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Welcome to April!

Eclipse 2 300x300 - Monthly HoroscopesThe Total Solar Eclipse is on April 8th and 9th and covers America, Mexico and Canada. This is an Aries Eclipse, and we also have Mercury Retrograde in Aries, so you need to know about it. Have you caught up with this update here?

This blackout and blind spot is right over Buffalo, New York on Monday April 8th at 2:04 pm. Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart are 15 hours ahead so it will be Tuesday, April 9th. We also have to allow for sleep cycles. If you live in Pago Pago on Baker Island, then the New York eclipse near 2:00 pm happens when you are in bed at 6:00 am, same day so the night of the 7th may be an issue. The rule? An eclipse blacks out, blinds, conceals.

Use your commonsense April 7th, 8th, 9th and don’t take a fork in the road. Watch out for fake shootings/bombings which are an inside job. Watch out for privacy grabs on your identity online. This is a dodgy month, as is May.

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