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Aries: November 2015

Your Past, Present or Potential Partner

The story with (or for) your partner has been rolling for a very long time, ever since the Nodes changed signs - and you were given a rather long and repetitive piece of karma to deal with. This also applies to former or potential partners too. Once the Nodes finally depart this zone of your horoscope from 12th November, something or someone is ‘over’ and you will be setting up a bigger and better future with this person, or without them, in the final half of 2016 and first half of 2017. Dates to watch include November 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th (allow 24 hours either side) when all your attention must be focussed on the alchemy with this person.

Alchemy is the fine old business of creating gold from pretty raw and basic substances. You do have a golden future with this person, or he/she will be the launch pad to another, and that alchemical process begins in November 2015.

Enemies, rivals, opponents? Sometimes they engage you emotionally far more than a red hot lover ever could. I suspect some past-life debt or credit has been at stake the whole time, yet from 12th November it’s over. If you are curious about this big shift, and you’re a Premium Member, you can hear my podcast on The Nodes this month.

Travel and Travel in the Mind
In November, Aries, it’s time to deal with the new, tough reality of travel - or foreign places and people. You can add publishing, academia, education, religion and the internet to that list. There are some people and situations you just can’t alter. This is standard stuff for a Saturn cycle. You have to deal with what is inevitable or impossible to duck.

What you can control, though, and what you should control - is your reaction. You can take your time and really measure how you want to respond. You can do some quiet research and figure out a way of managing or reacting, which is well thought-out. You do need a game plan. And you do need some solid knowledge or street wisdom to help you. If it’s about a trip, website, book, course, qualification, foreign person/place or religious issue - then assume nothing and find out everything. Please - before you wade into something that will waste your time and energy in 2016.

Lifestyle, Workload, Daily Routine

From 12th November you are in an interesting new phase with your paid and unpaid work, Aries. You can call it good karma points. Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, solutions) and the Node are in the same zone of your chart, ruled by Virgo, which is all about your sense of duty and service to other people. The Node brings the karma and repetition. Jupiter brings the problem solving and vast opportunities for tremendous fulfilment. You bring the rest to the party. You’re really going to feel this, though. It’s like a weird combination of a fabulous new chapter and a very, very familiar old book. You will really feel the bump with your paid or unpaid work, near November 12th.

Secrecy and Invisibility
Neptune in Pisces says, you are quite clearly covering things up from other people and perhaps yourself - or playing a very low key role on something where others are the name or face. This is all a rather mysterious and potent part of your life, into 2016. It does need rules, though. At the moment there are none. It’s wide open to everything and everybody. Be aware of that in November as a few boundaries and containments could be so useful. Without them March 2016 looks, frankly, chaotic. The Twelfth House of your horoscope is associated with the unconscious mind, the astral body, mediumship, dreams, consciousness, Freud, Jung and also cover-up jobs, necessary lies, and anything either a) fishy or b) down on the ocean floor of your brain. November tells you, it’s time to take all this in hand.
Financial Fresh Start
How will it feel to have a financial fresh start without the grim shadow of Saturn? Just look up at the sky when the New Moon appears as a narrow sliver of glowing white, against the backdrop of the glittering stars. This is some kind of omen. Because, Aries, for the first time since 2012 you actually get to make a new beginning with your business, house, bank, shares, apartment, charity, possessions, company, apartment….without constantly having to ‘manage’ and react to what life throws at you. I would like to reassure you, that you just crawled out of the heaviest cycle in 29 years, and at a point in history when it was never harder. This is a fresh start so ditch any mental baggage. Actually, things have turned around. There are other options. Go to it.

Your Me Agenda
Hmmm. Role, title, profile, package, name, label, appearance - it’s a focus for you, three times in November.  The atmosphere surrounding ‘Me’ (in other words, yourself) is rather like an electrical storm on a hot Queensland night in Australia or those weird dawn thunderstorms you see in Los Angeles. it crackles all around you and it probably feels terribly new, as Uranus transits through Aries only happen once in your lifetime. Around the 3rd, 23rd, 25th we have a few Uranus oppositions and that is the time you’re classically going to feel the uncertainty, anticipation and instability of this cycle. Should I be awfully rude and talk about Frankenstein in relation to you? Thank you. He was an inanimate object - a fantasy of Mary Shelley - until she borrowed a real-life science mistake from the year 1781 and gave him electricity. He became animated - to say the least. In November, Aries, you are about to become seriously animated. At least in terms of how you want to be seen - and how you want to appear. Give it time.


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Taurus: November 2015

Friends and the Group
Ah, friendship and camaraderie. That old thing! If you operate without actual rules or specific set-ups with these people, then you end with the free-floating ride through life that just screams lack of structure - or pretty unstructured people. You have transits in Pisces now, timing friendships and groups. Pisces is an ancient symbol showing two fish swimming in contradictory directions. You may be dealing with friends or others in the group who flip around like this. You need to organise a symbolic friendship pool or tank, here. Regular feeding times. Maybe some nets, if required. I don’t doubt that your old friend, or your social media, or your people power (within the circle) has become your way out of reality. That’s not to be sneezed at. But it could become shambolic in November unless you regulate things a little.

Children and Young Adults

Whatever you have to sort out with (or for) children works very well for you over the long term, Taurus. This also applies to pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting, IVF, fostering and children’s charities. Perhaps this complex story is about a partner who could make you a parent, uncle or aunt one day. Maybe it’s about your godchild or a teenage demographic. I just feel with your chart so strongly accenting the Fifth House of youth right now, a far younger generation is your best bet. With the amount of oppositions you are seeing in your chart from the 1st through to the 26th of November it sounds as if you will have to take a long and winding road despite the rewards. It does take you somewhere better, though. And also a lot bigger.
Your Former, Current, Potential Partner
This November New Moon (look up and you will see it, Taurus, reduced to a sliver of white in the night sky) is crucial. You may want to ditch whatever attitudes you adopted, just to get through late 2012, 2013, 2014 and/or early 2015. The situation with or for this man (or woman) in your life was so tough. I’m sure your family or friends were sympathetic. Yet, having adopted some kind of way of coping or managing, you must now see you no longer need that. This is the first New Moon you have had in your relationship sector without Saturn dogging your footsteps, in a very long time. New chapter. Fresh start. And what you begin on the New Moon, even if it’s just an approach (never mind a relationship, or relationship phase) is going to reward you so enormously in 2017 when Jupiter is in charge of your love chart. You’ve had the fear, with or for your partners, since 2012. Now you can see your way to a new era, either in their company or as a free agent.

Get into this new Saturn financial cycle very, very slowly Taurus. You haven’t really seen all the implications for your shares, house, apartment, company or business yet and it will take November to show you. The golden rule with Saturn is to assume you always need to know more. So seek second and third opinions, no matter if the issue is taxation, business, banking, charity, property or eBay. You will never regret not having sought out a range of feedback and opinion on your situation. The oppositions in your cash chart in November may feel like a game of  Whack-A-Mole but at least it is compelling you to talk to people with expertise and experience, and maybe to do some online forum research. Research and homework are the keys. Go in slow.

The Aries-Libra Story in Your Chart

All of a sudden, on 12th November, the Nodes leave Aries and Libra to move backwards into Pisces and Virgo. And so suddenly, Taurus, you will be in a completely different situation with your daily workload and your body. In fact, you are going to have a stunning outcome in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017 with a lifestyle, work ethic, and mind, body and spirit relationship which rewards you so much- and it looks as if you’re starting on the road to that in November 2015. A situation affecting your daily workload or body, which never changed very much (that stuck or deja vu feeling) is over. In its place will come enticing possibilities for the long-term future and you should be hopeful about what is possible. You spun your wheels long enough, that you should now have a core vision of what you need. In astrology there is no separation of your health from work, or your medical concerns from your chores, or your body from your concept of service and duty to others. It’s all mixed in. The body acts out what the soul craves, even though you may not always consciously understand it. If you do have body issues and suspect that something you are repressing about work (or housework) or study is the culprit, you know what to do.


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Gemini: November 2015

Your Past, Present or Potential Partner

You will figure out quite a lot about (or for) your partner in November. This also applies to your former or potential partner, Gemini. Take a deep breath because it’s going to be heavy and you need to physically take someone (or something) rather leaden on your shouders.

If you have a greater emotional charge with a rival, enemy or opponent, it is this person who will take the weight of your concerns. I use the word ‘weight’ advisedly because Saturn is involved and he is associated with lead.  You do have some serious thinking to do, no matter if you are engaged in love or war. You’ll see it around the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 29th. Make your choices with tremendous care and good advice, because despite what you might be seeing, you do have choices! There is nothing inevitable about this. You don’t just have to slide in.
It is always better to take care, take your time and take expertise on board at the start of a major Saturn cycle like this in your house of former, current and potential partners. This is no time to be a wide-eyed innocent nor an ingenue, no matter if we are talking about moving in together, breaking up, enrolling in internet dating or making one of those milestone two-way decisions. You have not had this cycle for 29 years. It’s big.

Of course if you have rivals, opponents or enemies, dear Gemini (how could they be so misguided) then the message is just as important. Don’t just walk into this, because it could involve far more than you realise now. Get some good advice.

The oppositions from Gemini to Sagittarius suggest this is a ‘me’ issue and not just a ‘we’ question, or even a ‘he’ or ‘she’ story. It’s very much about how you are regarded and seen by the world. In the long run, though, it’s not your image that’s the issue here, it’s the alchemy you have with this man (or woman) and how this serious new chemistry experiment is going to affect 2016 and 2017. If I was you, I would hit the internet forums as an observer, but also the self-help section of the library. Some things about this person are inevitable, Gemini. They are part of the ticket price of admission to the world of partnership, or your exit from it.

Some things are utterly avoidable about this person, though, and you should avoid them. One random example of this would be plunging into an expensive divorce which (in terms of the time and energy it costs you by 2016) will have cost a lot more than the win on the board. I’m not saying this necessarily applies to you at all, but it’s an example of just one Gemini scenario when we see Saturn in the Seventh House by solar transit.

The Nodes Into Virgo and Pisces
You are entering a fascinating new cycle in terms of your home town, country, apartment, family, house and household. The opportunities and solutions are there. What is different now is the karma. You have been in this situation before. You have been there, done that, many times - in this life and a previous lifetime too. So one might call this good karma. Why good? Because generous Jupiter is alongside the Node so you have abundant and rewarding choices to improve and upgrade the way you live, along with your sense of belonging to a place or a person. You will see all this begin to unfold from 12th November when the Node changes signs. This is quite a rare cycle for you. Do take full advantage of it. By 2016 you’ll be so happy with whomever or whatever means home to you.

Your career, unpaid work or course is also about to deliver the most incredible deja vu, Gemini. From 12th November into 2016 everything new is old again. Everything old is new again. You may return to people, projects or plans which are utterly familiar in every way. Alternatively you may find yourself in the same odd stuck-record situation with your work or study, that you recall from years before. What is unusual about all this, is that it involves a professional, student or unpaid role that has nothing to do with reality. It’s like floating in a separate space or some other-wordly sphere. This is achievement, but not as you knew it a few years ago. Not as anyone else knows it, either! The art of managing this cycle, of course, is to acknowledge that there is something so transcendent about a particular industry, field, business, profession, role or task, that you truly need to ring-fence it, so that it exists separately from what the rest of would call normal life. I think your mantra into 2016 might well be ‘Keeping the unreal, real’. Did you pursue this project, role, goal - or work with these people - before? You absolutely did. In this life or another.

The New Moon in Scorpio

Every decision you had to make about your daily routine, lifestyle, paid work, unpaid work since 2012 was made with restrictions, Gemini. Something or someone was always limiting your options.  This also applies to your body. Every choice you made about your body since 2012, when Saturn moved into Scorpio, was hampered by grinding realities you had to adapt to. This New Moon in Scorpio in November (look up and you will see it, bright in the sky) is a big one. It tells you that a new chapter really can be a new chapter. Without any compromises or adjustments. Go to it. And plant something big for 2017 in particular, because even the smallest acorn will spring an oak.

Children, Babies, Pregnancy, Youth
You’ll be really happy with what unfolds with (or for) children, babies, pregnancy, adoption, youth projects or junior demographics in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017. A lot of that comes down to smaller choices made in November.

You will feel a shift in the atmosphere from the 12th when the Node moves on. No more repetition or stuckness! You are now free to direct your own destiny and there will be one other crucial person, entwined with you, as you make those choices. There’s clearly a lot of emotional, psychological or sexual ground shifting, as your horoscope shows the end of one era and the start of another one. Your Fifth House (offspring) and your Seventh House (partners and exes) is alive.

Ultimately, where you’re heading to with the children (real or future, singularly or collectively) is welcome. By this time next year you’ll see why November was the start of that long road. For now, just rest assured that your weird zig-zag progress back in September and October had a part to play. It forced you to contemplate. And now you know who or what you really want - no matter if you are child-free and a contented godmother, or deeply concerned with your new parental relationship with your son, as you pursue a separation. Every Gemini is different. What’s new about November is the sense that the stuck-record situation of 2015 is over and now you can play a different soundtrack.
The Friends and Groups Memo for Gemini

Near the 3rd, 23rd, 25th of November, you may want to leave some time and space for (or with) the friends who are involved with the group. This may be a casual social circle or something formal, like a society. Uranus clashes with other heavenly bodies in your horoscopes then, so you just can’t predict what is going to unfold. This planet was found in a big year for electricity experimentations. If it’s new, exciting, different and buzzing on some level, it’s usually Uranian. This now describes what is happening with your friend/s but the oppositions suggest some kind of internal wrangling or external differences. You can see why you might want to cut yourself and others some slack while you draw your conclusions and let the lighting crackle across your social sky. Long-term, though, I think you’ll be exhilarated by the way your friendships move around.. The reborn groups or brand new phases in your friendships by 2016 are liberating and Easter will show you why. A lot of that process begins now, so allow the process.


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Cancer: November 2015

Your Born-Again Internet

You may be one of those Cancerians who prefers to pursue projects offline, but it’s more likely that you’re eyeing the internet in November, rather than sheafs of paper or public speaking. The reason for this is a grand solution or tremendous opportunity, as it is the key to something so much bigger and better, in terms of engaging with people you need to hear you, read you (or see your message).

What really matters now is the Nodes changing signs, and as they are linked with the Moon (your ruler) what unfolds from 12th November is personal. You are about to see either a direct replay, or a symbolic repetition, of an old story in your internet life. And it will benefit you.

The only real issue involves boundaries. Keep an eye on those precious demarcation lines with foreign people and places, in particular. Those borders are crucial and it’s so easy for them to slip and slide all over the place. Beyond this, there may be issues about containing and controlling what is happening with publishers, the internet as a whole (very hard to police), education (from informal to academic) and even personal beliefs, like Judaism or Theoretical Physics. That’s a sub-plot in this brand new story. The new chapter you are writing in your life will be satisfying and gratifying and the web (and foreign connections) are obviously a part of this, but you do need to keep things very firmly delineated and absolutely under your control. This is especially true if you are dealing with Pisceans, drinkers, poets, people in ‘meditation groups’ which take your bank account details first - or drug enthusiasts.

In general, though, if you can avoid the more obvious pitfalls of people, projects, technology or set-ups without normal boundaries - you could be onto something substantially rewarding with your internet project.

Children and Serious Lovers
There is an awful lot of balderdash on the internet about every New Moon being some kind of gift from the Gods. They are all different and you have to put them in context.  Some of them are absolutely dire!
This New Moon, though, which you will see as a bright sliver in the sky, is very special. This is the first genuinely fresh start you have had with your children in over two years. If you are child-free, this also applies to godchildren, stepchildren, youth projects or junior demographics. Of course, it applies to serious lovers who could make you pregnant, make you an uncle or aunt, or bring in stepchildren. That sliver in the sky is a new beginning, but without the obstacles and hard times you experienced in 2013 or 2014. Quel difference.

Work and Your Body

The way you feel about work, housework, volunteering - and the way your body acts out the issues you won’t address yourself - is now of interest. In astrology there is no separation between your need for a doctor, drugs, a diet, drink, a healer, a surgeon, a nurse - and your soul. Right now your soul is responding to new realities about your paid or unpaid work.  And more specifically, your true feelings about being of service - and what your duty actually is.

The body would seem to be mirroring that question, especially near the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 29th. You may want play detective at that point and interrogate your body as if it was a separate person. Ask the body what it is doing (or not doing) to serve the soul.

The Sixth House in your chart, Cancer, is where we now find a chain of oppositions, and you can help yourself greatly by pondering what you are acting out physically (or witnessing physically) and what it is actually doing to your life. Uncover layers, literally beneath your own skin surface.

The chain of heavenly bodies in Gemini which triggers this, falls in your Twelfth House, which is associated with the unconscious mind. We all program ourselves to some extent. So how might you be unconsciously programming your body at the moment? It’s a fair question to ask, given the tremendous new emphasis on how you work. Or, as Joe Strummer once pondered in The Call Up, ‘Who gives you work and why should you do it?’

The Aries-Libra Axis and Home

You are probably going  to move or pursue serious renovations in the second half of 2016, first half of 2017 and you may already be quite aware of that. Even if you have no intention of shifting your home base or chasing home improvements, irresistible opportunities in the second half of next year may tempt you. Some of the connections you’ll be making later, will float past your nose now, Cancer.

How do you get there from here? By making key decisions about the house, apartment, family, household, town or country in November. The Nodes are moving on and this will free you up, to make choices which are genuinely new and different, rather than fall into stuck patterns which have surrounded you in 2015.
From 12th November it really will feel as if you have room to move and freedom of choice. Beyond the actual house or apartment question, there are more emotional and spiritual questions about your town or country, and perhaps a relative or flatmate. What or whom holds you, grounds you and provides your shelter?

I do feel that you’ll be side-by-side with someone (builder, landlady, tenant, flatmate, relative, councillor) in November as this is clearly not a matter for just one person. The two of you need to figure out the chemistry with each other in order to get on the right road.

Uranus in Aries will give you a couple of useful jolts in your career. This also applies to unpaid work or academia. This is most likely near the oppositions of the 3rd, 23rd and 25th (allow a day either side) when you will experience a symbolic electrical storm.

These are uncertain times in your chosen field, business or profession when you may prefer to wait and see, rather than be purely reactive. It’s like watching a key tied to a kite with lightning overhead. It’s like watching a dead frog jump on a wire.

Of course it means your C.V. is never boring, but you’re far better off observing from a distance rather than plunging into something which is, frankly, like one of Ben Franklin’s old kite experiments. What does augur well for 2016, though, is the departure of the Node. You will be genuinely free to carve out an independent career for yourself next year and April is probably the month. As Sid Vicious once sang, ‘I did it my way.’ He was a Taurean, not a Cancerian, but between now and April you’re definitely wearing the white suit and leather pants.


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Leo: November 2015

Money, Business, Charity, Property, Possessions
Leo, the next 12 months shows a real milestone for your finances and your whole approach to money, and what it can (and cannot do) for you.

We are about to see some good karma arrive, soon after the Nodes change signs on 12th November. Why good? Because Jupiter is involved, and this means a grand solution, or perhaps a golden opportunity. Why karma? Because the North Node and South Node describe repetition. They point to time running backwards. Our ancestors knew this at Stonehenge. That’s why those holes are there, around the circle.

So here comes good money karma (or karma through cash in kind, like free access to a house, or gifts, or winnings of some type.)
The issue is keeping it real, as you no doubt are aware. Even with situations which are all over the place, or ‘unreal’ on some level, you can still try to contain and control what is going on. Try to ring-fence anything related to cashflow, business, shares, charity, possessions, rent, investments, company, mortgages - if it feels like it was Born Slippy.

What I do think you’ll find over the next 12 months is that nothing ever really changes! And nothing is every really ‘new’ as you’ve either been through it in a previous incarnation, or in financial, business or property terms - in recent years.

Of course, the total advantage this gives you, is that when you know exactly what is coming next, you can be highly strategic. You can choose how you are going to react, every single time you see the wheel rotate. The Song Remains The Same, as Led Zeppelin once observed. This is a song you will be quite happy to sing, though. Jupiter always opens things up financially and the phrase ‘from little acorns, big oak trees grow’ applies to you, from November right through the middle of 2016. You will have decisions to make near November 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 24th, 25th, 26th. Keep it real. Ask for good advice. These acorns belong to you and they may be awfully familiar, but it is still time to plant them and grow the oak grove in your money garden.


Leo, near November 4th, 11th and 17th you can make a genuinely new start, heading into quite a different era with your house, apartment, home town, country, household or family.

You will be making decisions without the constant spectre of something (or someone) heavy and unavoidable looming over your shoulder. Ever since 2012 you have not been able to make a move without some dragging effect, or extremely heavy person or organisation shadowing you. It was never meant to be like that. This is not what your home or clan should feel like. I do think the new beginning you make in November will actually feel genuinely new, as if you were starting with a crisp, white, blank sheet of paper and writing a fresh life story. The person or situation which was such a drag, which made you flinch every time you thought about a particular house, relative, flat, town, country or flatmate - has gone. Time to be proactive.

Children and Serious Lovers

Near the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 29th we have the first lot of proper horoscope oppositions in your zone of children and serious lovers. This covers sexual partners who could make you an aunt, parent, step-parent or uncle one day. It also obviously covers your son, daughter, godchild, niece, nephew - or youth projects where you are virtually a mother or father figure.

Take your time and take very good advice. Others have been down a similar path before you, Leo. What happened to them? Go to the internet forums and then, if necessary, to experts in their field. Whatever road you are heading off on now, be aware that it will alter your life for the next two years and beyond. Deep breath. Mucho research.

Some things have to be accepted as inevitable. They are also karmic in nature. What you did, when Pluto was in Sagittarius before 2008, is now coming back to you. Perhaps you had a child in those early Millennial years. Maybe you very deliberately didn’t have a child - or had a relationship with some particular lover, or youth organisation.

Some new (tough) karma you make yourself, though.  Whatever you make yourself in November, be sure you’re not constructing one of those beds you ‘have to lie in’ later. Be sharply aware of how you are constructing your life in terms of children or serious lovers. It may not feel like it, but you do have choices!
Friends and Groups
Leo, for a simple life, avoid the periods around the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 29th for big moves or bold words involving friends or groups. And especially groups involving friends! Why? Too many cross-currents in the horoscope. Too many mixed feelings inside you, or inside other people. It’s no big deal but it’s worth mentioning to you.

Your Foreign, Internet, Travel, Education or Publishing Agenda
To this long list above we might also add multimedia and communication in general, along with transport. Massive wheels are turning, Leo. From 12th November the Nodes move on from the signs of Aries and Libra - and you are free to conduct your own life without constant repetition and deja vu.

An awful lot is going to go down, very quickly in November. The stuck nature of what you went through while Mercury was Retrograde in September and October with your internet priorities, projects, multimedia, publishing or travel commitments gave you time to think, of course. Now you can act upon those conclusions you drew.
You may prefer to skip the 3rd, 23rd, 25th (and the periods around those dates) for epic decisions as Uranus tends to bring the most electrifying and unpredictable situations. I don’t doubt it will set you free on some level, but there are easier times to go marching into big judgement calls about travelling, or organising something big in terms of the internet, for example.

In general, though, who can complain about 2016, after you see what is possible in November? I think Easter next year in particular will be madly exciting and your pet project in the second half of next year will be astounding, when Jupiter goes into Libra, which rules your communication. All of which owes something to November and the pathway you put yourself on.


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Virgo: November 2015

Your Unsubstantial Territory With Him (or Her)
I was passed this quote by my Twitter friend Walter, the other day (and he in turn had it passed to him by his Twitter friend Felicity). The quote is about a great many Virgo relationships now, and it comes from Virginia Woolf.  “But when we sit together, close... we melt into each other with phrases. We are edged with mist. We make an unsubstantial territory.”

Virginia knew a thing or two about confused and confusing relationships, as the Bloomsbury Group was an open house in every sense of the world, emotionally and often sexually.

In your own life, Virgo, you are now experiencing the kind of cycle which makes it necessary to question everything and everybody which is edged with mist. In fact, you need a de-mister.  It’s not very poetic, but your chemistry experiment with this crucial man (or woman) is surrounded by vapours and gases which are making it very hard to see anything at all in the laboratory of love and life.

This is true of a current, former or potential partner. It may even be true of someone you detest. Either way, this is alchemy of a most unusual kind, and you just won’t have this cycle again in your lifetime.

The world as a whole is now dealing with weirdly opposite concerns. Half the planet is self-obsessed as we move through the age of Uranus in Aries and the ‘Me, me, me’ narcissism of technology which makes everyone the star of their own photographs. They call it Selfie for a reason, don’t they?

At the other extreme, we have a whole generation born with outer planets in Libra who are growing up to demand equal relationships, equal marriage, equal everything. It is through marriage and sexual relationships that this generation are sorting out these issues. This generation does not know who it is, without a partner. Partnerships are a means of identification.

Virgo, this is not a million miles away from you this month. It’s about Me versus We. Or Me, Me, Me and You and Me.  There is a strong need to find a way to recalibrate the scales with this man (or woman). While you are looking at the tilt of the dish on either end, you also need to think about the mirror. What is the mirror telling you about yourself, and how does ‘Me’ figure in the ‘We’ game you are playing? Or in the “Me and You’ or even ‘Me versus You’ game? It’s very important to remember that image, name, role, label, title, persona, aura and all the rest are just a chimera. You may feel you have to act as if they are real, but what is far more real is the alchemy with this man (or woman).

Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces has a tremendous reputation for dissolving boundaries and lending life a misty quality which the Woolf quote expresses so perfectly. At the same time, you have a stellium passing through Virgo, and your house of image, identity, reputation, appearances and the rest. Your big challenge now is to find a way to create a set of scales with the other person that is symmetrical to the last tilt, at a time of your life when self-interest and your image has seldom mattered so much.

Sharing the Workload, Sharing the Power
The world as a whole is slowly embracing the idea of hard work, working people and the honour of doing a good job, very well, for others. They call it the Jupiter in Virgo cycle. This is turning wheels, psychologically and emotionally, and that means deep change in politics, and later on, economically.

This has a trickle-down effect on your own life, Virgo, as you are now experiencing a brand new cycle in your house of service, duty and daily routine. Power will need to be shared. The controls will need to be handed over on a regular and fair basis, from yourself to others, and back to you. There may be departures, promotions or job-sharing by February 2016 or a reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities. If you are curious about this, you can read about Ceres in Aquarius on this website, right now. It is important that you figure out a way to share the controls in your chosen field, business or profession.

Your New Financial Beginning
For a very long time, Virgo, you were stuck with time warps and time loops, affecting the way you handled your money, business, company, charity, house or apartment. Now that cycle is ending, as the Nodes move out of Aries and Libra, you are free to re-imagine what might be possible. No more repetition!

On a global scale we are about to see the biggest leap forward with economies and currencies in three years, thanks to a decisive New Moon in Scorpio.

In your own life, this has a ripple effect as you might expect. The onus is on you to invent a new way to earn, own or owe. To innovate. Your money horoscope reminds me of the French Revolution. Contrary to myth it did not all explode in Paris on just one day, at the Bastille with Danton and Robespierre, not far behind.
The Revolution started to happen many years before, with a crucial tax declaration. Little by little, the revolution gathered speed. With your own bank account, house, business, apartment or precious possessions, you are now in a similar position. The trick is winning your freedom from someone or something that holds you back, without lopping off heads along the way. But I can promise you this much. After November 12th, no more repetition.

Your New Beginning Online
Virgo, you seem to be champing at at the bit in your pursuit of a relationship with the internet, multimedia, publishing, languages, education or other forms of communication (and information). It is easy to see why. You were stuck with an interminable Saturn cycle for well over two years, holding you up, thwarting you and denying you what should come so naturally (and usually does). Whatever you tried to transmit to the world then, still has a very particular quality about it. It looks like a hard choice made in difficult times (or it reads that way) and that’s evident to you as well.

Now, we have a potent New Moon in Scorpio to speed you on your way. Things are different! It comes at a time when oddly enough, the world’s very new difficulties with the business of writing, reading, the worldwide web, academia and education will benefit you. Really? Yes, absolutely.

Some people do gain in times of slowdown or difficulty with publishing, multimedia, digital media, education, universities and so on - and your horoscope suggests you will be one of the fortunate few. In fact, what happens now is the smallest start to a really epic period of achievement and success, starting in the second half of 2017. That’s when one of the great ideas or projects of your life unfolds, as Jupiter passes through Scorpio and you are finally heard or read at your peak.


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Libra: November 2015

Your Life is the Eurovision Song Contest
Conchita Wurst, you will remember, is the bearded, frocked-up transgender superstar who won Eurovision in 2014 and made half of us spill our tea. Why am I talking about Conchita in your November horoscope, Libra? Because she is the perfect symbol for the challenges you face in your relationship with a crucial man (or woman) this month.

Conchita is a symbol of equality in marriage and sexual partnership. Why shouldn’t an Austrian drag queen (bearded, in a gown) have the same legal right to love and happiness as the rest of us? Or, indeed, a big Eurovision prize? So far so good. But the issue for Conchita is also that she is all by herself, an ambassador for gender diversity. She is about Conchita, not about Conchita and a partner. She did not sing in a duet. She came by herself.

You now have a tremendous horoscope push on in your First House of image, identity and ‘Me.’  So it’s all about the way you look. The image you project. This is perfectly fine, except there is another horoscope push, coming the other way, which is all about the other person. This is likely to be your former, current or potential partner. It may, however, be your arch enemy.

The question for November, and it is a very new question, is this: How can you enjoy an equal partnership with someone else, with all the symmetry and harmony that entails, when you also realise that life is all about you? That, despite your best efforts at modesty and humility, you still can’t get away from Me, Me, Me?

It works the other way as well. How can you be in a partnership where two identities become merged, when everything about your horoscope is screaming about the need to become a separate entity?

And if this is a war - how can you find justice with the other side, when you are also so self-aware? When Me, Me, Me is such a preoccupation?

Of all the twelve signs of the zodiac who are best equipped to create a new way to resolve this, it is you. You were born to do it, Libra. And you are likely to spend a great deal of November,  trying to find a way to satisfy a part of yourself which is tremendously aware of appearances, along with the other part - which is all about balancing the scales.

This may be your ex; it may be your enemy; it may be your husband. It may even be Conchita Wurst herself (I have no idea what your love life is like, Libra).

It would be missing the point to assume that the whole issue here is his or her personality. It really isn’t. The whole point of November is to learn more about the dichotomy between ‘we’ and ‘me’. And also, to understand the almighty part that your reputation, image or appearance plays, no matter if you are at war with someone, or very much in love with them.

Secrecy, Invisibility, Disappearing Acts and Mystery
We live in an age when Neptune, among other heavenly bodies, is moving through Pisces. That great symbol of ether, sea mist and apparitions is passing through the sign of the fishes, which exist far below the surface of the ocean, where they are never seen. And it’s all rather like you, Libra - at least since September. The really big stuff is under the surface.

You currently have Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, discovery, tremendous reward and exploration - going through the horoscope house traditionally given over to Pisces. They call it the Twelfth House and it is about enigma, secrecy, invisibility cloaks, disappearing acts and a great deal of guessing. It is also where you stand to gain the most, Libra.

It is by lurking in the shadows, being anonymous, merging with the collective unconscious, escaping from the real world, working for MI6 - and all the rest - that you will gain the most. A practical example might be donating your time to a good cause involving famous names, who dominate the headlines while you are the secret mouse burger behind the scenes. Another example might be, abandoning your usual social life in favour of more time alone, spent deep with the works of Jung and a small insect in the corner called Rodney.

Libra, the criss-cross aspects in your horoscope in November suggest that your relatively new invisible or unseen world is a good thing. It is not an easy thing now - there will be obstacles, cross-currents and challenges - but by next year you will bless the time you spent completely undetected. It is extremely common to hibernate on this cycle. To withdraw from the world, to your tremendous benefit.

It is also very common to throw yourself into a secret or background matter, from which you gain - or to pursue what is ultimately never going to be recognised or credited to you, until one day the truth comes out and everyone is awestruck.

Your Fresh Financial Start
What an impossible Saturn cycle that was. Greece went broke and was even likely to be crowdsourced at one point. Extremely rich people like Donald Trump came up for intense criticism and a fair degree of loathing. Rich or poor, there were crosses to bear. Now that Saturn is out of Scorpio, though, the world has a genuinely new financial fresh start. You do too. It’s a domino effect.

By the third week of November you will be on your way. Do not automatically expect particular outcomes or situations, based on what happened to you in 2013 or 2014. You have gathered a fair degree of fear and loathing yourself, Libra and you need to shake off what is now just so much baggage. You have cobwebs sitting on your shoulder and maybe a skeleton draped in a plastic chair at the bank. It’s time for them to be gone. Did you know you will make or save a fortune in 2017-2018? That is the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle up ahead, and yet it is back-announced in a tiny way in November 2015. It is often the small but important choices we make about our money, property, possessions or business that are the first step towards a more abundant life in a year or two. Thus it is with you, now.

This is not your financial life as it stood at the end of 2012, 2013 (a very difficult period) or 2014. It is a different world and you owe it to yourself to embrace the new support, resources and strengths around you and push for change, along with other people. You have paid heavily for being rich. You have paid heavily for being broke. The weight has lifted. See that New Moon overhead in November? It’s a new beginning.

The Internet, Publishing, Education, Travel, Foreigners, Beliefs
We have a huge amount of oppositions in your horoscope this month, stretching from Sagittarius to Gemini, two signs associated with the internet, publishing, education, travel, foreign people and places, and beliefs of all kinds. You can see the connections on that list, Libra.

Oppositions tend to make everything very clear in terms of pros and cons. Black and white. Yes and no. What is important to remember now, is that choices you make will linger for a year or two. The ultimate impact of what you do or say, in November and particularly December 2015, will influence the way your life is in 2016 and 2017 as well. Saturn casts a very long shadow and he is a new presence in your life, taking up residence in your house of communication.

This is a good month to get real and clear, about what you want and need. What is impossible (now) but may be possible later. Try to get to the very core of everything. We are moving into a new era when there will be slowdowns, shutdowns and tough new realities about the internet itself, foreign relations, religion, airlines, the book trade, the media and so on. This is what Saturn in Sagittarius does. The news headlines you see in November and December can and will impact your life through one or two degrees of separation. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions, and most of all - to be a practical and sensible realist, in a time of massive reality checks. This can’t and won’t last forever but while this cycle is here, you need to adjust, adapt and find out an awful lot more. On a very simplistic level if you take on a new project or enrol in a new course, be utterly aware of the implications.
Your Body
The Virgo-Pisces clashes in the heavens this month remind you that your body will force you into particular ways of living and working - adjustments, you might call them, if you were feeling polite - that somehow serve your less conscious self. How do you figure things out? Here’s a really easy way to do that. Instruct yourself to see deeper answers and insights in your dreams. Write your dreams down. Repeat, until you crack your own code. How are you programming your body?

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet most associated with anaesthetic and the unconscious state. It is also associated with mediumship. Thus, it rules the astral or etheric body, which detaches from your physical body when you pass over, and frequently wanders at bed time. You would be amazed at how this ‘other’ you manages to run the show, especially where your health is concerned. Or even extremism in the pursuit of health.

Opposite Pisces in your chart we find Virgo, which rules the physical state. The physical condition. So much so, that the body defines who you are, how you are treated, and what you can do in your life.

Find out what it is about your soul, spirit, unconscious mind or astral body that is directing the show with your body. You can, this month. Those oppositions will wake you up to it.


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Scorpio: November 2015

Your Working Day
It will take some time to sort out your working day, Scorpio, as for the first time this year, the South Node will no longer be in Aries, the sign which rules your sense of duty and service to other people - and the way you organise the clock and calendar. The South Node has kept you cycling away like a hamster on a wheel, when in fact you should have been declaring a revolution and breaking free.

This month sees a stack of oppositions between Aries and Libra in your chart, which suggest that the road to liberation is paved with rubber tyres and those pebbles that get in your Doc Martens. That’s okay. You can still take the trip.

There is tremendous electricity around at the moment. A kind of static in the air. A wired feeling. An unpredictable atmosphere when you don’t know what is coming next,with your working day - or where, or how. This is quite natural in this cycle and it shakes things up nicely.

Your working day by April 2016 will not be your old working day. Not at all. This is part of the process. Just remember, if you are zapping yourself, or being zapped, that you need to ground yourself. Do something boring and normal like walking in the park and feeding the ducks.

Your body is also playing a part in this cycle. In fact, you can’t separate your working day from your working body. If bits and pieces of it are not working, then look at how you might unconsciously be seeking something that your body is delivering for you. For example, if you feel like a machine (practically a computer) in your job, but are not admitting it or even seeing it, then your body may start to malfunction in the exact place where you are forced to change your ways. There are more complicated versions of this story, of course. But work with the basic idea that your Twelfth House (your unconscious mind) and Sixth House (your body and your working life) are opposite each other in your horoscope and currently being transited by horoscope factors.

Fortunately for you, Scorpio, we are now living through a cycle in time (good until mid 2016) when new discoveries, breakthroughs and inventions are going to help us all deal with the work-body balance. Political and economic changes will help too as there will be very real investments in cures, remedies, pharmaceuticals, fitness and alternative forms of healing.  This is your time to experiment, explore and innovate. Most of all, though, to pursue a revolution. There is no other word for it. It will peak in April 2016.

Your Unseen Self and Life
Your unseen self and life is also more important in November, Scorpio, and by the second half of 2016 it will be centre-stage. This means hibernation for some. Secrecy for others. Invisibility in still more cases. This is all terribly new in your life, but it matters, and what you begin now will bring you brilliant rewards and satisfaction in around 12 months. I don’t think it’s going to be easy but it will be worth it.

Your New Financial, Business or Property World
November and December really show you what the new reality will be with your money, company, house, business, apartment or possessions. It all chimes with a New Moon in Scorpio (look up and you will see it) which is of course, your own sign, and an ancient symbol of sex and death for thousands of years. Of course, when you have sex on a regular basis you tend to find yourself with a mortgage, investments or even the threat of an expensive divorce, to share with your loved one. And when you die, you leave all your money, possessions and property in a variety of entanglements, all of them emotional. This is where Scorpio’s reputation for being solely about ‘sex, death and money’ comes from. The New Moon in Scorpio in November 2015 tells us that the world is about to go through a major financial shift - and it will affect you through a trickle-down effect.

You can expect a slowdown, an obstacle course or a shutdown, in some areas of your financial or business life, commencing in November and December. This is natural for the Saturn cycle you are now entering. It extends to 2017. There are no fast or easy answers. There are just answers. There are a few of them, too, so you need to ask around, compare notes, get second opinions and above all, talk to people born under the sign of Libra and Aries who had this cycle before you. You can be wealthy on this cycle and still have hard work to do.

Your Exterior
Your exterior is no longer the deep cause for concern it was in 2013 and 2014 - even part of 2015. You now know more about superficial issues like reputation, photographs, film, labels, roles and titles than anybody else on the planet. You have done the work on this, at a time in history which will not come again in your lifetime - when technology served narcissism and self-promotion and self-obsession and Facebook put the ‘Face’ into everything ahead of the real person. Never mind the spirit.

You went through all this at a time when you also had Saturn, that miserable heavyweight, in your house of the exterior self. It takes time to get used to the idea that you always have to steel yourself for something when your Me Agenda comes up. Well, you don’t. Look up at the New Moon over the rooftops in November and make a wish for a fresh start, with no baggage. It’s in your sign. That’s unusual. It’s also in your sign for the first time in years, without automatic issues and concerns. Did you know you will be reborn with a new look, tremendous popularity and rather flattering attention when Jupiter goes into Scorpio in 2017? November 2015 is the tiniest step towards that, thanks to this decisive New Moon in your sign.
Reality and Fantasy
The world is moving through some deep questions about what a partnership should be, at the moment. This is down to the Aries-Libra oppositions we are seeing in the heavens. Aries rules self-interest. Libra rules marriage and common-law marriage.

You are affected by this, through six degrees, but may also be playing your microcosmic part in what is sweeping the world like a wave.

In your own life, for example, there is no reality at all, and precious few boundaries, with lovers who could bring in babies, nieces, nephews or stepchildren. And particularly with partners who you primarily see as co-parents. Then there are your offspring as a whole.

November pushes a lot of buttons in your horoscope, with all this. The central question is, how you can you enjoy the escapism of not having to live in the real, mundane, ordinary world without drifting so far out that you become thoroughly befuddled? One word. Boundaries. Another word. Reality. A third word. Rules.
Pluto in Capricorn
This month the world asks itself - ‘How are we to communicate?’ and you are part of the story. The clash between horoscope factors in Gemini, the sign ruling the internet, multimedia, gossip and advertising - and Sagittarius, the sign which rules books, the more serious branches of the web, education and satellite television - is pretty potent stuff.  You are affected by six degrees, as you are going through the Pluto in Capricorn cycle (and have been since 2008) when words are power tools and images are a potent language.
You need to go deeper into the way you are heard and read, Scorpio. Peel off a few layers. Things are changing out there. When you are connecting as you need to be, you can transform other people and yourself. The climate is right for that but you also need to hit new levels of understanding about your use of language, non-verbal communication and the available technology. Be particularly aware of massive changes affecting education, the internet and publishing across the planet, as these are fated in November and December and they will have a domino effect on you. I do feel that by January 2016 you will have changed the way you connect - or transformed a project.


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Sagittarius: November 2015

Your Past Life, Your Career and Your Happy Time Warp
This month the Nodes are moving into your career and home zone, where they will take you into a most enjoyable time-warp.  The Nodes are mysterious things. My friend, author and illustrator Kaz Cooke (a Sagittarian) suggested on Twitter, ‘I want to see an interpretive dance depicting this. I assume the Nodes are hooded figures with tiny suitcases.’
Well - they are moving on! In India, the Nodes are associated with karma. You may have heard them linked to past lives and reincarnation elsewhere. They do deliver a time warp and usually, a sense of deja vu. When it comes to your career, unpaid work or university life you will have the most peculiar sensation that you have seen it all before - starting this month. This time, though, it’s enjoyable. In fact, with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and solutions, also alongside the  Node, you would have to say some frightfully good karma is coming your way, now through 2016.

I’m seeing action in your success chart near November 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 24th, 25th, 26th. Those dates are set for London so allow a day either side, for the world to catch up with you, or for you to catch up with the world! There does seem to be an awful lot of internal debate about what success should mean, and what you are prepared to do, to achieve it. I suspect there will also be all kinds of pros and cons, red lights and green lights, involving your boss, lecturer, staff, classmates, colleagues or clients. All of this works out eventually.
The time warp factor may be that you actually have some dim past life memory of having dealt with the exact same challenge/reward before. Alternatively it may be just a different version of a very familiar scenario, like being school prefect ten years ago, and now being shunted into the top job at your firm.

Your Home, Country, Town, Family, Household.

The South Node, meanwhile, is entering your home zone. This rules your house or apartment, your home town and your nation. It also rules the people who matter - your family, flatmates, live-in partners and tenants, landladies, landlords and so on. Every Sagittarian has a different answer when you ask, ’What does home actually mean to you?’ Is it the people or the place, a combination of both?

Once again, the Node suggests some kind of past life recall, karmic repetition, or a stuck-record sensation. The thing about utter familiarity is, it gives you a chance to rehearse your response. To figure out your all-time most useful reaction.
There is a real note of unreality or even non-reality about your home, family, town, household or nation at the moment. It’s a parallel universe to the one most people inhabit. From 12th November you at least get a chance to reflect and review. This is what happens when the same thing is served up every day (as it will be through 2016). You can ponder. Unreality or non-reality is neither good nor bad, it just requires a fairly good idea of where ‘normal’ actually is.
Boundaries is always the magic word that waves the magic wand, in this situation. If you don’t have some, get some. If you did have them, but they wandered, put them back in. This applies to people who don’t have boundaries, or even practical issues like fence lines.

Secrecy and Invisibility

Near the 4th, 11th and 17th you will realise just how completely different your secrets feel to you - or how totally things have changed, with an invisible role. For the first time since 2012 it will be possible to make strong decisions, that let you know once and for all you have moved on and left some rather big difficulties behind. Covering things up, or taking a background role, was a very heavy ask in 2013 and 2014, yet the new beginning you make in November is on a straight road.

You and Him, You and Her

It is through working out all the issues with your former, current or potential partner in November, that you start to realise how much it impacts your image. By that, I mean your reputation, name, persona, profile or even your personal appearance. If this is not about your former, current or potential partner, then it is about your opponents.

Near the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 29th you will be looking at new realities about your external self. Take your time. Take very good advice. This other person, who is either your polar opposite, or your partner, is about to give you a very good emotional work-out.

Of course, you know your packaging is far less important than what is on the inside. You must take it into account, though - not only in November, but into 2016 and 2017, as serious Saturn crosses your house of appearances. Do not rush into any decisions about yourself near those dates (above) as research is required. The other person is very much a catalyst for all this.
Friends and Groups

It’s wonderful to see your horoscope starting to free up, where friendships and particular groups are concerned. It’s been a long time coming. You are going to achieve remarkable things through people power in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017, partly as a result of the shift in November. Near the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th you will have a lot to sort out, but it will ultimately take you and the others into a breathtaking situation, starting in the second half of next year. A professional organisation devoted to a common cause; a football team; an orchestra - whatever this is, it’s building in your life.

The karma is complete in November. You have all gone through whatever motions were required, repeatedly! Debts and credits from this lifetime - and other lifetimes - can be considered settled. This leaves you in an interesting position in the second half of November, as there are new deals to strike with one particular friend, or other person in the group. This may be a society, committee, association, union, band, team or charity. It may be less formal, like a Twitter tribe. Venus in Libra suggests this is a friendship which feels more like a relationship. It has that level of complexity. When Jupiter goes into Libra in the second half of 2016 you will be so glad you spent a week or two in November 2015 pouring energy into these people. Rewards wait.

Children and Serious Lovers
The world of pregnancy, babies, children, young adults, youth projects, junior concerns - and related issues, like lovers who could bring children into your life one day - suggests change. You can resist it, but I am sure that experience has taught you to embrace a revolution when it happens, or even be prepared to start one. This no doubt explains your life over the last few years!

Uranus is a symbol of electricity, and we associate it with the human and animal nervous system. This planet is now at large in your horoscope. If you feel wired, that’s quite a good sign. It means the transit is working. There is also something rather peculiar and unpredictable about Uranus transits, and in many ways you have to adapt to them as they unfold. Rigidly resisting is not a great idea. I’m sure these oppositions will be challenging, but it’s nothing you have not handled before, Sagittarius.

It is through your step-daughter, godchild or daughter - for example - that you have found out what it means to be independent. There is more of this to come in November.

Uranus is above all else, the planet which times freedom. It coincides with the offer of space, independence, autonomy and a new world of possibility. What takes you to that place, in November, is going to really push you on some level, in terms of the babies, children, young adults or serious lovers - yet life has to take its course. The fact that the Node is out of Aries now suggests to me that you have done your karma as a parent, godparent, step-parent - or in terms of this youth project. Maybe a serious lover too. Whatever loop you were in, will end very close to 12th November.


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Capricorn: November 2015

Work, Ambition, Achievement and Success
Capricorn, you are now in a position to pave the way for promotion, a desirable new position, major business success, outstanding results or a coveted award in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017.

From that point forward,  Jupiter, the timing device we use for opportunity and expansion, will pass through Libra, over the Midheaven of your solar chart. In November, as early as the first week and as late as the last week, your future ascent is in hand. Take the first step. It always begins with a first step and you know that from your own brilliant career!

It has been a rather frustrating time this year, as the North Node has been stuck in Libra, in this crucial position for your ambitions, and nothing you did or said, affected very much. Now, wheels are turning. There will be some grinding and a few flying sparks along the way, but it is like watching The Flying Scotsman begin a new journey after going nowhere, for a very long time.

You are no ordinary steam train if you are true to your Sun Sign. You are not just another Thomas the Tank Engine or even another Fat Controller. After spinning your wheels in 2015, in November, you are on your way.

A crucial thing that will help you now, and in 2016 - remember that service and duty are magic ingredients. She (or he) who performs crucial, useful service to others, is set for success as Jupiter goes through conscientious, dutiful Virgo with all its method, order and routine. When you put others first, the magic happens. You need to be of service in 2015-2016. It’s the only way to get the top or stay there.

Ceres in Aquarius and Your Finances
You may want to read more about Ceres in Aquarius on this website, as this very new cycle in your life will involve necessary sharing of power, and compromise over the financial controls, until the end of January next year. I don’t think this is going to change your destiny, Capricorn, and it’s really just three months of concentrated effort, but you will need to look at how best to give yourself and all interested parties a fair turn - a fair share. The money, business, house, possessions, apartment or charity is the key.  Have your calculator ready. There will be maths.

Friendship and Group Dynamics
You have a potent New Moon on 11th November in your house of friends and groups. This echoes what is happening in the wider world - we will see news-stopping headlines about bands and sports teams, along with wider bodies like the United Nations, draw our attention. What you must now do is make a fresh start with these people, trying not to invest too heavily in the emotional or psychological baggage you may have gathered in 2013 and 2014 in particular. It’s also very important to remember things have changed. It’s a new world. This applies no matter if we are talking about your political party or band.

Communication, Transportation, Travel and Information
The clashes between heavenly bodies in Virgo, the sign of detail and Pisces, the sign of escapism, suggest a basic inner conflict which is affecting your life on the internet - or your time with multimedia, publishing, travel, education, transport or other areas of life which depend upon connection and understanding.

It’s productive. What cannot be reconciled or compromised over, leads to creative solutions. You are going through a cycle tied to your words, ideas and use of images with new and old technology. It’s vast in scope and sometimes utterly confusing. You will see that in November. What you need to do more than anything else, though, is put boundaries in. This is especially true of the internet, where everything is wide open, all the time, and the potential for confusion and even deception is always there. With Neptune in Pisces, in your Third House of communication, you constantly need to check on the weather. If you’re going to surf the net (that quaint old phrase) then you will need to know where the tides are - and where the flags are.


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Aquarius: November 2015

Your Money, Apartment, House, Possessions, Charity, Business
We have an extremely important New Moon coming on Wednesday 11th November,  Aquarius,  which rings the changes globally, in terms of economies, currencies and big business. I

In your own life you will see a ripple effect throughout the month, as there is clearly cash to be saved (or made) but you do need to address two extremes in your life, neither of which really work. The ripple effect might be something as basic as - your clients or customers are now finally making money - so they can spend it on you! There are many possibilities.

One extreme in your financial situation now is best described as fussy, fixated on the trees (so the wood is undetectable), trivial and far too perfectionist - so that if perfection is not achieved, it all goes to hell in a handbasket. At the other extreme there is a push to escape from the real world at whatever cost, living as if financial, property or business realities were of no consequence, and thus ending up in a space which nobody else can relate to, understand or work with!

It’s all a creative enterprise. You are here to knit these two polarities together in a thoughtful way, taking the best of each. It should be possible to take a holiday from everyone else’s money reality without losing the plot. And it should be possible to keep the books without having to dot every i and cross every t in ink. You can and will make (or save) a fortune by 2016 if you can nail this in November, Aquarius.

Your New World of Work
This November New Moon in Scorpio has been an awfully long time coming. It is the first fresh start you have had with work (unpaid or paid) in over two years - without the elephant in the Mini Minor, strapped to your back. The elephant has found other cars to hitch a ride in, thank goodness.

You are now relatively free and unencumbered. A new project, role, job, professional reshuffle, business angle, university direction and so on is very likely around the middle of the month. This chimes very nicely with a new fixation we all have - the joy of good service!

If you can make your fresh start appreciating this trend, which makes even Presidents and Prime Ministers realise they are here to serve and perform their duty - then you are onto a winner. In fact, in the tiniest way, the awakenings and plans you begin in November 2015 will deliver your dream job, promotion, award or outstanding result in 2017-2018 when the mighty Jupiter with all his abundance soars over the top of your chart, also in Scorpio. The trick is working. Really working.

Ideas, Travel, Internet, Transport
Out of all this, in November (and by ‘this’ I mean a lot of hard work and effort) will come a better idea of what is going to serve you with the internet, new media, old media, travel, transportation - and primarily the world of ideas and journeys.

As you will soon see in the news, the world is approaching a point of no return with the business of airlines, the worldwide web, car-based transportation, foreign relations and so on. This has a trickle-down effect that gets you where you live, and a series of clashes in the Third House and Ninth House of your solar chart will mirror what is going on, on a larger scale.

This is so worth it for you! In fact, you will be taking off in every way by this time next year, with the most incredible trips or relocations ahead, and the satisfying export of your ideas and import of dazzling concepts. Everything has to start somewhere, though, and it begins this month. Grit your teeth and sort your way through the puzzle. Your journeys - intellectual, literary, digital, geographical - will benefit you as a result.


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Pisces: November 2015

You and He … You and She
The push and pull in your horoscope this month is between yourself and your self-interest and the person who matters the most, Pisces. This will typically be a former, current or potential partner - though it might also be an arch-enemy.

There are some big global themes about equal partnership and also narcissism taking place right now. You only have to go online to see yet another conversation about feminism, or about equal marriage for gay, lesbian and transgender people and so on!

At the same time, the Me-ism of Instagram, Facebook and the rest has led to a fixation with the self - with one’s name, face, image and  appearances. It’s all about as deep as the shallow end of your local pool, Pisces, and yet your horoscope suggests you are well and truly swept away by this. You have Neptune, your ruling planet, in your First House of image, labels, appearances and cult of personality. How can you not be affected?

All this is having an impact on your own life and horoscope too, and if there is a basic message in November, it is that to achieve the dream of a perfectly balanced partnership with someone (or a fair outcome in any battle) you must also look to the whole question of your own trip with image and self-interest.

One’s digital presence is a very ephemeral thing and it is also a hologram of a sort; a flickering picture of something (you) which is not really there at all. Because you have Neptune, Chiron and Salacia in your own sign at the moment, though, this hologram is having an incredible effect on the way you relate to others in a one-on-one relationship - or in a feud.

November is an excellent month to really explore this and fathom it. The prize is a sense of symmetry and harmony with Him (or Her) which satisfies you. Or a fairer outcome in a battle. If you are taking a confused, and thus confusing, approach to image - it will certainly be affecting how you are in a partnership, or how you deal with battles.

Your New Duty Statement
It has been 29 years since Saturn has passed through Sagittarius, at the Midheaven of your solar chart, through the Tenth House of achievement, ambition, position and social status. Saturn is famously encircled by rings, which symbolise the need for protection, barriers, defences, walls and moats.

Sooner rather than later in your chosen field or business, you will encounter people, organisations or situations which run on fear and thus are stuck, cumbersome, self-defeating - and consequently throw obstacles in your own path. They thwart the process. They stop the natural, organic flow of things. You need to be aware of this with your career, unpaid work or other role. The month of November is when the realities of this new cycle are first likely to emerge.

To adjust to your epic new cycle, and this very long-running cycle (it ends in 2017) it would be wise to take note of what you are seeing and hearing around you, and to update yourself on your chosen field, no matter how well you think you know it.

Astrological tradition states that when you enter a Saturn Tenth House cycle in your solar chart, if you are to begin a new position or accept a new project, you should be meticulous with the fine print on the paperwork and also listen to hearsay and conjecture. Street wisdom is often your saviour, before you too heavily commit yourself to something you are not fully up to speed with.
Money Changes Everything
Money changes everything at the moment, and it also changes itself - and your own value system, Pisces. We have quite an important New Moon in the sign of Scorpio in November, which will have a global impact on economies, currencies and sharemarkets.

It has a domino effect which will result in a clickety-click sound in your own bank account, or across the bank manager’s desk, as you discuss the investments, the rent, the objects, the debts, the loans and so on.

You are now in a completely different space in relation to everything you own, earn or owe. Part of this is down to the domino effect of wider global trends, as the world is now getting over its hangover from the hard days of 2013 and 2014. In your own life, the departure of the Nodes from your finance, property and business zones means you are finally free to affect your own destiny.

No more of the same old thing, every single time. In fact, you appear to be ready to either start a revolution or join one, because your tolerance for any person, system or organisation which confines you is so low. This is unlikely to happen just yet - it may not be until April 2016 - but what happens in November will certainly propel you towards a liberating moment of truth near Easter next year.

Your Fresh Start - Internet, Publishing, Travel, Academia, Foreigners
This recent transit of Saturn through your Ninth House of travel, the worldwide web, foreign people and places, academia, education and publishing was interminable. What is now very clear is that there are brand new trends (in November) which will push you in a different direction as well.

Ditch whatever fears you had in 2013 or 2014 in particular. Ditch the Fear And Loathing, full stop. This was born from a time when you had to put up with people, situations or organisations which could only come every 29 years.  They were heavy and occasionally very hard to bear indeed.

That baggage should be dumped, and the New Moon (look up and you will see it over the rooftops) is your signal to change. We are moving through a very demanding new cycle, globally, which will help you in the long run. You are one of the few signs who will benefit from it. You will see why when Jupiter passes through your Ninth House in 2017-2018, but for now, just be content with a change of mood; an easier atmosphere; the presence of solutions and support, when just a year or two ago, you were battling. Indeed, the worm has turned.


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