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True 2023 Predictions

True Astrology Predictions in 2023  The Mayo School of Astrology recently asked me to talk about news prediction in astrology. This list of true predictions

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The 8th November Eclipse

The Total Eclipse on 8th November The total eclipse of the moon falls on Election Day in America on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. I’ve already

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The Astrology of Bitcoin

The astrology of Bitcoin clearly shows the all-time high thanks to Elon Musk, on Tuesday 9th February 2021. It also shows a key date in its history and suggests January 2022 is unforgettable.

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Mercury Retrograde 2020! Dates and Details

The dates and details of Mercury Retrograde 2020 in depth, for you to plan far in advance and use this cycle to your advantage. How do you avoid the disruption? Includes personal chart specifics for Premium Members.

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Mercury Retrograde October-December 2019

Mercury Retrograde from October 11th to December 7th 2019, always starts earlier and ends later than Google tells you. How will your horoscope be affected? Why is this astrology cycle so famous?

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China and US Astrology – Trade War Tariffs

Either the astrology really is working, to the very minute, or Donald is using an astrologer. (Ronald Reagan did and her name was Joan Quigley). If you are curious about the horoscope set for 12.01am Friday 10th May 2019, read on.

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True Predictions, New Predictions May 2018

It’s always good to check with the astrological weather every so often, just to see how your horoscope is tracking. Astrology can and does predict the future – as you can see here – over a year in advance.

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America? Capricorn!

America has a birth chart for 4th July and most astrologers believe she’s a Cancer country. That’s certainly one version of this proud, patriotic, wonderful country. I have proof she’s probably a Capricorn.

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How May 2018 Changes Everything

In the space of just a few days, starting on Sunday 13th May, we will be thrown into the biggest revolution of our lives. It will affect taxation. It will affect currency. It will affect the sharemarkets.

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