Tuesday 20th March 2018: Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy, rival or opponent? You must be completely over the muddle and befuddlement. There is a big fog sweeping through and it's called Neptune in Pisces. Get the light house. Find the lights. Get the maps. Draw a line.

What it means to be Virgo

Ruled by Mercury, you have a little in common with Gemini, that other great writer, singer, songwriter, poet, blogger, public speaker or social media maven. It’s all about being heard and read, for you. There, the similarities end, however. You are firmly all about your body, in a way Gemini never is. The body, mind and spirit cannot be separated and it’s your physical being which dictates your spiritual contentment (or not). Knowing this and working with it, can take you from fat to fit. Or from drugs to recovery. It’s huge.

Your Week

If you’re a Virgo involved with another Virgo (or even two more Virgo people) then this week is a landmark for your marriage or affair. In most cases, though, we are talking about you + a different sign, and the complicated chemistry. Read your full Virgo Weekly Horoscope: 19-25 March 2018

Your Month

It is not central to your life yet, Virgo, but from 6th November, just after Bonfire Night in Great Britain, a very special group of people will become part of your life. Maybe you can glimpse the future. Read your full Virgo Monthly Horoscope: March

Virgo in 2018

INTUITION AND YOUR SIXTH SENSE Virgo, this year you will go to the next level in terms of your intuition, as you deal with who/what is against you. The planet Neptune is currently passing through your opposite sign of Pisces, which rules opponents, be they former husbands, professional rivals or just ‘the opposition. Read your Virgo 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

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