Saturday 20th January 2018: To get to where you need to be - that pin on the map - requires the ability to absorb, understand and appreciate what is so foreign.

What it means to be Gemini

Born under the sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury the messenger, you are identified with words more than images, although you classically know how to put film, photography or art together in a way that says what words could not. With careful development you can take your writing, songwriting, public speaking, singing, journalism, lectures, debating, language acumen and/or linguistic skills into rewarding jobs. Four giants of British songwriting and singing – McCartney, Weller, Morrissey and Gallagher – are Gemini.

Your Week

Gemini, the soundtrack to January has been Money by The Beatles and also Money by Pink Floyd. We all know what it can do in terms of residences, security, lifestyle, and the rest. What about power and control, either for yourself or others? The melody lingers on. Read your full Gemini Weekly Horoscope: 15-21 January 2018

Your Month

The time has come to take your idea, concept or qualifications and either negotiate with people from other parts of the map, or actually travel – perhaps even move. Read your full Gemini Monthly Horoscope: January 2018

Gemini in 2018

EXPLORATION AND ADVENTURE AHEAD Gemini, you will be traveling quite ambitiously in 2018 and may even go between two homes, or two work spaces, miles apart. This may be a year of quite spectacular commuting for you, or a memorable 12 months of exploration and adventure. Read your Gemini 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

Astrology for Absolute Beginners
Astrology for Absolute Beginners
If you know nothing about astrology begin with the idea that you are not one sign - you are several in one body! Here is how to find your main signs and find out what they mean for love, money, career and the rest.
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