Tuesday 21st November 2017: Taking the steering wheel with the money, house, business, charity, apartment or possessions is harder than it looks, but it's worth it. Premium Member? The Moon enters Capricorn today so if you have factors there, your ambition, mission and position dominates now.

What it means to be Gemini

Born under the sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury the messenger, you are identified with words more than images, although you classically know how to put film, photography or art together in a way that says what words could not. With careful development you can take your writing, songwriting, public speaking, singing, journalism, lectures, debating, language acumen and/or linguistic skills into rewarding jobs. Four giants of British songwriting and singing – McCartney, Weller, Morrissey and Gallagher – are Gemini.

Your Week

You can develop a very new connection this week, and also go back to an old association. Both help you on a work level, and this may be paid work, study or unpaid work. Read your full Gemini Weekly Horoscope: 20-26 November 2017

Your Month

Some wonderful times are in store with your group, circle or network in November. This may be your political party or football team. It may be an old group of female friends with no particular label or purpose, but together you are about to discover just how important the art of friendship is. Read your full Gemini Monthly Horoscope: November

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