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Astrologer’s Diary: 29 June-5 July
We have a Full Moon on Thursday 2nd July at 2.19am in London, with the Sun at 9 Cancer opposite the Moon at 9 Capricorn. Allowing for global time differences, astrology can predict that from Wednesday 1st July through Friday 3rd July, we are going to see corporations and governments (Capricorn) reaching difficult milestones about property developers, home prices, land values and mortgage lenders (Cancer). This will be the case right around the world - just watch the headlines.
Calling all Melbourne people who are coming to my Astrology Meetup on Friday 3rd July - owing to popular demand we now have a new time of 7pm-8pm in central Melbourne - details here - see you there!

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Aries: 29 June-5 July

Aries, you will feel the Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July. The Sun is in Cancer, which rules your house, family, flat, household, town and/or country. The Moon is opposite in Capricorn, which rules your career, unpaid work or university life. There are two stories going on here, both of them important - but they will also require creative problem-solving and lateral thinking. You might call it sideways thinking. What is much more crucial long-term is your ambition, of course, and your role in life. What you are being shown, so clearly, is that until you respect the system or hierarchy you are in, and understand that one has to climb slowly and carefully to the top, this part of your life will not deliver as brilliantly as it should. If you want to be mistress/master of the universe now, you have to plod patiently up, hanging on to each success and using it to move forward to the next level. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. This is such brilliant news for you, Aries. There is a commitment in the air. It will make the most fantastic change possible in 12 years to your daily routine, regular workload, general lifestyle and your body. You will see why from Tuesday 11th August when the pattern of your Monday-Sunday existence is restructured to your total benefit.

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Taurus: 29 June-5 July

Taurus, you've now reached a point in the year where you could have it all - in terms of internet use, travelling, teaching, studying, publishing, writing, exporting, importing - or maybe a blend of this. Why have it all? Because there is one very important part of the world where you have hooked into the culture, the beliefs, the ideas, the knowledge and the benefits. It may be a region of your own country or a distinctly foreign nation - yet if you can only devote yourself to this with maximum time, care and energy you know very well that every other wheel in your life will turn. The Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July lays it on the line. If you get this right ('this' being travelling in the mind, or just travelling) you can see so many benefits now. I also have excellent news about the babies, children or young adults in your world. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. You will see why a new promise or undertaking is so massively helpful for you, from Tuesday 11th August. It may be a youth project. Your daughter. A junior demographic. Your son. A godchild or young relative. A pregnancy. Maybe a lover who could make you an aunt, uncle, or step-parent if you were to marry. Just note the promise hovering in the air and see what you can do.

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Gemini: 29 June-5 July

Gemini the Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July will be linked directly to a house, block of land, property investment or apartment for a high percentage of you. If so, skip straight to the end of this week's forecast. In other cases, this is about your bank account, tax return, business assets, bank loan, allowance, settlement, possessions or charity. What you are being told is very simple, but not for the first time! Maybe it takes a while to adjust to what is required, to make your life as fabulous as it could be. Basically, you need to see that the entire arrangement is about power and control, and that it works both ways. You might assume a bank has power over you, because you have the credit card or mortgage. Not so. They need you just as much. You might assume a government has power over you, because they take your taxes. Not so. They need you, otherwise they cannot pass their policies. There are so many examples that I could give you - and you have your own personal circumstances to consider. Just remember, play this artfully and cleverly, with all the good, proven advice you have access to, Gemini. And now, very specifically, to your house, family, flat, apartment, household, town and/or country.Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. There is such a serious promise to be made or accepted soon and you will gain so much.  You will see why from Tuesday 11th August.

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Cancer: 29 June-5 July

Cancer the Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July affects you more, because you are ruled by the Moon in astrology. Look up over the rooftops overnight and promise yourself you will get such a bigger return from your life, by understanding the way a duet must work in your life. This double-act or two-way street is with your partner (probably) or perhaps your ex-partner. There may also be a potential partner whom you regard as being The Man Most Likely or The Woman Most Likely. The trick to everything now, and it is now or never, is to honour the fact that you and he (or she) are completely different people, yet you are essentially equal. There may be differences in age, class, income, race, nationality - way beyond the classic difference of gender, which of course divides most of you. The great secret to fulfilment in so many areas of your life now is to get the balance perfectly right, locating the common ground which is the central force between you. Some Cancerians are more concerned with an enemy, rival or opponent. This person or organisation also has a 'relationship' with you. To be mistress/master of the universe now, only discover what is fair. Perhaps a court may have to do that. Yet - only locate what is harmonious, symmetrical, respectful, decent and true. See your end of the see-saw from the perspective of the other person or organisation. Can you bring yourself to do that? I did say, mistress/master of the universe status! Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. You know, this new (or reworked) project of yours is going to be huge. Or is it some kind of course? The idea uses your way with words, images and ideas anyway. And it will bring you so much happiness. You will see why from Tuesday 11th August so make the promise.

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Leo: 29 June-5 July

Leo,  you are going to so much richer (by saving or making a fortune) from August and if that's your priority you may want to skip to the end of your forecast right now. Before we even get to that part, though, your ruler the Sun in Cancer is opposite the Moon in Capricorn, at the Full Moon which you will feel Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July. Basically, unless you perfect your daily routine, fitness commitment, eating program, doctor or healer, work and chores - you will never see the fantastic rewards you could have. You have reached a total crossroads now Leo. Look at what never works for you, and why (since 2008). Be honest about what does work, and why you may have drifted away from it. This applies to every cotton-picking detail of daily life, from the eight hours you sleep, to the eight hours you work and do chores, to the eight hours you play and relax. You actually have no choice any more, because this all just became incredibly real! Now - to the money saved or gained. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. Freedom goes when a promise is made, and commitment means the end of spontaneity. And yet, and yet - wouldn't  you rather accumulate a fortune or eradicate a debt? You will see why from Tuesday 11th August, Leo.

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Virgo: 29 June-5 July

Virgo, it's about the babies, the children or the young adults this week. Maybe the lover who could bring them into your life, too. The Full Moon in Capricorn you feel on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July tells you in no uncertain terms that you must pull yourself up to your full height and assume the position of guide, mentor, leader. This is what is required of you as a parent, aunt, uncle, godparent or grandparent. This is what is required of you as a prospective parent, aunt, uncle or step-parent, if the relationship becomes serious enough to end in pregnancy or marriage. And - if you have paid or unpaid work involving a much younger generation, as a whole - this is what is required of you, if Generation Y or Millennials are to deliver all they could. I am not sure why you have put obstacles in your own way, this last year or two. Every time you notch up a victory with babies, children, young adults, youth and/or lovers - you seem to slip sideways again. This Full Moon is decisive, though. It tells you 'now or never' for steering a firm, powerful new course. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. The most brilliant relaunch in 12 years starts here and there is a major commitment looming. New title or role? New body or face? You will see why from Tuesday 11th August, Virgo, and love it.

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Libra: 29 June-5 July

Libra, the Full Moon in Capricorn will have an impact on you on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July. You have already made so much headway with your house, family, apartment, house, town or country. In the last week or two something clicked and after a long period of going way off track, you are back on track - so much - with your nose for property, your instincts for your home, your patriotism or your deep commitment to your local area. The way you fathom your family or roommates/flatmates also just became so much more important and you no doubt realised - you were back - in every way, at least regarding those relatives or household members. Now, Libra, you are being pushed to go further. Dig deeply into the idea that your home (however you define that) is at the very core of your being. What does it take to make 'home' truly work? Your family or countrymen/countrywomen/fellow locals/household (however you define your clan) is also there to be prioritised. They require devotion, energy, time, willpower. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. Please pursue anything where you get no credit, no recognition, no attention, and operate behind the scenes, at a great distance - it will be fabulous. Alternatively, please pursue what is secret (even from a best friend), desperately private, classified or confidential. I seriously have no idea what this is, but it will serve you so much. You will see why, in both cases, from Tuesday 11th August.

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Scorpio: 29 June-5 July

Scorpio, it's all about the internet at the moment - or the media, publishing, radio, film, television - perhaps the simple business of being heard and read, on a daily basis, too. You will see the Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July overhead, at night, depending on where you live in the world. The end of the week is basically about accepting that the key to everything is huge willpower. If you apply tremendous self-control and actually do what you always imagine you are doing (you're not) and follow through on what your steely, rational brain says you should be doing (that's quite a lot) then big wheels will turn. The fact is, every time communication falls down for you, because of the technology, or the people, or your skills, or your willpower - you really feel it so intensely. And you deserve better than that. In fact, Scorpio, the great irony of your year so far is that you should be Queen or King of the internet and you're not. How do you get there? By getting real. By getting absolutely serious about what you know is required. I also have some very good news about a group you are involved with, or about to join, Scorpio. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. This means the tribe you are already part of, or the tribe you are going to become part of, will change your life for the better. It's going to be massive. You will see why from Tuesday 11th August. This is real friendship. Real people power.

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Sagittarius: 29 June-5 July

Sagittarius, it's about money this week. There is also outstanding news about your future success, but I will get to that in a moment. Basically, the Full Moon in Capricorn which you will feel on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July is going to push you to the point of actually changing! You have had so many false starts and halfway attempts with your money, bank, tax, business, charity, possessions, apartment, house, flat, debt, company - all good intentions but no actual reality function. Is that too hardline? Maybe not as what you just realised in the last 1-2 weeks is only echoing that statement. Until you roll up your sleeves, summon up your willpower and actually *do* money, property, business, possessions or charity properly, with all the grit, common-sense and stubbornness that involves - you will never see how fantastic life could become. So here you are. This is your chance. And now - your promotion, amazing new job, business triumph, outstanding award, academic success - and more. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. There is such a commitment hovering, in July. You will see why from Tuesday 11th August. Commitment means you go up, up, up the ladder in your chosen field, industry, business or profession. And by 2016 you will be so glad you took this path either because this is the one which specifically rewards you, or because it leads to a second path, which is *the one.*

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Capricorn: 29 June-5 July

Capricorn, the Full Moon in Capricorn (your own sign, of course) will be felt by you most on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July. As you now realise, following the turnaround in the last week or two, when you actually harness your willpower to assert yourself, use your name, focus on your face, put energy into your body, prioritise your wardrobe, hone your reputation - every other wheel in your life turns around as well. I have no idea why it has taken this long for you to get out of your own way. You have had so many 'almost' moments with this, for such a long time. Maybe it's not natural or comfortable for you to be so self-absorbed (that's the way you see it) or to be so trained on your own image. The fact is, your reputation and face precedes you these days, either on Linked In - or on Twitter. Your business card or advertising does the advance work. If you are famous it is your brand which does all the achieving for you, from Hollywood to London via Sydney. Once you commit to Me, Me, Me then at least two other departments of your life start delivering and you know it. So this Full Moon is decisive. I actually think you have no alternative; you must be self-centred and self-interested now, and self-aware - or else. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. Another region of your country, or foreign part of the world (and its locals) is going to be the best news you've had in years, soon. You will see why from Tuesday 11th August. In time you will come to view this distant part of your country, or this international destination as an extension of yourself and your life, because it comes to deliver so much.

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Aquarius: 29 June-5 July

Aquarius, the Full Moon which you feel in Capricorn on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July is about discovering your private, mysterious Pisces side (if you have Pisces planets - please check at and really using it, to your ultimate advantage. Even if you don't have a Pisces signature in your birth horoscope, I would say that the end of the week is about two things. Firstly you need to cheer yourself on with recent good progress with your secret; your classified information; your confidential concerns. You turned things around in the last week or two. Great. Keep going. This is the core to everything you want, in so much of your life and you actually have no choice now; this Full Moon is telling you to do it thoroughly and take it seriously, or to continue to put up with situations you would rather not have. The second scenario? There is a role behind the scenes you are playing with zero credit or attention. Others are the front, you are the back end. This is also where you must now harness all your willpower and actually 'get' what it means to be below the surface - and truly do it! There is one last group of Aquarians, very much in the minority, who are exploring the unconscious mind. We might call this the spirit, astral body, etheric body, aura or soul. For you, it is also time to get real. To get serious. To understand that this must be handled properly. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. You are going to save or make a fortune, Aquarius. And you will see why from Tuesday 11th August. The promise is the key.

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Pisces: 29 June-5 July

Pisces, I am sure you would like to race to good news about your love life, so you can skip ahead to the end of the forecast right now. However - it is also time to take the group utterly seriously, because if you can make the group work, then everything else is changed in your favour. the Full Moon in Capricorn which you will feel on Wednesday 1st,  Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd July is the nudge. Actually it's more than a nudge. It's a massive shove, telling you that what you just discovered about being part of a tribe, playing your role in the community, honouring friendship, giving and asking for space with friends and acquaintances, networking - all of that - is now the rule. If you don't make it the rule you won't get what you deserve. And what you deserve is an organisation, team, club, society, association, band, political party, rock band, yoga class - whatever - that has so much people power inside it, you also become powerful as a result. Unless you truly do this thing, you will never get what is there for the taking. And if you let it slide, then (as you saw in 2014 and earlier in 2015) you run into real issues. So it's now or never. Juno also enters Virgo this week, which you will feel from Monday 23, Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. This is a massive new relationship, wedding, baby or first shared home for so many Pisces people! You will see why from Tuesday 11th August yet the commitment is in the air now. Do you need counselling or even an amicable split to fix love? It's there for you. Do you need to heal from your ex before you can move on? It's there for you. In a very, very few cases you are not so interested in love and sex, but more into work partnership or business duets. This also receives a massive boost from this week forward with the real deal (wonderful) laid out before you, second half of August.

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