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Your Free Daily Horoscope for Saturday 20th January 2018

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March 21 - April 19
That delicate balance between King Arthur and the Knights at the Round Table could be your own table and chair - it takes thought!

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TAURUS Apr 20 - May 20


April 20 - May 20
Not putting a foot wrong on the slow, long climb to the top is one thing - hanging on and hanging in is quite another - worth a strategy.

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GEMINI May 21 - Jun 22


May 21 - June 20
To get to where you need to be - that pin on the map - requires the ability to absorb, understand and appreciate what is so foreign.

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CANCER Jun 21 - Jul 22


June 21 - July 22
This middle part of January is about weighing the true cost of decisions in your hand as well as knowing the non-financial price too.

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LEO Jul 23 - Aug 22


July 23 - August 22
The mantra 'different but equal' is very important at the moment, Leo, as two is an important number, no matter how you add/subtract.

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VIRGO Aug 23 - Sep 22


August 23 - September 22
You do have a duty to others, but you also have a duty to yourself and you are not some automated robot - the body is your temple!

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LIBRA Sep 23 - Oct 22


September 23 - October 22
Those who inherit the legacy of your personality are your true heirs or spares, no matter if they are in your family tree or not, Libra.

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October 23 - November 21
Whatever you are creating with property, home, family, household or even home town/homeland has to be flexible beyond 2020 too.

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SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 - Dec 21


November 22 - December 21
You can spin the message any way you wish, but as the internet renders most things permanent, you need to spin it with a long view.

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December 22 - January 19
It really is time to make a long calculation which has nothing to do with accountants and everything to do with who/what matters most.

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January 20 - February 18
You really are the product, the message or the goal at the moment and your packaging, presentation or profile is such a crucial tool.

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February 19 - March 20
An escape from reality is dear to your heart no matter if you are keeping secrets or investing in your inner world - but do keep it real!

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