Saturday 26th May 2018: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May suggest the time is right if you want to do something fairly unlikely, but also quite obviously feasible! This would involve pregnancy, children, young people in your life or the next generation (say, Millennials or Generation Z). Lovers who can bring pregnancy or step-parenthood one day, may also loom large. You're being asked to make a choice. It's actually so true to you. Are you a Premium Member? Check your personal birth chart for factors at Aries 1, 3, 12 degrees. If this is you, then Friday, Saturday brings milestone choices about your image, title, role, face, name, shape, style and profile. It's not ego, nor narcissism. You need to act.

What it means to be Sagittarius

Symbolised by the archer who is ready to gallop off to the next destination, or cross into new territory with his arrow, you have no interest in home. The older you get, the easier it is to fantasise about emigrating, or (if you are too scared to uproot) to create a substitute ‘foreign’ culture around you. This makes you feel at home with yourself, above all other things. The period between late July and late August of any year is, of course, holiday time in the Northern Hemisphere and ski season in the Southern. It suits you.

Your Week

The more you can talk around the subject of your body, or your lifestyle - or your daily workload - the better! Talking helps, because on a core level, you are going through the biggest shake-up of your life. Should you be optimistic? Absolutely. In fact, what happens near Tuesday will assist that. Read your full Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: 21-27 May 2018

Your Month

LIFESTYLE, WORKLOAD, BODY, ROUTINE The entry of Uranus, the planet of radical change, into the zodiac sign of Taurus, puts him in your Sixth House. The Sixth House of your chart describes the tiny details of daily life, from the smallest pill you pop, to the extra half hour you sleep (or do not sleep). Read your full Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: May 2018

Sagittarius in 2018

PREGNANCIES, CHILDREN AND THE PAST Sagittarius, you are caught between the past, the present and the future where children are concerned. Pregnancies and babies, too. This may be your former lover’s children from a previous marriage, which you left behind years ago. It may be your teenage son right now. Read your Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

How to Use My Astrology
How to Use My Astrology
Some people seem to think that I can tell them how to run their lives, or make their decisions for them. This is quite wrong.
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