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Scotland Astrology 2021-2022

Scotland could easily make the final break with England in 2021, 2022 and wave goodbye to the United Kingdom once and for all, and embrace new currency too. Scotcoin, perhaps? The Haggis Pound? The Tunnocks Ton?

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Astrology, Science, Skeptics, Proof

I know that some astrologers would love to think you can prove astrology with statistics, by the way, but it’s impossible. They’re on a hiding to nowhere, no matter how many times they try to bore us all to death with Powerpoint Presentations at astrology conferences.

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China Astrology Predictions 2018

What will happen to China when Uranus (the shock, the revolution, the new world) moves into the sign of Taurus? I am writing this on Friday 20th April 2018, and Uranus will make his historic move on Tuesday 15th May, so this is just under three weeks away now.

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Your Tarot and Astrology Predictions for 2018

Let’s take a closer look – this spread of cards was chosen back in December 2017 – the question was:
‘What is the most important thing each sign of the zodiac needs to know about the year 2018?’

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Russia Astrology 2017-2020

What does astrology say about the future of Russia? This country has several ‘birth’ charts but they all have hot spots at 17 degrees.

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New Zealand Astrology

New Zealand’s preference for electing female Prime Ministers (far in advance of other nations) makes her a gift for astrologers.

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Time for David Davis? Astrology Says Yes.

His chart is all about money, trade, taxation and business. It seems fated, too – the Nodes are involved – so we could guess he’s an old hand at finance, in one or more previous lifetimes, perhaps going back to the Thirties.

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