Sunday 27th May 2018: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May make your friends and the group - your greatest concern. This may be the people you would invite to your wedding, or your army unit. We can't overlook your more formal memberships either or pals who go back years! This feels more like family or love, correct? Take your time, as you sort out the knots. Are you a Premium Member? Check your personal birth chart now. Factors at Cancer 0 or 8? Cupido enters Cancer at 0 degrees, alongside a heavily aspected Venus at 8 Cancer, so the dynamic between yourself and another family member will take plenty of time and space to figure out - try to step back from it, despite intensity!

What it means to be Virgo

Ruled by Mercury, you have a little in common with Gemini, that other great writer, singer, songwriter, poet, blogger, public speaker or social media maven. It’s all about being heard and read, for you. There, the similarities end, however. You are firmly all about your body, in a way Gemini never is. The body, mind and spirit cannot be separated and it’s your physical being which dictates your spiritual contentment (or not). Knowing this and working with it, can take you from fat to fit. Or from drugs to recovery. It’s huge.

Your Week

You’re really feeling the impact of the news, the paper trail or the discussions which concerns life in other places, or other faces from other cultures and nations. This is especially true near Tuesday and Wednesday when you need to ask pointed questions. Read your full Virgo Weekly Horoscope: 21-27 May 2018

Your Month

EUROPE, AUSTRALASIA, AMERICA, THE WORLD Virgo, you could easily take one of your most ambitious journeys yet, or even move, after the middle of May 2018, with plans firmly in place by 2019. Unless you were born in the Thirties, you have not experienced this brand-new cycle before. Read your full Virgo Monthly Horoscope: May 2018

Virgo in 2018

INTUITION AND YOUR SIXTH SENSE Virgo, this year you will go to the next level in terms of your intuition, as you deal with who/what is against you. The planet Neptune is currently passing through your opposite sign of Pisces, which rules opponents, be they former husbands, professional rivals or just ‘the opposition. Read your Virgo 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
Vesta ruled fire and Romans thought that as long as the virgins kept the flame alive, Rome was protected. Allowing the sacred fire to die out would lead to the Vestal responsible being stripped and beaten.
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