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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for February. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aries Monthly Forecast

Ceres in Capricorn and Your Success and Status

It’s hard to know which is more important in February; your role and goals in life, or your finances. Let’s start with your ambition, mission and position. There will be a long compromise and carve-up with Ceres in Capricorn, starting on 7th February (always allow +/- 24 hours for world time zone differences).

This is really important because you just signed off from years of Pluto in Capricorn, affecting your career, academic career or unpaid role. That finished on 21st January.

So the endless questions about how much willpower you have, how much power you have, how much self-control you possess and how much control you own, are finished with.

This is the division of the territory and turf. It may be literal (job-sharing or project sharing). It may be psychological or emotional (nothing is in writing but you and your employer, staff, colleagues, competitors, clients and so on – must agree on a very new arrangement).

Mars is also in Capricorn until February 13th so I would expect things to move quickly. Mars is also your ruler. Reduce the heat and speed if you can; or at least choose your battles.

Venus is also in Capricorn so this really is Capricorn weather. She is there until the 16th of February. The complex nature of the relationships involved (particularly if they cross over from sex to career) is really important now. You have to understand that this goes way beyond what is professional, into what is intensely personal. (‘So tell me something I don’t already know’ I hear you say).

Ceres is the big one, though. She will be in your Tenth House of status, success and rank until December 7th. This is a very long bargaining agreement or deep compromise. This dwarf planet, promoted in 2006, when Pluto was demoted, typically produces demotions, promotions, mergers and departures.

I think the real drama for you will come when Pluto briefly retrogrades into your Tenth House on September 3rd until November 19th. This also happens to be the American election period. This may or may not have a trickle-down effect on your career or academic career, say.

As you will have to live with the consequences of all you say and do, professionally, at university/college or with your unpaid work, take your time in February. You must both/all agree to differ on certain matters and learn to live with an arrangement that completely transforms the balance of power. That is best achieved in an atmosphere of tolerance and politeness even if you or others don’t always feel that, Aries. 

This may even be your entire industry, business, profession or field of expertise. It could be as big as a complete change in the way things are run, from the top down – and sideways too.

Now, what’s going on with your friendships and groups? That is also extremely important in February 2024.

Aquarius Weather and the Group

Social events will come along now, which throw you and your friends together. Or they get caught up in their own little life episodes – which suddenly, directly involve you. Everyone is watching – so how will you perform?  There is more to this now than the usual January or February get-togethers. Power is in the room.

This cycle is also about social media, as well as social or more serious group involvements. If you make a new friend now, this rather interesting man or woman could turn out to be of lasting importance in your life. It’s been 248 years since Pluto was in Aquarius, the sign of fraternity (or Fraternity, if you were the late Bon Scott).

Brotherhood and sisterhood is a noble ideal. Now, it’s powerful. If you are already involved with a group, association, team, club or other network of people (like a regular yoga class, or a tight circle of friends) then decisions are coming.

There may also be a group around you (a book group, a website forum and so on) where one or more people are feeling the heat as Mars transits Aquarius in February. Keep an eye on the networks, teams, clubs, associations, organisations, classes and other assortments of people who are in your world, or on the fringes of your world, at this time. What do you actually want?

You will also make some remarkable new friends now if you want to. Real game-changers.

Groups you are already involved with will also hit breakthroughs if you all try. There is a stellium in Aquarius in February 2024 which will pick up your natal chart if you have factors in Aquarius too. So the truth of the matter is – ‘All for one, and one for all.’ You are an Aries but you can’t be the lone operator or sole story.

It could be a rock band, political party, book group, and so on.

The astrological update of this transit  can make it almost impossible to hang on to the way things used to be – as well as the way you view your place in the group, or with a particular friend.

Finding what works for you could be a case of trial and error, testing a different approach each time. If x happens (as it always does) and you try a y approach, will you end up feeling z? It is typical of Aquarius transits that the diverse community (male, female, black, white, old, young, rich, poor and beyond) is the story. In fact, that is where the power is.

If the goals you share with a group of like-minded people, or friends, benefit the planet as a whole – and if there are lots of groups like yours, joining up together – you could collectively change everything. It’s early days yet, Aries, but that’s all entirely possible.

Pisces Weather and Your Soul

Right at the end of the month the Pisces weather rolls into your Twelfth House of solitude, spirituality and soul. The Sun, Mercury and Full Moon pushing against the Sun in Pisces, characterise the 18th-29th.

This is the transit associated with self-help, religion, therapy, dream counselling, Jung, mediums, Tarot and the inner life. I dare say you need to do something about a situation which has grown up over time, Aries. That will come on the New Moon in Pisces around 10th March. These things are private and only shared with a priest (say) or a therapist. Maybe, your diary. Something has to give, though.

You have been dealing with Saturn and Neptune in your solar Twelfth House since March 2023. There is now a situation you cannot get into or cannot get out of. Nobody else knows or understands, but from the 18th it becomes clear to you, things have to change in March.

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