Friday 26th May 2017: The beginning of a new cycle involving your physical condition, workload, daily routine and lifestyle is always the moment to spot a likely trend or preoccupation and then muse on where it might take you - not just in 2018 but for some years to come. This is just the start.

What it means to be Scorpio

The scorpion’s sting is in its tail, and this sign has been associated with sex and death for centuries. Sex and death are also the gateway to money (the bride’s dowry, or the groom’s last will and testament). Ruled by Pluto since 1930, your sign is also associated with the quest for power and the realities of power-sharing. No wonder your relationships and marriages are so intense! Right now you are in a cycle, until 2016, which is less about sex and more about friendship, though. Turn to that amazing group.

Your Week

This is one of the most important periods of the year, if not the next 29 years, in terms of your property, finances, charity, business interests, possessions and the rest. You have Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, which describes the sombre and serious nature of all that you earn, own and owe.
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Your Month

YOUR APARTMENT, FAMILY, HOUSE, HOUSEHOLD, HOME Some serious déjà vu is about to occur in your life, Scorpio.
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