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The Astrologer’s Diary: 21-27 January 2019

I have been making predictions about Donald Trump’s children and his younger son-in-law Jared Kushner for a long time. A two-year chain of cover-ups and blind spots concerning Ivanka, Eric, Donald Junior and Barron Trump now comes to a close. They will not see or know. Neither will we! This whole saga began with the first of the Leo eclipses on 7th August 2017, peaking with the total eclipse of 21st August, followed by the January 31st and July 27th, 11th August 2018 eclipses – and at last ending this week, on 21st January. Leo rules the King of the jungle and his cubs – the princesses and princes. Thus, in the absence of a royal family in the United States, this is about the White House not Buckingham Palace and the President not the King. Leo rules the heirs to the throne – the children. When will we begin to realise the depth of the cover-up regarding the young Trumps? Not until we have the last lot of Leo weather which reveals, rather than conceals. For that, we need to wait for Mercury the messenger to deliver the news – not fake news, real news – from August 16th this year. July and August 2019 will show us the full ‘young Trumps’ story with all its mysteries. P.S. If you thought this pattern was also about the Royal Family, you are correct. There has been one cover-up or blind spot after another since 7th August 2017. Watch this space.

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