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Astrologer’s Diary: 18-24 May 2015

On November 9th last year, I wrote a story called How Will The World Fly In 2015?  This is an extract, featuring astrology predictions for May 13th-18th.

"Saturn in Sagittarius will ground aeroplanes and spacecraft in 2015, on or within 48 hours of these dates: Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius Friday 15th May"

The Mirror, May 13 - Astronauts stuck in space as safety fears prompt Russia to ground its rockets.

In the prediction, made around six months ago, you also read:

"We find Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May. Those are troublesome aspects, no matter if your concern is technical problems, strike action, or terrorism risks."

USA Today May 16th - A computer security expert hacked into a plane's in-flight entertainment system and made it briefly fly sideways by telling one of the engines to go into climb mode.Chris Roberts of One World Labs in Denver was flying on the plane at the time it turned sideways, according to an FBI search warrant filed in April.

Watch this space. 

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Aries: 18-24 May 2015

Aries, the New Moon in Taurus dominates your chart on Monday 18th May. This is a new start for your finances, house, company, business, apartment or charity. You are still not completely out of the toughest cycle in 29 years. That won't happen until you deal with certain realities, once and for all, between June 15th and September 18th. After that you can walk away from this heavy situation once and for all, but at least Monday feels like the birth of something fresh. Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday 19th May. Fortunately you've known that what was in motion with your website, multimedia, publishing or communication priorities would go backwards since May 4th. Just be aware that from 19th May through 27th June the computer, the phone, the printer and particularly the internet will take you backwards and forwards too. There are three stories on Mercury Retrograde on the front page of this site which can give you more detail, Aries, if you need it.  Diana enters Cancer on Saturday 23rd May too. Your town, country, apartment, house, family and/or household is about to become the focus for big questions about freedom and independence. If you roll with this you could dramatically change your life by July 2015. The exhilaration and wildness of this cycle can only be experienced when you refuse to compromise and commit to non-commitment. It's quite a journey. Diana says 'This is how life could be if you forgot about 'normal' and reshaped your place, or your people, to give you emotional oxygen.'

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Taurus: 18-24 May 2015

You have a New Moon in Taurus, your own sign, on Monday 18th May so you are more than ready to relaunch. A new look, role, label or title will come to a high percentage of people born under your sign. Even if you are just experimenting with your social media profile or your business stationery, there is always another layer to reveal to people, or perhaps new lustre to add. Mercury is also retrograde, as I suspect the entire world now knows. It never ceases to amaze me how many large corporations and governments still ignore this cycle despite all the evidence. For you, let's be positive and say May and June can be dedicated to reviewing your tax, money, house, business, apartment, possessions or charity. This is a good time to look back over your shoulder. You have had so many warnings about this cycle that I am assuming you deliberately avoided major new plans, as from 19th May, everything you assumed was in motion from 4th May will start to go backwards and forwards. If you are already well on the way with paperwork or meetings, at least be flexible enough to allow for u-turns, delays or cancellations by 27th June. If you have planets in Gemini, as many Taureans do, please read the feature on that, on this site. There are three on the home page as you come in. Meanwhile, remember that now through July is all about your internet,multimedia, publishing or other project as a container for a new kind of independence and freedom. It's so new you won't really feel it until Diana changes signs, on Saturday 23rd May. 

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Gemini: 18-24 May 2015

Mercury, your ruling planet, now turns retrograde in Gemini, your own sign. You have known about this for months, as I always give plenty of warning (I don't want my readers to end up in the same situation as Google, when a printing error cost them a fortune). I'd like to emphasise that the sky does not fall on your head just because of this peculiar astrological phenomenon. However, you do need to be aware that what you assumed was all systems go with your image, brand, name, reputation, profile or appearance agenda will now move backwards and forwards. This applies to anything you started since May 4th. If you must insist on big-deal plans like name changes, website launches, book publication and so on - allow for the silliest mistakes or unavoidable issues (like freak weather or mail strikes) between now and 27th June. If you have a lot of heavenly bodies in Gemini I do think this will affect your internet, multimedia or publishing life so at least check they spelled your name right. There are three stories on Mercury Retrograde on the home page of this site so take a look if you want more specific details, Gemini. Okay - we have a New Moon in Taurus on Monday 18th May. This means a new secret in your life, or a new role behind the scenes, where you don't get credit. Alternatively it means a brand new phase in your secret life or with this unacknowledged part you play. One other thing. From 23rd May when Diana enters Cancer I do think you need to look at the price of freedom. How much would it cost you to be genuinely independent in terms of your money, house, business, flat, possessions or charity? You may want to pay that price soon. 

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Cancer: 18-24 May 2015

Quite a few Cancerians have planets in Gemini so if you haven't already checked - and read the feature on how Mercury Retrograde affects those of us with Gemini chart factors - you may want to take a look on this site now because your internet, multimedia or publishing life will be affected. Okay, so we have a classic Mercury Retrograde cycle unfolding, and it takes place in your Twelfth House. This house is ruled by Neptune and Pisces in astrology, so as you might expect, it describes what is submerged, unfathomable and exists entirely below the surface. This might describe the secret you are keeping, the time you are spending alone, or the role behind the scenes you are playing. In all cases, what you assumed was in motion since May 4th never actually was - it will get stuck, change or even be scrapped by June 27th. Don't start anything new if it's confidential, classified or uncredited - unless you want to genuinely see it go through one draft after another, or one version after another - and that holds good until June 27th. We have a New Moon on Monday 18th May so a new friendship is coming, or a new version of the old friendship. You will also see an alternative version of a group, team or network you have been involved with forever, or an invitation to become part of an interesting circle of people - anything from a political party, to a trade union, to an astrology group. Diana also enters Cancer on Saturday 23rd May, ahead of the Sun moving into your sign as well, later in June. This is the 'me' part of the year, and Diana is an ancient symbol of uncompromising freedom and staunch independence. I do feel this will influence your decisions about your persona, profile, name, reputation and appearance. The phrase 'free to be me' springs to mind, now through the end of the month - then from late June it all becomes public.  

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Leo: 18-24 May 2015

Even astrologers get caught by Mercury Retrograde, mainly because other people don't know about it - and this may explain why you are in a particular situation now with a friend, or your group. At least you've had plenty of advance warning (at least you have, if you read this website) and so there should be no surprises at all with your good cause, political party, sports team, hobby group and so on. Basically, what went down since May 4th now goes sideways or backwards, so just use the Plan B you already had. Do not launch anything major and new with groups (of any kind) between now and June 27th unless you are completely prepared for this to be a dress rehearsal, and even for particular plans to be scrapped along the way. In a perfect world you would use this period to try things out with your group, rather than do anything major in terms of expending time and energy. If you would like more detail on the Mercury cycle there are three stories right on the home page of this site, to explore. Now - the New Moon! You have a fresh start with your career, college, university or non-profit role close to Monday 18th May. New project, role, title or direction. The New Moon is personal for you then, because you are ruled by the Sun, which is one half of the equation as it meets the Moon. Look as good as you possibly can in the context of your chosen field because you'll get the spotlight at this time, and this 'birth' in your chosen field, industry, business or profession can only happen once a year, so do use it. The fact is, the more you committed yourself to serving others, doing your duty and putting them all first over the last twelve months, the more powerful you'll be. Odd but true. 

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Virgo: 18-24 May 2015

Mercury, your ruling planet, now turns retrograde in Gemini, which rules your career, college, university or non-profit work. I realise that you can't control your industry, workplace, institution or company with astrology as so many people refuse to take it seriously - but hopefully you read all the advance warning on this website so you at least are aware of what is to come. (There are three stories on Mercury Retrograde on the front page of this website now). Basically what everyone thought was a done deal since May 4th will now be held up; substantially changed; even scrapped. This happens between now and June 27th. If you are savvy, you will avoid launching anything new and major from this point forward, mentioning July as a possibility instead. If you simply have no choice and must proceed with new appointments, reshuffles, new projects, launches and so on in your chosen field - at least accommodate the possibility of alterations, waiting games or even total reversals. This will give you an advantage. It also looks as if you are off to a flying start with your trip, book, website, course, workshop, class or foreign connection near Monday 18th May. You only get one New Moon a year so use this to jet-propel yourself forward (bearing that general Mercury Retrograde caution in mind). I rather like the look of your social life from 23rd May. Diana enters Cancer so you and your circle of friends are going to enjoy the most tremendous freedom and wildness. You will make new friends, join new groups or find an exhilarating new atmosphere alters things with your existing circle. Make the most of it. If you're in something really formal like a political party or a professional team, there could be a new arrival who alters everything, or a brand new direction. You may have a real Diana around you too. Woman with dog? Single woman with dog? Single woman, child-free, with a dog? If she also happens to be called Diana as well I guess  you'll fall off your armchair. 

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Libra: 18-24 May 2015

Treat the negotiations, paperwork or planning involving Europe, Australasia, America or more unfamiliar locations as a work in progress. And let's be honest about that Libra - a work not in progress. Fortunately you've had ample warning about this cycle. If you still haven't read the Mercury Retrograde stories on the home page of this site, and you are pursuing travel (or necessary travel in the mind) with these people, then you may want to take a look. One of your issues may be the worldwide travel or transportation trends which are set to dominate us in May and June. However, you may also hit typical Mercury concerns like your computer, the telephone, the post and so on. Maybe your biggest focus is a book, website, course, workshop or class and this foreign component is just a corner. That corner will influence your progress more than you know and you should expect this to go backwards, forwards, backwards - with delays in between - until 27th June. A lot of this dates from plans or announcements that went down since 4th May, which you are now going to see revived, reshaped, possibly scrapped, maybe delayed. Okay! The New Moon in Taurus tells you that the toughest financial, business or property cycle in 29 years (in terms of sheer psychological weight) is virutally over. You will have the birth of something new to move with, close to Monday 18th May. Now, you need to wait for Saturn to backtrack June 15th through September 18th to get rid of the dregs of 2014, or the unfinished business you may not even know about yet. Once that is behind you, though, that entire period 2013, 2014 is history. Your career, college or university life - or unpaid role - now becomes a story about exciting freedom and exhilarating independence. If you want it - of course. You will see why from Saturday 23rd May. 

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Scorpio: 18-24 May 2015

We might describe this week's Mercury Retrograde pattern as a budget handed down on high by a government, only to be substantially rewritten later, or even partially scrapped. It may also be what happens to you when you are trying to run a perfectly successful charity - real philanthropic thinking - and find that other irritating x-factors get in the way. Mercury is now moving backwards (as far as the human eye is concerned, anyway) so whatever you assumed was in motion since May 4th will either stall, be retracted or utterly reshaped - no later than the end of the cycle, which is the close of June. You can read any of the three stories I filed on Mercury Retrograde on the front page of this website if you need more detail. The flags are also out for anything new you may be attempting with tax, business, banks, currency exchange, purchases, sales and so on. Most Scorpios are mad about astrology and I suspect you deliberately tried to get everything out of the way before 4th May. Even if you have to go ahead with major commitments, paperwork or meetings now through the end of June (because other people don't care about their astrology!) you have the upper hand; you can have Plan B, and read the fine print. Diana moves into Cancer this weekend. You have freedom on offer via a trip, book, website or foreign connection. How much freedom? This much - look out of the window now to the most distant horizon, and then keep going. Independence is a rare thing in the modern world and Diana is a wild, ancient goddess who is about to remind you that you can travel, or travel in the mind, in a way which allows you to do what you like, when you like, as you like. We also have a New Moon on Monday. This is a fresh start with your partner. With your enemy. With your former partner. With a potential partner.

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Sagittarius: 18-24 May 2015

You won't know where you stand with your partner or lover (in total detail) until the end of June, so make allowances for that. There is obviously an important conversation or paper trail going down, because Mercury has been shadow since 4th May. This is not the time to call anything 'final' though so just treat this as an ongoing series of rehearsals and replays. This also applies to a potential lover who you want to shag, or who wants to shag you. And of course, to your former partner, if he or she is still haunting you! The Seventh House of the chart where we find Mercury Retrograde is also the domain of your enemy, rival or opponent. If you are 'partnering' with this person for whatever painful reason, just remember astrology is your friend, and that's why you have the sneaky, secret knowledge - nothing that is declared, discussed, put online or put in writing, now through end of June, is going to go smoothly. It will hit reversals, delays or changes according to all the laws of astrology. What else is going on this week? New Moon on Monday. New start with your body or your working day. If you were born with planets in Virgo then this is a really big deal for you, because your work ethic and your body are a substantial part of your life and personality. What else is coming up this week? Diana in Cancer from the weekend. Everyone knows that money, property, business or possessions are supposed to spell security - right? Not so fast. New issues like being wild, free, spontaneous and independent will soon feature.

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Capricorn: 18-24 May 2015

You have a new beginning in store close to Monday with a lover who could make you pregnant, or one day make you an aunt, uncle or step-parent. Already a parent? You have a fresh start with your son or daughter near Monday. Not particularly into lovers or parenting? There is a youth project, teenage demographic, junior marketplace or - perhaps - a godchild, niece or nephew which is at the heart of this fresh start. All of this is a bigger deal than usual because I spy Diana moving into your Seventh House of commitment, former partners and potential lovers at the weekend. A typical example of the major shifts you are experiencing near Monday and the weekend would be the new arrangements made with a toddler, to accommodate a new baby. Or, perhaps, a return to the relationships and human workload in your life, because the other work isn't working (being a househusband may call you). Maybe you'll be offered a teaching gig or mentoring position with young people born 20 years or more after you - just use the New Moon. That's all. One of the reasons you want to go with all this (if it's personal) is that Diana gives you so much independence. There is just so much freedom and space on offer - either from your partner - or through your partner. I will end by mentioning that Mercury turns retrograde in your house of daily work, normal routine, preferred lifestyle, work ethic - and your body. They are all connected. You've known this flakey cycle was coming for months. If you didn't please re-read the articles on the front page. Basically treat everything as a dress rehearsal or work in progress until the end of June and factor in delays, reversals and changes on the way.

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Aquarius: 18-24 May 2015

Aquarius, you have known about the Mercury Retrograde cycle for months now (if you read this site often) so you probably already tried to schedule May and June as dress rehearsal months, in terms of your young relative, son, daughter, godchild or youth project. You will now see why you were right to do that, as a lot of the plans or assumptions made since May 4th begin to change or hit a wall. As a general rule, now through the end of June, don't launch into anything new or major involving you as a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle or grandparent unless you factor in u-turns, waiting games or even scrapped plans. Sometimes the issue is a youth project, teenage market or junior demographic  but the same advice applies. And obviously if a lover could get you pregnant or make you an aunt, step-parent or uncle one day, you can see why that relationship is also in the Mercury zone. Very close to Monday there will be a fresh start with your house, apartment, home town, country, family or household. You probably knew this was coming but didn't have the timing. There is also a really interesting little mid-year phase coming up for your body. As in, the body you swim with, walk with and run with. Or just push your wheelchair in, whatever. From this weekend forward you're going to be offered such a liberating new way of being in your body. It may be what you eat, or how you use your physical temple, but with Diana in Cancer, ahead of the Sun in Cancer in June, there is something or someone utterly wild and exhilarating available.

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Pisces: 18-24 May 2015

I am always relieved when I find out that people have been preparing for Mercury Retrograde because it saves me and other astrologers so much time. We had the shadow from 4th May affecting the set-up with your family, town, country, household, apartment or house. Now we have the actual backward turn - the Retrograde itself. Fortunately you expected that, so now you can see why everything in motion with your parents, children-and-partner, property, home or home turf was always destined to hit delays, changes or even outright scrapping. Please continue to be aware of the potential for life to spin backwards and forwards until the end of June and it will affect your renovations, property transactions, flatmate, family plans, council decisions or government policy - as it ultimately affects your people and your place. You have a new project or plan, or a new version of the old one, launching near Monday 18th May. This is about the way you use your 'voice' across all mediums or media. A rather exhilarating new phase involving your lover, or the world of children, starts this weekend. Diana enters Cancer and from then until the end of May you will be shown what it is like to be child-free and man-free. This applies even if you are committed up to the hilt with offspring and spouses. This liberating new cycle is like a world-within-a-world. And if you do happen to be an independent sexual operator? From this weekend through July you are going to see why real independence involves no compromise. Space is your privilege and right.

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