Sunday 24th March 2019: Karma calling in 2019 and 2020 with your former, current or potential partner. You can lose people now – or they can lose you. Expect the possible complications and ramifications are like every Hollywood romantic comedy you’ve ever seen, but with karma. This applies to commitment too. It’s karmic! It goes back to 2000 or 1981, thematically or symbolically. Groundhog Day.

What it means to be Capricorn

The mountain goat who climbs patiently to the top is widely admired for her/his persistence, stamina and vision. At your very best, this is how you live your life. You set goals and reach them. You rise in high society and shine brightly in corporations, companies or the academic establishment. At your worst, you are a social climber who uses people to get ahead. Doing anything for success is another classic Capricorn Sun downfall – is making it, so crucial?

Your Week

In the second half of the week you will be taught by a person, organisation or situation you find quite astonishing. The lesson concerns your house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland. By rights, this should not happen and could not happen – yet it is happening. Chiron is a symbol of life education. Read your full Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: 18-24 March 2019

Your Month

Working Hard and Making Steady Money In March you will be working hard and making steady money. You may be on the production line at E.M.I. or making your own ceramic bowls, but there is a big emphasis on success, achievement, ambition and what it means. Read your full Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: March 2019

Capricorn in 2019

At last, some stability with your family, extended circle of relatives, household, or substitute family! On March 7th you will find that 10 years of chopping and changing stops. A more stable existence is coming with these people. Read your Capricorn 2019 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

Would you like to know more about Astrology and how your birth chart works?  Here are some handpicked posts for you. When you’re finished you can discover even more Astrology Basics.

The Second House

The Second House is about everything you earn, own or owe. Money, credit cards and shopping are Second House matters.

The Eighth House

The Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. Robert Hand notes, “Death. Inheritance. Other people’s money” in his book, Horoscope Symbols but neglects to mention sex.

Find Your Rising Sign Without a Birth Time

The Rising Sign or Ascendant describes what people know best about you – what really stands out – even if it’s not the real you! It is always opposite your Descendant, which describes your main partner or soulmate in life.

Why Birth Times Matter!

Unless you can do some detective work and figure out a likely (real) birth time. Otherwise you could be in serious error. And here’s why –

Discover more Astrology Basics.

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