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Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius 2023 to 2044

Pluto shows power in astrology. The zodiac sign it passes through, shows where all the control is. Aquarius is the sign which rules groups and friends. Brotherhood and sisterhood. Community. It rules humanitarianism. Equality.

Margaret Hone linked Aquarius to “Groups and societies and amongst acquaintances brought together for a common purpose” in her Modern Textbook of Astrology. She associated Pluto with “Elimination. Renewal. Regeneration.”

A closer look at history shows that Pluto is always about a change in the balance of power. If you are a Premium Member and you see Aquarius planets, asteroids, angles or other factors in your personal birth chart, you will be profoundly affected.

Feminism, Tribes and System Change

History reveals that Pluto in Aquarius is always about feminism, tribes and system change. From Boudicca (sometimes spelled Boudica) onwards, this rare cycle (every 248 years) always gives women power, encourages groups and replaces the old system.
The global community, the United Nations, will very likely be transformed or replaced by 2044. It was born on 24th October 1945 with Pluto at 11 Leo and may not survive the opposition from Pluto at 11 Aquarius ahead.

History Repeats

If history repeats, then in the tradition of Boudicca, Empress Zoe and Queen Elizabeth I, (who all found power during Pluto in Aquarius) America may gain her first female president.

Based on history, Scotland may also gain her independence.

By 2044 the Commonwealth could be reformed or even replaced. Australia might become a Republic. All these changes are the natural outcome of every other Pluto in Aquarius cycle.

Every time Pluto turns up in Aquarius it tends to move on and progress, changes from previous Pluto in Aquarius cycles.

Feminist is grounded in the British Isles, there since 60AD and the best-recorded Pluto transit in Aquarius we have.  A change in the United Kingdom voting system, with proportional representation, seems very likely by 2044. This would guarantee female independents would have more power, outside the two-party system. More than one modern Boudicca? (Illustration: iStock).

Boudicca iStock 819x1024 - Pluto in Aquarius

Boudicca as Pluto in Aquarius

In The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, Sue Tompkins writes about Aquarius as “in olden times, a woman on one knee pouring out water from an urn or jug.”

Later on this Aquarian figure became male in astrology. For a time, though, Aquarius was female, and Boudicca (also spelled Boudica) was her first well-recorded channel.

“The Aquarian type is self-willed with a strong independent spirit. Typically the type will not be interfered with or told what to think or what to do,” Tompkins writes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Boudicca?

Pluto in Aquarius chimes with Generation Z voters, who were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of community and equality. The demographics of future American elections reveal that they will have more numbers than Baby Boomers, as Pluto begins its slow transit in Aquarius from 2023 to 2044. Is AOC America’s Boudicca?

Mary Beard on Boudicca

In SPQR, Mary Beard comments about the histories of Tacitus and other Roman writers where Boudicca laments the lost libertas of the Britons. This is a core Aquarian idea: to be at liberty, to liberate. Boudicca both failed and won.

This first well-recorded Pluto in Aquarius cycle, from AD 60 to 85 holds clues for us in 2023-2044. Strong women need good male allies to succeed. The generation which rises to the rebellion, or revolution, is only born to the task, if those future adults have Uranus and/or Neptune in Aquarius. The new voters and politicians of 2023-2044 do. In 2022, they call them Millennials.

The End of Elon Musk Syndrome

The ‘one  man to rule them all’ syndrome which Elon Musk personifies, also includes Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.  Pluto in Capricorn has been about power through the system or the establishment. Capricorn rules tradition. To date, that has been patriarchy. So, a social system in which positions of dominance and privilege are primarily held by men. We might also call this Emperor system. We have been living with this since 2008 and will be astonished at how different life feels, from 2023.

From March 2023, this Pluto in Capricorn phenomenon (patriarchy with all the money and power concentrated by men at the top) starts falling apart. It does so in slow stages, but the writing is on the wall when Pluto arrives in Aquarius and Saturn goes.

Plutocracy itself, defined by the Merriam-Webster, is government by the wealthy. A controlling class of the wealthy. The power of the Pluto in Capricorn plutocrats will not survive the next cycle, from Pluto’s first stay in Aquarius, from March 24th 2023 to June 11th 2023. This fall may include rich, older men like Eddie Izzard who claim they sometimes feel as if they are girls, taking over women’s spaces. This has been an unusual example of Pluto in Capricorn patriarchy which seems doomed to fail.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023 to 2044 Dates

March 24th 2023 to June 11th 2023
January 22nd 2024 to September 2nd 2024
November 20th 2024 to March 9th 2043
September 2nd 2043 to January 19th 2044


Aquarius Public Domain Pictures - Pluto in Aquarius

The Sign Aquarius

The sign Aquarius (Image: Wikimedia Commons) was defined for us by Ancient Rome. An ‘Aquarius’ was a literal water bearer. The aquarii were the work force behind the aqueducts. The communal baths (thermae) of Rome and fountains ran on water supplied by these aquarii.

The idea of pooling resources comes from this – and with it the old idea of Aquarian sharing. Men and women both used the baths and library.

The wavy lines in the Aquarius symbol show the water in the Roman baths or thermae. The contrast between Capricorn the mountain goat, the ambitious creature who strives to get to the top – and the Aquarius supplier to the people – could not be more extreme. Pluto in Aquarius will be a revelation after Pluto in Capricorn.

The Professional Aquarius of Rome

The man with the urn on his shoulder is the professional ‘Aquarius’.

The thermae or Roman baths were about equal access for all – for the greater good. Aqueducts like the Aqua Virgo supplied the baths. Baths were social hubs where senators and slaves mingled.

Aquarius is about this egalitarianism. It is also about tribalism. All the tribes coming together.

It rules the Eleventh House of your birth chart as you probably know. Friends and groups. Men and women. If you are a Premium Member, check to see if you have a stellium in Aquarius. If you do, then you inhabit your Eleventh House for much of the time. Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 will permanently alter the social landscape for you.

Join Me on Zoom

I’ll be talking to Lynette Malone and Zane Stein at The Astrology Collective about Pluto in Aquarius at a Zoom event, where I am happy to answer questions. You can find your tickets here on their Meetups page.

Please join us on February 5th and 12th 2023 to suit all time zones. Now, following your requests, let’s take a detailed look at the Pluto in Aquarius cycle, covering all periods in recent history. This data comes from Tables of Planetary Phenomena by Neil F. Michelsen.

Pluto in Aquarius 60 to 85 AD

March 28th to June 3rd 60
January 27th to August 16th 61
December 7th 61 to March 24th 84
August 8th 84 to February 7th 85
October 14th 85 to December 12th 85

Christianity and Pluto in Aquarius

Christianity was the first Pluto in Aquarius people power movement, embracing equality.Mark began writing the first of the gospels recounting the life of Jesus Christ in 60AD. This was also the first great example of system change, under Pluto in Aquarius. This cycle is always a two-step.

There is classically a long period of Pluto in Capricorn, where a tiny number of men hog the money and power – and people suffer. There is then a changeover period when the Pluto in Capricorn plutocrats meet a sticky end – and the people push back. And by people, we mean women.

Nero stabbed himself in the throat. Louis XVI had his head cut off on the guillotine and waved in front of the crowd. George III was psychotic and forced to hand over the crown. Pluto can be ruthless when he goes from Capricorn to Aquarius.

Boudica Book 300x300 - Pluto in AquariusBoudicca and Pluto in Aquarius

Boudicca led the Iceni and other British tribes in an uprising against the Romans in 60 AD. They destroyed London and Nero considered withdrawing all his forces from Britain.

Eventually, Boudicca and the British were defeated, but centuries later, she was adopted as an icon by the Suffragette movement. She has been captured in biographies and on television; a potent symbol of female power within a tribe.

The statue Boadicea and Her Daughters is close to the Houses of Parliament where three female Prime Ministers, all from the Conservative party, have ruled Britain since.

Pluto in Aquarius cycles leave long traces in history. They always empower women in keeping with the old Aquarian vision of pooling resources across genders.

Boudicca paved the way for Mary I and Elizabeth I, who also arrived on a later Pluto in Aquarius cycle. A fourth female British Prime Minister seems likely from 2023 to 2044. She may not be white.

Nero as Pluto in Capricorn

During the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64 Nero put Christians to death, but it made them martyrs and Christianity grew more powerful. Nero committed suicide at the age of 30 in AD 68. Pluto in Capricorn ‘plutocrats’ tend to fall over when the planet departs this sign. They take their own lives; go mad; are killed. It’s a Pluto rule.

If you are interested in the end of Pluto in Capricorn as much as the start of Pluto in Aquarius, look here. 

A second discussion about the fall of Pluto in Capricorn plutocrats and patriarchy is here 

Christianity, Women and Pluto in Aquarius

Luke began to write his gospel in this same Pluto in Aquarius cycle in AD80. It includes more stories about women than any other gospel.

Women are disciples and full members of the new community in Luke; they are partners with Jesus in mission and witnesses to the crucifixion, the empty tomb, the angelic announcement of the resurrection – and resurrection appearance. It’s interesting to note that the next great religious movement (system change) began with Islam, after Christianity. Again, we are back to tribes and people power.

Pluto in Aquarius 550 to 574

March 14th 550 to June 2oth 550
January 18th 551 to September 3rd 551
November 22nd 551 to March 12th 573
August 25th 573 to January 25th 574

Muhammad was born in 570 and founded Islam, the next great movement to emerge during Pluto in Aquarius. His wife, merchant and businesswoman Khadijah bint Khuwaylid became his first follower.

Pluto in Aquarius 795 to 819

March 27th 795 to June 7th 795
January 25th 796 to August 22nd 796
December 1st 796 to April 13th 817
July 19th 817 to February 21st 818
September 21st 818 to January 3rd 819

Irene of Athens became sole ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire from 797 to 802 in this Pluto in Aquarius cycle. This particular Pluto in Aquarius cycle also saw the Viking Age. Another system change. Viking wives had a say in the choice of their mates, could initiate divorce, reclaim dowries, and play a part in public life. They could become wealthy landowners. Viking women were also respected psychics or seers.

Viking Women and Pluto in Aquarius

The best way into Viking female history is this website if you are curious. Scandinavia Facts reveals that during this intriguing Pluto in Aquarius cycle, women were so important to society that they were buried with ships. The Middle Ages described a huge leap forward for women, stuck as they were with the old Pluto in Capricorn system, just before. (Image: Scandinavia Facts).

viking women valhalla - Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius 1041 to 1063

February 9th 1041 to July 31st 1041
December 20th 1041 to March 31st 1062
August 4th 1062 to February 11th 1063
October 11th 1063 to December 16th 1063

Zoë Porphyrogenita was Byzantine Empress in this period. She ruled with her sister Theodora and they were joint empresses, for a short time. (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

Zoe Porphyrogenita Wikimedia 204x300 - Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius 1286 to 1308

March 5th 1286 to June 29th 1286
January 10th 1287 to September 23rd 1287
November 1st 1287 to March 27th 1307
August 10th 1307 to March 27th 1307
October 23rd 1308 to December 4th 1308

The First War of Scottish Independence began in 1296 as the Scots with Robert the Bruce, battled the English. On March 25th 1306 Robert was crowned King of Scotland with Elizabeth de Burgh as Queen. It seems we can likely expect independence for Scotland in the 2023-2044 period.

Pluto in Aquarius 1532 to 1553

February 12th 1532 to July 29th 1532
December 21st 1532 to March 30th 1552
August 4th 1552 to February 10th 1553
October 15th 1553 to December 12th 1553

Mary I Wikimedia - Pluto in AquariusThis Pluto in Aquarius period saw the youthful beginnings of Britain’s second great female leader after Boudicca. Enter the all-powerful Queen Elizabeth I, born on 7th September 1533. The Church of England was also born with Pluto in Aquarius, in November 1534 and would eventually allow women priests some centuries later.

Mary I became Queen on 19th July 1553 in the final year of Pluto in Aquarius. (Image: Wikimedia Commons).  This was a tremendous period of system change, elevating two queens. The transformation in this cycle was also, of course, The Reformation under Henry VIII.

Pluto in Aquarius cycles have to put in context. The Reformation came about because Henry VIII was a serial monogamist. This great power struggle between King and Pope is typical of any Pluto cycle, Pluto being the astrological symbol of total control. Yet, without the Anglican church that Henry created, a woman’s right to divorce (and a woman’s right to become a priest) would not today be enshrined in English life. Today’s royal family are a good example of just this: a woman’s right to leave a marriage, with Diana and Anne leaving a long trail.

Pluto in Aquarius 1777 to 1798

April 3rd 1777 to May 28th 1777
January 26th 1778 to August 21st 1778
December 1st 1778 to April 11th 1797
July 21st 1797 to February 17th 1798
September 28th 1798 to December 26th 1798

Plutocrats, symbolic of the previous Pluto in Capricorn cycle, fell over dramatically on this Pluto in Aquarius transit. On 14th February 1779 Captain Cook, that great coloniser, was killed by Hawaiians. In 1778 his employer, George III became deranged and unfit to rule. In February 1789, the Regency Bill, authorising the Prince of Wales to act as Regent in George’s place, was passed in the House of Commons.

The United States is Born

People power famously peaked in this period on 19th October 1781 when General George Washington defeated the British at Yorktown. On 3rd September 1783 Britain signed the Treaty of Paris and gave independence to America.

The 1777 Second Continental Congress agreement set up “a firm league of friendship” between the new united states. This is where many American astrologers began to associate friends, allies and the idea of a brotherhood and sisterhood – with Aquarius.

The US Constitution adopted on 17th September 1787 has been amended 27 times since then and it is easy to predict, will be amended again on the new Pluto in Aquarius cycle of 2023-2044.

Modern Australia is Born

On 13th May 1787, during this cycle, the First Fleet of settlers, including 778 convicts, left Britain for New South Wales, Australia. Australia is an interesting example, like America, of a nation invented during Pluto in Aquarius. All the signs are there. Tribes. Feminism. Egalitarianism. This was also a crucial period for black rights worldwide. The British Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was established in 1787.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

“Liberty, equality, fraternity” was the rallying cry of the French Revolution of 1789. The Storming of the Bastille on 14th July 1789 is a defining Pluto in Aquarius moment.

“Men are born free and remain free and equal in rights” is part of the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, from this Pluto in Aquarius cycle in 1789.

On 21st January 1793 Louis XVI was executed at the guillotine. On 16th October Marie Antoinette met the same fate. On 4th February 1794 France abolished slavery.

The Society of Revolutionary and Republican Women was an important part of the revolution. The Women’s March on Versailles, too.

Mary Wollstonecraft Wikimedia - Pluto in AquariusMary Wollstonecraft

A Vindication of the Rights of Women was published by Mary Wollstonecraft in 1792 during this Pluto in Aquarius cycle. It called for girls to be educated equally with boys. This brings us to the year 2023 and the imminent arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, again. Where to next? (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

The combination of Uranus in Taurus (a revolution in the economy) as well as Pluto in Aquarius (from 2023 to 2026) suggests either a sharemarket crash and/or taxation reform. The billionaire plutocrats  who dominated us during Pluto in Capricorn seem unlikely to survive.

Do you have an Aquarius stellium?  Perhaps you are already involved in such a movement, but nothing has altered. That will turn around from March 2023 when the time is right. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020 may have laid out the path, but it will take Pluto in Aquarius to propel you along it. In your own way, you will be part of the great change to come.







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  1. Hi Jessica,

    How will Pluto in Aquarius affect the economy? How will transit affect my chart? I’m looking forward to the end of Pluto in Capricorn.

    1. Pluto in Aquarius empowers people with free or affordable access to everything they need and want to have a better existence, so we can expect the election or re-re-election of governments committed to society; to the community. Plutocrats hogging wealth at the top will not last. That’s not the Aquarius system. It’s the old Capricorn cycle. Your chart shows stelliums in Aquarius and Gemini so the groups you join or rejoin from March 2023 will change your life and from 2026, the internet undergoes a revolution in connection with those groups, which transforms your entire existence. Language translation at an effective level in real-time video is one possibility. Another is the automatic addition of the magic words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to online dialogue for people who forget their manners. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jessica, fascinating article as always! My son and daughter are both sun Aquarius and both have huge Aquarius stelliums. They are 23 and 20 years old just starting out in their chosen IT careers. Would you be able to shed some light as to how Pluto in Aquarius will affect them please? Interestingly though, I have nothing in Aquarius.. Thank you so much for your help.

    1. That’s interesting about your children being strongly Aquarian and involved in Information Technology. They will be part of a wave of change online that transforms the world and makes it more equal, from the year 2026. Uranus (the revolution) goes into Gemini (the worldwide web) from that point, and as the major bar to equality is lack of computer and internet access, but also the language barrier, the work they do (or the unpaid work they do) will likely play its part in that massive transformation to come. It will make the world a fairer place, in keeping with the Aquarian vision of sharing.

  3. So many great nuggets of information in this post Jessica. Enjoyed this read. Feels hopeful and inspiring. Thank you!

  4. This article gives me hope, Jessica! It’s about time women get recognized as equal, and it would be amazing if America gets her first female President! I have Pluto in Scorpio and I have experienced some aspects of it in my career. I have changed my field of work two times already (transformation / regeneration) and some how never achieved the kind of success I would have wanted. The power was always in someone else’s hand! How does the next decade of Pluto in Aquarius impact me? As a woman, I hope it brings me success and visibility at work.

    1. Thank you. You have Salacia in Aquarius in your Eleventh House so inhabit two different worlds, neither of them particularly real or regular, in your social life, with your friends, and among groups. So this is rather like escaping from reality, by creating your own reality with a couple of bands, or an internet space where you use a different identity, or with friends who take you away. Pluto going into your Eleventh House will slowly begin to change that, from March 2023. If you want career success then you will be pleased to hear the male politics from 2008-2022 is over from March 2023. Patriarchy is finished from that point and a slew of female leaders around the world by the end of the cycle will alter attitudes and laws. Women will rise as they always do.

    1. Waving to Las Vegas. This is a good question. If you lack Aquarius and have an empty Eleventh House of friends and groups – they don’t define you. You don’t live there. If you are heavily involved with clubs, teams, societies, associations and the like, it may be temporary or for reasons more connected to ‘needs must’ rather than who you actually are. Pluto’s transit won’t heavily, personally or directly involve you. So, you won’t be Boudicca. Or Boudicca’s follower.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Great article thank you.

    Just to let you know the link for the zoom event is not working when you click through to the astrology collective link to register.


  6. Hi Jessica
    Another interesting and enlightening read thank you. The more I dig into Astrology the more I want to learn.
    Will be interesting to watch the next few years pan out. It is interesting to note both our daughter and I have an Aquarius Stellium yet our son only Uranus and my husband his IC. Again feminine power.

    Have recently been reading about the Australia One movement will be interesting to watch how that plays out come Pluto’s move to Aquarius.

    Thank you again for all that you share. You and Seeing with Stars opened up a whole new world to me.
    Kind regards Karen

    1. Thank you Karen. You and your daughter may become involved (or involved, one more time) with the same group. Being swept up by a movement, seems very likely, by 2044 and it would engage female power. I’m not aware of Australia One, so will take a look now. Isn’t Stephanie Johnson wonderful?

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your great articles, this one included.
    I’ve studied my chart and read your new book, but I am somewhat confused. I have stelliums in both Capricorn and Aquarius (and Cancer). I have always felt more like Aquarius and my Sun sign, yet I can’t deny my Capricorn aspects. I’m wondering how Pluto moving out of one of my stelliums and into another will affect me? Is there a contradiction, and if so, how does one handle it?

    I would love to hear how this works.

    1. Thanks Amelie. You are a Sun Pisces and confusion is common. The two fish swim in opposite directions in your sign and there are really good reasons why Sun Pisces women often feel flummoxed. You are going to see Pluto over a 40-year period of your life, make you become who you are. He is almost out of Capricorn, so you have seen for yourself, how your ambitions can transform, and how you handle tremendous power and influence, when it has come your way. (With care, is the reply). You will feel a bump in March 2023. That cycle is over. Saturn leaves Aquarius, Pluto comes in. Pluto leaves Capricorn. Having learned, since 2008, about the way people try to control or manipulate – possibly an entire profession – maybe just various work projects or roles – you now get relief from the constant need to deal with politics or extremely political people. It’s gone. The new power structures in your life are not top-down pyramids. They are horizontal compromises based on a share economy, or the hive mind. That’s so different, Amelie, it will take a good 20 years to really get used to it. Women will play a crucial role in these sorts of enterprises and you will play a crucial part, too.

  8. Thank you Jessica, yes Stephanie Johnson is truly wonderful. You are both very empowering women and I admire you both. Thank you x

  9. Thank you for this very detailed article Jessica! I’m counting down to the end of Pluto in Capricorn. I separated from a controlling man as Pluto in Capricorn started, and I’m wondering if Pluto in Aquarius will have a similarly immediate impact…I’m particularly looking foward to a transformation in terms of love and money given I’ve a stellium in Aquarius, and Pluto will be in the 8th house of my solar chart. I recently drew Fortuna in the 5th house when asking about my love life so am hopeful there’ll be positive change in this area. Can you please share your take on this? Thank you.

    1. Pluto in Aquarius will announce himself with a bump. I remember when Pluto made the ingress in Capricorn. I was having a cup of tea and a well-known astrologer walked past at that moment. He specialised in a field called mundane astrology, which in 2008 I had no interest in, but it would eventually become my professional speciality. Watch March 2023 on ingress day; you will be shown a huge hint about the next 20 years. Pluto’s transit of your solar Eighth House will necessarily involve legacies you make, as well as inheritances you receive, over a 20-year period. As a rule of thumb it is sensible to keep all that up to date on this transit. Fortuna in the Fifth House of courtship suggests you, or a lover, has no awareness or perception of the randomness created! A Fifth House Fortuna experience, with one or more lovers, can be very topsy-turvy and hard to control, as the Wheel of Fortune spins constantly. Pregnancy and step-parenting are very much part of the Fifth House too. The kicker is, either you or they (depending on what you asked) do not see what is done. Is this what you want? Probably not, so go back to the Tarot, follow the steps, pick up the books in the library on my website if you’ve not done so, and see what you can do.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for releasing your new book. I ordered 2 personalized copies for me and my SO. I look forward to getting the printed version whenever it’s released in the US.

    I have an Aquarius stellium with Jupiter at 13 degrees and 3 other factors. In which year will transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Jupiter and how will that affect me? The other factors range from 5 degrees to 29 degrees so I think I will be affected throughout this transition period.


    1. Thank you very much. I have been chatting to the printer and bookseller and we are looking forward to the limited-edition very much. I expect Pluto in Aquarius to transform your existence for about 20 years, SMV, with the very first clues in March 2023. You have a very important part to play in a group campaign or movement, which you may already be aware of. At the moment there are barricades and barriers, as Saturn is in your natal Eleventh House, but he vanishes in March 2023 as Pluto arrives. Those historic examples are useful clues. What you become involved with (or more deeply involved with) may be the next logical step for women. The female involvement may be entwined with male allies (like Christians or Vikings in their original states). The Pluto conjunction to Jupiter involves the two brothers of Roman mythology. Jupiter always balances Pluto and corrects any power issues or questions about fair control. These seem very likely within your group or with the friendship which is central by then. This correction helps to make the friendship more valuable and the group more effective. That’s a long way into the future but it’s worth remembering. The golden rule with Pluto in Aquarius is to understand that friendship is very pure and you both have to do whatever is required, to keep it on a level playing field with each other. It is also very important not to get steeped in power politics or people games, within any sort of group. Develop radar for that as early as March 2023 and pick and choose who you put your considerable Aquarian talent for group supply, into.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for your interesting article, the historical analysis is so captivating.
    With all that is going on now in the world, what you describe seems so far away in psychological and material sense, and yet it is only a matter of months before it commences. As I have an Aquarius stellium (together with Leo and Gemini stelliums), please could you share how this relates to my chart? For the past years, I have been very actively involved in voluntary associations and pro bono work in the field of coaching. As a next step, my aim is to make profitable business partnerships internationally, so I can live of this work that I enjoy and want to develop and grow further with. Will this upcoming change of Pluto be beneficial for me in this respect, please?
    Thank you very much, with best wishes!

    1. Thank you. Your Aquarius stellium has shown up as your pro bono work in coaching and a commitment to voluntary associations. You need good business streams to continue to do that. You are a Sun Leo who has Jupiter with all his solutions, opportunities, expansion, hope and growth in her Eighth House of joint property and income, right now – until Christmas. You can make or save, right royally, until the end of the year is in sight. After that you will have new restrictions from March 2023, until the start of 2026. This is the cycle of Saturn in Pisces, also in your Eighth House, so there will be high fences and sturdy walls from that point. It’s nothing you can’t handle and a great deal of it will come down to patience, whatever the ‘it’ happens to be. As a general rule, take your time deciding what you get into/who you commit to with money, houses, business, charity, apartments in March 2023 as you will be signing up for Saturn. The Pluto ingress in Aquarius in March 2023 will show up as powerful people or organisations which land in your life, or new empowerment for existing commitments. A friendship may develop a power dynamic that was not there before. Again, take your time as you get into this. The Tarot can be very useful, assisting that.

  12. What does a man with Taurus and Pisces stellium look for in this period with a dash of Sagittarius and Gemini.

    I’m hoping there is change for people like me. Wife is expecting a baby due early next year and the cost of living in the UK is forever going up.

    1. Congratulations on your new baby. This little one is arriving when Britain is going through the heaviest financial karma since 1939, 1940. So much of what the nation is experiencing is down to Russia and of course this takes us back to Churchill and Stalin. This is bigger than all of you and it takes time, but it does get better. The light at the end of the tunnel is there from May 2023. Jupiter goes into Taurus, into your Second House of personal income, for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter brings opportunities, growth, hope and solutions. You will happily take all of them to the end of the cycle, May 2024. Another huge help is the end of the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio from July 2023. The stretch you are feeling with your wife and the new baby ends at that point. So you’ll get there. And in fact, long-term, you will always find the acorns you plant in May 2023-May 2024 reward you as mighty oaks, every 12 years thereafter. That’s the Jupiter cycle.

  13. Dear Jessica,
    Oh, I really hope 2044 will transform the world as we know! I do envision the future as in the tv series The Orville where money no longer exists and we all work for duty and humanity. Though we still have a long road to achieve that.
    Having IC, salacia, moon and south node in aquarius, should I expect a massive change when pluto enters aquarius?
    Thanks a lot

    1. That is such an Aquarian thing to write – this sign is idealistic and visionary at best – and you would really believe that one day we can work for humanity and not for money. John Lennon had the Moon in Aquarius, was in love with the Sun Aquarius Yoko Ono and wrote Imagine when he was with her. You have always lived in your Eleventh House, even as a child. You have a past life involving a group, which was part of a bigger movement, and have probably met those old friends and acquaintances again in this lifetime. Aquarius is an air sign. She circulates like air but does not get too close; does not stick; keeps moving. You understand how circles of people operate and why it is very important to keep things like sex, money and power out of the discussion. Groups need to focus on the shared vision and common good or they fall apart. You have already experienced the 29-year cycle of Saturn in Aquarius in 2021, 2022 and it stops in March 2023, when the heavy barricades and forbidding walls, fences and defences vanish. Friendship and group involvement becomes something quite different that month. You will see it twice. You will also realise you have tremendous decisions to make about that person/those people. The Tarot can help at that point.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating article.
    I have a massive stellium in Aquarius but my Pluto is in Libra.
    How is this Pluto in Aquarius going to affect me please?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Strongly Aquarian people live in their Eleventh House of friends and groups and are quite air-sign dominated. You circulate, like a fan. You have also been a fan, in the past, and may be a fan now; fan clubs are very Aquarian, but so too are bands and the circles around the band. Movements like Bohemianism or Beatniks, the C.N.D. campaign, Greenpeace and women’s liberation are all Aquarian. With factors at 5 through 28 Aquarius the years 2021, 2022, 2023 are historic in terms of your social life, any group involvements, old friends and potential new friends. It’s a very slow, demanding recasting of what was there; from March 2023 you begin to see why it was such hard work in 2021, 2022. These things take time, as Morrissey sang. Pluto in Libra will eventually receive a trine from Pluto in Aquarius, so your marriage, sexual partnership or professional partnership will become quite powerful, thanks to your friends and groups. Power couples are often made by their clubs, teams, political parties, movements, groups. That may well happen to you. March 2023 will result in the unmistakeable double-door noise of Saturn leaving and Pluto entering your Eleventh House. Out goes the restriction of 2021, 2022. In comes really potent change. From that point you will realise just how much you can plug into a circle of people and how much they can plug into you. Rather like a circuit.

  15. Hi Jessica So interesting thank you – and reading all your insights is always so helpful. the global downturn is escalating and its a real concern for what is going to happen next and if we will get through this. saturn at the moment is making things hard financially for me – I recently put my house on the market that had tenants who had to leave quickly and now the market has plummeted and no viewers no buyers no interest – just dont know what to do – just keep waiting for a buyer but worried the market will drop so badly that we will lose on it majorly , work/job is also at risk and costs going up and up so difficult to know what the right decisions are or to just hope , sit tight and wait till March when things will move forward. I need to sell this house to buy another which is more suitable for the future. thank you for all your love and kindness.

    1. The global downturn was predicted a long time ago and the comfort of astrology is, we have been here before and found a way to survive and thrive. Everything is cyclical and once the nodes leave Taurus-Scorpio in July 2023 a lot of the karma from the war, regarding Russia, the United Kingdom, Poland, the United States, Switzerland will have been settled. Solutions will appear just before then, in May 2023. I feel as if I’ve answered this question before so you have either posted it more than once or the website is playing up. In any case, the strain is over from July, the optimism is back in May. That’s the Taurus-Scorpio cycle which crosses your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance and property. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot to validate this timing for yourself, as your question is personal, but that’s the general picture in Britain. The last time she got this lucky, America rescued her financially during the war. So we’re back there in 2023.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I too, am looking forward to the end of Pluto in Capricorn. I have left a very masculine energy dominated career and am at a turning point, so it would be interesting to see what unfolds. I also have a past love from 18-19 years ago ‘pop up’ back into my life. His birthday is 29.05.74 in Leblanc, France – I don’t have a time I’m afraid. If you are able I would love to know whether the astrology might influence whether we find peace this time around.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your former lover was there on the last Taurus-Scorpio nodal cycle, and he is back to help you find closure with issues about sexual and financial relationships, or sexual and property-based relationships. This may have been with him at the time, or with quite another person. He was born on 29th May so is a Sun Gemini, going through the end of Pluto transiting his Eighth House of, you guessed it, sexual-financial relationships. Find out what happened with the last woman. In any case he ends the cycle in March 2023. I suspect November, December, January will make or break what you share together. Let’s hope it’s make, but so much depends on the karma, as you are owed from 18-19 years ago, or you owe – karmically. And there has to be closure by July 2023.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I have no Aquarius factors in my Birth Chart. I was so looking forward to the change of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius. Does this mean the change from March 2023 will not affect me?

    Thanks for this article. Great information.


    1. Geraldine, your friendships don’t define your personality and the groups you are involve with, don’t define your destiny. That’s all. You will experience Pluto in Aquarius in an impersonal way. I suspect March 2023 will bring the end of some men in power. That may have a ripple effect on you. It may also spell the end of some political parties, or a transformation. Again, that has a general impact on you. At the UN level we are very likely to see their conference in NYC that month bring about tremendous changes in the years ahead. That’s another example – we are all affected by the politics of water.

  18. Hey Jessica!
    I’m so glad I have found your side and the opportunity to read all about what happens in astrology at our time, it’ so interesting! Thank you!

    I have no planet in Aquarius, only Ceres at 29. But Aquarius is my 11 house and groups and associations, including political ones, have always been a part of my life. Does Pluto in Aquaries have any meaning for me? I am born in 1960 and is born with Pluto in Virgo, my sun in Gemini and my first house in Taurus.
    All my greetings from Sweden.

    1. Inger, Ceres in Aquarius in your Eleventh House is powerful and makes you a lifelong influence on groups of all kinds. You are entitled, potent, strong and productive as a friend; as an outsider supplying circles of people with what they need; as a force to be reckoned with around bands, clubs, teams, societies and so on. Political organisations have always been part of your world and always will be. You are also a Sun Gemini woman, so you have transiting Jupiter (opportunities, growth, expansion, solutions) in your solar Eleventh House of groups from Christmas 2022 to May 2023. So you are about to gain hugely from those people as much as they gain from you. Ongoing, Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn out of Aquarius from March 2023 makes that a crucial month in the process, with these groups. You will realise that compromise is the only way, in March – for whatever reason.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been learning a lot since becoming a Premium Member, and thank you for the generous gift of Modern Astrology. I am a Capricorn rising and Aquarius sun, how is this impacting me, especially as I’m in the late degrees. I am heavily invested in stocks and missed the window to sell and my portfolio is massively down, does it mean I will even suffer more losses when Saturn moves to my 2nd house? I think I already feel it being Cap rising. When will my position recover?

    I’ve been thinking of changing my name for a refresh/reboot, will Nov 11 be a good time to do so? I have an affinity towards 11.11 as I’ve been seeing it a lot since ages ago… also I was about to freeze my egg but read about your caution on Mars Retro in my 5H. When will be a good time?

    Lastly, been single for a very, very long time, any chance of finding true love next year? Does my Venus Rx in 12H spell doom for me, and Saturn in 5H?

    Hoping you would be able to reply this time, as I have not been lucky being selected. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Capricorn Rising/Capricorn Ascendant has nothing to do with the value of your shares. Keeping this simple, if you are a Sun Aquarius then you have been living with the transit of Neptune in Pisces in your solar Second House of personal income, the whole time you have been investing. Neptune is the escape from reality and it is very common to invest in property bubbles or dot com bubbles. Neptune itself is a symbol for the sea; the ocean regularly produces bubbles. Jupiter is now in Pisces for a limited time with all his solutions, growth and opportunities, so you would expect your options to be good ones, while he is here, until late December. Then, yes, you go into Saturn’s transit of Pisces in your solar Second House in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 and will need to be patient. It really depends on what sort of investor you are (which I do not know) and what you invest in (which you haven’t disclosed). Yet, those are the astrological rules. In your natal chart, which shows the private woman, rather than the public woman, we find 9 and 21 degree placements across Taurus and your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance. This suggests the rather unpredictable influence of Uranus in Taurus has visited you once and will do so again. It also suggests the current lunar node transits in Taurus and Scorpio are really stretching you. The stretch ends in July 2023 when the nodes change signs. Again, you have terrific solutions and opportunities ahead, when Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024. So there are answers for everything in your public and private astrology charts, over the short-term. You want to change your name? Yes, you have a couple of factors in Aries and will find Jupiter in Aries from Christmas 2022 to May 2023 lets you do that with success. You want to freeze your eggs? Yes, Mars Retrograde is in your solar Fifth House, going backwards and getting stuck so you may prefer to wait until that transit ends its loop in March 2023. You want true love? It depends on what you feel love is. Is it about buying a house together and having children, blending your families? That’s a Cancer/Fourth House matter in the natal chart. Is it about having children, adopting them, dealing with the realities of sexual rite and ritual and also sexual temptation? It’s a Leo/Fifth House matter. Is it about marriage in the name of gender equality? Libra and Seventh House. Is it about the money and the property, the legacy, as well as ‘Until death do us part’ and ‘For richer for poorer’ and ‘In sickness and in health?’ then it’s a Scorpio/Eighth House matter. You have singled out Venus Retrograde in the Twelfth House which does not exist in the chart I see here. Likewise Saturn in your Fifth House. It doesn’t exist. What you do have is a huge Libra stellium in the Seventh House of equal sexual partnership. You need to decode that to find out why you have chosen to be single for years. Figure out what is in your Seventh House and how you are expressing it. Use the Tarot to give you more clues. That way you will find. your way into a new partnership later. Jupiter in Gemini will trine your Libra stellium perfectly in a couple of years. Uranus in Gemini will trine it for a very long time from 2026. Trines bring flow. You’ll surf happily.

  20. Dear Jessica, do you think I can restart a career shortly according to my chart? one of my stellium is in aquarius. its been so hard careerwise since 2006/2007….i worked for the UN years ago and would love a career again that interests me and spurs me on. PS thank you for replying if you have time.

    1. If you want to, you will go back to the UN and take your part in a 20-year story of renewal or replacement for that organisation. It will begin with the smallest clue in March 2023. Your career path is very much easier from March 2023, too.

  21. Hi Jessica. The Elon Musk Syndrome is not quite the “white man” issue. It is also a brown man issue on a micro level. I come from a south Asian family that is firmly established far away from our roots. Yet the patriarchal mindset follows – the men at the top, women play along and anyone who fights the system is blacklisted. It’s about the men at the top and the tribe that follows blindly. I have experienced it

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are quite right. Asia has her problem with men at the top and they are not white. China has Xi and India has Modi. Patriarchy is rather doomed on this transit, as you can see from the history books. Even when the ‘one man to rule them all’ syndrome seems to be winning, women are actually rising. King Henry VIII sent his wives to the axe, and was a cartoon tyrant. Yet, feminism snuck up on him. The church he founded, to get divorce, became the church of female leadership in the end. And he produced two females in the family who went on to lead the nation. What happens to you in Asia will likely follow a similar odd story.

  22. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for another detailed article. I hope that you can answer and help me.
    I am Sun Cancer and Pluto (and for a time Saturn) in Capricorn has been brutal but life changing and pushed me to grow and be more assertive and respectful of my boundaries.
    When it comes to my work/career I feel stumped and feel that I can’t get past the idea that my work supervisor does not accord me the professional respect I have worked so hard to earn, but instead is a micro-managing and controlling person, so much so that after many years of this I now feel burnt out. I am also afraid that I will not get good references when applying for jobs, which I am extremely frustrated by.
    I have Salacia, Jupiter and Hygeia in Aquarius, and a stellium of Pluto, Panacea, Uranus, Fortuna in Libra that Pluto in Aquarius will trine.
    Please can you look at my chart and tell me what you can about relationships (I would very much like one), my work/career and finances?
    Thanking you kindly

    1. I see your problem. You have a dominating work supervisor but if you leave, you worry you will get a bad reference. I think lots of people are going through this with Pluto in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. I bet you feel frustrated. Okay, so this issue is already on the way out, as Pluto is also out of Capricorn in March 2023. There will be a reshuffle in your current work place or in your chosen field in December, January with departures and arrivals. Get other references. Get qualifications on the side, if you can, and proof of those; if you can possibly squeeze in a voluntary role, for which you would also get a reference, pursue that. Do not let this Pluto person ‘pluto’ you. He or she will not last and may even go off the planet. It happens. Until then the whole point of this transit is to empower you by teaching you willpower. Go ahead and impress yourself with what you are able to do with study and unpaid or part-time roles which enhance your CV. Ask the Tarot for more personal guidance on that. As for partnerships, the trines from Pluto will give you one or more to choose from over the next 20 years and they will be quite different to any you have found in the past.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Totally off-topic but I’ve never seen you write about synastry or relational astrology. Not your interest? Any other astrologer you may recommend for this?

    Much love from Mumbai ❤️

    1. Funnily enough, we have been talking about new titles for 2023 and relationship astrology is high on the list. I wrote a book called Astrolove for Penguin, published also by Corgi, which I have extracted for this website. Some sections of that have been edited and adapted for the new book, Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you as a member. In general, conjunctions and oppositions between charts (same degree, same sign – or same degree, opposite sign) are the driving forces in marriage or sexual partnership. They show the magnets that attract and repel. So always start there.

  24. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for another amazing article. I also want to thank you for the gorgeous link to the Viking culture which I gobbled up after reading about Pluto in Aquarius.
    I have Virgo in Pluto and am going through some potentially very serious health issues recently, and hope to have answers for test results after we get through this full moon eclipse in Taurus. Can you confirm this? Is this the universe giving me some kind of wake-up call? Is it common to somotize symptoms and/or disease throughout planetary transits?

    1. Thank you. Those Viking women are really interesting: Viking style/hair may be back for the next Pluto in Aquarius cycle. I am sorry you have had serious health issues. Virgo rules your Sixth House of illness and as you know, you have Pluto in Virgo. You are a Sun Leo with a large stellium in Virgo and will need to do some research on your workload and lifestyle, now through 2026. In astrology there is no difference between housework and health; paid work and wellbeing; unpaid work and fitness. They are all entwined in the Sixth House, ruled by Virgo, a symbol of the physical state defining the role. (Virgins had to be their parents’ maidservants). This is very old symbolism going back hundreds of years, but in your modern life, you will need to patiently work through lots of issues about your service to others; your duty to the family or household; your duty to yourself. Saturn will oppose your Virgo stellium, starting in March 2023, and you will need to get real. It may involve a diet change, and so on. It may involve rethinking your entire working life. The hours, the attitudes, the expectations, the habits of a lifetime. Dig deeply into your Virgo factors using the library on here; you need to decode the way in which your physical and/or mental health shapes what you do; how you study; how you work; how you do chores. And vice versa.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I really appreciate the links back to the recent articles on Pluto in Aquarius. They bring it all together. I am looking forward to the bump on March 23, 2023 as Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius will make a conjunction to my natal Chiron in Aquarius along with an opposition to natal Uranus in Leo and trine to natal Sun in Libra. What might I expect with this combination upon Pluto’s ingress in to Aquarius? Currently transiting Pluto is exact on my natal MC as the transiting nodes align with my natal ASC/DSC. I am feeling change building.

    On another note I see that transiting Pluto makes its last pass in Capricorn at the time of the 2024 US Presidential election. Any thoughts on how that plays out?

    Kind Regards


    1. Thank you GB. Your Chiron in Aquarius is pure punk. Chiron was found in 1977 when the Sex Pistols got away with signing and resigning to major labels like Virgin, but also going to #1 with God Save the Queen in Jubilee Year. You were born with the same imprint and all your life will find friends and groups encourage you to get away with the so-called impossible. This will be evident from March 2023 when you join or rejoin a circle of people which you realise now has power. And so do you. Take your time as you get more involved because this may be a story over many years, involving quite potent people and life-changing events. The opposition to Uranus in Leo is about your children, stepchildren, godchildren, younger relatives. Also unplanned pregnancy or adoption, it must be said. When the time comes, take your time – again – and get the best professional advice you can afford. The trine to your Libra Sun suggests this will involve your spouse or sexual partner. The last pass of the US election is the last gasp of the current Republican party. The cliff supporting the dinosaurs begins to crumble in March 2024 and all they can really do is scramble to hang on to what is falling apart. This is beginning to look like President Harris, isn’t it!

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I’m really looking forward to Pluto in Aquarius since all these plutocrats – white men with too much power – from Elon Musk to Putin are doing so causing so much damage in the world. I don’t have planets in Aquarius but do have three asteroids, all in retrograde so I was wondering what the retrograde means for me here.

    01° Aquarius 56′ 23″ R

    11° Aquarius 17′ 32″ R

    14° Aquarius 50′ 43″ R


    1. Your Eleventh House shows that you inhabit two worlds with friends and groups, neither of them real. In fact, your social life, group involvements and old friendships are a holiday from reality. You also have friends and groups which come back from the brink. This may be literal, so you have friends who survive life-threatening illness or accidents. There may also be clubs, teams, societies, bands and so on, which resurrect themselves, just when everyone thinks they are over. Friends and groups also test your optimism and willpower, urging you to roll up your sleeves and fix problems for them, or with them. There is a big story here about rebounding, reviving, recovering. Almost as soon as Pluto changes signs in March 2023 you will realise that something new is happening. Friendship becomes a cipher for power. There are issues here about who or what is in control of the alliance. And a group you can empower, goes centre-stage, Ciara.

  27. Jessica, what a pleasure to read this article. I certainly hope the flavor of life changes to being more optimistic, but I wonder what event will cause it. And what happens with all of those who have benefited immensely from Pluto in Capricorn? They will be the last ones to roll over and let those days come to a peaceful end.

    In regard to groups, I have tended to avoid them because I feel they dilute my individuality and like I can’t be my true self when other people are involved. To paraphrase the old Groucho Marx line – “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Will I somehow overcome this preference to be a lone wolf, if that is what is called for starting in 2023?

    1. The transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius is always extreme at the end. So we end up with Henry VIII who executed his wives but then founded the Anglican church, where women would one day end up leading the service at Canterbury Cathedral. Henry also enriched the Navy which is a classic example of an Aquarian group. Henry also gave us Elizabeth I and Mary I by default, so female leadership that changed the nation’s ideas about women. It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump acts out the transition. Will be be another Henry, handing us feminism by accident, or will he simply die, as Nero did? You have the South Node in Aquarius in your Eleventh House and your past life was spent with a group of allies and friends. It may be been a trade union, military unit or society of artists. Some of those people are in your life again now. There is huge karma there and in fact it repeats every 18-19 years as the nodes cycle through Aquarius. When Pluto finally forms the conjunction to your node, you will see why closure is so important. You owe, or are owed, from a lifetime ago.

  28. “The combination of Uranus in Taurus (a revolution in the economy) as well as Pluto in Aquarius (from 2023 to 2026) suggests either a sharemarket crash and/or taxation reform. The billionaire plutocrats who dominated us during Pluto in Capricorn seem unlikely to survive.”

    Good riddance!

    1. Yes, good riddance. These are historic trends. Uranus in Taurus is the global economy revolution. Pluto out of Capricorn and into Aquarius is the end of plutocrats and the beginning of people power, with women at the forefront. March 2023, for reasons we are all fascinated to see, will show the plutocrats the door. Maybe more than the door.

  29. Hi Jessica, another amazing article. I have vesta, salacia and my descendant in Aquarius. I realize Pluto will access these points in a conjunction, but my real question is about its opposition to my Leo rising, Venus and sun. Any thoughts? Thank you as always!

    1. Pluto’s opposition to your Leo factors in the Fifth House of courtship and parenthood is definitely worth knowing about. We have seen Aquarius oppositions to Leo factors in the heavens before; the last time was at the Millennium when Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Aquarius clashed with Leo placements. In your own chart, this is about a critical crossroads involving pregnancy, adoption, abortion, step-parenting. This may be a new boyfriend who brings those issues, or if you are married or in partnership now, it will be about a son or daughter – or the decision not to have children. If you already have children or stepchildren, or even godchildren who matter, then you will find they go through huge changes in their lives which beg the question of how much you can do, or should do, or will do. As always with Pluto oppositions, do your utmost to avoid a power struggle or clash over control. If, for example, you begin dating a divorced man with a daughter, you would want to keep well away from that relationship, or the daughter’s relationship with her mother. You can find out more about Pluto in the online library here.

  30. Great article, thank you. My confusion is on “how”. Some pundit mentioned that we are already in a “cold civil war”. I was visiting someone this summer and was given a book, that someone else had left behind, to read. Parable of the sower. It was interesting in that it described a world where we just slowly descended into some “cold civil war”. Still a government, still “jobs” but existence was tenuous. Land and being able to farm enough to live was critical. So I understand the trends, but the how do we get there. I don’t believe there is a magic button that suddenly we eliminate the crazies and freedoms and liberties exist. There are millions that believe the qanon theories that Trump is actually in charge. Running the government in some shadow government. These people are not going to just see the light in March 2023. Just like the French and American revolution caused a lot death, upheaval, sacrifice to get to the other side. How dark does it get before the dawn? And when is the actual dawn? Or do we know?

    1. These are good questions. Every Pluto in Aquarius cycle has other transits alongside. During the French Revolution and American War of Independence, these were driven by Mars (violence, war) as you can see. The same, with the British revolt against the Romans – and the Viking age. In our own time, the Pluto in Aquarius cycle begins with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024, which suggests money or assets (like gold) are taken away from tyrants or just replaced with digital currency challenges, so the economy on which they depend falls over. There is also the end of money laundering, which has been suggested ever since May 2018 when Uranus entered Taurus and the late Queen signed the Magnitsky Amendment. So the beginning of the end for plutocrats is financial and economic. From there we go to Jupiter in Gemini, then Uranus in Gemini, so the future is about digital collective revolution – with language translation. That’s really interesting.

  31. Hi Jessica – firstly, congrats on the new book. Thank you for making a personalized copy free to premium members, which is v generous and helpful during a time of increasing austerity for many. I can’t wait to see the end of Pluto in Capricorn, especially given my work experiences over the past decade. I’m leaving my current position at month’s end, starting a contract position early December. If you have time, please – with DESC 11 Aquarius and Salacia 7 Aquarius, is there anything in particular I should watch out for in the new role and with Pluto’s transit into Aquarius? Thank you in advance for any insights you have time to share.

    1. Thank you. Lots of readers want to see the back of Pluto in Capricorn and the end of this cycle in March will help a lot with your new contract position, and all work thereafter. It tallies with your Aries First House relaunch as Jupiter and Chiron are both in this sector, Christmas to May 2023. The Descendant in Aquarius in the Eleventh House depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, then this is the type of partner either sexual or professional, you end up with. He or she is friendly; you meet in a circle or group situation; other friends shared by you both, play an important part in the relationship as a whole. This is a lifelong pattern, but the friendship and/or group commitment that comes when Pluto is in conjunction with your Descendant is powerful and will change your life. Salacia in Aquarius describes friendships and groups which exist in two worlds at once. Neither of them real. Salacia is the holiday from reality, in fact. This will also deepen, intensify and become far more potent once Pluto makes the conjunction and again, it will change your life.

  32. I have an Aquarius stellium!!! I can feel change is coming but don’t know how it will manifest..

    1. March is the end of restrictions, walls, barriers and that shut-out, shut-down feeling in your social life, with friends – and groups. Saturn goes and Pluto comes in. This is like your Eleventh House, becoming temporarily vacant for a few days in March, then a new house guest comes in, taking the room of the other. Saturn is gone, Pluto now sets up residence. That is going to feel momentous to you, just as Boudicca’s rebellion felt momentous to the Iceni.

  33. Hello from South Africa Jessica! Two big thank you’s, first for the gracious gift of your book, which is so so insightful and second for your stream of articles, which continue to facinate and deepen my understanding of astrology.

    I cannot wait for Pluto’s entry into Aquarius given the stretch of career and personal highs and lows I’ve experienced, though I am grateful for the learnings.

    Please can you help me understand what this means for me as I have Mars, north node and IC in Aquarius, which will also oppose my Leo stellium?

    Thank you ever so much!

    1. Thank you Marls. I’m glad you like the book. You are very kind. The chart here shows Leo-Aquarius karma, so your past lives have explored two outcomes. Leading a group and dealing with the difficulties of that – and being in the group and struggling with the leader. It is quite common in the navy, army or air force, but of course we may be going back many centuries, all the way to the Vikings or the Iceni tribe. This issue is lifelong but comes into view from March 2023 as Pluto goes into Aquarius and slowly begins to trigger those Leo-Aquarius nodal patterns. Keep the stakes low. Don’t hang it all on the group, or the leader, if you can avoid doing so. We see this in political past lives too. The authority figure or boss, struggling with internal politics in the party. The rank-and-file member who has issues with the new leader, too. The general rule with oppositions is to minimise the impact by pulling back on the space these groups, friends, allies, circles, communities take up in your life. That way, when you do hit those power and control questions, you have other fish to try and other things to occupy you.

  34. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the article. I have a few triggers in Aquarius, can you please tell me how Pluto in Aquarius will effect me?

    1. As a Sun Cancer man you have public cycles in your sector of friends and groups, but also private cycles, because of your Aquarius stellium. In your Cancer Sun Sign (solar) chart transiting Uranus and Jupiter go through the Eleventh House of allies and communities, from May 2023 until May 2024 bringing exhilarating, long overdue, hugely beneficial changes. New social life. Reinvigorated friendships and club/team/society commitments, or brand new ones, which happen suddenly and set you free. That’s what the public sees. Privately, from March 2023, on and off until 2044, you will discover for yourself that every group needs a catalyst or supplier on some level, even if he is just giving support, or even supplying contradiction and contrast. Inspiration is more likely. It’s rather like the England team of 1966. They could not do it without a coach. Malcolm McLaren and the Pistols. They could not do it without him. What starts slowly May-June 2023 may become a permanent fixture by 2025 and ongoing, would completely transform the small world around yourself – and it.

  35. I am a 29 degree Libra Sun, 0 degree Scorpio Saturn, 4 degree, Scorpio Ascendant and 5 degree Libra Venus. I’m 69 and weighing up when to retire and move to p/time….just need a few more $$ in the bank so I can travel and enjoy. What do you think?

    1. I must sound like a stuck record, but travel endangers others and yourself, as flying is the conduit for Covid. Airlines can fob us off with stories about their air filters as much as they like, but if airlines and airports were safe, then Covid would not have been exported from China to the rest of the world in 2020. That’s how it landed. Flights. The astrology is really clear and has been, for centuries – Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius clash. Virgo is public health. Gemini is domestic flights. Sagittarius is international flights. Throw in a few religious festivals or superspreader events indoors and Saturn in Pisces will finish the job unfortunately. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 if you are a Libra Sun with Jupiter transiting Taurus and your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property. If the travel you have in mind is Covid safe, enjoy it. The great outdoors has a lot to recommend it, but so much depends on how you get there.

  36. First, many thanks for your free book – much appreciated and enjoyed
    I would like to raise a couple of questions on the climate change debate. I wonder if you have come across Paul Homewood, who is a bit of a climate change sceptic, and has a website which if nothing else does raise some inconvenient contradictions on the way that the climate change scene is presented.
    I also note you mentioned several times about cryptocurrencies being likely to take over as currency. But surely this is anything but green due to the amount of power used in “mining” the currency
    I look forward to hearing your comments

    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the book. The Climate Emergency was predicted by scientists repeatedly and has been confirmed by so many independent sources worldwide, that I think there is no debate, although you can always have dissent. I have never heard of Paul Homewood, but I will look at his blog. You can have one world digital currency, which Uranus in Taurus has long predicted – with a conflict over the energy it uses up. Both are possible. In fact, from memory I filed a prediction about that very problem, back in 2016 or 2017, before the cycle began. The really big change with the economy and environment is the end of power capitalism, so when Pluto exits Capricorn, that’s coming. We’ll have a preview of this March-June 2023 and I for one am fascinated to see how it pans out.

  37. Thank you for your new book, Jessica, what an interesting read!

    I am really hoping to see the UN doing something about its outdated security council permanent member vetos in this cycle. I’m also hoping we csn resolve a situation in NZ where the government has seemingly squandered a once in a lifetime opportunity to effect lasting change, by being overly timid.

    I keep wondering what will be the sting in Pluto’s tail? Will there be one?

    From a personal perspective, I’d like to be part of something bigger than myself- but i’m not really a group peeson. I can see as well as my Aquarius Stellium I have piles of Leo in opposition so I think i’m going to feel a bit pulled in opposite directions. Would you agree?

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you like the new book. The United Nations has an unsuitable chart, given its function. No Aquarius. All Leo. It was invented by a handful of countries; one of them Russia. That really says it all, doesn’t it! The United Nations has failed to protect us from the war on Ukraine and Covid. I suspect UNICEF (the children’s wing) will be the first to change, or go. If you are in New Zealand you have watched Jacinda Ardern go from Covid Zero Hero to something else. We now have to see what she does when the Covid crisis begins in March 2023, as Saturn goes into Pisces and opposes the Virgo (health) placements of millions. It is with us until 2026 when the 2022 fantasy that the virus had somehow magically vanished or become benign, disappears. Pluto’s sting in the tail in Aquarius is mob mentality. There is a risk of violence when we see the Aries transits, Aries being the sign of the front line of the military, or a militia. That may explain why the internet has become so full of surveillance; the authorities can see it before it happens. Your chart shows that most unusual thing, a Leo stellium and Aquarius stellium. Part of you is Queen. Part of you is around the group which doesn’t really believe in the Queen. Or the King! Your friends have views or lifestyles which contradict your very soul. Aquarius rules friends as you know. Leo rules the rest of you. The Pluto transit will directly concern sexual relationships, courtship and being courted/courting (Leo) and your royal bedchamber (Leo again). Take your time and look at the issue of power and control with that person. Or those people, plural. It is also very much about children, teenagers and young adults. Again, take your time. A classic outcome of Pluto crossing the Leo-Aquarius divide, is a friend’s son or daughter, at the heart of questions about who or what is in charge. You may be the godmother for example. Or this may be your son, and a friend has become godfather, with resulting challenges. As always, lower the stakes and be a realist about scenarios.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    That you for the information! I find all of this so interesting and it mirrors the information I am getting in meditation, so I feel confirmed. I have no clue how to read my chart and understand how this may affect me. Could you take a peek and tell me what to expect or how I can use the energy and shift to my benefit?



    1. Thank you. The new book will show you how to read your chart and it is free to you as a member. Your personal chart is embedded in the frontispiece of the book, so it’s a first for astrology, and I’m very excited by it. You are a Sun Taurus with stelliums in Taurus, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces. There is no energy in astrology; that’s something hippies in Bondi Beach made up one day after going to Los Angeles on their holidays. There is timing and time! Astrology is about alternative time, but it often shows you real time and truth. Kara, your timing is now set to ‘radical change’ with your bank account, income, tax return, debts, house, apartment, charity, business and valuables. It stays there until 2026. You have already become liberated from the old way of (say) shopping or thinking about money. That began in 2018. The fiscal habits of a lifetime have fallen away and it is typical to find yourself doing the last thing, financially, you would have expected. That continues, with lucrative possibilities from May 2023 to May 2024 when you could save or make a lot of money. My concern for your chart is about health. Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023 and is there in 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Protect yourself firmly and unequivocally against Covid. There may be other health issues too, but make Covid the priority and update yourself on what the doctors, scientists and epidemiologists are telling us. The worst is yet to come with Covid, I’m afraid.

  39. Jessica, so very interesting to see the changes coming. Thank you for your book. I’ve been digging into it. My question is about Pluto in Aquarius creating tribes. I’ve been reading about all the religious factions forming in the US against Jewish people, the white supremacists wanting to preserve white dominance, the MAGA republicans who deny democratic election results yet are running in elections in 48 states. The far left who want a long list of changes. All are focused on the “other” as the enemy. Could these tribes emerge to split the US as a country? I see similar forces at work in Canada to a lesser degree. In my own chart I see Pluto in Aquarius squaring my early degree Scorpio stellium. What do you see?

    1. Thank you. I’ve just been talking to our printer about the cover of the signed, limited edition for Christmas. Though it’s been terrific to launch this bespoke edition for members, with a personal chart at the front. Your Pluto transit in square to your Scorpio stellium is about quite powerful people, organisations or institutions, with a vested interest in heavy control, being at odds with your own plans for the bank account, house, superannuation, pension, apartment, shares, insurance and the rest. It will be about big ticket items you list in your will, or others’ legacy to you. Avoid going into new arrangements on the square as the agreement will always reflect the power or control issues therein. That’s 101 astrology. The Tarot would validate this for you, as you control the reading and advice. The tribalism you mention has come about with Jupiter and Saturn both in Aquarius from Christmas 2020 and yes, we’ve seen Extinction Rebellion as well as Make America Great Again. We have seen Black Lives Matter and also Christian groups against abortion. What happens from March 2023 is that these individual tribes all become more powerful at around the same time. System change. It is similar in Canada. America will split as a nation, correct. This is really from 2026 when states and neighbouring states revolt against each other, likely on abortion but possibly on gay marriage. You have to remember, America’s enemies want the division, because it weakens the nation. America is older and wiser than that, though, and will figure out a way to stay united, while being divided!

  40. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your interesting article.

    As a sun Aquarian with 5 stelliums in Aquarius and 5 in Capricorn will Pluto in Aquarius affect me after leaving Capricorn. I have Pluto in Leo.

    Planning to retire at end of March 23.

    Thanks again for all your insights.

    1. I don’t think you’ll be retiring from friendship or indeed your own talents and skills, as retirement will involve you with clubs, teams, charities, groups, of all kinds, both on Zoom and in the great outdoors. You will make new friends to replace old friends – that will happen too. Something very new in your life is the realisation that a circle of people you join, or just put more effort into, has what it takes to effect real change. This is an eye-opener for you. Your allies, collectively, begin to show some muscle March-June 2023. Later on you realise that the more you can put into these allies, the more that is also in it for you. And of course you will help them too.

  41. Hi Jessica! First let me say I love the updates that show stelliums and when an aspect is hitting my chart, so helpful! I only have one Aquarius placement, Psyche. The Pluto in Capricorn time has been a long, at times very challenging transit. Things seem to be smoothing out now, how will the move to Aquarius influence my Cancer sun chart? I am working on some family issues as well as thinking about finding new part time volunteer or work opportuities. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Asporea’s latest innovation in astrology – I will pass that on to them. Pluto in Capricorn has been a long hard road since 2008 for many people. We have become accustomed to being controlled and manipulated by a handful of men, which is highly unusual. Democracy has been trashed in America, Britain and Australia and is now in recovery, but the very difficult transit of both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn did democracy a lot of damage. This attitude has trickled down to your life. Men in particular have aped the silverbacked gorillas at the top, so we’ve found a lot of autocratic, dominating behaviour from men in business. Even at home, men who have carried that system back with them, have affected their families. This ends with quite a bang in March 2023 so I would expect arrests, resignation, illness, failure with at least one of the gorillas and it would have a global impact. You have a cardinal chart; stelliums in cardinal signs. These have made it difficult to cope with the Pluto transit in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. People with a Cancer stellium like you, have been under pressure with your town, apartment, house (or other residence), country, family, household from 2008-2022 and it won’t end until early 2023, when Pluto starts to disappear, then reverse, losing his power as he backtracks. You will be delighted at how much easier life becomes, and March-May is a window on the future. This has been an unprecedented time of get-rich-quick property development; spreadsheets in the sky; the refusal of Prime Ministers and Presidents to accept what the people want – and so on. Pluto in Aquarius will wake us all up to the unbelievable situation we were in 2008-2022 and I would expect teenagers and young adults in particular to be so affected that they will destroy the systems that got us into that situation in the first place. If you have a Capricorn stellium then your C.V. will show the Pluto transit from 2008 as you have been affected by resignations, mergers, corporate reshuffles, corporate arrogance and the rest. Your part-time volunteering will skyrocket from 2023 and change your life in slow stages, with a particular charity or group.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the heads up blog. I have an Aquarius stellium – 11°Moon, 04°Jupiter, 06°Asc, 16° Hygeia and 01°salacia. can you look at my chart and let me know what I can expect in 2023? Hoping for a change, thanks

    1. Thank you. Well, ever since childhood you have been in and around important groups, clubs and teams. Maybe the Brownies, Scouts or Girl Guides. Football and netball teams. The Puffin Club. Friendships have mattered quite as much as family relationships, for better or worse. Usually for better, as Jupiter (blessings) is in your Eleventh House of allies. Your Moon there too, also in Aquarius, also in the Eleventh House, suggests an historic role as the feeder or supplier of the group. So on Twitter you are the mother hen figure who tucks people under one wing, while making the tea with the other. (Metaphorically speaking). You publicly project as ‘the friend of’ or ‘the member of’ if your birth time is accurate and it’s a true reflection of who you actually are. Hygiea suggests you go to extraordinary lengths to protect the future, with friends and with/through societies, associations, bands and other circles of people. Salacia describes the other-worldly aspects of your social life. You co-exist in two worlds, socially, neither of them particularly real or regular. Online life tends to have that escapist quality. So that is where you are coming from. This is who you are. And for the first time in 248 years, from March 2023 onwards, you will realise that all this was training for real power.

  43. I am fascinated by Elon Musk and loving what he’s trying to do with Twitter. Yes there are those who are very threatened by the idea of allowing more free speech, and they are pressuring the large corporate investors to leave, so in response he is going straight to the creators to see what they would like to see and how he can be the best and most financially rewarding platform for them. That’s the epitome of empowering the people. Yes, he’s not great at the warm and fuzzy style that lots of people want now, but that may be largely due to his Asperger’s. He’s certainly not perfect but he’s doing more than any other person to provide electric vehicles and help society in so many ways

    1. I’m waiting for Jupiter in Gemini, then Uranus in Gemini. Planets of expansion, growth, improvement, independence and liberation in the internet sign. We are a few years off from that yet. We are also watching the world’s richest man do public business on his new investment on an eclipse. So something is up here. We will be distracted and diverted by the big event – whatever that is – maybe Trump going back on Twitter on Midterms Day, maybe not – and the truth will be hidden in plain sight. Uranus, the planet of shock, is involved in this eclipse so the event will be unpredictable. Big blind spot.

  44. Jessica, I loved the historical analysis. I am a sun Scorpio, with stelliums in Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius (many planets in Libra and Cancer too). How is this long transit of Pluto in Aquarius affect me please? If I may ask, my sister, sun Leo, born in 1983, will have this Pluto transit opposite her natal sun. I am always looking out for her as she is one of the closest people in my life and did not have an easy life. Any chance you could give me some general insights into her transit too? Thank you so much!

    1. Your sister’s Pluto-Sun opposition falls in her Fifth House of courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. She shines at her brilliant best when she is Queen to a younger court, or being thoroughly courted by her suitors. She can do this by becoming a mother, or by finding quite another way to mentor, guide and influence children, teenagers, young adults. So all this is in the frame as Pluto challenges her. There are always issues with succession on this transit. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette did not live to see their line of succession fulfilled, and it was stopped before it had even begun. George III was replaced by his own son – the Prince Regent – before his time. The British line of succession which was supposed to inherit America, didn’t. So there are changes ahead with her children, if she has them, or her godchildren, if she doesn’t. Your own Aquarius stellium and Scorpio stellium remind you not to mix finance and friendship, or groups and money. Not with high stakes anyway. You really don’t need that Pluto square, in the same long cycle when Pluto is also raising questions about who has the power in your circle/friendship. You will enjoy the end of politics in your profession as you have been through years of putting up with shenanigans involving people in the company; the organisations; the field. It ends in March. Loses all its power to affect you or have any more lasting impact on you. Some people may shuffle off.

  45. Thank you Jessica, for another awesome article. You must love digging into the history of these transits and seeing the same themes pop up time and time again!
    I have a stellium in Aquarius and Capricorn, and can definitely relate when you mention politics in work (I’m so over it!). I’m curious about a comment you made to another person that those with Aquarius stelliums will have a big part to play in these ‘power to the people’ movements. Is there any way of knowing how that will manifest? I’m not currently involved with any people movements, and my stellium doesn’t have any major planets.
    Thank you for all your research and insight!

    1. With factors in your Eleventh House of friends and groups from 12 through 24 Aquarius it will take years before you have Pluto changing you, and changing your life, through the group which you help to change. You’ll register the arrival of Pluto faster than that in March as a general switch in atmosphere. What was slow, stuck and stagnant goes back to normal and becomes intense, relentless, more extreme. March sees the end of the power and control issues that have dominated your career. Pluto can only go backwards from that point, not forwards and eventually he is gone altogether.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    I have huge stellium in Aquarius and Pluto in Libra. I’ll be watching for the ingress in March. Please could you see how this new cycle will manifest for me

    All best

    1. With factors at 4 through 18 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends – and with Pluto at 19 Libra in your Seventh House of duets and duels – nothing happens in terms of professional partnerships or sexual partnerships for years. Once Pluto eventually crawls to 18/19 Aquarius it all happens at once though and there’s a link between the social circle and the partner that changes you, and changes everything. Sooner than that you will experience the typical boom of Saturn leaving your Eleventh House and Pluto entering. So the barriers, walls, gates, fences and bollards that have surrounded your social life, groups and friendships since Christmas 2020 vanish with a bang as Pluto comes in. You will be given great power to help a group if you are prepared to handle it.

  47. As I am a real history buff, this post was really intresting and fascinating. In fact I LOVED it! One can really tell how much research went into this, and once again Jessica, this articles proves that you really do stand out from all the other astrologers with your unique style. Keep up the amazing work and I really look forward to reading the next post.

  48. Dear Jessica,

    I’m so glad I rejoined as a member a few months ago (after being away for sometime due to time constraints). Your articles, horoscopes and insights in the comments are fantastic! I’m learning so much and look forward to reading your new book. Thank you for making it available to members – it’s such a great bonus perk!

    This is my first ever comment on your website, so please forgive me for being a bit detailed – and also for posting on the day of the lunar eclipse 😉

    I feel as if Pluto in Capricorn has really messed with my career. Since I finished my first round of education and started the career a few years into the cycle, not a single job has lasted beyond a couple of years. Although I still feel blessed by the universe as the jobs 2017 onward were amazing. They were related to urban technology data & research, which was a completely new field for me.

    As of spring 2021 I’m on a career break to deal with new health challenges, finish my long delayed MBA and then do a post graduate program in technology. Hoping to be done with this round of education by autumn of 2024 (although I’d also like to do a second Masters in technology in the future).

    Also, I got married this summer (2022). My husband works in technology as well and is a good mentor to me.

    Based on all the efforts (and money) I’m putting into graduate education, will I see any success / longevity in my technology career after 2024 – or should I expect the same kind of upheaval from before to continue (including maybe due to the new health challenges)?

    Related to this, is there any possibility of a past job that I had from early 2019 to spring 2021 to come back to me in the future? I can’t stop thinking about this job, even though it’s been a year & a half since I left.

    I would be very grateful if you could please look at my chart and let me know what you think. Thanks so much again and best wishes & blessings!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you have the new book to read. You sound as if you have been ‘Plutoed’ with your career, as this transit though your Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition has been with you since 2008. Jobs don’t last. You have an MBA on hold. You are wondering about your health too. A past job tempts you. Okay, so the issue of health/workload is Virgo, not Capricorn. You have Fortuna and Vulcano in Virgo in the Sixth House of duty, service and wellbeing. They will be opposed by Saturn at 1 and 16 Pisces, so that’s a test for your lifestyle as a whole. How do you care for your health first and other people, the household, your career, your academic career, second? You will need to sort that out in March 2023, September and October 2023, December 2023 as Saturn opposes your natal chart. So this is not about success. It is about how you take care of yourself in the context of also trying to do your academic or professional duty. That month, March 2023, looks like a watershed as Pluto leaves your Tenth House and your Capricorn stellium, so ambitious, can now operate without politics. You’ve had the rather uninspiring sight of people trying to power trip you since Pluto arrived. This commonly shows up as people excluding you or rejecting you, because they are threatened by your power, or because they want to play one-upmanship. Pluto in the Tenth House can also turn up as rather pushy, ambitious people who lack your talent or experience but get ahead, because they self-promote harder. That can happen too. Whatever you have been dealing with, it ends in March. Pluto can only return with diminished power, and the structure or hierarchy in your field can only crumble as he hangs on. So by the time we get to November 2024, the past really is the past. January 2025 looks like a new project or job to me. Perhaps a decision to work fully from home, or take a sabbatical, even. Saturn opposes your Sixth House from 16 Pisces that month and Pluto has well and truly finished hanging on. Of course it may be that January 2025 sees a massive reshuffle which means others resign, are sacked, or just depart their mortal coils. That can happen too, but it changes what you have to put up with.

  49. Hello Jessica from the mountains Idaho, where I witnessed the Taurean lunar eclipse around 4am this morning in my front yard!! What a beauty she was! Even as the moon rose around dinner time, she was magnificent and inspirational! Which leads me to your insightful blog of Nov.6 ,2022, which I found fascinating and comforting.
    Thank you so much for your article on Pluto entering Aquarius. Yes, time for true pure feminism to arise in this world. I believe we all are in need of a Heart-y dose of female wisdom and concern for humanity and our beloved planet. It is time that our world leaders reflect that Aquarian principle back to the “thirsty” masses!!! Please Goddess time for change, and not a moment too soon. So be it.

  50. Wonderful article, Jessica. As always you leave me agog with your revelations and the historical upheavals and dramatic changes that have played out through these astrological transits. For me I only have my IC in Aquarius and having only studied Placidus house system for me that is the 4th house which I understand has only ever been about my past, childhood, family life. That part of me always felt like the outsider in my family and when I look at my family’s personal charts it’s as if my mom/sister have the same placements (the main 4 axis points they have flipped signs mom MC in Sag/sis MC in Gemini, mom Virgo rising/sis Pisces rising) and my dad and my brother same setup. Me as the last child was very much the outlier having no placements on the 4 major axis matching any of them and at times making me feel very much like a stranger in a strange land. My Pluto sits in Virgo (11th) and I honestly don’t know if this makes me a helper or a hindrance. Still, I am still excited to see the world change even if it causes upheaval in my own country (US). I do have a question about astrology charts. If we have a chart for the US would we also have charts for the individual states? I have been questioning the crazy in my birth state possibly turning red as well as the disaster with sky high property taxes in my current state where I reside which is decidedly blue (for the moment). My last question is about the nodal axis change which moves to my Aries/Libra. How does this fair in a Pluto in Aquarius cycle or does it not matter at all? I have purchased your book and I am super excited to dive in my own chart using your guide.

    1. Thank you. The IC or Immum Coeli in Aquarius is usually in the Fourth House with Placidus but moves to the Eleventh House with Natural House System. So your ancestry is steeped in groups, societies, clubs, unions, teams, associations. Your Pluto is in the Sixth House of health, wellbeing, mental health and workload. As for your question about states, yes, they all have their own charts. This explains why California and Texas are so different. You are concerned about your Democrat state voting Republican – that depends literally on the state you are in and its astrology. Once the nodes move to Aries-Libra next July 2023, go back to the book (thank you for purchasing) and look at the Aries and Libra stellium chapters, and the North Node in Aries chapter, as by 2024 you will have karma to sort out with your husband, boyfriend, partner and so on. Sometimes the other side of a love triangle.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you once again for another brilliant article!

    I have Aquarius Moon 14° – Hygeia 15° – Psyche 15° – Salacia 18° – Bacchus 26° – IC 29°. Along with Pluto in Libra 29° and a Gemini stellium.

    I would love some insight please. Thank you once again x

    1. Far into the future, beyond 2026, you will be strongly affected by the new internet, which is less about corporate and government control, and more about people power, expressed through new technology. This will involve translation in real time and cutting-edge inventions not even thought of yet. This in turn will affect social media, and we may in fact see the end of (whatever Mark Zuckerberg is calling it next). Social media isn’t really social if it spies on you, or doesn’t include the non English-speaking world, but that shifts from 2026 and you may find it has a huge impact on work, academia, unpaid work and/or your personal life. It will take Pluto years to reach 14/15 degrees of Aquarius but that looks like old friends are in the frame and also long-standing group involvements. Pluto can be relentless until you realise the whole point of the situation in your social life, is to get you to use steely self-control in order to feel you have control. Your circle of friends simply will not be the same afterwards.

  52. Hi Jessica I wonder if you might take a look at Pluto changing signs might mean for me? I have Pluto in Libra nataly. Also this Meeting happening in Egypt on an Eclipse what aren’t we seeing even though it’s there! Congratulations on the new book thanks for sharing your gift with us all it’s a constant pleasure every day. In a very difficult time.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Thanks Selina. Yes, COP27 is taking place on the eclipse. That tells us everything we need to know, including the fact that Greta Thunberg has boycotted it. You will be part of that Pluto in Libra generation which eventually goes through Pluto trine Pluto. Your Pluto is at 1 Libra so you are among the first. This feels like a change in British laws or policy on gender, which Libra rules. On a more personal note, your need to control marriages, professional partnerships or sexual partnerships (Libra) will be transformed by what takes place over a 6-12 month period. Questions about who or what has the upper hand will matter more. The Tarot can help you more when it’s closer to the time. I’m glad you like the new book.

  53. hi Jessia love the link to Woman and power.I am hopeful Pluto leaving Capricorn will meant a lessoning of pressure off me.Will Pluto in aquarius be kinder for me and my chart and is there anything I need to watch for?

    1. You are strongly Capricorn and Aquarian so will really feel the bump in March 2023. Ever since 2008 you have been in a highly political phase of your career, professional life, unpaid work and/or academic career. It’s all been about who is top dog, leader of the pack and how the pack operates. Pluto rules dogs, by the way. Cerberus was his guard dog. Canines also have all these rituals based on power with each other, don’t they. So you have been through that and may still be going through it. Weaker types are threatened and so turn their back and trot off. Or there may be a lot of yapping. Anyway, it’s almost over. All Pluto can do is go backwards after June 2023 and it’s the same with these people, institutions or organisations around you. What is really new is the challenge to use your power wisely with a group. Maybe with more than one group. You will be handed a lot of power if you understand your role is to supply the circle with what it needs. That takes careful and clever handling – for some years.

  54. Hi Jessica, thank you for the very interesting article. In the past 7 years I have been under lots of pressure at work, feeling really unheard and bullied. I know Pluto is in my third house and I can’t wait for its move into Aquarius. What can I expect professionally? Thank you 🙂

    1. You will see answers from Christmas until May 2023, when you may decide to resign, or exchange some roles, goals and projects for others. Your lifestyle and health, wellbeing and self-care are now the big areas of improvement for you, and of course that may lead to decisions about your work, duty and service. This covers unpaid work as well as paid work or private study. Jupiter goes into your solar Sixth House from late December 2022 and will be there until May 2023, encouraging you to accept what is, quite frankly, a very welcome opportunity. Feeling unheard at work and bullied is typical of this Pluto transit and you have Cupido there at 27 Capricorn and Pluto is going back and forth at 27 Capricorn. From March he’s gone. He can only go backwards from June, so the actual structure of where you work, or this person/these people, don’t last. It is really common with Pluto to see people taken down, or take themselves out. It may well be that the act of abdicating responsibility for a particular task is the magic ingredient that gets rid of the endless people politics and power plays against you. In any case, things look so much better. If you get a chance to improve your lifestyle and workload, take it.

  55. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium of 8 in Aquarius and am looking to see how this major transit will effect me both personally and professionally. It has been a massive shift with Pluto in Capricorn where I have my Sun and Mercury these last years. I am setting up a healing community and looking to teach. The timing seems perfect. Also hoping to settle down again after my divorce in 2010, separated 2008. I also have a stellium opposite in Leo and wondered how the Pluto in Aquarius opposition will effect this. Many thanks

    1. This is an unusual chart. You have stelliums in Aquarius and Leo, two opposite signs and are going into Pluto in Aquarius. I think your love life and social life in 1998-2003 has a lot to teach you about 2023-2044. Back then you had the slow-moving transits of Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, in your Eleventh House of friendships and group goals. At the same time, with factors at 0 through 28 Leo you basically had the whole cycle with oppositions to pregnancy, parenthood and sexual relationships in general. So you saw the exhilaration, freedom and independence of particular groups in your life, and the long holiday from the real world with those friends and allies – but also instability and a total lack of predictability with issues like babies, stepchildren, your own children, or the world of children and teenagers in general, via unpaid or paid efforts. Everything then comes back from March 2023 for many years. Some of the friends in the original group may not be here beyond 2044. Some groups will collapse. There may be some milestones involving your former husband, or other old boyfriends, which really change you and transform your ideas about relationships. You want to settle down? This is far more intense and complicated. It may be that you marry a divorcee with adult children, for example. The Tarot can give you more personal advice as the time comes. The healing community and teaching both tie in nicely with Aquarius (the group) and Leo (mentoring, guiding, and being Queen to a younger court). I expect that will be the trigger for the other question.

  56. Hi Jessica, Nice article. As I write another Crypto exchange FTX is getting liquidated, causing many investors using that platform and crypto market in general in a sea of red. I’m sure there will be laws relating to crypto and financial markets with such fiasco. How far the damage will touch along with raising interest rates to control inflation and slowdown world is facing with economy and war. I’d be interested to know your opinion on blockchain (the tech behind Crypto) which can take out the power centers in many aspects of business, banking and otherwise. Especially a Crypto named after British mathematician Ada Lovelace, ADA on Cardano blockchain. They are doing good work in Africa continent to get blockchain into day to day operations, to provide transparency and break barriers in lending etc., Will they succeed in propagating this tech and not treated as yet another crypto coin that if being traded for profit only.

    1. Thank you. Blockchain was adopted by the HSBC bank, pioneering it in the banking business, in May 2018. That was the same month Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (banks) arrived. The Ada Lovelace cryptocurrency sounds interesting. All that astrology can really tell us, is that when Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, expansion, growth) goes into Taurus (again, the banks) from May 2023 to May 2024, and joins Uranus (the revolution, again) we are going to see an awful lot of issues resolved, for the good of humanity. The early clues would actually be in May 2023 when the Sun is also in Taurus. This may pick up your chart.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    I wanted to share how much of what you had said for my personal chart came true in last two years. I went through immense personal transformation as a result of being in an abusive relationship and then finding a path to escape it with my daughter. What happened within a year of getting out of it is so unbelievable and unexpected. I had tremendous growth in my career and made/saved enough to buy a flat in central London. If anyone could have told be back then that this could happen I wouldn’t have believed them. So while I was apprehensive of Pluto and Saturn, for now they have helped me a lot.

    I have a stellium in Aquarius. Keen to hear what future could hold. I wish for more financial independence and perhaps finding love again. I am a single parent to my little daughter. I feel with my stressful job I miss out on spending quality time with her.
    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. I’m so pleased the astrology helped and you are out of the abusive relationship and now own a London flat. You are a single parent to a small girl and need to know next steps. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius. The family pressures, endless changes and challenges since 2008 stop in March 2023. There may be a replay or rewind later on, but nobody and nothing has any more control or dominance. And eventually it goes altogether. The financial, property, charity and/or business stretching stops in July 2023. From May 2023 you see a chance to save or make a lot of money, and if you use the opportunities, will be better off by May 2024. Until then be careful about new relationships if there is money, an apartment, business or house involved. Get in slowly and thoughtfully if something is on offer by July 2023. You will have a new social life from March 2023 as the barriers disappear and you begin to make new friends in 2023, 2024, 2025 and beyond who are powerful, influential, may be well-connected, well-known or just dynamic. They will be involved with a group or community that you realise needs you. Your health, lifestyle and workload is the biggest priority of all, though, from March 2023, until the year 2026. Do whatever you must to look after yourself as you must come first, even before your daughter. You support her and you are not a machine. March 2023 also suggests a new phase with and for your daughter, and this goes on for years, until 2044. So into her adulthood. You have a couple of Leo factors in your Fifth House of motherhood, but also new relationships (possibly involving more children) so you should always take extra care with questions about who or what is in charge of your parenting. This includes her, of course. And perhaps her father; your in-laws, the school; your own parents and the like. The Tarot can help you more when you reach that point. For now it’s years off. Yet always be sensitive to the power balance with her and any other concerned person or organisation. Be canny about it and if you need professional advice, go and get it. Pluto transits invariably end in share agreements and time-share arrangements and I suspect something like that is coming, but it will be a relief to get to March 2023 and say goodbye to Saturn in your solar Fifth House of parenthood, with all his barricades and barriers.

  58. So many thoughts about this great article. I wonder if it will bring any positive changes for the people in Iran and Afghanistan???

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Aquarius will empower women in Iran and Afghanistan and women hold up half the sky as we know. It’s a given with this transit. Women come front-and-centre on an equal footing with men. There are all sorts of reasons for this and we may not know half of them, yet. I suspect it’s Generation Aquarius, who were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius and don’t do old-school patriarchy. They have incarnated to change the system and yet can be as young as ten years old at the moment! Give it ten years and we’ll see just how different Iran and Afghanistan will be.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    As always a fascinating insight, thank you. I have scored a job interview in the same organisation I currently work in, but a different area, feels exciting but wondering if this is the one or do I need more patience? Things are getting awkward as I have an unpleasant colleague that is bullying now as well, this feels all too familiar and has been a feature since childhood. I also have children trouble, both are suffering with anxiety and struggling, is there any hope there as well?

    I could just do with an escape at the moment and some freedom, any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you

    1. Thank you. You have a bullying colleague, so let’s start there. This is the common outcome of Pluto in Capricorn and your colleague is also being bullied at home, perhaps, or work. It ends in March. You have a job interview and wonder if this is it; as a Sun Libra, with Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn stelliums, you will enjoy all sorts of opportunities to have a better lifestyle and working life by Christmas. A new role may be one of them. There are other options too. Opportunities tend to come in pairs, threes, fours on this cycle so although you have this new choice, there are a lot more so spread your options please. The relentless domination game with career ends in March, as I’ve said. I don’t know why yet and neither do you, but it’s coming. If you have had this going on since childhood that’s a bigger deal. Strongly Virgo people can often serve, do their duty (think, Jeeves on stilts) and so on, but without Jeeves’ upper hand over Bertie Wooster. So they end up feeling like doormats or ‘the staff’ and that can apply to children as well as teenage boys. Sometimes you have to resign. Sometimes you have to go on strike. Empowerment comes when others realise you are indispensable because of your meticulous attention to perfecting the details. It takes an awful lot to say ‘No’ but it means everything. If you are Super Virgo then you have influence and if you feel as if you need to draw the line, then do it. It takes a lot for a strongly Virgo person to learn that resigning, refusing or going on strike does not mean loss. However, this is a small steps experiment and if you don’t want to do it, then don’t. The time may not be right. (But you can always make other people do the washing-up). Your children have anxiety which I am sorry to hear. The burden will finish, again in March, and again we don’t know why. From that month forward your children will find their own power too, and it will come from willpower. Until then if they are open to meditation or hypnosis, there are some excellent free videos on YouTube to try. You also need to escape, with that chart. I recommend escaping within, if you can’t get outside in winter, and it is to Dr. Paul McKenna and Glenn Harrold you must turn, who both have free samples of their work. This can and does get better, so hang in there.

  60. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for these blog posts! I am learning a ton from you about astrology and life! Looking ahead to March 2023 it appears I will have transiting Pluto in quintile with my natal Midheaven. Can you give me some idea how this might play out professionally and personally?
    Thank you!

    1. You are the first person to utter the word ‘quintile’ on this website. All the aspects matter, of course, but in general, we look at all the aspects as a whole in modern astrology, to see where the loudest signals are in the chart. You are a Sun Libra, with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer. So your whole chart is strongly cardinal. The cardinal signs are Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn. Any transit in a cardinal sign changes your life. You have had that since 2008 with Pluto in Capricorn. It has affected your house, apartment, household, family, career, unpaid work or academic career. It has affected partnerships. 2008-2023 is a very long time to go through so many challenges to change – which is what Pluto delivers. March will come as a revelation because it is the first time since 2008 you have lived without people politics. So many people trying to get the upper hand, control or dominate the agenda – using whatever means possible – become ancient history from that point. You have likely seen it all since 2008 but this endangered species in your life is already stumbling, even if you no longer have any knowledge or contact (or even care, more to the point). It’s also system change. This is most likely within your chosen profession or field. You may hear of the collapse of some organisations, destructive mergers, or the literal end of people. They may resign, be sacked, retire or even depart their mortal coils. This, more than anything else, is what makes the future so different for you. Have a look at the cardinal signs. You will enjoy transiting Jupiter in Cancer, then onto Libra and Scorpio. It’s a few years off but it will get you what you want with your home, partnership and sexual-financial relationship.

  61. Hello Jessica!
    I already commented but just want to note:
    Recent events around social media & Amazon point to a start on the demise of plutocrats!
    On top of that, the Twitter situation with the $8 imposter accounts is a very funny way to go out. Social commentary & humor too.

    1. The Twitter debacle has been marked at every turn by eclipses so there is a prolonged cover-up taking place. The classic eclipse diversion is Elon Musk. The world’s richest man. Who or what is hidden in plain sight? Donald Trump. He performed so poorly in the Midterms that he may lose the leadership of the Republican party. He lost the presidential election in a landslide to Biden. He was removed from Twitter. Never doubt the threat Twitter poses to rich and powerful men. Who is behind Donald Trump? Vladimir Putin. With eclipses, you have to look behind the screen. This smells of Putin. Twitter has helped destroy the Republican party. It helped get rid of Scott Morrison in Australia. People, especially women, have real potency on Twitter. And thus, inevitably, there is now an attempt to sabotage it. Eclipses.

  62. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for being a guide in tough times to so many people around the world! You’ve been a guide and beacon to me since I came across your site in 2016. If you look at my birth chart, I have 24 of the 34 factors in air and fire signs. All the stelliums are in air or water signs. My life has been turbulent for many, many years because of the outer planets being in earth and water signs, which opposed or squared most of my chart. My question is, with Pluto moving into Aquarius, followed by Uranus into Gemini and Neptune into Aries this decade, can I expect my life to ease a bit because of the trines and sextiles to my chart factors? More flow, more certainty, and more “boring days”, which I will welcome with open arms!

    1. Thank you so much. You’ve had turbulence for years, but why? Uranus in Taurus across your fixed signs, including the Leo stellium, is behind much of this. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. You have factors right across these, from early to late degrees, so the transit of Uranus (upheaval) in Taurus, from the early degrees of 2018 to the present, ongoing, is at large here. Uranus is a symbol of shockwaves that liberate. The fixed signs are about financial and property based relationships, usually with husbands, wives or family. They are also about heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne – and courtship. Finally, the fixed signs are about friends and groups. This is all rather personal and yet here you have Uranus, the revolution, up-ending what used to be stable and predictable involvements. What is the point of it? Freedom. It takes huge honesty and great insight to be able to admit that when the past is severed, independence is delivered. You have been given more space, despite the turmoil, and you will go on receiving more and more independence as you go through 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. It’s as well to appreciate it and use it. Your Leo stellium will also be slowly opposed by transiting Pluto from March 2023, until the year 2044, so it is useful to know what your Leo stellium is all about. My new book is free for you to read as a Premium Member and goes into this sign and the Fifth House in more detail. In general, take your time before you commit to babies, children or teenagers in any way. Make sure the stakes are manageable. If you were to pursue adoption, for example, on this transit, it would be quite difficult at times, as Pluto opposes your Leo factors. Have a look at Uranus in your online library too. This historic symbol of revolution and independence is well worth understanding better, as he circles your fixed signs.

  63. Jessica

    Excellent work, your blogs are really outstanding. I always get so excited when I notice you have a new blog on your site. I read your article in the newspaper in England about Prince William and as always you spot on. Early 2000 I was listening to a very accurate physics that predicted if Prince William will be king, he will be under so much pressure and he may even step down do to a mental break. Reading your article now what he said are making sense.
    I am thinking we are living in a period we’re everything that we thought that was in the past in history slavery, Miss treating of people, women rights, corruption, injustice,greedy ness, money laundering, lies.
    Everything that was not paid a price will pay a price. I believe we will start seeing major companies collapse due to see secrets, corruption and injustice. That’s excluding people, who made dirty deals. All their will be their un doing. I also believe we will start to see this information on a very famous social media platform we’re we will start hearing about theses information.

    Looking at my chart, and being a cancer as well. I also believe like I am at a turning point in my life. Compare to William I hope it does not mean that I am also in for a rough ride.

    I need your advice should I take the financial offer in November or should I waite and take the risk mid December.
    With covid most clinics are closed, do you see these clinics for the injections will come back and some rules, or we at the strange everyone for themselves.

    Look forward to your response.

    1. Thank you very much. You are too kind. I like it when The Express interviews me about Prince William because his chart is so interesting. He’s in his history-making phase now. You are right about our own history too. Pluto in Aquarius is months away now. We are in the same cycle when slavery was shown the door and women rose to power. I agree that corrupt companies and corporations will collapse. You are a Sun Cancer like William and go through the same weather. Your financial offer in November or December will bring barriers and barricades – obstacles – in either case. Nothing is really going to change until March 2023 when Saturn changes signs. So it’s up to you. The Tarot can help you in a more personal way and you can control the answer for yourself. As for the injections, I think the public are now questioning Pfizer as the CEO has now been infected with Covid and we have also learned that Pfizer was released, without any guarantees about transmission. So the jury’s well out on this now. I don’t know which country you are in, but ventilate, ventilate, ventilate.

  64. Hi Jessica, my stelliums are in Scorpio and Aquarius. 8 in Scorpio, and 6 in Aquarius. I don’t know how it will affect me. Since 2013 my life has been a roller coaster ride. My date of birth is 11/15/69. Quetta Pakistan. I was born around 4:45 am since 1990, I have been living in Michigan. Twenty-five years married ended. Expenses, betrayal, and loneliness. I have raised two children. Both are physicians in the U.S. And married. Any advice on how financially this cycle will be for me? Emotionally and financially. Thank you

    1. Sun Scorpio women with Scorpio and Aquarius stelliums are unusual and tend to have unusual extremes in their lives, as these two fixed signs dominate your chart, and when you have transits in both (which you have done, and will do) you find it never rains but it pours. I am not surprised you feel as if 2013-2022 has been a rollercoaster yet you also have that fixed sign stubborn determination (you do not yield) and so have raised two physicians. Your financial challenges are over in March 2023 when Mars Retrograde leaves Gemini and your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property. This is of course the children’s father but also any other man in your life apart from him and certainly – family finances too. Until then if you can lower the stakes then do that. The less friction and heat the better, as the action is back and forth until March 2023 and that can absorb time and energy. Much later on in your life, when Jupiter goes into Gemini, and then Uranus goes into Gemini, from the mid 2020’s, you will have a completely new existence in terms of your house, apartment and wealth. In fact you will be liberated. Quite free. The March deadline is important next year but so too is July 2023, when the lunar nodes move out of Scorpio and Taurus and the karma is complete from life as it was, economically, 18 or 19 years before. So it’s a two-step. Have a look at your Aquarius and Scorpio stelliums in my new book, which is free to you, and get to know them. Work with the timing of the lunar nodes in particular but also the lunar cycle. Use the Tarot to double-check. This should work nicely for you if you follow the steps. With children and grandchildren, do all you can to ‘fix the future’ by Christmas and put useful things in place. From March 2023 to 2026 try to lower the stakes and minimise the commitments if you possibly can, with the children and any grandchildren; also with any potential stepchildren. Keep it simple then you will have less Saturn to deal with. He moves into your Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood from March 2023 you see, and you have just enough Leo/Fifth House in your chart to remind me to tell you that being Queen to a younger court is part of your path, but heavy lies the head that wears the crown and an orb and sceptre can also be heavy to carry. Lighten your Leo load, 2023-2026.

  65. So much about Russia & Trump was right in our faces.(Both Soviet-born wives are obvious plants–just to start.) Also, big Musk’s investors included the Saudis. Musk’s recent tweets telling Ukraine to surrender & suggesting Taiwan become part of China are other “in your face” signals as to who he’s helping.

    Twitter has been a great place to follow real experienced reporters & newer ones. A place to share info–with each other & with us. Being strategic I was able to follow reporters I respect and also lots and lots of professors! I know it’ll be okay because I was online in the early 80s when there were just chat groups and no graphics–so there will be new things up ahead that will serve the same purpose.

    All that said. I love the humor. I was following so much news over the past 7 years & I’d share it with one of my sons who’d say
    “you’re obsessed” and I’d say, “I know….but I have to tell you about this thing because it so FUNNY!” And of course it was and he had to laugh. He taught me the expression: we are in clown world now. We sort of are-aren’t we?

    I hope that, with the coming changes we can all see the absurdity. That sort of humor has sustained me through difficult times. Laughing is a wonderful release.

    Thank you–I thought about the “hidden in plain sight” as the Twitter take over went bonkers. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes out now.

    1. Elon Musk has posted messages on Twitter telling Ukraine to surrender and Taiwan to become part of China? I need to see those next, thank you for the warning. Your wisdom from the Eighties is useful; you remember the evolution of the internet. We are headed for Twitter Two, according to the original Twitter astrology chart, which I set for the minute Jack Dorsey tweeted his maiden voyage. The chart says it all; just as you have observed, it is about comedy as much as politics. That is why people stay on Twitter. The Donald Trump saga is so interesting when you stand back and ask who gains. It’s like a good detective drama. Who stood to gain from the death of so-and-so? There are always suspects. Who stood to gain from the attack on democracy at the last election? Well, it wasn’t Americans. Who is best placed to keep an eye on Donald and keep any foreign enemy content? Well, it’s not going to be an American. Not a true American.

  66. Thank you for your reply Jessica. I meditate regularly so perhaps some more is needed. You’ve given me hope though and I intend to understand the astrology myself going forward , I’m normally very intuitive but blessed with impatience which clouds it so it’s good to have some clarity. Thank you

  67. Hey Jessica
    Just wanted to add to the comment about Twitter. I only coast Twitter, and only began to do so to access a niece in higher academia who has a Twitter forum ongoing. I basically only follow her, you, and NPR, and splash about from there. Somewhere while splashing, I saw a recommendation from Elon Musk for voters in America to vote Republican as the country works best when there are is conflict between parties. This came at the last minute before the mid term elections. Thankfully, no one listened. Breathing a sigh of relief, especially that violence hasn’t broken out. You were right, again.
    An interesting article came my way about concerns for the historical material on Twitter, as to what will happen to it in Musk’s hands. Historians, I’m sure would want access to it, in libraries or the Smithsonian someday. Twitter seems to be living, breathing history and it’s in Musks hands. Could he sell it if he tanks badly enough?
    Also, reading your book whilst down with COVID was a balm for me, it opened up understanding the nodes which have been fuzzy for me. It all made sense with what’s been going on for me during this one, the previous Gemini/Sagittarius, and especially Cancer/Capricorn when you talked about how what is owed you isn’t always from the people who hurt you, but can come from the universe in other ways, especially during that particular cycle. That is when my Granddaughter was born, when both she and my daughter came close to perishing but survived.
    Yes, it’s been a balm, but I had to put it down at that point. Will get back to it soon. The understanding has been inestimable to me. Also, we’re all of us recovered, and battening down for what’s upcoming in March. The joy of Pluto leaving Capricorn at last being balanced with Saturn in Pisces. Guess there’s always something.

    1. Elon Musk is a mystery to me. He appears to be using astrology, but not very well. I don’t know if he is paying an amateur astrologer, rather than a professional, or just trying to do it himself, with the software on the wrong settings. He’s a odd creature. There is no doubt that Twitter really scares politicians, though. They can’t control it. It rolls elections. I would watch Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky. Dorsey is brilliant. I am glad you had my book to read while you had Covid. That is quite amazing about your Cancer-Capricorn experiences with your granddaughter. Never get Covid again please. I am sure you won’t.

  68. Hi Jessica, what a fascinating article- thank you for your insights. I am heavily Aquarian and am interested in how this may affect me in the coming years. I feel that I’ve been stuck in a holding pattern (basically a rut) for a number of years and have become very despondent at the state of the world… Do you see things changing for me and if so, in what areas would you recommend that I focus? Thank you again for your articles- they are the thing that gives me the most hope that things might be different (better) in the future.

    1. Thank you very much. The holding pattern? Well you are a Sun Aquarius with stelliums in Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is quite a fixed chart. Aquarius and Scorpio are fixed signs (Leo and Taurus being the other two). We have been in fixed sign weather in 2021, 2022 with Saturn in Aquarius, the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio and Uranus in Scorpio. So gridlock is very common. The good news is, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in November, December (now through Christmas) help you gain enormously from escaping from the real world through spirituality, religion, psychics, Tarot, hypnosis, meditation, therapy and or self-help. You need to be alone to do it but you will change your life on the inside. This is the transit when ‘She moves in mysterious ways’ and really remarkable things happen, so try to be open to what comes. March 2023 is a relief as Saturn leaves Aquarius. The barriers and barricades vanish with friends, groups and your social life. From that point on you will be shown power. Power through and around a group, which you may join by June, or put more effort into, and see the difference. From July, the nodes move off Taurus and Scorpio so the gridlock largely ends. Aquarius-Pisces until 2026 is best suited to a group of allies and friends, who have a spiritual, meditation, psychic or therapeutic purpose. Pluto in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces can do that for you.

  69. About viking women. We still have them. FIFA is the ultimate privileged male ‘club’ with so much power in a few hands it’s unbelivable. Lise Klaveness (born April 19 81) is the president of the Norwegian Football Association, and she’s been taking them on. She’s been talking about human rights, Quatar, corruption and all the things they don’t want to talk about. She’s been ghosted and harassed, of course, and she’s not budging an inch. She’s a folk hero with us now, even those of us who could care less about football. Any chance she’ll bring them down? Or at least that FIFA goes down in flames?

    1. You’re the second woman to have raised the FIFA World Cup with me today. I must look at the chart and also the chart (if we have one) for Lise Klaveness. She may be the person to transform FIFA, which has obviously been corrupted over the years. I saw quite a good clip with Joe Lycett showing up David Beckham too. I think your answer is Covid actually. Football is about to be hit very hard by new Covid challenges in 2023, 2024, 2025 in particular and it will be both teams and fans affected. Out of that, comes a new beginning. A woman president is exactly the sort of thing that Pluto in Aquarius delivers; nobody thought Henry VIII would ever be replaced by a woman, but in fact two female queens came out of his disastrous marriages. It’s almost a given with this transit. I’d not be at all surprised, put it that way. Thanks for the tip, I’ll look for a chart.

  70. Hi Jessica! I find this article interesting and well, confirming where your accuracy is concerned. In 2019, I replied (in the comment section) asking you for some insight as I didn’t quite understand astrology at all. The response, I received from you leaves me shaking my head as I have gone back and read through it several times after reading this article. It is eerily accurate. I don’t understand how you do it, but you do. You are AMAZING. So, I have some questions and would LOVE to get your insight as I approach 2023; Capricorn leaving Pluto and going into Aquarius. I have stelliums in Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo. Nine aspects in Capricorn is not a stellium, it’s a traffic jam! In Pluto from 2008-2023, talk about hard and life-changing… Now, Pluto is heading into Aquarius where I have Saturn to continue to taskmaster me for many more years; what in the world can I expect from this transit time period? Virgo fits into the plan, I suppose. How? Three aspects in Leo and one of them is karma-related. I am in the process of starting a podcast that is women-focused to raise awareness on some things that need some attention. After reading this article, I am questioning SO much in the direction I am heading and if it will be worth it. If you can look back in the comment section of my account profile at the 2019 post and your response, I think that will help you understand what I am trying to get to with this inquiry. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. Eerily accurate is good. Your podcast for women sounds interesting. That would show up in your chart, along with this crucial Pluto transit out of Capricorn. Your Capricorn Sun and stelliums in Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo suggest total transformation, actually. You will have a preview March-June 2023. It has been a very long time since you’ve been allowed to see what a group of people can do; that time is coming. The situation with your career, unpaid work or academic career since 2008 has been relentless, as people have played all sorts of power games in your profession or industry; perhaps in your actual workplace. It’s really common to be ignored or undermined so if it happened to you, don’t worry, it’s just part of the Pluto journey. You may also have come across people who just want to take over, to the point where you had to pull out or pull back. Fortunately Pluto has no power left from March 2023 and in fact, even the retrograde later on is just a petering out of what was. At the same time, your interest in a very special circle of people increases, as what you realise from March-June 2023 is that everyone, including you, has been held back, or held up. Now, there is a kind of release or rush. For around another 20 years Pluto in your Eleventh House will show you what a movement can do, particularly female-led or influenced. This may be your podcast or something else but it’s coming. And yes, I will have a look at the 2019 files to see the prediction.

  71. Thank you Jessica. It amazes me that you reply to comments to help people along their life’s journey. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your gift with us… I am truly grateful.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the free book! I have read it all the way to the very last page. Astrology is my new religion. Is that good or bad? I have no planetary activity in Pisces so perhaps religion is not a struggle for me in this life. Saturn has been very harsh I must say. I have no close friends to speak of and the ones I thought were close friends have moved on. Didn’t even get Merry Christmas wishes last year. 🙁 Been looking for a new job for a year now but to no avail. 🙁 Only thing that keeps me going is my MBA that starts in January 2023. Is 2023 looking any better or should I just stay under my blankets until spring finally makes its return to my doorstep?

    1. Thank you so much. Let’s have a look at what’s going on in your chart. You’re a Sun Aquarius with stelliums in Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. So your Eleventh House is packed, ruled by Aquarius. This is the house of friends and groups. Allies and circles. Strongly Aquarius people don’t have close friends. They have good acquaintances and group trust, in general, but it is an air sign, and circulates. Close friendships are possible if there is enough space. You are in the worst cycle in 29 years for your social life, old friends, making new friends and group involvement. By ‘worst’ I mean the most heavily barricaded. Saturn is about obstacles, gates, walls, fences and barriers. He is surrounded by rings. The situation ends in March 2023 and there will be a huge bump that month. Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House. Powerful people may be your new allies. I am sorry about Christmas last year. Saturn was in Aquarius then. You will make new friends or remake old friendships after March and in fact become aware that if you use your willpower you can become quite powerful in a group; Pluto can lend you that power. Your MBA is perfectly suited to your Taurus and Scorpio factors; you were made to pursue economics, business, charity, retail, banking and the rest. You will make or save quite a lot of money when Jupiter goes into Taurus May 2023 to May 2024.

  73. Hi Jessica
    I know you predicted Megxit well before it happened, so I was wondering how you think Pluto moving into Aquarius in March next year will effect Harry and Meghan’s future. Also what does the astrology say about recent claims that Charles will no longer take Harrys phone calls because Harry always asks for money. According to the media reports both he and Meghan should have plenty of money, with book, Netflix and Spotify deals. It seems surprising.
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Julie. Pluto in Aquarius moves into Meghan’s Seventh House of marriage, separation and divorce in March 2023 and it stays there, after an uncertain start, until the year 2044. She and Harry can either become a power couple for life, or there will be a power struggle between them. Pluto moves into Harry’s Sixth House of duty, service, work and crucially – his health, on all levels. This is a huge transformation in his life to date, with the book deals, Netflix and so on, sustaining him. I predicted Meghan and Harry would lose their Sussex titles a long time ago. As for Charles, he has Pluto going into his Fourth House of family! Watch March 2023. Pluto always, always changes the balance of power. It transforms. It usually ‘dwarfs’ someone or something by the end.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    This is a really interesting articles. One comment that struck me in particular was “The contrast between Capricorn the mountain goat, the ambitious creature who strives to get to the top – and the Aquarius supplier to the people – could not be more extreme. Pluto in Aquarius will be a revelation after Pluto in Capricorn.”. I have 3 stelliums with the main two being in Aquarius and Capricorn.

    I was wondering if you could shed some light on how this might affect me or indeed my birth chart overall? I’m new to all of this and while I find it fascinating, there’s a lot to take in at the beginning. For some reason, I have a sense I will experience a lot of change in 2023 – any guidance on that at all, would be very much appreciated.

    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you Orla. You will really feel the change in March 2023. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and so for around 15 years you have become quite used to seeing your career, unpaid work or academic career populated with power players; manipulators; dominators. The politics has surrounded you for quite a long time and you have learned to hand back power to people, and to empower others where possible. You have also learned how petty people can be, I expect, as you may have been ignored or undermined in some way, which is what Pluto types do, when this transit is around. You may also have found others trying to take over – to completely control you and a project. All this is history as Pluto leaves Capricorn in March 2023. He pops back in, backwards, but has lost his power. You will see a replay or rewind of a couple of issues, but they have lost their potency. Far more interesting to you is the group which you join or rejoin, in March 2023. You will realise how powerful a group of people can be. It will be a diverse circle of people, male and female, from all walks of life, but collectively you will realise you can bring about incredible things. You have a special role to play there. Ongoing, that group and many others will be the story of your life until 2044 and you will bring all your Aquarian traits into play; primarily the ability to give space and also ask for space. You may even be on the fringes of the group but your influence would be phenomenal, ongoing.

  75. I’ve been following some financial guys that are talking about the impending economic crisis. Watched a YouTube video today on Rich Dad Poor Dad channel with Jim Rickards. Found it interesting that he is predicting that we will start seeing some major economic issues go down beginning in March 2023. Just happens to be the month that both Pluto and Saturn change signs. Of course I remember 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn and then all the economic trouble that ensued. Curious what the astrology might say about Jim’s prediction on a US dollar shortage. Any thoughts?

    1. Thank you. March 2023 is indeed the most dramatic month of 2023, with Pluto entering Aquarius, leaving Capricorn and Saturn leaving Aquarius, entering Pisces. Jim Rickards is in tune with astrology. It’s not just the American dollar, though. Any big business, big male politics structure – capitalist – will lose its power in March 2023. Capricorn is the mountain goat at the peak of the triangle shape. That’s the world order, but it is also capitalism, or even ‘new’ Communism with a tiny number of men controlling the rest. When Pluto leaves, so does the control. However. The other factors are Uranus (shock) in Taurus (currency, trade) and the North Node (wartime karma) in Taurus (same) with the South Node (more wartime karma) in Scorpio, which rules the banks and the sharemarkets. This suggests that what happened in 1939, 1940 has to land, karmically. So it’s about more than America. It pulls in Europe.

  76. Thank you Jessica. Will be trying to prepare the best I can knowing what’s coming. Thanks for the insight. 🙂

  77. Hi Jessica, ohh another wonderful post- thank you ! I’m a winter solstice baby and my birthday is the 23rd of dec- is it more significant if a new moon falls on your birthday ? Hoping for a new career next year as the last two years have horrendous.I definitely want to be doing some different . Merry Xmas Jessica .I hope you have a lovely Xmas

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with Capricorn, Aries and Libra stelliums. The cardinal signs. They are worth knowing about, as much as a New Moon on your birthday. Yes, you have the New Moon at 1 Capricorn with your natal Sun at 2 Capricorn and Apollo at 1 Virgo, in your Tenth House of success and Sixth House of work, unpaid work and academia. I am sorry you have had two years of a horrendous career. You will have a new career you love, and perhaps an award, promotion or similar, as Jupiter goes to 0, 1, 2 Taurus and creates a Grand Trine for you; May 2023. I guess you could not try very hard, but I think you will snap up a way out or through with work, and it will all fall into place. Merry Christmas.

  78. Hi Jessica !!
    I have stelliums in Libra and Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra
    and Vesta and Salacia in Aquarius
    Could you please see how this cycle of Pluto in Aquarius impacts me

    Thanks !!

    1. Very slowly but surely Pluto will trine your Libra stellium, sextile your Sagittarius stellium and then form a conjunction with Vesta and Salacia in Aquarius. This is from March 2023, until the year 2044 so you can see how slow it is. Pluto is transformation in the balance of power. In Aquarius? Between friends and within the group. It enables a partnership (Libra) which is sexual or professional in nature (the duet) and it may become more powerful from March, or go through a deep change which renders it more influential. Foreigners and foreign countries are also enabled in your life by Pluto. When he moves into a conjunction with Vesta (not so much Salacia) be aware of dominating, controlling, ‘top dog’ types who try to push and pull a friendship or group situation around; it would involve one male and two or more females. Push back and you will become stronger for it.

    1. You have a stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, so ever since your schooldays, you have been strongly affected by (say) the football team, your gang of friends, peer groups and good causes like Amnesty International. Debating teams and all teams, in fact, are Aquarian. Now you are going into a cycle you have never had in your lifetime. Pluto in Aquarius. He will enter your Eleventh House with the sound of a door opening quite powerfully – so to speak. You will either see a transformation in the personality of a friend, or a whole group, that you are already involved with (some control freak tendencies may emerge) or you will simply see a new person/new group arrive in your life which immediately seems so potent, so influential, so driven, that you instantly have to figure out how you are going to react and what you are going to do. Take your time as you do this. Pluto will lend you power with friends and groups from March 2023 if you use your willpower and self-control.

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