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All About Aries in Astrology

There are many different kinds of Aries. You may also have Mercury, Mars or Venus in Aries, for example, so you are far less patient, more assertive and more physically energetic than others born under your sign.

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Your 2014 Horoscope

Brand new for 2014! Find out what’s in store for your year ahead. To read your horoscope from Jessica Adams scroll down to your zodiac

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Mercury Retrograde for Beginners

Phones, media, the internet, the post.  Three times a year, Mercury – the planet which rules information, communication and transportation – appears to go backwards.

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Mercury Retrograde and the Titanic

Mercury Retrograde does not mean the sky falls on your head. But nor should any astrologer trivialise the chaos that can be caused. The story of RMS Titanic is a case in point.

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The Astrology Show #003 – August

The August Astrology Show features Adam Smith, astrologer for The Sun Herald and Sunday Age in Australia, talking about the horoscope of Robert Plant, as well as Jessica Adams, Neil Spencer and special guest Bethea Jenna talking about the astrology of football.

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