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People have always relied on oracles for guidance. The Romans believed the gods sent meaningful and divine messages all the time and even their own emperors used astrology. The Astrology Oracle a modern oracle-interpretation based on ancient symbols and inspired by the heavenly bodies, points and angles of astrology. Many of these represent Rome’s most helpful, healing gods and their names survive in astrology today. Jupiter opens doors and resolves problems. Fortuna turns a low point into a high point. Diana offers freedom and liberation. When you use this Oracle, think of time like a river. In this river, the past, present and future flow into each other, backwards and forwards. Using this oracle you are pausing to look at the river at one point in your journey. Your oracle answer will show you where you are coming from, where you are now and where you are headed. You can make the journey better or change course, as you wish.

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Common Questions

When you work with the Astrology Oracle, you need space, peace, time and total focus. What you are actually doing, when you open yourself up to this parallel universe, is letting your mind wander into the future. The future is a reality. It is already coming towards us, based on where we just were – and where we are heading now. When you use the Oracle you let your mind race ahead faster than the speed of light. You report back to yourself from the future.

The questions are really important! I often see questions from people who are obsessively in love and are desperate to know if it’s ever going to work out with the person in question, or if they have a future (if they are together).

Spend just as much time exploring and appreciating your ‘now’ cards as you do, racing towards the future.

If the present is not being powerfully, accurately and richly described by the cards, please restart the process, or if it does not work a couple of times – come back later.

Try to ask constructive questions which will help you, rather than racing to an outcome.

The Astrology Oracle can assist you with it’s unique, specific solutions for problem solving and crisis management. The question to ask is ‘What is the point of this situation?’ Or perhaps ‘Why am I being put through this situation?’ You might also ask ‘What is the higher purpose of this problem in my life?’ When you ask these types of questions you can open the door to a new pathway of possibility, triggered by the answer your receive. Look up the symbol card and the house card and line up the keywords (written by the description on the cards). The guidance you need will come when you spot something from each key word list that really hits home. That immediately and powerfully makes sense.

If you want to use The Astrology Oracle like a pro psychic, the first thing you have to do, is drop your longing for a firm ‘yes or no’ answer. By that I mean, questions like ‘Is he coming back to me?’ Other common questions, and quite understandably so, might be, ‘Will I get the job?’ Another mistake first-time oracle or Tarot readers make is to look for a time (‘When will I meet my husband’). In order to get the most from The Astrology Oracle, begin with the present – from the point of view of all the participants in the situation. This is usually just one other person, so I will use that as an example.

My client Nell wants to know if she will have a serious relationship with Paulo, the man she recently met. She is even curious about marriage despite the fact that he has a girlfriend! So the first questions must be ‘Where is he at?’ and also ‘Where is she at?’

If our lives are like newspapers, what are the headlines for Nell and Paulo right now? You can use this technique for yourself as well no matter if your question is about love, work, money, health or anything else.

What are the headlines in Nell’s life now?
Mercury and Sixth House – The Oracle says, it’s all about the written and spoken word, the computer, the phone, the media, the internet – and in connection with work and Nell’s relationship with her body.

What are the headlines in Paolo’s life now?
Sun and Fourth House – The Oracle says, Paolo has his apartment, house, family, household, home town and/or homeland as the priority and there is a big spotlight on his people and his place.

If you can imagine time as a gigantic map, full of roads and hills (almost as if you were looking at your life from an aeroplane window) then it is possible to see Nell’s path and Paolo’s path converging. We know that Nell wants Paolo (despite the girlfriend!) so how will their paths cross again? What or who brings them together?

1. Read for the other person/s in the story too so you can see how all your paths are crossing.
2. Ditch any idea of definite yes or no answers – or specific times – as this map of time does not work like that.
3. Fix yourself in the present first and you will get a strong feeling for how the Oracle works.
4. See time as a map, like the ground laid out from an aeroplane window, and see how people cross paths.
5. To get what you want from a situation, make sure both/all participants are fed what they need. Go for win-win.

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The Descendant describes your former, current or potential partner. Also your enemy, opponent or rival. In astrology the Descendant rules Libra in the natural zodiac. Libra is associated with the scales and those scales can either be harmoniously and symmetrically balanced between two people or they can be out of alignment. That is why the Descendant card can talk about a boyfriend, girlfriend or work partner, just as much as it can describe a conflict. The Descendant symbol (scales) can sometimes turn up through synchronicity when you draw this card. Scales match different substances together so that even though they are in many ways at opposite ends of the spectrum (and sometimes not even remotely alike) there is an even weighting. A fair balance. That is what this card wants you to pay attention to. What does it take to make the needle hover in the middle when two sides are opposite and also different? What works?


This card describes the person on the other end of the see-saw. The person on the other end of the scales. The person on the other end of the tightrope. It commonly describes a marriage, professional partnership or sexual relationship. If the see-saw is unbalanced in favour of one person, at the expense of the other person, this card describes a conflict. If the scales are unfairly weighted, it may describe a legal battle (the scales of justice).


Your partner, former partner or current partner is the other end of the Ascendant (see cards). When one projects a particular image or plays a specific part in a story, drama or soap opera called life – there is always a leading man or leading lady to partner. The Descendant describes that person, no matter if s/he belongs to your past, your present or your future. Romeo plays his part on the stage with costume and props. Who is Juliet?


The Descendant and the Eleventh House suggest a partner in a band, or a group project.

The Descendant and the Third House suggests a variety of partners in multimedia/internet.

Sometimes the Descendant describes a professional rival who is very jealous of you.

Occasionally the Descendant describes your lover’s ex, who is also envious of you.

If this reading is about an enemy, rival or opponent, then this card has picked it straight up.


A set of scales

A see-saw

Second House

The Second House

The Second House describes your money, house, business, apartment, charity or precious possessions. One or two items on that list will be a major factor now. You may also be looking at questions about your income, insurance, credit card and so on. The underlying theme is your value system. What you will (or will not) sell your soul for. They say everyone has her or his price, so what is yours? At the same time, if you have drawn this Astrology Oracle answer, you are being asked to look at who and what is priceless to you. Some things are worth more than mere money. In astrology, the Second House is associated with the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus. Taurus the sign of the bull is linked by association to bull markets on Wall Street and also bullion. When you draw this Astrology Oracle answer it’s time to look at what or who is most valuable to you.

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