Saturday 26th May 2018: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May are all about you again! We find your own zodiac sign, Aries, occupied by Salacia, Juno, Aesculapia and Chiron so the 'Me' zone of your horoscope is really crowded. This is an escape from reality. A commitment. A resurrection or revival of some aspects of yourself, which you might have thought were over. It's also an experiment with yourself, to see what is possible now! Are you a Premium Member? Check your personal birth chart for factors at Aries 1, 3, 12 degrees. If this is you, then Friday, Saturday brings milestone choices about your image, title, role, face, name, shape, style and profile. It's not ego, nor narcissism. You need to act.

What it means to be Aries

Well-known for promoting yourself and fighting the good fight, you are in the rare Uranus in Aries cycle right now, which means you are here to use social media to set yourself free. When you do this, you set other people free as well. You have never had so many amazing multimedia tools to be independent, Aries. Did you also know that when your ruler Mars goes through Aries (every two years) you are in a stunning position to convert people to your side? Just by being yourself, you encourage them to do that too.

Your Week

The Taurus-Scorpio weather we are experiencing at the moment is really about understanding how larger changes within the business, banking or currency world can benefit you. Of course, you have to decide what benefits actually mean. Sometimes it is not actually accumulating wealth or gains but earning something money cannot buy. Independence. Read your full Aries Weekly Horoscope: 21-27 May 2018

Your Month

YOUR VALUES - ALL CHANGE The bottom line, of your bottom line at the bank, will be your own value system now. By that I mean who and what you consider is up for sale. Negotiable. Also, who and what you consider is precious, or even priceless. No deal, no matter what. Read your May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Aries in 2018

EXPORTING YOUR IDEAS Aries, Happy New Year. It has taken you a lot to get to this point, where you have one or two important ideas to export to other parts of your region – or perhaps around the world. Read your Aries 2018 Horoscope

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