New Zealand Astrology 2024 to 2033

What the New Zealand astrology chart shows beyond 2030. The world will turn upside-down with her neighbours, for a start...

The Astrology of New Zealand 2024 to 2033

The Uranus in Gemini cycle (the revolution with the neighbours) is coming. Australia and New Zealand will be radically changed by it. The late 2020’s and early 2030’s will bring the last thing anybody expected, between the two countries.

What else is in store for New Zealand, though? And of her four possible astrology charts, why does one stand out with uncanny accuracy?

This is set for 26th September 1907, when the colony of New Zealand ceased to exist and became part of the British Empire. Pluto (power and control issues) is in Gemini, the sign of the neighbour. So that’s Australia.

If we also see Australia as New Zealand’s partner (the famous ANZACS) then the packed Libra stellium in the Seventh House of double acts and duets also makes sense. So does New Zealand’s reputation for feminism, given the leadership of Jenny Shipley, Helen Clarke and Jacinda Ardern. Libra rules equality.


New Zealand Astrology Chart 1024x788 - New Zealand Astrology 2024 to 2033

New Zealand and the 2025-2026 Housing Boom

A boom in housing, patriotism, a sense of belonging, history, heritage and family life is coming. Cancer is the zodiac sign ruling all these things. New Zealand is heavily Cancerian, as you can see from the chart above. Seven factors in Cancer suggests that the forthcoming Jupiter in Cancer cycle will greatly expand her real estate (for a start) but also her sense of national pride. Is this PM Christopher Luxon changing the nation or something else?

We have to remember this is a British-tied chart. So given that England is the Mother Country, the Jupiter transit in Cancer suggests a far bigger trade and military relationship with her. The exact dates for Jupiter in Cancer are June 9th 2025 until June 29th 2026.

The Revolution With Australia

Australasia will see radical changes when Uranus (the break with the past) goes into Gemini (the people next door) which is July 2025 until May 2033. Some of this may be climate change as sea levels rise and flooding New Zealand Passport Dreamstime 227x300 - New Zealand Astrology 2024 to 2033changes the region. The pair of countries shown by the Gemini and Libra patterns in the New Zealand chart is clearly Australia-New Zealand and this looks like both will literally change shape, but also alter their shipping and air travel routes and schedules as a result.

There will also be political reasons for a break with the past involving both countries. For clues we go back to the last time Uranus was in Gemini, during the war.

If we include Papua New Guinea as a neighbour (she is around seven hours away) then the fight against Japan there suggests that New Zealand will completely rethink relations with New Guinea, Japan and Australia ahead. From 2025 to 2033, the world will turn upside-down – which is what Uranus in transit does. Putting New Zealand into wider context with the entire world, 2025 to 2033, we will see a redrawing of borders but also a reinvention of of regional and local travel. What happens in America (with Canada) and in Europe (between EU nations) will powerfully affect New Zealand too.

jeremy bishop ihwO0uNctps unsplash scaled 1 300x200 - New Zealand Astrology 2024 to 2033
Photo by Jeremy Bishop Via Unsplash

Women in New Zealand Politics

One look at Diana (feminism) and Chiron (audacity) in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of political parties and you can see why New Zealand’s politics has been transformed by women. In fact there is a Diana-Chiron conjunction in the New Zealand astrology chart.

From this comes a simple prediction. When Pluto goes to 13, 14 Aquarius and there is an historic transit across Diana and Chiron, there will be a massive change in the balance of power for all political parties involving women. From this will come another, nation-altering female Prime Minister, or if one is already in place, her departure. Whatever this is, it’s about so much more than politics for New Zealand. It is about women’s rights.

So that’s 2033. A political earthquake involving the female of the species. The first lesbian couple in power? A female majority party? What about men who – even in 2033 – claim to be women? Whatever is in store it will feel like the ground is shaking.

The Revolution in Transport

Uranus is not only a revolution with the neighbours, ruled by Gemini, it is also about a revolution in transport and travel, to and from the neighbours.

New Zealand Shipping Rawpixel 300x235 - New Zealand Astrology 2024 to 2033

This suggests hydrogen aircraft or new inventions which are not even on the drawing board yet.

The last time we saw Uranus in Gemini in the 1940s, what would become the future motorbike and four-wheel drive were invented, thanks to the needs of the American army.

Electric cars like the Tesla are mainstream in 2024 but what happens 2025-2033 is even more radical.

New Zealand is of course two islands and as these are also neighbours, we can expect a radical alteration in their relationship, but also a jaw-dropping shift in how they travel back and forth.

This brings in water transport, but not as they knew it in the Thirties. What is coming looks like something as dramatically different as the Jeep, in its day. The future shows the North Island and South Island physically changing shape, politically altering their relationship and also connecting in quite radical new ways, across the water.

Your Chart and the New Zealand Chart

Is your chart compatible with New Zealand or not? If you have a Libra stellium in your Seventh House of marriage and equal partnership, you will relate strongly to New Zealand. Your love life may involve a Kiwi, for example. You may find just visiting Auckland or Wellington triggers major developments in your marriage.

This is more likely if you have Libra factors at 1, 4, 5, 6, 15 and 20. These line up exactly with the New Zealand chart.

What about Cancer factors? If you have a Cancer stellium in your Fourth House of real estate, home, home town, family and household then just visiting New Zealand, or being involved with New Zealanders, triggers your natal horoscope. You may want to emigrate, for example, or find that merely visiting the country, brings family questions with it for you, at the same time, or issues about your own house or apartment, at home.

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20 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica…this article just touched my heart so much…In 2001 we emigrated to NZ and lived there till 2008 when we returned to our native place and later moved to the USA. We were very happy there but my marriage was troubled, had regular issues with my husband but couldn’t leave him because of our families and faith and eventually moved back to what I thought would be our home for ever. That didn’t happen however and we moved again. In all of this, my daughter had a very happy childhood in NZ and in her mind she identifies herself as a Kiwi always even though she has now lived a longer time in the USA and is a naturalized citizen here. in 2022, my work allowed us to move to any country in the world and work from there for at least a few years (with the onus of shifting costs etc. to be borne by us) and my daughter was missing NZ so much that we decided to sell our property in the USA and move there. Unfortunately, the policy changed in 2023 and I was given only one month to return to the USA or leave the job. I returned after only 13 months there. My family who had moved with me were devastated and it seemed like we were beginning our life in the USA again. I lost a lot of money in shipping costs, relocating costs and obviously the accompanying heartache. While reading this article, I realized why my daughter loves NZ so much…she is a Sun Aquarius with her moon (24), Fortuna (24), Cupido (17) and Proserpina (22) in Cancer. She wants to keep her options open for NZ always and for her it will always be her home away from home. Do you think we will ever move back there or if she will relocate there sometime? Thanks so much for these gorgeous articles, such a treat for all of us…GOD bless you always…

    1. Ah, thank you. I’ve not been in New Zealand for a few years, but remember how patriotic people are. Rightly so. Your daughter sees it as her second home. Will you or she go back? You seem certain to either upgrade your home from June 2025, or yes – perhaps move. Your daughter would be a big part of that with terrific outcomes by June 2026, should you decide NZ is calling.

  2. Hi Jessica, I am a New Zealander and have lived here my entire life. I’ve travelled a reasonable amount, and have a connection to another country through one parent’s heritage. Though NZ is a peaceful place with a deep connection to indigenous culture and nature, since my early twenties I have dreamed of moving away to start afresh, discover new ways of living, and become my full self. Circumstances have kept me here, and my partner is attached to NZ. Is there a move in the stars for me? Or should I finally accept that I will be here for the long-run. Thank you so much for all your wisdom. The past years have been a tough ride, and I read your horoscopes daily to make sense of it all.

    1. Thank you, I am glad the astrology has helped. Nature’s timing! Emigration is shown by Sagittarius and the Ninth House in your natal chart. You are a Sun Virgo woman with a stellium in Sagittarius so will always want to travel, relocate, emigrate your whole life. In fact if you can’t get away by 2025/2026 you will find foreigners come to you. Perhaps they already have. (Along with foreign culture, language, history). You are an armchair traveller and the world will knock on your door, as it has since 2018, for the rest of this year and also next year too. If you are going to pack your bags and boxes it would be sudden, out of the blue and happen between now and 2026, then the cycle is over.

  3. Hi Jessica

    Yeah, so I am stuck in New Zealand right now. I am dealing with all the problems crime, health, heartbreak, spirituality, hopelessness and whatnot.

    I feel like I have to save my people in Europe. Lost love issue. My goals of writing books are floundering. I had real goals to help people. Would have been amazing. Dark dangerous secrets might be my only hope.

    My life feels unbearable. I could not eat for a week with undescribable feelings. I have just entered a new life of finality and I don’t belong anywhere.

    What will become of this?

    1. Not eating for a week is not good. There is no chart here so I can’t help you. However the Tarot is free to use on my website and if you follow the steps it will show you a way through. It was created by two deeply spiritual people in 1909 to light the path.

  4. Hi Jessica. Thank you for another most interesting article. Now you mention that NZ has Libra and Cancer stelliums it makes much more sense to me. Please can I ask: are there any countries which have Aries stelliums as I would be interested in travelling to those? In fact, it would be fascinating if you ever did an article on the general astrological nature of different countries. I know you’ve mentioned that France is strongly Cancerian (totally makes sense) but some astrologers link it to Aries or Leo (which I don’t get).

    1. That’s a good idea. Strangely enough I had a dream in which Nick Campion appeared last night and he is the author of the definitive book of world horoscopes, showing national charts. Bangladesh has a stellium in Aries – six factors. Aries competes and fights, as you know, and this overcrowded country of 170 million people is a good example of the energetic quest to come first and be first – that happens when 170 million people are all striving in a queue. Then there is the partition of British India and the fallout from that. The War of Independence…So while you might relate to Bangladesh and identify with it if you go, a strongly Aries country does not come with a peaceful and relaxed history.

  5. Great, thank you. I will have a look at Bangladesh. Please can I also ask whether you ever use astrocartography?

    1. Yes, look at Bangladesh as an extremely Aries country – but bear in mind it is extremely Aries! No, I don’t use Astrocartography. I tried it with Robert Currey a long time ago and found it didn’t work for me.

  6. Hi Jessica, some interesting topics here, I can’t wait to see what the future of travel/transport holds! I’m Australian, but I lived in NZ for a few years. It was an incredible experience. I studied, started a new career path which I love, and made incredible friendships. Every time I go back to visit, I almost instantly feel a great sense of calm, peace and happiness. It’s interesting, because I had no prior connection there before that initial move. I wonder if anything in my chart reflects this?

    1. You have a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries and are a natural migrant, as is anyone with a cluster of four, five, six or more factors in the sign of the archer. The Ninth House is associated with export, travel, tourism (people smuggling, less happily), immigration, multiculturalism and globalisation. You live there a lot of the time so a long stint in NZ makes sense.

  7. Hi Jessica, thank you for being incredible human being.
    I immigrated to New Zealand in 1996. This country gave me my life back, education , family, peace…and I just love everything about NZ. My family is in Croatia and there is always longing to go back to retire. Do you see this happening in the future for me and my immediate family. Thank you

    1. Thank you. I can’t see a chart here, so your best bet is to use the Tarot, which is free on my website.

  8. Hi Jessica

    We own a few businesses which are impacted by the cost of living crisis, tail end of Covid, and while looking at how we can afford to continue, it’s become obvious that we are ‘bleeding’ 20+ year olds, who are more flexible with their life choices. They want to migrate to Australia or Europe where they feel more affinity with or see the financial value of using their wonderful education.

    Can you please see how NZ manages the growth in an older population but lack of this particular generation impacts?

    Thanking you in advance x

    1. New Zealand long-term develops a radically different relationship with Australia, partly because of new travel inventions coming in which will make it faster and easier to go between the two countries. This begins slowly in 2024, is evident by 2025 and from 2026 it is clear this is a revolution. This will see a younger generation of country commuters who bring money back to New Zealand and become dual citizens in quite a different sort of way. This may be supersonic air travel, or (more likely) something which has not even been invented yet.

  9. I disagree. Aotearoa New Zealand started with the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi between two nations. Our more recent relationship with Australia has soured because of the 501s – people born in Australia but never allowed citizenship despite paying taxes – and deported because they grew up criminals because of the Australian way of life. They are deported to NZ and create mayhem. Aotearoa NZ resents that.

  10. Thank you, Jessica. Could this be the beginning of formal “Australasia” entity or republic with its own citizens or more like an EU with an economic and military alliance allowing freer travel between Australia, New Zealand and PNG? This sounds like a very positive development but will it born out of need or a collective political push?

    1. It’s quite radical so will be started by new transport and travel, between both New Zealand islands, and also the big island, Australia. It may be a dual passport (but digital) for example. The neighbours see a revolution which is liberating and exhilarating and it may be the new planes which bring it – even sea transport. We’re looking at life beyond 2030 here but it’s coming, with Uranus in Gemini.

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