Thursday 13th December 2018: What you begin this week, with a friend or key network of people, which matters so much, will very much set up 2019 and you’ll need to weigh up all the pros and cons. Karma is at large. It may be karma from 19 years ago or even further back into past lives. The North Node tells you to control what’s inside.

What it means to be Virgo

Virgo the virgin is defined by her body, physical state and physical condition more than any other sign of the zodiac. At your best, you gain special attention and applause for using the body you were born with, to its highest potential. This makes you the most efficient and effective human being, you can possibly be, the better to serve and to work. The downside of Virgo? Hypochondria. Workaholism. An overload of interest in the body at the expense of the soul.

Your Week

Younger people, children, the next generation coming through, or even junior lovers (if you are a Cougar) all suggest themselves at the moment. How else could it be with a lively cluster of heavenly bodies in your zone of ‘Next Gen and Counting? Read your full Virgo Weekly Horoscope: 10-16 December 2018

Your Month

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner Your former, current or potential partner is in sharp focus near Friday 7th December and again near Saturday 29th December. Boundaries is the magic word, as usual. You may be crossing the line or find that he/she is unclear about where things should stop. Read your full Virgo Monthly Horoscope: December

Virgo in 2018

INTUITION AND YOUR SIXTH SENSE Virgo, this year you will go to the next level in terms of your intuition, as you deal with who/what is against you. The planet Neptune is currently passing through your opposite sign of Pisces, which rules opponents, be they former husbands, professional rivals or just ‘the opposition. Read your Virgo 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

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