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I have written a luxuriously long guide to your 2016 horoscope at my favourite website Get The Gloss but for a quick overview at all 12 signs, please keep reading.

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Aries in 2016

Aries Year HoroscopeYou will fall in love with the right person in the second half of 2016 or move in with your soulmate - or just go travelling. The part-time or full-time job you find yourself in before winter gives you the time and space you need to eat properly or exercise, with amazing results. Take your time before you travel, start a website, write a book or commit to a course as it will be very hard work. The first two months of 2016 will see massive changes at school, uni or work with important arrivals and departures. Your circle of friends will also change within the first two months of 2016 as there needs to be a new way to share the power.[jpshare]


Taurus in 2016

Taurus Year HoroscopeYou are out of the worst love life cycle in 29 years so enjoy the difference. An unplanned pregnancy is a risk before winter, though, so be aware of that! In other cases you will love your niece, nephew, much younger sibling or a children’s project. Save your money this year as there will be tough new rules you need to follow to stay on budget. You have a friend who is forgetful or disorganised and you need to decide if you are going to leave this person behind or set new limits. If you are studying then you will be amazed at the changes from Christmas through to February as a very dominating person may leave or switch.[jpshare]


Gemini in 2016

Gemini Year HoroscopeAsk your friends or family before you get involved with a new soulmate or take a serious step with your 2015 partner. You need to take your time as any new situation will be quite hard to wriggle out of. Be careful with unplanned pregnancy after winter until your birthday in 2017. There will be room to move in your home this year, thanks to renovations or even a new space. A new arrival to the household or family will improve things for everyone, or your old flatmate or relative will have a wonderful change in his/her luck, which also benefits you.[jpshare]


Cancer in 2016

can-blueYour love life teaches you about power this year and how to find your willpower and use it to run your life. Your past, present or potential soulmate will be your teacher. You will love the renovations or new home you move into between winter and Christmas. The project you started in 2015 will take off in 2016 and there will be a second big idea you need to take further, as it will be very successful. Take your time with big decisions about food, doctors, exercise, healers and so on. One person or program will be a serious commitment. Find out more.[jpshare]


Leo in 2016

leo-blueYour love life teaches you that you need to be informed, patient and oh-so-mature about commitment this year. If unplanned pregnancy would be a problem for you, don’t go there. Fantastic cash-flow or access to someone’s possessions (or a home) for nothing, makes you happy. You will be offered a breakthrough project in the second half of 2016 which will be a big success by 2017. The first two months of 2016 will be about your body, as it must be your top priority. You need to find out who (and what) works so that you can actually stay with it.[jpshare]


Virgo in 2016

vir-blueMarch will show you where things stand with a former, current or potential soulmate. Any person or situation which has confused you will be clear then. You will make or save a fortune in the second half of 2016 thanks to extra cash-flow or generous favours and offers. Your new look will be shown off in photographs or video you want to keep, before winter. You will also see your popularity soar on Twitter and get the kind of profile you always wanted on the internet - at last.[jpshare]


Libra in 2016

lib-blueThe magic word in love this year is freedom. If you look for it and also give it to someone, you will find everything works out fine. Your love life will not be normal by your friends’ and family’s standards in 2016 as you are inventing a new way to be with people, or even to stay friends with them after you break up. You will spend more time alone until winter either working on a project where you get no credit or hibernating. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. In the second half of the year you will be given a flattering role or title, get an amazing new look and notch up social media followers in droves.[jpshare]


Scorpio in 2016

sco-blueYou were taken on board by good friends late last year and by winter 2016 will be so glad you either rejoined the group or found a new one. It will pay off many times over as these friendships are powerful. You are also about to take on a big secret this year, or accept an invisible role on a project where people do not know you are involved. This will work out really well for yo buy 2017. March will shed light on a confused and confusing situation with a former, current or potential soulmate. It will be like shining a light on the bottom of the ocean![jpshare]


Sagittarius in 2016

sag-blueYou will get the job of your dreams, win an award, score a major success at school or uni, or pull off one of your biggest achievements by winter. In April you will realise that the only thing which will work with your former, current or potential partner is freedom. Commitment can sometimes mean you are both independent. When you are asked to become more heavily involved with a band, team, club or committee after winter, accept immediately. These people are really good news and will help you to make at least one of your dreams come true.[jpshare]


Capricorn in 2016

cap-blueThe most important months of the year for love life decisions are May and July when you will have amazing insights about your former, current or potential soulmate. You will be thrilled with your course, new job, award, hit project or other success after winter and by 2017 will have put this on your C.V. with great pride. You are being drawn towards a new way of seeing another state or country as you read this. Please keep going as the people or the place is absolutely right for you.[jpshare]


Aquarius in 2016

aqu-blueYou will be fascinated by a part of your country, or the world, you never previously had any interest in, later in 2016. By 2017 you will have made plans to travel there. If you want to do well with uni or other studies, find the teacher who is a guru to so many people, after winter, and by 2017 you could have changed your life. The most important months of the year for love are June and August when friends or family give you feedback about a special person and you make your choice. Be very careful with a team, club, band or other group of people this year as you need to make sure you are not taking too much on board.[jpshare]


Pisces in 2016

pis-blueYou will take the cocktail of ingredients you have mixed with your old, current or potential soulmate in 2016 and add something extra. This is the right recipe and you’ll love the results, as the two of you have something amazing to mix together. The project, plan or relationship will be very rewarding. The course, job or part-time work you find yourself stuck with this year asks for patience, but if it is too much, you will shed it near Christmas. You will make or save money in the second half of the year thanks to bargains, cash-flow or very generous favours.[jpshare]


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