France in Astrology

The astrology chart for France shows everything from Brigitte Bardot to the future of the United Kingdom relationship.

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Nostradamus’ Corona Predictions

Nostradamus has just proven himself to be the greatest astrologer of all time. How? He named the COVID-19 variants, as far back as the 16th century. So, what else does the master see for 2021 and beyond?

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Conscious Cafe 2021 Astrology

If you were a guest at The Conscious Cafe on Monday 23rd November, 2020, then you may have questions about some of the predictions I made, or want to follow up with your own chart.

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Boris Horoscopes! Astrology Predictions

The new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the only PM in history to have written a book which references astrology. Strange but true. What’s also strange is his 2.00pm birth time. Not true?

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How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

The terrible Notre Dame Fire in Paris on Monday 15th April 2019 at 6.20pm (local time) was predicted by Nostradamus, the astrologer who also saw The Great Fire of London. He used astrology to time it – using Jupiter and Saturn.

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Mercury Retrograde February-April 2019

From 20th February to 17th April you will experience rescheduling, cancellations and delays as we go through the chaos of Mercury Retrograde. It begins and ends with shadows. How are you affected? Why will tsunamis, storms and floods sweep the world?

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