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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for February. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

Capricorn Weather, Health and Workload

Key dates in this transit are 21st January (when Pluto left Capricorn), 7th February (when Ceres moves in) Mars in Capricorn (until 13th February) and Venus in Capricorn (until February 16th). Ceres will be in Capricorn until December 7th. Pluto goes back into Capricorn from September 3rd until November 19th.

Leo, you are now in a completely different space with your workload, lifestyle, daily routine, sense of service and duty to others. You are in a different space with your physical or mental health. When Pluto unplugged on 21st January, years of constantly having to draw on your willpower stopped.

Ever since 2008 you have had to learn that self-control is the only thing that ever lets you have control over your job, your academic career, your unpaid work. Over – your body or mind. Now, 2024 is telling you that a completely different world just landed.

There will be a year-long compromise with others and yourself which starts on 7th February and ends on 7th December. Deal-making, if you like. Turning to the people politics of your role, course or position, you may want to slow down and cool down – but also keep it simple with the intensely personal nature of some connections. If you want a deal everyone can stick to regarding your workload and wellbeing (especially you) then keep it really straightforward and trot along at a moderate pace.

Aquarius Weather, Duets and Duels

Pluto moved into Aquarius on January 22nd
February 5th – Mercury Enters Aquarius
February 9th – New Moon in Aquarius
February 13th – Mars in Aquarius
February 16th – Venus in Aquarius

Leo, the balance of power is now an issue with the scales of a marriage, relationship or professional double act. The duet is now there to be weighed and measured – for years, actually. What is fair, what is harmonious, what is symmetrical, what is above all – equal – is now the key. The reality is that the two of you are powerful or could become a proper power couple, if it’s sexual.

There’s discussion or signatures from the 5th. From the 9th, a new beginning. What really ups the ante is Venus and Mars, though, from just before Valentine’s Day. It would pay you to slow down and cool down then, Leo. Yet, we cannot deny the poets, the musicians or the playwrights. Life is about living, and Venus and Mars are not just alright tonight, they show you what passion is.

You will read a lot of astrologers now telling you that a new romance is on the way that could change your life. Correct. You may also separate. Also correct. The thing to remember this year, and years into the future, is that when you both respect each other’s differences you can negotiate the space between you and find the centre. That centre is potent.

Be a realist, though. If there is any suggestion at all that one of you could have power over the other, or control the other, or even power-trip the other – you need to talk to somebody outside the partnership and sort something out, preferably in writing.

If you have an opponent, enemy or adversary, do not get into a situation you cannot get out of. Nothing is just about February, or just about 2024. Pluto hangs around for years. Choose your battles very, very carefully and again – seek outside advice. I don’t really want any Leo readers marching into a Pluto-Mars conjunction with all flags flying and guns blazing. Slow and steady. Cool and measured. Get advice.

Pisces Weather

February 18th – Sun enters Pisces
February 23rd – Mercury enters Pisces
February 24th – Full Moon in Virgo against the Sun in Pisces

This is really about your joint finances, assets, business, charity and/or property, Leo. For some of you it follows on from a new partnership, or the end of an old partnership. From the 18th it will be very clear to you – the numbers will stand out as much as the nature of the relationship, no matter if it’s your grandmother or your husband. There will be a paper trail from the 23rd.

Even the split you feel within, or the polar opposites involving others, are useful. You needed to get to this bridge to cross on the 24th so you can make sign-off decisions in March.

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