Friday 28th July 2017: Friendships, groups, social media and the rest is now under the influence of some really odd and unusual patterns in your chart, so nothing and nobody is delivering what you'd anticipated. Trust the process. You will get there in the end and be better off for it.

What it means to be Gemini

Born under the sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury the messenger, you are identified with words more than images, although you classically know how to put film, photography or art together in a way that says what words could not. With careful development you can take your writing, songwriting, public speaking, singing, journalism, lectures, debating, language acumen and/or linguistic skills into rewarding jobs. Four giants of British songwriting and singing – McCartney, Weller, Morrissey and Gallagher – are Gemini.

Your Week

We don't often see Venus, the planet of love and also conflict, opposite Saturn in your chart. Venus describes love affairs and the business of marriage. She is very much about the other person.
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Your Month

Money, Money, Money Money is power, and there are power issues when Pluto rides his dark horse through Capricorn, the sign which rules your bank account, business interests, house, apartment, land, possessions and charity. How you handle this in July, and what you decide to do, is very important.
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