Friday 26th May 2017: Your career, unpaid work or university degree is a focus all week, as Salacia makes her presence felt at the top of your horoscope. There is something not quite real or tangible about all this, but there is still a need to make this bubble of yours work in a practical way.

What it means to be Cancer

Ruled by the Moon, you are automatically associated with your home town, godchildren, country, sons and daughters (if you chose to have them), youth projects or junior markets. Once you find your place in the world, or find it again, you can be intensely loyal to your own patch of turf, to the point of being unashamedly emotional. This has been so hard to achieve in 2014 and 2015 as you have been stuck on the merry-go-round delivered by the Nodes, yet 2016-2017 finds you blissfully happy – and right at home.

Your Week

Cancer, we have what is known as a stellium, or unusually high number of horoscope factors, building in the sign of Gemini, just one behind you. This is the clue. Life behind the scenes is now becoming unusually important. This may involve your secrets, your occult activities, or matters psychic or psychological.
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Your Month

YOUR MONEY, BUSINESS INTERESTS, HOME, CHARITY You are ruled by the Moon, Cancer, as you probably know, so when the Moon’s Nodes change zodiac signs, it’s more important for you than others.
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