Sunday 24th March 2019: While Mercury Retroshadow holds until 18th April, you are unlikely to get much in the way of certainty, commitment, security or guarantees so pursue workload, housework, health, fitness or study priorities looking for the final and full picture, when Mercury turns direct again – out of shadow. This is a good time to rehearse, test, research, test and trial.

What it means to be Libra

Your sign is symbolised by the scales and Libra Sun people shine brightest when they are in one-on-one situations, balancing on one end of the see-saw, while someone else sits on the other end. Long marriages, successful professional partnerships or two-way hobbies and interests (like tennis) are a good outlet for you. The downside of Libra is a Bridezilla complex, and the famous inability to take a stand or have an opinion in case a partner disagrees.

Your Week

Libra, I will just repeat what I have been saying on this website for several months – this is not the time to consider anything fixed or final, with your workload, daily routine, body, lifestyle, housework, volunteering or university degree. The mind, body and spirit connection is being rewired. Read your full Libra Weekly Horoscope: 18-24 March 2019

Your Month

The Pisces Weather and Your Mind, Spirit and Body At this time of year, the Pisces weather sweeps in. This year we find the Sun, Neptune, Proserpina (Pluto’s wife), Vesta (Saturn’s daughter) and Mercury Retrograde all in the sign of the fishes. Read your full Libra Monthly Horoscope: March 2019

Libra in 2019

HOW GROUPS AND FRIENDS CHANGE YOUR LIFE You begin the year with an eclipse in your zone of friendship, societies, political parties, charities, bands, ensemble casts, troupes, associations, trade unions, communities, circles, teams and clubs. This sets the climate for the year, and the astrological ‘weather’ continues from June 28th until August 29th. Read your Libra 2019 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

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Astrology and Wrong Birth Data

What happens when someone gives false or wrong data to an astrologer? Here are some common examples of this problem and what to do about it.

The Fifth House

The Fifth House of your horoscope is ruled by the Sun and the zodiac sign Leo. The Sun is a symbol of the father. Leo is a symbol of royalty.

The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House of your horoscope is ruled by Neptune and Pisces. This already has quite a fluid, watery feel, thanks to the symbolism of the ocean, and fish.

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