Friday 26th May 2017: The world of the bedroom - or children, and sometimes youth as a whole - is associated with the cycle you are just starting now. All that is new, since the start of this year, is showing you how very different things might be, for some time to come - if you follow through.

What it means to be Sagittarius

Symbolised by the archer who is ready to gallop off to the next destination, or cross into new territory with his arrow, you have no interest in home. The older you get, the easier it is to fantasise about emigrating, or (if you are too scared to uproot) to create a substitute ‘foreign’ culture around you. This makes you feel at home with yourself, above all other things. The period between late July and late August of any year is, of course, holiday time in the Northern Hemisphere and ski season in the Southern. It suits you.

Your Week

Sagittarius, this is the most important phase of the year, in terms of deciding the short-term future with your partner, former partner or potential partner. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. Mars and Ceres in your opposite sign of Gemini have made May rather challenging, to say the least. Tricky people - divas?
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Your Month

THE WORLDWIDE WEB AND MULTIMEDIA You may return to an old idea, course or big project from 9th May until 6th November 2018. Alternatively you could go back to the same themes or experiences that you ever experienced online, or with your microphone or telephone. Public speaking is one example. Writing is another.
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