Tuesday 19th September 2017: Panacea in Aquarius quincunx Mercury today suggests a group looking for a solution. There is no black or white in this situation, just shades of grey and blue too. It may take some time to figure out the right way for all of you. What suits everybody's mutual needs?

What it means to be Aries

Well-known for promoting yourself and fighting the good fight, you are in the rare Uranus in Aries cycle right now, which means you are here to use social media to set yourself free. When you do this, you set other people free as well. You have never had so many amazing multimedia tools to be independent, Aries. Did you also know that when your ruler Mars goes through Aries (every two years) you are in a stunning position to convert people to your side? Just by being yourself, you encourage them to do that too.

Your Week

On Sunday 24th September, your house of sexual relationships (past, present, potential) and also children, becomes rather busy. Ceres and Fortuna change signs to Leo, which describes courtship, courting, heirs to your throne and spares to your throne. You can't really complain about the value of what is on offer. This is precious. Quite special! Read your full Aries Weekly Horoscope: 18-24 September 2017

Your Month

In September, you will learn what makes a house or apartment feel like a home – and what makes your part of the world feel like so much more than a patch on the map. There are questions here about how to share and divide the space, but these can be answered. Read your September Monthly Horoscope

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