Princess Anne – A Life in Astrology

I told The Daily Express in September 2022 that Charles III would not proceed to the coronation, or abdicate. Princess Anne has an astrological chart timed for an historic trigger in April and May 2024 - but this will be about a group of royals, if she accepts the offer.

Princess Anne, the Horoscope and The Crown

Having ducked the global spotlight successfully since gracing the cover of LIFE magazine at 21, Princess Anne is about to receive it again.

Her brother Charles is the reason, and her astrology chart suggests April, May and June 2024 are months to watch.

But first, the back story.

On 24th September 2022 on this website I predicted that Charles III would be part of a crisis for the Royal Family in 2024.

The Charles Astrology Forecast in The Daily Express

It looked so unlikely that he would rule, that in September 2022 I told Anna Barry at The Daily Express what follows:

Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 2.49.02 pm - Princess Anne - A Life in Astrology Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 2.49.21 pm - Princess Anne - A Life in Astrology

Vanity Fair @VanityFair 300x200 - Princess Anne - A Life in AstrologyThe Predicted Crisis for Charles in 2024

What you read on this website two years ago, was about “the cycles of time and the role that fate plays in the future of the monarchy in 2022-2024 and why Charles, Camilla, Harry, Anne are part of a critical crossroads.”

The time has come to look at the astrology chart of Princess Anne. (Software: AstroGold).

It reveals why on 15th November 2022, Charles made her (and Edward) eligible to be his stand-ins.

This photograph of the siblings in the best Twitter royal-watching account, run by Vanity Fair @VanityFair shows what happens when a Scorpio brother and Leo sister are placed side-by-side. The astrology suggests that it’s time to go public with big decisions.

Anne and Edward Standing In For Charles

Anne was born with Fortuna, the Wheel of Fortune, at 26 Libra, the sign of partnership, duets and double-acts. On 15th November 2022, Pluto was at 26 Capricorn. An exact square. Mercury was at 26 Scorpio. An exact semi-sextile.

This is a partnership with Edward, to substitute for Charles, but it is also about Charles and Anne, as a double-act. That’s what happened when stand-ins were apppointed.


The Astrology of Princess Anne 1024x788 - Princess Anne - A Life in Astrology

William and Charles, Abdication and the Nation

Should Charles abdicate following his cancer diagnosis, Prince William is in line to become King William V. The last monarch to abdicate was Edward VIII, uncle to our late Queen Elizabeth. He famously gave up the throne in 1936.

Do you remember the spirit of Father Benedictus at the Coronation?

Mistakenly called The Grim Reaper, he is a well-known ghost at Westminster Abbey. He last appeared at the wedding of our late Queen Mother. She would take the throne with King George VI following…the abdication.

Anne 243x300 - Princess Anne - A Life in AstrologyAnne and Not William? A Royal Group?

The Regency Act of 1937 declares that if a monarch’s mental or physical illness should preclude them from ruling, power could go to a Counsellor of State.

Described by Tatler as “Essentially a band of deputies” it rather fits these Aquarian times.

Pluto (all the power) going to the diverse group (Aquarius) for the first time since the rule of King George III and The Regency. It takes about 248 years for this cycle to appear.

So, is this William and Anne as a couple of powerhouses to boost a new monarchy?

Fictionalised in The Crown, Anne is her mother’s daughter. She is consistently popular and as a Leo is the right sign, at the right time, in the right place.

When we look at William’s chart, however, we see that it’s all about Catherine, fondly known as Kate. And an issue with his marriage will be back again.

It went away on January 22nd 2024 (around the time of his wife’s reported surgery) but the question about the partnership returns later, from September 3rd until November 19th this year.

The Princess of Wales and The London Clinic

We’ve been told Kate, the Princess of Wales was hospitalised for abdominal surgery, remarkably at The London Clinic  – together with her father-in-law Charles, who the BBC relayed, had been treated for an enlarged prostate.

So what happens if duty to his wife and children,  prevents William fully replacing Charles in a Regency? Something interesting and astrologically correct: we find ourselves with a circle of royals sliced in different portions, both financially and in terms of workload.

Pluto in Aquarius, Anne and William

Pluto in Aquarius is about slicing the cake between a group. To find power over the next 20 years, go to the circle of people, not the individual. So that’s not William, but it’s not solely Anne, either. It’s Anne in the context of a group.

This historic transit about people power in a circle (Pluto in Aquarius)  first appeared on 24th March 2023 and was there until June 11th that year. It resurfaced on 22nd January 2024 and dominates this year until September 2nd, then resumes on November 20th 2024.

Once we reach 2025 and the New Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday 29th January 2025, the stage is well and truly set for a group, rather than ‘one man to rule them all.’ The astrology suggests this has been the secret Plan B for a while.

Charles and Cancer

I have no proof at all that Charles III was aware of his cancer from March 24th to June 11th 2023, or that secret discussions took place for a power-sharing agreement between Counsellors of State.

I just have astrology to guide me. But yes, I believe he has been secretly diagnosed with a serious health problem and concealed it.

I’m also a professional psychic and medium, as well as an astrologer. And Princess Anne is on my radar, as I write this on 9th February 2024.

Princess Anne has a good sense of humour, doesn’t she? Did you see this on Twitter?

I like the way Richard Palmer described it too. He is Royal Correspondent at the Daily Express, where I often give astrology predictions about the Royal Family.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

“Have your cake and eat it too” is perhaps the message here. And the cake will be divided. Hilariously, Anne chose Wormwood Scrubs for the joke. She rarely lets the media in. She did, for this – the rather large cake.


Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 8.20.48 am 1024x886 - Princess Anne - A Life in Astrology

What the Princess Anne Astrology Chart Shows

Pluto is in Leo, the royal sign, in the Fifth House of heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne.

Anne took control of her children’s future (Zara and Peter) by opting out of royal titles for them and HRH styling.

Pluto is at 17 Leo just one degree away from a square to Vesta at 18 Taurus and one degree away from a semi-sextile to Mercury at 18 Virgo and Saturn at 18 Virgo.

Anne iii 231x300 - Princess Anne - A Life in AstrologyIn plain English, she controls her role as Princess Anne in the dynasty (not just Zara and Peter but all the young relatives) with difficulty, as the wealth is locked into a system favouring one male, dictating to females.

This is at the heart of the need to serve and do one’s duty, which also takes place with a heavy burden.

The Princess would probably rather be living a country life (if not actually editing Country Life) but she was born to this.

We’d expect any abdication by Charles III to tally with rare transits at 17, 18 degrees.

Slow-moving outer planets and the North Node and South Node are rare. Between January 24th and February 11th 2024, the North Node goes to 17, 18 Aries and the South Node goes to 17, 18 Libra.

This can only happen every 18-19 years or so. But there is another transit which is even more momentous in terms of an abdication and possible power-sharing agreement with Charles’ counsellors.

Watching April 2024 and the Astrology of Princess Anne

Jupiter goes to 17, 18 Taurus from March 31st until April 8th 2024. Ceres goes to 17, 18 Capricorn between April 5th and 9th. Mercury Retrograde goes to 17, 18 Aries and gets stuck from April 17th to 20th, which suggests rewritten paperwork.

Chiron (which shows jaws on the floor – and what you can get away with) goes to 17, 18 Aries in March and April 2024. We then go to May, when Saturn goes to 17, 18 Pisces from May 6th until June 7th 2024.

Ceres retrogrades to 17, 18 Capricorn from June 14th to 19th, in the same period. Watch April with further outcomes by June. The British spring. Historic, nation-changing, life-changing choices appear for Princess Anne in April-June 2024.

St. Crispin’s Day

It would be too perfect if this astrological grand trigger of Anne’s chart was to happen on St. Crispin’s Day, which is the 25th of October. Not quite. But the poetry in the horoscope in April and May 2024 suggests Shakespeare in Henry V. (Prince Harry, by the way, was christened Prince Henry).

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

The Solar Chart and Natal Chart

For accuracy in astrology, we use the solar (Sun Sign) chart as well as the natal chart.

Princess Anne is a Leo, as was the Queen Mother. She is destined to hit the heights in April 2024 at the rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, at the top of her horoscope.

Uranus is always a shock. The world turns upside-down. Here he is with Jupiter, a symbol of expansion, growth, good fortune, hope for the future. This is the same month that sings to us from the natal chart.

2701692 580x 215x300 - Princess Anne - A Life in AstrologyScanning the United Kingdom’s famous 1801 ‘birth’ horoscope for that 17, 18 degree hotspot – as well as family members –  the first asteroid we find is Diana.

In fact, the presence of the late Princess of Wales is embedded in the whole story and particularly in the horoscope narrative for her grandson, Prince George, the future King.

Princess Diana was born with Minerva at 18 Leo, the royal sign.

I have also included the chart for the Church of England in this long list of relevant royals and the nation. (All data: AstroGold).

Finally, in March-June 2024,  the shock is with/for Prince Andrew, with his natal Uranus at 18 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules his daughters and his young relatives, including Prince George.

It rules courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy and the next generation.

Uranus classically turns the known world upside-down. From our point of view as subjects, the last thing anyone expected to happen with Andrew, will happen. How much we are told, of course, is another matter.

How Meghan Is Part of the Pattern

Prince Andrew’s tragic downfall took place in the US of course – and Meghan, formerly the actress Meghan Markle, has her Apollo at 17 in royal Leo in an exact line-up with Uranus at 17 Leo also in Andrew’s chart.

This is the list of horoscopes which are all triggered at the same time in the House of Windsor. Look at the number of times the asteroid Diana makes an appearance.

What we’re seeing here, is the astrology of quite rare, historic change. I first sighted this back in 2022 when I was interviewed by the Daily Express – the royal paper. Charles III did not seem destined to rule then, but here we are in 2024 and we may finally know why.

The United Kingdom: Diana at 17 Capricorn, Mercury at 17 Sagittarius.
Princess Beatrice: Juno at 17 Cancer.
Princess Charlotte: Uranus at 17 Aries, Diana at 18 Gemini, Cupido at 18 Cancer.
Catherine (Kate) the Princess of Wales: Chiron at 18 Taurus, the Moon at 18 Cancer.
Vanity Fair Meghan Markle scaled 1 214x300 - Princess Anne - A Life in AstrologyCharles III* : Cupido 17 Libra, Bacchus 18 Capricorn.
Prince Edward: Mercury 17 Pisces, Diana 18 Taurus, Neptune 17 Scorpio.
The Church of England: Panacea 18 Aries.
Princess Eugenie: Pluto 17 Scorpio.
Sarah, Duchess of York: Descendant 18 Taurus, Vesta 18 Libra, Ascendant 18 Scorpio.
George, Prince of Cambridge: Minerva 18 Aquarius, Diana 18 Aquarius, Proserpina 18 Libra.
Prince Harry: IC 17 Taurus, Cupido 18 Cancer, Fortuna 18 Libra, Salacia 17 Aquarius, MC 17 Scorpio.
Camilla: Juno 18 Sagittarius, Jupiter 17 Scorpio, Panacea 17 Scorpio.
Prince William: Cupido 17 Virgo.
Prince Andrew: Mercury 17 Pisces, Uranus 18 Leo.
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: Apollo 17 Leo.

Astrology and Free Will

Astrology inclines and suggests; it does not pull our strings as if we were puppets. It’s ancient timing. In fact, it’s one of the oldest time-measuring devices in the world.

Princess Anne’s horoscope suggests a supergroup with her as Lennon or McCartney will evolve in stages, peaking in April and May 2024.

Pluto in Aquarius is about the team, in Anne’s natal chart. And in her chart as a Leo, this same horoscope zone is triggered in a spectacular way in May, June 2024.

Anne wears Adidas/Team GB (Great Britain) sunglasses from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics on a regular basis. She’s always been a team player and competed at the 1976 Olympics. She is, of course, a gold medal equestrian.

Charles, Anne and a Pool

Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Prince Harry have been discreetly removed from a role as Counsellors of State – it happened soon after Charles III* accepted the crown.

They’ve been taken out of the pool, in other words – creating a possibility for spouses to senior ranking members and those with a lower position in the line of succession to get in.

The pool analogy is Aquarian in nature; this being the water-bearer of the zodiac who used to supply the Roman Baths. In fact, anyone with that job was called an Aquarii.

Anne, Edward and a Different Team GB

Anne and Edward are Counsellors of State for Charles as working members of the Royal Family. Camilla and William, too. But 2024 has landed with a bang, as has Pluto in Aquarius.

What if Camilla must care for Charles and William must care for Catherine?

There is power in the Council of State. The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret came together as Counsellors of State in 1974 to declare a state of emergency and dissolve Parliament when our late Queen was in Australia.

In this game of ‘What if’ we have to wonder who else Anne and Edward might add to a different kind of team GB. All eyes, then, must be on April, May and June 2024 for this intriguing family. Spring is a time of renewal and Princess Anne’s astrological chart suggests this will be a historic relaunch. Into the deep end.

*I don’t refer to Charles III as King Charles, or Camilla as Queen Camilla, because I believe the coronation will be invalidated as the secret document sealed under former PM Tony Blair will be released and the marriage of Charles and Camilla shown to be illegal, which renders the coronation unconstitutional. This is clear in all the astrology charts, unfortunately. 

Images: Princess Anne/The Royal Family on Twitter @RoyalFamily is the best source for official photographs and @VanityFair the best US coverage of royal news.

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54 Responses

  1. Jessica – Wow. What if Anne could be Queen Anne – how powerful that would be? I cannot wait to see this unfold. Thanks again for your insight.

  2. Thanks for this article, Jessica. Look forward to the unfolding story! Royals-watching is a great for learning astrology.

    1. Thank you. Yes, thanks to the meticulous record-keeping of times, dates and places of birth – astrologers always have the entire family to research. And the Windsors, like the Tudors, never disappoint in providing one story after another to follow, from one generation to the next.

  3. Thank you. I have many planets at 16/17… Pluto and Uranus Virgo, ceres and DC Aries, AC Libra, Diana Capricorn… would you please explain the impact on me? Thank you

    1. It’s hard to say much without a chart, but in general, in the same time-frame (April, May, June) you will be offered the chance for a completely different way of operating and at least two issues which have been lingering forever, can be rolled out of the way.

  4. Jessica, Amazing work on this article divine Kate is my favorite in the family! Love and Angels Light for Kate! Whatever this is. Holly Mighty God provide the light on the end of tunnel for Kate so that she see day of the lite in safety. Love you Jessica Thank you for this article.

  5. Very interesting post Jessica and I agree that Princess Anne’s time has come. My feeling is that, in addition to the cover up with Charles (his supposed cancer will allow him a dignified way out of the coronation predicament), there is a cover up with Kate. I’m not convinced there is abdominal surgery involved. She has been removed from the picture for an extended period of time for some reason. Indeed there may have been a threat to her life and possibly an attempted or actual poisoning. There is a force here that is trying to push the royal lineage off course. Anne (and to a degree Edward) represent the perfect solution as they come with minimal or no baggage and are generally well liked and respected. Benign is a word that comes to mind. Just my thoughts.

    1. I agree, there is a force at work here trying to push the line of succession off course. People forget this is a military family and Britain now has an enemy in the shape of the Kremlin which continues to try and meddle, from America. Fortunately the House of Windsor has a few secret weapons and they are now being deployed. Looking at the chart for the Princess of Wales I don’t see any more risk for her, than any other family member, but our Kate is long overdue for a reboot with the family circle and a different, better lifestyle. Again, we are back to April-June.

  6. Thank you Jessica. I think Anne would make a tremendous Queen. I think her down to earth pragmatism is what we need!

    1. I’m an Anne fan. She has a brilliant sense of humour and is a very clever woman; an accomplished Olympian in her own right; her mother’s daughter. She also obviously respects the people she meets and genuinely wants to help. That chart shows it’s not been easy (and is never easy) but she gets on and does it. So let’s see.

  7. I was hoping you would write a blog on this. I find it strange that Charles and Kate have recently been in hospital and that Charles and Sarah have been diagnosed with cancer. There must be something going on here. It is surely not a co-incidence?

  8. Hello Jessica,

    As always, insightful and brilliantly written. I have always thought that Harry’s move to the USA was more of a tactical one. If something catastrophic happened to family members in England – the Spare would remain unharmed. And as he is still in the line of succession, and as William’s children are currently too young, he would/could rule. Regent Henry, therefore, is not out of the realm of possibility. When we see all that Harry has at 17 and 18 degrees…could that be a consideration? Edward has little to no interest. Anne is 73 years old. Could that brief one hour meeting a few days ago, with Charles and Harry, bring a discussion to light? Am interested in your thoughts.

    Thank you again for such an informative article.

    1. Ah, Nancy, you are too kind. Thank you. The problem with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex is that the latest YouGov survey shows almost half the British population dislike Meghan. Harry is also disliked by almost half the nation. Were he to rule instead of William, in a Regency with young George, it would have to be because there is no other option. We are playing leapfrog a long way into the future, however. The Nostradamus author Mario Reading believed Charles and Camilla would not rule, but someone who never thought he would be monarch, would.

  9. Hello Jessica, this was a very interesting read indeed . I also read some where that Pluto in Aquarius is very much women will lead and it’s the era of the black sheeps .. will be keen to know your thoughts on women’s role and the change in dynamics in the Aquarian era 🙂 thanks in advance !

    1. It would be true to form if Princess Anne were to lead. Princess Diana never could, but she was the wrong woman, at the wrong time. This Pluto in Aquarius cycle was there when Boudicca led Britain. It was also there when Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I replaced patriarchy with something radically different – female leaders who were child-free. Pluto in Aquarius was there during the French Revolution when women fought alongside men. Something about the cut of Anne’s jib in uniform does suggest she’s a candidate for this very, very new astrology cycle.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I agree that King Charles’ cancer is more serious than reported. Kate’s surgery doesn’t seem “planned” to me, but sudden and serious. Her calendar was full of appointments. The day before the surgery she missed an appointment (with no apologies) with her Early Childhood initiative. Why the cover up? Whatever happened either health or accidental was not planned but sudden. It took the Palace by surprise. It took William by surprise. They were scrambling for an explanation for her absence. I feel she was perhaps involved in an accident if some kind, perhaps in a car. No sure. Jessica what do you feel as a psychic and medium?
    Regardless of how it happened I do wish her a speedy recovery.
    Just for the record I like the idea of Queen Anne. I think she has been a Queen or King in a past life.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Julie, commenting as a psychic medium, the double admission to The London Hospital did not ring true for me. I think the astrology is also useful here. Things have changed. Pluto is in Aquarius. That’s not happened since Tudor and Georgian times. Nothing has improved with Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. Our Queen has gone. Something drastic needs to happen, doesn’t it…

  11. Do you mean that either King Charles or Kate were NOT in the same hospital at the same time? A sleight of hand going on? How and why??

    1. I have no idea, but there is (yet again) a cover-up. Charles III attracts them, much as he attracts eclipses. Or – he chooses to make big life decisions on eclipses. They conceal they never reveal. And although the next one is not until March, the transits during both admissions to the same hospital, picked up on previous eclipses.

  12. Hi Jessica
    I was listening to Claire Thackray this week and she feels that Prince Harry could become King (Nostradamus prediction).
    That William May abdicate the throne and his families place in the line of succession.
    That at the moment timelines for the Royal Family are very fluid.
    OMG if Meghan becomes Queen I’m voting for a republic!!!

    1. This is the medium who speaks to Fred West. No thank you. The Nostradamus interpretation by Mario Reading did put Harry on the throne, not William. Reading accurately predicted the year of our late Queen’s death (although he himself has now passed on). The issue with King Harry is that about half of the United Kingdom (according to YouGov latest polling) agree with you. They dislike Meghan. Mario Reading is a terrific Nostradamus interpreter but The Firm has always banked on being popular. Let’s see the next twists and turns.

  13. I was most interested in reading your analysis. My instinctive first thought was, how were King Charles and Princess Catherine tied, for want of another word, to each other in a past life. I have seen so many times, multiple members of a family struck by lightening, so to speak, almost simulataneously. And in Aug 2018, on the same day my father and I were both diagnosed with cancer. (we both underwent surgery, probably at pretty much the same time, but in hospitals 100km apart). I was lucky to continue my life, my job not yet done it seems. I guess Pluto in Aquarius would have to mean that the Royal House is shaken up in some way, and its relationship to the people is changed, with the departure of Pluto from Capricorn. Princess Anne, Mars in Scorpio, it does seem that the General has arrived to strategise through conflict or threat that will likely be kept very private.

    1. It would make sense for the Princess of Wales and Charles III to have incarnated together for a bold reason. You had a similar experience with your father when you were both diagnosed with cancer, although at different hospitals. Pluto in Aquarius historically shakes the British leadership. Boudicca nearly beat the Romans. Henry VIII had to give in to girls, not boys, on his old throne. George III went mad and was replaced by his son. And it’s really about the wider repercussions of these events; Britain became accustomed to female leadership in the first two instances and would eventually usher in Margaret Thatcher in her tank.

  14. I too am wondering what has really happened to the Princess of Wales.
    With her in mind, I asked your free Tarot and pulled 5 Swords. I can’t help but think the redhead is Harry and wonder if Catherine has been caught up in trying to resolve the split between the brothers and it has backfired. She could be suffering from stress or an ‘event’ that has happened, accidentally. What would you read from this card?

    1. The Five of Swords shows a redhead, indeed, taking away the swords which have been used to threaten, or even hurt, a person who is recovering while the aggressor looks on. Your Tarot has talked to you about Prince Harry, undoubtedly. The issue is, who are the two people here? Is it the Princess of Wales and her husband, Prince William? We can’t see anything about them. Is it Charles III and William, or his wife? When you asked ‘What has really happened to the Princess of Wales?’ you have been told it is a stand-off conflict, with one person very much hurt, into which Harry has flown, in order to remove any further ammunition for future stoushes. This is your card not mine, but that is what I am seeing. Just remember – we don’t know who the two people in the distance are. But something is up, isn’t it?

  15. Thanks Jessica. Telling that Charles & Camilla and William & Catherine turned their backs on Harry for the sanctuary of Sandringham!

  16. Very interesting article, Jessica. You’re right that these people do make good astrology case study subjects. I never thought of it that way before.

    I have the following in my chart:

    Fortuna: 16 Virgo
    Jupiter: 16 Sagittarius
    Minerva: 18 Leo
    Apollo: 19 Libra
    Ceres: 19 Aquarius

    I’m having trouble figuring out how my natal and solar charts will be impacted in March-April 2024.

    Your kind guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks and regards.

    1. The most important aspect here is Apollo trine Ceres at 19 Libra and Aquarius. When Jupiter goes to 19 Gemini you have a Grand Trine in air signs, making fantastic things possible with partners, friends, siblings, cousins, neighbours. The road is clear from May 2024 when Jupiter enters Gemini and by June 2025 if you have taken the opportunities with these people, you’ll be so glad you did.

  17. Hi Jessica, I also pulled a tarot card, asking the same question (‘what really happened to the Princess of Wales?’). It was Strength! Help, healing, medical practitioners….but I also see a woman in a white dress wearing a crown/tiara and flower garlands (the Princess of Wales during the Coronation?), with the sign of eternity above her head. The woman appears to be stroking a lion. The lion appears to be tamed and/or appeased. Princess Anne is a sun sign Leo (as is Meghan Markle…). Leo is the sign of royalty. What do you make of all this? All I can say is that the Princess of Wales comes across as a peacemaker (‘taming the lion’) and paid a price for it, healthwise.

    1. Strength is an amazing card to pull, given you were asking about our Princess of Wales. The coronation invitation sported lions in the margins, if you will remember. The lion itself is a symbol of monarchy. As you say, Princess Anne and the Duchess of Sussex are also Leo Sun women. So is Princess Beatrice. The Tarot is being specific here but also enigmatic. The card shows deep healing. So for what or whom?

  18. Great article Jessica. Always wished for Queen Anne.
    Is 19 degrees to much of a stretch? I’ve got a bunch of aspects at 19. I have only got the ASC/DESC at 17 (Libra /Aries). Does this mean anything for me in March to June 2024?

    1. Thank you. Yes, 19 degrees is out of orb. In modern astrology we use exact orbs or at a pinch, one degree.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Very interesting as always. Previously you have said that you see Scotland as possibly a Republic in the not too distant future. Are all these movements heading towards this? While the late Queen was widely respected there appears to be no such feeling for Charles or William and what is left of the Commonwealth is fragmenting. Anne is better liked than any of the Royals but the Monarchy is definitely on the downward path in Scotland.
    Can we expect big changes in Scotland?
    Thanks again

    1. Independence for Scotland is on the way; the reason is Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (neighbouring countries) from the mid-2020’s onwards. In fact, the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will rethink its boundaries and transport/travel arrangements. The chart for Scotland in particular shows that old referendum would never stick; it happened on Mercury Retrograde.

  20. Jessica,
    Thank you again. Your posts and horoscopes are repeatedly on point. Sending good wishes to you and your team for Aquarian success. This post has kept me coming back, inspiring me to take a peek at Princess Anne’s weddings online, she looks so regal and full of dignity, also humility on both occasions, especially the second. She could easily dress the same today, lasting elegance. It struck me that her first wedding to Mark Anthony (interesting name!) landed on Charles’ 25th birthday, November 14, 1973, stealing some thunder from her brother in a way (is this about to repeat?). Also young Edward, just 9 years old, had her back, walking up the aisle behind her as page boy. … I read about Princess Anne’s role as Gold-Stick-In-Waiting, ancient bodyguard and protector of the King and Queen, so much less stealing thunder than protecting her kin … maybe that’s what’s afoot …
    I thought too of your ‘Astrology Delivery’, your mention of how some people attune to these cycles naturally, with right timing, also your note on the future predicting the past. Maybe some future hugely changed monarchy, is impacting the present? And thus the double ‘illness’ or ‘departure’ to shake things up and set a new course?
    I did sit with the pink noise, a little story seemed to flow, so I kept with it. I asked first for the card that shows William and his relation to the crown, now and going forward. It was the King of Wands, and inside your description, questions about the Queen’s whereabouts, talk of leaving the throne unoccupied, entrusting the the royal throne to another, a king who has other plans, even “he may abdicate to pursue his plans.” Then, I asked, show me the card that best illustrates Catherine and her relation to the crown, and it was the King of Cups, your description telling of a king that wants maybe to throw it all away to immerse himself in something else, a king on the verge of disappearance, also a note signalling something of a massive departure for both parties, the king and his queen, I guess, in a good way, it feels. It felt like a series or story unfolding, so I kept on! (this tarot of yours is super-charged) So, I inquired about Charles, and these words came from inmost, “a false king” … and it was Eight of Cups, which you describe as showing retreat, unfulfilling, with these words, “Urge the central figure to alter the script.” Last, I asked the same regarding Princess Anne, and the Fool came, the card of taking a leap into the unknown, and so I pulled one more, and asked what is the unknown, Queen of Wands showed up. I did see in your chart for Anne, she has Aesculapia in Pisces, is that right? Perhaps that has something to reveal, the bringing back from the brink? Guess we will have to wait and see, but it seemed to have a story line there, even last few days when I sat and pulled for William, it was the Ace of Swords, the card in which he is directly mentioned in the description.
    Thank you again for all the comments, one can glean so much even from reading replies to others, I have felt some heat but also got waves of huge support, with what I think is the effect of Pluto 0 Aquarius touching on my Mercury 0 Taurus, and now Mars 0 Aquarius. I have Pluto 2 Libra, it feels like a big year or two ahead, the endings are being tied up and making space for the new or renewed, as your Taurus ‘Death’ card suggested. So, thanks so much again, as I feel every article you write has a kind of group healing to it, in addition to the way you help individuals. A website with living healing energies!
    Blessings to you and your team,

    1. Thanks for this Cathleen. They say ‘a cat may look at a king’ and of course, royal subjects have every right to consult the Tarot about their rulers, especially in a time of crisis. Your reading ended with the Ace of Swords, about Prince William. I wrote the interpretation many years ago and cited him as an example. So here we are. You mention the future causing the present. It certainly does in some aspects of quantum thought. As you say, there may be a hugely transformed monarchy ahead, making certain things happen now. The big problem for this lot is the Church of England. The monarchy leads it. It should also lead by spiritual and moral example. This is how England won the war, in part. Charles III has been a disaster for that Anglican bedrock and in fact it may be Camilla is still Mrs Parker-Bowles in the eyes of the Vatican; the media as a whole have been astonishingly bad at ever finding if the Catholic marriage was ever annulled. The chart for the Church of England, dating from the reign of Henry VIII, is timed to transform in 2023, 2024. Pluto is doing the timing. That’s usually a critical crossroads. We’ve never had a satisfactory answer from the establishment about the unlawful killing of the late Princess of Wales. It goes on. The United Kingdom is a country in search of something real, I think. Something relevant and genuine. Let’s see.

  21. Hi Jessica, with my mind currently in overdrive, I remember Patrick Arundell gave an interview about a year ago to the Daily Mail, in which he predicted the possible abdication of King Charles III in ‘the early summer of 2024’. I asked your brilliant Tarot the question ‘will King Charles abdicate’ and I got The Lovers! Oh dear….sexual attraction leading to marriage, but also adultery! I was taught that The Lovers also symbolise a choice that has to be made (either/or, you can’t have it both ways). The Lovers can also indicate divorce or reconciliation between former partners. Adultery and divorce have become words associated with the British royal family. There are rumours, for instance, that Prince Andrew is not Prince Philip’s son, but the result of an affair with Lord Porchester. Rumours about the biological father of Prince Harry have also been doing the rounds for years.

    1. Thank you. I missed that series with Patrick Arundell but he is a very good astrologer who is specific with prediction. He did in fact say Charles III would make way for William in summer 2024 (so near July and August). You’ve drawn The Lovers in the Tarot to answer your question about abdication. That is an echo of The Abdication of 1936. Edward VIII gave up the throne for the woman he loved. A Sun Sign School subscriber suggested that if a Freedom of Information act finally got through and the secret, sealed documents covering up the illegality of the marriage to Camilla were opened, Charles III would then give up the throne – yes, for the woman he loves. How very interesting.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I enjoyed reading your posts about the Royal family. I am intrigued to know if King Charles is declared not a monarch later, when William ascends to the throne, would that remove Archie and Lillibet’s titles as they should not be known as Prince and Princess too. I wonder how this would play out.
    Always looking forward to hear your analysis. Warmest regards, nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy. The line of succession has been the target for Prince Harry and Meghan for quite some time. Thus, the comedy act with the sliding Moon Bump for the photographers (suggesting a surrogate mother had been used for the pregnancy, or perhaps adoption). This was a nod to the rumour that our late Queen Mother had been the cook’s daughter. The other big one, which Harry alludes to in Spare, is that he is not Charles III’s son. When the coronation is later invalidated, because the unsealed documents reveal the Camilla marriage was not legal nor constitutional, it may well be that everyone questions everything, including those titles for the Sussex children. Then again they’re never in Sussex either, which might be another reason (I’ve known Devonshire Teas spend more time in Sussex).

  23. Hi Jessica, I concentrated on the question ‘will the Sussexes be taken out of the Line of Succession?’ I pulled The Tower….now that’s a clear answer, isn’t it? Not only that, but I have this feeling that the whole institution will collapse, to be replaced eventually with something new, smaller, more modern and in touch with the 21st century. What do you think?

    1. The Tower in the Tarot shows two people falling out of a tower with a lightning bolt strike. So it’s sudden and shocking. The issue here is, are we looking at Harry and Meghan being thrown out of their Sussex occupancy, or Charles and Camilla being thrown out of the House of Windsor? I guess it depends on you and your mindset when you asked. The astrology would agree, though. Pluto in Aquarius in opposition to Leo factors (Leo rules royalty) has historically given us the massive change of the Tudor and Georgian dynasties. Amazingly, Charles III just approved the rebranding of the crown insignia to his Tudor preference. Heavy hint there. The Tudor Pluto cycle saw patriarchy replaced with women.

  24. Hi Jessica
    Not so much royalty related, but I just learnt that Robert Kennedy Junior is running for president. I’m curious what you think!

  25. Anne is certainly the most sensible member of this lot, and probably the smartest as well…But that’s precisely why she might not accept such royal responsibilities…

  26. Jessica – WOW

    I stumbled upon your site whilst researching some numbers from the bible and their relation to the stock market – I’ve been (on and off) researching the cycles of the financial markets for about 12 years and come across some fantastic cycles, as part of that Astrology has entered the realm and its an area of Interest but one that I know at this moment of time I’d struggle to use or be able to form assumptions etc – I’m hoping there’s something blocking this in my chart that “moves” in the future as its an area I’d like to explore much deeper/further

    Anyway, I was going to mention Nostradamus’s prediction’s following the Queens death, but you’ve covered that and I’m super Interested in the coronation invalidation! This is all super Intriguing and added another “event” to keep an eye out for

    Keep up the great work


    I’ll be bookmarking your page and referring to as time progresses

    1. Thank you. I told ABC and The Express that Charles and Camilla’s coronation would not go ahead. I still don’t think it did. Crowns went on heads but when Charles dies or a Freedom of Information act succeeds, the sealed documents invalidating their marriage will be opened. Mario Reading interpreted Nostradamus with incredible accuracy when he forecast the year of our late Queen’s death. He also predicted, as you know, a replacement monarchy. He was a year out with the latter, but at time of writing, with Charles III sidelined with this very upsetting diagnosis of cancer, there certainly is a need for Anne and/or Edward to step up, just as he wished.

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