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Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025

Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025 Libra rules marriage in astrology. It also rules weddings, divorces, separations, civil partnership and common-law marriage. We are heading for

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Scotland Astrology to 2030

The Scotland Astrology Chart to 2030 Back in 2018 I made some astrology predictions for Scotland, which you may remember reading. They came true, using

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Happy Lunar New Year 2023

Welcome to Lunar New Year Around the world, it’s time to celebrate the end of the old and birth of the new, in Asian astrology.

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The Astrology of Prince Harry

Predictions About Harry From 2017 Way back on 17th July 2017, I published some predictions about the Royal Family and Prince Harry. If you missed

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US Astrology 2023

US Astrology Predictions 2023 Before we look at the future of the USA in 2023 let’s go back to proven, date-stamped predictions. This US astrology

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