Friday 28th July 2017: Time will reveal why you have just been given the runaround (or perhaps made others do some running around) with your travel, publishing, web, education or foreign agenda. Keep skating for the moment. This too has its part to play in longer-term success.

What it means to be Leo

Ruled by the Sun, traditionally associated with Kings and Queens (the sun is a potent icon at Versailles), you are well-known for leading, guiding and mentoring the young. You typically do this in a dynasty but if you don’t have children, you may extend this role to a class of teenagers (if you become a teacher), or a young audience or demographic in quite another field. You have heirs, not children. You have a throne, not an armchair. You leave a legacy, you don’t just live. This is Leo’s quest, no matter how hard it is.

Your Week

The week begins on Monday 24th July with Aesculapia in your opposite sign of Aquarius, exactly next to the South Node of karma, also in your opposite sign. Opposites attract. We can also feel as if we are polar opposites with people. There may also be a question here about opponents.
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Your Month

Will you Strike Out or Sort Out? Leo, once Mars changes signs on July 21st you are in a position to either strike out, or sort out. You will be dealing with the aftermath of a challenging situation which could go in any direction at all.
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