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The Astrology Blog

Astrology, Banks, Currency and Credit in 2019

Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, The Standard Bank, ANZ, NAB, HSBC, Natwest, the Bank of England and Bank of Scotland all show radical change at the same time in 2019. But why? And how are you affected?
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The Astrology Blog

Mercury Retrograde Money! October 2018

I am sure you know that Mercury is the messenger of the gods. In modern astrology, Mercury rules the worldwide web, the media, paperwork and deals. When he appears to go backwards and forwards, we typically see expensive mistakes, wrong statements, and a muddled market place.
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The Astrology Blog

Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

Uranus rules shock, electricity, revolution, radical change, upheaval and liberation. Now he is in Taurus, we will see a series of shockwaves hit the banks, Bitcoin, credit card companies like American Express and even the world's largest oil company, Exxon Mobil. Why? Strangely, they all share the same pattern in their 'birth' horoscopes.
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