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Astrologer’s Diary: 25-31 May 2015
The Mercury Retrograde cycle is now in full force so hard questions about travel, transport, mail, internet and media will continue to send us backwards and forwards, as nothing is resolved and everything is subject to change, delay or a state of suspended animation. What was declared or done from May 4th now reveals itself to have just been a dress rehearsal or false start, as we'll see this week. For a full explanation of this cycle please see stories about Mercury previously posted on this website, some time ago. Gemini has ruled domestic and long-haul travel, commuting, the worldwide web, the postal service and the press in astrology for a long time in astrology. When Mercury retrogrades in Gemini unfortunately we do have tough issues to deal with, through June.Filed 17th May, 2015.
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Aries: 25-31 May 2015

Monday-Thursday is about your town, country, house, flat, family and/or household. Your people or your place. What we have here is a multi-layered relationship which reminds you that, for some people, the relationship is the whole story. You can't really do very much with the situation until you appreciate that sometimes jealousy is a motivating force and it makes people wake up to who and what actually matters to them. This, above all other things, drives the situation forward. You are keeping a secret or playing a role behind-the scenes. Thursday-Saturday you have a choice - how much of a maverick can you be about this? You're also now in the full thrust of Mercury Retrograde in your communication, computer, multimedia and publishing zone. Fortunately you read your stars here regularly so you knew the backward turn or delay was coming, and here it is - Friday through next Monday. I have some more information for you at Get The Gloss, Aries.  

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Taurus: 25-31 May 2015

You could say it was about being heard or read, but that would not interpret your project or plan correctly. For the other person it's actually about the connection you share, full stop, and as he or she is an integral part of your internet or real-world efforts, Monday through Thursday you're going to have to devote more to the actual relating, than you are to the words or images. Thursday-Saturday your group (the one involving your friend) is the core issue. Chiron reminds you that you have done fairly audacious (even outrageous) things before, in 2013 or 2014,and there's always space for one more punk rock move. The financial, business, property or charity side of things, you already know about because I have been telling you about the backward slide, delay or cancellation for a long time - but Friday through next Monday it's a reality. Read more at Get The Gloss, Taurus.

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Gemini: 25-31 May 2015

Gemini, I imagine you are far more interested in the actual money, house, business outcome, apartment, charity or precious possessions. You have to begin the whole process (which takes you into July) with a mind-reading exercise, though. The other person cannot see life except as a duet - he or she operates in pairs, or as part of a couple. And the more you find out about him or her, the more you realise that it's the intricacies of the relationship that keep them going. You need to appreciate this before you go any further, Monday-Thursday. You also have an interesting choice to make about your career, college/university life or unpaid work. Will you be Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry about this, or are you going to play safe? Your ruler Mercury is sending an image, name or appearance issue sideways or backwards, but then you knew that - so no surprises there! You read your horoscope regularly, I'm sure, so you always had Plan B since May 4th or you may even have delayed this issue about your title, reputation, role or photo/film until July.

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Cancer: 25-31 May 2015

Cancer, it seems too odd that a matter so personal (the way you look or appear) should come down to just one other person, but it is certainly the case Monday-Thursday. What you perceive as a 'Me' issue is perceived by this woman as a 'We' issue. Of course, this may be a man who invests huge time and energy in all his relationships, too. The presence of Chiron in Pisces is enough to have you musing about unthinkable or so-called impossible options for your web ventures, book, trip, foreign connection, course, workshop or regional involvement. You've got away with things before haven't you? Only you can make the call, but it's coming this week. The only other thing to say is that if you are covering up a secret or operating behind the scenes, then it's about to go backwards or sideways. Fortunately you read your horoscope here regularly, I'm guessing, so you've known this was coming and are prepared. Even though nobody actually knows/sees this issue, its backward or sideway motion is still temporarily extra work for you - yet from late June it's all clear.

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Leo: 25-31 May 2015

You are very concerned with a secret that even a best friend does not know - or a role behind the scenes you play, that you get no actual recognition for. This will take up more time and energy this week, than even you may have suspected. A woman may become involved. Alternatively it may be female-think that helps you out - a particularly feminine way of understanding the situation. You also need to look at your cash, house, business, flat, charity or possessions. It would not be the first time you had pulled off something that would have rather stunned your old self, a few years ago - but here is your chance to do just that. As long as it's legal, Leo. What else is there to say about this week? Only something you knew was coming. All that talk or paperwork - all those e-mails - regarding your group, since 4th May, now need to be rescheduled, changed or put in the 'later' zone as you hit a delay. Mercury Retrograde. Right.

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Virgo: 25-31 May 2015

Virgo, you have a relationship with your entire group which functions more like some kind of marriage or affair at the moment. It will take up a lot of time and energy this week, but you have to understand that the group (as a whole) or the friendship within the group, is a set of scales that needs balancing. It's a see-saw with two people on either end. And it has tons of layers and little games that go on - so if you can deal with that, you can make the whole thing work. As other people will be gawping at your group in late June through late July you may as well have something that passes muster! You also have a choice to make about your former, current or potential partner. About your enemy, rival or opponent. Will you get away with it, if you do it? Well actually, you probably will. But it's your call. You already know your career, college/university life or unpaid work is in the Mercury madness zone for May, so no surprises at the backward slide or sideways roll later in the week. This dates from talking points or a paper trail which was in motion from May 4th. You will have the whole thing resolved one way or another by late June.

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Libra: 25-31 May 2015

Libra it's been 2-3 years of fairly audacious moves for you with your body, workload, lifestyle, routine, housework, chores, service, duties, doctor, drugs, food, drink, healer, gym and so on. So much so, I think you may have forgotten just how completely outrageous some decisions have been, compared to your old self and your old life. Well, this week you have another choice to make. Punk or middle of the road? Punk is tempting but only you can decide to stage your own version of My Way. The other glaring concern obviously rests in Europe, Australasia, America - or a region of your own country which feels just about as foreign. You knew this would get stuck or slide backwards, and now it's happening, right at the end of the week. Fair play to you, as the Irish say, for having Plan B or a super-flexible schedule, because whatever was in motion since May 4th was already pulling you backwards, even when it appeared to be moving forwards. The other story this week? Your success is down to a relationship. It feels like an affair. Or a marriage. Maybe it is. If not, it's like Jerry and George on Seinfeld. Ernie and Bert. Morecambe and Wise. French and Saunders. You get the ampersand. Libra, you are famous for making these things work. Get on your end of the see-saw and work it!

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Scorpio: 25-31 May 2015

Scorpio, you have raised your own and other people's eyebrows with your approach to the world of babies, children or young adults, in the last 2-3 years. It's the same for youth related projects or a junior demographic. And it certainly applies to those of you with lovers who could have brought pregnancy, adoption or step-children into your world - or nieces and nephews. The question this week is, could your eyebrows possibly lift off your forehead again? Only you know what is right, wrong, timely or too much. You also need to go back to old horoscope readings about your money, house, budget, apartment, business or possessions dating from April, as you always knew that what was on paper or under discussion since May 4th would hit a delay or slide backwards. Now you are at this point so you can use that fallback position I kept nagging you to prepare! Also important this week - your foreign, publishing, regional, internet, educational or academic agenda. Maybe a mixture of that. This is not about the journey. It is about the other person. And he or she views what you two have as something rather complex and intricate, so try to get into that.

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Sagittarius: 25-31 May 2015

Sagittarius, some people have copied you and some people have been inspired by you. Some people (the old-fashioned types) have been totally confronted by you. But over the last 2-3 years your approach to your apartment, family, town, house, country or household has shown you exactly what you can get away with. When you try, and you think 'Why not?' Now there is another tempting possibility waiting for you. Again, it involves rejecting an old or standard way of operating. The relative, the flatmate or the property? Your patch of turf or some other 'me' space? Only you can make this judgement call. You also need to see the current financial, business, budget, company or charity issue as a duet. The other person is completely into this on a Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers level. Or if you prefer, on a Flying Lizards level. It's about the two of you, singing from the same sheet. Or not. But if you make the mistake of thinking he or she is only about the actual dollar/pound/euro translation of this - you're so wrong. Try to relate with he/she who wants to be related to.

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Capricorn: 25-31 May 2015

Capricorn, Venus is in your zone of former, current and potential partners. Also your zone of enemies, rivals and opponents. Drop everything and run to your Renaissance art, because all those images of Venus, Goddess of love (and adultery, and jealousy) must now be translated. The thing is, you don't get very far by treating this particular situation as straightforward. No, no it's far too simple for that! The other person involved wants something complex, with a little bit of envy or jealousy in the mix to keep life interesting. Where does it take you? Into July where other people get to look at it and give you their feedback! This week also reminds you how utterly audacious and outrageous you can be with the internet when you wish to be. Also multimedia, publishing, writing, and basic communication. Will you stun and amaze others (not to mention yourself) again? Only you can answer that. The week ends with a big fat Mercury Retrograde moment affecting the way your workload, body, doctor, healer, food, drugs, drink, routine, lifestyle, housework. What you assumed was in motion since May 4th never was, as you will know if you read your horoscope all the time. So you've been ready for a u-turn or swerve, correct?

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Aquarius: 25-31 May 2015

Aquarius, bear in mind that everything that was a talking point or a plan since May 4th, involving the world of children or teenagers, now reverses or stalls. You have been ready for this (it comes at the end of the week) so no surprises there, for you as a regular astrology reader. This extends to junior demographics or a much younger marketplace as well. And of course, to lovers who might make you a step-parent, aunt, uncle or parent. The situation will ultimately straighten out by late June, but do try not to add to it while you're in the M zone. The other story this week is your house, cash, possessions, business, company, apartment, charity - and so on. Now for your next trick, Aquarius. Can you pull it off? Goodness knows you've had enough practise at being outrageous, audacious and all the rest, in the last 2-3 years. You also need to look at a person who sees everything as a relationship. Literally everything. For you it's just your body, job, lifestyle, workload, routine, food, drugs, drink, diet, exercise - for he or she it's like a little opera or soap-opera between the two of you, but the thing is, you have to read the same script and make the scene work.

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Pisces: 25-31 May 2015

Pisces, Chiron in your sign pulls you towards yet another high-wire daring trapeze stunt, with your photograph or publicity. With your name or face. With your title or role. With your shape or style. You do it because nobody else has done it before, or at least *you* have never done it before. And having succeeded over the last 2-3 years you now think 'Why the hell not?' It's your call. As long as it does not add to the general confusion about 'Me' which has also surrounded you in recent times. The focus on your children, young relatives, godchildren - or youth projects - is interesting. This also applies to much younger people who seriously affect your life, and to a Gen Y or Millennial demographic on projects, or a junior marketplace with your work. You really need to get into the games people play to work this. And it's one game, played by one person. Nothing simple about this one. He or she needs to feel the feelings, really strongly, and that's why the game is going on. You have to participate, sorry - you can blame your horoscope if you like. Do thank your horoscope, though, for warning you not to go right ahead with your big, ambitious plan for the house, family, apartment, household or home town concern. As you see even the most trivial details of relatives, property, domestic life and all the rest go backwards now - or even stall - you realise why all those cautions from earlier this year were useful. You kept the stakes small and so the actual issue is small. Phew. And relax...

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