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Daily Horoscopes Wednesday August 12th

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March 21 – April 19

It’s really about child-adult bonding. Or teenager-adult commonality. Perhaps, even, the bridge between Millennials and yourself, despite their appalling taste in music. What you do on the weekends, and in your spare time, will give you plenty of chances to find out what you can discover with a younger generation, in this Leo weather. It might actually be music. It might be sport. It might be macramé, which is coming back. This cycle is short and sweet, but it always has been the cycle of Beatrix Potter and Harry Potter. What brings us all together.

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April 20 – May 20

Religion, astrology, psychology, counseling, self-help, Tarot and hypnosis are all part of this cycle, with Chiron and Mars in Aries. In this cycle, though, you’ll take that thing you do – or that God you trust, believe and know – and go as far with it, as it’s possible to go. In the process, lots of people’s jaws will hit the floor, but that’s the whole point. Do you really want to do what everyone else is doing? Or say what everyone else is saying? The time has come to find out where the limits are. It may be a suburban ‘Christian’ cult which is all about money and networking, or it may be about the Buddha, but you only have Chiron and Mars in your Twelfth House rarely. You decide your own rules.

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May 21 – June 20

Chiron and Mars continue in your zone of friends and groups. The world of the purely social, will encourage you to be more adventurous now. This is a classic cycle for experiments because it’s still an aspect of Twitter, for example, that outrages or amazes more conservative people. It’s also very common to find yourself exploring new and different ways to be a friend, to make new friends, to be in a group or join a new circle. You are being coached by life.

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June 21 – July 22

Success? Anything that raises eyebrows and pushes the boundaries is fair game now. That is its own kind of success. All aspects of status and position, mission and ambition, will be influenced by Chiron and Mars now. The world of achievement and social mountaineering may also trigger other daring initiatives – any success will educate others too. Chiron is an unorthodox teacher, but he does educate. That is what the Romans trusted him to do. He’s around you.

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July 23 – August 22

You only get Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in your Sixth House of workload once in your life. You’ll be much more driven – when it comes to your part-time or full-time job now. If you are unemployed, retired or have full-time duties at home, then you’ll find yourself taking a more focused approach to your daily routine. Set a goal for the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in November. Clean up.

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August 23 – September 22

Chiron and Mars both in your finance, charity, property and business zone? Chiron ‘clusters’ (when one or more planets are in the same sign and house as Chiron) tend to produce much more important results, of course. At these times, Virgo, you are going to be testing the boundaries of what is possible, and acceptable. Chiron produces life coaches who show you the way, too. This centaur was a tutor and mentor. Half horse, half human. That’s your life now.

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September 23 – October 22

Neptune in Pisces? Your workplace, even if it is just your house, garden or apartment – has rules, which in turn are governed by laws. It also has unspoken rules and a general code of acceptability. Even when Neptune in Pisces is acting alone in your Sixth House, you may find yourself wanting to dissolve the barriers – partly to see if you can have the escapism you need from reality. Neptune is about holidays from reality. The trick with this cycle, which is quite frankly a bubble within a bubble, is to make sure the bubble is watertight.

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October 23 – November 21

You have Chiron in Aries in your zone of daily life, workload, duty and service. Chiron was a Centaur in Greek mythology. He hunted, with a bow and arrow, and taught Achilles courage. It may be a stretch to think of yourself in this way, when you are standing around the office photocopier, but while Chiron is in your Sixth House of casual work and employment, paid work, unpaid work and study – the arrow is in your hands. What can you hit, though it seems too far?

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November 22 – December 21

Get ready for career season when Mercury is in Virgo from Friday the 21st of August with a big new beginning on September 17th and the New Moon. The fact that bosses, clients, colleagues or professional rivals go into major life review mode with you is par for the course. You will review your C.V. as well, of course. Remember, if you don’t work, this also applies to your regular lifestyle and routine at home. Health, fitness diet and wellbeing are also Sixth House concerns. Late August and September look like a real makeover, actually.

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December 22 – January 19

Your house or apartment, now? Your property investment if you have one? Chiron says, “Push it. Test yourself. Give them Captain Sensible.” This half-comet, half-asteroid, was discovered in 1977, at a time when test-tube babies were under development, and the human genome project was going ahead in leaps and bounds. It was also the year that a band called Peter and the Test-Tube Babies came into play. You get the idea. If you are going to do anything about your residence when Chiron is in your home zone, do it like a punk.

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January 20 – February 18

Whatever your internet, media, education or publishing goals are, you can score a direct hit now, if the timing is right, and you have done your homework. What you achieve will make more traditional or conservative people speechless – and it may push those who think your approach is just plain wrong. Chiron in Aries, alongside Mars, is an Education. So, you are being shown how to do it. How to bend and break the rules. Just being online can do that now.

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February 19 – March 20

Prepare for weather in your Seventh House from Friday, August 21st, please. The Seventh House rules partners, potential dates, former partners and rivals, in love triangles. It also rules professional partners. The whole point of this cycle is to show you what’s realistic for 2021, and what’s not, in your personal relationships, and any career duet. What you and others talk about, shortly will show the rest of us where the boundaries have moved to, on the Full Moon in Pisces (your sign) opposite the Sun in Virgo, on the 2nd of September.

Something extra for Wednesday: Feel like a free psychic reading for yourself? Choose a Tarot card for Saturday from Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite’s famous deck here. If you are a Premium Member, you can also pick up my guide to your cards – Pamela’s Tarot – in your downloads.

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111 thoughts on “Daily Horoscopes

  1. Good day
    My birthdate 10/18/39 Manchester England born early hours of the am
    Is the fog that I am experiencing part of my astrological path …I thought I had learned a little about astrology , but find myself swimming in clouds with no clarity…. a long distance relationship has become less easy, although we are trying hard, and sincerely hoping for the best. My writing is plugging along , wonderful thoughts And ideas , but too often distracted by others and there requests, (at this time those requests are important, but I wonder if I am encouraging dependency). Are all Of these personal and financial setbacks Just a storm I have to weather….. will this pass
    Please be safe and watchful with your health as you travel

    • Grounding is really useful. I sometimes see readers who are writers, astrologers and/or psychics who forget about doing the gardening, or going to the park for a walk and picking up rubbish, or peeling the potatoes for soup. They don’t fix the wobbly shelf or organise the cupboard. Yet they are not getting anywhere with their horoscope, Tarot cards or their novel. This is usually a sign that the earth signs in their chart – Taurus, Virgo – Capricorn – have gone AWOL. You will find you do much, much better if you centre, ground and put the world of planets, long-distance fantasies and daydreams or creative writing to one side for a while and do the boring, sensible things. Feeling fog/swimming/clouds is a sure sign Neptune is overrunning your chart. You counter Neptune, which rules the water sign Pisces, by doing earthy things. Meditating with a focus on your sacral chakra is also useful. I hope that helps.

  2. Thank you for your response
    I try to commit to others who are in need , and yes (lol) I fix the wobbly shelf…I am noted for uplifting people even when privately I am down. Your point is well taken because I accomplish much but only after squeezing things in (=less sleep) after reading this weeks horoscope although I have nothing in at 6 or 10 I am once again overwhelmed . My immediate reaction is confusion……what does all this mean ……I cannot even begin to make a connection ….but would like to be prepared

    • Confusion is not enough grounding, in the real world. Living in your head, over-thinking and so on, don’t help. Overwhelm is usually an anxiety response and so it is in the body. It’s not you. Try to get out of your head, and back into your body. Use the techniques of Dr. Claire Weekes who is free to listen to on YouTube. Feeling as if there is too much to take in, or lost and so on, is often a sign of the body being a bit out of balance and it affects peace of mind. There are ways to fix that and Dr. Weekes’ reviews on Amazon should tell you – her methods work.

  3. Dear Jessica,
    No question today .
    I just want to say thank YOU so much opening the comments for daily reading . You’re so generous to your reader . There are many astrologers out there . But no one like YOU , your wide , deep knowledge and the way you deliver , share , teach with us .
    Not a mystery fortune teller type of game like most out there ;)
    I don’t have relationship with my own Mother . And I live in a foreign country by my own
    ( Ceres in Cancer, yep that’s why !! )
    Can I please say without read your books and learn from YOU in this website , I would be lost in the crazy life .
    Thank YOU so much for all the time the kindness you giving out Jessica .
    May you have a wonderful Mother day wherever you’re .
    Stay amazing and be safe .

    Love all the way from Brisbane – Australia.

  4. Hello Jessica. I am a libra and very interested in an Aquarian female born on 01/21/76. Will I balance the scales with her or am I wasting time on her?

    • There are issues here about having children, or not having children. I am not sure if you are a parent, or she is. This is actually the entire issue, sexually and romantically, spiritually and emotionally – for one or both of you. There is a big healing process taking place regarding parenthood, or the choice not to have children. That’s at the heart of everything here, and it’s a work in progress.

  5. Greetings to you, Jessica:

    I am Pisces born 13 March 69 @ 1:17 am in Troy, Ohio USA. I am currently starting a business with two others, but am still taking things day by day with them to see how this goes. I am wondering about the success of the project itself (has great potential, just drama prone characters are involved whom I have no choice but to accept around it) and also – perhaps most importantly – my living situation. I need a quick change – should i buy, rent, stay locally for the business or ditch and run all together?! I have a friend of 30 years that has lost her mind – the 2nd friend in two years who has done so (last year, bestie of 20 years dropped EVERYONE in her life – me, her ex, hairdresser, all other friends, everyone!). Literally. They’ve gone nuts. Crazy times, I tell you!

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for any hits you may get for – or around – me. Love & Peace >>>>>>>>

    • Thank you. Just having a cup of tea early on Friday morning and waving across the sea. Okay, so the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of publishing, the worldwide web, education, knowledge and academia is now at large. There is a solid concept or brainwave here but it must be planted in the right place, to thrive. It is in motion at the moment. There is a great deal of heat behind it, so fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius play their part in your horoscope, or in the horoscopes of people who have ‘set fire’ to the whole situation. There is also a fair bit of ‘flying blind’ about this, as Neptune in Pisces is around, and you are also a Pisces. So the clarity we’d hope for, the clear vision and precision, is missing. All of this can be fixed. I expect the drama-prone characters do have fire emphasised in their charts. You have questions about your apartment or house situation, and also your friendships, which I am going to put to one side. I need to focus on what matters most, and it is the concept or idea. Sometimes, one has to stop, ground, centre and come back down to earth, even if an idea has taken flight. Rather than hurtle forward looking for the ideal place to begin this thing, it will not interrupt the schedule too much, for there to be a period of introspection, inner judgement and practical planning. Both feet on the ground. The South Node in Sagittarius has backwards and forwards motion anyway. (Look up Ninth House when you finish reading this, and also South Node in Sagittarius). So, just for a few hours, or a few days if required, there needs to be a little rest, some deeper contemplation and a really insightful self-questioning process which removes the lack of vision or clarity. Then the search can resume. I would also suggest that a lot of time and energy can be saved by using online research to find out what has worked for others with similar concepts, before. I realise time is of the essence, but I do think that grounding and getting real/getting thoroughly clear will save more time, in the long run. Along with the web homework.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    I am a libra person and my life looked very promissing with lots of success. Suddenly one noise trauma while working on a cruise ship with Tinnitus as a result changed my life upside down.
    How can someone who was able to manager a Masters Degree be an assistant teacher and job on the side only 2 years later find himself in a situation where absolutely nothing works?
    The noise trauma was back in 2004. I never again managed stability in my life. Educated to work as a teacher I tried other jobs and nothing works. It feels as if you died inside because you watch life passing by and that’s it.
    In the meantime I met a very understanding partner with whom I have a beautiful downsyndrom daughter. Despite enjoying both a lot I am very suicidal because the soul pain of not being able to provide is unbearable.
    Is there anything changing for better in the near future?
    God bless and thank you.

    • Paulo, I am worried that you feel suicidal. I do not know where you live, but would you please find your nearest telephone crisis helpline and ring them. You are not alone. You may find it a relief to talk to a trained counsellor – even a stranger – and if I knew you were in Britain I would suggest The Samaritans, and in Australia, I would suggest the Beyond Blue website. Astrology is useful but I do not have your personal birth chart and I only know you are a Sun Libra. Can I suggest something to you? It is possible that if you had stayed working on cruise ships, you may have found that fate led you to the Ruby Princess or another cruise with an outbreak of COVID-19. I have no idea if this is true. But I need to pass that on. For all that you had noise trauma and lost your career, let’s be realistic and say – not only is that industry in huge trouble in 2020 in terms of critical health risks – it is also facing massive issues on a business level. Fate can and does sometimes pull us off a path for a very, very good reason. You have a Master’s Degree, you have been an Assistant Teacher and you have had a Downs Syndrome child, who chose you because you were a great father and teacher. And of course she also teaches you. Okay, take a deep breath, because once you are helped with your depression (I assume you have seen a doctor – if not – make an appointment this hour) everything is possible. In fact you are now in a cycle not possible in 19 years when your skills as a teacher will be in huge demand. You are tired and frustrated, sad and the rest. I completely understand. Yet, as I am outside your situation, I can tell you that when the North Node in Gemini goes through your Ninth House of academia, education and the worldwide web (and foreign and regional differences) and the South Node in Sagittarius goes through your Third House of communication and information – you will be required to use your skills. I am not just talking about your C.V. skills. I am thinking of all that you never write down. We are now in a new phase not seen since 2001-2002 when the entire world of teaching, study, learning, tutoring, mentoring, guiding is opening up in a brand new way. A massive demand for at-home tutoring via Zoom, Google Meet and other technology like Skype is here already and will only grow, massively, in 2020. Downs Syndrome children in particular have very special needs as you know and their parents are stretched, just like you. There is funding available, but there is also a very needy market. My publicist has a son who was recently at home, sent back from school. He is very bright and enjoys chess. He lives in Sydney and was being taught chess by someone in Russia – tutored. That is a very tiny example of the kind of business model which is going to be normal within 12 months. You are part of the solution. But you also have an illness called depression and I need you to pick up the telephone and call a counsellor and a doctor.

  7. Good morning from Canada. I am a Pisces, born 22 Feb 1966 @ 21:30 in Simcoe Canada. Lots of action in Pisces then and stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius and Gemini. Your comments about a roadmap on family, house and country have been absolutely bang-on all year. My husband, a libra, has terminal cancer and I see something in my minds-eye for July or November. A long road well travelled so there is no anger or sadness in this. His cancer has presented me with opportunities I never thought possible – I’ve been doing the best work of my life in the past few years, learning bravery and resilience along the way, and have taken inspiration to create an innovation foundation in the Netherlands – created on 13.05.2020. I feel deeply, without facts and evidence, that I will be moving houses, household, country to follow my passion later this year – regardless of Rona.

    • Hello there. I am so sorry to hear about your husband living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. You are also being incredibly honest about the reality, which is that going through this can bring incredible progress, despite everything. The North Node in Gemini is in your Fourth House of property and nationality, residency and belonging. If you also have stelliums in Gemini and Sagittarius then in both astrological systems I use, Solar Chart/Natal Chart you would be presented with irresistible chances to relocate and travel until January 2022. And you’d have to say, you’ve been there before – in this life or another.

  8. Hi Jessica, I really enjoyed your Facebook event! I am a Sagittarian with my Moon at 18° Gemini, while the current position of Venus is also at 18°. My ASC is 01° Gemini, and my mother is also a Gemini. I have Mars at 05° Aries while the current position of the IC is also at 05° Aries. I would appreciate any insights as to what Gemini Season might hold for me and if the conjunction (I think) with Venus is significant?
    Many thanks, Beth

    • That’s funny. I quit Facebook years ago. Our event ran exclusively on Twitter, Meetups and YouTube! Beth, this Gemini Season has two months to play out, in terms of the changes you are going to see with the new vacations, holidays, transportation and travel options. You’ll see airlines change their minds, boat/ferry operators offer deals that are temporary, and in general a great deal of flux and uncertainty with how you get away, when you get away and why you get away. This applies to your mother too. Have a look at the year 2021 if offers extend that far into the future but make sure you read the fine print on the terms and conditions. You are both in the zone for the most incredible new travel options next year and June-July is a good dry rehearsal or research period for something bigger, later on. Hiking, camping and local area getaways will be on offer along with caravan or mobile-home based vacations and you’re going to see the entire industry pivot in your favour – though you should also keep looking overseas as there will be some quite radical new ways to spend time away.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Love this website and think the members content is wonderful. Just wondering could you give me guidance on a relationship I want to rekindle. I’m 16 March 1981 he’s 29 November 1965.

    • Thank you. It really depends on any children you or this man had (or intends to have). Everything is about the children question – and it goes backwards and forwards in June and July – so leave the discussion and your ideas open. You will find out where you stand by August and be able to decide from there.

  10. Hi Jessica,Thank you for Interpretation our astrology along the way.
    I am a Hong Kong person ,Please forgive ME english is translatio.
    me for smoking PAGE OF PENTACLES what does it mean to me?

  11. My apologies, Jessica, it was 2:04am and I misspoke. I meant YouTube. I had signed up at Meetup and I even rejoined twitter. I’ve been twice to your Sydney events. I had a tarot card chosen by Kyra and later a question replied to by Penny Thornton on her channel. They are such lovely people. It was a great event. Thankyou for your reply.

    • No worries at all. I am really happy you are on Meetups and Twitter and hope you can come by again when we look at eclipses (we have an eclipse coming up, a ring of fire!) across June 20th and 21st. This is also the Stonehenge Solstice and as it has been cancelled for crowds this year, we thought we would create a YouTube Premiere and take questions at the same time. I’d love to chat with you online as it happens, so see you there!

  12. Dear Jessica,
    I’m not sure where to leave my question.
    I’m feeling really down. I do not have much in my life that brings me joy. Really nothing to look forward to. Just trying to survive. Not knowing if the part time work I have will continue. I have been having dreams of my ex husband. He has been on my mind continually. I’m wondering if I have a chance at a relationship again. It’s been 5 Years since the divorce. I am alone. I’m trying to keep going.
    Thank you,

    • I am very sorry you feel so down and I understand that you feel alone and concerned about your part-time work. You are living with an illness called depression and need to ring your doctor for an appointment if you have not already done so. You have the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn is in Aquarius for the first time in about 29 years. Saturn transits can be hard work – a real stretch emotionally and physically – and you need help. You also have Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, so this cycle needs special attention. E, you will have another relationship and you will also have a new circle of friends in 2021. Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, expansion, growth, hope) is going into Aquarius in December this year and stays there throughout next year, changing everything for the better. You also have natal Jupiter in Gemini and the North Node of karmic reward is coming to meet that, for the first time in 19 years. You are living with Saturn and that’s really demanding, so do see a medical professional if you have not already done so. Have a look at the Black Dog/Beyond Blue website too, which is excellent. Yet, beyond all that, your chart shows a big period of expansion and exploration with the worldwide web, publishing, education and/or multimedia is coming. You need to feel okay within yourself to take advantage of that and so the illness you are living with (the common cold of mental health, basically) needs to be treated. From the year 2026 onwards you will be surprised but also excited to see the part that children or young adults play in your life, via a close relationship. But first, do 2020.

  13. Jessica good evening from Cyprus my adopted country . First time I live a comment and I’m not a good writer. Like someone said there is no one like you .You don’t know how spot you are . Back in July 2015 you said that some Capricorns (my husband) will sale a property. About cancerians that they will buy a property and about leo about 8house money. My Capricorn husband sold a house to a young couple both cancerians and money go in my share bank account (I’m leo) .In February 2018 in monthly horoscope you publish in mamma mia : some leo will be the lucky to grab a property . I was the lucky leo. I found you in 2012 Cosmopolitan . You help me to go through so much . I promise you Leo nothing will be so hard not for 29 years! I thank God that you are!

  14. Hi Jessica, so where does a horoscope fit when a person is a narcissist and sociopath?…I’m finally divorcing my narcissist sociopath husband after 30 years. I filed in November and our second mediation is on June 4th, he’s a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Capricorn Rising…I’m trying to get a head up on things because he’s been beyond horrible.

    • I understand what you are dealing with here and I am sorry you are being put through this situation. At the same time you will feel little intervals of freedom, every now and again – a really wonderful feeling of being liberated and set free – and that is correct. Eventually you will come out the other side of this and you will know what it feels like to have space. You don’t mention any children here, or young nieces and nephews, younger in-laws or godchildren, but for him anyway, this is the main story in 2020. It is very important that if he possibly can, he puts the children first, or 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and following will be extremely difficult for him as a father, in relation to them (or as an uncle, godparent and so on). For you, the process in June and July will be full of stop-start and second or third attempts, so be aware of that – it is a journey not a destination. From August it becomes easier, if mediation is still required, and although September, October looks like crunch time for the numbers, financially, eventually you will relaunch. In fact, in the year 2021 you will change your look, as well as changing your name, and really enjoy it. You will include the possibility of online dating in your plans, despite the virus we all live with and its rules, and yet you will make it friendship to begin with. Friendship, joining and rejoining groups of like-minded people online, will make you so fulfilled next year. Remove your thoughts from him and the anger you feel, as much as you can, because anger is very, very tough on the immune system. There are yoga poses with Adrienne on YouTube to address anger which are very good – she has had half a million views for a reason. Beyond that, he has rent-free space in your head, sure, after all these years – but eventually you will move him out and get your headspace back. For the moment, do not let him rent any more space in your head than is absolutely essential, please. But you will do this. And you will be as free as a bird.

  15. Thank you so much, I’ve found a therapist that I love and I’m learning so much about narcissist. As far as our four kids, they can’t stand him, nor speak to him. In fact they came around long before I did and are so happy and supportive that I’m finally leaving. In the past three years my second Saturn return has totally changed my life. I spent a year caring for both his parents that I brought into my home and I mean full care, lifting, washing, meds, doctors, wheel chairs etc. and then when I filed for divorce in November my in laws went into an assisted living home. When I came back in January after having Christmas in NY with my Mom and kids my father in law died, he never told us. My father in law was my buddy for a year, then suddenly my Mom died on January 29th it was shocking, I got back to NY the day before she passed. In the middle of this I had minor surgery….you literally cannot make this up, I’m still shocked over all that’s occurred. Ohhhh you mentioned new name in your response. I just told my lawyer I want to go back to my maiden name which I haven’t used since I was 21 years old.

    • This has been an epic North Node in Cancer cycle for you in your Fourth House of family. It is over now. Just avoid June 20th, 21st, 22nd for judging or acting about family, property, household, home town, homeland (eclipse). That’s great you are using your old maiden name. The relaunch will be exhilarating. He must get closure with at least one of the children – and hopefully will.

  16. Thank you Jessica, my children need closure. He’s ill and there’s no such thing as getting close to him. He uses people to fill the emptiness inside him and then once he lures you in he pulls the rug out from under you. He cares for him and his needs and he is always the victim. He’s put me and these kids through so many horrible things, I spent nearly our whole marriage trying to survive and stand up for me and the kids. My empathy for him has not served me, it is what made the cycle continue. I look forward to my next chapter in life where me and the kids can work on healing and moving forward. I have really great supportive young adult children, who more importantly are good people.

    • That’s great your children are in the right place, at the right time, to help you – while you help them. The Cancer (family) and Capricorn (status) side of your chart is pretty packed, and you have had Pluto going across Capricorn since 2008. Thus, 12 years is enough time to be living with him – he sounds as if he has been your Pluto transit. He will sort out his own closure with at least one child. You now proceed towards a completely different world, emotionally. Turns out your instincts were right and you should probably have cut him off/out a long time ago – but that is okay. You were being a good person! Now you know you just want to get rid, and the reward for you (the first reward anyway) is freedom. You just don’t have to go there, mentally or emotionally, any more. Wonderful.

  17. I just wanted to add since the horrible murder of George Floyd just happened…my soon to be ex husband can easily be the cop kneeling on George Floyd’s neck (my kids said the same thing) yet he can come off as the most sensitive wonderful generous guy.

    • Thank you Paul. Another reader pointed this out on Twitter and then Washington D.C. took me away from all of that. This is of course a typo that needs correcting and I am on the case!

  18. Hi Jessica
    Can I please ask about our house. I am 27.3.64 and my husband is the 1.6.76. We have been trying to knock down and rebuild our house. We have had so many setbacks and wonder will it ever happen. Or anything else you may see relevant for us. Love your website. Have become a member now and learning so much about cycles.

    Thanks so much in advance.

    • Sure, Samira. You are at the tail end of the long North Node in Cancer and Eclipse in Cancer cycle, and of course this rules your Fourth House of property. Trying to knock down and rebuild a house on that cycle (it ends for good on 21st June with the final eclipse in Cancer) can be really challenging. Fortunately you are on your way after that and will be extremely happy with a dream home (the one you are in or one you move to) by the end of 2020. This spells security, satisfaction, and emotional fulfilment as well as the joy of somewhere that’s lovely to look at and delightful to be in.

  19. Dear Jessica,
    I just picked up two Pamela’s card with question SHOULD I PREGNANT AGAIN WITH A CHILD OR EVEN TWINS NEXT YEAR ?
    The cards I got is Queen of cups says “the solution is put the cup down…” and end with “The Queen would be happier with the dry feet”
    Does that mean I shouldn’t have more children ?
    Yes it’s true , I desperately want to relive again with the baby stage – which I wasn’t able to fully enjoy when my big children were little . I have missed out while I dealt with dramas at the times .

    The second card is Two of cups .
    It more positive in a way .

    I already decided to make it happen next year at 41- with sperm bank . Because I’m a Solo parent of 2 children at least last 10 years . I dare and love to do so over again .
    Also I wanted to take advantage while Chiron in Aires years ahead .
    I’m Sagittarius if you can I see my chart I was born with North Nodes and Ops in Leo .

    Should I or shouldn’t I dear Jessica ?

    • Wrong question. Pamela’s cards don’t answer ‘Should I get pregnant?’ Correct question is ‘What is the outcome in 2021 if I try for a baby?’ The Queen of Cups has a relationship or marriage that confuses her. It is not like a normal marriage or relationship. That is you. You can’t even think about motherhood until the relationship is figured out. You need to depart a fantasy land/dream world and get back down to earth, in the real world. Do you see the two babies on the throne? Those are your two children. You are a single mother with two existing children and living through a recession, which may become a depression. Please get real. You are also 41 years old and trying a sperm bank which is expensive. You need to answer your own question here but the card is pretty obvious.

  20. Hi Jessica

    I just started seeing a therapist since I have been either angry or crying incessantly the pAst 3 months, ended a re -started relationship with an ex who I re-met after 3 years which went nowhere – Realising that I will attract these commitmentphobics who treat me badly until I figure why I Go for these types (as you said earlier) no job and in an industry ( hotel finance) which I think I will not get a job in for awhile, can’t really start anything on my own because India looks like it is going to keep changing for a bit. No
    Joy and don’t know where I am

    I know you have said December starts with meeting someone new who changes my life and lifestyle – in the meanwhile can you guide me based on my chart as tfor what I should do to be prepared and also not drive myself mental with anxiety in a country with a severe lockdown & cases constantly rising?

    You have been right in the past on so many things for me – incl things at that time I did not want to accept and gradually either it came to pass or I sonthe wisdom of your words.

    Lots of gratitude for all the time you take out for me and countless others to respond and are so kind and generous with yourself your time and your gifts.

    Stay blessed

    • Anxiety is your issue. It is very hard not to feel anxiety when you are being kept at home and dealing with rising cases of COVID-19, and you are not alone. Fortunately we know that anxiety can be hugely reduced or even eliminated with the right methods. I constantly recommend the books and audio recordings of the late Dr. Claire Weekes because I have seen so many readers here helped. If you are doubtful then look at the testimonials and reviews on Amazon and other bookstores, and also on YouTube. Anxiety is an illness. It’s based in the body, but affects your peace of mind and happiness, and then it’s a feedback loop, so worrying makes you more physically tense, affects your sleep, and can put you in a permanent state of ‘fight or flight’. Anxiety must be treated before you do anything else. Can I suggest you reduce the load by putting the whole question of men, love, sex and marriage to one side? You have enough to figure out with your job situation. Do not let previous boyfriends take up room in your head without paying rent. They are living in your mind rent-free and you are giving that precious headspace away to them. Turn them out. If you want to let them back into your head later, you can do it, but you need to think clearly, feel as peaceful as you can, and use your head for finance and business, to help you move forward. Yes, December is good news. Yes, 2021 is so much better than 2020. What you also need to do now is understand you are being given the most incredible opportunity to learn proven methods to reduce and eliminate anxiety, and help your body, spirit and mind connection (for life) by learning how to meditate. This will pay off for decades if you can do it this year. Treat yourself to the luxury of a whole weekend using bookshop websites which allow you to read sample chapters of meditation, relaxation, cognitive therapy, mindfulness and self-help books you like. Test and try as many as you wish until you find one that speaks to you. Do the same with yoga or any other method which also speaks to you – Tai Chi or ‘mindful’ walking. Put yourself first, change yourself and change your life. You have around two or three stunning opportunities every month to do that, including June, as the Moon cycles through Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and forms trines – perfect flow patterns. This works very well with your chart which is also grounded by earth signs.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    You mentioned about planets at 20 degree for the upcoming Mars- Neptune conjunction. I have Venus in Sagittarus at 20 degrees and Pluto in Libra at 24. I am struggling to be financially independent and the relationship world is rocky. I do not have children.Am I failing to see any support system I have. Could you please guide as to what is dependent on what so theres some light that I can see and embark on. Thank you very much!

    • All you really need to do, close to June 13th, is be aware that a complicated relationship (Venus) with regional, cultural or nationality differences (Sagittarius) is best left alone to avoid confusion and heat (Neptune conjunct Mars). This kind of relationship has many layers and may involve a website, trip, book, course or class. The person or people involved may be foreign to you or there may be language gaps or disconnects in understanding. The other questions are bigger. You need. a support system. Correct. Your support system in 2020 is in the world of career. Look for allies, help, opportunities, solutions, offers and options connected to the job you do now, your most recent career history, or to skills, talents and qualifications you had on your side 11-13 years ago.

  22. Hey Jessica
    Love your site. First time I have asked a question on here. I am attracted to a man I work with. He is quite a few years younger than me. Any thoughts on that.
    Also my North Node is in Sag and South Node in Gem. How does that stack up?
    Many thanks for all the wonderful info you provide.

    • Thank you Juanita, I will pass that on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi, Justin and Kerry. You need to find out if this man has a girlfriend lurking behind the scenes, or if there is another woman interested in him. You would have stiff competition starting around Monday 29th June and in fact this could become a real contest, emotionally or sexually, until the first week of January 2021. If there is no other woman, then this sense of competition or heat would actually be with him, assuming you got together. This makes for an intriguing love life, and it’s what every other musician and novelist has written about down the ages, but only you can decide if you think it’s a fraction too much friction. You’re having your Node Opposition, and you will move or ‘relocate’ mentally (working or studying long-distance) by January 2022 and feel as if you’ve come home. You knew this place before in another life, so you have.

  23. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your scopes, as always, they are so helpful to me.

    I am aware that at the moment I am to focus on streamlining my finances. My plan is to pay off debt. I have been making more money, and just bought a house (also indicated by my horoscope). There are a few opportunities to make more money on the horizon. I feel that I should take these, and there is an Australian Virgo who is also on the horizon, and I am inclined to pursue that relationship too. Any thoughts regarding these plans? (I’m in the U.S.)

    All the best,


    • Thank you. Paying off debt is extremely wise when Uranus (radical change) goes through Taurus (the world economy) in 2020-2026. The more free and easy you are, in terms of flexibility, the better. Congratulations on buying your house. That will certainly help. In 2016 and 2017 I joined other astrologers giving workshops on the forthcoming Uranus in Taurus cycle from May 2018 onwards. That advice has not changed. Don’t borrow. If you absolutely must borrow, try to save in other areas. The year 2022 will be much, much easier if you can downsize and streamline. Your Australian Virgo has no time, date or place of birth for me to look at, but you need to look at any children from a previous relationship, your own children if you have them, and the Virgo’s feelings about fatherhood. That’s this person’s core issue.

  24. Hi Ms. Adams!!!
    Hope you are well!

    My question is regarding Tuesday’s daily- Ceres in Pisces reminds me to compromise, in what seems to be a 4th house issue.
    Can you clarify/point me in the right direction- I am a bit confused, is this about whom I currently share a home with, or the person I was HOPING and PLANNING on sharing/adding to my “family” mix?


    • Yes, you have Ceres in your Fourth House at the moment, because you are a Sun Sagittarius. It’s about a family member, or a member of your household. Not someone you are hoping you will be with one day. Beyond a relative, or a flatmate/roommate, this may be about your actual house, apartment, town or country. Ceres is always about a compromise over the controls.

  25. Read my horoscope every day – what you write is always general for everyone’s Sun Sign but somehow specific. Thank you for all the effort and time you put into these!

    I did want to comment on today’s horoscope – looking at your other half is like looking into a mirror and dreams will be oddly symbolic? That is rather timely. I don’t normally remember my dreams, but I had one recently about a Tyrannosaurus and a Plesiosaurus that were in love but couldn’t get their shit together. In the end the Tyrannosaurus ate the Plesiosaurus’ baby and said it was her fault. An ex on the other side of the world has popped back up saying he wants to get back together – obviously borders need to be addressed here! And clearly my subconscious is trying to warn me to be cautious! Don’t ask me why dinosaurs – I don’t have any real interest in them! But I do think there is karma between us, just not sure our loop goes back that far! :)

    Thanks again!

    • Thank you, that is good to know. Your dream is amazing. I just had breakfast with my friend Jane Teresa Anderson, the dream therapist, and we were talking about the way our dreams give quite detailed information. Words matter. So you chose dinosaurs, and not just any dinosaurs, but those two particular names. Your ex-lover has come along, in time for your dream – or your dream has come along, in time for this person’s reappearance. Dinosaurs are extinct. The clue is in the fact that you used ‘ex’ to describe this person. Ex stinks. Correct? This might also explain why you use the phrase ‘couldn’t get their shit together.’ The baby eating is pretty obvious. The two dinosaur names suggest ‘tyranny’ and ‘pleasure/pleasant’ so your mind is also jumbling words to speak to you. Who was the tyrant and who was pleasant? Of course T-Rex is also a play on words. ‘Wrecks.’ Your name begins with T, doesn’t it. Dreams use the words in our heads in a scrambled way, like an Enigma machine scrambling code. You are warning yourself here.

  26. Hello Jessica,

    I’ve been subscribing to your wonderful horoscopes for about six months now, and have found them to be incredibly insightful and relevant. The members content, too, is really great and you clearly put a lot of time, effort and skill into what you do.

    In December, I met someone who I have a strong and inexplicable connection to, but who keeps coming in and out of my life because of his own life stressors and anxieties, which have been further deepened because of the pandemic. In any other circumstance I would have stopped communicating with him, but the connection I feel to him is unlike any other that I have known, as if it predates this life, and I have been hoping and hoping that we will find our way to one another again in a more permanent way. We are both in our late 20s/early 30s (I am an Aquarian, 18/02/88 born 830 EST, now live in GMT) and I fear that my inability to let go will have a long-term effect on my future prospects. I recently put my question to the astrology oracle (“what will be the outcome if I keep faith in this relationship?”, something along those lines) and the two cards I received was Aesculapius and the seventh house. This combination seems promising, of course, but sometimes I wonder if I am being foolish for my blind faith, as it is so very against my nature. Do you have any insights? They would be so appreciated :) Thank you.

    • Thank you very much. Aesculapius and the Seventh House in your Astrology Oracle reading suggest that you and your crush (or potential lover) will see a situation when what/who is considered to be over, comes back. This is pretty common when people break up and get back together. It can also happen when a woman falls in love with a man in a bad marriage, and just when it looks as though he and his wife will separate it comes back from the brink, so that’s that. (We have to be honest in astrology). Looking at your chart, without being able to see his, we have your Pluto at 12 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money. This is a big deal because for the first time in your life, Uranus is moving into opposition, slowly but surely, where it will be at 12 Taurus (it’s about three degrees away in June 2020). So you need to look at this man. He is concerned with money. You are attracted to your Uranus-Pluto opposition more than you are to him, unconsciously. And this momentous event in your horoscope goes on for a year or two. Your need for control over your finances, your assets (like an apartment, house, business, possessions or charity) is really important here. What happens when you are drawn towards a man who has his own very fixed visions about money? Of course for him, what is in the bank, is really about what he could do in terms of unfinished projects, his career ambitions and possibly property. You tend to find people like this (he is manifesting as Uranus in Taurus in your chart, opposite your Pluto in Scorpio) want to roll up their sleeves and make changes. The money can change the world, or change a corner of their world, anyway. So before you do anything else, have a look at that. His values – what are they? What are yours? Because this is actually what it is all about. And the ‘return from the point of no return’ you saw will be part of that, either involving you or another woman you do not know about. (Or do you?) Look at the money, honey.

  27. Jessica,
    Thanks for the wonderful scopes!

    I interviewed with two highly desirable companies very recently and none of them went through, rejected at first round. Even though I prepared hard and really felt that the interviews went well.

    When do you think I’ll be able to change jobs and find a better position? I am really looking to find some passion in what I do and more so job security and better comp.

    Thank you!

    • I am sorry you had two interviews which didn’t work out for you. You have until December to find the right situation for yourself, either where you are (things could change in your favour) or with another organisation. There will in fact be one opportunity after another. Tip – upskill.

  28. Hello Jessica,

    Hope your well.

    I am writing to you about the June 2020 Jupiter and Pluto conjunction.

    I have Juno at 24 Capricorn and at this moment, am having a tug of war with my work. I believe it’s power struggles but I am just trying to be fair to both sides.

    Today 13th June we had a meeting on the day of the Mars and Neptune conjunction. I have Venus at 20 Scorpio.Not ideal but I tried to remain calm and open so I don’t get to fired up or confused.

    This has been a battle all year and especially because of the virus and I am actually living in China.

    Can you have a look at my chart and see if there is any relief on the horizon.

    Thank so much


    • Thank you Kane. You are dealing with a lot of pressure living in China. I am sorry about the transits to your Juno at 24 Capricorn which are also high pressure, but very hopeful. Jupiter was actually Juno’s husband. This is a powerful and stunning transit which can only happen once in your life and your professional situation will turn around in your favour. The meeting date was classic Neptune-Mars and will have been confused and also confusing. Let that one pass you by. The fact is, Jupiter and Pluto go across 24 degrees together from June 23rd to 30th (when the pattern is exact) and so it looks like a commitment will be required. This may be a new job in the old company. A new job elsewhere. An enrolment to study, perhaps. There will be a change in the balance of power at your work, or in a new place, with demotions, promotions, sideways shifts and so on. The pattern holds to 1st July. Juno is represented by a peacock, if you are looking for omens. It looks like a new order at your workplace, or a new role elsewhere. Either way you benefit enormously.

  29. Hi Jessica, I’m curious as to why I would find the horoscope of my rising sign Libra resonating more with me many times than my sun sign Aquarius? Thank you

    • Your Sun at 23 Aquarius is blocked by Hygiea at 23 Leo, so you were born with an opposition. Oppositions are hard work and it’s common to do one, and not the other, so you are probably living out and expressing your Hygiea at 23 Leo (children, lovers, partners) and ignoring your Aquarian Sun. Libra is very close to Leo in that it’s about relationships rather than friendships. Aquarius is about the group. Leo is about motherhood and Libra is about marriage, as a rule…

  30. Hi Jessica, please advise what dates I need to avoid before I finalize this divorce with my Libra husband. My lawyer and I just submitted our settlement agreement to his attorney, much of which was agreed upon during mediation on June 4th. They probably won’t agree to it all but I want to be sure I’m not signing on the dotted line on a day that isn’t ideal. Thank you

    • The Mercury Retrograde in Cancer transit takes you to the end of July and if you were planning on playing ping-pong anyway, you may as well use it. The ping-pong would be about the house, apartment and the children, as Cancer rules property and family. We then go to Venus in Cancer, making her last opposition to Saturn that is possible for another 29 years (in August) and then from the second week of September it’s over. The Fourth House/Cancer climate is no longer so intense or extreme, which is what you have been putting up with for such a long time! I have a feeling what happens will probably flow exactly with the astrology. Signing on the dotted line on Mercury Retrograde is never advisable, though, so negotiation rather than ‘culmination’ is preferable – I posted the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020 some years ago if you want to look them up.

  31. Hi Jessica, many thanks for your always insightful and resonant scopes. I’m Sun Aries (14 deg 56), Leo Ascendent (0 deg 29). Starting with my second Saturn return in Jan 2018, things have been pretty challenging but I seem to keep managing to rise to all the stuff thrown at me. This year I’ve been feeling Saturn but not so much Jupiter so I’m quite terrified about the Dec 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as it lands spot on my Descendent – I’m wondering if my world is going to just blow up?!

    • Your Descendant is based on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you know for a fact that your Descendant is 0 Aquarius, this also makes your Ascendant 0 Leo. Thus, the period just before Christmas is historic, rare, unusual and a bridge to cross. It will involve your former, current or potential partner, ruled by the DC or Descendant in your chart. Yet, also, your name, image, profile and the way you promote yourself on Twitter. A classic example is getting married and changing your name, to your partner’s name.

  32. Hi Jessica
    I love this site and it has been a guide for me over the last two extremely tough years. I am unsure of my path. Do I rekindle if I can? My heart tells me no my growth is alone but I am still very undecided and There are children involved. I’m not sure if I have talked myself off my true path. I am 4/12/67 Sydney aus at 11:10am, he is 7/11/65 derby Uk. Thank you.

    • Thank you, I will pass that on to my friends and colleagues here. You are an Aries who has children with a man you want. He is a Scorpio. He wants freedom, excitement and space. Thus a long-distance relationship, I would assume, if you are in Australia and he is in Great Britain. Even if you are in the same space, he still has precious little stability or permanence in love and sex for another five years. Can you deal with that if there are children involved?

  33. Dear Jessica,
    I came across your fabulous website last year when I was looking for answers and turned towards astrology. Most of your readings are on point for me esp that remarkable date of 07Mar19, blew my mind away as it did happen (and mind you I read those after the date had past).
    Jessica, please guide me as I am really stuck. I met him last year after almost 15 years and things have not been the same. Although we are still together with many ups and downs, I am uncertain whether ours is a purposeful relationship or am I just living in my dream?
    I am a Scorpion and he, a Piscean – 04Mar76

    • Thank you. Yes, the astrology was specific about a virus – which turned out to be COVID-19 – on that Full Moon in March 2019. You are a Scorpio in a relationship with a Pisces and it’s full of ups and downs. There is money available but you both need to believe in it, see it and reach for it. There is a financial issue here because the money zone in both your charts is triggered in 2020. This would make a big difference to how you both feel, physically or mentally. There may also be a health issue for one of you which could be solved with money. Ask for it, earn it or borrow it? It is there but neither of you is looking that way.

  34. Hi Jessica .I have a question about my son born 1april 2007 in Nicosia Cyprus around 20 minutes before midnight. How you see his near future. Thank you for being with me from 2011

    • I had a reader ask me this question, with a similar birthdate. He was in a bad marriage with a daughter who was eleven years old. What I have here is a three-way situation which is emotionally painful. I am sorry you are going through it. Sometimes the issue is adultery, so as Diana, Princess of Wales said, “There were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded.” It can also be a child with two parents who are at war. The solution is for everyone to pull out of the heartache and stop being part of the problem. Leave the game. It will take courage. Even if only one person (you?) pulls out, it’s a start. Two of you would be better. All three would be idea. Nothing is to be gained from this situation going on. Healing on an emotional heart level can only begin when all three of you quit the game.

  35. Hi Jessica

    Love reading your horoscopes and all the info here, plus enjoying the tarot.

    I recently lost my husband to terminal cancer.

    Just wondering what the immediate future holds for our son (10.03.10) and myself (08.02.67) – both born Sydney, Australia.

    I’m worried about my son. It’s just us two at home now and it feels quite lonely.

    We talked about being a foster family but I’m not sure if this is the right path for us at this stage.

    Hoping you can provide some insight?

    Many thanks

    • Thank you RL. I hope you are slowly beginning to adjust to life without your husband and I am very sorry you have had that massive loss. I am sure you and your son are really feeling it this year. We have had such tough transits involving the sign Cancer, which of course rules families. You will be drawn back into a circle of friends, or make new friends. It’s probably an all-female situation, as we associate Aquarius (the cycle coming in) with women. Sometimes you get men who are in touch with their female side, of course. You’ll love this. You are going through Jupiter in Aquarius from Christmas 2020 and the situation is set up now. This is rather like a small business with girlfriends; a return to your bridesmaid posse; a new group of people who are drawn together for a good cause. I know you care about your son and are thinking about fostering, but sometimes you have to supply yourself with what you need, and these women will do that.

  36. Hi Jessica . Thank you for all the help and insight you give us all As a Sun Virgo at 3 I have Moon at 22 Pisces and Juno at 28 deg Pisces when Neptune gets to 22 deg and 28 which is not far off what impact does this have for me please ? Is this to do with my Counselling and Hypnotherapy practice or with partners I am also wondering if because the nodes are squaring my sign what does that mean for me a Virgo I only have one Gemini factor Vesta at 00 deg No factors in Sagittarius I have just had my second Saturn Return which has been so heavy and awful I have Saturn at 24 Cap and Pluto is right on that now alot of deaths and am waiting for my Jupiter return at 28 Capricorn ; will this lighten anything for me My nodes are in Leo and Aquarius and as Saturn is in Aquarius I am worried that now there is more trouble ahead personally for me I also have Aescapulia in Aquarius at 19 deg if you could see anything for me that would be greatly appreciated . thanks very much again for all your thoughtful responses and time given to all of us

    • Thank you. The Pisces/Neptune transits are your hypnotherapy. If you go back to 1846 when Neptune was discovered, it was a huge year for ‘mesmerism’ but also exploration into the unconscious mind. Neptune transiting in Pisces in your Twelfth House is going to educate you about the hidden parts of your mind and the submerged parts of other people’s minds, too. This is a separate issue to all that you have been through with your second Saturn Return, which has been so heavy for you. Yet, the world of dreams, meditation, mediumship and hypnosis may also be what you need as a relief and release. No need to worry about Saturn returning to Aquarius. The whole point of astrology is awareness so of course you will sidestep that rather obvious issue with/for a friend or group! You won’t go there, will you? Next year will bring some wonderful experiences with a group you join or rejoin and a friend you make, or renew friendship with at a richer level.

  37. Hello Jessica,

    Hope your well.

    Just wondering if you could enlighten me.

    Sun is shining in Cancer and lighting up my career, status but at the same time Mercury is retrograding there. Haha

    How does this all play out? It like a contradiction. Just curious.


    • Kane it is really a case of life taking you backwards and forwards until the end of July with real stop-start regarding your house, apartment, local area, country, family and/or household. Rather than try to commit or confirm you may prefer to wait and see, and use this period as a first, second or third rehearsal. If you have no choice and must go ahead with plans, get it in writing and read the fine print.

  38. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for all of your interesting articles.
    I’ve been a premium member for about five years. I’m wondering if you would please answer a question I have. I’m taking care of children right now , nanny position. Not sure how long it will last. I was hoping we could figure out a way I could continue even part time. That is up in the air so money will be a continuing worry for me.
    The question is , will I ever meet someone again and marry? I loved being married. I loved taking care of my home. Then it all changed with the lying, cheating, ultimately divorcing. I keep thinking of my ex. Him calling and telling me why he did what he did but I guess it doesnt matter.
    I just would love to know if there is someone out there for me .
    Thank you Jessica,

    • Okay so this is the first part of your question E and you want to know if you will fall in love and marry. You will certainly have a relationship! In fact you could have more than one, in a different setting. But try not to get too distracted by the future. In the here and now, you have to ground yourself and live in the real world and find some peace of mind and security about work and money. Core basics. Please see my other reply.

  39. Dear Jessica,
    Wow, not sure what happened,
    I know I had written a previous question but some things had happened making my nanny position probably terminated due to money , and I had asked if you could let me know what you saw with that. Seeing as though other people on this site have asked several questions and sent several emails
    My email and or emails have been deleted and or lost.
    My anxiety is through the roof.

    • I am really sorry you have lost your job as a nanny. I am answering comments on 25th June, having been away for a few days. I am not surprised you have been feeling anxiety but you also need to know it is your body, not your mind. So address the anxiety in the body and you will be thinking/feeling much more like your old self, which is what you want. Find an anxiety management technique which works for you. There are many excellent options online and many of them are free. Your body should not be affecting your mind like this. Okay – so you will work again and have an income again. Mercury Retrograde is with you and in Cancer, which rules nannies. You may even find you could have your old position back again by late July as people tend to change their minds! However at least you know what you want, what you need, what you can offer, and ‘who you are’ as they say. So once you feel a bit more normal about life, try to step back into where you were before this appointment and see what you can do. There will be other opportunities E and this is a learning experience. You are not alone and the current uncertainty (and all these retrogrades!) are sending a lot of us back to the drawing board to start all over again. But that can work out.

  40. Hi
    Reading my horoscope for July 11 and I also took a look at my husbands as I always do (Leo). I have been feeling lost lately and somewhat insignificant. I have always wondered what my purpose on earth is and decided to pull a tarot with the question “ What is the purpose of my time on earth? When I saw that you had suggested for the Leo horoscope. I pulled The Emperor card. Not sure what it meant. I had written awhile back about a hearing I was having regarding a legal situation The judge is giving the decision on July 21 supposedly. Can you give me any insight whether this will go in my favor and on the card I drew? Maybe they are related because the case has to do with an old job that I left because of an injury and the situation has held me back for over 20 years.

    • The Emperor is your boss or husband. The Emperor will be different men throughout your life. Your purpose on earth is to negotiate with these men so you can succeed and climb higher in life. The Emperor is a man who has made it. He is also isolated. He is open to suggestions and that is where you come in. We see this card when women become friends with their employers, sometimes as friends – as well as colleagues – and may become their lovers too. They use them to climb higher and are mentored or guided by the men. Your judge is deciding on 21st July which is Mercury Retrograde as you know. I can’t comment without the charts of the other side, presumably your former employer, unfortunately.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are doing well!!
    I look forward to reading my horoscope daily and am slowly learning how to interpret my chart, but it is so hard and can get confusing. All I know right now is that there is so much happening personally for me. I am a photographer of horses and pets but have decided to follow my dream photographing wild horses in the US (someday photographing wild horses around the world as I love to travel!!!) and make a succesful career out of it selling fine art prints. In the horoscope for Saturday it says I am entering a heavy money cycle not seen in 29 years, can you elaborate what this means for me. You have also mentioned previoulsly about the nodes going in to Sagittarius and Gemini and to look at what was happening 19 years ago. I look back fondly to 19 years ago, I was living in Italy and was probably happiest in my life, I loved living in Italy . The negatives from that time period were triggered by the ralationship with my adoptive parents but other than that it was a wonderful time in my life for both myself and my husband (July 17, 56) I would love experience that kind of joy and financial security from that time but this time want to be the one taking financial care of my family so my husband can finally have a rest.
    So I guess what I am asking is what do you see coming my way ?
    I did the tarot this morning and I got the Hermit Card, which I found oddly comforting by his lantern.

    • Thank you. Yes, you wrote before about your photography. The Node cycle now is about your parents (who adopted you) and not about your job. So you have karma to complete with your adoptive parents, no matter if they are still here or not. You just finished a Node cycle in Cancer, which is the key word for family, and you only just had an eclipse involving Cancer, the zodiac sign. That karma about/with/for them will finish in September. I’m just going to repeat what I said before in case the answer did not appear. You need to split your life into two, bread and butter and cake. The bread and butter is how you earn money. The cake is photographing horses. You are most certainly in a heavy money cycle in 2020, 2021 – so need to bear that in mind if you are going to take the burden off your husband. The heavy money cycle is down to Saturn and yes, we have not seen this for 29 years.

  42. thank you for that. I don’t have a job and i don’t believe this is my husband. Maybe something in the future, perhaps. I am pretty sure the corporation or other side is july 1, 1914. Thank you!

  43. HI Jessica,
    I hope that this message finds you well! I look forward to reading my daily horoscope, the day that I really need to ready my daily horoscope the most (Friday) there is n daily horoscope
    I do however highly respect the reason that you do not post Fridays, just happens to be a day I need as much guidance as I can get. Female Scorpio born 20/11/1977 trying to work out if Pisces or Cancer, Pisces older, Cancer younger, is the one for me. I know it doesn’t sound sound like a very important question but it has really been affecting me lately as I am very confused and already have mental health issues.
    Sending my best wishes from Australia

    • Yes, I joined Greta Thunberg and Jane Fonda, leading the global climate emergency strike, last September. Cancelling Friday horoscopes is my way of reminding myself and my readers, that some politicians and business people are trying to cancel koalas, by chopping down trees to build yet more homes, and allowing coal mining, which sends up the temperatures and triggers bush fires – more poor koala cancelling. Instead, every Friday, koalas at Friends of the Koala in Lismore receive a donation from me, on behalf of my readers, who skip Friday. You are choosing lovers from Pisces or Cancer and are Scorpio. The answer is actually about children. Do they want them, or do they have them? How do you feel about children or stepchildren? Do not let this affect your peace of mind, please. Yet the solution is figuring out the parenthood question for yourself – and their own choices about parenthood.

  44. Hi Jessica, My natal chart has Saturn retrograde in Capricorn…. which is exactly where Saturn is now! This is rare and I feel I should be excited but not sure exactly what this is triggering. I would be grateful for your thoughts.

    • You are having your Saturn Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work, status and university or college study. Saturn is an ancient symbol of life lessons, learned the hard way. To the Romans he was the god of agriculture, who (after a few painful episodes) learned to use his scythe for farming and became the saviour of Italian wheat and corn production. To astrologers he symbolises the conversion of what/who might be regarded as a source of hard karma, into something better. You are now experiencing this in 2020 and by Christmas, will have found a way to take what or who is pretty difficult to deal with, or think about – and use it so that you can gain, and also benefit others. The classic example is a rough time with an employer, business or industry which is then converted into something positive, like a better project or a superior alternative position. You are over the worst. It will feel like a merry Christmas.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the reply, I really do appreciate it and I am really trying not to let it all get to me too much. I love that you put Friday’s aside as a reminder and donate yourself and on behalf of your readers, that’s lovely, when you hear things like that, you do think about what is important in this world. Thank you again.

  46. Hi Jessica, I read your website regularly and I am very impressed and reading the comments section I see you help people a lot especially during this difficult time. I wanted to know if I should proceed with a business idea I have online, my date of birth is 27 May 1967 born in New Zealand. appreciate anything you can provide. Best regards Linda

    • Linda if you can do this any time at all you may want to rehearse, research, retry, reschedule, rethink – until December. Very near Christmas your chances improve hugely. Can’t say more without a birth time but if you find it hard to get this going in 2020 you know why – 2021 is way better. If you are still in NZ you will see why next year as your PM will eradicate the virus and begin the new world!

  47. Hi Jessica, I’m reading today’s horoscope and it’s been very focused on partners this week.. I’m wondering if there a turning point with a former lover, or some sort of reconciliation for us. He’s a Capricorn 14/01. Thank you

    • He will make up his mind about you or another person by the second week of September. The New Moon on Monday July 20th is his turning point. Venus in Cancer from August 8th raises the question of where his true passions lie and he’ll sort it out one way or another by the time Venus changes signs on Sunday 6th September. His next moment of truth about you, or another person, is the Full Moon just after Christmas (also in Cancer) on Wednesday 30th December. Probably, because New Year’s Eve is around the corner and it’s the usual ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment. Or not!

  48. Hi Jessica, seems like its going to be a big week, but i’m struggling to know which life department is going to be impacted most. Like you said, communication has been so hard and stuck for me for 2 years, and intensified this year too, especially with my now former partner – things reversed and got stuck, and nothing really moved forward. Now we are barely speaking at all. Will the situation improve or it is more likely that it will impact my work rather than personal relationships? Can you kindly share more insights based on my birthchart pls? thank you x

    • You will find the situation improves with time and you don’t have to ‘do’ anything as what you really need is for the other person to go through a process. That involves patience on your part, unless there is a concrete financial or parenting issue that must be solved faster. If that is the case then a third person will assist you.

  49. Hi Jessica hope you are staying well. From your current posts it appears that there are some positive things coming to Sagittarians in reference to Jupiter and Saturn and monetary issues. I have made changes and am trying to change my business model to more bread and butter type work especially as I have a fairly large loan I took out this January to help launch and re-brand my business, I want to pay back the bank ASAP. Having that loan hanging over my head is giving me anxiety. Would you please have look at my chart and the current planetary positions I would love to know if and when relief is coming my way, why does everything feel like I am pushing a boulder up-hill. As a pet/horse photographer my business has become even more challenging but I am trying my best to adapt to Covid and the guidelines so that I do not loose my business and what I love doing. I need help.
    I appreciate your insight.

    • Thank you. I am sorry you feel anxious about the loan. Talk to the bank about taking a load off as they will adapt to suit you; otherwise you can switch banks. The time is now, or September. We spoke before about cake and bread-and-butter. It’s good you are making business changes but you are still doing cake, in a way, as the work which sustains you financially has nothing to do with what you love (the camera) and everything to do with the rapidly changing work world around you. In fact, you are looking past some really solid ways to make or save money – both at once – and you may want to go back to who/what you have left to one side, from July. August should sort a few things out. What you are pursuing should be on both levels – what you know is solid if not very exciting – and what is an escape for you too. Both will work but you need to get the juggling right and keep your eyes on the balls, so to speak. Don’t miss a trick.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    I have Aquarius 11 PLUS Aquarius and Leo degrees at 12 degrees .
    I can feel the intense of Full Moon energy already .

    Spot on Monday 3rd I am going to have an exclusive interview with my son teacher . I don’t know about Australia education system , so I’m going to find out what I need to do to get him to the right education direction ahead .
    I feel very pressure as I’m his only parent .
    Also the committee where I live , they keep asking since beginning of year for me to joint the group of 7 people in charge of look after the area –
    mostly discuss/ arguing/ making decisions how and what to spend with the BodyCorp money .
    If I’m in , one in those 7 will be voted out .
    A lot of drama in the group . And yes you’re right , I’m famous about my drive and energy , that is why the residents there want me to join to fight for them on their behalf .
    I need to make the decision THIS Monday or so , but I don’t want to involve into their dramas .
    Saturn will be in Aquarius next 3 years .
    I do NOT want where I live each day is the place I feel the weight of Saturn on me .
    I am wanting a simple and peaceful life more than anything .

    May I please ask you should I joint the committee ?
    Because you mentioned next Christmas I will please about what I didn’t do and didn’t say this Monday full moon . What should I do ?
    While they’re pressing me to joint .
    I need to give them an answer .

    Your guidance is much appreciated Jessica . Thank you so much for your time and kindness .

    • The Full Moon is the committee. The Full Moon is in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups. The Sun, opposite, is in your Fifth House of children – your son. Can you postpone the decision on joining the committee? The Body Corporate? It would be easy to do it later. You are better off deciding in the final two weeks of August. Or their next meeting! Quite right about Saturn. Or just don’t join. Join next year when Jupiter is in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, much easier. You sound like a really good parent and I hope your son’s teacher appreciates that. Long-term both the situation with your son, and this Body Corporate, will be fine. You will join another group in 2021 which you really enjoy and it will change your life for the better.

  51. Thank you for your reply, I am going to have to do some thinking because I have been working as a photographer for the last 5 years and before that I was a stay at home mom and homemaker, for the last 20 years. If I think back to July there was nothing different I was doing then other than trying to learn how to do video for clients selling their horses, I am not exactly good at it and there is a steep learning curve in learning to edit. The type of photography I am pursuing right now is not something that inspires me or gets me excited but it is what people in my area seem to want, short 1/2 hour family based sessions, outdoors and reasonably priced.
    I will continue to put some thought into your advice. I appreciate all your insight, stay healthy and well.


    • That’s exactly what I meant. Videos for clients selling horses. But from there you will do videos for clients selling homes. And teaching, of course. Teaching is huge in 2021. Thank you.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    I’m very excited to join a group related to music which is really helping me to find my childhood dreams come true and finding inner joy, especially the lead musician friend. But there is a fly in the ointment. I had a brief relationship with the male vocalist in the band which ended up in a bad way throwing accusations at me by him for no reasons. Now he is very disturbed that the group and the lead musician is involving me in the group as well as promoting me. He is not able to come up with any albums whereas I’m coming up with many and meeting new people with new music offers. He feels that I’m a threat to him and is showing my revenge towards him as he broke off our relationship. Till a year back I used to dive into situations, fight for rights and all, but now I’m cool, calm and composed. In fact I feel bad he is going down the negative lane and ruining his music skills. Do you see the music group coming together for the good of all involved and helping each other to grow? If we stand together and renew friendships I feel we can do wonders.



    • Fiery your chances are excellent in 2021 when Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius (the big solution for groups replaces the big challenge). 2020 is really hard work because you have wait for others to make *their* life decisions. You cannot control things there. They are stuck or just slow. They bring their past with them and that has a massive pull on them. You are in a different position! You will get to where you want to be with one person in the group, who takes time to learn trust, and is quite hard work. Just be yourself and be honest. There is an awful lot of game playing going on here and you could spend your whole life playing the game, but that is a waste of time. I heard the word ‘Buckingham’ or ‘Buckinghamshire’ clairaudiently. Perhaps it means something to you. It makes me think of Fleetwood Mac! You’ll get there. You are quite right to glimpse happiness in music and want to pursue it. Drama, too.

  53. Hi Jessica, I am wondering about Gem-Sagg node cycle. 1982 was year I dropped out of medicine. 2001 was the year I started studying law…and shed 27 kgs. So I am wondering how bwst to think about this new cycle. I am open to a new direction, but know from personal experience it was a major pivot in both 1982 and 2001.

    • Gemini rules writing and speech, and computers. Sagittarius rules academia and foreign people and places. If you replaced medicine with law in 2001 you were doing so with Pluto, Chiron and the South Node in Sagittarius. That has nothing to do with weight loss but everything to do with foreign people and places. So I would assume you had people from other nationalities or backgrounds in your class, or teaching you. Universities depend on overseas students. Karma then returns in the Sagittarius weather of 2020, 2021 and January 2022. Debts and credits. If you are owed enormously, you will be repaid enormously, spiritually.

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