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Aries: May 2015

Friends and Groups - New System, New Compromises

Ever since Ceres changed signs on 3rd April, it’s been clear that the people within your group are going to have to make tough compromises. And so are you, of course.  You are all working towards a new system, which will not be complete until January 28th, 2016.

The transformation of the group will take about four months to complete its first stage, between now and 3rd August.  So, even though you are well-known for achieving things rapidly, it may help to pace yourself. If the group is operating as a whole, with outsiders trying to deal with its many heads - you also need to be tactical. Try to think long-term about your strategies. Beyond this initial four-month phase, where the power must be shared in a new way, there is a break – then a further phase of three months more division of the controls, from 27th October through 28th January 2016.

There are deep questions about who or what is in charge, here for all of you. Power is at stake and there are tremendous questions about entitlement, about loss, and ultimately about empowerment for one person in particular. This may be all-female, all-male, or a mixture, but you're all up for a cosmic reshuffle.

Aries, Ceres is in your house of groups now.

Aries, Ceres is in your house of groups now.

Was the Group In Your Life 1998 to 2012? If you have been with this group of people for a very long time, then obviously between 1998 and 2012, when there were no boundaries life was both confused - and confusing – even though it was also a total escape for you.  However,  May-January will usher in completely different ways for you all to create new territory for yourselves and manage it. Rather different boundaries will be created and enforced.

Even if this group, team, society, club, association or other network of people arrived after 2012, Aries, it’s very clear that a new system or set-up has to emerge, no matter if this is a political party, a band, a football team or a women’s website. Given that the new set-up has to give everybody a fair sense of psychological ownership (and that it has to work long-term, try to think as far ahead as January.

The territory between you and the others will be carved up in a new way, and everyone will have to take turns, or share access to something or someone precious, for the next few months.   That sharing process is on, right now - as it began on April 3rd. 

Sharing access to power - there is no other word for it - can be an intense affair. You can dress it up any way you like it, and talk about business, or management, or rules, or anything else - but this situation is about control. Who or what is in charge, here? Who or what is entitled - to what?

Something else that might help when you think about the new arrangement- there are no ultimate winners or losers next year. There is just a fuller and richer life experience for all of you. That is not hippy rhetoric. You are all moving into a new world together, and discovering the benefits of this will take time, and open minds. There will be no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in the final outcome next January, just ‘different’ and that genuinely makes the group more interesting.

It is also fair to say that there is someone in this situation who has wholly lacked power, and yet he or she deserves to know what empowerment feels like, just as much as any other person involved. And maybe that’s one of the reasons you must all go through this together. It is also true that there is an issue here about loss, and also about how we accept letting go, when someone or something else takes over! These are emotional times.

New roles, rights and responsibilities are going to come out of this, Aries.

This group will make a far greater impact on you, near the days that Ceres makes aspects in your chart - so, on or close to May 6th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th and 30th.

It is well worth setting aside time and energy near those dates to read hearts and minds, and to think in terms of shared goals and mutual interests then. Even something like Twitter (your group, within a wider group) is important near those dates.

Long-term, particularly between 27th October and 28th January 2016 (when these issues are replayed) you all obviously need something that works in the most practical way, even if you must all think of the new life for the group in 2016 as a roster system. This new set-up with this tribe of people in your life has to function in a hands-on way, and because the atmosphere is so emotional near the dates I’ve mentioned above, you will need to open up the space for clear, impartial, respectful communication. There is commonly an outsider (person, organization or department) which does its best to create a level playing field on this cycle. You’ll see this by January. Ultimately, despite the strong emotions, there will be a win-win.

All your life you have gained attention for being first, fast and furious, but this is one of those months when I think you could use other aspects of your personality. Many Aries people have horoscope factors in Pisces (sensitivity), Gemini (communication) and Aquarius (networking) and if you check your chart at or you may well find an aspect of your character you can use with your friends or others in the group, to greater effect. In this way your new-era network can reassemble itself more easily, and more rapidly. Real friendships are made of this, and although the challenges will roll for months, I am sure you would rather have something authentic than what the novelist Nancy Mitford once called ‘frenemies’. Or even Facebook fakery! How do you achieve layered, more interesting friendships? By slowly working your way through all the control issues.

Your Sense of Place Pays Off (Again) Between June 2013 and July 2014, when Jupiter was in the patriotic sign of Cancer, you developed your sense of place. Your home town, village, city, state, county or country became a wonderful outlet for all your famous drive, and in May 2015 you will collect some of the rewards for that. If it’s true that you can develop a relationship with a region or culture, as much as you can with a person, then you have been involved in a deep and meaningful relationship in the last two years, which has left lasting results. It may be history, family, culture, land or geography which has been the channel for this greater sense of place you’ve developed, but in May it becomes important all over again.

After Thursday 7th May someone else will join you in pursuing a win-win outcome involving this very personal pin on your map. Every Batman needs a Robin. Every Laverne needs a Shirley. Every French needs a Saunders. Every Ernie needs a Bert. Together, you two can work towards a harmonious new understanding where you balance each other out. What is at stake? It goes so much deeper than any statistic-laden Wikipedia description of where you come from, or where you feel you now belong – or to where you owe your identity. This is a deep connection and it goes beyond real estate valuations or popular stereotypes about your particular turf. This other person in May has a goal which is either perfectly compatible with yours, or may even be the same; in any case, you two can build on the opportunities you took in 2013 and 2014 and you can develop this intriguing relationship with ‘your’ part of the world. It’s so much more than a football scarf or a flag.

After Saturday 23rd May when Diana enters Cancer, there will be a new emphasis on independence and freedom. It is not only about your sense of place, it is also about space. Diana was the goddess of wild places in Ancient Rome and she was the huntress who explored far and wide. Very close to Monday 25th May, you will have an unusual chance to protect the future in some way, as well, in regard to your town, village, city, community, suburb or country - or perhaps your culture. Maybe your family tree, history, heritage or tribe. Prevention is better than cure. Forewarned is forearmed. Use that final week to pre-empt issues before they become issues. And of course – it may never happen.

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Taurus: May 2015

Your Sense of Place Grows Taurus, keep developing your sense of place, no matter where your chosen land might be. Perhaps it’s your home city or neighbourhood – London or Brooklyn. Maybe it’s your state, county or your entire nation. Very close to 17th May your horoscope benefits from a conjunction between Jupiter and Juno. That’s a great commitment you are about to make. Perhaps you want to renovate the apartment or house you acquired since July 2014 - or sell, exchange or buy. Beyond your own walls, there may be possibilities for greater expansion within your local area, so that you project your values into the actual landscape. Taurean people are famous for those values and this is your best chance in 12 years to see your visions for your part of the world manifest.

Cupido enters this same area of your horoscope on 31st May, and suddenly real passion and desire comes into the story. Your house, apartment, town, city, county or country becomes a love story of sorts. Or maybe just a crush story. The interesting thing is, the arrival of Cupido reenergises everything, and you will benefit from this second wind throughout June, enabling you to take the situation as far as it can possibly go, by August. From that point forward there will be other priorities for you. A pregnancy or adoption will be on the agenda, or wonderful developments with your daughter, son, godchild or young relative. More ambitiously, there may be a professional or non-profit project involving a much younger generation.

As this new episode will take over from August, until September 2016, you will need a strong sense of sanctuary and space to use as your launch pad and this is why May is so useful; you can now build on what you have achieved with your place or area since July 2014 and really commit to improving it, or making more of it. Should you actually need to relocate to do this, or take on some other challenge, the opportunities presented by Juno and Jupiter in May will certainly help you.

Enemies, Rivals, Opponents and Opposition Taurus, it’s perfectly natural to have one or more episodes of rivalry, conflict or opposition when Saturn is opposite your sign. He has been in this position in your horoscope since October 5th 2012 and although you have been given a long break from this person, organisation or situation - the Full Moon near May 4th is likely to remind you that some things for you are unresolved.

That Full Moon is extremely useful as it exposes and illuminates, just like the real thing, above you in the night sky. It works as a spotlight so that you can get the full measure of what or who you were forced to confront in 2013 and/or 2014. Take mental notes on what you discover about yourself in the first week of May, as when Saturn returns to Scorpio from 15th June to 18th September you will need to gain closure.

The issue then will be exactly the same rival, opponent or enemy you uncovered months ago, or a new face bringing the same basic question - how do you balance the scales with people? Fortunately, from 18th September this situation will be completely off your radar and it will not return. You can then get on with other things in your life, Taurus - but near May 4th allow yourself more time and space at the Full Moon to absorb what you are being shown about him, her, them or it - and what it teaches you, before you can finally sign off from this chapter.

If there has been a more generalised feeling that others are against you, it is probably because you are pushing your values out there into the world (Taurus rules values) and thus, this push back from others has forced you to vividly confront what or who is most precious to you. This goes way beyond money or business. Consequently, in a peculiar way, anything or anybody which has generally been facing off with you in the last two years has served a purpose.  You have found out what you will, or will not sell out for. And who or what you consider to be priceless. This is the Taurean path and once this rather long and drawn-out chapter in your life is complete (not long to go now) you will be more fulfilled as a result of knowing exactly who you are, and why that matters.

No wonder you’ve been turning to your friends (or that group) as an escape, but it's been about as 'real' as Yellow Submarine. Try to do this thing on your own. Your tribe has been a lovely head trip, thanks to Neptune in Pisces, but to get closure on this 2014 conflict or difference you need your feet on the ground. This group, team, club, society or other circle of people is the alternative to reality. Never the reality. But enjoy the ride.

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Gemini: May 2015

Your Body and the Full Moon Ever since October 5th 2012, your body has presented you with tougher decisions, Gemini. The need to be a complete realist dominated your approach to your doctor, surgeon, personal trainer or healer in 2013 and 2014. Even the most basic issues - food, alcohol, sleep, fitness drugs - have given you special challenges, as Saturn moved through Scorpio.

You have now been given a long break from this cycle, yet the Full Moon on 4th May is a reminder that you have some unfinished issues to deal with. These will come between June 15th and September 18th, when you will need to do all you can to gain closure. What may be useful to you at the Full Moon in the first week of May is extra time and space. This will help you look more deeply into the mind, body and spirit connection. In astrology, the three cannot be separated. The area of your horoscope which has been most affected by Saturn’s cycle since the end of 2012 is all about your work ethic, and your true feelings about your service and duty to others. Bosses or lecturers. Colleagues, employees or clients. At home, household members (family members and even animals) to whom you have an obligation.

The Full Moon will shed light on any disconnect between your soul - your spirit, your unconscious mind, your true self - and your brain – in the context of your daily routine, the work you do, the lifestyle you have, and your sense of duty and service to others. If, with your hand on your heart, you know that the truth is that at your core you have issues with what is required of you at work, university, college, home - or in the non-profit sector - your body may be serving you, somehow. In other words, if you have a physical condition which is affecting the way you fulfil your duty, service and sense of obligation to others, in the course of your daily life, that Full Moon is the only excuse you need to look a little deeper. What is this condition or complaint actually doing for you? Because weirdly, enough, it can’t fail to do something!

The more you can explore now, using every hour of that Full Moon near May 4th (allowing for your time zone) the more informed you will be when you must navigate the final stretch of this body cycle from June 15th. A Full Moon illuminates and exposes, just as you might expect. It’s like a spotlight. What are you seeing, about all the actual effects and results the situation with your body has brought about in your life since 2012? Especially in the context of your real feelings about being of service to others and any mixed feelings you may have? Sometimes these can be very deeply buried to the point where they are unconscious, as the Sixth House (the body) opposes the Twelfth House (the unconscious mind) in your horoscope. This crucial Full Moon will stretch from the Sun in Taurus in the Twelfth House to the Moon in Scorpio in the Sixth House so it’s a real education, if you want to look.

Business, Financial and Property Relationships

Ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn on January 26th 2008, you have been forced to look at questions about power and control, in the context of your house, money, apartment, possessions, business interests, non-profit organisation or company. If you’re a political animal, then you may have been questioning banks, or even capitalism. If you’re not, then people politics has affected you instead - how do you run your finances when others want to run it too? How do you real with the realities of your house, business assets, possessions, apartment or income? These money, business or property questions will land on your agenda from Thursday 7th May, thanks to an important one-on-one relationship which asks you how to balance the scales. You know you're born under the sign of the twins, of course. Maybe use both sides of yourself to see the other person from a different angle. You two need to drive this thing.

Gemini the Twins. Use both of them, financially.

Gemini the Twins. Use both of them, financially.

Another symbol for the situation with this influential man or significant woman is a see-saw. How can you both make it work, given that you are very different people, or coming from opposite ends of the spectrum? After Saturday 23rd May, suddenly there are other issues, quite apart from harmony and symmetry with this person. Independence and freedom - with no compromise - will matter very much. Near Monday 25th May, when Venus conjuncts Hygeia in Cancer, you will hit a milestone with the money, company, house, business interests, non-profit, possessions or apartment.

You will be able to take pre-emptive action and guard the future. Of course, some things may never happen but this is a useful moment in time. Assuming that you have balanced the scales with the person in question, you two can move towards a win-win outcome that will protect what matters most to you financially, or in terms of what you earn, own or owe. You may actually take out insurance at this point, or turn to a solution which is a kind of insurance. It is certainly a useful shield.

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Cancer: May 2015

The Professional Experiment Continues Cancer, having branched out into one or two different fields since Uranus changed signs on March 11th, 2011, you are now fully engaged on your professional experiment. Of course, you may also be experimenting with study, volunteering or a non-profit role. That amazing phrase ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ has applied to you for the last four years, and having had one significant success (by breaking a few rules and mixing up a few test-tubes differently) you are now wondering if you will have another.

One of the great lessons of Uranus in Aries is that it’s actually about the journey, not the destination. This metaphor is particularly appropriate, because you have been exploring the idea of travelling, studying, teaching, writing, publishing, internet expansion or cross-cultural exchanges, since Neptune entered Pisces on April 4th, 2011. As this happened at around the same time as your ambitions began to alter - seeking new avenues, or being forced to find them - this has been an epic few years of discovery. Your very own Discovery Channel, in fact. It’s all been an education as well as an escape from the real world, and given the situation you have been in with lovers or children since the end of 2012, you have certainly needed that. Way beyond the actual daily routine of dealing with computers, phones, the commute to work, college or university - you've been on a different trip. The phrase 'head trip' springs to mind. 

The Cancerian career in May. It's the journey!

The Cancerian career in May. It's the journey!

Experiment and Explore near 7th May - Career, College or Extra-Curricular Activities Close to May 7th, at the Neptune-Vulcano conjunction, and again near May 13th and 29th, when Chiron is at large, you will be given another chance to experiment and explore. This is so much more than a book, a course, a website, a blog, a trip, a workshop or a foreign exchange. It’s a new way to learn about what is apparently impossible, or unthinkable. It’s a way of educating yourself about what it actually means to be audacious. The right person or organisation, with all its punk rock spirit, will either make a huge impact on you close to those days. Or is this about the zeitgeist? A general trend? The bonus for you, of course, is that you can plunge into the equivalent of a mind-spa and this is the way you find escapism these days. Is this a matter for your Curriculum Vitae? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t really matter, because you are redefining what success means, anyway. It’s whatever you make it.

Money, Business, Possessions, Property, Non-Profits Cancer, this is the most important cycle for your finances, company, house, apartment, possessions or non-profit organisation in years. There will be a division, or sharing process, which does not stop until January 2016.  It began in April, as you know, and will pick up speed near May 6th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th, 30th.

Do all you can to accelerate the negotiations or push the button on action and delivery, by August. This will put you in the best possible position, when you will either save or gain. Jupiter in Leo is by your side throughout, and this incredible planetary influence offers you the biggest and best outcomes. Of course, you have to meet Jupiter halfway. He does not drop cash by parachute. Very close to the Jupiter-Juno conjunction on May 17th, though, you will have the chance to make a milestone commitment.

It’s a marriage of sorts. You could be wedded to someone or something that promises you the most tremendous security. Jupiter and Juno were husband and wife in mythology, after all. Don’t take this too literally, though. What you agree to (if you choose to) near May 17th is a symbolic ‘marriage’ as you will be giving up freedom and independence in exchange for a greater sense of certainty about your money, house, business, possessions, flat or good cause. Go in with your eyes wide open, knowing that this compromise will cost you on some level, but the financial gains, savings (or benefits through cash in kind) are the trade-off.

Be a realist, too, about the fact that Ceres, that great symbol of sharing and dividing, will influence you until January 2016. Long after the opportunities and solutions of May-August are behind you, it is important that you have accumulated enough money, or shored up your position successfully. This will give you an obvious advantage when it is time to deal with the person or organisation you have known about since April. The basic human need for power or control is often channelled through cash, property, business, possessions or even charity. This is exactly what is happening now, and thus it would be wise to make the most of each and every advantage or answer you are given, May through August. It puts you in the best possible position before the substractions, additions and most of all, the divisions that must come over the next few months.

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Leo: May 2015

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner

A crucial man or woman in your life has been a central issue for you since 3rd April when Ceres entered your opposite sign of Aquarius, Leo. You were together once. You are together now. Or you may be together in the future. Near May 6th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th and 30th you will have to deal with questions about the balance of power between you.

Ceres cycles typically accompany losses and gains for different players in the story, and they churn up a lot of emotion. As the two or three people in your situation have to move towards a new arrangement, it will help to acknowledge those emotions. Looking the other way will not help.

Some dates might be useful. You will not only need to devote more time and energy to the situation near the days listed above - the entire Ceres cycle should be taken into account. Thus, until 3rd August, you must go through the first chapter of this new story, which is all about the art of enforced compromise and sharing, either with this man or woman, or a third person. You will then be given a break, until 27th October, when the next chapter begins - this will take you through to 27th January, 2016.

You are certainly moving towards a completely different state of play with this man who is on the other end of the scales, or this woman who is on the opposite end of the see-saw. You have known this since 3rd April.

What matters now is that you create an atmosphere which is flexible and open. If babies, children or young adults are directly involved, set the noble example you are famous for. Even if they are not, you can still draw on your well-known gift for leading the way. Whatever you might feel on the inside (as this is an undeniably intense situation) try to Do The Right Thing. You, he or she will negotiate this new territory together between now and January 27th. In the month of May, though, you can at least show willing and start the process in the right way.

If you and this person were together during the long Neptune in Aquarius cycle of 1998 through 2012, there were no boundaries. Now, your situation could not be more different. Suddenly, you must both set new boundaries, in a very practical and firm way. This will take you until January 2016 to achieve, but with new rules, will come a whole new world. No matter how much intense emotion is churned up by this cycle, co-operate, co-operate, co-operate. You might have to do it with fate. You might have to do it with the other human being. It is the key to everything, though.

And if you just met someone? Or re-met them? This is only the beginning, but you must know that whatever footing you put this on (romantic, sexual, platonic, friends) you are going to have to submit to time-share, or power-share, because of the very particular circumstances you're both in. For months.

Memo to Leos With Opponents, Rivals, Enemies Leo, if your situation with your former, current or potential partner also involves an opponent, enemy, rival or any kind of opposition, then it is important to see the ultimate outcome as a new world for all the players involved. The territory will have to be carved up between you, which is why it’s so important to keep things as civilised as possible and to make good communication the priority.

Making Money, Saving Money Your smart moves with image and branding since Jupiter entered Leo back on July 16th 2014 are paying off - literally. What adds lustre to your professional reputation, academic profile or non-profit work is hard to separate from how the world sees you. One feeds the other, and the upshot of all this is more money, from May 2015. You will either save cash, or increase the flow; you also stand to gain from ‘cash in kind’, so access to houses, apartments or precious possessions. It all depends on your personal situation, of course, but very close to May 1st, 7th and 20th you will make progress, resulting in a really big pay-off from Jupiter’s arrival in Virgo on 11th August. From that point forward, all the way until September 2016, you can eliminate debt or accumulate wealth - or just access more abundance in your life.

With Bacchus, Aesculapia and Panacea all in your house of money, property, non-profit organisations, possessions and business in May, you are basically setting up August right now. A person or organisation which is well-known as miracle worker, capable of bringing almost any situation or set-up back from the brink, will play a special role. What you had assumed was over, or on the way out of your life, on a financial or material level, will come back.

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Virgo: May 2015

Multimedia, Internet, Publishing, Academia and You

Virgo, you were born under the rulership of Mercury the Messenger of the Gods and under normal circumstances, you shine when you find a computer, a book, a microphone, a journal or some other channel for your words and images. I say ‘under normal circumstances’ because shining has been extremely hard work ever since October 5th 2012, when Saturn entered the communication sector of your horoscope.

We have a Full Moon in this same zone of your chart near 4th May when you will have a chance to take a deep breath and take stock of everything that has been happening with multimedia, the internet, publishing, academia - or other channels for your ‘voice - since the end of 2012. It’s good to put these things in perspective, and you will have one final big decision between 15th June and 18th September when you get closure. At last!

For the moment try not to launch into anything ambitious or new with this at the Full Moon,or plunge into major decisions. You would be doing so with the Sun opposite the Moon and your choices near 4th May would carry the imprint of internal conflict (you) or some kind of outside-world conflict involving other people, large organisations or broader trends affecting your ability to be heard or read. You would thus have even more to sort out from 15th June-18th September and you already have enough to deal with, left over from last year.

The good news is, you will be back on track from September and the rather tedious person, organisation, trend or situation you have been dealing with for such a long time really will be ancient history. You were born to connect using your unique way with words or images and your work ethic is extremely high; thus of all the signs you come closer than anyone else to achieving great things as a communicator, no matter if it’s your job, or just an online interest. Now, more than ever, it’s all down to the timing so use that Full Moon near 4th May to really get the full measure of 2013 and 2014, then be prepared to move on from September.

Your Ambitions Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, on the Midheaven of your solar chart, in May and June. With the exception of the first few days of May and last days of June, this entire two-month period will coincide with delays, reversals and changes affecting your career, student life or non-profit situation. Bear that in mind and have alternatives ready, and also pay attention to the most basic things - your computer, the mail, lost objects, freak weather - as Mercury can often deliver his notorious waiting games, u-turns or alterations because of the most trivial factors. You also need to make sure that you get everything in writing (if possible) with your employers, staff, colleagues, lecturer, clients, classmates and so on. You may not know where you stand in precise, perfect detail - which of course you famously prefer - until the end of June, when one situation in particular has looped the loop.

There will be a prolonged carve-up in your chosen field, industry, business or profession until January 2016. It began in a small but important way after 3rd April and has increasingly dominated your thoughts. Your instincts are right: there will be a major shift in roles, rights and responsibilities in your workplace, college, university or non-profit sector, and it will be particularly intense from now through 3rd August. There will be a hiatus after that, then from 27th October through 27th January, the process will start again. It comes down to a new way to share and divide the power. The controls may be labelled as such (there are particular titles involved) or they may be more informal. People politics is not always labelled or defined, it just happens on a psychological and emotional level! The truth is, Ceres is all about demotion and promotion, and it may well be that you see one or more highly significant shifts up and down, by August.

There can also be a sense that life is playing Musical Chairs where you work, study or volunteer; if so, there may be no actual promotion, demotion, departure or arrival - there will be a more symbolic shift in the balance of power. Where do you stand in all this? Well obviously, Virgo, you find yourself a chair. Just remember that in May and June the chairs and the music will be all over the place, so use astrology - and bear in mind that what appear to be fixed, final and firm positions will alter. They will either take a while to settle down, or there will be a complete reversal of what everyone else assumed was in motion. Knowing this helps you play the game. 

Oh, and by the way Virgo, despite the frustration of the Mercury Retrograde cycle in May and June, you do know that you’re in line for the most incredible relaunch now, don’t you? You’re going to feel like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra after August 11th when Jupiter enters Virgo. This relaunch of your name, face, profile, style and general Me-ness begins in the smallest but most welcome way from 1st May when Bacchus moves into Virgo too. All hail you, you, you.


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Libra: May 2015

Managing the World of Babies, Children and Teenagers

Libra, ever since April 3rd, when Ceres changed signs, you have known that in order to pursue who and what you want, you will have to make extreme compromises. This applies to pregnancy, infants, child custody, step-children, godchildren, young adults, nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Any professional or non-profit involvement with the world of children or younger people (those generations which are 20 years or more your junior) may also be at the core of new questions about how to share, and how to divide time, energy, rights and responsibilities. Classically, this cycle is about sons or daughters, but it can also be about the Gen Y demographic if you are older.

Near May 6th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th and 30th when Ceres makes aspects in your horoscope, you will need to look at a practical way to balance the scales. Of course, you are ruled by the scales, and as you have consistently won admiration and recognition throughout your life for being so good at people skills, this new balancing act should be within your grasp.

Perhaps this new question about the world of pregnancy, babies, children teenagers or Gen Y has come about because of the revolution (or series of revolutions) affecting your love life since March 11th 2011, when Uranus, the planet of radical change, first entered your opposite sign of Aries.

Some very high-profile Libra people have ‘consciously uncoupled’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) and then divorced on this cycle. Kate Winslet found her third husband. Another path for Librans in this cycle is the total freedom and independence of single life, with no ties, no baggage and nothing and nobody to tie you down. A third, very common manifestation of this cycle is a partnership where both of you accept that you are heading in different directions, both of which require a lot more space. In every case, though, Libra is finding freedom.

Uranus in your zone of love, sex, relationships and marriage for the last four years has definitely brought you to moments like this (below) which confront all your pre-set ideas about what unity should mean. Consequently you are having to invent this for yourself, and then re-invent it, every chance you get.

While you have now long since found independence, it is also true that until 3rd August, you must go through the first episode of this new story about a much younger generation, which is all about the art of compromise and sharing. You will then be given a break, until 27th October, when the next chapter begins - this will take you through to 27th January, 2016. From that point forward, Libra, you can safely say the new universe has been constructed.

It will help to respect and accommodate the feelings involved. They are likely to run quite deep, as Ceres is an ancient symbol of losses, gains and adjustment. This is a very good time to turn to your well-known talent for negotiation and arbitration, as from January 2016 this new set-up must work for everybody, in as fair and reasonable a way as possible. From babies to Gen Y in your life, there has to be a compromise.

In the original myth, Ceres fought her son-in-law over her daughter. If there are child custody issues now, or in-law issues, maybe it will help you to read the original story of Ceres, Pluto and Proserpina.

Sometimes Ceres manifests as a trend, an event or an atmosphere. It may feel as if you are dealing with a universe which demands changes you find quite difficult to make. This applies no matter if you are a parent or not – it still concerns much younger people. Just remember this cycle comes in bursts, and by early next year it will be complete. For now, use 3rd August as your first deadline.

Living in the Real World Following a wake-up call recently, it is now definitely time to try and live in the real world where your daily workload, lifestyle, body, food, drink or regular routine is concerned. In some cases this message also applies to doctors, medication, healers, drugs or fitness. It has been all too easy to lose sight of what most people would call normal, as you have been dealing with the triple transit of Chiron, Salacia and Neptune in Pisces, a sign which is associated with blind spots and fuzzy thinking. For obvious reasons, the body serves the mind and spirit as well, and if your body has been off-balance, then perhaps your usually crystal-clear perception has been knocked out as well. Neptune rules prescribed drugs, as well as illegal highs, and one common outcome of this cycle is that the pills you are taking affect your grip on the real world – at least in terms of your housework, daily workload or normal routine.

It appears that one role, project, lifestyle choice or ritual of yours has become a total escape from reality. A real alternative to the way others live and conduct their lives.  Or is your horoscope describing the situation with your body? Your physical temple? Every now and then you are reminded of what ordinary people think and feel about this - and that’s when adjustments can be made, in your favour. This is easier when you are more aware of just how far out you may have drifted, and near May 7th, 13th and 29th it should be obvious to yourself or others. Those are the moments to put in new rules which can help you. You appear to have stumbled quite innocently into situations which you could have avoided, and May is a good month to take a step back from what has been going on in recent months and find a way to put some reality and normality back into your daily world. I don’t think Neptune in Pisces can ever deliver an ordinary or mundane lifestyle to you. It’s always going to be a parallel universe, either because of your body, or because of your job – but it can certainly be more grounded, and that’s what May is all about.

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Scorpio: May 2015

Multimedia, Internet, Publishing - and Control Scorpio, ever since your ruler Pluto changed signs in January 2008,  you have learned more about power, television, the internet, newspapers, radio, the book world - and other communication issues - than you ever imagined. You have been well and truly power-tripped, yet at the same time you have also been shown what others consider to be your own investment in control and influence. Seeing yourself from the outside looking in, has been useful. There are some things you just won’t repeat in your life. At the same time, one matter is lingering and it will take some months to resolve, as Pluto recently began to turn retrograde.

The outcome of this will be a redistribution of power and control among all the players, yourself included. Sometimes the issue in this cycle is not a specific person, organisation, or other entity - it can be a broad trend, or a situation which is vast in scope. One example of this might be your need for speech therapy - Pluto has been taking over your ability to get your message across, via a broader condition you have. Another example might be someone who is crucial to you - you simply have to communicate - but you are not receiving the responses you need online, or by phone. Maybe the issue is language differences. Maybe it's the actual communication style (paper versus digital, post-it notes versus Twitter) but on a micro level and also on the macro level of your bigger projects, plans, ideas, concepts - you are dealing with questions about control. Who or what is the boss of your communication? And how do you try something new - something (or perhaps someone) you haven't even tried before?

Scorpio, you are in the most intense communication cycle now.

Scorpio, you are in the most intense communication cycle now.

However this cycle is manifesting for you, May is a good month to review, rethink and reappraise all the channels you communicate on; all the mediums you use; all the power and control mechanisms around you. Pluto Retrograde (which began on 17th April) functions best when you pursue anything with ‘re’ in front of it. The truth is, if others have been hypersensitive to your particular power, they are have also been something which could easily be construed as controlling behaviour. The final outcome will bring balance and a new order as well. You simply won’t go on as you have, and neither will anyone else.

Key dates this month include (allow 24 hours either side) 4th, 12th and 22nd May when Pluto is involved in three oppositions. This establishes the pros and cons of your situation very clearly for you. It’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages of particular internet, multimedia, publishing or basic communication choices then. On 25th September Pluto will change direction again, so the final quarter of 2015 will help you move forward, once and for all. This is a period of dress rehearsals and first drafts, yet all the while it allows you to figure out who and what is actually in control of the way you are seen and heard. And from 25th September you will be able to make this work.

Your People and Your Place Back on 3rd April, Ceres entered the horoscope zone which rules your family, house, apartment, household, home town and homeland. In other words, your people and your place.

Near May 6th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th and 30th when Ceres makes aspects in your horoscope, you will need to look at the balance of power quite carefully with a relative, real estate agent, tenant, builder, council, visa authority, flatmate - and so on. Classically, one key person or organization will already have emerged since 3rd April to show you why change is to be welcomed, even at the same time that it provokes difficult questions about loyalties, entitlement, power and so on. As you read this the situation is still rather new, but it will intensify in May and you need to navigate pretty carefully as you are setting up all kinds of situations for the future.

It will not be until 3rd August that you can say the first stage of the process is finished, as there are strong emotions in the mix and particular roles, rights and responsibilities will take three months to sort out. Who is in charge of what, and who belongs to whom? And for how long? It’s just these kinds of issues that Ceres raises in connection with your parents, siblings, children, flatmates, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and so on.

Your house, apartment, land, home town, state, county or country may also be at the heart of key questions about how far people can bend and flex to accommodate each other. A large organization, department, government or perhaps a specific structure – a building that needs saving; an entire council – may be your concern.

You will then be given a break from this issue with your place, or your people, until 27th October, when the next chapter begins - this will take you through to 27th January, 2016, when you can finally say you know where things stand, once and for all. A typical example of this process might be the adjustment to a new family member, or the completion of renovations - perhaps a more significant role for a relative, too. And of course, the carve-up may involve your local area, or your nation and sense of nationhood!

Whenever Ceres makes an appearance there are always ‘demotions’ and also ‘promotions’ in the scheme of things, as people or large organisations move up, down, sideways and sometimes out of the picture. This is all very new, Scorpio, but do use those dates (above) to figure out how you are going to proceed, as the new set-up will need to honour the basic need for empowerment or control with her, him (or them) and it will take some time to negotiate. There may well have to be a roster system to come, or the acceptance that something (or someone) which everybody feels passionate about must be divided fair and square. By January 2016 at the very end of this cycle it will no longer be about ‘mine, yours, his, hers or theirs’ it will be about ‘ours’ and that is worth any amount of time and energy to get completely right, even though you are all coming from very different places. You are famous for your unique ability to dominate people and situations, but in this particular instance, Ceres in Aquarius (which has challenged the birth position of your Sun, or do so in future) demands a more open-handed, flexible approach.

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Sagittarius: May 2015

Travelling in the Mind Until August Barcelona? Iran? Religion? Some vast place, subject or culture has recently captured you and with your ruling planet Jupiter in Leo for just three more months, you are virtually on a deadline to say a firm ‘Yes’ or to extend your commitment. The Ninth House of your horoscope, actually belongs to Sagittarius in the natural zodiac. Thus, even though what has been happening in your life has raised eyebrows in some quarters, it is actually the truth about who you are, what you want to do,  and why you are really here.

The key dates to watch for further fantastic developments in this direction include 17th May, when Jupiter conjuncts Juno, and 31st May, when Cupido changes signs. There is the most tremendous commitment being spelled out, very close to the 17th, and although it compromises freedom, it offers a huge amount. The Ninth House rules foreign cultures, international destinations, academia, education, vast subjects - from history to science - and your capacity to roam. The B52’s put it very well: ‘Roam if you want to, roam around the world.’ You can, of course, do your roaming across libraries and the internet as well. The Ninth House has long been associated with travellers, foreigners, publishing, libraries, museums and all kinds of belief systems, from religions like Christianity and Judaism, to philosophies like Humanism. It is also, of course, associated with astrology itself.

Sagittarius, you are in the mind-travel (and travel cycle) of all time.

Sagittarius, you are in the mind-travel (and travel cycle) of all time.

Follow Up Your April Offer or Opportunity, Sagittarius You have already had a sincere and important offer from a person or organisation which can afford to be open-handed with you, as since Jupiter turned direct on Wednesday 8th April you have had an intriguing discussion or piece of news . Don’t let this chance pass you by as it could change so much in your world, not only by August, but for the rest of 2015 and beyond. Have you forgotten it? Did it slip from your diary? It's all still there for you and it could get you travelling differently, or engaging with regional or foreign connections in a new wave of change.

If you are typical of your sign then you have either woven foreign cultures and nationalities into your family or partnerships already; emigrated; committed to the belief system of another country; prolonged your education into lifelong learning; found a very special part of the world to specialize in; dedicated yourself to informing or mentoring others. Consequently you might be wondering what is so different and important about May 2015. The answer rests with a real landmark or milestone which could take you so much further. Do follow it up and remember that May, June and July mark the closing months of this stupendous cycle, which will not return for another 12 years.

If you think about the natural pattern of your interests and passions over the last 5-10 years then you will soon see how the jigsaw pieces connect. Nothing comes from nothing, and your instincts were so right when you found yourself nodding in the particular direction of such a fascinating culture, country, history or subject. Now you can complete the puzzle, but do use those dates, mentioned above.

Age Gaps and New Discoveries Ever since Uranus changed signs on March 11th, 2011, you have been put firmly on the path to new discoveries about the age gaps in your world. A different generation - 20, 30 or more years than your own - has shown you how to experiment and explore. This has been liberating and at times, positively thrilling. In May, you will get a chance to stand back from what has been taking place over the last year or two, and put it in context. There is, after all, a conversation you need to have with your former, current or potential partner. And maybe with an enemy, rival or opponent. That conversation will go backwards and forwards for almost two months, from the start of May, through to the end of June. It may be affected by something as trivial as a misplaced e-mail or undelivered letter (if you are old-fashioned) but it is just as likely to come from a communication disconnect between you.

Bear that in mind as you pursue a final answer or firm outcome, as this is a process in motion, not a fast and easy last chapter. In fact, it may not be until the closing days of June that you can actually say you know where you stand with this crucial man or woman.

Lurking in the background is the stand you took, which was a defining moment for you. You had to be free, after all, when so much freedom was on offer. And your point of view, in terms of your son, daughter, young relative, stepchild, godchild - or just youth and younger people - was something that no doubt liberated you. The cycle you are in now, with Uranus in the Fifth House of your solar chart, is about being yourself and being unafraid to pursue that, no matter if you are writing a children’s book, dealing with a school, coping with a new baby or just opening up about the age gaps that can occur between lovers. There are many scenarios for you, Sagittarius, as you go through this cycle.

This ongoing situation of some years has altered the story with your former, current or potential partner. With an enemy, rival or opponent (perhaps). And consequently there is much you need to find out in May and June, as what happens on or very close to 12th May when Mars enters Gemini, means this goes beyond mere discussion or paperwork – there must now be action.

Allow for computer, internet or phone issues as you do so - or just common-or-garden communication gaps. These happen with greater impact on the Mercury Retrograde cycle, and May is dominated by that. In the end, though, you will advance the story. And know more about yourself and others. This to-and-fro process of thought, discussion or perhaps a paper chain will be over by the end of June.

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Capricorn: May 2015

Reconstructing Your Family There are some Capricorn people who see their dogs as family; rightly so. Others have a traditional nuclear unit - husband, wife, two children (and then the dog, along with a cat, a refrigerator and a car). There is obviously no typical Capricorn clan, heaven knows, but this does not take away from the strong sense of needing to belong - but in a radically new way. This horoscope theme, the radical renewal and rather exciting new direction for your family, clan or household continues in May.

Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change, describes what is experimental and so new, that you don’t have a blueprint to work with. Often, Uranus in your zone of home, family and property can also deliver what would have seemed impossible a few years ago. This is the planet which has written the story you have been in since March 11th, 2011, and by now you should have enjoyed at least one rather liberating breakthrough. When everything is new, and everything is different, you know that reconstructing the family (or whatever clan or household plays that part for you) has been successful. It has not been easy, but it has worked, as you saw in April. It’s almost as if the world wanted you to prove that you could break new ground with, or through, your family – and you have.

Having come this far in the experiment, where do you head next? Well, the door is very much open. Between now and the forthcoming Jupiter-Uranus trine – a wonderful moment near June 22nd - there is much to achieve. Don’t limit yourself. At times it may seem as if you are breaking into such new emotional or psychological territory, so rapidly, that it’s all too new. Uranus classically rushes us into a very different future and works in a rather electrifying way, like a switch being thrown. The speed of light, not normal progress! At this point in your life you may also begin to see that every change you have made with the house, the apartment, the garden - mirrors the internal change - as you shift the dials on what belonging, security and sanctuary mean to you. On one level this has been about your clan (however you've mixed it) but it's also been happening with the walls, floors and ceilings in the last 1-4 years since Uranus moved into Aries on March 11th, 2011.

What does home mean to you, Capricorn? It's changing.

What does home mean to you, Capricorn? It's changing.

The Intriguing Life Experiment Near 31st May - Home Means Freedom

Even though you are deconstructing the past with your family, household or domestic situation, you are also reconstructing the present and co-creating a far more interesting and rewarding future. Dropping labels, expectations, rigid rules and all the rest has not only liberated you, within the family, it has also liberated other people who can draw inspiration from your rather radical rewriting of what is supposed to happen in life. It’s rather like those 1960’s signs which read ‘Far Out’ and then, ‘Further Out.’ This is exactly where you are headed with your tribe or clan, near Sunday 31st May when Uranus trines Juno, and change just flows.

Owning Yourself Pluto in Capricorn, your own sign, has reintroduced you to yourself over the last few months, as he travels through the First House of your horoscope, which rules your name, face, label, brand, reputation, personal appearance and persona. Having reached a definite crossroads with this ‘Me’ cycle a year two ago - a critical moment, you might say - you have now found your path and emerged with rather a different perception of how others see you, or regard you. This has also come about, of course, because you have ushered in changes, or just welcomed them with open arms. It has been the only way to gain control, and ensure that control remains with you at all times. Without that empowerment, you may find yourself (as you feared, over the last 12-24 months) being taken over on some level, or taken in a direction you never chose.

The whole point of Pluto is to share the controls. Not only with specific people or organisations which have shown such an interest in your label, look or image - but also with the world itself. Beyond particular individuals or large groups, there is the most mysterious question of the zeitgeist - the mood of the times, which surrounds you - and the extent to which you have felt you must strive so hard to be the boss of ‘Me’ and to feel as if you have potency. Ownership of your projected personality is a complex business and May is a really important month in terms of working out how to manage this with so many demands out there.

We live in a society where there are very rigid rules about the way one should look, or appear - and what that means - and you are to be congratulated in May, for having done so much to challenge that. There is not, and never will be, anything superficial about Capricorn. You have pulled off something remarkable by taking an aspect of what is so superficial about yourself and proving to others that there is a deeper message and meaning about your name or face – it goes beyond the label into a far more interesting and complex statement. As Pluto began to retrograde back on 17th April you are now in a position to take a break from ‘Me’ for a while if you wish. If you are determined to move forward, though, just be aware that this is a process, not a destination, and that the final outcome for your image, brand, persona or profile may not be fully sorted out for several months. This is a journey.

Key dates this month include (allow 24 hours either side) 4th, 12th and 22nd May when Pluto is involved in three oppositions. That is when you will find out where you stand with your name, face, shape, style, internet profile, photographs, film, reputation and so on. On 25th September Pluto will change direction again, so the final quarter of 2015 is about taking what you learn in May and doing something practical about it. Until then, the process of empowerment about ‘Me’  will go backwards and forwards.

It may be that the Sun’s transit through Taurus from late April to late May will take the focus off you, and onto your son, daughter, godchild or young relative. The Sun will trine your own Sun in Capricorn at this time and this easy, comfortable angle between both earth signs may well ground you and earth you, during a phase of your life where there has been so much intense focus on yourself.  The counterpoint with the baby, child or young adult in question could help you move forward enormously.

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Aquarius: May 2015

Reaching People - Differently - In May 2015

Has it been your basic message, or the medium you have chosen to use for it? Ever since your ruling planet Uranus entered your zone of words, ideas and images back on March 11th, 2011, you have been given four fascinating years to experiment with all kinds of apps, advertising, blogs, social media forays, public speaking, quiz shows, books, websites and the rest. As this is your own ruling planet, it’s personal; no wonder your very essence seems to have been liberated by whatever platforms you’ve chosen. Alternatively, it’ s been your very particular use of vocabulary, language, images or other unique ways of being understood. Near Sunday 31st May when Uranus trines Juno, you will find that all your efforts, for the entire month of May, result in a really satisfying moment of independence. This will happen (within 24 hours) of a parallel development with your former, current or potential partner. And even, it has to be said, any rivals, opponents or enemies!

You can now relax in the knowledge that you have yet again pursued something which breaks new ground, and allows you to reach people - differently. This goes beyond merely being heard or read, as it’s really about your right to do what you want, as you wish, when you like - and to no doubt inspire imitators. Can anyone ever really copy you exactly, though? You are unique and for as long as Uranus remains in your zone of communication and connection, you will be able to explore further, and go further as well. You are now on track for a splendid Jupiter-Uranus trine near June 22nd as well, which will vindicate your spontaneity, your directness and your instinctive understanding of whatever medium, channel or outlet you found for yourself. Again, this will happen in parallel with the most incredible growth, expansion and improvement for or with your partner. This also applies to former and potential partners, and interestingly enough, anyone who is against you. Thus, the end of May foreshadows the end of June. And both are tremendously exciting.

This Is Not Your 2014 Group, Aquarius!

Aquarius, because you are so strongly identified with your friends, and also your groups (and of course, your groups always contain your friends), it has been hard to deal with inevitable changes affecting this tribe, left over from 2014.

The writing was on the wall at Christmas when Saturn, the planet of reality checks, entered this zone of your horoscope. And now you must make a decision of your own. This is particularly potent if your group is also part of your career, college life, university degree or non-profit work. The reason for this, is that we have a Full Moon in early May which will really hit home, in terms of what you must face.

Even if your friends, or your tribe, is separate from the work you do, or the course you’re taking, it’s still demanding a seriously practical approach from you in May. You really can’t be in denial about this. There is a lot to learn. What has happened to you since Christmas 2014 has forced you to accept what (or whom) you cannot change about being part of a particular social media tribe, or part of a specific network, team, club, society, association or movement.

Your group, social media, team or club holds new realities.

Your group, social media, team or club holds new realities.

Your network or circle may have suffered from a rift or departure since the Full Moon in Sagittarius, halfway through 2014, as just one example of what can happen to Aquarius on this cycle. In other cases you may typically be finding it very difficult to be part of a specific team, or tribe, of people - there are rules that may no longer be relevant to your life, or there could be a specific set of expectations and demand that you find rather hard to cope with.

As Mercury will be retrograde in May and June, and oppose this area of your horoscope, you may find you go backwards and forwards with the situation with your friend or group. Rather than make sweeping commitments or decisions (which could take weeks to come together; alter profoundly; even reverse later on) you may want to bide your time. Doing this would enable you to really examine what friendship means to you, and what people power means to you as well.

What happened  late last year, or early this year, really hit home; there are some things you can do to maintain a friendship or tribe at peak intensity, but you are only human and you are also going through a Saturn cycle which just makes things tough. That is all. And at some point you are going to have to make friends with yourself, first and foremost, as you think through the best way to tackle what or who is simply unavoidable in terms of your chosen circle or tribe. This cycle can only take place once every 29 years. The Mercury-Saturn opposition near 3rd May reminds you of the realities almost as soon as the month begins. Mars opposite Saturn near the 15th May hammers home the point again – only a very practical, positive way of handling your friend, or this group, will work. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn on 23rd May shows you exactly who’s who, and what’s what. There is far more to this story, of course, and the Full Moon in June will move it forward, so please check back for your June horoscope next month.

Babies, Children, Young Adults - Figuring Out New Rules Aquarius, in May and June, Mercury will backtrack through the horoscope zone which rules pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and the younger generation as a whole. This incorporates any work you do (paid or unpaid) which involves this generation. For obvious reasons it also often covers lovers who could bring babies, stepchildren, nieces or nephews into your life one day.

The best phrase for May and June is ‘too early to call’ as although there will be much news and discussion as early as the first week, what you thought you knew will be delayed or reshaped, and it may be wiser to adopt a wait-and-see policy. The choice is yours, but at the very least it could make sense to have alternatives waiting and an extremely flexible schedule. This applies to child custody, pregnancy, and to any big plans you have involving the world of children, adoption or IVF.

Mercury Retrograde tends to coincide with big announcements that are later reversed. It can also coincide with paperwork, internet or media complications. The name a baby is christened by, in May and June, may not necessarily become the name s/he is known by later (this is just one example). The school schedule may shift, or a project with a young adult demographic may require endless paperwork rewrites. You get the picture!

If you have real issues on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your personal horoscope, then what is (on the face of it) just a communication glitch or a waiting game - even a change of mind  - could be more serious for you in terms of this baby, child or young adult (or this youth project). If so, there are extremely good reasons why you may want to postpone the biggest decisions until July. If you must go ahead, read the fine print on any paperwork and have a fallback position. This could apply to children’s schools and teachers, childcare, child custody or any other issue - you can see the possibilities.

Lovers who may be potential parents, step-parents, aunts or uncles with you one day may also be at the heart of criss-cross communication, reversals, alterations or delays in May and June so you may want to make allowances for that as well, Aquarius. Life will sort itself out after the end of June, and you will know exactly where you stand, and what is finally firm.

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Pisces: May 2015

Covering Up, Going It Alone Pisces, it’s only been since April 3rd that Ceres began to impact what you cover up, or what you hide. She is now in your Twelfth House of secrecy, solitude and hibernation. This is also where we find your classified information, confidential plans and anything where you are virtually invisible - a player behind the scenes.

There may be very good reasons for what you are doing. Giving up drugs and alcohol? That’s common on this cycle. Taking them up again? Also common! This is because the particular horoscope zone in question has long been associated with anything that represents an escape to you; anything that makes you feel comfortably numb. 

Of course, it’s also true that meditation or yoga can have the same effect of numbing you very nicely against the real world. So can a bubble of isolation - it can seal you in at home, away from the world with all its rough edges and loud noises. Dream interpretation, hibernation - it's all typical Twelfth House stuff.

Which bubble, secret, solitary pursuit or locked-door activity have you found, or chosen to take further? Ceres suggests that since April 3rd it’s slowly dawned on you that this is not only going to become a bigger deal in your life - especially by July - it is also going to require new rules. Hibernating, keeping secrets, covering up, withdrawing or simply operating behind the scenes (like a puppeteer) is a big deal now.

These new rules will become clearer to you as May goes on. These dates (or close to them) are significant: May 6th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th and 30th. What you can expect until the end of July is a kind of deal-making process; with yourself; with the universe; maybe with those involved directly with your secret, or invisible role. The deal is rather like shuffling and reshuffling cards until everyone feels content with their particular hand.

A relationship with the universe or yourself - as deep and meaningful as any relationship you could have with a friend or lover - is characteristic of this cycle. In which case, you are playing cards with the mirror, or maybe what’s ‘out there’ and bigger than you are. So…how will you work the deal?

This cycle can be managed better if you write things down. Feel free to rip up the paper afterwards or immediately delete the document. The Twelfth House of your chart describes the unconscious mind; that part of you which astral travels or dreams; your soul, spirit or essence. Actually articulating what you feel or think at your core can be a very useful exercise in May. There are decisions to make and deals to be done, after all, Pisces. In astrology the Twelfth House of the horoscope is naturally ruled by your sign, so this is personal. In many ways, you are being returned to who you truly are, as Pisceans are secret-keepers, meditators, escape artists, behind-the-scenes operators and essentially unknowable. In astrology we associate dreams, the unconscious mind and mediumship with Pisces as well, as your ruler Neptune was discovered in a landmark year for all that; the year that medicine had to admit that people were more than bodies – they were minds, souls or spirits as well.

May is part of a long process of change with all this when you are going to have to operate very differently, and because so much of this is in your head, or in your unconscious mind, writing things down or even turning to art could really assist. Dream interpretation (your own is usually the best) can also be helpful when Ceres is in your Twelfth House.

Babies, Children, Young Adults In Your World You may have them, want them, or be raising money for them. You may be working with (or for) them. Babies, children and young adults in your world matter more in May - specifically near 7th May when someone else meets you exactly halfway. Then, near 23rd May, independence suddenly becomes the buzzword for you. Is there a more independent way of managing the next generation in your life? Or are you being asked to give others more independence?

Near 25th May at the Venus-Hygeia conjunction, you and one other person will be able to protect the future. One example of this might be freezing your eggs for a future baby. Another might be taking out insurance for your son. A further example might be locking in special protection for a children’s project or thinking seriously about the protection levels involved in terms of a young adult demographic with your business.

Your son or daughter, young relative, godchild or any other connection is at the heart of some really important bonding and bridge-building in May. Logically, this cycle also emphasises lovers who could usher in nieces, nephews, stepchildren or even a pregnancy into your life. The sign of Cancer rules any contender in the dating or relationship game who could turn you into a parent, aunt, uncle or stepparent. If you can imagine a set of scales, this is precisely what you will be asked to balance with this person. The outcome has to be scrupulously fair; this is about the equality between the pair of you, as much as it is about what might happen - one day - in terms of a much younger generation coming into your life. With Cupido, his mother Venus, and Hygeia in your Fifth House now, there is both tremendous passion this month but also the need to protect the future.

Key dates for figuring out your priorities include near 4th May at the Pluto-Apollo opposition and close to 12th May at the Pluto-Hygeia opposition and near 22nd May at the Pluto-Venus opposition.

I don’t want to write your June horoscope before it usually begins, but I should mention that near 1st June, one of the most useful ‘you and me’ patterns of your year occurs, when Venus conjuncts Apollo in the emotional sign of Cancer. At that point, May will make perfect sense to you, as you simply had to figure out who and what mattered most, in terms of your young adult audience; youth demographic; children; babies; teenagers. Near 1st June this is very much a matter for one other person and you two will negotiate the next important step. There will be someone or something to follow or imitate at that point – a real leader, or an organization based on strong leadership.

And let’s not forget, Pisces, you’re about to enter the famous Jupiter in Virgo cycle (August 11th) which is a cure for any Bridget Jones. And if you’re already loved up, you two can only go further/higher/faster. There will be a few clues from May forward. When you see the sign, follow the sign. Bacchus is in Virgo and I can't believe the synchronicity of seeing him, just ahead of Jupiter. In mythology and astrology they are father and son. Destiny is calling you, Bridget! It may be closure with your ex that you require, or just the right avenue for meeting new lovers, but trust Bacchus to get you on the right road from May 1st.


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