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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Pisces Monthly Forecast

For other people, the simple business of Twitter, a mobile phone/cell phone, the internet and communication in general may be just another part of life. For you, it is the source of terrific luck and good timing in May. Jupiter in Taurus has already had a massive impact on your destiny, and there is more to come.

Your Third House of communication, information and also transportation (and short haul travel – helicopters, domestic flights) has been well and truly swept by Jupiter since last year. In addition to that, Uranus with all his surprises has also swept your chart. Pisces, you now have so much more freedom with the internet, the media, publishing, academia and your way with words.

Financially you are now on an even keel from May 14th. Mercury has been retrograde, Pisces. I am sure you know Mercury is the planet which rules your telephone, computer, fundamental communication, car, public transport, travel and the rest. Put him in your zone of banks, business, shares, property and the rest and you have had cancellations, reversals or long delays.

Of course nothing has really been straightforward for weeks now, so when you finally have normal transmission resumed with your money, shopping, charity and so on, you can welcome a chance to make up for lost time.

What you are essentially doing is catching up with late March and April – but so much more, in terms of your budget. This straightening-out of your internet use, telephone, involvement with multimedia (perhaps), transport or travel is deeper than it first appears.

You are actually straightening out karma from 18-19 years ago as well, Pisces, thanks to the lunar nodes in your finance sectors. You also had an eclipse in April in your business and banking zone. So much of what happened then was out of your sight. You were blind to it, or you were kept in the dark. Now, you are going to find out how much you never knew, or never saw.

This, combined with the catch-up of Mercury Retrograde now out of his loop, means so much of the initial story in April is going to change, or even be scrapped, as your horoscope gives you a long backwards look. From there, you can make new plans for the rest of the year. This may be about your Twitter account, your laptop, your car and so on. Perhaps we are talking about really fundamental communication issues like hearing, speech, comprehension, literacy or language – eyesight or memory, even. It can happen, depending on your personal birth chart, Pisces. And yes, it’s affected everything from cryptocurrency to online shopping for you.

In the second half of May, Pisces, you can settle up with the recent past, accepting what you never knew and did not see – and begin, at last, what looks like a new chapter in your life, in terms of a new life budget in particular.

Something quite new and very welcome begins around this time. It is a fresh focus on your family, your home, your hometown, homeland and/or household. With Jupiter in Gemini, you have tempting decisions to make by June 2025. You also need to allow a great deal more time and space in your diary, as you will have one eye on your family or home at the end of May, but a decision will come quickly in June. So, you also need to have as much space as possible, in terms of stepping back from distractions and trying to see just how the solutions are there for you.

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