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Virgo Monthly Forecast

Scorpio Season

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Scorpio Season is about your Third House and lasts until the third week of November. Virgo, if you have Gemini factors in your chart, then what happens now, nods to May, June 2024, which is the start of the biggest and best cycle for siblings, cousins, short journeys, the media and the internet in 12 years.

The Third House rules brothers and sisters, communication and short-haul travel (a quick plane trip, an overnight stay, a weekend car expedition.) While the Sun passes through the Third House it will shine a huge spotlight on all these areas of your life, so you can judge them – and make decisions.

Let’s begin with your siblings. At this time of year, your relationship with them will be much more obvious to other people. The Sun will act like a huge, swinging torch at this time, passing over your brother or sister repeatedly, until you get the message. It’s the same with cousins. The Third House rules your sibling or cousin, according to tradition. Of course, we are coming up to Christmas.

The next three weeks will emphasise and underline every single point about the relationship until you know exactly what’s going on, and where you stand. The state of play with your brother or sister will be more obvious now and require your input.

Communication – your way with words and images, or ideas and messages – is also in the spotlight now. This Scorpio transit is short and not particularly important long-term, except for one thing. It may involve a much longer, quite radical revolution for you with publishing, the worldwide web, academia and foreign people. That is quite a radical change in your life and far more important. It is liberating.

This transit is also about commuting and short journeys, Virgo. What kind of driver are you? What sort of tourist or traveller are you? Are you safe or an idiot? Choose your destiny. But…back to siblings.

Piscean actor Michael Caine had this cycle on May 12th, 1991, when English tabloid newspapers revealed the existence of a previously hidden half-brother. As I’ve said, if you have Gemini chart factors, then November is a lot more important than first appears and you will see why, for terrific reasons, from May 2024.

Sagittarius Season

sagittarius 295x300 - VirgoVirgo, this concerns your home, family, household, town and country. It begins with an intense rush in the final week of November. Of course, Christmas is coming, but so is the end of the year and all those decisions.

If you have Scorpio factors in your chart then November as a whole is about what you own, earn or owe in relation to a partner or relative. In fact, these questions cross over.

Sagittarius season starts late in the month and picks up your Fourth House. The Fourth House of your chart rules your home (typically, your house or flat, but sometimes your temporary accommodation). It also rules your family (that means parents, siblings and relatives, as well as partners and any children.) Because ‘home’ often means flatmates to people, they will also be prominent in this cycle. And, of course, the place you think of as home can also mean the country you were born in, or the country you live in now. Heritage, history, culture and ancestors.
This will have a financial angle for you, Virgo, so it’s not just about the house or apartment. You have the nodes in your bank and income sectors now, so what is just a November-December issue about the rent, mortgage or property investment has much, much wider implications. It takes you back 18-19 years, with karma. You are owed, from that time, or you owe. What goes around comes around.

Our home lives and families are often a background track. That will change now, as you find yourself staring, long and hard, at everything. And of course, the sibling or cousin question from earlier in November, can blend into questions about (say) your father, or stepmother.

This can be your finest hour, if your son singles you out in his Oscars acceptance speech, or your new neighbours drop in, just to ask you who painted your gate. Don’t worry too much if it’s clear the home front is not all it could be, though. This is simply your cue to do what’s required, for at least another 12 months, so that next year, you can bask in what you’ve achieved.

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