Wednesday 26th July 2017: Now that you can pull things together again, the situation with your family, house, home town, homeland, apartment or household should be easier. Maybe you won't repeat certain mistakes again. At the same time, congratulate yourself on what you achieved.

What it means to be Libra

You are the sign famously represented by the scales and you are going through one of the most dramatic rebalancing acts of your life, as Uranus is now transiting your opposite sign of Aries, so the person on the other end of the scales is engaged in revolution with you. If he or she fulfills this role and moves on, then another will come along and take his/her place. As a general rule, if you absorb all the feedback and reaction you get about past, present or potential love every Easter, you’ll learn the most useful lessons.

Your Week

Here we have the emotional houses of your horoscope, traditionally tied to Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, well and truly stirred up. The question is, what do you do with this curious gift? You have something to give, share or receive and it may be sensual or purely based on feelings.
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Your Month

July is Dangling Time Mercury turns Retrograde Shadow in July. This commonly produces suspended animation, or a state of suspension. You can choose what you want to do.
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