Friday 28th July 2017: Your career, unpaid work or university degree is serving up some puzzling and unexpected zigs and zags, so that something you'd considered 'done and dusted' back in June is now leaving you in quite a different position. That's okay. And it will work better.

What it means to be Cancer

Ruled by the Moon, you are automatically associated with your home town, godchildren, country, sons and daughters (if you chose to have them), youth projects or junior markets. Once you find your place in the world, or find it again, you can be intensely loyal to your own patch of turf, to the point of being unashamedly emotional. This has been so hard to achieve in 2014 and 2015 as you have been stuck on the merry-go-round delivered by the Nodes, yet 2016-2017 finds you blissfully happy – and right at home.

Your Week

This week you see a reminder of what happened with two dwarf planets, Pluto and Ceres, back in 2006. One was demoted and the other was promoted. The balance of power changed. Astronomers (not astrologers) decided that both had to be reclassified and nothing was the same again.
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Your Month

Mars in Cancer and Strategy There are a couple of things going on in July. One is Mars in Cancer, your own sign. It’s time for strategy. You’re going to have to turn yourself into Action Woman or Action Man as well, because time is finite.
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