Wednesday 26th July 2017: The transits through the sign of Capricorn at the moment are all about the world of lovers, children or young adults. Normal transmission can now be resumed, given that the TV show of your life was on the blink last week. Yet, you achieved a lot too!

What it means to be Virgo

Ruled by Mercury, you have a little in common with Gemini, that other great writer, singer, songwriter, poet, blogger, public speaker or social media maven. It’s all about being heard and read, for you. There, the similarities end, however. You are firmly all about your body, in a way Gemini never is. The body, mind and spirit cannot be separated and it’s your physical being which dictates your spiritual contentment (or not). Knowing this and working with it, can take you from fat to fit. Or from drugs to recovery. It’s huge.

Your Week

Whenever we see a lot of action in the sign of Cancer in your chart, there is always an issue about the group. This may be your circle of friends, or a more formal organisation like a political party or band. You can't really take sides and still be a team.
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Your Month

Your Former, Current or Potential Lover In July we find Pluto with all its power and passion in Capricorn, which rules your sexuality, and the distant chance of pregnancy, adoption, godchildren, grandchildren, nieces, nephews (those who come with a partner) and so on. We also find Neptune retrograde in Pisces.
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