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Your Image, Reputation, Profile, Name, Brand, Title, Look

What appears to be an issue about/for your partner, near May 7th, is actually about your image. Your title, brand or reputation. This may also be very much about your former partner or potential partner. We’re talking love or work here. Marriage or professional duet. A Full Moon always requires more time and space so create that on May 6th, 7th, 8th because this is ‘the big full stop in the sky’ you need to pause, before a decision.

Perhaps it’s just that the two of you have been thrown together so much, since March. Maybe you’ve had a wake-up call about an ex-partner, or a potential future partner. Taurus, other reasons for this big pause may well be financial, about the house, apartment or bank account.

Your opposite sign of Scorpio describes the chemistry you two share and the mix is more challenging at the end of the first week of May, because a Full Moon is always D-Day. The Sun is opposite the Moon then, so you may be at odds with yourself (but feel you must make a decision) or be quite single-minded about a matter, but find the other person is pulling the other way.

Let it pass. Do what you must. If you are a Premium Member. please do use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, as your situation is obviously intensely personal, to you and the man (or woman) involved.

When I said that this was really about you, you, you (and the way you appear to the world) I meant it. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is about the marriage, or the work partnership, or whatever. As early as 1st May when Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, your own zodiac sign, you are going to see that the period around your birthday, or just before it, is a relaunch.

It is a relaunch fired from a cannon on an erratic timer. Fireworks included. Uranus is about all that is sudden, completely unexpected but also exhilarating. Try to buy into that feeling Taurus. There is a good XTC song which describes that sensation – like a rocket from a bottle, set free.

Yet, you are a fixed earth sign and you probably feel like digging your heels in, during this electrical storm. Try to keep moving, instead. Very close to 4th May you must put something in writing or find the words. That’s a real moment, in terms of how you are seen – and how you appear. By around the 7th of May it’s pretty clear to you and everyone else that although this is a “Me” issue it’s also a “We’ issue, or even a “Me versus you” issue which can happen as well. The month ends with another real moment, in terms of your reputation, name, title, appearance (perhaps how you physically look or dress) and the rest.

Taurus, try to go with this. There is no handbook. (Although you can use astrology to help). There is no manual or useful tour guide. This has never happened to you before and it will never happen again. That is not meant to make you dig your heels in any further. Instead, try to dance in the electrical storm as the lightning crackles overhead. You are being set free.

You may go, literally, independently into the new world. Depending on how confined you have been my matters of image, title, name and so on – you may shear away the past and step forward into a very new future. Uranus always brings freedom. Not some kind of compromise. Genuine liberty and liberation. Now, let’s talk about the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment.

white flowers on book

Circle May 21st-23rd in your Diary

Astrology is about timing. It has seen us through about 2000 years of history, and been there for all kinds of events, from various Wall Street transformations, to the rest. Obviously, the C-word is having an ongoing impact on your salary, rent, shares, mortgage, insurance and the rest.

The timing is right for a new direction from about May 22nd on the New Moon. Your ruler Venus, which describes complicated financial relationships, is also alongside Mercury – communication – on the same day. So, that’s really about the big discussion, the paperwork, the numbers or the sums.

The timing is right. What we are seeing here is karma, coming in from 19 years ago, and 19 years before that, and 19 years before that. It may not be evident so much when you’re talking or reading near the 22nd of May, but about a week later, near the 28th of May, you’re going to see everything plainly laid out.

The North Node and South Node in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, will illustrate what you are owed, spiritually, and also what you owe others. Taurus people can be so generous. Among my Taurus friends I find charity donors, philanthropists and substantial fundraisers. If that is you, and particularly if you were involved in a major ‘give’ about 19 years ago, the universe will now give back.

Even if you were a child then or you were born then, you may bring useful past life karma with you into this existence, in which case you’ll know about it at the end of May. Why? Things line up for you with the apartment, money, house, possessions, business, insurance, taxation and so on.

If you are having a tough time with your finances, you are not alone. You are so very, very not alone, Taurus! Not only is everyone born under your sign having the same issues, you are part of a global group, destined to profoundly alter the way governments handle taxation. And offshore banking. And money laundering.

This is not just about you. You are connected to everyone else and there are solutions. The 19-year rule is a good one, because you can look back to life around 2001, and see a pattern. What worked then? What didn’t work? Repeat, or don’t repeat, that strategy.

The solutions are very much about karma with family members, friends, colleagues, the bank itself, your partner, former partner or potential partner – which I discussed above. This will take a bit of sorting out, Taurus, but it will be okay.

You have woken up, along with Scorpio people, to find that you are at the heart of the biggest shift to the work economy in anybody’s adult lifetime. Of all the 12 signs you are best equipped to make this work, for yourself and those around you. You will.

Are you a Premium Member? Your personal birth chart will be online now, if you are logged in, so you can see if this month’s key dates affect you. Don’t forget to navigate May using all your membership benefits. The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook. Your private library of e-guides which cover so many Mind, Body and Spirit subjects, like energy clearing your home – and using the Tarot like a professional. There are Podcasts to relax with – and luxuriously long, locked forecasts. Check your diary dates in May.

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