Monday 27th January 2020: Your finances, valuables, house, apartment, business, charity and budget are now in the usual ‘potential muddle’ zone. It could involve delays, reversals or multiple changes by the end of March so do all you can now. Clarify, contain and control a relationship.

What it means to be Leo

Leo the lion is an ancient symbol of monarchy. At your best, you are born to rule, and have a natural ability to lead, set an example, guide and mentor. A special connection with the world of children or younger people is the shining badge of every successful Leo. The downside of your sign is arrogance and bossiness. The dark side of Leo is also snobbery – looking down on those below you. When in doubt remember The French Revolution and move on.

Your Week

The Eighth House of your chart rules your inheritance, legacy, will, house, apartment, valuables, shares, mortgage, settlement and any grants. It also rules taxation, insurance, possessions, charity and valuables. You get the picture. Read your full Leo Weekly Horoscope: 27 January - 2 February 2020

Your Month

Rebuilding and Reshaping at Work Leo, you must now take urgent action, with all the leadership you are well-known for. The time has come to get real about the need for rebuilding and restructuring. Read your full Leo Monthly Horoscope: January

Leo in 2020

Teachers and Travellers Leo, this year you will gain from people who are teachers and travellers. Chiron the Centaur has well and truly arrived in your life education zone. Near Wednesday April 8th (and despite obstacles around Thursday 10th September) others will instruct you and guide you. These men are naturally adventurous. Read your Leo 2020 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

Would you like to know more about Astrology and how your birth chart works?  Here are some handpicked posts for you. When you’re finished you can discover even more Astrology Basics.

The Eighth House

The Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. Robert Hand notes, “Death. Inheritance. Other people’s money” in his book, Horoscope Symbols but neglects to mention sex.

How Astrology works

Astrology is concerned with time because astrologers use a book called an ephemeris which looks like some version of Doctor Who’s Tardis instruction manual.

The Tenth House

The Tenth House is ruled by the zodiac sign Capricorn and Saturn. This is where you climb to the top, achieving your goals and becoming successful.

Discover more Astrology Basics.

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