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If you are a fan of astrology, or if you make it your profession, sooner or later you are going to run into skeptics. They believe that astrologers are frauds and they ‘make it all up.’

Alternatively they believe astrologers are well-meaning idiots, along with astrology believers. This is quite funny, because these skeptics are the same people who live their lives by the clock and the calendar. Both of which are also made up. Frankly, the time and date are about as real as Narnia, lying behind the wardrobe in the famous C.S.Lewis classic.

I realise that astrology is about as real as Narnia to people who are educated in a rational universe with only science and mathematics to hold them, but at some point, you have to challenge skeptics and ask ‘Why is your reality, more real than my reality?’

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Join Jessica Adams for all the latest astrology in The Astrology Blog.

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Astrograms – Name Secrets in Astrology

Anagrams and astrology charts meet in the middle with Astrograms, which show you the truths about yourself and your life, concealed in the jumbled letters of your full name. These are also reflected in the symbolism of your birth chart.

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Oppositions in Your Natal Chart

Oppositions in your natal chart are unusual. You are looking for two factors at the same degree, or number, in opposite signs of the zodiac.

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Fixed Signs in Changing Times

Fixed Signs in Changing Times Fixed Signs in Changing Times (held in partnership with The Astrology Foundation, New Zealand) was held as a Zoom event

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Current Planetary Positions

Every day at you can check the position of the planets, the asteroids and other important heavenly bodies, in the twelve signs of the zodiac. These positions are calculated in real time. The best way to view this is with your premium member birth chart handy.

The Astrology Show

If you are interested in Astrology then follow the podcast free on this website and join the conversation on Twitter with @astrologyshow

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Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Podcast – Profections in Astrology

In this week’s free astrology lesson, Stephanie Johnson, who also tutors at the Sun Sign School, will be discussing profections via her Podcast.

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Relaxation Meditation With Natalie Delahaye

Natalie Delahaye has created a new relaxation meditation for you based on a tropical beach; it will let you unwind and recharge as often as you need to, throughout the day.

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The Nodes in Astrology Podcast

We are days away now from the historic change of the North Node and South Node into new zodiac signs. In astrology this takes place every 19 years.

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If you have an interest in writing and a passion for storytelling and Astrology then you have what it takes to be a Sun Sign Astrologer. With the Sun Sign School you can learn from some of the most influential astrologers of our time. The Sun Sign School offers online courses and tuition from a range of highly visible and successful media astrologers. Find out more by visiting the Sun Sign School website.

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The Basics

A curated list of Astrology topics to help you better understand Astrology and the influence it can have on your life and those you love.

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Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

As soon as Jupiter enters a new zodiac sign, a new department of your life will benefit. You will also see a global improvement. How can you use your natural Jupiter horoscope luck in Scorpio and Sagittarius 2018, 2019?

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The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology

Vesta ruled fire and Romans thought that as long as the virgins kept the flame alive, Rome was protected. Allowing the sacred fire to die out would lead to the Vestal responsible being stripped and beaten.

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Top 20 Best Astrology Hacks

These are my favourite top 20 astrology hacks you need to know to time your life right.

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Men and Astrology Part II - Astrology

Men and Astrology – Part II

If you want to understand men, their Sun sign reveals the area of life where a man shines brightest (or not).

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