting that Harry has walked back his comment about racism within the Royal family regarding Archie’s skin. Now they have an “unconscious bias” which unless addressed could become racism. I notice that incident was not in the book or from what I understand any other I racist incidents by members of the Royal family. We’re there any incidents related to the Royal Family?
    And what is the deal with the bridesmaids dresses. They were hand made by an international fashion house and needed a team of four people over three days to adjust the fittings. It would have been quicker to make them from scratch!
    Also the clothes Meghan was wearing for their first date at SOHO house was a black sweater and jeans according to Harry but according to Meghan in an interview close to the wedding it was a blue dress because she had a piece sewn into her wedding dress as her something blue. More lies! Playing a role!
    I think this book has not only exposed the lies that the British press have told but also the lies M&H have told as well.
    I know this whole saga has another level of intrigue and control added with the USA/ Russia connection but I think it has also shone a light on M&H. They possibly think that the book has in someway redeemed them by telling “their truth” but I feel it has shown them to be untrustworthy liars. I could never believe a word that came out of Meghan’s mouth but now I don’t believe Harry either!
    WOW! Jessica wasn’t Rex Bills descriptive words on the money.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Yes, I bought Spare because my friends Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones at the Daily Mail wanted me to comment on the astrology charts for Harry and Meghan in 2023 – and because Anna Barry at the Daily Express asked me if I had more contributions about the couple. I do not recommend the book. It’s too patchy. When it’s good, it’s brilliant – when it’s bad, it’s awful. It feels like a book written by many hands. Harry reversing his position on the alleged racism of his family is part of a pattern. You might call it chaos or disruption. Some people call it gaslighting. The bridesmaid dresses not fitting is another good example of this kind of disruption. The wedding itself, is textbook. Agreed, the British press deceive, just as Harry and Meghan deceive. None of this would matter except the monarch does have power in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Real political power, to overturn democracy, in fact. So we should care that we are being treated like this. Journalists interviewing Harry to promote Spare are culpable. They are failing to act in the public interest by asking the right questions. He is not being called to account and nor is his wife. ITV and Sixty Minutes botched it. What a state of affairs when it takes astrology readers and an astrologer to ask more questions than the mainstream media. Why did he and Meghan smear his family with an inference of racism when Prince Philip was in the last weeks of his life, in his second hospital? Why?

  111. Hi Jessica
    I happened by fluke upon a YouTube Video ( of a NBS USA TV Feature by journalist Ann Curry airing secret videos of Princess Diana speaking to her speech coach Peter Settelen in 1992 (any eclipses as coverups?). Peter filmed her talking very openly about very private experiences of her life since her childhood. When Diana died, her butler Paul Burrell took the tapes and after a court battle Peter Settelen was only able to recover part of the whole collection.
    I was struck by many similar patterns in family dynamics and Diana’s reactions but one stood out about 49 mins into the video where Diana recalls a show-down she had with her father’s wife (her version of an ‘evil stepmother’) Raine Spencer during the weekend of 16 September 1989 at the wedding of her brother Charles to Victoria.
    After years of animosity Diana confronted her father and stepmother for their bad behaviour and for treating her mother Frances so poorly and Diana became so violently enraged she pushed her stepmother down the stairs. Extraordinary. There was a falling out for months afterwards, but Diana mentions how entitled Raine didn’t know the meaning of suffering compared to the people Diana meets in her work and calls out Raine’s blind spots. She also details another incident earlier in her life when she raged at her father on behalf of her siblings grievances of their fathers betrayal and allegiance to Raine and she slapped her father across the face. Diana eventually made peace with Raine.
    If you view this information just from a therapeutic family systems point of view the patterns are astounding. William pushing his brother in anger is not unlike his mothers anger. The physical outbursts of expressed pain in the family predate Harry and William’s. It seems perceived lack of injustice, unfairness, betrayal and disloyalty seem at the heart of these conflicts. There is a theory that pain unprocessed by generations will be passed onto the next to carry and feel (embody and enact) . It seems likely there are also Spencer karmic patterns played out with W and H. The Spencer family are curiously quiet and hidden by the distraction and focus on TRF. Diana is also a product of her family of origin yet it goes unnoticed.
    I could go on and on but one last point to note was that in 1978 Diana’s father suffered a stroke bought on, as the ‘experts said ‘ by tensions between waring siblings and Raine. He was cut-off from his children by Raine during his convalescence. It left me wondering about the danger of a stroke for King Charles with the blame being stress of family tensions. Let’s not forget Thomas Markles recent stroke.
    So, looking at blindspots I can’t help noting Harry forces the world to see his pain yet is blind to his family’s pain and feels justified inflicting more. There is a distinct lack of true compassion for individuals and also a lack of dignity but an expectation he is entitled to it. Blind spots. Entitlement versus acceptance.
    William’s pain seems private. Even as a rescue pilot he must has witnessed unimaginable pain and suffering and therefore he must have experienced his own vicarious trauma. For example; how did he cope if he ever rescued people from car accidents or help children whose parents had died? His pain appears private/ hidden but I wonder if the some of the public are expressing it on his behalf.
    Why are so many of us doing so much ‘feeling’ for a story that isn’t ours? What are the universal themes for us to learn about processing pain versus expressing pain, compassionate communication , true understanding rather than ‘truths’, rupture and repair?
    I wonder who in the family will choose to see the whole picture and will have the courage to process their own pain fully with utmost accountability so they can fully understand everyone else’s pain without blame and projection. Sounds like helpful traits for a leader of people. I wonder who will have the courage to heal with absolute compassion for all. No matter what, many millions seem to be watching and in some ways they lead by example.
    I also wonder where are those missing tapes and what else was said? I would be curious to hear from Peter Settelen again and in turn hear from Diana again about the missing pieces of her story and how it may help make sense or make peace. Will they resurface?

    1. Thank you for pointing out these familiar narratives in Diana’s story and Harry’s too. The wicked stepmother is of course an archetype. (Very hard to be a stepmother, I should think!) There is also a familiar story here about vulnerable men, whose hearts are prone to dangerous shock. That works on both levels. We saw it with Diana’s father; we saw it with Meghan’s father. There is much repetition here, with the ongoing Harry and Meghan drama. When you ask “Why are so many of us doing so much ‘feeling’ for a story that isn’t ours?” you are asking an excellent question. Do you know the Patrick Hamilton play, about gaslighting? Literally, a married couple with gas fittings which are interfered with. Gas is a Neptune-ruled idea in astrology. Gas can be subtle. It is lethal, of course, but a faint whiff can leak into a room and not be noticed. Going back to astrology again, we find Neptune in Harry’s birth chart, triggered. So for as much as he is gaslighting the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth (whom he has a decent amount of power over) and we are doubting the evidence of our own eyes (the Meghan-Oprah Winfrey exchange about Archie’s skin colour) now that Harry has changed his position – you have to wonder if he is not also like the victim in the Patrick Campbell play. It can happen on this transit. You are told one thing, then told you were wrong. The internet with all its anonymous people and trick photography is of course a great place for all kinds of leaking gases.

  112. Hi again,

    Just wanted to say that I think that your psychic antennea is picking up on something when it comes to Soho House Jessica.
    I’ve never heard about it until this week when one of the biggest newspapers here in Sweden wrote about it opening in Stockholm ,and how the rich and famous wanted to join it. Then I see it in the comments here ,and you write about how it got your attention while reading Spare .
    My psychic radar went off considering how close Sweden is to be joining NATO and our secret service has warned about desinformations campaigns and foreign interference, and suddenly we have our own Soho House in Stockholm.
    I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I am absolutly sure that this Royal drama is part of something bigger like I mentationed in my earlier comment.
    A couple of months ago I got a psychic message that Ireland is going to reunite , this came out of nowhere. And I get a feeling that the message fits in with what you and Kyra Oser is getting about the church playing the central role in this drama.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, but it makes sense that a major change / scandal or whatever is coming related to the church would affect the relations between Irland and Northern Ireland.
    I am not british and I know that the conflict is sensitive and that it has also become central again after Brexit.
    I do belive that we are seeing pieces of a puzzle coming togheter that are slowly changing the world ,and that the purpose is to change the powerbalance between the west/ east by creating instability and conflicts .

    1. That’s interesting. Soho House is expanding in Stockholm, near you in Sweden. The Membership Collective Group (MCG on the New York Stock Exchange) which runs Soho House all over the world, has been offering cheap shares recently. Sweden is close to joining NATO, it’s true. Is there an issue with Soho House, globally and our security as allies? It’s a fair question. I will need to find the astrological chart for MCG to see if there is any foundation for that line of thought. Ireland is interesting because the astrology has long suggested a new division of the United Kingdom from the year 2026. From memory I answered a question about Ireland some years ago, saying similar things. The Church of England, a constitutional crisis involving monarchy and the Anglican faith, would certainly affect Ireland. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is under Anglican rule, after all, the kingdom being in Church of England hands since Henry VIII. This goes back to the ancient war between Roman Catholics and Anglicans, doesn’t it. I agree with you that what we are seeing is a puzzle, with a purpose. The purpose is to change the balance of power by creating instability. The German word for it, is ‘disruption’ in translation and of course Putin was Stasi. It is related to ‘gaslighting’ which comes to us from the British playwright Patrick Hamilton and similar to George Orwell’s visions in 1984. Fortunately we’re onto them. There will be a change in the balance of power as Pluto goes into Aquarius from March 2023, until the year 2044, but it will not be as various plutocrats wish. Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t really do evil dictators. Thanks for sharing your psychic insights, it is much appreciated.

  113. What a mystery story. I’m hooked between your questioning, astrology, historic research, psychic thoughts and the public writing in to you with their contributions. Magnificent, Jessica. When I don’t write my thanks here daily, I am thinking it!! Best to you, Cecelia

    1. Ah, thanks Cecelia. This is the most-read feature on my website at the moment so I’m giving it a bit more time…

  114. Interesting and mind boggling accuracy, but the Royals have no say in the running of the UK, and their influence in foreign affairs is very limited. So whoever is next in line and why and manipulated by whom is rather irrelevant !!??

  115. Hi Jessica thank you for all the time and effort you have contributed to this thread. I wondered about a prediction made by someone that the late HM Queen Elizabeth would not pass on the crown to her children which could mean instead the crown passes to a grandchild. In the distant future Princess Charlotte could become Queen but Prince George will be fine if this does occur.

    1. Charles automatically replaced Elizabeth II on her departure, but of course, the coronation is still months away. Prince Harry has dropped a meaningful hint about the unreliability of said coronation. If we go back to the previous Pluto in Aquarius cycles (all the way back to Nero and Boudicca) the outcome is always a dramatic transformation in the balance of power. Power changes hands. The Church of England has her Pluto Return which is also dramatic. Again, this is about power. Who has the power here, the monarch, the Anglican faithful or the Archbishop? I would not be hugely surprised to find out that the late Queen had set some of this drama in place. She was a devout Anglican and knew all her Archbishops, of course, including the one man who suggested to Charles’s biographer that any coronation was a constitutional crisis waiting to happen.

  116. Hi Jessica,

    I see that Prince George has Pluto opposite his Sun on March 22. Princess Charlotte has Saturn squaring her Mercury that day also. Any insights on how this ties in with your March 23 predictions?

    1. Yes, the entire inner circle of monarchy is triggered in March 2023, including the children. It’s a perfect storm. The question is really about power and how the people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; the Commonwealth and NATO must have their say in how power is to be managed in future, at the House of Windsor. This includes the children; the future monarchs of tomorrow. March 2023 will feel like the French Revolution, the Regency and Henry VIII all at the same time. Better have the gin and tonic on standby…

  117. I can’t comment on the first pregnancy because I never saw the same things as the 2nd, which was genuine weight gain and most telling swollen enlarged lips, which happens during hormonal change
    My feeling is they lied on the first pregnancy dates etc, to throw the press off, same as when they said they were married by the Arch Bishop before Ceremony and he said it didn’t happen
    I agree with you on everything else, Harry was damaged and easily manipulated

    1. I can only comment on the astrology. That eclipse, days after the peculiar photo shoot, hit Harry’s chart. The eclipse was in the chart area associated with pregnancy and children. Textbook, really, given that eclipses conceal, they never reveal. For the record, Welby did admit to the first exchange of vows, once Meghan had revealed the secret in the interview with Oprah Winfrey. Perhaps, as you say, this is a pattern: deceiving the public, for whatever reason.

  118. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry about the lateness of this comment, I kept putting it off because the image I see of Harry is so disturbing.
    I keep getting the Jane Eyre image of the ‘madwoman in the attic’. I feel that Harry will one day limp back to his family damaged and bruised.
    Of course he’s taken back and kept almost in seclusion, but treated extremely well with care and love (unlike the woman in the attic!). I see lots of outdoor activities and gardening. Growth and healing through nature. Seems impossible given his past, but???
    Thanks for all you do. Love and light to you.

    1. Thank you Amelie. Prince Harry has that huge Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, Virgo reminds us that our state of mind can affect our body, and our body affects our state of mind. Your Jane Eyre image is a Virgo archetype. Any former army captain, especially one with childhood trauma and shock, would be a candidate for concern, but a man who is so strongly Virgo particularly so. That is why psychic readers feel for him but also (usefully) sense the answers. Gardening and nature are also Virgo and suit his chart. As you say, for healing – coming back down to earth. There is at least the 2026 cut-off year for all these wired, wild, unstable trends. For now, freedom only exists in foreign countries and among foreign cultures and people. Later on, freedom will be found in a new role.

  119. Thanks for your reply. Wow! I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the palace. It will be interesting to see how they handle this situation. Everything you’ve said makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve spent a large portion of my day reading through your comments. It feels validating to see others sharing similar perspectives. I remember the 2018 wedding, I saw a grey air around it. It didn’t dazzle me… now I’m thinking that was intuition. I’m disappointed in Harry. Interesting that Leo is monarchy and loyalty, he’s switched his loyalty to his Leo wife. There’s a website called Blind Gossip which has posted a lot about Meghan dating back to 2017, so much of what was posted there has ended up coming true. Fascinating to read back. I appreciate your knowledge

    1. It’s amazing how many readers have odd memories of that wedding. One very good reason is that we were all being deceived by Harry, Meghan and the Archbishop of Canterbury. He had already heard their vows, days before. The Church of England was undermined. What was also being hidden from us was the delivery of a Givenchy bridesmaid’s dress for Princess Charlotte which did not fit. The grey air around the ceremony you saw was something bigger. It takes quite a lot of money to fund the trolls who manufacture the war on Meghan. It would be nice if The Sunday Times with all its brilliant investigative reporting finds out how many of these lowly-paid, mass armies of online warriors work on high-rise trolls farms! Thank you for the compliment.

  120. Hi Jessica
    I have noticed in recent reports that Harry claims Spare was originally 800 pages long. Many more secrets to share! He needed to reduce the original book down to its current form. He says these other secrets are so bad if he told them his family would never forgiving him.
    Again smoke and mirrors! People will now ask themselves what else is there. The other secrets must be worst than these.
    I find with Harry his words don’t match his actions. He says he cares about his Grandparents and drops an interview with Oprah while his grandfather is sick in hospital. That time would have been particularly stressful for the Queen but also for the rest of the Royal family.
    He says he loves and respects the Queen and yet at the same time he is writing a book that he knows will undermine the very institution that she dedicated her life to. I wonder how the Queen would have felt if she was still alive. Harry had no way of knowing that the Queen would pass when she did, and I think he would have released the documentary and the book regardless.
    It’s like he is on a “crusade” to reform the Royal Family for the good of all and he sees his actions are justified. I have thought for a while now that Meghan loads and points the gun and Harry fires it. And he is so deluded by her (or brainwashed/ gaslighted) that any target is justified.

    1. Thank you Julie. Having been both an author and editor in the world of Penguin Random House and Transworld in my time, I can tell you that the hardback comes first, the mass-market paperback comes second, and even though the former has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest profits come from the latter. You make the most money when you land on the front pages or on the news, worldwide, and so of course there will be a bombshell to work with. The paperback will sell like hot cakes, not to mention the e-book, with (I would guess) photographs of the children. A womb scan of Meghan’s stomach? An oil painting of Harry’s todger? I like your phrase about words not matching actions. That just about sums up the whole saga. I disagree that Harry did not know our Queen was so ill. I think he knew very well. It is possible that what Harry is trying unsuccessfully to do to us, is what has been done to him. Gas lighting, the method of choice of the Stasi in East Germany, Russia, and latterly Donald Trump. The astrology is really clear on gas lighting (from Gaslight, the Patrick Hamilton play). It’s a Neptune problem. We are living through Neptune in Pisces. Pretty easy to turn the gas off though – and open a window!

  121. Hi Jessica

    Please do have a read of this article published in the Sunday Times;

    It appears that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby may be tapped into to help mediate on possible peace talks between Harry & KC/William! Further timeline for discussions appear to be march /April ( prior to the coordination date). Maybe these discussions may lead to Charles agreeing to abdicate?

    Strange (or co-incidence) that re-conciliation is being discussed very soon after Harry threatened to reveal more (appears he left out the more damaging information from the book which was originally 800 pages). I am not sure if giving into blackmail will work long term for the Windsors? Would love to hear your views; I too like many others have been avid follower of the M&H drama, ur Russia/America connection has led to a aha moment – it all makes sense now !

    Thank you as always for everything you do. Love & blessings!

    1. Thank you. How fascinating that The Sunday Times mention March or April as the date for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to intervene with Charles III and Prince Harry. As you know, the astrology has long suggested March 2023 as the crisis for the monarchy. Peace is an interesting notion, given the complete lack of peace in the horoscopes in March. What we are seeing here is more like Boudicca versus Nero; Danton versus Marie Antoinette; George Washington versus George III. Looking at Harry’s natal chart, the publishing program will run until 2026, and being a Penguin Random House author myself (having been published by the same two men Harry thanks – the marvellous Bill Scott-Kerr and Larry Finlay) I have to say – not just sequels, but a paperback mass-market edition with unseen photographs and a new bombshell for the front page. That seems likely to be March. Do I sound cynical here? The nature of the bombshell will create a crisis for the Church of England. I am really pleased you have had an ‘Aha’ moment about Russian Americans, and American Russians, and Russian Britons. Have you read Spare? Ask yourself why Harry fails to mention the (Russian) name of the emerald tiara The Queen failed to give Meghan, despite her request. Why he doesn’t name the Russian who gave them their Canadian refuge when they left the United Kingdom. Why he again does not name the Russian who sold them (at a discount) their American mansion. If you can name your father’s Dior cologne, your Elizabeth Arden products, your Soho members’ club (and give the address) and the rest – it’s so Virgo, all the detail – why not the rest? Too funny.

  122. I read Sarah Vine’s article about ‘missing Meghan’ and she’s right – where is she? The pair are surgically attached most of the time so it does seem odd that she’s letting Harry have all the limelight. Mind you, if I’d thrown a few ‘truth’ bombs, I’d be as far as possible from the explosion site as I could! Do you think it’s significant?

    1. Sarah Vine has picked up on Meghan’s absence from the public eye and that’s fair enough. Where is the Duchess of Sussex? I have quite a few psychic readers, but also professional mediums and clairvoyants, on this website, so I will be interested to see what they say. Given that the whole mess has been running like an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs or Downton Abbey (but with the wardrobe department of The Crown) I guess you would be looking at soap opera, opera or tragedy. The whole saga has also been redolent of Shakespeare, which a few readers have pointed out. There are memes, tropes and set pieces galore in the saga. No matter what the reason for Meghan’s absence, I need to do what I always do, which is remind people of the truth. Meghan smeared Harry’s family and our Queen in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which was broadcast when Prince Philip was in the last weeks of his life, under transfer to a second hospital. The three of them could have chosen to release the interview at any time, or not release it at all, out of respect to our Queen and her family, but they did not. Facts. Truth. History.

  123. Hi Jessica

    Is is possible that Charles could be the father of one or both of Camilla’s children born in 1974 and 1978, he is the godfather to her eldest? I was wondering if that could be the issue for the Church?


    1. Julie, you ask a very good question which anyone in the court of Henry VIII would have asked too. Could Charles be the secret father of Camilla’s child or children? As subjects we are allowed to ask these questions online these days, though of course, back then you have might have been waving at the ravens in the Tower of London!

  124. Jessica, I’m obsessed with this post, so many interesting comments. I need to read through each one. I am 1/3rd way through Spare and I think it’s interesting reading Harry’s comment about Murdoch and the Taliban. Murdoch actually mirrors the monarchy. Murdoch has his two sons, one who has split from the family business and publicly outed his father’s obliteration of the truth. Harry is the same, just with a father at the helm of a different institution. Murdoch is referred to as a kingmaker. Perhaps both are responsible for peddling variations of truth or alternative facts. What and who is linking these families together besides the truth. Trump? Putin? This is not just a war of truths, politics or families. This runs much deeper. Having read your blog for some time, I feel we are seeing the transition of pluto into aquarius in real time. One by one, institutions are being picked apart or exposed.

    There’s also a lot of symbolism in his book—the blood facial, a red fox being hunted. Harry is a red herring. Before reading the book, I was kind of indifferent, just another stranger kind of vaguely knowing what’s been happening but after reading 1/3 of the book, there is one thing I’m sure of, is that I don’t energetically like William after reading the book. There’s a bit of subconscious NLP going on. It repeats William’s lack of empathy and compassion using the same phrase in subtle different ways. And I can’t help but think that is the end goal. While I know people on this thread agree that Charles may never be King, I’m sure Harry knows that too. But perhaps part of this is to also start creating some cracks in the perfectly polished exterior that William has so carefully crafted.

    It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Someone on twitter also wrote that M has been noticeably absent recently…!
    TBC, I guess.

    1. Thank you. This feature may end up being ‘most commented’ of 2023 on my website by the time we finish the first phase of Pluto in Aquarius (June 2023) which is the cycle behind all this monarchy malarkey. It’s great that you have picked up on the Murdochs. I wish I’d read your comment before I recorded the YouTube Premiere about Lunar New Year, as family tree upheaval is part of the prediction. The House of Windsor is an obvious example which I mentioned, but I omitted Rupert Murdoch and his children. Astrology is really useful if nothing makes sense. Here we have a cycle which was first recorded when Boudicca led the Iceni tribe and other Celtic tribes, against the Romans and Nero. It was last recorded when King George III was unfit to rule, because of what experts now believe was bipolar disorder, and his son, George IV became Prince Regent. The most likely motive for the quite deliberate destabilisation of the monarchy is a desire on the part of her foreign enemies to split the Commonwealth and the Special Relationship between the UK and US. In addition, to split the United Kingdom (so Scotland, for example, may aim for independence). The fastest, cheapest way to do that, is to target individual members of the monarchy and conduct an information and propaganda war. Opinion polls reflect voter intentions at future elections. They are now showing a crisis for this family. You are reading Spare and picking up the symbolism of colour, which you think is deliberate (it may well be) and you wonder if the end goal of the book is to turn the public against Prince William. Meghan has been absent from the media and the internet, having been unavoidable for so long and you wonder why. If this was an episode of The Crown you could create several storylines. The interesting thing about gaslighting (from the Patrick Hamilton play, Gaslight) is that it doesn’t work. Once people wake up to the deceit, they become defiant about the truth, and the game’s over. I am sure you know that in the play, a woman thought she was going mad, as her husband was secretly playing with the gas lights in their home. Donald Trump and Mike Pence attempted to do it by claiming victory when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had won a landslide. Harry has just done the same thing by denying that the Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan smeared his family. Our late Queen. Of course it did. It’s on YouTube for all to see and millions have! Too funny.

  125. Hi Jessica,
    The astrology of March seems exciting on the one hand but concerning too. Previously regime change on this cycle such as the Regency of George IV were shocking but relatively peaceful – (interesting to see what part, if any, Harry will have to play this time).
    However, after the demise of Louis 16th and Marie Antoinette came the years of “The Terror” for France. Years of fear, intolerance and persecution in which many died. For UK after Henry 8th, came Edward VI a fanatical Protestant who died at age 15 after changing succession documents to make a Protestant cousin Lady Jane Grey queen. She was beheaded after 9 days and Catholic (Bloody) Mary 1 took the throne followed by Protestant Elizabeth 1. So a switch to female power eventually, but not so good for poor Queen Jane!
    Hopefully any changes this time on this cycle will be more on the positive and fascinating side and less on the tragic and grim side!
    Is this a realistic hope given the astrology?

    1. Thank you. Pluto leaving Capricorn for Aquarius is always the end of male power at the top – and the rise of female power and people power (men and women together). Its violence or otherwise depends on the other cycles. We have this cycle, Pluto in Aquarius, every 248 years. Sometimes it coincides with other cycles which hit a national chart (like France in the French Revolution) and you end up with mobs and guillotines. China and Russia are two nations where a bloody uprising may occur to 2044, as the cycle runs its course, as their charts are hit, and so are Xi Jingping and Vladimir Putin. As for dear old England, this is really the story of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Charles III, Camilla, Diana, Harry and Meghan. We’re not about to see women peeling onions or carts rattling up Pall Mall, but we will see the Commonwealth affected and the unity of the United Kingdom. This was of course the aim of certain foreign enemies all along. Australia, for example, may hasten her second attempt at a republic.

  126. Jessica
    So very grateful that you have kept this blog going and thankyou so much for all the extra work you’ve taken apon yourself to answer us all.
    I did hear from a psychic not that long ago that they predicted William would have an accident while onboard a helicopter. If Charles doesn’t get to wear the crown this year or at all and William is prevented from it as a result of an accident (which I hope doesn’t happen) I seriously hope Princess Anne becomes the Regent. I have long felt that if the title of Monarch was awarded on merit, Princess Anne would be the best candidate for the role of all of the Queen’s children. I have had nothing but respect for Anne and she works harder than anyone. Her no BS attitude is very attractive. If she was in charge she’d certainly have put a stop to the Harry and Meghan shenanigans a long time ago. Charles doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with the crown. Sure it takes two to tango but the way Diana was treated by Charles and his continued dalliance with Camilla even early in his marriage to Diana should in itself preclude him from assuming the title of defender of the Church of England. He was hardly a glowing role model for the faith was he? On a lighter note, you mentioned in a previous post to have the Gin and Tonic handy for what is going to unfold in the near future. As someone who quite enjoys the occasional Gin you must try it with Bitter Lemon!

    1. Thank you. I’m still waiting for the media to wake up and realise the three times Prince Harry fails to mention Russian names in his book. One tiara and two homes, you’d think…Fortunately the chart with its Sagittarius aspects not only underlines that it also underlines The Commonwealth. Princess Anne has close ties with UK intelligence and may have been faster out of the gate than anyone else at the danger signals coming from America. I can’t help looking at the Jupiter, North Node and Uranus stellium in Taurus (big business) in May and thinking, this is a terrific chance for The Firm to actually become businesslike. Given it runs on media popularity but also needs a sharp mind to run the corporation (which it virtually is) you’d think a dream of the hugely likeable and popular Cambridges with back-up from select seniors would guarantee long-term security. Let’s see. But it is very important that people in the Commonwealth and United Kingdom – and United States – make it clear that they will not be gas lit.

  127. Hi Jessica,

    many thanks for your blogs and especially this one, really interesting perspectives and considerations. Fascinating! A piece of history, indeed! Thank you Jessica, as always, for your accurate observations and comments. You are the best!
    I’m an ordinary working person, I have nothing to do with the UK, much less the RF. I’ve had enough problems with my own life that just continue.
    When the Henry/Rachel news even reaches the media of a non-English speaking country, one begins to wonder what the purpose is. The Queen’s passing was a natural and significant thing, and spread widely in the media because of it, but this HH&RM thing, jeez! As many pointed out at the beginning of this thread, something doesn’t add up. I had that feeling (and still do) when R/M was introduced as Henry/Harry’s lady friend.
    You can let this kind of soap opera go in one ear and out the other, so to speak, if you even somehow understand the plot. It has nothing to do with whether or not you ‘accept’ it. The fact that you understand the goal of an activity is enough.
    Mental health problems, as mentioned, can be one of the reasons for this mess, because I have followed and lived in that ‘nightmare’ for about 5 months (as you predicted in August, by the way). They create another reality (and money added to it) you are invincible, misunderstood, victim etc…Doesn’t anyone take H/H’s problems seriously, other than his relatives in the UK. I see that there is malice, intentionality, histrionic personality disorder, revenge etc. The issue of race should not be underestimated, but here things are a bit upside down. H/R bring it up, but I guess it’s old news in the Commonwealth. I remember e.g. black and white wedding photos etc., what was their purpose.
    It’s a pity that R/M chose wrongly, the prince is really a Spare compared to the crown prince (sorry!) The bullying of W & C is clear because of their position. It doesn’t matter what they are like in the family circle. No H/H’s other relatives can be angels and W is the bad guy (to which H/H wants a connection, an apology, how about the other way around?) Bullying little Charlotte because of a dress is unforgivable, where C was the target.
    I read around the time of their engagement that R/M would have told her friends how she was going to reform the royal institution into a new shape and bring it into the modern age. I thought at the time, good luck with that. Considering the culture, history, etc., it is a setback for her.
    As you mentioned, they would have had a great opportunity for a duet, but they chose a duel, IF the intention is a genuine desire to do positive things in this world. You can’t make money with everything, it’s just tasteless. As you said, you have to behave properly, and that is true in all cultures.
    The late queen’s statement ‘Recollections may vary’ is at the heart of it!
    Good tip, Gin & Tonic handy, perhaps with Bitter lemon as suggested.
    Thank you Jessica and have a great start to the week! Sorry for the long outburst!

    Anna L

    1. It’s interesting what you say about mental health problems, as you know first-hand what the impact can be. You are also picking up on the Commonwealth. Russia and China would no doubt like the Commonwealth to lose members, to be wound up, and/or to ditch the UK monarch as Head of State. Australia, where I live and work, is one of those countries. It’s true, the Sussexes had the choice to form a duet and sing from the same hymn sheet, or to force a duel. They forced a duel. I’ve not had time to do this, but perhaps readers could look at the guest list for the wedding. Obvious omissions, perhaps, as well as inclusions. Given Harry’s transits in Sagittarius you would be looking for a nod to Commonwealth, Scottish or US-UK politics. Thanks Anna, I promise you my G&T is on the calendar for March.

  128. Hello Jessica, thank you for your replies to so many comments – this blog is more informative and wide ranging than the press.
    According to journalist Neil Sean on his YouTube this morning, suggestion of a peace summit with Charles, Archbishop Welby and H&M before the coronation originated in USA not the palace. It is to be hoped Charles would not cave in to Sussex demands for the sake of a quiet life. What seemed to come out of the Anderson Cooper interview is H&M want a Commonwealth role. The half in/ half out that the Queen refused. Charles has form for being indecisive/weak even. Could he even be blackmailed by threat of worse secrets/smears to come out? Archbishop Welby seems a well meaning man, a bit gullible where Sussexes were concerned (over the first wedding being revealed on Oprah) and they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    If William, who it appears is the real target of H’s rage, feels he’s being sold out by any deal- could he end up being the one walking away? William does give the impression of having some of the Queen’s steel , lacking in Charles.
    Neil Sean also reminds us that Angela Kelly’s third book of her publishing deal , sanctioned by the Queen, is yet to appear – karma on its way for Harry perhaps?

    1. That’s a great compliment, thank you. I concur, as the hive mind (refusing to be gas lit) is sourcing so much great detail in this discussion. I saw the news about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s proposed summit with the Sussexes and Charles too. The month of April was mentioned. This is one month after what I am predicting will be the crisis for the Church of England and the monarchy. Given that Welby has already acted for the pair and tried to keep it secret (the vows before the wedding) we can assume this latest announcement is part of something bigger. The Commonwealth losing member nations or sacrificing more ‘Head of State’ status is what foreign enemies of the allies want. When we step back from the disruption of the wedding, and see the various race cards played since then, it becomes clear that the Commonwealth is high on somebody’s list. You raise the subject of blackmail. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time in the history of the monarchy. I’ll go and look at Neil Sean on YouTube; thank you for the suggestion. And I had no idea Angela Kelly’s publishing deal was approved by the Queen – that’s really interesting. I’m sure all the readers in this discussion will be grateful to you for the tip.

  129. The way you write Jessica, weaving all the thematic connections astrologically, it’s incredible. Thank you.

    What a mess this royal family saga. Makes the case for monarchy to be abolished stronger which is needed. Millions of tax payer money to this family. for what exactly? The family worth billions but not worked a single day of their lives.

    I am.not into royalty and such matters, but one aspect has been consistently absurd for me..the question of Harry’s father’s identity. I mean, he was born in 1984, just 3 years into Diana’s and Charles’ marriage, so do ppl mean that Diana was having affairs soon after her marriage? Does this even make sense…

    It’s very easy to gossip years after her death and stoke controversy , sensible meaning be damned, because it keeps her myth alive, all because of her very unfortunate sudden death. Harry’s playing into this now as a tantalizing kind of dare and joke seems bcz the RF did nothing to get rid of that doubt. He just doesn’t care as an adult, bcz the family publicly didn’t come to support him as a kid when he more likely did. So why would he expect it now. He rightly doesn’t.

    Apologies for the mini rant, just wanted to put this thought out. Thank you Jessica. Kindly.

    1. Yes, that’s the idea – there are foreign enemies who would like to see a referendum on a republic in the United Kingdom, and certainly to see Commonwealth countries either leave, or drop the idea of the monarch as Head of State. Diana is not in front of a microphone to confirm or deny she was unfaithful to Charles, but unfortunately part of the invisible job description of marrying into the monarchy is that people will talk. And talk. This isn’t a rant, it’s just democracy, so feel free to add to this growing discussion any time. With Pluto in Capricorn leaving Pluto in Aquarius it’s only right that the majority of people (Aquarius) remember they have the power (Pluto) and not the elite (Capricorn). This is especially true in the United Kingdom where working people pay tax to support the monarchy. And in Australia, where I write this, where the monarchy is part of a legal system that already got rid of one of our elected Prime Ministers, and helped a corrupt second Prime Minister to secretly give himself more power!

  130. When Charles and Camilla got married her status as a divorced woman etc meant that he as heir to the throne couldn’t marry her so the attorney general had to look into the legal loop holes to allow the wedding to go ahead. Part of the loophole was the European human rights act. The full legal advice was then sealed. Why seal legal advice if there are no issues? I wonder if the church knows that maybe under the royal family/monarchy/church of England rules they still aren’t legally married?

    1. This is fascinating and recalls the astrology of the Charles and Camilla wedding. It took place on Mercury Retrograde, so classically a time for retractions, rescheduling and sometimes an about-face. Interested readers might want to look at this Wikipedia discussion on the legal aspects (or illegal aspects!) of the wedding. Professor Rebecca Probert, an expert in the field, has claimed illegality. The wedding itself changed venue; it was then postponed upon the death of Pope John Paul II. Let’s see what comes of March, but a couple of issues circle this, in the horoscopes. One is the secret vows of Harry and Meghan witnessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury before the ceremony – days before – kept hidden by him until Meghan broadcast the truth to Oprah Winfrey. The other issue is the reports, on 16th January, that the Archbishop of Canterbury intended to hold a summit with the family by April. This is all beginning to look like the best play Shakespeare never wrote. Let’s look for that sealed legal advice!

  131. I would like to echo LizA’s comment above and thank you for hosting and facilitating this safe, properly moderated forum for those of us with inquiring minds in this matter, which has put many an antenna up. The internet has allowed us to see behind the mainstream media smokescreen. As you say, astrology cuts through, & cuts through the gaslight. I have found another touchstone to be the body language experts on YouTube. They present as well-qualified and knowledgeable, e.g. The Behaviour Panel, 3 Americans and 1 Briton. They analyse the royal family and those dealing with the royal family a lot, because there is so much material available. Videos are slowed right down and micro-expressions and body movements are examined. Very telling.
    We may lie with our words, but our bodies are not wired to do so and will betray us. I haven’t come across any of the experts endorsing Meghan Markle’s behaviour, quite the contrary. Another body language YouTuber I like, who sometimes refers to Neil Sean, is Jesus Enrique Rosas. He states very matter-of-factly that he(JER), is a Virgo and amusingly, has queried whether Harry can be thrown out of the Virgo Club for his scruffy appearance of late, particularly his shoes.
    Re the bullying of Charlotte by MM, the same YouTuber who gave her assessment of MM’s possible personality disorder, spotted MM giving 3 year-old Charlotte a very hard look, in front of the world, as the little bridesmaids approached the front of the church prior to turning left, at the wedding. Eagle-eyed Charles appeared very much to notice, and Charlotte was not with the other bridesmaids on the procession out of the church, but left hand-in-hand with Catherine. This video is readily available.
    In regard to damage being done to the Commonwealth by H & M, it did seem to me that this is what happened on William & Catherine’s Caribbean trip.
    I think we are all waiting with baited breath for March. Thank you for all your replies, to everyone.

    1. We will be in a 300-way conversation soon, so thank you for contributing. This is by far and away the discussion everyone wants to join, so far in 2023. I’ve not seen the body language experts on YouTube so will take a look. The Commonwealth is very important as it shows in Harry’s chart and of course is at the heart of geopolitics; both China and Russia have good reasons to want it gone, or damaged. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge walked into a very difficult situation, didn’t they! This is something William will have to deal with in 2023, 2024, 2025 and yet by early 2026 his obstacle course with foreign countries and foreign cultures is over. Every career has its realities, doesn’t it.

  132. Jessica, I have a nagging feeling that Meghan has got all her ducks in a row and is watching it all play out. Which in my mind doesn’t bode at all well for Harry, as being left alone is a calculated move. She knows that left to his own devices, he is bound to make the most horrendous gaffe. The kind that he cannot walk away from unscathed.

    It also doesn’t bode well for The Royal Family. Because whatever she has planned, will be horrendously humiliating for them if she doesn’t get her way. Though why it should be The Commonwealth, ìs beyond me, as they didn’t want it to start with. And to be quite frank, I cannot see The Commonwealth wanting any part of them either. But then they didn’t want The King. The more Charles looks weak, the less likely that he can hold onto his position.

    In another age, Harry would have been treated as a remittance man, who they would have been paid to go and live in another country and under the guise of a different name. And as long as he didn’t disgrace his family, the money would keep rolling in.

    Of course in this day and age, it would be impossible for them to be incognito. But I reckon they wanted the money and position to set up their own court. Or at least she did. This is a woman who very likely married her first husband after seven years together, because she wanted to walk away with something rather than nothing. So it is interesting that she has left her husband alone at this particular time, because it implies that she has succeeded.

    Has she found her “Onassis”, someone who can offer her everything she wants. I can’t see her being satisfied as a Wallis Simpson character. But will being an “Oprah” be enough for her? Or is she determined to be a “kingmaker”? And by that I mean a future president. Though from your point of view neither Charles or William will ever be crowned kings. I am less convinced of that. For one thing he doesn’t actually need to be crowned to be a king. And if the Archbishop of Canterbury, cuts up about the legality of the marriage, then who needs him! I doubt very much that he will. There are plenty of other clerics of different denominations that can take part. The C of E would hardly want to shoot itself in the foot.

    No for The King to step down, there would have to be another reason. This could be his health, or the horrendously embarrassing thing being covered up. As for William, I have to confess to wanting to see him and Catherine both being crowned at Westminster Abbey. Far more than wanting to see Charles and Camilla. I should also point out that The King has the option of being crowned alone.

    No, what I feel, and it is a nagging feeling is to do with the legality of George vi’s marriage to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. I know she didn’t love him and wanted to marry another. Perhaps she secretly did, maybe under another name. While I am not privy to what went on in the Duke and Duchess of York’s marriage, it was a long time before Elizabeth their eldest child was born.

    While I might be clutching at straws, I have learned a long time ago not to ignore that nagging feeling. I would be interested to know if you have any indication that The Queen Mother might have secretly married someone else?

    1. Thank you. I’ve not looked at the chart for the Queen Mother for a long time, but it is on my list of things to do. We don’t have a verified time for Meghan (Markle, as she was) so can only cover most of the chart, not all of it. I said this a few years ago, but the parallels with the chart of Princess Margaret are striking. Both had sibling issues. Both fell in love with captains. Both liked the high life, non? Both were also Sun Leo women and of course, divorce played a role in their destinies.

  133. I have read through the entire thread, wow! Such a lot of different angles to look at. What immediately springs to mind is the mentions Soho House gets & it’s involvement with H&M meeting etc. A few years back social media was rife with a rumour that Prince William had an affair with another aristo. The food critic & columnist Giles Coren put out a tweet supposedly confirming this but quickly disowned/denied the story (down to too much drink at a meal?). He has been pulled up in the press before for mean/thoughtless tweets. But anyway, ‘it’ was now out there. Frankly I don’t believe it, never have but it’s interesting that Coren has links to Soho House, his close friend Nick Jones being the founder and former CEO of SH. He is still a minority shareholder. Coren met H&M at the opening weekend of SH Amsterdam, by all accounts a very boozy event. I’ve always wondered if this is where the affair rumour was given oxygen by dropping tittle tattle in the right ears. If there was an attempt to disrupt the Wales’ marriage it clearly failed. Who would have the strongest interest in achieving that aim?
    The Henry VIII connection – M&H married on the 19th May, the day of Anne Boleyn’s beheading in 1536. Not great for a royal. Of course bluff King Hal was a spare, eventually taking the throne after the earlier death of his gentle, learned brother Arthur. And he got the widow as well, as we know. I’m more inclined to recall the astounding royal career of Henry VIII’s maternal grandfather, Edward IV. A handsome blonde ‘giant’ at 6’4″, fierce warrior and a Yorkist King of England twice over (1461-1470 & 1471-1483), taking over from the Lancastrian King Henry VI on both occasions. Welcome the Wars of the Roses folks! Poor Henry ended up dying in the Tower under shadowy circumstances during Edward’s second reign.
    Someone on here mentioned Murdoch as something of a modern kingmaker – interestingly that title was originally given to the Earl of Warwick, who first supported Henry VI, then Edward IV, then back to Henry VI a second time before dying in a battle with the Yorkists. Warwick had dynastic plans of his own, requesting that his daughter Isabel marry Edward’s brother George Duke of Clarence, the ultimate plan was to depose Edward IV a second time & declare his son-in-law King. If he’d succeeded he would have ‘made’ 3 kings by flipping sides & treason. Edward IV refused permission for the marriage but it took place secretly anyway and they all decamped to Calais to avoid Edward’s ire (secret wedding, self exile). Warwick was eventually killed, George was forgiven but carried on plotting to usurp the throne, found guilty of treason against his older brother and as legend has it, he was executed in the Tower by being drowned in a barrel of malmsey wine. Spares aren’t always supportive, are they?! The other baby brother spare would eventually become Richard III after Edward’s own death & who declared Edward’s sons (the Princes’ in the Tower) illegitimate thus making himself King. Brother’s, eh?
    Edward IV is still the tallest ever King to rule England, William will be next tallest at 6’3″ (his height being a Spencer trait rather than Windsor). Edward had a jealous, easily lead brother who plotted against him despite being forgiven the first round. I can feel echoes across history. Thankfully we are not such a bloody people now, I hope.
    And lastly one of William’s names is Arthur. I once heard or read an astrolger say that William is the Once and Future King. Any thoughts Jessica?

    1. Yes, Soho House becomes rather like a set at The Globe in Spare. Most of the stage directions take place there in the latter part of the book. Spare itself is of course a storyboard with all those Neptune transits sweeping Harry’s chart, and transits to his natal Neptune. Neptune in astrology is a symbol of alternative reality. Usually television, but sometimes people can live their lives, as if they were scripts. I didn’t know Anne Boleyn had been executed on Harry and Meghan’s big day. Good grief. You sound as if you know your royal history. I am curious about the echoes of the past in Harry’s saga. I wonder if this was on the storyboard along with Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana? I say ‘storyboard’ because in television, it’s used to help the writer as much as the wardrobe department. Meghan has performed in identical or near-identical iconic outfits favoured by both. William’s destiny reveals the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable ambitions. If we are about to see an echo of the Regency (last seen on the same cycle 248 years ago) he could do it. He could pull it off. From 2026 for many years into the future, his career is an escape from the real world. This sounds like the throne, proper, to me. Astrology does not compel, though. It inclines. His escape may be to ditch the role! But even now, William conducts himself like a good (no, a great) monarch.

  134. Hello Jessica,
    Great that people are recognising how unique and valuable this blog is- thank you on behalf of us all. Interesting that Janie Bee mentions JER the body language guy. He has been trying to unravel M&H first meeting and the links to Soho House (among other things) with MM and Markus Anderson, Jake Rosenberg, Elizabeth Tuke. The Tom Inskip Jamaica wedding story and pix are interesting too.
    I read Ukraine were trying to build their relationships with African countries (would include Commonwealth members presumably) because of pro Russian support there for the war against Ukraine due to Russian “links/investments”. Also mentioned India pro Russia due to links/ finances etc. Russia building there.
    Also Chinese “interests/money” in Caribbean area. Could these “interests” be behind efforts to break up Commonwealth links to UK? Ukraine has clearly identified support for Russia and therefore lack of support for them in these regions.
    MM’s “tale of woe” being used as a stick to beat UK with, especially as even their Netflix doc included comments about the Commonwealth as “Empire2.0”. Completely ignoring that 8 countries had voluntarily joined by time of QE2’s and subsequently amounted to 52 voluntarily joined by end of her reign as the benefits and opportunities it offered had been acknowledged as advantageous to member states.
    Also linked with MM veil at wedding, flowers of the Commonwealth embroidery- coincidence that Commonwealth seems almost the”battleground” for allegiances and influences. The wedding resonates.
    It definitely does seem to be the case that the Commonwealth is an organisation/concept some interests want to see broken apart. Perhaps M&H saga just another useful tool in that aim.

    1. I think you have hit the nail on the head about Chinese interest in the Caribbean. China is in bed with Russia regarding the war on Ukraine. People are being quite naive about Harry, Meghan and Spare. It’s the teenage girl narrative of Tik-Tok. (Of course it is being pumped out online at. industrial strength). As soon as I published this piece I was sent two abusive messages accusing me of being a racist. But of course. Once you read this as an information war with quite a lot of money and vested interest behind it, you can see why China and Russia would either piggyback on the drama and ride it, to help fracture the Commonwealth or even destroy it. Money talks. The Netflix documentary fingering the Commonwealth as the second British Empire must have been music to the ears of Britain’s enemies. Thank you for picking up Meghan Markle’s veil at the wedding. More Commonwealth memes and tropes. The wedding itself probably deserves its own astrology feature! It is beginning to look like a very deliberate operation for a very deliberate reason. That may be why myself and so many mediums loathed it, but we could not say why. We had no rational reason for the visceral response at the time. In fact we wanted to watch; we were fans. Maybe you felt like that too.

  135. Hello Jessica

    I only came across your wisdom recently and am so glad! During any spare moment I read the information you give so generously. I’m amazed by your insights and just feel so lucky to have found you!

    With reference to this interesting conversation, it’s been eye opening to learn about the astrology teaching and informing us of events and themes. I often get feelings and intuitions about people and am very interested in the idea of past kharma. With that in mind I stumbled across this article. It may be completely made up, I’m sorry I don’t know how to fact check, but if there is any truth it is fascinating.

    The claim is that MM is related to someone who betrayed the crown, his surname was Hussey. He may have been wrongly accused or have had a valid reason for supposed actions if true. He denied the charges, maybe he was falsely accused and this is payback! On a personal level I get a visceral deep clench in my stomach every time I see a photo or headline of MM. Not sure if it’s down to the stories written about her that trigger my dislike of meanness and injustice, or if it’s just an instinctual thing, who knows! She may be genuine as far as I know, I’m aware she’s portrayed a certain way…having said that I love that astrology can be relied upon for advice and perspective.

    Here is the link to the story, again big apologies for wasting your time if it’s not credible.
    With so many thanks to you, Becky

    1. Thank you Becky that is really kind of you to say. Do we have a family tree for the Markle family? How interesting. I will have a look at this. I think it’s fair to say that the Duchess of Sussex is a former actress, but in her current role, is still acting. She’s performing. I’ve said this before, but every time I look at the transits to Harry’s chart, I sense a ‘show bible’ and pin board of looks, images, memes, influences. Harry claims to have slammed Hamlet shut, but Spare is reminiscent of the play. “To put an antic disposition on” indeed. It all feels like antics. “How strange or odd soe’er I bear myself.” Harry’s astrological chart has aspects to natal Neptune, and from Neptune by transit, thus the unreality. Meghan is part of the unreality.

  136. Wow that is too good. Those quotes from Hamlet, it’s uncanny, describes the situation perfectly. Neptune in Harry’s chart demonstrating unreality, Meghan performing being part of the unreality, it’s just so so interesting.
    Thank you so very much for replying, especially because you’re so busy, it made my day!

  137. Hi Jessica, thanks for everything you do. I have learnt to believe that whatever you say always comes true.
    I had commented a long time back before everyone started mentioning that Meghan is a narcissist. I always got a very evil vibe from the day I saw her pictures with Harry. I used to feel that she is the one at fault but now I feel Harry is even worse. I know all of you have sympathy for Harry but I think he is a low grade psychopath/sociopath with absolutely no emotions, just hatred and jealousy of William.
    When it comes to William, I feel he is a very just and good human being with lots of empathy and compassion. I really hate Harry (who I feel is more evil than Meghan)and I don’t want him to succeed in his agenda to bring down William. So my question to you is, will William become King?
    I really hope you can give me a yes or no answer. Thanks in advance.

    1. Will William become King? It seems likely. He is in the best cycle in 12 years to do that, prematurely, until May 2023. After that we find him in a role which is a holiday from the real world, from the year 2026, which seems to suit the monarchy. Thank you.

  138. I decided to halt my membership of this website because of this Harry blogpost. Whatever one may think of Harry, Meghan and/or the royal family, we are talking about someone who has been deeply traumatised by unfounded insinuations by the paparazzi. That is exactly what this blogpost contains: many unfounded allegations.

    Because “eclipses conceal” and because of two photos in both of which Meghan looks pregnant, it is suggested that Meghan may not have carried her firstborn herself and that her pregnancy was a “fake pregnancy”. The option is not even considered that something else could have been concealed. It must be the pregnancy of course. This is first class paparazzi stuff.

    In this astrology blogpost, is suggested that there is a link between Harry and Russia. Why? Because, I quote from this page, Harry “wore a near-replica of Tsar Nicholas II’s distinctive frock coat (and beard) when he married Meghan.” Source: the Kremlin-funded website Russia Beyond. But this is not correct. Russia Beyond actually published a correction on their website: “CORRECTION: The article previously stated that the uniform Prince Harry wore is that of the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Our readers pointed out that Harry’s actual uniform at the wedding is a standart frock coat of the Blues and Royals, which looks almost identical to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards uniform worn by Nicholas II. The Queen granted Prince Harry permission to wear this particular uniform for the royal wedding.”

    Other “support” given for the Harry-Russia link is a place where Meghan stayed. I quote again: “For her part, Meghan and her mother spent the night before the wedding at Cliveden. Once home to Christine Keeler and a Russian spy scandal. Fate.” Wow, so if you stay in a place where a Russian spy once stayed you have a link to Russia? Did you tell your readers that the Christine Keeler affair was in 1961?

    Furthermore, the allegation that Harry bought his mansions from Russian nationals/oligarchs (no source is mentioned). It is “interesting” and “fascinating” that he did not write about this in his book: “omissions in Spare”.
    So the fact that Harry doesn’t write about X is almost proof that X happened? This is classic medieval witch hunting.

    About the publication of Share, it is insinuated that this was done “to break down the special relationship between the United States of America and the United Kingdom” and “to alienate large sections of the American population against the British”. And who would do such a thing? “Russia gains because Vladimir Putin is so threatened by NATO and the unity of the allies.” So because Putin has a motive and some planets in a horoscope, Harry is directed by the Russians? That is a huge accusation.

    And then finally the 25 Taliban. “As a Penguin author myself I question why the Taliban paragraph went in. There is something so deeply wrong about the whole thing.”
    Anyone with a podium should inform herself. This comment puts things in perspective.

    Despite all of this, in one of the comments you say: “Astrology does not take sides. It just does what it does. An eclipse is historically what or who is obscured, concealed and hidden in plain sight. So it is only fair to ask if we were hoodwinked by a former actress using one of the tools of the trade…”

    Fair? No. This is not far. This is insulting all former actresses and one in particular. These are unfair and unfounded insinuations and accusations forthcoming from anger. Anger drives this post. Anger, because someone hurts the monarchy. Indeed, Harry undermines and questions the monarchy in a unwise, almost childish way. His background and upbringing provide ample explanations. Perhaps it’s not Meghan. Perhaps it’s not Russia. Perhaps it’s just Harry. Perhaps it’s the royal family. Have you considered that?

    1. Thank you. Perhaps the paragraph on eclipses and the photographs of Meghan’s pregnant stomach (looking large, then much smaller) was not clear enough. Please read it again. The cover-up which normally comes with an eclipse may have actually made her a target; the photographs may have been distorted. We have to ask why. Why would Meghan have been a target for photographs of this kind? Harry’s chart lines up with the Russian chart. It wasn’t a Russian frock coat, it just resembled that of Tsar Nicholas II; Harry has Russian blood. Another link. I’ll add the sources for the two Russian-owned homes at the end of this story. I also need to correct you: the title of the book is Spare, not Share. At no point does this feature claim Harry is directed by the Russians. Anger drives this feature? No. Astrology drives this feature along with the vast majority of my readers, who are quite rightly questioning what is being served up here. You must have already resigned your membership as you don’t appear to be a member here any more. I’m sorry you feel strongly about Meghan and Harry but completely understand. I appreciate your contribution to the debate.

  139. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry you have to endure getting comments like Anne’s. She really doesn’t understand your work, nor, if I may be so bold, your motives.

    Anger? There is not a single occasion I can find anger in your writing. To seek clarification and truth is not anger.

    Astrology is a respected age old practice that unfortunately has always had its critics. Too constrained in their thinking. Sadly, Anne seems to be part of that group. Fine, but the need to leave with a ‘parting shot’ is uncalled for and says volumes about her.

    In the meantime, those of us who follow you know the truth and value of your work.
    Thanks and respect always.

    1. Thank you Amelie. You are too kind and this is a lovely thing to read at the end of the working day. Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit.

  140. Hi Jessica, this feature has generated a lot of comments and surprisingly didn’t create the polarization one would expect when reading about the Royal Family; it is a testament to your approach of clarity and fairness in every aspect of your features driven by your expertise in interpreting astrological charts of people and places/countries.

    The person who went on a rant today and ended her membership was wrong in saying that you wrote this feature in anger. I hope I’m not being presumptuous when I say that I know Jessica quite well, she would never write in anger; there is not a bone in her that is mean or angry. She has an empty 1st house, she is not Martian at all. She has loved studying the planets, the stars and the asteroids ever since she was a kid and it’s that zeal, that enthusiasm, that makes her want to help people by teaching us about it, sharing her knowledge so that we can all be empowered to live our lives to the fullest.

    As well Jessica’s features are read widely around the world because of her high accuracy rate; her fairness and balanced approach with every feature is unsurpassed making people wait in anticipation for the next feature.

    To the person who went on a rant : we’d rather you stay, but if you want, don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.

    Continue with your great work, Jessica, your readers are still here.

    Thank you, we’ll talk later.

    1. Thank you so much, Caroline. That’s really kind. We are nearly at 300 comments for this feature now so let’s keep going. Happy Lunar New Year.

  141. Your site is the only one I have made comments on, preferring to watch and learn. Also I do not wish to deal with the abuse, even anonymously, common on other sites and channels, and the lack of reply by the hosts is frustrating. I found that I could not escape the feeling of obligation to offer what I had come across, for consideration, and consideration only. Sorry to state the obvious, but it is up to all of us to make up our own minds. I think you have winkled some of us out of our shells, to our benefit methinks.
    I for one have been gobsmacked by the sheer number of recorded instances of bad behaviour by H & M, which are very difficult to interpret any other way, particularly in video form, not easy to alter I would think. I have been struck by the glaring inconsistencies with the Sussexes, too numerous to mention, but one example being Harry starring in a campaign for Travalyst, founded by him, for sustainable travel, and then taking private flight after private flight, with considerable carbon output. Rules and good behaviour constraints do not apply to them, it seems. Meghan in particular seems to jump onto any passing bandwagon. Virtue signalling. Her word salad pronouncements are very irritating to any logically-inclined person who has tried to get through & make sense of them.
    How can we not call this out? We are attempting to get to the truth of such dramatic goings-on, with their inherent ramifications, that you point out, and that we have already seen play out. We have been paying attention, unlike much of the mainstream media, not all.
    In this search, I for one appreciate being corrected. I have to correct my last comment, albeit a minor point-I said we wait with “baited breath”, which should be “bated breath”.
    Meghan seems to have no hint of humility, especially after being welcomed with open arms by the British and Commonwealth people, and given a multi-million pound wedding. Sorry to wax all philosophical here, but it seems to me that one of the paradoxes of life is that truly great people are humble people.
    You have been very kind in relation to Harry, and also fair in relation to Meghan & the possibility of being the target of false reporting & portrayal. I have to think that you are aware through the astrology of what we are not so easily. That being said, I do not think we have wanted to think badly of him, or her for that matter, and have generally reserved judgement, whilst being aware of pings to our radar.
    Your “show bible”and “pinboard” feelings are supported by online findings, in my opinion. The Body Language Guy JER (hello to LizA) has a couple of videos which very much appear to show Meghan Markle wearing recording devices. I am not sure who or how many people spotted it, but it was very quickly noticed at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Church Service where Meghan was wearing a copy of a white dress worn by Wallis Simpson. She had a peculiar lump on her chest which could easily be taken to be part of a recording device, possibly a microphone, with perhaps a battery pack under the flap of her trench coat at the back. The flap did not sit flat. She kept fiddling unnecessarily with the heavy left collar (checking that the device was on?) It even appeared that a black wire stuck out from her hair. In a church. At the Thanksgiving service for the Queen’s Jubilee.
    Another video was of the walkabout after the Queen’s funeral, with the recording device of an oblong shape at her waist.
    A photo and diagram of the same shape of recording device was also put online. This was quite possibly a transmitting device instead/also, with instructions from Netflix? At one point, JER points out that she suddenly looks to the other side of waiting crowds and goes over to be hugged by a young woman.
    I had a very fleeting, naive fantasy that mainstream media would pick these up at least, & even investigate.
    Her black cape outfit at QE11’s funeral looked as if it could easily hide devices. In any case, no one wanted to speak to her at any of these events.
    Thank you, for all.

    1. Thank you so much. The word salad statements by Meghan could be her inability to speak plainly, or she may be reciting her lines. We do not know. Spare is also obtuse. Again, this may be because Harry and his ghostwriter are bad with details and facts, or a deliberate ploy. He’s a multiple Virgo. Detail is famously a Virgo preoccupation. We are told the names of Charles’s bathroom products and the address of Soho House, but not the name of the ’emerald’ tiara shown to Meghan by the Queen. There are two. They both have names. Which one was it? One is Russian and another has a Russian design. I’ve said this before, but as an author for Penguin Random House, I find it hard to believe that their editors, plural, would not have questioned the name of the tiara in question, given Meghan’s Tiaragate had been news for year preceding publication. As for Meghan’s lumps and bumps, I remember the questions about recording devices you mention. This isn’t body language; it’s stage props, or perhaps the real thing. No matter if real, or just a bizarre piece of staging, what we are seeing is not like any other royal story. Monarchy comes with Shakespearean levels of drama; Elizabeth I knew that and so did Shakespeare. This is different though. As I’ve also said, if Harry’s astrology chart came without a name, I would assume the man in question was involved with Hollywood, with foreign money – but with shocks coming.

  142. There was a time when someone who predicted a plague (in Jessica’s case, Covid) would have been burned at the stake. Thank God that time is not our time. As someone who has studied Russia and Putin for a very long time, I can say it is not fantastical to observe the outline of a wicked web that has ensnared a prince. When the astrology supports that observation, it would be wiser to learn from the best astrologer of all than to pick a fight armed with little more than an article from The Guardian. Funny.

    1. Too funny. Yes, I am lucky to have incarnated in 1964 when astrologers were ending up on television, not in some horrid bonfire. I’m glad you have studied Russia and Putin for a long time. I have not. I do know about horoscopes, though. We are lucky to have a minute-accurate personal birth chart for ‘Harold’ as he insisted in referring to himself in Spare. What it’s showing is much more akin to an actor, director or producer creating a mini-series with foreign investment, than a member of the royal family making a lot of money with an autobiography. If the chart came without a name, that’s the way I would read it. I would also be warning about shocks along the way until 2026. Actions have consequences. Uranus is about shock.

  143. Hi Jessica,

    Please check this link from today’s Daily Mail: Prince Harry has been called a ‘stupid boy’ and told to ‘take responsibility’ after his confession of killing 25 Taliban was used by Iran to defend its hanging of a British-Iranian citizen. Current and former British military commanders have accused the Duke of Sussex of ‘giving ammunition’ to Iran’s propaganda machine and exploiting his military career for financial gain. Oh dear…this is turning into the perfect storm, not exactly a storm in a teacup!

    1. Thank you. Iran has now stepped in, which is no surprise after Harry’s quite deliberate admission he killed 25 Taliban. It has now become doubly tragic as a man has been executed. As I’ve said before on this discussion (now over 300 comments) I am published by Penguin Random House and the two men thanked in Spare, by Prince Harry, are people I’ve had dinner with. Extremely good men. The publishing company as a whole is one that is famous for its meticulous, careful editing. I have no evidence at all for this, but I’ll bet the Taliban section in Spare was marked for query. The book would have been legalled very carefully and any editor worth her salt would have raised the danger of that admission by Harry. Why is it in there at all – and if it was insisted upon, who insisted, and again – why? This is way more than just the son’s sequel to Diana, Her True Story (Andrew Morton). It is a manifesto that can be weaponised, and just has been. Harry’s astrology chart shows the most volatile, extreme period of his life 2018-2026 and foreigners and foreign countries and cultures are at the heart of it. Thank you for this tip. I need to go back to the charts for Iran. There is something very, very wrong here.

  144. Dear Jessica,
    I was sad to see a subscriber leave because of the discussions here and I am sure you (sadly) get much more abusive comments that you don’t post. That’s just human nature these days. Please keep this blog open as we are here, collectively, trying to unpick and unravelled what is actually going on on a global stage.

    This whole Shakespearian drama appears to have nothing to do with my corner of the world but it sooo does! I live in Macedonia, small poor country in the Balkans, part of ex Yougoslavia ,bordering Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania. Too small to count for any influence, but this whole region is where it all started and brought the world to a braking point in WW1. This is in the most simplistic sum up, the territory where Russian, Ottoman, Austrian and British Empires were flexing their muscles for control. It is not in the headlines yet (thank God as being a headline in the news politically is not a good news at all) but the same undercurrent goes on and is yet to increase and become a conflict point. It just isn’t our turn yet

    Each and every one of the subscribers contributing here is putting a small piece in the puzzle to what really might be going on, and will in the fullness of time trickle down even to my cul the sac. With some hindsight which life inevitably brings it may point to a very likely direction with different means and expressions but to the same effect as what we follow now.

    While most of the world watches this petty whingeton from British Spare and his spouse as great entertainment, I must say from my perspective (I daily follow most of UK press) the media pro/contra frenzy might be counterproductive in the long run. It was ok in the beginning, besides clickbait cash is enormous, but it will pool more wool over our eyes if it carries on much longer. It is time for some real eye-opening analysis.

    Since that is yet to happen, we luckily have you, this space filled with wonderful people to express their piece of mind, share their piece of knowledge and info with the hive. We are all richer and more knowledgeable for that.

    I admire how you are able to combine your psychic ability, your knowledge of the world of archetypes, general knowledge and a ton of research with the astrology. You also have special gift to deliver it in a short, but very much thought provoking way, devoid of any bias or new age mumbo-jumbo which in other places is doing the astrology a disservice.
    I’ve been trusting your predictions and following your astro advice since your predictions about Greece and their economy before it happened. Gosh such a long time ago
    All the best Jessica, to you and all subscribers. A great community.
    Maja (Maya)

    1. Thank you so much Maja. Your point of view on Harry and Meghan from Macedonia is really useful. Once everybody stands back from the soap opera/opera with the characters cast (Meghan as narcissist Los Angeles beauty, Harry as stupid British toff) we can see this as an information war online, similar to the propaganda wheeled out by the Soviets and the Chinese last century. Greece has such long loyalties and ties with the United Kingdom and United States, but the Harry and Meghan Show is designed to separate us. The European Union and NATO block Vladimir Putin’s ambitions. Solidarity and unity between us, stop him. Going to Russia’s partner, China, she has designs on the Commonwealth, which our late Queen worked so hard to sustain. Nothing could please China more than seeing the Commonwealth economic agreements break up. The more fracturing of the old world order, the better, for ambitious nations like China and Russia, who have shown their true colours by the vicious war on Ukraine. The astrology cuts through the noise. Harry’s chart shows his foreign and multicultural interests – this period in his life, from 2018 to 2026 is about nothing else. It also shows deep foreign interest in him. It’s really important that there are places online where we can ask questions that few others are asking. Anyone who doubts there is an agenda here, hasn’t been paying attention. China and Russia play a long game. Happy Lunar New Year Maja and I appreciate your very kind comments. I also agree with you – there are wonderful people on here!

  145. Hi Jessica,
    Agree with all the above about accusations of “anger” etc. Completely unjustified as if your blog has been totally misunderstood and misrepresented in Anne’s comment. The fact you have included it speaks volumes!
    The latest report (in last 24 hours)
    that after a 5 year consultation Church of England bishops have decided NOT to change Anglican church’s stance on same sex marriage. Confirmed marriage for CofE has to remain one man and one woman. This places them at odds with some Scottish churches and no doubt a lot of lay people as well as some of their own bishops and clergy. (Obviously there are other faiths who would agree/disagree also)
    Given your prediction and that of your colleague @kyra Oser about a
    crisis coming for the Anglican Church – could this be beginning/part of that? Together with dismay already expressed by some re the £100million payment. Interesting that it’s about marriage/marital status too – (ref Charles) You nailed it yet again.

    1. Thank you. Harry and Meghan (the mini-series, literally) does make people angry. It is interesting to ask why. I just glanced at a headline about Meghan and Australia. Apparently it all started to go wrong in Australia for the pair, according to one newspaper. This is important, because the Commonwealth is a target of China, and China is in partnership with Russia. Australia is the country in the Commonwealth closest to pursuing a second referendum on independence. Once you see the geopolitics and the financials, the new battle front of Australia in this manufactured online feud becomes nice and clear. Anyone who still thinks this is all random and down to Meghan’s alleged vanity or Harry’s stupidity is missing a trick. The new war is an online information war – propaganda, that great favourite of Russia and China – and it’s cheap. Sometimes free. We are being manipulated online at industrial strength levels, to feel angry. Why? (And when I say ‘we’ I mean the people of the Commonwealth, but also the United Kingdom and her partner, the United States). And so to the Church of England. There’s a pattern here isn’t there. Yes, this is the midway point of a deliberate, developing crisis which peaks in March. Kyra Oser is the brilliant psychic who alerted me to it. It would be great for some Anglican theologians to join this discussion. Same sex marriage, after five years, is a controversial Church of England discussion which – amazingly – is decided, as Spare is released and plans for the coronation of Charles III are made. Timing! This latest decision which splits the church about gay and lesbian marriage, comes hot on the heels of a promised £100 million payment by Welby, and his cohorts, to try and make amends for church profit from slavery and colonisation. Again, this is splitting the faithful and the administration. Just a few more steps and we will have a fractured Church of England, rather like the ground after a couple of minor earthquakes. When the big one comes, it all blows open. That’s what the astrological chart is showing. We’ve not seen this since Henry VIII created the church in the first place – and the issue was male heirs, male spares and divorce. Boom.

  146. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for so much food for thought in your replies. Just to add to the reference to the Daily Mail article about Iran’s comments about H, Britain in light of the recent execution in Iran. I’m amazed H’s revelation of the 25 he killed got past his editors, but his follow up comment that these people were just like “chess pieces” to him seems to have angered Iran as much as the number.
    Also, I can’t remember which newspaper/commentator I read it but concerns were raised about H’s detailed descriptions of the location of bedrooms, corridors, doors, gates, grounds, rooms and floors in the various royal residences in “Spare”. Why was that left in as well? Security issues are clear even to casual readers let alone lawyers, editors or even H himself. Would he be happy detailing his Montecito house layout for all to read? Surely not. He’s always banging on/going to court about security. Who needs to detail layouts in an autobiography? He’ll be aware a man (journalist?) gatecrashed William’s 21st party, fooling security as it was fancy dress. His grandmother QE2 had an intruder arrested after he got into her bedroom. H must know this so why do it? Maybe even put them in potential danger. Certainly give their security team a headache.
    All very odd. Thanks so much for keeping the conversations going.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you can imagine MI5 opening that chapter in Spare and falling off their chairs. I wonder if we’ll ever find out about the editorial and publishing process. If security issues are clear to casual readers, as you say (and I noticed too) then why did the author, his ghostwriter and the team at Penguin Random House wave that section through? These things go through multiple checks and edits. There are so many questions with Prince Harry. Not many answers. The astrological chart shows the cover-ups involving the family and a huge amount of family karma at a time when he may have been thinking about the autobiography or even taking meetings about it. So that’s the South Node in Sagittarius cycle. As a Sun Virgo man, he had that fated transit in his Fourth House of relatives, ancestors, home town and homeland. In his natal chart, that same cycle fell in his Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. It was big. It brought back life as it had been 18 or 19 years earlier. So there a few clanging bells here about what might have led to this quite dangerous – seemingly deliberately endangering – part of the book.

    1. Ah, thank you so much. I really like the global conversation we are having here about Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. I am fascinated by this story in The Hill. I’m tempted to start another post, just about Prince Harry and his many ‘foreign affairs’ (literally in the case of his wife). I’ll look for horoscope features filed when he had just been born, to see if other astrologers were picking up what would happen in the 21st century with foreign cultures and countries. I would have expected Jonathan Cainer to be asked to peer at baby Harry, perhaps, or my friends Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank. You never know. I’ll report back.

  147. Hi Jessica.
    Thank you very much for your reply to my comment. I have just re-read your post above and have picked up what may very well be a typographical error in the Sources and Links section.

    The name of Harry and Meghan’s California mansion is actually Chateau of Riven Rock, not River Rock. I think this is interesting, with riven meaning ‘Split or tear apart violently’. Had I seen that as a potential buyer, I think I would have reversed quickly out of the driveway!

    Wikipedia describes Riven Rock as a residential subdivision in the unincorporated area of Montecito, California. The Riven Rock subdivision is located on the former Riven Rock Estate. The estate’s name came from an oak tree near the main gate, which was growing out of and had split a large boulder. (Oak trees again).

    After the 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake, the main house was demolished.

    Wishing you a happy day.,
    Janie Bee

    1. Thank you Janie Bee. You are quite right: a newspaper had a typographical mistake in the title of Harry and Meghan’s home, and it is of course, Riven Rock. I looked at the Wikipedia entry you have mentioned and it’s intriguing. It echoes what has been happening with the two families on either side of the Sussex marriage. Breaks and splits, upheaval and tremors. Synchronicity at large. More recently, devastating floods in the area. Harry’s chart suggested a new home or heavily renovated home when I first began this story. The floods appeared later so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the family left Riven Rock. Happy Lunar New Year.

  148. Hi Jessica,

    What a brilliant blogpost – and the comments it has garnered!

    Something that may or may not be of interest, there are photos of Princess Catherine at City Hall in Boston on their latest trip to the States, during the height of the racism allegations against the Monarchy. She’s wearing a tartan dress and when she has her coat on she uncannily resembles The High Priestess card with a ‘cross’ at her chest and her pearl earrings. Her Mulberry bag she’s holding possibly mirroring the moon. Perhaps it is indicative of her part to play. On another note, it was announced just before Christmas that Soho House has paid $20m for a new location to open an outpost in Sydney – how the web widens!

    Best wishes to you for the New Year ahead.

    1. Thank you and Happy Lunar New Year to you, too. I agree, the comments (now past 300) are a brilliant part of the whole story. I must find that photograph of Princess Catherine resembling The High Priestess. Always a clever professional woman; frequently a graduate. I was just thinking about that today; how fortunate we are to have two future leaders who have been to one of the great universities of the world. The High Priestess is wisdom personified and the pearl is, of course, a pearl of wisdom. Often acquired after grit in the shell. Soho House is certainly expanding; I guess it will take The Sunday Times to dig deeper, or The Guardian. I do have a few journalists around the world who follow the astrology and it’s always useful when the horoscope gets straight to the point; the point very much being Harry’s foreign affairs, as we’ve seen.

  149. Jessica, James Grey Stuart was the youngest son of the 17th Earl of Moray. Being the youngest meant that he had to earn a living. He was equery to HRH Prince Albert. At the time that he and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon were courting, Bertie was having an affair with Lady Sheila Loughborough, a married woman and one of your compatriots.

    The King was determined to end the affair and insisted that his son had to marry. The King promised to make him Duke of York if he ended the relationship and then married someone suitable. Thus not having anyone in mind he lit upon the idea of making Elizabeth his bride. In essence he forced his equery to step away. James Stuart was rewarded with some honour and he went to work in the oil fields in Oklahoma.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth twice turned down Bertie’s proposals. Presumably because her parent’s forced her, she said yes on his third attempt. Their engagement was announced in January 1923 and they married in April of the same year.

    About the time of their marriage James Stuart announced his engagement and he married some months later. There is a photo of Elizabeth and Bertie on their wedding day. The look on her face is heartbreaking. James Stuart’s son has stated that his father always had a sad look in his eyes and had admitted to having been in love with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. On his death, his widow burned all his papers, as was his wish.

    James Grey Stuart makes an interesting read. But one of the things he is said to have told his son, was that Elizabeth was always well chaperoned. I expect that once it was found out that Bertie, George v and Queen Mary were determined to make her a Royal bride, her parents made sure that she didn’t elope with James Stuart. Because, from what I have read in the past, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was an independent minded young woman. I don’t think she would have given in to someone she didn’t love.

    I still hold to the idea that the couple had a secret marriage. Though of course I have no proof. Perhaps those papers were amongst those that were burned. I hope that this is of some help to you. Most people equate her and daughter Margaret’s relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend as being eerily similar. Perhaps you might feel the same.

    1. The monarchy is all about complicated relationships, isn’t it? Associated with Leo and the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders – it seems to be full of heartache. As you say, when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married, the look on her face said it all. A secret marriage is possible. Princess Margaret (another Sun Leo like Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) also had heartbreak. The moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed they were together, I looked up her sign. Sun Leo. I put the kettle on and made myself a large pot of tea at that point! Thank you for your fascinating research.

  150. Hello Jessica, me again. Happy New Year to you and thank you for keeping this blog going. I am watching everything that’s going on with H and M and the BRF with wide open eyes. Why I am so invested in this saga is anyones guess, but I feel the strongest need to defend the RF, particularly William and his family. Maybe it stems from the deep sense of disquiet that enveloped me when I found out that H was dating M. Maybe it was the darkness associated with the wedding; I don’t know. After 17 years of being a counsellor and psychologist maybe I’ve developed a feel for danger and for knowing hurt and pain. I feel the hurt from W and his wife very strongly. Even with their smiles while they do their duties, I see it in their eyes. They are deeply hurt.

    I note what you say about the Russia/China/Commonwealth connection and I was deeply shocked to discover just a few minutes ago, that South Africa, my country of birth, and a member of the Commonwealth, is allowing Russia to use its seas for naval drills. I consider this deeply disloyal to Britain, and I’m horrified that Cyril Ramaphosa, the SA PM, who just recently met with the RF, could do this. But then we are talking about a country with apartheid as its legacy, and with politicians who cannot be trusted except to line their own pockets.

    There is another branch growing out of this tree, and this is the connection between MM and Epstein. Allegedly, his unofficial biographer put it out that there was a photograph of Epstein’s yacht girls, and MM was one of them. I imagine you know what these yacht girls were on hand for. That photo has surfaced on Twitter, and she is indeed in it, along with her friends and a young girl described as Epstein’s girlfriend. She is very young! There are now questions in circulation about whether M knew or met Prince Andrew, although she said she didn’t even recognise him when she met him alongside the Queen and thought he was an employee. Did she know him? Was there any relations between them? Big questions, no answers yet.

    Her claim that she did not know PA doesn’t make sense as it is ludicrous that she didn’t know who the RF members were. There are further questions of whether this was the conversation W had with H, which led to the dog bowl fight. H is known for giving half a story, or his version of a story. It makes sense that if this info came to light, someone from the RF would have questioned H about it. The last I heard on this subject was that some American newspapers were picking up on the allegations and running stories about it. I have yet to verify this. Possibly, they would want more evidence before they could properly run such an earth shattering story, because of the likelihood that she would sue.

    It’s all such a mess, and yet I cannot keep my eyes away from it. It goes deeply to my sense of right and wrong. I question Harry’s therapy. In my work, almost every day involves two or three clients with family problems. Deep seated ones, in some cases. My therapy never seeks to divide family members, and only if there is physical or imminent danger would I ask a client to stay away from a parent or sibling. I am exhausted by it all at times.
    Thank you so much for your strength and your insights. I look forward to these readings, and I appreciate reading everyone’s contribution. It all adds to the rich tapestry being woven before us.
    Much love

    1. Thank you for contributing to the discussion about the monarchy. You were born in South Africa so are up to speed with Moscow’s and Beijing’s designs on the Commonwealth, and Africa in particular. This is where Harry and Meghan come in, of course – chip, chip, chipping away at everything our late Queen achieved. Harry’s astrology chart shows that Ninth House story (foreigners and foreign countries; foreign affairs and foreign interests) really clearly. I have read about the allegations that Meghan Markle was involved with Epstein and Maxwell, and paid as a yacht girl in the company of Prince Andrew. There is no evidence at all to support this. As Meghan’s birth data is not AA (completely reliable; based on time, date and place of birth) there is no point in looking beyond the superficial aspects of it. I did that some years ago and she’s a ‘surface’ fit for Princess Margaret. Harry is much easier, because protocol dictates the birth data is accurate and public. Mars at 16 Sagittarius in his Ninth House of foreign matters (as mentioned above) is aligned with a huge number of chart factors. Mars is the Roman god of war, as you know. There is something very wrong here.

  151. Great post! Lots of interesting comments and food for thought. March will be very interesting indeed.

    Couple of thoughts:
    I can’t imagine British soldiers walking around talking about their ‘kill-rate’ and becoming ‘dehumanized’. It is more like a Hollywood movie script than what real soldiers talk about.

    I haven’t read the book but from the comments, there is a “scorched earth” quality to this book. Harry seems determined to bring down his whole family, including the legacy of his grandmother. MM was a B rate actress at best, a yacht girl, “barrel girl”, she doesn’t come across as being that smart either. Maybe self-interested or narcissistic but not a world leader or a model citizen. She seems a bit silly. Aren’t we giving him (and her) too much credit? Are they really that smart?

    I wondered about timing, why release this book during a Mercury and Mars Retrograde ? wouldn’t it be doomed to fail or disappear?

    A thought about Pluto’s move into Aquarius. As a Sun Leo, MM will see a 7th house transit. I would wonder who will arise to transform not only her personal relationships but will bring power struggles and very dark times. Enemies come to light and many work against her. Lord help us if she tries to recover this by releasing her own autobiography ever sees the light of day.

    1. Thank you. Some of the insights readers have posted here, will make dramatic sense in March, at the end of the first week, and during the last week, which is when we see Saturn and Pluto make their historic turns. The timing of Spare on Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Mars Retrograde in Gemini is typical of books which are uncorrected first editions, so the second edition will be quite different. The mistakes within have been widely reported. Meghan is a Sun Leo with Saturn leaving her Seventh House of marriage and Pluto entering – in March. The Seventh House describes her first husband, as much as Harry, so the balance of power with both changes. As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, married in the Church of England, they have become public property (paid for by taxpayers, until they walked away) and so do have to answer to the public, for the roles they accepted. This is one of the few institutions where your marriage is your career. Meghan took the job but will feel the full weight of it, from March 2023.

  152. Hi Jessica

    Ghislaine Maxwell has apparently given an interview to Jeremy Kyle I wonder whether MM features, will be interesting to see. Presumably if there was a connection there the RF would know maybe that’s why they were keen to pay off Andrew’s accuser. It’s on Monday night apparently 7pm Uk time on Murdoch’s Talk TV.

    Looking forward to reading more comments!
    Julie x

    1. Thank you Julie. Ghislaine Maxwell interviewed on Mercury Retrograde will offer exactly what we’d expect – information that will be altered, retracted or come to nothing later. Mercury is in Capricorn the sign ruling the men at the top – so Charles is one of them.

  153. Hi Jessica,
    Further to Julie T’s comments, (the co owner of Soho House)American businessman Ron Burkle’s name is said to have been included in Epstein’s black book and also appeared in the log of Epstein’s 747 plane on a flight to S.Africa along with Bill Clinton.
    Meghan said on Oprah she already knew Princess Eugenie before she met H. Makes his comment in “Spare” that she didn’t know who Eugenie’s father Prince Andrew was, seem suspect.
    Also, wasn’t MM listed as a witness by Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers? If true, could it have been a contributing factor to Andrew’s settling out of court?
    In the press it said the RF had instructed him to settle to avoid it overshadowing the Jubilee which seems reasonable. Doesn’t exclude any other considerations though.
    H does seem to be playing games with reality in his statements doesn’t he? Not only contradicting some of the Oprah claims with Tom Bradby but also contradicting as “nonsense” Omid Scobie’s claims in “Finding Freedom” about MM’s supposed security training.
    Wonder what all the apparent deliberate claims/counterclaims strategy is about?
    Thanks so much for this blog – so fascinating and just can’t wait to see the astrology of March unfolding.
    Thank you for your dedication!

    1. Thank you. Ron Burkle was in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book and in his private jet log as reported in New York’s most trusted magazine. Billionaire Burkle has a 42.5% stake in Soho House according to The Guardian. Markus Anderson, Meghan’s close friend, is a Soho House consultant. I could say, the plot thickens, but we don’t know is there is a plot. It’s rather like that old song about ‘I’ve danced with a man, who danced with a girl, who danced with the Prince of Wales.’ Prince Harry has given obvious product placement and brand endorsement to Soho House, over several pages of Spare. It’s where he and Meghan went on their first date. It’s where they had sex. Of course some might say that is a disincentive. His wife is close to Markus Anderson and Markus Anderson works for Burkle, who flew on Epstein’s plane. I was thinking about two cycles that crash into each other in 2023 that might give us some more information. Pluto leaves Capricorn so elite white plutocrats are over. That’s March. The world of billionaires and little black books, Russian oligarchs and super yachts does not last. Pluto in Aquarius is coming for the next 20 years and it doesn’t really do private members’ clubs. The other big, big factor is the South Node (karma) in Scorpio (sex, death and money). This cycle runs to July 2023. It pulls in karma from 18-19 years prior, and a further 18-19 years before that. Scorpio is about dangerous marriages and dangerous sexual relationships. They can be toxic or destructive. Scorpions cannibalise each other or sting each other to death during sex; the old astrologers had a dark sense of humour. Maxwell-Epstein is all this. March until July 2023 will take us as far as it’s possible to go, in terms of seeing the past come back to haunt Ghislaine Maxwell. Can of worms, isn’t it? I think we deserve better. I know we deserve better.

  154. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for keeping this blog going … it has been so enlightening for me and for many others. I notice Iran is being mentioned more. Iran is certainly closely allied with Russia and some of the weaponry that is murdering innocent civilians in Ukraine is made in Iran. I am wondering what you see in the future for Iran? The Iranian people are trying to overthrow the brutal regime oppressing them. Many have given their lives and suffered torture in the infamous Evin Prison. The protests started with the murder of a young woman by the regime and then brave women took to the streets and then the broader population supported them. I hope with all my heart that your prediction that Ukraine will win happens soon … I also hope that the people of Iran can find freedom at long last. We in western democracies are quick to find fault with our systems but a quick comparison with the oppressive regimes operating around the world eg. Iran, Russia, China and so many others, should remind us to treasure our relative freedom. The people of Ukraine and Iran show us that many are willing to die for what we in the west take for granted. You frequently mention that Pluto in Aquarius means people power … I so love the thought of this and the prospect of the bevy of despots we currently have around the world meeting their Waterloo. Love your work Jessica. Rx

    1. Thank you and apologies for such a late reply. Iran is a good example of people power over a 20-year period. Pluto in Aquarius is so rare, but every time it unfolds, we see men joining women as their allies, pushing back against toxic male leadership. There are so many examples, starting with Boudicca in 60AD and most recently with Mary Wollstonecraft and her Vindication of the Rights of Women, which was a suffragette manifesto before there was even a movement to get women the vote. My favourite example is King Henry VIII and his poisonous attitude towards women and female power. He was defeated by the most peculiar twists of fate in the end and – Elizabeth I. It looks good for Iran for this reason. It also looks good for Ukraine. We’ve only just started with this. There is a long gap from June 2023 to Christmas, then in 2024 it restarts. From 2025 we realise – wow – these women and men are actually going to win.

  155. Hi Jessica, Just a small addition to the great contributions here. MM absence while H does the publicity rounds re ‘Spare’ has been noted on the front page (snippet at the bottom of page granted) of Saturday’s ( today)The Daily Telegraph ‘Harry left to fly solo as Meghan slips off radar’. Hmmmm
    Fascinating blog. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I just had another reader submit a possible reason why, but I can’t publish it unfortunately.

  156. I didn’t mean to imply that the alleged perpetrators wife had anything to do with these crimes. She doesn’t!

    1. That’s fine. I’m afraid I can’t publish your comments even though I’d like to thank you for passing them on. I hope you understand.

  157. Thank you for keeping us on our toes Jessica. I always love twists and ‘whodunit’ types of stories and movies although this one is more a reality show. I remember hearing Harry is bisexual before he met Megan. That stuck with me because of the way it was said and who told me. The other thing that raised my eyebrows was Megan saying she did not know of Prince Harry, although she was regularly traveling to London many times before they met. There is no way you can miss the Royal Family pictures, souvenirs, magazines and news if you stay in London not even for a day. And there is no way she knew Princess Eugenie and not know of her cousins who are closest in line to the throne. Especially since her dearest friend Anderson knows everybody who is a member at Soho house, not just that, there are pictures of him and Prince Andrew on a yacht together with some other people, there is no way anybody can tell me that he did not tell her being on vacation elbow to elbow suntanning and drinking gin and tonics with the Prince. Their stories are so muddy it makes no logical sense.
    As for Princess Diana, I was a kid when she died, but I remember when it happened and my father said that she was killed. My mother asked why he thinks that and my father said she was pregnant with a Muslim and that there is no way the Royal Family would let the future king have a Muslim brother. I guess that made some sense back then but who knows. We will see what happens after March this year..
    Happy Lunar New Year of the Water Bunny to everybody! May it be full of love, prosperity and good health.

    1. Have to say, the alternative Harry and Meghan fiction industry is far more imaginative than (even) the real thing. Harry bisexual? Well I never. I remember a photograph of her, as a young tourist, not yet an actress, beaming outside Buckingham Palace. I’ve never done that, have you? She must have been interested in the House of Windsor even then, so the ignorance about the family is hard to believe. Even republicans know the facts! The allegations about Diana ended up with an ‘unlawful killing’ ruling in court, which is important. The blame went to the allegedly drunk driver. No.

  158. Hello Jessica,
    These comments may be “for your eyes only”, although I am not wishing to overstate their importance, being mindful of, as you say, the alternative Harry & Meghan fiction industry.
    For the past few days, I have checked in to this blog, hoping that someone else has posted the following information, as they may well have. I feel rather like a worker in the basement of an intelligence service who has come across information & is wondering if reporting it will result in the boss standing by her desk saying “If you are not going to take this seriously, you can leave now”. Overthinking much? Not to worry, as I imagine you will apply your critical and psychic blowtorch.
    The first finding on my skimming of the tangled web, to paraphrase Sir Walter Scott (not Shakespeare as is easily & reasonably assumed) was a YT video posted 5 days ago by Lady C (Lady Colin Campbell, a Leo) with the beginning of the title being “Meghan sets Harry up for plucking”. Lady C is very well connected, as shown by her posting of the first notification of the Queen’s death, for which she was castigated. It has been suggested however, that this was done to prevent MM from broadcasting the news through Harry, from the plane. She also seems to have been the first to say, for the same sort of reason, that Her Majesty passed from bone cancer, which was apparently confirmed in the publication on 5/12/22 of “Elizabeth, an Intimate Portrait”, by Gyles Brandreth, a close friend of the Royal Family, in particular, Charles & Camilla. (I have not read it). Lady C speaks beautifully, but I do find I have to speed up playback as she speaks quite slowly. Otherwise the backlog of chores caused by this topic will grow even greater.
    A question is asked of Lady C at 41.12 to 43.48 of the video about the subject of the Royal Family apologising to Harry & Meghan.
    Lady C then answers, quote, “I am telling you, everybody is sitting on a massive secret. Massive. And they have been doing so for a while. The family didn’t know about it, for quite a while. They were actually enlightened by the public, in dribs and drabs. More than that, I do not wish to say, at this juncture. There’s nothing that the Royal Family has to apologise for”.
    My second skimming is in regard to “The Royal Rogue”, Jesus Enrique Rosas’ second channel. (He no longer posts H & M videos on his “The Body Language Guy” channel). Today he posted a summary video entitled “With No Return Address” subtitled “Did the Queen kick Meghan out of the UK?” Jesus has put a warning on the video of “Outrageous Gossip Alert”. Also as you reminded us, Mercury is retrograde. In relation to that point, commenters have said that the information given in this video has come out before (not sure when, so not sure what Mercury was doing then). On the longer original video, he says he will make a video on Markus Anderson as promised about a year ago & he apologises for the delay. I have found that he does seem to unearth interesting information & connects dots in an original way, in my opinion.
    As always, I wonder about the veracity of the information we are presented with. If the information is correct, shades of Boudicca in QE11? If fiction, I think how creative the authors of it are.
    In the category of truth sometimes being stranger than fiction, comes the information that Catherine, Princess of Wales’ cousin & apparently her favourite cousin, Lucy Middleton, is a lawyer at Harry’s publishing house.
    Many thanks for your previous replies to my comments.
    A Happy Lunar New Year to you also,
    Janie Bee, just a drone.

    1. Thank you Janie Bee. Thank you. Lady Colin Campbell is a hoot, isn’t she? She also has inside information. When she told us that our late Queen had bone cancer, she was echoing Gyles Brandreth, who I’ve met and who follows me on Twitter, as I do him. He’s a very nice man.  Now, Gyles is also a superb royal author, former politician and friend of Prince Philip – and he confirmed the Queen’s sad diagnosis of bone marrow cancer during the last years of Her Majesty’s life in Queen Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait

      Thus, Lady Campbell has form. The massive secret she talks about (if you look at the astrology) would have been there from 2017 to 2019 during the Leo eclipses. I published a prediction about that way back on 17th July 2017 before we knew about Epstein, Maxwell, Prince Andrew – or that Meghan would marry Harry.

      In the original prediction about the Royal Family I referenced ‘Affairs, Heirs and Spares’ and of course it would be six years before Prince Harry even contemplated Spare as a title, so I think I was working on a purely psychic level for that section. If you are in the mood to look for astrological clues about the cover-up Lady C is mentioning, these are the Leo eclipse dates; Leo ruling monarchy in astrology.

      August 7th 2017 Sun 15 Leo – Moon 15 Aquarius
      August 21st 2017 Sun 28 Leo – Moon 28 Leo
      January 31st 2018 Moon 11 Leo – Sun 11 Aquarius
      July 27th 2018 Sun 4 Leo – Moon 4 Aquarius
      August 11th 2018 Sun 18 Leo – Moon 18 Leo
      January 21st 2019 Moon 0 Leo – Sun 0 Aquarius

      Now, the legal advice on Camilla and Charles’s marriage was sealed, until his death, way back in 2010.

      If the cover-up Lady C mentions relates to that (why was it sealed?) then it may have become unsealed, or resealed, in 2017-2019. I have always been curious about Meghan telling Oprah Winfrey she and Harry had a secret marriage, three days before the rest of us saw the pair in church.

      Prince Harry and Meghan had a public wedding ceremony at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018, that was watched by millions of people around the world.
      “[But] you know, three days before our wedding, we got married. No-one knows that,” Meghan told Oprah Winfrey.
      “We called the Archbishop and we just said, ‘Look, this thing, this spectacle is for the world but we want our union between us.’ So, the vows that we have framed in our room are just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury.”
      Harry confirmed this by saying, “just the three of us”. Here is a link to very good ABC (Australia) coverage of the story.
      Senior Anglican George Pitcher, who advised a previous Archbishop of Canterbury, has mused, if there were even two other people watching, then there were two witnesses and so the Church of England may have an issue. A gardener? A security guard? You can hear more from Pitcher here.
      Of course, Lady C may be talking about some other cover-up which has implications for the Church of England, particularly if it involves the law – but looking at all these charts, the whole world is about to be reminded that the Supreme Governor of the Church of England is always the reining monarch.

      It’s interesting to see how busy the Anglicans have been since Charles III replaced his mother. Their bishops have refused to back gay marriage. The Church of England wants to fund £100 million in compensation for slavery. This is all going somewhere, and the astrology suggests a split over the monarch – their Supreme Governor. Defender of the Faith. Thank you for continuing the discussion. I’m all for the hive mind looking at this, because I think we’re all reaching a point where we feel it’s time for some – facts.

  159. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your warp speed reply, given all that you do. I am very glad to be a part of this particular beehive.
    I will follow your links above, as I have been trying to work out why on earth the 3 protagonists in the private wedding of Harry & Meghan would bother to have a wedding 3 days before the blockbuster. The only thing I could come up with prior to this was that it could have been a power trip by all of them. I have been reading your site since early 2016, so I had seen your predictions, but will re-read, and digest it all, not at warp speed however.
    I do agree about Lady C, I do find myself liking her, and her dogs. I also like Gyles Brandreth, who is on the British show “Would I Lie to You”, among others of course, including QI. He is very humourous, in a genuinely self-deprecating way, to my mind.
    Also as you say, we very much need and deserve the cold hard facts. At least these days it is harder for people to lie, with everyone having a camera in their hands, and many checks able to be made by our fingertips.
    One such fact has been established in regard to Harry’s claim in the interview with Tom Bradby that neither he nor Meghan called the Royal Family racist, but that the British Press said that Meghan did. However, in the Oprah interview, in a segment where Meghan compares Catherine having to deal with the rudeness of being called Waity Katie with her own experience in the Royal Family, she says rudeness and racism are not the same. Oprah also used the word “Race”a few times in the interview. Not to mention their acceptance of the Kennedy award for highlighting institutional racism, I think was the term.
    To digress, and jump back to the talk of Riven Rock, it put me in mind of the 1981 movie “Excalibur”, which I found magnificently moody & lush, to quote I have no idea who, in reviews of other films. This version was directed by John Boorman, and starred Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson, Cherie Lunghi & Nicholas Clay, amongst other luminaries of the acting world. The screenplay was adapted from Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur. You may of course have seen it.
    I thank you again & look forward to further explorations and discoveries on your site.
    Janie Bee

    1. Janie Bee, there may be more to the secret Harry-Meghan vows with the Archbishop of Canterbury than first appears. Astrology to the rescue again. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 took place on the same cycle we are about to see, starting in July 2023. That’s the Aries-Libra node cycle, and being Libra, it concerns marriage and weddings. The act has been modified, but the first six people in line to the throne need permission to marry by the sovereign, if they and their descendants are to remain in the line of succession. The Church of England’s rules are: marriage can only happen with two witnesses present. In the Oprah Winfrey interview, Harry repeated there were ‘only three of us’ and Meghan said it (one more time) in the grounds of Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. The vows were framed. But what if two paparazzi were watching, for example? We’d be watching July 2023, when the South Node enters Libra in a cycle going backwards in time to 1772, to see if this ends up being an issue; in which case, the pair were doing a lot more than a romantic ritual. Excalibur is a great film. Something to watch later! Thank you.

  160. Hi Jessica

    The plot certainly thickens and Meghan has gone very, very quiet. I am wondering if the secret the family are sitting on is to do with Meghan and these stories around her past on yachts? I’ve no idea but if the source of the secret is dribs and drabs from the public I think it’s more likely to be about her and her ‘possibly’ shady past. I know you’ve mentioned the security services in the past but, surely, she would have been checked out on the quiet or is it a case of they were too busy with the Andrew business plus working as hard as they do foiling all the terrorist plots we don’t get to hear about? Time will tell but, as you’ve said before, we may never find out.

    Fantastic work by you as always and love reading your blogs.


    1. Thank you Lesley. Yes, I have seen the allegations that Meghan Markle, at that time, an actress, was a yacht girl. There is a question hanging over this period in history, about the role that MI5 and MI6 played throughout what has turned out to be a disaster for Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, but more particularly the UK-US Special Relationship and The Commonwealth. There is also a question about the FBI under Donald Trump, during the era known as ‘Trump Russia.’ Meghan of course played an FBI agent on television. Isn’t fate strange?

  161. Hi Jessica,
    Adding to Janie Bee’s musings, it’s interesting that she quotes Lady C about a “massive secret” – it’s all so secretive where the Harkles are concerned isn’t it?
    But the part where she says the RF “were actually enlightened” by the public “in dribs and drabs” is intriguing.
    Being mindful of the internet gossip/fiction industry surrounding M&H of course. Could it be Doria related – for example, the “missing”years Tom Bower refers to?
    Or if it relates to weddings , one of the internet rumours/gossip I’ve seen put forward purports to an early alleged MM marriage annulment. Repercussions possibly for both subsequent weddings if any truth in it??
    With reference to the odd product placement in “Spare” – a photo of MM outside Soho House Istanbul with photographer Jason Bailey and Old Etonian actor Eddie Redmayne (friend of W&H) taken apparently on April 25 2015.
    Prince Harry and his father were said to be in Istanbul April 24&25 2015 for Gallipoli centenary commemoration.
    Nick Jones CEO of Soho House said in an interview that by end of 2027 there would be 85 worldwide. Could it suggest a future “chief impact officer” (!) type role for H or a possible investment by MM like the coffee?

    1. Lady Colin Campbell is not someone I’d heard of until readers kept telling me to look at her YouTube channel. I disagree with her statement that the wedding of Charles and Camilla was legal. It was waved through under protest and senior officials close to Diana, and experienced royal reporters, as well as (at least) one former Archbishop of Canterbury, had grave doubts. Why were documents sealed? I agree with you, there is secrecy everywhere and not just with the scheming of Meghan and Harry. It was ever thus, with the monarchy, but at a certain point, people have had enough. Pluto in Aquarius is one such moment, historically, and it’s not far away. Lady C is really of no help whatsoever by saying the ‘massive secret’ was something the public told the family, online. Astrology is of more help, as we can pinpoint dates for a cover-up. (See my reply to Janie Bee with a list of Leo eclipses). Thank you for letting me know about the photograph of Meghan outside Soho House Istanbul. You know, Pluto in Aquarius is also important, because it rules groups. It rules members’ clubs. I’ve often been to Soho House, Soho branch, and been intrigued by all the hidden rooms, nooks and crannies. It is famously easy to get lost there. Will Pluto in Aquarius tell us more about this sprawling global enterprise? Let’s watch the final week of March, onwards. Your eagle eyes have spotted that Prince Harry was also in Istanbul at the time. Does Soho House hold yet more secrets?

  162. Hi Jessica,

    Just thought you might like to know that King Charles iii and Queen Consort Camilla are due to make a state visit to France as a guest to President Macron on the 27th March. Maybe this bound up with the portents you have seen for that month.

    1. Timing! Thank you for letting me know. This is important. Pluto enters Aquarius, just as he entered Aquarius over a quarter-century ago, when the French Revolution began and their monarchy was given the chop.

  163. Hi Jessica

    I’ve just seen on line that Prince Andrew has been saying a secret will come out next month to clear his reputation wondering if this is entwined with the H&M saga?xx

    1. I wish Andrew would not give the saga any more oxygen. He has Saturn moving into a conjunction with his Sun. He could clear his name for a short time then find the information war resumes. That is what this is. It’s industrial-strength propaganda being pumped out online by those who wish the Commonwealth and the Special Relationship harm. Now is the time to beat a retreat. Come back later.

  164. Somewhere in my memory I recall Fergie wrote a book and in it she said she contacted plantar warts due to borrowing Diana’s shoes. That kind of detail was to sell more books? Mud slinging in the family. I was hurt just reading that! Never forgot it. Diana ended her friendship with Fergie perhaps at that point; this was in the 1990’s. I am adding here that tell-all-books backfire at some point.

    Thank you for your insights, Jessica. I am up late transcribing dates from your blogs into my 2023 calendar….I need calendars for a few years ahead, too, because you supply us with many vantage points!!

    p.s. have you told us the life you had before working for the government during WW11? I would love to travel in this area with you now that we all can look up past ives in your timetables in your recent book.

    1. Thanks Cecelia. Yes, the Duchess of York claimed the Princess of Wales had given her plantar warts with her size 6.5 shoes. There goes the mystique of royalty. I did work for British intelligence during the last war, in my last life. No borrowed shoes for me.

  165. Hello Jessica, just wondering, if only three people, H M and the AB were present for the secret marriage, who took the picture of the vows? ok, first does vows mean, H n M at the altar making their promises with the AB at the centre? If it means this then, the picture, maybe they had a camera roling throughout on a stand…could be possible…which negates my own doubt.ha..i shud stop being curious about this whole royal story…Thank you Jessica, I think the complete truth will never be out…just like, how did Diana die..Sigh..

    1. We don’t know if the vows were photographed, but they must have been signed, because Meghan told Oprah Winfrey they were decorating their wall. At the same time, everything the pair do, is commonly photographed or filmed, isn’t it? You’d think a photographer would have been there. And a security guard for either the Archbishop of Canterbury and/or the couple. This line of thought (not the specifics, but the possibility of two witnesses) was suggested by an Anglican official who advised another Archbishop of Canterbury. I do think the truth will come out, actually, because we are about to go into the same rare astrology cycle that took place when the monarchy signed its own rules on marriage into law. By now, I think we have also come to realise that Meghan and Harry are running a disruption narrative. What could possibly be more disruptive to Charles and Camilla’s planned coronation ceremony, than a serious question about the legality of their nuptials? And, hey presto, the peculiar little ceremony held behind the public’s back (never mind the Church of England) is rolled out…

  166. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your amazing work.

    H & M legal marriage certificate is the day of the big wedding. It is illegal to not to supply the correct date – signed by the Archbishop.
    However, maybe the vows were read in the mini wedding, which would satisfy the church. So both could be true. It may not be an issue at all. Just another little dig at the world by M.
    King Charles & Camilla’s wedding, of course is a different matter.
    Charles could still be crowned, but Camilla should probably go out for tea that day.
    Or have I got all that wrong – happy to be corrected.
    As for the secrets that Lady C is suggesting, I think I’ve heard about 20 possible issues that could be classed
    as ‘Secret’. So, it’s almost a bingo card I guess.

    1. Thank you. I think one of the issues here is the uncertain nature of the law, and also Church law, which is open to interpretation. It’s fuzzy. It always has been, ever since Henry VIII created the Church of England, as monarchs always redefine what it is. I was thinking about couples who exchange vows privately. It’s private. That’s the whole point. Why ask the Archbishop of Canterbury? Unless you want to disrupt the Church of England, of course, by basically undermining the sanctity of the holy ceremony three days later. The Church of England, under Welby’s approval, has already begun disrupting itself, and March will bring the next episode. That is when we will realise just how important wedding and marriage rules really are. That’s what these astrology charts show.

  167. Watching Dan Wootton talking to Tom Bower again last night and a statement from Meghan was shown on screen where she states she “wouldn’t have gone about it the same way as Harry” but it’s his book. Almost as if she’s pulling back? TB thought she’s just distancing herself because her book’s coming soon but DW thought it’s because their popularity in the US is falling. Interesting.

    1. If one were writing the next episode of The Harry and Meghan Show, a separation would be good ratings. It would be uncertain, though, so that there could be a reunion episode. You’d drag the children into it, of course. I’ve said before that the astrological charts for Harry and Meghan remind me of an actress and producer, with a foreign production team. At some point it would be useful to find out where the industrial strength Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tik-Tok content about Meghan and Harry is coming from. Some of it is sincere, because the show is designed to provoke, and even anger – but the astrological chart suggests it would be useful to wait for the media to uncover Russian interference (and of course Russia partners with China) before assuming this is all just more ‘random’ plot twists. That could be really interesting. Harry’s chart shows shocks ahead.

  168. I’ve been thinking about “Spare” again and how bizarre some of the information is. I was at a meeting today where some people were testing AI apps as a joke. AI apps can write resumes, stories and student essays. What the apps produce is pretty good — convincing. People were astonished at how sophisticated AI is getting. There are also now anti-AI apps that are going to be used by teachers to detect whether students have used an AI app to write those essays!

    I got wondering if maybe everything about Harry was fed into an AI app and out came a book that was then massaged by ghost writers. If it hasn’t happened for Spare, I’m sure an AI based biography is close to becoming a reality. Pluto does more into Aquarius in a few months….

    1. Too funny. Was Spare written by Artificial Intelligence machines? I was chatting about the book to Imogen Edwards-Jones on Sarah Vine’s Daily Mail podcast and she commented it read as if several different people had been behind it. I concur. I’ve now lent it to my friend Susan who minds the dog – waiting for her review. I suppose the thing that stands out for me was Harry’s utter failure to remember the names of the man who lent them a Canadian mansion to escape to – and the man who sold them their California estate – but no trouble name-dropping Soho House and its street number and name. Selective memory is an interesting thing. We were told about his father’s Dior products, but not about the name of the controversial tiara. In all cases everything omitted was Russian. True.

  169. Hi Jessica,
    According to an article in the Tatler 07/09/22 writer Rebecca Cope states that it was the Vladimir tiara Meghan wanted. So it would have been another Russia connection!
    Made in 1890s for the Grand Duchess Vladimir. Smuggled out of Russia in 1917. The Grand Duchess died in 1920 and Queen Mary bought it. It was originally diamonds hung with pearls. Queen Mary had it repaired and altered so the original hanging pearls could be interchanged for 15 of Queen Mary’s emeralds so it could be worn 3 ways.
    QE2 inherited it from her grandmother Queen Mary and wore it several times in all 3 versions.
    Princess Eugenie wore the Kokoshnik tiara. Also emerald and diamond but a totally different tiara.

    1. I looked at the Tatler article, thank you. Prince Harry and Meghan were obviously told the name of the ’emerald tiara’ but it doesn’t make the book. The Vladimir was The Queen’s favourite. The Kokoshnik, also with emeralds, was French made, but to (obviously) a Russian design. Big vague paragraph. Why wouldn’t you remember?

  170. Hi Jessica,
    What does the astrology make of Prince Harry’s announced appearance in the upcoming BetterUp conference taking place in San Francisco over 7th and 8th March?

    1. The timing chimes with Saturn entering Pisces for the first time in 29 years, and Harry’s Seventh House of marriage, but also enemies. It’s very odd. The event itself does not seem Covid safe; lots of people in a hotel, no mention of HEPA filters, UVC light or anything else. Questionable for so many different reasons.

  171. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your reply.
    We may have another viewpoint on tiaragate among other things, whenever Angela Kelly’s book comes out. I read in the press that AK reported to QEII that H apparently used a swear word to her over the (Vladimir) tiara not being brought as “requested”
    If true, perhaps it was not just the Russian provenance that caused QEII to refuse her favourite tiara!
    It’s interesting that its Russian origins were a problem for MM to wear it to the wedding, when QEII wore it so often herself despite those origins. Or did the wise old queen know something else?
    Odd that “Vladimir” is such an easy name to remember but not for H seemingly.
    QEII also refused them their own independent “office” (keeping them overseen by Buckingham palace) and refused their request for a suite of rooms in Windsor castle, giving use of Frogmore instead. Refused them permission to use “Sussex Royal” brand name. Attempts to establish their own “court” ?? All blocked by QEII.
    It looks like their apparent attempts at setting up themselves up as an alternative/rival “royal” family in US have also hit a few bumps – not for want of trying. But they are nothing if not determined it seems.
    Netflix and H’s book and interviews not having produced overwhelmingly positive responses from Hollywood/media/public opinion – poll results through the floor – we now seem to be getting endless hints/comments supposedly on MM’s behalf distancing herself from it all. No sign of her. Which is odd. Or another strategy?

    1. Angela Kelly is the woman, isn’t she? Thank you for following up. I’d say our Queen knew exactly what was going on with Harry and Meghan. She didn’t swing from a helicopter with 007 at the London Olympics, for nothing. I agree with you; if the Vladimir tiara was the ’emerald’ head piece produced, then why didn’t Harry remember it when it was time to write the book? Perhaps it was the other ’emerald tiara’ which Eugenie later borrowed. If we were writing in the style of Ian Fleming we’d suspect our late Queen had set the whole thing up to embarass the pair, if she suspected there was a story involving Russian Americans, or American Russians. Prince Harry was wearing a virtual replica of Tsar Nicolas II’s frock coat, why not have the bride nodding to the Romanovs too? Somehow I don’t think Angela Kelly will tell us, verbatim, but being a loyalist to our Queen and a brilliant chronicler, let’s hope we see some truth for the history books. Finally – Harry’s next American public appearance will be at a hotel in San Francisco for a weekend conference, which MI6 must be watching like a hawk. Anyone can go. Anyone can book a room. Ye Gods.

  172. Hi Jessica

    The daily mail are reporting that Charles has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal to get Harry at the coronation, William is reported being concerned if he does attend, could this be the beginning of the end of the coronation plans? Julie xx

    1. I sometimes appear in the Daily Mail and you can trust that information. Charles III is boxing clever here. Asking the Archbishop of Canterbury to invite (at least) Prince Harry to the planned coronation, is very wise. What we have here is a game of chess that the astrology has picked up. I don’t see the media picking it up at all. As we are now approaching 350 comments on this story, I am not changing the original prediction, but I will add to the information in these discussions. So many thanks for adding to the conversation, Julie. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has his General Synod from 6th February where you can bet Holy Matrimony is on the agenda. Days ago, Church of England bishops (after five years of wrangling) have refused to let priests marry same-sex couples. The best gay men or lesbians can hope for is a blessing, after a civil marriage. Remind you of anyone? Then there’s that other blessing – we assume that’s what it was – when Welby joined Harry and Meghan in the garden without telling anybody, until Meghan told Oprah Winfrey in front of millions and so he had to explain himself. It is part of Harry and Meghan’s form, to disrupt. Are they going to disrupt the proposed coronation? Yes. How? Welby. Given the Libra patterns I am seeing in 2023, 2024 this is about the law and Anglican doctrine as much as husband and wife, King and Queen (or Queen Consort) and so on. It’s time for wigs on judges.

  173. Is it just me or is the following a very surprising public comment from an Archbishop of Canterbury – it’s from The Daily Mail. It’s not hard to interpret it as a comment that’s as much about being conflicted as about being anxious about his role and the event.

    “Mr Welby, who will be the first Archbishop to crown a monarch since Geoffrey Fisher in 1953, has admitted he is having ‘nightmares’ about the Coronation going wrong.

    “ He said: ‘I think two nights ago I dreamt we had got to the point [of placing the crown on the King’s head] and I had left the crown at Lambeth Palace. Now, how did I get the crown to Lambeth Palace since it’s guarded by half the Army? I’ve no idea. But I was looking around and the King was looking at me. A nightmare. It’s obviously weighing on me quite a lot.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. Thank you. Lambeth Palace. I’ll take a closer look at that. It is quite specific, even for a nightmare.

  174. The article in the Daily Mail also mentioned that the Archbishop Justin Welby had to pull out of the General Synod in 2019 to perform baby Archie’s christening…given all the controversy surrounding the pregnancy (moon bump?) and the birth, is Archie also part of this chess game?

    1. Amazing. I had no idea this had happened. Archie, the baby who was born into what the pair fondly call Archewell, is part of the saga, isn’t he? I am not sure about the truth of the infamous ‘moon bump’ photo shoot, but the fact that Welby abandoned the Synod to perform Archie’s christening instead, having already gone behind the backs of the bishops to hear Meghan and Harry’s secret vows – will have stayed with many Anglicans. If you want to set up a rift in the Church of England, you could do something like this. You might also allow Reverend Bingo Allison to appear on television and in newspapers in his lipstick and earrings, knowing full well that the bishops do not approve of Holy Matrimony between two men. Have to say, that horoscope for the Church of England is telling us the truth; this is a Pluto Return and it will shake the foundations of the church.

  175. I just looked at Lambeth Palace on the internet…and went on the site “A Monument of Fame” about the archives (and physically archiving) of the Lamberth Palace Library. Lots of secrets revealed, like court papers of secret marriages and much more. Fascinating. Best, C.

    1. You’re a star, thank you C. Secret marriages in the Lambeth Palace Library – but of course. Do I believe Welby’s nightmare? I’m not sure. Perhaps his unconscious is talking to him about the coronation – or perhaps he is part of a set-up that is bigger than himself. The battle royal that is coming will be about same-sex Holy Matrimony and what a valid wedding is.

  176. Hi Jessica,
    Don’t know if you will be able to publish this. In view of Libra connection to marriages/weddings:
    Have read a TikTok post/video (@ladyamberleigh), discussing details of MM weddings to Trevor Engelson.
    Allegedly they were legally married in a secret civil ceremony on 16th August in Los Angeles. MM’s parents were not invited. Date was legally sealed so only a court order could access it.
    After the official wedding in Jamaica, it is claimed Thomas Markle says he was asked by MM for the only official video of that ceremony , which he duly handed over to MM and she destroyed it a short time later. And we know the marriage ended in divorce.
    If this is true it’s a similar pattern- a secret and then official wedding each time.
    So the suggestion is she has had 4 “weddings”.
    You have predicted MM losing her titles and being offered the same status as Peter Phillips around March time.
    The Mail on Sunday stated today that H is insisting on prominent seats and titles as part of any deal brokered by Archbishop Welby for them to attend the Coronation.
    Or will something about her (alleged) 4 weddings be a factor as much as Charles’ and Camilla’s?

    1. Aha. Trevor Engelson. Now that is interesting, given that this goes back exactly to the last South Node in Libra cycle. I will have a look at this; it hadn’t occurred to me that this is another possible Church of England issue. Some are suggesting the first nuptials weren’t legal either. Four Weddings and a Funeral, good grief! This brings us back around to the issue of ‘what is Holy Matrimony’ in the Church of England which is an extremely sensitive subject, given the Abdication and Princess Margaret. Thanks very much for this. March does look explosive. The end of the first week and the final week. Every chart is hit then.

  177. Why do you suppose that Meghan Markle risked the legality of not one but two marriages? If she actually has a certificate of marriage prior to the supposed real event, she risks the legitimacy of her children as royal heirs.

    Could she be considered a bigamist twice over?

    1. There does seem to be an undermining of religion in both ceremonies, as on the last South Node in Libra cycle, 2004 (set to come back, natch) Meghan began dating Trevor Engelson, son of a Jewish couple. The biographer Tom Bower says Meghan married Trevor under a chuppah, the canopy for a traditional Jewish ceremony. At the end Trevor stamped on a bag of glass. That symbolises the fragility of of relationships for Jews. Despite this, there were also ‘private’ promises between Meghan and Trevor before the Jewish ceremony. Equally, when the couple divorced, no lawyers were involved. This is not bigamy, but it is a strong example of how you can’t just ‘move on’ in astrology. Libra rules the law, and also spiritual law, and now we are circling back around to the South Node in Libra (starting July 2023) Meghan will see karma. There’s a bit of a message here for all lovestruck women heading down the aisle in a white wedding dress. The religious aspect – the deal with God, to quote Kate Bush – has repercussions.

    1. Thank you. I saw that news break about the Russian Twitter onslaught about Meghan. Thank you for giving me another link. This is a manufactured war.

  178. What struck me when I saw Catherine on a recent news clip was her clothes, no, her COSTUME, including grooming and high stilettos. Only to then read a prepared speech, unveil a plaque etc, with barely a hint of the real person underneath.
    The word that comes to mind is anachronistic. Or, even more fitting, kabuki. It all seemed as elaborate, staged, artificial, highly choreographed and, these days, completely removed from the lives of ordinary people.
    I would have thought that Pluto in Capricorn might bring an end to that. Or at least to such a manufactured and rigid stereotype of femininity.

    1. Pluto in Capricorn (and entering Aquarius) in the final week of March 2023 will end ‘the system’ as we knew it. And that is the British establishment. So this is bigger than the Princess of Wales and her wardrobe – or the Duchess of Sussex, come to that. Pluto leaves the sign of the elite ruling the masses, and enters the sign of equality, diversity and community. What this does by 2044 when the cycle ends will transform the monarchy we know now.

  179. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the replies and predictions (now unfolding)
    Report in today’s Guardian newspaper, Archbishop Welby told group of MPs in a private meeting Lambeth Palace that he would rather see the Church of England “lose its privileged status as the established church of the country than risk the global church fracturing over disagreements on same-sex marriage. “ Roll on March.

    1. Fantastic. I’d not seen this in The Guardian. We are back at Lambeth Palace again. Curiously, the Mutiny on the Bounty has a part to play in all this, as its protagonist is buried just near the palace. Sometimes the universe has a sense of humour. There will be a mutiny against Welby at the General Synod, or in response to that, near the first or second week of March. Welby himself may wave a sword to mutiny against his bishops. Thank you for the update.

  180. Catherine just launched her Shaping Us campaign about how the first years of our lives greatly shape our future and our future mental health. Along with being a very worthy cause, it is somewhat ironic because if you ask why did Harry turn out so mentally unstable? A big reason is certainly his own childhood. While they of course had everything materially, William and Harry’s home was completely chaotic. Diana of course suffered from mental health issues herself and while it is plain to see that Charles and Camilla love each other very much, in many ways that love was built on Diana’s suffering. So it was not exactly moral, was it?
    I don’t think either of them showed any consideration for Diana’s feelings and while it is certainly not the first time two people have had an affair and also hurt the third person in the situation greatly, they can never truly be an example to the world in the way Queen Elizabeth II was. They have done a lot of valuable charity work and Charles has been very important as an advocate for the environment, long before it was popular – it’s admirable and wonderful. But at the end of the day, it does matter how you treated your (first) wife. It has to.
    And there’s the karma right there, he’s paying for it via Harry. Harry, who would not be acting in exactly the same way if he had not met Meghan, but who developed mental health issues because of the way he grew up – warring parents, an emotionally suffering mother and a father who was not very moral nor put his family first.
    Their PR have tried as hard as anyone possibly can to sell Charles & Camilla as a great love story. And I do believe that there is great love between the two of them, but it can never be a great love story in most of the public’s eyes with the way it played out. The decisions they themselves made – which are now coming back to haunt them.

    1. I agree with you, Charles and Camilla pursued their love for each other while Diana suffered. Andrew Morton’s book is her biography, and she wanted us to know. I also agree with you that Charles has been an outstanding advocate for conservation and the environment. Yet, that is not his job. His job, if he is ever on the throne, is to defend the Anglican faith and be head of the Church of England. British experts in constitutional law are said to have given him opinions on his nuptials with Camilla, allegedly sealed until he is dead. This may be why our late Queen did not go to the service. Beyond all the doctrine and legal questions, there is that purely moral question, as you say. This is the highest expression of Libra, the sign which dominates the heavens in 2023. What is justice? Harry feels the unlawful killing of his mother is not resolved; he says so in Spare. The scales are unbalanced. The South Node in Libra is about closure and it goes back into the mists of time. Can Camilla have her old wedding cake and eat it too, after all these years? The astrology says, no.

  181. Interesting that Hustlin’ Hellby is determined to stay as Archbishop of Canterbury until he is forced to retire (January 2026). For some reason, I see him as Mr Collins to Markle’s Lady Catherine de Bourgh. The simpering fool and the manipulative, bitter old trout.

    I wonder what the astrology says about the old ArchBish being able to stick it out that long, and if he does, the consequences for the Church of England and the Monarchy? Do you have any thoughts on that Jessica?

    Loving your website, and particularly this post and the comments, by the way.

    1. Is that really the nickname for Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury? Too funny. This does all seem like it was written by Jane Austen. Thank you for your comment. It may end up being the longest comment thread we ever keep open, but it will be so interesting to look back on. Charles I and Charles II also attracted astrologers, and almanac comments. The bigger picture here is the cycle of the South Node in Libra, which rules marriage, and particularly Holy Matrimony, from July. This triggers three generations: those born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Libra. There is a huge question emerging about what marriage is. Meghan has shown she has her own interpretation of holy wedlock, and it’s not locked, and nor is it holy. Welby has supported her. Why? It would suit the narrative of disruption which began with her second lot of nuptials, if Welby were to resign or if there was a motion to replace him. Have to say, these charts are explosive. Because Uranus is involved in the story, there is shock. Literally unpredictable, in the way of these things, in astrology. So we have to leave the book open for that.

  182. The moral conflict between Charles and Harry may have got bogged down amongst other causes (Diana’s death; Charles and Camilla getting married etc.) after Harry’s commitment in the army and his actions in Afghanistan since Charles, as a real connoisseur of the Quran and a ‘religious perennialist’ was against the belligerent intervention in Irak; he apparently expressed his moderate opinions to Tony Blair at the time.

    Thank you very much for your website and the richness of information !

    1. Thank you. This looks like it’s all coming to a head in March. We’ve not seen this combination of Saturn going to 0 Pisces and Pluto going to 0 Aquarius in our lifetime. I question the timing of Prince Harry attending a major public event at a large hotel on the weekend Saturn makes the ingress. It trines Pluto in his chart. It’s just as questionable as the Taliban admission in Spare. Why?

  183. I’ve always been struck by Welby’s arrogance, even when he’s reading from the Bible (as though he himself wrote it). I wondered whether he’s actually corruptible (ego is bait to enemy intelligence services) and thus whether his chart indicates the same foreign influences you see in Harry’s chart. I’m not psychic but I’ve always felt the head of the Anglican Church was spiritually empty.

    1. You cannot see arrogance in an astrological chart, but you can certainly see fate for one man, and fate for big organisations, entwined. That is Archbishop Welby in March 2023. The issue with the Welby horoscope as well as the Anglican church, is Aquarius and Leo. So the question does actually arise in March; ‘Who is the King?’ This comes from the ancient Henry VIII chart. Who was ‘king’ of England, the Pope or Henry? Years ago, legal advice was taken from four different sources about the Charles-Camilla wedding; we were told all agreed a member of the Royal family could marry in a civil ceremony but then the papers were sealed. Dr. Stephen Cretney QC disagreed with that verdict (then an Oxford University Fellow of Legal History). The BBC raised the problem at the time and now it’s apparently been forgotten. Or not. Welby is massaging an earthquake here. Why? You say you are not psychic, but feel he is spiritually empty. I’ve had a few Anglican readers here and on Twitter who do not accept that two people who committed adultery and divorced, should represent the Church of England. They feel Charles should have agreed to abdicate in favour of William one day, in exchange for being with his mistress. Big, rumbling, earthquake.

  184. I love this blog about Spare because, as you’ve said, it’s a piece of history in itself. The subject seems anachronistic or it proves that The Establishment is as odd as it was in Henry VIII’s time. One of the reasons I’ve never married is the vows; if someone needs the fear of God to motivate them in making pretty basic promises to someone they supposedly want to spend the rest of their life with, then that’s not a good omen. I’ve never cheated on a partner and my conscious is clear on my terms/soul’s journey, and not Welby’s and his type. I hope Pluto’s coming move takes the influence of these powerful male religious figures away, at least for the rest of our lifetime.

    1. Yes, heading for a 400-way conversation about the monarchy now. It looks like there is now an uprising against Anglican bishops holding their power in the House of Lords, so the plot thickens. Many readers here would agree with you about marriage and religion. Pluto leaving Capricorn does rather suggest the end of many systems; the Church of England and the monarchy are high on the list. It looks like March-June is the turmoil then there is a long leave-taking into 2024. The strange thing about the Harry-Meghan wedding is that so many people in the first few rows were divorced. She was divorced. Charles, who walked her down the aisle, was divorced. Camilla, the same. Anne – divorced. Andrew – divorced. Come on chaps, what’s the point?

  185. Sorry, me again. Something I’ve found really odd is the pictures of the late Queen and Prince Philip as a young couple participating in a druid-style ceremony in a wood somewhere. What was that about? Does it fit the Head of the Anglican Church job description? Or did they have another, pagan, bond with the Universe?

    1. Yes, there are photographs of our late Queen in Wales, taking part in a traditional ceremony (the Queen Mother did the same) – if you search around September last year on this website you will see the full story. She was made a bard. Nothing to do with the Church of England but it’s a fascinating part of her history. She was and is quite mystical and that’s part of it…

  186. Talking about divorce, King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate because Wallis Simpson was divorced (at least that is the official story), Princess Margaret could not marry Peter Townsend because he was divorced, yet was the first Windsor royal to get a divorce years later….even Andrew Morton mentioned divorce during an interview after the publication of his book about Meghan Markle, in fact, it was one of the first words he used! Divorce – something rotten in the House of Windsor, the CoE, or both?

    1. Astrology doesn’t really show ‘something rotten’ but it does show a perfect storm for the Church of England in March. There is already a split among Anglicans with some arguing that the likes of Sandi Toksvig and her petition against the bishops is not relevant to the church anyway; Christianity has always been out of step with the culture, since the time of Jesus. It’s not about prevailing fashions or causes. What we are seeing in March is this astonishing thud, as Pluto lands at 0 Aquarius and triggers everybody and everything in the pages of Spare.

  187. Thank you Jessica. Reading all of these comments, it plays like a “thriller” and I can ‘t wait for the next page! What is the date when Pluto lands at 0 Aquarius, I would like to circle it on my calendar?

    1. There will be a few people around the world celebrating the ingress of Pluto in Aquarius (and also celebrating the end of Pluto in Capricorn, the cycle which gave us Trump). The exact minute depends on your time zone, I’m afraid, and I don’t know that. In London it’s March 23rd 2023 at 12.23.21pm. Pluto moves to 00 Aquarius 00 so adjust for your nearest city.

  188. I woke up this morning to find out Harry has been served by Samantha Markle to attend a deposition under oath in a lawsuit against her sister. Guessing the date of the deposition will reveal the astrology but that’s a dramatic twist in the story!

    1. Jaw on the floor and plot twist. March is looming closer all the time, isn’t it! Thank you for updating me and all the readers on this thread, now approaching 400 comments. I need to find out more…

  189. Hi Jessica,
    Can’t believe how many plates you keep all spinning at the same time. Just amazing blogs and such responses to them. Thank you.
    Read a report that $950 dollar a seat tickets to H’s BetterUp talk in March have allegedly barely sold a third of seats for his section.
    It goes on that in order to avoid repeating the empty seat embarrassment of his UN talk in New York, tickets to be reduced/ made free just to fill up.
    What about security? Sounds foolhardy if true.
    Strange also that Diana’s words/voice being heard right now about her security fears/ divorce pain through the letters/cards from her that are up for auction.
    Also, Lady C on YT yesterday related the Getty family’s (financial) concerns over MM new friendship with 89 year old Gordon Getty, well known for his generosity. She has allegedly been visiting him at the Beverley Hills Hotel. It gets curiouser.
    As you tweeted, amazing lady has come forward re H’s Spare account of losing his virginity. Actor Rupert Everett seems to have yet another version!
    So many threads to H’s story.

    1. Thank you. Like all good astrologers, I know when to work and play, and this is my hard work cycle. I am enjoying it though, so thank you for adding to this discussion, which is the most popular on this website, by a country mile. The hive mind is keeping us all updated on what will turn out to be a little bit of online history; I’m sure people were equally consumed by history when King Henry VIII founded the Church of England. The security issue for Harry at his Better Up event is obvious even to non-astrologers. To astrologers, the transits that weekend are a red flag. Astrology runs on synchronicity and the asteroid Diana is front and centre that weekend. And I think we’ve now reached a point in the saga where it’s hard to tell if the drama is being manufactured or actually occurring naturally. Some readers question if Lady Colin Campbell is not a Trojan Horse, which would be too strange for words, but in 2023, anything is possible I guess.

  190. Hi Jessica

    This has been the best ever, ever blog article thread.
    Thank you for putting it up and lots of thank-yous to all the members and readers who have contributed, near 400 replies now. The comments, observations and information have really made the thread.

    I am late to it and don’t want to add to your workload but I thought this was interesting and hasn’t yet been mentioned.
    Many people have commented on how similar Harry is in appearance to Henry VIII who broke with Rome so that he may divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn causing a schism in the church and England.

    Henry may have married Anne Boleyn twice – who does that remind you of?

    Other coincidences besides Harry’s facial similarity to Henry VIII are the fact that Henry was initially the “spare”. His elder brother was Arthur, married to Catherine of Aragon. Arthur is William’s second name.
    Many of the Church documents from this time are to be found at Lambeth Palace.
    The Archbishop at that time was Thomas Cranmer, who was much a politician as a member of the clergy. He knew how to survive and when to bend to the wind. He was also in “sympathy” to Anne Boleyn.

    There is so much in this thread but I think I remember the mention of Gin and Tonic (bitter lemon is great too) on certain days in March when Pluto evolves, changes and re-manifests in a new sign and house. Is this March 23rd?

    You also mentioned that things will change during and after March and had members any predictions.
    I just get a feeling that there may be a re-opening of the Inquest on Diana with new (actually old but untold) information coming to light.

    As regards Charles III coronation – if it was not to happen could it be “de-railed” by another event involving the royals?

    I keep getting the Prodigal son story in my head. The 4th Sunday of Lent, also Mother’s day is when the parable is told in Church.

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks so much Cait, I am glad you are enjoying this online discussion. How very interesting that Henry VIII may have married Anne Boleyn twice. I had no idea. This is important as the chart for the foundation of the Church of England is now due for its 248-year Pluto Return. As fate would have it, Prince Harry bears Henry’s name and has his beard, and his spare status. Even more interesting is Cranmer, who knew when to bend – like Welby. March 23rd is indeed the day for large trays of gin and tonic, as Pluto moves to 0 Aquarius and the astrological charts for the church and all the major players are triggered. There is an earlier date, March 7th, when Saturn leaves 0 Pisces, so this feels like a tale in two parts. I agree that the 2008 verdict on Diana was never final and will be re-opened as Pluto leaves Capricorn, from the final week of March, but returning later in 2023, and for a few more months in 2024. We were discussing this last night at The Astrology Collective. 2008 was the year that Pluto entered Capricorn. That was the year that the long-expected verdict on the unlawful killing of Diana pointed the blame at Henri Paul, and the paparazzi. Harry has questioned that in Spare. Quite right to do so. She habitually wore a seat belt, has been photographed multiple times doing so, and yet it was off. Was a car or motorbike levelling with Diana and the other passengers, with a gun pointed? If so, standard advice is to get in the well of the car. Belt off. We could go on, but I literally have a book the size of a telephone directly on Diana’s final days and am yet to read it. Logic tells us that people who have never been satisfied to put up and shut up, will speak up, before the proposed coronation date for Charles III. The astrology agrees. Perhaps Prince Harry will indeed be the Prodigal Son, back home to England, with open arms waiting, Cait.

  191. Hi Jessica and everyone who’ve made fascinating comments, here’s my contribution please check out the very talented YouTuber “ The Royal Grift “ her research is meticulous
    especially her latest video titled Are Harry and Meghan political pawns ? Enlightening is an understatement, anyone wishing to do so be quick as she is afraid it will be taken down, if you’re interested hope you catch it in time
    Wishing everyone blessings love and light

    1. Thank you. So are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, political pawns in a big game of chess? If they are randomly stumbling through years of disruption affecting the polls on a republic; the unity of the Commonwealth; the Special Relationship between the US and UK – then they are doing a marvellous job. Ever since the wedding, as an astrologer, I have learned to watch for staging. The reason for this is the chart of the wedding itself, but also the chart we have for Prince Harry. I’ve said this before, but it’s for all the world like a production, not an organic or natural sequence of events. You then have to wonder who the production company is, never mind the writer and director. We have the actress. When she mocked the curtsey to our late Queen she was performing, but why? What’s the point? That’s a really interesting question.

  192. Hi Jessica,
    So many great contributions, and responses by you on this topic. I feel the same way as Liz, that it plays like a thriller.
    The hive is buzzing with activity. I imagine it will only increase as March approaches. Can we withstand it?
    Pass the smelling salts & fan please. We are fortunate indeed to have you to put it all in its astrological context.
    A bit of levity to begin with, in regard to nicknames for the Archbishop of Canterbury. We know how John Lennon loved to play with words. He dubbed the title “The Archbitter of Canterbubble”.
    My memory was jogged by Cait’s comment and your response about its importance, as the chart for the foundation of the Church of England is now due for its 248-year Pluto Return.
    In her 1987 book Star Signs, in the section on Lexigrams, which I recall you have previously made reference to, Linda Goodman talks about this subject (the foundation of the Church). If I may, I will quote what she said, as printed:

    “Not only by reading books, but also through the quiet contemplation of Lexigrams, you can receive insights occasionally even leading you into a penetration of both the truth and falsehood of myth and legend. There’s much buried treasure in that area-also in matters omitted from history as chronicled by those ignorant of certain past events, as well as by those motivated in preventing future generations from learning them.
    As for probing history, the Church of England was formed when King Henry VIII divorced his wife, Catherine of Aragon, who had borne him no sons, so he could marry Anne Boleyn. Henry’s divorce so outraged the Pope in Rome, he sent word from the Vatican that Henry was forthwith to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Unruffled and arrogant, Henry founded his own church, the Church of England, and made himself the head of it, dropping his allegiance to the Pope. When the Church of England formed its American branch it was called the Episcopal Church. The word EPISCOPAL contains the letters of the word LOSE A POPE, which they did undeniably. It also contains the word ELOPE, which is religiously what Henry did with Anne. Why it should contain LIES needs to be studied and pondered more deeply. Here’s a hint. I shall someday soon be writing a book about the long-kept secret that history has “lied” in saying that Anne suffered a miscarriage in prison, where she was placed by Henry to await her execution.
    Instead, shortly before she was beheaded, she gave birth to a premature, redheaded male infant, by the locksmith-jailer Moner Hughes, who smuggled the infant out of prison, and named him William Moner, to hide the truth from Henry. The child grew up to father a son he named Moner Hughes, the ancestor of Howard Hughes. The word LIES, therefore, belongs in the word EPISCOPAL for more than one reason.” End of quote.

    I think Linda died before this book was written/published. She died in 1995. I note however, in the second link by Cait above, from the, that a historian named Hayley Nolan has written a book called “Anne Boleyn:500 Years of Lies”.
    It is interesting to note also that Meghan Markle was raised in the Episcopal Church, later attending a Catholic school. She was also, according to the net, baptised by Justin Welby into the Church of England.

    There are many interesting facts and suppositions about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. The Independent UK has an article dated 18th April 2009 entitled “The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant”. Subtitled ‘Medical study uncovers turning point in king’s life, Michael McCarthy reports’. According to this article, the accident of 24th January 1536 at Greenwich left him “speechless” for two hours, and Anne Boleyn was told that he would die-the shock of which news, she said, caused her to miscarry the child she was expecting. The miscarried child was male and it was immediately after this that Henry told Anne they would clearly never have male children together, and turned against her. Less than six months later Anne had been executed and Henry had married the third of his six wives, Jane Seymour.
    The website says that “Mary Boleyn was the sister of King Henry VIII’s second wife, the infamous Anne Boleyn. But she was also the king’s mistress before her sister’s ascendancy. She may also have given birth to his son”. The site notes that information about the life of Mary Boleyn is sketchy at best.

    I will post this now, as Mercury is out of Retrograde Shadow.

    Thank you Jessica,
    Janie Bee.

    1. Thank you so much Janie Bee. The plot thickens as today new stamps bearing the head of Charles III were released showing him without a crown. They go on sale just before the proposed coronation in April 2023. You may have seen them. The currency is yet to appear – long time coming – and in fact Australia has confirmed Charles won’t appear on any notes in future. The Church of England is pursuing the idea of a female God at the General Synod. Things are moving as rapidly as they did in the days of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. There may be something there with Rachel Meghan Markle if we can accept that Anne is back. I will see if there is a chart for Anne; I’d not known the story about a pregnancy. With the news that Meghan is the object of a lawsuit by her sister today, the theme of sisters is certainly coming back!

  193. Greetings to you Jessica and to your many followers.

    I usually skulk in the undergrowth and observe the dialogue on your blog from a distance but I’ve broken cover to write this.

    I did a quick check on British postage stamps which began during Queen Victoria’s time. Victoria was often shown wearing the same crown as Elizabeth II. The later Kings, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI were usually shown not wearing a crown but a crown image was placed somewhere on the stamp, often hovering above the King’s head. Queen Elizabeth II was normally shown wearing a crown but on some special edition stamps she was depicted as a small silhouette wearing a laurel headband instead of a crown. On some early coins the Queen was also shown wearing a laurel headband rather than a crown. As the “Royal Mail” is now a commercial service rather than a state run monopoly, losing the crown image from stamps is perhaps appropriate. That said, in the past, a crown was evident more often than not on stamps and coins, but it may be too early to form a definite conclusion as to the significance. More uncertainty.

    Regarding splits in the Church of England, it seems there is already a formal division where traditionalist priests that cannot accept the role of women in the modern Church are allocated to work exclusively in parishes which support that same view. They also have nominated Bishops holding the same views in their “chain of command” to the Anglican hierarchy.

    The Roman Catholic Church has for centuries, had a rule that clergy remain unmarried and celibate, from the Pope down to the lowliest parish priest. A few years ago, an arrangement was made to accommodate “refugee” priests from the Anglican Church that couldn’t accept the role of women. Married clergy from the Church of England can now become priests in the Catholic Church, so there is a split of sorts there as well. I don’t know if the former Anglican clergy have any restrictions placed on their role within the Catholic Church due to their married status.

    The above comments on Christian Churches are based on my personal dealings with certain clergy and enquiries I made to find out what had happened to the Anglican Church that I was introduced into as a baby but have since drifted away from.

    “May you live in interesting times” as they say.

    1. Skulking in the undergrowth – too funny. You can bet Charles III has done similar levels of research on stamps; my money would be on a difficult situation where the postal industry cannot wait – but he cannot go out with a stamp which would be withdrawn later. I’ve never seen a transition in the monarchy so dogged by Mercury Retrograde. The planet which rules stamps, paperwork, contracts, announcements going backwards – both as our late Queen passes away, and also on the proposed date of the coronation itself. You often find Mercury Retrograde offering up the trivial problems which actually become part of the larger story – sometimes an immense story. That is what we are seeing with the Church of England and the House of Windsor on March 7th and 23rd. It’s interesting, what you say about “refugee” priests from the Anglican faith finding a new home with Catholicism. I would not normally be so suspicious with Anglican policy changes, debates and announcements but there is something else going on here, and it’s powerful stuff – nicely hidden from view. You can’t get past astrology, though…!

  194. Hi Jessica
    Is there any connection to the 500-year-old heart-shaped pendant decorated with symbols connected to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?
    Recently found by a detectorist.
    Seems awfully coincidental – !

    On a different note, I hope you don’t mind, there is a Dutch scientist on Twitter who predicted the horrific earthquake in Turkey, using seismology and astrology. I would love to read your take on that. I can tag you, if you like on Twitter.

    H & M are certainly giving the world a lesson in something. If the Commonealth is in danger I fear that more smaller countries may upsticks, which is their right, of course. But it will make them vulnerable to dictators and larger, let me say, ‘balloon wielding’ countries.

    Internationally speaking, Aus Canada NZ etc can probably take care of themselves if they leave the C’wealth. (Internally of course is another matter).

    This blog is quite incredible, with such knowledgeable commenters I really appreciate everyone. And your responses are so generous and detailed.

    Sorry that was fairly disjointed…

    Love to hear your thoughts.
    Best Regards

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. Jewellery has turned up to remind us of Henry VIII just at the moment that royal marriage, its legality or otherwise, and the Church of England also comes into focus. Thank you for letting me know. This fits the astrology perfectly. Unless of course it is more manufactured propaganda with a distinct aim in mind; the information war is pretty well-funded. Someone has been data mining demographics and voter bases and is using a drip, drip, drip formula to win hearts and minds. The astrology suggests the Commonwealth will transform over a 20-year period with the first big bump in March 2023 and there is a danger, as you say, that dictators will take over some countries. So we really are discussing history in real time here. We’ve not had Pluto in Aquarius in our lifetime and this really is the cycle of the French Revolution and the Regency, so it’s fascinating to have it all online. Please do tag me on Twitter; I appreciate it.

  195. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for squeezing me into your very many responses this week. Somebody else replying at 2.15 am I would be concerned about, but not you, for reasons you have given.
    Those stamps will surely become a collector’s item.

    If Anne is back, I think that would be astro-logical, timely with the Aquarian Age, according to what historian Hayley Nolan says about her, which is that she was, quote, “a passionate fighter for those who had not been afforded the same privileges in life as she”.
    Time Magazine ran an article by Suyin Haynes on Hayley’s book on 2nd December, 2019, in which the following paragraph appears:

    “Two months before her execution, Boleyn was involved in passing nationwide legislation titled the Poor Law, which stated that local officials should find work for the unemployed. The law entailed creating a new governing council that rivaled the one headed up by Cromwell. ‘Suddenly we have a much more devastating reason as to why Cromwell would be immensely threatened by the Queen,’ says Nolan. ‘She wasn’t a ruthless bully or seductress; she was actually a working politician who died for pushing this radical anti-poverty law through parliament.’ While the law’s creation has long been attributed to Cromwell, Boleyn’s involvement was recognized as part of UK Parliament Week this November.” End of quote. I look forward to any connections you may be able to make.

    In regard to your revelation that the Church of England is pursuing the idea of a female God at the General Synod, well, Heavens to Betsy (Betsi?).
    Again, I am reminded of what Linda Goodman had to say on the subject, early in her book Love Signs, first published in 1979. I am quoting her from this point:
    “The following quotation is from a painstaking translation of the Septuagint, the earliest known (circa 250 B.C.) version of the Old Testament (our standard Hebrew MSS date only from the Renaissance). The translation was published by the Falcon’s Wing Press in 1960, under the editorship of Dr. C. Musès. From Proverbs 8:3-31 (excerpts):

    For at the gates of the Mighty, She hath taken a seat,
    and at the entrance thereof chanteth Her song:

    “In the beginning, before the Lord made the Earth
    When He furnished the Heavens, I was with Him;
    and when He set apart His throne on the winds
    When He set to the sea its bound,
    and the waters passed not the word of His Mouth
    I was harmonising with Him. I was the one in whom
    He delighted, and I was daily gladdened by His
    presence on all occasions.”

    I am summarising from this point, to avoid being too long-winded. Too late!
    Linda also says quote:
    “Not even the Church ‘Fathers’ can stop the lightning of the predestined and foretold Uranian spiritual awakening of the New Age of Golden Balance. Perhaps Adam couldn’t handle the truth. But today’s Water Bearers can–and will. Not all the chauvinists and atomic and nuclear energy madmen combined can stop the Uranian tidal waves of Truth.” End of quote.

    All Thanks and Best Wishes to you,
    Janie Bee

    1. Too funny, Janie Bee. I don’t work at 2.15am. You are not seeing my time zone; you are seeing yours. That is so interesting about Linda Goodman. She was seeing Pluto in Aquarius and the impact on Millennials born with the outer planets in Aquarius: the water-bearers. Feminism can’t change the ancient churches; the Bible is the manual and traditional Roman Catholics and Anglicans cleave to it, because they must. Thus, the rise of astrology and other ways of believing/living where women are equal to men (though astrology is still dominated by so many men in powerful positions at the top; part of Pluto in Capricorn is just that system). Anne Boleyn appeared in the history books at the same transition we are in now: Pluto in Capricorn giving way to Pluto in Aquarius. She was on the wrong side of history. Have you read The Other Boleyn Girl?

  196. Hi Jessica, thank you for the interesting article. What H&M are doing for money is disgusting & dangerous. H&M are not the end game. Can’t wait for them to get divorced and H to go back to England.

    1. Thank you. Beyond the lucrative financial rewards, there is a powerful psychological motive. Meghan is sensitive to racism and Harry is sensitive about his mother, father, stepmother and brother. I don’t think any of this could sustain without that. I agree that there is danger here. As an astrologer I question the wisdom of having a widely accessible, public, heavily promoted event in a large hotel on the same weekend that Saturn goes to 0 Pisces for the first time in 29 years and triggers Harry’s chart at 0 Scorpio. As for the future, I think 2026 is a turning point for everybody.

  197. Hi Jessica,
    No idea why I am so fascinated by this saga unfolding (my parents are not British, never had any interest in the royals, not CofE), but your predictions were so intriguing and precise. So is this thread of comments and information being shared. Seeing the astrology unfold in real time is awesome. Thank you for your predictions and all the work on this blog.
    MP Bob Seeley reckons his private members Bill to strip H&M of Sussex titles will be ready mid February time.
    According to MM “sources”, she’s delighted at the Sam Markle court case as an “opportunity “ to put her side and “clear her name”.
    Very odd then spending all that cash on those very expensive lawyers to spend the past few months coming up with excuses/reasons to try to persuade the court to throw it out. Very odd.
    The testifying won’t be pleasant but probably not the main worry. The US court system includes a “discovery” process. Not good for (H&)MM’s personal narrative of the past/reality. If Samantha Markle’s lawyers are up to snuff, perhaps an effective light may shine where a series of eclipses concealed for so long.
    Maybe others will be drawn in? Trevor Engelson even? Interesting.
    Things have been backfiring of late for the Harkles. Is it possible they are Pluto in Capricorn people?
    Archbishop Welby has not had a good week either. MP Ben Bradshaw is quoted in The Church Times as saying Parliament created the Anglican Church and may come up with a Parliamentary solution to the same sex marriage impasse. He stressed it didn’t have to be disestablishment. Welby said he won’t be told what to do by MPs. Oh dear. Interesting that the notion of disestablishment was mentioned- even in the negative.
    Welby’s reasoning (with tears) being that the CofE must be kept in alignment with the beliefs of African churches.
    (Incidentally, Putin’s spokesman Lavrov(?) has arrived for a tour of Africa again. )
    Welby has praised Charles for his multi faith views and coronation plans. Why doesn’t that inspire confidence? Again he mentioned nightmares about the coronation.
    Sandi Toksvig continues her campaign to remove Bishops from parliament.
    It is all building up as the astrology said so rapidly now. Yet even a few weeks ago, who’d have even thought it?
    Now we’re told H is consulting lawyers as he’s angry about Sasha invading his privacy – and that the focus of his book (how he feels aggrieved by the RF) is not the one in the public mind as the sex/frost bitten body part etc has taken over – no surely that rumour can’t be true- yet with H we can almost believe anything these days however ridiculous.
    How far H has fallen. Joked about everywhere – even the Grammy’s now. I wonder if he actually realises? He seems to be sleepwalking himself into his own nightmare unawares. Sad.
    As for MM, her family may yet get their chance to speak “their” truth.

    1. Thank you. The living history discussion continues. The Special Relationship between the US and UK is partly at stake here, which is why there is global interest. Any of us who had family who lived through the Second World War in Britain or America knows how make-or-break that relationship was and how crucial Buckingham Palace was to morale and the alliance. There is a deliberate, manufactured, rift being pumped out online here and it’s well funded and quite organised. All it ever needed were actors and crew. It works in a trivial, needling way and is quite clearly a strategy based on small pinpricks that register widely and virally. Every time I step back and look at what is going on I roll my eyes, because the whole campaign is so clumsy. Beyond the US-UK partnership of old, the other sitting duck is the Commonwealth, of course. As you quite rightly point out, Russia’s interest in Africa just resumed. If you go back to the astrology of Meghan and Harry, she has karma with her family, which ends in July. She owes, or is owed, and that has to complete, which it will do in July 2023, when the South Node leaves Scorpio. That same month shows up for Harry, in terms of William, but also his cousin Eugenie. People forget about Eugenie but she is important. We have to speculate about what changes in July. The primary drama is still March, though. March 7th and 23rd. The new stamps show Charles without a crown.

  198. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Re Time Zones, I thought I had stumbled across one of your secrets for getting so much work done. I thought you were like a lucky duck friend of mine, and Maggie Thatcher, reported as needing only 4 hours of sleep per night. I thought I had worked out the time zones-I am 3 hours behind you at present & posted one comment above at 11am my time, recorded at 2pm yours. No matter, just glad you aren’t working into the wee small hours.
    I haven’t read “The Other Boleyn Girl”, but I have seen the film starring Scarlett Johansson-both noted as fictionalised accounts, no doubt owing to the scarcity of historical information on Mary. Shame, as truth is stranger than fiction, as we know. Things do resurface of course.
    It makes sense that Anne appeared in the history books at the same transition as we are in now, 2 Pluto cycles ago.
    Re the ancient churches cleaving to the Bible as the manual, because they must, I agree of course. I understand the Bible authorised by the Church of England is the King James version of 1611 (I stand to be corrected in this if not so). I find it interesting that in Chapter 1 of this version, (Genesis) at verse 26-27, we find the words, quote:
    “And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness:”
    In the interests of brevity, (I’m trying for it!) I have not quoted the whole 2 verses, as it is easily found. Despite many operations on the Bible, truths still remain. Another one missed is reincarnation.
    Thanks as always & wishing you a happy weekend,
    Janie Bee

  199. Hi Jessica,
    Just thought I would let you know that the king and Queen will be leaving France on the 30th March to go first to Hamburg and then on to Berlin.

    I was wondering if you had heard the rumours of Meghan cosying up to the recently widowed 89 year old Gordon Getty? Is there anything in it?

    1. Charles and Camilla in France just as Pluto goes into Aquarius, where he last appeared during the French Revolution and the end of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette…timing! Yes, I’ve seen reports that Meghan is befriending Getty, but we’ve not seen evidence, as far as I know.

  200. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks so much for such a detailed reply.
    On the discussion of Anne Boleyn, I read somewhere that Princess Diana was related to Anne’s sister Mary Boleyn through her father Earl Johnny Spencer’s family. Which would mean Harry is as well, presumably.
    Also Cardinal Wolsey (on Henry 8’s orders) broke off the engagement between Anne Boleyn and Lord Henry (Harry) Percy of Northumberland.
    Lots of Henrys !

    1. Too many Henrys, spoils the broth. I always wonder why the House of Windsor chooses names which resonate with history. Charles III following the rather ill-fated Charles I and Charles II is a good example. Beyond the fact that the aristocracy has a limited gene pool to choose from, you also have to wonder at the past lives involved when something like this happens. The whole thing does have a heavily fated quality about it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I’ve not read The Guardian today but this is chiming with the astrological chart for the Church of England and Welby himself. And you say it also talks about a split in the Commonwealth. The Church of England is a natural target (soft target, perhaps) for any foreign enemy who wants to end the power of the monarchy and break up the unity of the Commonwealth. It was similar in Henry VIII’s day; to strike at Britain, you struck at his church and in so doing, you also struck at his territories. Some things never change, do they? And yet, there are more crises ahead; this hasn’t even started, according to the chart.

  201. Hello Jessica and everyone
    what an enthralling discussion this is and continues to be. The continual resonances and repetitions are fascinating. This discussion has also answered my feelings of anger at the whole Harry-Megan situation and the nagging feeling that Harry has been duped. Even my husband, who is fervently anti-monarchy, is asking ‘what is going on here?’ Thank you everyone for your insightful comments and ongoing research. Biggest thanks of all to you Jessica, speaking truth from our little scrap of land here at the southern rim of the world (I too live in Hobart, in the southern hemisphere’s “sceptre’d isle” of Tasmania).
    Jessica, I understand how busy you are but could I ask – I am a Virgo sun (18/9/68 6.30 am in Hobart) with stelliums in Scorpio (8), Virgo (6), Libra (5) and Aries (4). I am gaining my qualifications to become a celebrant (marriages, funerals, baby namings) – is this a good way forward for me? Is there anything else on its way that I should prepare for?
    With best wishes to you and everyone else on the blog 🙂

    1. Thank you Michelle. Apologies for this late reply as you wrote on 13th February and it is now 5th March. You have the South Node in Libra, the wedding and marriage sign, and the transiting South Node moves into Libra from July 2023, so your past life returns to you. You were likely a celebrant before, or perhaps a vicar. Maybe the Vicar of Dibley rings bells for you. I know that you are also training to be a celebrant at funerals and Christenings, but it is the weddings which are most important. This goes into 2024. The South Node shows past lives, you see.

  202. Hi Jessica, you questioned earlier in the thread why Harry would mention his role against the T-ban in his book (I don’t like to name names! Unlike Henry) and I think it is so he can get “Internationally Protected People” Status for himself and his family. This would mean his security would be paid for by the government of the country that he is in.
    The second thing I wanted to mention was a clip I saw on Youtube yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel, mocking Harry’s book and mentioning him crying to his mummy up on a cloud about his frost bitten “willy”. It was very cringeworthy and the comments basically blamed Harry for bringing all the negative attention upon himself…and who would have ever imagined Princess Diana being dragged into it that way? I hope he takes a good look at himself eventually.

    1. Thank you. I have heard that suggestion too, that the reference to the Taliban in Spare was designed to provoke threats against Prince Harry or his family in the US and thus enable personal security, funded by the government. The monarchy itself goes through these stages, doesn’t it? Historically it really is swings and roundabouts with its dignity (or lack of it) and so there is something reassuring about the current low point. We’ve seen it all before. The amazing thing about astrology is that we have birth charts going back centuries as monarchs traditionally had astrologers, so we can see why this nadir is not new.

  203. Hi Jessica, thank you once again for your great content and providing this positive online space for us all.
    There was a documentary on TV in the UK last night about Russian money in the British government. The documentary indicated hat Russian interest in the British establishment was not taken too seriously for a while, even after Litvinenko’s assassination and the Crimea. Millions of pounds were pumped into the Conservative party by Russian interests, and Russian oligarchs found supporters in the House of Lords. Some people questioned this but found their objections did not get any traction. It seems the Salisbury Novichok poisoning in 2018 was the turning point, after this incident the authorities woke up to the threat and took it much more seriously.
    The documentary made repeated reference to how easy it was for the Russians to get influence at the highest levels, and how highly skilled they are, to the point that their targets wouldn’t necessarily even realise that they were working for the Russian state. The timeline for Russian involvement in the British Establishment is very similar to that for Harry and Andrew….
    Meanwhile, in Samantha Markle’s court case, there have been allegations about H&M’s social media manipulation, we know about the alleged involvement of Russian bots on social media, I guess we will have to wait and see what evidence will be presented in court about H&M’s activities and associates. I believe depositions are being scheduled for – you guessed it – March.
    Things are going to get very interesting in the coming weeks. I really feel that something very big is coming, I have felt it for a while – can’t explain it, it’s just an instinct, the astrology seems to confirm we can expect some fireworks!

    1. Thank you so much. Nostradamus predicted that in 1999 we would see (in various translations) a ‘king of terror’ and 1999 was the year that Vladimir Putin began his rise to power. The good news is, the all-powerful, all-controlling minority elite is doomed when Pluto leaves Capricorn. We don’t know why yet. Putin’s infiltration of Britain and America has been long-term and textbook, hasn’t it? Sex and money. And yet, the astrology suggests shocks are coming, with Uranus in Taurus in opposition to the Scorpio placements of so many institutions and governments – Scorpio ruling sex, money and death actually. We have until 2026 for that to unfold; the end of the plutocracy starts far sooner, on March 23rd 2023. The situation with Samantha Markle, astrologically, does not really begin in any substantial way until July 2023 and it continues in 2024, for Meghan. Your intuition that something big is coming for the monarchy is correct. There are too many unresolved issues. The unlawful killing of the late Princess of Wales and the Oprah Winfrey interview, smearing our royal family, while Prince Philip was in his final weeks, in his second hospital, are not going to go away. Not with these transits.

  204. Hello Jessica,
    What do you think of this foul-smelling mixture of AL Qaeda threatening Prince Harry and British people, Diana’s very private letters about her unhappy marriage being put up for auction (purely coincidental?) and South Park brilliantly ridiculing the ‘super couple’ Harry and Meghan? (Not to mention their numerous trials) The stars seem to be crookedly aligned at the moment for both the RF and Harry …
    Thank you for your amazing work and insights.

    1. Wheels are turning on all sides, aren’t they. The letters contained a clear message from Diana that she needed protection and were dated. That is important. The stars are aligned for an historic change in the balance of power for Charles, Camilla, his children, grandchildren, sibling and so on, around 23rd March. This is also a huge shift in Harry’s current service to the U.K. and Commonwealth as Duke of Sussex. For Meghan, that date, the final week of March, is really about Harry and the dynamic between them. Mixed well into this is the real story: the Church of England.

  205. Hi Jessica,
    Like everyone else here, I also really enjoy and look forward to your fantastic posts!
    I have a couple of questions, we’ve talked about information wars using AI & bots, can you see an end to this kind of meddling and manipulation? Will it ever be outlawed? Also, is everyone in the world with Leo stelliums going to experience a turbulent March or is it more about having a connection to the Church of England?
    Thankyou x

    1. Thank you so much. Artificial Intelligence is a Gemini matter and Uranus in Gemini from 2026, for years into the future, suggests the revolution is around the corner. This will change the way we work and live forever and deliver a four-day week. It will not be outlawed but it will be controlled. If you have a Leo stellium (as you do) then the challenges and changes with courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne are extremely slow-moving and long-term. Pluto will be in opposition to your Leo factors until 2044 and he only makes it to 0 Aquarius from March-June 2023, so it will be some time before you see the usual questions about how much power or control you have in a situation. Still, it is sensible to be sharply aware of what you are inviting (or whom you are inviting) into your life from the final week of March. The Tarot can be very useful in such cases; you can look at what the various outcomes might be of your involvement with an obvious Leo/Fifth House fresh story.

  206. I am so invested in this thread, so I immediately thought of it when this story appeared this evening, UK time!
    Pretty big news for the Church of England and Justin Welby – he has one job, leading the Anglican church, and he seems to be playing it really badly. I’m not religious and I believe people should be able to marry whoever they love, so makes no difference to me. But if I was one of the flock, I’d be confused and probably angry. It’s like he’s not a believer anymore and is somehow trying to move the church in a more secular direction. Bizarre.
    I’m a huge fan of yours, so thank you for all your insight and thoughtful responses on this thread.

    1. Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you to say. I do stroke my chin thoughtfully when I look at Welby. I remember predicting the wedding for Meghan and Harry, on this website, and being struck by the ‘stormy/Stormzy/Storm’ messages in the chart. One of the horses being groomed for the big day was called Storm. Stormzy was referenced by Welby, jokingly, in a discussion about the music. The wedding itself caused a storm when poor Thomas Markle was rejected and Charles took the bride’s arm. There were more storms later when Meghan told Oprah Winfrey that she and Prince Harry had been ‘married’ in secret days before, with Archbishop Welby in attendance – and those were apparently the vows framed in their home. I stroked my chin thoughtfully again, when during the World Cup, Stormzy was allegedly denied his flight because of passport issues at the airport. This was around the time Lady Susan Hussey was dragged into accusations of racism, rather oddly recorded at a party. There was another minor kerfuffle with a non-white artist on the coronation playlist recently. There are two big background issues to this as we know. The first is that many Anglicans around the world are not British but are deeply conservative on the subject of divorce and gay or lesbian marriage. The second is that China and Russia dearly want the Commonwealth nations with all their rich pickings. My chin is going to fall off by March!

  207. It has just hit the news that a group of anglican churches from around the world have rejected the church of england and Justin Welby as spiritual leaders of the Anglican faith because of his backing of blessing same sex marriages. The start of something bigger?

    1. Yes, this is the start of something much bigger. It looks as though a few people commenting on this story (easily the most commented-upon in 2023) are with you. Interesting question: what if William is succeeded by George, who is then gay, and has a boyfriend? I wonder if the Anglicans are already discussing this, even in hushed tones?

  208. You have said there are changes coming to the Church of England – this has just been published on the BBC -Justin Welby rejected as leader by conservative Anglicans over same-sex blessings “with Archbishops representing 10 of the 42 provinces in the Anglican Communion have signed a statement saying they no longer consider Mr Welby “leader of the global communion”.
    They added the Church of England was “disqualified” as their historic “Mother Church”.”

  209. Hi Jessica,
    I personally think the C of E
    has lost its way. And this isn’t a recent event.

    There are other churches, like the Methodists and Presbyterians. I think that the Archbishop of Canterbury should just retire. But I expect that will be after the coronation. And you are right about losing the support of those abroad, mainly in Africa.

    I suspect in years to come, that the monarchy if it were to survive, it will be secular. What do you think?

    1. People on Twitter would agree with you – I saw one Anglican asking what the church was for, any more! The Church of England has a constitutional crisis with the monarchy on its hands, if we join the dots together. If they allow Charles III to become defender of their faith and head of the church worldwide, they are permitting a man who was denied St. Paul’s Cathedral (and even his own mother’s attendance, as head of the church) because he had committed adultery and as a divorcee too, was about to wed the other offending party – also divorced! If Charles III is crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury despite the sealed legal documents which can only be opened after his death (the legal opinion on he and Camilla) then – I hope everyone can see – if little George turns out to be gay, inherits the crown from William, and has an Anglican gay husband, then there is nothing whatsoever that can stop King George and (Fred?) reigning. Given the Anglican doctrine is a moveable feast, that really has to be considered. I’m amazed Vladimir Putin has not been funding industrial-strength propaganda about the same online.

  210. Makes me wonder if a split in the Anglican Church would stop or delay the coronation.

    1. Yes. These transits are a perfect storm in the ancient chart for the Church of England (its ‘birth’ chart) but also Charles III. They gather in the final week of March 2023.

  211. Hi Jessica,

    I think the way around this is to do it the French way. Which in essence is that the only legal ceremony is the civil ceremony. Which would then mean any ceremony committed in a house of religion a blessing with no legality what-so-ever.

    This of course doesn’t really address any of the issues that split the C of E. But it does mean that the rest of us don’t have to be dragged from pillar to post over this.

    But if you were to ask me my opinion what actually should be done, then I would say ask each congregation how they want things done. This could be reviewed every ten years.

    This would leave each congregation free to worship in the way that they feel comfortable. That would mean that both LGBTQ and the traditionalists would both be served.

    I have noticed that the Episcopal church in America has embraced the more woke, and brought in women priests far earlier than here in the UK. I believe that they broke away from the mother church many years ago. So it isn’t a concept unfamiliar to the Anglicans.

    My concept isn’t going to please everyone. But asking each individual congregation what they want would at least serve rather than alienate.

    1. I agree that asking individual congregations is the right approach. It’s also the astrology in the piece – Pluto goes to Aquarius, which is people power, respecting individual tribes within the greater whole – space for everybody rather than excluding any single group. It’s a clever solution that would enable LGBTQ people to co-exist with the traditionalists, as you say. I wonder if they’ve thought of it?

  212. Since the dawn of time, religion has been designed to control society. From cavemen being told that the stars were holes in the skins that covered the Earth at night, to the Ancient Greeks being told that bad weather was the action of an angry God(s), from Medieval priests selling a pass out of purgatory for sins committed on Earth, to the African witch doctors performing female genital mutilation etc… Now society is trying to control religion, which exposes that it is a false construct (because it is so easily manipulated). What’s needed is a simple faith in Spirit and a belief that congregation should only ever be meant as a force for good. Church isn’t needed to decide what is good for society. Just look at the priests in the audience of mad, bad Putin’s state of the nation address. Monty Python.

  213. What I wonder is: is this mainly about Charles and Camilla, and just how badly they treated Diana? Or would it be equally unacceptable for Anne to accede to the throne, if (theoretically) she had been the heiress to the throne? She is also divorced and has remarried. Or if Harry had been the first-born – and obviously had not behaved as he has and left – would it have been unacceptable for him to marry a divorcée? Because I find it somewhat ironic that Harry & Meghan got a huge wedding, everyone was cheering and the Queen obviously attended as well. For years, the British Royal Family, the government, the Church and the British people made a very big deal of divorce (Margaret & Peter Townsend, Anne and Charles having to wait years in order to be permitted to divorce) and suddenly nobody criticized the fact that the bride was a divorcée and it was a huge fete.

    The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Norway have already said that the heiresses to the throne are free to marry a woman if they want. By the time George is in his 20s, nobody would ask that he marry a woman if he was gay, I believe. Times are changing and what good would come of forbidding the heir to the throne from marrying a man if he was gay? It might only make for another Diana – a woman chosen only because she is an appropriate marriage candidate, destined for unhappiness.

    1. Princess Anne was caught by time. The primogeniture rule was changed, but it was too late for this incredible woman. It does look like ‘divorces for courses’ in the Windsor family, doesn’t it? Start as they mean to go on, given that Henry VIII founded the Church of England on divorce. And then we have the saga of Princess Margaret, as you say, not to mention the Abdication. Perhaps Henry VIII’s karma does run for centuries. What he did to his wives is now being rolled out, with quite another family, but with the same issue. The gay marriage issue is really just speculation; you can bet many in the establishment are thinking about it, though.

  214. Hi Jessica,

    I see that the king has been quite naughty involving himself politically with Rishi Sunak’s attempt to resolve the issues, once and for all with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

    I personally hope that it is successful. What are your views on this and is the king going to make a habit of this?

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s something our late Queen would never have done. The uncrowned Charles III has always had strong views. That’s why so many astrologers down the years have predicted he’ll never take the throne.

  215. Hi Jessica

    Have you seen the article in the Mail online about Meghan and Clevr? As soon as I saw it I thought of you and your past predictions regarding her investment. Oprah was mentioned too.

    Warm wishes


  216. And another report in the Daily Mail this morning Jessica, they are reporting King Charles has evicted them from Frogmore Cottage and are suggesting that he wants Prince Andrew to move into it out of Royal Lodge. There have also been reports over the last week that lots of artists are turning down the chance to play at the coronation concert. Julie xx

    1. Thank you for letting me know the Daily Mail is reporting the eviction from Frogmore Cottage (and incoming new resident). That would fit the astrology. As to why artists are rejecting the proposed coronation concert, that’s another story. They may know something we don’t. Yet.

  217. Hello Jessica,
    Among the artists reported to have turned down the coronation are Adele and Harry Styles, both of whom reportedly also turned down HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Rumoured at the time to be due to sympathy/support for H&M’s supposed “victimhood” at the hands of the monarchy. H&M’s friend Sir Elton only appeared on video for the jubilee. Seemed rather grudging after the Queen’s 70 years service. Also apparently not doing the coronation.
    Interesting info on MM Clevr brand investment on the royal rogue website. MM was their first investor.
    The co-founder said Oprah’s endorsement was worth $1million to the business.
    Initially they apparently sourced ingredients from a company based in a province in China where serious human rights abuses were taking place and just 4 miles from a “re- education centre”.
    They have switched to another supplier.
    Also apparently there was a problem around August 2021 with report on lead content in product – now this has been sorted.
    Interesting that there was no further Oprah comment. Just MM.
    According to Omid Scobie MM and H are now both “stunned” at their recent “cruel” eviction from Frogmore cottage. Andrew is supposedly refusing to move in.
    Perhaps Charles is taking a leaf out of Queen Margareta of Denmark’s book and trying to sort things out so that William won’t have to? She has upset her younger son and his family by reducing titles from Prince/Princess to count/countess to slim the monarchy and taken the flak saying it’s so her heir Frederick won’t have to do it.
    An Express article by Sophie McCabe 21/02/23 suggests the future of UK monarchy could follow the Norwegian model, which seems to match the republican feelings in that country in harmony with a monarchy. Their church and state are also disestablished now.
    This could be the kind of monarchy William would find himself in and could match the astrology.
    It just remains to be seen what happens with Charles. His astrology is intriguing.
    Not sure anyone really cares what happens to Andrew/Harkles any more.

    1. The Who have accepted the gig for the proposed coronation date but the new Beatles/Stones combination isn’t mentioned. Too odd. As for Clevr (sic) that wasn’t particularly clever, was it? My radar was on about that a long time ago, but there is more to this than just an allegation of Chinese human rights abuse. I suppose time will tell. You can bet Andrew, Meghan and Harry will be news again by the end of March, though. It’s all too useful for the enemy, and they do like cheap (or free) propaganda. Have to say, if the monarchy was being run like a global corporation, which it effectively is, then the first thing you’d do is split from the Church of England. I agree with you, in the years to come (the end of Pluto in Aquarius, 2044) this seems likely – or at least the union of monarch and church will be watered down.

  218. Hi Jessica,

    It cannot have been too much of an surprise for the Harkles as they removed their belongings from Frogmore Cottage around the time of the Jubilee. The Queen had changed the terms of the lease to be renewed or not each year.

    However this has ramifications for Harry, as he will have to change his domicile status and start paying tax in the USA. He can circumvent this by buying or leasing another property. But I doubt his finances can take such a hit at the moment, especially if the rumours are true of a divorce in the not too distant future. He really needs to get a good lawyer.

    Do you think the Spencer side of his family might be a good way to at least to renting a home at Althorp? Or do you think he will go the whole hog and leave the UK forever?

    1. The astrology has been clear for a while that there would be renovations or a new home in store for Harry and Meghan, so I guess that’s the next step after the end of Frogmore. The taxation and finance cycles don’t begin (for him) until July 2023. For Meghan they begin earlier, in March 2023, which is why it was possible to file that prediction with The Express in December last year. Thank you.

  219. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the reply.
    Your podcast is awesome – I find listening to your voice very reassuring even when discussing potentially troublesome aspects. No surprises it’s at number 1 again.
    Rumblings from White House that Joe Biden is unlikely to attend the coronation- not his kind of thing, says the rumour.
    Not yet known if the Harkles will be there, although as their brand relies on the royal connection, you’d suppose they need to be seen there.
    H’s glassy eyed appearance in photos for recent “date night” at a celebrity restaurant (said to be connected to SoHo House by the royal rogue on his YT channel) together with MM rictus grinning at the pavement smacks of desperation. Paparazzi apparently booked in advance for photos. PR lady who appeared in their Netflix show accompanying them. Stop looking at us. We want our privacy.
    MM in loose coat, PR rumours swirling of a possible “megnancy”- all somewhat predictable now. Plus Samantha’s lawsuit, H’s home office security row lawsuit.
    Whether they lease/buy another property in UK or not for tax or other reasons, it seems H’s bridges have been burned- by himself.
    And Andrew purportedly demanding a role running Balmoral or similarly prestigious estate in order to make his comeback. He can always be relied upon to make a bad situation worse.
    Charles and Camilla planning to go to France and Germany.
    Not much more said publicly about H’s planned live appearance for BetterUp hotel conference lately, hopefully he’s had second thoughts.
    So much in the mix before the coronation in May. If it happens of course.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Shayne, my producer. Another reader has mentioned the story that President Biden will not attend the proposed coronation. Diana is very much present; the trip to France being scheduled as Pluto enters Aquarius (her Moon sign) for the first time in 248 years. That final week of March is explosive, astrologically. It is remarkable that Charles is returning to the scene of the crime; her unlawful killing.

  220. Interesting that Time magazine is noting Pres. Biden is probably not attending the Coronation. “Ties not binding”. Hmm. Hello today, Jessica. Logging into your library today with my membership to keep researching Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces – thank you!
    Best, Cecelia

    1. This is trouble, isn’t it, Cecelia. The rich and famous may know something we do not. This would have been unthinkable before. And I am glad you are finding the library useful.

  221. Hi Jessica,
    Have you seen Sky news reports that Alex Salmond former SNP leader, now ALBA leader is calling for the Scottish Stone of Scone to be refused for Charles’s coronation? Ash Regan, candidate for the SNP leadership is backing this now.
    The Stone of Scone has been used for coronations for centuries.
    More headaches for Charles.

    1. Aha, Scotland weighs in. Our late Queen knew, which is why she passed in Scotland. I’ll find out more, thanks for letting me know.

  222. Hi Jessica,

    Just thought you would like to know that court testimonies have outed Meghan’s real birthdate.

    One is Tom Markle’s testimony for Samantha Markle. The other is Meghan herself during one of the Daily Mail trials. They both give the same date: 4th August 1977. Which makes her four years older than she has previously claimed.

    And while it isn’t uncommon for actors to lie about their ages, there might be another reason. It appears that her parents didn’t marry until 1979.

    In numerology her real date of birth adds up to 9. 9 is all about change and Meghan reflects this almost like a religion.

    There have been numerous sightings of her 1977 birtdate from her high school year book, an old issue of 17 magazine and the actor reminiscing about her on the set as a 9 year old in 1987.

    As this might make a difference astrologically I thought you should know. Do you think the marriage certificate reflects her true age?

    1. Terrific. Thanks so much for telling me 4th August 1977 for Rachel Meghan Markle, as she was born. I will go back and have a look at this, and if the date passes scrutiny, post a new feature. Actors and actresses routinely lie about their age of course.

  223. Hi Jessica
    Haven’t left a comment for a while but have been mulling the state of affairs behind the scenes. Got a rather odd feeling in the pit of my gut about Harry. We have all been watching him seemingly spin out of control. He is so full of rage and envy and appears to have so little control over his emotions. His increasing instability and psychosis seems to be being fed by an alcohol and drug habit. His public appearances and utterances show him as essentially not being in the present at all. He appears hell bent on destroying the Monarchy egged on by a narcistic wife (who if the rumours are true is already planning her divorce from him). I may as well just get to the point. I could see him totally losing it and killing himself. Maybe even others close to him in a fit of drug fuelled rage. To heal you must accept responsibility for how your life is and be prepared to do the inner work to change your life’s direction. Harry on the other hand appears incapable (at least in the present) to accept responsibility for anything. It is “everyone else’s fault”! He doesn’t even fact check what comes out of his mouth before he opens it. He recently bemoaned how painful his childhood was that he was not shown much love and denied hugs from his parents yet most of us recall vividly pictures of his Mother robustly hugging her boys and photos of Charles hugging his sons when they were younger. I’m not saying his childhood was perfect but he seems to be conveniently forgetting all the good bits! If his childhood was as bad as he says William would be a basket case too but he is anything but. As a parent Charles must be worried sick that his son is becoming suicidal. Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Prince Harry’s chart is accurate as it is tradition to post the time, date and place of birth for public view. He is heavily Virgo, with a stellium in the Sixth House of work, service, duty, health, wellbeing and mental health. Resigning from his duties in Britain would have been as critical for him as dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and his dysfunctional family history. I feel very sorry for him but as an astrologer I can see too much foreign interference in his life and chart. You can call them American, or Russian American, or Taliban American, but his horoscope suggests to me the trouble began there. Harry is a sitting duck for the enemy as was Andrew. None of this is ‘just happening.’ Look at what this is doing to the Commonwealth and the Special Relationship. Second in line to the throne; vulnerable on the grounds of his mental health; absolutely wide open to nefarious people and organisations. I do feel so very sorry for him and hope eventually he will ask for forgiveness for the Oprah Winfrey interview smear on his family and the atrocious lack of respect for our late Queen. Unless, of course, he has a reason for that which he wants to share with the world, which he may well do. Let’s see.

  224. Dear Jessica,

    No need to reply to this but I wanted to know how much I am enjoying this thread of comments still. Every day I check the number of comments to see whether something else has been added . Thank you for your insights and patient diligence.

  225. Hi Jessica,
    I was just wondering if both of H&Ms children are christened, as this is an important part of the tradition. Would be interesting to know who has the title of godparent.
    Kind regards, E

    1. Archie was Christened but there’s been no word about his sister. So many mysteries!

  226. Hello Jessica,
    Many thanks for your reply & link to your podcast. I had thought I was unable to access it since I do not have Apple anything, or Spotify. I very much enjoyed it-listening to the podcast is a great elevator from the mundane necessities.
    I had the fortunate happenstance, or direction, to see your reply when it was posted, capping a lovely evening when friends popped in.
    Absolutely no need to apologise, I recall you were super busy when I commented, & I understand that no reply is guaranteed. It is a buzz to get one though, as I am sure others would agree.
    A couple of small additions to this thread-Lady C says in relation to the non-renewal of lease & direction to vacate Frogmore Cottage for Harry & Meghan, that a risk assessment was done in the immediate wake of the release of “Spare”, and their presence at Frogmore was considered too close to William and his family, for their safety. I note your latest comments posted about Harry.
    We almost need an index for this blog, it is so popular. I just went back to try to refer to the comment on jewellery thought to be of Katherine of Aragon & Henry V111 being found.
    On 14th February 2023, The Times UK reported that “a rare Tudor ring, believed to have belonged to the Boleyn Family, has gone on display at Hampton Court Palace after being discovered in a Kent field. The jewellery was unearthed on the Isle of Sheppey near Shurland Hall, the former home of Sir Thomas Cheney, who was a cousin of Anne Boleyn”. Apparently, Anne & Henry V111 stayed there while passing through to France to honeymoon. The ring was found by a detectorist in August 2019. It may or may not have belonged to Anne of course, but to me it seemed as if she was possibly making her presence felt again, for some reason, so soon after the K of A finding.
    Thanks again and all good wishes,
    Janie Bee

    1. Thank you Janie Bee. Yes, 449 comments and 20 in the queue – this section of the website is always pretty popular. And thank you for the compliment about the podcast which I will pass on to my producer, Shayne. Janie Bee, it would seem Henry VIII looms larger than anyone realised in March 2023. We could say everything is all his fault. The need for male heirs and spares. Divorce. The invention of a church. I wonder what else historians or archaeologists will unearth about Henry in March 2023, as the astrological chart for his church implodes?

  227. Jessica, I get goosebumps reading this blog, as if your readership additions are revealing some things we are supposed to know. I too check often to see if you will post on this particular blog: it’s too good! How about publishing (old-fashioned) magazines (next business plan, oh boy…now that the podcast is landing so brilliantly) and this blog could be a whole “special issue”. Loving being here with everyone. Thank you for your time and efforts. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you Cecelia I always look forward to reading your comments. Apologies for this very late reply but for obvious reasons I’ve left this discussion until we are in proposed Coronation week. We’re off to a flying start with an explosion at Buckingham Palace and a missing US visa for Harry!

  228. Hi Jessica,
    Now Saturn has entered Pisces I looked up what I had in Pisces – only Proserpina. Looking online at Proserpina in Pisces I was astonished to see the following royals listed as having had this aspect : Anne Boleyn, Mary I, Elizabeth I, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Queen of Scots.
    If this information is true and accurate it’s a bit of a coincidence given we are in a cycle this year repeating Henry VIII, his family and his church.

    1. How interesting. Proserpina was the go-between or human bridge between worlds – and powerful people. In Pisces, this is Christian in nature. There is something rumbling far below the surface here. Rather like Proserpina.

  229. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your latest reply.
    New discoveries about Henry V111 will be fascinating, as are the astrological goings-on and your consequent forecasts. I scan the news every day, waiting for developments, already starting it seems.
    I read an interesting article in the Daily Express dated January 26th 2023 wherein historians are debating the likelihood of Anne & Henry having had 2 weddings, surrounded by secrecy.
    The link is
    Best Regards,
    Janie Bee

  230. Well well well didn’t astrology deliver again with the news of the christening of “princess” Lilibet allover the front page of the Daily Mail. How very intriguing that the bishop used to work for Richard Nixon and that the christening took place at their home instead if a church. Apparently the latter is very unusual.

    1. Christening in the Church of England has become something very different in the hands of this family. Actually, the entire Anglican religion has become something else, in the House of Windsor. The astrology would say, it’s all part of a developing crisis for the global community of Anglicans about what their faith represents and how it should be practised. Unorthodox, literally – but why?

    1. Yes, the prediction about ‘a new War of the Roses’ was made a long time before Harry left the United Kingdom, and an even longer time before the open warfare with William in the pages of Spare. It is possible that past lives have something to do with what is now unfolding in the House of Windsor. I guess only they know!

  231. The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Lilibet, has been christened, a spokesperson for the couple said Wednesday.

    “I can confirm that Princess Lilibet Diana was christened on Friday, March 3 by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, the Rev John Taylor,” they told CNN.

    People magazine reported that Lilibet’s parents invited King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales to the event but they did not attend.

    I noticed the royal title.

    1. Lilibet automatically became a princess when our late Queen passed away and Charles III replaced her, so no surprises there. The title and the Christening have arrived in time for publicity surrounding Prince Harry’s event in San Francisco. No surprises there, either.

  232. Hi Jessica stunned to see that on 7 March you said we dont yet know about Lilibet being christened and now it seems it happened last Friday with Tyler Perry present and the media describe it as Princess Lilibet – a deliberate shot in the bow at the King!

    1. Yes. Lilibet was not a princess at birth, because she was not the grandchild of Elizabeth II, but she gained the right to the title when Charles III replaced his mother. She was christened without her grandparents being present, which is not surprising. Lots of lessons here for the monarchy and for United Kingdom or Commonwealth subjects.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Christening and the announcement on the children’s titles was timed for Prince Harry’s appearance in San Francisco, immediately after the end of the Frogmore occupancy. It’s a business. Not a business that loyalist Royalists are much impressed with, judging by the comments on here!

  233. Hi Jessica,

    Many people access birth indexes as though they are the ultimate proof of an accurate record of birth. My own experience of that proves otherwise.

    I was adopted in the early 1960s. My new parents asked me if I wanted to change my first and middle names seeing as my sur name was being changed. Well I chose to cling on to Linda Susan.

    As a teenager, I came across my birth certificate that had my adoptive parents but nothing about my real parents. I should say that I was adopted within the family and from the time of the adoption conntact was cut off from my original family.

    As an adult I decided to check out the California Birth Index. And this was about three years ago. By this time I had most information except my real father’s first and middle names. There was two schools of thought as to what that could be.

    But everytime I tried to find my entry it came to nothing. Eventually I worked out that my middle name had been entered wrongly. Somebody had put Sue instead of Susan. this gave me a clue as to who did it. Because my real maternal grandmother was the only one who could have altered it.

    I know this as she was the only one in the family who had called me by that name. She was living in Germany at the time of my birth and wasn’t around when I was baptised. Yet without any documentation was allowed to alter my name.

    The California Birth Index admits that it is an abstract form of the Birth Certificate. Meaning it is prone to mistakes and inconsistencies. The problem is that there are way too many mistakes and inconsistencies.

    Now I only mention this because there are way too many people that believe the 1981 birth year that Meghan Markle has put about as proof, because it is on the California Birth Index.

    If that is the case, why did she testify under oath that her birth date was August 4th 1977? It makes no sense, especially when perjury is a criminal offence. Though I am not sure that in a private prosecution it would carry a prison sentence.

    If I could hazard a guess as to how the California Birth Index might have made a mistake, then it would be that if her parents married in 1979 and she was born in 1977 then they would perhaps be seeking to change her sur name name from Ragland to Markle.

    Indeed that is one of the primary functions of the California Birth Index. So perhaps, sometime in 1981, the year Rachel Meghan Ragland turned four it was altered to Rachel Meghan Markle. Which is exactly what parents would want to do when their child would be starting school in the near future. Otherwise why is she on the birth index which is about name changes for those that have been adopted and are seeking information about their past, and those needing to update name changes in the case of unmarried parents marrying.

    So it would be easy to see how mistakes could be made. Indeed I met this man whose date of birth had been entered wrongly. This was on another state’s database, and it was a right royal pain for him to get it altered.

    People are free to believe what they want, but it is important to realise that Birth Indexes are well known for their inaccuracies and thus should be treated in that vein.

    1. Thank you. I have looked for evidence that Rachel Meghan Markle testified under oath that her birth date was August 4th 1977 and nothing has appeared. Perhaps Rachel Meghan Ragland is the name to look for. It is interesting what you say about the California Birth Index. Perhaps one of the readers in this discussion has more information?

  234. Hi Jessica,

    Did Archie and Lilibet really become Prince and Princess through King Charles? Or is this a manipulation? Thank you! This is all very interesting.

    1. Thank you. Archie and Lilibet were not prince and princess at birth, because they were not grandchildren of Elizabeth II, but they gained the right to these titles when Charles III replaced his mother. The children’s titles have been a birthright since their grandfather became monarch. We need to wait for the final week of March for the next twist in the tale. And twist in the Scorpio tail.

  235. Hi Jessica, this thread is so exciting! Thank you for your knowledge and information. I don’t know if I can wait until the last week of March!!! I have 3 questions:

    Will Meghan Markle get her comeuppance end of March? I have always felt a ‘something about her I’m not sure about’ feeling from day one.

    Is Harry truly Charles son? I honestly think he is Charles son especially across his narrow eyes.

    Will Charles coronation happen? Not sure about this one either. Maybe in part because I want William to be king and was a big Diana fan so didn’t like what had happened to her.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    1. Thank you. I looked at the birth chart for Meghan a long time ago and she is entering a long cycle until 2044 when it will be ‘Two of us against the world’ with Prince Harry, in a very long fight – or she will be at loggerheads with Harry in a very difficult power struggle. She has clear choices around 23rd March 2023, which is when fate has decreed that the UK will move further in its pursuit of laws that could mean the end of the Sussex titles for the pair. Is Harry the son of Charles? I have no evidence at all for saying so, but I don’t believe so. Will Charles III become king? I’ve put this in writing many times since our Queen passed. No.

  236. Dear Jessica
    Reading your blog again (after the christening news) concerning the birth chart of Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor you made this comment “The future adult Lili is forthright, fearless, frank and in your face. Lilibet has Chiron at 12 Aries exactly in line with the Moon at 12 Aries. That is highly unusual.”
    Also from the same blog “Meghan also has her MC at Aries 11 and her daughter has an exact Moon-Chiron conjunction at Aries 12, joined to Ops, also at 12 Aries. That is also quite rare, between mother and child. It’s almost an exact conjunction. Meghan’s ambitions (her MC) are tied to self-promotion and ‘flying the flag’ for what she believes in.”
    The chart for the christening shows the following – Jupiter 12 Aries – no coincidence ? Jupiter is surrounded by a conjunction of Chiron and Venus at 13 Aries, and Vesta at 10 Aries and other Aries factors.
    Makes you wonder if they are being guided by an astrologer?
    thank you

    1. Now that is interesting. Thank you for picking that up, EF. Are Meghan and Harry using an astrologer to time events here, or is this just astrology – being astrology! It augurs well for ‘Lili the fighter’ in future and in fact her Christening was part of it, as you’ve noticed. I dare say, ‘Lili’ will never be used as much as Lilibet, purely because the latter is so contentious, it being a private term of endearment for our late Queen. What’s in a name? Well, Shakespeare would appreciate this. It’s part of an ongoing battle.

  237. Hi Jessica,
    According to many media accounts of Archie and Lilibet being given the titles Prince and Princess, it is reported that Charles III agreed it in conversation with Harry at the time of the Queen’s death and funeral.
    But the Harkles waited until now to announce it publicly.
    If true, wasn’t it agreed under Mercury retrograde? So will the titles last?

    1. As we now know, since the wedding (with a horse called Storm and Stormzy being name-dropped by the Archbishop of Canterbury) every storm that rises with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is raised quite purposefully. You are correct. Mercury Retrograde was with us when our Queen passed away and all the cards fell on the table, including titles for the Sussex children. Partly because of that, nothing will last as it was announced. In fact, I’ve just mentioned to another reader that my prediction of March 24th 2023 as a critical date for Charles III – has just come true. That prediction can in The Express last year. Parliament will go to the next step with the proposed act to change royal titles.

  238. Wow! What a thread! Fascinating insights from both Jessica and members. This thread alone prompted me to take membership (major FOMO going on here lol). I will have to re-read and take notes as there are so many info sources, I may have missed some.

    I wait with bated breath for the events expected in the coming weeks – and understanding more about astrology, particularly in relation to my own ‘stuck’ situation.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s a 500-way conversation and easily the most popular on the website this weekend. In fact, one prediction I made in The Express last year just came true. The bill to allow royal titles to be dropped, will go to the next stage in Britain, on March 24th. If you are stuck with your life, your public and private chart will always show why. You have quite a few factors at 29 and 1 degree. Saturn just went from 29 Aquarius heading for 1 Pisces (changeover time) and Pluto will leave 29 Capricorn and go to 0, then 1 Aquarius very slowly in 2023, 2024. So you are having quite a long farewell to a very stuck situation and it takes time to adjust. To wake up and smell the roses. To make alterations in your life/your lives – if others are involved. Everything will shift in two departments of your life, at around the same time, but you are still in stuck mode until around March 24th. It can be useful; it buys you time to think.

  239. Hi Jessica,

    I have decided to refer to Harry and his ilk as Lesser Prince or Lesser Princess to differentiate between them and Prince William and his family.

    I know the right to use HRH was taken off of them, but to me this at least conveys my disapproval and rams home just exactly how unimportant they really are.

    Do you really think the the Lesser Prince and the Lesser Princess will really join King Charles iii on the balcony? And if so, what are those disgusted by them supposed to do? I cannot see many people cheering. I can see silence, boos or even the slow hand clap. They must know that they are hated. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. The Buckingham Palace balcony is the stage set for the Royal Family, isn’t it! We see drama or comedy, depending on the times. We are yet to see the big family cycles hit. Charles III has removed one obstacle with the Frogmore Cottage decision but it will not be until March 23rd that the in-depth transformation in power begins for him. The barriers to access with Harry’s children went up around the time of the Frogmore news and will not come down until 2026. I’ve mentioned often, how the astrological charts show that this is rather like a serial being written by scriptwriters from The Crown. The delicate game of subtle insults will continue with the seating plans and other arrangements for the ‘planned’ Coronation. Those two small children are the innocents in all this, poor things.

  240. Hi Jessica, so with the removal of titles bill due it’s second reading later this month, can you tell whether it will pass through all the stages and become law, or will it stumble in the Lords? Edward and Sophie have been announced yesterday on his 59th birthday as the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh although just for his life time and not as a hereditary title, they seem a pretty grounded couple.

    1. The astrology says, the process will be back-and-forth, with the removal of titles bill. It will move forward from March 24th as predicted by the astrology last year – then go backwards from June. It will move forwards again in 2024 and by 2044 we will indeed see ‘we the people’ of the United Kingdom decide to protect the monarchy and control it, by making it possible for the government to step over the monarch and vote for titles to be stripped. It will safeguard vulnerable single men in the family in future, from falling prey to foreign interference. If the enemy realises that there is no point in cultivating assets, they won’t spend years trying to do the same.

  241. Jessica, Can you clear up these thoughts? If Meghan’s year of birth is changed to the one mentioned in the comments (where is testified her birth date), will you change her chart for your use and use that from now on? And does this mean the prior comments will have to be updated due to new factors in the “corrected year” chart? I’m confused where to look. Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Really good question. There is no evidence at all that Rachel Meghan Markle gave the courts a different birthdate. But, if she had, the chart would be replaced. Would it negate the first prediction? No. The second chart would validate the first chart. That sounds odd, but astrology is divination and on the rare occasions I have seen entire birthdays be switched, the second chart always shows the same trends as the first one, even though the first one is null and void. It’s rather like two Tarot card readings from two different decks.

  242. Thank you for replying, Jessica. Amazing to hear you say I am having quite a long farewell to a very stuck situation – that’s the understatement of the year/s I’m off to buy your book to help me understand my chart properly. Keep up the great work

  243. Wow, this is a fascinating response from you, Jessica. And it feels just right. Thank you for responding and offering this teaching moment. Best, Cecelia

  244. Hi Jessica,
    The press are reporting that the Queen left her entire estate (650 million pounds) to King Charles. Apparently this is common practice among the Royal Family to avoid inheritance tax. I am sure the Queen would have left instructions for “gifting” of her money to various family members, but if Charles passes away within 7 years of the “ “gift” then inheritance tax will be charged on the “gifts”.

    On another subject King Henry VIII, never divorced any of his wives. He either annulled the marriage, cut of the heads, or they died naturally. In the case of Anne Boleyn he did both.
    However King George I was divorced from his wife for her infidelity, and it didn’t affect his succession to the throne.

    In the Anglican Church divorced couples can remarry, even in a church if sanctioned by the parish so there should be no reason why Charles can’t be crowned and become the “Defender of the faith”What concerns me more is the adulterous nature of their relationship. Both Charles and Camilla committed adultery while they were married to other partners. Last time I checked adultery is still a sin in the eyes of the Anglican Church.
    So the Anglican Church now has a “defender of the faith “that has blatantly broken the rules that he is swearing to protect and defend. However just about every king since Henry VIII have had a least one mistress if not more, but none of them have married her or made her their Queen.
    I guess when you are King you can change the rules to suit yourself.
    Kind regards

    1. We are back to taxation and the House of Windsor, which has been a running issue for years. Our Queen was not a Sun Taurus for no reason. It’s all starting to feel rather like Danton and Robespierre. Strangely, Charles III and Camilla go to Paris just as we reach that ancient Pluto cycle. You are correct about the adultery issue; what is different in 2023 is that our enemies will disrupt Commonwealth solidarity by manipulating Anglican/Caribbean sentiment on the matter. The Anglican church worldwide and its massive congregation may not find itself represented by the British movement towards the acceptance of adultery, as well as divorce, at the top. We have to wait for March 23rd to see the start of this.

  245. Hi Jessica, thank you for your amazing astrological insights! On the removal of titles Bill, I am from the Netherlands, and members of our Royal Family who wish to get married can only do so by Parliamentary consent. If they don’t wish to seek Parliamentary consent, they will lose their place in the Line of Succession. I consider the removal of titles Bill as being long overdue – looking at the British Line of Succession (on the official website of the Royal Family), more than half of the people mentioned on it don’t have titles! It comes across as very egalitarian and democratic, while a monarchy is exactly the opposite! Is this Pluto, going from Capricorn and entering Aquarius, in action?

    1. Thank you. Your country controls the monarchy democratically. In the United Kingdom the monarchy controls the democracy (and in Australia too). This just can’t last with Pluto in Aquarius from March 23rd 2023 until the year 2044. Pluto will oppose the Leo placements of the House of Windsor and slowly but surely, transform the institution. Quite right. Pluto leaving Capricorn, the sign of ‘the system’ and challenging Leo (royalty) is the beginning of the end of the old world.

  246. Hi Jessica,
    Your prediction (long ago) of Charles’ problems mounting, end of March onwards and affecting his coronation and reign or inability to do so, stated that as well as the C of E aspects, financial matters would be a factor
    The Evening Standard quotes “a friend” of Prince Andrew that he is “distraught” that Charles is keeping all of their mother’s £650 million in her to himself.
    Inspired by the money making success of H&M and Sarah Ferguson’s current book promotion interviews in USA apparently, he is considering the approaches of 2 US media outlets for his side of the story interviews for big bucks.
    He never learns. About interviews.
    Or maybe he has learnt something from H&M’s successful blackmailing efforts.
    Either way, he’s looking to boost his finances after Charles has cut off his Sovereign grant and in his outrage has revealed something of Charles’s wealth from the Queen.
    Financial revelations have plagued Charles before.
    Harry complained bitterly on OW that Charles had not forked out enough money. Later proved false. Harry also tried not long ago to stoke the flames of revelations re donors Charles had accepted money from ( some in carrier bags! ) for his charities. Calling for further investigations. Charles’s right hand man fell on his sword back then to save Charles’s reputation.
    Now a disgruntled Andrew is rocking the boat over money.
    Andrew and money and Harry and money.

    1. My friend Kyra Oser felt Charles III’s finances would be the issue to derail the proposed coronation. That is certainly part of it. Our late Queen invited fate when she named her baby Charles, given the drama surrounding his predecessors. This time round it is Prince Harry who is playing Oliver Cromwell. We’ve not even dented the drama yet, though, as Pluto is still not at 0 Aquarius, the trigger point for all the Windsor charts.

  247. hi Jessica, I am fascinated by the drama surrounding the royal family – especially Meghan & Harry – I disliked her pretty much right from the beginning..

    It is being reported that the trial for Harry’s phone hacking case against the Mirror group is set for early may – a couple of days after the “ proposed coronation” date. It is expected he will testify – likely in person if he is in the UK anyways for the coronation.

    Does this development have any bearing on the storms/development/changes in balance of power within the royal family?

    Harry has been very local that he believes the press has in many ways destroyed his mental health, relationships etc

    Your views on this would be appreciated !

    Love reading the comments on this article ! Thanks!

    1. Thank you. A phone hacking enquiry sounds right, in terms of timing, as Prince Harry has his Third House of media, crossed by the South Node of karma, by July. Then it ends, so it may be his time to ‘be owed’ as the South Node is about karmic settlement. I must go and look at the astrological chart for his friend Oprah Winfrey, though. There are rumours that she was heavily invested in the Silicon Valley Bank.

  248. Jessica Thank you for all that you do. Just signed up as a member after reading every single thread on this blog over the past week. Interestingly, even before I came across your work, I felt something major was going to change for the royals. I am a regular at our local hospital as one of my children has ongoing medical needs. Last week, I was talking to one of the nurses and she said to me, she feels (she is psychic) there is a major shift and Charles will not be king! I feel really connected to the ‘Tudor’ time energy too. A major synchronicity happened to me last week and this week… feels the energy is supporting for me to connect with my life’s work. Any info on any house move for me and my children would be appreciated… the current rental home needs repair but I appreciate the space we have! Keep up the good work!

    1. That’s interesting. Another psychic who believes Charles III will not proceed to the coronation. I’d say the stamp was a fairly large hint. Houses, homes and households are ruled by the Fourth House and Cancer in your natal chart. You have the IC at 21 Cancer sextile Saturn at 21 Taurus in your Second House of money. When transiting Jupiter goes to 21 Taurus, if your birth time is accurate, there will be the best and biggest opportunity in 12 years to put down roots and to overcome one of the biggest hurdles you have with the bank, or one of the greatest obstacles, in terms of a house. That’s April 2024. Yet, you should be making or saving a lot more money from May 2023, thanks to Jupiter’s ingress in your Second House, natally. You are also a Sun Aries so in your public chart, what begins around May 19th 2023 will help you stash away the cash, get something for nothing (or a lot less) or benefit by other means.

  249. Hi Jessica,

    I’d like to see a comparison of MM and Amber Heard’s charts. Two Mega Narcissists whose lives and lies are being exposed on the world stage. AH was destroyed.. will MM suffer the same smack of reality?

    There are other narcissists being exposed as well. There must be something in the astrology about narcissism coming out and being exposed!


    1. Without thinking about either woman, the narcissism of the Twenties is shown by Chiron in Aries, the sign which rules title, appearance and reputation. Chiron is a symbol of stretching all known limits of what is acceptable or admissible. Aries rules the First House of image, profile and self-promotion. So the technology has risen to meet Chiron, since he first appeared in Aries in 2018 and we have seen the boom in Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Twitter, YouTube and their interconnected links – complete with Instagram filters, the Selfie Stick and ‘Influencer’ income. Much as we would like to see the end of the self-absorption it will become a way of escaping from reality once Neptune enters Aries in 2025 and will be with us until 2039. Narcissists will develop alter ego personalities and identities and use a wardrobe of ‘selves’ to represent them in virtual spaces online. This huge focus on the superficial has also resulted in the late-stage Pluto in Capricorn patriarchy of the “Transgender” men who put on lipstick and dresses and demand access to female space and identity. There will be no reality check for narcissists who mistake the exterior for personality, unfortunately.

  250. Wow!! Amazing response as always! Wish there was a clap button on the response I could click!!!!

    Thanks Jessica

  251. Hi Jessica,

    I heard something very strange today, and I have no idea if it was true.

    It seems that the Harkles booked the Archbishop of Canterbury at short notice to Christen Archie. He cancelled meetings in order to do it. But when he got there they had called the whole thing off.

    It is like they had to turn the whole thing into a drama to draw attention to themselves. It is not as though they were willing to share anything about Archie’s Christening anyway, not even that they cancelled it. So it seems that his sister was Christened but not Archie.

    Do you know anything about this Jessica?

    1. That is an odd rumour. Archbishop Justin Welby booked to fly to Los Angeles to perform a Christening on Archie, which was then cancelled? I’ll take a look. Thank you.

  252. Hi Jessica, in relation to Archie’s christening, that happened at Windsor on July 6th 2019, the press were not invited but they did release some photos afterwards, The Queen did not attend due to a prior commitments, the article I found states it was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  253. Hi Jessica,

    Do you see 2026 as the time when H & M’s divorce becomes final or when they stop their tirades against the monarchy and the people of this country?


    1. Astrology does not show divorce. It shows marriage under tests, of course and there is no doubt that 2023, 2024, 2025 into early 2026 is the most difficult test in years for Harry and Meghan. As for the ongoing slurs and smears against the monarchy and the British, I’m afraid if their backers and supporters want that agenda to continue, it shall. History tells us monarchs have survived far worse!

  254. Hi Jessica,
    Have you seen the report in The Financial Times and on the BBC online news for 21/03 that Judge Jed Rakoff has given the go ahead to 2 women to bring JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank to court to answer about benefitting financially from Epstein’s illegal activities? Also he has given the ok to an allegation from the US Virgin Islands against them to go ahead.
    Lydia Hawken’s article for Mailonline 18/03 gives MM’s royal connections network of people leading to meeting /marrying Harry.
    TRG on YouTube quotes the article and explores connections via some of these people to Epstein and Maxwell. Not just by Andrew.
    Suggests Harry’s court cases about the press/security may be just a distraction. Wool being pulled over our eyes. The real prize being the gaining of IPP status to ensure immunity from questioning re future Epstein related cases.

  255. Hi Jessica

    It Seems that Harry may have some trouble with his Visa that he used to enter USA. It has been reported that if Harry had admitted to drug use ( as detailed in Spare) he would not have been allowed to enter the USA.

    If he lied about his passed drug use he Is guilty of perjury because he has made false claims on an offical immigration document in order to gain entry into the US.

    An immigration law professor said he may well be deported for either offence (can’t really see that happening) but you did predict he would be renovating or moving to a new home. Perhaps it will be in another country.

    If he was deported Harry’s “revenge” on the Royal Family in the form of Spare may come back “to bite him on the bum” . Would love to see that! Can’t see Meghan being too happy about that though!


    1. Just running this, Julie, as on 22nd March you were picking up the issue of 3rd May. Harry and his non-existent US visa. As usual, there is this constant hint of a stage play or a television series, written by other hands. It’s always there with the astrological charts, whenever we run into more dramas. The ‘mistake’ of giving their daughter the wrong sort of Archbishop for her Christening, and so on. The early nuptials with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Muddle with meaning, more like it.

  256. Fascinating, 2 hours ago, 24th March, the British government cancelled a 3day State visit by King Charles & Camilla to France. there are huge demonstrations there at the moment due to Macron attempting to raise the age of workers to receive their Pension. There should have been a parade down the Champs Elysees & a banquet at the Palace of Versailles. How interesting it was to be this week.

    1. We are back in the days of the French Revolution, the last time Pluto entered Aquarius. It takes about 248 years for Pluto to do this, so it’s remarkable that Charles and Camilla chose this week, to go to Paris. Then, of course, there is the association with Diana which I suppose Charles and Camilla thought they could settle in some way. Quite wrong. Macron is lucky we are in 2023 and they are not wheeling carts on the cobblestones!

  257. Hi Jessica, your predictions are so accurate and interesting to read, congratulations, and thank you very much! Just a small detail, in the title of both of your natal charts, it says “Henry, prince of Wales”, but Harry is just Henry, duke of Sussex. or just prince Henry (Windsor) through birth as grandchild of Queen Elizabeth. Pity she couldn’t pass on to him that we all have rights and also responsibilities. it would have made him a stronger person, probably happier, and less envious of his brother. Thank you for anoher great article! Best regards

    1. Thank you. The name on the charts is actually from the AstroGold software file, so it appears automatically. The monarchy in Britain would almost disappoint us if it betrayed history and became a smooth affair. Dramatic and actually the stuff of theatre, opera (and soap opera) it is, what it is. The issue for us, is that it also has real power. That’s another kettle of fish as we go into the crucial final week of March.

  258. Hi Jessica,
    Your predictions regarding the Royal family are usually spot on. You predicted Megxit well in advance of it happening. I know you feel the coronation will not happen or will be postponed, but if it does forge ahead, will Harry and Meghan attend? Will only Harry attend?
    I feel they will. I don’t know if astrology can predict such things but perhaps as a medium what are your feelings about their attendance.
    Also what are your thoughts about the solar eclipse on April 20 which will square Pluto. This happens two weeks before the coronation is it significant?

    Kind regards

    1. Julie, apologies for this late reply, as you posted on 27th March and it’s now 3rd May. You’ve also posted on 22nd March again about Prince Harry and his US visa issue. And here we are, right at the Eleventh House of the planned Coronation and hey presto, the papers cannot be found. Astrology does indeed work in mysterious ways. And it’s only Tuesday in London.

  259. Well, well, well! Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrives in London the day King Charles was to have first been overseas and, although the French part of the trip is now cancelled, HDoS will be in the UK while the king is in Germany. He’s still one of the few who can stand in for the monarch isn’t he? Conspiracy thoughts run wild!!!

    1. Yes, this is in step with the astrology. Elton John, who has refused to appear at the planned Coronation, and was of course Diana’s friend, has appeared with Prince Harry in London and Charles III is not with him. Neither is his brother. Or any other family member, come to that. Yes, he can stand in for Charles III should anything happen to him. And yes, Charles was supposed to have been in Paris, where Diana was unlawfully killed, but riots prevented that. It’s all very…astrological.

  260. Hi Jessica, Is Harry’s arrival in London today related to the March 23, 2023 shift? Thank you. This is a fascinating blog.

    1. Yes, Prince Harry’s time in London (with no time scheduled to see his brother, father or other family members) is part of the story.

  261. Hi Jessica,
    I am not holding my breath that H will be denied entry to the USA. Mainly because that would mean he would be coming back here, and that would be awful!

    There is someone else who has as far as I know has never been deported from America or denied entry. And that is Elton John, who has never denied his past drug use. So it all seems to depend on your status in the world.

    One is a world famous singer, musician and composer. The other is the son of a king. It remains to be seen who will leave the bigger stamp.

    Jessica, do you forecast anything on KCiii’s visit to Germany and will it be of lasting value to the UK? Thanks for all your keen insights on various members of the family, in some way it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving!

    1. Something’s up and that ‘something’ is Diana. I’ve mentioned this in some other conversations on here, but the man who sang her eulogy with Candle in the Wind, who has reportedly turned down an invitation to appear at the proposed coronation, is now suddenly in London with Prince Harry. The Paris cancellation is also pure Diana, isn’t it.

  262. Hi Jessica,
    Harry is in London the week Russian artist Andrei Molodkin intends to project an artwork filled with Afghani blood onto St Paul’s cathedral . He says it’s in protest at the Afghani blood Harry said in Spare that he spilled when he killed 25 Taliban “chess pieces.”
    St Paul’s is where his mother was married and wasn’t it the venue of her funeral?
    Just as his father’s trip(and stepmother) to Paris the place of her death is cancelled.
    Oddly coincidental.
    The artist is a Russian who projected an artwork of Ukrainian blood featuring Putin so says he’s exiled from Russia for his own safety.
    Do any of these connections resonate with the astrology of the end of March?
    Unrelated but no MM with Harry- but her father and half brother seen at LA airport couple of days ago. Surprise future announcement to come to deflect attention from Charles’s coronation?

    1. Thank you. I see the comments in this discussion have sailed past 500 again, as Prince Harry lands in London. His chart has those Russian connections to old USSR and Romanov horoscopes so perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s this work by Molodkin at St. Paul’s Cathedral (of all places). Sometimes the strands of time and space gather up together in astrology. Given that Harry could pursue the Daily Mail at any time and he’s chosen this week – you could be forgiven for wondering what the back story is. The asteroid Diana soared across his astrological chart when he was in San Francisco recently.

  263. Hi Jessica, so exactly when do things heat up with Harry and Meghan? Will Harry / and Meghan attend the coronation?
    Sorry, but a big part of me really wants to see them put in their place or pay for how they have treated William and Charles.
    You had previously mentioned that Diana comes into play around the coronation time – identifying her as a trump card. Ironically Donald Trump is about to release a book with letters received from Diana!

    1. Oh really? Donald Trump received letters from the late Princess of Wales? He tells us a lot of things, though. Most recently, he told us he was to be arrested last week. Well…

  264. Hi Jessica
    Well here we are in the last week of March and the games between Harry and his family have begun.

    Firstly he surprises everyone by turning up to a preliminary hearing (that he didn’t need to attend) into illegal phone taping by the British press, obviously to draw attention from his fathers first international state visit since becoming king.

    And secondly as usual to throw his family “under the bus” again. Harry has said in court documents that the Institution (as he refers to the palace and his family) were aware of the phone hacking and withheld this information from him deliberately. He also states that there was an agreement in place between the Institution and NGN that they would not engage in any litigation against them over the phone hacking, presumably for good press.

    So basically Harry is on on hand calling the press out for it abhorrent and illegal behaviour to get stories on just just him but other celebrities ( and rightfully so) but also that the Institution ( his family) was not just aware of these activities but were in compliance with NGN, therefore condoning their behaviour and once again calling into question the moral behaviour of the Royal Family. And all this 6 weeks before the coronation of his father as King.

    Wow he is not just on a crusade to take down the press in Britain but also to take down the Institution. And then he will have the audacity to come to the Institution’s biggest moment, the Coronation of the King.

    I feel this all stems from his mothers treatment at the hands of the British press and the Institution as well as her death. He wants revenge for her. And he will stop at nothing to get it. As a young boy he was powerless but now he has power and he will use it.

    The only problem is he will destroy the relationship he has with his family in the process. The Monarchy and the British press will survive but his relationship with his family won’t.

    1. Pluto entered Aquarius on 23rd March and six days later, Prince Harry is in London. This fits the timing, as the tide was always set to turn with Charles III from March 23rd, ongoing. I occasionally contribute to the Daily Mail and my friends Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones have a regular podcast there, so I’m not impartial. We know this is about Diana as Elton John is involved; he won’t play at the proposed coronation and he was of course one of the defining contributors to the funeral of the Princess. Diana’s never gone away, and never will go away, no matter how much time and money is poured into that. I find it so fascinating that Paris had to be cancelled for Camilla and Charles.

  265. Hi Jessica
    I agree that the cancellation of Paris was strange, almost karmic.
    Also we only have Harry’s word that the Institution (Royal family) knew about the alleged phone tapping or that the phone tapping happened at all. We are yet to see any evidence.

    I can understand your impartiality towards the journalists, that are your colleagues and friends. It should be added that even if there is evidence that phone tapping did indeed take place, that in no way reflects on all journalists in the British Press only those who perpetrated that illegal act.

    Unfortunately as with politicians, people often assume that if one politician is found to be corrupt, they all must be, which is grossly unfair.

    At the moment Harry is hell bent on destroying the press and the monarchy and he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. Unfortunately that applies to the many talented and reputable journalist that work for the Daily Mail like your friends and colleagues. But even worst his own family which he says he cares about.
    As the saying goes when you plot revenge dig two graves one for yourself.
    Have a great week

    1. I expect the elephant in the room is a recorded conversation which incriminates Charles and/or Camilla. This is such an epic game of chess, isn’t it? I suppose we just have to go on watching and paying our taxes. Meanwhile the Daily Mail has found out the truth about the Sussex charity and accounting. This goes back to a prediction I made about Archie way back on 2nd May 2019. The poor little boy was always going to be swept up in the accountant’s files!

  266. Hi Jessica

    What do think is the likelihood that H & M read your pages (specifically this thread) and are trying to stay one step ahead or manage their choices / timings according to astrology?
    I’m wondering if they may attempt to ‘outsmart’ astrology predictions.

    1. I don’t think Prince Harry and the Duchess have ever used astrology as their timing has always been wrong. For example, you don’t take on the Daily Mail when Mercury Retrograde is about to unfold in your sector of charity and taxation.

      I wrote this years ago when Archie was born: “The baby arrives with philanthropy built into the horoscope, and it’s no surprise to hear Harry and Meghan are asking for no gifts, but donations instead, to their preferred good causes. Yet, even here, we have to watch how it all pans out. The theme of money – the royal finances – will come to dominate little Archie’s life.

      “It must be so hard to be Royal. You have an expensive life. Yet, you cannot operate by the normal fiscal rules. This comes into sharp relief with the presents Archie receives. All of which are charity based. This in turn points us to lifelong questions about Archie and his accountants!”

      That prediction was a long time ago, 2nd May 2019. If Harry and Meghan are taking advice from an astrologer, or even a psychic, they need to hire a new one.

  267. Hello Jessica,

    Your predictions are very accurate!
    I agree with some of the contributors of this thread that the aborted meeting between France and GB or rather between Macron – who was Henri VII, the first Tudor (1457 – 1509) and then Napoleon Ier according to some psychics – and Charles III, incidentally Diana’s ex, seems oddly karmic. It is also the proof of the influence on planets on our little human lives with the ingress of Pluto in Aquarius.

    It must have felt rather humiliating for Macron to have had to cancel or postpone? his meeting with the (future/ ex?) King and Queen consort… The binmen’s strike is in fact still going on albeit limited (on the big streets, not mine (!)) and I think the movement will last or transform itself …
    Funny enough I heard an interview of Mélenchon (“Disobedient France”) who was asked about the called off stay of C & C and he basically said that it was a pity because France and UK have had a long and rich friendship and that French people respected Britons regarding their political choice (Monarchy) but that he believed that the UK will eventually become a Republic, like in Spain… Which made me laugh (Mélenchon was Robespierre or Danton in a previous life, I’m not sure, although I think he looks like Danton more…!). According to this thread, Mélenchon probably underestimates the strength of the British Monarchy! … Without being partisan, he is in fact a genuine speaker managing to intertwine political and social ideas, history and philosophical thoughts, humour and French expressions or vernacular language in quite a unique way. In comparison, Macron seems uptight, arrogant, boring and fake… In truth, relationships between England (we seldom use the UK in French) and France have always been quite stormy except when thankfully we were allied…

    I also think that Princess Diana will always be here and have a political and social (or spiritual?) influence one way or another… I read Simone Simmons “The last word” after you mentioned her on one of your replies and it gave me a new insight on Diana’s personality… Thank you. It is actually reported in the book that Diana voted against Monarchy!

    By the way, I’m a new Premium member and I love having access to deeper information and other articles. I was quite dumbfounded to find that I had five stelliums in Leo (and 4 in Cancer) and that my Diana was in Scorpio (oh!) In fact, the worst things in my life happened when the sun was in Leo (in August) or in Virgo (end of August) which makes me feel like erasing the month of August of the calendar all together forever… (!) (Sorry for the syntax) As for Diana in Scorpio … I’m not interested in material things at all, not interested in seduction and other power or sex games at all, I’m just super independent, a rebel at the core and I need to go deep deep into things (that I’m interested in) (psychologically)… Your shrewd advice would be very much welcome!
    Thank you very much for providing such a pedagogical and accessible exciting website!
    Prenez bien soin de vous et à la prochaine !

    1. I’m glad you read Simone Simmons’ book. When I spoke to her years ago, she had become a hub for so many calls and e-mails from people who wanted to tell her she was right about Diana and her unlawful killing. Thanks so much for becoming a Premium Member. Your Diana in Scorpio in the Eighth House sounds typical. She was Jupiter’s independent daughter who rejected children and marriage entirely and is usually painted (beautifully by Rubens) as a huntress with a greyhound. You will notice Diana more as Jupiter goes into Taurus and is in opposition to her from the Second House. He is after all, her father. The issue will be your financial autonomy or independent with property. Merci beaucoup.

  268. Jessica, OMGosh. Just read a James Bond book is being published May 4 where Bond will try to thwart plans to disrupt the coronation! That is amazing astrology!! Your comments, PLEASE. Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Yes, another reader picked up on that. Authors often channel, don’t they, Cecelia. The funniest thing is, the joke’s on the project as anyone who tries to promote, distribute and launch on Mercury Retrograde is a twerp.

  269. Hi Jessica,
    I heard a wonderful story about The Queen while going through YouTube. It seems sometime, many years ago, Queen Elizabeth ii was due to make a state visit to Germany. Prior to the visit, she phoned up their head of state’s office and made two requests. She asked if she could choose the gift they were going to give her and they agreed.

    Evidently she requested two horses that are specifically bred in Germany. One was to be a grey ( really white ) and the other one to be brown.

    The grey had to specifically match others that were used to pull those gilded royal coaches we all see on special occasions.

    The brown was to be a gift for Prince Philip as he had taken up coach driving as a hobby. These gifts were in the region of £52,000.

    As I said earlier, they agreed to this. The second request proved more problematical. She asked if she could address the German Parliament. This was flatly refused.

    I find this story hysterical, as I remember in the 70s The Queen receiving priceless jewells and she giving a silver framed photograph of herself, time and time again. Amazingly they always looked really pleased to receive the photo. Who knew that you just had to ask for these things!

    Anyway King Charles did what his mother couldn’t and that was to speak in the German Parliament. I haven’t heard anything about the gifts received or given. But I would love to know.

  270. Hi Jessica
    This week in the media there are reports of rumours that Meghan is preparing to enter politics at some level. Of course she has a degree In International Politics from Northwestern University, so there must have been more than a passing interest in politics to study such a course. Of course as part of the royal family, politics is an area to stay clear of, hence her departure (Megxit) I have always thought she would move into some area of politics, perhaps a Senator.
    What do you think? Is there any indication in her chart that she may enter politics in the future? If she does will she succeed?


    1. Whatever Meghan does professionally, with unpaid work or academia will be quite unexpected, from May 2023 to May 2024 and given that she likes to shock, I think we’ll all be shocked. Politics would suit. It depends how the Democrats’ data mining is going, really, as they are identifying a voter base which might suit her. Whatever she does, it will turn her known world upside-down and she’ll be very successful with it. A role on Netflix’s The Crown? Who knows.

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