France in Astrology

The astrology chart for France shows everything from Brigitte Bardot to the future of the United Kingdom relationship.

The Astrology of France

Most historians believe modern France began with the coronation of Hugh Capet. He was crowned on 3rd July 987 in Noyon. There is no time so we use 12.00pm. This makes France a Cancerian country.

It’s a matriarchy; patriotic; tied to family, heritage and history. It’s also volatile, born with an exact Sun-Uranus opposition. Uranus is at 15 Capricorn clashing with the Sun at 15 Cancer. (Images: Wikimedia Commons).

Chanel Wikimedia Commons 225x300 - France in AstrologyFrench Revolution Wikimedia Commons 300x225 - France in AstrologyJoan of Arc Wikimedia Commons 201x300 - France in Astrology

The Volatile Country Through Time

On 3rd July 987 the seeds of the future French Revolution were born. In fact, the Uranus-Sun opposition has given French people a country which is always vulnerable to extreme upheaval.

Even as recently as 14th July 2016, a truck was driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, taking 86 lives and injuring 434 more. On that day, Pluto was at 16 Capricorn, just one degree off.

The North Node at 15 Virgo and South Node at 15 Pisces were in exact aspect. (Chart: AstroGold).


France Astrology Chart 1024x788 - France in Astrology

France in the Second World War

You would expect the Sun-Uranus opposition from 15 Cancer to 15 Capricorn, to have been triggered during the Second World War. Chiron stood at 15 Cancer in August 1939, weeks before war was declared.

The other striking feature about the chart is the presence of England. The British Isles have been enemies and partners with France at different times. This was there when Hugh Capet took the throne back in 987 and nothing has changed since. (Wikmedia Commons).

Hugues Capet Wikipedia Commons 300x296 - France in AstrologyPluto and Mars in Libra

So, that’s the Pluto-Mars conjunction in the Seventh House of duets and duels. It’s almost exact. Pluto stands at 0 Libra and Mars is at 1 Libra.

On 3rd September 1939 when France and Britain were united against Germany, Saturn stood at 0 Taurus. The South Node stood at 1 Taurus. The North Node stood at 1 Scorpio.

France and England Transform Together – 2025

From this we can see exact timing. France is clearly about to dramatically transform her relationship with Britain, as transiting Pluto goes across 0, 1 Aquarius.

Right on cue, a new Labour government is in power and it means to tackle the English Channel migrant crisis as well as Brexit.

This is pretty easy to predict. In December 2024, January 2025, February 2025 France will hit critical questions about her power and control with her old rivals and allies, the U.K.

Menu Wikimedia Commons 300x225 - France in Astrology

Our Most Dear Enemies

French author José-Alain Fralon described the British as “our most dear enemies”.

With transiting Pluto trine Pluto and Mars, the two countries must once again make historic choices.

Tied into the pattern is Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius. Foreigners are lucky for France. The nation runs on tourism. American foreigners helped to liberate Paris from the Nazis.

Whatever happens between France and Britain in December 2024, January and February 2025 is massive. As Ceres, Pluto and then the Sun all circle that spot in the chart, a shift in the balance of power not possible in 248 years will come to pass.

Fashion, Art, Food and Wine

Can you see Chanel in the chart? Renoir? Bordeaux and croissants?

The Moon at 5 Virgo is in a stunning pattern with Mercury at 5 Cancer and Juno at 5 Scorpio. This lends France her intensely feminine qualities, along with that explosive Sun-Uranus opposition and Mars-Pluto conjunction.

Virgo is the maiden. The Moon is motherhood. Cancer is, again, the sign of matriarchs. Juno is the wife of Jupiter. The female of the species is deadlier than the male in France. Scorpio of course rules the mistress.

Virgo-Cancer is extremely common in the charts of chefs. Virgo is the maidservant who shops at the market for fresh produce; Cancer is the mother who still cooks her grandmother’s recipes for the family.

Brigitte Bardot   Screenland March 1959 246x300 - France in Astrology

The Female of the Species

Cherchez la femme literally means ‘look for the woman’. In French fiction, it suggests that a mystery can be resolved by identifying a femme fatale or female love interest.

The term originates from the French phrase femme fatale which means the ‘deadly woman’ found using feminine beauty, charm and seduction to get what she wants.

Brigitte Bardot is a good example of the Virgo-Cancer-Scorpio chart signature in the French chart. (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

Wrapped up in the French psyche is the virgin (Virgo the maiden) as well as the sexually powerful wife or mistress (Juno in Scorpio). From this we find that famous French institution, the ménage à trois or three people in a commitment.

Even the Eiffel Tower is a woman. Locally nicknamed “La dame de fer” she is the Iron Lady of Paris. Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France. Joan referred to herself  as Jeanne la Pucelle (“Joan the Maiden”) or as la Pucelle (“the Maiden”), emphasizing her virginity, and  became known as the “Maid of Orleans”.

Many Astrology Charts For France

There are many astrology charts for France given her long history, but this one set for the year 987 sings. By the way, if you have factors in your own chart which are the same as those you see in the French horoscope, you really will have the most intense love or hate relationship with the country. All or nothing.

This is a reflection of the extreme patterns in the chart. France for you will either be chef’s kiss or merde!

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France in Astrology

The astrology chart for France shows everything from Brigitte Bardot to the future of the United Kingdom relationship.

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39 Responses

  1. Very interesting, thank you. I love France and lived for some time close to Paris and enjoyed Paris, the South of France and the North and the people. But people within France are so different, I think even more than within England or Germany, and it feels quite unsettling what is going on at the moment – or better sorting itself out. Germany seems to duck away being constantly afraid and ignoring problems, that don`t sort itself out from alone. What a time.

  2. Hello to you Jessica. I like your chart for France and thoughts how it is active for the near future, affecting all of us. I feel so close to the World War II era, not sure why. So you bringing this time period in rings true for me and jumps us all to the current times we share, in which I see the similarities in politics and food (resources) and inflation. You covered the flashback to WWII well in a prior blog, years ago, thank you for the earlier heads up. I have a Sun opposing Uranus and two degree points in Pisces and Capricorn found in this France chart above. The rectangle does not form because my 14 degrees corresponding are instead in Leo & Libra. Can you share with me other ways to describe these aspects in my birthchart? I am feeling compelled to write you because I was named for Joan of Arc! by my parents. Have you ever published a chart for the patron saint of France? I wonder. Thank you for your help, Jessica. Best, Cecelia

    1. Too funny. You were named after Joan of Arc and you have a similar chart to France. Uranus making these kinds of aspects is always about the revolution within. France has always rebelled and so do you. Even the existence of this woman as a military leader was an act of rebellion in a time of patriarchy. Later on France refused to accept Nazi rule (literally, ‘The Resistance’). Uranus is also very much about freedom, liberty and liberation so whenever you push back, you are given independence. This is a lifelong pattern, rather similar to France herself.

  3. Sag 18 Neptune, 00 Desc
    Cancer no 14 or 15 but I do have 16.
    Ohhhhh merde lol. I’m about as single as they come but yes I’ve known a couple of people that can be hard on the heart or just a handful like myself. I guess this means I shouldnt get all dreamy eyed right away when I find the right connection?

  4. Fascinating Article Jessica, thank you. I really though Marine Le Pen would get the winning vote. I am so curious re immigration and what she will do/can do in the event of a win next time. My nodes are in exactly the same degrees and sign of France. I always loved France and many other countries. However, I was wondering does this mean I have been there in past lives or what does it mean as my nodes are the same? Thank you Jessica

    1. Your lunar nodes align with those of France so yes, you had a past life (at least one) in that country. If you have always loved it, then you have incarnated to return and enjoy it again. The language will come naturally to you because you have heard or read it before. As for Marine Le Pen, she was a year too early. Her big climb begins in one year from now in June 2025 when Jupiter transits her Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of ‘my town, my country, my people.’

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all the latest articles. Apologies for this off-topic query, but if you have time I’d appreciate if you could look into my chart. I’m looking for hope as I’m struggling with life right now. I’m in treatment for my lifelong anxiety and depression and trying to let go of old patterns (I know Ceres and Diana in Virgo are involved!) but I’m feeling lost as the public side of my writing career is proving challenging and depleting and I’ve lost some of my confidence and joy in writing itself and don’t know who I am without it. I’d like to experience more joy and belonging in my life but feel stuck and a bit numb. May I ask if there’s a particular chart pattern above others causing this that will end soon?
    Thank you as always and hope you’re staying warm in Tasmania.

    1. You certainly are off topic, but you have anxiety and depression episodes and are in another one. You were born with Ops at 29 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of writing, publishing and the worldwide web. Meanwhile transiting Neptune is square Ops at 29 Pisces. From September 4th it moves off 29 Pisces and goes to 28 Pisces, then Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn, so something major happens in that first week of September to end this temporary block. (We don’t know what. That is up to you). The lunar nodes are at 29 Virgo and 29 Pisces in January 2025, then Neptune signs off 29 Pisces for the last time in March 2025. Thus endeth the cycle. Ops is the mother of Jupiter and the wife of Saturn in astrology. She is a symbol of optimism, stoicism and hope for a better future – taking practical measures to achieve it. In Sagittarius she is heavily involved with foreigners, foreign countries, the publishing industry, academia and the internet as a whole. Ops was discovered in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher became PM in Britain and made her famous speech: “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith.” She is a potent symbol of Ops who had to deal with her husband eating her children, resorting to deceit as she fooled him with a rock wrapped in swaddling, while the child Jupiter ran away to future success, returning to redeem his mother and heal his father. Have a look at Ops in Sagittarius in your chart as she is alive and kicking. This entire transit of stuckness is temporary, but long after it has gone, you will have learned a lot about what it means to be a patient optimist who is prepared to roll her sleeves up and do something drastic, if necessary, to fix a problem. The asteroid Ops is just as important as Saturn (her husband) and Jupiter (her son) in your chart and these constant triggers in your chart will help you to find out what this is all about for you.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply, Jessica. I wasn’t aware of that current activation of Ops and will definitely be exploring it! My best to you.

  6. Hi Jessica, this is fascinating. I have factors that speak to this chart. For example, I have a stellium in Sagittarius, with Jupiter here conjunct my Venus, and Saturn conjunct my Bacchus and almost conjunct my Mars. I also have a Libra ascendant. The North Node is conjunct my Diana. And more…. France has been both great and difficult for me. I’m curious, how do see my relationship with it moving forward? I ‘d like to pursue work there, in addition to the US, where I’ve been based for quite some time now. Would that be successful?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. People are surprised when a country has a national chart but all things have a horoscope – and it works. These horoscopes do create patterns with individual charts too. Your Diana at 27 Sagittarius is the main focus here. You are the sort of tourist and migrant who needs total freedom. You are a good lone traveller and at the most would go with girlfriends. (Just like Diana). France has an opposition across that, so her internal issues and problems with sightseers, migrants, language differences, her transport and travel industries – show up when you visit. It can happen in the most fleeting way, because the Moon is passing over Sagittarius or Gemini, or if you are in Paris when there is a slow-moving outer planet going over Gemini or Sagittarius, it would be disruptive.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I love Paris, the architecture, museums, love the food… especially bread and cheese…
    I seem to have A few degrees the same as chart, any insight appreciated.
    I was lucky enough to spend 8 weeks living in Paris solo a few years back and would live to do it again sometime. I would love to speak French so much better than what I do… I struggle with tripping over my tongue all the time.
    Loving the articles, so much insight.

    1. Your chart aligns with the chart for old France, Amanda so you are drawn to her history and ancient culture right down to the cheese. You may in fact spend your advanced old age living there or staying there for long periods.

  8. Hi Jessica, what an interesting post! And very close to my heart – I’ve always loved France, studied French to A-Level, lived in Paris from 2004-2006, and moved back (this time to near Bordeaux) in December 2020, just before the Brexit deadline. I split my time between here and London and plan to apply for citizenship (dual nationality) in 2026, once I’ve been here for five years. I have Scorpio and Cancer stelliums so perhaps that’s why I feel so at home in France! Interestingly, my father is a Sun Cancer who also speaks excellent French and lived and worked in Algeria. I definitely got my love of the language from him. Anything you see in my chart about how the next couple of years may play out for me in terms of home, homeland, passports etc?

    Regarding the new agreement between France and the UK, I would expect this to be some kind of UK – EU security pact focused on the English Channel. We know it’s a top priority for the new government: David Lammy (Foreign Secretary) is currently touring European capitals to re-establish relations with a view to securing it; and Yvette Cooper (Home Secretary) is forcefully arguing that the solution to the small boats crisis is about targeting organised crime, not migration per se. A border security pact with mainland Europe which stops the boats but stops well short of European re-integration would have the added benefit of pulling the political rug out from underneath Reform UK, so I’d expect to see that signed in early 2025.

    1. Thank you. You have those Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio stelliums which show why June 2025 until June 2026 is your biggest and best cycle for money and real estate in 12 years. Jupiter in Cancer will transit your property sector and make terrific angles to your finance sectors. A true sense of home will emerge – home town, homeland – along with very real benefits involving your own space. The people smuggling crisis for Britain will be over as Uranus in Gemini opposes the Sagittarius (immigration) story in the world chart and that begins next year. It runs past 2030 and the second UK election. Labour may not last though – be prepared for that.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for another brilliant article. Astrology is truly fascinating!

    I have a question, please.We have been living in France for a while now.
    Based on my chart would you be able to tell if we would be living here long term?
    We are seriously contemplating settling here.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Yes, you will settle in France (if it is still your first choice) from June 2025 until June 2026 when a fantastic opportunity to commit to your true home appears.

  10. Hello Jessica,

    I am so delighted you did this. I live travelling between England and France and I love both countries with all my heart.I honestly could not choose between them and they are a strange reflection of each other, both going through troubled and polarised times, but both beacons of democracy and freedom. As an English man in South West France I take great pleasure visiting places with names from medieval history when France and England were indivisible. I never saw this chart before but it resonates so strongly with my own I now understand why I love France so much.

    I hope the connections astrologically between England and France will be positive next year that you forecast as we need each other in a terribly unstable world. I also fear for France now Macron has potentially put in the hands of extremists to the left in order to stop extremists of the right! Both England and France look to be governed by pretty left wing governments with no where near a majority of people voting for them and both having their very identity shaken by huge immigration, of which I suppose I am part ! Do you think democracy can become more representative again Jessica astrologically? Thank you

    1. Thank you. That French horoscope is powerful, isn’t it? The situation with England and France is typical of Pluto in Aquarius. Whenever we see this cycle, it’s the end of the all-powerful man at the top and the start of shared power. In Britain we will see Proportional Representation come in. That means, of course, that the unfair First Past the Post system will go. In its place will come a genuinely democratic parliament made up of right and left, black and white, young and old, male and female, straight, gay and lesbian – and actually representative of the way people voted. Very Aquarian! France is heading towards something similar. The golden rule with Pluto in Aquarius is that the space has to be shared equally between everybody. If any one minority tries to dominate and take over the rest it will be ejected. Loud and vocal minorities (men who pretend to be women) who take over space, rights and identity don’t last. It’s the same with violent, loud, extremist foreign religious groups. They can’t take over the streets – or worse. Pluto in Aquarius puts them in the ejector seat. For the next 20 years you will see Pluto in Aquarius direct both countries.

  11. Hi Jessica, love living here even if we are trying to leave to return to Australia. Our French friends are worried and haven’t experienced a coalition or hung parliament before. We have calmed a couple saying most countries we have lived in have gone or are going through this but it does paralysis some good but also some not so good policies etc. As most of our French friends also say, they are not good at working together even as a general team never mind with 3 different parties with hardline policy. It isn’t an easy time in Europe and our German friends are equally worried. We will always have a part of us in France having lived here 3 times. I am happy to say that the French community in Sydney have said they will ’embrace us’. If you have a moment, we are still hoping to sell but it slow in a normally slow market. We have one couple interested who we like but they are going through the long mortgage process. We are hoping to get someone good for our lovely neighbours as well. Any thoughts are welcome.

    1. Yes, France goes into a hung parliament on Mercury Retrograde, July to September. You will hear and read an awful lot of statements, promises and declarations which are retracted later, or come to nothing. Macron does not use astrology or he would not have done this. You want to sell your home. You are a Taurus woman in the most lucrative cycle in 12 years, ending in June 2025, so your chances of selling at a profit or just finding a bargain you can afford, are excellent. This is Jupiter in your solar Second House. In your natal chart, you have the Moon at 1 Cancer. Jupiter goes to 1 Cancer in your sector of real estate this time next year, so by then you would be well and truly in a position to take full advantage of a stunning opportunity to buy or renovate/redecorate.

  12. Thank you Jessica, I wouldn’t be a tourist as I’m a Paris native and grew up there. My chart is here. I’ve been back regularly and have also worked in France while being based abroad. My question was regarding work, not sightseeing. Thank you!

  13. PS: adding to my reply to your comment, I have a stellium in Capricorn, and France has Uranus there, and each time I got work there, it was all of sudden, out of the blue, totally Uranus, as opposed to me pursuing it. My best job in one my fields of work was in France, as well as my university degree. Yet I’ve also had difficulties finding support in said field of work and was wondering if that would change. Thank you.

  14. Love the impressions from you, Jessica. Thank you for enlightening me, as always. I looked up Joan of Arc on your site and found her in a 2017 blog you wrote about Pamela Coleman Smith with the lovely image of her you also use here today. Astrodienst posts a chart for her and this shows her South Node on the Venus of France (in your France chart above), with Neptune near the Mercury of France. You wrote she was a fierce patriot, and I add she sadly was betrayed by the man who became King Charles. Wonderful research from you in this earlier blog – you say the Coleman Smith cards were first published in 1909 – the year Joan was beatified by Pope Pius X. Yep, Joan of Arc is a part of my life daily. Thanks again! Best, Cecelia

    1. Joan of Arc is a dominant icon in the French imagination, isn’t she, but also a towering presence in the Tarot as illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. And thank you for the compliment. When Pamela sat down to create her famous deck, Joan had indeed been raised to sainthood. These ideas about female power appear repeatedly in the deck; most obviously with the Queen of Swords who has what we might fancy is a rosary on her wrist. Thanks Cecelia.

  15. Hello Jessica!
    Thanks for this feature about France! I’ve been so worried about the results of the Legislative Elections… Everyone was holding their breath and never expected this spectacular turn of events with the New Popular Front ahead! What a relief! But the National Rally is the third block in the Assembly and we have to remain alert as this may be a temporary reprieve…
    I’m glad I misread the Tarot seeing Jordan Bardella becoming the new Prime Minister, it’s better than the other way round…
    For once, the UK and France seem to be on the same page politically at the moment…
    I think you’re right about the mixture of upheavals being in the French people DNA and something Cancerian that makes us ‘pleasure-seakers’… I’m sure the British people have humour in their ‘DNA chart’ for instance and a touch of phlegm, without wanting to be caricatural. We French are so (too) grumpy. But sometimes it’s good (“La jeunesse emmerde le Front National !”)

    It’s funny that you talk about “best enemies”! I personally feel a bit of a stranger in France as I love / need foreign culture and languages as well as ‘playing the tourist in Paris’ but I am terribly too much French in my personality and other traits I’m afraid … I miss not talking French when I’m abroad and I feel a lack when I don’t talk enough English in France or in a Hispanic country … (my first language was Spanish). Is it because I have Jupiter 4° Cancer and Uranus 15° Scorpio? As well as Gemini (neighbours?) factors? I used to spend half of the summer holidays in the South of Ireland, in the countryside as a teenager and I felt right at home there… I didn’t talk much though (nature, horses…) I would dream in English but read in French (!)
    Anyway thanks for this kind and humorous hello to France.

    PS: Did you know?
    That the Eiffel Tower has the shape of an A, the first letter of the first name of Gustave Eiffel’s lover and inspiration …
    -In prehistoric times, Sequana was the Celtic goddess of the sources of the Seine… They’ve found many ex voto in the Seine, for instance a medieval ring where two hands hold a heart tightly and is evocative of the padlocks gripped on the bridges of Paris…
    -A French medium who channeled Joan of Arc because she needed people to know the truth, said that she wasn’t a shepherdess but that she was born in the circle of the king and raised as a soldier in secret… She wasn’t burned neither. Very sorry for killing the myth! I liked it too!
    Bons baisers de Paris xxx

    1. Thank you so much. I didn’t know that about the Eiffel Tower. Merci. Your own chart reveals Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so you escape from the real world by travelling, and migration (temporary or permanent) for you is a holiday from reality.

  16. Dear Jessica,C
    You heard me
    I wanted to ask you to write an article about France, especially about what is happening and now I discover this article. I must be a medium as well (it is not the first time I have such funny experience), of course we can say because of the Pluto in Aquarius and the fact that all Astrologers refer to the French Revolution
    Can you please tell more about the Dec 2024, Jan and Feb 2024 for France and UK
    And also about Le Pen, what happened last Sunday is not a victory but we are close to something FATALE, sadly
    Thank You

    1. Thank you. France is not immune to the two dominant trends of the next 10 years – Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini. The first is about the rise to power by women. Every time Pluto is in Aquarius, female leaders replace males. This is the case from Boudicca to Elizabeth I. The second trend is about neighbouring countries changing borders – and countries splitting in two. A good example of this is Germany after the last war. The French horoscope shows the break-up of the E.U. continues (Britain having left) and the formation of new organisations. It also shows a completely different relationship with the United Kingdom. Le Pen will be back in a big way from June 2025 until June 2026. There is a push against globalisation and mass immigration coming as Uranus in Gemini opposes Sagittarius, the sign most associated with foreign people smuggling.

  17. Hi Jessica, thank you for a very interesting article as usual! I am French, but have been living abroad ever since and never worked for a French company either. While I find the country beautiful, love the food, wine, femininity you mention, style and a certain “joie de vivre”: I also can’t recognise France …or maybe i have changed a lot! It seems that we have evolved in very different ways and I don’t think I could ever live there again 🙁 . Not sure yet which country would be the best suited as enjoying different countries for different reasons…Maybe France would be great for a few months when I retire? Wishing you a wonderful evening.

    1. I remember thinking the same, the last time I was in Paris in 2019. Finding a country to emigrate to in retirement is a dual process with astrology and Tarot. The national chart is lined up with your own, then the Tarot will confirm what you are seeing.

  18. Hi Jessica!
    Great article.
    I note when in 2026, Jupiter will oppose Pluto after passing over Lepen’s factors… aaah French Revolution.
    In 2027, around May I think, Mars will be in tension with Uranus, Saturn and Neptune will be in aspects as well as Uranus and Pluto… not the same aspects but this was the case when Louis XVI was beheaded.
    During this period, Pluto will be out of bounds, which historically also points to revolts.
    cyclical indexes are raising… hopefully this will help

    Very interesting the link you make with England. Le Pen used to talk about going back to the old French money and leaving Europe. I don’t know if she’ll go back to that, but she’ll surely want more national autonomy, less dictated by Europe. Do you see an alliance between her and Farage?

    1. You use a different kind of astrology to me, but we are certainly back in the French Revolution cycle. That works across all kinds of horoscope methods. Pluto in Aquarius is people power and it’s back. This is a long cycle. We have 20 years to go. The reason I am making the link between France and England is Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (the neighbours). Should Farage and Le Pen both use people power ahead, to get what they want, there would indeed be a radical shift across the English Channel and Eurostar too. Very different rules.

  19. Thank You Jessica 🙂
    I hope we will not hear from Le PEN after 2026, as you might know there is an election in France in 2027, I hope there will be another female leader but I don’t see if France is ready for that and I don’t see another female here, but lets be wise I have faith

  20. thank you for your reply!

    I lived in France when I was a kid and have been raised in French although my multiple origins have nothing to do with French.
    The reason we left France is really linked to my Aries placements.
    Funny enough I’ve collaborated with France (and UK) for professional reasons

  21. Hi, I love this! I also have a French name (but am not French!) have spent many a year in France, and feel a great affinity with this country.
    My sun is at 15 Pisces, and I have north node and south nodes at 14 degrees (Taurus/ Scorpio), whilst my moon at 5 Taurus opposes my Uranus at 6 Scorpio. It’s so interesting to compare and contrast. Thanks again for an interesting article. I sincerely hope things settle finally for this lovely country.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your chart does show strong connections to the French chart. There are several for France but this one is most accurate.

  22. Hello Jessica, I find your articles about countries so very interesting and the next few years will be incredibly interesting for the UK and Europe by the sounds of things. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot, and have spent many happy times in France, as well as having a number of friends either French or with a French connection, particularly Lebanese. If you ever get chance, I would be fascinated to learn about the astrology of the UAE if possible. I spent ten very happy years living in Dubai, have been privileged to travel widely across the Middle East and even brought home (back to UK) my beautiful cats who I adopted while I was there – one of whom spoke to an animal communicator of our previous lives together in the desert! I’m even the same age as the UAE – the country’s inception was a few weeks before my birth. The info about France you show here seems to be spot on and I really hope there will be some useful solutions for the poor souls at the mercy of the Channel people smugglers, something has to give I think as this awful trade impacts so many people. Thanks for all you tell us 🙂

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter in Sagittarius and the UAE is a Sun Sagittarius, so there is a natural connection. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries and Dubai is famously the home of the tax-friendly haven for the global expat community. The last time I was there, before Covid, I shopped at a Japanese book chain and a British supermarket. It’s not like anywhere else, is it? The astrology of the United Arab Emirates is based on the December 2nd 1971 chart which shows the Emirates with the North Node at 6 Aquarius. She has karma with all the groups. That karma will unfold in a dramatic year when Pluto goes to 6 Aquarius in 2027 and 2028. A total transformation in the balance of power between those individual emirates is coming – a takeover, in fact.

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